Scenario:Mirin - A Kindness Repaid

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A Kindness Repaid

In order to rejuvenate the village, Mirin decides to find the fabled sword and turn it into a tourist attraction. While asking around for clues to its whereabouts, (Captain) and the crew spot a mischievous monkey that has been caught by one of the villagers. They convince the man to free the monkey, but it lingers before leaving, seemingly wanting the crew to follow it.

Mirin has resolved to rejuvenate the village, as thanks for its residents' help in finding the lost furoshiki she received from her mother.
Vyrn: Hmm... You said you were gonna breathe life into the place, but what exactly are you gonna do?
Mirin: Why don't we search for the sword that was mentioned in the travel journal?
Vyrn: Huh? What good would that do?
Mirin: I was thinking about the scoundrel who tried to trick me out of my katana. That incident just shows how much a quality sword is worth.
Vyrn: Oh yeah, I remember that... Back when we first met you, some merchant tried to steal your sword.
Mirin: The sharper the sword, the more beautiful it is. If we could locate the sword in this village, I'm sure it would turn into a popular tourist attraction.
If the sword is as rare and beautiful as the journal claims, it's likely that people would be willing to come from far and wide to see it.
With that in mind, (Captain) and the crew set out to gather information from the villagers. However, things don't go as well as they had hoped.
Mirin: We've asked all over the place, but no one knows anything about a sword.
Despite their lack of success, they relentlessly continue their search. But just as fatigue begins to set in, they hear a curious noise.
Monkey's Cry: Keke!
Lyria: Hm? Is that a monkey?
Intrigued, (Captain) and the crew head in the direction of the sound.
Villager 1: Hah! I finally caught you, you naughty little monkey!
Monkey: Keke! Kekeke!
Mirin: Gozaru! I-is that a monkey?
Villager 1: Sure is. I have a feeling this is the culprit that stole your belongings.
Vyrn: So what are you gonna do with it?
Villager 1: Well... These guys have been causing us nothing but trouble, so the villagers are planning to tie it to a rock and drop it in the river.
Mirin: G-gozaru! But that'll kill the little guy!
Villager 1: Aye. That was the idea, but now that I've actually caught the monkey, I can't say I'm too keen on that plan...
Villager 1: Sigh. But we can't exactly let him keep getting into mischief... Maybe we could lock him up somewhere? I don't know...
Mirin: ...
Monkey: ...
The monkey stops struggling against the ropes, seeming to have given up hope of escaping. Mirin is overcome with pity for the tiny creature.
Mirin: Um, can't you just let it go? I can tell it's scared...
Villager 1: Are you sure you'd be okay with that? This monkey stole something important to you, you know.
Mirin: I think it's had enough of a fright that it won't come near the village again. So please, won't you reconsider?
Monkey: ...
Villager 1: Well... If you're sure.
Villager 1: Hahaha! It's not like we'd actually have the heart to drown the poor thing anyway.
The villager leans over and unties the rope restraining the monkey.
Monkey: ...!
(Captain) and the crew watch as the monkey scampers away as fast as his little legs will carry him.
Mirin: Well, that's that. I guess we ought to get back to hunting for that sword.
Mirin: And so now we're looking for a sword said to reside in this village.
Villager 3: Let's see... A sword, you say? Sorry, I've never heard anything about it.
Mirin: I see...
Monkey: ...
Villager 2: Hmm. I'm afraid I don't know anything about a sword.
Vyrn: Sigh... I think it might be about time to throw in the towel.
Mirin: Grr! I have to repay the villagers for finding my furoshiki! I can't give up now!
Vyrn: Oh yeah? You're really hung up on the idea of repayin' favors, huh?
Mirin: Gozaru. As they say, one good turn deserves another. We must always strive to repay the kindness shown to us.
Mirin: Father and Mother grounded that into me ever since I was little.
Monkey: ...
Mirin: By the way... That monkey is still watching us.
Lyria: Hmm... I wonder what happened to it? Do you think maybe it can't get home?
Rather than returning to the mountains after being set free, the monkey instead continues to stare at the crew from outside the village.
Mirin: Do you think it wants something?
Monkey: Keke!
The monkey screeches as if in response to Mirin's question and takes off running.
Mirin: Let's go after it!
Vyrn: Huh? H-hang on a sec!
Monkey: Kekeke... Keke...
Mirin: ...
The monkey maintains a consistent distance between itself and the crew, seemingly guiding them along.

A Kindness Repaid: Scene 2

(Captain) and company follow the monkey into the mountains where they find a hot spring. A large troop of monkeys appear to defend their territory, but the crew's monkey guide persuades the hostile group to leave. The crew then enters the hot spring at the monkey's invitation.

Monkey: Keke!
Vyrn: Man, we sure are a long way from the village now.
Mirin: Do you think the monkey's leading us somewhere?
Lyria: Oh! Maybe it's trying to show us the location of the world-class sword!
Vyrn: Uhh... I'm not so sure about that.
Mirin: But the monkey definitely seems to have a goal in mind... I wonder what it could be.
Vyrn: H-hey... You don't think it's leadin' us to a monster's den or somethin', do ya?
Monkey: Keke!
Mirin: I don't think the monkey's that mean.
Lyria: Ahaha... Don't worry, Vyrn. (Captain)'s here too.
(Captain) and the crew continue to follow the monkey deeper into the mountains. Suddenly, Mirin notices something.
Mirin: Sniff, sniff... I wonder what that smell is? Sniff, sniff...
Vyrn: Huh. Now that you mention it, somethin' smells weird.
Lyria: Hmm... I can't decide if it's a bad smell or a good smell.
Mirin: It's really calming to me for some reason. It reminds me of something...
The crew follows the monkey down a snowy path between two rocky walls. A few moments later, they come upon an unexpected sight.
Mirin: I-I don't believe it...
They emerge into an area surrounded by tall rock walls, so secluded and mysterious that it feels like a whole other world.
In the middle of the area is a small body of water surrounded by rocks.
Mirin: It's a hot spring! So this is what the monkey wanted to show us!
Monkey: Keke!
The monkey waves its arms at the hot spring as though urging them to get in, but a sudden noise causes them to stop in their tracks.
Beast's Cry: Roooar!
Mirin: G-gozaru! What was that!
Giant Monkey: Grr...
An enormous monkey comes into view, accompanied by countless smaller monkeys.
Vyrn: Uhh... I get the feelin' they're not here to give us a welcomin' party...
Giant Monkey: Roooar!
Mirin: Yikes!
(Captain) and the crew flinch at the massive monkey's roar, but just then an unexpected ally steps in.
Monkey: Keke! Kekeke!
Giant Monkey: ...
Vyrn: Huh? What's that monkey doin'?
Mirin: I think it's trying to convince the other monkey to let us in...
Monkey: Keke! Kekeke! Kekeke! Keke!
Giant Monkey: Keke.
The gigantic monkey spits out the sound and departs from the area with the other monkeys in tow.
Monkey: Keke!
Mirin: Ahaha... Well, I guess we ought to give it a try since we already came all this way.
Lyria: Yay! The walk here was really cold, so that sounds wonderful!
Vyrn: Uh... Those monkeys won't attack us or anythin', right?
Mirin: Ahaha... Don't worry. I don't think those monkeys are the type to launch a surprise attack.
As they chat, (Captain) and the crew start getting ready to hop in the hot spring.

A Kindness Repaid: Scene 3

Mirin realizes she must have misread the ancient language in the journal—it mentioned a world-class spring, not a sword. She considers using the hot spring to attract people to the village but eventually abandons the idea for the monkeys' sake. However, a giant monkey appears and cracks the bedrock outside the village, unearthing a hot spring and bringing hope to the residents.

Gran is the Main Character

Vyrn: Ahh... This kinda bath ain't half bad. All my tiredness is meltin' away.
The hot spring does indeed feel completely different than a typical bath, partly due to its unique scent.
Mirin's Voice: Hot springs have added benefits compared to regular hot water.
The boys can hear the voices of Mirin and the other girls soaking in the water on the other side of a tall rock wall.
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Djeeta is the Main Character

Mirin: Ahh... This is the life.
Lyria: Hehe... I'm so relaxed, it feels like all my exhaustion is disappearing into thin air.
Mirin: Hot springs have added benefits compared to regular hot water.

Continue 1

Mirin: They relieve fatigue and promote good health... There are even legends of primal beasts visiting my hometown in search of a quality hot spring.
Vyrn's Voice: Haha! I'm laughin' just imaginin' Tiamat and Yggdrasil lookin' for a hot spring!
Mirin: But enough people visit hot springs that I wouldn't be surprised if it were true...
Mirin: Gozaru! Wait, that's it!
Mirin: The village should turn this hot spring into a tourist attraction! That way, more people will come for sightseeing and souvenirs, and business will flourish!
Mirin: A world-class hot spring like this would be really popul—
Mirin cuts off mid-sentence as she suddenly realizes something.
Mirin: ...
Lyria: ...
Mirin: Aah!
Vyrn's Voice: H-hey! Why'd you yell all of a sudden! Somethin' happen over there?
Mirin: I misread it... That journal must have been talking about a famous spring, not a famous sword!
Lyria: Hehe. So it was just a lucky accident that we found it. It's all thanks to that monkey.
Mirin: Hehe... I never dreamed I'd have a favor returned by a monkey...
Mirin looks up a the sky, her face full of emotion.
Mirin: When I was a little girl, there was a particular fairy tale Mother used to tell me as she was weaving.
Mirin: There once was a hunter who freed a great bird that he found caught in a trap in the mountains.
Mirin: That night, a beautiful young woman visited the hunter and weaved him some exquisite fabric.
Mirin: The following day, the woman transformed into the same bird that the hunter had saved and flew away.
Mirin: I remember listening intently to that story alongside the rattle of Mother's loom.
Lyria: Wow! What a nice story.
Mirin: I think so too. I've always loved it.
Mirin: I never imagined that the villagers' favor of finding my furoshiki would end up being connected to our favor of saving that monkey.
Mirin: Come on, we can't just keep soaking here. Now that we've found a way to save the village, we need to hustle back!
(Captain) and the crew hurry out of the spring and get dressed. But just as they start to make their way back to the village...
Giant Monkey: ...
The monkeys from earlier appear before them.
Mirin: You know... On second thought, I don't want people to ruin this place. I'm sure the monkeys feel the same way.
Lyria: That makes sense... That must be why they tried to make us leave at first.
Giant Monkey: ...
Mirin: We can't very well ignore the monkeys' favor of providing us with a hot bath.
Mirin: We'll keep this place a secret in return for their kindness in sharing their water with us.
Giant Monkey: Keke.
The enormous monkey nods as if it understood Mirin's words and walks away as though guiding them somewhere.
Vyrn: Wow, that was really nice of ya. A lotta people wouldn't have given a second thought to the monkeys' home.
Mirin: Ahaha... Stop that, you're going to make me blush. But now what are we going to do about the village?
Giant Monkey: ...
With the giant monkey still in the lead, (Captain) and the crew make their way toward the village.
The moment they reach the outskirts of the village, they hear a fearsome roar.
Giant Monkey: Roooar!
Mirin: G-gozaru! Wh-what's going on!
The enormous monkey picks up a giant rock and slams it into the ground with incredible force.
Vyrn: Whoa! Wh-what the heck is it doin'?
Giant Monkey: ...
The monkey peers at the ground as though searching for something. After spotting a crack in the bedrock, it takes its leave.
Lyria: Phew... That scared me. I wonder what that was all about?
Mirin: Sniff, sniff... I smell something...
Mirin: (Captain)! The hot spring well flows under here too! If we dug in this spot, I bet hot water would come out!
Vyrn: What!
Though it seems too good to be true, the distinct smell of a hot spring lingers in the air, and warm vapor can be seen coming through the rift in the bedrock.
Lyria: Yay! Then that means this area can be turned into a hot spring!
Mirin: Yes! This way the monkeys' home will stay safe, and the village will be revitalized!
Bursting with happiness, Mirin and the others gather the villagers and describe the situation to them.
Using her hometown as an example, Mirin explains that if the hot spring is used properly, the village can be revived.
Villager 1: Wow! What a fascinating proposal! Tourists will bring us more business, and even the young people will come back.
Old Woman: You have our deepest gratitude. Thanks to you, our village is saved.
And so the villagers band together and begin developing the area around the hot spring.
Mirin watches as the villagers continue to work tirelessly on the hot spring.
Mirin: Oh? What's that?
She looks down to see a small puddle of warm water gathering in the rocky area at her feet.
Intrigued, Mirin kicks off her shoe and dips her bare foot into the water.
Mirin: Ahh... It's so nice and warm.
Lyria: Hm? What are you doing, Mirin?
Mirin: Try dipping your foot in like this too, Lyria. You too, (Captain)! Vyrn!
Following Mirin's lead, (Captain) and the others dip their feet in the water.
Lyria: Wow! It's so relaxing!
Mirin: In my hometown, we call this a footbath. It's a small hot spring just for dipping your feet.
Mirin: When I was little, Father, Mother, and I used to soak our feet in footbaths just like this.
Mirin: Ahaha... Hot springs bring back tons of memories of my hometown.
Mirin: But wow, this hot spring really feels great.
Young Man: I'm glad you think so. Now the village has a brand new tourist attraction.
As (Captain) and the crew are enjoying the footbath, a young man who had been helping dig the hot spring strikes up a conversation with them.
Mirin: If the village is revitalized, the textile industry and snow festival should be able to continue.
Young Man: Aye. That would be wonderful.
Mirin: It's all thanks to the hot spring. The truth is, we never would have known about it if it hadn't been for a giant monkey in the mountains.
Young Man: I know. It was grateful to you for freeing its friend.
Mirin: Gozaru! How do you know about that?
Young Man: Well... Hehe. Let's just say I was... involved.
Young Man: Anyway, I need to be going. Maybe we'll meet again once the hot spring is open.
Young Man: Oh, I almost forgot to say—thank you so much for your help.
Mirin: Involved? Maybe he was watching...
Suddenly hot water begins to spray out from the spot where (Captain) and the crew are soaking their feet.
Vyrn: Whoa! Th-the water's goin' crazy!
Mirin: Wow! There must be a lot of hot water beneath us waiting to come up. This is sure to turn into a wonderful hot spring!
Lyria: Hehe. I'd love to come back when it does.
Mirin: Me too! Let's make sure to visit again!
As (Captain) and company look around at the village that is once again full of life, they make a promise with Mirin to return someday.