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Seaside Gourmet

With the business talk concluded, Heles thanks (Captain) for introducing the Irestill crowd to the Auguste Fisherman's Guild. As thanks, they treat (Captain) and the others to all sorts of food from the stands.

The Auguste Chamber of Commerce had successfully negotiated the rights to distribute Alster Island's household sunscreen.
Seruel and Heles, representing the people of Alster, have come to make the agreement official.
(Captain) joins in on the meeting as a witness.
Naoise: Seruel, Heles, (Captain). Splendid work.
Seruel: I suppose we should be relieved that it went by without a hitch.
Heles: Our prior written communication allowed the proceedings to go by smoothly.
Seruel: Not to mention that Alster Island's council has become accustomed to conducting the day-to-day affairs without Heles and I present for it all.
Lyria: Hey, everyone! How'd it go?
Scathacha: From the looks of it, I'd say they managed okay.
Seruel: Yes, it went by swimmingly. We've officially entered into an agreement with them.
Heles: With one job done, we now need to focus on our next one.
Vyrn: Hm, you got something more than the sunscreen talk on your plate?
Heles: Yes, you could say that what comes next is most critical... (Captain).
Seruel, Heles, and Naoise simultaneously incline their heads in (Captain)'s direction.
Heles: We could never have accomplished this if you hadn't introduced us to Auguste's Fisherman's Guild.
Seruel: We thank you on behalf of all the people of Alster Island.
Vyrn: Hey, quit it with the formalities! Helping out crewmates is all in a day's work for a captain!
Vyrn: Right, (Captain)?
  1. Yeah. Chill out, man.
  2. Where's my gift?

Choose: Yeah. Chill out, man.
Seruel: (Captain). I applaud your modesty.
Seruel: But to decline the gratitude of others can make them feel somewhat middling.
Seruel: I ask that you remember your position as crew captain, and ours as the royalty of a kingdom that was.
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Choose: Where's my gift?
Heles: Haha, it's coming! Considering that you took up this mission on behalf of our people...
Heles: Not giving you something would be rude to not just you, but also to everyone in our homeland.
Continue 1
Naoise: We've received support from you time and time again for the betterment of Alster.
Naoise: So I ask that you not hesitate in accepting our gratitude.
Vyrn: Well, I guess we've got no choice but to take whatever it is you have to give.
Seruel: Ideally, we should have decided on this beforehand, but...
Seruel: (Captain), do you have any particular gift in mind?
The sound of (Captain)'s rumbling stomach interrupts the conversation.
Lyria: Hungry, (Captain)?
The embarrassed captain suggests they all get food from the vendors lined up across the beach.
Scathacha: Now you're talking! I was just wondering which of the food stands to check out first!
Vyrn: Let's munch on our way back to the inn!
Naoise: Feasting while walking? Would that not be poor form?
Seruel: Why don't we pick out some food, and eat it all back at our lodgings?
Scathacha: Ugh, you posh boys can be so thick sometimes.
Seruel: What do you mean?
Heles: Seruel, Naoise. The beach has its own customs.
Heles: There is nothing wrong with making a tour of the food here. We can forego our usual notion of manners for such an occasion.
Naoise: So you say...
Seruel: If that is your wish, I will follow suit, Sister.
Scathacha: Oh boy...
Scathacha: Hey, let's check out what goodies they have! Follow me!
Scathacha takes the lead, guiding everyone to the food stands.
A short distance from the shoreline are a vast array of little shops lined up in an orderly fashion.
Lyria: Wow! Look at all the munchies! There's so much to choose from!
Naoise: It goes to show how many visitors come upon this beach.
Seruel: What a fantastic tourism resource the beach is... I must admit I'm jealous.
Scathacha: This is no time to be babbling about tourism or resources. Food first.
Scathacha: You, my brethren, is there anything you're craving right now?
Vyrn: I'm not really hungry; I could use a drink though.
Naoise: With how strong the sun's rays are coming on, it makes sense to make sure we're well hydrated. Let's look for the beverage stands.
Heles: No, I say we go for the chilled fruit corner instead.
Heles: It was Camieux who previously taught me that nothing beats chilled fruit for besting the summer sun of Auguste.
(Captain) is in full agreement with Heles and follows behind her.
Vyrn: I want a chilled apple! How 'bout you, Lyria?
Lyria: I'll have an orange!
(Captain) whips out a pouch as the others select their fruit.
Heles: (Captain), please put that away. We should be the ones to pay.
Lyria: But...
Seruel: Shopkeep, how much for all of these?
Seruel swiftly pays the sum before (Captain) and Lyria can stop him.
Lyria: Thanks, Seruel! But are you sure that's okay?
Seruel: Consider it our thank-you gift. Now then, let us consume the fruit while it is still cold.
Vyrn: Don't mind if I do!
Lyria: It's sweet, chilly, and delicious!
(Captain) and company finish their fruit all too soon.
Vyrn: Yum! That was good!
Naoise: Vyrn, please mind your manners. Here, use this handkerchief to wipe your mouth. Scathacha, you should wipe yourself too.
Scathacha: Meh, wouldn't it be better to just lap up this itty bit of juice?
Naoise: No, that would be poor etiquette.
Can you give me your hand?
Scathacha: Whatever, do what you have to. Anyhow, (Captain), surely you're not full already?
Vyrn: Nah, I think we could all fit a few more apples in our bellies.
Scathacha: That's the spirit! Now to check out the other food stands!
Naoise: Scathacha, overeating can be detrimental to your health.
Scathacha: Blah, stop nitpicking about the little stuff already! We're supposed to be enjoying ourselves!
Naoise: But...
(Captain) and Lyria turn to Naoise, a pouting expression on their faces.
Naoise: Rgh, it pains me to have you look upon me as such...
Heles: Haha, let it go, Naoise. Scathacha's right—just let loose and relax for today.
Heles: Consider these outings a chance for us to just take things in as they come.
Seruel: Are you sure this isn't just your way of saying you want to frolic about?
Heles: ...
Seruel: Ahem, putting Scathacha aside, (Captain) and the others are still young.
Seruel: Surely we can overlook a bit of overconsumption.
Vyrn: Hahah, lucky you, (Captain)! Whaddya wanna eat next?
Heles: Haha, we'll spring for anything you indulge in today. Eat as much as you'd like.
Lyria: Yay! Thank you so much!
Scathacha: Now that that's settled, we need to decide on what to munch on next.
Vyrn and Lyria: Yummies galore!

Seaside Gourmet: Scene 2

While walking around the food stands, the crew spots Beatrix manning one selling fish on skewers. Naoise grabs a bite and finds it delectable, but the rest of the crew can't stomach the strange sweetness.

Lyria: There's so many types of food here! Including things I've never seen before!
Naoise: Some of these stands are serving cuisine native to certain islands.
Seruel: In a way it's a marketing ploy for them to attract more potential tourists in the long run.
Seruel: Auguste is the perfect place for this since it's booming with visitors this time of year.
Heles: Well, no one would ever think to visit places they know nothing about.
Scathacha: But it's Auguste we came out to today.
Scathacha: So I want authentic Auguste food...
Naoise: We'll satiate our hunger with the local dishes then.
Heles: How about some fried seafood? They have all types here.
Heles bring the crew to a set of stands serving fish and clam meat on a skewer.
Lyria: They all look so good! Let's each buy a bunch and then split them up later!
Scathacha: I like that idea. Especially since there's so many of us.
Lyria: Huh? (Captain), take a look over there!
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong, Lyria?
Lyria: Isn't that Beatrix watching the stand?
Vyrn: Oh shoot! No kidding!
No version of Beatrix in crew

Beatrix is a Society member who can go toe to toe with primal beasts using her Embrasque Sword.
The crew had worked with her before on an incident involving primals.
Vyrn: How's it going, Blue? Whatcha doin' out here?
Beatrix: Oh, hey, you guys. I'm watching the shop.
Beatrix: The supply of fish in here is running low, so the owner asked me to keep watch while he went off to fetch another batch.
Beatrix: Ehehe, he offered payment for my help, so I figured why not.
Naoise: Fish on a skewer, I see.
Seruel: (Captain), why not take this chance to try one?
Seruel: I hear fish caught in saltwater taste different from those caught in freshwater.
Seruel: I'd say this is genuine Auguste cuisine.
Naoise: Since we want to save some room in our stomach, let's just buy four for now.
Scathacha: We can always come back for more later anyway. Beatrix, four skewers please.
Beatrix: Um...
Beatrix: (Wh-what do I do? I was only asked to keep watch...)
Beatrix: (All I have to do is fry the fish... It should be simple enough, but... Aye yai yai...)
Heles: Freshly caught Auguste fish are delicious even if you just sprinkle a bit of salt and fry them to a crisp golden brown.
Beatrix: (Uh-oh... The pressure's on...)
Beatrix: (Rgh... You can do it, Bea!)
Beatrix puts the shop's remaining fish through skewers and turns on the fire beneath the grill.
Scathacha: Ooh... What a wonderful smell. I'm looking forward to this.
Beatrix: There, I did it! Eat up!
Naoise: I'll go first to make sure they're safe to eat... Nom...
Beatrix: Gulp... W-well? Is it good? Does it taste funny?
Naoise: It's definitely well-cooked for one thing. As for its taste... This is very different from freshwater fish, but it has its own charm.
Beatrix: R-really? You're not just saying that?
Heheh! How about that?
Beatrix: (Whoo-hoo! I can actually make decent food!)
Beatrix: (Zeta and Eustace can't poke fun at me anymore! Ehehehe!)
Beatrix: Hahah! Here are the rest of the skewers! Dig in, guys!
(Captain) and a few others grab the skewers.
Seruel: I'll have one too... Chomp...
Vyrn: Nom...
Vyrn and Seruel: It's sweet!
Beatrix: H-huh? How is that possible?
Vyrn: Come to think of it, everything Blue whips up turns out sweet for some reason.
Seruel: After all that talk about saltwater fish, this is quite the surprise.
Beatrix: B-but Naoise said it was good, so I thought I did okay…
Heles: ...
Naoise finds almost anything delicious.
Heles: When we were children, we once accidentally mistook salt for sugar and sprinkled it all over the cookie batter.
Heles: When Naoise tried one of the cookies, he called it delicious.
Naoise: ...?
What's wrong with sweet fish?
Naoise: I think the fragrant flavor mixes well with the sugary taste...
Vyrn: Not that there's anything wrong with it... Just that it's not what I was expecting...
Naoise: Hm?
Scathacha: Sigh... I'm not sure if Naoise or Beatrix is the more hopeless one...
Seruel: It's almost like they have an innate talent for startling others.
Beatrix: Blah, screw it all... And here I was thinking I actually made something tasty for the first time!
Naoise: B-but it is tasty, Beatrix! To me at least!
Beatrix: Okay, now you're just feeding the fire!

Seaside Gourmet: Scene 3

Coming across a cold noodle stand run by Lilele and Ippatsu, the crew lines up to get some. When a rowdy group grow tired of waiting their turn and lash out, Naoise puts them in their place.

After parting ways with Beatrix, the crew walks around to the other food stands.
Scathacha: Hm? What are people lining up for?
Scathacha points to a long line extending quite the distance.
Naoise: Hm... They appear to be in line for food...
Seruel: But this many people? What could they possibly be serving inside?
???: Three cold noodles!
???: Coming right up!
Lyria: Ah! Those voices...
The crew takes a peek inside to see Ippatsu cooking and Lilele taking orders.
Ippatsu: Greetings, (Captain)! Have you all come to feast on my cold noodles as well?
Vyrn: Nah, just passing by! We were kinda balled over when we saw the long line!
Ippatsu: As was I! Sierokarte asked me if I could man the cold noodle stand, and here I am...
Ippatsu: Before I knew it, people were talking all about my noodles! Ahh, I couldn't be more grateful!
Lilele: I had a bowl myself earlier, so I can tell this is definitely the real deal!
Lyria: With Ippatsu as the cook and Lilele saying how good it is, I can only imagine how tasty it must be!
Lyria: (Captain), let's try some for ourselves!
Scathacha: Yeah, we should. It'd be a waste to pass over a dish loved by so many.
Seruel: Um, that's a rather long line...
Scathacha: Humph... We wouldn't mind the slightest bit if you went off to eat alone elsewhere.
Naoise: Come now, Seruel. We might as well line up since we're already here.
Any version of Ippatsu is a crew member

Seruel: I suppose so... To be fair, I know full well how passionate Ippatsu can be when it comes to noodles. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
(Captain) and company get in the back of the line to wait their turn.
Lilele: Sorry to keep you waiting! Here ya go! Two cups of cold noodles!
Lilele: Ah, please line up in an orderly fashion! We wouldn't want to disrupt the other businesses here today!
Ippatsu: Just give me a moment! I'll be done in a flash!
Ippatsu: Whachaaa!
Lyria: It must be tough for Lilele and Ippatsu to handle so many customers.
Naoise: The other cooks appear skilled as well, but they are no match for Ippatsu.
Scathacha: Rgh... This line is moving way too slow...
Vyrn: I'm so hungry I could eat an iguana...
Heles: Heheh... Hunger is the best spice, as many would say. The hungrier you are, the truer it is.
Hungry Hooligan: Hurry the heck up already! How long are ya gonna keep us waitin'?
Seruel: Hm... What a lack of manners...
The irritated men slightly ahead of the crew in line raise their voices.
Lilele: Sorry, but we have to go in order of the line. Can you wait just a bit longer?
Hungry Hooligan: That's the same bullcrap you've been feeding me all along! You think this is some kinda game?
The irascible man raises his foot as if to kick Lilele.
Lilele: Eep!
Hungry Hooligan: Who the heck are you!
Lilele: N-Naoise!
Naoise: Given the intense heat, I can understand your impatience in the matter.
Naoise: But resorting to violence to have things your way is most disgraceful.
Hungry Hooligan: Shut yer trap before I shut it for ya!
Ippatsu: Lilele! Are you safe?
Ippatsu runs over to Lilele in the commotion, leaving Seruel to deal with the rude customer.
Seruel: This line will stop moving if you leave the kitchen. Leave this to us.
Ippatsu: Y-you're right...
Ippatsu: I must see to my noodles! I trust you'll handle matters here!
Naoise: We shall!
Hungry Hooligan: Tch, Mr. Nice Guy on top of being a pretty boy, eh?
Hungry Hooligan: You've really ticked me off now... We're doing this, guys!
The crew quickly forgets any hint of hunger they had as they prepare to take on the rioters.

Seaside Gourmet: Scene 4

Sadly, all the cold noodles are sold out before (Captain) and crew have a chance to get any. They stop by the beach house and spot Lowain and Vira staring at lunches packed by Katalina. When the pair sees the intrepid Naoise still standing firm after taking a bite, they try to replicate the feat only to collapse immediately afterward.

Hungry Hooligan: Ngh...
Naoise: Being famished is no reason to inconvenience others.
Seruel: Repent your actions as you lie on the sun-drenched sand.
Hungry Hooligan: R-right...
The remorseful men are much more compliant when Lilele leads them back to the line.
Ippatsu: Three cups of cold noodles ready!
Lilele: Here are your noodles! Enjoy!
With only three groups left before the crew's turn on the line, a shocking revelation hits them.
Lilele: Sorry! We're sold out for the day!
Scathacha: Wha...
Scathacha: Sold... out?
Ippatsu: I offer my sincerest apologies... We're out of soup broth...
Lilele: After all you did to help us, I'm so sorry...
Scathacha: How could this be...
Heles: What's done is done, Scathacha... I say we count our losses and go...
Scathacha: Sigh... I guess you're right... Maybe next time.
Ippatsu: Mea culpa! I hope you'll forgive us!
It is with deep regret that (Captain) and company forgo the promise of cold noodles and return to checking out the food stands.
Lyria: Huh? Are we back at the beach house already?
Scathacha: Which means we saw every shop on the way.
Vyrn: Everything looks so yummy—makes it hard to just pick one place to eat from...
Naoise: Endlessly wavering in this intense sunlight will do us no good. Let us go into the shade.
Naoise: Since we've already come all the way back here, what say we just pick something to eat at the beach house?
Vyrn: Sounds good to me! (Captain), let's go find ourselves a table!
Elsam: Thanks for stoppin' in!
Scathacha: Hm? You two are... Elsam and Tomoi?
Seruel: Is Lowain not with you?
Tomoi: Nah, all three of us are chippin' in today.
Elsam: Cept he's kinda goin' mano a mano with a hella serious problem right now.
Naoise: Did something happen? If it's manpower you seek, I'd gladly help...
Elsam: Dude, on any other day we'd be reaching royally awesomesauce levels of happiness and crying our hearts out.
Tomoi: Today's a different story though. I dunno how to put it, but the way he's goin' aggro on himself on the meta level is nuts, man.
Heles: Erm... I fail to grasp the situation.
Elsam: Think you can give him a holler to cheer him up?
Tomoi: Yeah, that'll do it. One look at you royal dudes and dudettes is sure to get him all fired up.
Curiosity piqued, (Captain) turns to the table in the back that Elsam points at.
Seated are Lowain and Vira, each staring cross-eyed at their lunch boxes.
Lyria: Ah, Vira's come to the beach house too!
Vyrn: Whatever's happening, it looks dead serious.
Vyrn: Hey, you guys!
Lowain: Ah! Wassup, (Captain)!
Naoise: Is something amiss here? You two share an awfully grave look in your eyes.
Vira: Grave? Well, I certainly don't want to go to mine yet, but... Katalina actually made us lunch...
Vyrn: Ah... Katalina's at it again, huh...
Naoise: Is there something wrong with Katalina's cooking?
Vira: Why, she possesses almost every virtue known to mankind, but...
Vira: Her cooking is... beyond words!
Lowain: Part of me wants to go right ahead and chow down on Kat's food. Problem is...
Lowain: I can't afford to bite the big one when I've still got kitchen duty and other stuff to do...
Heles: ...
I've heard the rumors myself, but do Katalina's dishes truly present such a risk?
The seated pair nods, their expressions still a pale blue.
Heles: I... see...
Seruel: It's said that even monsters make sure to steer clear of her cooking... So do you still plan on eating that?
Lowain: Kat went outta her way to make this for me! There's no way I'm gonna just throw it to the wayside!
Elsam: Dude, Lowain, you can't!
Lowain: You're gonna have to let me do this, fam! Once you've got all the ingredients ready, you'll be on home turf!
Lowain: Hakuna matata... I'll be back.
Shop's all yours until then!
Vira: Rgh... There is no better way to express my affection for Katalina!
Tomoi: You too, Vira?

Sniff, true love...

Aw, man, I think I'm chokin' up...
Having mustered the resolve to go through with the ordeal, Lowain and Vira open the lids to their lunch boxes.
Vira: My goodness! H-how menacing!
Scathacha: ...?
How can food be menacing?
Lowain: Dude... Just by looking at it, I can almost taste the love she packed into every morsel. This is, like, cray-cray intense.
Lyria: Wow! What a fancy lunch!
Seruel: Fancy, you say... Well, I do see the effort put into it.
Naoise: ...?
Naoise is puzzled at everyone's morbid fascination with mere packed lunches.
Naoise: Are you not going to eat?
Vira: I, erm...
Heles: Naoise.
Naoise: Yes, Heles?
Heles: Why don't you have a bite first?
Naoise: Would that be proper? Were these lunches not specially prepared for Lowain and Vira?
Elsam: True that. But unless they've got some crazy resistance built up, they'd better be ready to cash in their chips!
Heles: But leaving the food untouched would be rude to Katalina. Someone must do the honors.
Naoise: In that case...
If you don't mind, Lowain...
Naoise grabs an unused fork from the table, using it to transport a bite to his mouth.
Naoise: Nom...
Lowain: Oh snap, he went right for it!
Vira: ...!
Vyrn: Gulp...
Naoise: Hm, this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this.
Naoise: The taste is rather particular as well. It appears pepper or some other condiment was used in great abundance.
Naoise: Or is this mustard? My apologies, but may I have another bite?
Lowain: All cool with me.
Just as long as you're cool with it too.
Naoise: Yes, most certainly. The flavor has my curiosity piqued.
Naoise: Well then... Nom, nom...
Tomoi: Whoa...
Elsam: Dude just took the meaning of YOLO to the royal level... He's got my respect.
Vira: (He still looks fine...)
Vira: (Could this truly be? Could Katalina possibly have made edible food for once?)
Vira: I shall have my lunch as well!
Lowain: Jeah! I might as well too!
Following Naoise's lead, Lowain and Vira each take a bite.
Their bravery knows no bounds.
Vira: Urgh!
Lowain: Bleep!
But the world does know cruelty.
Naoise: ...!
Wh-what's wrong? Tell me you two are okay!
Scathacha: Looks like they passed out. Elsam, Tomoi, can you get us some water?
Tomoi: Rog'!
Scathacha: They're still breathing. Probably passed out from shock.
Scathacha: I'm going to ask again, but are you absolutely certain that that's supposed to be food?
Naoise: ...?
Scathacha: Well, I'm sure it's food to you, Naoise...
Heles: This is why he fails as a food taster.
Seruel: Anything that goes into his mouth is delicious to him, and Naoise never gets sick no matter how spoiled the food might be.
Heles: I'd never test it, of course, but I sometimes wonder if he'd be able to safely ingest poison as well...
Vyrn: Naoise is really something...
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Naoise: Won't the rest of you have a bite? I can almost guarantee you won't find anything like this elsewhere.
Lyria: Ah! I wouldn't mind having some of Katalina's cooking!
Both Lyria and Naoise dig in, immense joy on their faces.
Naoise: Mm... This rock-hard texture is really nice... Not to mention the saltiness, sourness, and bitterness mixed in.
Naoise: The veritable explosion of flavor leaves no clue as to what the original ingredients or spices might have been!
Lyria: Nom, nom...
Seruel: Sigh... What say we check the food stands once more to bring back something more gentle for our palates?
Vyrn: I'm already there...
Scathacha: There was one place selling cold soup. Why don't we try that?
(Captain) and company head back out, leaving Lyria and Naoise behind to save the seats for them.
Naoise: Whew... That was good!
Naoise remains the picture of health long after that pernicious meal, leaving the Lowain trio astonished.
His exemplary sense of taste and indomitable digestive system will surely continue to aid him in his ongoing quest to protect others... Or not.