Scenario:Sara - The Last Priestess

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The Last Priestess

Sara finds Graphos growing weak and unresponsive. The crew make their way toward Sable Island in order to find a way to cure Graphos. They hear rumors of an uproar on their way there.

Volenna: Sable Island, a desert region where the primal beast Manawydan had both blessed and plagued the land with rain.
Volenna: Countless lives were lost to the heavy rain and floods that came once every few years. In response, the Sable Island Holy Order used the power of the sand god each time to seal away Manawydan.
Volenna: However, the sand god alone was not enough—the life of a priestess also had to be offered up in order to seal the primal beast.
Volenna: Infants who had lost their families to disaster were raised as priestesses. The priestesses' lives were then sacrificed in exchange for the lives of the many people on Sable Island.
Volenna: But that changed when the girl in blue sealed away Manawydan's power to prevent further disasters from happening.
Volenna: Although the last priestess, Sara, managed to survive, the islanders began to fear her for breaking traditions, and Sara had no choice but to leave the island along with the sand god.
Volenna: Released from her cruel fate, Sara has joined (Captain) and the others on their journey as they soar freely across the skies.
Sara: Are you okay, Graphos? If you're feeling tired, let's just take it easy for the day.
Graphos: ...!
Sara: Hngh...
Volenna: There you are, Sara. Jin was looking for you. He's about to head out to run a few errands.
Sara: Oh, um...
Volenna: What's the matter? I'll get the kitchen ready while you and Lyria go out to buy the ingredients...
Sara: Actually... It doesn't seem like Graphos is feeling very well.
Graphos: ...!
Sara: But Graphos, you seem so distracted whenever I talk to you, and your voice sounds far away...
Graphos: ...!
Sara: Hm... Well, if you insist on going... But you have to tell me if you feel unwell, okay?
Volenna: Well... You're just going out to buy a few things. Jin will be there with you, so it should be fine.
Graphos: ...!
Sara: Oh, Graphos! But I'm serious—be careful, okay?
Despite her concern over Graphos, Sara follows Jin and Lyria to a town on the island where they've docked for the day.
Lyria: Hmm, it does seem like Graphos is a little weak. Kind of like he's caught a cold...
Sara: I see... Do you think he'll get better if he eats something nutritious?
Jin: Come to think of it, I've never seen Graphos eat anything.
Sara: Apparently when he sees me eating and feels like trying something, he can taste the food with me.
Lyria: Wow! Then let's make something delicious with Volenna!
Lyria: Delicious things can perk you up both physically and mentally!
Graphos: ...!
Jin: I've already received a list from Volenna of the things we need to buy. Let's head to the market then.
Lyria: Okay!
Sara: Wow! Are all of those bags lined up on the shelf flour?
Miller: Yep. They're made from different types of wheat, or milled using different methods. What will you be using the flour for, young lady?
Sara: We're thinking of making a dessert from the island I'm from. You make the dough with butter and eggs, then layer it...
Miller: You mean like a pie? In that case, perhaps a flour that's thick and not too coarse.
Lyria watches with great interest as the miller measures the flour on a scale.
Skyfarer: Boooss!
Oh, you have customers...
Jin: Ah, do you have business with the owner? I'm sorry, this shouldn't take too long.
Skyfarer: Oh, no problem! Having customers is a good thing. This gives me some time to prepare what I hafta say anyway...
Jin: Prepare? Did... something bad happen?
Skyfarer: Yeah, just something that happened while we were transporting the cargo. There was a bit of an uproar on the desert island where we usually stop over...
Sara: I'm sorry for the wait, Jin! I got the flour!
Miller: Thank you, come again!
Oh! You're early today, young skyfarer.
Skyfarer: Yeah, about that... I need to talk to you about the cargo...
Jin: ...
Jin: (He mentioned a desert island... Did he mean Sable Island?)
Lyria: Jin, should we start heading to the next store? Oh, was there something else you wanted here?
Jin: Oh, no. Sure, let's get going.
Sara: Okay! Next one on the list is... Oh! There's a store that sells spices just over there!
Sara and Lyria find the rest of the ingredients on the list, and they all head back to the ship where Volenna is waiting for them in the kitchen.
Volenna: Sigh... Getting Katalina out of here sure was a handful...
Lyria: Volenna, is something the matter?
Volenna: No, everything's fine. Well then, let's start preparing the syrup for soaking the dough.
Volenna: This shouldn't be very difficult. Boil down the water and sugar, then add the fresh-squeezed lemon juice.
Sara: Let's see... Sugar burns easily, so we need to keep stirring it while it's in the pot, right?
Volenna: That's right. You've gotten pretty used to this, haven't you, Sara?
Sara: Hehe, it's thanks to you, Volenna. But I want to get better.
Volenna: That's the spirit. It's always best to know how to do things yourself.
Graphos: ...!
Lyria: Oh! You're going to hold the pot for me, Graphos? Thank you!
Lyria and Sara continue their baking, following Volenna's instructions.
Volenna: All right, let's take a look at the dough. You want it about as firm as how your earlobe feels between your fingers.
Lyria: Earlobe?
Lyria: Guess I'll compare it with Sara's! Pinch!
Sara: Eee! Lyria! Hehe, that surprised me.
Lyria: Hehe... Yep, it feels about the same!
Volenna: Okay, next, we'll divide the dough. With this much... we can probably divide it into forty. Roll each piece out and layer them.
Lyria: F-forty? Gulp... I'll do my best!
Volenna: This recipe is a tough one. They say that if you can make it, then you'll have no problem cooking anything for your whole family.
Lyria: Your whole family? Wow! This recipe must be packed with love and care then!
Volenna: Love and care... I suppose so. No harm in being able to make it.
Sara: Come to think of it, they often make this dessert for weddings too. Maybe it's to symbolize the start of a loving family...
Lyria: I see... What are weddings like on Sable Island, Sara?
Sara: Hmm... They hold a procession for the bride that goes from her house all the way to the groom's house. Then the priest—
Volenna: Come on, you two. You can chitchat, but make sure you keep your hands moving too.
Sara: Oh! Got it!
Graphos: ...!
Lyria: Wow, Graphos already crushed all the nuts for us! We need to keep up!
With the support of Volenna and Graphos, Sara and Lyria proceed with the rest of the recipe.
Sara: After dividing and rolling the dough into sheets, they layer them, soaking each one in syrup and sprinkling nuts in between.
Lyria: There we go! Do we let it sit for a night?
Volenna: Yes, we let it sit so the flavor of the syrup seeps into the dough. Well done, both of you. It's looking good despite this being your first time.
Lyria: Yay! We received Volenna's seal of approval!
Sara: Hehe. I can't wait to finish this tomorrow. Thanks for the help, Lyria! You too, Graphos!
Arulumaya is a crew member

Sara: When it's done, let's invite Arulu and eat it together!
Graphos: ...
Sara: What's wrong, Graphos? You did help us out a lot... Are you tired?
Graphos: ...!
Sara: You're gonna wait till tomorrow even though you wanna eat it now? Hehe, we can look forward to tomorrow together!
Lyria and Sara place their dessert in the cupboard to keep overnight and begin to clean up the kitchen.
They go to bed that night, dreaming of the scrumptious treat that awaits them the next day.
Volenna: It's morning, Sara. Time to wake up.
Sara: Ngh... Good morning, Volenna... Graphos...
Sara: Graphos?
Sara: Graphos! What's wrong, Graphos?
Volenna: Sara? What's the matter?
Sara: Volenna! Graphos isn't answering!
Volenna: Wha!
Sara: Wake up, Graphos! Graphos!
Jin: What's that! Graphos, you say?
Sara: Yes... Even when I call out to him, only sand trickles out...
Sara: Sniff...
Vyrn: Oh boy...
Volenna: Lyria, is there anything you can find out for us with your power?
Lyria: Hngh... I can sense that Graphos is weakening...
Lyria: But that's about it... I'm sorry. Despite the resemblance, Graphos isn't a primal beast, so I'm afraid I'm not much help...
Sara: Maybe we can find out why Graphos feels unwell and how to heal him if we go back to Sable Island.
Sara: The priest might know something, and there are old records in the castle's archives as well. Maybe... we can find something there...
Volenna: You may be right... But I don't like the idea of you returning to Sable Island, Sara.
Jin: Yeah... There is also the possibility that something is happening on Sable Island right now.
Vyrn: Huh! Really?
Jin: Yeah. I heard from the skyfarer earlier that he had to change routes while transporting cargo due to some trouble on a certain desert island.
Volenna: A desert island on the way here... It must be Sable Island.
Sara: But...
Jin: Sara. I will go to Sable Island.
Jin: I couldn't do anything for you when you collapsed before, Sara. So it's my turn to be of assistance this time.
Volenna: I will go as well. The guards may be more familiar with the records in the archives—I will get in touch with them.
Volenna: We'll be able to move more easily with less people. Sara, (Captain), and everyone else should stay here and—
Sara: No... Definitely not!
Jin: Sara?
Sara: If routes are being changed... that means public airships might not be passing through Sable Island either.
Sara: It might take a long time for you to make your way back! What if... you're too late...
Volenna: Sara...
Lyria: Volenna. Jin. Please, can you grant Sara's request?
Lyria: I don't want Sara to have to feel like there was something she could have done, but didn't.
Sara: Please, Volenna... I promise I won't do anything dangerous, so let me come with you to Sable Island!
Volenna: Sara...
All right. It really doesn't sit well with me...
Volenna: But I understand that Graphos is like family to you. What Lyria said is true as well.
Jin: I see your point... If Volenna agrees as well, then I have no choice but to give my assent.
Jin: I will put in my best effort to protect you and Graphos, Sara.
Sara: Thank you, Volenna, Jin...
Vyrn: All right! Then it's full speed ahead to Sable Island! Whaddya say, (Captain)?
Sara: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn... Thank you so much!
Sara: (Graphos... Just hang on! We'll save you!)
Sara: (For sure!)
Graphos has been with Sara for as long as she can remember. Determined to save her precious companion, Sara musters up the courage and decides to return to Sable Island.
The destiny that awaits the priestess and the sand god is shrouded in sand and mystery.