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(Captain), Silva, Cucouroux, Camieux, and the rest of the crew guard a merchant and his goods through mountainous terrain when suddenly they are shot at. Following Silva's orders, the crew finds shelter behind some large rocks only to be ambushed by bandits.

Vyrn: I mean they did warn us, but this mountain is a pain in the tail.
The crew walk along the cliffs of a mountain while gazing at the treacherous path before them.
Their mission is to escort a merchant to a village which cannot be reached by airship due to the rocky geography.
Merchant: You don't know how much this helps. The roads are narrow, the path is long, and there are bandits.
There have been reports of bandits in the mountains stealing food and other precious objects.
What's worse, even those who have employed protection have still fallen victim.
Merchant: But you guys are really strong, right? I'm counting on you.
Vyrn: We got you covered!
Camieux: Let them come from any direction!
Cucouroux: Yeah! Bring it, bandits!
Silva: Haha... Full of energy today, aren't you two? Stay on the lookout.
Younger Sisters: Yes, ma'am!
Silva has enlisted the help of her two sisters to protect the merchant and the goods they carry.
Lyria: Hehehe... You're all just like real sisters.
Silva: Hm? Are you referring to us?
Due to certain circumstances, Silva left her hometown and was not able to return.
During this period she stayed with gunsmiths who were also the parents of Cucouroux and Camieux.
These events led to the three bonding together just like real siblings.
Camieux: Hehehe... Cucouroux and Silva are the best sisters in all the skies!
Lyria: I'm so jealous. I wish I had siblings...
Cucouroux: You don't have to wish! The bond between two people is thicker than blood, you know!
Cucouroux: How about you become my little sister right now?
The crew chats merrily until a loud blast signals the coming of danger.
Camieux: Aaah!
The source of the sound was the wheel of their carriage being shot at.
Before anyone has a chance to speak, another noise is heard.
Vyrn: Hm? W-what was that?
Silva: A sniper! Everyone take cover!
Vyrn: Huh? Come again?
Silva: Hurry up! Lyria, you too!
Lyria: Wha? Wha?
Unable to react quickly, (Captain) takes Lyria's hand and runs.
Everyone follows Silva's directions and hides under a rock wall.
Cucouroux: Sis... are they...
Silva: Yes. We can be sure of that...
Vyrn: H-hey... Sure of what, Snipes?
Silva: Everyone, listen to me. We're under a coordinated attack.
Merchant: A what! How do you know that?
Silva: Think about it. First the carriage wheel is destroyed, and then shots are fired...
Silva: Someone purposely attacked us and is now taking aim from afar.
Merchant: Then... are we even safe here?
Silva: The enemy has had plenty of time to reload their weapon yet none of us has been harmed.
Silva: This must mean they do not have a clear shot at us from their current location.
Merchant: So... we are safe here...
Silva: Wrong...
Vyrn: W-what!
Silva: That they shot at us in a location where we would have access to a safe place like this...
Silva: Must mean...
What was moments ago a deathly silent area now resounds with the stampeding of a group.
Silva: It's a trap!
Camieux: Aahh! They got us...
Cucouroux: Completely surrounded...
The bandits encircle the crew all at once.
Thug: Leave the goods if you don't want to die.
There was neither sinister laughter nor roars of anger—only a single demand.
Thug: We won't wait long. You have until the count of ten.
Thug: One... Two... Three...
Vyrn: Who are these guys!
Silva: That was a well-executed strategy... Everyone, be careful. These are no amateurs.
Vyrn: How do you know?
Silva: First they had the sniper cut off our means of transportation and now this second unit is here to make sure we leave what they came for.
Silva: This is a commonly used strategy. They may have even only used one sniper to send us into confusion and make us an easy target.
Silva: They manipulated us like a puppet on a string.
Thug: Nine... Ten! So we're doing this the hard way then.
Thug: Kill them!
Vyrn: Oh crap! Here they come!
Silva: We fight! No one leave the shelter of this wall! We can't allow the sniper to open fire!

Counter-Snipe: Scene 2

With the bandits defeated, the crew decide to use Silva's counter-snipe tactics to hunt for the sniper who shot at them earlier. However, as the crew near the sniper's location, they are attacked by a second wave of bandits.

(Captain) and crew tie the defeated bandits up.
Vyrn: Snipes was right. These dudes were a handful...
Silva: These are no ordinary thugs. They're soldiers gone rogue.
Vyrn: How do you know that?
Silva: That stunt was not something any lowlife could pull off.
Silva: Instead of risking their lives on the battlefield, they've decided to use their accumulated knowledge to prey on easy marks for better returns.
Silva: Once they figured out other uses for their skills, they left the army and became bandits.
Am I wrong?
Thug: Tch!
Lyria: That's... not good at all!
Vyrn: Yeah! We won't stand for it! You hear me!
Camieux: You delinquents!
Vyrn: At least we got 'em though. So let's head to the village on the double!
Silva: No. Not yet. There's still the sniper.
Vyrn: But while we were beating up these guys, the shooter probably ran away, right?
Silva: Perhaps... but we should still take the necessary precautions. Wishful thinking can be dangerous.
Silva: If we don't eliminate the sniper, we can't guarantee our safety whether we choose to proceed or retreat.
Vyrn: Urgh... This sucks...
Silva: I have a plan though. (Captain), what do you say to a little counter-sniping?
Vyrn: Counter... sniping? What the heck is that?
Cucouroux: She means we hunt the hunter. It'll be pretty hard though.
Vyrn: But how are you gonna shoot somebody whose location you don't even know? He is hiding...
Camieux: Sis can do it!
Camieux: Sis can see things from super far away and hit them too!
Silva not in crew

Cucouroux: If we just leave this to Sis, we can't fail! Plus, she has something in mind, right?
Silva is a crew member

Vyrn: Now that you mention it, Snipes is pretty good at hitting even stuff smaller than my fist!
Cucouroux: Plus, she has something in mind, right?
Silva: That I do. What do you say, (Captain)?
  1. Let's get counter-snipin'!
  2. Won't that be dangerous?

Choose: Let's get counter-snipin'!
Cucouroux: Yeah! Now we've got (Captain)'s seal of approval!
Camieux: Those dastards! I'll help put them to bed too!
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Choose: Won't that be dangerous?
Silva: I can't say it'll be safe... but going any further would be the greatest risk of all.
Vyrn: And we gotta worry about the merchant too, not just our own skin...
Camieux: (Captain), I'll make sure this mission is a success!
Camieux: So can you find it in your heart to trust Sis?
Camieux convinces (Captain), and thus begins Operation Counter-snipe.
Continue 1
Silva: First we need to conceal ourselves in the forest...
Silva points in the direction opposite the road where a deep forest extends to the base of the faraway mountains.
Silva: We'll use the trees as cover to greatly reduce the chance of being shot at.
Vyrn: All right! Here we go!
Silva: Wait!
Vyrn: Aaagh!
Silva pulls Vyrn's tail just in time for both of them to catch a glimpse of a bullet rebounding off the ground.
Vyrn: Aah! They fired at me!
Cucouroux: So they're still targeting us. Then that means we can't get to the forest... What do we do, Sis?
Silva: It takes time between shots to reload and aim. So we'll use that window.
Silva turns to the shaking merchant.
Silva: Would you mind telling me what's in these bags?
Merchant: Huh? This? It's just flour...
Silva: Then could I ask you for one bag and something to wrap it with?
Merchant: Uh... Sure...
Silva: I've also got something to ask the two of you as well.
Cucouroux: Anything, Sis!
Camieux: Let our powers combine!
The sniper hides on the face of the mountain aiming at the road where the merchant and crew should be.
Sniper: (They haven't given the signal yet. I know I just saw something a second ago, but it wasn't one of us.)
Once the bandits' acquisition is successful, one of the members is supposed to give the sniper the signal to indicate as much. So far the sniper hasn't spotted a single ally.
Sniper: (We were told the protection for this merchant would be skilled...)
Sniper: (But no matter how good they are, there's no way they can avoid my shots when they don't know where I am!)
Sniper: (Let them show their faces, even just a little bit, and boom!)
Then the time came to fire.
Sniper: (Gotcha! You trying to take a sneak peek from behind those rocks to find me!)
Sniper: This time I won't miss! Take this!
The bag of flour that Silva holds takes the bullet, exploding into a white cloud of smoke.
Silva dressed the bag in cloth to have it resemble a human from far away, and the sniper took the bait.
Silva: Run! If possible, under the exploded flour!
The crew rush from their hiding spot to the forest as soon as Silva gives the word.
Silva: Cucouroux! Cammy!
Camieux: On it! This dastard! Don't know where that sniper is, but let 'em take this!
No version of Cucouroux in crew

Cucouroux: And this too!
Any version of Cucouroux is a crew member

Cucouroux: Time to show off my new gun!
Cucouroux and Camieux unleash a barrage of bullets as they head toward the forest.
Sniper: What!
Bullets fly everywhere, scaring the sniper and forcing him to find shelter behind a boulder.
Sniper: Now what...
Sniper: (That means the thing I shot earlier wasn't a person... it was a decoy...)
Sniper: (Now they're using my loading window combined with their own assault to get safely into the forest...)
Sniper: (They knew exactly what my weak points were and used that to get to a place I'd have a hard time firing into...)
Sniper: But the forest isn't their friend...
Vyrn: Pant... Pant... I had my doubts, but we made it...
Lyria: That... was really scary...
Cucouroux: Don't be scared! We have Sis on our side!
Vyrn: That's easy to say, but... We don't know where the bad guy is... What are we supposed to do now?
Camieux: Don't take my sis so lightly!
Cucouroux: Yeah. Silva has an idea of the sniper's location, right?
Silva: I think I know just about where he is.
Vyrn: What! How is that possible?
Silva: I base my assumptions on the presumption that the sniper has his back to the sun. That implies the sniper is somewhere in that direction.
Vyrn: Hmm... I see... But how do you know?
Silva: If he were facing the sun, it would only hamper his ability to shoot. And if the light were to bounce off his gun, that would give his location away.
Silva: Since he was waiting to ambush us, he must be somewhere high to have the best field of vision possible.
Silva: Then there's the fact that he couldn't see us when we hid under the rock wall...
Silva: Putting all that together, there shouldn't be too many places that match those parameters.
Lyria & Vyrn: ...
Vyrn: Snipes, I thought you were something else, but dang...
Lyria: Oh my... She's amazing...
Vyrn and Lyria's reaction causes Camieux to hold her head up high.
Camieux: My big sis is incredible! She can do anything!
Silva: Let's hurry. Everyone be sure to move under the cover of the trees.
(Captain) and crew make their way to where Silva suspects the sniper hides.
While avoiding the sniper's line of sight, the crew moves nimbly through the forest.
For the moment no shots have been fired.
Vyrn: Why the heck isn't he shooting?
Lyria: I bet it's because the shooter can't see very well!
Vyrn: I had my suspicions, but this plan is working out pretty well.
Silva continues to lead the crew through the forest.
Silva: Stop!
Vyrn: W-why?
Silva: The forest ends here. Now we have only the rocks...
Before the crew was a barren path that had no trees nor plants to hide behind.
Cucouroux: But... this is where the sniper is, right?
Silva: I suspe—
Before Silva could finish her thought, a bullet grazes the surrounding trees.
Silva: Everyone hide! We're under attack!
Camieux: Aaaah!
(Captain) hurries to hide behind a tree.
Cucouroux: Did you see 'em, Sis?
Silva: No... I didn't...
Camieux: But at least you were right!
Cucouroux: That's true. The enemy is hiding around here. No doubt about that.
Silva: But if we leave the forest now, we'll only make for target practice... There's no doubt his hand is ready and on the trigger.
Vyrn: So what do we do?
Cucouroux: Hm...
Camieux: Ah! Someone is coming!
The crew turn to face the opposite direction and see the group heading toward them.
Vyrn: What the! Are those more bandits?
Silva: It looks like they had a second platoon ready in case the first failed.
Silva: If we leave the forest now, we'll be shot at. We have to face that group first, (Captain)!

Counter-Snipe: Scene 3

After beating the second wave, Silva reluctantly proposes that her sisters act as bait so that she can ascertain the location of the sniper. The sniper falls for Silva's plan and is caught by the crew.

Although the second wave of bandits was beaten, the crew's plans for the sniper are still unclear.
Cucouroux: We're in a pickle... If we just stand around, the sun is going to set.
Vyrn: Yeah! What if we did that? Then they couldn't see us, right?
Vyrn: Let's just move the merchant's stuff when it's darker.
Silva: That's not an option. For us to move in the dark, we'll need to use torches. That will make us even easier to hit.
Vyrn: Oh yeah... And I thought I had a good idea...
Cucouroux: And if we wait till morning tomorrow, we'll still be targets. We have to figure out something we can do now...
Lyria: But what...
Camieux: Think, Camieux, think! Isn't there anything in this head of mine...
Silva: ...
Cucouroux: ...?
Cucouroux: Sis, what's wrong?
Silva: Hm? I was just trying to think of a solution...
Cucouroux: Liar. I know that face when I see it. You almost never look like that.
Camieux: She's right! Sis, what is it that you need to tell us?
  1. Is it about Cucouroux and Camieux?
  2. Did you come up with something already?

Choose: Is it about Cucouroux and Camieux?
Cucouroux: Us?
Vyrn: Yeah... If Snipes looks like that...
Vyrn: Then it must be something to do with Miss Gunsmith and Camieux, right?
Silva: N-no... I... It's not just about them...
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Choose: Did you come up with something already?
Silva: ...!
Cucouroux: Really, Sis?
Silva: No... It's just...
Continue 1
Cucouroux: I see... When you act like that, you give yourself up, Sis.
Cucouroux: We'll be the bait!
Silva: N-no! You can't!
Cucouroux: It's okay, Sis! We think this is for the best!
Vyrn: What's for the best?
Cucouroux: We're going to use the same strategy the bandits used on us!
Cucouroux: We're going to have Sis be the lone sniper and we're going to break off as our own unit.
Cucouroux: If we leave the forest, then the sniper will make his move. Once he does, Sis will take him out!
Cucouroux: Right, Sis?
Having a solo sniper and another group acting independently was the technique the bandits had used.
Silva herself had explained as much to the crew.
Silva: ...
Silva: (A sniper's tactics are often branded as cowardice... They hide safely and shoot from afar while letting their allies fight in harm's way.)
Before Silva joined the crew, she had received a request to defeat large beasts with the help of other mercenaries.
It was there that she was told just what they thought of her work.
A sniper gets the easiest part of all.
Silva: (There was nothing I could say to them. They were the ones who had to go face-to-face with the beasts.)
Silva: (Now I have to choose whether to be a coward again or not...)
Silva: (I can't do it!)
Vyrn: That's a great idea! Let's do it!
Camieux: Yes, Lizard! You've got Camieux's seal of approval!
Silva: What?
Vyrn: Snipes, if you had such a good plan, why didn't you tell us sooner!
Silva: But... this plan is dangerous...
  1. We believe in you!
  2. This is our best chance.

Choose: We believe in you!
Cucouroux: I do too! You're not just some run-of-the-mill sniper like our enemy!
Vyrn: Yeah! If anyone can pull this off, it's you, Snipes!
Go to "Continue 2"

Choose: This is our best chance.
Camieux: Sure is! I see eye to eye with (Captain)!
Lyria: I believe in you too, Silva! You can do this!
Continue 2
Silva: You all really...
Vyrn: Huh?
Silva: Never mind... It's nothing...
Silva: I do this for them...
The sniper holds his gun at the ready, looking down on the forest apprehensively.
Sniper: What!
The crew assigned to guard the merchant scatters out of the forest.
Sniper: (So they're all coming after me... They must have decided to forgo waiting and just throw all they have my way.)
Sniper: (I don't think they know where I am, but the closer they get, the more danger I'm in.)
Sniper: (They think running in a zigzag will help them avoid my shots, but they're wrong.)
Sniper: This is perfect. First I'll pick off the one closest to my location...
Vyrn: Run! Run!
(Captain) and the others follow Silva's orders and run in nonlinear paths.
To avoid being hit, this is all they can do at the moment.
That is what Silva told them.
Silva: I'm sorry for putting you all in danger...
Silva: Before the enemy has a chance to pull the trigger, I will find him and fire first.
The crew runs, trusting in Silva's plan.
Meanwhile Silva watches from within the forest and uses every fiber in her body to concentrate.
Silva: (Calm yourself...)
Silva: (When he tries to fire at a target his field of vision is reduced dramatically—that's his weakness.)
Silva: (He won't have the time to realize that he is being counter-sniped.)
Silva: (That's my only chance!)
Silva is certain of her plan, but then—
Silva: !
Vyrn: Did (Captain) just get shot at!
While attempting to climb a boulder, a bullet hits the ground near (Captain)'s feet.
Although the bullet missed, the momentum causes (Captain) to fall down.
Lyria: !
Cucouroux: (Captain)!
Camieux: Aaah! (Captain)!
Cucouroux and Camieux are shaken by the attack on (Captain).
Sniper: Tch! I missed? Not a problem. It's not like they'll be able to stand up any time soon!
Sniper: Next I'll hit that little Draph! Take this!
The sniper locates his next victim and prepares to fire.
But he's too slow.
Sniper: Aagh!
The sniper's gun takes a bullet causing him to reel in pain.
Sniper: What... Where did that shot come from?
He peeks at the crew below and believes that none of them have noticed where he is.
Sniper: No... They have a sniper too...
Sniper: I'm... being... hunted by another sniper...
The sniper runs his eyes over the mountain and forest. But he has no idea where the shot came from.
Nor does he know what's coming next.
Sniper: Agggh!
The second shot grazes his cheek causing an instant burn where the bullet made contact.
Sniper: Eep... Damn it!
Paralyzed by fear, the sniper decides to flee.
Sniper: What... the hell is happening! Where are they shooting from, and when did I become the target?
Cucouroux: Gotcha! I found the bad guy, everybody!
Sniper: !
Camieux: You dastard! We finally found you!
In his haste, the sniper ran through the forest and wasn't careful about hiding his tracks.
Silva: When you fired, I saw a glimpse of the light that came from your gun. And then you became the perfect target.
Sniper: You're the one who fired at me? I didn't see you when I shot earlier... So you all had a sniper of your own...
Sniper: It all makes sense! You used the flour to create a white fog so I wouldn't see all the members of your crew and that big gun of yours...
Sniper: You made sure I let my guard down!
Silva: It was a coincidence that we even had the flour. I just used the resources we had to the best of my abilities like any good soldier would do, right?
Vyrn: What! Even that flour was a part of your plan to counter-snipe?
Cucouroux: You put your plan into motion that early on...
Camieux: You're awesome.
Sniper: But why did you shoot the gun? You had a clear shot of me, but you didn't shoot to kill. Why?
Silva: Your friends gave us a ten second countdown. A kind act deserves a reward.
Silva: It seems their pride as soldiers still remains...
Sniper: Huh... You just know everything, don't you? I admit defeat, but tell me your name.
Silva: Silva.
Sniper: You're Silva!
Sniper: Well... Now is as good a time as ever to give this life up, I guess...
The sniper shows no sign of resistance and goes quietly into the custody of the crew.

Counter-Snipe: Scene 4

The crew safely sees the merchant and his goods to their rightful destination. (Captain) and the crew banter happily while Silva watches the joyful expressions on their faces. She vows to always live up to the trust that they put in her.

And so (Captain) and crew safely escort the merchant and his goods to the village.
Silva treats (Captain)'s injuries suffered during the fall.
Silva: I'm sorry for what happened today... I said I would be faster than the enemy, but...
Silva: I still have much room for improvement...
Silva: I would have gladly taken that bullet for you.
Vyrn: Whoa there! Don't say stuff like that. And another thing... (Captain) wasn't shot, you know?
Silva: No thanks to me... The fact remains that I put (Captain) in danger. I wish it had been me.
(Captain) turns to face Silva.
Then says, "if you hadn't been there, we wouldn't have made it through this mission."
Lyria: Agreed! We're really grateful to you, Silva!
Vyrn: Yep! If you hadn't been here, there's no way we woulda made it to the village.
Silva: ...
Cucouroux: Enough work talk!
The crew turns around to see Cucouroux and the merchant standing behind them.
Merchant: You really saved me! You didn't just protect me; you caught the bandits too!
Merchant: And I was just informed that that was all thanks to you?
Silva: Thanks to me... That's going too far...
Merchant: I hear you like tea. Then here, take this. This is my pride and joy. The best tea I have. Go on!
Silva is handed a beautiful tin can.
Silva: ...
Cucouroux: She loves it! I can tell! She always likes stuff like this!
Camieux: Righto! Silva has a thing for containers to hold her tea in!
Lyria: Wow! I didn't know Silva liked stuff like this.
Vyrn: Hm? I guess it's kinda cute.
Silva: Would everyone... stop teasing me...
Lyria: Hey! Silva's blushing! How cute.
Silva: Not you too, Lyria...
Merchant: You all remind me of siblings.
Lyria: Huh? Us?
Merchant: Yeah. All of you. That's what I think anyway.
Cucouroux: Look at that! Now you know what it's like to be someone's sister, right, Lyria?
Lyria: I-I guess I do!
Camieux: Yeah! I'd be happy with another sister!
Silva: As would I.
Silva looks at the crew with a gentle smile.
She vows to always live up to the trust that the crew puts in her from now on.