Scenario:Societte - Floral Arrangement

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Floral Arrangement

(Captain)'s party visits a tavern to find the man that has information on the royal family. They realize that the man they're looking for already left the tavern, and hurry out to find him. However, they find the man getting

(Captain) and company learn of an Erune man that has information on the royal family.
Sierokarte sets up an appointment for them to meet at the tavern, but he has yet to show up.
Vyrn: Hmm... Our contact is supposed to come and talk to us, right?
Vyrn: What's going on? No one's talking to us.
Societte: ...
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong Societte?
(Captain) looks at Societte.
Societte is blatantly staring at an Erune man with her tail wagging quietly.
Erune Man: ... Um.
Societte: !
Erune Man: Oh, haha, hello...
The Erune man meets eyes with Societte. After an an awkward moment, he smiles and walks away.
Societte: A-Aww...
Societte's ears and tail slump down sadly as she watches the man leave.
Vyrn: Hey now... What are you doing?
Societte: H-He was staring into my eyes.
Societte: I-I thought he would come talk to me...
Lyria: Um, maybe he was the person that we were supposed to meet...
Societte: Oh, so that's why he looked like he was about to say something...
Vyrn: Hey... Why didn't you say something?
Vyrn: Let's go find him!
Erune Man: ...
Societte: T-There he is! That's him!
Vyrn: Alright, let's talk to him! Hey, excuse me!
Right as Vyrn calls out to him, scoundrels suddenly appear from the back alley.
The scoundrels knock the man unconscious and try to take him away.
Vyrn: H-Hey! What do you think you're doing?!
Scoundrel: Damn, someone saw us...! We'll buy some time, so you guys take him to the hideout.
Societte: ...! Let's help him, (Captain)!

Floral Arrangement: Scene 2

(Captain)'s party struggles in vain, as the Erune man is kidnapped by the scoundrels. When Societte frantically asks them to help, the party realizes the gravity of the situation and chase after the scoundrels.

Scoundrel 1: These guys are strong... Darn it. . Hm?
Scoundrel 1: That dance... and that fan. You... it can't be...
Societte: ...!
Scoundrel 2: Hey, it's time to go.
Vyrn: Damn! Get back here!
Societte: (Captain)! Let's go after them!
Societte: If we don't hurry, they'll kill him...!
Vyrn: H-Hey now, what do you mean they'll kill him?!
Societte: ...
Societte: My parents were killed by some evil people that wanted information on the royal family.
Vyrn: Say what?!
Lyria: T-Then... The people going after Societte must be...
Societte: To people like them, information on the royal family is like valuable treasure. That's why they're after me... And if we don't do something, that man will be in danger too...
Vyrn: Then we need to hurry!
Lyria: Oh, look over there!
Vyrn: Hm? A cave...?
Societte: ...! One of those men from earlier just went inside... That must be their hideout...!
Societte: Let's go, (Captain)!
Scoundrel 2: Whoa there...! You're not getting through here.
Societte: ?!
Scoundrel 2: It's payback time! This time, I won't hold back...!
Vyrn: Haven't you learned your lesson last time? Let's go, (Captain)!

Floral Arrangement: Scene 3

In the hideout, the party finds the Erune man being questioned by the leader of the scoundrels. The scoundrel notices Societte's fan and realizes her identity. In order to stop the selfish scoundrel and save the Erune man, the party draws their weapons and faces their enemy.

The party defeats the scoundrels and enters their hideout.
There, they find the Erune man being questioned by the scoundrels.
Scoundrel Boss: Talk!! Tell me what you know about the royal family and Nine-tails!
Erune Man: Agh... Urgh... Never... I'll never tell you...
Societte: Stop!!
Scoundrel 1: Boss! That's her! The one I told you about...!
Scoundrel Boss: A fan with the crest of the royal family? Hahaha... No way.
Scoundrel Boss: Who would have thought an heir to the royal family... The successor of the power of Nine-tails would come right to me!
Vyrn: Hm? Nine-tails?
Societte: ...
Scoundrel Boss: You saved us the trouble of finding you! How lucky...
Societte: Are you the ones that killed my parents...?
Scoundrel Boss: Huh? What are you talking about?
Societte: ...
Societte: Then why are you after the power of Nine-tails?
Scoundrel Boss: What? So I can become powerful and do as I please, of course!
Societte: That's not gonna happen.
Societte: You can't even beat me... You couldn't get the power of Nine-tails in a million years.
Scoundrel Boss: What?!
Scoundrel Boss: Why you...!! Men! Get them!!!
Societte: (Captain)! Get ready...!

Floral Arrangement: Scene 4

(Captain)'s party defeats the scoundrels and successfully rescues the Erune man. The Erune man tells them that he's a descendant of a branch of the royal family, but he doesn't have any information that Societte is looking for. Societte attempts to leave the skyfarers, but they tell her that they can't let their friend go alone. She turns red in response, and feels a warm bond between her and her friends.

(Captain) and company defeat the scoundrels, but several of them manage to get away.
However, they were able to successfully rescue the Erune man.
Erune Man: You saved me... I can't thank you enough.
Erune Man: Also, I'm very sorry for what happened at the tavern.
Erune Man: That young lady was so elegant and dignified, I was at a loss for words...
Vyrn: Heheh! I know how you feel!
Lyria: Societte really is pretty, isn't she? I don't blame you for getting nervous.
Erune Man: Yes... I'm embarrassed to say, I was simply quite nervous. I'm sorry...
Societte: U-Uh... It's okay... I-It's my fault too...
Erune Man: But I never would have guessed that you are of royal descent...
The Erune man explains the reason why he arranged a meetup with the party.
He tells them that he is a descendant of a branch of the royal family, and was becoming increasingly cautious of the growing number of people seeking the power of Nine-tails.
When he heard that the party is searching for information on the royal family, he decided to find out what their intentions were.
Erune Man: However... I didn't think I didn't even dream of meeting a direct descendant of the royal bloodline.
Societte: Which royal family did you serve?
Erune Man: I'm sorry... My ancestors were of a very distant branch and I don't know which royal family they served...
Erune Man: I've only been told about the existence of Nine-tails and the royal family...
Societte: ... I see. No, it's okay. Thank you.
Erune Man: I'm terribly sorry I couldn't be of help. If you'll excuse me, I'll be leaving now.
Vyrn: Hey now! Are you gonna be okay by yourself?
Erune Man: Yeah. Yes, I'll be fine. I may have let my guard down earlier, but I can take care of myself.
With that, the man thanks them once again and leaves.
Societte: ...
Vyrn: Hey, Societte. I've been wondering...
Vyrn: What's a "Nine-tails"?
Societte: Nine-tails is a being of great power that my family line served for generations.
Lyria: Is that...?
Societte: Yes. The true name of the flame with a consciousness.
Vyrn: I see... Why didn't you tell us?
Societte: I thought that if I told you about Nine-tails, it would truly drag you into my problems...
Societte: ...
Societte: U-Um. Maybe it would be better if I continue my journey alone...?
Lyria: What...? W-Why do you say that?
Societte: Those bad guys that escaped earlier...
Societte: Those people will come after me next time. If they're after the power of Nine-tails... they'll come for me.
Societte: So something like today might happen again... Or worse.
  1. I can't leave you by yourself.
  2. If that's what you want...

Choose: I can't leave you by yourself.
Societte: What...?
Lyria: That's right! We can't leave you alone after hearing that!
Societte: B-But...
Vyrn: No buts! Do you remember when we first met?
Societte: Yeah...
Lyria: We told you, we're going to help you!
Lyria: So... come with us.
Societte: You guys are too nice...
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Choose: If that's what you want...
Societte: Okay...
Societte's ears and tail droop sadly, and she turns to leave.
Lyria: Wait!!
Societte: . Huh?
Lyria: Is that what you really want...?
Societte: ...
Lyria: I think (Captain) wants to know what you're really thinking. Isn't that right?
(Captain) quietly nods in response.
Lyria: Is this what you really want?
Societte: I-I... I want...
Societte: Aww!
Societte: I actually... want you guys to help me...
Societte: I-I'll be so lonely... I won't have anyone to talk to...
Societte: I'd feel so helpless...
Vyrn: Well, you should have just said so!
Vyrn: What are you holding back for?
Continue 1
Societte: C-Can I really stay with you guys?
Vyrn: Of course!
Lyria: Yeah! You're our friend!
Societte: Ah... I'm... your friend...
Societte: U-Um... Thanks for letting me stay...
Turning red up to her ears, Societte thanks the party and they return to the airship together.
Still blushing, Societte felt a warm bond between her and her trusted friends.