Scenario:Societte - People Who Matter Most

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People Who Matter Most

(Captain) and company return to a place from Societte's childhood to find clues to Ninetails's whereabouts. Guided by memories of her family, Societte perfects her closing dance.

Societte is a crew member, Yuel is a crew member

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Societte not in crew

One day (Captain) and the crew stop into a nearby eatery, where they find a beautiful Erune sitting at a table.
An assured look on her face, she glances at passers-by and, from time to time, locks eyes with them.
Lyria: (Captain), what do you think she wants? It's almost like she's trying to communicate with her eyes.
(Captain) makes eye contact with her.
Societte: ...
Lyria: Um, excuse me, but... is something bothering you, miss?
Societte: ...!
Her face lights up and she nods several times.
Her name, she says, is Societte, and she admits to being unpracticed at talking with others.
Vyrn: So that's why you kept looking around at people without saying anything.
Societte: I have so much I want to ask, but no idea how to phrase my questions.
Lyria: I see. What did you want to ask, Societte?
Societte: Have you... heard of a nine-tailed flame that lives and breathes?
Vyrn: Never heard of it!
Lyria: If you gave us a little more to go on, we might be able to tell you something.
Societte: You don't seem like bad people. I suppose it would be all right to speak to you.
Societte begins to calmly speak of Ninetails, the sentient flame.
A thousand years ago, the nine royal families of a great kingdom worshipped Ninetails and protected the land with her power.
One day, however, the power of Ninetails raged out of control and then suddenly vanished.
With the kingdom's sacred treasures lost as well, Societte took up the charge to search for them and restore order.
Lyria: You've been searching for Ninetails and these sacred treasures all by yourself this whole time?
Societte: And a friend. And the ancient dances for Ninetails. A lot of things...
Societte: But I haven't found so much as a single clue so far.
  1. We'll help you.
  2. Hang in there.

Choose: We'll help you.
Societte: S-seriously? You sure?
Vyrn: If it's cool with you, we'd be glad to help! Call it... fate, or something.
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Choose: Hang in there.
Societte: I will.
Vyrn: H-hold on. That was a joke, right, (Captain)?
Societte: Huh? I-I'm not sure I understand...
(Captain)'s bluntness has Societte feeling guilty, but the crew reassures her that they really do want to help her.
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Societte: Oh, you're all so kind...
Societte blushes and politely curtsies while her ears and tail wag happily.
And thus the ever-shy Societte joins the crew.
Societte not in crew, Yuel not in crew

While traveling with the crew, Societte runs into her old friend Yuel.
Overjoyed at their unexpected reunion, the two swear to each other that they're going to find Ninetails.
Some time has passed since then.
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Societte not in crew, Yuel is a crew member

Shortly thereafter Societte reunites with her old friend Yuel on the Grandcypher.
Overjoyed at their unexpected reunion, the two swear to each other that they're going to find Ninetails.
Some time has passed since then.
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Societte: ...
Societte, this time in a new outfit, appears in front of the crew with Yuel.
Vyrn: Whoa, lookin' gorgeous, Societte! Why the new outfit?
Societte: W-well, this is for ceremonial purposes, you see...
Societte: If I dance in this, more of Lady Ninetails' power will awaken within me.
Lyria: There's something very... mystical about the way it looks.
Societte: If I'm not up to the challenge of drawing out Lady Ninetails' power, that look is all it's going to be good for.
Yuel: Ever since we started travellin' together, though, you've become a total pro at using ol' Ninetails' power!
Vyrn: All that experience sure has paid off, eh, Societte?
Societte: Yes, but, I ah... er...
Societte: It looks... strange... doesn't it?
  1. It's cute!
  2. ...

Choose: It's cute!
Societte: S-seriously?
Societte: Um, er... I mean... Heheh...
Societte: Hearin' you say that kind of thing really makes my day, (Captain).
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Choose: ...
Societte: Um, ah... (Captain)?
Societte: Um... er... well... ngh...
Yuel: C'mon now, (Captain)! Quit messing with Societte, will you?
Yuel: Listen, I get it. You think it's cute when she gets all flustered. But don't make fun of the poor girl!
Societte: H-huh? Y-you were just... making fun?
Societte: You're such a bully, (Captain)...
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Yuel: Anyway, you're like a whole nother person in that new outfit!
Yuel: Let's really dig in and find as much stuff as we can about Ninetails and the old kingdom!
Vyrn: Sounds good, but it sure feels like you've exhausted your leads, doesn't it?
An awkward silence suddenly falls over the crew.
Societte steels herself to speak.
Societte: When I was little, there was a place where I practiced dancing for Lady Ninetails with my parents.
Societte: There could be some kind of clue there.
Vyrn: Whoa, why didn't we look there before?
Societte: I was scared. Scared that... that remembering them would just make me feel even more hurt and alone.
Hearing the sadness in her voice, (Captain) remembers how Societte lost both her parents.
Yuel: You really wanna go back there, Societte?
Societte gives a small nod.
Yuel: Gotcha. Let's go, (Captain).
The crew sets a course for Societte's childhood home.
After arriving at the island, the crew begins moving through the forest toward its destination. Suddenly, Societte stops.
Societte: Just past here. Just past here there's a beautiful lake.
Societte trembles as she says this.
Yuel: (Captain). Go right.
Yuel looks like she's about to grab Societte's left hand. (Captain) reads the signal and grabs her right.
Societte: Eep! H-huh?
Vyrn: And I'll take... the head!
Lyria: I'm going behind!
Vyrn lands on Societte's head, and Lyria grabs her from behind.
Societte: W-what are you doing?
Yuel: It'll be okay, Societte. We're right here with you!
Vyrn: Yup! So stop worrying, and let's go!
Societte: Heheh... Thanks a bunch.
The crew begins to walk again. This time Societte has a smile on her face.
Soon, they find a beautiful lake. The water is crystal clear and can be seen through to its depths.
Yuel: Whoa, look at this! I ain't never seen a lake this beautiful before!
Yuel: I bet we'd have a grand ol' time splashing around in there! Anyone game?
Vyrn: We don't have time for that right now! Societte's on a mission!
Yuel: Haha... Yeah, my bad. Still, it's seriously pretty, ain't it?
Societte: When my parents danced, I used to watch their reflections in the water and follow along for practice.
Societte: They taught me all the dances here: the opening dance, earth dance, and alabaster dance.
Yuel: So that's how it went down... Wait a sec, you know four dances. Where'd the last one go?
Societte: They taught me the closing dance, but I couldn't quite remember it all.
Societte: What you see me perform now is imperfect and incomplete.
Yuel: For serious? Dang, this must be one tough dance!
Societte: It is very, very difficult. Every time I performed, it felt like something was missing.
Societte: Even when I couldn't dance at all, Mother and Father were still so good to me.
Societte stares back at a reflection of herself on the water's surface, wistfully recalling the past.
Societte: ...?
She notices small fans resting at the bottom of the lake.
Societte: This... these are the fans I used when I was young.
With a nostalgic smile, Societte reaches into the water and pulls out the fans.
Societte: So this is where they were. I remember bawling my eyes out when I lost them.
Societte: Mother and Father made me feel better then. They were so sweet...
Societte: (Just like... when I failed...)
Societte remembers what her parents told her when she made a mistake during the closing dance.
Societte's Father: You don't need to dedicate your dance to Lady Ninetails, dear.
Societte's Mother: Dance for those that matter most to you, and the rest will sort itself out.
Societte: So that's what I was missing. I have to... dance for those that matter most to me.
Remembering her parents' words, Societte turns toward the crew and gracefully readies her fans.
Societte: Um, if it's okay with everyone... I'd like to dance for all of you.
Yuel: Yeah, of course! It'd be a pleasure and a privilege.
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Societte: Yuel, (Captain), everyone... Thanks.
With a gentle smile, Societte begins to dance for the sake of her friends.
As she dances, pale blue flames surround her, illuminating the vicinity. Slowly the flames turn crimson.
Societte: (Father... Mother... I'm going to dance... for the people who matter most!)
Determination wells up within Societte's heart, and the flames respond in kind, growing larger, burning brighter.
Societte: (My body's moving on its own... I can do this!)
Once incomplete and imperfect, Societte's performance of the closing dance is now immaculately precise.
It takes the crew's breath away. All they can do is watch in stunned amazement.
When she finishes, everyone present bursts into rapturous applause.
Yuel: That was freakin' incredible! Perfect, even! How did you do that?
Societte: I... remembered my parents' words.
Societte: They told me to dance for the people who matter most.
Societte: So, um, the reason I could do any of that, was, er... thanks to you.
Societte: I-I mean, you're all... You all matter so much to me, so...
Societte: I'm just so... so glad I met you guys.
  1. Pat her head.
  2. Same here.

Choose: Pat her head.
Societte: Heheh... You're so kind, (Captain).
Yuel: Whoa, save some for me! Me, me, me!
Societte: Haha, that tickles! Oh, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done. Seriously...
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Choose: Same here.
Yuel: W-wow, I feel like I'm gonna blush or somethin'! Can't thank you enough for bringing us aboard, Societte!
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Societte: S-so um... Would you like to see me dance again?
Yuel: Of course! As many times as you want!
With a smile on her face, Societte once again begins to dance in honor of her precious friends.
They can't help but be amazed at the beautiful flames encircling her, wrapping her in blue and red.