Scenario:Thelonim - What's in a Lie

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What's in a Lie?

While visiting a small village, the crew loses a job to the young Thelonim, who claims to be descended from a great hero. As it turns out, the villagers have been lying to Thelonim about his supposedly heroic heritage for years, and the request he accepted is intended to make him realize the truth. Thelonim always knew what was going on, however, and has worked tirelessly to make the lie a reality. In the end, his unwavering faith causes nothing short of a miracle to happen.

(Captain) and the crew receive a letter from the chief of a distant village.
Inside is an urgent request to vanquish the monsters in a nearby forest, along with a more complicated matter...
Vyrn: Wheeze... We've been walking all day, and we're still not at the elder's house?
Lyria: Oh, I think I see it, Vyrn! That big house over there.
???: Hold it, you lot.
Vyrn: Why hello, what do we have here? Are you a villager?
Thelonim: Pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm Thelonim, descendent of heroes, and future legend.
Vyrn: Um... I'm not sure I follow.
Thelonim: Hm, I take it you lot are the skyfarers requested by the village elder?
Lyria: That's right! Wait, how do you know that?
Thelonim: Heh heh, I thought so! Sorry to trouble you, but could you let me test my skills against you?
Vyrn: Is... that something you ask people on the regular?
Thelonim charges at the party without a word.
Thelonim: All right, here I come! First up... Have a taste of my greatest magic!
Vyrn: Greatest magic? Watch out, (Captain)!
Thelonim: Dragonic Megastorm!
Vyrn: Whoaaa... Wait, this is just a bunch of leaves!
Thelonim: I'm not done yet! Awaken, slumbering might! Prepare for an onslaught of shooting stars!
Thelonim: Gigantem Meteorum!
Lyria: Eeek! Ouch... Wait, are these pinecones?
Thelonim: Time to end this! An art supreme, capable of felling even the greatest of magisters in a single blow!
Thelonim: Gallant Smash!
(Captain) bends low, taking Thelonim's onslaught with their entire body.
Lyria, observing the situation closely, is the first to notice that something's off.
Lyria: Hm, now that I look at it, is Thelonim's sword made of wood?
Vyrn: It's not just his sword! His armor and shield's made of wood, too!
Thelonim's equipment is so ramshackle in appearance that it seems entirely likely he made it himself.
Thelonim: Heh heh... Looks like the match is settled! That should prove to the village chief that I'm no pushover!
Thelonim: I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that a hero like me is way stronger than any skyfarer! Now I'm gonna make you honor your promise!
Thelonim jauntily enters the village chief's house while shouting these lines at the top of his lungs.
The crew follows shortly thereafter in a state of utter bewilderment.
Thelonim: Heh heh... Unfortunately for you, I, the heroic heir Thelonim, took the request first!
Thelonim: You can beg on your hands and knees, but I'll never, ever, ever let you have it!
And with that, Thelonim dashes out of the house as fast as his legs can take him.
Vyrn: Hey, um, Mr. Village Chief? What's going on here?
Vyrn: You didn't really let that guy take the request, did you?
Village Chief: Actually, the request that little fellow took was not entirely genuine.
Vyrn: What do you mean, not genuine?
In answer to Vyrn's question, the chief squints and begins apologetically telling a tale of long ago...
Some years back, Thelonim lost both his parents, and struggled to survive with no one to watch over him.
Taking pity on the boy, the village chief told him a white lie in an attempt to provide encouragement.
Village Chief: You may not believe this, Thelonim, but the blood of a great hero flows within you.
Village Chief: Indeed, your father told me you may very well use your sword one day to strike down a great and monstrous menace to our village.
Thelonim: I'm a... hero? Is that true, Chief?
Encouraged by these words, Thelonim was soon back to his old self.
Thelonim: Take this! Harvest's Judgment! Harvest's Judgment! Harvest's Judgment!
Ruffian: Augh... You got me...
Ruffian: Darn it... I knew we couldn't beat the great hero, Thelonim! The terrifying power of those chestnuts was just... Uh, what am I supposed to say, again?
Ruffian: Eh, doesn't matter. Anyway, that was some magic! Seriously, Thelonim's no joke, guys!
Thelonim: Heh heh... But of course! I am a great hero, after all! Now learn your lesson and never do evil again!
Ruffian: (Bwahaha... This rules. All I gotta do is play hero with this kid, and they pay my tab at the bar!)
Ruffian: (What's that village chief thinking, anyway?)
Slowly but surely, the village chief's lie spreads throughout the village.
In time, the village's entire population came to refer to Thelonim as a great hero.
Villager: Oh, why if it isn't our great hero, Thelonim! Be a good hero and help me with the farm work, won't you, dear?
Thelonim: I don't have time for that! I've gotta go to the mountains and train!
Villager: But farm work will give you the powerful legs a hero needs!
Thelonim: No way! Really? I'm in! Let me help!
The villagers began to take advantage of poor Thelonim, forcing their busywork on him at their convenience.
Nonetheless, Thelonim naively continued to believe the villagers.
Village Chief: And that, my friends, is that.
Vyrn: Wait a second, chief! It sounds like you and the rest of the town are all at fault here!
Lyria: So does that mean the real request is—
Village Chief: Hm, yes... I want you to show Thelonim how tough skyfarers really are, and make him give up this silly hero quest of his.
The crew hurriedly rushes after Thelonim, who ventured into the forest earlier to defeat the monsters within.
Vyrn: Found him! Hey, Thelonim! Hold on a sec!
Thelonim: You sure are persistent. And after I told you I wouldn't let you take the request, too!
Vyrn: We're worried about you! It's dangerous in here, and that equipment of yours doesn't seem up to the job.
Thelonim: It's fine! This is no ordinary wooden sword! It's a mighty blade carved from the wood of the legendary holy tree!
Thelonim: The crest on my armor is that of a legendary holy order of knights, enough to give pause to even the stoutest of foes!
Vyrn: A holy crest? It just looks like some scribbles to me... You were tricked, Thelonim!
Thelonim: Impossible! The village chief told me himself! He's the most respected man in town!
Vyrn: No, geez, listen! That chief of yours told you a crazy lie!
Monster: Groar!
Thelonim: Waaargh!
The crew looks up, startled by a deafening roar and shriek of terror soon after.
When they do, they see an out of breath Thelonim standing in the way of a massive monster.
Lyria: Thelonim, no! Let (Captain) handle this one!
Thelonim: Huff... Huff... You guys just don't give up. I told you... I won't... let you have this one...
Thelonim: I made a promise to the chief... To the whole village... I promised I'd become a hero and protect them...
Vyrn: Yeah, but they all lied to you!
Vyrn: The villagers made up that hero stuff to cheer you up!
Lyria: Vyrn's telling the truth. Please, Thelonim. Come back and—
Thelonim: Who cares if it was all lies?
Vyrn: Uh...
Lyria: What?
Thelonim: I always knew they were lying, but they were thinking of me when they did it!
Thelonim: And darn it, I'm not going to let it turn out to be a lie! I can't!
At that moment, something miraculous occurs.
The spirit of the ancient tree responds to Thelonim's sincere honesty, the crest on his armor erupting in light.
The mysterious power Thelonim was suddenly able to call upon engulfs the enormous monster, defeating it in an instant.
Vyrn: Hm... So does this mean his crest is the real deal?
Lyria: Hee hee, I wonder. It seems like the crest isn't the only thing of his that's genuine.
Vyrn: So, then does that also mean... Thelonim's gonna be a real hero?
Thelonim: Hey, um, Captain? I, the great hero Thelonim, require an airship in order to save the world, so...
  1. Just don't make a mess.
  2. It's not going to be easy, you know.

Choose: It's not going to be easy, you know.
Thelonim: Of course! I won't go all out. Don't worry about it, Captain!
Thelonim: It's not? Awesome! Trial and tribulation are a hero's best friends!
And with that, Thelonim joins the crew, marking the start of a legend to span the azure skies...