Scenario:Vania - Princess Dress Up

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Princess Dress Up

(Captain) and company intend to go to the Engu festival, but since formal wear is required, Vania returns to Medvecia first in order to retrieve a dress. While in Medvecia, Feldrac claims that the festival involves dancing with spirits. Fact or fiction, the crew rounds up Veight and Malinda before leaving for the festival.

Malinda (Defense) not in crew

Somewhere in the skies is an island of vampires, a secluded home in which they choose to slowly live out their own extinction while proudly holding on to old laws.
The vampire princess Vania is the lone exception to her fellow kin's way of thinking. She fosters a dragon named Malinda despite the others' cries of heresy.
When Malinda became ill, Vania set forth into the outside world to find a cure, and that is where she met (Captain) and the crew.
After this meeting of mortals and vampire, a primal beast threatened her home island, but Vania and the crew were able to stop the turmoil.
Vania's heartfelt pleas for change are heard by her brethren. With their old customs abolished, the vampires slowly head into a new future.
Vania not in crew

Vampires abide by laws and old customs that differ from those of other skydwellers.
The vampire princess Vania becomes friends with these mortals, namely (Captain) and the crew.
Vania: Hey, hey, Bloodkin! Where are we going to next?
Vania steals a peek at the map unfurled before (Captain).
(Captain) points to a speck of an island.
Vania: Mmm... Kind of small, don't you think? I don't wanna go somewhere that's ugly or boring.
Lyria: Hehe, not so fast. Siero told us there's a festival going on right now on that island!
Vania: A festival? That sounds like it could be fun.
Vyrn: You know it! It's called Engu, and the whole island gets in on the action.
Vania: Engu? That's a weird name.
Vyrn: Yeah, well, I'm not the one that named it. Everyone dresses up and dances the night away.
Vania: Ooh, is that what they do?
Vania: I can dance too, you know!
Lyria: Really? I'd love to see that, Vania.
Vania: You want to see me dance too, Bloodkin? Heeheehee, you'll have your fill at that Engu thing!
Vyrn: Whoops, almost forgot. Before you get too excited, you'll need something formal to wear. It's kinda like a black-tie affair.
Vania: Something formal...
Vania: Hm, how about a dress? I've definitely got one of those!
Vania: Aww...
Vania: Never mind. I left it at home.
Lyria: Would that be the castle on Medvecia?
Vania: Yep! I keep all of my special stuff in my room!
Vania: Actually, I have an idea. Can we go back and get my dress, Bloodkin? Say yes, okay?
Unable to turn her down, (Captain) cheerfully steers the airship for Medvecia.
Male Vampire: What's all this now? The mortals show their faces on our island again.
Vyrn: Geez, some things never change.
Female Vampire: That's what we should be saying about you people. You come and go from here as you please.
Male Vampire: Sigh... Just do what you've come here to do and leave. An overstayed welcome would be bothersome.
Lyria: Hah hah...
Vania: Stop it! Treating my bloodkin like that is a big no-no!
Vania: Now you've made me mad!
Feldrac: Don't be so hasty, Vania.
Lyria: Feldrac! It's been a long time.
Feldrac: Yes, it has been some time, mortals. I am glad to see you all in good health.
Lyria: Thank you! It looks like we can say the same about you too.
Vania: Booo, why do I have to stop? I'm mad!
Feldrac: Listen to me, Vania. Even sensible individuals may need time to change their hearts.
Feldrac: Not everyone is so quick to make friends with people on the outside as you have.
Feldrac: Haven't you noticed a difference? Your brethren have called out to the mortals of their own volition.
Feldrac: It may seem trivial, but I believe this is a big step for us.
Vania: Um... Huh? I guess so...
Feldrac: With that said, you two could stand to learn how to soften your tone.
Male Vampire: My apologies. I didn't mean to come off that way, but...
Vania: No, no, no! You need a biiig smile! Big!
Female Vampire: Huh?
Vania: Watch me, okay?
Vania starts to show the other vampires what to do, but she stops abruptly.
Vania: Wait a minute!
Vania: The reason why I came back was to pick up my dress!
Feldrac: Your dress? The one from long ago?
Vania: Yeah! It's just the cutest! I'm going to go change right away!
Feldrac watches in bemusement as Vania scampers off.
Feldrac: She has always been fond of that dress, yet she has never thought to wear it even once until now.
Vyrn: It's because we're goin' to this festival called Engu, and she needs something formal to wear.
Feldrac: Hm... I have heard that name before.
Feldrac: Is it that one festival in which the spirits come out to play with revelers?
Lyria: That's strange. Siero didn't mention anything about spirits to us.
Feldrac: Well, it was merely something I heard ages ago. Perhaps my memory is not what it used to be.
Feldrac and the crew continue to chat away with delight. Eventually Vania returns.
Vania: Ta-da! What do you think, Bloodkin?
  1. Looks good on you.
  2. About what?

Choose: Looks good on you.
Vania: Heeheehee! Thanks!
Vania: Frilly on the bottom, cutie hat on top—yeah, yeah, it's the best!
Lyria: Teehee. It's totally you!
Vania: Heehee, that's right!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: About what?
Vania: Grrr! Pay attention!
Vania: How can you not notice what cute clothes I'm wearing! That's not nice!
Vania: Let's see if you notice me chomping on you! Chomp, chomp, chomp!
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa. Don't get all batty. I think (Captain) here gets it.
(Captain) nods and apologizes, placating the angry girl with a compliment and a reassuring pat on the head.
Vania: Heehee, that's right!
Continue 1
Vania: Feldrac bought these clothes for me.
Vania: They're so cute that I had to save them for just the right occasion.
Vyrn: Oh, so that's why.
Feldrac: I purchased them from a traveling merchant.
Feldrac: I guess it was a worthy exchange given how smitten you are with it.
Vania: Heeheehee! Thanks, Feldrac!
Malinda (Defense) not in crew

Vania: Um, and I want to take Malinda with me to the festival.
Feldrac: A fine idea. I'm sure Malinda would be pleased as well.
Veight not in crew

Vania: Oh, wait! Just one last thing! Veight should come too!
Feldrac: Hmm... Yes, this is a good opportunity for him to interact with the outside world. Feel free to call for him.
Vania: Yay! Festivals are way more fun when everyone's together!
Lyria: We should ask the locals about the spirits Feldrac mentioned when we get to the island.
Vania: Spirits? What spirits?
Lyria: We might get to play with spirits during the festival. Apparently that's what Engu's all about!
Vania: Okay... I wonder what these spirits are exactly...
Vania: I can't wait!
Feldrac: It was a tale I had heard from traveling adventurers when I was younger. I cannot say whether it still holds true.
Feldrac: As you said, your best option would be to ask the inhabitants of that island.
Feldrac: It is a festival after all, so please make the most of it.
Vania: Yeah! I won't stop having fun even if my legs fall off!
Vania: I'll tell you and everyone else all about Engu when I get back!
Vania: So see you then!
(Captain) and company bid Feldrac farewell and set a course for the island on which Engu is being held.
What lies in store for the crew at the festival?
The vampire princess leans over the side of the Grandcypher, looking out into the sky toward the fun times ahead.