Scenario:Vania - What Big Sisters Are For

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What Big Sisters Are For

(Captain) and company stop at an inn to let Vania and Malinda rest, while Rackam, Vyrn, and Lyria search the city for information about the mechanical soldiers. They learn about a suspicious highborn named Lord Lambert, and Vania insists on accompanying the crew on their way to the man's estate to rescue Veight.

The crew stops by an inn to let Vania and Malinda rest.
Although their wounds are not serious, their strength reserves have been depleted, and they sleep through the day.
Vania: Hm? Where am I?
Lyria: Oh, Vania! You're awake!
Vania: Lyria... But how...
Vyrn: You okay? You've been sleeping this whole time.
Vania, not yet fully to her senses, looks at the crew and then remembers what happened to her brother.
Vania: What about Veight!
Lyria: We... wanted to ask you...
Vyrn: We looked while you were sleeping, but couldn't find him.
Vania: Oh...
Vania lets her shoulders fall in disappointment. Then Rackam appears to check on her.
Rackam: How's Vania...
Oh, you're awake. How do you feel?
Vania: I'm okay. Just fine really...
Rackam: Don't lie. Your face is still so pale. I don't want you to push yourself, but...
Rackam: Can you tell us what happened? We know Veight was taken, but what else?
Vania: I'll... tell you everything.
Vania explains what happened the previous night.
Rackam: Mechanical soldiers made of silver? And a guy who commanded them that you've never met before?
Vania: Never. He said he saw us when we helped that young girl.
Rackam: So someone from the town. Maybe a tourist... We need to get moving and find Veight.
Vania: ...
Lyria: Vania... Are you really okay? I've never seen you look like this before...
(Captain) softly holds Vania's shaking hands.
With Vania on the verge of tears, (Captain) turns to face the crew.
Rackam: I know what you're gonna say; you take care of her. We'll go to town and ask about these soldiers.
Vyrn: Leave it to us! We'll definitely find Veight!
Lyria: Sure will! Vania, you just rest until then.
As the crew prepares to leave, Vania lets out one last cry.
Vania: Veight... There was so much blood.
Vania: And I just left him to die... I should have gone back!
  1. He's alive.

Choose: He's alive.

(Captain) looks Vania in the eyes and makes this declaration with conviction.
Vania: Really? Should I really believe that?
(Captain) holds Vania's gaze and nods.
Vania, unable to hold back her tears any longer, begins to weep again.
Vania: Okay... Then Veight is alive! I know it with all my heart!
Vania: He wouldn't leave me behind! I wouldn't let him!
Vania clutches (Captain) as she cries. When she calms down again, she raises her head and speaks.
Vania: Ehehe... Thank you, Bloodkin.
Vania: I feel a little better now.
Vania: Whenever you're around, I feel like I can do anything.
Vania takes a deep breath and looks at (Captain) in earnest.
Vania: Please, Bloodkin... Bring Veight back to me.
(Captain) nods firmly.
Vania is at ease knowing she can trust in her crew leader and lets a smile form.
Meanwhile Rackam, Vyrn, and Lyria scour the city in search of clues to find Veight.
Stallkeeper: And what would all of you be looking for?
Rackam: Just uh...
Rackam: Mechanical soldiers made of silver... You wouldn't happen to know where we could find them, would ya?
Stallkeeper: Silver? I reckon you're talking about Lord Lambert's collection.
Rackam: Lord Lambert? A highborn from the city?
According to the stallkeeper, Lambert is a collector with a reputation.
He has an obsession with taxidermy and often asks for specimens to add to his treasure trove, but as of late takes any goods made of silver.
Stallkeeper: As long as it was made of silver, he wanted it. He didn't care what kind of junk it was.
Stallkeeper: Rumor has it that Lord Lambert owns every piece of silver in the city now.
Rackam: I see... That means there's a good chance this is our guy.
Vyrn: So fella, where's this lordy live anyways?
Stallkeeper: You know the forest near the road that leads here, right?
Stallkeeper: He owns all the land in the area. Just follow the woodland path, and you'll end up at his estate.
Lyria: Got it! Thank you, mister!
Rackam and the others head back to the inn to report their findings to (Captain) and Vania.
Vania: So that's why they were able to get on our trail so fast...
Rackam: With a house in the forest, it wouldn't be difficult for them to corner you like that.
Vania: Let's go, Bloodkin. We have to save Veight.
Lyria: But Vania... Don't you need to rest a little more?
Vyrn: You aren't looking so good. How about you leave this one to us?
Vania: No way! I'm going too!
Vania: Veight got caught because of me! He was only trying to protect me!
Vania: So I have to go save him!
Rackam: What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Let's all go together.
  2. You should rest.

Choose: Let's all go together.

Rackam: I'll go with whatever you decide.
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Choose: You should rest.

Vania: I said I'm fine! If I said I'm going, then I'm going!
Rackam: You know, (Captain), even if we try to leave her behind, I think she'll just follow us.
Rackam: It might just be safer to have her tag along to begin with.
After hearing Rackam's argument, (Captain) concedes.

Continue 1

Rackam: We better be careful. He's got his sights set on Vania after all.
Vyrn: If he tries to get his hands on her, you know what to do, (Captain).
Lyria: We'll protect Vania from any harm!
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo!
Vania: Thanks, everyone!
Vania: We're coming, Veight! You just sit still.
And so the crew heads for Lambert's estate in the forest beyond the city.

What Big Sisters Are For: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew encounter robots on their way to Lord Lambert's estate, confirming their suspicions. Led by Vania's ability to sense Veight's presence, they head to a small house with a hidden passageway decorated with taxidermied vampires. Suddenly an alarm sounds, and they are surrounded by guards.

At the same time some of the crew members are gathering information, Veight begins to regain consciousness.
Veight: Ugh...
Veight: Where... Agh...
He awakens to extreme pain in an unfamiliar room.
Veight: My wounds still aren't healed yet...
Veight: (I wonder if Vania made it back to the crew safely...)
While gripping his battered body, Veight looks at his surroundings to find nothing binding him to his current location.
Veight: So they thought my wounds were so severe they wouldn't need to restrain me? Fools.
Veight whispers to himself and leaves the room, moving with a slight drag in his step.
Veight: (I don't know how far I am from the water, but if I get outside, I can call for help.)
Veight: Agh!
Veight feels the pain in his stomach, and he clutches it as he tries to continue walking forward.
Making his way onward, Veight notices a shadow in the distance.
Veight: !
The area he finds himself in now is filled with taxidermy mounts.
Veight: What... are these...
Such awful taste...
Veight: Hm?
Veight stops suddenly as something catches his eye.
Veight: Is that...
Veight is left speechless and defenseless as his eyes become transfixed on the object before him.
By the time he realizes something is behind him, it's too late.
Veight: Gah!
Veight, struck hard on the back of the head, is plunged into a dark unconsciousness.
In another part of the forest, the crew are making their way to Lambert's estate.
The path leading there is guarded by several silver statues.
Vania: These... These are the things that were chasing us!
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo!
Rackam: That means... this Lambert fellow is the bad guy we're after.
Lyria: Do you think we should keep going this way? What if the statues start moving?
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo, gyoo!
Vyrn: She says they only moved after something like a whistle was blown.
Vania: That's right. I did hear a weird sound when they attacked us.
Rackam: A whistle... Better stay on our guard just in case. Get your sword out, (Captain).
Keeping their wits about them, the crew proceed down the path leading to a large mansion.
Vyrn: Whoa! This place is huge...
Lyria: Veight is somewhere in here.
(Captain) makes to enter the mansion, but a voice from behind stops him.
Vania: Wait, Bloodkin!
Vania: Veight's not in the house. I can feel his presence coming from way over there.
Vania points in the direction of a grove growing beside the mansion.
Vania: Yeah. I know he's somewhere over there. I can feel him.
(Captain) nods, and the crew follows Vania into the innermost part of the grove.
What they find is a small house separated from the mansion.
Vania: I can... feel him underneath us.
Lyria: But... I don't see stairs or a ladder anywhere.
Vyrn: Hey! What if this opens up?
Examining the fireplace, Vyrn finds something suspicious on the floor that might lead somewhere.
Rackam: Gimme a second.
And... Here we go!
Lyria: Wow! There was a staircase hidden in the fireplace!
Rackam: A secret passage if I ever did see one. Wonder where it leads.
Vania: I knew it. Veight is down there somewhere. Let's go!
Guard: ...
The crew hide when they see guards on patrol.
Lyria: Phew... Looks like they went that way.
Rackam: That's a lot of guards for a place like this... This means we're on the right path.
Vyrn: Vania, can you feel Veight close by?
Vania: Hm... Maybe this way.
The crew continue to sneak past the guards as they search for Veight.
Monster: ...
Lyria: Aaah! A monster!
Vania: But it's not attacking...
Rackam: That's because this thing is stuffed.
Rackam: I think everything in this room is...
The crew walks along the path littered with taxidermy mounts.
Malinda: Gyoo!
Vyrn: Hm? You find something worth our while?
Malinda's eyes are fixed on a mount that's clearly intended as the estate's taxidermic centerpiece.
???: ...
Rackam: Goodness...
Vania, don't look!
Vania: What now? You can't say "don't look" and expect me not to!
Vania ignores Rackam's warning and peeks at what lies ahead.
???: ...
Vania: Is this... a vampire?
Lyria: This... isn't real, right?
Rackam: I think it is.
Vania is frozen in place.
Vania: Is this... what's going to happen to Veight?
Vania begins imagining the worst, but suddenly something triggers the alarms.
Vyrn: What the!
Guard: There they are!
Guard: And they have the vampire! Capture her!
The bells sound and the crew is quickly surrounded.
Rackam: Guess we gotta fight. Think you got this, (Captain)?
Vania: I won't let anyone stuff Veight!
Vania: Bloodkin, hurry up and get 'em! We have to save my brother!

What Big Sisters Are For: Scene 3

Upon defeating the guards, (Captain) and company are confronted by a group of mechanical soldiers. The crew engages with the robots while Vania continues on ahead to find Veight. The siblings come face to face with Lord Lambert and a silver soldier designed for hunting vampires, but (Captain) and the crew show up just in time.

The crew defeat the guards sent to stop them.
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo, gyoo!
A whistle is heard and suddenly mechanical soldiers flood the room.
Rackam: So these are the silver pests that attacked Vania, Veight, and Malinda!
Vania: Grr! We don't have time for this! Get out of my way!
Vania: We have to find Veight ASAP!
Robot: !
Lyria: Vania! Look out!
The sentinels ignore the crew and aim directly for her.
(Captain) stops their silver swords from striking the little vampire.
Vyrn: They just want her!
Malinda: Groo!
Rackam: Vania! We'll take the mechs! You find Veight!
Vania: Okay! Thank you, everyone!
Vania separates from the crew as they fight off the silver soldiers.
Vania: (Just you wait, Veight! Help is coming!)
Vania can feel Veight's presence as she goes deeper into the basement.
Vania: Veight!
Veight: Agh...
Vania: You're hurt! I'll get you out of here before you know it!
Veight: Vania, stop! Don't come any closer!
Vania: I have to! Your wounds are so deep!
Vania: Aaahh!
Silver bars spring up from the floor, encaging Vania.
Vania: Grr! These won't stop me!
Veight: Vania, don't touch those! They're...
???: They're made to steal your power. That's a cage made of pure silver bars for trapping vampires.
Lambert: Haha! Who knew you'd come looking for him!
So vampires do have emotion.
Lambert: Good thing I laid this little trap just for you.
Vania: You! Why do you hate us!
Lambert: Hate? I love you all from the bottom of my bosom!
Lambert: You saw what I did to one of your exquisite kind, didn't you? I just happened to find that one's corpse and made it into everlasting art.
Lambert: But so much time had passed by the time I found that legendary creature that its decayed state made it fall just a bit short of my standards.
Lambert: So that's why I began hunting for live vampires. Gotta catch 'em fresh and kill 'em beautifully.
Lambert: And when I had that idea, guess who showed up! You! And, oh, what a fuss you made in town.
Lambert: Hahaha! My dear, you have my thanks! Your reckless actions led me right to you!
Vania realizes the scene she caused in town is what led Lambert to set his sights on her and her brother.
Vania: This... is all my fault?
Vania: If you hadn't found out we were vampires, then Veight wouldn't have been hurt...
Veight: Stop! This isn't your fault, Vania!
Lambert: Haha! Look at you. You're covered in all that blood, but you still protect her.
Lambert: Even though you know her inability to control herself is what caused all that pain you had to go through.
Veight: Shut your mouth, filth! If you touch her, I'll rip your throat out with my teeth!
Lambert: Haha! In that weakened state? Fat chance.
Lambert: Hmm... Good skinning, like good cooking, requires fresh ingredients. Shall we start with the boy then?
Lambert: It honestly doesn't matter who goes first though. You'll both remain happily in my estate.
Veight: Tch!
Vania: Veight!
Vania tries to stop Lambert from approaching Veight, but as soon as she touches the silver bars her body is electrified with pain.
Vania: Let me out! You did all this for me, right!
Vania: You got what you wanted, so leave him alone!
Somebody, please...
Vania closes her eyes, wishing someone would come save them. That's when she hears a growl from afar.
Malinda: Groo!
Lambert: What the hell!
Lambert: Agh!
Lambert is tackled against the wall by Malinda's overwhelming power.
The dragon then uses her teeth to destroy the bars that hold Vania prisoner.
Vania: Malinda! Thank you!
Malinda: Gyoo!
Vania escapes from the cage, and Malinda reverts to her regular form.
Lambert: Agh...
Vania: We have to go now! Veight, hold onto me.
Vania lends Veight a shoulder and together with Malinda, they leave the room.
Vania: Veight, hang in there just a little longer! Once we find Bloodkin, I'll take care of those cuts.
Lambert: Not so fast!
Vania: That sound!
Lambert blows his whistle and the ground begins to shake. Something mechanical approaches.
Lambert: Long ago there was a machine made of pure silver just to hunt vampires. Took me quite a while to procure it.
From a destroyed wall comes a silver soldier armed with every weapon imaginable.
Anti-Vampire Mech: ...
Veight: Vania, leave me behind and run. We don't both need to die here, so save yourself.
Vania: I won't leave you! We're going back to Bloodkin together!
Veight: We won't make it. Malinda can't fight anymore!
Vania: I don't care. I won't ever leave you behind again!
Vania: You saved me when I was weak, so now it's my turn to save you!
Vania: You're the only precious little brother I have in all the skies.
Vania: So I won't ever abandon you again! No way!
Vania: What's a big sister for, right?
Veight: Vania...
Anti-Vampire Mech: ...
The formidable machine approaches, but Vania doesn't back down.
Lambert: What beautiful love. Hehe. To honor you both, I'll take your lives at the same time.
Lambert: Even if that does cause one of your bodies to spoil a little, it doesn't matter. I'll just need to work faster than usual!
Anti-Vampire Mech: ...
Vania: ...!
Before the machine is able to strike Vania, (Captain) hits first.
  1. Sorry for the wait!

Choose: Sorry for the wait!

Veight: (Captain)!
Vania: Bloodkin!
Vania: About time you showed up!
Rackam: Vania! Veight! Are you okay?
Lambert: What! You couldn't have possibly beaten all of my other soldiers!
Vyrn: Hah! (Captain) can handle way more than that!
Lambert: Damn it! You'll all die together then!
Anti-Vampire Mech: !
Vania: Whatever! No one's scared of you anymore!
Vania: Get ready to face the music! And I'm not going easy on you either!
Vania: Because you've really made me mad!

What Big Sisters Are For: Scene 4

Vania is able to destroy the anti-vampire mech with the help of (Captain) and the crew, and they successfully capture Lord Lambert. Vania apologizes to Veight for her actions and scolds Veight for his reckless behavior. The siblings make up after realizing how much they truly mean to each other and fall asleep on the spot, exhausted.

Anti-Vampire Mech: ...
Vyrn: Is it out for the count?
Anti-Vampire Mech: !
Lyria: Not at all! Here it comes again!
Rackam: Damn! That's one tough piece of metal!
Vania: We'll all be mincemeat at this rate... We need to stop it from moving, even for just a second!
Lambert: Hahaha! What good would that do! Die already!
Veight: That sound!
Veight: (Captain), the whistle is making that thing move!
Rackam: I'll stop the mech, you get the whistle away from Lambert, okay, (Captain)?
(Captain) follows Rackam's command, dodging an attack from the machine and heading straight for Lambert's whistle.
Lambert: What!
With the strike of a blade the whistle is flung, and Vyrn catches it.
Vyrn: Gotcha! Now you can't give that thing any more orders!
Anti-Vampire Mech: !
Rackam: What! I thought this piece of junk would stop if we had the whistle!
Vania: I just need a little more time, Rackam!
Vania takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. Torrents of energy swirl around her.
Lambert: Give your life in vain, I don't care! None of your attacks can hurt my masterpiece!
Vania: You've never seen what I'm about to do! Take this!
Vania: Bloody Absorption!
Anti-Vampire Mech: !
A blinding light floods the room, and the machine goes up in smoke.
Lambert: But... how!
Lambert stares at his broken creation until Vania appears before him.
Lambert: Ah!
Vania: You hurt my friends with that thing and stuffed a dead vampire...
Vania: Not only that... You hurt Veight!
Vania: Said your prayers yet?
Lambert: No! Please! Don't hurt me!
Vania: Take this!
Lambert: Aaaghhh!
Lambert is left unconscious after Vania's strike. The crew ties him up and takes him away.
Veight: Agh!
Vania: Veight, are you okay? I know that must hurt. Just hang in there a little longer.
Veight: All right...
A bruised and beaten Veight struggles to hold his weight.
Vania sees that not only is his stomach wounded, but he has smaller bruises all over his body.
Vania: I'm sorry, Veight.
Vania: I should have listened to you, but I didn't. Now you're all hurt because of me...
Veight is caught off guard by Vania's sincere concern and remorse over her actions.
Veight: ...
It's nothing.
Veight: You're always causing some kind of problem. So long as you know what you did wrong, that's fine.
Veight: I hope you understand now that there are just as many good mortals as there are bad ones.
Veight: Should something similar happen again, none of us may be able to protect you.
Vania: I get it.
Vania: But, I can't forgive you for being so reckless!
Veight: What? I had no choice!
Vania: There's always a choice! Whenever you do things like that, I just get so mad!
Vania: You should know by now that I'm way, way stronger than you!
Veight prepares to counter her words, but when he sees the tears she's fighting back, he swallows his pride.
Vania: So promise you won't do anything like that again.
Vania: I thought you had died. I was so scared!
Vania: Waaa!
Veight: Vania!
Veight: I'm sorry, Vania. I didn't realize what I put you through.
Vania: Sob... You better not ever, ever do that again!
In that moment, Vania and Veight realize how much they truly mean to one another.
The crew looks on with pride.
Vyrn: Hehe! That was quite a scary adventure we had, but at least everyone is safe.
Lyria: Glad they're getting along again!
Rackam: Gave me a heart attack... I hope the little princess learned her lesson.
The crew looks over at the pair to find them both on the floor and rushes over to see what's happened.
Rackam: Hey! Are you okay?
Rackam: Wait a second...
The Two: ...
Vyrn: They're sleeping?
Vyrn: Don't give me a heart attack!
The crew is relieved to find they've both fallen into a light slumber.
Lyria: Aww...
Vyrn: Hm? What now, Lyria?
Lyria: Hehe. Just look at that.
Following Lyria's line of sight, the crew sees that they both rest peacefully holding each other's hand.
The sight of this sibling love brings a little joy to everyone around.