Scenario:Yaia - A Promise is a Promise

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A Promise is a Promise

The crew meets an innocent, young Draph girl called Yaia. She says that her father is suffering from a serious illness, and she wished to journey to find the illusia officinalis, a rare plant that will cure him. However, her father is more concerned for his daughter’s wellbeing than his own health, and opposes her. The crew is able to convince her father, with the promise that they will take care of Yaia properly. And so, Yaia departs for the skies in place of her father.

The crew have gone to an island on a job request to defeat a monster, and are searching in the woods.
They lose their way, but happen to run into the monster they are hunting. After a prolonged battle, they emerge victorious.
Vyrn: Sheesh, that was a close one! It really took us by surprise, but we totally whopped it!
Lyria: Yeah! You can always count on (Captain)! Now we should be on time for dinner!
???: Yaaay!
Vyrn: Don't jump the gun, you two. Or have you forgotten we're still lost here?
Lyria: Yeah, I forgot… Sorry, I'm just so hungry…
???: My tummy is all rumbly…
Vyrn: Hmm… We need to find our way outta these woods before nightfall… But, which way do we go?
???: Thataway!
Let's go!
Vyrn: Oh, you know the way? Aren't you a clever little gi?
Vyrn: …Wait a minute here! Who in Sky World is this little girl? And since when has she been with us?
???: Just a ickle while!
You looked like you were having fun!
Lyria: Hahaha… So you thought you'd come and keep us company? What's your name, little miss?
???: Umm… That's a secret! You'll never guess that I'm called Yaia!
Lyria: OK, let's try and guess… Aww, it's a tricky one! Could I have a hint, please?
Vyrn: Err, Lyria… Maybe if you were paying attention you'd have guessed "Yaia"?
Yaia: Wow! How did you guess it so fast! You're so clever, Mr. Gecko!
Vyrn: Hey, I'm not a lizard! …Err, and I'm not a gecko either!
Yaia: Tee hee! I'm not a lizard either!
Lyria: Heehee, what a strange little girl.
As the crew leave the forest, they find Yaia's house. Having befriended the little girl, they decide to take a break there.
Yaia: I'm home!
Vyrn: Huh? It's already past sunset, but nobody's home. Have your family gone somewhere?
Yaia: They're right here, silly! Now, what shall we eat? How about… Yaia's special fried rice?
Lyria: Ooh, that sounds good! Are you gonna make that all by yourself, Yaia?
Yaia: Yup! I'm gonna try real hard! Right, Charley Horse?
Charley Horse:
Vyrn: Err… That's an interesting name for the little fella…
Yaia: Yup! It's cute! My pa is always yelling, "Oof! I have a charley horse!"
Lyria: Hee hee! It sounds like a fun house to live in!
Vyrn: Hahaha! Yaia's a friendly one, I'll give her that! I wanna meet her dad as well now!
???: Hey! Get away from Yaia! There's nothing worth stealing in our house!
Vyrn: Yikes! Calm down, buddy! We're not thieves!
???: A lizard? Yaia, who are these… (Cough! Cough!)
Yaia: Pa! You mustn't push yourself!
Lyria: Eh? This is Yaia's dad?
Father: Ha, no need to worry! I've just been to see a doctor! …So are you people really not thieves?
Yaia: Nope! And Vyrn's not a lizard either!
Father: Hmmm… He must be a gecko then.
Vyrn: I'm not a lizard or a gecko! And we're skyfarers! Yaia here guided us out of the woods!
Father: Skyfarers, eh? Well you don't really look the part, so I guess you're still beginners.
Vyrn: Like, seriously? We're seasoned-pros! We've even beaten Primal Beasts!
Father: What? P-Primal Beasts?
Yaia: Really? Like, really, really, really?
Yaia: Please! Take me with you!
Lyria: Eh? Th-that's a bit sudden… Why do you wanna come with us?
Yaia: Listen up! Pa here is sick, but there's this plant that can cure him.
Vyrn: Eh? But what's a plant that can cure sickness got to do with Primal Beasts?
Father: Well, it's a bit of an unusual sickness. I need a special plant called the illusia officinalis.
Father: But, I don't know where it grows. The only rumor I've heard is that it grows where a Primal Beast dwells.
Yaia: Please, please, pretty please! I wanna find the plant!
Lyria: OK, then! I'm sure we can work together to find it, right (Captain)?
  1. Of course!
  2. Now can you behave yourself?

Choose: Of course!
Yaia: Yay, yay, yay! Pa! We're gonna make you better!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Now can you behave yourself?
Yaia: Yup! I'm always well behaved!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Welcome to the crew, little lady! Pops, you can leave the plant to us!
Father: You don't need to do that. So long as I rest, I'm sure I'll get better somehow. Now Yaia, could you make some food for me?
Yaia: Eh? But… But…
Lyria: Excuse me, but, can I ask why you don't want us to look for it? Yaia is worried about you…
Vyrn: Hmmm… It doesn't seem like you'd get better just by resting…
Father: No, I… (Cough, cough, cough)…
Yaia: Pa! See, you're really sick!
Father: Ahem, I'm fine… I just need to rest, is all… Now, can you make me some porridge?
Yaia: Urrm… OK…
(Captain) makes the porridge in place of the worried Yaia, and carries it to her father's room.
Father: I'm sorry about earlier. It's just, I raised Yaia all by myself…
Father: I've worked hard every day to make sure she doesn't get lonely. That way her mother can rest in peace…
Father: But, it seems I'm almost at my limit. Today, the doctor told me that I should go stay in the infirmary.
Father: Pah, and fate would have it that on the very same day you all turn up.
Father: Can you promise me? Even if you only find the next best thing to the illusia officinalis.. Can you make sure Yaia isn't lonely?
Father: (Cough, cough, cough!)
I'm sorry, but I need to lie down for a while…
The next day, the crew has finished preparations for the journey ahead, and go to see Yaia and her father off.
Yaia: Thanks for staying with us! It was fun!
Yaia: …You'll come again… right?
Lyria: Urm… Yaia…
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain). Isn't there something we can do? The way things are going…
  1. We'll keep the promise.
  2. Leave Yaia to us!

Choose: We'll keep the promise.
Father: Hahaha, OK then. I'm placing my trust in you, skyfarers!
Go to "Continue 2"

Choose: Leave Yaia to us!
Father: Hahaha, I'm glad you remember the promise! I'm trusting you, skyfarers!
Continue 2
Yaia: Huh? What are you talking about? What promise?
Father: Haha. You're all ready to go on your big adventure, Yaia. I'm leaving the illusia officinalis to you.
Yaia: Eh? R-really? B-but, pa!
Father: Ahahaha! I'm going to rest at the doctor's infirmary till I get better, so just make sure you enjoy yourself out there!
Yaia: Yay! I'm going on an adventure! I'm gonna find the plant for pa, just you wait and see!
Father: I'm relying on you. Now, make sure not to misbehave. You need to give the captain the same respect you would to me, OK?
Yaia: Hmm? The same respect… I give to you?
Gran is the Main Character

Yaia: Tee hee! So he's gonna be my new big brother! Yay!
Djeeta is the Main Character

Yaia: Tee hee! So she's gonna be my new big sister! Yay!
Lyria: Hee hee! You can count on us!
Vyrn: You sure can! Keep hanging in there, pops!
Yaia: Bye bye! I'll be back soon!
Yaia journeys forth, her little hand, trembling from determination and uncertainty, clinging onto (Captain)'s sleeve.