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Official Profile

Age 30 (as of Siegfried (Light) As of some time prior to Defender's Oath)
32 (as of Siegfried)
Height 180 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Training
Likes Meditation
Dislikes People who are all talk
Final Uncap
Character Release
Character Release
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 30歳 (as of Siegfried (Light) As of some time prior to Defender's Oath)
32歳 (as of Siegfried)
Height 180cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 稽古
Likes 瞑想
Dislikes 口だけの人間
Final Uncap
Character Release
Character Release
Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Ten years ago, Siegfried was recruited into the Royal Knights of Feendrache by King Josef, who personally instructed him on knighthood. Although his dubious origins and rough mannerisms caused conflict with many other knights, Siegfried slowly grew in reputation. Along with Gunther and Hagen, Siegfried was one of the commanders in the Fafnir Suppression Force; however, mid-battle, Hagen initiated his plan to have the other two knights slain in the battle and steal glory for himself. Siegfried sacrificed himself to defeat Fafnir, and his life was only spared by drinking the dragon's blood.

After apprehending Hagen and returning to Feendrache victorious, Siegfried became known as the "Dragonslayer" in honor of his valiant actions and King Josef appointed him as his personal bodyguard. Soon, the Royal Knights of Feendrache was reorganized as the Order of the Black Dragons, with Siegfried as its new captain. Gunther and Kriemhild, Josef's attendant, married and moved to the region of Burgundy.

Over the years, Feendrache grew ever more prosperous with the help of Isabella and the primal beast Sylph, who used Fafnir's blood to create a magical elixir called alma. As Feendrache's fame grew and its military might distinguished itself from surrounding kingdoms, the Order of the Black Dragons attracted the likes of Lancelot and Percival—both who became his co-deputy commanders.

Then a village became inflicted with a mysterious epidemic. The villagers came to the King for aid and Josef sent Siegfried to investigate. There, the knight discovered that alma created a poisonous by-product that was dumped into the river by soldiers of Feendrache. Seeking to inform the King, Siegfried came back to the castle only to be framed for his liege's death by the true culprit of conspiracy. The King told Siegfried how to escape with his dying breath and he escaped into the rainy night. Branded the "Kingslayer," Siegfried became a fugitive and worked behind the scenes so he could one day expose the true villain.

This section contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own discretion.

Time would pass and a certain crew would visit Feendrache when Siegfried unsealed Fafnir to lure the person who framed him. That crew and the knights who had once served their Kingdom next to Siegfried discovered his innocence. They worked together to bring the truth to light and out the conspirators poisoning the Kingdom.

Even though his name was cleared, Siegfried turned down the offer to become the captain of the White Dragon Knights. Taking responsibility for the uproar he caused and for the knights he harmed in the process, Siegfried left to go on a journey. Though he can return to Feendrache any time he wishes, Siegfried continued to search for ways to help his country from afar.

End of spoilers.




  • His charge attack "Schwarze Faenge", or Schwarze Fänge, is German for "black fangs".
  • Siegfried's skill names are French, derived from songs by the French power metal band Manigance (from which the name of his original version's second skill is derived).
    • "Delivrance", or Délivrance, means "deliverance", and is a song from Manigance's album Recidive.
    • "Messager" means "messenger" or "herald". It is also the last track in Manigance's album Ange Ou Démon.
    • "L'Ombre d'Hier" is French for "shadow of yesterday". Like "Delivrance", it is a song in Recidive.
  • Before Siegfried's June 9, 2019 rebalance, the English version of the status "Black Dragon Claw" was called "Nothung", one of the many names of Gram, the sword used to kill Fafnir. During the rebalance, it was renamed to match its Japanese name.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
Allow me to join you in celebration of this very special day.


Time passes, day by day, month by month, and soon an entire year has already moved on.
I was thinking about what to surprise you with and I've come up with the perfect gift for you. Are you ready?
Speechless, are we? Okay, here it is!
(Captain) immediately braces for the worst. Paying no mind, Siegfried begins contorting his body into a bizarre dance.
Old stories claim that it's easier to be possessed by evil spirits on your birthday.
I stumbled across this dance in old literature. It's said to be especially potent at warding off evil.
With this dance, I wish you happiness and good health. Care to join me?


Happy birthday to you.
This will be the third year I get to celebrate this day with you, isn't it? Time goes by so quickly.
This year I got you a tongue tingling gift, (Captain). Would you like it?
Siegfried takes out a handful of bright red fruit. They're long and slim with pointy ends.
This is a special seasoning that grows on a certain island. Not only is it extremely spicy, it's said to ward off evil spirits with its spiciness.
Or rather, it's supposed to help boost your immunity so you don't fall ill.
I also got a recipe to go along with the gift. Let's head to the kitchen and cook it up at once!
I'm quite curious to know how spicy it is. Shall we eat it together when it's all done?


Happy birthday, (Captain). Time passes oh so quickly.
This is a present from me to you. It's supposed to be a decoration for your room.
Siegfried hands (Captain) a peculiar object that resembles neither an animal nor a fish.
On certain islands, this doll is said to ward off evil spirits. Leave it where all can see.
I have one in my own room. It's unique appearance helps me gaze at peacefully for long periods of time.
If we wish for the safety of the Grandcypher, we can even place one on its nose.
(Captain), if you have a moment, would you like to come with me and do just that?


Happy birthday, (Captain). I see you've made even further progress since last year.
To commemorate your growth as a fine skyfarer, I'd like to give you a present.
(Captain) opens the package to find a cloak with strange designs embroidered on it.
I've been told that this cloak has a story behind it and is something given on birthdays.
The embroidered designs are meant to be blessings, in hopes that the wearer's dreams will come true, and also to protect the wearer from harm.
Actually, this cloak seemed so impressive that I bought one for myself as well.
What do you say we wear this together today, (Captain)?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
A new beginning is upon us. This year I hope to grow even stronger by your side.


It's been exciting, hasn't it?
Today should be spent surrounded by family, or so everyone says.
Humph. Well, I don't really have any family, so it doesn't concern me I guess.
What? What's with that face? Yes, the crew and I are friends, but...
You're right, I suppose. In a way, we're also a family.


Is that you, (Captain)? What's the matter? Hm... You've come to wish me a happy New Year?
I see. You brought me some New Year's snacks as well? Mm... Then I gratefully accept.
Don't be shy. Please come inside. You wanted to eat them with me here, no?
Mm... Your heart is just easy to read is all, (Captain).
Food is more delicious when you're sharing it with others. Am I right?
I'm sure the crew has been at your side all day, so I'm touched that you'd go out of your way to come see me.
Now let's not stand and chat! Have a seat while I make some warm tea!


Happy New Year.
What now? You're surprised I came to see you just to say that?
Well, you're always going through the trouble of coming to see me, so I thought I'd return the favor.
But I thought it might be a little strange to come empty-handed.
That's why I brought the Lucky Laugh game. You know it?
You're blind-folded and try to build a face from pieces you have. Then everyone laughs with you at the silly face you've made which brings luck.
You seem to know what I'm talking about already.
Heh heh... Want to play?
Let's say that the person who makes the funnier face wins.


It seems that people tend to set new goals and make their wishes at the start of a new year.
I tried following everyone else and writing down a resolution. What do you think?
Siegfried holds up a piece of paper with the words "Loyal Knight" on it.
You have quite the expression on your face. This is the title I received from His Highness—there is a special meaning to it.
Feelings are something that change over time. I chose to write this so as to remind myself that I must not forget what I had originally set out to do.
Heh. I'm glad you understand.
Have you set any goals for yourself, (Captain)? Why don't you tell me about them?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day. Today is the day you give sweet tokens of gratitude to others.
Hm? Only the female crew members are giving gifts today, you say?


I kind of messed up last year's Valentine's Day, didn't I, (Captain)?
For this year, I practiced what to say a few days ago. I'm prepared for any present you give me.
So go ahead, (Captain), and give it to me whenever's convenient for you. Hm?
Ah, I see... I'm supposed to be spontaneous, not rehearsed.
Shoot... I failed again! Wait, wait, give me another chance. Just come in from the door and start over. Is that okay, (Captain)?


It's Valentine's Day... I need to make sure I don't do anything off-putting to (Captain)...
(Speak of the devil! Now's my chance... I'll watch her from afar while pretending not to notice her...)
Hm? I don't look well? No problem. I'm just perfect.
Hm? Don't tell me... I stirred up worry by pretending not to notice you?
I see... In order to pull off a surprise, acting natural is the key.
Ah... Look what I've done another year in a row!
Greeting, light chat, and eye contact... Good. I've got it.
(Captain), I'm sorry about this once again. But could you please give me another chance? Just one more...


Is it Valentine's Day already?
I'll need to take the steps necessary to properly accept (Captain)'s gift this year.
First... Casually say.
"What a surprise to see you here..."
I think...
Then I exchange pleasantries...
"It's cold out. Take care not to get sick."
Yes... That'll do...
Then (Captain) will present the present and I'll kindly respond...
(Captain), did you see all that?
This box... Oh, you brought me chocolates? Thank you.
Oh no... All that preparation for nothing...


(Ah, there's (Captain). All right, now to act like how I'd practiced earlier...)
Oh, hello, (Captain)! It's pretty cold lately, huh?
Looks like it snowed quite a lot yesterday. While walking down the street, I saw some boys beating the cold and making a snowman.
It looked like they were having trouble putting the head on the body, so I gave them a hand.
By the way, (Captain)... Did you want to talk to me about something?
Is this... chocolate? Thank you, (Captain). I'll take my time to enjoy it later today.
(Phew... Okay, I think I acted pretty natural this year.)

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

White Day is finally here, it seems.
And I'd like to thank you for all you do.
Let's see... How about a lesson in sword fighting?


Do you have a moment, (Captain)? Seeing as it's White Day, I've prepared a small gift for you.
I'm not well versed in such customs, so I hope it's to your liking, (Captain).
I give this not out of duty, but of my own volition. Please accept it.
Why are you hanging your head? Have I erred again?
No? You're... happy? Well, I'm relieved, if that's the case.
After all, this gift for you, (Captain), is heartfelt.
Let's continue exploring the unknown together.


(Captain), thank you for the chocolates on Valentine's Day.
The flavor was exquisite... I was surprised to learn that it was homemade.
I want to repay you for your kindness, (Captain). So I brought sweets for you as a token of my thanks.
Go ahead and take it. Of course, these chocolates are especially for you.
You think I don't know what I'm saying? Heh... I know very well. And I've come to know more than you think...
When I think of someone I want to hold dear to me, you're the first person I think of, (Captain).
Hm... Now why are you looking at me with that face? Could I have said something to upset you?
Oh, you're just surprised? Ah, I see. I'm sorry. I mistook your reaction for something else...
I want you to continue being my ally in battle, (Captain), as we continue to support each other. I trust you want the same.


(Captain), can I borrow you for a moment?
I need to let you know how I really feel. So here...
I just need to get this off my chest and into the right words...
(Captain)... I...
Hm? Why are you looking down? Did I say something wrong...
Oh, you're just surprised? Then I have succeeded!
I wanted to say that I... respect you as a great leader. That is all.


Sorry for calling you out here all of a sudden, (Captain).
I've brought you something in return for your gift the other day.
But I have something I want to say before giving it to you.
I'm afraid I've been wrong in the way I expressed my gratitude up until now.
You were always so thoughtful and sincere toward me—I apologize for how ill-mannered I've acted in return. I'll show you here just how sincere I am as well.
(Captain), your homemade chocolate was delicious.
Here's something from me in return. Yes, I baked it myself.
Did I leave it in the oven for long enough? Okay, that's good. I'm glad I did my research before attempting to make it.
Actually, I have another recipe I'd like to try sometime. Will you taste it for me when I make it?

Chocolate Biscuits
5th year:
Light Cookies
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween.
Pranks are not my strong point. Would some candy suffice?


It looks like the season of costumes is upon us once more.
I'm no good at pranks, so I couldn't join in on the fun last year.
But after traveling with this crew, I think I have a few ideas up my sleeve.
So, what kind of pranks do you enjoy, (Captain)?
Don't be shy. What prank would you play on me? Tell me!


When the weather starts to get this chilly, it means the Halloween festival has come back around.
Now then, you've come up with a special trick to play on me this year, haven't you? Go on and give it your best shot.
Hm? Rather than play a trick, you want to be tricked instead?
Hm... I see. This is a bit difficult... What sort of trick would be good to try?
How about if I switch your weapon with my giant sword, (Captain)? It'd be a bit annoying to get used to!
Hm... A more playful trick, you say? What should I do...
Well, they say it's best to watch an expert if you wish to get good at something. So let's go and see what the kids are up to!
We'll have them play a trick on us. That should give us some real food—or tricks—for thought!



(Captain) is invited by the hiding Siegfried to join him.

You're here just in time. I'm getting ready to scare some children who will be coming by any moment...
I was able to master the art of hiding, but I'm not sure exactly how I should scare them.
I supposed something frightful will do the trick, eh? I can mimic the movements of the undead quite well.
Hm... I see your point. It may not be wise to put fear into the children's hearts... A simple startle should be sufficient.
Here they come. Will you help me give them a good trick!


Oh, is that what you're going with for this year's costume, (Captain)? It looks good on you.
Actually, I tried dressing up this year myself...
The cloak I wore had wings and the children loved it, so they're borrowing it for the time being.
No, it wasn't a bat costume. It was a dragon.
I sewed scales from a real dragon onto the cloak, so it feels quite real too.
Heh. Since everyone loves it so much, venturing deep into the mountains of Feendrache to gather the scales was worth it.
I'll show you the cloak once I get it back. Then you can tell me what you think of it.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays. Santa's on his way, but have you been good this year?
I see... You're not a kid anymore, eh?


Even I could stand to relax every once in a while, right?
This time of year always reminds me that I'm not a child anymore.
Anyway, I'm off to deliver presents now.
There's no need to worry. I'll wear the red suit instead of my usual armor.
You've been good this year, (Captain). Perhaps there'll be a present waiting for you as well.


Happy holidays! Good to hear you sounding so cheery, (Captain)!
On the way here, a group of children I'd given presents to last year ran up to me. It's clear they've got their hopes up for this year.
But giving a child a gift with their promise that they'll be good for a whole year is a flimsy bet when it comes down to it.
But their bright smiling eyes looking up at me as they asked about their presents was proof enough. They'd honestly kept their promise all year long.
Now then, I think it's time for St. Nick and his reindeer to make an appearance and drop off these gifts!
But don't fret... I was sure to get a gift for you too, (Captain)!
Everyone knows that you've been good this year, (Captain). You deserve a present!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
You want to know what this big bag is for? I'm going to go pass out presents to the children.
Last year, I promised the kids if they were good, I'd visit. I can't let them down.
Heh heh... I like the ring of Siegfried Santa anyways.
Hm? You'll help me pass out the presents?
That'd be much appreciated.
It's not like these are heavy or anything, but some of the stuff just won't fit in my one bag.
You'll get a present too once we pass all these out.
Come on, (Captain). Let's go.


When I went to give the children their presents as usual, they gave me an invitation to a party.
On the back of it, there's even a drawing of me looking like quite the hero. I'm honored.
I'm very touched that someone like me would receive such a heartfelt invitation—I never thought that day would come.
On the invitation, it says that I'm welcome to bring a friend to the party. Would you like to come, (Captain)?
All right, then change into this costume.
It's time for St. Nick and his reindeer to give the children a nice surprise!

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Once Upon a Breeze

While vacationing in Auguste, (Captain) and the crew notice that Siegfried is giving the tourists a fright in his regular armor. They convince him to look for suitable summer wear and end up at a shop that sells traditional summer attire called yukata. Siegfried soon finds an outfit there that's the perfect fit.

Siegfried: ...
(Captain) and the crew, along with Siegfried, are getting some rest and relaxation on Benthic Island, one of the islands among the Auguste Isles.
But as to be expected, Siegfried is drawing some unwanted attention at the beach wearing his usual armor.
Siegfried: Hm... Looks all clear around here too.
Tourist 1: Eek! What's with the guy in all that armor?
Tourist 2: This is an island resort! Why wear a dark, heavy getup like that?
Vyrn: Uh-oh... Siegfried's spooky vibe is at it again.
Lyria: Yeah... I hope he doesn't get caught up in anything because of it.
Worried about what trouble might come, (Captain) and the crew decide to talk to Siegfried.
Siegfried: Hm? What are you and the crew doing here, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Listen, we were thinking maybe you could loosen up a little since we're on vacation and all!
Siegfried: Loosen up? I don't know about that. An enemy could show up anytime and anywhere.
Lyria: Yeah, but... isn't it hot walking around in armor?
Siegfried: Humph! It's like a second skin to me, so I've hardly noticed.
Siegfried: Hm? What's with that face, (Captain)?
(Captain) tells Siegfried about the tourists who were frightened by the armor.
Siegfried: Hm... I didn't think I'd come off like that to other people...
Siegfried: Mmm. It wasn't my intent, but something should be done about it...
(Captain) suggests that they look together for summer clothes to suit Siegfried.
Siegfried: I see... Then thank you, (Captain). I appreciate the help!
And so (Captain) and the crew take Siegfried along to shop for a new outfit.
Siegfried, (Captain), and the crew visit a row of shops along the beachfront.
Vyrn: Hey! I think these funky-patterned pants would look neat on you!
Siegfried: Hm... Funky pants? How about something cooler for the weather?
Vyrn: Hmmm... But can we find something like that in your size?
Siegfried: You have a point. It's not easy to find clothes in the right fit.
Lyria: Oh! How about this? It's a shirt with puppies on it!
Siegfried: Puppies? Well, I do like dogs.
Lyria: Hm... But maybe it's just a little too cutesy for you, Siegfried.
Siegfried: Too cutesy, you say... Not sure what to make of that.
They each continue searching for something just right for their armor-clad crew member but come up empty-handed.
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria are about half-way into combing through a clothes rack when Vyrn notices something.
Vyrn: Wait... Where did Siegfried go?
Lyria: You're right. He's disappeared on us!
Vyrn: Hold on. You don't think he went and got himself lost, do ya?
They call his name in hopes he'll answer from somewhere nearby.
Siegfried: (Captain), I'm right over here!
Siegfried comes over with something in his hands.
Siegfried: I'm looking at these bargain pieces from a store across the way.
Siegfried: This is called a mankini, and then there's this rainbow fundoshi...
Siegfried: But which do you think would look best on me, (Captain)?
Siegfried holds up both pieces of clothing with a genuine smile on his face, blissfully unaware of the implications of his wearing either item.
  1. The mankini, I guess...
  2. The f-fundoshi... I guess.

Choose: The mankini, I guess...
Siegfried: Hm... I see. Then I'll go try this on in the dressing room over there.
Siegfried disappears behind the curtain without another word.
After a few minutes, he asks for the final verdict.
Siegfried: What do you think?
Lyria: Wow! It fits like a glove and makes you look so cool!
Vyrn: Yeah! It definitely fits like a glove—that's for sure!
Vyrn: Makes you look pretty manly, but I dunno...
Siegfried: Hm... Then I suppose I'll go with this one.

Choose: The f-fundoshi... I guess.
Siegfried: Ah... Just from looking at the cloth, I can sense the tailor's pride in making this.
Siegfried disappears behind the curtain without another word.
After a few minutes, he asks for the final verdict.
Siegfried: Well? What do you think?
Lyria: The fit looks so smooth, but seems wild and free!
Vyrn: You said it! I can't put my finger on it, but I get this powerful thirst for freedom and—
Vyrn: Wait! What am I sayin'?
Siegfried: Hm... Then I guess this is the one.
Continue 1
Siegfried is on his way to pay the clerk for the item when an unexpected voice calls out.
Jin: Hm? Well if it isn't (Captain) and the crew! What are you up to?
(Captain) tells Jin that they've been looking for some new clothes for Siegfried.
Jin: Ah... I think I understand the problem here. And if that's the case, then I know just the place for you to check out, Siegfried.
Vyrn: Oh, yeah? That'll be a big help!
Jin: Now then, let's not waste any time! Follow me!
Siegfried: Right behind you!
They return the items to the store before heading away from the row of shops.
Vyrn: Too bad those shops didn't have what we were looking for...
Lyria: But you seem like you're enjoying our shopping trip, Siegfried!
Siegfried: Yes. It's not often that I get to take time and choose my attire so carefully.
Siegfried: Spending time with all of you on this little task has truly meant a lot to me.
Before long, Jin leads them to a curious shop.
Siegfried: Jin, what kind of store is this?
Jin: It's a specialty shop for yukata.
Lyria: Yukata? What's that?
Jin: Excellent question! A yukata is casual attire worn during the summer in my homeland.
Jin: It's made from woven silk, so it's both soft to the touch and breathable. It's the perfect outfit for hot weather!
Jin: The style is casual with just a hint of refinement, so I think it's just what you're looking for, Siegfried.
Siegfried: To think I'd come across a find like this... I'm grateful for your expert eye, Jin.
Jin: No, no! It's nothing! Now let's find some garments just right for Siegfried!
Vyrn and Lyria: We're on it!
They all begin searching for the perfect outfit for Siegfried.
As they pore over designs and materials, they look around the shop for accessories as well.
Vyrn: Ooh! How about this pattern? It'll look fantastic on you!
Lyria: Yeah! And this fabric is light and airy too!
Jin: Ah! Have we finally narrowed down the choices?
Siegfried: Whew... Now what do you want me to try on next?
Despite constantly going in and out of the dressing room, Siegfried seems pleased about it all.
After some time Siegfried dons the most splendid ensemble put together through their efforts.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! I think we finally found a winner!
Lyria: Yep! I feel like this is the best outfit we'll see!
Jin: I had you try this one on knowing it would be the one for you.
After hearing all this, (Captain) waits eagerly for Siegfried to appear.
Just then (Captain) notices that the shuffling behind the curtain has stopped.
Vyrn: I think he's ready!
Lyria: It looks like he's stopped moving around in the dressing room there!
Jin: So... what do you think?
Siegfried: Sorry it took so long...
Vyrn: Ooh...
Lyria: Ahhh...
Jin: Ah...
Siegfried: Mmm-hm... And with this I can still carry my sword, so it's just what I'm looking for.
Siegfried: So, (Captain)... How do I look?
  1. You look terrific!

Choose: You look terrific!
Vyrn: We got it right this time! It looks like it was made just for you!
Lyria: Yeah! It looks great! And you look so cool!
Jin: I knew it was right on the mark! I'm glad I could be of help this once!
Siegfried: Humph... You'll have me blushing soon enough with all these compliments.
Siegfried: Thank you, (Captain). All of you.
At that moment a soft breeze blows through the shop.
The cool breeze gently strokes their cheeks, a quiet reminder of the nearing summer sunset.

Summer Chaperon

Siegfried attempts to build a sand castle with Danua and her puppet friends, but they're not getting anywhere. When Sara and Graphos pass by, Siegfried enlists their help. With the castle completed, Siegfried leads everyone, including (Captain), on a shoreline search for sea creatures.

Danua: Crumble...
Gretel: Hey, Danua! This tower is about to topple over!
Hansel: Hm... And this castle wall here won't hold up much longer either.
Danua: Shells...
Gretel: You can't start decorating with shells until you fix this crack here!
Hansel: Forget it. The gate's all crumbled. This castle's as good as gone.
Danua: Urgh... Waaah...
Siegfried: Ha-ha! It's all right, Danua.
Siegfried: If it falls then we'll just make another one.
Gretel: Hey, Siegfried! You keep babyin' her like that and we'll never get this sand castle finished!
Fearing a scolding from Gretel, Danua is hiding behind Siegfried in the shadow of his large frame.
Hansel: Hm... Looks like Danua's taken a real liking to him.
Today Siegfried is busy making a sand castle with Danua, Hansel, and Gretel.
But as time passes, signs of ever finishing the structure are nowhere in sight.
Sara: Huh? Is that Danua and Siegfried?
Siegfried: Oh, it's you, Sara! You came at just the right time.
Sara: What's everyone up to here?
Siegfried: Actually, I'm trying to build a sand castle with Danua and her friends, but it's not going so well.
Siegfried: We could sure use some help from you and Graphos if you can spare it. Would you mind?
Sara: No, not at all! Right, Graphos?
Graphos: ...!
Sara: Sounds like Graphos wants to help too!
Siegfried: Thanks, you two. I couldn't ask for better help for the job.
Siegfried: Now then, let's switch gears and build a better castle!
Everyone: All right!
This time under Sara's careful direction, they begin working on a castle.
Sara: Let's see... If the sand we use is wet enough, then it'll be harder for it to crack.
Danua: Wet...
Sara: Right! So it'd be best to mix this sand with some more water.
Graphos: ...
Siegfried: Good! Then Graphos and I will go fetch some water.
Gretel: Okay! We'll handle things here!
Hansel: Be sure and take your time with it.
Time passes quickly as the castle-building pleasantries continue.
Sara: Yep... It's finally finished!
Graphos: ...!
Gretel: Ha-ha! Look what you can do when you put your mind to it!
Hansel: You said it. It's completely different from before.
Danua: Castle...
Sara: That's right! All thanks to the castle leader, Princess Danua...
Sara: Oops!
Danua: Mm?
Sara: I'm sorry! Just now, I... I called her a princess...
Danua: No...
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says don't worry, she doesn't mind.
Gretel: Ha-ha! In fact, she likes it!
Sara: ...!
Sara: Then it's all thanks to you, Princess Danua, that we made such a pretty castle!
Siegfried grins as he watches the two girls getting along so well.
Siegfried: I think you all did great.
Siegfried: Especially you, Danua, since you wouldn't give up believing in yourself no matter how hard it got.
Danua: Heh-heh...
Siegfried: And you were a big help too, Hansel and Gretel, for helping Danua without complaint.
Gretel: Well, of course! We're always lookin' after her!
Hansel: Hm... Except one of us was loudly squabbling with Danua earlier, but we'll pretend that didn't happen.
Siegfried: And you, Sara...
Sara: Y-yes!
Siegfried: I appreciate you working with us at our pace, considering Graphos could do it all in a blink of an eye.
Sara: Well... I mean...
Siegfried: Because of you, the time we spent on this undertaking has truly meant a lot to me. Thank you.
Danua: Thanks...
Sara: I should be thanking you! For letting me hang out with all of you!
Graphos: ...!
Siegfried: We make the best team!
Danua: Next...
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua wants to know what we're up to next.
Siegfried: Next? How about we go and observe the sea life found around the coastline?
Danua: Okay...
Gretel: Ha-ha! Danua's rarin' to go!
Siegfried: Good. Then I'll lead the way.
Sara: ...
Siegfried: Sara, will you come along too?
Sara: Huh? Is it okay if I come with you?
Siegfried: Of course it is!
Siegfried: You stuck with us through building a sand castle! There's no need to be shy now.
Sara: Okay!
Siegfried: All right, Danua and Sara. Now follow me!
Danua: Okay...
Sara: Okay! Here we go, Graphos!
Nearby, (Captain) and the crew are watching Siegfried, Danua, and Sara hanging out together happily.
(Captain) can't help but smile at the peaceful scene playing out on the beach.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! They're really getting along!
Lyria: Yeah! And it looks like they're having so much fun!
Siegfried walks over to them with a gentle grin on his face.
Siegfried: Hey guys, would you like to come along with us?
Vyrn: Yep! Count me in!
Lyria: Let's go too, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods at Siegfried in answer, smiling ear to ear.
Siegfried: Thanks. And I'm counting on you to help keep things in line.
And so (Captain) and the crew follow Siegfried on a sea life search along the shore.

Summer Chaperon: Scene 2

At Danua and Sara's request, Siegfried escorts them to a festival nearby, along with (Captain) and the crew. The two girls play a cork gun game, but, after realizing the game is rigged, Siegfried helps the two girls win a prize. Afterwards they all hold hands and walk home like one big family.

Siegfried has finished leading everyone in their coastline search for sea creatures.
They're all taking a pleasant walk along the beach.
Danua: Hear...
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says she hears sounds coming from over there.
Sara: Actually... something does sound a bit noisy coming from that direction.
Gretel: Hey, look! There's a crowd of people there too!
Siegfried: It looks like there's a festival being held...
Danua: Festival...
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says she wants to check out the festival!
Sara: A festival, huh? If it's all right, I'd like to go too.
Siegfried: Then let's all go have a look. What do you say, (Captain)?
  1. We might as well!

Choose: We might as well!
Danua: Go...
Sara: Yay! Looks like Danua can't wait to see the festival either!
Siegfried: That settles it. Let's head on over to the festivities.
On arriving at the site, they're floored by the sheer number of people there.
Siegfried: Danua and Sara... I wouldn't want you getting lost, so do you mind holding onto my hands?
Danua: Squeeze...
Sara: O-okay...
Danua and Sara bashfully hold out their hands to Siegfried.
Siegfried: This isn't my first time at a festival. I promise there's nothing to worry about here.
Siegfried: So there's no need to be anxious!
Sara: Okay!
Danua: Okay...
With hands linked, Siegfried escorts the girls through the festival area.
Danua: Gimme...
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says—
Siegfried: That she wants to eat a crepe, right?
Gretel: Yeah! You're a mind reader!
Siegfried: Humph... Call it a lucky guess!
Siegfried: How about you, Sara? Would you like a crepe?
Sara: I'd love to try one!
Siegfried: Then I'll buy one for all of us. Everyone, come and pick a flavor.
Vyrn: Wow! Are you sure? You're a swell guy, Siegfried!
Lyria: Yay! Thanks, Siegfried!
Siegfried buys everyone a crepe and they gobble them up in delight.
After stuffing their cheeks with crepes, they continue walking through the festival.
Danua: Cork...
Sara: Does that say... cork gun game?
Siegfried: That's right. Would you two like to give it a try?
Danua: Try!
Sara: I want to try it!
Siegfried: All right. Let's go over and play.
Siegfried pays the booth attendant so both Sara and Danua can play.
Attendant: All righty! You little ladies ready to give it your best shot?
Danua: Yeah...
Sara: I'm ready!
Attendant: Good, good! Just aim for the prize you want. If ya knock it down, you can take it home with ya!
Danua: Too hard...
Sara: How should I do it?
Siegfried: First you need to ready the gun by pulling the slide as hard as you can.
Sara: The slide? Got it!
Siegfried: Then you cork the barrel from this end. Try to pick a smooth cork.
Danua: Cork...
Siegfried: Then, with your arms at your sides, hold the gun steady against your shoulder. Look through the scope to aim for the prize, and pull the trigger.
Siegfried: Now try it for yourselves. It's best to learn by doing it.
Taking his advice to heart, Danua and Sara ready their guns and aim for the same prize.
Danua: Missed...
Sara: Yeah... It's not easy to hit the mark.
Attendant: Come on now! Don't hold back! The prizes are here for the takin'!
Danua: Can't...
Sara: Me neither. I'm sorry, Siegfried...
Siegfried: Hm... Well you two are smart to aim for the big prize, so shall I give you some tips?
Sara and Danua nod eagerly in answer.
Siegfried: Now pay attention... You've got to get the prize well within your sight.
Danua: Sight?
Siegfried: A big prize like that one won't fall even if you hit it right in the middle.
Siegfried: It's weak spot is really on the top left side, so you aim for it from a bottom right angle.
Sara: The top left side... From the bottom right angle...
Siegfried: You've got it? There's no need to knock it down by force. You need only to turn it.
Siegfried: And be sure to aim a little higher than the target, taking air resistance into account.
Siegfried: Now if you're ready, wait for my signal and slowly pull the trigger.
After helping the two with their aim, Siegfried stands behind them and begins the countdown.
Siegfried: Ready...
5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Go!
Danua: Go!
Sara: Go!
Danua and Sara pull their triggers at the same time.
The two corks go flying and knock the prize off balance just as planned.
The prize falls in a perfect arc to the table below.
Danua: Fell!
Sara: We did it! We got the prize, Danua! Look, Siegfried!
Siegfried: Good job, you two. That was quite a feat.
Attendant: What! How did you... There's no way it could fall!
Siegfried: Humph... I'm sure you made that one trickier to get than the others, but you underestimated us this time.
Attendant: Ha... Ha-ha... D-don't listen to your dad, girls! I'd never do such a thing!
Danua: Our?
Sara: Dad?
Attendant: Hey, I'll even give ya another prize on the house! Be sure an' share it as a family, okay?
Siegfried: Oh, many thanks! While you're at it...
Siegfried: Let's include some prizes for the other kids behind me.
Attendant: S-sorry? The other kids?
Vyrn: Whoa! Are we gonna get some free stuff too?
Lyria: Yay! Thanks a bunch!
Attendant: I g-gotcha! But I'm only doing this for you!
Siegfried: Much obliged.
With a wide grin on his face, Siegfried leans toward the attendant and begins to whisper.
Siegfried: I'll overlook the trick you pulled, but only because these kids are around.
Siegfried: But the next time I see you pulling a hustle like that, I won't be so kind.
Attendant: U-understood... I'll stop that from now on...
Siegfried: Shall we go then, everybody?
They all leave the booth with a prize in hand.
Sara: Our dad, huh?
Danua: Papa...
Siegfried: Ah... I suppose it wasn't right to lie and go along with what he said about being your father.
Siegfried: I apologize if it that upset you two.
Sara: No, please don't apologize.
Danua: Happy...
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says she was happy when he called you all a family.
Gretel: Ha-ha-ha! But you make an interesting family seeing as none of you look alike!
Sara: Even so, I was happy to hear it.
Sara: And that includes Graphos. Right?
Graphos: ...
Siegfried: Well, Sara and Danua, if you're willing to put up with a man like me, I'll play the part anytime.
Sara: Wh-what do you mean a man like you?
Sara: You're strong, kind, and you know...
Sara: Wait, never mind!
Danua: Family...
Gretel: Look! Danua wants you all to hold hands as a family!
Vyrn: Well, it'll keep us all from getting lost at least!
Lyria: And we are like one big family!
Siegfried: You too, (Captain). Give me your hand.
Beaming ear to ear, (Captain) holds out a hand to Siegfried.
And like a picturesque family, they walk down the path home together.

Summer Chaperon: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew decide to stick around the beach for the Flower of Light festival before going home, but the fireworks show is delayed. Siegfried goes to find out the problem and hears that a monster offshore is threatening the show. He sets off to get rid of the monster.

While walking back, (Captain) and the crew see spectators who've gathered for the Flower of Light festival.
They decide to stick around for this festival as well before returning home.
But it's well past the festival's start time, and not a single firework can be seen in the sky.
Sara: Hmmm... No fireworks yet.
Danua: Firework?
Siegfried: Mmm... They should've begun quite a while ago too.
Hansel: Hm? Looks like a crowd is gathering way over there...
Siegfried: I'll go and take a look.
Siegfried: Could you stay here, (Captain), and keep everyone together?
(Captain) nods back confidently.
Siegfried: I'll be back.
Siegfried disappears into the crowd.
Festival Official 1: With that monster showing up offshore, we'll just have to cancel the festival.
Festival Official 2: Yep. If we make a wrong move, we risk sinking the boats out there.
Siegfried: Hm... I see. I think I've got a solution.
Festival Official 1: And who are you?
Siegfried: Just a passerby! But believe me when I say it's too soon to give up.
Festival Official 2: Hey, what's a nobody like you talking about? You haven't even seen the monster that—
Siegfried: And a boat's... right over there. I'll bring it right back!
Festival Official 1: Hey! Did you hear what I said?
Siegfried ignores the two as he hops aboard a boat to take it offshore.
Festival Official 2: He's long gone...
Siegfried steers his boat toward the other festival boats carrying pyrotechnicians.
Siegfried: All right... This should be the area, I think...
Pyrotechnician: Hey, you! What're you doin' over here in a dinghy like that?
Siegfried: I came to get rid of the monsters delaying the festival.
Pyrotechnician: Don't be stupid! If you know what's good for ya then you'll scoot on outta here!
Pyrotechnician: Huh? Th-there's one now!
Crab of War: Blub blub...
Siegfried: Look, I've got nothing against you, but there are people excited for the festival to begin.
Crab of War: Blub blub!
Siegfried: So you need to leave... And I'll show you the way out!

Summer Chaperon: Scene 4

Having defeated the monster, Siegfried returns to the beach, but the crew is gloomy thinking that the festival is canceled. Siegfried encourages them not to give up, telling them to call forth the fireworks. After raising their voices, fireworks appear in the sky. (Captain) overhears tourists talking about a swordsman who saved the festival and realizes it was Siegfried. Siegfried asks (Captain) to keep his deed a secret between them.

Siegfried returns to the beach where (Captain) and the crew are waiting.
Siegfried: Hope I didn't take too long.
Vyrn: Hey! Where'd you go? Did you hear that they're calling off the festival?
Sara: It's too bad since everyone was really looking forward to it...
Danua: Too bad...
Siegfried: Now, wait. It's too soon to give up hope yet!
Siegfried: As long as you have faith, then those fireworks will light up the sky.
Sara: Huh?
Siegfried: How about using your voice and telling the fireworks you won't give up on them?
Siegfried turns his face toward the sky in demonstration and raises his voice.
Siegfried: Great flowers of light! Burst high and bloom in beauty before our eyes!
Sara: Flowers of light! You can do it!
Danua: Flower...
Gretel: Rise on up!
Hansel: Come on!
Vyrn: Hey! Sparkly things! We can't wait to see ya up there!
Lyria: Flowers of light! Please show yourselves!
Everyone, including (Captain), raises their voice to call forth the fireworks.
Just then a ball of light streaks into the air from offshore.
When it reaches the highest heights, a ring of fireworks bursts in the sky.
Sara: Wow! So these are fireworks? They're so pretty!
Danua: Pretty...
Siegfried: Indeed... They are beautiful flowers of light.
(Captain) asks Siegfried where he ran off to earlier.
Siegfried: Well... it turns out our three favorite goofs are festival first-timers too, so I just couldn't let you all miss out on it.
Siegfried: Hey, you three! We're over here.
Siegfried turns around and waves his hand, as if motioning to some people in the crowd.
Soon enough, Lancelot, Vane, and Percival can be seen carrying food and drinks.
Lancelot: Siegfried! Sorry we took so long!
Vane: Hm?
Vane: Oh! You were with (Captain) and the crew all along!
Vane: Man, you wouldn't believe the lines back there! It took us forever to get all this!
Percival: Hey, Vane! Watch where you're going or you'll trip over your own paws!
Vane: Yeah, yeah, I hear ya! You're such a worrywart, Percy!
Percival: Humph. It's not you I'm worried about. It's the food we brought for everyone to eat.
Lancelot: You watch your step too, Percival! I don't want to get back in that line again.
Percival: Nonsense. I could carry all this blindfolded with no problem.
Lancelot: Ah! There's a huge crab by your foot!
Percival: What!
Lancelot: Ha-ha! I'm just kidding! Relax!
Percival: Lancelot, you jerk!
Vane: Whoa, whoa, whoa! No pushing, Percy!
Vane: And hurry, Lancey! He's on a warpath!
Lancelot: Ruuun!
The three meet up with the crew after navigating the crowd.
But just then Danua starts walking toward the shoreline.
Danua: Near...
Sara: Ah! Wait, Danua! Where are you going?
Hansel: Mhm... Uh-huh... Danua says she wants to go closer to see the fireworks.
Gretel: Hey now! You'll get lost going off by yourself like that!
Lyria: Vyrn! Let's follow Danua and Sara!
Vyrn: All righty! Count me in!
Vyrn and Lyria follow the two girls to the shore.
Siegfried: Listen, you three. I've got a favor to ask.
Lancelot: What is it?
Siegfried: I know you just got here, but I don't want those kids out there alone. Would you mind going with them?
Vane: No problem! We'll do it!
Percival: Humph... If you're going then I have no choice, seeing as I'll be the only adult there.
Lancelot: All right, Vane! Sounds like patrol duty!
Vane: You got it, Lancey! Call me chief of the beach patrol!
Percival: Who cares about that! Let's hurry and catch up to my royal subjects before we lose sight of them.
The three leave to catch up to the others headed for the shore.
Only (Captain) is left, standing quietly in the sand with Siegfried.
Siegfried: Why don't we have a seat somewhere, (Captain)?
Siegfried finds a terrace nearby and sits down.
(Captain) silently sits down next to him.
With eyes cast down, (Captain) tries to think of something to talk about in hopes of breaking the clumsy quiet between them.
But it's then when (Captain) notices small drops of water falling slowly from the sleeve of Siegfried's yukata.
Tourist 1: Oh, my! The festival wasn't canceled after all!
Tourist 2: Yup. I heard a crab of war was causin' trouble offshore, so they were gonna call it all off.
Tourist 1: I wonder what made them suddenly change their minds...
Tourist 2: Well, I heard from a pyrotech that this guy showed up with a huge sword and split that sucker in half!
Tourist 1: You're kidding! Breaking a shell like that is no easy feat! Who could've done something like that?
Tourist 2: Who knows? Before he knew it, the guy had already left without sayin' who he was.
Having finally understood where he disappeared to, (Captain) turns to Siegfried to speak.
But just then a huge explosion of fireworks sounds off in the sky, bathing Siegfried in light. (Captain) can only stare in wonder.
Siegfried: Shhh...
Siegfried winks at (Captain) and holds a finger to his smiling lips.
  1. Our little secret, huh?

Choose: Our little secret, huh?
Siegfried: That's right... And I'm forever grateful to you.
With a warmth in his eyes, Siegfried watches the fireworks as well as the crew in the distance as they slowly draw near.
Siegfried: It's gorgeous, (Captain).
  1. It sure is...

Choose: It sure is...
(Captain) watches as the fireworks burst, burn out, and burst again.
Wishing with each flash of light for this moment never to end.

For Family

(Captain) and company split into two groups to help a lost child reunite with his mother. Siegfried's group bumps into a tipsy middle-aged man and helps him to come to terms with his family life. Meanwhile Yuisis finds the mother and learns that she's trying to reconcile with her husband who she's lived apart from for years. When the crew's two groups meet up later, they discover that the tipsy middle-aged man was actually the husband.

The crew takes up security duty at a town festival.
So as not to put the festivalgoers on alert, (Captain) and company have decided to dress up in yukatas to blend in better with the crowds.
The event proceeds without incident. Closing hours draw near.
Yuisis: Hm? That child's all alone...
Lost Child: Sob...
Yuisis finds a weeping boy on festival grounds amid the sea of people.
Yuisis: Hey there. Everything okay?
Lost Child: Sniff... I-I can't find Mommy...
Siegfried: A lost child, I see... Given how packed it is today, it's not surprising that something like this happened.
Yuisis: I'm sure his mother's searching for him too, but getting the two of them back together won't be easy.
Siegfried: Not to mention he could run into trouble if we just leave him be.
Siegfried: (Captain). Let's help the child find his mother. In a way, this is also part of our job as security detail.
  1. Agreed. Let's get on it.

Choose: Agreed. Let's get on it.
Siegfried: Relax, little fella. We'll help you find your mom in no time at all.
Lost Child: Sniff... O-okay...
Yuisis: Let's split up. Someone needs to be with the kid though.
Lost Child: Um...
The boy, no longer sobbing, tries to speak up but is unable to produce any words.
He clings to Siegfried's yukata and lowers his gaze.
Siegfried: Sigh... Doesn't look like he'll be letting go anytime soon.
Vyrn: Hahah! Congrats on finding your biggest fan, Siegfried!
Siegfried: I'll look after him for the time being.
Lost Child: Th-thank you... Lizard...
Vyrn: Yeeow! Now the kid's got his other hand on my tail!
The child takes a liking to Vyrn as well, latching on to his tail for dear life.
Vyrn: Aw well... Looks like I'm stuck with you too, pal.
Siegfried: I could use the company.
Yuisis: I'll go look for the mother. Think you can come along, (Captain)?
  1. Of course!

Choose: Of course!
Lyria: Okay then! Let's go look for Mommy!
Entrusting Siegfried and Vyrn with the boy, (Captain) goes off in search of his parental guardian.
Some time after the captain's departure, a situation develops near Siegfried and Vyrn.
Middle-Aged Drunk: Why, you little—
Bring it, punk!
Young Drunk: Rgh! Dumb old coot! I'll take you on any day!
Siegfried: Hm... I guess they had a little too much to drink.
Lost Child: Aiiee!
The boy who was smiling only moments ago cowers in fear. The passersby, too, are none too pleased.
Young Drunk: All right, now you're just asking for it! You'd better say your prayers!
The young man grabs a bottle that happens to be lying at his feet and points it toward the opposition.
Vyrn: Whoa! This is getting bad—
Siegfried: That's probably the liquor talking, but either way, hitting someone with a glass bottle is going to cause some serious damage.
Siegfried catches the swinging arm of the inebriated youth.
Young Drunk: Tch... Piss off! Unless you want me to do you in too—
Siegfried forcefully snags the bottle from the youth's hand and uses the momentum to make the youth fall flat on his face.
Young Drunk: Ngh! That hurt, you punk...
The young man grabs another nearby bottle, but Siegfried grabs that one too.
Young Drunk: Urgh...
Siegfried: Good thinking—let's pick this one off the ground too. Wouldn't want anyone to trip over it now, would we?
Siegfried: You'd best watch your step too.
Siegfried lifts the drunkard up as effortlessly as he grabbed the bottle, helping him get back on his feet.
Young Drunk: Holy! You're crazy strong...
Siegfried: So what did you say you were going to do to me again?
Young Drunk: Eeeek! I-I'm so sorry!
Siegfried: Haah... This is the kind of thing that happens when you give in to your drink. I just hope you both sober up and reflect on your actions.
Middle-Aged Drunk: D-damn it... I ain't tipsy... I definitely ain't tipsy...
Siegfried: Oh boy. You're gonna want to watch yourself too, mister. You could get hurt next time.
Middle-Aged Drunk: Cripes, I don't need you to tell me that... I've always been like this... Heck, even got my wife to run away from me...
The middle-aged man begins talking about his life. It turns out he recently came to an understanding with his wife, and they will be living together again soon.
Middle-Aged Drunk: She was already pregnant before we split, gave birth to our kid elsewhere. And I'm only hearin' about it just now...
Middle-Aged Drunk: Course I wanna take care of my kid. Thing is I'm not too sure we can make it as a family...
Siegfried: Hm... So you've found something precious in your life, but you're not sure if you can handle the responsibility.
Middle-Aged Drunk: Yeah...
Siegfried: I have no child of my own, but I know what it feels like to want to protect someone.
Middle-Aged Drunk: Then gimme some advice... Whaddya think I should do?
Siegfried: Well... If you really care about them, then you'll find a way to make things work. Try to visualize how that would play out and act on it.
Middle-Aged Drunk: You make it sound so easy, but I just don't know...
Siegfried: How about this: just forget about all of it.
Siegfried: And the next time your wife and child run into trouble, don't bother doing anything for them.
Middle-Aged Drunk: You some kinda loony? Ain't no way in hell I'd just let 'em be if they're in a bind!
The man stares daggers and bellows at Siegfried, but the knight simply smiles at such an indignant response.
Siegfried: That's the spirit. If you care that much about them, then I'm sure you can do whatever it takes to make your new family life work.
Middle-Aged Drunk: Wait... You did that on purpose?
Siegfried: Well? Think you can pull it off?
A bright light begins to burn in the man's eyes. He quietly clenches his fists.
Middle-Aged Drunk: Yeah... It's up to me to set things right... Heck am I doin' wastin' away with booze. I've gotta pull myself together... for them!
Siegfried: I'm glad you came to your senses.
The man stands back up with Siegfried's help and walks off with a certain resolve in his gait.
Vyrn: Heheh, looks like you really opened up the old fella's eyes. He ought to be okay now.
Siegfried: Hm... I sure hope so.
Meanwhile (Captain)'s group rescues a woman from a mean skirt chaser.
Yuisis: Hold it right there. You'd better back off unless you wanna sleep with the fishes tonight.
Yuisis: I hope you've got your pajamas ready.
Skirt Chaser: Aiiiee! I'm so sorry!
The skirt chaser is immediately terrified of Yuisis and makes a quick escape.
Kind Woman: Thank you so much for shooing him away.
Yuisis: Haha, just doin' our job. If there's anything else you might need help with, just say the word.
Kind Woman: Okay... Ah! Did you happen to see my child by any chance?
Kind Woman: I lost sight of him in a crowd earlier. He has a green hat on today...
Yuisis: Hm, could it be that boy we picked up earlier?
(Captain) and company explain the situation to the woman and guide her to where Siegfried waits.
Kind Woman: So... Did everything seem all right with him?
Yuisis: Heheh, no worries. He's a real good kid, waiting quietly for Mommy to come back.
Kind Woman: Oh really? Thank goodness...
Despite Yuisis's reassurances, the mother cannot shake the concern off her face.
Yuisis: Um... Is there anything else you're worried about?
Kind Woman: This is more of a private matter really, but there's something that's been eating away at me...
Though she was recently able to reconcile with her estranged husband, the woman's heart remains uneasy.
Kind Woman: I gave birth to the boy after I ran off on my husband, so they don't even know each other's faces...
Kind Woman: But he promises to make up for his past mistakes and really wants to be a family man.
Kind Woman: Still, a part of me thinks it's going to be too much of a burden on him, and that we might be better off staying apart...
Yuisis: I don't think that's an issue.
Yuisis: Problems are a normal part of any family life.
Kind Woman: Well...
Yuisis: You know, back in the day even I used to think it was my job to serve the family and to never cause them any trouble.
Yuisis: It's the same reason I've always been really reserved in (Captain)'s crew.
Yuisis: But I later saw how naive it was to think that way. (Captain) and everyone else taught me that.
Yuisis: If you keep your distance all the time, you can never become a real family. It has to be a two-way street; share in the good times, and support each other through the bad.
Yuisis: Only when you can fully depend on each other can you call yourself a family.
Yuisis can feel the weight of her words as she recalls her previous self.
Though taken aback at first, the woman's surprise soon takes the shape of a smile.
Kind Woman: Ahaha, I suppose you're right. What am I thinking—giving up before I've even started... My boy deserves better.
(Captain) and company bring the mother to meet her son. He immediately runs over and leaps into her arms, his face scrunched up in tearful worry.
The reunited parent and child offer the crew a heartfelt thank-you before taking off.
Lyria: Ahaha, it's really great to see them back together.
Yuisis: Yep. And without too much trouble on our end.
Vyrn: Mm-hm! Same deal with me and Siegfried!
Lyria: Teehee. I have to say though, Yuisis... I was really touched by what you said earlier.
Yuisis: Hehe, it's all thanks to you guys really...
Yuisis: I belong to the same family as you, (Captain).
Yuisis: The onus is on me to stand by your side and give my loyalty until the very end.
Yuisis: Not the other way around. I absolutely mustn't bother the boss!
Vyrn: Uh... Why not?
Yuisis: B-because... Because that's what underlings do; trust in the boss and do whatever the boss says.
  1. That doesn't sound like a family to me.

Choose: That doesn't sound like a family to me.
Yuisis: Huh?
Yuisis: So I can just... be straight with you guys? And bother you guys?
Yuisis: Sniff... I'll never forget that day.
Yuisis: I hope the family we helped will be able to get along as well as I do with you guys...
Yuisis: There is somethin' I'm worried about though. We don't know anything about the husband.
Lyria: Yeah... We have no idea what kind of person he is...
Vyrn: Hm? What are you two goin' on about?
Yuisis explains the situation she learned from the mother to Siegfried and Vyrn.
Because she doesn't know what the father is like, she is concerned whether they will be able to make it as a family.
Vyrn: So that's what happened, huh... Wait, that sounds awfully familiar...
Vyrn looks to Siegfried, who flashes a warm smile.
Siegfried: Yes, we know the story. And there's nothing to worry about.
Yuisis: Huh?
Vyrn: Hehe, guess it's our turn to do some explainin'.
Vyrn boasts a triumphant grin, amused to see the roles reversed.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
光華がこれほど美しいとはな… Never seen fireworks so beautiful...
サラはあんな風に笑えるんだな… To think Sara could smile that big...
ふっ…家族か…この俺が父親とはな… Humph... Family, eh? I don't even look like a dad...
ダヌア達も楽しんでくれただろうか… As long as Danua and her friends had some fun...
ランスロットなら何か捕まえていたぞ I heard Lancelot caught something!
散り際は潔くありたいものだな If I fall, may I be pure of heart...
ヴェインが海産物で料理を作ってくれてな Hope Vane'll whip up a seafood dish later!
パーシヴァルの気も休まれば良いが… It'd do Percival some good to take it easy...
(主人公)は海辺の生き物は好きか? (Captain), do you like sea creatures?
(主人公)と夏を過ごせて楽しかった I enjoyed this summer with you, (Captain)...

Other Appearances


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I pledged this sword to my country. No matter how my honor is besmirched, I cannot falter in keeping my vow!


(Same as the unevolved form.)

This sword slayed the great dragon—do not presume you'll escape it so easily. Now, time to meet your end!

Class Swordcraft
Trait Officier
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Siegfried, Dragonslayer
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Tales of Asteria