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Things and Stuffs

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

You're not "disallowed" to make gallery pages.
It's just that you've already made some mistakes, that were pointed out to you, and you repeated one of them again.
I'm not sure if you noticed but story cutscenes have a recognizable naming scheme. Namely "Scene_evt" followed by few-digits number code associated with an event (events splitted into parts may have few such numbers) and then "_(number)" that's for the image itself.
Now, when you load an event scenes, many things will pre-load and appear in network tab, and it's generally possible to get all cutscene images from this particular scene by filtering for aforementioned "Scene_evt". If nothing shows up, it means that the event chapter has no cutscenes.
I know that most people will think of these specially drawn neat images when they hear of cutscenes but for us all images that aren't normal character sprites count. Which means that this is as legit as this, and that both of them should be added to the event gallery.

I'm saying this because I don't think we gave enough guidance before.
If you really don't want to add any more galleries though, that's also fine. All up to you.