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Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Opening[edit]

One night, Sakura has a dream of a strange creature. The next morning she discusses the dream with her friends Kero-chan and Tomoyo. Later they all encounter Syaoran, who is mid-battle with a magic circle. The magic circle sucks in everyone and transports them to a different world.

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???: Is... Is someone calling for me?
???: ...
???: ...!
???: Who are you?
???: ...!
???: What's wrong?
???: Sorry. I can't really hear you...
???: Please... Sakura... Lyria!
???: Huh?
???: Eek! I'm going to be late!
???: I-I'll be back later!
I'm Sakura Kinomoto, a fifth grader at Tomoeda Elementary.
My favorite subjects are P.E. and music. But I don't like math.
Above all, people tell me I'm a
happy-go-lucky girl!
Tomoyo: Good morning, Sakura-chan.
Sakura: Good morning, Tomoyo-chan!
Sakura: Whew! I'm glad I made it on time.
Tomoyo: Hehe. Sakura-chan, you're always so peppy.
This is my best friend, Tomoyo Daidouji.
She's smart and pretty, and she's the daughter of the president of a big company.
Tomoyo: You're so cute when you're in a hurry, Sakura. It makes me want to videotape you!
Sakura: You think? I'm not so sure...
Tomoyo-chan's hobby is taking pictures and videos—she takes a lot of me.
Tomoyo: Well I am sure! Because... Becaaause...
Tomoyo: Because your world is full of danger! You're the only girl in the world who gathers the Clow Cards!
Sakura: T-Tomoyo-chan...
Tomoyo: I'm always ready to record the ever brave and cute Sakura-chan! Hehe!
Sakura: Eh-heh...
Tomoyo-chan is probably a little bit weird.
Oh right! I should probably explain the Clow Cards!
Kero-chan: Yo, Tomoyo! Don't forget to record my handsome face!
Tomoyo: Kero-chan! You've been here the whole time? Good morning.
Sakura: Kero-chan!
Sakura: Why are you here? I'm always telling
you—you can't come to school with me!
Kero-chan: Yeah, yeah. You don't have to remind me. But staying alone in the house is sooo boring.
Kero-chan: Besides, you never know when or where another Clow Card is going to pop up.
Kero-chan: I bet you'll be glad to have me by your side when it's showtime. Am I right?
This is Kero-chan. He looks like a stuffed animal, but I promise you he's alive.
One day I found this book in the basement of my house. A lot of magic cards called Clow Cards were inside of it.
I accidentally released them all over the place, and Kero-chan ordered me to get them all back. Oh! Kero-chan's the guardian of the cards.
Kero-chan: As long as I—Cerberus—the creature of the seal, and you, the world's only Cardcaptor, are together...
Kero-chan: Then we'll get every last one of those Clow Cards in no time flat!
Kero-chan: Ahahahaha!
Sakura: Jeez, you always have the lamest excuses... Look, you're already here now, so just try to keep quiet, okay?
Kero-chan: What a party pooper... Fine, I'll pipe down!
Tomoyo: Even if a Clow Card appears, I've got your costumes ready!
Kero-chan: Oh, forever prepared! That's Tomoyo for you!
Sakura: H-heh...
When I first became a Cardcaptor, I didn't know a lot of stuff, and it was kind of scary. There were a lot of cases when I didn't know what was best.
But I've been through a lot, and I'm determined to collect all the cards so they can't hurt anyone or cause any more trouble!
???: Please... Sakura... Lyria!
Sakura: ...
Kero-chan: What's gotten into you?
Tomoyo: Sakura, is something the matter?
Sakura: Last night, right, I had a really strange dream.
Tomoyo: A dream?
Sakura: Yeah. There was a little stuffed animal thing like Kero-chan.
Sakura: I couldn't hear what it was saying exactly, but I think it was trying to tell me something.
Sakura: I've been wondering what it was and what it was trying to say since I woke up.
Tomoyo: If it's been on your mind for that long, it might have some sort of meaning.
Kero-chan: Definitely. When magicians have dreams, they often carry an extra layer of significance.
Kero-chan: If whatever you saw wanted to tell you something, then you'll likely be bumping into it soon.
Kero-chan: Or maybe you'll meet up with another Clow Card. It could be any kind of premonition.
Sakura: I guess...
(But I really wonder what it was trying to tell me...)
Kero-chan: And hey! What did you mean by that thing looking like me? You must've meant we share the same masculine charms!
Kero-chan: ...!
Sakura: I sense something!
Tomoyo: What's the matter?
Sakura: A Clow Card!
Sakura: But it's different from normal. It's giving off a dark, scared feeling!
Kero-chan: What on earth?
Magic Circle: ...
???: Raitei Shourai...
God of Thunder!
???: Come forth!
Magic Circle: ...
???: What! It absorbed my magic!
Sakura: Li-kun!
Kero-chan: Looks like the kid sensed it too!
Syaoran: Of course I did. But this is no time to chat! Look at that!
Magic Circle: ...
Kero-chan: What is that! A magic circle?
Sakura: A magic circle! Kero-chan, is it a new Clow Card?
Magic Circle: ...
Kero-chan and Tomoyo: Sakura-chan!
Sakura: Eek!
Syaoran: Watch out!
Sakura: Thank you, Li-kun! Did you just use a spell?
Syaoran: Yes. That was my magic.
Syaoran: I shot it at that thing earlier...
Syaoran: But it looks like it has the power to absorb attacks! Be careful!
Kero-chan: Sakura, take it out with a Clow Card!
Sakura: Right!
Sakura: Key that hides the forces of darkness, show me your true form!
Sakura: I, Sakura, command you...
Sakura: Release!
Kero-chan: If regular attacks don't work, hit it with Windy!
Sakura: Got it!
Sakura: Card made by Clow, lend your power to my key!
Sakura: Bestow the magic of the card unto my key! Grant me power!
Sakura: Winds, become chains of binding!
Sakura: Windy!
Windy: ...
Sakura: Return to the form you were meant to be!
Sakura: Clow Card!
Magic Circle: ...
Sakura: I can't seal it!
Aren't you a Clow Card?
Magic Circle: ...
Sakura: Is the magic circle shining?
Magic Circle: ...
Sakura: Windy!
Kero-chan: What's going on? Is Windy getting sucked in by that thing?
Sakura: No, Windy!
Sakura: Kero-chan, what do we do?
Kero-chan: I'm not sure!
Magic Circle: ...
Sakura: Eek!
Syaoran: A sandstorm! Did it cause this?
Syaoran: Ugh!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan!
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan!
Kero-chan: E-everybody, hang onto somethin' so you don't get blown away!
Syaoran: Kinomoto, protect your cards! If you get blown away—
Sakura: Huh?
Kero-chan: A-aaah! What's next!
Syaoran: ...!
Syaoran: Agh...
Sakura and Tomoyo: Aaah!
Syaoran: Aaah!
Sakura: Ow, ow, ow...
Sakura: Huh?
Sakura: Hooeeee!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 1: Sakura's Skyventure - Episode 1[edit]

Magisa foretells of a disturbance in Nymph's Ravine, an area where she once underwent magical training. After meeting up with the wind shaman Petra, the crew head to the ravine to check out what's happening.

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Fairy Gorge, colloquially known as Nymph's Ravine, is a land where countless spirits reside.
A secluded area, it's known only to locals and budding magicians that seek the favor of lofty sprites.
Magisa is a crew member

Magisa, after having a dream warning of a disturbance in this area, has guided (Captain) and the crew to the entrance of the gorge.
Magisa: It seems it's still quiet here... which suggests the disturbance is contained within the ravine. Perhaps.

Magisa not in crew

After being visited by a mysterious woman foretelling disaster in this area, (Captain) and the crew find themselves at the entrance of the valley.
???: It seems it's still quiet here... which suggests the disturbance is contained within the ravine. Perhaps.
The woman's name is Magisa. Possessing all of the elementary qualities that a witch should, she is known as a genius of her craft.
(Captain) decided to help her after she told the crew about her foreboding premonition of a calamity in Nymph's Ravine.
Magisa: Excuse me... You there, girl. The one with the blue hair. Yes, you.
Lyria: Um... Me?
Magisa: That's right. I've finally found you. Been looking for ages, you know.
She is a woman that always follows her many remarkable dreams; but among them, there is one in particular where she sees a beautiful world.
Every time she has had this dream, it features Lyria—whom Magisa has come to realize is the key to making it to this wondrous place.
This place is none other than the Island of the Astrals: Estalucia.
When the crew first met Magisa, the nature of her journey struck a chord with (Captain).
And as a result, she made an easy addition to the crew.
Well, her addition was as easy as it could be, considering her teasing nature and her powerful clairvoyant magics.
But underneath her perplexing exterior was a compassionate and forgiving heart.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Hey, Magisa, is this ravine much farther?
Magisa: It's rather close now. But first we're heading for the nearest township.
Any version of Petra is a crew member

Petra: Fairy Gorge. The people here call it Nymph's Ravine.
Nymphs are spirits that inhabit the natural world. Their existence is common knowledge among magic users.
Vyrn: Petra, you said you wanted to come here too. You know much about this place?
Petra: I do. Fairy Gorge is a revered place among us wind shamans.
Petra: In order to be a skilled shaman like my mother, I have always wanted to travel here.
Petra: I am good at reading the winds and listening to the voices of spirits.

No version of Petra in crew

???: Fairy Gorge. The people here call it Nymph's Ravine.
Nymphs are spirits that inhabit the natural world. Their existence is common knowledge among magic users.
Lyria: Petra, you sure know a lot about this valley!
???: Indeed. Fairy Gorge is a revered place among us wind shamans.
This woman is Petra. The crew first met her in an isolated mountain village where wind shamans make their living.
Wind shamans are people who can predict the weather, and have used their talents to protect journeying skyfarers since times long past.
Petra had dreamed of supporting a crew of skyfarers as a wind shaman ever since she was a little girl.
Her wish—to live as free as the wind—was finally granted when she met the crew.
Since then, she's overcome trials at many temples dedicated to wind spirits, increasing her power as a wind shaman.
Her presence among the crew members lifts everyone's mood like a dandelion lifting off in the breeze.
Petra: I am good at reading the winds and listening to the voices of spirits.
Continue 2
Petra: I thought coming here would help me grow my power in some way.
Vyrn: That makes sense. I guess spirits and magic and stuff share the same kinda roots.
Petra: I am not yet sure what's happened here at Fairy Gorge—ahem, Nymph's Ravine...
Petra: But I imagine that my skills will come in handy in finding a solution!
Lyria: They will! We'll help out in whatever way we can too! Right, (Captain), Vyrn?
Vyrn: You bet! Doesn't matter if it's some kinda ghost or some kinda monster, it's not gonna be a match for us!
Magisa: Hehe. Such cute, confident allies. I'm relying on you.
Magisa: (The dream that warned me of this disturbance... It's different from the premonition I saw this morning...)
Magisa: (I wonder what it could mean...)
Magisa is a genius witch gifted with extrasensory perception.
But despite her talents, an event that not even she could predict was beginning to quietly unfurl in the distance.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 1: Sakura's Skyventure - Episode 2[edit]

Lost in a new world, Sakura and Tomoyo head out to find Kero-chan and Syaoran. While walking through a forest, they encounter a band of fairies who surround Sakura. The young Cardcaptor is unable to escape and falls prey to their teasing.

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Sakura: What is this place! Where am I!
Sakura: Tomoyo-chaaan! Kero-chaaan! Li-kuuun!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan!
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan! I'm so glad you're safe!
Tomoyo: And I'm happy you're safe too!
Sakura: Thanks. But, Tomoyo, do you know where we are?
Tomoyo: It seems like that Clow Card sent us here.
Sakura: I've never seen a place like this before.
Sakura: And it looks like we've been split up from Kero-chan and Li-kun.
Sakura: Oh man, and I've still gotta get Windy back!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan...
Sakura: But how do I even start looking? I don't even know where we are.
Tomoyo: There's nothing to give us any clues either, so that makes things difficult.
Sakura takes a look around at her surroundings, but the unfamiliar terrain is overwhelming.
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan... Why don't we start by looking for Kero-chan and Li-kun?
Tomoyo: I bet they're probably looking for us too.
Tomoyo: It's still light out right now, so we should be okay for awhile. But once it gets dark, it'll be harder to search.
Sakura: You're right. Let's do that.
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan, thanks.
Tomoyo: Don't mention it. Shall we go?
Sakura and Tomoyo begin walking through the area in search of Kero-chan and Syaoran.
Tomoyo: The air's so crisp. It's lovely.
Tomoyo: And the greenery is so green. There's a lot to appreciate here that we don't have back in Tomoeda.
Sakura: It really is a pretty place.
Sakura: Huh? Was that a butterfly?
Tomoyo: Did you see something, Sakura-chan?
Sakura: Yeah. I thought a butterfly just flew by, but I feel like it was sparkly?
Sakura: I wonder what it could've been.
Pixie: ...
Tomoyo: Huh? Could that be it...
Sakura, behind you.
Sakura: Huh?
Pixie: ...
Sakura: Ow! Something just pulled my hair!
Tomoyo: I knew it! Sakura-chan, look! It's a fairy!
Sakura: Mm?
Sakura: Huh! Y-you're right! This is my first time to see one!
Sakura: It's not a Clow Card, is it?
Pixie: ...?
Sakura: Aah! It's so cute, Tomoyo-chan!
Tomoyo: But fairies? Seeing them makes me feel like this isn't real life...
Pixie 1: ...!
Pixie 2: ...!
Pixie 3: ...
Tomoyo: Oh my, so many fairies have come out.
Sakura: Huh?
Pixies: ...
The fairies surround Sakura and begin to poke and prod at her.
Sakura: Hoeee! H-help me out here!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan!
Sakura: Why'd they start picking on me all of a sudden?
Sakura: Eek! Let go of my clothes!
Sakura: Hooeeee!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 1: Sakura's Skyventure - Episode 3[edit]

While heading toward Nymph's Ravine, (Captain) and the others hear a little girl screaming. They discover Sakura being tormented by fairies. Unable to leave Tomoyo and Sakura alone in a strange new world, (Captain) decides to help them.

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Vyrn: Magic? I'm learnin' it myself.
Vyrn: But I'm not like a master or anything yet.
???: Hooeeee!
Vyrn: Mm? Was that a voice just now?
Lyria: That was a girl screaming!
Petra: (Captain), let us hurry to assist her at once!
Lyria: Ah, (Captain)! Those two girls are surrounded by pixies!
Petra: We must save them quickly!
Magisa: Not so hasty, (Captain). You two either, Lyria and Petra.
Magisa: That girl there, she's dressed a little funny.
Tomoyo: Huh?
Sakura: Hooeee!
Magisa: You there. You should be able to hold some sway over the pixies. Center yourself before addressing them.
Pixie: ...
Sakura: Stop it!
Magisa: My, my... Well, you there, other young lady. Perhaps you could get the message across to her for me?
Tomoyo: Eh? Um, sorry, but who are you?
Magisa: I'm certainly a suspicious character—that much I recognize—but you can trust me. Or don't. I can't say I care one way or the other.
Magisa: But it wouldn't do to let little mischief makers go unscolded.
Tomoyo: R-right!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan, she's telling you to calm down and try talking to them!
Sakura: Talk to them! They're busy pulling on my clothes and hair!
Tomoyo: It's okay, Sakura-chan! Just let them know they're being bad! Scold them!
Magisa: ...
Sakura: Scold them? Um... Um...
Sakura: Ow, ow...
Sakura: Grr! All of you, teasing is wrong!
Pixie: ...!
At the girl's forceful cry, the pixies stop messing with her and begin looking at one another.
Tomoyo: I think they're listening...
Tomoyo: Just like that! Keep going Sakura!
Sakura: E-everyone, please! Listen to me! No more teasing!
Her voice is firm as she addresses the pixies.
They seem to calm down significantly, before fluttering away in every direction.
Sakura: They actually listened!
Tomoyo: Wow, that was amazing, Sakura-chan!
Magisa: Hehe. I knew it.
Sakura: What just happened?
Sakura: U-um, thank you, miss! You really saved me!
Magisa: Oh? But I did no such thing. That was all your doing.
Petra: Greetings. I am relieved to see that you are not injured!
Vyrn: Hey, you girls sure are wearin' some pretty funny clothes. What brings you here?
Sakura: Um, eh, you see... We just...
Sakura: Huh? You... Have we met somewhere before?
Vyrn: Me? Pretty sure this is the first time we've met!
Sakura: Really?
Lyria: Oh, are you two perhaps apprentice magicians? Did you come here to practice magic?
Tomoyo: Apprentice magicians? I mean, no, but Sakura-chan is a really pretty, really cute magical girl.
Vyrn: A wha?
Tomoyo: Actually we were kind of, um, sent here all of a sudden...
Sakura: She's right. We don't know where we are or what happened.
Petra: Sent here all of a sudden? Is that possible?
Tomoyo: That's why we don't know anything. So, um, if you don't mind... Who are you all?
Lyria: Oh, right, sorry. We're skyfarers. This is the captain of our crew!
Vyrn: We travel the skies in a big airship!
Tomoyo: So you're travelers!
Sakura: A captain...
Lyria: Did you remember something?
Sakura: Yeah! Did you all happen to see a boy around here? Maybe he had a little stuffed animal thing with him?
Sakura: He should've been brought here with us, but we haven't seen him! He's a really important friend...
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan...
Tears begin to form in Sakura's eyes. Even Tomoyo ever so faintly begins to shake as she lifts a hand to comfort Sakura.
Lyria: Falling into a place you know nothing about and being separated from your friend... That sounds awful...
Petra: (Captain), should we not help this girl find her friend?
Petra: They have been brought here through mysterious means, so we cannot leave them on their own.
Vyrn: Hear, hear. We're headed to a little town thingy, right? Why don't we ask about 'em there?
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Magisa: Hehe. It looks like we'll be assisting you girls.
Tomoyo: Really? Thank you so much!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan, isn't this great?
Sakura: Yeah, it really is, Tomoyo-chan!
Sakura: Thank you, everyone!
Sakura: (Kero-chan, Li-kun... Stay safe wherever you are!)

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 1: Sakura's Skyventure - Episode 4[edit]

Kero-chan and Syaoran have been thrown into the new world together. They decide to search for Sakura and Tomoyo but are soon assaulted by monsters. Kero-chan notices a giant
boat-like thing in the distance and suggests they head in that direction.

Watch scene in game

Syaoran: Tch!
Syaoran: Fuka Shourai!
Kero-chan: Oh! Well look at you, hot stuff! Keep it up!
Syaoran: Grr... On top of not knowing where we are, these weird things keep coming out of nowhere!
Syaoran: Cerberus, you could start acting like the creature of the seal any time now!
Kero-chan: What're you saying? I haven't gotten enough of my strength back to turn into my true form!
Kero-chan: But if I had enough, I'd take care of these suckers in one punch!
Kero-chan: Look alive, kid! Next one's coming!
Syaoran: Tch...
Monsters: ...!
Syaoran: Seriously! One. After. Another!
Kero-chan: Yeesh... Just how far away did Sakura and Tomoyo get thrown from us...
Kero-chan: Man, no matter how much you look, this sky just keeps stretching and stretching. It doesn't look a thing like Tomoeda.
Kero-chan: Wait a minute... Are those people?
Kero-chan: Kid, I see something that looks like a big boat! If we get over there, maybe we can ask about Sakura and Tomoyo!
Syaoran: Really?
Kero-chan: I'll go check it out first!
Syaoran: O-oy! Wait! Cerberus!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 2: Sakura and the Airship - Episode 1[edit]

When (Captain) and the others arrive at the township closest to the ravine, Sakura immediately senses the presence of a Clow Card. They leave in the direction of the Clow Card and come upon The Watery. Upon seeing Sakura, the indignant Clow Card launches a burst of water at her and flees.

Watch scene in game

Back at the township near Nymph's Ravine...
Petra: There is a quiver in the wind. This doesn't bode well.
Magisa: We're starting to see the effects of the disturbance.
Lyria: It's like no one's here. Where do you think everyone went?
Sakura: This place... It kind of gives me the creeps.
Sakura: Are you okay, Tomoyo-chan?
Tomoyo: Yeah. I don't feel especially different here.
Sakura: Really? Well, um, let's keep going.
Sakura: ...!
Tomoyo: What's the matter?
Sakura: I felt a Clow Card! But why can't I—
Sakura: It could be Windy!
Vyrn: What's this all about?
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan, please wait! You shouldn't go by yourself!
Petra: I will come too!
Vyrn: Oy! Where's everybody goin'?
Vyrn: Sheesh, these girls are a handful! I better follow 'em!
Sakura: It should be here!
Sakura arrives at a waterfall spilling into a large basin.
Lyria: The water in that pool is overflowing! It's like the water has a mind of its own!
Vyrn: It's not even rainin', so why is the water spillin' out everywhere!
Magisa: I see...
Petra faces the waterfall, quietly draws in a deep breath, closes her eyes tight, and begins chanting a soft incantation.
Petra: Spirit of water, that which dwells in these lands... In the name of the celestial wind, I beg you to lend me your powers...
Petra's body begins to glow with a faint light. The light travels through her torso, passes into her arms, and collects into the head of her staff.
Sakura: Whoa!
Tomoyo: That's amazing!
Petra lowers the staff into the water, and the light rolls out into the basin like a ball.
Lyria: Look, everyone! The water in the pool is going down!
Vyrn: I coulda mistook you for a water shaman, Petra!
Magisa: I'm afraid it's not over yet.
Petra: Mm?
Petra: Wh-what is this energy!
The water begins bubbling out of the basin again, this time more vigorously than before.
???: ...!
Petra: Could this be a water spirit?
Sakura: That's Watery!
Magisa: ...!
Watery: ...!
Sakura: Watery! Wait! Why are you here too!
The aqueous form that Sakura calls Watery looks the girl up and down, frowns, and disappears back into the basin.
Sakura: Wait!
Sakura: ...!
Sakura: I don't feel Watery here anymore...
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan! Are you okay?
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan, that was Watery just now!
Sakura: But...
Sakura: Why is Watery here? And why did it get mad at me?
Magisa: That nymph just now...
Petra: A voice I have never heard... The sudden appearance of a spirit...
Lyria: Sakura-chan, do you know this spirit?
Sakura: Um, well, I'm not sure how to explain...
Magisa: (Captain), shall we go back to the Grandcypher for a bit?
Magisa: Sakura and I... have a little something I'd like to discuss.
Magisa: Sakura, you wouldn't mind telling me about that nymph just now, would you, doll?
Sakura: No, not at all. (Watery... Why would you run away...)

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 2: Sakura and the Airship - Episode 2[edit]

(Captain) and the others return to the Grandcypher, where Sakura and Tomoyo are reunited with Syaoran and Kero-chan. The boys explain that Katalina saved them from a monster attack. After their explanation, Magisa tells the visitors from the other world that a disturbance has befallen the ravine.

Watch scene in game

Sakura: Whoa! What a big boat!
Tomoyo: It's very impressive! I suppose this is what you meant when you talked about an airship.
Vyrn: Yep. What's a crew of skyfarers without an airship? We've done a lot of adventurin' on board the Grandcypher here!
Katalina: Ah, everyone's back I see. Who do we have here? Could it be...
Kero-chan: Sakuraaa! Tomoyo! You're both safe! I was so worried!
Sakura: Kero-chan!
Tomoyo: Kero-chan, thank goodness you're safe! Is
Li-kun with you?
Syaoran: So you guys were okay after all. Good.
Sakura: Li-kun!
Katalina: Haha. I see the friends are reunited.
Magisa: Hehe. It would appear so. (There's something peculiar about this child too.)
Syaoran: ...?
Petra: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Petra, a wind shaman.
Magisa: Magisa. You can call me sis or beautiful or whatever you'd like. And, just as you can see, I am a witch.
Lyria: I'm Lyria!
Vyrn: And I'm Vyrn! Pleasure's all ours!
Katalina: I'm Katalina Aryze. Nice to meet you.
Sakura: My name's Sakura Kinomoto.
Tomoyo: And my name is Tomoyo Daidouji.
Syaoran: Syaoran Li here.
Kero-chan: And I'm the great creature of the seal, Cerberus!
Kero-chan: This nice woman found us! Wheeew, don't know what we would've done without you!
Katalina: You would've managed, I'm sure! But I'm just happy to have helped you all, Cerberus.
Kero-chan: R-right...
Sakura: Where were you guys? How'd you end up here?
Syaoran: Right. About that...
Kero-chan: Wait a minute... Are those people?
Kero-chan: Kid, I see something that looks like a big boat! If we get over there, maybe we can ask about Sakura and Tomoyo!
Syaoran: O-oy! Wait! Cerberus!
Monster: Groooar!
Syaoran: Oh man...
Katalina: Haaah!
Katalina: Boy! Can you walk? Take cover behind me. Now!
Syaoran: Huh? O-okay!
Katalina: You weren't wounded, right? What were you doing out here alone? This place is dangerous.
Syaoran: I was just...
Syaoran: Ah, um... Thanks for that...
Kero-chan: Wow, lady, you're the best! That was great swordplay! Are you some kind of knight?
Katalina: Yes, but... Who are you two?
Kero-chan: I'm the guardian beast, Cerberus!
Kero-chan: And this kid is...
Syaoran: My name's Syaoran Li.
Katalina: Syaoran Li and Cerberus. Just you two then.
Katalina: You can relax now. I wouldn't abandon children being attacked by monsters.
Katalina: ...
Kero-chan: Hmm? You okay, lady?
Katalina: Cough. Ah, uh... Sorry. I didn't mean to stare. Apologies, Cerberus.
Kero-chan: Can't blame you! How can you look away from a face this rugged?
Kero-chan: As a special treat for saving me, how's about I let you pet me?
Katalina: Really? I can? I would love to!
Kero-chan: Yep, yep! But make sure you use proper technique!
Kero-chan: Maaan, being this handsome is a curse sometimes.
Syaoran: You say the dumbest things...
Katalina: Haha. Here we go....
Katalina: Cerberus! You're so soft. So adorable.
Kero-chan: Gweeh... Um, lady, could you take your metal glove off? You've got to be gentle...
Katalina: Oh, right. Sorry about that.
Katalina: How's this? Hehe.
Kero-chan: Gweh!
Katalina: Ohhh wow, wow, wow! Cerberus, you're the most adorable thing in the skies!
Katalina: I just want to hug you forever!
Kero-chan: You're freaking me out, lady!
Kero-chan: Gweeeh! It huurts!
Katalina: Huh? Cerberus?
Katalina: S-sorry! Come back to us, Cerberus!
Syaoran: And that's how Katalina rescued us.
Katalina: After we returned, I thought I would wait for everyone else to get back before searching for Li's friends. Looks like that was the correct course of action.
Tomoyo: I think it was. I'm so glad we ran into nice people.
Magisa: Excuse me, but if I may interrupt. I believe I have found one cause of the disturbance in the ravine.
Katalina: You have?
Magisa: Indeed. And about that cause... It's one that Sakura and her friends would know about. Perhaps.
Magisa: So, let's see if my hunch is correct.
Magisa: Sakura... You can use magic, no?
Magisa: And what's more, magic unlike anything in this world...
Sakura: Um... I guess...
Magisa: That's right. And you...
Magisa: You're a magic wielder too, aren't you, Syaoran Li?
Syaoran: Yes. But why do you ask?
Magisa: I sense a mysterious power in you. One similar to magic found here—and yet, different.
Magisa: Perhaps you lovely little ones could tell me more about the magic you command?

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 2: Sakura and the Airship - Episode 3[edit]

Sakura tells Kero-chan that she saw The Watery. She then performs a Clow Card reading to determine the cause of The Watery's frustration. It comes to light that the rogue Clow Card is suffering from a deep sadness.

Watch scene in game

Lyria: Clow Cards... A new magic made from someone named Clow...
Vyrn: They're magic cards sealed with a lot of power, right?
Kero-chan: Sakura here has to keep the cards she's collected in a special book.
Kero-chan: And my job is to be the creature that guards its seal.
Kero-chan: There are lots of Clow Cards out there. But not just anybody can use them. If you don't have any magical ability, then you aren't going to have much luck with them.
Petra: So you mean to suggest that Sakura and Syaoran are Clow Card users?
Lyria: So, Sakura-chan, that makes you a magician!
Sakura: Well, um...
Kero-chan: That's right! I, the great creature of the seal, chose the wondrous Sakura to be an amazing Cardcaptor!
Kero-chan: I'm repeating myself here, but people without magic can't be a Cardcaptor. Though Sakura's got the stuff.
Kero-chan: Because she can command the cards, it's her duty to find all the Clow Cards, no matter where they fly off to!
Lyria: Wow. Sakura-chan sounds like an amazing magician!
Tomoyo: Yes, she definitely is! I'm so glad you noticed her talent, Lyria!
Sakura: T-Tomoyo-chan...
Lyria: Syaoran-kun, you can use Clow Cards too, right? Why is that?
Syaoran: That's because I'm related to the person who originally made the Clow Cards.
Syaoran: So I was born with the magic power necessary to use them.
Vyrn: That makes sense.
Magisa: The water nymph back at the waterfall... Its power felt like yours, Sakura, but distinct and independent.
Magisa: Which leads me to believe... It's one of the Clow Cards, isn't it?
Sakura: Yes. That one is called Watery.
Sakura: But why...
Kero-chan: Hey, wait a minute. You saw Watery? Here? What's that about?
Sakura tells Kero-chan about the encounter with Watery back at the waterfall.
Syaoran: Kinomoto, protect your cards! If you get blown away—
Sakura: Huh?
Kero-chan: No, it must have happened at that time!
Syaoran: You let them get away!
A nervous Kero-chan begins digging through the pile of cards, already knowing his search for The Watery is in vain.
Kero-chan: It's not here! Not here!
Kero-chan: Where did Watery go!
Kero-chan: I'm sorry, Sakura! Even though I was there to protect the cards, I lost one!
Sakura: No. It's not your fault, Kero-chan. No one knew what was happening at the time.
Sakura: And besides, I couldn't protect the card I was holding...
Sakura: But now I know that card was Watery.
Sakura: And I have to go find it!
Sakura: But it seemed so angry with me at the waterfall.
Sakura: It looked right at me and then ran away...
Sakura: Why do you think it did that?
Kero-chan: Ask the Clow Cards. You can find out the real reason Watery ran away from you.
Sakura: Mm!
Kero-chan: First, shuffle the cards. Then cut the deck into four—but only with your left hand—then put 'em back into one pile. Again with your left. Remember?
Kero-chan: Ah, you got it. There you go.
Kero-chan: All right! Now just close your eyes and listen.
Sakura: Cards made by Clow, answer my questions.
As if responding to Sakura's voice, the Clow Cards begin to shine with light.
Sakura: Reveal the true form of that which is hidden.
Kero-chan: What's the top card?
Sakura: The Fly?
Kero-chan: You remember this first card represents news or a transmission, right?
Sakura: Yes.
Kero-chan: Well The Fly would give you the same news or transmission that The Windy would.
Kero-chan: You're missing The Windy now, so the cards are trying to tell you something by giving you The Fly...
Kero-chan: These next three cards should reveal why The Watery ran away. Flip 'em!
Sakura: The Fiery, The Freeze, and The Dark...
Kero-chan: Now decipher what this card combo means...
Syaoran: The Fiery represents anger, The Freeze represents isolation and sadness, and The Dark represents our current situation.
Kero-chan: I can't say I didn't see this coming, but The Watery is angry and saddened, because it feels neglected by Sakura.
Sakura: No...
Kero-chan: But you understand how it feels, Sakura. Now, let's look deeper into its actions.
Kero-chan: The bottom card in the remaining pile is what The Watery is now pursuing.
Sakura: The Light...
Watery: ...
Sakura: Watery!
Sakura: The Light... Does it mean me?
Kero-chan: The Light is the opposite of The Dark...
Kero-chan: Which means it wants to leave the dark place it's in now and come back to a light place—that's you, Sakura.
Sakura: Watery... I'm so sorry...
Sakura: Kero-chan! I have to go to see Watery! I don't want to hurt it anymore!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan...
Kero-chan: I understand. I do, but... There's more than just spirits around here. Not sure what could creep up on you, but it could get ugly.
Kero-chan: No matter how good you've gotten at capturing those cards, I'm not sure you've got the magic to handle this one...
Kero-chan: It's practically a miracle that we all got back together.
Syaoran: ...
Sakura: But I can't leave Watery alone like this!
Kero-chan: Of course you can't. That's why I'm trying to think of what to do...
Katalina: Please wait. We've heard what you had to say. And we'd be more than happy to help you find this Watery thing.
Kero-chan: You will? Seriously? You've already helped us so much!
Syaoran: Are you sure?
Sakura: We don't want to trouble you anymore!
Vyrn: Who said anything about trouble!
Vyrn: We already talked it over! (Captain) won't let you offa this ship unless you accept our help!
Lyria: Leave the monsters to us! Katalina and (Captain) are both very strong!
Petra: I was able to hear the voice of Watery. Perhaps I could be of some assistance as well.
Katalina: And this way we might find out what has befallen the ravine, so we want to escort you.
Lyria: That's right! So you can rely on us without feeling guilty!
Sakura: Lyria-san... Everyone!
Kero-chan: We couldn't ask for more! Right, Sakura?
Sakura: Yeah! Thank you so much, everyone!
Sakura: We'll work hard together!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 2: Sakura and the Airship - Episode 4[edit]

(Captain) and the others accompany Sakura to The Watery's location. Consumed with rage, it attacks them almost immediately. (Captain), Sakura, and the others work together to quell its rampage.

Watch scene in game

Sakura: I can feel the card coming from over here, I think!
Katalina: Okay, then let's hurry.
Lyria: Hehe. Sakura-chan, you look really cute! Just like a water fairy!
Vyrn: Yeah, that pointy hat looks great on you!
Sakura: Huh!
Sakura: Th-thank you! Urgh, this is so embarrassing...
Sakura: How did Tomoyo-chan manage to bring an outfit at a time like this...
Tomoyo: Hehe. This costume was inspired by the first time you captured Watery, Sakura-chan. I always carry it with me—just in case!
Tomoyo: I'm always prepared to record your bravery!
Kero-chan: Tomoyo, you never change!
Lyria: I think...
Katalina: Huh? What is it, Lyria?
Lyria: This feeling!
Lyria: Wait... It vanished?
Vyrn: What happened, Lyria?
Sakura and Li: ...!
Petra: I have heard the voice of Watery! That way!
Watery: ...
Water Elemental: ...
Sakura: Watery!
Petra: Wait, Sakura!
Watery: ...!
When Watery sees Sakura approaching, it nods to a water elemental. The two creatures draw in water from all around and blast it at Sakura.
Sakura: Eek!
Syaoran: Are you okay?
Sakura: Yeah, I'm fine! Thanks, Li-kun.
Kero-chan: I get the feeling that Watery's gotten stronger somehow.
Magisa: Watery is what you call this nymph, correct?
Magisa: This waterfall is home to many water nymphs. It is a matter of course that they are strengthening each other through some sort of synergy.
Sakura: Watery! I'm sorry for leaving you all alone! I've come back for you!
Watery: ...!
Sakura: Jump!
Petra: Sakura, your words aren't reaching Watery right now! It is too angered—it is in a rampage!
Sakura: What? B-but why!
Kero-chan: Sakura! You need to force Watery to accept you as its proper master!
Sakura: Force it to accept me?
Kero-chan: Seal it again! If it gets any angrier, it'll be that much more dangerous! You're the only one that can stop it!
Tomoyo: You can do it, Sakura-chan! I know you can!
Sakura: Okay, I'll try!
Sakura dodges Watery's onslaught and takes a position beside (Captain).
Sakura: (Captain), I'll stop it!
Sakura: But I can't take on all of the others. Please help me!
Affirming Sakura's plan, (Captain) draws a weapon.
Katalina: Of course we'll help. We'll take the monsters around the perimeter. Let's go, (Captain)!
Kero-chan: Get 'em, Sakura!
Syaoran: You can do this.
Sakura: Yes. I have to!
Sakura: Wait for me, Watery!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 3: Sakura's Sleepless Night - Episode 1[edit]

Although Sakura has sealed The Watery, the spirits continue their strange behavior. Later Sakura apologizes to The Watery, promising to never part with it again. The Cardcaptor is once again racked with guilt when she realizes The Windy must be currently suffering the same loneliness that consumed The Watery.

Watch scene in game

Sakura: All right!
Sakura: Watery!
Sakura hugs The Watery card close to her chest.
Kero-chan: Huh? Feels like Watery has something it wants to say.
Sakura: It does?
The card glows, and The Watery appears before Sakura.
Watery: ...
Kero-chan: Mhm-mhm. Got it. I'll let her know.
Kero-chan: But, you know, I was responsible too. So don't be too hard on Sakura, okay?
Watery: ...
Sakura: Kero-chan, what is Watery saying?
Kero-chan: I'll let you know every single word. Watery says...
Kero-chan: Sakura, take care of me. I want to be with you forever. Because I love you.
Kero-chan: Aaand that's all of it.
Sakura: I will! I will!
Sakura: I'm sorry, Watery! I made you so lonely!
Sakura: We'll be together forever! I love you too!
Sakura: So you don't have to worry!
An uneasy Sakura gently wraps her arms around Watery.
Watery: ...
As if Sakura's words eased the weariness in its heart, Watery's expression softens, and it returns back inside the card.
Sakura: Oh, Watery...
Petra: Now that Watery has returned, it seems that the spirits in this area have calmed down a bit.
Petra: But the winds have not yet changed. Perhaps the reason lies outside of Sakura's Clow Cards.
Magisa: It would seem not...
Sakura: Kero-chan, you said that captured Clow Cards grow fond of their masters, right?
Kero-chan: I did. Clow Cards consider the one that seals them to be the most important person in the world.
Sakura: I see... Not being with the person you like the most...
Sakura: It must be lonely...
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan...
Syaoran: ...

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 3: Sakura's Sleepless Night - Episode 2[edit]

A restless Sakura spills her heart out to Tomoyo. Lyria hears her emotional outpouring of guilt and tells her to put her faith in (Captain). This causes Tomoyo to wonder if Lyria like-likes (Captain). An embarrassed Lyria stumbles through her response, but the girls continue with their romantic chitchat for some time.

Watch scene in game

After capturing Watery, (Captain) and the others head back to the Grandcypher to regroup.
Sakura and Tomoyo go to Lyria's room to catch some shut eye, but the girls spend the night restless and awake.
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan, are you still awake?
Tomoyo: Yes. I'm awake.
Tomoyo: It sounds like you couldn't sleep either.
Sakura: Yeah... I've got a lot on my mind. Do you want to talk a little bit?
Tomoyo: Of course.
Sakura remembers the day's ordeal with Watery and begins to recount her complicated feelings.
Sakura: As soon as I realized I hurt Watery, I felt so bad...
Sakura: A Clow Card cares the most for the person who captures it... And if that's the case...
Sakura: Windy must be the same as Watery. I bet Windy's out there sad and lonely...
Tomoyo: Kero-chan mentioned that too...
Sakura: Even though I have you, Kero-chan, and
Li-kun, I don't know where we've ended up.
Sakura: And that's such a lonely, scary thing. And poor Windy is all by itself.
Sakura: Just thinking about it hurts.
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan...
Sakura: I want to hurry and find Windy. And I want it to feel at peace.
Sakura: I just want to tell it that everything's going to be all right!
Lyria: Um... Everything is all right.
Sakura: Lyria-san?
Tomoyo: Lyria-san, sorry. Did we wake you up?
Lyria: No, not at all. I was busy thinking, and I couldn't sleep.
Lyria: I'm sorry for butting into your conversation.
Lyria: But I thought I should say something.
Lyria: It's normal for you to be worried,
Lyria: You don't know this world, so of course things will get scary or painful or lonely...
Sakura: Lyria-san...
Lyria: But you don't have to worry! Our crew's captain is a wonderful person!
Lyria: No matter the circumstances, (Captain) won't ignore someone who needs help.
Lyria: Even if we've never seen or met that person, I bet (Captain) would still risk anything to save them. That's just how nice our captain is.
Tomoyo: (Captain) sounds great.
Lyria: Exactly! Sakura-chan, I know you'll do your best to help us.
Lyria: So we're going to do our best to help you!
Lyria: We were able to meet each other, and we've already become such good friends.
Lyria: So everything's going to be fine. You don't have to worry about finding Windy alone!
Lyria: You can trust Captain (Captain).
Sakura: Lyria-san...
Sakura: ...
Lyria: Wh-why are you crying! Was it something I said?
Sakura: N-no. I'm just so... happy!
Sakura: I feel better, a-and these tears... just started on their own!
Tomoyo: I know how you feel. Lyria really has a way with encouraging words.
Sakura: Yeah... Thanks, Lyria-san.
Lyria: I'm glad you feel better. And it was all true! Everything's going to be okay!
Sakura: Okay. I trust you. And I trust how strong and nice (Captain) is.
Tomoyo: ...!
Tomoyo: Lyria, do you like-like (Captain)?
Lyria: What! I, um, uh...
Lyria: I, um, don't know how I feel about that sort of thing...
Lyria's cheeks flush as she begins to speak about her feelings toward (Captain).
Lyria: (Captain) always helps me when things get scary and teaches me a lot of fun stuff about the world...
Lyria: We always have fun together.
Lyria: And we always understand each other when we're feeling down.
Lyria: When we're together, I just feel comfortable.
Lyria: I feel like there's nothing to be afraid of in this whole wide world when we're together.
Lyria: So that's why if there's anything I can do for (Captain), I'll do it.
Lyria: I've already been helped so much, so I want to give back.
Tomoyo: I can definitely see where you're coming from.
Tomoyo: The people we love can bring us so much happiness. So we want to return that happiness whenever we can.
Tomoyo: I believe the greatest joy of all is watching the person you love find joy themselves.
Lyria: That's beautiful!
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan is definitely going to make a lucky person happy some day.
Lyria: Sakura-chan, is there someone you like?
Sakura: Um? Eh-heh...
The girls spend a brief but delightful evening relishing in romantic talk.
Sakura: That's right! Lyria-san, I should pay you back for making me feel better!
Sakura: Release!
Sakura: I command thee, fill this room with beautiful flowers.
Sakura: Flower.
Lyria: Wow! That's amazing! There are so many blossoms!
Tomoyo: Hehe! Sakura-chan, you're so wonderful!
Lyria: Clow Cards can do so many things, can't they! Sakura-chan, they're really the perfect type of magic for you!
Sakura: Hehehe.
Although their night started out wrapped in dread, the three girls fall asleep with happiness blooming in their hearts.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 3: Sakura's Sleepless Night - Episode 3[edit]

While the girls are chatting beneath deck, Syaoran is above deck, brooding about his inability to do anything for Sakura. Magisa discovers the boy and begins to tease him, as she does with all adorable things. Soon after, (Captain) joins the conversation and reassures the young boy that the crew would help him and his friends find their way home. As their conversation wilts, lightning cuts through the air, and Syaoran begins to sense the presence of a Clow Card.

Watch scene in game

While Sakura and the girls are chatting away below deck, Syaoran is loitering above deck by himself.
Syaoran: ...
Sakura: I will! I will!
Sakura: I'm sorry, Watery! I made you so lonely!
Sakura: Kero-chan, you said that captured Clow Cards grow fond of their masters, right?
Kero-chan: I did. Clow Cards consider the one that seals them to be the most important person in the world.
Sakura: I see... Not being with the person you like the most...
Sakura: It must be lonely...
Syaoran: ...
Syaoran: I can't let myself be the next one to get distracted at a time like this.
Syaoran: Not while she's down...
Syaoran: ...
Syaoran: I've got to get the remaining cards back and find a way to return with the others to our world.
Magisa: Oh, if it isn't little Syaoran.
Syaoran: Magisa.
Magisa: Couldn't sleep?
Syaoran: There's a lot on my mind.
Although Syaoran's expression is stiff, it belies his inner distress.
Magisa: If you're worried about something, why don't you get it off your chest? Come now, you can tell me.
Syaoran: No, that's not it...
Syaoran: The worried ones are them. I'm perfectly fine.
Magisa: Hehe.
Finding the boy's peculiar juxtaposition of youth and rigidity adorable, Magisa grins.
And ever the fan of tormenting cute things, the witch edges closer to Syaoran.
Magisa: Syaoran, you're quite a masculine thing, aren't you?
Syaoran: Huh?
Magisa: You're so petite but already so admirable. Everyone depends on you, don't they, Syaoran?
Syaoran: What? Not really...
Syaoran: It's just if I show that I'm worried about something, then those two get worried too.
Magisa: No matter what age they are, boys will be boys, won't they? I bet you'll be quite the charmer one day.
  1. Magisa!
  2. Syaoran...

Choose: Magisa!
Magisa: Oh, greetings, (Captain). You've just missed a great conversation.

Choose: Syaoran...
Syaoran: Good evening, (Captain).
Continue 1
Having heard Syaoran's concerns, (Captain) plops down beside the boy and begins patting his head.
  1. It'll be okay.
  2. You can rely on us.

Choose: It'll be okay.
Syaoran: Eh?
(Captain) grins widely at the surprised Syaoran.

Choose: You can rely on us.
Syaoran: No... We won't be anymore of a burden than we've already been.
(Captain) smiles and disagrees with the confused Syaoran.
Continue 2
(Captain) explains it's admirable that Syaoran does his best to be a reliable friend.
The boy feels his confidence slowly start to return as (Captain) continues to encourage him.
Syaoran turns his head and looks (Captain) in the eye.
Syaoran: Thanks... You've really helped me.
Letting loose a long sigh of relief, the boy finally returns (Captain)'s grin.
Syaoran: ...!
Magisa: That feeling... Could it be?
Syaoran: A Clow Card!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 3: Sakura's Sleepless Night - Episode 4[edit]

Sakura and the others head above deck and learn that the lightning is being caused by The Thunder. The same magic circle from Tomoeda appears and attempts to steal more Clow Cards from Kero-chan, but Magisa dissipates it with a display of powerful magic.

Watch scene in game

Petra: The wind grows volatile! What could this mean?
Petra: Ah—
Katalina: A lightning flash? Is it storming?
Sensing a strange presence, Petra, Katalina, Kero-chan, Sakura, Tomoyo, and Lyria head for the deck.
Lyria: ...!
Sakura: Li-kun! Kero-chan! I can feel a Clow Card!
Kero-chan: But this doesn't feel like Windy at all! You don't think—
Lyria: It could be... But it also feels like...
Tomoyo: Eek!
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan!
Sakura: It's dangerous out here, so hurry and hide somewhere!
Lyria: Tomoyo-chan, this way!
Vyrn: What's up with this lightning? There's not even a drop of rain!
Petra: The higher altitude winds do not stir. It is only in this vicinity that abnormal storm clouds gather.
Vyrn: Storm clouds? But, Petra, there's not a single cloud out right now!
Petra: Who is doing this!
Kero-chan: Say it ain't so!
Kero-chan: Not here... The Thunder isn't here! It wasn't just The Watery that we lost back then!
Syaoran: Then that means...
Sakura: This has to be...
Sakura and Li: Thunder!
Magic Circle: ...
Kero-chan: ...!
Katalina: What is that? A magic circle?
Sakura: Hey, it's like before!
Syaoran: It's the magic circle we saw in Tomoeda! What's it doing here?
Magisa: That magic circle!
The magic circle reappears in front of
It begins a menacing swirl, drawing in both the guardian and the cards he clutches.
Kero-chan: Aaah! C-cut it out!
Katalina: Cerberus!
Sakura: Kero-chan! I'll save you!
Vyrn: Oy, hold it, Sakura! You wanna get sucked in too? Back up!
Magisa: Massive Meteor Storm!
A demon manifests and lobs a gigantic ball of flame at the magic circle.
Morax: ...
The magic circle dissipates from Morax's assault, freeing Kero-chan from its pull.
Magisa: That was too close for comfort. Thanks, Moe.
The demon bows and disappears in a puff of ensorcelled smoke.
Syaoran: That's the nature of Magisa's magic...
Sakura: Kero-chan!
Kero-chan: Thank you, Witchy! I was about to get flung to who-knows-where again!
Magisa: Again? You mean to say that magic circle was what brought you dolls to our world?
Sakura: Yes!
Kero-chan: Yep. But it happened about as fast as a flicker of my wings, so none of us remember that much about it.
With the disappearance of the magic circle, so too does the reverberating lightning cease.
Syaoran: Then we're after both Windy and Thunder. We'll have to find them. Just like Watery.
Sakura: Thunder!
Vyrn: Everybody, it's already super late, and we can't exactly search for the Clow Cards until mornin'.
Vyrn: So let's all go get some z's.
Katalina: I know you want to find them as quickly as you can, but Vyrn's right. Come on, let's head back to the rooms.
Sakura: Okay...
Kero-chan: Yeah. I'm aching to get out there, but when you're right, you're right.
Kero-chan: But what's that magic circle doing in this world too?
Kero-chan: And why'd it go after me and not Sakura? It had to have been on purpose...
Everyone returns to their respective rooms, wrapped in speculation about the day's events.
Tomoyo: Excuse me, Miss Katalina.
Katalina: Yes? What is it?
Tomoyo: There's something I'd like to borrow from you, if you don't mind.
Katalina: ...?

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 4: Sakura's Clow Card Bonds - Episode 1[edit]

The next morning, Petra guides (Captain) and the others through a forest neighboring the ravine. They discover The Windy surrounded by wind elementals, who quickly tells Sakura the whereabouts of The Thunder.

Watch scene in game

The next morning, Petra leads everyone to a forest just outside of the Nymph's Ravine.
She's brought them here at the advice of the wind spirits.
Vyrn: These wind spirit things, did they call for Sakura?
Petra: I cannot say for certain that this is what I heard.
Petra: But the moment that I felt the calm, supple breeze...
Petra: I received a vision of this path, and soon after, an image of Sakura as well.
Petra: It is as if the spirits want Sakura to come here.
Kero-chan: Whoa! I didn't know you had that kind of power going for you. But I knew you weren't just some ordinary girl either.
Vyrn: Speaking of powerful ladies, Magisa left for that little village awfully early, didn't she?
Lyria: Yes, she said she had something to do. Katalina went with her.
Kero-chan: That Magisa's magic is on a whole 'nother level. After the spell she pulled off last night, you can see why she's called a genius.
Petra: Sakura, this way please!
Wind Elemental: ...
Sakura: There are so many spirits here!
Vyrn: Just under here is the ravine. I bet that's why there are so many nymphs here!
Kero-chan: I sense something...
???: ...
Sakura: Windy!
Petra: It is you!
The Windy hangs in the air, peacefully drifting among a flock of wind elementals.
Windy: ...
Petra: Huh?
Kero-chan: Windy's a gentle card that doesn't like to fight. I bet it just wants to go home with its friends.
Kero-chan: And I bet it was waiting right here for Sakura!
Kero-chan: Petra, Windy says thanks for guiding everyone here!
Petra: Yes. Windy's thoughts are clear to me as well!
Windy: ...
Petra: Haha...
Kero-chan: Sakura, Windy says it knows where Thunder is!
Sakura: Where Thunder is! Really, Windy?
Kero-chan: It says that it can't control Thunder by itself, so it wants you to hurry and capture it.
Sakura: You're right. Let's go right now. Thanks, Windy!
Windy: ...
Windy flies ahead of the group, urging them to press on.
(Captain), Sakura, and the others follow suit soon after.
Tomoyo: Um, could you wait just a moment, Sakura-chan?
Sakura: Huh?
Tomoyo: Hehehe.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 4: Sakura's Clow Card Bonds - Episode 2[edit]

The Windy, who communicates to (Captain) and the others through Petra, leads everyone to a temple that has a row of horse statues in front of it. They notice that one of the statues is broken before heading into the heart of the complex.

Watch scene in game

Tomoyo: You look great, Sakura-chan!
Lyria: Yes! You look like a cute little kitty cat!
Vyrn: What! You changed costumes again?
Vyrn: It looks good on you—but you're super brave to wear somethin' like that!
Sakura: Where'd you get this one? Don't tell me you were packing it with you this whole time.
Tomoyo: Nope.
Tomoyo: Last night I asked Katalina to let me borrow a sewing kit.
Tomoyo: I haven't stayed up that late in such a long time!
Sakura: Hooeee!
Tomoyo: Hehe. Seeing you on this deck, in your cute outfit... It makes me so happy!
Tomoyo: It kind of reminds me of the day we first captured Thunder.
Sakura: Ahaha, yes it does.
Syaoran: Thunder has a wild spirit. If you're not careful, it'll strike you down with thunder faster than you can blink.
Sakura: W-well obviously!
Petra: The wind has begun stirring. The disturbance at the ravine... We are nearing whatever brought upon the spirits' confusion.
Syaoran: Where are we?
Tomoyo: What a mysterious place...
Sakura: Is that... a horse?
Windy has guided (Captain) and the others to a temple, which has several horse statues lined up in front of its exterior.
Windy: ...
Tomoyo: There are certainly a lot of horse statues here.
Vyrn: Looks like they could just spring to life at any time, huh?
Petra: Everyone, look over there!
Sakura: One of the statues was destroyed?
Lyria: It was! But why would only one of them be smashed?
Windy: ...
Petra: Windy is calling. It says that Thunder is just ahead.
Kero-chan: Then we'd better carry on!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 4: Sakura's Clow Card Bonds - Episode 3[edit]

The Thunder is waiting for (Captain) and the others inside the temple. Although it launches an attack, Sakura is able to seal the Clow Card without a fight. With all of the Clow Cards back under Sakura's control, the visitors from the other world begin to worry about how they're going to get home.

Watch scene in game

Thunder: ...
Lyria: What was that?
Syaoran: Thunder. It's that wolf-shaped thing, but it looks like it's sleeping.
Sakura: Yeah! Try not to wake it!
Kero-chan: Great timing. We can seal it while it's dreaming away.
Sakura: R-right...
Kero-chan: If there's something you gotta say to Thunder, do it after you've captured it! If you let this opportunity get away, it'll be real hard to catch up to it again!
Syaoran: Cerberus is correct. That thing is fierce.
Syaoran: If we disturb it while it's sleeping, there's no telling how it would react.
Sakura: O-okay. Got it. I'll speak with it afterwards.
Sakura takes a step forward, accidentally kicking a pebble as she lifts her foot.
Thunder: ...!
Kero-chan: What's the big idea, Sakura! You woke it up!
Sakura: Like you need to tell me that!
Thunder: Grrr!
Sakura: Eek!
Surprised by the sight of Sakura and the others, the freshly awoken Thunder begins wrapping itself in lightning and growling at the intruders.
Syaoran: Tch...
Syaoran: Raitei Shourai...
God of Thunder!
Kero-chan: Sakura! You better help him out! Use the Clow Cards!
Sakura: But I... I can't fight!
Kero-chan: The heck are you saying? Sakura, you know what's happening right now, right?
Sakura: I know. And that's why I can't bear to fight!
Kero-chan: But it's right in—
Sakura: All of the captured cards, they all love their masters.
Kero-chan: Huh?
Sakura: And it's because of that love that Thunder is hurting!
Sakura: How can I fight it? I have to apologize...
Sakura: I have to get Thunder to forgive me!
Syaoran: Seriously? Now?
Sakura: Thunder!
Sakura faces The Thunder and begins slowly approaching it.
Even as the beast hurls lightning around the girl, she continues forward.
Thunder: Grrr...
Sakura: I'm sorry. It had to be lonely... Being here by yourself...
Sakura: You were suddenly in a place you didn't recognize... with no one around you...
Sakura: But it's okay now. I won't make you sad anymore. And I'm sorry it took me this long to find you.
Sakura: But I'm here now...
Sakura: So please. Come back with me.
Thunder: Grrr...
The Thunder appears to react to Sakura's plea.
Kero-chan: It's just a beast. Words don't mean
Syaoran: No, it looks like it understood what Sakura wanted to say.
Sakura: Come on...
Thunder: Grr...
Sakura stands in front of The Thunder, holding out her hand. After a moment, the beast draws near her and places its head in her palm.
Sakura: Hehe. Welcome home, Thunder!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan! You're so amazing!
Thunder: ...
As Sakura pets The Thunder, it happily stretches out on the ground and patiently waits for the girl to seal it.
Sakura: Return to the form you were meant to be!
Sakura: Clow Card!
Kero-chan: You really did it... Have to admit I was worried for a second there...
Sakura: You helped so much, Windy. Thank you. You can go now.
Sakura holds both The Thunder and The Windy in her hands. All of her lost Clow Cards back in her possession, she breathes a sigh of relief.
Sakura: Kero-chan, that's all of them, right?
Kero-chan: You bet! I triple counted this time!
Sakura: Whew, good... Now there's just one thing left to do...
Syaoran: Find a way back to our world.
Kero-chan: That might be our biggest problem yet.
Just as Sakura and her friends celebrate overcoming one hurdle, an even greater challenge has presented itself.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 4: Sakura's Clow Card Bonds - Episode 4[edit]

Even though the lost Clow Cards have been captured, the spirits of the ravine are still acting strangely. Magisa infers that Sakura and her friends should go home as soon as possible to help return things to normal. Sakura is hesitant to leave the new friends she's made but soon acquiesces, and Magisa sends them back with her magic.

Watch scene in game

After capturing the Clow Cards, (Captain) and the others head back to the township to meet up with Magisa.
Magisa: I was waiting for you. I presume that Windy and Thunder came back to you?
Petra: Indeed. But even though the Clow Cards have been sealed, the spirits remain restless.
Petra: I wish to appease them as soon as possible.
Petra: It is impossible to deny that there must be some other cause for their turbulence.
Magisa: Yes. I believe so too.
Vyrn: What?
Magisa: The disturbance in this ravine... I believe there are two reasons why the nymphs remain provoked.
Magisa: The first is pure conjecture.
Magisa: But the other I have all but confirmed.
Magisa: It's due to the appearance of Sakura and her friends.
Sakura: Us? We're responsible?
Magisa: Sakura is capable of controlling the Clow Cards, so her potential is enormous. But she currently lacks enough magical capacity to wield them properly.
Magisa: The nymphs of the ravine understand this.
Magisa: So they're trying to steal them away, to take the hidden power of the Clow Cards for themselves.
Magisa: As long as the cards remain in this land, then the nymphs will continue their brouhaha.
Magisa: They may come for them in the most unexpected of ways, at the most unexpected of times.
Magisa: Therefore it's a bit too risky for Sakura and her friends to stick around here much longer. It is all the more imperative for them to find their way home.
Sakura: Is it really that bad...
Syaoran: And how do we find our way home? We don't know anything about the magic circle that brought us here.
Magisa: While you were gone, I remembered an ancient book I read in the past. It took me a while to find it in my book cellar.
Vyrn: A book?
Magisa: A grimoire. And contained within is a particular summoning circle you would find useful.
Kero-chan: That's a type of magic circle...
Petra: I sense a sinister energy. An unbelievable amount of dark energy is sealed within this book.
Kero-chan: Yeah, so much bad juju in there that I wouldn't touch this with a ten-foot sealing staff.
Magisa: Wise. A person with no magical talent would risk cursing him or herself by touching its cover—which would lead to an inevitable death. Perhaps.
Katalina: And you actually had me help you go searching for this book!
Lyria: What! Are you okay?
Lyria: Katalinaaa!
Magisa: Hehe. I was with her the whole time. I wouldn't let a curse befall Katalina, so don't worry your pretty little head.
Katalina: Of course...
Lyria: Magisa, are you sure you're both okay?
Magisa: Surely you've heard that I'm a genius witch? There's nothing called magic that I cannot master.
Kero-chan: Yeah, Witchy, you've got power to spare. Seems like you're always holding some back.
Magisa: Hehe...
The witch flashes the guardian beast a knowing smile before beginning to draw the summoning circle.
Kero-chan: Let's hope this works, so we can get back to Tomoeda.
Kero-chan: No idea what that first magic circle was or why it brought us here.
Magisa: Hehe. (Captain) wanted me to help you. How could I resist that?
Sakura: You're right, but...
Kero-chan: Witchy, we'd be nowhere if it weren't for you!
Magisa: And after my little talk with Syaoran, I find myself wanting to see you find your way home even more.
Sakura: What? Li-kun, did you do something to Magisa?
Syaoran: I didn't do anything! Why would you ask that?
Magisa: Come now, everything's ready. But a summoning alone won't get you back to your world.
Magisa: First we have to set the exit of this magic circle to your desired location.
Magisa: That will be the role of you two. That is to say, I need you to find a path that routes to Tomoeda. Your magic will be the guide.
Syaoran: Our magic? What do you mean "we need to find a way to Tomoeda?"
Magisa: Imagine the world you come from... Imagine it hard. Hah—I suppose you'll see what I mean once we get started.
Magisa: All right. Everyone, stand right here.
Sakura: Wait just a second...
Lyria: What's wrong, Sakura-chan?
Sakura: To go home so soon... It's just... It's just...
Sakura: I haven't thanked (Captain) or anyone else in the crew properly yet!
Magisa: ...
Sakura: You've all done so much for us, and we were just strangers to you before.
Sakura: And Lyria-san and I have become such good friends!
Sakura: To say goodbye without giving you all something in return... It's just...
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan...
Lyria: Sakura-chan.
Lyria: You don't have to do anything for us.
Sakura: Lyria-san?
Lyria: You've already given us so many fun memories together!
Lyria: You taught us about magic cards, and we saw you wearing Tomoyo-chan's cute costumes...
Lyria: Katalina got to pet Kero-chan, and
Syaoran did a lot for our crew.
Lyria: So you can go back to your world without any sort of guilt.
Lyria: We may never meet again.
Lyria: But we're friends forever!
Lyria: No matter how far apart we are, we're friends forever! Okay?
Sakura: ...
Sakura: Yeah. Thank you, Lyria-san.
Sakura: Also, um, Magisa. Thank you for teaching me a lot about magic. I learned a ton.
Magisa: Hehe. I'm glad to have helped.
Sakura: And Petra, thank you for helping us find Windy. We never would have found it if you hadn't listened for its voice.
Sakura: I'm sure Windy was happy it got to talk to you!
Petra: It is I who should be thankful for this wonderful experience!
Syaoran: Katalina. Thanks for back then. I'm sorry I have no way to repay you.
Katalina: What are you talking about? Children deserve to be protected. You have nothing to be ashamed of.
Syaoran: Right. Thanks again.
Sakura: (Captain), you did so much for us too.
Sakura: We'll never forget you!
Thank you everyone!
Tomoyo: You were all so wonderful. Thank you so much. Take care, okay!
Kero-chan: Bye, ladies! Bye, (Captain)! Thanks for everything!
Katalina: Cerberus, until we meet again!
Vyrn: Get back safe!
Petra: I shall pray for your safe return!
Magisa: Is everyone ready?
Syaoran: Yes. You ready, Kinomoto?
Sakura: I know for sure it'll work out.
Magisa: Hehe. I'm sure you'll all be fine. Good luck.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Sakura's Homecoming[edit]

After (Captain) and the others see off Sakura and her friends, Lyria senses the fleeting presence of a primal beast. Magisa determines that this primal must be the other cause of the disturbance in the ravine. And, once again, the witch sees a premonition foretelling an unfortunate situation for Lyria.

Watch scene in game

Lyria: They're gone...
Vyrn: Yeah...
An ominous wind cuts through the place where Sakura and her friends had been standing moments ago.
Petra: This wind!
Lyria: ...!
Katalina: Is that a horse's whinny?
Vyrn: Yeah, what was that!
Lyria: A primal beast...
Katalina: What!
Lyria: I thought it was another Clow Card, so I wasn't sure.
Lyria: But now that Sakura-chan and the others have gone back to their world, I can feel it.
Lyria: This presence is definitely from a primal beast!
Lyria: ...!
Lyria: It's... gone...
Vyrn: Seriously? Maybe it noticed us and ran off?
Lyria: I'm not sure. But the presence is completely gone.
Petra: The winds of misfortune and a horse's cry...
Petra: The temple in the ravine housed horse statues, didn't it? Perhaps there is some connection.
Magisa: Horses...
Magisa grows silent for a moment.
She begins to piece together the other cause for the disturbance in the ravine.
Magisa: Lyri—
Lyria: It hurts... so bad!
Lyria: H-help...
Magisa: ...!
Lyria: Magisa, are you all right?
Magisa: ...
Lyria: Oh no, did you use too much magic? Are you feeling sick?
Magisa: Ah, no... Nothing of the sort. I'm fine.
Magisa has become accustomed to sudden premonitions.
Magisa: (Was that a warning? But Sakura and her friends have already left...)
But even she isn't certain of what this latest one foretells.
Sakura: Are we back...
Tomoyo: It seems to be Tomoeda...
Kero-chan: Oh! It is, it is! Our beloved Tomoeda! You guys did it!
Syaoran: I can't believe we made it back...
Sakura: Thank goodness...
Sakura: Li-kun, thank you! If I had been alone, I don't know what I would've done.
Syaoran: It's the same for me, Kinomoto. I'm glad you were there.
Tomoyo: It's because of both of you! Thank you so much! Aren't you both exhausted though?
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan! Yeah, I'm beat. I think it's because we can finally relax.
Syaoran: You're right. We had no time to rest in their world.
Sakura: It feels like it was all a dream...
Tomoyo: It really does.
Kero-chan: Yeah...
Kero-chan: But it really happened! We should hurry up, get home, and get some sleep!
Tomoyo: That sounds good. We've probably worried everyone half to death.
Tomoyo: Besides, I want to get started on editing all of the videos I took of Sakura-chan in the other world.
Sakura: Ahaha. Tomoyo-chan, you just keep going and going.
Sakura: Hehe. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's head home!
Syaoran: Yeah. See you tomorrow.
Tomoyo: See you tomorrow.
Sakura: Yep! Until then!
Sakura: (Vyrn was the one who appeared in my dream. But what was that dream about?)
Kero-chan: Oh boy, these wings are killing me. Hurry up so we can sleep.
Sakura: Ah, okay.
Sakura: I'm home!
Sakura and her friends have returned to their normal, everyday lives.
But no one was any the wiser that they would soon find themselves thrust back into a mystic adventure.
To be continued...

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 5: Sakura, Back to the Skies - Episode 1[edit]

The next morning, while on their way to school, Sakura and the others encounter the magic circle again. A white winged horse steps out of it.

Watch scene in game

Sakura: Good morning, Tomoyo-chan!
Tomoyo: Good morning, Sakura-chan!
Tomoyo: Did everyone in your family worry about you, Sakura-chan? Was everything all right?
Sakura: Heh-heh... Yeah. My brother was really upset.
Sakura: But I can't blame him.
Kero-chan: He's glad you're back now though.
Tomoyo: Oh, Kero-chan! Good morning.
Kero-chan: The last time I left Sakura's side something unbelievable happened, so she's spending the entire day with me!
Tomoyo: I see how it is. Hehe.
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan, how were things with you?
Tomoyo: I made my mother upset. I feel really guilty about it.
Syaoran: You're both looking up and at 'em today.
Sakura: Good morning, Li-kun! I'm glad you're looking rested too!
Syaoran: Ah, well, yeah.
Kero-chan: Hey, I'm here too!
Kero-chan: You're just gonna ignore me, kid?
Syaoran: I knew you'd jabber on about something whether I told you good morning or not.
Kero-chan: Why you! You're not an adult yet, kid!
Kero-chan: You better watch it!
Syaoran: Grr! No, you better watch it!
Tomoyo: Kero-chan, that attitude won't work on
Kero-chan: Oh yeah? Listen up, kid! You better get ready the next time you give me lip!
Kero-chan: Remember that!
Syaoran: I've already forgotten.
Kero-chan: You're such a brat!
Syaoran: Moving on. Any ideas on what that magic circle was?
Syaoran: It sent us to that world, and even went after Cerberus...
Sakura: We don't know what its goal was. Or even what it was.
Sakura: ...!
A flash of light interrupts their chat, and the magic circle appears once again.
Magic Circle: ...
Syaoran: It's back!
Kero-chan: Really! This again? What's up with this thing!
Kero-chan: Everybody, watch out! It's going to do something!
Magic Circle: ...
From out of the magic circle's glow, a winged, white beast steps into the Cardcaptor's world.
???: Neigh...
Sakura: A horse?

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 5: Sakura, Back to the Skies - Episode 2[edit]

The horse sends the magic circle after Sakura's friends, and it successfully absorbs Tomoyo, Kero-chan, Syaoran, and the majority of the Clow Cards. The horse then opens a rift in space-time and hops in; a shocked and angered Sakura leaps in after it to retrieve her friends.

Watch scene in game

???: Neigh...
Just as the horse lets out a bray, it fires a blast of magic from the horn growing out of its head.
Syaoran: Watch out!
Tomoyo: Eek!
Tomoyo shifts in an attempt to dodge the spell, but her foot catches hold of something, and she comes tumbling down.
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan!
???: ...
Kero-chan: ...!
Kero-chan: Is this thing trying to suck us into the magic circle?
???: Neigh...
The magic circle reacts to the horse's whinny and flings itself over Tomoyo.
Magic Circle: ...
Tomoyo: Sakura-chaaa...
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan!
Kero-chan: Tomoyooo!
Sakura: No, Tomoyo-chan!
Sakura: Where did you take Tomoyo-chan! Give her back!
???: Neigh...
Kero-chan: Not me too!
Sakura: Kero-chan!
Sakura: Kero-chan, no! Kero-chan!
Syaoran: Argh!
Syaoran: Kinomoto, get back! It'll take you too!
Sakura: Li-kun! Where did it take Tomoyo-chan? Where did it take Kero-chan!
Syaoran: You have to calm down, Kinomoto! You have to protect the Clow Cards, and that means escaping this thing!
Sakura: But—
???: Neigh...
Syaoran: Urgh! No!
Sakura: Li...kun?
Sakura: Li-kun!
After witnessing Tomoyo, Kero-chan, and Syaoran sucked away again, Sakura is overcome with emotion.
Sakura: Why...
Sakura: What is going on...
Sakura, stiff with shock, looks up to see the magic circle drawing in a pile of Clow Cards.
Sakura: ...!
Sakura: Watery! Thunder!
Hearing Sakura's call, The Watery and The Thunder manage to leap back to their master before being absorbed by the circle.
Sakura: Windy! Jump! Fly! Flower! Shadow! Wood!
But Sakura's cries are too slow to save the other cards, and she watches as they get sucked away.
Sakura: Why... Why are you after the Clow Cards!
Sakura: And where did you take everyone!
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan... Kero-chan... Li-kun... Windy... Everyone!
Sakura: Why...
Sakura: Why did you take all of my friends?
Sakura: Where did they go?
???: Neigh...
The winged horse gives a final whinny as it opens a rift in space-time and disappears into the ether.
Sakura: That opening! Is that where it took everyone?
Tears well up in Sakura's eyes as she stares at the portal.
Sakura: Why am I crying? I-I guess I can't help it...
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan... Everyone... They got taken somewhere again. They're probably so scared.
Sakura: But I have to save them! Yeah! I'll definitely save them!
Despite the tragedy that has just occurred in front of her, Sakura gathers up her courage.
She stands tall, resolving to save the people she cares about. Resolving to protect the bonds she finds irreplaceable.
Sakura: Everyone, just hold on!
Wiping her tears away, Sakura makes a running leap through the swiftly closing portal.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 5: Sakura, Back to the Skies - Episode 3[edit]

(Captain) and the others follow Lyria's senses to the temple with the horse statues. Procris, the horse-shaped primal beast waiting inside, is what Magisa postulates as the main culprit behind the disturbance in the ravine.

Watch scene in game

(Captain) and the others are pressing on through a dense forest in search of the temple housing the horse statues.
Petra: The winds shudder... They fear something that lies ahead.
Lyria: I feel something now that I didn't really feel before.
Lyria: There's a primal beast...
Magisa: I can confirm Lyria's suspicion myself.
Magisa: The primal beast Procris is inside waiting.
Magisa: And it could be that this primal is the other cause for the disturbance in the ravine.
Petra: Procris?
Magisa: Procris was once sealed here. But now that it's reawakened, the valley is in chaos.
Vyrn: What kinda primal is this thing?
Magisa: There's a legend in this region, one dating back to the time of the War. It is said that an abandoned primal beast inhabits this land.
Magisa: Nymphs and powerful magic users gather here due to its influence.
Magisa: It is in its nature, you see, to draw strong magical energies together.
Magisa: And by draining the source of that magic, it can increase its own power.
Vyrn: It's not playin' around!
Magisa: But, this primal beast is also a passive creature. One that desires to be utilized by one it can call master.
Magisa: However there is still some confusion between its true abilities—did it drain them from someone else, are they really a former master's power, and so forth...
Magisa: So in truth, no one really knows what it's capable of. Those records have certainly been long forgotten.
Vyrn: Whoa. I thought you knew a lot about magic, but, man, you know a ton about everything.
Magisa: I would come train here from time to time, and during those days, I may have stumbled upon a tome or two describing Procris.
Magisa: The history of this land is deeply entwined with the very being of Procris, you see.
Magisa: But even so, literature on the primal beast is, as I've mentioned, rudimentary at best.
Magisa: According to you, there's a temple within the ravine. One guarded by sculptures of horses, correct?
Magisa: And we heard a horse's cry just as Lyria sensed the presence of a primal...
Magisa: As it were, Nymph's Ravine is a place that all serious students of the mystical arts must eventually tread...
Magisa: We must remove whatever has caused the disaster. That is why I came here in the first place.
Magisa: I have so many important memories here... If there's something I can do to help, then I will at least try.
Vyrn: That's why you came... Sounds like this is a pretty important place to you.
Magisa: Indeed...
Lyria: We're here...
Lyria: Just inside the temple—I feel Procris!
Magisa: Finally we can exchange proper introductions. I've waited so long for this moment.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 5: Sakura, Back to the Skies - Episode 4[edit]

(Captain) and the others arrive at the heart of the temple yet again, and they discover a raging Procris. Lyria senses that the primal beast is wrapped in suffering, so (Captain) challenges the primal to ease its pain.

Watch scene in game

With a turbulent feeling hanging in the air, (Captain) and the others have arrived at the temple.
Everyone stiffens in anticipation of meeting a tough foe.
Vyrn: What's that noise? Is somethin' happenin' inside?
Petra: We must see for ourselves, (Captain)!
Procris: ...!
Katalina: What in the skies?
Standing before them is a horse-shaped primal beast with powerful wings sprouting from its back and a gleaming horn jutting from its forehead.
Procris: ...!
Vyrn: Uh, anybody else gettin' a weird feeling from this thing?
As if trying to break free of unseen fetters, the primal beast violently writhes and thrashes around.
It shoots magic from its horn in every direction; it beats its wings against the wall until its feathers are mangy. Eventually the outburst causes it to injure its leg.
Magisa: Oh my...
Lyria: Pain, suffering, loneliness?
Vyrn: What'd you say, Lyria?
Lyria: I can feel the primal's emotions! It's hurting so much!
Katalina: (Captain), we have to stop it somehow!
Vyrn: If we don't calm it down, it'll just keep on hurting itself!
Petra: Why would it act like this! Such a pitiful creature!
Magisa: (Captain), it's time to quell it's rage!
Vyrn: You got this, (Captain)!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 6: Sakura and the Primal - Episode 1[edit]

Sakura finds herself once again in the sky realm. She proceeds through a forest, where she is attacked by monsters. Syaoran appears and rebuffs the foes, and the two proceed forward together to rescue their dear friends and Clow Cards.

Watch scene in game

Sakura: This is...
After throwing herself through the portal, Sakura sees that she's returned to the other world.
Sakura: I recognize this place! I knew that horse was from this world!
Sakura: But which way should I go from here?
Magisa: Sakura is capable of controlling the Clow Cards, so her potential is enormous. But she currently lacks enough magical capacity to wield them properly.
Magisa: The nymphs of the ravine understand this.
Magisa: So they're trying to steal them away, to take the hidden power of the Clow Cards for themselves.
Magisa: As long as the cards remain in this land, then the nymphs will continue their brouhaha.
Magisa: They may come for them in the most unexpected of ways, at the most unexpected of times.
Sakura: That's right—Magisa said that it's dangerous to be here with the Clow Cards.
Sakura grips The Watery and The Thunder in her hands.
Sakura: Please... Help me, cards. Let's get through this together!
Sakura: Whew... All right, let's move!
Sakura begins to walk through the forest, calling the names of her friends as she goes.
Sakura: Tomoyo-chaaan!
Sakura: Are you theeere?
Pixie: ...
Sakura: Wha! I know this fairy!
Sakura: Hey, have you seen my friends?
Pixie: ...?
Sakura: A girl about the same height as me, a-and a boy!
Pixie: ...
Sakura: Huh? What? Why are you pulling on my clothes?
Sakura: Did you really... understand me?
Sakura: Then you're trying to tell me where to go! Thank you!
Pixie: ...
Several pixies lead Sakura through the woods all the while shooting each other glances.
Sakura: Uh? Where are we?
The pixies have led Sakura to an open field.
Sakura: Umm... I don't see anyone here.
One of the pixies beckons Sakura to move further in.
Pixie: ...
Sakura: Keep going? O-okay...
Sakura: Hooeee!
Sakura: O-ouch...
Pixie: ...
Sakura: Argh! Did you guys trick me?
Pixie: ...
The pixies chirp in a chorus of pint-sized giggles before flying off.
Sakura: What should I do... This is a pretty deep hole...
Sakura: I forgot that those fairies are really mean...
Sakura's spirits are dashed as she looks up at the sky and realizes how deep she's fallen.
Sakura: I have to hurry up and save everyone!
Sakura: Sniff... And I told myself I wouldn't cry this time.
Summoning every ounce of her will, Sakura stops herself from succumbing to tears.
She looks down to see she had been accidentally gripping The Watery, which is now giving off a soft glow.
Sakura: Watery! That's right!
Sakura: Key that hides the forces of darkness, show me your true form!
Sakura: I, Sakura, command you...
Sakura: Release!
Sakura: A pillar! Make a pillar of water!
Sakura: Watery!
Watery: ...!
The Clow Card complies, and Sakura successfully rides the pillar to the top of the pitfall.
Sakura: Yeees!
Sakura: Thank you, Watery! We make such a good team! I'm glad you're with me!
Watery: ...!
Watery's presence brings Sakura confidence, so without a moment's delay she continues the search for her friends.
Sakura: Sigh... I better watch out for more fairies...
Sakura: And I better—
Monster: Groar!
Sakura: Eek!
Sakura: M-monster!
Another glow emanates from Sakura's hand. This time it's The Thunder making its presence known.
Sakura: Thunder, I ask you!
Sakura: Send forth your lightning!
Sakura: Thunder!
Monster: Groar...
Sakura: Did it work?
Sakura: Whew... Thank goodness... Thank you, Thunder!
Monster 2: Groooar!
Sakura: Eh?
Sakura: Eeeeek!
Monster: Groooar!
Monster: Growrrr!
Syaoran: Raitei Shourai!
Monster: Grrr...
The monster that had attempted to catch Sakura off guard is swiftly dispatched by Syaoran's magic.
Sakura: Li-kun!
Syaoran: Are you okay?
Sakura: Li-kun, why are you here? I'm so glad you're safe!
Syaoran: Yes. I'm safe, but—
Sakura: Li-kun! I'm sooo glad I found you!
Overcome with excitement, Sakura embraces Syaoran.
Syaoran: ...!
Sakura: Ah! Where's Tomoyo-chan? Is she with Kero-chan?
Syaoran: Ah... I haven't seen them. I sensed the presence of Clow Cards in this area, so I came here. That's when I saw you.
Sakura: Is that the raishinban you use to find Clow Cards?
Syaoran: Yeah. I thought if I used it, it would be easier to locate you or Cerberus.
Sakura: Good idea. I have Watery and Thunder with me, so it must have been easy.
Syaoran: What happened after I disappeared?
Sakura: After you disappeared, that horse took the Clow Cards.
Sakura: I called out their names, but I could only save these two.
Sakura: So I have to save them. I have to save the others.
Syaoran: I see...
Syaoran: Kinomoto, let's keep searching until nightfall.
Sakura: Okay, but do you have a plan?
Syaoran: We can use this to find out where that
card-stealer is hiding.
Syaoran: We're strangers to this world, but we'll be fine. We've be fine so far.
Syaoran: So I'm sure that Daidouji and Cerberus are safe out there.
Sakura: You're right!
Syaoran: First things first... Let's find out where those Clow Cards are—where that horse is.
Sakura: Yeah!
Although disheartened before, Sakura's mood is lifted thanks to finding Syaoran.
Sakura: Li-kun.
Syaoran: What?
Sakura: Hey, thanks for saving me!
Sakura: I'm glad you found me, Li-kun. I'm so happy it was you.
Syaoran: ...!
Sakura: Let's keep going!
Syaoran: O-of course!
In order to find their beloved friends and the stolen Clow Cards, the pair follow the raishinban deeper into the woods.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 6: Sakura and the Primal - Episode 2[edit]

Back at the township, Lyria lies ill in a hut, suffering from the adverse effects of having absorbed Procris. Magisa can't seem to pinpoint the nature of Lyria's condition and therefore returns to her tomes to see if she can find a potential solution.

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Lyria: Ugh... Pant, pant...
Lyria: Ugh... It hurts...
Lyria: It hurts so much... Pant, pant...
Vyrn: Lyria...
Katalina: Dammit, what's happening to her.
Lyria is fast asleep, but her slumber is disturbed by frequent cries of pain.
(Captain) can do nothing but watch over her as she struggles.
Procris: Neigh...
Vyrn: Looks like it passed out... Good job, (Captain)!
Lyria: We can help it now!
(Captain) and the others have managed to wear down the suffering Procris.
Lyria approaches the primal while it lies unconscious, intent on absorbing its power and easing its anguish.
Magisa: Lyria! No, wait!
Procris: Neigh...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: What's wrong?
Magisa: I feel a massive magical energy! A sinister magical energy!
Magisa: Was Procris corrupted by this terrible force?
Katalina: Explain this! Please, Magisa!
Magisa: If Lyria's taken on this much by herself,
Lyria: Aaaah!
Katalina: Lyria!
Vyrn: Lyria! What's the matter!
Lyria: It hurts! Ugh! Wheeze....
Lyria: Uuurgh! Pant... pant...
Lyria: Aaaaah!
Lyria: ...
Katalina: Lyria!
Petra: Lyria!
Vyrn: What can we do for her?
Magisa: The magical essence that Procris had once absorbed has now embedded itself somewhere in Lyria.
Magisa: Until I know more about the nature of this magic, then there is little I can do.
Magisa: If we act imprudently, we could easily destroy Lyria's body. I... I'm sorry...
Vyrn: That can't be... There's not s'posed to be magic you don't understand... I can't imagine what kinda magic that would even be...
Magisa: There are spells only the Astrals themselves can weave... But also...
Magisa: (The Clow Cards...)
Magisa: I need to check my tomes. There is a chance I've overlooked something.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 6: Sakura and the Primal - Episode 3[edit]

After walking throughout the ravine, Sakura and Syaoran eventually find Tomoyo and Kero-chan. But they're being guarded by a large number of monsters controlled by Procris. Sakura and Syaoran decide they will defeat the primal beast to free their friends, so they use the raishinban to locate its whereabouts.

Watch scene in game

Syaoran: This way.
Sakura: Got it.
Syaoran: Kinomoto, the ground's loose here. Watch your step.
Sakura: Thanks... Did you hear that?
Syaoran: What?
???: Sakuraaa!
Sakura: I hear someone calling!
Syaoran: What? From where?
???: Sakura-chaaan!
Syaoran: Wait, was that voice Daidouji?
Sakura: I knew it! It came from this way!
Syaoran: Let's go!
Sakura: Yeah!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan!
Kero-chan: Oh, Sakura! Looks like you picked up the kid!
Syaoran: And it looks like you both found each other.
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan, Kero-chan, you're okay!
Tomoyo: I'm glad you're safe too, Sakura-chan!
Tomoyo: It's a miracle!
Sakura: It's all thanks to Li-kun! He looked for me until he found me... And then he rescued me!
Syaoran: D-don't get the wrong idea!
Tomoyo: Touchy boy...
Sakura: Both of you wait there! We'll be over there soon!
Syaoran: Stop, Kinomoto!
Sakura: Huh?
Monster 1: Groooar!
Monster 2: Groooar!
Sakura: Hooeee!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan!
Kero-chan: Sakura! Watch your neck out there! There were some angry looking monsters guarding us.
Sakura: What's that supposed to mean!
Tomoyo: The horse locked us up with magic.
Kero-chan: And he sent out his buddies to make sure we didn't escape.
Syaoran: That's why there were so many on the way here!
Sakura: So what are we supposed to do now?
Kero-chan: We'll wait for you, so just go beat up that dumb horse!
Kero-chan: It's what's giving these things orders, so until it's out of the picture, there's no hope of getting us out anyways!
Sakura: How can we take on that horse though?
Syaoran: Hmm...
Syaoran: No matter what we do, we don't stand a chance against that thing.
Sakura: I know...
Sakura: But, Tomoyo-chan, Kero-chan, I'll definitely get you out, okay!
Tomoyo: Of course you will! Sakura-chan, you always save the day!
Kero-chan: That's right! We believe in you, Sakura!
Tomoyo: We're rooting for you! Remember to come back for us!
Sakura: Yeah, just hold on!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan, one more thing...
Sakura: What is it? Whatever you want!
Tomoyo: Did I drop my bag where you're standing now?
Sakura: Oh... Yeah, it's here!
Tomoyo: There should be a costume inside of it. Would you wear it for me?
Sakura: What? A costume?
Tomoyo: Special occasions call for special outfits.
Tomoyo: I won't be able to support you for this fight, so I have to help you somehow.
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan...
Sakura: You got it! I'll always wear your cute battle costumes no matter what!
Tomoyo: Yay!
Tomoyo: Aaalso... I was just thinking that if you're going to battle together, then Li-kun would look funny without a costume. Would you wear one too, Li-kun?
Syaoran: What, me?
Tomoyo: It's the traditional outfit you always wear! When both of you are dressed for battle, it really shows off your bravery.
Tomoyo: Now then, go get changed.
Sakura: Thanks!
Syaoran: Right.
Tomoyo: You both look so great, Sakura-chan and
Syaoran: ...
Sakura: Huh? What's wrong, Li-kun?
Tomoyo: Yes... Your face is awfully red.
Syaoran: I-it's nothing! Let's just go already!
Sakura: We'll be back, Tomoyo-chan, Kero-chan!
Kero-chan: Righto! Good luck, Sakura!
Tomoyo: Stay safe! Take care!
Guided by the raishinban, the pair make their way toward their next battle.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 6: Sakura and the Primal - Episode 4[edit]

Sakura and Syaoran follow the raishinban all the way to the hut where Lyria is currently suffering. Sakura immediately senses the presence of Clow Cards emanating from Lyria. In hopes of healing Lyria, saving Tomoyo and Kero-chan, and returning the ravine back to normal, (Captain) and Sakura team up to defeat Procris one more time.

Watch scene in game

Syaoran: This place... Isn't it the closest township to the ravine?
Sakura: (Captain) and the others brought me to this place the last time we were in this world...
Syaoran: I sense something incredibly powerful! I-is it coming from that hut?
Sakura: Why would it be coming from there?
Syaoran: No idea. But we have to check it out! Don't let your guard down!
Sakura: R-right!
Syaoran: Got you!
Vyrn: Gah! Who's—
Katalina: You two! Why are you here?
Sakura: Oh no, (Captain), what's going on?
The first thing Sakura sees upon entering the room is the suffering Lyria.
Sakura: Lyria-san? What happened? Lyria-san!
Syaoran: Why... Why do I sense the Clow Cards coming from Lyria?
Katalina: Clow Cards?
Magisa: ...
Syaoran: And it's no small amount of them!
Katalina: When Lyria absorbed that primal's power, did she take on the magical energy of the Clow Cards too?
Katalina: But how! You took the Clow Cards back to your world, didn't you?
Sakura and Syaoran explain what happened after they went back home.
Vyrn: That's crazy!
Magisa: That winged horse that showed up in Tomoeda was certainly Procris.
Magisa: It traveled to your world and consumed the Clow Cards.
Magisa: But the power of the Clow Cards was too much for it to handle, and it couldn't suppress them...
Magisa: The primal can absorb great power, but without a master, it wasn't sure how to process that degree of magic.
Vyrn: And that's what caused it to go outta control...
Vyrn: But that still doesn't explain why the primal beast went after the Clow Cards in the first place...
Magisa: I'm not sure of that either.
Sakura: Um, so what happened to Lyria-san?
Vyrn: Ah... Lyria sealed the primal's power by absorbing it.
Vyrn: So she was able to relieve its pain after we defeated it.
Vyrn: But it's like she absorbed all that same sufferin' into herself!
Sakura: That can't be!
Sakura: Ah! Then... Then if I can just get the Clow Cards back...
Vyrn: Y-you're right!
Vyrn: You've got the power to help Lyria!
Sakura: Vyrn-chan...
Vyrn: Please, Sakura! Save Lyria!
Sakura: ...!
???: Please... Sakura... Lyria!
Sakura: (This is... This is just like in my dream!)
Syaoran: Wait. If you do this alone, you might go up against something you can't handle.
Sakura: Li-kun...
Syaoran: Kinomoto, of all the Clow Cards you control, you've only got two with you right now.
Syaoran: So I'm going to go with you. I'm not sure how much help I'll be, but it'll be better than nothing.
Sakura: Li-kun, that's nice of you. But this is what I have to do.
Sakura: They're all my friends... They're waiting for me to come for them! I-I'm their master...
Syaoran: I don't think you understand just how dangerous this could be!
Sakura: I understand. But I still have to try.
Syaoran: ...!
Sakura: Li-kun.
Sakura: It's okay. I'll be all right.
Sakura: I know for sure it'll work out.
Syaoran: Kinomoto...
In order to ease her friend's concerns, Sakura gives a soft grin to Syaoran.
Sakura: (Captain), our powers won't do much against that horse.
Sakura: All we can do is seal the Clow Cards...
Sakura: So we need your help.
(Captain) agrees to help Sakura.
Sakura: Thank you very much!
Sakura: Lyria-san... You must be in so much pain...
Sakura: But it's going to be fine. (Captain) and I, we'll save you!
Lyria: (Captain)... Sakura-chan?
Vyrn: Lyria!
Katalina: You're awake!
Lyria: Please... H-help the primal...
Sakura: Huh?
Lyria: It's... suffering... too...
Sakura: ...!
Lyria: I'm... summoning... it!
Sakura: (This. This is why I was called to this world!)
Sakura: (To save Lyria!)
Sakura: Come on, (Captain)!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Ending[edit]

Sakura seals all of the Clow Cards, releasing Lyria from her pain and saving Tomoyo and Kero-chan. They learn that the origin of the disturbance in the ravine was the masterless Procris mistaking the Clow Cards as its allies. Having safely returned things to normal, Sakura and her friends say goodbye to the skyfarers and return to their world using Procris's power.

Watch scene in game

Sakura finishes sealing several dozen Clow Cards.
After exhausting her magical reserves, she begins to topple over.
Sakura: Hooeee... I can't go on...
Syaoran: Hold on!
(Captain) manages to catch the girl before she collides with the ground.
Syaoran: ...
Katalina: Lyria!
Lyria struggles to maintain Procris's physical form.
Lyria: It's... okay now. We'll be okay.
Procris: Neigh...
Seeing that all of the Clow Cards have now been resealed, Lyria reabsorbs the primal beast.
Lyria: (Captain), Sakura-chan, thank you...
Lyria, too, succumbs to her physical limits, but Katalina rushes to catch her before she collapses.
Vyrn: Lyria, you did good! And Sakura, you did too! Both of you guys, thanks! Really!
Sakura: I'm glad I was able to help Lyria-san...
Sakura: But we have to get back to Tomoyo-chan and Kero-chan!
Katalina: Right. Can you tell us where they are? We'll go there for you, so you can focus on resting.
Sakura: B-but, I promised them I would be back.
Sakura: So...
Katalina: I see... Then we'll go together.
Sakura: Okay!
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan! Kero-chan!
Kero-chan: Sakuraaa! You're back! And you're alive!
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan! I'm so happy you're okay!
Katalina: If Sakura hadn't returned, we would've been in deep trouble. She really saved us as well.
Tomoyo: I see!
Sakura: I came back for you... Just like I promised!
Tomoyo: We're really thankful.
Sakura: I'm sorry that it took so long!
Tomoyo: Not at all! I believed that you would be back for us!
Tomoyo: I'm so happy!
Syaoran: ...
Kero-chan: You sure know how to make a guardian beast proud!
Kero-chan: Right on, Sakura!
Sakura: Hehe...
Tomoyo: Li-kun, thank you too.
Syaoran: I didn't do anything. I... couldn't do anything...
Tomoyo: That's not true. You were beside Sakura-chan the whole time, right? You gave her strength.
Tomoyo: And since we're on the subject, I'll tell you something, Li-kun.
Syaoran: Huh?
Tomoyo: Sakura-chan's a gentle girl, so she can't always say what she wants to.
Syaoran: What!
Syaoran: Y-you've got the wrong idea! It's not like that...
Sakura: Are you so sure, Li-kun?
Syaoran: L-let's change the subject already!
Petra: The winds have calmed.
Petra: Procris was the cause of the disturbance in the ravine after all.
Magisa: It seems so...
Lyria: Um...
Magisa: What is it, Lyria?
Sakura: Hmm?
Syaoran: What're you—
Lyria: It had a reason for going after your Clow Cards, Sakura-chan.
Sakura: A reason?
Lyria: A long time ago, it was sealed into this land by its master—a master it loved very much.
Lyria: But when it woke up, it couldn't find its master.
Lyria: It went to many worlds looking for its master, but couldn't find anything...
Lyria: At some point it found the Clow Cards and saw that they had a lot in common. It wanted to stay with them.
Lyria: But the way it got close was too aggressive, and it hurt you and your friends, Sakura-chan.
Sakura: ...
Lyria: But I don't think it's truly a bad primal. It just wanted to be friends with the Clow Cards...
Lyria: It was so lonely after it couldn't find its master...
Kero-chan: Wow, you can read its thoughts?
Lyria: Its emotions just kind of naturally flow into me.
Kero-chan: It was upset because it lost its master and didn't know how to deal with its sadness...
Kero-chan: Gotta say I know how it feels.
Sakura: Yeah... When Watery and I were separated, it got so upset.
Sakura: I bet it was the same for Procris.
Lyria: Sakura-chan...
Sakura: But if it's got you, Lyria, I'm sure it won't be lonely anymore!
Magisa: She's right. Procris recognizes the one who can wield it as its rightful master.
Magisa: And that means it should've already recognized you in that position, Lyria.
Lyria: Haha... Me, a master...
Procris: Neigh...
Sakura: Hehe. When it's calm like this, it's a really pretty horse.
Sakura: You better be good from now on, okay?
Procris: Neigh...
Sakura: Hehe. Hey, that tickles!
Lyria: Sakura-chan.
Sakura: Huh?
Lyria: Thank you for saving me!
Sakura: You don't have to thank me!
Lyria: And everyone else, thank you for seeing that this primal's not an evil thing.
Sakura: Of course.
Kero-chan: It's not evil! It's one of a kind!
Lyria: Hehe. Exactly!
Kero-chan: Well now that that's settled, we should be getting back—
Kero-chan: H-hey! How're we s'posed to get back anyway?
Lyria: Ah, I can call Procris!
Lyria: It's the primal beast of summoning. It can summon anything to any location.
Lyria: Well I feel like that's what it can do!
Kero-chan: Then we've got to trust those feelings!
Magisa: So, Lyria, this will be your first order as its master?
Lyria: Uh, yeah... Well, let's try...
Magisa: Sakura, Syaoran. Thank you both.
Sakura: What?
Syaoran: Huh?
Magisa: Hehe.
At Lyria's behest, Procris teleports Sakura and her friends back to their world.
The visitors return to their homes, heartened by the bonds they forged in the skies.
Meanwhile, back at the ravine, the disturbance caused by the primal beast of summoning has subsided, returning an air of calm to the gorge.
The witch Magisa and the wind shaman Petra turn their faces toward the breeze.
They begin to predict new adventures and relationships for (Captain) and the crew just on the horizon.
But this is no surprise to anyone, for the skies are wondrous, forever holding magic and mystery waiting to be found.
Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey
The End