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Editing character ratings

Do not change character ratings unless Gamewith updates it. Gamewith has an excellent system so let's try to not deviate from it.
If you wish to highlight an ability or use for a character please add it to the character remarks.

Tips on making bullet points

  • Make concise and generalized statements.
    • These are meant to be at-a-glance summaries that are mainly read by new players.
  • Character comparisons should be limited to within its own element, not with characters of differing elements.
  • Don't change the rating value. Ratings are taken from グランブルーファンタジー and should be discussed if any values should be changed.
  • Use other entries as examples on what to cover.
  • Each character has their own page at グランブルーファンタジー that you can take bullet points from, but you don't have to strictly follow it.
  • Avoid making bullet points for characters that you don't have experience using.

Comments and discussion regarding these tips can be made in Talk:Character_Tier_List/Characters.

Comments and discussion regarding individual rating reasons should be done under each Characters Rating Talk page.

Role meanings

Roles describe what a character is generally good at. A character should not have more than three roles.

  • Attacker - Focuses on dealing damage through skills and attacks, including selfish or mostly-selfish buffs and debuffs.
  • Defender - Focuses on protecting the party through damage mitigation or attack redirection. Includes Party DMG Cut, Substitute, high hostility, etc.
  • Debuffer - Focuses on decreasing an enemy's effectiveness or ability to do damage through stat decreases or statuses. Includes Delay and Gravity.
  • Healer - Focuses on directly restoring the HP of other party (or raid) characters. Does not include self-healing or shields.
  • Support - Focuses on increasing the party's (or raid's) effectiveness or ability to complete content through stat increases or statuses. Includes Clarity, Dispel, etc.

Quality control

Edits from users are welcome, but all submissions are reviewed for quality, accuracy, and proofreading. If a submission is below the standard, it will be removed. Don't take it personally.

Where to edit character ratings

The ratings for each character are stored under "Charname (Variant)/Strategy/Ratings".