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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Opening

Zero leads the Black Knights in battle against a terrorist organization in the Yokohama Settlement. Suddenly, a mysterious light envelops the battlefield, and Lelouch and C.C. find themselves in an unknown world. Upon confirming that Lelouch's Geass is still functional, they make their way toward a town to gather information.

August 10th in the year 2010 of the Imperial Calendar. The Holy Britannian Empire declared war upon Japan.
Completely outmatched by Britannia's humanoid autonomous battle armored knights known as Knightmare Frames, Japan was defeated in less than a month.
Its freedom and traditions, rights and honor, and finally even its name were taken from it.
Area 11. That number became the new name of the defeated nation of Japan.
Seven years later, a rebel force calling itself the Black Knights was formed to oppose Britannia's rule.
They succeeded in expanding their numbers by absorbing various resistance groups scattered throughout the land.
The organization is led by a figure known as Zero, whose true identity is that of Lelouch vi Britannia—a former imperial prince who was cast out by the empire.
The year 2017 of the Imperial Calendar.
A faction of the former Japanese government seized control of Fukuoka base, backed by the Chinese Federation which desired control of Japan's resources.
They proclaimed the revival of Japan and declared war on Britannia.
Determining that they were merely puppets of the Chinese Federation, Zero cooperated with his enemy—the Britannian military—in order to defeat them.
Together they succeeded in defeating the militant organization occupying the base.
The liberation of Japan. For the sake of realizing Zero's greatest ambition, the Black Knights risk their lives in battle across the nation.
But their leader Zero remains anonymous, concealing his true identity behind a mask.
Therefore it's only natural that some would choose to follow a different path toward this goal.
A militant group consisting of individuals claiming to be survivors of the former Japanese military has captured the Yokohama Settlement's Landmark Tower.
Under the command of Zero, the Black Knights have been dispatched to resolve a large-scale terrorist incident involving innocent civilians.
Lelouch: Lelouch vi Britannia commands you... Die!
Lelouch: Attention, all units. I have brought due punishment upon the militant group's leader. All that remains of their organization is a disorderly mob.
Lelouch: But don't let your guard down. They've stolen Sutherlands we seized from the Britannian forces and are using them against us.
Lelouch: Those villains must face retribution for putting innocent civilians in harm's way! Hunt down and capture each and every one of them.
Lelouch: Follow the path of righteousness, and bring justice upon all evil!
C.C.: All this right after what happened in Fukuoka... They're still fighting despite knowing full well what they're up against.
Lelouch: If they wanted to act on their own apart from the Black Knights, this is the only timing they could have chosen to make their move.
Lelouch: This is what happens when you lose sight of your objective and are only concerned with saving face.
C.C.: But didn't you only bring out the Gawain to save face too?
Lelouch: I suppose I can't deny that. If my goal was simply to crush them, the Guren would have been more than enough.
Lelouch: But they're using Knightmares acquired illicitly from the Black Knights.
Lelouch: And that's precisely why this little performance was called for.
C.C.: Heh. I guess the bigger an organization grows, the more headaches it causes.
Lelouch: It's all within my expectations. That aside, let's head to Point Sigma.
Lelouch: I suspect there's a high chance he'll be making an appearance.
C.C. is an immortal girl shrouded in mystery.
Ever since forming a contract with Lelouch, she has acted alongside him as his accomplice.
C.C.: Roger.
C.C. lowers the control stick, and the massive black machine speeds forward imposingly through the skies.
The Gawain is a two-seater Knightmare Frame equipped with cutting-edge technology, piloted exclusively by Zero and C.C.
Transceiver: Zero, I took out five of them at Point Alpha. How many are left?
Lelouch: Good. That takes care of their main forces. Continue making your way toward Point Sigma. Two of the units are using it as an escape route.
Lelouch: Ohgi and the others will apprehend the three remaining units.
Girl in Red Suit: Roger that! Heading toward Point Sigma.
Kallen Kouzuki is the ace pilot of the Black Knights, having earned the approval of Zero himself.
Although she is half-Japanese, half-Britannian, she has inherited the will of her fallen brother Naoto and fights to retake Japan.
Kallen pilots the Guren Mk-II.
The Guren is a Japanese-made, high-performance Knightmare Frame painted with a brilliant shade of red, as if to burn like the heart of the rebellion itself.
Its massive right arm is equipped with a mechanism known as a radiant wave surger.
This weapon emits an intense heat, capable of rendering Knightmares caught in its grasp completely unsalvageable in an instant.
Kallen is in pursuit of machines known as Sutherlands—the fifth-generation Knightmare Frames that comprise the main force of the Britannian military.
Kallen: Good luck hitting me! You must be delusional to think you're any match for the Guren!
The Guren fires an anchor-ended cable called a slash harken out of its chest, deflecting the bullets shot by the enemy Sutherlands.
Kallen: You're not getting away!
Realizing that they stand no chance against the Guren, the terrorist forces split into two groups in an attempt to flee.
But Kallen cleverly maneuvers the Guren to leap lightly over one of the Sutherland groups, cutting off their line of retreat.
Just as she turns to contend with the second group, a large white figure appears, brandishing its sword to halt their advance.
White Knightmare: This is the Britannian military. Cease your resistance and surrender at once.
Kallen: It's the White Helmet! Er, I mean Suzaku...
C.C.: He showed up just like you predicted.
Lelouch: Considering his achievements during the battle for Kyushu, as well as the fact that he's the knight of an imperial princess, it only stands to reason.
Lelouch: By bestowing him with minor achievements, they can keep the Japanese people in check.
C.C.: So that's why they sent the Lancelot into the frontlines alone.
Lelouch: Suzaku...
Suzaku Kururugi is the son of Japan's last prime minister, Genbu Kururugi, yet he currently aligns himself with the Britannian forces.
Despite only being recognized as an honorary Britannian, Suzaku has displayed exceptional talent as a pilot.
He has even risen so far as to become the knight of Euphemia li Britannia, third princess of Britannia.
Suzaku pilots a cutting-edge, seventh-generation Knightmare Frame known as the Lancelot Air Cavalry.
Developed by the Britannian military's Advanced Special Envoy Engineering Corps, or A.S.E.E.C., it possesses increased mobility and outperforms Knightmares from previous generations.
Kallen: Suzaku! Are you here to interfere? Not this time!
The Guren aims a grenade at the Lancelot with its left hand, while destroying a Sutherland with the right hand's radiant wave surger.
Suzaku: That's not why I came. But I don't intend to let you run free either!
The Lancelot points its V.A.R.I.S. rifle at the Guren with its right hand, meanwhile disabling a fleeing Sutherland with the sword in its left hand.
Compared to Zero, who believes in the end justifying the means, Suzaku has chosen to firmly adhere to rightful methods in order to realize his objectives.
Although both wish to change Britannia for the better, they are in constant conflict over the best method to accomplish that goal.
While Kallen seeks to protect Zero, Suzaku seeks his capture, and subsequently they often find themselves facing each other on the battlefield.
Even now, the two stand in opposition, aiming their weapons at one another.
Lelouch: That's enough, Suzaku Kururugi.
Suzaku: Today's the day I catch you, Zero.
Suzaku was given two orders by his superiors—eradicate the terrorist group, and capture Zero.
With his first objective completed, the Black Knights and the Britannian forces resume their ongoing dispute.
Lelouch: Our mission has been accomplished. We'll hand over the members of the militant group to you, so—
C.C.: Hold on! The sensor's detecting a space fluctuation!
Lelouch: A space fluctuation? Analyze it with the Druid System!
Suddenly the entire area is bathed in a mysterious light, turning their cockpit monitors bright white.
Suzaku: What's this?
Kallen: Huh?
C.C.: Do you think that light's related to the fluctuation we picked up?
Lelouch: Suzaku! Kallen! Something's wrong! Evacuate the area! Hurry!
C.C.: What? The drive stopped!
Lelouch: Tch. It must be because of that light!
A gaping hole appears within the intensifying light like a tear in fabric.
The stalled Knightmare Frame slowly starts being pulled toward it.
Kallen: What's happening?
Suzaku: We're being sucked in!
The Gawain, the Lancelot Air Cavalry, and the Guren Mk-II are left with no way to escape.
Helpless, the three Knightmares are swallowed by the mysterious void.
C.C.: Are you awake?
Lelouch: Yes. Where are we?
The monitor is functioning once again—a peaceful meadow is now displayed on the screen.
Lelouch: Kallen, this is Zero. Do you read me?
C.C.: There's no point trying to contact her. The Gawain isn't detecting a single Knightmare in the area.
Lelouch: Really?
Spotting something in the sky, Lelouch zooms in on the monitor.
Lelouch: A rock... No, is that an island floating in mid-air?
Lelouch: (The monitor doesn't appear to be malfunctioning... But it would be faster to confirm our surroundings with my own eyes.)
Lelouch opens the hatch and steps onto the seat, looking around the area.
Lelouch: Everything looks the same out here, so it seems the monitor is working properly.
Lelouch: But what is this place? Clearly we're not in the Yokohama Settlement anymore.
Lelouch: (The scent of the wind, the humidity, the shape of the clouds, the vegetation... It's all different from Japan.)
Lelouch: C.C., do you happen to know what this place is?
C.C.: No idea. But I can tell you it has no relation to Geass at least.
Lelouch: Hm.
Lelouch: (My senses are functioning normally, so this doesn't seem to be an illusion caused by a Refrain dosage.)
Lelouch: In that case, we might be on another planet, or even in a different time. Or perhaps...
Lelouch considers a number of possibilities using the limited information at his disposal, until finally he reaches a single conclusion.
Lelouch: We must be in a parallel world.
C.C.: Heh. Well, that explains it.
C.C.: This world seems to completely disregard the laws of physics. The islands around us are floating, but somehow we're not—it's ridiculous.
Lelouch: I can only assume that our teleportation was related to that light, just like when we were transported to the ruins on Kamine Island.
Lelouch: (But what was the source of that light? Is there a way for us to return to our world? Was anyone else sent here along with us?)
Lelouch: (If this is in fact a parallel world, it's only logical that we won't be able to contact anyone on our own.)
Lelouch: (I know Nunnally has Sayoko to take care of her, but I don't like not being able to reach her...)
C.C.: Lelouch, the sensor is detecting multiple heat sources. They appear to be human.
Lelouch: Perfect. They might be able to give us a clue as to our whereabouts. Let's go.
Townswoman: Huff... Huff...
Soldier 1: Come on, lady. Just how long do you plan to keep running?
Soldier 2: You're not gonna find anyone to help you in this empty field. Heh.
Soldier 3: Gotcha! Now settle down. This'll be over before you know it!
Townswoman: N-no! Let go of me!
After chasing the woman to a field far from town, one of the soldiers finally catches her by the sleeve.
At that moment, a massive shadow suddenly falls upon them.
Lelouch: Let her go, you disgusting pigs.
The men look up to see the source of the shadow—the towering figure of the Gawain.
Lelouch exits the cockpit and walks toward them slowly.
Soldier 1: Who are you supposed to be? And what's with that weird getup?
Soldier 2: You think you're some knight of justice or something? You better get lost if you don't wanna lose your life, kid!
Lelouch: Hmph. I guess every world has its share of people who choose to prey on the weak.
Lelouch: Hey, you. You got part of that statement wrong!
Soldier 2: Huh? What're you yammering about?
Lelouch: Did you not hear me the first time? I said—you're wrong. I don't think I'm a knight of justice...
Lelouch: I am one!
Lelouch: Lelouch vi Britannia commands you... Die!
Soldier 2: Yes, sir. As you wish!
The soldier who had been threatening Lelouch only moments before unsheathes his sword and uses it to slit his own throat.
The remaining soldiers and the woman gape at the man's fallen body in shock.
Geass—a power capable of manipulating the thoughts of others that manifests through the formation of a contract with a Code bearer.
By forming a contract with C.C., Lelouch obtained the absolute power to compel anyone to follow any order, but only once.
Soldier 3: Hey! What the hell did you just do!
Lelouch: Hm... Apparently it still works here.
Lelouch: Their uniforms remind me of something from the Middle Ages, but they don't belong to any civilization that I know of.
Lelouch: We really must be in a different world then.
Soldier 3: Hey! Are you listening to me?
Lelouch: That's enough from you. Die.
Soldier 3: Of course! Gladly!
The man puts the blade of his sword to his throat and ends his own life, just like the first soldier.
Soldier 1: Wh-what is this! Some kind of sorcery?
Lelouch: Hm? Sorcery?
The single remaining soldier lets go of the woman's arm and points his sword at Lelouch.
After making sure that the woman has been released, Lelouch's expression relaxes slightly.
Lelouch: I suggest you escape to a place where there are people around. You'd be better off not involving yourself in this any further.
Townswoman: R-right! Thank you!
The woman runs off, her legs trembling in fear—of either the soldiers or Lelouch.
Once Lelouch confirms that the woman has escaped safely, he turns his attention back to the soldier.
Lelouch: Now then, I think I'll have you answer a few questions for me.
C.C.: Are you sure it was a good idea to interfere in this world like that?
Lelouch: I understand what you're getting at. Meddling in a world that we know nothing about was probably not the wisest choice.
Lelouch: But I couldn't just look the other way...
C.C.: Well, I can't say I'm surprised.
Lelouch: ...
Lelouch: That being said, we were able to confirm that Geass works here, and we learned some basic information about this world. Not a bad yield.
Lelouch: Before we continue, let's search for a place to hide the Gawain. We need to avoid draining the energy filler as much as possible.
Following Lelouch's instructions, C.C. quietly activates the Gawain and moves it into a cave out of sight.
Lelouch: First we need to determine the source of the light that brought us here.
Lelouch: According to the data log, the distortion of space we witnessed had directivity associated with it. That is to say...
C.C.: Someone might have brought us to this world on purpose.
Lelouch: At this point it's still speculation, but yes. I'd imagine following that clue will be the quickest path to finding a way back to our world.
Lelouch: I was able to use that soldier to learn about a place where we can gather information, as well as the geography of the area.
Lelouch: Fortunately, the nearby town attracts a lot of outsiders, so we shouldn't stand out if we go there to investigate.
Lelouch: So let's head to the town for some reconnaissance.
Lelouch: Suzaku and Kallen were with us when we were consumed by that light.
Lelouch: It's highly likely that the two of them were brought here too. If things go well, we might find information about where they ended up.
C.C.: I guess that means we'll have to leave the Gawain here.
Lelouch: Yes. It would attract far too much attention in this world, and this way we'll also be able to save its energy reserves.
Lelouch: We'll start out by gathering intel on foot. Let's go.
C.C.: Heh.
Lelouch: What's so funny?
C.C.: Nothing. I was just thinking you're acting like you did back when you first became Zero.
Lelouch: I guess you could say I'm starting over from zero... But that's just the way it has to be. I don't have time to waste.
Lelouch: I have to get back to Nunnally as soon as possible.
Lelouch: Nunnally... Wait for me.
Lelouch and C.C. begin making their way toward the town they learned about from the soldier.
They walk along with no knowledge of the hidden scheme behind their sudden transportation, nor the cruel trap awaiting Lelouch.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 1: STAGE 1: Zero of the Skies - Episode 1

In order to make their way around the Sky Realm, Lelouch and C.C. join (Captain)'s crew under false identities. Thanks to this encounter, they are able to find a method for recharging the Gawain's power supply.

Several days have passed since Lelouch and C.C. found themselves in an unfamiliar world.
Lyria: Sniff, sniff...
Lyria: Mmm, something smells yummy! What's on the menu for tonight, Hansel?
Hansel: Mushroom chowder. I know you're quite a fan of it, Lyria.
Lyria: Yay, I can't wait! I have to go tell (Captain)!
After arriving in the Sky Realm, Lelouch and C.C. boarded (Captain)'s airship under the aliases Hansel and Gretel.
In order to move between islands, Lelouch and C.C. needed a ship. And although flight services are available, traveling with the Gawain would be impractical.
Even if they had been able to obtain an airship using the power of Geass, piloting one requires a specialized skillset that only a fraction of skyfarers can provide.
Therefore Lelouch concluded that joining a crew would be the most prudent course of action.
With a quick visit to the Knickknack Shack, Lelouch and C.C. were introduced to (Captain) and company.
Gretel: You've really made yourself at home as the crew's cook.
Hansel: As long as they're accommodating us, it's only natural that we should contribute and forge a positive relationship with them.
During their first encounter, Lelouch had planned to use the power of Geass to put the crew's captain under his command.
But there was a reason he decided against that method—
The reason being that (Captain) turned out to be incredibly kindhearted.
Not only were Lelouch and C.C. welcomed into the crew with open arms, they were even allowed to bring the massive Gawain onto the ship with them.
Hansel: Despite being far too trusting of others, (Captain) possesses the ability and charisma necessary to lead a crew.
Hansel: As long as they're friendly, it's best not to waste Geass on such a capable individual, since it can only be used once per person.
Hansel: But enough about that. Why aren't you working?
Gretel: You aren't much of a man if you can't manage to earn my keep along with your own.
Hansel: There you go again. Haven't you ever heard the phrase, "Those who do not work shall not eat"?
As they finish prepping the ingredients for dinner and depart from the kitchen, (Captain) and the crew appear, grinning from ear to ear.
Any version of Robomi is a crew member, Any version of Nicholas is a crew member

Vyrn: Good news, you guys! We just got a letter from Mecha-Nick!
Vyrn: He says he figured out how to charge that energy filler thing we left with him!

No version of Robomi in crew, No version of Nicholas in crew

Vyrn: Good news, you guys! We just got a letter from the Knickknack Shack!
Vyrn: It says those Rashomon Research Vessel guys figured out how to charge that energy filler thing we left with 'em!
Continue 1
Hansel: That certainly is good news.
Hansel: (So electricity exists in this world too. Well, that resolves our energy supply issue.)
Vyrn: Now you can get that black machine workin', right? I can't wait to see it in action!
Lyria: But didn't you say it's an ancient weapon you discovered in a distant skydom? Isn't it dangerous?
Hansel: There's no need to worry. Gretel and I are the only ones who can operate it.
Vyrn: Seein' as how you've got that crazy machine and all, it really makes me wonder who you two are.
Hansel: We're just a pair of drifters.
Hansel: On that note, we've actually been wondering something ourselves. We heard an interesting tidbit from one of the crew members...
Hansel: Apparently (Captain) and Lyria share a life force. What exactly does that mean?
Lyria: Well, that's actually one of the reasons we set out on this journey...
Lyria: The truth is, (Captain) died once saving me when I was escaping from the Erste Empire.
Lyria recounts the events on Zinkenstill that led them to embark on their journey.
Gretel: So the two of you share a life force, but the connection could be broken if you're separated, so you've been traveling together.
Gretel: In other words, that's the price you pay for saving each other. Your lives are fleeting, but that just strengthens your bond.
Vyrn: As long as they stick together, none of that stuff matters. I mean, Lyria saved (Captain)'s life. Right, (Captain)?
  1. You bet!

Choose: You bet!
Gretel: Hm...
Hansel: What's wrong?
Gretel: Nothing really. I was just feeling a little jealous of (Captain) and Lyria, that's all.
Gretel: I'm having trouble recalling a single time you ever thanked me.
Gretel: I saved your life the day we met too, you know.
Lyria: What? Really?
Hansel: Hmph. Our situation is completely different—we formed a mutual contract. What is there to be grateful about?
Gretel: A real man would know to show his gratitude to a lady at least once a day. You're such a kid.
Hansel: Well, sorry for being a kid.
Hansel: In that case, maybe you should be more grateful to me for single-handedly taking care of your everyday needs.
Lelouch and C.C. continue bickering like an old married couple as they make their way back to the mess hall to begin fixing dinner.
Lyria: I can't quite put my finger on it, but Hansel and Gretel seem to have a lot of trust in each other!
Vyrn: But they don't really act like friends... Wonder what kinda relationship they have.
As they watch Lelouch and C.C. walk away, (Captain) and the crew continue to gossip playfully about the odd pair.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 1: STAGE 1: Zero of the Skies - Episode 2

The crew encounters Kallen, who it turns out was transported to the Sky Realm as well. Although Lelouch is able to conceal his identity as Zero, his true name is divulged to the crew. As he apologizes to (Captain) for his deception, a scream is suddenly heard in the distance.

(Captain) and the crew stop on an island to replenish their supplies.
Lelouch accompanies the crew into town to help with the shopping, as well as to gather information.
Lyria: Oh! Sorry, that was my stomach...
Vyrn: Well, it is about lunchtime. Whaddya say we grab some grub before headin' back to the ship?
Vyrn: Hansel, you got a cravin' for anythin' in particular?
Hansel: Let's see... Oh, how about pizza? Do you have that here?
Lyria: What? Pea-zah?
Hansel: That's the one. It's Gretel's favorite.
Hansel: You mix flour, water, and seasoning to make the dough, then you put the ingredients you want on top and bake it in an oven.
Vyrn: What a weird name for food... Can't say I've ever seen it before. What about you, Lyria?
Lyria: I'm not sure if it's pizza or not, but I saw a shop down that street over there selling something like that.
Lyria: Why don't we give it a try?
Hansel: That's a good idea.
Lyria: You're a very kind person, aren't you, Hansel?
Hansel: What? Why do you say that?
Lyria: You were hoping to bring something back for Gretel, weren't you?
Hansel: Who can say?
Lyria: Hehe!
As they approach the restaurant, Lelouch hears a familiar voice.
???: I'm heading out to make the deliveries!
Hansel: ...!
Who should emerge from the restaurant but Kallen, with a large basket in hand.
Kallen: What! Lelouch?
Vyrn: Huh? Do you know that gal, Hansel?
Hansel: Yes...
Hansel: (Just as I thought, Kallen was sent here too.)
Hansel: (But right now I'm not Zero, I'm Lelouch—her classmate who just happened to be in the same place and got caught up in the same light.)
Hansel: (In that case...)
Hansel: Kallen? Kallen Stadtfeld? Is that really you?
Hansel: I have no clue what happened, but I somehow ended up in this strange world...
Hansel: You have no idea how glad I am to see you...
Kallen: Lelouch...
Proprietress: Is something wrong, Kallen?
Kallen: Oh, I'm sorry. I'll get started on those deliveries right away.
Proprietress: Are they friends from that other world of yours? I'm so glad you were able to find them!
Proprietress: In that case, let me take care of the deliveries. You should show them inside and have a nice, long chat.
Kallen: But what about the restaurant?
Proprietress: My brother's here, so don't worry. Let me spoil you a little now and then.
The woman takes the basket of food from Kallen and heads on her way.
Hansel: Do you work at this restaurant, Kallen?
Kallen: Well, I had nowhere else to go, so they've been letting me work here as a live-in employee.
Kallen: But anyway, why are you here?
Hansel: Your guess is as good as mine. I was visiting the Yokohama Settlement on a shopping trip for the student council, and suddenly a battle erupted.
Hansel: And then there was this bright, white light...
Kallen: So you were caught up in that white light too.
Vyrn: Uh, sorry to put a damper on your happy reunion, but what was all that about another world?
Vyrn: And who's Lelouch anyway? Isn't your name Hansel?
Kallen: Whoa! It talked!
Actually, I guess I ought to be used to stuff like that by now, this being another world and all...
Kallen: Did Lelouch not tell you?
Hansel: I thought it might alarm them if I said I came from another world, so I decided to keep my origins a secret and take on an alias.
Lyria: So you really are from another world, Hansel? Sorry, I mean—Lelouch?
Lelouch: Yes, it's true. I'm sorry for lying to you.
Vyrn: I thought there was somethin' off about you. Now it all makes sense.
Vyrn: So that means Gretel must be in the same boat...
???: Aaahh!
Kallen: ...!
That was the shop lady's voice!
Lyria: Do you think something happened to her?
Vyrn: I've got a bad feelin' about this! Let's go check it out!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 1: STAGE 1: Zero of the Skies - Episode 3

Kallen finds the proprietress, who had been taking care of her, lying on the ground in a pool of blood. An individual dressed as Zero is seen leaving the scene, carrying a bloodied knife. Kallen and Lelouch chase after the suspicious figure, with (Captain) and the crew following soon after.

Kallen: ...!
Proprietress: Urgh...
Kallen spots the proprietress collapsed on the ground, surrounded by the scattered contents of the basket.
She lies in a growing pool of blood, her clothes stained bright red.
Kallen: What happened to you!
Proprietress: Kallen... Fetch my brother...
Lyria: ...!
Oh no!
Kallen: Call the restaurant owner! Hurry!
Vyrn: I'm on it! I'll be right back!
Lelouch: Was it a hit-and-run?
Lelouch: (She's lost a lot of blood. It might already be too late for her...)
Kallen: Who did this to you? Did you see their face?
Proprietress: Over... there...
Kallen: ...!
It can't be...
Kallen stares dumbfounded at the location the woman points to with a shaking finger.
???: ...
An individual wearing a black mask strolls along casually, holding a knife dripping with blood.
Lelouch: What's going on? Who is that?
Kallen: Take care of her for me! I'm going after that masked figure!
Lelouch: Wait, Kallen!
Lyria: Oh no! Don't run off—it's too dangerous!
Proprietor: H-hey! Are you all right? Stay with me!
Having heard the news from Vyrn, the restaurant owner runs over to the proprietress and lifts her into his arms.
Proprietress: I'm so sorry... I...
Proprietor: Why did this happen? Who would do such a thing to my little sister?
Proprietor: Wait! Where's Kallen?
Lyria: Kallen went after the person who did this...
Proprietor: Oh no... What is she thinking, putting herself in danger like that!
Vyrn: We'll take care of her! You just worry about gettin' your sister to a hospital!
Proprietor: R-right. I'm counting on you.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 1: STAGE 1: Zero of the Skies - Episode 4

Kallen catches up with the figure dressed as Zero and concludes that the suspect is an imposter, as the real Zero would never attack an unarmed civilian. The masked individual gives Lelouch a photograph of his sister Nunnally imprisoned, but before Lelouch can do anything the culprit flees the scene with inhuman speed, leaving behind the presence of a primal beast.

Kallen: Huff... Huff...
Zero?: ...
Outside the town, Kallen finally catches up to the mysterious figure dressed as Zero.
Kallen: Are you really... Zero?
As she watches the masked stranger standing silently, their long cape fluttering in the wind, Kallen comes to her own conclusion.
Kallen: You aren't the real Zero, are you? Zero would never attack an unarmed civilian like that.
Kallen glares at the masked individual and assumes a fighting stance.
Lelouch: Huff... Huff...
Lelouch: Kallen, don't do this alone. We don't even know what their objective is...
Zero?: Keh-heh-heh! The director's prediction was right on the mark.
The silent figure suddenly erupts into a fit of maniacal laughter.
Zero?: Lelouch vi Britannia—no, Zero. I've been waiting for you!
Lelouch: What!
Lelouch: (They know me? And they know that I'm Zero!)
Zero?: Keh-heh-heh...
The masked individual pulls what appears to be a piece of paper out of their pocket and flings it toward Lelouch.
Cautiously, Lelouch reaches down to pick it up off the ground.
Lelouch: (A photograph?)
Lelouch: ...!
The photo shows Lelouch's beloved sister Nunnally in a prison cell, her head hanging low in defeat.
Lelouch: Nunnally...
What are you playing at? What do you plan to do to Nunnally!
Zero?: Heh... That all depends on you.
Lyria: Oh, there they are! They found the bad guy!
Vyrn: You won't get away with this!
C'mon, (Captain), let's get some answers out of that creep!
(Captain) rushes at the masked stranger, weapon drawn.
Zero?: Keh-heh-heh...
Just as (Captain)'s weapon comes down, the enemy kicks off the ground and leaps nimbly into the air.
The figure soars to a height that a normal person could never reach, alighting on top of a towering cliff.
Kallen: How did they do that?
Lyria: I'm sensing a primal beast... But why?
Zero?: ...
Vyrn: That jerk was hidin' an airship up there the whole time!
  1. After them! Hurry!

Choose: After them! Hurry!
Lyria: Yeah! We might still be able to catch up to them with the Grandcypher!
Lelouch: We can't let them get away!
(Captain) and company rush toward the docks where the Grandcypher is anchored, all the while keeping the small airship in their sights.
But their efforts are in vain. By the time they reach the docks, the enemy airship is already vanishing into the distance.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 2: STAGE 2: The Mastermind's Motive - Episode 1

Lelouch reveals to Kallen that he is the true Zero. Despite the conflict in her heart, she offers her support and cooperation to take down the fake Zero. After gathering information around town about various incidents that have occurred, they begin piecing together the mystery behind the fake Zero.

Lelouch: Nunnally!
Having allowed the masked culprit to slip through his fingers, Lelouch pounds his fist onto the edge of the deck in anguish.
Lelouch: (What is happening? First we're transported to an alternate world by some supernatural phenomenon that defies all common sense...)
Lelouch: (And now someone parading around as Zero has abducted Nunnally.)
Lelouch: (Why are they disguising themself as Zero? Why did they kidnap Nunnally?)
Lelouch: (Everything must be related to the fact that they know I'm Zero.)
In search of a clue to the mysterious enemy's actions, Lelouch considers his own circumstances.
Lelouch: (I rebelled against Britannia for two reasons—first, to take revenge against the murderer who killed my mother.)
Lelouch: (And second, to create a peaceful world for Nunnally who no longer has the use of her eyes and legs.)
Lelouch: (I created the mask of Zero solely to hide my true identity as a former prince of Britannia.)
Lelouch: (They're aware of my identity, and yet they've taken on the guise of Zero in this world.)
Lelouch: (In other words, they're doing it to send me a message.)
Lelouch believes he has reached a conclusion until suddenly he realizes something.
Lelouch: (Wait.)
Lelouch: (The imposter said they were waiting for me. In other words, it's highly likely they transported us here.)
Lelouch: (And on top of that, they also mentioned someone called the director...)
Kallen: Lelouch...
Lelouch: Kallen.
Lelouch: I'm sorry. I should have been the one to come to you.
Lelouch shoves the photo of his sister into his pocket and turns to face Kallen, having regained his composure.
Kallen: I came to confirm if what that fraud said is true... that you're the real Zero.
Kallen glances toward the corner of the deck where the Gawain stands covered with a tarp.
Lelouch: Yes. I am Zero.
Lelouch: I rescued Suzaku when he was being falsely charged for Clovis's murder. I led the battle against Britannia in the Narita Mountains...
Lelouch: The Zero you have been taking commands from all this time was me, Lelouch Lamperouge.
Kallen: ...!
C.C.: It certainly didn't take much for you to spill the beans.
C.C. appears from out of the Gawain's shadow.
Kallen: C.C....
Kallen: Well, that settles it. If you're here, that means Lelouch must really be Zero.
Lelouch: I won't make any excuses.
Lelouch: I involved you and the other Japanese people in the war against Britannia. You could even say I used you.
Lelouch: But just so we're clear, I wasn't setting a trap for you all on behalf of Britannia or anything like that.
Lelouch: I have a reason for rebelling against Britannia. A reason to destroy it.
Kallen: Is it Nunnally?
Lelouch: I'm afraid I can't go into detail.
Lelouch: If we make it back to our world, the knowledge could put you, or even the entire Stadtfeld family, in danger.
Kallen glances over at C.C., but C.C. continues staring into the sky, showing no reaction to his words.
Kallen wonders if maybe C.C. already knows the reason Lelouch mentioned.
Nevertheless, she is comforted by the fact that Lelouch has chosen to reveal his true identity as Zero to her.
Kallen: All right. I won't pry into why you became Zero.
Kallen: But from now on, you're Zero to me. Not Lelouch.
Lelouch: Hm? I'm grateful you understand my situation, but what exactly does that mean?
C.C.: Heh. You don't understand a woman's heart at all, do you?
Kallen: C.C., shh! I'm having enough trouble understanding my own heart right now!
Kallen has a fondness for Zero that has grown into a deep admiration.
But upon learning that Zero is actually her classmate Lelouch, Kallen is confused over where to direct those feelings.
As C.C. pokes fun at her, Kallen turns bright red up to her ears.
Kallen: Listen, Lelouch. No... Zero.
Kallen: Let me help you! You of all people know what I'm capable of.
Kallen: The fake Zero attacked that poor innocent woman, and now they've even kidnapped Nunnally...
Kallen: I can't let them get away with that!
Lelouch: Thank you, Kallen. It's encouraging to have you on my side.
Embarrassed by Lelouch's unusually honest demeanor, Kallen rubs the tip of her nose shyly and stretches out her other hand toward him.
Kallen: I look forward to teaming up with you again.
Lelouch takes Kallen's outstretched hand and shakes it, his eyes ablaze with determination.
Lelouch: We'll expose the imposter's identity and rescue Nunnally. And then we'll return to our world.
The pair nod firmly at each other as the Grandcypher touches down back at the docks.
Having decided to assist with the pursuit of the fake Zero, Kallen returns to the restaurant to collect her things.
In the meantime, Lelouch heads into town to gather information about the imposter.
C.C.: Are you sure telling Kallen that you're Zero was the right call?
Lelouch: No matter. It was simply a matter of priority.
Lelouch: We need to save Nunnally and return to our world. And for that, we need Kallen's help.
Lelouch: It's best to just be candid rather than invite unnecessary suspicion.
C.C.: ...
C.C.: Say, have you changed a little since coming to this world?
Lelouch: Who knows? I don't have the eyes of Britannia focused on me here, so that allows me to think through things more clearly.
Lelouch: And maybe that's allowing me to be more relaxed.
C.C.: I see. In that case, I guess you ought to pour your effort into rescuing Nunnally.
Lelouch: Right. But I don't have much information about the imposter as it is now.
Lelouch: I have no idea what their true identity might be, so all they have to do to escape is remove their mask and slip away into the crowd.
Lelouch: And on top of that, they seem to have greater physical ability than a regular human, so pursuing them would be difficult.
C.C.: You keep calling them an imposter...
C.C.: But what if there's an organization in this world that just happens to dress like that?
Lelouch: I asked the Knickknack Shack to look into it, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Lelouch: Besides, they were aware that I'm Zero.
Lelouch: And they knew my name. Or the name of Lelouch vi Britannia, at least.
Lelouch: (Wait. They know the name Lelouch vi Britannia...)
C.C.: They must have a grudge against Zero. And that's why they kidnapped your little sister.
Lelouch: Disguised as Zero, they're committing heinous crimes such as stabbings and arson in various areas.
Lelouch: The scope of the incidents is small, but the people who fall victim almost always lose their lives.
Lelouch: And the targets invariably have an older sibling—the act is always committed right in front of their eyes.
C.C.: It sounds like the culprit is doing it to see the sibling's reaction. Maybe they enjoy watching people grieve the loss of a loved one.
Lelouch: I don't think so. I wager the imposter has bigger plans than just harassing random strangers.
Lelouch: I still need more information before I can reach a conclusion, but all the crimes they've committed thus far have been on islands that I've visited.
Lelouch: Considering they're committing crimes disguised as Zero—a person no one in this world is familiar with—and they even gave me a photo of Nunnally...
Lelouch: I imagine they're trying to send me a message—
Lelouch: Zero, you're a murderer who killed my little sister. If you don't hurry, Nunnally will meet the same fate.
C.C.: If they have a grudge against Zero, they must be a person from our world.
Lelouch pulls the photo of Nunnally out of his pocket.
Lelouch: Look at this photo. The old-fashioned armor in it apparently belongs to the Erste Empire.
Lelouch: And according to (Captain) and the others, the ship used by the imposter to escape was the empire's property as well.
Lelouch: On top of that, when the false Zero leapt onto that cliff, Lyria sensed a primal beast.
Lelouch: The evidence suggests that the fraud is somehow connected with the Erste Empire.
C.C.: Even though they're not originally from this world, they have enough connections to wield a certain degree of freedom here.
C.C.: They must have built up a significant social standing.
Lelouch: Yes. And that wouldn't be possible if they were sent here at the same time we were.
Lelouch: It stands to reason that the imposter came here before us and assimilated themselves into the empire under false pretenses.
Lelouch: And then they brought us to this world in order to enact their revenge on the real Zero. If you think of it that way, everything falls into place.
C.C.: In other words, the fake Zero possesses a way to move between worlds?
Lelouch: Most likely.
Lelouch: In our world, it would be difficult for them to get past the Black Knights and target me directly.
Lelouch: They must have thought it would be easier if they brought me to this world.
Lelouch: (We have a rough idea of their motive and objective. But we're still missing the most important piece of information—their identity.)
Lelouch: (Considering they know I'm Zero, I can think of a number of possibilities.)
Lelouch: (But I don't have any decisive proof. There must be another clue somewhere...)
Lelouch: (Wait, that reminds me...)
Lelouch: Say, C.C. Do you have any idea who the director might be?
C.C.: ...!
Where did you hear that?
Having started to piece together a vague idea of the fake Zero's motive and identity, Lelouch takes the first step toward solving the mystery.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 2: STAGE 2: The Mastermind's Motive - Episode 2

When the crew arrives at Golonzo to repair the Guren's radiant wave surger, they discover that the fake Zero has struck there as well, taking a young girl hostage. Lelouch and (Captain) cooperate to save the girl, and as the crew chases after the fraud, Lelouch rushes to the edge of town.

Just as Lelouch had expected, Kallen's Guren Mk-II was sent to the Sky Realm as well.
Expecting it to play an essential role in the battles to come, the crew retrieves it from the warehouse where Kallen was storing it and loads it onto the Grandcypher.
Kallen: Thanks for helping me load the Guren onto the ship, everyone.
Kallen: I've never been a skyfarer before, but I have confidence in my physical strength at least. Hopefully I'll be able to help out.
Lyria: I'm sure you will! We're happy to have you along for the journey!
Lelouch: How's the Guren's condition, Kallen? Have you run into any problems with it since arriving here?
Kallen: Well, the right arm was giving me a warning. I can't use the radiant wave surger as it is now.
Lelouch: In that case, we'll need to have it repaired professionally. The radiant wave surger employs incredibly complex technology, after all.
Kallen: I tried seeing if I could fix it myself, but I had no idea where to even begin.
Vyrn: Whaddya say we head to Golonzo? There are a bunch of mechanics there, so maybe you can find somebody who can fix it.
Lelouch: Good idea. That's the island that handles large-scale airship repairs, correct? Let's try there.
Vyrn: All right! Then let's get ready to head out!
After arriving on Golonzo Island, (Captain) and the crew drop off the Guren at the central docks and head into town to buy supplies.
Kallen assures Lelouch that she'll be fine overseeing the repairs alone, so he joins the crew on their shopping trip.
Lelouch: Oho... They did a thorough job looking into the matter for me.
C.C.: Is that the document you picked up from the Knickknack Shack? What does it say?
Lelouch: It lists all the smaller airship models used by the empire, as well as any notable damage their ships have sustained.
Lelouch: This should be enough information. Now to wait for the imposter to make their move...
???: Nooo! Stop!
Vyrn: Huh? What's goin' on?
Lelouch: Right on cue.
C.C., I'll leave the preparations to you.
C.C.: Got it. Don't screw up.
Lelouch: Don't worry. I won't let there be any more casualties.
Vyrn: H-hey! Look over there!
???: Hic... Sob...
(Captain) and company rush over to see a young girl crying pitifully on the roof of a tall building.
Zero?: ...
Behind the girl is the masked stranger, prepared to push her off the edge of the roof.
Girl's Brother: Give her back! Give me back my sister!
In the alleyway below, the girl's brother begs desperately with the fake Zero, but his pleas fall on deaf ears.
Meanwhile, the townspeople attempt to force their way into the building to rescue the girl, but the doors are sealed tightly.
Zero?: ...
Lelouch: Oh, come now. You're planning to murder a little girl this time?
Lelouch: The great Zero's really lost his edge.
Zero?: ...!
Lelouch: What's wrong? Did you forget how to talk?
The fake Zero reaches out to grab the girl's collar, as though provoked by Lelouch's words.
Human Girl: Nooo! Help me, Big Bro! Help meee!
Girl's Brother: What are you doing! If you make them mad, they're going to drop my little sister off the roof!
Lelouch: Good. I hope they do just that.
Girl's Brother: Huh?
Girl's Brother: Nooo!
Seeming to delight in the brother's anguished cries, the fake Zero jerks the girl by her collar, sending her toppling off the roof.
Lelouch: You see... The conditions have all been cleared!
Lelouch: Now, (Captain)!
At Lelouch's signal, (Captain) leaps out from the shadows.
The captain skillfully leaps from ledge to ledge on the side of the building, catching the young girl in both arms.
Human Girl: Whoa!
Human Girl: Huh? Wha?
Girl's Brother: Are you okay?
Human Girl: Big Bro...
Human Girl: Waaah! That was so scary!
As soon as (Captain) sets the girl down, she immediately rushes into her brother's arms, burying her face into his chest and wailing.
Girl's Brother: Thank you for saving my sister... Thank you so much...
(Captain) smiles warmly and pats the boy on his shoulder.
Lelouch: (Well done, (Captain). But... something's not right.)
The plan had gone off without a hitch—while Lelouch distracted the fake Zero, (Captain) had successfully caught the young girl.
But something weighs on Lelouch's mind.
Before he had even given the signal, the fake Zero had looked in the direction of where (Captain) was hiding.
Zero?: ...
Lyria: They went that way! Let's go after them!
Lelouch: (Let the mission begin.)
With a sidelong glance at (Captain) and the crew as they pursue the fake Zero, Lelouch rushes to the edge of town.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 2: STAGE 2: The Mastermind's Motive - Episode 3

Lelouch and C.C. use the Gawain to pursue the fake Zero. But after landing a direct hit using the Hadron Cannon, a mysterious force nullifies the blast. Although the fake Zero manages to escape again, by using the information provided by the Knickknack Shack, Lelouch is able to decipher their hiding spot.

C.C.: Hey, over here. How'd things go on your end?
Lelouch: We were able to save the target thanks to (Captain).
Lelouch arrives at the location he and C.C. had agreed upon beforehand to find the Gawain on standby, hidden from view of passersby.
He uses the elevator to ascend to the cockpit and slides into the seat.
Lelouch: What's the status of the enemy ship?
C.C.: It seems to be well hidden. We'll most likely need to aim for the moment it takes off.
Lelouch hastily operates the Gawain's control panel while C.C. fills him in on the situation.
Lelouch: (Captain) and the others are pursuing the imposter. If all goes according to plan, it should be any minute now...
The moment Lelouch raises his head, a small airship lifts off from between two buildings.
C.C.: The enemy airship is on the move. Let's go.
As the fake Zero's ship soars into the sky, Lelouch watches, deep in thought.
Lelouch: (They seek revenge against Zero, and that makes their actions simple and easy to read.)
Lelouch: (But there's still something I don't understand. If their goal is vengeance, why don't they simply target me directly?)
Lelouch: (And why did they not make any demands after kidnapping Nunnally?)
Lelouch: (I suppose there's no option but to ask the fraud directly.)
Lelouch: (But to do that, first we'll need to shoot down their ship with the Gawain's Hadron Cannon and capture them!)
Lelouch aims for the fake Zero's ship as it sails unguarded through the sky.
A wicked red beam bursts forth from the Gawain, engulfing the airship and surrounding it with a cloud of black smoke.
C.C.: A direct hit.
Lelouch: Good. Now we just need to capture the imposter before they crash...
The thick smoke gradually begins to clear. And there, making its way through the skies unharmed, is the small airship.
C.C.: What! It didn't take any damage?
Lelouch: Impossible! How did they possibly defend against the Hadron Cannon?
Lelouch once again aims for the ship and fires the cannon.
The blast closes in for a direct hit, but it dissipates at the last moment before impact.
Lelouch: (How can the Hadron Cannon have no effect? Could it be the power of one of those primal beasts?)
Lelouch: Tch! Then how about this?
The Gawain accelerates, and as soon as they're in range of the airship Lelouch fires ten slash harkens, one from each of the Gawain's fingers.
The false Zero deftly turns the helm to evade the majority of the harkens, but the last one hits, tearing a hole in the bottom of the ship.
Lelouch: So physical attacks work.
Lelouch: That means it's not a barrier that simply blocks energy like the blaze luminous...
Lelouch: It's something capable of dispersing energy completely.
C.C.: The enemy is leaving the island.
Lelouch: We were able to gather valuable data about the ship. Combined with the list I received from the Knickknack Shack, it should be enough information to decipher their hiding spot.
Lelouch: But for now, let's abandon the chase and prepare for the next battle.
Following Lelouch's instructions, C.C. turns the Gawain around and steers it back toward the center of the island.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 2: STAGE 2: The Mastermind's Motive - Episode 4

After speaking with Lyria, Lelouch concludes that the fake Zero was likely able to nullify the Hadron Cannon by using the power of a primal beast. Kallen informs Lelouch that a Knightmare Frame resembling Suzaku's Lancelot was also seen in the Sky Realm. Lelouch decides to seek out Suzaku for help in rescuing Nunnally.

Vyrn: Lelouch, C.C., there you are! Were you guys goin' after that phony Zero with the Gawain?
Lyria: I'm sorry. We tried our best to catch up to them, but they got away...
Lelouch: There's no need to apologize. We failed to capture them as well.
Lelouch: I'm just glad we were able to save that little girl, thanks to (Captain).
Lelouch: By the way, did the imposter use a primal beast to escape again?
Vyrn: They didn't jump way into the air like last time, so maybe not.
Lyria: Yeah...
Lyria: Oh, but I did sense the power of a primal beast once after the ship took off.
Lelouch: When exactly?
Lyria: Um... I think it was when we heard that big bang in the sky.
C.C.: Considering that's when you fired the Hadron Cannon, I guess the answer's pretty clear.
Lelouch: Yes. That barrier is being created using the power of a primal beast.
Lelouch: (In other words, scientific knowledge doesn't apply. But all phenomenons must follow some sort of rules.)
Lelouch: (If I can figure out what those rules are and exploit them...)
As Lelouch continues to formulate a plan in his mind, he and the rest of the crew return to the central docks to reconvene with Kallen.
Kallen: Welcome back, you guys! They just finished repairing the Guren.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Does that mean its right arm works again?
Kallen: Yeah. Fortunately, they were able to replace the broken part with materials from this world.
Kallen: Now it should perform just how it used to.
Lelouch: I see. In that case, we can add some leeway into our strategy.
Lelouch: (The Guren's radiant wave surger might prove to be an effective countermeasure against the enemy's barrier.)
Lelouch: (The only problem is, the Guren lacks a float system.)
Lelouch: (And that means, despite its power, it will always be outmatched in an air battle.)
Kallen: Oh, Lelouch, I just remembered.
Kallen: One of the engineers mentioned they'd seen a white machine that looked like the Guren...
Lelouch: Suzaku's Lancelot!
Kallen: That's what I thought too. The only other Knightmare around when we were taken by that light in Yokohama was the Lancelot.
Kallen: So it must be him.
Vyrn: Huh, think you're gonna be able to find another one of your friends?
Lelouch: There's no definitive proof, but most likely.
Kallen: So what do you want to do about him? He's part of the Britannian military, so he's always been our enemy in battle... But at the same time...
Lelouch: Let's head to the island where Suzaku was spotted. If we're going to save Nunnally, we'll need his help.
Kallen: Are you sure you're okay with that? Won't you have to tell him you're Zero?
Lelouch: No matter. In this Sky Realm, the Lancelot's float system gives it a tactical advantage.
Lelouch: (And besides...)
Lelouch: (As long as we're in a world where Britannia doesn't exist, I might be able to divulge everything to him, no holds barred.)
Lelouch: First, we'll focus on finding Suzaku. Once we've met up with him, we'll commence the operation to rescue Nunnally!
Vyrn: Does that mean you've already got everythin' ready to go?
Lelouch: Yes. I've located the enemy's whereabouts. Now all I need are a strategy and capable fighters.
Lelouch: Kallen, (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn. Will you lend me your assistance?
Vyrn: Yeah, you got it!
Lyria: Let's capture the fake Zero and rescue Nunnally!
(Captain) and the crew are inspired by Lelouch's words.
After loading the newly repaired Guren onto the ship, they set a course for the island where they believe Suzaku to be.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 3: STAGE 3: Zero Unmasked - Episode 1

After being transported to the Sky Realm, Suzaku was taken in by a machine-loving engineer who took notice of his Knightmare Frame. One day, Suzaku comes across a woman who appears lost and confused. When she suddenly begins to scream about how her sister was killed by Zero, imperial soldiers appear on the scene and forcefully take Suzaku into custody.

As Lelouch and the others set a course for their destination, Suzaku walks down a quiet street.
Suzaku: (I really lucked out getting a bonus on top of the reward.)
Suzaku: (Maybe I'll pick up something tasty for Gramps before heading back to the workshop.)
Upon being transported to the Sky Realm along with Lelouch, C.C., and Kallen, Suzaku found himself on a mysterious island.
There he was approached by a machine-loving engineer who asked if he could take a look at the Lancelot.
Ever since then, Suzaku has been staying at the man's workshop.
The engineer performs routine maintenance on the Lancelot daily, including oiling and dusting it.
In exchange, Suzaku completes missions such as hunting monsters in order to make enough money to cover his living expenses.
Suzaku: Hm?
Haggard Woman: My... where... she?
Suzaku spots a young woman staggering down the road, muttering something unintelligible.
After noticing her canes, he realizes that the woman's legs appear to be disabled.
Suzaku: What's wrong? Are you looking for someone?
Haggard Woman: Oh? Who are you?
Suzaku: My name is Suzaku Kururugi.
Suzaku: Not many people pass through here. If you're trying to find someone, I'd be happy to help you look for them.
Haggard Woman: You're very kind. Ehehe.
Haggard Woman: I'm searching for my little sister. My one and only precious little sister...
Suzaku: So you got separated from your sister? Can you tell me what she's like?
Haggard Woman: My sister is blind... But she's always smiling...
Suzaku: You say she's blind? In that case, we need to find her as soon as possible.
Suzaku: Oh, one more thing. Would you mind telling me her name?
Haggard Woman: Her name? Oh... What was it again?
Haggard Woman: I think it was Nu... No, wait. It was Loui—
Haggard Woman: No... Stop... No! Nooo!
Suzaku: Huh?
Now visibly deranged, the young woman shakes her head violently and begins to shout.
Haggard Woman: No! My little sister was killed!
Haggard Woman: Zero killed her! You killed her! It's your fault! It's all your faaault!
Suzaku: (Zero? Did she just say Zero?)
Haggard Woman: Murdererrr!
The woman beats her fists on Suzaku's chest, screaming so loudly it sounds as though her throat might tear apart.
Suzaku: P-please try to calm down! Now what's all this about your little sister? What happened to her?
Patrolling Soldier: Hey! What's going on over there!
Suzaku: Th-this isn't what it looks like! I was just trying to help her find her sister!
Haggard Woman: Murderer... Sob... How could you... How could you!
Patrolling Soldier: You expect me to believe that? Sounds to me like you killed someone!
Suzaku: No! Please listen to me!
Suzaku: Ngh! Urgh...
Suddenly, a powerful shock on the back of Suzaku's head renders him unconscious, and he slumps to the ground.
Patrolling Soldier: Huh? What?
Haggard Woman: Where is she... Where's my little sister? Where?
Acting as though she has completely forgotten about Suzaku, the young woman resumes her aimless wandering.
Patrolling Soldier: Tch. Loonies, both of 'em. Well, guess I oughta take this one in.
Come on, you. On your feet.
Suzaku: Urgh...
Patrolling Soldier: That gal laid him out with one touch. What a wuss.
Patrolling Soldier: But now that I get a better look, he's wearing some mighty fancy clothes.
Patrolling Soldier: Maybe we can milk him for some dough after we throw him in the slammer.
Reinforcements arrive to help the imperial soldier, and they drag the unconscious Suzaku along behind them.
A single paper crane lies on the ground in Suzaku's wake, swaying gently in the wind.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 3: STAGE 3: Zero Unmasked - Episode 2

Suzaku finds himself in a prison cell and begins to wonder about the woman screaming about Zero—a person who shouldn't exist in this world. After attempting to reason with the prison guards, he quickly realizes that he was arrested on fictional charges. Fortunately to his surprise, Lelouch shows up to rescue him.

Suzaku: Ngh...
Suzaku: Where am I?
Suzaku looks around what appears to be a small prison cell.
Haggard Woman: No! My little sister was killed!
Haggard Woman: Zero killed her! You killed her! It's your fault! It's all your faaault!
Suzaku: (That weapon she used on me was like a stun gun. But why would something like that be in this world?)
Through the dull pain lingering at the back of his neck, memories of what happened slowly start coming back to him.
The young woman Suzaku had met on the way back from hunting monsters had clearly not been in a proper state of mind.
But even more puzzling is the fact that she had mentioned Zero—a person who shouldn't even exist in the Sky Realm.
Warden: Oh, you're awake.
Warden: We'll determine an appropriate sentence once we finish our investigation. You'll just have to sit tight until that time comes.
Suzaku: What crime am I suspected of committing?
Warden: I don't know the details. Sounds like murder, as well as threatening and assaulting a passerby... That's the gist of it.
Warden: We can make up as many charges as we want.
Suzaku: Make them up? But if you just investigate a little, you'll see that I'm innocent.
Warden: Truth be told, I couldn't care less if you're innocent or guilty as long as I get to line my pockets.
Warden: You live with an old engineer on the outskirts of town, isn't that right?
Warden: Apparently he's been looking for you. We had a friendly little chat, and he told us all about you.
Suzaku: ...!
What did you do to him!
Warden: Heh. That old man tried to protect you for some reason, even though you're a complete stranger.
Warden: So we just roughed him up a bit. Don't worry, he's not dead or anything.
Suzaku: How could you!
Warden: No use threatening me while you're locked in there. I'd wager that white machine of yours we found at the old man's workshop will fetch a hefty price.
Warden: Whether you die or not makes no difference to me—I'll get my money either way.
Suzaku: ...
Suzaku: Does the Erste Empire have no sense of justice?
Warden: Haha! Were you born yesterday?
Warden: Justice won't fill your stomach, and it won't get you a woman either.
Suzaku: ...
Warden: Huh? What's all that ruckus?
Gatekeeper: We've got trouble! The townspeople have started a revolt—they're trying to drive us out!
Warden: What!
Gatekeeper: The guards are doing their best to contain the uprising, but it shows no sign of ending. We need backup!
Warden: Understood.
Warden: Huh? What's wrong? Why'd you stop all of a sudden?
Gatekeeper: I almost forgot—there's a little favor I'd like to ask of you.
After turning into an empty corridor, the gatekeeper suddenly stops and turns to face the warden.
Gatekeeper: Hand over the keys to the cells. After that, go bang your head on the wall outside for the rest of your life.
Warden: Will do. Here are the keys. Bye now.
After handing the key ring at his waist to the gatekeeper, the warden heads outside, eager to begin a lifetime of banging his head on a wall.
Lelouch: (To think the man we found collapsed in town turned out to be sheltering Suzaku...)
Lelouch: (Thanks to him, I was able to find out Suzaku's whereabouts.)
Lelouch: ((Captain) and the crew are treating him, so there shouldn't be any threat to his life.)
Lelouch: (It seems there's no end to the Erste Empire's corruption. They're willing to commit violence and forge charges all for their own self-interest.)
Lelouch: (It makes me sick.)
After confirming that there are no other soldiers in the area, Lelouch removes his helmet and armor.
Lelouch: Suzaku! There you are!
Suzaku: Lelouch! Why are you here?
Lelouch: I heard you were captured, so I took advantage of the commotion outside to come check on you.
Lelouch uses the keys he received from the warden to unlock Suzaku's cell.
Suzaku: That's not what I meant. This isn't our world. So why are you here?
Lelouch: ...
Suzaku: Lelouch?
Lelouch: I need your help. I can't do it without you.
Suzaku: ...?

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 3: STAGE 3: Zero Unmasked - Episode 3

Lelouch explains Nunnally's situation to Suzaku and reveals his true identity to him as Zero. Despite the initial apprehensions between both of them regarding their differences, they come to an agreement in order to rescue Nunnally.

Suzaku: You need my help? With what?
Lelouch pulls the picture of Nunnally from his pocket and shows it to Suzaku.
Suzaku: Nunnally?
Suzaku: I recognize that warden's armor... Nunnally was captured by the Erste Empire too?
Lelouch: Not by the empire exactly. But yes, Nunnally has been abducted. That much is fact.
Suzaku: Oh no... Here we are in a whole other world, and she's still being targeted?
Lelouch: Yes. It's all because of me...
Suzaku can sense that Lelouch is hesitating to tell him something.
He's always had a knack for reading his friend, having known him since they were children.
Suzaku: Lelouch. What are you hiding from me?
Lelouch: ...!
Suzaku: You've always tried to do everything on your own, ever since we were kids. I want you to tell me the truth.
Lelouch: I was fully determined to tell you. But now that the time has come, I'm getting cold feet.
Lelouch: You see, I've betrayed you.
Suzaku: Betrayed me?
Lelouch: Yes. Your trust, to be more precise.
Suzaku: But you're still going to tell me everything, aren't you? Because you believe you need to in order to save Nunnally.
Lelouch: You see right through me. But this isn't the place for all this.
Lelouch: Take these.
Lelouch hands Suzaku a simple map and a key.
Suzaku: Is this the key to the Lancelot?
Lelouch: Your engineer friend protected it with everything he had.
Suzaku: Gramps! Is he all right?
Lelouch: Yes, he's fine. I've made some friends in this world, and they're looking after him as we speak.
Lelouch: Take the key and head to the location on the map. We'll talk there.
Suzaku: All right.
Suzaku: The Lancelot... It's just like Lelouch said. Could he actually be...
Suzaku sneaks into a warehouse near the docks to find the Lancelot exactly as Lelouch's map had shown.
Suzaku slides into the cockpit and inserts the key before initiating the startup sequence.
Suzaku: Launch check complete. No irregularities detected. V.A.R.I.S., MVS, artillery okay. Float system operational...
Suzaku: The Gawain...
The gears in Suzaku's mind begin to spin upon seeing the black Knightmare Frame outside the warehouse.
???: ...
Suzaku: ...!
Suzaku climbs out of the cockpit in a daze, staring at the masked individual who now stands on the shoulder of the Gawain.
Suzaku: Zero...
Lelouch: ...
Zero removes his mask slowly, revealing the face of Lelouch and exposing his true identity to Suzaku.
Suzaku: Lelouch. I knew it. You're Zero.
Lelouch: Yes. I am.
Suzaku: ...
Suzaku: I see why you called it a betrayal of trust... But I'd like to hear your side of the story.
Suzaku: Why did you become Zero? Why did you kill Prince Clovis?
Lelouch: In order to find the murderer who killed my mother, Marianne.
Lelouch: The person who murdered my mother and wants Nunnally and me dead is part of the royal family—in other words, one of my own siblings.
Suzaku: Why did you found the Black Knights? Why did you spur the Japanese people to battle?
Lelouch: In order to fight against Britannia. It has nothing to do with the fact that they're Japanese.
Suzaku: Why do you fight? There had to be a better path to accomplishing your goal.
Lelouch: Any other way would have taken too long. Nunnally would have lost her life to the war and political affairs of our world...
Lelouch: And by then everything would have been too late!
Suzaku: So this is all for... Nunnally?
Lelouch: Yes, in order to create a world where she can live in peace.
Lelouch: But to do that, you first need to destroy Britannia—no, the current world as we know it.
Lelouch: And that's why I became Zero.
Suzaku: Is that really what Nunnally would have wanted?
Lelouch: ...!
Lelouch: I don't know. But I can't just stand idly by and watch her die.
Suzaku: ...
A silence falls between them, and Suzaku is the first to break it.
Suzaku: If I'm being completely honest, I can't say I approve of your methods. They're far too selfish.
Lelouch: I know.
Suzaku: You won't be able to get away with taking the lives of others for the sake of your own ambitions. Eventually you'll pay for your crimes.
Lelouch: I'm prepared for that outcome.
Suzaku: I don't see Nunnally living happily in a world that was built on the lost lives of others.
Suzaku: She's not a weak child in need of your protection. You ought to know better than anyone just how strong she truly is.
Lelouch: ...
Suzaku: And that's exactly why I'll help you.
Lelouch: Suzaku.
Lelouch: But why? I betrayed you.
Suzaku: It's true that you betrayed my trust.
Suzaku: But you didn't betray me personally. I mean, you're here being honest with me right now, aren't you?
Suzaku: And besides, I'm the same as you. I've stained my hands with the blood of others by my own will.
Suzaku: And that's why I want to help.
Suzaku: We'll rescue Nunnally and return to our world... and then we'll work together, side by side.
Suzaku: We'll search for a way to make our world better.
Suzaku: After all, with the two of us together...
Lelouch: There's nothing we can't do.
Lelouch: Thank you, Suzaku. I'm in your debt.
Lelouch and Suzaku stare at each other, their eyes full of trust.
C.C.: That exchange was enough to make any girl jealous.
Lelouch: Hush. You have a bad habit of eavesdropping on other people's conversations.
Despite his harsh words, Lelouch's expression remains gentle.
C.C.: ...
C.C. can't help but smile as she watches his face on the monitor.
Lelouch: Suzaku, Nunnally is being held on an Erste military base. I'm sending you the data now.
Suzaku: Roger that. I've got the information. I'm ready to head out whenever you are.
Lelouch: Good! Then it's time to go save Nunnally!
The black and white machines soar into the sky.
Their destination appears as a large shadow on the monitor—the Erste military base where the fake Zero is hiding.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 3: STAGE 3: Zero Unmasked - Episode 4

(Captain) and the others arrive at the island where the fake Zero is hiding to find imperial soldiers already awaiting their arrival. Somehow the imposter seems to know where and when Lelouch is going to act. With uncertainty in the back of his mind, he continues the operation.

In accordance with Lelouch's plan, Kallen and the crew have arrived on the island where the false Zero is hiding.
Kallen: Haaah!
The Guren mows down the enemy tanks while (Captain) makes quick work of the imperial foot soldiers.
Thanks to their combined efforts, the base's robust security crumbles in an instant, opening a path to the stronghold believed to be the fake Zero's hideout.
Vyrn: We're just about done over here!
Kallen: Wait! The sensor's picking up something in front of us!
Kallen: What! How'd they send reinforcements so fast?
More reinforcements appear, but they last no more than a few seconds before the overpowering might of the Guren Mk-II.
Lyria: Wow... Kallen's really strong...
Kallen: I'm not sure how, but it seems like they already know our every move.
Kallen: Guess there's no point trying to sneak in anymore. We're going in through the front door!
With the Guren at the vanguard, (Captain) and company press forward toward the fortress.
Lelouch: Kallen, it's me. I've rendezvoused with Suzaku. Brief me on the situation.
Kallen: I expected tight security and all, but we were attacked the moment we landed.
Kallen: I don't know what's going on. Maybe our intel's being leaked.
Kallen: I've got the upper hand here, so I'm going to force my way into the front of the fortress. Any changes to the strategy?
Lelouch: Understood. In that case, switch to Plan B. You'll be creating a diversion with the Guren. But don't put yourself in danger.
Kallen: Roger that!
Lelouch: Strange.
C.C.: What, the attack Kallen mentioned?
Lelouch: Yes. The imposter clearly knew we were coming somehow.
Lelouch: Otherwise they wouldn't have been able to respond so quickly.
C.C.: Perhaps this fake Zero has an informant in the crew, or they're using some other method to monitor you.
Lelouch: Both are feasible. I predicted as much, considering the imposter has been miraculously appearing everywhere we go.
C.C.: If you predicted it, then why did you say it was strange?
Lelouch: I was referring to the imposter's goal. We know they're out for revenge against Zero, but their behavior isn't consistent with that at all.
Lelouch: It's the same every time. If they knew we were coming, why didn't they just escape?
Lelouch: They clearly have a reason for not doing so.
Lelouch: I feel like all the pieces are almost in place, but it's not quite enough. We're still missing something we need to bring them to bay.
C.C.: Either way, we need to rescue Nunnally as soon as possible.
Lelouch: Right. It's time to join the operation!
Though still left with uncertainty in the back of his mind, Lelouch makes his way to rescue Nunnally.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 4: STAGE 4: Check the Imposter - Episode 1

(Captain) and company break through the empire's line of defense and arrive at a towering fortress. Golems await them inside, but Kallen takes them on using the Guren while the others begin searching the stronghold.

(Captain) and company break through the empire's line of defense and arrive at a towering fortress.
Kallen: Now all that's left is to break into the enemy stronghold...
Kallen: I'm all ready on my end. You're up, Lyria!
Lyria: Okay!
On Kallen's signal, Lyria summons Yggdrasil—a primal beast who possesses the power of earth.
As Yggdrasil raises her arms gracefully overhead, two earthen walls emerge from the ground.
Kallen: Let's do this! Hop on!
  1. Alley-oop!

Choose: Alley-oop!
(Captain) takes Lyria and Vyrn by the hand, and together they leap into the Guren's left hand, just as the crimson machine rockets forward.
Kallen: Going up!
The Guren uses the wheels at its feet—known as landspinners—to ascend between the two walls at incredible speed.
Upon reaching the top of the walls, the Guren leaps into the air and fires its slash harken, lodging the anchor deep into the fortress wall.
The cable attached to the harken retracts, pulling the Guren's massive frame into the building.
Vyrn: Yikes! I thought we were gonna fall there for a sec...
Kallen: What are you talking about? You're a flying lizard!
Vyrn: Hey! I ain't no—
Lyria: Oh no! Look at all the golems!
Kallen: I'll handle those things! You guys go check around inside!
Vyrn: Got it! Good luck!
(Captain) and the crew climb the stairs and begin searching the rooms for any sign of Nunnally or the fake Zero.
Golem: ...!
Kallen: Hah! Am I supposed to be scared?
Kallen: I don't care if you are a golem or whatever—you don't stand a chance against the Guren Mk-II!
Kallen: Here I come!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 4: STAGE 4: Check the Imposter - Episode 1: Scene 2

Kallen takes out the golems with ease using the Guren's radiant wave surger. Unable to find Nunnally or the fake Zero anywhere in sight, (Captain) and the crew make their way to the next floor.

Kallen: Last one!
The Guren grasps the golem's head firmly with the long claws on its right hand.
Kallen: ...!
Kallen unleashes the Guren's radiant wave surger, and the ray of heat easily melts the golem's tough armor.
The golem's entire body warps and swells, the threat neutralized in a mere moment.
Kallen: I guess that takes care of the enemies on this floor.
Lyria: We checked all the rooms on this floor, but we didn't see Nunnally or the fake Zero anywhere...
Kallen: Got it. Let's try the next floor.
Winding their way through the fallen golems, (Captain) and company make their way downstairs.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 4: STAGE 4: Check the Imposter - Episode 2

While Lelouch issues tactical commands from the shadows, Suzaku is suddenly ambushed by multiple Sutherlands. Upon further inspection, Suzaku discovers that the machines have been converted to unmanned drones. Lelouch orders him to continue taking them out in order to find out where they're coming from.

Suzaku: Lelouch. I've finished sealing the entrance to the docks like you asked. Now they shouldn't be able to use their airship.
Lelouch: Roger that. Do you spot any enemies in the area?
Suzaku: There's nothing on the radar. I guess we have Kallen's diversion to thank for that.
Lelouch: In that case, rendezvous with Kallen and the others and help them search for Nunnally.
Lelouch: You should be able to enter through the north receiving dock and meet them on the first floor.
Lelouch keeps the Gawain hidden out of sight, issuing tactical commands to Suzaku and the others from the shadows.
C.C.: By giving orders in the moment like this, an informant will be useless.
Lelouch: But this can't even really be called a plan, considering how haphazard it is.
Suzaku: What? Impossible!
Suzaku: Lelouch, I've got company! There are multiple Sutherlands incoming from inside the enemy base!
Lelouch: Sutherlands... The imposter must have summoned them here from our world.
Suzaku deploys the Lancelot's energy shield—the blaze luminous—to deflect the rain of bullets fired from the Sutherlands.
Suzaku: What's with their robotic movement? Guess I'll just have to take a look!
The Lancelot draws the two swords sheathed on its back and plunges into the group of Sutherlands, dodging the rain of gunfire.
He then singles out one of the Sutherlands and slices open the cockpit in the back with one swift strike.
Suzaku: I knew it.
Suzaku: Lelouch! These Sutherlands are unmanned. They've been converted into drones.
Lelouch: Drones...
Lelouch: Continue taking out the Sutherlands and identify where they're coming from. There's a high chance that's where the false Zero is.
Suzaku: Will do! I'll start with these two!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 4: STAGE 4: Check the Imposter - Episode 3

Back at the fortress, Kallen is shocked to discover Sutherland reinforcements coming from underground. Suspecting that's where the fake Zero and Nunnally might be, Lelouch uses the Gawain's Druid System to calculate their position and blows a hole in the ground.

Suzaku: Phew...
Suzaku: Judging from these landspinner tracks, the Sutherlands came from this direction. Let's have a look.
Suzaku skillfully defeats the group of Sutherlands and travels through the buildings searching for their source.
Lyria: Nobody in this room...
Vyrn: No luck over here either...
Kallen: (We've already searched every floor. Maybe we missed them somewhere...)
Starting with the top floor, (Captain) and company have performed an exhaustive search as they descended to the ground floor.
Kallen begins to feel anxious, having failed to locate even a single clue.
Vyrn: What the heck are those bunny-eared things!
Kallen: Sutherlands! Why are they here?
Kallen is shocked as a group of Sutherlands suddenly appears from within the building.
Kallen: I never would've guessed there was an elevator hidden in the back room...
Kallen: They must be using it to transport Sutherlands from underground.
Kallen: Lelouch, do you read me? I've encountered a number of Sutherlands. They seem to be coming from underground.
Lelouch: Underground?
Lelouch: (I see. They must have kept it a secret from the Erste Empire too.)
Lelouch uses the Gawain's Druid System to obtain data about the topography around the stronghold, and begins making calculations.
Lelouch: (If I compare the position of the elevator to this topographical data, that makes this the most suitable location.)
Lelouch: Suzaku, Kallen. Rendezvous at the point I just sent you. Don't worry about taking care of every single Sutherland.
Suzaku: All right. I'm on my way.
Kallen: Roger that. I'll head that direction with (Captain) and the others.
Lelouch meets Suzaku and Kallen at the calculated location.
Lelouch: The fraud and Nunnally are likely underground. I'm going to open a hole in the ground with the Hadron Cannon.
Kallen: But if you do that, won't everything underground be buried?
Lelouch: That's precisely why I chose this spot. If my calculations are correct, this is the optimal location. Now, let's get started.
The shoulders of the Gawain open to reveal the dual muzzles of the Hadron Cannon.
A red light flashes on an area of the map indicated by the Druid System.
The force of the Hadron Cannon hollows out the ground, opening a gaping hole leading underground.
Lelouch: Hmph. That was quick.
Lelouch operates the control panel to prepare the Hadron Cannon for another shot aimed at the Sutherlands.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 4: STAGE 4: Check the Imposter - Episode 4

After going through the underground passage, Lelouch and the others find the fake Zero standing in front of Nunnally, who has been drugged asleep. As Lelouch and the fake Zero share a dialogue, (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria attempt to rescue Nunnally undetected. However, the fake Zero calls another unexpected ally onto the scene: Jeremiah Gottwald.

Lelouch: Looks like there aren't any more reinforcements coming. They must have used up the last of their Sutherland pawns.
The Sutherlands underground have been melted by the Hadron Cannon's heat ray, with not a single unit remaining.
The Guren descends into the opening using footholds created by Yggdrasil.
The Lancelot follows after, carrying (Captain) and the crew.
Suzaku: Should we expect to be running into Nunnally's kidnapper soon?
Lelouch: Most likely. Let's go.
Lyria: Oh! Look over there!
Zero?: ...
Nunnally: ...
As they make their way through the underground passage, they come upon a round, silver pedestal that stands about waist-high.
Nunnally sits in her wheelchair on the pedestal, guarded by the fake Zero standing on the ground in front of her.
Lelouch: Nunnally...
Lelouch: (She appears to be safe, but she didn't stir even after all that commotion. They must have her drugged.)
Lelouch: (I wonder if that mechanical pedestal she's on is the device capable of teleporting between worlds?)
Zero?: Welcome, Zero. You finally made it.
Lelouch: You put on quite the performance taking all those innocent lives.
Lelouch: How could I not accept your invitation?
Lelouch: Tanks, golems, modified Sutherlands—we thoroughly enjoyed all the entertainment you so kindly prepared for us.
Lelouch: Even taking the terrain into account, there's nowhere aside from this underground area left for you to run.
Lelouch: Now, hand Nunnally over to me!
Zero?: Keh-heh-heh...
Zero?: You're such a liar.
Zero?: You act like you have the upper hand, but even now you're desperately trying to figure out my next move in your mind.
Zero?: I do hope my trump card lives up to your expectations.
Lelouch: Oho... How sportsmanlike of you to reveal your hand so readily.
Lelouch: Go ahead then—show me the trick you've hidden so carefully up your sleeve!
Zero?: Keh-heh-heh... You think you know everything, but you know nothing.
Lelouch: (You're the one who knows nothing.)
Lelouch gazes at the three figures displayed on the Gawain's heat sensor.
They move slowly toward Nunnally, making sure to stay hidden behind a rock so as not to be discovered by the fake Zero.
Lelouch: ((Captain), Vyrn, Lyria... I'm counting on you to rescue Nunnally.)
Zero?: Keh-heh-heh... Well, whatever.
The fake Zero pulls out a gun and fires it at the ceiling.
At the sound of the gunshot echoing through the air, a crack appears in the back wall, and the wall comes crashing down.
An enormous, round machine covered in thorn-like objects emerges from the cloud of dust obscuring the hole.
???: Aaall haaail Britanniaaa!
Kallen: ...!
What is that huge thing?
Suzaku: Is that... Jeremiah Gottwald?
Lelouch: Orange!
Jeremiah: O... O-O-O...
Jeremiah: Oh! I've been waiting for you! Zerooo!
The man riding atop the orange machine glares at the Gawain, his eyes clouded with hatred.
Zero?: Jeremiah Gottwald. Judging from your reaction, it seems you remember him.
Zero?: Yes. This is the poor, pitiful man who fell into your trap and was stripped of his position, and who was then used for human experimentation after sustaining life-threatening injuries.
Zero?: But all the hatred he built up has transformed him into a beast with a thirst for revenge!
Zero?: The perfect opponent to end you, don't you think?
Jeremiah: I'm delighted! What luck! The time has come for me to prove my loyalty and clear my name!
Jeremiah: Tremble in fear before Jeremiah Gottwald and the mighty Siegfried!
The platform beneath Jeremiah's feet begins to move, lowering him into the cockpit of the oddly-shaped machine.
Jeremiah: Zerooo!
C.C.: I've never seen that type of machine before.
Lelouch: It's a Knight Gigafortress that was mentioned in Britannia's mobile weapon plans.
Lelouch: I can't believe they actually went through with building such an absurd offensive weapon though.
Lelouch: According to my data, it possesses power far greater than that of a Knightmare Frame.
Lelouch: Kallen! Suzaku! We'll use all three of our Knightmares to attack it! Whatever you do, don't let your guard down!
Suzaku & Kallen: Roger that!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - STAGE 4.5: The Rescue Operation

The fake Zero is able to detect (Captain) and the others and renders them powerless, before taking out a syringe and piercing it into Nunnally's neck, infecting her with a deadly virus. When the primal beast Magnesia disables all Knightmare Frames, Jeremiah unexpectedly comes to the rescue and holds back the fake Zero long enough for the crew to escape with Nunnally.

Jeremiah: No! I can't let it end like this! I must... prove my loyalty!
Jeremiah: Zerooo!
The Siegfried is completely mangled from the fierce attacks by Lelouch and the others.
Lelouch: Somehow we managed to win... I would have been in a rough spot without Suzaku and Kallen.
Lelouch: Where's Nunnally?
Lelouch: ...!
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain), wake up! We have to hurry, or Nunnally's gonna be in big trouble!
Lelouch spots the fallen figures of (Captain) and Lyria lying beside the pedestal.
Vyrn: What did you do to (Captain)!
Fake Zero: I used a weapon from our world called the Active Denial System.
Fake Zero: It utilizes dielectric heating to make the target feel as though their entire body is being burned.
Fake Zero: I must admit I was surprised when that fool jumped in the way to protect the rest of you.
Fake Zero: What a pity you won't be able to recover Nunnally without your friend. It seems your plan has been foiled.
Vyrn hangs his head, powerless to do anything for (Captain) and Lyria who lie on the ground showing no sign of stirring.
Lelouch: There's that feeling again...
Lelouch: The imposter shouldn't have been able to see (Captain) and the others... But somehow they knew...
Fake Zero: What's the matter, Zero? You look like you've noticed something.
Fake Zero: But it's too late! Now, fall into despair!
The fake Zero pulls out a syringe and pierces it into the nape of Nunnally's neck.
Nunnally: Urgh!
Nunnally: M-my neck feels hot... What's happening?
Lelouch: Nunnally!
Fake Zero: Heh...
The fake Zero lifts a vial of clear liquid and waves it tauntingly at Lelouch.
Fake Zero: I've infected her with a deadly virus developed by the Britannian military. This medicine here is the only cure.
Lelouch: Ngh! You!
Fake Zero: All I desire is your death. If you end your own life here and now, I will administer the antidote and free the prisoner.
Suzaku: You coward!
Fake Zero: Not so fast.
Suzaku: What! The Lancelot isn't responding!
The fake Zero reveals a crystal of dark essence, and suddenly a massive shadow appears.
At that moment, the Lancelot suddenly comes to a stop mid-charge.
Kallen: The Guren won't move either. What's going on?
???: ...
Fake Zero: This is the primal beast Magnesia, possessing the ability to manipulate magnetism.
Fake Zero: If a magnetic field is powerful enough, it can hinder the superconductivity of the Sakuradite used in Knightmare Frames.
Fake Zero: You seem to have been under the impression it was a barrier to defend against the Hadron Cannon, but that was merely a side effect.
Lelouch: I see. That explains why our Knightmare Frames lost power just before we were teleported here.
The fake Zero pulls out a switch and pushes it, triggering an iron gate to fall, separating them from Lelouch and the others.
Kallen: Now I can't reach them even if I leave the Guren!
Lelouch: (Our movement has been completely restricted. And (Captain) and Lyria are out of commission...)
Lelouch thinks through every possibility, desperately trying to come up with a breakthrough solution. But nothing comes to mind.
Lelouch: ...
Lelouch: Suzaku, take care of Nunnally for me.
Suzaku: What?
C.C.: Lelouch, no! Don't go!
Lelouch opens the Gawain's hatch slowly and steps outside, holding a gun to his temple.
Lelouch: Give Nunnally the antidote.
Nunnally: (Is that... Big Brother's voice?)
Fake Zero: I'll release her after I confirm your death.
Lelouch: Nunnally comes first! I'll do as you say, so just spare her life!
Fake Zero: You don't seem to be lying... However...
The fake Zero points a gun at Suzaku and Kallen as they make to exit their cockpits.
Fake Zero: Don't leave your cockpits. The two of you aside from Lelouch—stay in your Knightmares.
Lelouch: (Two? Wait, don't tell me...)
Fake Zero: Lelouch. In exchange for your life, everyone will be saved. Not a bad deal, don't you think?
The fake Zero presses the gun to Nunnally's neck, taunting Lelouch.
Fake Zero: Now hurry up and die!
Nunnally: Big Brother? Die? No, you can't!
Nunnally: Cough... Cough, cough...
Lelouch: The virus is already starting to affect her...
Fake Zero: How shall I send your beloved little sister from this world? With the virus? Or perhaps a bullet instead?
Lelouch: I told you—Nunnally comes first!
Fake Zero: You're testing my patience.
Lelouch: I guess this is the end of the line...
Suzaku: Don't do it, Lelouch!
Kallen: Lelouch!
C.C.: ...!
Lelouch: I love you, Nunnally...
Nunnally: No... No! Big Brother!
Fake Zero: Heh... Farewell, Nunnally.
Jeremiah: You can't!
Jeremiah: ...!
Jeremiah: You can't! I won't let you!
The moment all hope seems lost, there is a sudden explosion from the Siegfried, and Jeremiah crawls out from the hatch.
Jeremiah: Master Lelouch... Oh, what luck! What evil fortune! It's a miracle!
Fake Zero: ...?
You! Why did you call him Master? What are you saying?
Jeremiah: Master Lelouch and Lady Nunnally are the precious children of Lady Marianne, whom I loved and respected... I won't let you take their lives...
Jeremiah: ...!
The fake Zero removes the gun from Nunnally's neck and fires it at Jeremiah, but he continues moving forward.
Fake Zero: You've outlived your usefulness. It's time for you to die!
Though injured, Jeremiah's strong will drives him forward, his eyes locked on Nunnally.
Lelouch: Marianne? He knew my mother?
Fake Zero: Why? Why won't you die? Curse you! Stop moving!
Vyrn: I'll take that!
Fake Zero: ...!
Vyrn makes use of the fake Zero's confusion to steal the switch and open the iron gate.
Suzaku: Nice job, Vyrn! Now's our chance!
Fake Zero: Stay away from me!
With incredible physical prowess, Suzaku dodges the bullets fired at him one after another as he runs toward the enemy in a mad dash.
Fake Zero: Aaahh!
He leaps lightly onto the pedestal and kicks off it, knocking the pistol from the fake Zero's hands with a spinning kick.
Fake Zero: Ngh!
As the fake Zero and Suzaku struggle, they accidentally flip a lever on the wall.
Magnesia: ...
At that moment, the primal beast Magnesia begins emitting a tone, and a dazzling light erupts from the pedestal.
Fake Zero: The teleportation device!
Nunnally: Eek!
Jeremiah: Pardon me, Lady Nunnally.
Despite his grave wounds, Jeremiah manages to secure Nunnally and jump from the pedestal.
Vyrn: Wh-what's goin' on?
Suzaku: This light... It's the same as the one in Yokohama! Get away from the pedestal! Hurry!
Vyrn: Did it stop?
They cautiously turn to look at the pedestal, but the fake Zero and Magnesia are nowhere to be seen.
C.C.: The primal beast's influence disappeared too. I wonder if they were sent to our world...
Lelouch: Nunnally!
Nunnally: Big Brother... Big Brother, it's really you! I missed you...
Jeremiah: Master Lelouch...
Lelouch: Jeremiah Gottwald. Why did you save Nunnally?
Jeremiah: I've always regretted not being able to protect Marianne... The least I can do is offer my own life... for her children...
Jeremiah closes his eyes and collapses, his strength completely drained.
Kallen: Lelouch, why would a Britannian officer like Jeremiah know your mother?
Lelouch: It has to do with the reason I couldn't tell you before. Now that it's come to this, I'll tell you everything.
Lelouch: But before that, I want to help him.
Kallen: Help him? But he's part of the Britannian military! They've put the Japanese people through hell!
Lelouch: I know. But he saved Nunnally. That much is true.
Jeremiah might be an important source of information as to the true identity of the fake Zero.
Feeling a great sense of gratitude for the man who saved his sister, Lelouch decides to take him along to treat his injuries.
After determining it would be dangerous to investigate the teleportation device without proper information, they return to the airship for the time being.
Nunnally: ...
C.C.: Is she asleep?
Lelouch: Yes. Until we have the antidote, the only thing we can do is make her comfortable.
According to the doctor who treated Nunnally, all they can do is give her medicine for her symptoms and keep an eye on her condition.
Lelouch and the others have done their best to make her comfortable and help her conserve her strength until they are able to obtain the cure.
Lelouch: ...
Suzaku: Lelouch...
Lelouch: I don't deserve any consolation. It's my fault that the plan ended in failure.
Lelouch: But I don't intend to give up here.
Lelouch: First of all, Kallen. I'm sorry for not telling you everything earlier.
Lelouch: My real name is Lelouch vi Britannia. I am the eleventh prince of the Holy Britannian Empire.
Lelouch: After our mother was assassinated, I was sent to Japan with Nunnally, who had lost the use of her eyes and legs.
Kallen: You're a Britannian prince? No way...
Suzaku: He was sent to Japan, most likely as a hostage. That's how we met.
Lelouch: There was even talk of marrying Nunnally off to Suzaku's father.
Lelouch: We may be low in the line of succession, but we're still royalty.
Lelouch: We're always in danger of being used as tools for the sake of war and politics. Especially Nunnally.
Kallen: So Nunnally lost her sight and ability to walk when your mother was killed... Is the murderer a member of the imperial family?
Lelouch: I don't have proof, but that's the most likely scenario. And that's exactly why I couldn't tell you the truth.
Kallen: I see.
Kallen: Oh... So that's why you and Nunnally are living in the clubhouse.
Lelouch: Yes. The Ashfords have been kind enough to shelter us in their academy.
Lelouch: We've been hiding there under the maiden name of my mother Marianne.
Suzaku: Apparently, Jeremiah Gottwald held her in high regard.
Lelouch: Yes. He told me everything after he regained consciousness.
Lelouch: Eight years ago, on the night my mother was killed, Jeremiah was on his first assignment as one of her guards.
Lelouch: He's never forgiven himself for not being able to protect her.
C.C.: And since you and Nunnally are Marianne's children...
C.C.: He believes he needs to protect the two of you now.
Suzaku: That man has an incredibly strong will. He was shot multiple times, but his legs refused to stop moving.
Lelouch: Jeremiah explained to me how his body was reconstructed by Britannia, and how that woman was involved.
Kallen: What woman?
Lelouch: The false Zero. Thanks to the information I received from Jeremiah, all of the pieces have come together.
C.C.: In that case, I imagine we'll be making the first move... I know how you are.
Lelouch: Yes. But before that, I have a favor to ask of you all.
Lelouch picks up the paper crane sitting at Nunnally's bedside and makes a declaration.
Lelouch: I will lure out the false Zero, obtain the antidote, and save Nunnally.
Lelouch: And to that end... I will sacrifice everyone, including myself!
To be continued...

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 5: STAGE 5: Encroaching Malady - Episode 1

The fake Zero, whose true identity is a young woman named Delfina, returns to her hideout. There she finds a cell phone containing a message from Lelouch, threatening her and the entire island with a new virus created from Nunnally's blood. Delfina uses her Geass to read the minds of the islanders and is stunned to learn that Lelouch's story is true.

Several days have passed since the crew successfully rescued Nunnally.
Zero?: ...
???: I'm home...
???: ...
The imposter who has been donning the mask of Zero is a young woman named Delfina.
Delfina was suddenly transported to the Sky Realm one day as the result of an unfortunate accident.
There she learned that her teleportation had been caused by a primal beast named Magnesia in the possession of the Erste Empire.
By combining Britannian technology with Magnesia's unique characteristics, she was able to create a device capable of teleporting between worlds.
Delfina: What a mess...

    Delfina opens a bag and begins wearily gathering the trash scattered on top of the table.
    Delfina: ...
    Among the clutter she finds a carefully folded paper crane lying beside an unfinished one.
    As she picks up the completed paper crane, indescribable emotions well up inside her, and her grip tightens.
    Nunnally: They say if you fold a thousand cranes, your wish will come true.
    Nunnally: Why don't you make some with me, Carmen? We can wish for a peaceful world together.
    Nunnally: Hehe. Here, I'll show you how to fold them...
    Delfina: Nunnally...
    Delfina: ...
    Delfina: Huh? Where'd that come from?
    Delfina picks up a small, brown package resting on the table next to the cranes.
    Delfina: (A cell phone? But who could've... What! Zero?)
    Delfina hesitates for a moment before pressing the button on the device. A prerecorded video begins to play on the screen.
    Zero: Greetings, false Zero—a pathetic fraud out for revenge, shrouded in deception and lies.
    Zero: I am the true Zero—a rebel against those who choose to commit acts of unjust violence and oppress the weak.
    Delfina: Hah. What's he blathering on about? He's just a liar trying to save his sister.
    Zero: First of all, I'd like to compliment you on your magnificent performance in our previous battle. It was our complete and utter defeat.
    Delfina: A concession? Makes sense. After all, he'll need my antiviral drug if he wants to save his sister.
    Zero: Thanks to you, I've realized something. I have to be willing to use any means at my disposal to accomplish my objective, just as you are.
    Delfina: ...?
    What's that supposed to mean? I was expecting him to start begging for his sister's life...
    Zero: Can you tell where I am at this very moment?
    Zero: Yes, it's the island in imperial territory that you've been using as your base of operations.
    Zero: Now let me tell you something interesting.
    Zero: We analyzed a sample of the virus we extracted from Nunnally's blood, and then we improved it and spread it throughout the entire island!
    Zero: You should be feeling its effects soon yourself—just like these poor people.
    Townswoman: Ngh...
    Patrolling Soldier: Urgh...
    The camera turns to show the suffering figures of the townspeople.
    Delfina: Zero, did you seriously think a cheap trick like that would work on me?
    Just like Lelouch, Delfina possesses the power of Geass.
    Her Geass allows her to read the minds of other people within a certain range.
    She had been able to discern Lelouch's strategy in the previous battle by using that very power.
    Delfina: (I'll expose you for the liar you are. I can just use my Geass to prove your so-called victims are putting on an act...)
    Townswoman: (It hurts... My throat's burning so badly I can't breathe...)
    Patrolling Soldier: (What is this? I can't move... What's happening to me?)
    Delfina: Don't tell me he actually did it...
    Having realized the gravity of the situation, Delfina pulls the medicine bottle out of her pocket in a panic.
    Zero: By the way, that antiviral drug of yours won't work on this virus.
    Zero: Unless you have some way of analyzing the disease yourself, that is.
    Delfina: ...!
    Zero: Since the virus I released was developed in this world, medicine from our world will have no effect on it.
    Zero: Unless you inject yourself with purified antibodies collected from Nunnally, the carrier, you will die.
    Zero: Don't you think it was a little arrogant to assume you were the only one who possessed technology from our world?
    Delfina: Argh!
    Zero: Now it's your turn to experience the agony of withering away until you finally have the sweet release of death.
    Zero: Are you frightened? Good. You should be.
    Delfina stands frozen on the spot as the video comes to an abrupt end.

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 5: STAGE 5: Encroaching Malady - Episode 2

    Delfina responds to Lelouch's message and proposes a deal to send Nunnally home safely in exchange for the antidote. Since the primal beast in Delfina's possession is essential to activate the teleportation device, Lelouch agrees to her proposal. However, unbeknownst to her, all is going according to Lelouch's plan.

    Delfina: Augh... What do I do now?
    Delfina: What do I do? What do I do?
    Delfina: Sis... I promised you I'd never leave you...
    Thrown into a panic by Zero's video, Delfina drops to her knees with her head in her hands.
    Delfina: You'll pay for this... I won't let you get away with this, Zero!
    Delfina: There must be something I can do... There has to be!
    Delfina: That's it! I know just the thing!
    Delfina watches the video over and over until, finally, she comes up with a plan.
    C.C.: How did you deliver that cell phone to the fake Zero anyway?
    Lelouch: I just mailed it via the Knickknack Shack.
    Kallen: You mailed it?
    Kallen: If you know where the fake Zero is, wouldn't it be faster for all of us to just march in there together?
    Lelouch: It won't be that easy this time. If my predictions are correct, merely defeating the imposter won't be enough.
    Lelouch: Unless we eradicate the threat at the source, the incidents will continue.
    Lelouch had sent the cell phone as an effective method of conveying information to the fake Zero.
    Anyone from Lelouch's world ought to be able to operate it without issue.
    Suzaku: I wonder if she'll take the bait.
    Lelouch: It appears she already has. Look.
    Lelouch holds up his own phone to show the others.
    The display shows an incoming call from the cell phone he sent to the fake Zero.
    Delfina: Zero. I received your message.
    Delfina: I don't know if you're doing all this for revenge, but you seem to be forgetting something very important.
    Delfina: The teleportation device—in order to activate it, you need the power of the primal beast Magnesia in my possession.
    Lelouch: I see. So that's how it is. Even if we had examined the teleportation device after the battle, we wouldn't have been able to activate it.
    Delfina: In other words, if you kill me, you'll never be able to return to your world.
    Delfina: Your friends, your family, your comrades... Without me, you'll never see them again.
    Delfina: Make sure to tell that to your precious sister Nunnally too.
    Lelouch: ...
    Delfina: Are you really willing to strip your sister and friends of their futures?
    Lelouch: You sure are taking your time getting to the point. What exactly are you trying to say?
    Delfina: I'll make you a deal. Come to the designated location tomorrow with Nunnally and that antidote of yours.
    Delfina: If you do, I'll return Nunnally to your world. But only her.
    Lelouch: You'll really send her back?
    C.C., Suzaku, and Kallen watch as Lelouch and Delfina negotiate.
    Delfina: Not a bad trade, don't you agree? After all, you prioritize your sister over your comrades, right?
    Lelouch: Yes. That's right.
    Delfina: Sounds like we have a deal. I'll send along the details now. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    And with that, the call ends.
    Lelouch: Well, there you have it. I'm sorry for hanging you all out to dry.
    Kallen: It's fine. I can't say I'm not worried about things back in Japan, but there's only so much we can do.
    Suzaku: That's right. And this doesn't mean we've given up hope.
    Lelouch: Kallen, Suzaku... Thank you.
    Kallen: All right! I think I'll go give the Guren a tune-up so it's ready for the final battle.
    Suzaku: That's a good idea. We'll meet up again later, Lelouch.
    Kallen and Suzaku head out to service the Guren and Lancelot, leaving Lelouch and C.C. alone.
    C.C.: Hey, where's my thank you?
    Lelouch: You and I are accomplices. It's only natural for you to lend me your assistance.
    C.C.: That kind of attitude is enough to cause a rift in any relationship. You might want to keep that in mind.
    Lelouch: Yes, yes, I know.
    Lelouch: Putting that aside, the fraud has taken the bait. It's time to begin our preparations.
    C.C.: Hmph. Well, whatever. In any case, you were right—she turned out to be a Geass user just like you predicted.
    Lelouch: And she obtained her power from the Geass Order, the organization you once served as director of.
    C.C.: After I left the Order, they started doing research on Codes and manifestations of Geass.
    C.C.: I assume the fake Zero used the organization to obtain information about both Geass and you.
    Lelouch: We never would have figured it out if she hadn't mentioned the director.
    Lelouch: That one word turned out to be an important clue to her past.
    C.C.: But her Geass gives her the power to read minds. That gives her a huge advantage in battle, since you do most of your fighting in your head.
    Lelouch: True. That's why I kept feeling something was off during our encounters in Golonzo, the imperial fortress, and that underground hideout.
    C.C.: When we were up against Mao, who had a similar power, you were able to catch him off guard by using Geass on yourself...
    C.C.: But your Geass is only effective once per person, so you won't be able to use the same tactic again.
    Lelouch: I know. But I have more comrades by my side now than I did back then. I'll be counting on all of you, C.C.
    C.C.: Heh. I can't say I mind this new, honest attitude of yours.
    C.C.: Fine then. Let's hear your plan.
    Lelouch explains his strategy to C.C. as the Grandcypher continues making its way toward the crew's next destination.

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 5: STAGE 5: Encroaching Malady - Episode 3

    (Captain) and the crew spend their time entertaining Nunnally while she is bedridden. Despite how she presents herself around others, the crew informs Lelouch that her condition is actually getting worse. In order to save his sister, Lelouch uses the power of Geass on (Captain).

    Lyria: ...
    Lyria: I'm done! I think this one turned out even better than the last!
    1. Same! Check out this handiwork!

    Choose: Same! Check out this handiwork!
    Vyrn: I made one too!
    Vyrn: Hehe! Whaddya think, Nunnally? Cool, huh?
    Nunnally: Hehe. You seem to have the method down pat, (Captain). Vyrn and Lyria too, of course.
    (Captain) and the crew sit by Nunnally's bedside folding paper cranes.
    After confirming the shape of their cranes with her hands, Nunnally smiles brightly.
    Lyria: By the way, I've been meaning to tell you something...
    Lyria: We're crewmates now, so you don't have to hold back—feel free to talk to us about anything!
    Nunnally: Anything?
    Vyrn: Lyria thought you might be scared you were gonna bother us or somethin'.
    Nunnally: Well... I'm always being a burden on others, and now here I am stuck in bed.
    Nunnally: I've done nothing but cause you trouble...
    Lyria: You're not causing us any trouble at all!
    Lyria: I want to get to know you better, Nunnally!
    Lyria: So please don't worry about silly things like that!
    Nunnally: Well... If you're sure it's okay, could I ask you to be my friend? I'd like to get to know you too, Lyria.
    Lyria: Yeah! Let's be friends, Nunnally!
    Nunnally: Yay!
    Lelouch: How are you feeling, Nunnally?
    Nunnally: Oh—hello, Big Brother! My symptoms are a lot better thanks to that new medicine.
    Nunnally: Cough... Cough, cough...
    Lelouch: ...
    Nunnally: And (Captain) and the others folded a lot of paper cranes wishing for my illness to be cured!
    Lelouch: That was kind of them. Thank you, everyone.
    Lyria: Don't mention it! We just want Nunnally to feel better soon.
    Nunnally: Listen to this, Big Brother...
    Nunnally: Lyria told me about a lot of interesting islands in the Sky Realm, like one where the winds never stop blowing, and one that has a lake of actual lava.
    Lelouch: Heh. Those do sound fascinating.
    Lelouch speaks to his sister in a gentle voice as he takes the paper crane from her hands, setting it on a nearby table.
    Lelouch: It's time for your next round of medicine. Take this and get some rest.
    Nunnally: Okay...
    Nunnally pops the capsule into her mouth and washes it down with water.
    Lelouch: Sorry, but could I ask you all to clear out so Nunnally can get some sleep?
    Lyria: Oh, of course...
    Nunnally: Big Brother...
    Lelouch: What is it?
    Nunnally: I'd like to visit those islands Lyria talked about one day.
    Lelouch: You will. As long as you rest, you'll be better in no time. That's what the doctor said.
    Lelouch: Now good night, Nunnally.
    Nunnally: Good night, Big Brother.
    Lelouch pulls the sheets up to Nunnally's shoulders and exits the room with (Captain) and the crew.
    Vyrn: Sorry... We ended up stayin' too long.
    Lelouch: Not at all. I'm grateful to you for keeping her occupied. Feel free to visit her any time you'd like.
    Lyria: We will. She was putting up a cheerful front so we wouldn't worry, but I'm sure she must be suffering...
    Vyrn: Yeah. Her face looked a little paler than it did yesterday.
    (Captain) gently informs Lelouch that they hear her having violent coughing fits sometimes too.
    Lelouch: We're running out of time. We need to start moving forward with the plan.
    Lelouch: (Nunnally's strength is fading fast. I have to get my hands on that antidote tomorrow, whatever it may cost.)
    Lelouch: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn. I'll need your help to save Nunnally's life.
    Lyria: Of course!
    Lyria: If there's anything we can do to help you or Nunnally, you can count on us!
    Vyrn: Yeah! Just say the word!
    Lelouch: I will. Thank you.
    Lelouch: It's time to call Suzaku and Kallen for our final strategy meeting. Let's head back inside.
    Lyria: Okay!
    Vyrn: You got it!
    Lelouch: Oh, right. I almost forgot to tell you something, (Captain)...
    As Lelouch holds (Captain) back from the others, his left eye begins to glow mysteriously.

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 5: STAGE 5: Encroaching Malady - Episode 4

    Lelouch's plan for the fake Zero relies on two fabrications: having the cure for the new virus and making the virus in the first place. As he continues to flesh out his plan, Suzaku and Kallen vow to cooperate with him to rescue Nunnally.

    Lelouch: (With this, all the conditions are finally clear.)
    In order to ensure the success of his plan, Lelouch had to tell the imposter two bald-faced lies.
    First, he lied about having purified antibodies from a sample of the virus collected from Nunnally.
    There is no technology in the Sky Realm capable of isolating viruses and modifying genes. Nunnally remains on her sickbed.
    Second, he lied about having released a virus on the island where the fake Zero is hiding.
    Lelouch had surmised that the imposter's Geass gives her the power to read minds.
    Armed with that assumption, he used his own Geass—with the power to compel anyone to follow any order—to fabricate a pandemic in the minds of the townspeople.
    Lelouch: Seven days from now, you will believe you have been infected with a deadly virus accompanied by severe symptoms.
    Lelouch went around town, using his Geass to make it seem as though a lethal virus had spread throughout the area.
    Lelouch: (By telling those two lies, I was able to negotiate with the imposter and even arrange a meeting with her.)
    Lelouch: (Taking her down will be a fairly simple task at this point.)
    Lelouch: (But this time, merely defeating her won't be enough.)
    Lelouch: (She's still hiding something. The inconsistency of her actions thus far indicates as much.)
    Lelouch contemplates the remaining points of uncertainty surrounding the fake Zero, organizing the data in his mind.
    Lelouch: (The imposter's objective is to kill Zero.)
    Lelouch: (Despite that, the only time she ever expressed a clear intent to end my life was during our underground confrontation.)
    Lelouch: (It's as if she wanted to show it to someone.)
    Lelouch: (And then there's her interest in Nunnally...)
    Lelouch: (Why is she so fixated on her? I don't detect any sense of attachment to Nunnally from the fraud herself.)
    Lelouch: (I just can't get those two peculiarities out of my mind.)
    Kallen: There you are, Lelouch.
    As Lelouch continues to flesh out the strategy in his mind, Kallen and Suzaku appear.
    Lelouch: Yes, I was just getting my thoughts in order...
    Lelouch: Pftt... Haha.
    Suzaku: Why are you laughing all of a sudden? Did we do something funny?
    Lelouch: No, it's just strange seeing the two of you together...
    Kallen: Hey! Don't get the wrong idea—I haven't forgiven him for the things he did back in our world.
    Suzaku: I feel the same way.
    Suzaku: But I've realized something after talking to the two of you while we're so isolated from the war at home.
    Suzaku: We all have our own reasons for fighting.
    Suzaku: So the conflict between us won't magically disappear when we return to our world.
    Suzaku: But we can change the world. I know Euphy would be more than willing to help too.
    Kallen: You're right. At this point, I feel like we might be able to find another way aside from fighting.
    Kallen: Don't you think so, Zero?
    Lelouch: Yes. As long as the two of you are willing to help me. And that's why we have to make sure this plan succeeds.
    Kallen: Right. We'll rescue Nunnally—just you wait, Lelouch.
    Suzaku: And then we'll return to our world.
    Lelouch: Yes. No matter what.
    Lelouch can't help but smile upon seeing the determination in his friends' eyes.
    C.C. watches the trio from a distance.
    She smiles as well, although her expression is clouded with a faint melancholy. And thus the fated day draws nearer.

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 6: STAGE 6: The Two Zeros - Episode 1

    Zero confronts Delfina alone with Nunnally, who has fallen asleep after taking her medication. Delfina uses her Geass to read Zero's mind, confirming that he has run out of plans to defeat her. She takes out a gun and points it directly at Zero's heart, and the piercing sound of the gunshot echoes throughout the cave.

    As the appointed time approaches, two figures make their way to the location designated by the fake Zero.
    One is the virus-stricken Nunnally—she sits unmoving in her wheelchair, seemingly asleep after taking her medication.
    The other is a masked individual pushing Nunnally's wheelchair—the persona of Zero created by Lelouch.
    Lelouch: The injection site aside, there wasn't a single scratch or bruise on Nunnally's body.
    Lelouch: The imposter must have treated her with considerable civility.
    Lelouch: But on the other hand, she injected her with a virus without hesitation in order to make me take my own life.
    Lelouch: All things considered, the fact that she demanded for Nunnally to come along is puzzling.
    Deep in thought, Lelouch arrives at a single conclusion.
    Lelouch: Nunnally's death would be an inconvenience to the imposter.
    Lelouch: That's why she wants Nunnally to come. And based on that fact, I can confirm the antiviral drug is real.
    Zero: ...
    Zero: ...!
    Fake Zero: Right on time.
    The fake Zero raises her head at the sound of sudden footsteps to see a figure in an outfit resembling her own.
    Fake Zero: It looks like the two of you really came alone. Good. Now hand over the item we agreed upon.
    Zero nods and hands a vial to the imposter.
    Fake Zero: Is this real?
    She questions Zero, her eyebrows raised.
    Fake Zero: Actually, there's no need to answer. I can tell it's the real thing.
    Fake Zero: I'll send Nunnally back to your world now, so turn her over to me.
    Zero: ...
    Upon seeing Zero's hesitation, she plunges her hand into her pocket with a look of triumph.
    Fake Zero: Hahaha! So the brilliant terrorist has finally run out of ideas.
    Fake Zero: I imagine it's hard to find a solution in an alternate world that defies common sense.
    Fake Zero: This is the end of the line for you, Zero. You were foolish to come alone.
    Fake Zero: But don't worry. My big sister and I will take good care of Nunnally...
    The imposter raises her gun, aiming the laser sight directly at Zero's heart.
    The piercing sound of a gunshot rings out, echoing throughout the cave.

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 6: STAGE 6: The Two Zeros - Episode 2

    Delfina returns to her hideout with Nunnally, victorious. Awaiting her is a woman named Carmen—the same woman who previously led to Suzaku's capture. However, Carmen sees that it is not Nunnally who has returned with Delfina, but Lelouch. Using the power of Geass, Lelouch commands Carmen to kill herself. Bewildered by the outcome, Delfina uses her Geass to discover what transpired.

    The fake Zero—Delfina Angell—has finally bested the true Zero in battle.
    Nunnally sways in her wheelchair, still sleeping, as Delfina pushes her along.
    Delfina: Just a little further, Nunnally. You'll be back with Sis in no time.
    Delfina: She became incredibly unbalanced when I took you away without letting her know, even though I only did so to kill Zero.
    Delfina: I'm sure she'll be thrilled to have you back.
    Delfina: And I'll be able to tell her that Zero's dead too.
    Delfina: I just know that will bring Sis back to her senses. She'll forget all about Louisa...
    Delfina: This is your home from now on. You'll live here as her little sister—
    Delfina: As a replacement for Louisa.
    Delfina continues along the rocky path, chattering away to an unresponsive Nunnally.
    Haggard Woman: ...
    Upon returning to her hideout, Delfina is greeted by the sight of a young woman panting loudly beneath a mountain of cushions, her expression blank.
    Delfina: I'm home, Carmen. Look!
    Delfina: It's Nunnally. Your Nunnally is back!
    Carmen: Nunnally? My Nunnally!
    Carmen perks up substantially upon hearing Nunnally's name.
    Carmen: Where is she? Where's my Nunnally?
    Delfina: You're so silly. She's right in front of you!
    Delfina: (She must be hallucinating again. Poor Sis...)
    Delfina wheels Nunnally closer to Carmen.
    Nunnally: ...
    Carmen: No... No, no!
    Carmen: That's not Nunnally! Delfina! Who is that!
    Delfina: S-Sis? What are you talking about?
    Shouting in fear, Carmen pulls a gun out of her pocket and points it at Nunnally.
    Carmen: A-are you...
    Nunnally: We finally meet, Carmen Garcia. Or should I say—the second false Zero.
    Delfina: Nunnally?
    Nunnally: I compared C.C.'s knowledge of the Order with Jeremiah's information about its researchers...
    Nunnally: And I combined them with the massive amounts of data recorded in the Gawain's Druid System in order to determine your identity.
    Delfina: What?
    Delfina can't believe her eyes as Nunnally, who shouldn't be able to walk, stands and strolls over toward Carmen.
    Nunnally: Thanks to that, I finally uncovered the truth!
    Nunnally's eyes open wide to stare Carmen directly in the face.
    Carmen: Aaahh...
    Delfina: Huh? What's going on?
    Nunnally?: I will make you pay for abducting and harming Nunnally!
    Lelouch: Lelouch vi Britannia commands you...
    Lelouch: Die!
    Carmen: Yes, right away...
    Carmen answers in a hollow voice and places the gun to her own neck.
    Carmen: I can finally... be with Louisa...
    The young woman is blown backward by the force of the impact and collapses on the spot.
    Delfina: Sis!
    Delfina: ...!
    A shudder runs through Delfina as the image of Nunnally blurs before her eyes and transforms into Lelouch.
    Delfina: Why... Why are you here?
    Lelouch: Do you still not understand? You lost in your battle against me.
    Delfina: Don't be ridiculous! I know for a fact that I...
    Lelouch: Go ahead. Read my mind with your Geass. The truth is all in there.
    Delfina activates her Geass to read Lelouch's mind.
    As she does so, a single tear rolls down her cheek.

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 6: STAGE 6: The Two Zeros - Episode 3

    It turns out that when Delfina had attempted to shoot the real Zero, C.C. had jumped in front of him to block the shot. The person Delfina originally thought to be Zero was actually (Captain), commanded by Lelouch's Geass to take the role of Zero. This gave Lelouch the opportunity to use his Geass on Delfina, causing her to believe that Lelouch was actually Nunnally.

    Delfina: This is the end of the line for you, Zero. You were foolish to come alone.
    Delfina: But don't worry. My big sister and I will take good care of Nunnally...
    Zero: ...
    Delfina aims her gun at Zero and puts her finger on the trigger.
    Delfina: What!
    She fires without a moment of hesitation, but the bullet hits C.C. in the chest instead.
    C.C.: Ngh!
    C.C.: So it's true—you really can't read my mind.
    Because C.C. is a Code bearer, the power of Geass doesn't work on her.
    As a result, Delfina is unable to read C.C.'s mind.
    Making use of that unique trait, C.C. approaches in secret, protecting Zero from the bullet just in time.
    C.C.: Now, Lelouch! (Captain)!
    Zero: ...!
    At C.C.'s signal, Zero immediately restrains Delfina as another figure approaches.
    Lelouch: With this, I call check, false Zero. No—Delfina Angell.
    Delfina: Wait, if you're Lelouch... Who's that Zero?
    (Captain): ...
    Zero removes the mask to reveal the face of not Lelouch, but (Captain).
    Delfina: You're that skyfarer!
    Lelouch: I had (Captain) play the part of Zero for the sake of my plan.
    Lelouch: You see, I gave the captain one simple command...
    Lelouch: As long as you wear the mask of Zero, you are Zero.
    I am Zero. Lelouch used the power of Geass to make (Captain) fully believe this statement.
    However, believing oneself to be Zero does not automatically come with Lelouch's exceptional ability to strategize.
    Thus even after reading (Captain)'s mind, Delfina continued to believe the true Zero stood before her.
    With the true strategy suppressed in (Captain)'s mind, the captain was able to give the perfect performance of a Zero who had exhausted all his options.
    Believing herself to be victorious, the fake Zero had let down her guard and failed to notice C.C. ambushing her.
    Lelouch: Now then, it's time to have you do my bidding—Delfina!
    Lelouch: Lelouch vi Britannia commands you...
    Believe that Zero committed suicide, and take Lelouch to your hideout as Nunnally.
    By using his Geass on Delfina, Lelouch was able to infiltrate her hideout and kill Carmen.
    Lelouch: There were two mistakes that led to your defeat. The first was having too much faith in your own Geass and choosing to fight alone...
    Lelouch walks calmly over to the table and picks up the small bottle lying on it.
    Inside the bottle is the antiviral drug that can cure Nunnally's virus.
    Lelouch: The second mistake was making enemies out of us.
    Delfina: Ugh!
    Realizing she has been completely outwitted by Lelouch, she glares at him venomously.
    Delfina: How could you... How could you!
    Delfina: You killed my big sister! My only family!
    Lelouch: Your sister? Then tell me—why was Carmen after Nunnally?
    Lelouch: There must be a reason she wouldn't accept you as her little sister instead!
    Delfina: ...!
    Carmen: Louisa... Why did she have to be killed in such a horrible way...
    Delfina: Don't worry, Sis. I'm here. I'll love you in Louisa's pla—
    Carmen: Shut up, shut up, shut up! Stop acting like you're my little sister! You let Louisa die!
    Carmen: Do you think I don't know what you did to her?
    Carmen: You murderer! Louisa is my one and only sister!
    Carmen: No one can replace her! Give her back! Please! Give me back my Louisa!
    Delfina: ...
    Carmen: Zero... It's all his fault that my sister is gone... Zerooo!
    Magnesia: ...
    Delfina: ...!
    Sis! You activated the device again?
    Carmen: Of course I did! I will have revenge on Zero!
    Carmen: He'll pay for what he did to Louisa! His day of reckoning will come!
    Carmen: You're such a good girl, Nunnally... I love you... My precious little sister...
    Delfina: Why Nunnally? Is it because she's blind like your sister was?
    Delfina: (If I just kill Nunnally... But wait, if Nunnally is taken away from her, Sis is sure to lose her mind completely.)
    Delfina: (I have to stay strong. Sis treated me just like a little sister when I was all alone in the Order.)
    Delfina: (So even if I can't be her real little sister, I still...)
    Delfina: Shut up... Shut up, shut up!
    Delfina: This is all because of you, Zero! If you hadn't interfered, those happy days would have continued forever! It's all your fault!
    Lelouch: I won't fault you for acting on behalf of your own desires.
    Lelouch: But you have to take responsibility for those actions.
    Lelouch: If you're going to take things from others, you have to be prepared to have something taken from you.
    As if on cue, the ceiling begins to quake as debris and pebbles begin to fall from above.
    Delfina: ...!
    You brought your friends?
    Lelouch: It's time to end this, Delfina Angell!
    Lelouch and Delfina—the two Zeros glare at each other, poised to fight.

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Chapter 6: STAGE 6: The Two Zeros - Episode 4

    Having successfully retrieved the antidote, Lelouch passes it off to Vyrn to administer to Nunnally. Delfina attempts to disable the Knightmares using Magnesia once again, but Lelouch has prepared a counter this time—Lyria summons Yggdrasil and shifts the ore within the bedrock, disrupting its magnetic field. In a last-ditch effort, Delfina decides to fight the crew directly with the primal beast.

    Suzaku: Lelouch, did your plan work?
    Lelouch: Yes. I was able to obtain the antidote.
    As the hideout shakes, a large hole is torn open in the ceiling, and the Lancelot appears.
    The Guren Mk-II then descends footholds into the area, followed by the Gawain carrying (Captain) and the crew.
    Lelouch: Vyrn, here's the antidote. Hurry back to the ship and give it to Nunnally!
    Vyrn: Leave it to me!
    Securing the bottle that Lelouch tosses his way, Vyrn flies off to deliver the antidote.
    C.C.: We finished doing everything you asked. The plan is still on track.
    Lelouch: Good. Now all that's left is to end this for good!
    While listening to C.C.'s update, Lelouch climbs into the Gawain's cockpit.
    Delfina: Keh-heh-heh... It's no use!
    Delfina: It doesn't matter how powerful your Knightmares are—as long as Magnesia is here, you won't be able to move!
    Magnesia: ...
    Delfina raises a crystal of dark essence, summoning Magnesia.
    The three Knightmares immediately fall silent as a result of the primal beast's powerful magnetic field.
    Delfina: I'll drag you all out of your Knightmares and end your lives!
    Delfina: And after you're all dead, I'll kill Nunnally next!
    Lelouch: The same trick won't work on me twice. I'm already one step ahead of you.
    Lelouch: Lyria. Summon Yggdrasil, just like we planned!
    Lyria: Okay!
    Lelouch: If my calculations are correct, this should do the trick.
    Lelouch: Whether it's supernatural or not, any power that functions physically must have some sort of rules.
    Lelouch gives Yggdrasil her orders.
    Lyria: We're counting on you, Yggdrasil!
    Yggdrasil: ...!
    Yggdrasil uses her earthen power to shift the fine ore inside the bedrock in the designated direction.
    Kallen: The Guren's systems are back online!
    Suzaku: Energy filler output is stable. Yggdrasil Drive is operational.
    Suzaku: Ready when you are, Lelouch!
    Delfina: Why is this happening!
    Delfina: Ngh... Magnesia!
    Lelouch: It's no use. Yggdrasil used her power to rearrange the ore underground, disrupting the magnetic field of the entire area.
    Lelouch: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a primal beast for a primal beast, as it were.
    Delfina: Hmph... So your Knightmares can move—so what?
    Delfina: They may have weaknesses, but primal beasts are still powerful weapons left behind by the Astrals.
    Delfina: I'll have Magnesia slaughter you all!
    Magnesia: ...!
    C.C.: Here it comes!
    Lelouch: Everyone, prepare for battle! Join forces to take down the primal beast Magnesia!
    All Three: Roger!

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Ending

    After Magnesia is defeated, Delfina threatens to destroy the teleportation device. However, Lelouch remains undeterred and blasts both Delfina and the device with the Hadron Cannon. With no way to get back to their original world now, Lelouch and the others decide to stay in (Captain)'s crew for the time being.

    Lelouch: Now, Suzaku!
    Suzaku: I'll show you what the V.A.R.I.S. can do!
    The Variable Ammunition Repulsion Impact Spitfire, or V.A.R.I.S. for short, is a rifle capable of adapting the repulsion force on the projectiles it fires.
    A powerful shot from the V.A.R.I.S. blows off one of Magnesia's wings, sending the primal beast crashing to the ground.
    Lelouch: Kallen, deliver the finishing blow!
    Kallen: I'm on it! It's time to end this!
    The Guren Mk-II leaps at Magnesia and releases a mighty blast from its massive right arm.
    Kallen: Take this!
    Magnesia: ...!
    The high frequency wave emitted by the radiant wave surger travels through the primal beast's body in an instant.
    Its robust protective shell rendered useless by the blast, Magnesia is destroyed from the inside and crumbles to the ground.
    Lyria: ...!
    With the primal beast Magnesia finally defeated, Lyria absorbs its power.
    Lyria: We did it!
    Lelouch: It's finally over.
    Delfina: It's not over yet! I can still defeat you!
    Suzaku: Lelouch...
    Lelouch: Right. I'm going to settle this once and for all.
    Lelouch: Suzaku, Kallen—head back to the ship with (Captain) and the rest of the crew. This is my responsibility as Zero.
    After giving the others their final instructions, Lelouch and C.C. follow after Delfina with the Gawain.
    Delfina: Huff... Huff...
    Having made it back to the teleportation device, Delfina adjusts the settings and places her hand on the lever.
    Delfina: That blue-haired girl can only absorb a copy of a primal beast. The real one is still within my grasp.
    Delfina: Even if it's injured and weakened, it should have enough power to activate the dev—
    Delfina: Urgh!
    The moment she pulls on the lever, the teleportation device's power supply explodes, sending Delfina flying.
    Delfina: Is... Is this Lelouch's doing?
    Lelouch: Now that Magnesia's power has been weakened, you can no longer defend yourself against the Hadron Cannon.
    Delfina: Stop! If you do this, you won't be able to return to your world!
    Delfina steps onto the pedestal of the teleportation device and spreads her arms wide.
    Delfina: Now what? If you attack me, you'll destroy the teleportation device...
    Delfina: And then you, Nunnally, and the rest of your friends will never be able to go home!
    Lelouch: And what of it?
    Delfina: What!
    Lelouch: As long as Nunnally can live in peace, I don't care what world we're in.
    Lelouch: Suzaku and the others have agreed to make sacrifices in order for that to happen.
    Lelouch: The main sacrifice being—remaining in this world.
    Delfina: Y-you can't be serious...
    Lelouch: I've said it before. You need resolve in order to achieve your objective.
    Delfina: Don't tell me... you were never intending to go back...
    Lelouch: The only people who should kill are those prepared to die themselves!
    Delfina: Siiis! Aaaaahhh!
    Lelouch fires a blast from the Hadron Cannon, and the teleportation device and Delfina both explode in flames.
    Lyria: Oh no! There's smoke coming from the island!
    Suzaku: It's coming from the location of the teleportation device. I guess that means it's all over...
    Having returned to the ship, (Captain) and the others lean over the edge of the deck upon hearing the sound of an explosion from the island.
    Kallen: His responsibility as Zero, huh...
    (Captain) and company continue watching with bated breath until finally a single dark shadow comes soaring out of the rising cloud of smoke.
    Suzaku: The Gawain!
    Having escaped the underground area, the Gawain climbs steeply through the air and touches down lightly on the deck of the ship.
    Lelouch: I'm glad to see everyone's all right.
    C.C.: What a ride.
    Suzaku: Welcome back, Lelouch. C.C.
    Lelouch: Thanks. We somehow managed to make it back in one piece. With this, the operation is complete.
    Lyria: It's finally over...
    Vyrn: We were pretty worried when we heard that explosion, but it's great to see ya safe and sound!
    Lelouch: Vyrn, how's Nunnally? Were you able to give her the antidote?
    ???: Big Brother!
    Lelouch turns in the direction of the voice to see Nunnally approaching him, grinning from ear to ear.
    To Lelouch's surprise, the person pushing his sister's wheelchair is none other than Jeremiah, covered in bandages.
    Jeremiah: Master Lelouch...
    Lelouch: Nunnally! And Jeremiah! You're all right?
    Jeremiah: These injuries are nothing. This body of mine exists to protect Master Lelouch and Lady Nunnally.
    Lelouch: You were determined to be by Nunnally's side, even at the risk of your own safety. I'm grateful to you for your display of loyalty.
    Lelouch expresses words of gratitude to his sister's savior as Jeremiah kneels reverently.
    Lelouch: Nunnally, how are you feeling? Are you in any pain?
    Nunnally: None at all. I felt better as soon as I took the medicine Vyrn brought me.
    Nunnally: That burning sensation in my throat seems to be gone for good.
    Lelouch: Thank goodness...
    Lelouch reaches out to touch Nunnally's cheek gently, and she places her hand on his.
    Nunnally then begins to speak again, a sorrowful tone in her voice.
    Nunnally: The person who kidnapped me—her name was Carmen.
    Nunnally: Apparently she had fallen into depression after losing her little sister, who happened to be blind just like me.
    Nunnally: We only spent a few days together, but I'll never forget her pain.
    Nunnally: I'm sure if I lost you, I'd be just as stricken by grief as she was.
    Nunnally: So I'm grateful just to have you by my side.
    Lelouch: ...
    Nunnally: I don't know where we are or why we're here.
    Nunnally: I have no idea why you, Suzaku, C.C., and Kallen are fighting.
    Nunnally: I won't ask about what you've done.
    Nunnally: Because I know that everything you did, you did for my sake.
    Nunnally: Right now, I'm just glad you're safe.
    Her voice wavering slightly, Nunnally pulls Lelouch's head toward her and hugs him.
    Nunnally: Thank you, Big Brother... For all you've done for me...
    Lelouch: Thank you too, Nunnally. Those words are everything to me.
    A sense of relief washes over Lelouch as his sister holds him close.
    Suzaku: I'm so glad... everyone made it out alive...
    Kallen: So why are you crying?
    C.C.: You're free to cry too, you know.
    Kallen: What! Not in front of other people!
    Lyria: I'm so glad everything seems to have been resolved!
    Vyrn: So what are you guys gonna do now, Lelouch?
    Lelouch: Good question. We don't have the teleportation device anymore...
    Nunnally: In that case, why don't we visit those islands Lyria was telling me about, Big Brother?
    Lyria: Oh, you must mean Port Breeze and Valtz!
    Lelouch: We don't have the eyes of Britannia watching us in this world, so it might be nice to take a trip.
    Nunnally: My first trip... I'm getting excited just thinking about it.
    Lelouch: You've been living in hiding for a long time. Let's take this opportunity to visit all kinds of places.
    Lelouch: And who knows? We might even stumble upon a way to return to our own world in the meantime.
    Kallen: That's a great idea!
    Kallen: In that case, do you mind if we pop by the restaurant? I'm sure the owners are worried sick.
    Vyrn: Yeah! Sure thing!
    Nunnally: What about you, Suzaku? You'll come with us, right?
    Suzaku: Of course I will. We'll have all sorts of fun together and talk just like we used to.
    Vyrn: Huh? Why're you standin' so far away, C.C.?
    C.C.: No reason.
    Lelouch: Then stop trying to leave.
    Lelouch: I haven't forgotten our contract. I'll make sure we return to our world so I can hold up my end of the deal.
    C.C.: Oh, I was worried you'd forgotten about that.
    Lelouch: If you're so worried, why don't you tell me your wish already?
    C.C.: No. But I'll stay with you until that day comes. You and I are accomplices after all.
    Lelouch: All right then. You know, you could stand to be a little more honest with yourself.
    Vyrn: Huh? I dunno whatcha mean by accomplices, but can we just assume you're partners or somethin'?
    Lyria: Hehe. Either way, it sounds like we all get to keep traveling together!
    1. Glad to have you aboard!

    Choose: Glad to have you aboard!
    Lelouch: Thanks. I look forward to our travels together, (Captain).
    Lelouch grasps (Captain)'s outstretched hand in a firm handshake.
    With the case of the fake Zero settled, Lelouch and his friends decide to set sail into the wide open skies.
    In a world with no Britannia or Japan, Lelouch is finally able to shed the mask of Zero.
    Where his fate will eventually lead him, none can say.
    But as they set out into the skies, a warm wind begins to blow, as though blessing them on the brand-new journey that lies ahead.
    The End

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 1

    Lelouch: Jump off that cliff this instant.
    Monster: Groooar!
    Without a moment of hesitation, the monster complies with Lelouch's order and jumps off the cliff.
    C.C.: We're only a short ways from town, but monsters are everywhere...
    C.C.: They're pretty unpleasant, if you ask me.
    Lelouch: You said it. But now we know my Geass seems to work on them... We've gathered some useful information.
    C.C.: But what's our next move? Information is all we've gathered these last few days—it's about time we had a decent meal.
    Lelouch: What are you going on about? We just ate earlier.
    C.C.: I want pizza.
    Lelouch: Pizza?
    C.C.: I asked some of the townspeople earlier if any of the restaurants served pizza, but none of them had any idea what pizza was.
    C.C.: I suppose its a rare dish here, or perhaps it doesn't exist in this world.
    Lelouch: Then that settles it.
    C.C.: What do you mean?
    Lelouch: It means you can stop looking for it.
    C.C.: Not funny.
    C.C.: But you know, Lelouch... they do have the ingredients here.
    Lelouch: And what of it?
    C.C.: You could make some for me.
    Lelouch: Not funny.
    Lelouch: Here we are in a new world, yet you're the same as always.
    C.C.: Of course. I am C.C. after all.
    Lelouch: Yes, yes. You know, maybe if we find some time I'll consider it.
    C.C.: Really? Then what are we waiting for?
    Lelouch: Hey, wait! Don't go off on your own!

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 2

    Kallen: (This is awful... I'm starving... I have no idea where I am or how I even got here...)
    Kallen: (They won't accept my money here, so I can't buy food or water... This doesn't look good.)
    Kallen: Sorry... Didn't mean to bump into...
    Proprietress: Whoa there, missy! You look about one inch from death! Are you hungry?
    Kallen: About that... Um...
    Proprietress: Oh my... You must come to my restaurant. I'll fix you up something real quick.
    Kallen: But I... I don't have any money...
    Proprietress: Don't you worry about that! Come along now!
    Taking up the woman's offer, Kallen follows her to a nearby canteen.
    Kallen: Mm, mm, mmm!
    Kallen: Fwah! Thanks for the food!
    Proprietress: Ahaha! Look at you go. I'm glad to see someone eat my food so scrumptiously!
    Proprietress: But can you tell me why exactly you haven't eaten anything in days?
    Kallen: Well, actually...
    Kallen reveals that she's come from another world without any idea where to go or how to return home.
    Proprietress: Goodness me. That's rough, missy.
    Proprietress: Well, how about sticking around for a while? We could use your help around the restaurant—I'll make sure you stay fed too.
    Kallen: Huh? No, I couldn't... You've already done so much.
    Proprietress: I'm asking you 'cause I want to. Besides, we really could use the help.
    Proprietress: Not to mention you don't have anywhere else to go. I wouldn't want to see you wandering around on the brink of collapse again.
    Kallen: (This is no time to be holding back... I need to do anything and everything I can to return to my own world!)
    Kallen: Well then... If you'll have me, I'll take the job!
    Proprietress: Hehe... I know you'll do great.

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 3

    Suzaku: Haaaugh!
    Monster: Groar...
    Suzaku: Phew... That should do it.
    Suzaku: (You can earn money and help people by defeating monsters here—talk about killing two birds with one stone.)
    Suzaku: (I was worried how things would turn out at first, but Gramps and the other townspeople have been kind to me. I'm glad I ran into good people here.)
    Suzaku: (But I can't stay around here forever.)
    Suzaku: (Euphy must be worried. Mr. Lloyd and Miss Cécile too... I need to find a way to get back soon.)

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 4

    Kallen: She's got a pretty fancy getup. Are there nobles in this world too?
    Lyria: Uh-huh! Her dress was really pretty, wasn't it?
    Kallen: Yeah, but dresses like that are so uncomfortable. The waist is always too tight, and it's a pain to hook the back without help.
    Lelouch: Leave it to a member of the Stadtfeld family to know so much. Did you often wear dresses in your household?
    Kallen: Unfortunately. I had to wear them to parties and such with my father.
    Lyria: Kallen, are you nobility too?
    Kallen: I guess you could say that.
    Lelouch: I guess you could.
    Lelouch: By the way, what was with the feeble act at school?
    Lyria: Oh no, are you not feeling well? You've been doing so much to help us—I hope you haven't been pushing yourself too hard or anything...
    Kallen: No, no! Don't worry about it, I'm the picture of health! I just had to act that way at school as a cover for why I was absent so often.
    Kallen: I'm mixed Japanese and Britannian—two warring nations. That's why I have two names.
    Kallen: But in following my brother's footsteps, I've chosen to live as a Japanese person.
    Kallen: That's why I go by Kallen Kouzuki instead of Kallen Stadtfeld.
    Lyria: Wow, so that's why... Sorry, I didn't mean to be nosy.
    Kallen: It's fine, don't worry about it. Besides...
    Lelouch: We'll be the ones to end this war.
    Kallen: Lelouch...
    Lelouch: Wh-what?
    Kallen: N-nothing!
    Lyria: ...?

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 5

    C.C.: Hmm?
    Something stops C.C. in her tracks.
    C.C.: Hehe. To think your thoughts would reach me all the way out here.
    C.C.: Yes, it's quite a troubling predicament we're in... This is a whole new world, after all.
    C.C.: Isn't it a fascinating concept? I never would have imagined something like this happening, even after all these years.
    C.C.: Relax. He's fine. Nunnally too, most likely.
    C.C.: Is that so? Since when have you been such a caring mother?
    C.C.: Nothing I can do—I'll just stay by his side.
    C.C.: That's all there is to it.

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 6

    Vyrn: Hey, Suzaku... How do you get that huge Lancelot thing to move like that?
    Vyrn: I've seen you fly, fight off baddies, and all sorts of cool stuff!
    Suzaku: Hmm... It's kind of hard to explain. Want to take a look inside the cockpit?
    Suzaku opens the hatch to show Vyrn.
    Vyrn: Whoa! Look at all those buttons! You know what all of them do? That's wild!
    Suzaku: It's no big deal. With enough training, your body naturally memorizes what to do.
    Suzaku: That's why I use a simulator to practice.
    Vyrn: Simulator?
    Suzaku: That's right. In fact, it can be done right here in the cockpit if you want to try it out for yourself.
    Suzaku: You can sit on my lap—I'll help guide you through it.
    Vyrn: No kidding? Hehe, this is the first time I've felt lucky to be fun-sized!

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 7

    A few days have passed since Nunnally's rescue. Lyria and the others have taken on dinner duty so Lelouch can focus on caring for his sister.
    Vyrn: Lelouch has barely eaten anythin' this whole time. He must really care about Nunnally.
    C.C.: That's right. She's his reason for living.
    Lyria: His reason for living?
    C.C.: Yes. More importantly, that looks done.
    Vyrn: Whoa! It was about to burn.
    Lyria: Hehe, there! A perfect fried egg!
    C.C.: It looks delicious. I'm actually kind of hungry too...
    Vyrn: You want a bite of our food? Call it a taste test.
    C.C.: Are you sure? I'd like some mango sauce then...
    Vyrn: Mango? What's a mango?
    C.C.: A truly sublime fruit that melts away in your mouth... I guess they don't exist here either.
    Vyrn: A fruit sauce, huh? I'll check and see what we've got, but what're you gonna use it on?
    C.C.: What else but the fried egg of course?
    Vyrn: Buh? What's with that crazy combination of flavors?
    Lyria: But you know, it might just work! Can I try some too?
    C.C.: Heh... I'm glad you get it. People from my world were always shocked to see such a combination.
    Vyrn: Yeah, I don't think that's unique to your world, lady...

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 8

    Nunnally: Um, Vyrn... I don't want to be rude or anything, but there's something I'd like to ask...
    Vyrn: Hm? What's up?
    Nunnally: You're supposed to be a dragon, right? I've only heard of dragons from stories, and so, um...
    Vyrn: I get it. Do you wanna touch? Go ahead, I don't mind!
    Nunnally: Th-thank you! In that case...
    Following Vyrn's voice, Nunnally's hand finds its way to his skin, and she breaks into a smile.
    Nunnally: Wow... Such a mysterious texture—and also very warm.
    Vyrn: Haha! H-hey, I'm ticklish there!
    Nunnally: Oh, sorry!
    Vyrn: I ain't mad or anythin'—you don't need to worry!
    Lyria: Hehe, you look like you're having fun, Nunnally!
    Vyrn: Yeah, feel free to ask any time! Don't be a stranger, you hear?
    Nunnally: Okay! Thank you, Vyrn.

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 9

    Kallen: You and (Captain) sure are close... You almost seem like siblings.
    Lyria: You really think so?
    Kallen: Yeah. It reminded me of my older brother.
    Kallen: Seeing you count on (Captain) to have your back got me feeling a little nostalgic.
    Lyria: I didn't know you had an older brother. What kind of person is he?
    Kallen: He used to be the leader of the resistance against Britannia. Everyone put their faith in him.
    Kallen: I decided to join the fight for Japan because of him. Well, I suppose I had my own reasons as well...
    Lyria: Wow, he sounds super cool! It'd be great if I could meet him someday.
    Kallen: Yeah... That would be really nice.
    Lyria: It sure would!
    Kallen: (Unfortunately, he can no longer meet anyone... But that isn't the case for Lyria and the others.)
    Kallen: (I just hope that they can continue traveling together in peace forever.)

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 10

    Suzaku: Good morning, Lyria.
    Lyria: Good morning, Suzaku. Oh, you're wearing it today!
    Lyria points at the indigo brooch pinned to Suzaku's outfit.
    Lyria: It must be important since you're always holding onto it... What is it?
    Suzaku: Well... This is an emblem to indicate that I'm Euphy's, er, Princess Euphemia's Knight of Honor.
    Lyria: Princess... So Euphy is royalty? Wow, that's amazing that you're a royal knight!
    Suzaku: No, Euphy is the amazing one.
    Suzaku: See, I'm from a country ruled by Britannia called Japan.
    Suzaku: As you can guess, some people weren't pleased to see me become a Knight of Honor, but Euphy recognized my potential.
    Suzaku: And she wants to make a world where everyone can be happy—not through displays of power, but peace and diplomacy.
    Lyria: She sounds like a great person. And also...
    Lyria: She must be really important to you. Your face lights up every time you talk about her.
    Suzaku: Yeah... She is important to me.
    Suzaku: That's why I've pledged to protect her. And I'll continue to do so, for as long as she hopes to bring smiles to all those around her.
    Lyria: Hehe, that's wonderful!

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 11

    Lelouch: Jeremiah Gottwald... I see. So that's what happened.
    Jeremiah: To this day I regret not being able to protect Lady Marianne.
    Lelouch: That explains why you were willing to risk serious injury in order to protect Nunnally.
    Jeremiah: My pain is nothing compared to that which Lady Nunnally has had to bear.
    Lelouch: You've done well. I'm grateful for your loyalty, and I'm sure my mother would have felt the same way.
    Jeremiah: Such kind words. My loyalty to you remains unwavering...
    Lelouch: Very well. But take it easy for now. Your body may be modified, but you still need rest.
    Jeremiah: Yes, Your Majesty.

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 12

    Kallen: Just wrapped up maintenance on the Guren... Here. You need the tools, right?
    Suzaku: Thanks, Kallen. I appreciate the help.
    Kallen: I never thought I'd end up fighting side by side with you.
    Suzaku: You said it. Especially after what happened on Kamine Island. I didn't think we'd ever find any common ground.
    Suzaku: One thing's for certain... When we were enemies I always felt that you were a resilient foe.
    Suzaku: But having that resilience on my side... is reassuring.
    Kallen: You're not getting anything from me with flattery.
    Suzaku: Say, Kallen. Can I ask you something? If we ever return to our world, do you think we'll fight again?
    Kallen: Who knows. As long as we're under this sky together though...
    Kallen: If there are methods other than fighting out there, I'd like to explore those options.
    Suzaku: Yeah. I feel the same way. I'm sure Lelouch does too...
    Kallen: What if that's the reason we were sent to this world?
    Kallen: Here we're free from the regime that shackled us in our original world, allowing us to expose our true selves to one another.
    Kallen: Or something like that...
    Suzaku: Hehe... I never imagined you to be the dreamer type.
    Kallen: H-hey! No laughing!
    Suzaku: Sorry, sorry. But I see what you mean.
    Suzaku: Surely there's a reason we've come to this world.
    Suzaku: There must be.

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning - Day 13

    Lelouch: A clean plate. I suppose it's safe to say you've made a full recovery, Nunnally.
    Nunnally: Yes. My cough has gone away—it's almost hard to believe that I was ever that sick at all.
    Suzaku: I'm so relieved you're feeling better.
    Kallen: You said it. A smile suits you best, Nunnally.
    Vyrn: Looks like Nunnally's ready to get up and at 'em, so how about we head to Port Breeze next?
    Nunnally: The island with a perpetual breeze right? I'd love to go there!
    Lyria: Yaaay! I'll do my best to show you around, Nunnally!
    C.C.: In such a short amount of time, she's already become accustomed to skyfarer life.
    Lelouch: And she's getting along famously with Lyria. I'm glad to see her smiling, more than anything.
    Jeremiah: Would it be all right for me to accompany you as well?
    Vyrn: Of course! Are you kiddin'? Any pal of Lelouch is a pal of ours!
    Lyria: If you don't have a place to go, you're welcome to stay on the ship along with Lelouch and the others!
    Jeremiah: Oh, what a wonderful world this is!
    Nunnally: It really is. Everyone in this crew has been so nice to me!
    Lyria: Well, I think you and Lelouch are really nice too!
    C.C.: Aww, listen to that, Lelouch. She thinks you're nice.
    Lelouch: Seriously. Everyone in this crew could do well with a little more caution toward strangers...
    Lelouch: But well, traveling with them may actually be a great environment for Nunnally.
    C.C.: ...