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Journal Entry

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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Jun Fukuyama
Voice ActorJP
ID 3991413000
Release Date 2019-06-14
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning

The eleventh prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. After the assassination of his mother Marianne, he was sent to live in Japan with his sister Nunnally. Upon the Britannian invasion of Japan, he feared for his safety and went into hiding. He bears a strong grudge against his father, the emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire.



  • Lelouch's full name and title is Lelouch vi Britannia, 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire.
  • His Story Art is his alter ego, Zero.

Special Cutscenes

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Fate Episodes

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Lelouch in the Sky

One day, Lelouch and company learn that (Captain)'s crew has been billed one million rupies for recharging their Knightmare Frames. As they brainstorm ideas to make the money themselves, C.C. informs them of an upcoming food competition with a grand prize of one million rupies, and they decide to participate.

Vyrn: Yikes! Get a load of that total!
Lyria: Let's see... "Knightmare Frame Recharging Fee"...
(Captain) and company are gathered around an invoice nearing its due date.
Lyria: One, two, three, four, five, six zeros... So that's...
Lyria: O-one million rupies!
Vyrn: Who knew keepin' those big machines runnin' would cost so much!
Lyria: It... It certainly is expensive...
Vyrn: Hmm... And we can't exactly tell Lelouch and the others—it'd just make 'em worry.
Vyrn: Guess we're just gonna have to take on more high-payin' missions, huh?
  1. ...

Choose: ...
So as not to concern Lelouch and the others, (Captain) and company discuss their monetary dilemma privately.
Nunnally: (I had no idea their Knightmare Frames were so expensive to maintain...)
Nunnally: (We have to do something about this!)
Nunnally happens to overhear the crew's conversation about their finances.
Feeling a sense of responsibility, she gathers Lelouch and the others and fills them in on the situation.
Nunnally: In short, we're causing (Captain) and the crew financial problems.
Nunnally: We need to lighten the burden on them somehow.
Nunnally: But I haven't been able to come up with any good ideas...
Lelouch: Thank you for telling us, Nunnally.
Suzaku: It's true that we've been relying on (Captain) to handle all the expenses.
Suzaku: But I had no clue operating our Knightmares was creating such a problem.
Lelouch: Neither did I. It's only right to settle this matter ourselves so we don't cause even more issues for (Captain) and the crew.
Kallen: We've been taking advantage of the crew's kindness all this time, so we ought to take this chance to pay back our debt in full!
Jeremiah: Agreed. But how exactly?
Suzaku: What if we stop using our Knightmares for a while?
Lelouch: Unfortunately, that won't resolve the problem at hand. We need to earn enough money to cover our current expenses before the payment deadline.
Kallen: And besides, we already accepted some missions that we need our Knightmares for.
Kallen: Even if we go out and complete tons of requests, that'll just rack up more operation costs, and we'll be back to square one.
Nunnally: If only there was a way to earn money aside from missions... Something even I could do...
Jeremiah: Lady Nunnally!
Lelouch: Nunnally...
Lelouch: I think using an alternative method to make money is a magnificent idea.
Suzaku: But I imagine it'll be nearly impossible finding a way to earn a million rupies...
Lelouch: Quite the contrary.
Kallen: What's that supposed to mean? Quit being so cryptic.
Lelouch: There is another method we could use to come up with the money. However...
At that moment, C.C. waltzes into the room.
C.C.: Oh, so this is where you all ran off to.
Lelouch: C.C. Where have you been?
C.C.: I was just wandering around town. But that's not important—look at this.
Lelouch: Save it for later. We're in the middle of a serious conversation.
C.C.: Serious? Did something happen?
Lelouch and the others explain their predicament to a bewildered C.C.
C.C.: I see... That explains why even Nunnally was looking gloomy.
Nunnally: Yes... I wish there was something I could do...
C.C.: Not to worry. I have just the good news you were waiting for.
C.C.: Look at this.
Lelouch and company lean forward to inspect a flyer in C.C.'s hands.
We're currently accepting entrants for our town's very own food competition! The winner will receive a grand prize of one million rupies!
Kallen: A food competition...
Suzaku: With a grand prize of one million rupies!
Kallen & Suzaku: That's it!
Nunnally: So if we enter a food stall in the competition and win, we'll get one million rupies?
Jeremiah: Correct, Lady Nunnally.
Lelouch: H-hold on! That's only if we win!
Lelouch: What kind of stall would we enter with, anyway?
C.C.: I would have thought that was obvious, Lelouch.
C.C.: Pizza, of course. We'll open a pizza stand.
Lelouch: You just want to eat pizza!
Suzaku: Actually... C.C.'s idea just might work.
Suzaku: Pizza doesn't seem to be well-known in this world, and that works to our advantage.
Suzaku: If we do it right, I feel like we could have a pretty good chance of winning.
Kallen: That's true! Even if they already have something similar here, it could never be as delicious as the pizza from our world.

    C.C.: Right? And with you two lovely ladies attracting customers, the competition will be in the bag.
    Kallen: Two? So Nunnally and me... But what about you?
    C.C.: I'll be busy taste-testing.
    Kallen: Yeah, you should be a salesgirl too, C.C.!
    Lelouch: Hm. Well, entering the competition isn't a terrible proposal, but it would definitely be a gamble.
    C.C.: No need to overthink it, Lelouch.
    C.C.: Besides, I don't think Nunnally would be very happy about you making money by betting over chess.
    Lelouch: ...!
    How did you...
    C.C.: You're too easy to read.
    Lelouch: (I'm certain I'd be able to make a killing by convincing foolhardy nobles to play me in chess for cash...)
    Lelouch: (But that would be ignoring Nunnally's desire to take part in helping the crew.)
    Noticing that Lelouch is lost in his thoughts, Nunnally takes his hand.
    Nunnally: What's wrong, Big Brother? You must think we don't have a chance of winning...
    Lelouch: That's not true at all, Nunnally. If we all work together, I'm sure we can win.
    Lelouch: You'll help too, won't you?
    Nunnally: Of course! I can't wait to try my hand at selling pizza!
    Lelouch: Then it's settled. Let's win that contest and surprise the crew.
    Nunnally: Yes—I'll do my very best!
    Jeremiah: In that case, we should start by procuring an oven.
    Suzaku: We'll have to gather all the ingredients too.
    Kallen: And don't forget we need a store name and menu!
    C.C.: I've conquered the realm of pizza delivery menus. Now it seems the time has finally come to demonstrate my tasting prowess.
    Lelouch: All right, everyone! If we're doing this, we're doing it right—defeat isn't an option.
    Lelouch: We're going to open the best pizza stand the skies have ever seen!
    All Five: Yeah!
    And so Lelouch and the others decide to take part in a food competition in hopes of winning the one million rupie grand prize.
    Their plan is in place, but will they be able to secure victory?

    Lelouch in the Sky: Scene 2

    Lelouch and company open a pizza stand in the food competition, which turns out to be a huge success thanks to everyone involved—including (Captain) and the crew, who show up to lend their assistance. But they fail to notice a suspicious figure eyeing the pizza stall from a distance.

    Thanks to Lelouch's expert planning, he and the others are able to procure the necessary tools and ingredients for the pizza stand.
    With the materials gathered and the stall built, Lelouch and company reach the day of the event in high spirits.
    Lelouch: It was a bit of a rush job, but we managed to make it in time.
    Lelouch watches Nunnally and the others passing out flyers with a satisfied expression on his face.
    Nunnally: Come visit us at Purrfect Pizza! We'll bake you a pizza in the shape of a cat!
    Nunnally: We hope to see you there! Meow!
    Patron 1: Purrfect Pizza? Never heard of it before, but that girl is adorable!
    Kallen: If you want cute, look no further than Purrfect Pizza!
    Kallen: Make sure to try one of our cat-shaped pizzas! They're purr-fectly delicious! Meow!
    Patron 2: Hngh! Look how hard she's trying! I can't get enough!
    Jeremiah: Say, you over there! How about a nice cat pizza?
    Patron 1: Urgh... But that guy next to them is strangely intimidating. It's hard to approach them with him around.
    Soon after opening, the stall dubbed "Purrfect Pizza" has already attracted a large crowd of people.
    Suzaku: I've got an order for a Cat Margherita and a Seafood Cat! Sorry to work you like a dog—woof, woof!
    Lelouch: Oh, come on! Are you a cat or a dog? Pick one!
    Suzaku: Lelouch, are you sure you're all right handling the baking yourself?
    Lelouch: No need to worry. The previous order is just about done. I'm ready for the next one!
    Suzaku: You got it!
    Suzaku carefully places toppings onto the cat-shaped pizzas, and Lelouch puts them into the oven one after another.
    With Lelouch manning the oven and Suzaku waiting on customers in perfect coordination, the pizza stall functions flawlessly.
    C.C.: Lelouch. Is the pizza ready yet?
    Lelouch: C.C.! Don't just stand there watching. Help.
    C.C.: I'm the taste-tester, remember? Or have you already forgotten that I'm the main reason this pizza ended up being so delicious?
    Lelouch: It's true that we were only able to achieve this flavor thanks to that discerning palate of yours. I'll give you that.
    Lelouch: But unfortunately we're short on hands. I'd settle for help even from you.
    C.C.: Pretty sure you could have phrased that differently.
    Lelouch: Come on. You help with the customers too.
    C.C.: Hmph. Fine. But only because this is partly for Nunnally's sake.
    As the stall continues to attract more customers, Lelouch finally convinces C.C. to help. Just then, they see some familiar faces.
    Lyria: Wow! Something smells amazing!
    Vyrn: Oh! There it is—Purrfect Pizza!
    Nunnally: Vyrn! Lyria! I'm so glad you could make it!
    Kallen: And (Captain) and the crew too! Thanks for taking the time to stop by!
    Vyrn: We were surprised to hear you guys were openin' a stand! We thought we'd drop by to boost your sales!
    Jeremiah: (Captain)! What a pleasure.
    Unable to stand idly by after seeing how busy the stand is, (Captain) approaches Lelouch.
    1. Need an extra server?
    2. Need help with the cooking?

    Choose: Need an extra server?
    Lelouch: Are you sure? I don't want to trouble you any more than we already have...
    1. I've got time on my hands!

    Choose: I've got time on my hands!
    Lelouch: I really appreciate this, (Captain). In that case, would you mind helping C.C. and Suzaku with the customers?
    C.C.: All right, (Captain). Let's put you to work.

    Choose: Need help with the cooking?
    Lelouch: Are you sure? I don't want to trouble you any more than we already have...
    1. Yeah, it looks like fun!

    Choose: Yeah, it looks like fun!
    Lelouch: Thank you, (Captain). In that case, I'd like to ask you to fashion that pizza dough into the shape of a cat.
    Continue 1
    Vyrn: We can help pass out flyers too!
    Nunnally: Are you sure you don't mind?
    Lyria: Of course we don't! I'll put my whole heart into it! Meow!
    Kallen: Thanks, Lyria. Glad to have you aboard!
    Jeremiah: Business certainly is booming.
    Having enlisted the help of (Captain) and the crew, Purrfect Pizza flourishes even further.
    Shady Man: Heh...
    However, Lelouch and the others fail to notice a figure glaring at the pizza stall from a distance.
    Oblivious to the stranger's threatening gaze, the crew closes up shop without incident, managing to end the day in first place.

    Lelouch in the Sky: Scene 3

    On day two of the event, Lelouch and the others find their pizza stand destroyed by a competitor's hired goon. Refusing to be discouraged, they attract customers by using their Knightmare Frames and Lyria's summoning prowess to make a giant pizza. Now desperate, the culprit unleashes monsters on the crowd, but Lelouch and company use this to their advantage.

    C.C.: The pizza...
    Kallen: What the hell happened?
    The following morning, Lelouch and company arrive to find their pizza stall heartlessly destroyed.
    A crowd once again gathers outside the shop, but today it consists of curious onlookers wanting to catch a glimpse of the terrible scene.
    Suzaku: There are signs of man-made damage. But who would do such a thing?
    Jeremiah: How barbaric... This is unforgivable!
    Nunnally: I can't believe this... We all worked so hard...
    Lelouch: Tch...
    Lelouch: (Who was it? Who did this?)
    Shady Man: Heh...
    Among the people offering words of consolation to his heartbroken friends, Lelouch notices a suspicious man wearing a nasty grin.
    After confirming that Nunnally and the others are thoroughly discouraged, the man leaves the area, seemingly satisfied.
    Lelouch: ...
    Concerned by his malicious expression, Lelouch follows after him.
    As the shady man turns onto a deserted street, Lelouch calls out to him from behind.
    Lelouch: Hey, you.
    Shady Man: Huh? Wait, you're that—
    Lelouch: Answer my questions.
    Shady Man: Yes, sir...
    Lelouch: Are you the one who wrecked our pizza stand?
    Shady Man: Yes...
    Lelouch: Why did you destroy it?
    Shady Man: Well...
    The man explains that a jealous stall owner had asked him to wreck the pizza stand because they wanted the prize money.
    Lelouch: I figured as much. Now get out of my sight.
    Shady Man: Yes, sir...
    Shady Man: Huh? What was I doing?
    After extracting information from the man, Lelouch returns to the others.
    He arrives to find Nunnally waiting sadly by the cleared wreckage of the pizza stand.
    Lelouch: Nunnally...
    Nunnally: Big Brother... How could something like this happen after we all banded together...
    Lelouch: I know... Everyone worked really hard. And the customers were happy too.
    Nunnally: Now we'll never win the competition...
    Lelouch: Nunnally. Are you going to give up just because someone ruined the stand?
    Lelouch: I thought you said you were going to do your best for the crew's sake.
    Nunnally: ...!
    Nunnally: You're right... I don't want to give up!
    Lelouch: That's my little sister.
    C.C.: But what do we do now? We can't exactly use the stall in this condition.
    Lelouch: That's true. Unfortunately, I'm afraid the stand is unsalvageable.
    Lelouch: We'll just have to find another way to let them have a taste of our pizza.
    Suzaku: Another way?
    Lelouch: Yes. And we'll be able to get revenge on the scum who did this to our stand at the same time.
    Kallen: What do you mean? I'm not sure I like that evil glint in your eye...
    Lelouch: There won't be any foul play involved.
    Lelouch: But this is a festival after all. We might as well liven things up a bit.
    Suzaku: Haha. Nice.
    Suzaku: I like the sound of that. Let's hear your plan, Lelouch.
    Kallen: You too, Suzaku?
    Kallen: Well, I can't say I mind the idea. It's not in my nature to take things like this lying down.
    Nunnally: Big Brother?
    Lelouch: Don't worry, Nunnally. No one will be in any danger.
    Lelouch: I was just thinking we'd put on a little show.
    The others are bewildered by the words Lelouch utters with a bold smile.
    Jeremiah: A show?
    Lelouch: Yes. Would you all be willing to trust me and lend your assistance?
    1. I'm in!

    Choose: I'm in!
    Vyrn: Hehe. You can count on us too!
    Lyria: Yeah! We'd love to help out!
    Lelouch: Thank you, everyone.
    Lelouch expresses his gratitude to the crew for their encouraging words.
    Lelouch: In that case, let me explain the details...
    (Captain) and the crew can't believe the words that follow.
    Nevertheless, they are all firmly convinced that the plan will succeed.
    After finishing their arrangements, (Captain) and the crew gather in a plaza adjacent to the crowded grounds of the food contest.
    Vyrn: Whoa, check it out! What is that thing?
    Jeremiah: Oh my! Look up there, everyone!
    Lyria: What could it be? Let's go get a closer look!
    Vyrn and company make a spectacle in front of the visitors, all the while pointing up at the sky.
    At that moment, the Gawain and the Lancelot Air Cavalry appear overhead.
    Patron 1: Huh? What's all that commotion in the plaza?
    Patron 2: Hey, aren't those the folks from yesterday?
    Patron 1: You're right! The ones from Purrfect Pizza!
    Patron 2: It looks like those big machines in the sky are getting ready to do something! Let's go check it out!
    As onlookers begin slowly trickling into the plaza, Lelouch puts his plan in motion.
    Lelouch: All right, Nunnally. It's time to start the show.
    Nunnally: Okay, Big Brother!
    Nunnally: Meow! Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to come here today.
    Suzaku: Come one, come all!
    Suzaku: We'll be putting on a pizza spectacle the likes of which you've never seen before! Watch and be amazed!
    It's not long before the plaza is full of spectators, intrigued by the Gawain and the Lancelot.
    C.C.: It's time. Kallen, you're up.
    Kallen: Sure thing! I got this!
    At C.C.'s signal, the Guren Mk-II appears in the plaza carrying a massive ball of pizza dough.
    Patron 2: Huh? Now what's happening? There's another machine over there—a red one!
    Kallen: Here you go, Suzaku! Catch!
    Kallen tosses the pizza dough at Suzaku.
    Suzaku: I'm on it, Kallen!
    Suzaku: Gotcha!
    The pizza dough arcs through the air, and the Lancelot Air Cavalry catches it beautifully.
    Nunnally: The pizza dough base has just arrived. What will happen to it next?
    Patron 1: Whoa! Look at it go!
    Suzaku: Foo... Hup... Hyah!
    Nunnally: Oh! The white giant has started spinning the dough to spread it thin!
    Patron 1: Wait... A cat? Is that a cat's face?
    Nunnally: What's this? The dough is transforming into the shape of a cat's face!
    Suzaku employs his matchless technique to mold the pizza dough into a shape most feline.
    Lelouch: It's almost time for the next phase. Kallen, stand by with the sauce!
    Kallen: On it!
    Suzaku: Ready when you are!
    Kallen swings a large pot, sending pizza sauce flying through the air, and Suzaku catches it on top of the dough.
    C.C.: It's your turn, Lelouch. Show us what you've got.
    Lelouch: You can be sure I will. Now, onto the toppings phase!
    The Gawain uses its ten slash harkens to skillfully dish out cheese and other toppings onto the sauce-covered dough.
    Patron 1: Whoa! How can that big machine move like that!
    C.C.: Lelouch. Topping coverage is at one hundred percent.
    Lelouch: Roger that. It's time for the grand finale.
    Lelouch: We're counting on you, Nunnally.
    Nunnally: I won't let you down!
    Nunnally: Everyone, the time has come for the grand finale—a live baking!
    Lelouch: Lyria! Add the finishing touches!
    Lyria: Okay! Here I go!
    Lyria: Warmth of earth, spread forth! Thy name is Yggdrasil!
    Yggdrasil: ...
    Using her power to shape the earth, Yggdrasil creates an enormous pizza oven and a square slate.
    Lelouch: Nice work, Lyria! Now to bring the heat.
    Lyria: Roar of flame, ring out! Thy name is Colossus!
    Colossus: ...!
    Colossus lights a fire in the oven and thrusts its blade onto the end of the slate, instantly transforming it into a pizza peel.
    Lyria: It's ready to go, everyone!
    Nunnally: The toppings are on, so it's time to cook the giant pizza! Feast your eyes!
    Suzaku: All right! Let's do this!
    Lyria: Here we go, Suzaku!
    Suzaku & Lyria: Haaah!
    Suzaku places the cat-shaped pizza onto the pizza peel, and Lyria has Colossus put it in the oven.
    Colossus's flames bring the giant oven to the perfect temperature.
    Patron 2: Wow! What an incredible performance!
    Patron 1: I've never seen anything like it before!
    As the audience erupts into cheers and applause, a group of monsters suddenly appears in the plaza.
    Monsters: Roooar!
    Shady Man: Tch... You morons just don't know when to give up!
    Shady Man: I'll destroy you and all your customers too!
    Nunnally: Big Brother, what was all that shouting just now?
    Lelouch: Not to worry, Nunnally. It's all part of the show.
    Lelouch: I'd like you to announce to the crowd what I'm about to tell you.
    Lelouch: (Perfect... You're just in time, fool! I'll use your evil plot against you.)
    Nunnally: Attention, everyone! While we're waiting for the pizza to be done, please enjoy our "Giants versus Monsters" battle spectacular!
    Patron 2: Oh! What is it this time?
    Patron 1: It sounds like the big machines are gonna fight those monsters!
    Lelouch: The stage is now set.
    Lelouch: Suzaku! Kallen! (Captain)! We're taking out those monsters!
    Kallen: So he's the culprit, huh? Let's teach him a lesson he won't forget!
    Suzaku: We'll get rid of those beasts and protect our guests!
    1. They're all going down!

    Choose: They're all going down!

    Lelouch in the Sky: Scene 4

    Lelouch and company succeed in defeating the monsters and apprehending the culprit, securing victory in the food competition thanks to Lelouch's clever planning. After giving their winnings to a surprised (Captain), they agree to a proposal by Lelouch to start a pizza delivery service in order to earn a steady income.

    Lelouch: Hahaha! This is checkmate!
    Suzaku: You won't be hurting anyone on our watch!
    Kallen: Eat this!
    Following the trio's relentless attacks, (Captain) dives forward to deal the finishing blow.
    1. Hyaaah!

    Choose: Hyaaah!
    Monsters: Guuurgh...
    With a fantastic display of teamwork, Lelouch and company are able to defeat the monsters and protect the oblivious audience.
    Shady Man: Dammit! It wasn't supposed to end like this!
    Shady Man: How are they so strong!
    Suzaku: Hold it right there! You must be the perpetrator who set all those monsters loose!
    Kallen: You'll surrender quietly if you know what's good for you!
    Shady Man: All right, all right already! I give up!
    After apprehending the perpetrator, Lelouch prompts Nunnally to make one more announcement to the audience.
    Nunnally: Thank you all for coming to see Purrfect Pizza's special show today!
    Nunnally: The pizza will be ready momentarily—we hope you enjoy it!
    The crowd clamors excitedly in response.
    Patron 2: Whoo! You guys are the coolest!
    Patron 1: What a phenomenal show! Thanks for putting it on!
    Thanks to Lelouch's idea to turn the shady man's plot into a show, a large crowd of spectators has gathered in the square.
    After being caught red-handed by Lelouch and the others, the culprit is quietly turned over to the event management.
    The man admits to his crimes, and both he and the stall owner who requested his services are arrested.
    As soon as the giant, cat-shaped pizza has finished baking, the audience members begin buying up slices like wildfire.
    Lelouch and the others all pitch in to help spread the word, hoping to make the most of their business opportunity.
    Nunnally: Come one, come all!
    Nunnally: Welcome to the grand reopening of Purrfect Pizza! Now giant-sized! Meow!
    Jeremiah: You there! What do you say? It's fresh out of the oven!
    Vyrn: We've got a slice of delicious, pipin'-hot pizza with your name on it!
    As Nunnally and company advertise to customers, Suzaku and company continue making pizzas with their Knightmares.
    Suzaku: All right! The dough's all ready!
    Kallen: Okay! Here come the sauce and toppings!
    Lyria: The oven's good to go!
    C.C. comes up to Lelouch as he watches his crewmates enjoying themselves, a relieved expression on his face.
    C.C.: Well, that was something. But it looks like things all worked out somehow.
    Lelouch: Yes. It wouldn't have been possible without everyone's help.
    C.C.: Back when the stall was destroyed, I was sure you were going to try to use your Geass to fix everything.
    Lelouch: I can't say I didn't consider it.
    Lelouch: But I didn't think Nunnally or the others would be satisfied with that, even if we did end up winning.
    C.C.: Heh... You really have changed, Lelouch.
    Lelouch: ...
    And so the food competition comes to a close, with Lelouch and the others successfully claiming the grand prize.
    After cleaning up, the crew heads back to the Grandcypher.
    With peace returned to their lives, (Captain) and the crew chat on deck with Lelouch and his friends.
    Lelouch: Thank you for all your help today, (Captain).
    Lelouch: Please accept this as a token of our gratitude.
    Lelouch holds out the one million rupie prize toward (Captain).
    The captain is visibly shocked by the sudden gesture, seemingly out of the blue.
    Lelouch: Listen, (Captain). We were planning to give you the prize money from the beginning.
    Nunnally: We're sorry for not telling you.
    Lelouch and company explain to the crew about the events surrounding their decision to participate in the food competition.
    Lelouch: After discussing it amongst ourselves, we came to the conclusion that we don't want to put you out any more than we already have.
    Suzaku: Yes. This is what we all want. So please accept the money.
    Lyria: I had no idea... I really wish you'd told us from the start.
    Nunnally: Lyria...
    Vyrn: We're not mad or anythin', but it feels weird for crewmates to keep secrets from each other!
    Lelouch and the others smile in response to the crew's words.
    Lelouch: We could say the same to you, you know.
    Kallen: Yeah. If that's the case, you should have been up-front about the bill in the first place.
    Lyria: Ahaha... Now that you mention it, you're right.
    Suzaku: From now on, we'd like you to rely on us just like you would any other members of the crew.
    Vyrn: You got it! But you gotta learn to count on us more too!
    Lelouch: Of course.
    Jeremiah: It sounds like we're all in agreement.
    After hearing Lelouch and the others' true feelings, (Captain) and company agree to accept the prize money as funds for the crew.
    Lelouch: I have a proposal for how we can continue to earn a steady income...
    Lelouch: What do you think about using the ship to deliver pizza?
    C.C.: That's your best plan yet, Lelouch.
    C.C.: There's nothing like being able to eat pizza when you want it, where you want it.
    Lyria: Wow! That sounds wonderful!
    Vyrn: Hahaha! That's pretty convincin' comin' from Pizza Girl herself!
    1. Yeah, sounds like fun!

    Choose: Yeah, sounds like fun!
    (Captain) and the crew are fully on board with the idea of a pizza delivery service.
    Lelouch: Heh... In that case, I suppose it's time to establish a delivery branch for Purrfect Pizza.
    Kallen: What do we need to do?
    Lelouch: I'll need you and Suzaku to use the Guren and the Lancelot to distribute the pizzas.
    Suzaku: Haha. Delivering pizzas with the Lancelot sounds pretty fun.
    Kallen: Since the Guren can't fly, I'll handle local deliveries!
    C.C.: Then I'll handle inventing new pizzas.
    Vyrn: Ooh, I wanna taste-test... I mean, uh, think of pizza ideas too!
    Lyria: Me too! I'd love to taste-test... Wait, no! I mean, come up with new pizzas!
    Lelouch: Heh... Do as you will.
    Nunnally: Big Brother, is there anything I can do to help?
    Lelouch: I'd like to ask you to handle publicity and advertising.
    Nunnally: Okay! I'll do my best to get our name out to as many people as I can.
    Lyria: Me too! I can help with that!
    Lelouch: Good idea. Perhaps you could ask the primal beasts to put on performances. And also...
    (Captain) and company spend the entire day talking about the future of Purrfect Pizza.
    Through a variety of experiences, Lelouch and the others have further deepened their bond with (Captain) and the crew.
    Surely there will come a day when the name of Purrfect Pizza is known throughout the skies.

    Side-scrolling Quotes

    JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
    貴様達は…死ね! All of you... Die!
    なんだ…この程度か? Is that the best you can do?
    カレン!敵を一掃しろ! Kallen! Take care of the enemy!
    カレンのヤツ…また腕を上げたな Kallen just keeps improving.
    フッ…、スザクとならば出来ないことはない! Heh... There's nothing Suzaku and I can't accomplish together!
    スザクとルルーシュか息が合っているじゃないか Suzaku and Lelouch are always in perfect sync.
    案ずるな、C.C.既に策は講じてある Not to worry, C.C. I already have a plan.
    さぁ、どうする…ルルーシュ? So what's the plan, Lelouch?
    (主人公)!お前を勝たせてやる! (Captain)! I'll see that you emerge victorious!
    私達に任せろ、(主人公) Leave everything to us, (Captain).