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Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Opening

Zooey battles a menace in the zenith of the skies. Meanwhile Nicholas and friends are currently staying in Valtz, where he raises his kid Tobias with his wife Marie and conducts research on how abomination technology might benefit people. They are blissfully oblivious to the looming threat from above.

This is the zenith of the skies—a pitch-black space no airship could ever hope to reach.
Any life-form that comes up here is immediately robbed of breath, and direct sunlight proves especially lethal. Life cannot exist in this darkness.
At least, that's how things should be.
???: ...
???: (Danger approaches...)
A girl awakens in this deathly world and glares at the wavering darkness.
???: ...
Wavering Darkness: My, how huge. I see you've taken on the form of mankind. A true vector, indeed.
???: Who are you?
Wavering Darkness: Destruction incarnate...
???: So you are the one who disrupts the world's balance.
???: As the arbitrator of the skies, I cannot allow you to run amok.
???: Begone!
Wavering Darkness: Mwahaha...
???: Gamma Ray!
Nicholas: Whoa! What in blue blazes was that?
Kenji: If I had to guess, I'd say a meteor way up high just exploded.
Nicholas: If you had to "guess"? Meaning there are things even you don't know for sure, huh.
Kenji: Of course, I have my limits. Whenever I set my database search parameters to the entire skydom, accuracy tends to dip.
Kenji: Processing analog information is no easy feat after all. In fact that's what you're struggling with at the moment, isn't it?
Nicholas: Yeah, that's right. I have to get this completed somehow...
Kenji: Transforming the biologially cultured abomination bodies into automatons? You come up with the strangest experiments, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Well... We've already established through the Gigante Suit that a man-machine connection is possible.
Nicholas: I'm trying to advance that research and flip it on its head. Having a machine control the organism would open up lots of doors for us.
Kenji: For use in prosthetic arms and legs, or moving paralyzed muscles, was it? Your creativity never ceases to impress.
Nicholas: That kind of technology would help lots of people. Normally, asking a healer for such treatment can get really pricey.
Kenji: So you're hoping cheap machinery will be a nice fill-in, letting people use parts of their body that they had lost control of.
Nicholas: That's the idea. And if it works—
Boy: Daddy, I'm hungry! Let's go inside the restaurant already!
Man: Hey, stop running. Man, the food here's kind of overpriced... Oh well. Just don't tell your mom, okay?
Nicholas: I want anyone, no matter their circumstances, to be able to lead a carefree life like those two.
Kenji: Yeah, I see what you mean. A lot of people would definitely benefit from this sort of tech.
Nicholas: I've got my work cut out for me. The control system from the Robomi replicas isn't compatible with any person or abomination.
Kenji: That's because machines don't require much data for control. You'll have to remove some of the data related to man-machine interaction.
Nicholas: Remove some data, huh?
Kenji: Going back to what I said earlier about the accuracy of my database...
Kenji: It's not like I see the world in its entirety. I just pick up bits and pieces, like I am right now.
Kenji: I'm able to recognize you, Nicholas, by putting together the data I've picked up.
Nicholas: So if I work that logic backwards... I'll have to remove some data if I'm going to use machines to control those abominations.
Nicholas: And figuring out which parts to remove requires that I gather another set of data.
Kenji: That's one way to go about it... You're not still thinking of using that to gather data, are you?
Nicholas: You mean the suit I've been using?
Kenji: I know you've since modified it, but it was originally left behind by the pseudo-abomination Tyrias.
Nicholas: Well, that's exactly what makes it one heck of a battlesuit.
Kenji: From what I can tell, it still has a consciousness of its own. That's why I'm here with you right now—to sate my curiosity.
Nicholas: I doubt the suit will pull any mischief. It seems obedient enough.
Kenji: Just make sure you don't ever let the suit take you over. After all, you're now a—
Girl's Voice: Would you believe what Toby did next!
Both: Huh?
Hallessena: He went chompy-chomp on Vyrn's tail! He's crazy powerful for such a little guy!
Vyrn: Sure caught me by surprise. Wasn't expecting it to hurt so much when the kid doesn't even have a full set of teeth yet...
Lyria: Ahaha... That definitely left a mark on Vyrn for a while.
Airi: Teehee, it's a sign that Tobias is a healthy baby.
Hallessena: He's sooo unbelievably lovely! You've gotta come by and say hello next time, Airi! Oh, I should also mention how—
Kenji: Looks like your son's the talk of the day.
Nicholas: Haha... I really appreciate Hallessena and a bunch of guys in the crew taking the time to play with Toby.
Airi's Father: Hello, Nicholas. Child-rearing is hardest when they're that age.
Nicholas: Hey, good to see you. Yeah, Toby's starting to walk on his own. And when he gets going, there's no telling where he'll go.
Airi's Father: When Airi was still a toddler, there wasn't enough of me to go around. But boy was she the most adorable thing ever, I tell ya. Haha...
Airi's Father: Well, here are the items you ordered: gold and platinum needles.
Kenji: Hm, they seem to be up there in purity. Could probably work as replacements for the electrodes in your spinal cord, Nicholas.
Airi's Father: Well, that's quite the relief. I'm sorry we had to do the handover outside the shop.
Nicholas: Oh, not a problem. I understand it's best that Airi doesn't see my face.
Airi's Father: She stayed a shut-in for a long time after that incident. It's only recently that she started being herself again...
This calls for an explanation. Nicholas and friends once came under attack by Tyrias the Destroyer, a man-abomination hybrid.
He kidnapped people and transplanted his cells into them, transforming them into abominations.
Airi and her father were among the captives.
Airi's Father: But my daughter's finally on the road to recovery.
Airi: Ahaha!
Nicholas: ...
Airi's Father: I missed seeing that smile... Give it a bit more time, and I'm sure she'll be able to thank you in person.
Nicholas: Oh, don't worry... too much... about it...
Kenji: Nicholas? What's wrong?
Nicholas: Ouch!
He winces as he places a hand on his neck.
Kenji: Nicholas! Is it the spinal plug?
Nicholas: I-I'm fine... The pain'll settle down.
Kenji: Want to reconsider your data collection method?
Kenji: Staying connected to that pseudo-abomination's suit isn't going to do you any favors.
Nicholas: You're right about that. Still though...
Kenji: I admire what you're trying to do, but spending your days enduring that pain doesn't seem sustainable in the long run.
Nicholas: ...
Chided by Kenji, Nicholas sighs.
Vyrn: Sorry to keep you guys waiting! We finished doing what you asked for!
Nicholas: Ah, thanks. And sorry for the trouble.
Lyria: It's no trouble at all! Besides, I enjoyed talking to Airi!
Vyrn: We couldn't get all the stuff you ordered though. The former empire guy was sayin'—
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: My apologies, Nicholas. We had to separate your order into two shipments.
Nicholas: Can I ask you to bring the rest of the materials to the research vessel directly? We'll be staying in Valtz for a while.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Yes sir! The second package is scheduled to arrive in Valtz today; I'll relay the order!
Vyrn: I was wonderin', mister... Why'd you guys start taking up these requests usually reserved for skyfarers?
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: We've been taking on extra jobs to procure the funds necessary for Agastia's reconstruction.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: To that end, please be sure to let us know if you need any other favors!
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Enjoy your day!
Vyrn: I've got mixed feelings about seein' 'em being so polite now when they used to fight us at every turn...
Nicholas: Haha... Sometimes today's enemy ends up being tomorrow's friend... Right, Kenji?
Kenji: ...
Nicholas: Huh? Are you seeing something in the skies?
Kenji: I'm not sure what it is, but I detect an anomaly in the direction of Agastia.
Nicholas: An anomaly?
Kenji: I hear an uncanny noise. I wonder if there's a bug in my program. Let me do a quick refresh...
The former imperial soldier they just spoke with is in the air now on his battleship, occupying the space that Kenji is staring at.
Some time passes.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Direction set! Allied battleship confirmed on Agastia Island! Now attempting communication!
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: This is Charter 1 calling Charter 2! Do you copy? Over!
Man's Voice: This is Charter 2... Over.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Hm?
Though sensing something odd about the voice on the other side of the transmission, he relays Nicholas's order.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: Charter 2 is to drop off supplies at the research vessel... Copy that...
The voice on the other side fades out as Charter 2 slowly drifts by Charter 1.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Something's definitely not right with them...
Ex-Imp. Soldier 3: Commander! We have dark clouds ahead!
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Might be a storm. Getting drawn in by the current could be disastrous for us. Try going around?
Dark Cloud?: ...
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: What in the world is that?
Dark Cloud?: ...
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Wha...
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Gwaaah!
The giant shadow hovering in the skies swallows the imperial battleship whole.
The darkness from the zenith of the skies has come down to rain terror upon the world as we know it!
Nicholas and friends will soon find themselves embroiled in perhaps the greatest battle ever known to mankind!

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 1: Daily Life Begets a New Threat! - Episode 1

Tzaka the Great wishes to fund Nicholas's research, confident that the people of Valtz will benefit greatly from it. Nicholas talks about how difficult it is to focus on research and child-rearing at the same time.

Nicholas: Okay, now that I've put the cargo away in storage, I should go see how Toby and Marie are doing.
Kenji: ...
Nicholas is pleased to have finished his work ahead of schedule. Kenji, on the other hand, is looking glum.
Kenji: I'm going away for a while.
Kenji: I need to see if the noise I detected coming from Agastia is actually a bug in my program.
Nicholas: Huh? Oh, sure. See you later.
Nicholas: Doctor, Marie, Toby, I'm home!
Nicholas: Hm? Seems like no one's around.
Lyria: Maybe we came back earlier than they expected?
Robomi: Welcome back, Nicholas. Marie and the others are occupied in the sitting room.
Nicholas: Is someone here?
Robomi: Yes, you have a guest. I'm about to serve him tea.
Nicholas: Thanks, Robomi. I guess I should go say hello too.
Robomi: By the way, Nicholas, is Kenji not with you?
Nicholas: He said something about needing maintenance, then disappeared.
Robomi: Understood, Nicholas.
Nicholas: ...
Nicholas: (I wonder if Kenji just wanted to avoid seeing Robomi...)
Tzaka the Great: Good to see you, Nicholas! I see you have (Captain)'s crew with you!
Tobias: Whee!
Nicholas: Wha! A-Archduke!
Nicholas: Toby, no! Get off the archduke right this instant!
Tzaka the Great: Haha. Don't worry about it. I love playing with children.
Tzaka the Great: Your dad's back, Tobias. I'll be fine, so go give him a hug.
Tobias: Yah!
Nicholas: Whoa, whoa, Toby! You realize you're kicking the archduke in the face?
Tzaka the Great: Wahahaha! And what mighty kicks they are. Those legs will serve you well in the future. You'd make a fine porter, for instance.
Nicholas: Er... Thanks for watching over my kid... Where's Marie by the way—
Marie: Zzz...
Tzaka the Great: She seems a bit fatigued.
Nicholas: I see...
Tzaka the Great: Getting to business now, Nicholas. Is it okay if I speak to you in private?
Nicholas: Uh, sure. I don't see why not...
Hallessena: Keeheehee! You get to play with us now, Toby!
Tobias: Kweh!
Lyria: Haha, what are we going to do today?
Vyrn: I sure hope Toby doesn't take another chomp out of my tail...
Nicholas: Archduke, is it my invention you wanted to discuss?
Tzaka the Great: Yes. I'm interested in your research on using machinery to move inactive limbs and prosthetics.
Nicholas: I see...
Tzaka the Great: Your expression tells me you've hit a roadblock.
Nicholas: Well, I definitely am making progress, very gradually. It's just...
Tzaka the Great: Is there something else you're worried about?
Nicholas: The truth is...
Tzaka the Great: You don't seem very comfortable broaching the subject.
Nicholas: Sorry, it's my problem.
Tzaka the Great: I have great expectations of you, Nicholas. I'm willing to listen if you'd like to talk about it.
Nicholas: ...
Nicholas: I was watching Toby whenever I could, but I guess I ended up putting most of the pressure on Marie.
Tzaka the Great: Hm.
Nicholas: I've been taking more breaks and trying to finish work early to make more time for Toby, but I guess it wasn't enough.
Nicholas: Makes me wonder if I should put a stop to my research, at least until things settle down at home.
Tzaka the Great: Do you think Marie would be okay with that?
Nicholas: There lies the problem. I'm afraid if I try to have an honest conversation with her about it, she'll feel pressured.
Tzaka the Great: I can get you a nanny and a maid to help.
Nicholas: Huh?
Tzaka the Great: Valtz will cover a portion of the costs so that it doesn't come entirely out of my pocket. What do you say, Nicholas?
Nicholas: Th-that'd definitely help, but why?
Tzaka the Great: I do this for the people of Valtz. Because of all the mining work we do, accidents are a common occurrence. I'm constantly thinking of new safety measures, but...
Tzaka the Great: If your research proves fruitful and the disabled are able to regain use of their limbs, so many people and their families would be saved.
Tzaka the Great: And the work of those saved miners could end up saving someone else, possibly even your family. So consider this an advance on paying it forward.
Nicholas: Thank you.
Tzaka the Great: Well, I'll be off now. If there's ever anything else you'd like to discuss, let me know. After all, it's not like I see every problem out there.
Nicholas: ...
Tzaka's Voice: Ah, Robomi. Thank you for the tea earlier.
Robomi's Voice: I'm pleased to know it suited your tastes, Archduke.
Nicholas: Hm, I guess people in high positions can be really perceptive.
Marie: Toby! Archduke! I'm so sorry I fell asleep...
Nicholas: Huh?
Marie: Nicholas?
Nicholas: Toby's playing with the crew. And the archduke just left a moment ago.
Marie: Sigh... What am I doing falling asleep in front of such an important guest...
Nicholas: I'm sorry for making things hard on you lately.
Marie: Please, don't blame yourself, Nicholas. I know that you treasure Toby just as much as I do.
Marie: So just leave everything to me! I promise not to doze off anymore.
Nicholas: Ahaha... About that, the archduke is going to send us a nanny and maid—
Nicholas: Um...
Marie: Huh? What's wrong, Nicholas? Do I have something on my face?
Nicholas: Er, I can still see some of your drool.
Marie: No way! You said (Captain)'s crew is here, right?
Nicholas: Also, you should know that someone from Agastia will be delivering a package to the research vessel later.
Marie: Okay, I really need to go wash my face!
Nicholas: Haha...
Nicholas: The charter ship from Agastia should be here soon enough.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: Um... Hey.
Airi: Hello, is something the matter?
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: Rasho... Rashomon... Research Vessel... I have a package...
Airi: Oh, the second package that Dr. Rashomon was waiting for! You can find the research vessel by the docks in that direction.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: Cough... Cough! Th-thank you...
Airi: Um, will you be okay? You don't look too well..
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: Uh, sure...
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: Shoot... Body feels like... it's going to explode...
The former imperial soldier drags his legs along as he makes his way to the research vessel.
At this point in time, no one realizes he is the fuse that will ignite a new threat to the world.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 1: Daily Life Begets a New Threat! - Episode 2

With Daimon's assistance, Nicholas uses cultured abomination cells to create biological abomination dolls—otherwise known as destromatons—hoping the research will help with things like artificial limbs. Just then, a former imperial soldier arriving with a package transforms into an abomination before Nicholas's very eyes.

Kenji: What was all that static noise? Just a bug in my system after all?
Kenji: It stayed in Agastia for a while before fading away. And now, it seems to be intermittent.
Kenji: The mystery of it all makes me sick. What's being shown on this display makes no sense. I can't reproduce it locally. It's not an issue with overwritten data or reformatting either...
Kenji: Wait, reformatting? No, that's not the case here. An undefined value, perhaps?
Kenji: I, as a databank, am able to distinguish color because I possess data on the color of objects.
Kenji: Understand an item's components, and you'll naturally understand its color. After all, the color of known components is already registered. But the unknown color I'm seeing here can only mean it's undefined...
Kenji: Could this possibly be an unidentified object? Perhaps a mass of dark matter?
Kenji: The noise is moving away from Agastia, as if it has a will of its own!
Kenji: Where is it now? It keeps disappearing... The display is unstable since I'm referencing undefined data.
Kenji: Sigh... What am I doing! Where could the dark matter be right now?
Kenji: ...!
Kenji: Valtz? There's small pockets of noise all over the island! Just how many are there? Damn, I can't see them all!
Kenji: Whatever the case, I have to let Nicholas know.
Kenji: Wait, my circuitry's burning up! This can't be!
Kenji: What's happening—
Kenji: ...!
Robomi: Dr. Rashomon, (Captain)'s crew and Tobias will be entering in a moment.
Tobias: Paw-paw!
Daimon: Hm...
Dr. Rashomon: Hiya, Tobias. Come to play with your grandpa?
Hallessena: Hey, Doc! You think this is gonna take off?
Abomination: ...
Created from the cells of cultivated abomination cells, these biological abomination dolls are otherwise known as destromatons.
By conducting experiments in which these destromatons are controlled by machinery, Nicholas and the others are trying to come up with new inventions that will benefit mankind.
Dr. Rashomon: Good to see you, Hallessena. Thanks to my brother's advice, we're making progress, slowly but steadily.
Daimon: ...
Nicholas: Without Daimon's expertise, we wouldn't even be experimenting with the idea of autonomous abominations.
Daimon: Really? All I've contributed is the configuration of the target. Complete autonomy seems impossible.
Robomi: This is technology that was not possible even in my era.
Robomi: But if we combine everyone's knowledge with what we know of the Gigante Suit, my body, and the autonomy of my replicas...
Robomi: This could very well become possible.
Nicholas: That's the feeling I get too. We just have to put our heads together and stick with it.
Daimon: If all the research I've done up to this point will be of help to you, then count me in.
Dr. Rashomon: Whenever you're ready, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Got it, Doc!
Nicholas: I'll be feeding the Gigante Suit's movements back to the destromaton. Configuration set.
Nicholas: Let's start by raising my right arm slowly...
Destromaton 1: ...!
Daimon: It lost balance trying to keep up with your speed. Try toning down your movement some more.
Destromaton 1: ...
Nicholas: Slowly now... Better this time?
Destromaton 1: ...!
Nicholas: Guh!
Dr. Rashomon: Nicholas! Are you all right?
Nicholas: Ouch... I guess hoping it'll eventually learn from its mistakes isn't going to get us anywhere.
Robomi: Maybe you have to adjust the intensity of your movements depending on the range of motion? Or...
Robomi: It could be storing up multiple commands from you and outputting them all at once for whatever reason.
Daimon: Hm, I'm not sure how to solve this. Cut the connection; I'm calling a break. We could use some time to think of a solution.
Nicholas: Gotcha, Daimon. This isn't exactly going as planned, huh...
Dr. Rashomon: I'd like to ask Kenji what he thinks.
Robomi: Kenji seems preoccupied at the moment. But I believe he should be available by the time I leave.
Nicholas: Robomi... So you know...
Dr. Rashomon: Hm? Did something happen to Kenji?
Nicholas: Er... He said something about maintenance before going off.
Robomi: ...
Dr. Rashomon: I guess we all have our things to do. I'll ask for his thoughts later. But as for the data we've gathered today...
Though each have their own hopes and aspirations for the research, it is progressing steadily.
With nothing else to discuss at the moment, they decide to take a breather.
Tobias: A-bo!
Marie: Teehee. Yep, that's an abomination. Scary, isn't it?
Robomi: ...
Hallessena: But if they do anything funny, you can trust we'll be here to keep you safey-safe, Toby!
Tobias: Yah!
Vyrn: (Captain)'s with us too. And Robomi can make quick work of any baddie with a pew-pew-pew and a bam-bam-bam.
Robomi: Yes. I am indeed capable of taking out abominations with a pew-pew-pew and a bam-bam-bam.
Tobias: Pew-pew!
Lyria: Haha. I'm sure it'll be safe with so many of us here.
Dr. Rashomon: Like father, like son. It's no wonder Tobias shows so much interest in the research. Perhaps he'll be an engineer too when he grows up.
Nicholas: Hah, I wonder about that. The archduke said Toby would make a fine porter thanks to his strong legs.
Dr. Rashomon: Now that you mention it, Tobias began walking earlier than most babies do. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.
Daimon: ...
Daimon: The future, eh?
Dr. Rashomon: What's wrong, Brother?
Daimon: All this work we're doing brings back memories.
Daimon: Muskel, Wystom, Fili, Digi... They were all much younger than me.
Nicholas: The Four Kings that we had to battle...
Daimon: Right. It was me who got them involved in my deep-seated, childishly warped view of the world...
Daimon: I vow to come up with an invention that will make up for the future they lost.
Nicholas: ...
Dr. Rashomon: Come to think of it though, some good did come out of that whole incident.
Dr. Rashomon: Your help was absolutely crucial in defeating Tyrias.
Dr. Rashomon: And if Fili and Digi had not played matchmaker, I would still be without a grandson today.
Daimon: ...?
Dr. Rashomon: Nicholas has always been too thickheaded, and Marie was a late bloomer in the romance department. I doubt they could've gotten together without a strong push from behind.
Nicholas: Urk! D-Doc!
Dr. Rashomon: Hahahaha!
Daimon: ...
Dr. Rashomon: Right, Brother?
Daimon: Heh, I see.
While the crew keeps Tobias entertained, the engineer and scientists continue their work.
Researcher: Doctor, Nicholas. It appears the second package we were waiting for has arrived.
Nicholas: Yeah? Okay, I'll go pick it up.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: It's... here...
Nicholas: Thanks a ton. This'll make for a nice refill of our stock.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: ...
Nicholas: You're looking a bit blue around the gills. Why don't you rest up on the research vessel?
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: I can't... If I stay...
Nicholas: I heard things are rough in Agastia now. They must be giving you so much work. Anyhow, if there's anything at all we can do to help, let me know.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: That's not it! I can't say more than that! If I do, I'll explode!
Nicholas: Huh?
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: Aah, there's no stopping it now... Run... My time's up...
Nicholas: Whoa, calm down now! What happened to you?
The former imperial soldier collapses to the ground and begins wriggling around.
Underneath his armor, his body seemingly balloons to an abnormal size.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: M-mogo...
Nicholas: Mogo?
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: Mosshaaa!
Nicholas: What the!
Seeing the abomination break out of its armor and scurry off, Nicholas runs to a nearby speaking tube.
Nicholas's Voice: Guys! Can you hear me?
Tobias: Pa?
Marie: Aw, you noticed someone's trying to contact us? Well, aren't you the brightest baby ever.
Marie: Must be Nicholas.
Hey, what is it?
Nicholas: We have a hostile abomination running rampant on the ship!
Dr. Rashomon: ...!
Marie: ...!
Vyrn: The heck?
Ex-Imp. Soldier 2: Gragaaagh!
Nicholas: Damn it!
Marie: Nicholas! Please tell me you're okay! Hey, you hear me?
Speaking Tube: ...
Lyria: Nicholas!
Lyria: We have to go rescue him, (Captain)!
Tobias: Pew-pew?
Hallessena: Heheh! No worries, Toby! We're gonna keep Daddy Nicholas safey-safe!
Daimon: Wait, we don't know what the situation is outside. You guys secure the shelter on the ship, while Robomi and I go find Nicholas. Sound good to you, Rashomon?
Dr. Rashomon: Yeah... Just don't get too reckless out there, Brother.
Daimon: Heh... Let's get a move on.
Marie: Okay... Is everyone ready?
Glancing at the others running off to the shelter, Daimon and Robomi prepare Nicholas's Gigante Suit.
Robomi: The Gigante Suit parts are ready, Daimon.
Daimon: No time to waste. Let's go find Nicholas at once.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 1: Daily Life Begets a New Threat! - Episode 3

Soldiers-turned-abominations begin causing a ruckus aboard the research vessel. Daimon and Robomi bring Nicholas his Gigante Suit so that they may fight them off together.

Daimon: Hm?
Ex-Imp. Soldier 4: P-package... here...
Ex-Imp. Soldier 4: Abababaah!
Daimon: Tch, disguised yourself as a person, eh?
Robomi: No. That does not appear to be the case here.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 4: Grgook...
Ex-Imp. Soldier 4: Help...
Daimon: ...!
Ex-Imp. Soldier 4: Goshaaa!
Daimon: Humph!
Daimon slams his fist down on the attacking abomination.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 4: Migyaaah!
With a piercing scream, the abomination breaks through a window and flies out of the research vessel.
Daimon: So where's Nicholas?
Robomi: Judging from the surrounding noise, he should be straight ahead.
Daimon and Robomi continue onward as soldiers-turned-abominations run wild.
Daimon: They must've had abomination seeds planted into them.
Robomi: Yes. When those seeds germinate, the hosts turn into abominations while retaining their consciousness as people.
Daimon: What a despicable thing to do. Could it be Tyrias's doing?
Robomi: While this does resemble his methods, something seems altogether different about it.
Daimon: Hm...
Daimon: Tyrias used people for breeding, while what we have here is people being used for deception.
Nicholas's Voice: This is bad...
Abomination: Omomoooon!
Both: ...!
Nicholas: Whew! Talk about a close call!
Robomi: It's good to see you're safe, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Robomi! Daimon! Where's everyone else?
Daimon: They've evacuated to the shelter. Get yourself ready for battle.
Nicholas: The Gigante Suit! Just what I needed! Thanks for bringing it here!
Nicholas: Suiting up!
Nicholas: All right! I can finally fight back!
Abomination: Grgaah!
Daimon: You did well holding out with that many of them around.
Nicholas: Yeah, I'm not too happy about letting them wreck the ship though!
Robomi: Repairs are still possible. Let us make haste, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Yeah, let's go!

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 1: Daily Life Begets a New Threat! - Episode 3: Scene 2

Nicholas and company are shocked to learn that the people-turned-abominations die the moment their abomination cells are rendered inactive, preventing a reversal of the transformation. Elsewhere, an indignant Pommern and the people of Agastia are being held captive by the abomination mastermind in a dark cave.

Nicholas: Eat this! Hyper Repulsion—
Abomination: Graah!
Abomination: H...
Abomination: Help...
Nicholas: !
Nicholas: Damn! These are ultimately people we're fighting! It's not like we can just take them out!
Abomination: Ugogogogoh!
Nicholas: Ngh!
Daimon: You're too soft. Stand back.
Abomination: Agrah!
Daimon: I used the repulsion field to create a cage. That takes care of that.
Nicholas: Thanks...
Nicholas: I find myself hesitating when I think back to how we were able to revert them to normal last time... Remember that, Robomi?
Robomi: A similar measure would be difficult in our current situation. Stopping even a fraction of their abomination cells could be lethal.
Nicholas: Even though I turned out okay when I was turned into an abomination last time?
Robomi: Yes. The current affliction is set to stop their hearts the moment they lose their aggression.
Daimon: Shutting off any possibility of saving them is just playing dirty. Restraining them may be our only option.
Robomi: Yes. For now at least.
Daimon: Anyway, it's getting really loud outside. Can you two go check it out? I need to stay behind to keep this one locked up.
Nicholas: We're on it! Good luck here!
Nicholas: Cripes! What they're doing is just disgusting!
A painful memory flits through Nicholas's mind.
A memory of the time he lost control as an abomination and started attacking people.
Nicholas: Why would anyone do such a thing!
???: Hehe... We're just getting started.
Pommern: Ngh!
???: What's wrong, Pommern? You have something to say?
Pommern: Release the people of Agastia at once, I do say!
???: Them? Why would I?
The cold, soulless existence turns to the back of the cave.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Aah...
Woman 2: Someone... Anyone...
???: That's not going to happen. There are too many requests to fill. In fact, I still need more people.
Pommern: What do you plan on doing by kidnapping the island's citizens!
???: Did you not see your own soldiers turn into rampaging abominations, Pommern? That needs to happen on a much larger scale.
???: There's no stopping it now. While my other self can handle an invasion from the sky, we also need people for a land invasion.
Pommern: I won't let it happen, I do say!
???: Oh, please. As if a rat in a cage like you could actually do anything about it.
Pommern: Rgh!
???: You are powerless before the will of the world.
???: Just as hot is eventually replaced by cold, all flames die out in the end. The world strives for balance. Resistance is futile.
???: Mwahaha...

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 1: Daily Life Begets a New Threat! - Episode 4

Nicholas faces the internal struggle of choosing between protecting his family and taking out these abominations who are formerly people. In following Kenji's advice to make up his mind, he is about to bring down his sword on an abomination when Zooey suddenly appears and restrains the enemies.

???: ...
???: I...
???: Gamma Ray!
Wavering Darkness: Mwahaha...
???: Wha!
???: Gwaaah!
???: Impossible... How did I lose to that cluster of darkness...
???: I didn't even see it attack...
The vacant shadow drifting about the world of darkness is a lone girl who's just awakened.
While reflecting on the memory of her loss, something catches her attention.
???: ...!
???: I can hear the cries of people calling for help...
???: I have to protect them!
Nicholas: What in the...
Flying Abom.: Grargh! Grargh!
Nicholas and friends watch with their mouths agape. A never-before-seen type of abomination is swirling around the skies in great numbers.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 5: Urgh...
The flying abominations are carrying soldiers clad in imperial armor. What they do next comes as a shock.
Flying Abom.: Grargh!
Ex-Imp. Soldier 5: Urk!
Ex-Imp. Soldier 5: Agh!
Woman 1: Eep! A-are you okay?
City Defense Force: Hold it! Don't get any closer!
Ex-Imp. Soldier 5: Er... gah...
Ex-Imp. Soldier 5: Mimyaaa!
Woman 1: Aiieee!
City Defense Force: Cover her! Fire!
Ex-Imp. Soldier 5: No... Please don't shoot!
The soldiers dropped to the ground transform into abominations and assault the citizenry, turning the entire island of Valtz into a living hell.
Nicholas: How do we even respond...
Robomi: Nicholas...
Nicholas: I know! I know...
Kenji: I understand you how badly you want to save those people, but you'll just have to finish them off.
Nicholas: Kenji! There has to be some other way!
Kenji: I wish I could tell you there was, but we don't have that luxury.
Kenji: Wait, my circuitry's burning up! This can't be!
Kenji: What's happening—
Kenji: ...!
Kenji: I don't know the enemy's true nature, but there's one among them that can kill me off. In fact, they almost succeeded earlier.
Robomi: No!
Kenji: A percentage of my data has been fried, Nicholas. If you want to know what exactly that means, just take a look at the face of your cast-iron kernel.
Robomi: ...!
Nicholas: What does he mean, Robomi?
Robomi: Kenji's data is held together by a giant circuit board formed by a repulsion field within a limited space.
Robomi: Therefore, physically interfering with that space should not result in any damage to the circuitry. Yet Kenji's is fried...
Kenji: In any event, we have no time to waste. Considering they're turning people into abominations, it's obvious that the enemy has malicious intent.
Kenji: I know we're dealing with former people here, but the enemy's next move is going to hit us that much harder if we're being wishy-washy. Make a choice, Nicholas.
Nicholas: ...!
Kenji: If you're not willing to end them, then prioritize the shelter's safety. The kernel and I will handle the abominations.
Robomi: Understood. Temporarily transferring command of my controls to Kenji.
Kenji: Nicholas, there must be something you prioritize above all else.
Kenji: If you can't figure out what that is really soon, you could end up losing everything. Don't lose sight of what matters.
Leaving the speechless Nicholas behind, Robomi and Kenji leap into battle.
Nicholas: ...!
Kenji: Target found: three abominations ahead.
Robomi: Understood. Launching blaster missiles.
Abomination: I'm... burning up...
Robomi: ...!
Nicholas: Robomi, Kenji!
In Nicholas's mind, he waits for two weights to be placed on the scale before him.
Currently, the only means of saving the people-turned-abominations is by sealing them in repulsion field cages—a solution which would require far too much time.
Chances are the shelter would eventually come under attack. Would Tobias and the others with him be safe? Who should come first? Tobias? Or the citizenry of Valtz?
Nicholas: Damn it!
Boy: Daddy, I'm hungry! Let's go inside the restaurant already!
Man: Hey, stop running. Man, the food here's kind of overpriced... Oh well. Just don't tell your mom, okay?
Nicholas: I want anyone, no matter their circumstances, to be able to lead a carefree life like those two.
Marie: Please, don't blame yourself, Nicholas. I know that you treasure Toby just as much as I do.
Kenji: I know we're dealing with former people here, but the enemy's next move is going to hit us that much harder if we're being wishy-washy. Make a choice, Nicholas.
Kenji: If you can't figure out what that is really soon, you could end up losing everything. Don't lose sight of what matters.
Nicholas: This is an impossible choice!
His moment of hesitation is not without consequence.
City Defense Force: They're headed straight toward the Rashomon Research Vessel! We'll have to circle around and hold them off!
Abomination: Agigaaah!
City Defense Force: Th-there's too many of them!
Nicholas: Rgh!
Abomination: Zwoom... Gwoom...
Abomination: It hurts...
Nicholas: ...!
Nicholas finds himself hesitating every time an abomination cries out.
Flying Abom.: Gwah! Gyarh!
Multiple fliers pass by overhead.
City Defense Force: This is bad! A few got through to the research vessel!
Nicholas: (I can't hold back anymore...)
Abomination: It burns...
Robomi: ...
Kenji: If you can't land the finishing blow, then transfer more control to me.
Robomi: It's all right. I have abandoned my sense of self to gain more firepower.
Abomination: Augh!
Robomi: The power to defeat these abominations!
Kenji: ...
Robomi: Charging energy. Preparing special attack.
Abomination: H-help me...
Nicholas: Huff... Huff... Goodness gracious...
Nicholas: Somebody!
Nicholas: Somebody stop us!
Nicholas: It hurts, doesn't it...
Abomination: Please help...
Nicholas: I'm sorry, but I have to do this...
Nicholas: I have no choice!
Telling himself that these are nothing more than abominations, Nicholas raises his sword.
Nicholas: (Forgive me!)
Hardening his heart to a demonic degree, Nicholas brings his blade down on the abomination before him.
Nicholas: ...!
Abomination: Agraah! Ugwah!
Abomination 2: Ungoko!
Abomination 3: Murbleck!
Rays of light from above suddenly bind the abominations on the ground.
Flying Abom.: Gwaah! Gwaarh!
The fliers buzzing across the skies turn their heads upward at once.
Flying Abom.: Gwok!
Flying Abom. 2: Mrgyah!
In the next instant, the flying abominations are cut in a half by a flash of light.
Silver-Haired Girl: ...
Nicholas: Wh-who are you?
Silver-Haired Girl: I am the keeper of balance. I destroy any threat that would disturb the world's equilibrium.
Zooey: My name... is Zooey.
Despite having injuries all over, the girl was able to cut down the flying abominations with ease.
As the world's arbitrator, Zooey may very well be the beacon of hope that Valtz needs right now.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 2: Here Comes Arbitrator Zooey! - Episode 1

With the help of Robomi and Zooey's two dragons, Nicholas is able to take to the skies to fight the flying abominations. Though unaccustomed to aerial battle, Nicholas pushes himself to defend the people.

Zooey: ...
Abomination: Nyamgwee!
Zooey: You retain your consciousness as people? What an awful feeling it must be.
Abomination: U... Ugraah!
Zooey: Forgive me. I will help you eventually, but please remain still for now.
Though Nicholas and company were prepared to live with the crushing weight of their decisions, Zooey's appearance lifts a huge burden off of their shoulders.
Tzaka the Great: Seek shelter in the research vessel, everyone!
Tzaka the Great: Nicholas, give me a hand with these abominations, won't you? This is the island's last defense!
Nicholas: Of course!
Guarding entry into the research vessel, they work together to push back the abominations.
Nicholas: (With the mass-produced Robomi models and the City Defense Force on our side, we should be able to hold out...)
Flying Abom.: Grargh! Grargh!
Nicholas: (Though we could be in trouble if the fliers come at us all at once...)
Flying Abom.: Shpisabaaa!
Nicholas: Ngh!
Nicholas: Damn, they're too fast! Not a problem for Robomi, but I don't have the mobility to keep up with them!
Robomi: Should I cover you from the skies, Nicholas?
Kenji: Hold it, there's far too many fliers. Pitting the cast-iron kernel alone against them could be risky.
Nicholas: If only my suit could fly, I could fight with Robomi...
Kenji: No point lamenting over the impossible. Our only option now is to wait for them to come down.
Zooey: Actually, taking the fight to the skies is certainly a possibility.
Zooey: Dyrn, Lyrn, give him a hand.
Dyrn & Lyrn: ...
Nicholas: Whoa!
Zooey: Don't worry, they won't drop you. Dyrn and Lyrn are faster than those monsters. I'll leave the fliers to you.
Nicholas: Er... Okay, pleased to meet you two...
Dyrn & Lyrn: ...
Nicholas: Let's go, Robomi!
Robomi: Understood, Nicholas.
Kenji: Detaining abominations, and now this... Who exactly are you?
Zooey: I destroy those who would wreak havoc on the world's balance. However, though I may be the arbitrator of the skies, I am not omnipotent.
Zooey: I'm not in my best shape right now. Restoring order to the town will require a bit more time. Will you lend me your strength?
Kenji: (Can we trust her?)
Zooey: I use my powers for the sake of mankind. As long as you fight to protect people, we will be on the same side.
Kenji: Okay. I'll scan for anyone who hasn't escaped to the shelter yet.
Meanwhile, Nicholas is transported to the skies.
Nicholas: Whoa-ho-ho!
A shout escapes his lips as he struggles to keep up with the dragons.
Robomi: Can your body handle the acceleration, Nicholas?
Nicholas: It's my eyes that are having trouble focusing!
Nicholas: How about you, Robomi? Can your boosters keep up?
Robomi: No problem with speed or thrust.
Nicholas: Good! Let's get to—
Flying Abom.: Gshaah!
Nicholas: Ouch!
Robomi: Are you all right, Nicholas?
Nicholas: Rgh! My eyes can't keep up after all!
Flying Abom.: Gyagyagya!
Robomi: It requires some getting used to. Take care not to push yourself too hard, Nicholas.
Nicholas: I'll be fine! I know I'll get the hang of this!
Nicholas: C'mon, Robomi!
Flying Abom.: Gshaaaah!

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 2: Here Comes Arbitrator Zooey! - Episode 2

Robomi and Nicholas fell the flying abominations, while Zooey keeps Marie and others safe inside the research vessel. However, this was only a prelude of things to come. The true enemy has injured Zooey greatly and fried Kenji's circuitry.

Nicholas: ...!
Robomi: We've cleared the skies.
Kenji: Nice to know you two made it back in one piece.
Nicholas: Pant... Wheeze...
Kenji: I see you went overboard again, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Haha... Wasn't too bad once I got used to it...
Kenji: ...
Kenji: About the research vessel...
Nicholas: ...!
Is everyone safe?
Kenji: Take a look for yourself.
Nicholas: It took a real beating!
Kenji: But the damage isn't too bad, thanks to Zooey. Your kid and the others are safe.
Zooey: Dyrn, Lyrn, welcome back. You did well.
Dyrn & Lyrn: ...
Vyrn: Whew... Sure had me in a panic.
Lyria: Zooey has been such a big help!
Kenji: What exactly is she anyway? She so effortlessly disables the abominations, completely bypassing their repulsion fields.
Robomi: Nicholas and I only heard this in passing, but she is a friend of (Captain)'s crew and is some sort of guardian protector to the world.
Kenji: The notion of world peace is such a hackneyed idea, but I just saw with my own two eyes the power to achieve it.
Kenji: And the fact that she looks like an ordinary person scares me all the more.
Lyria: Um... Are you okay, Zooey? How are your injuries?
Zooey: They're not serious enough to affect me in battle.
Vyrn: How did you even get hurt that bad...
Zooey: I'm actually not so sure myself.
Zooey: All I know for certain is that a great threat to this world looms large.
Kenji: The enemy's fried my circuitry and dealt you a serious blow. Whoever they are, we're up against something big...
Robomi: ...
Nicholas: ...
Nicholas and Robomi are rendered speechless by Kenji's words and Zooey's battered body.
This battle was but a prelude of things to come. The true enemy has yet to appear before the crew.
This enemy continues biding its time quietly somewhere in the skies.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 2: Here Comes Arbitrator Zooey! - Episode 3

When Kenji pushes for the practical usage of destromatons in battle, Nicholas chides him about the immorality of using the personality data of the deceased. Kenji retorts that it's more immoral for Nicholas to make his family worry every time he goes out to the front lines. Overhearing this and noticing how Nicholas is conflicted, Marie pulls Kenji aside for a little chat.

Nicholas: Oof, still hurts... Thanks for lending me a shoulder, Robomi.
Robomi: It's no problem at all.
Kenji: ...
With no more abominations in sight, Nicholas and company make their way back to the research vessel.
Nicholas: I'm good now, Robomi.
Robomi: Ah...
Dr. Rashomon's V.: Nicholas! Are you safe?
Hallessena: Nicholaaas! Toby and Marie are safey-safe—we made extra sure of it!
Marie: Welcome home, Nicholas.
Tobias: Goo-gah!
Nicholas: Haha... Good to be back.
Tobias: Da-da!
Nicholas: Hm? My suit? Oh right, I've never shown it to you, have I, Toby.
Marie: Haha. It's called a Gigante Suit. Cool, isn't it?
Tobias: Gi-ga!
Nicholas: You know, this suit used to be black. But it took on a different color when I added a protective coating!
Vyrn: There goes Mecha-Nick with his technical blabber again.
Nicholas: Urk.
Marie: Teehee.
Lyria: Ahaha.
Hallessena: Heh-heh.
A wave of relief washes over (Captain) and friends as they share a moment of laughter.
Some semblance of peace has returned to the town.
Kenji: ...
However, Kenji's expression remains stern.
Townsman: Phew... I was afraid we wouldn't make it. Looks like coming here was the right call after all.
Townswoman: And we have Dr. Rashomon to thank for opening up this shelter for us.
Vyrn: Yeah, we sure do have a lotta people holed up in here, huh.
Nicholas: Attacks launched inside the ship were one thing, but it looks like the brunt of them came from outside.
Vyrn: Yeah. (Captain) noticed it was much worse out there and helped a bunch of people make their way here.
Nicholas: Oh yeah? I'm sorry to put you in a dangerous spot, (Captain)...
The captain responds with an A-OK gesture and a casual smile.
Nicholas stops in his tracks when his eyes catch something unexpected.
Nicholas: Ah!
Lyria: Nicholas? What's wrong?
Nicholas: Airi and her dad are coming this way...
Airi's Father: The abomination disturbance has been resolved. We're safe now...
Airi: Mm-hm...
Airi's Father's V.: Everything's going to be fine, Airi. You have nothing to fear.
Airi's Voice: Mm...
Airi's Father: Sigh... I'm sorry those memories had to be dredged up again, just when you were starting to forget them...
Nicholas: ...
Nicholas: Whew, that was a close one... Just seeing my face could be a real shocker to her in her current state.
Kenji: You're afraid it'll stir whatever feelings of horror she felt when captured by that pseudo-abomination, eh?
Nicholas: From what I can tell though, it seems like there was more to it.
Kenji: I'm sort of sensing that too. But our impression of our memories changes over time.
Kenji: Her life was definitely in grave danger back then. And maybe she eventually realized it.
Nicholas: Yeah...
Nicholas: Rgh!
Kenji: What is it? The plug in your neck acting up again?
Nicholas: I'm fine... I'm about used to it by now... Haha...
Kenji: I asked you this before, but do you really think you'll be okay continuing to use that pseudo-abomination's suit?
Nicholas: Haha... It's got some impressive specs after all...
Kenji: You'd better hurry up with that invention of yours. Let's go to the research room.
Nicholas: If I could just get these abominations to move...
Robomi: Given that they were created by culturing cells from Tyrias, they should have as much potential as your current suit.
Kenji: If we could just get them geared up for actual battle, you'd no longer have to be on the front lines, Nicholas.
Nicholas: True. The biggest hurdle right now is the control system, since the one from the Robomi replicas seems incompatible.
Kenji: About that, I might have an idea...
Nicholas: Oh?
Robomi: You mean...
Kenji: It's not exactly the most humane way of doing things, but it uses the same technology that powers your cast-iron kernel.
Nicholas: The same tech used on Robomi? As in... writing in personality data?
Kenji: Uh-huh. Just keep in mind the personalities used are those of the deceased. And the same personality can't be used on multiple abominations.
Nicholas: So we'll need three personalities...
Kenji: Yes, and we'll write them into these abominations—essentially giving the dead a new bodily form.
Nicholas: You really think that'll work?
Kenji: I'd give it a 30 percent chance at best. If the abomination and personality end up being a poor match, you'll just have to delete the data and try the next personality.
Nicholas: But that's...
Kenji: Like I said, not exactly humane. And we'll be killing off the personalities once more when we're done with them.
Nicholas: Just so that they can fight in my stead? I—
Kenji: Consider this!
Nicholas: ...?
Kenji: My suggestion is only as messed up as the ideals you pursue!
Kenji: Are you seriously going to continue fighting in that beat-up body of yours? Do you want your loved ones to be worried sick every time you step out into battle?
Nicholas: ...!
Vyrn: Yeah. (Captain) noticed it was much worse out there and helped a bunch of people make their way here.
Nicholas: Oh yeah? I'm sorry to put you in a dangerous spot, (Captain)...
Kenji: When you're on the front lines, you have no idea what's going on inside the ship...
Kenji: You have to consider what happens if you don't come back, or if there's nothing to come back to.
Robomi: Kenji...
Kenji: Don't you call me by name!
Kenji: Nicholas! If you want to fight, I won't stop you. But...
Kenji: It's best you decide on your answer right now. When worst comes to worst, will you choose your family or your ideals?
Nicholas: ...
Kenji: It's a trade-off between performance and cost. Try to protect everything, and you won't be able to fight off the enemy for good. Not this time.
Robomi: Kenji, you should know Nicholas is—
Kenji: I know, Mom! I know exactly the kind of guy he—
Robomi: ...!
Kenji: ...!
Kenji: My circuitry's getting too heated. I need to go cool off.
Nicholas: ...
Robomi: ...
Should Nicholas's family come first? Or is there something more important?
Nicholas: (There's no way I'd ever toss Toby and Marie aside...)
Nicholas: (But how many townspeople are there who have children Toby's age...)
Nicholas: (If I'm to save every last person, I'll have to revive the dead in the form of abominations...)
Nicholas: (Damn it all!)
Nicholas's anguish over Kenji's question will not go away anytime soon.
Marie: ...
Marie: Still working hard, everyone?
Marie: Come on over, Toby!
Tobias: Goo-goo-gah-gah!
Nicholas: Attaboy, Toby!
Marie: Can you watch him for a while, Nicholas? I need to go tidy up the kitchen.
Nicholas: Sure thing. Hey, Marie?
Marie: Really now, Nicholas, it's just for a bit. Do you have any idea how difficult it was keeping Toby calm in the shelter earlier?
Nicholas: Um, sorry, I didn't mean—
Marie: Haha, only kidding. I'll be right back.
Kenji: ...
Kenji: I sure did get heated back there. Heh.
Marie's Voice: Hey, Kenji?
Kenji: ...!
Marie: Ah, there you are. I thought I'd try calling you, see what kind of response I get.
Kenji: Is something the matter? I don't detect any anomalies...
Marie: Nuh-uh. Are you up for a chat?
Kenji: Just us two?
Marie: Yes, just us two.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 2: Here Comes Arbitrator Zooey! - Episode 4

Marie apologies on her husband's behalf for making worry Kenji worry so much, to which he responds that he's simply acting on his ego. Because he grew up without parents, his relationship with his mother Robomi today is strained. Realizing that Kenji simply doesn't want Tobias to suffer a similar fate, Marie thanks him.

Kenji: So what did you want to talk about?
Marie: I'm sorry that Nicholas has you so worried.
Kenji: Not at all... If anything, I'm the one that should be apologizing. Half of it is my ego talking after all.
Marie: Ego?
Kenji: We've spoken about this once before...
Marie: Hey, you're Megumi's son. Why did you help us?
Kenji: Marie, do you know how it feels when you think someone will always be there, but then one day, they're gone?
Marie: What? What are you talking about?
Kenji: My parents were already gone by the time I was born. That's why I'm a bit touchy on the subject, even if it's been a long time since I was alive.
Marie: I see...
Marie: ...
Kenji: ...
Young Kenji: ...
Boy 1: Man, my parents are so nosy!
Boy 2: Mine too! Makes me jealous of Kenji.
Young Kenji: Huh?
Boy 1: Things must be so easy when you don't have—
Young Kenji: ...
Teacher: Cut it out, boys! What an awful thing to say!
Boy 2: Gah! The teacher's here!
Teacher: We covered this in class too, but things were really desperate when abominations filled the streets only ten years ago.
Teacher: A tragic, cruel battle persisted... Even schools were closed until a barrier protecting the residential area was erected—
Boy 1: Shut it, you old hag! Not that story again!
Teacher: Watch your mouth, young man! And understand this!
Teacher: You need to stop envying the more unfortunate families and start treasuring how blessed you are!
Young Kenji: ...!
Boy 2: Shut up, shut up! I'm outta here!
Teacher: Hold it! I'm not done talking yet!
Young Kenji: ...
Young Kenji: So I'm the unfortunate one, huh!
Teacher: Kenji Yuki. You wish to be a scientist when you grow up, yes? May I ask why?
Young Kenji: Just seems right. I find science interesting.
Teacher: Haha. I suppose you'll find a solid reason for yourself later in life. Your grades in physics and electrical engineering are top-notch. I'm sure you'll make a fine scientist one day.
Teacher: The sciences were really advanced before the abominations appeared. Maybe we'll go back to that golden age one day, with your help.
Young Kenji: Huh.
Teacher: Were your parents scientists too by any chance?
Young Kenji: Wish I knew. I've never met them.
Teacher: Hm. Well, I'm sure they'd be proud to learn that you want to be a scientist.
Young Kenji: You think so, huh...
Kenji: The abominations have been more active as of late.
Researcher: Just when we think their numbers have dwindled, they come out in droves again...
Kenji: Rebuilding towns only for them to be wrecked time and time again isn't sustainable. We need a long-term solution.
Kenji: Approaching the problem from a different angle might serve us better if we're to rid the world of abominations for good.
Kenji: (According to these old documents, abomination numbers were greatest when they appeared for the very first time.)
Kenji: (After peaking, their numbers fluctuated briefly before going on a steady decline. This is the lowest point on the curve, and now they're on the rise again.)
Kenji: (Odd... It's almost like there's a correlation between their numbers and our reconstruction...)
Kenji: Wait, what's this file...
Kenji: "To Kenji. From Megumi Yuki." What in the world...
"I'm sorry this letter is all I can leave behind for you."
"Chances are we will never meet. And I must apologize for that."
"In the case that you choose the path of a scientist to battle the abominations, I have some advice to offer."
Kenji: ...!
Kenji: A letter for me from a combat machine that's been missing for so long now? How is this possible!
Researcher: Excuse me. Kenji, the conference for discussing possible countermeasures is about to begin. Will you be attending?
Kenji: Uh, yeah. Thanks for letting me know.
Kenji: Hey, do you happen to know about the first autonomous combat unit?
Researcher: Er... Robomi, I believe it was called.
Kenji: Any idea why contact was lost with Robomi?
Researcher: Well... Considering there was no record of battle afterward, I simply assumed its life span as a machine had come to an end.
Kenji: Yeah, I've heard that one too. Well, we can talk more about that later. Let's get ready for this meeting.
Kenji: (If Robomi wasn't destroyed, it's possible we can still find it...)
Kenji: (I have no idea why that letter was stashed away here.)
Kenji: (But it's way too one-sided...)
Kenji: ...
Marie: Is everything okay, Kenji?
Kenji: Huh? Oh, yeah. I was just processing some data.
Kenji: There's a lot to dig through when it comes to my base personality, or rather, my ego.
Kenji: Especially when it comes to matters like this, it can take a while.
Marie: You really care about Nicholas and Toby, huh.
Marie: Thank you for helping us out all the time. I really appreciate it.
Kenji: Eh, it's Nicholas's fault for being so reckless all the time.
Marie: Haha. Well, you know how he is.
Kenji: I sure do.
Nicholas: ...
Hallessena: Go, go, Toby! Target, lock on!
Tobias: Goo-gah!
Vyrn: Ack! Why's the lil' munchkin bitin' my tail again!
Tobias: Waah! Ooh-aah!
Lyria: Teehee. Vyrn's tail must be so delicious!
Tobias: Yah!
Vyrn: Gah! I hope you're not bein' serious...
Vyrn: It's payback time! Get ready for some coochie-coochie action!
Tobias: Gyahahaha!
Hallessena: Keeheehee! Your tummy looks so yummy, Toby! Maybe I should have a bite too!
Hallessena: Chomp!
Tobias: Hraaaah! Lryah!
Lyria: Teehee... There, there. Don't worry, I don't bite.
Nicholas: ...
Nicholas: As much as I don't want to choose a side, my family has to come first.
Nicholas: Simply throwing my body into the throes of battle isn't a valid answer anymore...
Robomi: ...
Nicholas: You're looking down in the mouth, Robomi. You okay?
Robomi: Ah, yes... I was just processing some thoughts.
Nicholas: Looks like the both of us suddenly have a lot more to consider.
Robomi: Yes, Nicholas.
Robomi: ...
Robomi: (Kenji...)
Robomi: (That's the first time he called me Mom...)
With the imminent crisis resolved, the two enjoy their brief reprieve, their thoughts spiraling in many different directions.
They've been through so much over the years.
And they can only choose one path to tread as the fork in the road draws near.
Pommern: ...
???: Gwahaha...
The enemy, its true form still a mystery, bides its time.
What could it be possibly be waiting for?

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 3: Here Comes Wardant—Evil Incarnate! - Episode 1

The research vessel's repairs and gradual transformation-reversal treatment of the people-turned-abominations is going smoothly. Robomi notes that unlike the enemies they've faced up until now, this latest threat seems inherently evil. Meanwhile, Wardant seems to be plotting something with the people of Agastia.

Zooey: ...
Zooey, arbitrator of the skies, looks into the distance while sitting atop the Rashomon Research Vessel.
Vyrn: Where else haven't I checked yet...
Zooey: Vyrn.
Vyrn: Whoa!
Vyrn: What a surprise. I was wondering where you went off to. Whatcha doin' up here anyway?
Zooey: I was watching the vast, endless skies, which so many people reside under.
Zooey: Giving thought to what I must protect...
Zooey: And what I must defeat.
Wavering Darkness: Gwahaha...
Zooey: My power exists to protect mankind...
Vyrn: The fact that even you and ghostly Kenji took some damage goes to show that whatever we're up against this time is no pushover.
Zooey: Indeed. I am not certain if my powers will be sufficient.
Vyrn: Seriously? Sounds like we have some major prep work to do...
Zooey: Prep work?
Vyrn: Mm-hm. This ship can actually turn into Super Robo Gigantes. It's crazy strong.
Vyrn: But with all the damage we've taken, the ship's not able to transform right now...
Zooey: So that's why extra engineers were being called on to assist with repairs.
Vyrn: Yep. It's Nicholas's ace in the hole in a way!
Vyrn: He's kicked major abomination butt with the Super Robo Gigantes before, and I'm sure he can do it again!
Zooey: His ace in the hole, huh. I do feel a great power and the will to protect people from this vessel.
Vyrn: You can feel that sorta thing?
Zooey: Yes. It's like me in many ways.
Vyrn: Any chance you can tell which parts are defective? I'm the only other one who can fly, so it's taking a bit of time to check every little spot...
Zooey: Hm, let me take a look. I'm glad to be of assistance. That's what my powers are for.
Daimon: How are the repairs going, Rashomon?
Dr. Rashomon: Brother. They're going fine, thanks to everyone's help.
Daimon: Those turned into abominations are being returned to normal one by one.
Daimon: A long line's formed for the process.
Dr. Rashomon: I'm surprised the transformation is reversible at all.
Daimon: It works by spreading cultivated abomination cells into the transformative parts of vital organs, and then transforming them... Sure does take a bit of time though.
Daimon: The knowledge gleaned from that time I turned myself and the Four Kings into man-abomination hybrids came in handy. The biggest hurdle right now is figuring out how to shorten the process.
Dr. Rashomon: I'm sure you're up to the task, Brother.
Daimon: Humph... I'll give it my best.
Daimon: This might sound ironic coming from me, but our enemy has really stooped to repulsive means, haven't they.
Dr. Rashomon: To use their hostages as a weapon is a new level of low.
Nicholas: Something's different about our enemy this time? What do you mean by that, Robomi?
Robomi: I detect malice in their methods.
Nicholas: Malice, eh?
Robomi: Changing others into abominations may resemble what Tyrias did, but the end goal here seems to be something else entirely.
Nicholas: What do you think, Kenji?
Kenji: I'm in agreement with the cast-iron kernel. Going out of their way to show us the very moment that people turn into abominations doesn't make a lick of sense.
Robomi: Perhaps it was for ease of infiltration?
Kenji: They could've dropped all those people on us in abomination form directly. Doubt it would've made a difference.
Nicholas: Now that you mention it, something about that did seem very intentional, almost as if they were sending a message... Hm, I wonder...
Robomi: The enemy's true purpose may be linked to their identity.
Kenji: Any ideas on who they might be, Nick?
Nicholas: I don't even know where to begin...
Kenji: Surely you can sense something. Just like if you take look at a malfunctioning machine, you can sort of figure out what's wrong with it...
Kenji: And whether the cause for the malfunction stems from the machine's environment, its usage, its individual parts, or its design.
Nicholas: ...
Robomi: ...
Kenji: So you and the kernel smell something fishy too, huh.
Nicholas: Going back to the faulty machine metaphor, it's like if you give it a thorough look-over and find absolutely nothing wrong, and yet it malfunctions again.
Kenji: Reeks of something that's physically impossible, doesn't it.
Nicholas: Yeah...
Silence fills the air as they wonder about the enemy's true identity.
Engineer: Um, Nicholas? We're at a good stopping point with the ship's repairs. Thought I'd give you a progress report.
Nicholas: Oh yeah? How's it looking?
Engineer: The engine's running at full output now. Transforming the vessel into its other form is best avoided until further repairs, but flight capabilities should be back to normal.
Nicholas: Thanks for the update. Leave the final checks and tweaks to us, and go rest up. You've been at it all day, right?
Engineer: Yeah... Haha, it was kind of engrossing actually. First time I've ever worked on a ship like this.
Engineer: C'mon, guys! We're eating outside!
Engineer: Where's a good restaurant...
Ex-Imp. Soldier: Ah, you must be the engineers working on the research vessel. Are things going well?
Engineer: Huh? Yeah, sure. It should be able to take flight soon enough, even if abominations come attacking again.
Ex-Imp. Soldier: Hehe... I see.
The man clad in imperial armor stands at the island's edge.
Ex-Imp. Soldier: Humph.
He takes a step forward and falls fast.
Flying Abom.: Gyaargh!
Landing on the back of a flying abomination, he soars off toward something huge.
A towering, eerie-looking shadow. It appears to be the very abomination that faced off against Zooey.
???: The time has come.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Rwaagh...
Woman 2: Ah... Someone... Anyone...
Inside a dark cave, people nearly assimilated with the wall let out pained groans.
???: You can have your armor back. It came in rather handy, Pommern.
Pommern: ...
???: You look like you have something to say.
Pommern: Wh-what are you planning for the people of Agastia, I do ask!
???: Hm, an excellent question.
???: I suppose I'm done with them for the most part.
Pommern: Then let them go!
???: Relax. No one's going to die here.
???: I'll be sure to provide ample rations and water. I want you to reflect on how utterly powerless you all are. And you'll get plenty of time to do just that.
Wardant: Inside the stomach of Wardant, the primordial abomination.
The name of this ominous shadow drifting through the skies is Wardant.
What is its true form? And why exactly is it holding the people of Agastia hostage? These and many more mysteries still remain.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 3: Here Comes Wardant—Evil Incarnate! - Episode 2

As (Captain) and company make preparations to defend against the next abomination attack, Nicholas decides he'll stay with the others to protect the shelter inside the research vessel. When warning sirens suddenly sound one day, they find a giant abomination approaching the ship.

Some time has passed since Valtz came under attack by abominations.
As repairs continue on the research vessel, the crew prepares for the next abomination rush.
Nicholas: Field generator's looking good, cannons are loaded, fuel's stocked, and...
Hallessena: Keeheehee! You've gotta get a load of this, Nicholas!
Nicholas: Hm? Your Divine Death Saw of Death? Lemme guess: you customized it?
Hallessena: Ding-ding-ding! Right-o, you are! I've made instant mincemeat out of abominations up until now.
Hallessena: But going forward, I'm going to slice, dice, and make nice...
Hallessena: Very, very nice mincemeat!
Vyrn: Er, I don't see what changed.
Nicholas: The blades on the saw chain are lined differently, and the chain itself is longer. Gives the blades more longevity, I suppose.
Hallessena: You figured that out fast, Nicholas! Hehe! With double the jaggedness, we're gonna be seeing double the minciness!
Nicholas: Double? You must have the extended chain wrapped around inside the thing itself! I'm surprised you got it working like that!
Hallessena: Hehe! Now I get to go on an endless waltz no matter how many abominations come at me!
Nicholas: Haha... It's good to know we'll be able to keep the shelter safe.
Vyrn: That reminds me: you'll be sticking by the shelter this time around, Mecha-Nick?
Nicholas: Mm-hm, that's right. After what happened last time, I realized we have to beef up our defenses here too.
Nicholas: As for outside the research vessel, we picked up enough parts to make a decent army of Robomi replicas and Giganteses.
Vyrn: Whew, that's a huge relief. Seein' ya head out there alone earlier gave me the shivers.
Nicholas: Ahaha... Guess I did get carried away a bit.
Lyria: Nicholas! Sorry to keep you waiting!
Lyria: We picked up the parts you nee—
Lyria: Huh?
Lyria: Huh?
Tobias: Mrgh...
Lyria: Haha. Why don't you take this over to your father, Toby?
Tobias: Yah!
Tobias: Pa!
Nicholas: Gee, thanks.
Hallessena: That's a good boy! You're the bestest baby ever, Toby!
Lyria: He picks things up really fast!
Tobias: Yah!
Nicholas: ...
Marie: Hey, Nicholas? What will you be using this tube filled with a bundle of pure gold wire for?
Nicholas: Ah, I wanted to try something with that. It plugs into my neck socket; I had them make it extra long.
Marie: Is it for the new equipment?
Nicholas: Mm-hm. Oh, and don't you worry about the expenses. Fortunately the archduke has us covered—
Marie: Nicholas.
Nicholas: Yes, Marie?
Marie: I trust you'll keep the shelter safe.
Nicholas: The Giganteses and Robomi replicas will be on the front lines, while I protect the shelter with the crew.
Marie: Mm...
Zooey: No distortions in the plating. No cracks either. Okay.
Zooey: No openings in the junction points, no rivets missed. Okay.
Kenji: What are you up to?
Zooey: Ah, I was inspecting the ship in the manner that Vyrn taught me.
Kenji: You don't have to do it every day, you know. We can't expect the ship to be perfect after all.
Zooey: The enemy is a formidable one.
Kenji: Yeah. I learned that the hard way.
Zooey: And they will certainly manifest again.
Zooey: You call this the Super Robo Gigantes... Does being unable to wield its power for the people not cause its existence to waver?
Kenji: Hm? What's that supposed to mean?
Zooey: Among primal beasts, there are those who cease to exist when they can no longer fulfill their role.
Kenji: An interesting question... I suppose we might dispose of the vessel if it were to go defunct entirely.
Zooey: I see...
Zooey: For the plating at least to fulfill its role, there cannot be any holes or cracks.
Zooey: I'll take another look to ensure that Super Robo Gigantes's defenses are up to par.
Zooey: As for eradication of the enemy, I will work extra hard to make up for Super Robo Gigantes.
Kenji: Glad to hear it.
As the quiet days pass them by, all do what they can in preparation for the battle ahead.
The mood is somber and tense.
They pray that an attack will never come. However, that prayer goes unanswered.
Zooey: ...!
Kenji: They're here.
Nicholas: Oh no... Back to the research vessel, everyone!
A warning siren goes off, signaling the arrival of the abominations. Giving a sideways glance at mechanical soldiers gearing up for combat, (Captain) and company make for the shelter.
Nicholas: (Something seems off...)
Nicholas: (The sirens are sounding, but there's not an abomination in sight...)
Harboring his suspicions, Nicholas spots a pale-faced man speaking to the City Defense Force member who is manning the sirens.
Pale-Faced Man: It... It saw!
Pale-Faced Man: I thought it was just a giant rain cloud on our voyage back...
Pale-Faced Man: But no! It saw us!
City Defense Force: Calm down! What saw you?
Pale-Faced Man: The cloud! It opened up its eyes and looked straight at us!
Pale-Faced Man: At our ship! Clouds don't have eyes, so it can only be one heckuva giant monster!
Giant Shadow: ...
Giant Shadow: Destruction...
Wardant: Let's get this started, shall we? To preserve the balance of the world.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 3: Here Comes Wardant—Evil Incarnate! - Episode 3

The ship crew makes to detach the shelter vessel so that those inside can escape first, but the enemy comes upon them too fast. Zooey lost against Wardant once before, but she braces herself for another round.

Giant Shadow: ...
Dr. Rashomon: We made it out of Valtz okay... What's the giant abomination doing?
Researcher: It appears to be pursuing us. Fortunately we have upper hand in speed.
Dr. Rashomon: But there is still the threat of those smaller flying abominations attacking on their own. Nicholas, how fare things on your end?
Nicholas: Transforming into Super Robo Gigantes is still a no-go. We won't be able to fight at full strength...
Dr. Rashomon: I see. I was hoping detaching the shelter would allow us to use the research vessel's battle form, but perhaps that was wishful thinking.
Dr. Rashomon: Anyhow, we should continue the shelter evacuation and battle preparations before they make their move.
Daimon: Something doesn't quite sit right. Whether it be the giant black mass or the smaller fliers, they seem to be taking this in stride.
Vyrn: I always took abominations to be wild, rampaging monsters. But look at how quiet they are... It's like they've got somethin' up their sleeves.
Zooey: ...
Zooey: Remain vigilant, everyone. The enemy has bested me once before.
Nicholas: I still have trouble believing that, but it's getting more convincing by the second...
Researcher: Doctor! We're ready to detach the shelter as a separate vessel!
Dr. Rashomon: Good. Remember that keeping the evacuees safe is our first priority. Begin the process.
Researcher: Understood! Detaching shelter anchors one, two, and three!
The anchors securing the shelter vessel come off, allowing it to prep for escape.
Just then...
Zooey: The enemy is accelerating!
Kenji: I sense immense static noise fast approaching! Surely it's not faulty detection on my part!
Researcher: You're right! The giant abomination is visibly gaining on us fast, along with the smaller ones!
Kenji: Wait a second... Were they waiting for us to detach the shelter?
Dr. Rashomon: What in the name of... Stop the detachment procedure at once! We're going to hightail it out of here with the shelter onboard!
Robomi: They are approaching faster than both the research and shelter vessels' maximum velocities. At this rate...
Dr. Rashomon: They're going to catch up!
Zooey: I won't let them. Dyrn, Lyrn, let's go.
Dyrn & Lyrn: ...
Dr. Rashomon: Nicholas! We have to strengthen our defenses at once! Get the battle-ready replicas on deck!
Nicholas: Gotcha! You up for this, Robomi?
Robomi: Yes, I am geared up and ready to engage.
Flying Abom.: Gwah! Gyarh!
Zooey: Haah!
Marie: ...!
Tobias: Bwuh?
Hallessena: Everything's gonna be okay, Toby! If any nasties try to get close, I'll shred 'em faster than you can say "goo-gah"!
Tobias: A-bo...
Marie: Yeah, abominations are scary, aren't they. But I'm sure we'll be just fine...
Tobias: Nrr...
Researcher: Wha? Th-the first wave of flying abominations has been wiped out!
Vyrn: Wow... I'd almost forgotten how much butt Miss Flippy-Hair kicks...
Kenji: Impressive... But bear in mind it only means we've bought ourselves some time. We still need the cast-iron kernel and her replicas out there.
Giant Shadow: Gwahaha... An impressive display of strength.
Zooey: ...
Giant Shadow: But this changes nothing. Not even your power can change the world's course.
Zooey: Let us put that to the test.
Zooey: Come forth, Peacemaker's Wings!
Giant Shadow: Gwahahaha...
Zooey: It matters not to me what you are. I will destroy you...
Zooey: To preserve balance in the skies! For that is the wish of the people!

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 3: Here Comes Wardant—Evil Incarnate! - Episode 4

As Zooey fights a desperate battle, Nicholas is faced with the difficult choice of rushing to her aid or staying behind to protect the research vessel. By the urging of his family, he enters the fray. In the meantime, Kenji activates the destromatons, writing into them the personality data of the Four Kings. Together with Daimon, they, too, fight to protect the ship.

Zooey: Hraaagh!
Wardant: Gwahaha...
Zooey: Ngh!
Wardant: Gaaahaha! How powerless you are!
Zooey: Impossible...
Vyrn: No way! This can't be...
Lyria: Zooey!
Kenji: Analyzing dark matter is no cakewalk after all. Nicholas, did you catch any of that?
Nicholas: It happened so fast; I'm still trying to wrap my head around it!
Wardant: Hehe... Were you not going to destroy me?
Zooey: !
Researcher: M-multiple abominations sighted! They've surrounded Zooey, with another flock headed our way!
Marie: ...!
Tobias: Guh...
Marie: Everything's going to be just fine, Toby...
Tobias: A-bo!
Hallessena: Toby, no! It's dangerous out there!
Dr. Rashomon: Deploy every replica and Gigantes we have—even the ones not fully geared up! How many can we send to assist Zooey?
Researcher: Against those numbers, I'm not sure we even have enough to defend the research vessel!
Daimon: I'll join the front lines as well.
Dr. Rashomon: Brother!
Daimon: Your grandson's in that shelter, Rashomon. This enhanced body of mine will be for naught if I do not use it now.
Get to the shelter, everyone.
Nicholas: Robomi, back up Daimon! The rest of you, to the shelter!
Vyrn: Hold it! We can't just forget about Zooey!
Nicholas: I know! We'll get her help somehow!
Nicholas: (With the replicas, Giganteses, Daimon, and Robomi, we should be able to hold them off... Or can we?)
Kenji: ...
Nicholas: (I'll leave the shelter's defenses to (Captain)'s crew and...)
Kenji: Are you seriously going to continue fighting in that beat-up body of yours? Do you want your loved ones to be worried sick every time you step out into battle?
Nicholas: ...!
Nicholas finds himself incapable of taking the next step.
Just then, a small shadow creeps up on him.
Tobias: Pa!
Nicholas: Toby! What are you doing out of the shelter!
Marie: I'm sorry, Nicholas. He was insistent on coming to you. But I'll bring him back right away.
Tobias: Yah!
Nicholas: Wait, that's the mask for the Gigante Suit... You brought it here for me?
Marie: Looks like he figured you wear this whenever you go out to save someone.
Tobias: Yah!
Nicholas: ...
Nicholas: I...
Destromaton 1: Braawmp!
Destromaton 2: Ushlululu!
Destromaton 3: Kshaaah!
Nicholas: Wah! These guys...
Kenji: I went ahead with the idea I mentioned earlier.
Nicholas: Kenji...
Kenji: As inhumane as it might be, know that this was my decision entirely. None if this is your fault. Besides, the personalities themselves readily agreed to this.
Kenji: Leave the ship's defenses to everyone else. You concentrate on saving Zooey.
Nicholas: Thanks!
Nicholas: Robomi! We're using that new thing!
Robomi: That would be reckless, Nicholas!
Nicholas: I know we haven't tested it properly, but things are getting desperate. We'll just have to wing it!
In his hands is a part procured earlier from Valtz.
A spinal plug filled with pure gold wire.
Nicholas: How's it looking?
Robomi: Connection complete. No issues detected.
Nicholas: Now to just test it out in battle...
Robomi: We'll have to be careful not to be attacked the moment we launch.
Nicholas: Those fliers are everywhere in droves... I was hoping for some time to get used to the controls, but that's not gonna happen...
Nicholas: Eh, we'll figure it out! Let's roll!
Robomi Replica: ...!
Flying Abom.: Ergwah!
Flying Abom.: Ememeh!
Robomi Replica: ...!
Gigantes Replica: ...!
Daimon: Tch, what overwhelming numbers... They press on despite our shower of bullets.
Daimon: Hm?
Daimon: Looks like we have more reinforcements incoming. I should provide cover fire for that spot until they're ready...
Flying Abom.: Mugwagwagwah!
Daimon: But I don't want to expose any one part of the ship either...
Destromaton 1: Uuhn!
Destromaton 2: Hraah!
Destromaton 3: Yaah!
Destromaton 3: Hehe... Hurts, doesn't it?
Daimon: ...!
Kenji: The enemy's coming in harder on us than I thought... Guess I made the right call.
Daimon: Those four...
Kenji: Noticed already, huh? These are the destromatons we had so much trouble getting to function.
Daimon: But why...
Kenji: I'm programmed to automatically gather data from abominations, and that includes their personality data.
Kenji: I realize this is an affront to all that's sacred, but they didn't seem to mind in the least.
Destromaton 1: I come to repay Lord Daimon, for giving me purpose when I failed to save my fiance from the flames of war.
Daimon: Muskel...
Destromaton 2: Likewise, I come to repay Lord Damon for giving me a place to use my smarts.
Daimon: Wystom...
Destromaton 3: What was our deal, Stepbrother?
Destromaton 3: Nothing in particular. But I'm glad we get to run amok together again, Stepsister.
Daimon: Fili, Digi...
Wystom: We Four Kings have arisen from the underworld. Your orders, Lord Daimon.
Daimon: ...
Daimon: Crush every last insect assaulting this ship.
Four Kings: We Four Kings serve the will of Daimon, Lord of Destruction.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 3: Here Comes Wardant—Evil Incarnate! - Episode 4: Scene 2

Daimon, the Four Kings, and Hallessena fend off the flying abominations attacking the ship. Nicholas and Robomi switch into their new Auxiliary Boost Form and hurry to Zooey's aid, using Gigante Saucer—piloted by (Captain)—as a foothold.

In the midst of the fierce battle, the Rashomon Research Vessel's pool opens up, and out comes a dull, gray shadow.
It flies straight toward Zooey at a breakneck speed, mowing down every abomination in its path.
Daimon: Heh... There you go again, Nicholas. Becoming the first test subject for your latest inventions...
Researcher: Daimon, we have another ship incoming!
Daimon: What?
Nicholas: Rgh!
Robomi: Activating Pattern B for sight enhancement.
Nicholas: Daaah!
Robomi: Nicholas, how do you feel?
Nicholas: Somehow, my eyes can actually keep up now!
This calls for an explanation!
This is Nicholas and Robomi's new Auxiliary Boost Form!
It is a dual-core system that connects Nicholas's brain to Robomi's circuity via a spinal plug!
Nicholas can now theoretically react sixteen times faster, making him more than capable of high-octane, action-packed aerial combat—perfect for handling the current predicament.
Nicholas: I'm a bit dizzy, but it's not too bad! Full speed ahead!
Nicholas: Ah... Whoa!
Robomi: We are falling. Booster output is unstable.
Nicholas: Damn it! I should've known trying to control all these systems myself was reckless!
Nicholas: What the... Gigante Saucer? What's it doing out here!
Lyria: Are you okay, Nicholas?
Vyrn: Talk about a close call! We're here to help out, of course!
Nicholas: (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria!
Vyrn: Don't worry about the research vessel! We've got it covered, no matter how many of the fliers come this way!
Hallessena: Hya-haah! No abomination's getting into the shelter while I'm here!
Hallessena: Keeheehee! My Divine Death Saw of Redeath: Long-Life Edition is gonna serve us up a mincemeat party, with a side of pie and cookies and ice cream!
Fili: Why, that sounds wonderful, Hallessena...
Digi: Most wonderful, Hallessena...
Fili & Digi: Won-der-ful!
What follows is much too "colorful" to be put into words, so the details will unfortunately have to be skipped over.
Hallessena: Whoa-ho-ho! And I thought I was going too far!
Fili: You said it yourself, Hallessena.
Digi: A mincemeat party, right?
Fili & Digi: Tee-hee-hee!
Hallessena: Eh...
Muskel: I'm enjoying this new power brimming in our bodies.
Wystom: We may not even need to merge into our perfect form with Lord Daimon at this rate.
Daimon: Hm...
Vyrn: And that's the gist of it.
Robomi: It may be best to use Gigante Saucer as a foothold until you've grown accustomed to the Auxiliary Boost Form, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Yeah, sounds good to me. I'm leaving the booster controls to you for now.
Robomi: Understood, Nicholas.
Wardant: Hm.
Wardant: Pommern. Many of them are fighting back, but what is that one in particular?
Pommern: As if I'd know. We had nothing like that in Agastia.
Wardant: In any case, you'd do well to watch what happens.
Wardant: Be it the arbitrator or whatever that is, they pose no threat.
Wardant: Gwahaha...
Nicholas leaps into action to rescue the beaten and battered Zooey.
However, the primordial abomination Wardant continues to wear a fearless smile.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 4: Shockwaves Pulsing through the Skies! - Episode 1

Though Zooey continues to struggle, Nicholas turns the tide by seeing through how Wardant deflects the opponent's attacks. Evading Wardant's beams is now a possibility. However, the primordial abomination does not seem the least bit fazed.

Zooey: Huff... Huff...
Wardant: What's wrong, Arbitrator? Is your title nothing more than a decoration?
Zooey: Do not underestimate me!
The battle between arbitrator and primordial abomination rages on.
Nicholas: I've finally caught up! Wait for me, Zooey!
Having flown out to assist Zooey, Nicholas and friends steel themselves to take on the giant foe ahead.
Robomi: Transfer of booster controls from Nicholas to Robomi complete. Lifting off.
Lyria: If it gets dangerous, we'll be right behind you!
Nicholas: Appreciate it, guys!
Zooey: Hyaah!
Zooey continues to fight courageously, but is that enough?
Zooey: Gwah!
It appears even with her tremendous power, she cannot stop Wardant.
Zooey: (Why! Why can I not sense its attacks?)
Zooey: (I, of all people, should be able to sense this malicious power that threatens the world!)
Wardant: Gwahaha... A power to protect the masses. How pure.
Zooey: Yes!
Zooey: I'll show you firsthand that my power exists to protect mankind!
Zooey: My azure sword reflects the will of the skies! Sorrows be gone!
Zooey: Gamma Ray!
Nicholas: ...!
Nicholas: I saw it! The secret to that monstrosity's power!
The ability of Nicholas's eyes to keep up with things at sixteen times the speed, thanks to the dual-core processor, is already coming in tremendously helpful.
Nicholas: A light identical to the one that hit it went toward Zooey...
Nicholas: In other words, it reflected the attack!
Nicholas: Robomi! Can you do a deep dive?
Robomi: Performing analysis based on your hypothesis.
Robomi: The unknown material that the enemy is composed of makes a detailed assessment impossible. However...
Robomi: Judging from the energy reading and scale of destruction, your hypothesis may very well be correct.
Nicholas: Then it's no wonder that Zooey's having trouble!
Nicholas: Robomi, there was a time lag for the gamma ray to reflect, wasn't there?
Robomi: Yes, I detected a time lag of approximately 0.3 seconds.
Nicholas: Okay then!
Zooey: Daaah!
Wardant: Gwahahaha...
Zooey: ...!
Zooey: Wha?
Nicholas: Right in the nick of time! Haha, it's just as I thought!
Vyrn: Whoa, that was way too close for comfort!
Nicholas: But now we've got the timing down pat!
Nicholas: Zooey, the enemy responds with whatever you attack it with! Fighting it head-on is far too dangerous!
Zooey: It mimics me?
Zooey: If my own power is being used against me, it's no wonder I cannot detect the malice behind it.
Nicholas: But we might just have a fighting chance now that we know the timing for dodging its counters!
Zooey: We will be able to destroy that menace after all.
Nicholas: We'll be chipping in with an occasional attack from Gigante Saucer. Can't do much more than that though.
Wardant: "Can't do much more than that"? My, aren't you modest, Steel Warrior Nicholas.
Nicholas: ...!
How do you know my name?
Wardant: I've been waiting for you to come.
Wardant: To make the decision to destroy me instead of protecting Tobias, your little boy.
Nicholas: That was never the decision!
Nicholas: (Captain), Robomi, Zooey, we're taking him out!

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 4: Shockwaves Pulsing through the Skies! - Episode 2

The crew vanquishes Wardant, liberating Pommern and the people of Agastia who were trapped inside it. He reveals that Wardant took them captive all of a sudden one day and watched them this entire time. The research vessel crew sets a course for Agastia to send them home.

Wardant: Gwaaah!
Nicholas: This one doesn't go down easy, but we're getting there!
Wardant: Gwa... hahaha...
Vyrn: Looks like the thing's tryin' to pull a disappearing act and make a getaway!
Zooey: I won't allow it!
Nicholas: Robomi, we have to support her!
Robomi: The booster is overheated and needs cooling.
Nicholas: I pushed it too hard, eh...
Zooey: It's okay. I can end this.
Vyrn: Hold up, Miss Flippy-Hair! Without Mecha-Nick's help, you'll just end up eating the counterattack!
Zooey: I won't let you escape, Wardant, even if it means an end to the both of us!
Wardant: Hahaha! Very well, I grant you your demise at your very own hands, Arbitrator!
Zooey: Haaah!
Lyria: What do we do? At this rate, Zooey's going to...
Lyria: ...!
Black Dragon: ...
Lyria: Lend me your strength!
Bahamut: Gwooaargh!
Wardant: What in the...
Wardant: Grugh...
Nicholas: Robomi! What just happened?
Robomi: It appears the enemy's counter ability has been sealed off, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Can we fly, Robomi? This might be our one chance to take it out for good!
Robomi: Activating boosters. Initiating flight.
Nicholas: Let's go!
Wardant: Hehe... Let me ask you a question. What is it you fight for? Why did you choose to come out here?
Nicholas: I'm here not to fight you, but to protect my kid and everyone else!
Zooey: To restore balance to the world in accordance with people's wishes!
Wardant: Haha... How simple you make it sound—for the people, you say.
Nicholas: Take this!
Zooey: You're finished!
Lyria: D-did we do it?
Vyrn: Huh? Guys, you seein' this?
Pommern: H-help...
Pommern: I do saaayyy!
Nicholas: The heck? There were people in there?
Zooey: Dyrn! Lyrn!
Dyrn & Lyrn: ...!
Pommern: Pant... Wheeze... From one predicament to the next...
Pommern: It appears we've been saved...
Dyrn & Lyrn: ...
Pommern: None of us can remember how many days ago it all started...
Pommern: When that giant abomination suddenly appeared in Agastia and uprooted us all from our lives.
Dr. Rashomon: What do you think its purpose was, General Pommern?
Pommern: At first, it was focused on the deplorable act of turning soldiers into abominations...
Pommern: But then one day it stopped doing anything of note, as if it was content with simply observing us.
Dr. Rashomon: Hm, I see... Whatever the case, I'm glad everyone is okay.
Dr. Rashomon: We're slowly reversing the process for those who were turned into abominations, if that's any relief.
Dr. Rashomon: We'll fly you all home to Agastia directly with this research vessel. Please don't lose hope.
Pommern: Thank you so very much. I've never felt more helpless, I do say, being trapped in the enemy's belly...
The crew lends Pommern and his people a number of rooms aboard the research vessel, then sets a course for Agastia.
Daimon: That giant mass suddenly appeared in Agastia, eh?
Muskel: Lord Daimon, is something bothering you?
Daimon: I just hope their hometown of Agastia hasn't turned into an abomination nest.
Muskel: Fortunately, with their leader out of the picture, the abominations will be left to their natural, rampaging instincts. Meaning they shouldn't be too difficult to handle.
Daimon: Tch, they always were a hot-blooded bunch.
Kenji: Using undifferentiated cells to reverse the transformation?
Wystom: Currently their bodily structures are being analyzed to determine their original forms, before finally moving on with the actual conversion.
Wystom: By using undifferentiated cells, you could skip that step entirely.
Kenji: True, those cells would integrate with the surrounding structure and naturally restore the person's original form.
Wystom: Hehe... You'd be able to speed up the process greatly.
Kenji: It's not a bad idea. Only problem is the stoppage of blood flow before those cells can form blood vessels.
Wystom: Rgh! You're right; we'll need a solution for that too!
Kenji: Think you can figure something out? Although we've already begun treatment...
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Ngh... Aa... aah!
Fili: Hey now! Does it hurt that bad? You can take it, can't you?
Digi: It's all right. Scream all you want; it does a body good.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: This is punishment for my failure to protect my homeland...
Child: Mommy... Is Daddy really going to be okay?
Mother: Yes, your daddy's fighting hard... I'm sure he'll be just fine!
Kenji: Although we've already begun treatment, it's taking significantly longer than we'd like. Streamlining the process would benefit us greatly.
Wystom: Humph... My vast intelligence will come up with a solution in no time at all!
Kenji: Glad to hear it. Just make sure you talk to me before doing anything. That should keep us on the same page.
Wystom: But of course! As if I didn't have the smarts to do that!
Kenji: I'm counting on you. By the way...
Wystom: Yes?
Kenji: How's your body feeling? You're no longer a person after all...
Wystom: Humph... You continue to underestimate me—or rather us Four Kings.
Muskel: We cast aside our former selves the moment we decided to serve Lord Daimon. Whatever our current form is, it matters not.
Fili: Ehehe... Me and my stepbrother always did want a makeover anyway.
Digi: Hehe... I'm loving how our hair feels extra spiky now.
Kenji: That's good to know. I just find it miraculous that no one's lost themselves, since so much time has passed.
Fili: Could it be, Stepbrother? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Digi: I sure am, Stepsister. Ken's showing concern for us.
Kenji: ...
Fili: Your face tells us we hit the bull's-eye! Aw, aren't you cute!
Digi: How nice of you to worry about us!
Fili & Digi: We hope you have a happy accident!
Kenji: Gimme a break...
Muskel: You once said that bringing us back was inhumane. But I assure you there is nothing to worry about.
Muskel: We couldn't be more proud to be of assistance to Lord Daimon once more. It is all I could ever ask for.
Wystom: Hehe... We took you for the type who'd stoop to anything to achieve your goal.
Kenji: My goal, eh...
Kenji: It's true I brought you back as a means to an end.
Kenji: Yes, there's no mistaking it.
Fili: Hey, Stepbrother, what exactly is Ken's goal anyway?
Digi: Hehe... A goal that he'll resort to anything for... Boy, would I love to know, Stepsister.
Kenji: You two talk too much.
Robomi: Robomi entering. Is Daimon—
Kenji: ...
Robomi: ...
Kenji: I do whatever it takes so that Nicholas doesn't have to.
Kenji: Okay then, I'm counting on you four.
Robomi: ...
Fili: Ken's so nice!
Digi: Sooo nice!
Fili & Digi: Tease me, Nicky!
Daimon: Simmer down, you two. Robomi, you called for me?
Robomi: Yes, Daimon. The ship will be arriving in Agastia soon.
Daimon: Understood. Let's get our patients ready for transportation.
Kenji: ...

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 4: Shockwaves Pulsing through the Skies! - Episode 3

While gazing over his sleeping wife and child, Nicholas and Kenji have a chat about the mysteries of life and souls. As the research vessel gets closer to its destination, a survey team returns to report that all seems well in Agastia.

Kenji: Sigh... Why does it have to feel so awkward every time...
Kenji: Hm?
Tobias: Goo-goo!
Kenji: Hey, don't go wandering around alone. It can be dangerous.
Tobias: Goo-st.
Kenji: Yep. I'm a ghost, all right.
Kenji: You never know where we apparitions might pop out from.
Tobias: Tee-hee-hee!
Kenji: You're as fearless as your father.
Hallessena: Heheh! Found you, Toby!
Hallessena: Coochie-coochie-coo! Here comes my almighty cheek snuggle attack!
Tobias: Ahaha! Hehehehe!
Marie: Thanks for stopping Toby before he got too far away, Kenji.
Kenji: Oh, I didn't really do anything.
Kenji: Anyhow, we'll be moving people when we land in Agastia soon. Better keep the kid in the room.
Marie: Ah, right... We wouldn't want to get in the way of that. You be a good little boy in your room, Toby.
Tobias: Mng...
Hallessena: Ehehe... I think Toby's getting sleepy.
Marie: Let's get back to the room. Nicholas was looking for him too.
Kenji: Nicholas is waiting there? Mind if I tag along?
Marie: Not at all.
Nicholas: Marie, did you find To—
Kenji: ...
As Nicholas opens the door, Kenji quietly points to a corner of the room.
Nicholas: Ah...
Marie: Snore... Back rub...
Hallessena: Hehe... Toby...
Tobias: Zzz...
Kenji: They fell asleep a moment ago.
Nicholas: I see.
Kenji: So how's everything, Nicholas? Does your neck plug still hurt?
Nicholas: Nah, it's fine. For now at least.
Kenji: ...
Nicholas: Believe me, I'm definitely not hiding anything! There's no way I could keep a secret from you anyway.
Kenji: Good. That dual-core system thing went well, despite the lack of testing.
Nicholas: I guess my determination to keep everyone safe won out.
Kenji: I've already said this more times than I can count, but never forget to include yourself as part of the equation.
Nicholas: Right...
Tobias: Zzz...
Nicholas: I've got to protect everyone, including myself.
Kenji: Seriously, Nicholas, if there's—
Tobias's Voice: Ah-choo!
Nicholas: Aw, not again.
Kenji: Did he catch a cold?
Nicholas: Nah, he just has a bad habit of scratching his nose.
Nicholas: I wish he'd stop since he ends up with a nosebleed sometimes, but I guess old habits die hard.
Kenji: Heh.
Nicholas: It fills me with a strange feeling though. When I think about how Toby's my son and all.
Kenji: Hold it right there... Are you actually implying you didn't realize you were Tobias's dad?
Nicholas: C'mon, stop busting my chops already. There's no doubt about Toby being my baby boy.
Nicholas: But there's just this sensation you get when something that wasn't there before is suddenly always there, you know?
Kenji: A miracle is what it is. You have Marie to thank for tying your bloodlines together and making it happen.
Nicholas: To see my little miracle running around and making those adorable baby noises makes me wonder... What is it that makes us tick?
Kenji: Yeah, it's not like someone decides on your control systems, is it.
Nicholas: Mm-hm.
Kenji: Where do souls come from? If you ask me, those things are the real miracle.
Nicholas: Heh. A surprising thing to hear coming from you, Kenji.
Kenji: Even in my time, science wasn't absolute. We never did discover the mystery behind souls.
Nicholas: When I look at you, Kenji, I can't help but wonder if they'd already figured the world out back in the day.
Kenji: If they had, I wouldn't have to take on this holographic form.
Kenji: I do have a theory though.
Kenji: It's said that people lose twenty-one grams at the moment of death. That could very well be the weight of the soul.
Kenji: Twenty-one grams enters a person at birth and goes back to where it came from at death. But eh, it's just a pet theory.
Nicholas: Twenty-one grams, you say... Hm, in other words...
Kenji: Even entertaining the idea seems uncouth.
Nicholas: Haha, I guess you could say that.
Nicholas and Kenji continue their discourse while watching the three sleeping faces.
Before long, chatter can be heard from the hallway outside. Agastia is getting closer, and people are moving to the cargo hold.
Researcher: Doctor! The survey team has returned with Gigante Saucer!
Dr. Rashomon: Well? How are things looking in Agastia?
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: As far as we could tell, there were no abominations in sight! I say we're clear for landing!
Dr. Rashomon: Good, we haven't detected any anomalies on our side either. I think it's okay to declare Agastia safe.
Dr. Rashomon: It won't take half a day to reach Agastia. We'll take care of everything else, so you go ahead and rest up.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Yes sir! Thank you, Doctor!
Dr. Rashomon: Whew, it sure will be nice to have things finally settle down.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 4: Shockwaves Pulsing through the Skies! - Episode 4

The crew arrives at where Agastia should be, but nothing is there. Assuming that this is the doing of Wardant, they return to Valtz and prepare for another possible battle while resuming the search. Days later, the warning sirens sound—the entire island of Agastia, crawling with abominations galore, has come to attack Valtz.

Zooey: ...
Vyrn: You seem pretty deep in thought, Miss Flippy-Hair.
Zooey: Yes...
Lyria: You don't look too well, Zooey. Is everything okay?
Zooey: I'm not sure what it is, but a strange sensation remains.
Lyria: A strange sensation?
Zooey: Though we bested that massive enemy, it does not feel like I've fulfilled my duty.
Lyria: But we just saved the world...
Zooey: Yes, that should be the case. My role is over when people's wishes for peace are met.
Zooey: Yet this sensation... There's still something that remains to be done. That much is certain.
Vyrn: I mean, maybe it's because we've still got folks who are in abomination form?
Zooey: Perhaps so. If people are living under constant fear and distress, then the battle is not yet over.
Vyrn: Maybe we oughta stay in Agastia for a while to make sure everything goes back to normal.
Zooey: That may be one way of eliminating the threat. If only there were something I could do besides fight...
Lyria: I'm sure there's plenty of things only you're capable of, Zooey.
Lyria: Besides, just having you around is a tremendous relief!
Zooey: In that case, I am more than glad to be of assistance.
Vyrn: Just carrying the people-turned-abominations is gonna be a lot of work. We could definitely use the extra help.
Zooey: Of course. I'll be counting on you two as well, Dyrn, Lyrn.
Dyrn & Lyrn: ...
Lyria: Yeah, let's help out however we can when we get to Agastia! I'll do my best too!
Vyrn: I dunno how the island's farin', but I can already tell we're gonna be as busy as beavers. We're supposed to arrive soon, so we'd better rest up while we—
Pommern: ...
Vyrn: You all right, Old Beardy? I didn't take you for the type to get airsick easy.
Pommern: ...?
Ah, here you are. Apologies for not noticing.
Pommern: To begin with, I must thank you for saving the people of Agastia, even if it was a side effect of destroying the black mass.
Vyrn: What's wrong? Your voice is shaky.
Pommern: ...
Lyria: Would you like some water? I can bring you a cup right away.
Pommern: Y-yes... That would be nice for later, I do say...
Lyria: ...?
Pommern: I never imagined things would turn out this way...
Zooey: Do you lack the manpower to carry the afflicted to Agastia? I will help too.
Pommern: No... It appears we no longer have the need for that, I do say...
All Three: ...?
Vyrn: Did something happen to the folks on the ship?
Pommern: No, that's not it. It's just that we should have arrived in Agastia already.
Pommern: Speed, direction, amount of time—all the conditions are right. The ship's engineers reached the same conclusion.
Lyria: What do you mean?
Pommern: This very spot is where Agastia should be!
Vyrn: Whaddya mean? I'm not sure I get you.
Pommern: The island itself has disappeared without a trace, I do say!
Vyrn: Wha?
Tzaka the Great: You're saying Agastia just up and vanished?
Pommern: I'm at a complete loss as to how this has happened... I was hoping my people could stay in Valtz for the time being.
Tzaka the Great: Certainly. For the time being, please make yourselves at home in my estate. I'll need a bit of time to arrange for more specific living conditions.
Pommern: You have my utmost gratitude, Archduke...
Lyria: Where could Agastia have gone?
Vyrn: The survey team reported that things were A-OK, meaning something must've happened after that.
Pommern: Could this be the doing of the giant abomination?
Tzaka the Great: I find it hard to imagine that an entire island would just vanish without a trace. Perhaps it drifted off elsewhere? Let's make this investigation a formal request for the skyfarers.
Dr. Rashomon: We have a serious situation on our hands.
Nicholas: What could Wardant possibly want with an entire island?
Daimon: The timing of the disappearance has me curious. Unless the survey team was mistaken, the island disappeared after Wardant's defeat.
Dr. Rashomon: Was that perhaps its parting gift, Brother?
Daimon: Possibly. Moreover, I just remembered what abominations' bodies are made of.
Robomi: The answer would be minerals. Wait, you don't mean...
Daimon: An island is essentially a giant chunk of minerals. Seems like sufficient reason to take it for themselves...
Kenji: In other words, Agastia might show up again later in a form we least expect.
Daimon: Fortunately for us, new abominations aren't formed instantly. Meaning any potential threat isn't imminent.
Nicholas: As much as I'd love to prep ourselves for a preemptive strike, the Super Robo Gigantes needs fixing first.
Vyrn: Despite our hard work topplin' the big bad guy, this ain't over yet, huh...
Zooey: This explains the uneasiness I've been feeling.
Zooey: I, too, will conduct a search for Agastia. I will report back once I've found it.
(Captain) and company spread out and get to work, each having their own responsibilities.
Days pass without incident.
Nicholas: Whew, I think the research vessel is finally in good enough condition to transform into Super Robo Gigantes.
Dr. Rashomon: It's fortunate we were able to get this done before the situation with Agastia moved forward.
Nicholas: The problem is its whereabouts... There hasn't been a single sighting of it.
Dr. Rashomon: Try as we might, no one's found a trace of the island. I hope it's not a sign of things to come.
Nicholas: Whatever happens, we made sure we're more than ready for it.
Nicholas: And I'll stop at nothing to keep everyone safe.
Dr. Rashomon: Just don't forget to keep yourself safe too, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Of course, Doctor.
Girl's Voice: Um, excuse me.
Nicholas: Hm? Sounds like we have a visitor.
Nicholas: How can we h—
Airi: I have a package.
Nicholas: Ah! Airi!
Airi: Um, it's okay now. I can handle seeing your face, Nicholas.
Nicholas: That's a relief...
Airi: Seeing everyone fight so hard, I figured I had to conquer my own inner fears too.
Nicholas: ...
Airi: As kind as Tyrias was to me, part of me wonders if I was too easily swayed... It's hard just thinking about it.
Airi: My sorrow over the death of someone who caused my father so much pain is still difficult coming to grips with.
Airi: But given the current situation, I decided to push all of that aside to be of help to everyone.
Airi: Here, I made this for you.
Nicholas: A neck plug? So you made a new one from scratch.
Airi: I heard purity was the most important factor, so I tried refining the gold a bit more. Hope it comes in handy.
Nicholas: Thanks, Airi. I'll make good use of—
Skyfarer: We've found it! Agastia!
Both: !
All Three: !
Nicholas: How is Agastia looking?
Skyfarer: W-well...
Airi: ...!
Skyfarer: Th-the island's...
Skyfarer: The entire island is headed straight toward Valtz, bringing endless hordes of abominations with it!
A transformed Agastia has resurfaced before the crew.
Perhaps the greatest battle mankind has ever faced is about to begin!

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 5: A Great Malice Taints the Future! - Episode 1

After evacuating Valtz's citizenry to the shelter vessel, (Captain) and company take to the front lines, battling the seemingly never-ending hordes pouring out of Agastia.

Dr. Rashomon: Roll out all Robomi replicas and Giganteses!
Researcher: Yes sir!
Kenji: Doctor, transfer command of a few to me. There's something I want to test.
Dr. Rashomon: Sure thing. Good luck, Kenji.
Tobias: Bwuh?
Marie: Okay, Toby. Let's go to the shelter.
Nicholas: You should get going too, Airi.
Airi: Right.
Nicholas: Rgh, ouch!
Dr. Rashomon: Your neck plug still hurts, Nicholas?
Nicholas: It's fine... I'm sure it'll settle down soon enough!
Nicholas: Huff... Huff...
Gigante Suit: ...
Nicholas: (I'm reminded of you every time the neck plug acts up.)
Nicholas: (I still remember my words to you, Tyrias.)
Nicholas: Still wanna know what it is that you felt? I'll do you one better than telling you—I'll show you!
Nicholas: (Have you finally seen the answer through me yet, Tyrias?)
Researcher: Agastia will be landing near Valtz shores soon!
Nicholas: ...!
Airi: As kind as Tyrias was to me, part of me wonders if I was too easily swayed... It's hard just thinking about it.
Nicholas: (A lot's changed since then...)
Nicholas: But I hope you'll lend me your strength again.
Gigante Suit: ...!
Nicholas: Suit on!
With Valtz's residents evacuated, the warning sirens continue ringing throughout the empty town.
The abomination nest Agastia draws dangerously close; there is no time to waste.
Once the two islands collide, the abominations will pour into Valtz like a massive tidal wave.
Keeping watch over Valtz's periphery are Nicholas, Robomi, Kenji...
Daimon, the Four Kings...
(Captain)'s crew...
They wait silently for the fated moment to come.
And come it does.
Abomination: Vshamo... Krakikiki!
Nicholas & Co.: ...
Daimon & Co.: ...
(Captain) & Co.: ...
Abomination: Mshaguguguuu!
Nicholas: Let's do this!
Everyone: Raaaah!
As the islands collide, the abominations' shrieks mark the beginning of their invasion. The battle is on!

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 5: A Great Malice Taints the Future! - Episode 2

(Captain) and company can't shake the feeling that they're being drawn in as they fell the abomination hordes. Just then Wardant materializes. Realizing that this is the same Wardant as before, Zooey challenges it once more.

Nicholas: Together, (Captain)! Hraaah!
Hallessena: Keeheehee! My Long-Life Divine Death Saw of Death is ready to shred abominations by the kajillions!
Zooey: Away with you.
Daimon: They greatly outnumber us, but they pose little threat.
Muskel: Humph. It's not even worth going all out.
Fili: Hehehe... C'mon, Wystom! Do your worst!
Digi: Lord Daimon's watching, Wystom! Make sure you don't disappoint!
Wystom: Bwahaha! This is too easy for a pure genius like me!
Abomination: Mgegyoraaa!
Wystom: Rgh! How could I let myself get surrounded!
Nicholas: Robomi! Give him a hand!
Robomi: Understood, Nicholas. Initiating salvo.
Kenji: As Daimon said, this shouldn't be too difficult to handle—as long as we don't trip up somewhere.
Wystom: Is that a jab at me? How insolent! I was only distracting the enemy!
Kenji: I'm glad it worked. Well, Zooey? Are you sensing anything bigger?
Zooey: This is little different from peeling off the layers of an onion. Every abomination defeated gives way to a new presence.
Kenji: Meaning we're slowly getting to the core... We just need to mow down another mountain's worth of abominations.
Nicholas: I've got plenty of juice to keep me going. We've got this!
Robomi: The Auxiliary Boost Form and Super Robo Gigantes are ready to go at anytime. However...
Kenji: Did the cast-iron kernel's sensors pick up something?
Robomi: The impression I get is that something's inviting us.
Nicholas: I feel it too. It's like we're being drawn into the enemy's master plan...
Kenji: The malice—or whatever it is— that I'm sensing here and there has me worried.
Vyrn: Either way, taking out every last one of these is—
Abomination: Schgegegeebebe!
Vyrn: Ack!
Zooey: Finishing off these abominations comes first.
Vyrn: I can't believe they're comin' from underground too...
Robomi: There are more coming from below. Stay alert, everyone.
Abomination: Mugragyaah!
Nicholas: These ones swam through molted iron to get to us! Don't touch them!
Lyria: Huh? Oh, I see...
Lyria: Please fall back, everyone!
Now, Leviathan!
Leviathan: ...!
Abomination: Ngoo!
Fili: Pff... Ahaha! Using drastic temperature change to break the abominations?
Fili: That's so amazingly gross, Lyria!
Digi: Hehe, that's pretty sick. Their insides are boiling while frozen stiff.
Lyria: Er, well... I thought Leviathan would be the right primal for the job.
Daimon: Fili, Digi, that's enough.
Daimon: One of the enemy's strategies is clear now. They plan on attacking us from every direction.
Vyrn: Fortunately, Leviathan can handle the ones that pop out from underground...
Robomi: They seem to be making up for it by gathering more forces above ground.
Abomination: Monigash!
Abomination: Ababa!
Abomination: Shgobaah!
Zooey: In that case...
Zooey: I'll just have to incinerate them all from the skies!
Wardant: Gwahaha...
Zooey: ...!
Nicholas: Wha!
Robomi: Isn't that—
Vyrn: The big bad dude we trounced earlier!
Lyria: Zooey! Watch out!
Zooey: Ngh!
Wardant: Heh, nice dodge.
Zooey: You appear to be the very same one we defeated earlier.
Wardant: Correct. Also the very same one that once that bested you.
Zooey: I now know the secret to your power. I won't make the same mistake!
Wardant: Gwahaha... How intriguing. Let's try putting that to the test.
Zooey: I will clear my shame once and for all!

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 5: A Great Malice Taints the Future! - Episode 3

The Rashomon Research Vessel detaches the shelter vessel for evacuation, then heads toward the island's periphery to join the battle. Daimon merges with the Four Kings to become Daimon, Lord of Destruction, but Wardant simply grows in power proportionally.

Kenji: Replicas, Giganteses, to the center of the battlefield.
Kenji: Now if I can just pick up a hint somewhere...
Kenji looks to the fierce clash between Zooey and Wardant.
Zooey: Away with you!
Zooey: Hraaaah!
Wardant: Guh...
Zooey: Now that I know where your power comes from, I just have to avoid your attacks with Dyrn and Lyrn's help.
Wardant: Agh...
Zooey: Victory is within my grasp. The world's balance will not collapse. Consider this a fitting end for you.
Kenji: Enemy body sample collected. Beginning data analysis.
Kenji: There's no guarantee I'll be able to decipher it, but we're better off having a record of whatever it's made of.
Kenji: I certainly didn't expect it to resurrect. I just hope it's not immortal...
Kenji scans the body sample dropped by Wardant during its battle with Zooey, and proceeds to define the unknown substance.
Kenji: I'm still feeling the effects of being scorched by that thing. My processing speed isn't up to par.
Kenji: If I don't at least figure out the mystery behind that static noise, we could be looking at more trouble later...
Kenji: Rgh!
Wardant: ...
Kenji: What the... The thing itself is invading me!
Kenji: What in the world are you...
Wardant: Mwahaha... Is this the extent of your power?
Wardant: Haha... Arbitrator... Keeper of balance...
Wardant: Indeed, equilibrium must be preserved.
Zooey: ...!
Wardant: As I've said before, the world's course cannot be altered.
Wardant: It naturally strives for a happy medium.
Zooey: Urgh!
Wardant: It's just like how the universal law of gravitation that pulls you down cannot be altered!
Zooey: Tch!
Lyria: Zooey!
Vyrn: She's hurt bad! We've gotta protect her, (Captain)!
Wardant: Gwahaha... Where do you think you're pointing that sword at?
Vyrn: What the? How did you get there!
Wardant: I go where I please.
Hallessena: Nicholas!
Nicholas: Yeah! Research Vessel, get over here!
Dr. Rashomon: Entering code red, are we? I suppose detaching the shelter vessel to fly off ahead of time was the right call.
Marie: Father!
Dr. Rashomon: Get away from Valtz at fast as you can. The shelter vessel's gaining in speed. You'll make it out of here okay if you go now.
Dr. Rashomon: Whatever happens, make sure you survive this. Godspeed to us all.
Marie: Wait! Father!
Tobias: Ma-ma?
Marie: It's okay... Everything's going to be just fine...
Airi: ...
Dr. Rashomon: Sorry for the holdup, Nicholas! Super Robo Gigantes is ready to go!
Nicholas: Robomi! Hallessena!
Robomi: Understood.
Hallessena: Gotcha!
Nicholas & Robomi: Auxiliary Boost Form! Dual System On!
Nicholas: Hold on tight!
Hallessena: Keehee! I could get used to this!
Wardant: Scurrying off to the skies, are you?
Daimon: I won't allow you to pursue them.
Daimon: Four Kings, with me!
Four Kings: Yes, my lord!
Daimon: Hehe...
Lord of Destruction: Graaah!
Wardant: Mwahaha! An impressive display of force. However...
Wardant: The stronger you get, the stronger I get.
Lord of Destruction: What in the...
Wardant: As long as you remain the vectors that guide mankind toward prosperity, you cannot defeat me.
Wardant: Hehe...
Wardant: Gwahahaha!

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 5: A Great Malice Taints the Future! - Episode 4

The combined forces of Nicholas and friends prove to be no match for Wardant. It reveals that it was born from the laws of the world in ancient times—when Robomi and Kenji were alive. Its existence was the world's natural counteraction to mankind's overreaching prosperity. It targets the shelter vessel next.

Dr. Rashomon: Dear me, it's gotten even bigger!
Nicholas: Do we even stand a chance against that monstrosity?
Robomi: Nicholas. We're at the zero hour.
Nicholas: Right, no time to waste!
Nicholas: Hallessena, can you handle the controls for Super Robo Gigantes?
Hallessena: Okey-doke! Leave it to me and this baby!
Nicholas: Me and Robomi will create a diversion with our Auxiliary Boost Form, while you deliver the coup de grace. Let's go!
Robomi: Understood, Nicholas.
Hallessena: That's gonna be a lot of mincemeat, but I've got a lovely, extra-large blade to help me cut the abominable baddie down to size!
Nicholas: Nicholas and Robomi, engaging the enemy in Auxiliary Boost Form!
Hallessena: Heehee! Ready to transform and roll out! Gigante On!
Wardant: Mwahaha... Have a taste of your own medicine.
Lord of Destruction: Ngh!
Wardant: What's wrong? Are you finished already?
Wardant: Urgh!
Nicholas: You're the one who's finished!
Wardant: ...!
Nicholas: Now! Hallessena!
Hallessena: Hyahaaa! It's big, it's sturdy, it's badass! Just the way I like it!
Wardant: Gwuuuh....
Nicholas: Damn! I can't even tell if we're doing any damage!
Zooey: We've defeated it once before, and we can do it again—for as many times as it takes.
Vyrn: Hold up! We need to get your wounds treated first!
Lyria: Leviathan, how long do you think it'll take to heal Zooey's wounds?
Leviathan: ...
Zooey: A few days for a full recovery? Hrm, I can already move okay. I must rejoin the battle.
Lyria: Ah!
Lyria: Please lend her your strength, Leviathan!
Leviathan: ...!
Complying with Lyria's wishes, the primal, too, faces off against Wardant.
Vyrn: You goin' too, (Captain)? Watch yourself out there. I've got a bad feeling about that abomination.
Vyrn: We defeated the thing only for it to come back. I bet it's got other tricks up its sleeve...
(Captain) responds with a smile, hoping to allay their fears.
With sword in hand, (Captain) confronts the giant abomination.
Hallessena: Now to just pull this lever to get the charge going!
Nicholas: (Super Robo Gigantes is prepping its ultimate attack! That could be our key to victory!)
Robomi: (First we distract it to make a Super Repulsion Trap easier to land...)
Robomi: (Once its movements are stopped, we pummel it to oblivion. How does that sound, Nicholas?)
Nicholas: (Sounds like the perfect plan! With the power of Zooey, (Captain), and Super Robo Gigantes, there's no way we're losing this one!)
Nicholas and Robomi use their dual-core link to determine the surest path to victory.
Just then...
Wardant: Bwahaha... Using your trump card already?
Nicholas & Robomi: ...!
Wardant: Something like this, perhaps?
Lord of Destruction: Wha?
Hallessena: What the! I can't move! Super Robo Gigantes isn't responding, Nicholas!
Robomi: We're being drawn in to the repulsion field! Try evading!
Nicholas: Damn it! Booster output's already at max capacity!
Leviathan: ...!
Lyria: ...!
Vyrn: Cough! Cough!
Vyrn: W-we made it out okay?
Lyria: But the rest of them are in trouble!
Nicholas: This is the Super Repulsion Trap! How does Wardant know this move!
Wardant: Did you think reflecting attacks was my only trick? Good—because that's exactly what I wanted you to think.
All Four: Guaaah!
Vyrn & Lyria: ...!
Wardant: As you've just witnessed, I am capable of using all your abilities.
Wardant: The abilities you've been using to protect mankind.
Lord of Destruction: Im... possible...
Hallessena: No way! Super Robo Gigantes isn't responding! Rgh...
Nicholas: Uhn...
Robomi: Bzzt... Whirr...
Nicholas and Robomi are blown away by Wardant's Hyper Sonic Jammer.
Nicholas: Robo... mi!
Nicholas desperately extends his hand, hoping to restore their connection.
Nicholas: ...
Nicholas: Augh...
Robomi: Bzzt... Whirr...
Zooey: Cough... Hack... What overwhelming power...
Wardant: And it all comes from you lot. Yes, the very power you use to protect people.
Zooey: Ngh... Who, or should I say what, are you...
Wardant: I am one of the natural laws of the world that's existed since antiquity.
Wardant: Whether it be toward order or chaos, all living beings possess the power to push the world in one direction.
Wardant: You could say I am the law of counteraction. If you are the force which brings prosperity to mankind, then I am the force which counteracts that.
Wardant: My power is equal to the sum of the total power that exists to protect mankind. That is why you cannot defeat me, Arbitrator.
Zooey: Nonsense!
Wardant: Gwahaha... Let me show you what it means to be an underlying principle of the cosmos.
Wardant: As I am law, I am not confined to a single existence.
Zooey: ...!
Nicholas: Huff... Huff... Move it, you useless body!
Wardant: I think, therefore I am.
Nicholas: ...!
Nicholas: Guaaah!
Wardant: And as is the nature of law, I cannot perish.
Robomi: ...
Zooey: Nicholas! Robomi!
Wardant: Be it man or machine, everything operates under the laws of the world. The same goes for you, a tool of the Astrals. You cannot defeat me.
Wardant: Take the law of the lever, for instance. Every boulder is movable—no matter its size. But no lever or boulder can move the law.
Zooey: ...!
Wardant: Hahaha...
Wardant: Gwahahahaha!
Dr. Rashomon: Rgh... Hallessena is trapped under the wreck left by Super Robo Gigantes!
Dr. Rashomon: I'll get you out of there right away! Please be safe, Hallessena!
Vyrn: Doc! You're okay!
Dr. Rashomon: Ooh! Good to see you guys in one piece too! Help me clear this rubble, won't you?
Dr. Rashomon: Hrgh!
Hallessena: Urk!
Lyria: Hallessena!
Hallessena: Guys... I'm sorry I broke the robot...
Dr. Rashomon: What's important is that you're safe. Whew, now I can breathe a little easier.
Dr. Rashomon: What a situation we've wound up in. I didn't expect Super Robo Gigantes to lose.
Dr. Rashomon: Fortunately I sent the shelter vessel away from Valtz ahead of time.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: The shelter vessel will be arriving in Valtz soon!
Marie: Nicholas... Everyone...
Wardant: Keep it going, to the center of town.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: ...
Wardant: Never mind. I'm done with you.
Ex-Imp. Soldier 1: Guh!
Marie: Toby, don't look!
Tobias: Goo-gah?
Marie: W-we'll be okay. Nicholas and the others are strong. I'm sure they'll make it through this. We have to believe, Toby... Believe...
Wardant: Gwahaha... You haven't seen the worst of it yet. Besides, there's no need to be startled—death is nothing to fear.
Marie: ...!
Wardant: Shall we get things going? I'm going to blow this ship up. Take care not to drop your child.
Marie: ...!

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 5: A Great Malice Taints the Future! - Episode 5

After taking down the shelter vessel and dragging Tobias and Marie out of it, Wardant explains that its goal is to create a desolate future for Tobias. It offers Nicholas the chance to end this destruction once and for all by taking his own son's life, but Nicholas refuses. Then it delivers what appears to be a finishing blow to Nicholas before Tobias's very eyes.

Nicholas: ...!
That sound...
Awakened by the ear-shattering noise from above, Nicholas looks to the skies.
Nicholas: The shelter vessel! Toby! Marie!
Torn to pieces by the giant abomination Wardant, the vessel's remains come crashing down.
Nicholas: No...
Wardant: Is this who you were calling for?
Marie: Augh!
Nicholas: !
Nicholas: Why, you—
Wardant: Behave yourself.
Nicholas: Uhn!
Marie: ...!
Wardant: Hand the baby over.
Marie: Never! You're not gonna lay a finger on my child!
Tobias: Waaah!
Marie: Toby!
Nicholas: To... by...
Wardant: My, my...
Marie: Please, I'm begging you! Don't hurt him!
Wardant: I won't end him. I'm just spreading profound hardship and grief into his future. So much so that he'll grow up wishing he were dead.
Marie: ...?
Wardant: The destruction of the town is nothing more than a step in the process to completely obliterate this boy's future.
Nicholas: What reason could you possibly have...
Wardant: The ancients' involvement gave way to this child's birth. I will grant him neither life nor death; I will merely shroud his future in darkness.
Wardant: Just as the power of the ancients led to this boy's inception, the opposite reaction must also happen.
Wardant: This boy will live a life surrounded by death, starting with the massacre of his powerless father and countless others.
Nicholas: As if I'd let that happen!
Wardant: Let me pose you a question, Nicholas. Would you be willing to end this tragedy by your own hand? A single thrust with a sword is all it would require.
Nicholas: What the hell are you implying!
Wardant: I must subject the boy to a future of utter despair. I will not stop until I break his will in every possible way imaginable, just as water must continue to flow downward.
Wardant: But if you end his life now, I will not have to act. Will you sacrifice the one or the many? Answer with your sword.
Wardant is asking Nicholas an impossibly difficult question. But he must answer.
Nicholas: You've gotta be kidding me... I choose neither!
Nicholas: Not Toby, not anyone else who could possibly end up being his friend or family one day!
Nicholas: As if it weren't obvious enough, you're the only one I'll be striking down!
Wardant: Then the child will know darkness in his future.
Nicholas: Ugh...
Tobias: Sob...
Wardant: Never forget this tragic sight, Tobias, as you go on to a live a life completely devoid of hope in this undesirable world!
With a loud rumbling sound, a large fissure opens up in the ground of Valtz.
Nicholas is struck by a blow hard enough to sink an island.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 6: Most Epic Clash in History! - Episode 1

Because world matter—the source of all souls—had been depleted in the ancient world due to mankind's massive population explosion, world antimatter—in the form of Wardant—had been created to maintain world balance. And because the ancients from that time, namely Robomi and Kenji, had gotten involved in Tobias's birth, Wardant has manifested to push the world toward chaos. Kenji distracts Wardant while Marie carries Tobias away, and Nicholas stealthily escapes.

Nicholas: Rgh!
Wardant: Then the child will know darkness in his future.
Nicholas: Ugh!
Tobias: Sob...
Wardant: Never forget this tragic sight, Tobias, as you go on to a live a life completely devoid of hope in this undesirable world!
Marie: Hrgh!
Tobias: Waaaah!
Wardant: Do you see what's happening? The world is moving in a direction undesirable for mankind.
Wardant: Take it all in with your own two eyes, child. So that your twenty-one grams of redemption may fulfill me one day.
Marie: Why are you doing this?
Wardant: Consider it a precept that has stood the test of time. World matter, being the source of all souls and the material that keeps the world moving, strives for equilibrium. It is for that purpose I exist.
Wardant: Allow me to explain what makes this child in particular so special, and why I must shroud his future in darkness.
Once upon a time, long before Bahamut created the Sky Realm...
Before there was the Crimson Horizon, a flourishing, verdant world stretched far and wide.
The people in those times had overcome countless obstacles in life through technological advances.
Famine, sickness, natural disasters, and even war became a thing of the past.
The world was under perfect equilibrium—or so everyone had thought.
In this perfect world that they had engineered for themselves, the population count expanded to hundreds of billions and showed no signs of stopping.
But this would eventually lead to ruin.
Mysterious deaths of wildlife began happening all over. One species after another were going extinct.
The famine, sickness, disaster, and war that people triumphed over was now befalling other life-forms.
All to make up for mankind's massive population explosion.
Wardant: All to make up for mankind's massive population explosion.
Wardant: People had grown too great in number. Every single one of the hundreds of billions of souls was using up twenty-one grams of world matter.
Wardant: But the well was running dry. People's souls began to occupy the space that belonged to other species.
Wardant: People continued to grow in number even when there was no more world matter to account for the extra souls. To maintain balance, negative world matter came about.
Marie: Wh-what does any of this have to do with my son?
Wardant: The actions of the ancients greatly influenced the birth of this child. That is why the law of old has been invoked, bringing forth negative world matter.
Wardant: Or rather, world antimatter—my true form.
Wardant: World matter brings order to all, while world antimatter brings chaos. That is why the child must know darkness.
Kenji: All right, let me get this straight. The reason you're being a total pain in the rear is our fault?
Wardant: Still alive, are you? Remnant of the ancients.
Kenji: Well, I make sure to back up my data, you know.
Kenji: So, to get back on topic...
Kenji: Around 70,000 years ago, a massive population boom set the laws of physics in motion and gave birth to you.
Kenji: And after all this time since the world went kaput, you show your face again because a few of us ancients had a hand in that kid's birth.
Wardant: Correct. Tobias would be free of this cruel fate if only you ancients had never gotten involved.
Wardant: And his father, Nicholas, would not have to be crushed in such an unsightly—
Wardant: Humph. He escaped, I see.
Kenji: Heh, looks like you underestimated him. He's tougher than he looks.
Wardant: He will die in due time.
Go after him.
Kenji: It's like you don't even see me as a threat.
Wardant: I've fried most of your memory circuits, without which you can do little.
Kenji: Heh, we'll see about that...
Robomi Replica: ...!
Wardant: Hm?
Tobias: Waaah!
Marie: Toby!
Wardant: Anything else?
Kenji: Nope... I'm all out of cards to deal.
Wardant: You cannot stop the world's course.
Kenji: Mm-hm, you've rendered me powerless. I struggle even to toss a few pebbles. See? Pathetic, aren't I.
Wardant: You're plotting something.
Kenji: Yeah, maybe I rigged those replicas to explode.
Wardant: Humph.
Robomi Replica: ...
Marie: !
Robomi Replica: Bzzt... Squichy-clink...
Marie: (Huh?)
Marie: (There's a message jumbled with the static...)
Robomi Replica: "Make for the archduke's estate."
Marie: ...!
Kenji: ...!
Marie: Ngh!
Wardant: Is that all?
Kenji: Yep, I never was much of a threat to begin with. Can I ask you a question though?
Wardant: Would you die more peacefully if I provided an answer?
Kenji: Oh yeah, I sure would.
Wardant: Trying to buy time, I see. I'll entertain you.
Kenji: ...
Dr. Rashomon: Huff... Huff... Hang in there, Nicholas! There's no way we're losing you here!
Robomi: ...
Hallessena: Ah, Doc! We found Robomi!
Vyrn: Phew... Robomi's a lot heavier than she looks!
Lyria: I'll do my best to help carry her!
Airi: D-Dr. Rashomon!
Dr. Rashomon: Hey... Could you help us carry these two? We need to get away from here!
Airi's Father: My goodness! I'll help!

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 6: Most Epic Clash in History! - Episode 2

In order to buy time for the others to regroup, Kenji proves to Wardant that he is a viable threat by demonstrating the power of nuclear fusion before it. Meanwhile, (Captain) and company are transporting Nicholas and Robomi to a safer place when flying abominations suddenly attacks. Zooey swoops in and saves everyone.

Kenji: So tell me: what's your endgame? If you just want to destroy the future, this is one heck of a roundabout way to do it.
Wardant Core: That is the way of the world. It moves in a direction either beneficial or detrimental to mankind.
Wardant Core: Consider how the world made things difficult for you, to counteract all the lives your parents saved. Such has always been the law of the cosmos.
Kenji: ...
Young Kenji: Stop treating me like a total pushover!
Kenji: So all this crap stems from you and the people back then, huh?
Kenji: Makes my stomach churn. All the more reason for me to stop you.
Wardant: As if you could do anything when you struggle to even lift a pebble.
Kenji: Yeah... No thanks to you, that's all about I can do now.
Wardant: You're too feeble as you are now. I will continue leading the others to their demise.
Kenji: Just like water flows from high places to low places, eh?
Wardant Core: Yes, as the laws dictate.
Dr. Rashomon: ...!
Wardant: Gwahahaha...
Dr. Rashomon: You're here too, huh?
Airi: ...!
Nicholas: ...
Kenji: I don't exactly have to be powerful to do things, you know.
Wardant: Haha... What do you hope to achieve with a pebble?
Kenji: Ever heard of the king who toppled a giant with a pebble?
Wardant: Mere folktales cannot hope to overturn matter.
Kenji: I wonder about that...
Kenji: Forming vacuum chamber. Deploying super electromagnetic coil in an annular configuration and activating its charger.
Kenji: Setting interval time to 10 microseconds. Projectile speed reaching 7800 rpm.
Wardant: Do you plan on launching your pebbles from a catapult? You think that'd expunge my matter?
Kenji: To be precise, I'll be launching the pebbles not at you, but at each other.
Kenji: I bet you don't know of this power. It's never been used against abominations.
Kenji: What do you think happens when two pebbles collide at high speeds?
Wardant: Gwahaha... I suppose they'd shatter each other and scatter into the wind.
Kenji: No, I mean super high speeds. Here, let me show you.
Kenji: It's the greatest power I know of. One that's existed since the beginning of time.
Kenji: Nuclear fusion! Doesn't matter what you're made of—you're not surviving this one!
Wardant: Huh?
Kenji: Releasing chamber! Eat this! Fusion Plasma Banger!
The blinding ray of light reaches absolute ignition and pierces the heavens.
Wardant fades away before Kenji's eyes.
Kenji: That's right—I command the greatest power on this island.
Kenji: Forget about the ones who are probably half dead by now...
Kenji: Or the robots who are now just giant heaps of scrap metal.
Kenji: Now that you've seen what I'm capable of, you'll have no choice but to come after me. Just like water has no choice but to flow downward.
Kenji: Rgh...
Kenji: (I'm at the end of my tether. But I've done what I needed to...)
Kenji: I know, Mom! I know exactly the kind of guy he—
Kenji: (Wish it didn't come off that way, but at least I managed to say it.)
Kenji: (Guess I was never able to get past my rebellious teen phase until it was too late...)
Kenji: (I've done everything I possibly—)
Kenji: (Actually, there's just one more thing... I wish I could've said goodbye to you, Nicholas...)
Kenji: (Cripes, look at how selfish I am. How did I ever blame my mother for the choice she made...)
Vyrn: Pant... Wheeze... What's with that flash of light?
Lyria: I felt a tremendous power from it...
Dr. Rashomon: Was it the work of the enemy? Or...
Dr. Rashomon: In any event, we still need to get away from here!
Airi: L-look, everyone!
Flying Abom.: Mogyagya!
Dr. Rashomon: What do we do? We currently have no way of penetrating the abominations' repulsion fields!
Zooey: Huff... Huff...
Vyrn: Miss Flippy-Hair! Huge thanks for the save.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 6: Most Epic Clash in History! - Episode 3

As Zooey reaches her limits in battling Wardant, Tyrias, clinging to life by Nicholas's neck plug, takes control of the engineer's body and faces off against Wardant, eager for a world where Airi can continue to smile. Tyrias somehow possesses the power to defeat Wardant, but the primordial abomination is not intent on letting that happen.

Zooey: Hrgh!
Zooey: Huff... Huff...
Zooey: (I've taken a lot of damage, but I can't let up yet.)
Abom. Horde: Gyamomonogogo!
Zooey: ...
Zooey: Leave me and go. That's our best option for minimizing sacrifices.
Dr. Rashomon: Nuh-uh! There's no way we're leaving you here alone!
Zooey: You have to...
Zooey: I know not whether I have enough strength to protect you all.
Wardant's power is a counteraction to any power that serves mankind.
Zooey, having been blasted by Wardant's reflection of her own power, is reaching her limits.
Zooey: Even if I fall here...
Zooey: As long as people wish it, the world will know peace!
Abomination: Shagagagaaa!
Zooey: ...!
Airi: Eek!
Nicholas: ...
Dr. Rashomon: Nicholas! You're awake!
Nicholas: Yeah...
Dr. Rashomon: Wait, you're—
Airi's Father: It can't be...
Airi: Ty... rias...
Nicholas: ...
Nicholas: Tyrias the Destroyer is dead. I'm everyone's favorite engineer, Nicholas.
Kenji: ...!
Wardant: What is it? Did you need another souvenir for your trip to hell?
Kenji: You haven't noticed it yet?
Wardant: Noticed what?
Nicholas: Haah!
Wardant: ...!
Another one has appeared?
Zooey & Nicholas: Daah!
Zooey: You're not Nicholas, are you.
Nicholas: I'm Nicholas in every way that matters, even if it's me that's controlling the body right now.
Zooey: Who are you exactly?
Nicholas: A vestige of the Tyrias that was, clinging to life by Nicholas's neck plug.
Zooey: Why do you assist us?
Nicholas: It isn't my intention to do so. We just happen to be on the same path even if our goals may differ.
Wardant: An abomination with a ruinous soul fighting for the sake of people?
Nicholas: I'm just trying to return the world to its proper form.
Wardant: Proper form, you say?
Nicholas: It's something I never considered before.
Airi: Ahahaha!
Vyrn: Gee, is it that funny?
Airi: I mean... Teehee...
Nicholas: But it's since become clear to me what form the world should take.
Wardant: How absurd... Has living among people warped your principles?
Nicholas: Perhaps so. At any rate...
Wardant: Wha...
Nicholas: I seem to possess the power to destroy you. Though I do not know why.
Wardant: You're a fake. I'll crush you and your makeshift power.
Nicholas: You're boasting some impressive numbers.
Wardant: The difference in world matter cannot be overturned.
Nicholas: Let's put that to the test.
Nicholas: Commencing elimination.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Chapter 6: Most Epic Clash in History! - Episode 4

Just as Wardant is about to finish off Tyrias, he decides to entrust his hopes and dreams to Zooey. The addition of the wishes of one who is neither man nor abomination grants her the power to defeat Wardant. She gathers the others to merge together into Ultra Robo Grand God Kaiser for a final showdown against the primordial abomination.

Tyrias: Daah!
Wardant: Gwahaha...
Tyrias: Hraah!
Wardant: Mighty, indeed. But is that all?
Tyrias: Huff... Puff...
Wardant: What's wrong? Out of breath already?
Wardant: Aha, your remaining abomination cells are few. Which severely limits your operational time.
Tyrias: Ngh!
Wardant: A real shame. If you just had more time, you could—
Tyrias: ...
Wardant: You could have dealt some major damage to me.
Zooey: ...!
Wardant: This is the end of the road for you.
Wardant: I'll make it quick. You can watch the world's destruction from the other side.
Wardant: What was it you called that power? Ah, yes, nuclear fusion, accomplished by smashing two rocks together.
Wardant: Hm, I can't seem to get it to work. Well, no matter. Let's try this instead.
Zooey: That's—
Wardant: Yes, the counteraction to your power. Proof that you cannot win.
Wardant: Begone. Gamma Ray.
Zooey: ...!
Tyrias: Arbi... trator...
Tyrias: I leave the rest to you...
Zooey: Tyrias...
A power identical to Zooey's and potent enough to swallow the island whole bears down hard.
The surroundings turn an alabaster white.
Zooey: ...
Wardant: Huh?
Zooey: Is that all?
Wardant: Hm, I suppose that didn't land right. Here's another one.
Zooey: It won't work!
Wardant: What?
Zooey: I understand everything now.
Zooey: Gather before me! Forces that swear to protect the world!
Hallessena: Huh? What's this light?
Robomi: ...
Daimon: Who is it that calls out to us?
Nicholas: !
Nicholas: Mng... What am I doing...
Hallessena: Nicholas! You're you again!
Daimon: It appears Zooey's healed your wounds as well.
Lyria: Yeah, we're bursting with energy!
Nicholas: Guys...
Zooey: Thank you for answering my call. Is everyone ready?
Everyone: Whoo!
Zooey: I will merge with Dyrn and Lyrn to bring out my true power...
Zooey: Then further merge with those who uphold peace in the skies. The power to overturn even the cosmos will be ours! Now, Nicholas!
Nicholas & Zooey: Gigante Order! Kaiser On!
Nicholas: Ultra Robo Grand God Kaiser! Ready to engage!
Wardant: What in the...
This calls for an explanation!
As you may already know, Zooey commands her true power after merging with Dyrn and Lyrn.
By making full use of her merging capabilities, she further merges with Super Robo Gigantes and Daimon's perfect form as the Lord of Destruction.
This fusion of mechanical and biological systems operates on a dual-core system, resulting in this Hybrid Battle Form!
Ergo, we have the Ultra Robo Grand God Kaiser!
Wardant: You remain powerless no matter what you do! Die already!
Nicholas: Let's go, everyone! Kaiser Sword!
Wardant: Gwah!
Wardant: No... It can't be...
Zooey: The warm wishes of the world's people gave birth to me.
Zooey: Their wishes to not leave a single person behind gave me valor.
Zooey: And now, the wishes of someone who's neither person nor abomination gives me strength!
Wardant: Impossible!
Time for some clarification!
Zooey's power exists for the sake of mankind, while Wardant's power exists to counteract that.
Therefore, Wardant's power grows proportionately with Zooey's.
However, Zooey now slightly edges out on top. That difference comes from the addition of Tyrias's wishes.
The moment that Tyrias placed his wishes in Zooey, Wardant lost the advantage it had!
Wardant: Urgh... Mere people and tools cannot possibly hope to alter the world's course!
Nicholas: Where'd it go?
Kenji: There's movement in Agastia.
Wardant: The laws of the world will not be overturned...
Wardant: Not by the likes of yoouuu!
Wardant: The absolute difference in world matter dictates that you cannot win!
Zooey: Are you sure about that?
Wardant: Gragh!
Zooey: Mankind has overcome countless adversity.
Zooey: With their wisdom.
Zooey: Their strength.
Zooey: Their curiosity.
Zooey: Their insight.
Zooey: And most of important of all, their overwhelming love.
Zooey: All of that stands before you in the form of Grand God Kaiser—boundless power representing mankind's future!
Zooey: Let us settle this, primordial abomination Wardant!

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Ending - Episode 1

The crew vanquishes Wardant along with the ancient will of the world. As everyone comes together to celebrate their hard-fought victory, an exhausted Nicholas falls into a deep sleep.

Wardant: Gwaaah!
Robomi: The enemy is rapidly collapsing. However...
Wardant: No matter your strength, you cannot reverse the will of the cosmos! I will not fall!
Hallessena: This guy just doesn't know when to give up! How do we beat him?
Robomi: Have no fear. The laws of physics in the ancient world gave birth to him.
Robomi: A world cut off from the sky as we know it. We simply need to cut him off once more.
Robomi: Does that sound right to you, Kenji?
Kenji: Yep, that about sums it up.
Nicholas: Do either of you have a plan in mind?
Kenji: Really now, Nicholas. I can tell you know what we have to do.
Nicholas: Hehe, I guess I'm an easy read.
Vyrn: You guys are lookin' really relaxed. Do we really have this in the bag?
Nicholas: Yeah. Trust me, I'm an engineer!
Nicholas: (Captain)! Lyria! Zooey! Let's go in for the final blow!
Lyria: Huh? Us too?
Zooey: If we can bury that menace for good, I'll try anything. Tell us your plan.
Wardant: Nrgh... I will not perish!
Kenji: That's some wishful thinking.
Wardant: Preparing to throw your pebbles again?
Kenji: The material for forming the projectile might be the same, but the cannon size is infinitely larger.
Robomi: Charging energy. Beginning super electromagnetic acceleration.
Kenji: Let's blast him with one more! I'll man the cannon!
Robomi: Understood, Kenji.
Kenji: Releasing chamber!
Kenji & Robomi: Fusion Plasma Banger!
Wardant: Gwuh... This can't be...
Robomi: We've succeeded in containing the nuclear fusion energy by way of repulsion field.
Kenji: The energy that's burning you up is the very energy used to create the world. And now...
Zooey: Power that protects the skies, let us merge!
Nicholas: ...!
Nicholas: How's it feel, (Captain)? Can you move around?
(Captain) is now seeing (Captain)—from Nicholas's perspective.
By Zooey's power, their minds are now connected while sharing Nicholas's body.
Grand God Kaiser: ...!
In other words, the captain's consciousness now lies within the engineer's body.
Meaning (Captain) is capable of controlling the Grand God Kaiser directly!
Nicholas: (You see that light, (Captain)? That's the target! Robomi and Kenji created the weak point for us!)
Nicholas: (Though they can't keep it up for long. Chances are you'll only have one shot at this. But with your skill, I'm sure you can do it, (Captain)!)
Lyria: ...
Lyria instills a prayer on (Captain)'s blade.
Lyria: (Is this why you called out to me? You wish to safeguard our future as well?)
Lyria: (Then please, lend me your power. To protect these vast, azure skies...)
Lyria: (May the skies stay ever blue!)
Lyria: ...!
Wardant: No... That flame!
Kenji: The light of the world's creation is keeping you in stasis.
Kenji: And the flame on that sword represents the power that severed the ruin plaguing the ancient world!
Nicholas: You're done for!
Lyria & Zooey: Kaiser Catastronesis!
Wardant: Gwaaaargh!
The flame of demise cuts down the manifestation of the ancient world...
Shining a glorious light upon the skies anew.
Wardant, the primordial abomination, fades out of existence.
Nicholas: Huff... Huff... You okay, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Whoa... You look pretty beat-up yourself, Mecha-Nick.
Nicholas: This is nothing...
Lyria: Oh no! Nicholas collapsed!
Zooey: While I was able to meld your consciousnesses together, I suppose it took a big toll.
Kenji: You two used way too much brain power.
Robomi: I recommend replenishing your sugar reserves.
Nicholas: Yeah, some sweets would be nice... You too, (Captain)? Haha.
Hallessena: All righty! Me and Marie are gonna make snacks that are crazy sweet to the max!
Lyria: Sounds great! I can't wait to eat—I mean make them with you!
Vyrn: Hahah! Let's head back to the research vessel!
Daimon: Wait. The ship's right here.
Vyrn: Oh, that's right.
Vyrn: Wait, where are you talkin' from, bud? I haven't seen you this whole time.
Daimon: Have you forgotten already? The Four Kings and I were used in the fusion for Grand God Kaiser.
Nicholas: Ah, right... Zooey, can you turn us all back to normal?
Zooey: Mm... I will try my best.
Nicholas: Huh?
Zooey: I can merge with and separate from Dyrn and Lyrn at will. But that's the extent of my experience...
Daimon: Sounds like you'll have to figure out how to disengage your current form.
Wystom: Mwahaha... With my genius smarts, we'll figure it out in no time at all, Lord Daimon.
Kenji: Just make sure you don't accidentally mess things up so bad that the process becomes irreversible.
Wystom: Urgh!
Wystom: I won't make such a rookie mistake! I'll report my findings every step of the way!
Daimon: Good. We're counting on you, Wystom.
Muskel: You know, I wouldn't mind being a permanent part of this awesome power.
Fili: Nuh-uh, get me out of here! If I'm fused with Wystom any longer, I'll turn into a science nut!
Digi: But hey... Bullying scientist Fili sounds like it could be fun to me.
Fili: Ahaha...
Fili & Digi: Tee-hee-hee-hee!
Vyrn: I never know what those two wackos are thinking...
Marie: Hey, everyone! Nicholas!
Dr. Rashomon: You're safe!
Tobias: Yah!
Nicholas: Oof! Haha... It's finally over.
Marie: After all that's happened, you're going to need a nice, long break.
Nicholas: That's for sure.
Kenji: Hey, at least we saved the future from that monstrosity, right?
Nicholas: Yeah, we pulled if off somehow.
Nicholas: ...!
Marie: Wait... Does your neck still hurt?
Nicholas: Ah, no, it's not that. I'm just... really... sleepy...
Nicholas: ...
Marie: Sigh... Dozing off in a place like this?
Tobias: Zzz...
Hallessena: Toby's having a rockin' good night already!
Dr. Rashomon: The battle has us all weary. Let's try not to wake them as we carry them someplace more comfy.

Robomi: Epic Clash - Super Robo Gigantes vs. Arbitrator Zooey - Ending - Episode 2

Nicholas awakens to find reconstruction progressing in a peaceful Valtz. Zooey, having fulfilled her duty, returns to the cosmos to enter a deep slumber. The future of mankind is safe for now.

Nicholas: (My neck plug doesn't hurt all...)
Nicholas: (It's more like a comforting sensation...)
Nicholas: (You...)
???: Always... that form...
Nicholas: Mng... Whew, I'm all rested up.
Nicholas: Wait, I'm in the research vessel? Must've ended up here while I was asleep.
Nicholas: ...
Muskel: Hm... Do you mind if I have a duel with this Gigantes?
Researcher: I do mind, Muskel. You're way too strong; you'd probably shred it to bits.
Nicholas: That's Muskel of the Four Kings, which can only mean...
Wystom: And so by assigning the undifferentiated cells different areas in advance, then replacing them with the cells of that perverse Wardant...
Fili: Perverse? You mean like a perv?
Digi: Watch out, Stepsister. Stay away from Wystom.
Wystom: Would you stop changing the subject already!
Daimon: That's just their quirky way of agreeing with you. Go on, Wystom.
Wystom: Of course!
Nicholas: Glad to see you guys figured out how to reverse the merging, even if the Four Kings are still abominations...
Robomi: You're awake, Nicholas. How are you feeling?
Nicholas: Robomi! I'm good, but you look like you could use some maintenance.
Robomi: My command systems sustained minor damage. But I should be fine once my mobility systems are repaired.
Nicholas: That shouldn't take too long. In fact, I'll get you fixed up in a jiffy.
Robomi: No, I'll be fine. You should go see your family first and put their hearts at ease.
Nicholas: But I can't just leave you like—
Robomi: Of course you can.
Nicholas: Okay then, I'll be right back to patch you up.
Nicholas: Sorry for worrying you guys.
Marie: Nicholas!
Dr. Rashomon: You're awake!
Vyrn: Good to see you up and about.
Lyria: It sure is! Hallessena, Toby, Nicholas is back!
Hallessena: Zzz... Hm? Nicholas?
Tobias: Mm... Snore...
Nicholas: Haha, morning.
Tobias: Pa-pa!
Nicholas: Whoa-ho! I think you might've gotten a bit bigger, Toby.
Hallessena: Ehehe... Toby's always such a happy kid.
Dr. Rashomon: Leave the work to us for a while, Nicholas. You could definitely use the time off.
Nicholas: Thanks... But at the very least, I'd like to get Robomi back in tip-top shape.
Dr. Rashomon: Leave that to us too. I wouldn't want you to pass out from pushing yourself too hard again.
Marie: Yeah, you need to make up for the all the time you spent away from the research vessel and play lots and lots with Toby.
Nicholas: ...
Tobias: Pa-pa...
Nicholas: You're right. I'm gonna be a better father to you, Toby. And sorry to put the extra load on you, Doctor.
Tobias: Yah!
Nicholas: Wait up, Toby! Where are you running off to?
Marie: Looks like he's ready for an outing with his dad. Why not go for a walk together?
Nicholas: Sure. I'll stock up on food for dinner while I'm out there.
Kenji: Oh?
Nicholas: Hey, nice job saving our hides again.
Kenji: I'm just doing my job as a program built to deal with the threat of abominations.
Kenji: And it looks like the Tyrias suit I was worried about has entered a deep slumber. I'll probably disappear for a while.
Nicholas: C'mon, don't say that. We're always glad to have you around. Not to mention there's lots I want to talk about.
Nicholas: After all the help you've given us, it'd be sad to think we'll never see you again if abominations are gone for good.
Kenji: ...
Kenji: Feeling sad over a computer program like me? You're a strange one.
Nicholas: Haha... I get that a lot.
Kenji: ...
Nicholas: You've gotta be kidding me... I choose neither!
Nicholas: Not Toby, not anyone else who could possibly end up being his friend or family one day!
Nicholas: Something on your mind, Kenji?
Kenji: Well, with you being the weirdo who picks up every little thing, I figured you had it all solved.
Nicholas: Am I that greedy?
Kenji: Greedy? Nah, more like cheap. Just like how you probably have the Tyrias suit tucked away nice and neat.
Nicholas: H-how does that make me cheap? Do you have any idea how much he helped—
Tobias: Wah!
Nicholas: Okay, buddy! Let's get going.
Nicholas: Kenji, we're gonna be holding a victory celebration soon. I expect to see you there, so don't you go disappearing on us, all right?
Kenji: Since we have some time until then, I'll help fix up my mom.
Nicholas: Yeah? Really appreciate it! I've gotta go now; good luck with Robomi!
Kenji: Have fun out there...
Kenji: ...
Kenji: I know it's a minor thing, but calling her "Mom" takes a surprising amount of courage...
Nicholas: The town's making a speedy recovery. I hope the supermarkets are stocked.
Man's Voice: Sorry to keep you waiting! I've come with your order!
Nicholas: Huh?
Nicholas: Ah, it's Airi's shop. They must be really busy right now as a hardware dealer, under the circumstances.
Airi: Hello there, Nicholas.
Nicholas: How's it going? Seems like you have your hands full running this place.
Airi: That's for sure. But me and my dad are just glad we get to help people out.
Airi's Father: Airi! Give me a hand sorting these out, won't ya?
Airi: Be right there, Dad! See you around, Nicholas.
Nicholas: ...
Tyrias: About Airi...
Tyrias: You think she'll always be in that form?
Tyrias: I have to go now...
Nicholas: Well, she's going to age like all of us over time. But if you mean her smile... yeah, I think she'll be in good spirits going forward.
Nicholas: You scared her good, but you also put everything on the line to save her when it mattered. I think she'll come to understand that one day.
Nicholas: This better not be goodbye forever, Tyrias...
Zooey: Dyrn, Lyrn, you did well. The threat to the skies has passed.
Dyrn & Lyrn: ...
Zooey: We have performed our duty. Let us return to our slumber.
Through the combined might of Zooey and friends, the threat posed by the laws of the ancient world is no more.
All things in the universe are in a constant state of flux, at times siding with mankind, and at other times opposing them.
To pass the future on to the littles ones, people will continue to work hand in hand to overcome adversity.
The End.


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