The Oblivion Trial

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The Oblivion Trial.jpg

The Oblivion Trial is an Extreme-difficulty farming Special quest. It is available for 2 days at a time, on rotation with the other 5 elements, and is a reliable source for Dark-element materials.


Wooden Chest
Dark Orb.jpg Dark Orb
Black Tome.jpg Black Tome
Prism Chip.jpg Prism Chip
Silver Chest
Abysm Orb.jpg Abysm Orb
Chasm Scroll.jpg Chasm Scroll
Flawed Prism.jpg Flawed Prism
Flawless Prism.jpg Flawless Prism
Gold Chest
Umbral Whorl.jpg Umbral Whorl
Rainbow Prism.jpg Rainbow Prism
Black Dragon Scale.jpg Black Dragon Scale