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Official Profile[edit]

Age 25
Height 182 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Cleaning and doing the laundry, all kinds of domestic chores
Likes Meat dishes
Dislikes Logic discussion
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Vane is currently the Vice Captain of the Order of the White Dragons, coming a long way from his debut when he was just a common rank-and-file knight. Alongside his Captain and childhood friend, Lancelot, the pair work together to protect Feendrache.

When the player first meets him, he had recently returned to Feendrache after being assigned abroad. Despite Lancelot becoming Captain of the newly reorganised Order of the White Dragons, Vane had remained a common knight, subject to being sent anywhere higher powers may please. This separation in rank causes Vane to believe that he has to catch up, having always idolised Lancelot since they were neighbours, growing up together in the same village. His insecurities however results in him diminishing his own accomplishments, and he hasn't considered that Lancelot had also looked up to him as a source of strength. Vane used to be smaller than Lancelot, and a crybaby when he was younger, but despite his fears, he had continued to strive towards his goal, and this tendency to always push himself despite his circumstances inspires his own idol, Lancelot.

Following the events of Defender's Oath, Vane climbs all the way up to Vice Captain rank, garnering fond subordinates and even remembering their anniversaries. He continues to play catch up with Lancelot to become his equal, even going as far as to secretly train with Siegfried. Lancelot remains firm in reminding him of all the hard work he has done, and evidently Vane ends up protecting an injured Lancelot when they both become stranded on a mountain. Vane remains a cornerstone of kindness, when in Divergent Knighthoods, he takes two orphans, Arthur and Mordred, under his wing, and alongside Tornelio and Cruz, teaches this quartet he dubs Team Chickadee the meaning of chivalry.


Vane is bright and friendly, willing to go the extra mile to help both friends and strangers alike. He insists on being the player's tour guide in Defender's Oath, despite his troubling sense of direction, unwilling to let people he had just met wander Feendrache alone. The events of Welcome to Bistro Feendrache occur precisely because he had pledged himself to help an old classmate, despite not having seen him in some time. He's popular with the elderly, a self proclaimed grandma's boy because they had looked after him as a child. His tendency for helping out also extends to being proficient at household chores, frequently tidying Lancelot's messy room, and being an excellent cook. Vane follows his heart, believing in the need to protect others simply because he feels that is what is right.

However, underlying all his hard work, Vane struggles with insecurity, troubled with thoughts of inadequacy. Following his separation from Lancelot, Vane languishes in a lack of self confidence, unsure of his own strength, causing him to chase after Lancelot to consolidate his own position. He is acutely aware that he needed to struggle to get to where he is now as Vice Captain, but it is precisely this tendency to never give up that inspires others, including his own idol Lancelot. Despite standing as Lancelot's equal in all the things he does, the ever kind and courageous Vane has yet to truly acknowledge his own accomplishments, and thus, has yet to truly believe in himself.


  • Lancelot: childhood friend, neighbours from the same village, was his Captain when he was a common knight and has now climbed in rank to become his Vice Captain. Calls him "Lancey", which he is embarrassed by. They often work in tandem.
  • Siegfried: was a normal knight when he was Captain of the Order of the Black Dragons, now secretly trains with him.
  • Percival: though aware of him when he was Vice Captain of the Order of the Black Dragons, they first spoke to each other in Four Knights of a Fallen Land. Calls him "Percy", much to his chagrin.
  • Team Chickadee: their team leader during their entrance examinations in Divergent Knighthoods, continues to frequently train with them.




  • Given his fellow Knights Percival and Lancelot being based on Arthurian mythos, Vane might be intended to be Ywain from the same source, another Knight of the Round Table with a lion motif.
  • The name of Vane's Charge Attack is German. Löwenbein: Jagd means Lion Leg: Hunt.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
This is great! Thanks for letting me celebrate with you! Okay, so where to?
Ah, before I forget... Today only comes once a year. Why not write a letter to your parents? That'll blow them away!


Hey, hey, hey! It's your birthday, (Captain)!
Hehe, thanks for taking the time to deal with a bum like me! How old are you now?
Are you really gonna waste your birthday hangin' around here?
You want to be here? Aw man, quit jokin' around! It's not nice to tease people, you know.
Uh, you're being serious? You wanna hang out with me? Liar... Wait, seriously? Uh, okay.
H-happy birthday. Whoa, wait a minute! Why am I saying this twice? Uh... uh...
Anyway, how about grabbing some fresh air? I'll go wherever you want to go!
Oh, come oh! Stop laughing at me! Ugh, I'll let your teasing slide this time since it's your birthday.
Okay, now you're laughing way too much about this. Was it really that funny? All right, let's head out, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I'm inviting you out to a special cafe on this special day. Is now a good time?
Here we are. Yep, you got me. This is actually my room, but today's different!
Surprise! See? It's a super-stylin' cafe.
Remember what happened last year? I was totally unprepared for your birthday, but this time we celebrate a la Vane!
Ahem. Please, (Captain), right this way. Have a seat. Allow me to serve you a cup of tea.
And now I present to you Vane's Chef Special: minicakes! Aren't they cute?
I'm no pro baker, but I think they're pretty tasty. Go for whichever one you want!


(Captain), I heard you weren't feeling well, so I came to check up on you. You hanging in there?
You don't have much of a fever and your face doesn't have that sick pale color to it. But you feel pretty weak?
I shouldn't stay too long, I don't want to wear you out even more.
Vane heads over to the nearby table and places a napkin, a tea cup, and a sugar bowl onto it.
Look at what I got! My super-stylin' cafe now does delivery!
On the menu today is antiflu gelatin! And we've got lots of flavors to choose from like strawberry, orange, and loads more!
Not to mention, if you haven't eaten already, I have a special antiflu porridge!
Oh? Is that what you want? All right then! Let me get everything ready.
Oh, crap! I forgot to say the most important thing!
Happy birthday, (Captain)! Hope you feel well soon!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Hey there! Happy New Year!
Today's the perfect day to kick back, relax, and do whatever you feel like doing! Because we're going full steam ahead starting from tomorrow!


Hm, looks like I get to visit home for New Year's. I can't wait to see everyone!
Wanna tag along, (Captain)? It's a boring place, I admit, but I'm sure we'll find something interesting to do!
So you'll come? All right! This is gonna be a great homecoming!
I mean, it's a privilege to be able to show a valued friend the place closest to my heart.
Yep! I'll definitely have to show you around!
I want to take you to the shrine Lancey visits every year... and maybe his favorite restaurant... Oh yeah! We can also join the New Year's festival!
Although doing all of that once is gonna suck up all your energy... Ah, it's fine. We'll have plenty of time to deepen our friendship!
Hm? Don't worry about lodgings. You can stay at my place. I'll even whip up something tasty!


I'll be heading back home for New Year's again. Wonder what the gang's been up to?
Are you gonna come again this year? Wahaha! Of course you're welcome to!
Actually, there are some people I want you to meet.
First there's the granny by the port. Then there's riverside granny, and forest cabin granny—
Hm? The only people I know are old ladies?
Whoa, you're right! What can I say, I'm a grandma's boy!
They used to play with me all the time when I was a kid. The town's got nothing but good people.
So you coming? Awesome! The grannies will be happy to meet you too.
Aw yeah! This trip home just got a hundred times funner!


Happy New Year! Did you get good sleep?
Hm? Me? I just came back from delivering something to the elderly people who live near me.
I was doing a little bit of jogging around the neighborhood when I was asked to do a few errands. And then everyone paid me in food!
It was great! I got some of boiled dishes and some dried food too!
Hey! I have an idea! Come to my place in a bit and we can share all this!
Plus, there's a bunch of food left over from what I made on New Year's!
So will I see you later?
Great! Then I'm off!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Whoa, no way! Chocolate! Sweet, sweet chocolate!
I can't believe this!
You're the best, (Captain)!


Aw, man. It's that time of year again... Sucks being that guy that doesn't get anything. Yeah...
Oh well! I'll just pretend this chocolate I made came from a girl!
But first this box isn't cute enough. Let's spruce it up a bit. There we go. Now I need a backstory...
Let's see. So I'm at the market when the shopkeeper's granddaughter walks in—No, wait, she doesn't have one. Uh, how about... The butcher's daughter...
Gwah! What's wrong with you, (Captain)? Do you sneak up on people for fun? You came to give me something?
Could this be... chocolate? I've been blessed again this year! Thanks a bunch!
I'm not worthy. I'm going to make it my mission this year to make this chocolate count!


(Captain), check it out! What do you think I found in Lancey's room when I was doing some housekeeping?
Chocolates! From some girl!
Man, I knew he was popular...
Speaking as a childhood friend, good for him. Bet he's a pretty happy camper. Sigh... I wonder if I'll ever...
Mmmph! What are you doing, (Captain)?
Chomp, chomp... Did you just shove chocolates in my mouth?
That's my Valentine's Day gift? For real?
Oh geez, thanks! Yahoo! This is great!
But, like, that really came out of nowhere. Why'd you do that all of a sud—Uh, (Captain)?


Sigh... This is all my fault... Lancey always says that everybody messes up sometimes... But this was big...
Oh, (Captain)! I look down? That's crazy talk... I...
Did you just stuff... chocolate into my mouth?
Oh, right! It's Valentine's Day!
Wait! Does that mean I'm your special someone?
Wow... Thank you! That took me out of my rut...
Oh crap... Now you know I was lying... Nothing slips past you...
You wanna know what happened? If you wouldn't mind lending an ear, then...
Yeah! I'd love that! This is kinda embarrassing, but...

White Day Cutscenes
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Hey... Got a sec?
Th-this is a thank you gift... I worked really hard to make it.
I don't know if you'll like it, but... please just take it!


It sure was nice to get chocolates again this year... Scratch that, it was awesome.
But what if everyone got the same chocolates? Then I might be giving the wrong impression with this present.
That'd be awkward. Aaah... What to do? Maybe I'll have a chat with Lancey... Nah, I need to figure this out myself.
Whoa! When'd you get here, Captain? Just now?
Huh? Oh, this? Ahaha...
It's just a White Day present!
For who? Uh...
Isn't it obvious? It's for you, (Captain). So, uh, please accept my feelings!
Huh? What's so weird about that? Are you saying I'm weird?
Man, do you know how hard I worked on this? You're awful, you know that...
Ah well. How could I stay mad at you after seeing that smile of yours? All is forgiven! Hope you like it!


All right you courageous kiddos of Feendrache, you all know that today is White Day.
We're making (Captain) tasty desserts to say thanks for being such a good friend. What ingredients should we use?
Chocolate chips... Nice! Strawberry jam and bananas... You guys are real chefs!
That's good enough, I think. Okay, make sure to wash your hands before putting on your aprons.
All set, everyone? Let's do it!
Hey, (Captain). Thanks for always being awesome! You deserve more than words!
Wha? Where are you kids going? We had a deal!
Man, even you're laughing your head off, (Captain)...
Hahaha, oh well.
Huh? You want to have a conversation in the room? Gulp... What should I... So nervous...
I'll, uh, brew up some tea. You go have a seat and relax, 'kay?


(Captain)! Hm?
Why the long face? Did something happen?
You just tell me all about it, okay? I can handle big and small problems just the same!
Come on! First things first. Look up at the sky and stretch your arms out to reach it! Like this!
(Crap! I dropped the box of candies I had in my pocket!)
Uh... This is for you...
I just wanted to say thanks for the chocolate and for listening to my story on Valentine's Day!
I am just a little older than you, so come to me when you need help!
Heh heh... You feeling better? Even so, how about we go get some tea and talk it out?

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
When we were kids, Lancey would terrorize me with a toy pumpkin monster.
I've hated pumpkins ever since.


Whoa! (Captain)! (Captain)! You were in here? Got a sec? Over here!
Realize you're busy, but mind helping me hand candy to all the happy ghosts out there?
They're waiting out on the deck, so why don't you head out there and start handing out candy?
Huh? What do I mean by ghosts? Oh! Right. Right. Sorry about that! Forgot to explain!
Turns out a bunch of kids went into town and bought ghost costumes! And now they're all over the ship!
Sorry to pull you into this all of a sudden, but... Huh? You'll do it? Whoa!
Hehe... Thanks a ton (Captain)! I'll cook you some serious treats after this to make it up to you!


Wahaha! This year I'm going to be a werewolf!
This costume is my own handiwork. Here, take a look.
The ears and tail came out nice and fluffy, don't you think? Hehe, not bad if I do say so myself!
Tonight's costume party is gonna be fangtastic. Then I'll go around growling at people. Rawr!
Whaddya mean my wolfman is too cutesy? Yeah, I guess the growl should be more of a howl instead.
Huh? Howl right now? Hmm, not a bad idea to practice before the big show...
Okay, fine. Just... don't laugh or anything, all right? I haven't done this before.
Ah... A-awoo...
Awooo, ow-ow awoooo...
Hehe, how's that? That was actually pretty fun. You should totally join me!


I went to a kid's Halloween party and they played so many tricks on me!
Playful children really are the most fun! They made spiders and ghosts all out of paper and everything!
Huh? Am I going to play a trick on them?
Well.. There were some really small ones in the group, so I can't really scare them without feeling bad...
Oh! I have an idea! How about we put candy in everyone's food!
If we make sure the candy is covered properly they won't taste bad, and who doesn't like getting extra sweets?
Great! We're set!
Now let's get us some treats!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
I remember back when we were kids, Lancey and I would always try to catch Santa! We had a blast!


Hmm.. It's that time of the season. Eh, not like I had anything planned for today anyway. Let's see what Lancey's up to..
Huh? Oh, hey, captain. Are you free right now? Good thing I bumped into you!
All right, you get the pleasure of spending the day with me!
Not! Yeah, like you'd want to hang out with me, hahaha!
Whoa, you serious? You're fine with hanging out? Whoa, whoa, whoa. That's.. awesome!
Okay, so waddaya wanna do? Go on, I wanna know!
You want me to bake you a cake? Are you sure? Wahaha! You've got simple tastes!
I'm gonna make the best cheese cake you've ever tasted in your life!
Let's hurry and go buy what we need! Dress warmly and meet up on the deck!


Wahaha! I've been asked to play Santa for the kids' winter party.
Heh, seeing this red suit takes me back to when I was a wee lad.
We were having a party with some other kids. Lancey and I came up with the idea to go dressed as Santas.
But my suit got messed up because I wasn't paying attention while getting ready to go. Man, I busted out crying right there.
So then Lancey gave up his suit for me to wear. He's got a heart of gold.
To be fair, I wanted him to wear it, but he was stubborn like a mule.
"You deserve to be the big man after all the work you put in" is what he said, but he was the one that was really looking forward to it...
Makes my eyes well up!
Whoops, sorry for dragging down the mood. Better get changed.
If you're free, why don't you come to the party too?


The kids just got a bunch of presents!
They're eyes were so big as they showed me all the things they got.
Just looking at all their happy faces was enough to make even me jump for joy! Ahaha!
Just think, when I was a kid, I used to get presents from Santa too. Those were the days...
Huh? What exactly did Santa give me?
Let's see... The thing I loved best was the action figure that both me and Lancey had!
"Now's our chance! Follow the captain!" Come to think of it, nothing's changed all that much.
(Captain), what kind of presents did you get?
Come on! Show me!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Once Upon a Spring Day[edit]

Vane visits Lancelot and the view outside the window inspires them to go on a hike. They decide to hike the mountain they once attempted to climb but couldn't finish. (Captain) and the crew join them on the hike and they all have a picnic on the peak.

On a fine spring afternoon, with tea and assorted confectionary treats in hand, Vane knocks on a door.
Vane: Lancey, it's me! Can I come in?
Lancelot: Hm? Vane? Oh, by all means!
The office door opens and in comes Vane.
Vane: Comin' in!
Vane: Lancey, you've been cooped up in here all morning, haven't you? How about a break?
Lancelot: Mmm... Good advice. I was just thinking of taking a breather.
Lancelot: Heh. Your timing couldn't be more perfect.
Vane: But of course! I've known you your whole life, Lancey—I'm practically a pro at reading you.
Lancelot: Haha. Can't argue with you there. So what've you brought?
Vane: Today's menu is... Ta-daa!
Freshly baked apple pie and freshly brewed tea!
Lancelot: Wow! That looks amazing! I've been craving something sweet lately. This is perfect.
Vane: Heh! Glad to hear that! C'mon, let's dig in while it's hot!
Lancelot: Hmm, let's set the plates over here!
The two enjoy each other's company as they savor their apple pie and tea.
Vane: Man, just look out that window. Perfect day out today—not one cloud in the sky.
Lancelot: It almost feels like a waste staying indoors with such perfect weather.
As they stare out through the windows at rolling mountains, Vane blurts out something unexpected.
Vane: Y'know, this would be a perfect time to take a hike up in the mountains.
Lancelot: Mountain hiking... That does sound nice!
Now that you mention it, didn't we take a group hike with our order a while back?
Vane: Oh yeah, we did! Mount Kirchberg, right?
Lancelot: Ahh, good times. But we weren't able to reach the peak, were we?
Vane: Yeah. The weather took a turn for the worse and we were forced to turn back.
Lancelot: A real shame, that was. We were almost at the top too.
Lancelot lets out a wry chuckle, but is surprised to find Vane wearing a most serious expression.
Vane: Hey... Lancey?
Lancelot: Hm? What is it, Vane?
Vane: What do you say we try going up that mountain one more time?
Lancelot: Huh? Us? Hm...
Lancelot: Yes, I think I like the sound of that!
Vane: Really?
Lancelot: Now's the time to finish what we started! There's no fun in leaving things half done!
Vane: All right! Then let's get ready! Double-time!
Just then (Captain) and company pop in to visit the two knights.
Vyrn: What's up, guys! We came to check in on you!
Lyria: Good afternoon! You two seem to be having fun! What're you talking about?
Vane: Oh! Well, if it isn't Lyria, Vyrn, and the gang! Actually, we were just...
Vane's eyes shine with a certain sparkle as he tells (Captain) and company of his mountain-climbing plans.
Vane: Say, why don't you guys join us? You came all the way out here, after all.
  1. Let's go!
  2. Won't we be, uh... intruding?

Choose: Let's go!
Vane: I was hoping you'd say that, (Captain)!
Vane: Lancey, you're okay if (Captain) and the guys tag along, right?
Lancelot: Of course! It's not too dangerous a mountain; I've no doubt (Captain) should be able to handle it!

Choose: Won't we be, uh... intruding?
Vane: Hm? Intruding? Why would you say that?
Vane: Oh, unless... hiking's not really your thing?
Vyrn: No, it's not that. It's just that, uhh... Lyria?
Lyria: Well, that mountain holds a lot of memories for you two, doesn't it?
Vane: Sure does!
Lyria: I guess we thought you two might want to relive the moments by yourselves.
Vane: Wahahahaha! That's what you're so worried about?
Vane: C'mon, we're all friends here! We'd love to have you around!
Vane: The more the merrier! Right, Lancey?
Lancelot: Indeed! And I know (Captain) and the others shouldn't have a problem in the stamina department!
Continue 1
Vane: All right! It's decided! I'll fill you guys in on the details later. Just hang tight!
Thus, (Captain) and company agree to join Vane and Lancelot on their hike.
After several days the group meets at the foot of Mount Kirchberg.
Vane: Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to climb this mountain?
Vyrn: Yes, sir! I got a full night's sleep for today!
Lyria: Me too! I made sure I ate all my breakfast!
Vane: That's the spirit! How about you, (Captain)? All good to go?
(Captain) answers Vane with a smile and a nod.
Vane: All those gathered here today are tied by fate—we're family.
Vane: If you get tired, hurt, or have any problems at all, don't hesitate to ask Lancey or me for help!
Vyrn: Sure will! We're counting on ya!
Lyria: Hehe. Wow, Vane, you sound just like a mountain ranger!
Lancelot: Um, Vane... I've no doubt of your enthusiasm, but I just wanted to make sure you know the way.
Vane: You bet I do! I reviewed the route dozens of times for today!
Lancelot: That's good to hear. Would you mind if I held onto the map though? Just in case.
Vane: Here you go! Man, you're such a worrywart, Lancey!
(Captain) and company breathe a sigh of relief as they see Lancelot grab hold of the map.
Vane: Now! Before we leave, let's do a head count! You start with number one, Vyrn!
Vyrn: One!
Lyria: Two!
Lancelot: Three!
Following Lancelot, (Captain) calls out his number with gusto.
Vane: That's the spirit! Now, let's get moving!
The group had been somewhat concerned with Vane's knack for getting lost, but the knight's extensive preparation is soon apparent.
Vane's friends see him in a whole new light as he leads them.
With the peak nearly in reach, Vane makes a stop along the way.
Vane: Lancey, Lancey! This is the place!
Lancelot: I remember! This was where the storm hit us.
Vyrn: And forced you guys to turn back, right?
Lancelot: It was so bad that our squad had to take shelter behind some of the rocks here before we left.
Vane: Ahh, this place brings back memories. I was so hungry that time—my stomach was killing me.
Lyria: Hehe, aren't you always hungry?
Vane: Hey now! That's...
Vane: Actually true!
Vane: Guess I can't complain about that! Wahaha!
Lyria: Hehe! So where are we going to have lunch?
Vane: I'd love to chow down right here and now, but if we push just a little further, we can have lunch at the peak!
Vyrn: All right! Race you there! I'm gonna be first!
Lyria: Vyrn! No fair!
Vane: Hey! No running around or you're gonna hurt yourselves!
Lancelot: Vane, leave those two to me.
Vane: Thanks, Lancey! Keep 'em safe!
Vane: Okay... (Captain). This part's a little tricky. Give me your hand.
Taking hold of Vane's outstretched hand, (Captain)'s body is lifted into the air.
(Captain) thanks Vane for his kindness.
Vane: Wahaha! It's nothing! I'll even piggyback you if you're tired! Just say the word!
Vane: Whoops! We better get moving before we're left behind! C'mon!
The group soon reaches the peak of the mountain without incident.
Vyrn: I did it! First place goes to me!
Lyria: Pant... Pant... No fair, Vyrn. You can fly...
Lancelot: Are you all right, Lyria? Sit down and rest.
Lyria: Th-thank you. I just need to catch my breath.
Not long after the others, Vane and (Captain) arrive.
Lancelot: Vane. We finally made it.
Vane: We did. And I'm glad I made it with you, Lancey.
The two knights bask in their achievement; they've finally finished what they started all so long ago.
Vane: Right! Now that the gang's all here...
Vane: A very special surprise for all of you! Courtesy of mountain ranger Vane!
From his bag Vane takes out a lunch box stuffed full of handmade sandwiches and delicacies.
Vane: Feast your eyes on my specially made Vanewiches! Woke up at the break of dawn just to make 'em!
Vyrn: Awesome! This is gonna be the best picnic ever!
Lyria: Wow! They look absolutely delicious!
Lancelot: Heh. Good going, Vane.
Vane: We couldn't have made it this far without each other! Great job, everyone!
Vane: Now, let's get this picnic started!
Vyrn: Yeah!
Lyria: Yeah!
Lancelot: Yeah!
The group gets busy setting up their little picnic.
Spreading the picnic blanket and sitting in a circle, they get ready to eat.
Vane: Bon appetit!
Vyrn: Bon appetit!
Lyria: Bon appetit!
Lancelot: Bon appetit!
Vane: Dig in, guys!
They waste no time in tasting their lovingly made treats.
Lyria: Mmm! This is so yummy!
Vyrn: I'll be the judge of that... Mm! She's right! This is out of this world, Vane!
Sounds of delight and expressions of satisfaction fill the scene as they dig into the amazing-looking food.
Lancelot: Haha. Vane, you should open up a shop! These victuals would sell for sure!
Vane: Vane's Vittles and Vanewiches! I like the sound of that!
Vane: Wait, I can't manage a shop and be a first officer at the same time!
Lancelot: Hahaha! Don't take it too seriously, friend. What would we ever do without our favorite first officer?
Vane: Aww. Oh well! I can still make food for everyone even without a shop!
A happy and merry time it is on that mountain peak of Kirchberg.
In the midst of the revelry, a light breeze greets the jolly picnickers.
Something small, light, and pink drifts down from above and lands in Lancelot's hair.
Vane: Huh. A pink flower petal.
Lancelot: Hm? Flower petal? Where?
Vane: Don't move.
With delicate care, Vane plucks the tiny petal from Lancelot's locks.
Vane: It's... beautiful.
Lancelot: Indeed.
Like warm snow on a spring day, the pink petals waft gently down from the trees.
Vane: Wow. I never knew such beautiful flowers bloomed up here.
Lancelot: They must only bloom during this time of the year.
Vane: Lancey... promise me we'll come here again next year.
Lancelot: Haha. An easy promise.
Enthralled at the magical beauty before them, Vane and Lancelot vow to return when springtime comes again.
Just as the blossoms atop that mountain continue to bloom, so does the camaraderie between the two knights ever flourish.

You and Me, No Matter What[edit]

After a picnic on the mountaintop, (Captain) and company descend the mountain. They hear shouts for help coming from nearby and rush over to find monsters attacking defenseless hikers.

Vane, Lancelot, (Captain), and company return from their mountaintop picnic.
Lyria: The view from the peak and those pretty pink flowers were amazing! What a wonderful place that was!
Vyrn: Ditto! If I had my way, I would've stayed a little longer.
Vane: Sorry about that! Believe me, I wanted to stay longer myself, but leaving while the weather's on our side is the safest thing to do.
Vane: Going down the mountain's more dangerous than up, and you never know when the weather might change around here.
Lancelot: Vane's right. Leaving early means that we're prepared for any trouble that might come up along the way.
Vane: Don't worry—we'll come again next year! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) gives a firm nod in answer.
Just then, the group hears shrill screams pierce through the air.
Vane: Whoa! Speaking of trouble!
Lancelot: Hurry! It came from this way!
Vane: Can you come with us, everyone?
Vyrn: Bet on it! We can keep up!
Lyria: We will! Don't worry about us! This path shouldn't be too hard for us to cross.
(Captain) nods eagerly.
Vane: Okay! Stay close!
After pushing their way through the rough path, the group finds two people cornered at the edge of a cliff by vicious monsters.
Frightened Man: Eeek! G-get away!
Frightened Woman: Help! Someone! Anyone!
Lancelot: We're here to help! Ready, Vane?
Vane: Ready, Lancey!
Everyone, cover us!
Vane: Let's roll!

You and Me, No Matter What: Scene 2[edit]

The hikers are rescued, but Vane and Lancelot fall into the rushing river below. Vane pulls them both to safety onto a riverbank and they realize that Lancelot's leg is injured. Vane manages to start a small fire, but monsters close in on their camp.

The group manages to drive away the monsters and rescue the man and woman.
Lancelot: Whew. That's the last of them. Nothing more to worry about. You're safe now.
Frightened Woman: Th-thank you!
Vane: We'd never have found you if not for your buddy here! That's quite a set of lungs you have there, guy!
Frightened Man: Ha... haha... I'd prefer if you forgot about that, actually.
When Vane and Lancelot approach them, the ground under the man and woman suddenly gives way.
Lancelot: Wha!
Vane: No!
With lightning reflexes Vane and Lancelot lunge forward to save them.
Vane: Ngh!
Lancelot: Rgh!
Vane and Lancelot grab hold of each of the civilians and thrust them to safety, switching places with them.
With no time to react, (Captain) and the others can do nothing but watch as the knights fall to the rapids below.
Vyrn: Vane! Lancelot! No!
Lyria: Wh-what do we do, (Captain)!
Vane and Lancelot fight to stay afloat as they are washed away by the torrent.
Vane: Blbbl... Gasp!
Lancey! You okay?
Lancelot: Gasp!
I am! Somehow!
Vane senses the waterway pushing them towards an unsettling destination.
Vane: I think we're headed for a waterfall!
Lancelot: We need to do something! Fast!
Vane: I've got it! Over here, Lancey!
Lancelot: Vane! I'm coming!
Vane: Hragh!
Vane grabs hold of a branch leaning into the river.
Vane: Quick! Grab my hand!
Lancelot: Got you!
Vane: Ngh! Here we go!
Vane: Grraaagh!
With all his might, Vane thrusts Lancelot onto the riverbank.
Lancelot: ...!
You did it, Vane!
But the force of the feat causes the branch that had anchored Vane to break.
Lancelot: Vane!
Vane: Damn! So this is how it ends.
Lancelot: Don't you give up on me, Vane! Grab my hand!
Vane: Lancey!
As quickly as the branch breaks, Lancelot reaches out toward Vane and catches his hand just in the nick of time.
Lancelot: Ngaarrgh!
With every fiber of every muscle in his being, Lancelot plucks Vane from the deluge in one mighty heave.
Vane watches from the safety of the riverbank as items from his baggage are washed away by the currents.
Vane: Pant... Pant... Owe you one, Lancey...
Lancelot: Pant... Pant... I'm glad you're safe, Vane...
The two spend several moments sprawled on the riverside.
Vane: You think (Captain) and the others made it down okay?
Lancelot: It's (Captain)—I wouldn't expect anything less.
Lancelot: We'd do better to worry about ourselves right now.
Vane: You're right, man.
Ah... Ah!
Vane: Achoo!
Lancelot: Vane? Are you all right?
Vane: Wahahaha! It's nothing! I'm fine!
Lancelot: But if we don't do something soon, we might freeze out here. We need a fire to dry ourselves off.
Vane: You're right! We should gather some dry leaves and twigs!
Lancelot: Sounds like a plan. Let's g—Argh!
Vane: Lancey! What's wrong?
Lancelot: Damn. My leg's injured.
Vane: Then I'll go by myself. You just rest here.
Lancelot: I'm sorry I can't help, Vane.
Vane: Heh! Come on, Lancey, what are friends for?
Lancelot: Indeed. Thank you, friend.
Vane: All right. You just wait right there. Daddy Vane's gonna bring home the bacon.
Lancelot: Haha! Be careful out there.
Vane manages to gather a large pile of dried leaves, grass, and branches. They waste no time starting a warm fire.
Vane: How is it? Warm enough?
Lancelot: Ahh, it's perfect.
Vane: Whew. Guess we can breathe easy for now!
Vane: ...!
Lancelot: Wait... I hear monsters nearby.
Vane: Damn it! There's nowhere for us to hide! I'll have to take them on alone. Stay here!
Lancelot: That's madness! It's too dangerous by yourself!
Vane: B-but you're—
Lancelot: I'm fine! Don't worry about me—I know my limits.
Lancelot: Here they come, Vane!
Vane: Then here we go, Lancey!

You and Me, No Matter What: Scene 3[edit]

Just as Vane and Lancelot defeat the monsters, the sky begins to thunder. They find a cave for shelter from the rain and start a fire. They talk about their friendship and their trust in each other during tough scrapes. But soon enough a monster appears from within the cave.

Vane: Pant... Pant... I think we got them.
Lancelot: This area must be monster territory.
As soon as the two knights defeat the monsters, the clouds above darken and thunder starts to roar. A storm threatens.
Vane: Oh, come on! Can't two guys catch a break?
Lancelot: Vane! We need to find shelter before the rain finds us!
Vane: Ditto! Lean on me—I'll be your crutch.
Lancelot: Much obliged. Let's follow the river for now.
Lancelot limps along with Vane's help.
Before long they come across a cave large enough to accommodate them.
Vane: Whew! We made it! And not a drop of rain on us!
Lancelot: Not a moment too soon either.
Vane: It might be a little dark and damp in here, but it looks like we're finally safe.
Lancelot: The sun's setting as well. It might be best to spend the night here.
Vane: You're right! Wouldn't want to wander down the mountain when it's pitch black out there.
Lancelot: Perhaps we should use the rest of the kindling to make a fire while there's still light.
Vane: Right! I'm on it!
Lancelot: Haha.
Vane: Hm? What's so funny?
Lancelot: Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about how dependable you've been today.
Vane: Really? Aren't I always like this?
Vane: Wait. Does that mean I'm usually not dependable?
Lancelot: No, no! That's not what I meant at all!
Vane: I guess...
I just really wanted this hike to go well, y'know?
Lancelot: Mm. As did I.
Vane: I'm... sorry things turned out like this.
Lancelot: Why're you apologizing? This isn't anyone's fault.
Vane: Well, you have a point. But, I dunno, I can't help but feel responsible somehow.
Oh! I got a flame!
Lancelot: Great going, Vane!
Vane: This baby's going to be a roaring fire in no time! Sit tight!
Vane: Huff! Huff!
Vane: Yes! Just in time before dark!
Vane: Argh! I just realized I'm starving!
Lancelot: Pff! Haha! Here, have this.
Vane: Huh? You brought emergency rations?
Vane: You're the man, Lancey! Thanks!
Vane: W-wait, wait, wait. Do you have one for yourself?
Lancelot: Don't worry about me. I'm not too hungry right now.
Vane: No, you gotta eat! We'll split it!
Vane tears the dried snack in two.
Vane: Here! Take it!
Lancelot: Heh. Thank you, Vane.
Vane: Haha. Hey, I should be thanking you here.
Lancelot: Vane... Do you remember?
Vane: Hm? Remember what?
Lancelot: That time when we were kids and went to play in the woods. We got ourselves so lost.
Vane: Huh? Oh, that! Yeah, I was so scared.
Vane: I was crying my eyes out like there was no tomorrow. Man, I was such a baby.
Vane: But you didn't cry. Not even once. You looked after me the whole way through.
Vane: I don't know what I would've done without you.
Lancelot: No.
Vane: Huh?
Lancelot: No, Vane. You've got it all wrong. The only reason I didn't cry was because I had you with me.
Lancelot: It's not that I was strong because I wasn't scared. There was simply nothing to fear as long as we were together.
Lancelot: Vane. It's I who would've been helpless without you.
Vane: Lancey...
The two stare at each other. Lancelot is the first to break the silence.
Lancelot: Hahaha. And if I recall, you were hungry that time as well. I split my food with you then, just like now.
Vane: What, seriously? Looks like I haven't changed one bit!
Lancelot: Hahaha, you certainly haven't.
Lancelot: Even back then you insisted we split the food. You wouldn't budge until we did.
Vane: One day I want to be strong enough to protect you, Lancey!
Sounds of movement start to echo from deep within the cave.
Vane: ...!
Lance! Something's coming!
Lancelot: Yes, it seems we're not alone in here. I'll take care of—
Vane: Leave this to me!
Lancelot: Vane! You can't do this alone!
Vane: I can't let you fight in the condition you're in!
Lancelot: Wha! No, but I can still—
Vane: You think I can't tell, but I can. You've been hiding how bad your leg hurts. You can barely walk, but you've been putting on a brave face for me.
Lancelot: Ngh! That's—
Vane: Lancelot! I'm not that kid in the woods anymore.
Lancelot: But... Vane...
Vane: This time... it's my turn to protect you!
Monster: Grraaar!
Vane: Sorry we woke you up, little guy, but I'm gonna have to tuck you back into bed!

You and Me, No Matter What: Scene 4[edit]

The weather finally clears, allowing Vane and Lancelot to leave the cave. Not long after venturing out, they hear (Captain) and the crew calling out in search of them. Vane and Lancelot realize their bond is even stronger after overcoming this hardship.

Vane deals with the monster that had awoken in the cave.
However, day after day, the weather permits them no passage to the outside world.
Vane: Lancey... Have some water.
Lancelot: Glug, glug...
Thank you, Vane.
Vane: How's the leg?
Lancelot: I'm managing...
Vane: Argh... The monster in my tummy's growling again.
Lancelot: Vane. This is the last of our food. You take it.
Vane: Huh? What's gotten into you? No, we're splitting it like we always do!
Lancelot: Wait! Think about this. With my leg, I'm in no state to go down the mountain.
Lancelot: When the weather clears, you need to go without me. So take this—
Vane: I said no!
Lancelot: Listen to me! We're both going to die out here at this rate!
Vane: I'd rather die with you than survive alone!
Lancelot: Wha! Have you gone insane?
Vane: Besides! I'm bigger and burlier than you. It's gonna be a long time before I starve!
Lancelot: Sigh... Sometimes you amaze me, Vane. I didn't think you could be this stubborn.
Vane: There are some things I can't do, Lancey. Even if you're the one asking me to do it.
Vane: Don't worry! I haven't given up yet! Rescue's coming—I know it!
Lancelot: Heh. Very well. I'll believe in you, Vane.
Vane: That's my boy. Well, no use wasting energy staying awake. Let's turn in for the night.
Lancelot: All right. Here's hoping to a clear sky on the morrow.
Vane: Good night, Lancey.
Lancelot: Good night, Vane.
The screaming winds and pouring rain rage beyond the cave as the two weary knights rest.
The following day, however, is the blue sky they had so hoped for. For the first time in days, they leave the cave.
Vane: Lancey. Can you stand?
Lancelot: Yes. I should be able to handle this much.
Lancelot: Ngh!
Vane: Lance!
Lancelot: I'm all right, Vane.
Vane: No, you're not! Here, hop on my back.
Lancelot: Don't be absurd! You can barely stand on your own!
Vane: Just get on!
Lancelot: Ah! Hey!
Ignoring Lancelot's protests, Vane scoops him onto his back. Step by heavy step, he trudges along the mountain trail.
Vane: First... we go up the ridge... and find a path we recognize.
Lancelot: Mm...
Vane: Whew... Exercise on an empty stomach... sure is something...
Lancelot: Vane. Don't do this. I can walk.
Vane: No... I'm stronger this way... I'm... never... giving up!
Lancelot: Vane...
Vane: Whatever happens... as long as we have each other... no matter what... we're gonna make it...
Vane: The both of us... are getting home... alive! Graaagh!
It is then that they hear voices echoing in the distance.
Vyrn: Vane! Lancelot! Are you out there?
Lyria: Vane! Lancelot! Answer if you can you hear us!
Vane: Lancey! D-did you hear that?
Lancelot: I did! Vane, they're really here!
Vane: Heeey!
Vane: Vyrn! Lyria!
Vane: We're over here!
Lancelot: We're saved! And all the knights from the order are here too!
(Captain) and company rush toward Vane and Lancelot.
Vyrn: Sob...
Vane! Lancelot! You're safe now! You made it!
Vane: Heh. Thanks, bud.
Lyria: Sniffle... Sniffle... Thank heavens you're safe... We were so worried...
Lancelot: Thank you, Lyria. We always knew (Captain) and the rest of you would be looking for us.
(Captain) checks to see that the two knights are safe and breathes a sigh of relief.
Lancelot: I see you've called the other knights to help in the search, (Captain). Thank you, we are in your debt.
Vane: We would've been goners if you hadn't.
Vane: Thanks, (Captain)
With tears welling, (Captain) gives a soft smile.
The knights of the Order of the White Dragons gather around in concern.
Vane: Thanks, guys, I really can't thank all of you enough.
Lancelot: Haha. As long as we have each other, we'll always make it, right?
Vane: Yep. No truer words! You and me, no matter what!
Vane and Lancelot are saved from their ordeal and live to tell their harrowing tale.
The bonds between them stronger than ever before, they know that no matter what may come to pass, united they shall abide.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
おらよっとぉ!ちょいと邪魔するぜっ! Gangway! Comin' through!
さぁさぁ、この調子でどんどん行こうぜ~! That's the ticket! Keep it up!
山登りって楽しいよな~! Hiking sure is fun!
俺のお弁当はすんげぇウマいだろ~? Sandwiches! Get your sandwiches here!
ヤッッ……ホォー! ヤッッ……ホォー! Wahooo!
考えたら、ランちゃんとはもうずいぶん長いよな~ Lancey and I go back as far as I can remember.
ジークフリートさんってなんか山っぽいよな~ You know what mountains remind me of? Siegfried.
パーさんは……海?どこか海っぽいかな~ Percy, uhh, reminds me of the ocean... I guess?
(主人公)は海と山どっち派だ? Say, (Captain). You an ocean or a mountain person?
(主人公)も俺をどんどん頼ってくれよな! If you ever need anything, (Captain), just say the word and I'm there.

Other Appearances[edit]


SV Vane, Indomitable Knight.png SV Vane, Indomitable Knight E.png
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At the end of your turn, gain +1/+0 and restore 3 defense to this follower.

Lancelot, captain of the Order of the White Dragons, has been my best bud since we were little. Yeah... Lancey's really amazing—he's no ordinary childhood friend!

(Same as the unevolved form.)

Of course I worry about stuff! Right now I want to get as good as Lancey so we can fight side by side as equals... I've still got a long way to go though!
Class Swordcraft
Trait Officer
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Vane, Indomitable Knight
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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