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The Other Side of the Sky - Opening

The delinquent gearcycle gang known as the Red Wings tears up the country roads at night, but their rivals, the Destiny Nocturnes, lie in wait to spoil their rally.

A beam of light hurtles through the pitch blackness.
As if in response, ray after luminous ray fires off and joins it, illuminating the surroundings.
The rev and roar of engines that follow are a wild orchestra that sets young people's hearts a-dancing.
The ones gathered here dig in their heels when society pushes and stand their ground.
Their name: the Red Wings.
Tsubasa: Turn up, my men! It's time to bounce!
Red Wings: Whooo!
Killa Taiga: Yeeeah-hoo! That's what I'm talking about!
Yung Rintaro: 'Sup with you, Taiga? This is lit as hell.
Tsubasa: Rintaro, yo, stay outta his face.
Yung Rintaro: Huh? Don't tell me you got friendzoned again, man!
Sigh... You oughta get yourself some hobbies besides mackin'.
Killa Taiga: Sob... Sob... Akina...
Yung Rintaro: That is some wackery right there. But you know what they say: when times get wack, it's time to push back.
Yung Rintaro: Am I right, or am I right, Tsubasa?
Yung Rintaro: Whoa, whoa! What the hell's that?
Tsubasa: Huh?
Rintaro points down the desolate country road. A host of lights and flares blink back like the eyes of a pack of wild beasts.
They are clearly coming for the Red Wings.
Yung Rintaro: Huh? That's the Destiny Nocturnes! Word was they split up...
Tsubasa: I don't care who they are. You mess with our game...
Tsubasa: You get a world of pain!
Killa Taiga: Yeah-hah-hah! This is just the pick-me-up I need!
Red Wings: Whooo! Yeah, here's what's up!
The lost souls plunging into the night have wishes as varied as the flowers of the fields.
Some hunger for thrills, others for sweet release.
Still others thirst for the destruction of the tiny world they inhabit.
Clutching those blooms close to their chests, they ride together toward the other side of the sky.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 1: Remedial Class Delinquent - Episode 1

The crew head to Mysteria because Elmott has been asked back to teach another short course at the academy, and Vyrn plans to study magic there. They learn from Mr. Bertrand that the teachers have their hands full dealing with a certain group of delinquent students.

Vyrn: Whoa! The academy and town got blown to bits, but they're back to normal now.
Lyria: All the islanders must have worked together. What a nice surprise!
The Mysteria Academy of Magic.
Disaster had struck this, the largest and most renowned school of magic in the Phantagrande Skydom.
Some students' curiosity got the better of them, and while practicing the forbidden arts they inadvertently opened a door to the Otherworld.
The forces of the Otherworld laid waste to the academy and town, pushing (Captain) to the limit.
But with the cooperation of Anne, Grea, the other students, and the teachers, (Captain) was able to overcome the army of the dead in the end.
The portal to the Otherworld was sealed, and peace returned to the Mysteria Academy of Magic.
Vyrn: I didn't expect you to be called back here as a guest teacher, Elmott.
Elmott: It's a real bolt from the blue. I'm not the teacher type—and no one knows that better than me.

This man's name is Elmott.
After being mistaken for an arsonist by a group of villagers, he fled with (Captain) and the others aboard the airship.
Since then, he has been serving on the crew.
During his time aboard the Grandcypher, talk of Elmott's preternatural skill with flame spread near and far.
Eventually it reached the illustrious Mysteria Academy of Magic, and the flame-wielder was invited to serve as a guest lecturer.
That is how Elmott came to teach at Mysteria, if only for a little while.

Blazing Teacher Elmott is a crew member

Elmott's preternatural skill with flame was sought out by the Mysteria Academy of Magic.
As a result, he spent a short time here as a guest lecturer.
Continue 1
Elmott: Heh...
Lyria: Heehee! You seem kind of happy.
Elmott: Huh! What reason do I have to be happy? C'mon! This is a giant hassle.
Lyria: You can do it, Elmott! You too, Vyrn! I'll be cheering you on!
Elmott: Hah! I just dropped by to check out the town. I haven't agreed to anything yet.
Elmott: Anyway, lizard, you've got a really sour look on your face!
Vyrn: It's great that I got a recommendation from Teach and enrolled here...
Lyria: Teach? Do you mean Suframare? I remember she tried to teach you magic...
Vyrn: But the academy's students are some of the smartest people in Phantagrande. I'm super nervous now!
Any version of Suframare is a crew member

Elmott: C'mon! Why get hung up on that sort of stuff?
Any version of Suframare is a crew member

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No version of Suframare in crew

The teacher Vyrn mentioned is Suframare, an itinerant tutor.
Suframare tried teaching magic to Vyrn, but her efforts were to no avail.
Vyrn grew disappointed in himself as a result, but Suframare vowed not to give up until the tiny dragon learned to wield magic.
As part of her efforts, she has recommended Vyrn for the Mysteria Academy of Magic.
Elmott: C'mon! Why get hung up on that sort of stuff?
Continue 2
Elmott: You've got your chance right here, so start acting like it!
Vyrn: Oh... Yeah. Yeah...
Vyrn: You're right.
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: Hm? What is it?
(Captain) and the others are on their way toward the staff room to meet Mr. Bertrand.
On the way there, a flower bed catches Lyria's attention.
Lyria: This is awful. Someone stepped all over the flowers.
Vyrn: Oh no! Who'd do that sort of thing?
Lyria: They drew on that wall too! People worked so hard to make it nice here again, and now this...
Vyrn: Yeah, that's not a part of the design. What's going on here!
???: That's their way of expressing themselves. One might call it a symbolic assertion of their existence.
While (Captain) and the others are racking their brains over the vandalized wall, two teachers appear.
Lyria: Oh, Mr. Bertrand! Ms. Miranda! It's been such a long time.
Ms. Miranda: It sure has! Good to see you all again!
Elmott looks at the teachers in disbelief.
Elmott: So now they're tagging the school walls, huh?
Elmott: Some new far-out, anything-goes curriculum... is not what we're dealing with here, is it?
Lyria: And that flower bed... Last time we came it was taken care of so nicely.
Mr. Bertrand: I'm afraid it is our own students who are responsible both for defacing the walls and for trampling the flower beds.
Vyrn: Huh!
Lyria: Really? I can't believe that there's anyone in the academy who would cause this kind of trouble.
Mr. Bertrand: It makes sense given the circumstances. Let me discuss the details with you in the staff room.
Upon returning to the staff room, Mr. Bertrand and Ms. Miranda heave pained sighs.
Mr. Bertrand: As a matter of fact, we've encountered a bit of an issue.
Mr. Bertrand: As you can see, the reconstruction of the town and academy is proceeding smoothly.
Mr. Bertrand: All the same, security conditions on the island have suffered.
Mr. Bertrand: There are many reasons, among them nervousness about the future and emotional anguish.
Mr. Bertrand: The students began to cause trouble, and it's gradually escalated.
Ms. Miranda: It's sure hard to heal a heart in pain...
Ms. Miranda: Mmm... This really has me worried.
Vyrn: They still shouldn't be doing bad things though.
Lyria: No...
Elmott: You caught those hooligans, right?
Elmott: Isn't it about time you started showing what you and this school are made of?
Mr. Bertrand: I've given them all the guidance that's possible of course.
Mr. Bertrand: That, however, has only caused them to rebel all the more.
Mr. Bertrand: They can no more be led than a kite without a string.
Elmott: And so you come crying to me... although I'm not even a real teacher?
Mr. Bertrand: Yes, embarrassing though it is to admit.
Elmott: Heh... You think I'm something special, huh?
Elmott: You're gonna have issues on your hands when an outcast like me joins up with a bunch of troublemakers.
Mr. Bertrand: No. I believe that if anyone can guide those students, it's you.
Mr. Bertrand: When you taught here previously, you proved more than able to resolve students' interpersonal issues.
Ms. Miranda: And the students just loooove you!
Elmott: Hey, you're gonna make me blush.
Mr. Bertrand: Your guidance is the only option we have left.
Ms. Miranda: It would mean a lot to me too.
Elmott snorts in exasperation at the pleading teachers.
Elmott: Humph, you've gotta be joking. Can't you even take care of the kids in your own school?
Elmott: You're barking up the wrong tree. I'm not the teacher type, and—
At that very moment...
An earsplitting screech rings out from the schoolyard.
Elmott: Huh?
Vyrn: Wh-what's that? You sure don't hear that every day.
Fearing some sort of incident, they rush to the window overlooking the schoolyard and lean out to see what's happening.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 1: Remedial Class Delinquent - Episode 2

The delinquents roll up to the academy riding vehicles known as gearcycles. When Elmott hears these kids used to be honors students but began acting up during the town's reconstruction, he decides to accept the post of remedial class homeroom teacher. Vyrn joins his class.

The alarming noise continues as a group of students pull up to the school on an unfamiliar means of transportation.
(Captain) and the others look at each other, nonplussed.
Mr. Bertrand: It is rather an alarming noise, isn't it?
Vyrn: Heya, what are they riding on? I've never seen those thingies before.
Mr. Bertrand: Those are known as gearcycles. One can rotate the pedals to set the two wheels in motion, thus moving the whole device forward.
Vyrn: So those are a thing, huh?
Lyria: What are the flashy decorations and loud noises for?
Ms. Miranda: The kids just think those are cool.
Mr. Bertrand: Incidentally, the riders affectionately refer to their gearcycles as their beasts.
Elmott: Beasts? Well, doesn't that sound like fun.
Mr. Bertrand: Elmott, I'd like to put you in charge of the remedial class in which those students are enrolled.
Elmott: Those are the unmanageable brats you were talking about then.
Mr. Bertrand: Yes. At one time they were focused students at the top of the class, but, well...
Elmott: They couldn't handle the school's destruction, and they started acting up.
Elmott: ...
The students let out a giant roar as if to release their pent-up frustration.
Staring off in their direction, Elmott seems to come to some private conclusion.
Elmott: You know what? I've changed my mind. Just don't get your hopes up.
Mr. Bertrand: Thank you very much. Please take good care of the children.
  1. We knew you'd help.
  2. Tell me how you really feel.

Choose: We knew you'd help.
Elmott: Heh... You think I'm something special too.

Choose: Tell me how you really feel.
Elmott: Huh! What's that little grin of yours supposed to mean?
Continue 1
Lyria: Heehee! Elmott, you're a good person after all.
Elmott: Hey, keep it to yourself. That's not what this is about.
Elmott: Seeing those kids out of control reminds me of the old days. It makes my stomach turn.
The morning school bell chimes as if to celebrate Elmott's new position as teacher.
Ms. Miranda: Well then, Elmott, no time to lose! Let me show you to your new homeroom!
Mr. Bertrand: Vyrn, your classroom is this way. I'll show you the way.
Vyrn: Huh? Are you saying I'm in another class?
Mr. Bertrand: I imagined you'd be most comfortable in the same class as Anne, Grea, and your other friends.
Vyrn: Hmm... I appreciate that. But... But they're way too advanced for me.
Vyrn: Aren't there any more basic classes?
Mr. Bertrand: The remedial class is in fact more basic, but...
Mr. Bertrand: As you just saw, many of the students are disorderly. I hadn't even considered it an option.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! Don't forget I'm a skyfarer!
Vyrn: A little disorder's nothing I can't handle.
Vyrn: And besides, Elmott'll be there. I should be able to study anywhere!
Mr. Bertrand: Hohoho, that's very reassuring. We'll place you there in that case.
Ms. Miranda: All righty! Let us teachers take care of the rest. You just study your heart out, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Gotcha!
Vyrn: Just you wait! Soon I'm gonna be able to use a ton of different spells!
(Captain) and Lyria see off Vyrn, who is brimming with enthusiasm.
Little does he know what the delinquents in the remedial class are capable of...

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 1: Remedial Class Delinquent - Episode 3

Neither Elmott nor Vyrn is welcomed by the delinquents of the remedial class. Elmott takes it in stride, but Vyrn is mystified as to why these students would bother attending school, especially if, like their leader Tsubasa, all they do in class is nap.

The remedial class.
First thing in the morning, the delinquents are gathered into a circle and furrowing their brows.
Yung Rintaro: Tsubasa! Tsubasa! I got some intel from one of my boys.
Yung Rintaro: Huh? Where's Tsubasa at?
Killa Taiga: Use them eyes of yours and look. He's late, same as always.
Yung Rintaro: Daaang... I wanted to lay this info on him, like, stat.
Killa Taiga: You find something out?
Yung Rintaro: Yeah, man. It was true how they said the Destiny Nocturnes split up.
Yung Rintaro: I heard their big dog threw down hard, and they locked him up in juvie.
Killa Taiga: They called it quits just 'cause their big dog got busted? I thought a guy was supposed to keep his crew together!
Yung Rintaro: Hey, don't flip out on me...
Akina: 'Sup?
Killa Taiga: Heeey! 'Sup!
Killa Taiga: Damn, Akina is smokin'...
Yung Rintaro: Excuse me, but we're in the middle of an important conversation...
Red Wing 1: You hear why the Destiny Nocturnes got back together again?
Yung Rintaro: My boy was saying their big dog Sho might get sprung from juvie soon.
Red Wing 2: Sho? Hold up! I heard that name before.
Red Wing 2: That Sho dude is strong like some kinda monster. They say he eats people alive, and he's, like, laughing the whole time.
Red Wings: Bwah-ha-ha-ha!
Killa Taiga: You are so full of it!
Red Wing 2: No, man, seriously!
As laughter leaks from the classroom, the door opens and Miranda pokes her head in.
Ms. Miranda: Morning, morning! You kids are sure full of sunshine today.
Yung Rintaro: Huh? Well, if it isn't Ms. Miranda. Guess our last teach wussied out and quit—
Killa Taiga: Huh? Who're those two supposed to be?
Ms. Miranda: This is your new teacher, Elmott, and a short-course student, Vyrn.
Red Wings: A-a teacher and a new kid?
Killa Taiga: Bwah-ha-ha! I'm glad I ain't you!
Killa Taiga: Bro, they put you in charge of the remedial class, the place where they dump all the flunk-outs. You got some crap luck.
Elmott: Heh! We both do, don't we?
Elmott: Sorry, but it looks like you're stuck with me. So now that that's settled, we might as well get along.
Killa Taiga: Wow... I never seen a teacher front like you before. You tryin' to start something or what?
Elmott: I see you're keeping it real. I like that in a student.
Put off by Elmott's unanticipated behavior, the delinquents glare at the teacher and threaten him.
To this Elmott pays no attention.
Whenever his eyes meet the students', Elmott always returns a smile.
A strange atmosphere fills the classroom.
Vyrn, unused to school life to begin with, becomes uncharacteristically nervous.
Vyrn: (Well, Elmott's here. I-I should be fine.)
Suframare: Vyrn, have faith and take action. I know that your dream will come true if you do.
Suframare: Pay attention in class, and take in as much as you can. I'll be cheering you on, Vyrn!
Vyrn: (Teach, I'll have learned so much next time we meet.)
Ms. Miranda: Okay now, everyone, let's quiet down. The new student is going to introduce himself to you all.
Vyrn: Um... My name is, uh, Vyrn. I won't be here long, but it's good to meet you.
Red Wing 1: Hey, pretty boy! Are we having lizard steaks for dinner?
Red Wing 2: Homefry's flying, yo! Guess we know who's on lunch-fetchin' duty!
Red Wing 3: Pffft! Lay off the lizard baby, cuz!
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard! I'm a dragon!
Yung Rintaro: A dragon? Like, for reals?
Killa Taiga: The hell he is! I don't care what you say—that thing's a tanuki if I ever seen one.
Yung Rintaro: Yeah, and I can tell you you've never seen one. No way! I mean, the little dude's got wings.
Ms. Miranda: Okay, Vyrn, you can take that open seat over there.
Vyrn: (Sigh... They can say what they want. I've gotta study.)
Vyrn goes to take his seat.
One of the delinquents sticks out a leg to block Vyrn's path.
But nothing happens.
Vyrn: ...?
Fluttering through the air, Vyrn takes a seat without so much as noticing.
Vyrn: Phew...
Red Wing 1: Heeey! Gonna ignore me, punk? You got some brass monkeys on you!
Vyrn: Wh-what's the problem?
Red Wing 1: Shut up!
Right as the student shouts, the classroom door flies open.
And a student with a particularly aggressive mien saunters into the room.
Tsubasa: Shut the hell up! Class is in session.
Killa Taiga: Tsubasa, bro, what are you saying? You're late.
Tsubasa: Nah, I came in time for first period. I oughta get a gold star.
Red Wing 1: Tsk! You're off the hook for now...
Vyrn: Sigh... Gee, you guys...
Tsubasa: Huh? Never seen you here before.
Elmott: Call me Elmott. I'm your homeroom teacher starting today. Hey, fist bump, Tsubasa.
Tsubasa: Tsk...
Ms. Miranda: Tsubasa, be nice to your new teacher and friend.
Tsubasa: Friend?
Vyrn: My name's Vyrn! Good to meet you!
Tsubasa: Huh? What's that dinky little thing?
Yung Rintaro: Tsubasa, bro, that's supposed to be a dragon.
Tsubasa: You better not be yanking my chain, Rintaro.
Tsubasa: If he's a dragon, he's the most bootleg dragon there ever was. Look at him! He looks like he still needs mother's milk!
Yung Rintaro: I, uh... I dunno.
Vyrn: Hey, cut it out! Who are you calling bootleg!
Tsubasa: Yaaaawn... Whatever, it's all good.
Hurry up and get started with class already.
No sooner does Tsubasa sit down than he kicks his legs up onto the desk and starts napping.
Vyrn is flummoxed, and he wonders why Tsubasa would bother coming each day to the academy, a place meant for study.
The bell chimes for recess.
Vyrn's first class at the academy has given him the confidence that he's up to the challenge the school offers.
Vyrn: (All right. This is tough, but it's nothing I can't handle.)
Red Wing 1: Vyrn, yo. I need you to come 'round back with me for a sec.
Vyrn: ...?
Vyrn follows his classmate behind the school building.
Vyrn: Hey, where are we going? We can talk inside, can't we?
Red Wings: Heh heh heh...
Vyrn: Huh?
Red Wing 1: Yeah, well, there's stuff we can't do nowhere else but here!
Red Wing 1: Hah!
Vyrn: Whoa!
The delinquent stops his fist just shy of Vyrn's face.
Vyrn: Hey, hey, what's this about!
Red Wing 1: We're the welcome wagon, fresh meat! You get a mano a mano throwdown for your initiation!
Red Wing 1: C'mon, lizard! Show me what you got!
Vyrn: I don't have any reason to fight you!
Red Wing 1: Maybe you don't, but I sure do!
???: What're you all huddled up for like a pack of vultures?
Tsubasa: Ganging up on cute little creatures, huh? Knock it the hell off.
Red Wing 1: Aw, well... If you say so, Tsubasa, I guess...
Vyrn: Hey, I'm a skyfarer! I ain't no weakling!
Tsubasa: Heh, yeah, I can tell. Those eyes of yours are saying you're about to go medieval.
Vyrn: Huh?
Tsubasa: Let's roll.
Yung Rintaro: Huh? Tsubasa, where we going?
Vyrn: I don't get those guys...
The delinquents reluctantly troop after Tsubasa.
Vyrn is confused. If these students aren't serious about class, why are they at the academy?
A heavy, uneasy feeling fills his chest as he looks up from the students' backs to the leaden sky.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 1: Remedial Class Delinquent - Episode 4

The staff room is flooded with members of the Mysteria Academy of Magic School Board demanding the expulsion of the problem students. Elmott searches for the best way to protect his students and receives a hint from Percival, who has been gathering the individual accounts of the townspeople in order to learn from them.

On his way to the staff room, Elmott notices a cocky Tsubasa strutting along.
Elmott: Hey, do you have a minute?
Tsubasa: Wha?
Elmott: Tsubasa, what was up with you this morning? Did you stay up all night? A kid's got to hit the sack early, you know.
Tsubasa: You're way off base. Stay out of my business, okay?
Elmott: Hahaha! Your business is my business now. I'm your teacher.
Elmott: I know you want to catch some z's in class. But what are you here in school for?
Tsubasa: Oh, yay, a lecture...
Elmott: Hey, do I look some kinda stickler? All I'm asking is what's so fun that you bother coming here.
Tsubasa: This is my home base. There's no other reason.
Elmott: ...
Lyria: Oh, Elmott!
As Elmott is trying to puzzle through the meaning of Tsubasa's words, he hears a voice behind him and pivots toward it.
(Captain) and the others are jogging in his direction.
Elmott: Hey, don't run in the halls. You wouldn't want to trip and fall.
Lyria: Aaah, I'm sorry...
Lyria: Um, Elmott... sir! How did it feel teaching again?
Elmott: Hey, being called sir just doesn't feel right to me.
Elmott: I think I'm more of a Teach guy myself.
  1. You got it, Teach!
  2. Elmott, sir!

Choose: You got it, Teach!
Elmott: Pfft... (Captain), are you gonna study together with this crazy bunch of kids?
Lyria: Heehee, that would be fun, but we're trying to help out the academy on our own.

Choose: Elmott, sir!
Elmott: (Captain)...
Elmott: Tomorrow I'm supposed to teach fire magic. You wanna be my guinea pig?
Lyria: N-no! Quit laughing, (Captain), and just refuse!
Lyria: Actually... we're trying to help out the academy on our own.
Continue 1
Elmott: Pfft... That twinkle in your eyes is about to blind me.
Lyria: We were on our way to go talk with Mr. Bertrand. Do you want to come along, Elmott?
Elmott: Ah, why not? I've got to hand in some class records anyway.
(Captain) and the rest then head to the staff room.
The room is jam-packed with irate people hurling criticism at Mr. Bertrand.
???: Mr. Bertrand! Last night, yet again, those rotten apples stirred up trouble!
???: 'Twas a fight! A giant brawl of hooligan against hooligan.
???: They are besmirching the name of the venerable Mysteria Academy of Magic.
???: Expel those delinquents this instant! Their very presence is a violation of the other students' rights.
Mr. Bertrand: Come now, everyone. There's no need for such anger. I urge you to remain calm.
Mr. Bertrand: You have my assurance that we will reform those students.
Mr. Bertrand asks the teachers for their understanding and desperately explains the new policies the faculty plans to introduce.
Whether or not they are truly convinced, the people reluctantly leave the room.
Mr. Bertrand: Phew...
Lyria: Is everything all right, Mr. Bertrand?
Mr. Bertrand: Yes, but, well... it's been rather embarrassing to have you see this.
Elmott: So... who were those folks?
Mr. Bertrand: They're from the Mysteria Academy School Board.
Mr. Bertrand: It's no exaggeration to say that their support is what keeps the academy operational.
Mr. Bertrand: They also have a certain amount of clout when it comes to the academy's educational policies.
Elmott: They were sure itching to have the remedial students expelled, huh?
Mr. Bertrand: Yes, but I won't permit them to do that. I intend to protect those students, come what may.
Elmott: (Protect them, come what may... Teachers sure have their work cut out for them.)
Elmott: (But, Mr. Bertrand... Those students mean the world to you, don't they?)
Elmott can perceive the dedication in the educator's eyes, and it quietly moves him.
That night, Elmott is gazing out of the Grandcypher alone.
Elmott: (Well... What's this we have?)
A figure emerges from the shadows and begins to speak.
Percival: The teachers and students suffer together, and then they grow...
Any version of Percival is a crew member

Elmott: Humph, it's not anything that special.
Any version of Percival is a crew member

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No version of Percival in crew

Elmott's fellow night owl is Percival.
The young lord of flames is crossing the skies in search of valiant allies who share his dream of creating a utopia.
Elmott: Humph, it's not anything that special.
Continue 2
Elmott: What gives anyway? You sure took your time coming back.
Percival: How was this town able to recover after being leveled by an army of the dead? That's what I've come to learn.
Percival: It's my duty to listen to the vox populi. You have to keep an ear to the unfiltered voice of the people and brush aside rumors.
Elmott: Practicing your statesmanship, huh? Any citizens of the country you found are bound to be happy.
Percival: That's why I'm here. It's going to be a productive trip.
Percival: Heh...
Elmott: Huh? Remembering something funny?
Percival: No, it's just that when I was walking through town earlier, I came across a parent and child fighting.
Percival: Their points of view were so far apart that no conversation was possible.
Percival: But I had a thought while watching them.
Percival: Family or not, sometimes conflict is inevitable. That's the first step to understanding.
Percival: The people are the foundation of a country. But they can't be treated as one undifferentiated mass.
Percival: By listening to individual people's stories, you can make great discoveries.
Elmott: Pfff! You're a peculiar guy, you know that?
Percival: It's in my nature.
Elmott: ...
Elmott: Ah! That's it!
Percival's speech gives Elmott an idea.
Elmott laughs to himself, imagining tomorrow's class.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 2: Journey to the Other Side of the Sky - Episode 1

Vyrn sneaks out at night to practice magic behind the school and runs into the Red Wings. He gets an impromptu lecture on their beasts: gearcycles souped up with fire magic-powered turbine reactors. Tsubasa takes the little dragon for a ride to win him over.

Vyrn: Eeeh-yeah!
Vyrn: Shoot! One more time...
Vyrn: Teeeh!
Vyrn is practicing magic on his own behind the school after class.
Just then Tsubasa and company pass by.
Killa Taiga: Check it out over there. It's that tanuki lizard, and he's talking to himself.
Yung Rintaro: Is he all juiced up or something?
Tsubasa: Nah, stupid. He's practicing magic. Can't you see?
Vyrn: Darn! I wonder what's not working...
Yung Rintaro: Yo, lizard! You choked big time!
Vyrn: Meh! Maybe I can't do much now. But someday I'll be able to!
Killa Taiga: Phew! You're kinda cool, son! You and me gotta go macking sometime.
Vyrn: That's enough! Get lost if you're just gonna get in the way.
Killa Taiga: Tch! Oh, so you're another little hard-ass.
Tsubasa: Hey.
Vyrn: What do you want now?
Tsubasa: Humph!
From the palms of his hands, Tsubasa effortlessly produces a stream of magical flames.
The stream grows larger and smaller as he wills.
Vyrn: W-wow! And you don't even pay attention in class.
Tsubasa: You gotta do this much if you wanna power a turbine reactor.
Vyrn: What's that?
Yung Rintaro: Daaamn. If you don't even know that much, you gotta be a snitch...
Killa Taiga: A turbine reactor, see, is an engine powered by fire magic.
Killa Taiga: Slam one onto your beast, and there you go.
Killa Taiga: Just like that, it'll make this sick noise. And your beast gets hella power too.
Killa Taiga: Your pedals feel light as feathers. Pretty mad stuff, nah?
Yung Rintaro: That's the way you get real speed from your beast.
Vyrn: Whoa! I never knew gearcycles were so complicated.
Yung Rintaro: No kidding!
Vyrn: (How come... Tsubasa's always sleeping through class and still...)
Vyrn: (I should be... I should be...)
Tsubasa: Pay attention in class, scaly B.
Yeah... You'll figure this stuff out soon.
Vyrn: Huh? Uh... okay...
Vyrn is taken off guard by Tsubasa's kind words.
Before Vyrn can figure out how to respond, a tremendous chorus of roars draws near.
Red Wing 2: Tsubasa, cuz, what gives? We gotta roll out and jack them up.
Tsubasa: Okay...
Vyrn: (Aaagh! They're all vroom-vrooming so loud!)
Vyrn: Hey, you guys. What'd you call yourselves? A gearcycle gang? Don't make too much trouble for other people, okay?
Red Wing 1: What'd you just say to me?
Tsubasa: ...!
Tsubasa plucks Vyrn out of the air and plops him down on his gearcycle's back seat.
Vyrn: Wh-what? Hey! What's going on?
Tsubasa: Enough of your yipping.
Killa Taiga: Gah ha ha! You come with us and you'll see, son.
Tsubasa: All right! Come on, men! It's time to bounce!
Red Wings: Yee-hooo!
Vyrn: Hey, guys, hold on! Let me off!
Paying no heed to Vyrn's fuss, Tsubasa ferociously pumps the pedals and launches the gearcycle forward.
Stunned by the speed, Vyrn holds on to Tsubasa's back for dear life.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 2: Journey to the Other Side of the Sky - Episode 2

Vyrn's impression of the Red Wings changes as the so-called delinquents spend the night helping townspeople in need. Their rally is broken up by a gearcycle-mounted Elmott. Vyrn can't help but wonder why these kindhearted students insist on rebelling against their teachers.

Tsubasa and company's gearcycles roar wildly as they speed along the wide-skied country roads.
The members refer to their group rides as rallies.
From an outsider's perspective, they are complete nuisances.
But to the members they are the purest expression of their youth and a reason to live.
Vyrn, however, is in no position to appreciate the near-acrobatic nature of Tsubasa's driving.
Vyrn: Eeeeek! Hold up! We could get hurt! Stop!
Tsubasa: Can't hear you!
Vyrn: Hey! But you just answered!
Yung Rintaro: Tch! Little punk... I never got to ride two up before!
Killa Taiga: Hey, hey, son. Don't go getting all jealous.
Tsubasa: Hey, stop, boys!
The Red Wings brake on a dime at Tsubasa's signal.
Vyrn: Whoooa! Don't stop so quickly!
Vyrn: Huh?
Tsubasa: Gramps... What gives?
A cart is stopped in the road before them. An old man sits in the dust beside it, clearly troubled. Tsubasa jumps off his gearcycle and rushes over.
Old Man: Sigh... As a matter of fact, my cart here just lost a wheel. I'm in quite a jam...
Tsubasa: Hey, y'all! Give him a hand!
Vyrn: Huh? Are you guys...
Killa Taiga: See? We got our heads screwed on right after all.
Yung Rintaro: A guy's gotta help folks in need, nah?
Yung Rintaro: Well, we mostly do it 'cause Tsubasa says so, but yeah.
Vyrn: Hahaha, oh, all right! Let me help out!
Tsubasa and the others lift up the cart and see the old man home.
Not long after, they spot a ruffian hassling a woman.
Ruffian: Hey, what's the big deal? All's I said was we should grab a cup of coffee!
Woman: A-and... I have already politely declined...
Tsubasa: Yo, that's enough. She's not into you, man. Get your hands off her.
Ruffian: Who do you think you are, brat?
Killa Taiga: Hey, bruh! A bro's game ain't nothing without some finesse.
Yung Rintaro: Taiga, bro, look in the mirror.
Killa Taiga: Huh!
Ruffian: W-wait! You guys are...
Red Wings: What is it? What's wrong?
As the Red Wings roll in one after another, the expression on the ruffian's face suddenly changes.
Ruffian: Oh, uh, yeah. I forgot that I had some stuff to take care of.
Vyrn: He ran away super fast!
Tsubasa: Anyway, miss, take care going home.
Woman: Teehee. Thank you very much, gentlemen.
After seeing the woman off, they notice an elderly woman harvesting crops in a nearby field.
Tsubasa: Yo, Gram! Don't tell me you're doing that crap all alone.
Old Woman: My son and daughter have left for the big city. If I don't do it, who will?
Tsubasa: Hell no! You're gonna kill your back!
Tsubasa: Pop a squat and chill for while, okay?
Tsubasa: Hey, boys! We got a harvest to bring in!
Red Wings: You got it!
Vyrn: They kind of have dirty mouths...
Vyrn: But they really do have their heads screwed on right.
Vyrn, Tsubasa, and the others are covered in mud by the time they finish bringing in the harvest.
The Red Wings zoom onward with Tsubasa in the lead and give a joyful shout.
The soft, gentle expressions on their faces give no hint that they might be called delinquents.
Vyrn: Hey, can I ask you something?
Tsubasa: Huh?
Vyrn: Which one's the real you: the one who rebels against the teachers, or the one who helps people?
Tsubasa: What kind of a question is that?
Vyrn: I was just wondering...
Tsubasa: Heh, it's the same diff, B. You feel?
Vyrn: Haha, I guess you're right!
Tsubasa: All right then. We're gonna really floor it now. Hold on tight!
Red Wings: Yee-hooo! Tear it up!
They race down an empty road at full speed...
Almost as if to blow away all the frustrations of everyday life.
By the time they return to their regular haunt, all the members have giant grins on their faces.
Vyrn: ...
Tsubasa: Was that ill or what?
Vyrn: Haha! Well, it wasn't bad.
Tsubasa: Heh, tell me how you really feel.
Red Wings: Ahahaha!
The Red Wings' hangout is filled with joyful voices. They are interrupted by a stop-and-start roar.
Vyrn: Hm? What's that funny noise?
Killa Taiga: Huh? Someone's coming this way on a gearcycle.
Killa Taiga: What! That's Teach, ain't it?
Elmott: Now what a coincidence...
Vyrn: Hey, what are you doin' on that thing?
Elmott: This? Oh... I just sorta like these beasts.
Tsubasa: ...
Elmott: Hah, don't scowl. Your forehead'll get all wrinkled.
Tsubasa: Damn, he found us out!
Killa Taiga: That's it—rally's over! Get going, y'all!
Vyrn: They're gone...
Elmott: I didn't think that you'd be with them, lizard.
Vyrn: It's not like I wanted to. They made me.
Elmott: Don't go too crazy. (Captain) will get worried about you.
Vyrn: Yeah... But the thing is, they're helping people in need. They're pretty great guys after all.
Vyrn: I don't get it. Why do they act so rebellious?
Elmott: Yeah, well... They're just at that age.
Vyrn: Elmott, what'd you come out here for, when they're all being so aggro toward you?
Elmott: Huh? I was taking this baby out for a test drive and just happened to run into you all.
Vyrn: Are you serious?
Elmott isn't as adroit on his gearcycle as he is at dodging questions, but he seems to enjoy his ride.
As Vyrn watches the teacher ride off, he somehow finds himself looking forward to school with Tsubasa tomorrow.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 2: Journey to the Other Side of the Sky - Episode 3

A few days later, Vyrn snaps at Tsubasa for his rebellious lack of consideration, and Tsubasa is reminded of his father's advice not to rebel without a cause. Yung Rintaro bursts in with the news that the Destiny Nocturnes' leader, Sho, is fresh out of juvie.

Several days have passed since Vyrn's first rally.
From inside the classroom, he gazes out at the delinquents coming to school on their gearcycles.
Vyrn: ...
Vyrn: (Riding with everyone wasn't so bad after all.)
Tsubasa: That face of yours, little B. Looks like you fell in love with our beasts, didn't ya?
Vyrn: Yikes!
Vyrn: N-no! No way! Those are for the... for the bad kids!
Tsubasa: Huh, I figured you'd be converted after one taste of the wind.
Red Wing 1: It's all good. You ain't gonna find a ride for him nowhere anyway.
Killa Taiga: Nah, son, you say the word, and I'll hook him up with something special. A lizard-sized gearcycle with pretty little flowers all over it.
Vyrn: Hey, I heard you guys! You're making fun of me, aren't you?
Vyrn: If you're bored enough for that, then go study instead!
Tsubasa: Yo, you're being annoying.
Vyrn: Annoying? What are you talking about?
Vyrn: The teachers are at their wits' end worrying about your futures.
Vyrn: Don't you get that?
Tsubasa: Look, it's not like anyone asked for that. And they're gonna leave us high and dry when we're grown up.
Tsubasa: It's everyone for themselves, so let us do our thing.
Vyrn: That's not the point and you know it!
Tsubasa: The hell... You've got a real attitude.
Vyrn: Do you think that it's cool to just rebel against whatever's in front of you?
Vyrn: 'Cause you're sure not taking good care of yourself! Of course the teachers are worried about you!
Vyrn: What's the deal anyway!
Vyrn: Do you think being tough and standing your ground means saying whatever you want and ignoring everyone else's feelings?
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa's Father: Tsubasa, you're gonna go through a lot in life.
Tsubasa's Father: But don't do anything you can't be proud of. All right?
Tsubasa's Father: Don't get bogged down in gossip and rumors. What you see with your own eyes—that's your truth.
Tsubasa's Father: Don't let it go no matter what.
Tsubasa's Father: Being a man means digging in your heels and standing your ground, no matter what the world throws at you.
Tsubasa's Father: But sometimes you'll pick the wrong battles.
Tsubasa's Father: It sucks, but you'll learn a real lesson then.
Tsubasa's Father: You'll learn it from someone who really cares about you—a pal, or maybe a cool teacher.
Tsubasa's Father: That's when you just bow your head and say sorry. You get it?
Tsubasa's Father: Haha, I didn't mean to lecture you. Keep on rolling, son, but don't forget to watch the road signs.
Tsubasa: (Heh... This reminds me of when I was a little brat.)
Tsubasa: ...
Vyrn: What is it?
Tsubasa: You said it, little man... Sorry for making fun of you.
Tsubasa gives Vyrn a gentle shove and flashes him a big, toothy grin.
Vyrn: Oh... Okay then.
Vyrn: I just got a little worked up.
Tsubasa: Heh heh heh!
???: Tsubasa! Tsubasa! I got some intel from one of my boys.
Suddenly a loud voice calls out from the hallway. A moment later, Rintaro bounds into the classroom.
Yung Rintaro: That Sho from the Destiny Nocturnes...
Yung Rintaro: He's back on the streets!
Tsubasa: Huh? Sho? Who's that?
Yung Rintaro: What? You don't know? Sho who eats people alive with a smile on his face!
Tsubasa: Haha! Rintaro, man, you are so full of it.
Yung Rintaro: No, man, no. That's what I thought at first, but this ain't no joke.
Yung Rintaro: The more I looked into it, the crazier the stories got.
Yung Rintaro: They say that he wrecked a rival gang all by himself. Even the tough guys in town don't cross him.
Yung Rintaro: You wanna hear what's most psycho of all? When the SBI—the damn Skydom Bureau of Investigation—tried to break up one of his fights, he jumped them and got thrown into juvie.
Killa Taiga: What are you getting so shook for? Rumors are always larger than life.
Yung Rintaro: Maybe, man. But they say that Sho goes to our school.
Red Wing 1: What! So he's coming back then—back to Mysteria?
Red Wing 2: Hey, so what do we do? We picked a fight with the Destiny Nocturnes like it was nothing. Now what?
Yung Rintaro: Tsubasa, what are we gonna to do?
Tsubasa: What we'll do, is not do anything. Just keep rolling.
Yung Rintaro: Haha! Damn, that is cool! Tsubasa is the man!
Killa Taiga: I don't know about this Sho fool, but if sparks fly, then you just gotta brush 'em off.
Killa Taiga: It's like Tsubasa says. We gotta keep on rolling!
Red Wings: Yeaaah!
Vyrn: (Tsubasa's amazing. Everyone was freaking out, but he turned things around with just a few words.)
Vyrn: (Haha, he's almost as cool as (Captain).)
Vyrn: We'll be fine! When Sho sees you guys, he's not going to be in the mood to fight.
Vyrn: And besides, he won't want to cause any trouble that gets him sent back to juvie.
Killa Taiga: Damn, lizard! Did I miss something, or are you part of the squad now?
Tsubasa: Heh, seriously...
The Red Wings cluster around Vyrn, their laughter echoing in the classroom.
And they prepare for the upcoming fight.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 2: Journey to the Other Side of the Sky - Episode 4

The Red Wings build Vyrn his own custom gearcycle and give him Rintaro's hand-me-down school uniform. Tsubasa dubs him an official member of the squad and together they ride till dawn.

It's a peaceful evening aboard the Grandcypher.
After checking that (Captain) is asleep, Vyrn sneaks off the ship alone.
He makes a beeline for his destination.
Killa Taiga: Took you look enough, yo.
Vyrn: Wow, I didn't think that your family had a gearcycle shop.
Yung Rintaro: Yeah, I put my beast together out of old parts here!
Vyrn: Wow... Are you sure you don't mind?
Killa Taiga: It's all good, it's all good. We do this all the time.
Yung Rintaro: If you're gonna join our rallies, you gotta have a beast of your own.
Tsubasa: Hey, c'mon, let's throw one together.
Vyrn: Okay!
Tsubasa and the others rummage through the mountain of parts for ones that are usable.
Their eyes sparkle as if they were hunting for treasure.
And with painstaking labor, they finish assembling a gearcycle for Vyrn.
Vyrn: W-wow!
Killa Taiga: Huh? Looks like you're finally on our wavelength... Good, good.
Vyrn: Well, I know cool stuff when I see it anyway. And that's cool!
Tsubasa: Nah, guy... Times like this, you gotta say hella dope.
Vyrn: Oh, hella dope... Haha, thanks so much, dudes!
Yung Rintaro: Oh yeah, and... This used to be mine. Put it on, bro.
Vyrn: Is this...
Yung Rintaro: Yo, hurry up and try it on!
Vyrn: H-how's it look?
Yung Rintaro: It's my old school uniform. There's no way it'd look jank.
Tsubasa: Lizard—no, Vyrn. Starting today, you're one of the squad.
Vyrn: One of the squad... Hm...
Killa Taiga: Aight! Let's take this beast for a roll!
Tsubasa: C'mon, turn up, my men! It's time to bounce!
The wind whips past Vyrn as his gearcycle races down the road.
It's like nothing else. He can't help grinning.
Tsubasa: How's that? Looks like you finally got a taste.
Vyrn: Woohoo, this is the best!
Tsubasa: When you're out riding like this...
Tsubasa: All the other crap just falls away. That's how it feels.
Tsubasa: I got this feeling... Someday I'll reach a whole new place. The other side of the sky.
Vyrn: The other side... of the sky?
Vyrn: If you want to go far away, you should come aboard our airship.
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa: (This beast is my pair of wings, my way to escape far away.)
Tsubasa: Heh, I don't need a lift from someone else.
Tsubasa: If you don't get there yourself, there's no point.
Vyrn: Huh?
Killa Taiga: Tsubasa! Vyrn! Start pumping those pedals, or you'll get left behind.
Tsubasa: Yo, Taiga, cut it out! That's enough!
Tsubasa: Vyrn, pump those pedals like your life depends on it!
Vyrn: Gotcha! Hey, Tsubasa... From now on, let's always keep it real, bro!
The squad continues riding until the first light of dawn.
There isn't any need for words. They are the wind itself, bound by nothing but their friendship.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 3: A Light for Lost Souls - Episode 1

Elmott tells Mr. Bertrand that he believes the delinquents just need to be reminded of their original goal upon entering the academy: to become great mages. (Captain) and Lyria ask around town to learn more about the problem students.

It's the day after Vyrn and Tsubasa began forging the bonds of friendship.
Elmott is talking to Mr. Bertrand about how to handle the delinquent students.
Elmott: I feel like they're wandering out in the pitch-black darkness...
Elmott: And they can't tell whether they're moving forward or backward. So they just go down the easier path.
Elmott: What they need is to turn in the right direction. Then they can really start racing ahead. They've got all the passion they need.
Elmott: That's why I figured we teachers should set up some goals for them.
Elmott: So I went around to talk to their guardians...
Elmott: According to them, pretty much any kid who enters this school enrolls hoping to become a great mage.
Elmott: All we have to do is help them remember that.
Mr. Bertrand: Hm... It's just as you say, Elmott.
Mr. Bertrand: We teachers must be the light that guides them.
Elmott: Well, that's way easier said than done.
Mr. Bertrand: Hohoho...
Elmott: Huh? Did I say something funny?
Mr. Bertrand: No, it just seems that my judgment was correct after all.
Mr. Bertrand: It's clear that you're dedicated to your students.
Elmott: Heh, don't get carried away. I'm just doing what feels right.
Elmott: This isn't about me being a teacher. I just can't leave kids like that to the dogs.
As the two teachers continue their discussion, (Captain) and Lyria are also in pursuit of a solution.
They consult with some old friends.
Grea: We've given it a lot of thought and tried talking with them...
Anne: But they wouldn't pay any attention.
Owen: They seem to think of the princess and Grea as if they were beings from another world.
Owen: So no matter what the princess says, they won't listen.
Lyria: It's really tough to talk to them, isn't it?
Hanna: Given that they refuse to interact with us, being too heavy-handed could backfire.
Hanna: But (Captain) is in a bit of a different position.
  1. We'll handle this!

Choose: We'll handle this!
Hanna: That's very reassuring. I'm much obliged.
Lyria: First we have to build a relationship where they'll feel comfortable talking to us.
Anne: Hm...
Grea: ...
Anne: Ah, I know! What if we find something we have in common with them?
Grea: Yeah... Good idea. We became friends because we like the piano.
Anne: Heehee, that's right!
Owen: Then what about gearcycles?
Lyria: Oh, you mean the weird things they ride.
Grea: Heehee... Weird?
Hanna: We can also try asking around town, since they grew up here. We might uncover something that way.
Having received ideas from Anne and Grea, (Captain) and Lyria head toward the town.
What effect did the town's recovery have on them? The crew seeks out any hint that might lead to an answer...

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 3: A Light for Lost Souls - Episode 2

(Captain) and Lyria run into Percival, who introduces them to an old man very familiar with the town. He explains the trauma the delinquents suffered when their magic was useless against the forces of the Otherworld. On their way back, Percival breaks up a fight and inadvertently gains two devoted followers.

(Captain) and the others reach the neighborhood where many of the problem students make their home.
The area appears no different from any other, with the same hustle and bustle as elsewhere.
Lyria: So... Who should we talk to first, (Captain)?
Percival: Hm...
Lyria: Hey... Isn't that Percival over there?
Lyria: Peeercivaaal!
Percival: Oh? Well, if it isn't (Captain) and Lyria. Fancy meeting you here.
  1. What are you up to?

Choose: What are you up to?
Percival: I'm here gathering testimonials from the common folk. I'm interested in their thoughts on the reconstruction efforts.
Percival: And you? Any particular reason for your presence here?
Lyria: Yes! We want to know more about the students who are acting up at the academy, so we came to ask around.
Lyria: We just aren't sure where to start...
Percival: In that case, I'll introduce you to the person who acts as a sort of municipal government advisor.
Percival has been speaking with everyone he can, in every nook and cranny of the city.
In the process, he got to know someone who has lived in the area for ages.
Percival: Are you home, sir? There are some people here who wish to meet you.
Percival leads the crew to the man's chambers, but there is no answer to his call.
Lyria: I guess he's out.
Percival: No, I suspect he simply can't be bothered to answer. He'll soon show his face.
Sure enough, they haven't long to wait before an older man appears, though he seems none too pleased at being disturbed.
Old-Timer: For Pete's sake, what have you come to interrogate me about today? Surely you've learned all you need to know about this town.
Percival: Heh. But I still can't hold a candle to you.
Old-Timer: What's this? You brought friends today?
Percival: These two skyfarers are named (Captain) and Lyria. They have some questions for you.
Old-Timer: Skyfarers, eh? And at such a tender age! Well? Speak up, then.
  1. Let me hear about the delinquents.

Choose: Let me hear about the delinquents.
Old-Timer: Ahh, those kids...
Old-Timer: In other words, you want to know what pushed them so far off the straight and narrow path, hm?
Lyria: Yes!
Old-Timer: Well... If you ask me, it wasn't just one thing.
Old-Timer: But I think what was roughest on them was realizing their magic was useless against the forces of the Otherworld.
Lyria: Huh? But... I mean, they're still only students.
Old-Timer: Of course. But some of them just don't see it that way.
Old-Timer: Those kids suffered deep wounds to their pride, and now they're struggling to keep up with the town as reconstruction changes it...
Old-Timer: They're in a delicate phase of life, and that despair they feel surfaces as rebellion. Although some of them are simply being influenced by their peers.
Old-Timer: We adults were so focused on restoring the town... But that really isn't an excuse.
Old-Timer: I'm ashamed to admit that we didn't notice those young people had suffered a significant trauma, or what it was doing to them...
Lyria: Oh...
Lyria: He felt so responsible for them...
Percival: It isn't merely his concern. This is a matter the Mysterian government itself should be considering.
Troublemaker 1: You wanna run that by me again? You steppin' to me, bruh?
A furious voice rings out from a nearby alley.
Lyria: Percival! (Captain)!
Percival: That's our cue, (Captain).
The crew finds two delinquents locking horns. It looks like an explosive situation.
Troublemaker 2: Say what? You were the one lookin' at me funny, cuz!
Troublemaker 1: Who you with, you little punk?
Lyria: Oh no...
Percival: Tell me what happened here, young man.
Percival: You can always let your fists fly afterward, if it's worth doing.
Troublemaker 1: Who asked you, fool? Mind your business!
Troublemaker 2: Hey, over here! Your beef's with me!
Troublemaker 1: Hurk! Why, you!
Percival: Cease this brawling immediately!
Troublemakers: Y... Yes, sir.
Percival sits the two delinquents down by the side of the road.
Percival: If you engage in violence simply to vent your spleen, you're no better than any other wild beast.
Percival: You two are supposed to be students. You know you have better things you should be doing. How dare you shirk your duty this way?
Troublemakers: Sorry...
Percival: A nation's fortune resides in its young people. If you lose your way, seek guidance. Together, we will find a path forward.
Troublemaker 1: Aaah! This... This is the guy!
Troublemaker 2: You think so too?
Percival: Hm? What is it?
Troublemaker 1: We found it! We found what we wanna be when we grow up!
Troublemaker 2: Once we graduate... We wanna be in your posse, boss!
Percival: Boss? Are you addressing me?
Troublemakers: Yes, boss!
Percival: Heh. Your ambitions should be great enough to cast the entire sky in their shadow!
Percival: If you would follow in my footsteps, I demand nothing less than your unflagging devotion. Become the sort of retainers who carry the nation on their shoulders!
Troublemakers: Yes, boss!
Lyria: Percival... is their boss now...
Percival: All right, you little punks! Turn up!
Percival: Let's get this party started!
Troublemakers: Yeeeah, boss!
Lyria: Ah... Ahaha...
Lyria ropes her imagination back under control and looks on as the two delinquents consider their newfound calling.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 3: A Light for Lost Souls - Episode 3

A worried (Captain) and Lyria decide to tail Vyrn on one of his clandestine nightly excursions, but Vyrn mounts his gearcycle and leaves them in the dust. Elmott appears astride his own beast and leads them in the chase.

Night lies heavy over the Grandcypher.
(Captain) and Lyria have determined to tail Vyrn, who has been slipping off the ship every night of late.
Vyrn: Heh heh!
Lyria: ...
Lyria: I just hope he's not mixed up in anything dangerous...
Vyrn ducks behind an outcropping of rock. Before long he emerges looking extremely pleased with himself.
Vyrn: All right!
Lyria: Wh-whoa! (Captain)... He looks so...
The sight of Vyrn on his gearcycle leaves Lyria at a loss for words.
Vyrn: Hehe... Yeah, I definitely get the appeal now.
Lyria: H... How long has this been going on? Is Vyrn a delinquent now too?
  1. Maybe.
  2. Vyrn would never...

Choose: Maybe.
Lyria: Oh no! What should we do? He just came to the academy to study magic...

Choose: Vyrn would never...
Lyria: You're right. Vyrn would never fall in with the wrong crowd!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Yeeeah! Turn up, my men! Time to bounce!
Lyria: Aaah! (Captain), after him!
Vyrn: Whooo! Tear it up!
Lyria: So fast!
Vyrn zooms past at a stunning speed and disappears into the distance.
Lyria: I can't even see him anymore... What do we do, (Captain)?
An exhaust note rends the air, interrupting their conversation.
A gearcycle soars off the deck of the Grandcypher.
Elmott: Hey, cool your jets, kids.
Lyria: Whoa! Where did you come from, Elmott?
Elmott: Never thought the lizard would throw in with those students of mine. Things are gettin' interesting.
Elmott: Follow me, you two. Got a feeling I know where they're headed.
Elmott, Lyria, and (Captain) head off, hot on Vyrn's trail.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 3: A Light for Lost Souls - Episode 4

The Destiny Nocturnes launch an offensive, interrupting the Red Wings' joyride. Just as it's looking bad for Tsubasa, Vyrn, and the others, (Captain) and crew arrive to back them up.

Tsubasa and the Red Wings are having the time of their lives burning up the road as always.
Vyrn: Haha! I feel like I could reach the end of the skies on this baby!
Tsubasa: That's right... No limits for us, Vyrn!
Vyrn: You said it! No one's gonna tell me I have no talent for magic!
Killa Taiga: Heh, listen to you! Li'l baby lizard talkin' like a big dragon.
Vyrn: What'd you say, punk!
Yung Rintaro: Haha! You already sound just like one of the gang, Vyrn.
Vyrn: 'Course I do! 'Cause I'm a Red Wing all the way, squad!
Red Wings: Ahahaha!
Just then, Tsubasa's hackles rise, as if he scents danger on the wind.
He turns to see another group mounted on gearcycles tearing up the road toward them.
Tsubasa: The hell?
Destiny Nocturnes: ...
Tsubasa: That speed!
Killa Taiga: No way... Did they just leave Tsubasa in their dust?
Yung Rintaro: The Destiny Nocturnes...
Yung Rintaro: They seem different from the last time we took 'em on...
Vyrn: Yeah, and what's up with that reckless riding!
Destiny Nocturne 1: The king has come back... So say goodbye to your peaceful Mysteria.
Destiny Nocturne 1: But first things first... I'll crush you peons and offer you up as a tribute.
Tsubasa: Huh? What kinda trash are you talkin' over there!
Destiny Nocturne 1: Wreck 'em!
Destiny Nocturne 2: Get your damn legs in gear! Do it!
Red Wing 1: Gwaaah!
The Destiny Nocturnes pull up alongside the Red Wings and begin kicking at their gearcycles.
Under their assault, the Red Wings begin to veer off the road and tumble to the pavement.
Red Wing 2: Eeh... Eyaaah!
Vyrn: Hey, hey! What do they think they're doin'!
Destiny Nocturne 2: What's wrong, losers? That all you got?
Tsubasa and the others ride on, doing their best not to let the Destiny Nocturnes close the distance between them.
Tsubasa: Damn outhouse flies won't buzz off... We gotta swat 'em!
Tsubasa and the Red Wings pull a tight U-turn and come to a screeching halt.
They dismount and stand united to face the oncoming Destiny Nocturnes.
Tsubasa: You got a real attitude problem, messin' up our rally like this...
Yung Rintaro: Sho! Lemme see your face if you got the nuggets!
Yung Rintaro: Tsubasa's gonna beat you to a pulp, ya dipwad!
Vyrn: Hey, are you just gonna hide behind Tsubasa?
Yung Rintaro: Sh-shut it!
Destiny Nocturnes: ...
Tsubasa: Yo, you hear me? What're you, scared, punk?
Tsubasa: Heh. Guess Sho wet himself an' ran home to Mommy to get his diaper changed.
Destiny Nocturne 1: How dare you mock the king? You're gonna eat those words!
Destiny Nocturnes: Stomp these fools!
Tsubasa: Haha, no comeback? Guess I was on the money, then. Bring it!
Killa Taiga: Yee-hoo! Gonna headbutt you so hard your grandma gets a migraine!
Vyrn: We didn't start the fire, but we'll blow it out!
Red Wings: This means waaar!
The clash of the two gearcycle gangs is heralded by a chorus of revving engines.
Tsubasa: Take that!
Tsubasa and the others don't need a reason to fight.
Killa Taiga: Udaraaa!
If someone's willing to pick a fight, the Red Wings will finish it. It's as simple as that.
Destiny Nocturne 2: Guwaaah!
Yung Rintaro: Yeek!
But that wild brimming over of youthful energy can only occur within the limits of certain unspoken rules.
Vyrn: Rintaro!
Rules which do not seem to bind the Destiny Nocturnes, putting the Red Wings at a distinct disadvantage.
Tsubasa: Those dudes are straight up bugging out...
Tsubasa: You men okay?
Vyrn: Y-yeah! Don't count me out yet!
Tsubasa: !
Destiny Nocturne 3: Diiie!
The Destiny Nocturne pops a wheelie and charges at Vyrn with a view to making dragon pancakes.
Vyrn: Whoooa!
Tsubasa: Vyrn, look out!
Destiny Nocturne 3: Gurgh!
Tsubasa flings himself at Vyrn's attacker, tackling him off his gearcycle.
Tsubasa: Hey, are you all right!
Vyrn: Barely...
Tsubasa: Phew...
Well. Looks like you'll live.
Destiny Nocturne 1: Heh heh... Now you've gone an' done it. If you wanna get on your knees and beg for forgiveness, this's your last chance.
Elmott: Hey, hey... I dunno who you're supposed to be, but where do you get off roughing up my students?
A languid drawl cuts through the crackling atmosphere between the two rival gangs.
Tsubasa: !
Lyria: Vyrn!
Vyrn: (Captain), Lyria... What're you doing here?
Lyria: You've been acting strange lately, so we followed you.
  1. We've been worried!

Choose: We've been worried!
Vyrn: Sorry... I shouldn't've sneaked out without saying anything...
Elmott: I had no idea you were such good buddies with Tsubasa and the others.
Elmott: But that's two birds with one stone. C'mon, kiddies, field trip's over. Your parents'll worry if you stay out too late.
Destiny Nocturne 1: Hey. Don't go spoilin' our fun when we're just gettin' warmed up, Pops.
Elmott: Yeah, sorry about that. How 'bout you pack it in for the night and consider it a personal favor to me?
Destiny Nocturne 1: No can do, old man... There ain't no brakes on these machines.
The night air vibrates with the roar of engines as the Destiny Nocturnes make their pedals fly.
Tsubasa: Wait... That engine...
Elmott: Get your head out of the clouds, Tsubasa! Here they come!
Tsubasa: Right!
Elmott: I hate to pull any rough stuff with a bunch of kids, but we gotta put a stop to this fight. You with me, (Captain)?
Destiny Nocturnes: Whooo!
The Destiny Nocturnes thunder toward the crew, dust billowing in their wake.
(Captain) and the others calmly take up their weapons and prepare to meet them head-on.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 4: Perpetrator and Victim - Episode 1

The crew fends off the Destiny Nocturnes but remains bewildered by their gearcycles' uncanny speed. Tsubasa suspects the cause may be Demon Reactors: a banned technology created by the Tandem Airborne Express company, which claimed the lives of Tsubasa's parents and many others in a terrible accident. Tsubasa sets out to discover the truth.

Destiny Nocturne 1: Forget these fools! We're outta here!
Yung Rintaro: Haha! Come back when you can tie your own shoelaces, losers!
The Destiny Nocturnes realize they don't stand a chance against (Captain) and the others.
They flee with a few parting gibes tossed over their shoulders.
Elmott: Damn it... Even if we were tryin' to break up the fight, I don't feel right about beatin' up on them...
Lyria: Mr. Bertrand's office is gonna be invaded by the school board again, isn't it?
Elmott: Well... Dealing with adults like that is part of a teacher's job too, I guess.
Elmott turns to Tsubasa with the air of a responsible elder.
Elmott: I want you to remember this. When you stir up trouble, you're not the only ones affected.
Tsubasa: I know the school board has its eyes on me.
Tsubasa: Sometimes you just don't get a choice though, y'know?
Tsubasa: Well... If they get around to expelling me, I'll go quietly.
Elmott: Doofus. You can't just leave with your tail between your legs. The academy is your home base, isn't it?
Tsubasa: Humph...
Tsubasa: I guess...
Killa Taiga: Home base, huh? Yeah, that sounds about right.
Killa Taiga: Dunno what I'd do if I couldn't burn up the road with all my buddies. I'd have nothin' left.
Yung Rintaro: Yeah! It'd suck if I couldn't see all of you at school! So don't let 'em toss you out that easy!
Tsubasa: Shut it, yo. It ain't like I wanna be expelled.
Tsubasa: Oh yeah... You really saved our skins out there, (Captain).
Tsubasa: But this is our fight. Let us handle it next time.
  1. Why?
  2. I'm not just gonna let you hurt each other.

Choose: Why?
Tsubasa: 'Cause the Nocturnes' beef is with us.
Tsubasa: We can't be gettin' outside help like that.
Lyria: If Vyrn is part of your gang, then we're not outsiders!
Tsubasa: Well... I see what you mean, but I still don't want you involved.

Choose: I'm not just gonna let you hurt each other.
Tsubasa: I guess I get that.
Tsubasa: But once the fuse is lit, there's no stopping the bang, y'know?
Tsubasa: Heh. You don't look like you're down with that answer.
Continue 1
Elmott: These guys have their own way of doing things, (Captain). They're bound to see things differently from you.
Elmott: That said... Don't go waging any more wars, all right?
Tsubasa: We're not going around fighting for fun.
Tsubasa: But if someone picks a fight with us, we gotta see it through.
Elmott: Do your homework like a good kid, don't fight every time someone looks at you funny, and become the adult I know you can be.
Tsubasa: Ha! Stop dreaming.
Vyrn: Guys... I'm really sorry I worried you...
Lyria: I'm just glad you're okay!
Elmott: Hey, Tsubasa. Something's been botherin' me for a minute now.
Elmott: The gearcycles those guys were riding... Should they be that fast?
Tsubasa: No. Not usually. But...
Elmott: Hm?
Tsubasa: Something about the nasty feeling they gave me rings a bell...
Tsubasa: Back when I was just a brat...
Tsubasa: There was a company based in Mysteria that ran deliveries all over the skies, called Tandem Airborne Express.
Tsubasa: They had a pretty big hustle, so they really got to throw their weight around on the island.
Tsubasa: And I guess they got a little too greedy and decided there were easier ways to make a rupie. I don't really know the reason.
Tsubasa: At any rate, the head of the company started floating some real sketchy ideas.
Tandem CEO: If we increase our ships' storage capacity, we can lower our overall shipping costs.
Tandem CEO: Come on—it's simple. If we alter the propulsion systems, we can increase the size of the cargo holds.
Tsubasa: 'Cause of that one dumb idea, they started modding their fleet's engines. Using magic.
Tsubasa: It was all smooth sailing at first. But it was never enough. They kept pushing their mods further. Something had to give.
Tsubasa: In the end... they lost control of one of the modded ships. It blew up in the skies over Mysteria... and rained down on the town below.
Townsfolk: Aaahhh!
Tsubasa: A lot of people were hurt. Some even died...
Tsubasa's Father: Aaaugh!
Tsubasa's Mother: Aaahhh!
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa: After that day, engines modified using that company's technology came to be known as Demon Reactors.
Tsubasa: Even after causing a disaster like that, the Tandem CEO thought he could smooth everything over with a few rupies.
Tandem CEO: Come on now. How much do you want? If I get taken in by the SBI, you won't see a red rupie.
Tandem CEO: It'll be better for both of us if we settle this between ourselves. And to that end... I'd like you to drop these troublesome charges...
Tandem CEO: Oh, of course, I'm willing to pay whatever it takes! You won't find a fairer deal!
Tsubasa: My grandmother was the only one who wouldn't be bought.
Granny: I can't believe you would try to fob us off with money. As if that could make up for losing my son and daughter-in-law.
Granny: All I want from you is to know that you sincerely regret your actions.
Tandem CEO: Ma'am...
Granny: Make up for the harm you've caused by continuing to contribute to this island's development.
Tandem CEO: I'm so sorry...
Tsubasa: So the big boss apologized to my grandmother.
Tsubasa: And he made it rain hush money on the other victims' families.
Tsubasa: It kept the SBI off his tail anyhow.
Vyrn: Geez, Tsubasa... You've been through so much...
Tsubasa: As long as I live, I'll never forget the sound of those engines... Or that sickly purple light in the clouds overhead.
Tsubasa: What's powering the Destiny Nocturnes' beasts is probably a miniature version of a Demon Reactor.
Tsubasa: I don't know why the hell anyone would be using that gear again.
Tsubasa: But Tandem Airborne Express is in on this. I can tell you that much.
Elmott: This is all news to me, but it sounds fishy as hell...
Tsubasa: There's gotta be a reason for all this. Think it's time I finally sort things out with that CEO...
Tsubasa: (And I'm not about to let him wipe the floor with my Grandma's heart!)
Tsubasa strides off, leaving (Captain) and the others with a deep sense of foreboding.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 4: Perpetrator and Victim - Episode 2

Sho, head of the Destiny Nocturnes, returns to the academy from his stint on Juvenile Detention Island. He mercilessly lays into the students who gather to gawk at his flashy gearcycle, and word of his return spreads like wildfire.

Anguished voices twist through the murky halls of a ruined building.
One man looks over his miniature Demon Reactor and smiles like a coiled viper.
Ruffian 1: Urrrgh... P-please... Forgive me...
???: What's done is done, bro. No changing that. And you look like a real loser tryin'...
???: Hunh!
Ruffian 1: Gyaaah!
???: Mmm... The screams of the dying are like sweet nectar rolling over my tongue...
Destiny Nocturne 1: Sho, these guys...
Ruffian 2: We didn't know you were the head of the Destiny Nocturnes!
Ruffian 2: Please. We're sorry...
Sho: Moron!
Ruffian 2: Gyurgh! Glurk...
Sho: So?
Destiny Nocturne 1: Their jaws were on the ground when they saw how much faster we were than them...
Sho: Hyahahaha! I wish I coulda seen it!
Sho: Seeing him get down and dirty with a bunch of lowlifes must've been real interesting... I think it's just about showtime, boys...
The next day a student long absent from Mysteria Academy makes his return.
Sho, fresh out of juvie.
The flashy gearcycle he rolls up on causes quite the stir, especially among the other delinquents, who are green with jealousy.
Delinquent 1: Quit fanning your feathers, you overblown peacock!
Sho: ...
Delinquent 1: Who the hell are you anyhow? Never seen you before.
Sho: Got a bit of a truancy problem...
Delinquent 2: Yeah? So? Whaddya mean showing up to school on a flashy beast like that? Ticks me off.
Sho: It does, doesn't it?
Delinquent 2: You lookin' for a beatdown, you little twerp?
Sho: Hunh...
Sho dodges the delinquent's kick and counters with a devastating punch.
Delinquent 2: Blurgh...
Delinquent 1: Augh... Glrgh...
Sho: Hyaaahahaha!
Delinquent 1: P-please... Please, no more! You're gonna kill us!
Sho: Where's Tsubasa?
Delinquent 1: H... His beast's not in the lot today... He's probably late... as usual...
Sho: Thanks... And good night!
Delinquent 1: Gyaaah! Aaargh...
Before long, word of Sho's return spreads throughout the academy.
Those familiar with him want nothing to do with him, and some even choose to stay home from school in order to steer clear.
The arrival of this chaotic figure only adds electricity to the cloud of anxiety hanging low over Mysteria Academy.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 4: Perpetrator and Victim - Episode 3

Tsubasa visits Tandem Airborne Express to confront the CEO about the Destiny Nocturnes' Demon Reactors. Frustrated by the man's evasions, he ends up hitting him and is tossed out by a bodyguard. On returning to school, he immediately gets into a fight with Sho—the Tandem CEO's son—which is witnessed by a member of the school board.

Tandem Airborne Express is still flourishing and throwing around the weight of its massive wealth.
It's as if the incident they caused had never happened.
And that technology which was supposed to have been sealed away years ago has resurfaced.
In order to get to the bottom of this riddle, Tsubasa requests a meeting with the CEO.
Tandem CEO: I think you're barking up the wrong tree. That technology was never meant to power piddly little vehicles like gearcycles.
Tandem CEO: It was developed to allow airships to carry huge amounts of cargo after all.
Tsubasa: Yeah, then what're a bunch of gangbangers doing with Demon Reactors on their beasts?
Tandem CEO: Perhaps you can answer a question for me first.
Tandem CEO: Why did you assume they were Demon Reactors?
Tsubasa: The sound that propulsion system made... The purple light the engine gave off...
Tsubasa: I couldn't forget them if I wanted to.
Tandem CEO: Hm. Well, you could be right. Then again, you could be wrong.
Tsubasa: Say what?
Tandem CEO: Without seeing these gearcycles for myself, I have no way of verifying your claim.
Tandem CEO: Besides, you may simply be trying to stir up trouble for my company.
Tsubasa: ...
Tandem CEO: I'd say that brings our meeting to a close. See yourself out.
Tsubasa: Let's drop the act, huh? Once this all blows up, the truth'll come out.
Tandem CEO: ...
The CEO is clearly hiding something.
His calm evaporates, and he hurries Tsubasa along in an obvious effort to hide his own agitation.
Tandem CEO: You're a persistent fellow, but this conversation is over. Get out of my office!
Tsubasa: Guess I'll have to take my story to the SBI then. Maybe they'll listen...
Tandem CEO: ...
Spying the man's hesitation, Tsubasa presses his advantage. He heaves an exaggerated sigh as he heads toward the door.
Just as he's reaching for the knob, the CEO speaks.
Tandem CEO: Wait!
Tsubasa: I thought our business here was done.
Tandem CEO: All right. Fine. How much do you want?
Tsubasa: ...
Tandem CEO: Not that I have anything to hide, mind you. But if you run off to the SBI, it may start rumors.
Tandem CEO: That's the only reason. And besides... There was all that business before.
Tsubasa: So you think you can use money to silence me?
Tandem CEO: Don't you like money?
Tsubasa: ...
Tandem CEO: No one hates money! Money is the lifeblood of the skies!
Tandem CEO: I've got it. I know! I'll give you the money your grandmother refused to take. How about it?
Tandem CEO: You have just as much right to it as she did.
I... That is... I'm truly sorry for what happened...
In his efforts to win Tsubasa over, the CEO prattles on.
The more he says, however, the further it stretches Tsubasa's patience.
Tsubasa: All these years, I told myself that what happened to my parents was an accident.
Tsubasa: But tell me one thing.
Tsubasa: Do you remember what you promised my grandma?
Tandem CEO: Huh? Oh, um...
Tsubasa: She asked you to turn your act around. To make good for what you did by helping the island grow.
Tsubasa: That was all she asked you for...
Tandem CEO: Ah... Yes, I remember now...
Tsubasa: You mean you forgot?
Tandem CEO: No... No, I didn't say that.
But more importantly, let's talk figures. Come on, we're both men of the world! Be reasonable!
Tsubasa: What?
Tandem CEO: Wh... Why are you looking at me like that?
Tsubasa: You're rotten... Right down to the core.
Tsubasa: I'm about to go guano on you!
Tandem CEO: Gyaaah!
Tandem CEO: Meeep!
How... How dare you strike me!
Tsubasa: You... You don't have the first kinda clue... just how much suffering you've caused!
Tsubasa: If you blow up another one of those Demon Reactors...
Tsubasa: The casualties are going to pile up all over again!
Tandem CEO: Hey! What do you think you're doing! Security! Securityyy!
In response to the CEO's shrieking, a door behind his desk opens, and an imposing figure in dark glasses steps into the office.
Bodyguard: ...
Tandem CEO: Hehehe... You don't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation, young man.
Tandem CEO: You should have used what little gray matter you have before laying a hand on the Chairman of the Mysteria Academy School Board.
Tsubasa: Heh... Gimme your worst. Expulsion or whatever else you wanna lay on me.
Tandem CEO: Expulsion? Perish the thought. I hardly think that would be sufficient!
Tandem CEO: I wonder how your dear old grandmother would feel if you were banished from the island where you've lived all your life...
Tsubasa: What... You... Just how rotten can you be?
Tandem CEO: Oh, and about the Demon Reactor? You'd better not breathe a word of that to the SBI.
Tandem CEO: I'd hate to have to press charges for slander. Eeeheeheeheeheee!
Tsubasa: Why, you filthy—
Bodyguard: Allow me to show you the door.
Tsubasa: No! We're not done here!
Bodyguard: Pipe down, you little puke!
Tsubasa: Agh... Urgh...
This... conversation... isn't over!
Tsubasa's protests fall on deaf ears. The bodyguard seizes him by the scruff of the neck, drags him to the door, and tosses him out on his ear.
Tsubasa: Damn it... Damn iiit!
Tsubasa: (Killing my parents wasn't enough for you?)
Tsubasa: (You have to wipe the floor with my grandma's heart too?)
More than the bruises inflicted by the bodyguard, what tortures Tsubasa is the thought of how his grandmother will react.
The CEO's reactions made it perfectly clear that Tandem Airborne Express is still using the Demon Reactor technology.
The connection between that and the Destiny Nocturnes, however...
He's not sure where to begin investigating.
Hoping for some relief from his wildly spinning thoughts, Tsubasa returns to school.
Tsubasa: (What's going on? It's dead quiet today...)
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa has good reason to feel uneasy.
At lunchtime, the academy courtyard is usually flooded with students. Today it is deserted.
Tsubasa: (Hm... I don't like this at all...)
Tsubasa: Who's there! Show yourself!
A slow clap echoes through the empty corridor beyond the courtyard, mocking Tsubasa's angry demand.
A single student steps out into the light.
Sho: Sensing me before you see me... You really are like a savage beast, aren't you?
Tsubasa: Who the hell're you?
Sho: "The king has come back." Didn't you get my message?
Tsubasa: Huh... So you're the Sho that everyone's gettin' their boxers in a bunch over? What an honor.
Sho: You look awful... Someone got a little rough with you, huh?
Sho: Dear, oh dear... I guess you weren't as tough as you thought, hmm?
Tsubasa: What'd you say?
Sho: You busted into Tandem Airborne Express, right?
Tsubasa: ...
Sho: I see... So my old man didn't tell you anything.
Tsubasa: Wait... Then you're...
Sho: Hyahaha! Throws you for a loop, doesn't it! That's right! I'm the reject son that lowlife can barely bring himself to acknowledge!
Sho: It's just like you thought. We "borrowed" those Demon Reactors from my old man's company.
Sho: That cursed technology is still in use. Too bad the promise the old reprobate made your granny wasn't worth the air he spit it into, huh? Doesn't it make your blood boil?
Sho: He's a bloodsucking parasite. Too bad you didn't just put him out of my misery...
Tsubasa: Thanks for the confession... I guess your whole family's out of their gourds, huh?
Sho: Ding, ding, ding, ding! Correct! Tell the man what he's won! Hyahaha!
Tsubasa: Which means you're usin' those things even though you know what kinda mayhem they can cause?
Sho: So what if I am?
Tsubasa: Like father, like son... A garbage kid from a trash family. Not a scrap worth saving between the two of you!
Tsubasa: That's it! I'm about to go guano on you!
Tsubasa: Grraaah!
Sho: ...!
???: Eeek!
Tsubasa: !
The courtyard—which seemed entirely deserted moments ago—echoes with a terrified scream.
Tsubasa lowers his fists and turns to find a member of the Mysteria Academy School Board staring at him wide-eyed.
Board Member 2: ...
Tsubasa: (You gotta be kiddin' me!)
Sho: Um... I was really scared Tsubasa was gonna hit me...
Tsubasa: You little snitch!
Sho: Hyaaahahaha!
The woman's testimony clinches it.
Tsubasa is called before the school board for a hearing.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 4: Perpetrator and Victim - Episode 4

Tsubasa is called to an expulsion hearing before the school board. As he waits for them to arrive, he thinks back on a conversation with his grandmother about his original ambition to become a great mage. As he's steeling himself for expulsion, Ms. Miranda calls him aside to discuss strategy.

Tsubasa waits around in the hall for the board members to assemble.
Tsubasa: (Expulsion, huh? Doesn't even feel real.)
Tsubasa: (What'm I supposed to do after this? I can't even imagine...)
As he struggles with these difficult thoughts, the image of his grandmother's smiling face floats into his mind.
Tsubasa's grandmother smiles happily as her grandson massages her stiff shoulders.
Granny: Ahh... That does an old body good. You'd make quite the physical therapist.
Tsubasa: Hehe...
Granny: You've been in high spirits lately... Did something good happen?
Tsubasa: Nothin' special... But we got a couple new faces around the academy. A new hard-nosed teacher, and this weird lizard...
Granny: A lizard? What's a lizard doing at the academy?
Tsubasa: Studying magic of course. But even though he's hittin' the books like a maniac, he's no good at all.
Tsubasa: But he doesn't let that stop him. He just keeps practicin' over an' over... It's pretty cool.
Granny: Oh, I agree. It's people who put in the effort who get the results. You should follow his example.
Tsubasa: Well, he's a lizard, not a person...
Granny: Ohhh, I seee. Heeheehee.
Tsubasa: And that hard-nosed teacher... I dunno. He's got this real can't-be-bothered attitude. Can't tell if he cares or not.
Granny: But he's a good teacher, isn't he?
Tsubasa: No... Well... I can't tell yet.
Granny: Really? I really like the kind of teacher who cares so much about his students.
Tsubasa: Huh?
Granny: That teacher came by for a visit, you know. Heehee... I got the feeling I could count on him.
Granny: I asked him to train you up into a fine young mage.
Tsubasa: Grandmaaa!
Tsubasa: (I didn't think much about it when she said that the other day...)
Tsubasa: (But I came here because I had a dream. And what've I been doing instead of following it?)
Tsubasa: (Too late now I guess. Sorry, Grandma...)
Just then, Ms. Miranda comes barreling down the hall, out of breath.
Ms. Miranda: Tsubasaaa! Come here a sec!
Tsubasa: Hey, Ms. Miranda... No running in the halls.
Tsubasa: Are the stiffs from the board finally here? They sure kept me waiting.
Ms. Miranda: That too... But first we need to have a little strategy meeting!
Tsubasa: Strategy meeting?
Putting on a brave face, Tsubasa follows Ms. Miranda.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 5: No Right, No Wrong—Only Pride - Episode 1

Elmott convinces Tsubasa to trust him and explain the events leading up to Tsubasa's fight with Sho. The story of the Demon Reactor accident and the unrepentant CEO convinces everyone that Tsubasa is not solely to blame for losing his cool.

(Captain) and Lyria report to Elmott what they've learned about Sho.
Elmott: Heh heh... Never would've thought Sho was connected to Tandem.
Lyria: We heard he got sent to juv... Juvenile Detention Island? You called it juvie, right? Anyway, we heard he ended up there a lot over the years...
Lyria: But... isn't that supposed to be somewhere you go and think about what you did... so you can do better in the future?
Lyria: So why is he still...
Elmott: Some kids'll act out even if they're raised with every luxury.
Elmott: In Sho's case... He grew up with a lot of advantages.
Elmott: But I'm guessing the incident caused by his father had a pretty serious effect on him.
Elmott: It must've warped his mind somethin' awful. It's no stretch that he fixated on Tsubasa.
Elmott: To him, the way everyone loves and respects Tsubasa must've poured salt in his wounds.
Elmott and Lyria furrow their brows, considering the riddle of the two troubled students, Tsubasa and Sho.
Just then, Ms. Miranda arrives with Tsubasa in tow.
Ms. Miranda: Elmooott! I brought Tsubasa!
Tsubasa: ...
Elmott: Hey, hey, enough with the long face, Tsubasa. Buck up.
Tsubasa: Can it. I'm ready. Just let the board members loose on me already.
Elmott: Dammit, kid... I toldja if you started trouble you'd be causing a nuisance for your teachers, didn't I?
Tsubasa: And I told you, sometimes you don't get a choice!
Elmott: Tch... Throwing away your home base before they even take it from you...
Elmott: Just what happened anyhow? I wanna hear it from you.
Tsubasa: Heh... Why're you getting so worked up over a lowlife delinquent like me?
Elmott: What?
Tsubasa: We're just trash, right? That's what the school board thinks!
Elmott: Hey, Tsubasa... You might think you're standing your ground now... But you're just throwing a fit.
Elmott: That's no kinda look. Think of your image.
Tsubasa: Hrgh...
Elmott: If you're gonna act like a little punk, then why not go the whole nine yards? Go cry your eyes out and beg them on your hands and knees not to kick you out.
Tsubasa: No way in hell!
Elmott: Then tell us what happened! Don't act like I don't have your back...
Tsubasa: ...
Ms. Miranda: Trust us, Tsubasa!
  1. It ain't over till it's over!

Choose: It ain't over till it's over!
Tsubasa: You too, (Captain)?
Tsubasa: Hey, Teach... You really tellin' me I can count on you?
Elmott: What're you sayin'? What're adults even good for if you can't let us handle your problems?
Elmott: Cleanin' up after you little pukes is our job.
Tsubasa: But...
Elmott: I'm not sayin' it's all sunshine and lollipops. But that's my role and I'll play it.
Elmott: That's how we become adults. That's the way the world works. So don't slap away the hands that're tryin' to lift you up, huh?
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa: Then I guess... I'll take you up on that...
Tsubasa: So... This morning...
Tsubasa lays out everything that led up to the woman witnessing his quarrel with Sho.
He tells (Captain) and the others about the CEO of Tandem Airborne Express, and how he wouldn't own up to using the Demon Reactors despite Tsubasa's evidence.
He painfully relates how the man twisted the knife in Tsubasa and his grandmother's wounds.
The crew shares his indignation at the man's unscrupulous use of his position both as CEO and as chairman of the school board.
Of course, it was wrong for Tsubasa to have lashed out.
But the more they hear of the story, the more certain everyone in that room is that Tsubasa does not bear the entirety of the blame.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 5: No Right, No Wrong—Only Pride - Episode 2

The school board is eager to expel Tsubasa, but Elmott bows his head and begs them to consider the circumstances. He reveals the link between Sho and the CEO—also chairman of the school board—who pushed the other board member to testify against Tsubasa. Elmott also explains that Tsubasa was trying to remove the dangerous Demon Reactors from use. His impassioned plea saves Tsubasa from expulsion and moves the young man to tears.

The members of the Mysteria Academy School Board rain down criticism on Tsubasa.
Mr. Bertrand and his allies on the faculty attempt to mediate, but the board members refuse to listen.
Board Member 2: Countless times have we advised that this complete failure of a student be turned out of the academy—in vain!
Board Member 2: Well, no more will we suffer this decision to rest in the hands of the faculty! He is to be expelled forthwith!
Board Member 1: We cannot continue to allow this vermin to besmirch the reputation of these hallowed halls of learning! He must be removed!
Tsubasa: ...
As the board members work themselves into a lather, Elmott steps before them.
Elmott: ...
Board Member 2: What fresh hell is this! You have something to add?
All eyes turn to Elmott. The teacher bows his head low.
Tsubasa: Wha!
Elmott: I'm this kid's homeroom teacher.
Elmott: I'm askin' ya, please, not to take away the only place he can call home.
Tsubasa: (Don't do it... Don't bow your head to people like them... for someone like me.)
Tsubasa: (You don't gotta get down in the muck to clean up after me!)
Tsubasa: Hey...
Mr. Bertrand: Hush.
Mr. Bertrand: Burn this moment into your memory... and never forget that there are adults worthy of the name.
Tsubasa: ...
Board Member 1: Buwahaha! Don't tell me you're going to cover for this worthless student!
Board Member 1: You can't be a competent teacher if you're willing to stoop so low. Perhaps a look into your credentials is in order...
Elmott: You may be right... I don't really think I'm cut out to be a teacher.
Elmott: But I'd be a hell of a lot worse if I didn't protect my students, don'tcha think?
Elmott: I've learned that a teacher should act like a lighthouse, guiding troubled students away from the shallows and the rocks below.
Elmott: So I know what I'm doing now is the right thing for a teacher to do.
Elmott: Don't you all agree? Or am I wrong?
Board Members: ...
Elmott: So listen. We're all here to support our students and their education, aren't we?
Elmott: And I don't think people with pure motives like that would ever call a student worthless...
Elmott: Maybe it's not my place to say this, but... I think that's what calls someone's credentials as an educator into question.
Elmott: So... Am I wrong?
Board Members: Hurgh...
Elmott: This little twerp knows what he did wrong.
Elmott: We'll see to his punishment later.
Elmott: So I'm asking you all... not to take this young man's future from him.
Elmott: This kid...
Elmott: This kid's gonna be a mage the academy will be proud to have on its list of alumni.
Tsubasa: What! Hey!
Elmott: Ain't that right, Tsubasa?
Tsubasa: ...
Granny: That teacher came by for a visit, you know. Heehee... I got the feeling I could count on him.
Granny: I asked him to train you up into a fine young mage.
Tsubasa: (That's right... I...)
Tsubasa: I'm gonna be a mage that Mysteria Academy can be proud of!
Tsubasa's determined voice rings out in the room.
The board members are startled into a sheepish silence.
But the calm is not to last.
Sho's father, the CEO of Tandem Airborne Express, steps into the room in answer to Mr. Bertrand's summons.
Mr. Bertrand: Ah, there you are. Come in, come in.
Tandem CEO: Mr. Bertrand, esteemed members of the board, please forgive my tardiness. Work ran late as it so often does...
Tandem CEO: Well? What seems to be the trouble this time?
Tsubasa: Tch...
Mr. Bertrand: We've just been hearing Tsubasa out and coming to an understanding about the violent incident at the academy today.
Tandem CEO: I see. While we're at it, shall we discuss what happened when he visited my place of business this morning?
Board Member 2: Are we to understand that he did something more?
Tandem CEO: Yes. This young man barged into my office, slung around all sorts of unjust accusations, and then, most horrifying of all... he assaulted me.
Tsubasa: ...
Board Members: ...
Elmott: Sigh...
Mr. Bertrand: Come on, then, Tsubasa. Make your apologies. You know that violence is wrong.
Tsubasa hesitates at first but, urged on by Elmott and Mr. Bertrand, he contritely bows his head.
Tsubasa: I apologize. That was wrong of me.
Tandem CEO: Ahh... No. No, I'm afraid an insincere apology won't be sufficient at all.
Tandem CEO: I demand his immediate expulsion. Furthermore, I want him sent to Juvenile Detention Island for several years of rehabilitation.
Elmott: Hey now, Pops... Let's take a good look at the events leading up to this, huh?
Tandem CEO: Whatever are you referring to?
Elmott: Well... nothing happens in a vacuum, y'know. The roots of this one go down a good ways.
Elmott: We didn't ask you here today as chairman of the school board...
Elmott: We asked you here as the father of the student who caused a violent incident.
Tandem CEO: ...
Elmott: Tsubasa's truly learned the error of his ways.
Elmott: The board members here understand that... At least, I believe they do.
Board Member 2: Well... It's certainly true that he seems different from his usual, brash self...
Elmott: Right! But you can't quite come to a decision yet, am I right?
Elmott: Which is why I'm askin' you to consider the extenuating circumstances.
Elmott: Tsubasa wasn't fightin' all by his lonesome. It takes two to tussle.
Elmott: You're the one who witnessed the quarrel... Why did you let Sho off the hook?
Board Member 2: Let him... I didn't...
Elmott: I'm not trying to put you on the spot.
Elmott: But don't you think you should hear both sides of the story in a case like this?
Elmott: Punishing only Tsubasa with expulsion without even hearing him out seems a little odd, doesn't it?
Elmott: Or... were you worried about upsetting a certain someone?
Board Member 2: D-don't be absurd!
Elmott: And leaving that aside for a moment...
Elmott: The root of all this lies in an incident that happened here in Mysteria... the Tandem Airborne Express disaster.
Elmott: I'm sure none of you have forgotten what happened that day...
Elmott: Or why the person who caused it is still conducting business as if it never happened...
Tandem CEO: Just what are you trying to say!
Elmott: I told you. I'm explaining the extenuating circumstances.
Board Member 3: What kind of connection are you implying between those two incidents?
Elmott: Tsubasa lost his parents in that disaster.
Board Member 3: I... I see...
Elmott: The technology used in the airship which crashed so spectacularly was called the Demon Reactor.
Elmott: And that's what the CEO here's son and his gang buddies are using on their gearcycles. Isn't that right?
Tsubasa: Yeah...
Board Member 3: Chairman... Is this true?
Tandem CEO: You can't possibly believe that my son would...
The CEO shoots a piercing look at the woman who witnessed Tsubasa and Sho's fight.
Board Member 2: ...
Elmott: Heh heh... Sometimes when you don't feel like answerin', it's best to follow that instinct.
Board Member 3: Chairman... I'm not sure what to believe.
Board Member 3: Is this person really acting in the best interests of the students?
Board Member 2: Are you saying you don't trust my testimony!
Board Member 3: I can't help but agree with Mr. Elmott that blaming only one participant for the fight seems strange.
Board Member 2: Urk...
Elmott: You've got the right to remain silent if you wanna, but I feel like the longer you do, the less trustworthy you look.
Elmott: I'm sure Sho's father agrees with me. Right?
Tandem CEO: Hurgh...
The CEO finds himself the center of everyone's attention.
Their gaze seems to say that they are listening carefully, ready to judge whether what he says next is true or false.
Perhaps sensing that he can't pull the wool over their eyes, the CEO changes his attitude.
Tandem CEO: It pains me to admit, but... my son Sho is the head of a gearcycle gang.
Board Member 2: Hurgh...
Board Member 1: Is this true?
Board Member 3: And even knowing that, you left Sho out of your testimony?
Board Member 2: I... I am terribly sorry...
Board Members: ...
Elmott: While you're in the confessional mood, Pops... I got a few questions about the Demon Reactors.
Elmott: Seeing as how the ones using them are a gearcycle gang run by the son of Tandem Airborne Express's CEO...
Elmott: You know claiming ignorance ain't gonna fly, don't you?
Tandem CEO: ...
Elmott: That technology is dangerous. It caused a disaster that hurt a lotta people...
Elmott: And no one oughta know that better than you, right?
Board Member 3: You understand that, don't you, Chairman? You promised never to allow another incident like that to occur...
The CEO seems at a loss for a response.
Once again, his attitude turns on a dime.
Tandem CEO: I... That is...
Tandem CEO: It was my son! Yes, my son took those engines without my consent! It had nothing to do with me!
Elmott: Maybe Sho acted on his own, or maybe you had some reason to try out the technology again...
Elmott: That's not somethin' we can figure out here.
Elmott: What we do know for sure is that the Demon Reactor technology is still alive and kicking. Isn't it?
Mr. Bertrand: This is deeply troubling news.
Board Member 3: Yes...
Elmott: By the way... You're Sho's father, right?
Elmott: If your son ran off with something so dangerous, why would you just let it be?
Tandem CEO: Because! He's! I can't control him!
Tandem CEO: So...
Elmott: You saying a weakling who can't even control his own son can run a school board?
Tandem CEO: N-no, I...
Elmott: Uuugh. I can't even deal with this crap.
Elmott: I've got better things to do than lecture you...
Elmott: Uh... Members of the board? Lemme get back to the issue at hand.
Elmott: This student who you called worthless was looking for a way to get the Demon Reactors off of Sho's gang's gearcycles.
Elmott: But as you can see, it didn't work out.
Elmott: He visited Tandem, the CEO tried to pretend he didn't know anything about it, and to top it off, he spit on the promise he made to Tsubasa's grandmother after the disaster.
Elmott: Then he ran into Sho, who provoked him, and ended up raising his fists...
Elmott: Which brings us around to this expulsion proceeding.
Board Members: ...
Tandem CEO: W-wait! I have something to say! I never intended to profit from using that technology!
Tandem CEO: So please, leave the Skydom Bureau of Investigation out of it!
Elmott: Hey, now... You got the wrong end of this stick, pal.
Tandem CEO: What did you say?
Elmott: All I'm tryin' to do is get the board to let Tsubasa stay in school.
Elmott: Revealing your crimes to the world wasn't even on the agenda.
Tandem CEO: Hurk...
Elmott: Everyone, now you know what pushed Tsubasa to raise his fists.
Elmott: So I'm askin' ya... Whatever else you do, don't expel him, huh?
Board Members: ...
Board Member 3: Of course we won't.
Elmott: Heh. 'Preciate it.
Tsubasa: Thank you!
Elmott's passionate entreaty seems to broaden the board's narrow-minded worldview, however slightly.
Of course, their growing distrust of their own chairman, the Tandem CEO, didn't hurt.
But with the situation resolved, Elmott heaves a sigh of relief.
The board members troop out of the room with a last glance back at Sho's father, the chairman of the school board.
The CEO stands alone, stewing in regret at letting Elmott set him up.
Elmott: Tough break, pal... Trust is so important in the business world too...
Tandem CEO: Why, you—
Elmott: Whoa, easy there, buddy. This is a school. You're a parent and I'm a teacher. Let's not do anything either of us'll regret.
Tandem CEO: Grrr... Humph!
Elmott: Heh heh. What a sore loser. Lame...
Tsubasa: Hey. Thanks...
Elmott: Heh... Nice to see you sayin' what you feel, at least a little.
Elmott's belief in Tsubasa never wavered as he defended his student from the other adults who couldn't see beyond their petty prejudices.
In order to repay that kindness, Tsubasa swears to himself that he will use words—not fists—to settle the score with Sho.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 5: No Right, No Wrong—Only Pride - Episode 3

Sho recalls how he was treated coldly by his father, and bullied by peers because that same father caused the Demon Reactor disaster. When he hears Tsubasa—beloved by all—has escaped expulsion, his jealousy and rage boil over.

Tucked away in a corner of the schoolyard, Sho watches as the board members file out of their meeting.
He can tell from their faces that Tsubasa has escaped expulsion. He shrugs.
Sho: Lucky boy...
Sho: (That incident set the two of us on our paths in life. The son of the man who caused the disaster, and the son of two of the victims...)
Sho: (So why did I turn out so different from you? Why am I such a pathetic piece of trash?)
Sho gazes up at the clear blue sky and curses his miserable lot in life.
Sho: My life was never the same after the disaster Dad brought down on the island.
Sho: The kids I thought were my friends turned on me. Bullied me.
Child: Your dad's a murderer!
Sho: Hunh. They were right.
Sho: I may have been young, but I knew the weight of what he'd done, so I figured I should just suck it up and take the abuse.
Sho: But...
Sho: Didn't matter where I was... At school... At the park...
Sho: Every. Single. Day! There was nowhere I could go to escape the jeering voices, the beatings...
Sho: Even so, I planned to bear up. I'd just take everything coming to me.
Sho: But...
Tandem CEO: Why are you always blubbering when you get home from school? Man up!
Tandem CEO: Ugh... Sniveling little worm. You don't get that spinelessness from me!
Sho: Hurgh... Grrraaahhh!
Sho: Yeah... I lost it.
Sho: All the rage and frustration came rushing back out of me, destroying whatever it touched.
Sho: Hyahaha... Dad started to avoid me like I had the plague or something...
Sho: I don't put up with anything anymore. Whatever I want, wherever my whims take me, I go.
Sho: I got revenge on everyone who ever bullied me. No matter how much they cried or screamed, I beat every last one of 'em till they stopped twitching.
Sho: Before I knew it, I wasn't the kid who got bullied anymore. Instead I'd get these terrified looks when I passed by.
Sho: I have no regrets. Being the hunter is much better than being the prey.
Sho: The punks who came looking to beat me for the fame? I knocked the hell outta them too.
Delinquent 1: Gwaah!
Delinquent 2: Blurgh!
Sho: "The weak are meat the strong do eat."
As I learned the true meaning of those words, my purpose in life became clear.
Sho: I would instill fear in other people's hearts... and use it to rule.
Sho: (I know wallowing in sentimentality is meaningless, but even so...)
Sho: Tsubasaaa...
Sho: C'mon, bro! I'll race you to the curtain call!
Sho's memories of his tormented past crowd in, feeding the destructive impulse roiling within him. He throws back his head and howls loud enough to bring down the heavens.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 5: No Right, No Wrong—Only Pride - Episode 4

To repay Elmott and the other teachers' efforts on his behalf, Tsubasa vows to talk things out with Sho, but Sho cannot be convinced to remove the Demon Reactors and instead attacks Tsubasa. Tsubasa refuses to retaliate and is beaten unconscious.

Elmott and the other teachers' valiant efforts save Tsubasa from expulsion at the hands of the school board.
In order to repay the faith they showed in him, Tsubasa determines to talk things out with Sho instead of resorting to violence.
After hunting for him all over campus, Tsubasa finally tracks Sho down behind the academy.
Tsubasa: Sho...
Sho: I get strangely excited whenever I lay eyes on you...
Sho: It's like I hear a drumroll, like you're coming out onstage...
Sho: Is it like that for you too?
Tsubasa: I don't wanna throw down with you.
Tsubasa: I get where you're comin' from, but listen. The Demon Reactor tech has janked out before. And then—boom!
Sho: Hey, hey, hey, hey... You gotta be kiddin' me. What're we, a couple of fishmongers? I'm not gonna haggle with you.
Tsubasa: Please. Before it's too late.
Sho: Hyahahaha! You think bowing your head'll settle this?
Sho: This boulder's already rollin'...
Sho: And it's not gonna stop till it flattens you!
Tsubasa: You hate me, then fine—clock me. We'll be square.
Sho: Are you that scared of being expelled?
Tsubasa: Yeah... No matter what anyone says... I'm gonna be the best damn mage in the world. I gotta.
Sho: Heh. Heh heh. Hyaaahahaha! Ugh, your halo's blinding me...
Tsubasa: What're you gonna do once you've flattened me? That gonna be enough for you?
Sho: Let's see... Next I'll wipe out all the other gangs that tick me off and take my rightful place as king.
Tsubasa: Heh. That ain't nothin'. Can't you dream any bigger!
Sho: The hell did you just say?
Tsubasa: If you wanna be king of the gearcycle gangs, do it!
Tsubasa: It's none of my damn business, but is that all you want outta life? To be the biggest bully on the playground?
Sho: Thaaat's iiit! Hyaaahahahaha!
Sho: Come on, come on, come on!
Sho lets loose on Tsubasa without a hint of restraint. As the blows continue to land, his knuckles begin to come away red.
Tsubasa never so much as retaliates, weathering the storm.
The memory of the people who defended him strengthens his resolve.
Tsubasa: Urgh... Ugh...
Sho: Huff... Huff...
Sho: What! Why?
Sho: You trash!
Sho simply cannot understand why Tsubasa would refuse to fight back, even to defend himself.
He tosses aside the unconscious Tsubasa and leaves in disgust.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 6: Friendship - Episode 1

Vyrn, Yung Rintaro, and Killa Taiga want to get revenge for Tsubasa, but the other Red Wings are too frightened of the Destiny Nocturnes to back them up. Believing the others will follow eventually, the three set out alone toward the Destiny Nocturnes' hangout.

Not long afterward, a message goes out to the Red Wings from Killa Taiga.
The gang assembles behind the school.
They are shaken to hear from Killa Taiga what Tsubasa suffered at Sho's hands.
Red Wing 1: No way...
Killa Taiga: Only one thing to do, right, men? We gotta hit them back even harder!
Red Wings: ...
Killa Taiga: Hey, now... This is no time to go soft!
Red Wing 1: Hey, they messed up Tsubasa.
Red Wing 2: Yeah... Ain't no way we can win a war with the Destiny Nocturnes...
Yung Rintaro: Are you serious! Don't you care what they did to Tsubasa!
Red Wing 3: Well... Yeah... But...
Vyrn: What kinda friends are you! You're all just a bunch of pussycats when Tsubasa's not around!
Red Wing 1: Shut it! Where do you get off flappin' your beak! You just got here!
Vyrn: What'd you say to me!
Killa Taiga: Chill, Vyrn. They don't know any better.
Vyrn: But...
Killa Taiga: An' if they're already weak in the knees, they're not gonna be any help in a fight anyway.
Vyrn: Taiga...
Killa Taiga: But there's no way I'm takin' this lyin' down.
Yung Rintaro: Me neither! Imma see this thing through if it kills me.
Red Wings: ...
Vyrn: Maybe I just joined the Red Wings... But I've got something to say.
Vyrn: Turning your back on a friend when he needs you is lower than low.
Vyrn: Were you all just talk?
Vyrn: Whaddya think the future holds for you if you put your tails between your legs and run away!
Red Wing 2: Hey, so what do we do? We picked a fight with the Destiny Nocturnes like it was nothing. Now what?
Yung Rintaro: Tsubasa, what are we gonna to do?
Tsubasa: What we'll do, is not do anything. Just keep rolling.
Red Wings: ...
Killa Taiga: C'mon Vyrn, Rintaro. Let's go put the hurt on 'em!
Vyrn: Yeah!
Yung Rintaro: You got it! You finally found somethin' else to do besides macking, huh, Killa?
Killa Taiga: If we win this war... Akina might just come around, y'know?
Yung Rintaro: What!
Akina: Ooohh, Taiga! You're so dope! I'm yours!
Killa Taiga: Tee hee hee...
Yung Rintaro: ...
Vyrn: Hey, snap out of it!
Killa Taiga: I'm just foolin', man! Just foolin'!
Yung Rintaro: Vyrn, let's hit it!
Vyrn: Yeah! I'll be there before you, bros!
Vyrn, Taiga, and Rintaro head out on their own toward the Destiny Nocturnes' hangout.
They have faith that friendship will win out in the end, and the rest of the Red Wings will follow.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 6: Friendship - Episode 2

Tsubasa wakes up in the nurse's office and, though wounded, heads out to try once more to convince Sho to stop using the Demon Reactors. Elmott tries to stop him, but Tsubasa insists that only he can end this.

Tsubasa: Urgh... Sh-Sho... I'm gonna...
Sho: Hyahahaha!
Tsubasa: Shooo!
Tsubasa rises to wakefulness from the clutches of a nightmare, drenched in sweat.
Ms. Miranda's worried face swims into view, and he sighs with relief as he realizes he's in the academy nurse's office.
Tsubasa: Huff... Huff... That dream was busted...
Ms. Miranda: Oh, thank goodness! I was so worried!
Tsubasa: Did you patch me up, Ms. Miranda? Thanks.
Ms. Miranda: Don't worry about it! You wanna tell me what happened?
Ms. Miranda: Pleeease? I really wanna know.
Tsubasa: Nah, I caused you enough trouble already.
Ms. Miranda: Tsubasa, wait! Where are you going?
Ms. Miranda: Waaait! Come back!
Tsubasa rushes out of the nurse's office, ignoring Ms. Miranda's pleas.
He dashes between classrooms, out into the courtyard, and searches every corner of the schoolyard. But Sho is nowhere to be found.
Tsubasa: (You little punk... Where'd you slink off to? We weren't done talking!)
Tsubasa: (The only place left to look is their hangout...)
Tsubasa drags himself to where his gearcycle is parked.
Elmott: Tsubasa... Where d'you think you're goin' in that condition?
Tsubasa: ...
Elmott: Go back to bed and let us deal with Sho.
Tsubasa: It's gotta be me who handles things with him. You get that, don't you?
Elmott: ...
Tsubasa: Don't worry. I'm not tryin' to pick a fight with him.
Elmott: Oh... That so?
Tsubasa: Later, Teach.
Lyria: Tsubasaaa!
Elmott: ...
Elmott: Tch... Bein' a teacher really is a pain.
Elmott: It would be great if spanking them around would make 'em listen, but it seems I need to come up with something else...

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 6: Friendship - Episode 3

Vyrn and the others are defeated and taken captive by the Destiny Nocturnes. Tsubasa comes to the rescue and is forced to use violence when Vyrn's life is threatened. All the Destiny Nocturnes attack Tsubasa at once.

The Destiny Nocturnes are gathered at their usual haunt for a meeting.
When Sho arrives, the assembled delinquents let out a raucous cheer.
Destiny Nocturnes: Whooo!
Sho: I got no interest in defanged dogs... There's no one left in this town who can heal my lonely heart...
Sho: So tonight... We're gonna send the rest of the local gangs to hell with our own beautiful nocturne...
Sho: Hyaaahahahahaaa!
Destiny Nocturnes: Sho! Sho! Sho!
???: Hold it right there, losers!
Killa Taiga: Killa Taiga's here, 'bout to start killin' it!
Yung Rintaro: Let's get this party started!
At the sight of Vyrn and his two companions, the Destiny Nocturnes burst into gales of laughter.
Destiny Nocturnes: Heh heh heh... Hyaahahaha!
Sho: Hmmm? You wanna throw in with me?
Vyrn: As if! How dare you put your filthy mitts on Tsubasa!
Killa Taiga: You rough up our squad, you deal with us. You asked for it.
Sho: Your friend, huh? You're all so frickin' cute...
Sho: I'll show you how flimsy those bonds of friendship are... When I rip them to shreds!
Vyrn: Let's rumble, bros!
Taiga & Rintaro: Yeeeaaah!
Sho: Hunh. Ruin 'em.
Destiny Nocturnes: Whooo!
Battle has been joined.
But it's clear that with only three Red Wings in the fight, their cause is lost.
Before long, Vyrn and the others find themselves prisoners of the Destiny Nocturnes.
Vyrn: Grrr... Dang it!
Sho: Heh. Idiots.
Yung Rintaro: There's no way Tsubasa woulda lost to you cheap punks!
Killa Taiga: Yeah! You musta used some sketchy damn tricks! How the hell else—
Sho: Shut up!
Sho: I've changed my mind... I'm gonna steal everything that Tsubasa holds dear...
The explosive firing of a motorcycle exhaust pipe splits the night.
Tsubasa: Hey, Sho! The hell did you say you'd steal from me?
Sho: ...
Vyrn: Tsu... Tsubasa...
Killa Taiga: What're you doin' here! You're all beat up...
Yung Rintaro: Sniffle... Tsubasaaa...
Tsubasa: Sorry you guys got dragged into my fight...
Tsubasa: Hey, Sho. Let's finish this.
Sho: You're so annoying... You really don't know when to quit!
Sho: You just don't get it...
Sho: No matter how brightly you shine... True darkness is thick as tar and deep as hell... It swallows all light.
Sho is barely containing his rage as he draws a knife from his jacket.
He brings the blade to Vyrn's throat.
Vyrn: Meep!
Sho: Hyahaha! Scared?
Tsubasa: Stop! I'm the one you're after! Save it for me!
Sho: You heard me earlier. I'm gonna steal everything you hold dear!
Tsubasa: Please, you gotta listen. Let these guys go!
Sho: Hyahahaha! I love it when you lose your cool... C'mon... Scream for me some more. Louder!
Sho: Your friends are what you care about the most, aren't they? Hyaaahahaha!
Sho locks eyes with Tsubasa and slowly licks the blade of his knife.
Tsubasa: You son of a—
Tsubasa: (Sorry, Teach... After all you did for me...)
Tsubasa: (I just can't let him do this...)
Tsubasa: Nooo!
Sho: Huh?
Tsubasa: You messed with my squad...
Tsubasa: Now I'm about to go guano on you!
Sho: Hyahahaha! That's the drumroll that gets my blood pumping!
Sho: Rum-pa-pa-pa-puuum! Prrrum-pa-pa-pa-pum! Whoo! Love it!
Sho: You an' me are society's refuse, Tsubasa! Talking it out isn't how we do things...
Sho: That's right! You and I were destined to fight it out with our fists!
Sho: Let me show you your unhappy ending, Tsubasa...
Destiny Nocturnes: Kiiill hiiim!
The Destiny Nocturnes sweep toward Tsubasa like a tidal wave.
But Tsubasa doesn't retreat a single step. He merely clenches his fists so tightly as to draw blood and stands his ground.

The Other Side of the Sky - Chapter 6: Friendship - Episode 4

(Captain), the crew, and the rest of the Red Wings arrive and rescue Vyrn, Rintaro, and Taiga. As the two gangs clash in earnest, Sho pushes his Demon Reactor out of control and charges Tsubasa. (Captain) and the crew step in to deal with the Demon Reactor.

Tsubasa single-handedly breaks through the ranks of the Destiny Nocturnes.
Tsubasa: Who's next! Bring it, you crapweasels!
Tsubasa: You think a bunch of third-rate posers like you could even land a punch on me?
Destiny Nocturne 1: Gyargh!
Destiny Nocturne 2: Bwurgh!
Sho: Oraaah!
Tsubasa: Gah...
Vyrn: Tsubasaaa!
Tsubasa: Heh heh... Weak. Hah... Haha...
Tsubasa: Daaahh!
Tsubasa forces his battered body to keep moving, parrying the endless waves of attacking Nocturnes.
He puts his faith in his ultimate weapons: his own tightly-clenched fists.
But Tsubasa is outnumbered. His strength begins to flag, and before long it's all he can do to stay on his feet.
Tsubasa: That all you... got? C'mon... Come at me...
Sho: Don't be in such a hurry... I'll send you to hell soon enough!
Sho saunters up to Tsubasa with a nasty smirk on his face and grabs him by the neck.
His brass knuckles wink in the light as he raises his fist.
Sho: Forever!
Tsubasa: ...!
Tsubasa clenches his teeth and steels himself for the blow to come.
But before Sho's fist can descend, a wild orchestra of exhaust pipes fills the air with its raucous symphony.
Killa Taiga: Ah... Haha... They did it...
Vyrn: I guess they scraped up the courage after all...
Red Wings: ...
Red Wing 1: You dirt-huffin' losers... How 'bout tryin' a fair fight for size!
Sho: Tch...
Tsubasa: You guys... Ha... Haha... You're late.
Red Wing 2: Sorry, Tsubasa... We punked out...
Tsubasa: Don't be stupid. You came for me, didn'tcha?
Sho: Don't give me that heartwarming crap! Why do you vermin keep crawling out of the woodwork!
Sho hits Tsubasa hard enough to send him flying and then turns to smirk at his fellow gang members.
Sho: Let's teach 'em a lesson! Kill that lizard!
Destiny Nocturne 3: Nyahaha! You got it, boss!
Destiny Nocturne 3: Argle...
Sho: Huh?
Elmott: Bringin' knives to a fistfight is a real punk move.
Tsubasa: How'd you know where we were?
Elmott: I had a hunch where you'd wind up.
After flattening the Nocturne brandishing the knife, (Captain) unties Vyrn and his friends.
Vyrn: Sorry, (Captain)... Sorry for causing so much trouble...
Killa Taiga: Thanks, (Captain)...
Yung Rintaro: I owe you one. You're the greatest!
Elmott: Well... Now what? Am I gonna hafta bow and scrape in front of the school board again?
Tsubasa: That's...
Elmott: Heh heh... Oh well. You had to protect your friends, right?
Tsubasa: Heh...
Sho: Tsubasa... You're starting to bore me...
Sho: Let's settle this, huh? This is our last stop, bro...
Tsubasa: Yeah... The rest of you stay out of this!
Tsubasa: This... is my fight!
Red Wings: No, it's our fight too!
Tsubasa: Heh... All right, boys! Let's shut these fools down!
Red Wings: Yeeeaaahhh!
Sho: This battle belongs to the Destiny Nocturnes!
Destiny Nocturnes: Whooo!
The battle is joined anew, aggressions blazing brighter than ever.
Words are insufficient when the passions of youth boil over—only fists are eloquent enough.
Elmott watches from a distance, conflicted.
Elmott: ...
Lyria: (Captain)! Elmott! Shouldn't we stop them?
Elmott: A proper teacher would probably stop them no matter what the reasons were behind the fight...
Elmott: But I'm only a temp. I don't have teaching in my blood... and I get where these kids are comin' from.
Elmott: This isn't the kinda grudge you can bury by doing things halfway.
Elmott: If we tried, it'd only come back to haunt them later.
Elmott: I'm not gonna let 'em kill each other. An' if I see a blade, I'm goin' in.
Elmott: But other than that... If both sides agreed to the fight, I don't see a good enough reason to stop 'em.
Elmott: You're only young once... So rage to your hearts' content!
At those impassioned words from Elmott, Tsubasa finally cracks a smile.
Tsubasa: Pfft. Hahaha! What kinda teacher gives his students permission to fight? But... that really takes a load off my mind!
Tsubasa: All right! Let's take it to them, men!
The two gangs throw everything they have into this one cathartic clash.
Tsubasa: Oooryaaahhh!
Destiny Nocturne 1: Gwah!
Each has his own reason.
Killa Taiga: How's about a Killa Headbutt! Oraah!
Destiny Nocturne 2: Gyah...
To feel alive.
To vent his frustrations.
Yung Rintaro: Oooryah!
Vyrn: You wanna piece of meee!
Destiny Nocturne 3: Yeeek!
To protect his friends.
To reach for something greater than himself.
Sho: Eat dirt!
Red Wing 1: No... way...
This battle won't be won by strength alone. The victors will be those with the strongest resolve.
At last, the tide begins to turn in favor of the Red Wings.
It would seem that the end is in sight.
Sho: Tch...
Vyrn: Tsubasa! Sho's makin' a break for it!
Tsubasa: Where did that little punk go!
Sho leaps onto his gearcycle and begins to pedal like a madman.
Sho: This war belongs to me...
Sho: To the king!
Sho: Fuuull throoottle!
The Demon Reactor howls as if in response to the roiling emotions of its owner and emits a sinister glow.
Killa Taiga: That idiot... He's pushing the Demon Reactor to its max RPM!
Tsubasa: Damn moron! You tryin' to send it out of control? Do you know what'll happen!
Sho: Hyaaahahahahaaa! Tsubasaaa!
Yung Rintaro: He's... gone off the deep end...
Tsubasa: We got no choice...
Tsubasa: Here I am, Sho! Come at me!
Sho: Tsubasaaa! Diiieee!
It was no longer a gearcycle and rider barreling down on Tsubasa. It was a ravenous beast, howling its empty-bellied rage as its fanged maw gaped, preparing to rend and devour its prey.
  1. This is no fistfight anymore!

Choose: This is no fistfight anymore!
Elmott: You can say that again.
Elmott: Tsubasa! Forget the fight! We gotta destroy the Demon Reactor before it blows!
(Captain) and the others leap into the fray, determined to avert catastrophe.

The Other Side of the Sky - Ending

The battle rages until only Tsubasa and Sho are left standing. They exchange a final blow with all their remaining strength and Tsubasa emerges victorious, then strikes a truce with Sho. As Elmott urges them all back to school, the students realize the teacher has had their backs the whole time and are moved to tears. Surrounded by good friends and caring teachers, they look forward to a future suddenly brighter than they ever imagined.

(Captain) and the others manage to destroy the out-of-control Demon Reactor.
Just when they think they're out of the woods, however, Sho claws his way upright and staggers toward them like some ghastly revenant.
Sho: Hyaahaha! You're not done with me yet!
Sho: I've still got so much rage to share with you!
Tsubasa: Don't worry.
Tsubasa: I won't leave you hangin'!
When the two leaders clash, their comrades follow.
Red Wings: Stand your grooound!
Destiny Nocturnes: Cruuush theeem!
Dust clouds billow as the two factions refuse to give ground, roars of frustration piercing the haze of dirt and sweat.
Their bodies are beyond exhaustion, operating on pure, pigheaded stubbornness.
In their eyes burns an indomitable will that cannot be beaten down.
Each combatant swings his fists as if his life—his very soul—rides on the blow.
Killa Taiga: Take... that...
Destiny Nocturne 1: Urgle...
Red Wings: ...
Destiny Nocturnes: ...
The gearcycle gang members slump to the ground one after the next, like puppets with their strings cut.
Only two remain standing.
The gangs' respective leaders.
Tsubasa: Looks like it's just me and you in beatdown town.
Sho: Hyahahaha! I'm gonna murder you...
Tsubasa: Hah... Haha...
Tsubasa: Pheew...
Tsubasa inhales then exhales, slowly focusing his thoughts as he brings his breathing under control.
The sounds around him fall away until all he can hear is the thumping of his own pulse.
Tsubasa: ...
Vyrn: Huff... Huff...
Tsubasa! It's all you, bro!
Killa Taiga: Tsubasa!
Yung Rintaro: Tsubasaaa!
Red Wings: Tsubasa!
Tsubasa: (My squad's pushing me on. Ain't no engine more powerful than that.)
Tsubasa: As the Red Wings' big dog...
Tsubasa: I gotta stand my ground!
Sho: Tsubasaaa!
Tsubasa: Grrraaahhh!
Right as the two leaders' attacks are about to connect—
Tsubasa ducks to one side. He feels the breeze against his cheek as Sho's knuckles shoot past, just shy of his jaw.
For a split second, Sho is wide open.
Tsubasa clenches his fist, and with every ounce of remaining strength, slams it into Sho's face.
Sho: Hnk... Glurgh...
Tsubasa: Huff... Huff...
Heh... You had it... comin'...
Vyrn: He did it! Tsubasa did it!
He's wobbling a little, but his two feet remain planted firmly on the ground.
Silhouetted against the glowing sunset, he thrusts his right hand skyward in victory.
The Red Wings send up a rousing cheer.
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa: Well then...
Sho: H-hey... Where do you think you're going?
Tsubasa: Huh? Shut it. It's over. I'll go wherever I want.
Sho: What about me? Aren't you angry? I tried to kill you!
Tsubasa: Heh... Like I care.
Yung Rintaro: Hey! You should care, Tsubasa!
Tsubasa: You think?
Vyrn: Heh heh... That's just what I'd expect you to say.
Red Wings: Heh heh... Pfff... Aaahahahaha!
At the sight of his students, laughing as if a burden has been lifted from their shoulders, Elmott too cracks a smile.
He takes a deep breath and turns to address them.
Elmott: All right, you miscreants! Field trip's over! Back to school!
Vyrn: Huh? What're you saying?
Elmott: Just what I said. An' I think it's in your best interests not to dig your heels in this time.
Tsubasa: Are you serious? This wasn't a freakin' tickle-fight, Teach. I'm not gonna let you—
Elmott: Hey, I'll tell you when you're old enough to worry about me, you snot-nosed brat.
Elmott: I'm still your homeroom teacher. Don't you forget it.
Elmott: That means it's my job to have your backs.
Tsubasa: Teach...
Elmott: Hyaahaha! What're you gonna cry on me, Tsubasa?
Elmott: C'mon, you yahoos! Lemme see a smile!
Red Wings: Sniff... Wibble...
Elmott: Tch... Not you guys too...
Yung Rintaro: It's just... We ain't never had... a homeroom teacher as fire as you.
Elmott: Geez, you guys are gonna be the end of me...
Lyria: Sniffle... Now I'm gonna cry...
Elmott: Hey! Don't you start!
Elmott: A-anyway... All of you! Get your butts back to school!
With a few firm pats on the back, Elmott herds the sniffling delinquents back in the direction of the academy.
He circles back to Sho, who sits alone, looking shell-shocked.
Elmott: Sho, look alive.
Elmott: You just got back to Mysteria Academy.
Elmott: You don't wanna go straight back to juvie, do ya?
Sho: ...
Elmott: You're one of our students, y'know. I'm not gonna let 'em expel ya.
Elmott: Besides...
Elmott: I'm gonna need some help, not just from the other teachers but from your Pops too.
Sho: Sniff...
Sho: You... You're just like Tsubasa... A light in the darkness...
Elmott: Shut your face and move your butt.
Sho: Mmph...
Tsubasa: Pretty foul-mouthed for a teacher, isn't he?
Sho: ...
Vyrn's Voice: Tsubasaaa! Let's get back to school already!
Tsubasa: Aight!
Sho: You've got... a good squad...
Tsubasa: Ain't none better.
Tsubasa: We're gonna have a rally tonight. If you wanna come, go ahead.
Sho: ...
Thank you.
Sho watches Tsubasa's retreating back and whispers his thanks.
The rest of the students have already mounted their gearcycles. Engines rev and exhaust pipes sing as they leave the battleground in their wake.
Elmott watches them go with a soft look on his face.
Elmott: (The world's so much bigger than you kids know...)
Elmott: (Diggin' in your heels over tiny patches of turf is meaningless... Your fists were made for more than hitting.)
Elmott: (You'll learn. How to use them to break the barriers hemming you into your own narrow little worlds.)
Elmott: Yeesh... I was right the first time though. I ain't cut out for the teaching business.
Elmott: Feh... I'm all wore out.
Sagging with exhaustion, Tsubasa slides onto his gearcycle. He pauses to gaze up at the moon which casts Mysteria in a gentle, forgiving glow.
Tsubasa: (For a grown-up, Teach can bring it like one of the boys...)
Tsubasa: (He kinda... reminds me of my old man...)
Tsubasa: No, never mind. No he doesn't. Not a bit.
Killa Taiga: Huh? What'd you say, Tsubasa?
Tsubasa: Nothin'...
Once his friends are securely seated on their gearcycles, Vyrn pulls out in front of them.
Vyrn: Aaall right! Turn up, my men! It's time to bounce!
Killa Taiga: Hey, who died and put you in charge!
Red Wings: Aahahahaha!
Tsubasa: Thanks for everything, Blazing Teacher Elmott.
These young people may take many a wrong turn and butt heads as they stumble toward adulthood—but they'll get there.
Their struggles within the narrow confines of this island will prepare them for the wide skies in which they'll one day spread their wings.
When they look skyward, each of them sees a different dream unfurling in the clouds overhead.
The Sky Realm is broad and grand enough to encompass them all.
The End


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