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Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

Background section aren't really meant to be summaries of specific fate episodes for each version of a character.
While it doesn't mean that I'm not going to remove your contribution right away, I do ask you not to write them in such fashion. Text on knights' pages will have to be edited later and put together on one page instead.
Fate episodes are certainly containing material that can be used though, it's just that background is meant to be shared across all versions of character, like official profile or event, and (for example) explain how character changed over the time or what happened to them that shaped them into person they are. Or even just who they are.
According to game mechanics, since you can't use another version of character in same team, each version of character is still only one entity. The lore pages should express them as such as well then.

Camomile (talkcontribs)

Thank you for the clarification! I tried to find examples of what I should do for character development but wasn't sure where to look (Vira was the best example I could think of, but she had empty entries). I also didn't want a huge chunk of text so I went with individual fate summaries.

What I'm getting is that I should make a lore summary/timeline that can be easily transcluded to every version? Should I also not include the 'this is an older version' thing? Not sure if I should ask here but would it then be possible to have the normal Vane page redirect to his SSR because it's technically his most recent version?

edit - also to add since I was also writing up Bridgette and Cordelia's lore entries, should I consider the dual and individual versions of characters separate from each other?

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

Page naming has nothing to do with how recent character is.
"Character (Event)" is the name all characters from event get. Game puts the name of the event in bracelets but such thing is not used on wiki since it would take way too much space.
"Character" is given to first non-limited / non-seasonal gacha version of character, regardless of rarity.
Seasonal versions get their names (Summer/Halloween/etc) from banners. Any next non-seasonal/non-limited version that is released gets uses the same name as normal character. But it's quite impossible to have 2 characters on one page without making everyone confused and editing harder than it should be. So they instead get name + their rarity in bracelets, and of course an own page. If the rarity is the same, element of the new version is used instead (like how there's Lancelot and Lancelot (Wind)).
And then there are promotional versions of characters which either get (Promo) at the start or once they'll get normal gacha ver (like how Medusa (Promo) was just Medusa before).
There are some exceptions to that such as Aliza who got 2 event versions (and second used the element as it's the same rarity) or Jin but that's how it generally looks like. So no, a redirect from Vane to Vane (SSR) can not be made.

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

As for the lore question, first of all, I recommend you use your userspace (you can create more pages if you need/don't want to mess with your main page; for example will not show up in normal search results as well) to first write the summaries so they can be reviewed before they are added to their respective pages.
It's not a requirement but that would make controlling the quality of edits easier for us.
As for the other things, "this text applies to older version of character" should not be used.
> What I'm getting is that I should make a lore summary/timeline that can be easily transcluded to every version?
Yes, exactly.
> Should I consider the dual and individual versions of characters separate from each other?
Combined units are quite troublesome but preferably, they would use individual characters' info instead of having their own.

Hakazumi (talkcontribs)

Forgot to mention, if you want background examples, you can take a look at Lucio/Lore or Cagliostro/Lore. They're both moderately short and still get their points across.
Gawain/Lore is perhaps a bit excessive but explains his story and personality very well.

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