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This page contains a list of tasks and projects on the wiki that need assistance.

Cross-Fate Episode English names[edit]

Last update: Jan 31, 2017

The Cross-Fate Episodes list still needs the official English names for some episodes. Please don't do literal translations of these titles. Official title translations only.

Weapons missing Sword Master skills[edit]

Last update: Jan 17, 2017

We are now collecting Sword Master weapon data for Sabres and Katanas. Please help fill in any missing data on weapon pages into the correct fields.


See the Disparia, Fugudoku, or Blutgang pages for examples. Additionally, we are aware of the popular Sword Master Google spreadsheet. However, it is simply a translation of the data on gbf-wiki and it is not complete data. We would like people to verify sword effects through personal testing as well as obtaining energy costs and buff/debuff durations.


Weapons with incomplete 4★ info[edit]

Last update: Jan 8, 2016

If you have any information in regards to 4★ weapon data in the following category such as 4★ uncap materials, weapon skill values, or charge attack effect values, please provide them on the weapon's appropriate page.

Category: Weapons with incomplete 4★ info

Character Tier List[edit]

Last update: Dec 28, 2016

We now have an organized tier list page and we would like your help filling in bullet points for each character.

If you are interested in contributing bullet points, please review this page: Character Tier List/Notes

Character Trivia[edit]

Last update: Dec 29, 2016

A template has been created for displaying character trivia found from various lore sources such as the blog. Please only provide trivia if you are able to translate Japanese (i.e. don't just Google Translate it). This is the template to be used. Please see the Jeanne d'Arc page as an example for it's usage.

|backgroundjp= we want the original Japanese text too

Why are we keeping the Japanese text?[edit]

Since translators vary in interpretation and skill level, having the original Japanese text available opens the possibility of more accurate translations/proofreading by multiple translators. Wikis are intrinsically a community effort and this helps maintain accuracy.

Update Beginner's Draw Set page[edit]

Last update: Dec 30, 2016

Update Beginner's Draw Set to consider recent character additions and meta changes.

Update Rerolling guide[edit]

Last update: Dec 30, 2016


Missing Character Profiles[edit]

Last update: Dec 2, 2016

There's now a list of characters that still need a profile included in their template. Please move existing profile blurbs in the appropriate field in the Character template. Also input missing profile blurbs from the Journal > Field Notes > Characters tab to the |profile= field.

Category:Missing Character Profile

Pages requiring verification[edit]

Here's a list of pages that have Template:Verify in them - these pages may have outdated or incorrect information.

Category:Verification Needed