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This page contains a list of tasks and projects on the wiki that need assistance.

Sky Compass

Last update: Apr 2, 2017

A guide/write-up is needed for the Granblue Fantasy Sky Compass app.

Cross-Fate Episode English names

Last update: Jan 31, 2017

The Cross-Fate Episodes list still needs the official English names for some episodes. Please don't do literal translations of these titles. Official title translations only.

Weapons missing Sword Master skills

Last update: Nov 12, 2018

We are now collecting Sword Master weapon data for Sabres and Katanas. Please help fill in any missing data on weapon pages into the correct fields.


See the Disparia, Fugudoku, or Blutgang pages for examples. Additionally, we are aware of the popular Sword Master Google spreadsheet. However, it is simply a translation of the data on gbf-wiki and it is not complete data. We would like people to verify sword effects through personal testing as well as obtaining energy costs and buff/debuff durations.


Weapons with incomplete 4★ info

Last update: Jan 8, 2016

If you have any information in regards to 4★ weapon data in the following category such as 4★ uncap materials, weapon skill values, or charge attack effect values, please provide them on the weapon's appropriate page.

Category: Weapons with incomplete 4★ info

Character Tier List

Last update: Dec 28, 2016

We now have an organized tier list page and we would like your help filling in bullet points for each character.

If you are interested in contributing bullet points, please review this page: Character Tier List/Notes

Character Profile

Last update: February 8, 2020‎

A template has been created for displaying character trivia found from various lore sources such as the blog. Please only provide trivia if you are able to translate Japanese (i.e. don't just Google Translate it).
The template, with an example of usage, can be found on Template:CharProfile page.

Update Beginner's Draw Set page

Last update: Dec 30, 2016

Update Beginner's Draw Set to consider recent character additions and meta changes.

Update Rerolling guide

Last update: Dec 30, 2016


Pages requiring verification

Here's a list of pages that have Template:Verify in them - these pages may have outdated or incorrect information.

Category:Verification Needed

Programming work

Some tasks which needs work done.

If you want to work on a specific task drop a note on Discord so we don't step on each others toes!

For access to Modules / Widgets you'll also have to ask on Discord.

New JavaScript based view of current dailies and events

The current "Daily Schedule" view only works for logged in users. And it often breaks.

What's needed is a view that can show 1 or 2 weeks of upcoming things, such as:

  • Dailies (max 1, unless design changes)
  • Trials (max 1)
  • Showdowns (up to three, with weird quirks and schedule changes)

Futher it would be cool to have:

  • Current content events (up to 3? maybe not necessary)
  • Current fun events (such as Valentines)

Filterable table views for characters / weapons / summons / etc

Switch to using

This is the primary example on what we'd want

Of course, if there's a better table filter library you know about we're interested!

Character / Weapon / Summon css

These templates need to have their css stuff moved to the stylesheet.

Character / Weapon / Summon common parent class

It'd be cool if we could reuse the lua code between the different templates.
First prio would be ID / Obtain code.

More dynamics in the status effect system

The current version of the status effect system is fairly basic.

It would be cool if we could customize both the status name and description further.

Status system but for weapons

There are way too many weapons in the game and too many Cerberus Orders to farm to customize each weapon page.

Instead automatically swapping out the standard texts such as

Big Boost to water allies' ATK / 10% cut to water allies' max HP


{{tt|Big Boost|explain frame and % boosts}} to [[:Category:Water_Characters|water allies']] ATK.
{{tt|10% cut|explain how the cut works}} to [[:Category:Water_Characters|water allies']] max HP.

Scenario system

There's a lot of potential stuff we can do in the Scenario system. Your imagination is the limit!

Basically check! and the related templates and run with it!

Automatically scraping news

We should automatically scrape the website and the announcement / update lists in the game.

Automatic loot statistics

It would be cool if there was a chrome extension / mitm thing that would automatically record loot received along with latest known TH on the boss and which quest it was etc.

Automatic battle recorder

Save all battle requests and updates by quest id and instance, so we can go back later.

Automatic save files

Mitm thing which automatically saves all static files the game requests so we can keep track of what changes over time.

Anime Stubs

Anime character pages need a lot of data input as well as fleshed out profiles.

Category:Anime Stubs

Character Strategy

Character pages now accept subjective strategy data. High-priority tasks include popular characters typically recommended for Start Dash/Surprise Tickets and characters with a learning curve (such as Narmaya, Beatrix, Korwa, etc.).

See Meta:Manual of Style/Character Pages/Strategy for page style guidelines.

FAQ needs a clean up

We received a complaint that the wiki FAQ page is bloated and contains answers that "should belong in other sections." Although they did not elaborate on that point, I agree that the FAQ overall could be more concise and better written for new players in mind. Some answers could be expanded into a separate newbie guide or redirected to dedicated pages such as Weapon Skills or Team Building.

Move Trivia to Lore pages

All character Trivia on character Game pages needs to be moved to the character's Lore tab. See Meta:Manual of Style/Character Pages/Lore for style information.

Do not mix up Gameplay Notes with Trivia. Gameplay Notes stay on the Game data page. Trivia does not stay. Trivia gets moved to Lore.

Pages that need rewrites

A list of pages that are old and are in need of revisions or rewrites to fit the current wiki standard.


Weapons with missing descriptions

See Category:Missing_description

Characters with missing reasons

Characters which don't have reasons for their rating like here: Missing reasons.png

See Cargo page