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All ratings from Icon Gamewith.png Gamewith:

Other recommended tier lists[edit]

  • GBF Gaijins Tier List - Different priorities than GameWith. Tiers for general and advanced content. Longer character descriptions and gameplay advice. Last update at 19/5/2018. (Discontinued)

Important notes[edit]

  • The value and usefulness of a character varies based on your rank, your team, fight length, fight mechanics and how you play.
  • Each element is evaluated on its own. A 9.5 rating in Fire is not the same as 9.5 in Water.
  • The rating reflects the median usefulness of a character. A character may lose points for being hard to use or fit in a team, or gain points for being strong against Magnas. Judging a character by HL usefulness alone may be unhelpful as HL teams tend to deviate from other content.
  • The Eternals have their own rating system separate from other characters.
  • At the end of the day this is just a tool to help you find useful characters.

Rating range for each rarity[edit]

SSR Characters[edit]

SSR characters score 7 to 10 points.
However, only characters that affect the balance of the game as a whole may score 10 points.

For SSR characters an easy way to read these ratings are:

10 rating Gamebreaking
9.5 rating Vital in many team setups
9.0 rating Fills the gaps between 9.5 characters
8.5 rating Useful for specific fights or challenges
8.0 rating For teams lacking something or rare circumstances
7.5 rating Should have been an SR.
7.0 rating Garbage

SR Characters[edit]

SR characters score 5 to 8 points.
8 point characters are either as useful as an SSR character or excel in some specific way.

R Characters[edit]

R characters score 3 to 6 points.

6.0 rating Outstanding for an R character. Exhibit a special feature or exploit that gives them an edge.
5.5 rating Functionally equivalent to and typically able to replace a low-tier SR Character.
5.0 rating Useful kits that can fit well into team compositions.
4.5 rating Usable in standard situations.
4.0 rating Serviceable but lack outstanding contributions to the team.
3.5 rating Detrimental to themselves.
3.0 rating Detrimental to the team.

Filtered lists[edit]

All Character Tier ListThe EternalsSSR Character Tier ListSR Character Tier ListR Character Tier List
Fire CharactersWater CharactersEarth CharactersWind CharactersLight CharactersDark Characters
Attack CharactersDefense CharactersBalance CharactersHeal CharactersSpecial Characters
Human CharactersDraph CharactersErune CharactersHarvin CharactersPrimal CharactersUnknown Characters

How the Eternals are rated[edit]

Ratings are taken from Gamewith's Eternals page. Rating explanations (in Japanese) can also be found on that page.

Since Eternals are obtainable by any player through a very time and resource-intensive process, they are rated separately from normal characters using a 1-5 star rating. Gold Brick square.jpg Gold Bricks are difficult to obtain and there is a limited stock available in the Treasure Trade shop. Thus, the "priority" rating conveys a return of investment based on the Gold Bricks used and the power/utility provided by the Eternal.

See the Revenant Weapons page for more information on recruiting an Eternals character.


Please show restraint when editing the ratings. Gamewith has an excellent system so let's try to not deviate from it.
If you wish to highlight an ability or use for a character please add it to the character remarks.
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