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Seeds of Redemption - Opening

The Eternals and the Crew of Enforcers clash atop Terra—a home base for the Eternals. It all began when they refused to hand Seox over for an investigation. Though it is an overwhelming victory for them, Seox suffers a major injury while protecting Fif. The two leave the battleground early with Feower and Tien to tend to Seox, having decided on Stardust Town as the Eternals' meeting spot for later.

The Eternals—ten of the mightiest warriors in the skies, each a master of their chosen weapon, who use overwhelming power as a deterrent against evil.
The Crew of Enforcers—a watch force helmed by Walfrid of the Seven Luminary Knights for the purpose of upholding order in all the skies.
The two parties have gathered at Terra, the Eternals' headquarters, to discuss a matter that may very well decide the fate of the world.
Walfrid: I wouldn't be entirely opposed to bowing my head if that'd make a difference...
Walfrid: Except I'm getting the impression you don't plan on accepting our proposal either way.
Seofon: No, really? Not even a puppy gives up its chew toy without a bit of resistance...
Seofon: But here you are demanding the immediate and unconditional handover of a trusted friend and member.
Walfrid: So much for negotiations. Wish it didn't have to come to this...
Walfrid: Attention, Fourth Fleet! Open the gunports!
Walfrid is confronting Seofon on an islet near Terra, the Eternals' mobile base, while relaying orders to his ships above.
Lecia: Roger! All on standby: ready the cannons and prepare to fire!
Enforcers' Runner: Yes ma'am!
Seofon: You got this, Tweyen?
Tweyen: I'll handle this.
Tweyen: Hark, arrows of purging—
From atop Terra, Tweyen catches sight of the Crew of Enforcers in the distance and readies her bow.
Lecia: Activate the magic lanterns!
Enforcers' Runner: Yes ma'am! Relaying order to all lantern ships!
Tweyen: Eep!
The painful flash of white light from the magic lanterns—each far brighter than the kind typically used for night voyages—directed at Tweyen forces her to turn away.
Anre: Tweyen. It seems they've taken precautions against your marksmanship. Are you okay?
Tweyen: Sorry, the glare is making me a bit dizzy...
Fif: Whee, no problem! That's what I'm here for! Look this way, Tweyen!
Carren (Event) is a crew member

Tweyen: Thanks, Fif. It won't happen again once I put on the sunglasses Carren gave me!
Feower: Magic lanterns don't come cheap. They forked out the rupies big-time.
Tien: Just goes to show how serious they are about taking us on.
Feower: I almost feel sorry for them. Then again, it's their problem if they want to throw money down the drain.
Lecia: Quickly, before they have time to react! Prepare to fire!
Enforcers' Runner: A surge of magical energy is fast approaching! It's going to—
Eahta: Almighty Passage!
The shockwaves unleashed from Eahta's trio of katanas slice through multiple Enforcer airships.
Lecia: ...!
The range on his katana attacks is longer than our reports indicated!
Enforcers' Runner: Out of the thirty magic lanterns, eighteen... No, twenty-two are damaged! Airship 6 reports engine failure...
Fif: Ah! Grampy went too far and now the ship's sinking!
Anre: I agree with Fif. If we consider the peace talks to come later, it's best we don't leave a bitter taste in their mouths.
Niyon: Fighting them off without causing too much damage is a challenge in itself.
Niyon: Something's coming—I can hear a great, powerful melody...
Anre: Hm?
Monika: Haha... I should've known an ambush wouldn't work on you guys!
Anre: We have the eyes and the ears to alert us of any threats far in advance. Not to mention...
Threo: I don't have a clue what's going on, but I guess I've just gotta knock her silly! Is that right, Anre?
Anre: Yes. Do keep her engaged, Threo.
Threo: Yeah, I've got this! Let's see what you've got, uh... Who are you again?
Monika: Monika, acting deputy of the Crew of Enforcers!
Charge, everyone!
Tien: Hrgh...
Tweyen: Tien, do you need my help?
Tien: Nuh-uh, I'll be fine. It's better if you stay here and continue watching their movements.
Tweyen: Okay! Be careful.
Tien: Mm...
Enforcer: Attack in waves—don't give them a second to rest! Try to eliminate them one at a time!
Tien: ...
Enforcer: Gwaagh!
Tien targets the rifles of the troops rushing in to attack, destroying each one with laser precision.
Enforcer: Rgh! So what if you destroyed our guns! We still have our swords—
Feower: Not if I have anything to say about it.
Enforcer: Ngh...
Enforcer: We're not done yet!
As the Enforcers reach for their swords, Tien's hail of bullets sends the weapons flying far into the distance.
Enforcer: Impossible! You disarmed not just me, but my entire squad!
Rendered powerless one after another, the Enforcers hear a beautiful melody playing above their heads.
Niyon: All this commotion is exhausting... I'll have to do some tuning.
Enforcer: Argh, what's with this riff... I'm feeling wobbly...
Niyon: Take in the soothing melody. Your bodies crave it. Rest easy.
Niyon's performance sends the neutralized soldiers into a deep slumber.
Enforcer: No way... am I... dozing off...
Feower: Wow, did he just stab himself to stay awake? I'll admit he's got guts.
Feower: But it's not like he can actually do anything in that state.
Enforcer: Ngh...
Tien: Fif! That one's in critical condition. Can you cure him?
Fif: Okie-doke!
Sigh... If only Feower could learn to hold back a bit!
Feower: Huh? How about I get some appreciation for not straight-up ending them?
Tien: Feower... To quote what Anre said, "If we consider the peace talks to come later, it's best we don't leave a bitter taste in their mouths."
Feower: Hey, they're the ones who came picking a fight. Giving them a bloody lip and then some isn't too harsh, if you ask me.
Feower: Like that.
Threo: Haaagh!
Monika: Rgh!
Threo: Stay down!
Monika: Agh...
Walfrid: So Monika's fallen...
Seofon: Ahehem... Should you really be looking away right now?
Seofon: Unless you're just itching for me to take your blade for my spirit sword collection!
Fif: Tweyen! Are the people in the crashed airship okay?
Tweyen: Let's see now... The ship's on fire. To our 3 o' clock.
Fif: Oh no! None of us are hurt anyway, so I'll go over to help them out!
Tweyen: Fif, no! Don't go alone!
Tien: ...!
Seox: Wait, I'll go after her. They might send more troops our way, in which case your skills are better suited here.
Tien: ...
Seox: I can get there faster. We'll be back in a jiffy.
Tien: Okay... Keep Fif safe. And don't push yourselves too hard.
Seox: Right.
Utilizing her power of flight, Fif zips past the center of the battlefield toward the crash site.
Fif: Yowza! A lot of people are hurt real bad!
Fif: They could get stuck with splinters if I just heal them like this... Aye yai yai...
Fif: Aah! Stopping the bleeding comes first!
Walfrid: Hngh!
Seofon: Whoo! Close one.
Walfrid: You must be feeling confident if you think you can add my sword to your collection without even calling out your avatars.
Seofon: Yeah, well, now's probably not the best time to be dabbling in hobbies anyway. I'm sure you'd agree.
Walfrid: But of course. Order in the skies takes priority!
Shifting his stance, Walfrid channels magical energy through his blade to unleash a devastating blow.
Seofon: Oof, this one could hurt...
Walfrid: Haaagh!
Seofon: (There's my opening! I should be able to avoid a direct hit!)
Seofon: Diez Mil Espadas!
Seofon summons innumerable blades to blunt and deflect Walfrid's attack...
Altering its trajectory.
Fif: Pain, pain, go away—
Seox: Fif!
Fif: Bwuh?
Seox: Hng...
Fif: Seox!
Seofon: Fif, Seox! Why are those two—
Fif: Seox! I-I'll make you feel better right away!
Seox: Leave it for later... We should get back first...
Fif: But you're bleeding all over!
Anre: My apologies! I was preoccupied with Terra's protection.
Fif: Anre! Seox is...
Anre: Yes, I know.
Anre helps Seox and Fif back to their allies.
Anre: Tien, Feower. Get away from here and take them with you.
Tien: Mm... Okay. And the rest of you?
Anre: The Crew of Enforcers has also suffered considerable damage. I doubt they plan on prolonging this fight, but there's a chance they may try to capture Terra.
Anre: We'll be leaving too as soon as we hide her away. Let's meet up in Stardust Town.
Feower: Really now... I'd rather you not bring any of this mess to our home.
Niyon: There's a good chance Stardust Town is their next target.
Niyon: Our opponent is formidable but not infallible. They're probably planning the next step as we speak.
Tweyen: If they've tried pinpointing our hideouts, chances are they only know of Terra and Stardust Town.
Tweyen: Meaning the more of us at Stardust Town to protect the children, the better... Am I wrong?
Feower: Sigh...
Fair enough. Let's go, Sis.
Tien: Mm.
Tien: Need a shoulder to lean on, Seox? Fif, can you close his wounds for the time being?
Fif: O-okay!
Enforcers' Runner: A number of Eternals are retreating! Should we open fire on them?
Lecia: We can't miss this chance! Reload and—
Walfrid's Voice: Do not pursue. If we drag this on, we could end up having our remaining ships cut down by sword avatars.
Walfrid: Right?
Seofon: ...
Seofon: I'm glad we have an understanding.
Walfrid: Took the words right out of my mouth.
Walfrid: Keep us waiting too long, and we won't be able to discount the possibility of an attack on Stardust Town.
Walfrid: I think you know what I'm getting at, yes?
Walfrid eyes Seofon with a penetrating glare as he sheathes his sword. The Eternal follows suit with a casual shrug.
Even as these protectors of the Sky Realm clash, the firmament continues to welcome all equally into its brilliant azure embrace.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 1: Manacles - Episode 1

Hours after the skirmish between Eternals and Enforcers, the crew arrives at the destination specified by Sierokarte for a personnel transport mission and finds four Eternals waiting. The crew is shocked to learn about what has transpired.

Hours after the clash between Eternals and Enforcers...
(Captain) and company make haste to a certain island as per Sierokarte's request, unaware of what exactly has gone down.
Vyrn: Knickknack mentioned wanting us to transport a few guys, but no one's around...
Lyria: Strange... This should be the right spot.
Tien: Mm...
Tien not in crew

The voice calling out to (Captain) belongs to Tien, gunner of the Eternals and elder sister figure to the orphans at Stardust Town.
Lyria smiles, remembering her from the conflict they resolved together at Auguste one summer vacation.
Lyria: Hello, Tien! Could it be you're the people Siero said needed transportation?
Feower: That's us. Though we didn't think it'd be you to come pick us up.
Feower not in crew

Shrugging his shoulders beside Tien is Feower, her little twin brother and dagger wielder of the Eternals.
Feower is especially wary of others, but he's come to be on good terms with the crew after their combined efforts led to the resolution of a certain shocking incident.
Tien is a crew member

Vyrn: I figured something was up when you mentioned all ten Eternals were suddenly on the move!
Tien: Mm...
Tien: We have an injured person with us and can't use the route we originally planned.
Lyria: Oh no! It's not one of the Eternals who's hurt, is it?
Feower: As much as I hate to say it, it actually is... Here, come with us.
Tien and Feower guide the startled (Captain) to a room.
Tien: We're back. Any luck?
Fif: Tien, Feower, welcome back... It's not looking too good...
Fif not in crew

Responding to the twins is Fif, prodigious child sorceress of the Eternals and their prized healer.
Lyria grows concerned at the stark contrast from Fif's usual upbeat demeanor when they last met during Halloween.
Lyria: Please don't tell me you're the one who's hurt, Fif! Shouldn't you be in bed?
Fif: Ah, Lyria! I'm doing fine actually. It's...
(Captain) and company look at each other confused, then turn their attention to the sound of a door opening.
Seox: Hey, (Captain).
Seox not in crew

Poking his head out from the door is the wounded Seox, the Eternal who specializes in the way of the fist.
(Captain) is dumbfounded to see someone of such martial prowess suffering from a grave injury.
Fif: Ah! No, no, no! You need to be resting, Seox!
Lyria: That's right, Seox! I mean, you can barely stand up!
Morphe and Phoebe (Event) is a crew member

Lyria: If you push yourself too hard, Phoebe will cry! And so will I!
Vyrn: I don't get it though... How is Seox still hurt when you've got Fif around?
Fif: Seox's owie is kinda special this time...
Feower: Walfrid, Blue Knight and Captain of the Crew of Enforcers, hurt him pretty bad.
Lyria: Walfrid did this?
Tien: His sword is just like Tweyen's arcane bow in that it can be magically infused with special properties.
Vyrn: Fif always cures poison and blurry vision in a jiffy though.
Fif: Seox is a jigsaw puzzle of itsy-bitsy pieces right now. The cure is to put him back together from the broken pieces.
Lyria: Um, what do you mean he's like a puzzle?
Fif: A body is healthy when all the pieces fit perfectly.
Fif: But when hurt, the pieces come apart. That's where I add in my magic power.
Fif: It helps the person's body think it can get better, so then it actually does get better.
Fif: Do you get it?
Vyrn: No, not really...
Feower: I honestly don't care as long as Seox recovers.
Tien: Mm... So in other words, Walfrid's magic is blocking you from completing the puzzle.
Fif: Yeah! That's it!
Feower: I guess it's to be expected from one of the Seven Luminary Knights. We'd be in huge trouble if it was Fif who got hit.
Feower: We should consider ourselves fortunate that someone was there to cover for her.
Fif: Hey, you don't have to put it that way... I know it's my fault...
Seox: It's okay... Like Feower was saying, better me than you.
Feower: Having to look out for others really dulls your speed, doesn't it...
Jamil's Raduga Uniform outfit obtained

Vyrn: Just like that time Jamil was able to sneak up on Seox 'cause Phoebe was clinging to him.
Feower: He's too specialized in flying solo.
Fif: Even though I did all that dodging practice... I'm so sorry, Seox.
Seox: Don't worry about it. The bleeding's stopped, and I can at least move around now.
Vyrn: Fif's magic and Seox's durability are no joke!
In contrast to Vyrn, Lyria is still anxious about the whole situation.
Lyria: Um... Why exactly did Walfrid and Seox end up fighting to begin with?
Lyria: I thought the Enforcers and Eternals shared the same goals of protecting peace in the skies...
Tien: It's not that simple...
Seox responds to Tien's concerned look with an approving gesture, encouraging her to continue.
Tien: The Crew of Enforcers demanded that Seox be handed over.
Vyrn: No way! What could Seox have done to catch their attention?
Tien: They need him for their investigation into the Karm Clan massacre.
Lyria: ...!

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 1: Manacles - Episode 2

Seox, being responsible for the massacre of his clan at a young age, reveals that he was ready to turn himself in, but Seofon and Anre stopped him. On the way to Stardust Town, Fif feels conflicted about the grave sin committed by a close friend.

The Karm Clan was a family of assassins who took great pride in their fighting skills, which served them particularly well during the War.
However, their dangerous skill set is precisely what pushed them to the fringes of history. A natural-born genius eventually wiped out the clan from within.
That genius was Seox. His exceptionally rare talent caused him to be estranged and even locked up by his own parents as a child.
Seox: There's no point in an investigation... I can tell you without a doubt that I was responsible.
Fif: You mean... they're not just saying that?
Seox: I know what I did.
Fif: ...!
Seox: I'd planned on turning myself over to the Enforcers. Problem is...
Feower: Seofon and Anre stopped him. They said that to keep up appearances for the Eternals, it's best not to give in so easily.
Lyria: Keep up appearances?
Tien is concerned that if the Eternals too willingly comply with such demands, the instinctive fear that wrongdoers across the skies have for them would be greatly diminished.
Tien: Our use of intimidation is no different from the mafia's methods, really. How nice it'd be if there were a better way to keep the world safe...
Vyrn: I've gotta ask... I'm not sayin' you should hide the past and pretend it never happened or anything...
Vyrn: But why are they choosing now to start sniffing around about the incident?
Tien: They aren't the type of organization to intervene in such matters, unless someone filed a formal complaint against Seox.
Tien: Like someone who maybe... survived the incident.
Seox: ...
Feower: There's hardly any merit in falsely accusing Seox... It'd only put you in bad standing with the Eternals.
Feower: Unless you have a reason to hate him that much, like what Tien suggested.
Lyria: A survivor...
Feower: Though it's a bit dubious that anyone might have lived through the ordeal.
Feower: Like Vyrn was saying, what puzzles me is why now.
Vyrn: Maybe some weirdo just wants to mess with you guys.
Tien: Mm... Anre mentioned as much. Which is all the more reason we couldn't simply cave.
Tien: Seox is ready and willing to admit to his crime. The Crew of Enforcers would then have no choice but to prosecute him.
Feower: That could lead to a shift in power, which might give the wretches of the world who stayed dormant—for fear of antagonizing the Eternals—a reason to finally act out.
Lyria: That's a good point...
Fif: ...
Realizing that this will take time to sort out, (Captain) urges everyone to continue the conversation aboard the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Right! We need to get them to...
Um, did you have a place in mind?
Tien: Mm... Stardust Town. The rest of the Eternals will be meeting us there.
Vyrn: That's where you and Feower are from! All righty, let's get going then!
Tien: Thank you, (Captain).
The crew helps get Seox to the Grandcypher, then lifts off.
Fif: Sigh...
(Captain) spots a small shadow on the airship deck during night patrol and approaches.
Fif: Ah, (Captain)... I'll be heading back to my room soon. Catching a cold would be very bad...
Any version of Narmaya is a crew member

Fif: Besides, Narmaya would be sooo worried if I came down with the sneezies.
Fif: ...
Fif: Erm... About Seox and the Karm people, do you think he really...
Fif's eyes widen in surprise to (Captain)'s reluctant nod. She then lowers her gaze.
Fif: I see... Even you think so...
Fif: He did a really, really bad thing. There's no excuse for murdering people.
Fif: But I also know Seox is a kind person deep-down. I'm hoping people can forgive him.
Fif: But asking people to let him off for doing such a horrible thing, just because he's one of my favorite people, is also wrong...
Fif: I mean, there could've been lots of people at Karm who lost a loved one...
Fif: ...
Fif: Why couldn't I have been born earlier... Then maybe I could've done something to help Seox and the people of Karm.
Fif: It doesn't matter how good of a sorceress I am if I can't heal the wounds of the past.
As Fif quivers, trying to hold in her tears, (Captain) gently pulls her in for a consoling hug.
Fif: It hurts...
Fif: It hurts so much, (Captain)...

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 1: Manacles - Episode 3

The crew arrives at Stardust Town. After giving Seox and Fif rooms to rest in, Feower, Tien, and (Captain) meet with a giant named Mugen, whom the town's children introduce as the latest youth to set foot there. Feower at first suspects that Mugen might be connected to the Magasin mafia, but the giant's puerile nature has him perplexed.

Vyrn: There it is! The island with Stardust Town!
Tien: I'm glad we got back so soon. It's all thanks to you, (Captain).
Vyrn: Hehe. Siero gave us plenty of rupies, so don't you worry about that! Right, (Captain)?
Feower: Regardless, you helped us big time. You have my thanks as well, (Captain).
Feower: Surely the Magasin crime family has already heard about how we're at odds with the Crew of Enforcers.
Feower: There's a good chance they might try to take over the town while we're fighting it out with them.
Vyrn: A town with no grown-ups must seem like an easy target, especially with Tien and Feower gone.
Tien: It would have been nice if Seofon left some of his sword avatars behind, but considering who we were up against, that wouldn't have been the best option.
Feower: Humph, if he'd just stop goofing around and lop off that Blue Knight's head already.
Feower: Oh well, the kids are used to a bit of rough-and-tumble in this town, so things should be just fine.
As soon as the ship makes landfall, Feower quits badmouthing Seofon and rushes to Stardust Town.
Tien: Can you walk down the stairs, Seox?
Seox: Don't mind me. The pain's not too bad.
Watching the Eternals members following behind Feower, Lyria whispers in (Captain)'s ear.
Lyria: Since Seox was hurt, I wonder if Lecia and Monika are okay...
Vyrn: If they fought in this skydom, Lecia's Fourth Fleet should've been in the thick of it.
Vyrn: Hoo boy... There's always someone else to worry about wherever we turn...
Without any way to confirm Lecia's and Monika's well-being for now, they simply follow behind Tien and the others.
Lively Jill: Ah! Tien, Feower, welcome back! It's nice to see you too, Fif, (Captain)!
Lively Jill: Oh no! Is your friend hurt? I'll go tidy up an empty room right away!
Seox rests up in a room prepared by the children of Stardust Town.
Fif: Walfrid's magic should fade away little by little, and that'll make it easier for me to heal Seox.
Feower: It's not like we can make any moves before the others get here. Let's keep him well rested for now.
Tien: You must be tired too after casting so many spells in a day, Fif. Why not get some food and rest up yourself?
Fif: Okay...
Calm Jack: Tien, Feower. Do you two have a moment?
Tien: Mm... What is it?
Calm Jack: A new kid came to town while you were away. I was hoping to introduce him...
Feower: A new face? Sure, let's go say hello. As for you guys...
Vyrn: Seox and Fif are better off without us around to make a fuss anyway. We'll come along!
Vyrn: Sound good to you, (Captain)?
The captain bids the resting Eternals a comfortable sleep before heading out with Tien and Feower.
Lyria: I wonder what this new child is like.
Calm Jack: He's pretty laid-back, if you ask me.
Calm Jack: He mentioned he loves to sing. And he eats like a horse!
Lyria: I love to sing too! I can already see us becoming good friends!
Vyrn: Heheh, you two might have more fun sharing a dining table together than a song.
Lyria: Gr! I love eating too, but...
Lyria: (Captain)... Am I really such a big eater?
(Captain) turns away, trying to dodge the question. Lyria takes it hard.
Lyria: Wha! No way! Please say it isn't so!
Tien: Mm... Let's be a good sport and stop teasing Lyria.
Lyria: Huh? You were just teasing me? You meanie, (Captain)!
Feower: Shh! Quiet, everyone.
I don't know whose voice I'm hearing, but it's not a kid's.
Having heard a voice in the distance, Feower stops the others in their tracks and reaches for his daggers.
Feower: ...!
Calm Jack: Wait, Feower!
Feower leaps into action before the boy can stop him.
???: ...
Mature Mia: Feower!
Feower: The hell do you think you're doing with my little sister!
???: ...
Feower: Keep your filthy hands off her...
Calm Jack: W-wait, Feower! I'm sorry for not explaining earlier!
Feower: What?
The crew catches up to them as the dagger-wielding Eternal tones down his aggression.
???: Huh?
Vyrn: Whoa! This guy's humongous!
???: Hue... monguss...
Lively Jill: He's saying your body is really big, Mugen! They must be surprised.
???: Big... Yes. Mugen, big.
???: Big... guy... Mugen remember now.
An innocent smile plays on the giant's face, almost incongruous with his hefty frame.
Tien: Mm... Is this the new child you mentioned?
Lively Jill: Mm-hm! His name's Mugen!
Mugen, this is Tien and Feower—our caretakers. Go on and greet them!
Mugen: Greet?
Mugen: Ah... Hello, Tien. Hello, Feowerourcaretakers.
Feower: ...
Feower: The name's Feower—get it right!
Mugen: Feower... Ooh. Hello, Feower.
With a look of suspicion in his eyes, Feower refuses to take Mugen's outstretched hand.
Mugen: ...
Lyria: Hello, Mugen! I'm Lyria. And this is (Captain)!
Lyria: (Captain)'s the captain of our crew!
Lyria readily accepts what seems like Mugen's request for a handshake.
Lyria: Wow, your hands are so big, Mugen!
(Captain) joins Lyria in gripping the large figure's thick fingers, to which he smiles with his whole face.
Mugen: Lyria, and... (Captain).
Mature Mia: And this lizard over here's Vyrn!
Vyrn: Gah! Would people stop introducing me as a lizard!
Mugen: Vyrn not lizard?
Vyrn: Yep, you're looking at an honest-to-goodness dragon in the flesh!
Mugen: Dragon? No, for instance, dragon bigger. Vyrn too small.
Vyrn: Just gimme a few years—I'll be a full-fledged dragon before you know it! Right, (Captain)?
Tien watches the casual chat with a hint of concern.
Tien: He doesn't seem like a bad person.
Feower: You're too soft. Surely you know how feigning innocence is one of the oldest tricks in the book for the Magasin family, and perhaps for all mafia.
Lively Jill: We've been making sure to keep watch on Mugen at all times, and as far as we could tell, he hasn't tried to contact anyone outside.
Tien: Mm... How did he arrive on the island?
Calm Jack: He came on the airship of one of my regular customers. Said Mugen was helping with cargo transport.
Tien: Sierokarte was the one that introduced your regulars to you.
Tien: I find it hard to believe that the Knickknack Shack would have ties to the Magasin... but who knows.
Feower: We don't know what kind of tricks they'll use. Not to mention we already have our hands full with the Crew of Enforcers.
Calm Jack: It doesn't seem like the Magasin's made any major moves in the past few days... Then again, there's always the calm before the storm.
Tien: Mm... Considering how they've been restricting the flow of the Serenity Heaven drug lately, it's possible there's been some kind of internal dispute.
Certain potent drugs are prohibited in many nations due to their extremely dangerous and addictive nature.
One of these is Serenity Heaven—the main source of income for the Magasin family—which has now become a staple in the criminal underworld.
Feower: Yeah, doesn't make much sense to block circulation of their biggest product, does it?
Calm Jack: Hrm... Just spitballing here, but one possibility's that they have enough clients now, and are trying to manipulate its price by scarcity?
Lively Jill: That could be it... Or maybe they've invented some sort of new drug.
Lively Jill: Rumors are also circulating that other mafia families have figured out how to make Serenity Heaven themselves.
Feower: Tch, all the roaches come crawling out of the woodwork...
Feower glares at Mugen, who is happily chatting away with the others.
Mugen: ...!
The Eternal knits his brows when Mugen gleefully waves at him.
Feower: What's his problem...
Tien: If Niyon were here, she could probably tell us if Mugen harbors any ill will.
Feower: Ugh, the others sure are taking their time.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 1: Manacles - Episode 4

At the Crew of Enforcers' Fourth Fleet headquarters, Lecia and Monika report to Walfrid the massive damage they suffered in the skirmish earlier. The two question the purpose of the battle if their utter defeat was evident from the outset, but Walfrid speaks little on the matter.

Lecia: Here's a list of every casualty suffered in the battle against the Eternals, along with a report on airships damaged.
Lecia: As the numbers suggest, it was a crushing defeat for us. The Fourth Fleet lacks the personnel and armaments necessary to reorganize.
Walfrid: Good work compiling the report. Now we know their reputation as the strongest in the skies isn't unfounded.
Monika: This isn't the time to be praising our enemy.
Monika: Compared to our losses, they walked away with only a single injured member.
Monika: One who'll likely recover within the next few days.
Lecia: A short, decisive battle where we threw in everything we had was our only chance at besting the Eternals to begin with.
Lecia: We should've known this wouldn't end well for us the moment we failed to converge every fleet in Phantagrande.
Lecia: In other words, we knew the outcome beforehand. Yet, we still went forth and pulled the trigger. Why?
Walfrid: So you're saying that since we're no match for the Eternals, we should just let slide any crimes they might commit?
Lecia: Well...
Walfrid: I understand your umbrage at the issue. The affected crew members and airships are dear to us all.
Walfrid: But no matter who we're up against, we must never look the other way. Even if it is a god we're up against.
Lecia: Order must be impartial, otherwise we've failed in our job as Enforcers...
Walfrid: Indeed, Lecia.
Walfrid: We are the last line of defense for the powerless.
Walfrid: If we, too, succumb to overwhelming might, that would spell the death of law and order in the skies.
Walfrid: Here's my next directive for you two: rest up.
Lecia: Yes... Understood.
Lecia: Sigh...
Monika: You okay, Lecia?
Lecia: Yeah, I'm fine. I don't have a scratch on me; it's everyone else that I'm worried about.
Monika: Lecia.
Lecia: I know what my father's getting at. But still...
Lecia: I'm finding it hard to justify all these losses for a skirmish we had no chance of winning...
Monika tries to console the disheartened Lecia with a pat on the back, then turns to the doors of the meeting room.
There probably isn't a single person who can tell what is going through Captain Walfrid's head behind those locked doors.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 2: Regression - Episode 1

While the rest of the crew is on night patrol, Seox reflects on his past after learning from Tien that his former crimes have deeply troubled Fif. When the Magasin family starts shooting cannonballs at the town, Mugen knocks out the projectiles before Seofon and a few other Eternals show up to take care of the mafia members.

Tien, Feower, Seox, and Fif continue waiting for the other Eternals to arrive in Stardust Town.
In order to heal Seox's wounds, Fif works on clearing some of Walfrid's magic that prevents her own from functioning properly.
Fif: Okay, let's leave it at that for today. Your body could get tired out if I do any more.
Seox: You're the one that looks tired actually... Will you be okay?
Fif: Bwuh? Yeah, I'm as fine as an Eternal can be! I'm not the strongest sorceress around for nothing!
Fif: ...
Seox: ...
Fif: But yeah, I really, really am fine!
Fif: You keep resting! The more you rest, the faster you'll heal! I'm off now!
Seox: ...
Tien: Seox, I brought some water. I'll leave it here for whenever you get thirsty.
Seox: Sorry for the trouble.
Tien: No worries. After what you did for Fif, this is nothing.
Seox: It's not like I saved her for your sake...
Tien: Mm... But Fif is a dear friend to me.
Seox: Friend, huh...
Seox: Then surely you've noticed how she's been acting strange. You don't have a problem with that?
Tien: No...
Tien: I'd say she's probably both angry and sad.
Tien: After all, she has to come to terms with some of the unsavory things a fellow crewmate has done in the past.
Tien places the pitcher of water on the table and turns her gaze down to her palms, lips forming a somber smile.
Tien: Fif is the truest of heart among all of us.
Seox: Never thought of it that way...
Tien: Watching Fif always brings me so much relief.
Tien: Whenever I do something morally reprehensible, she has no qualms with telling me.
Tien: But at the same time, I know that deep down she's always really happy to have me around.
Seox: ...
Seox is a crew member

Tien: You know... (Captain) doesn't mention it, but I can tell (Captain)'s angry too.
Seox: Why's that?
Tien: Because you alone made up your mind about surrendering to the Crew of Enforcers.
Tien: You're a member of (Captain)'s crew just as much as you are one of the Eternals. You went and decided things all on your own without consulting anyone.
Seox: And that's a problem?
Tien: It sure is.
Tien: I'm not just talking about a captain's responsibility, but also the bond you two share as comrades.
Tien: It's only natural that (Captain) wouldn't be too pleased about you suddenly disappearing.
Seox: I see...
Tien: Mm.
Tien urges Seox to get some more rest, then leaves the room.
Seox: ...
Seox: Reprehensible...
The crew stays in Stardust Town in anticipation of an attack from the Magasin mafia.
Vyrn: Hrgh...
Mugen: Yawn...
Lyria: Teehee, you two look really sleepy.
Mugen: Mugen... okay... Not... sleepy...
Tien: Sorry to have you guys help with the night watch too.
Vyrn: Heheh, it's all good! This is easy as pie for pro skyfarers like us! Right, (Captain)?
Mugen chimes in, a perplexed look on his face.
Mugen: Pie is... easy?
Lyria: You know how it's hard to do anything when you get hungry?
Mugen: Yes. Mugen no like hungry.
Lyria: Well, we all know how delicious pies are, and they're soft and flaky, making them easy to eat.
Lyria: That's why some people say "easy as pie."
Mugen: Ooh! Easy as pie!
Mugen: Night watch... Easy as pie!
Feower: Groan...
Fif: I brought snacks! There's tea too!
Lyria: Yay! Thank you, Fif!
Fif: Ehehe, I actually asked a kid in town to make it for us.
With a bashful smile, Fif pours tea into cups.
Fif: I don't think there's a cup big enough to match your size, Mugen! But you're free to have as many refills as you'd like!
Mugen: Thank you.
Lyria: Now that you mention it, Fif, a lot of the furniture might not be big enough for Mugen. What's his bed like?
Tien: Mm... We've been having him sleep on multiple mats placed together on the floor.
Feower: I'm sure a big guy like him can sleep on the floor just fine.
Tien: Feower...
Fif: That reminds me... When Grampy first came to my village, Daddy said he had trouble with the furniture too.
Lyria: It was Eahta who saved you when your magic went haywire as a baby, right?
Fif: Uh-huh! And then he lived with us until I got bigger.
Fif: It was a Harvin village, so Grampy had trouble passing through all the small doors. The doorway for my house had to be rebuilt.
Vyrn: Yeah, I guess Harvin-sized doors aren't something you can expect a Draph to get used to.
Vyrn: Not to mention Samurai Grampa's one of the bigger Draphs around.
Mugen: Grampy... big... Mugen or Grampy... Who bigger?
Fif: Hrm... Probably you, Mugen.
Mugen: ...!
Mugen: ...?
Tien: Mm? What's wrong, Mugen.
Mugen: Strange smell... There!
Turning toward the direction Mugen points to, Feower bristles at what he sees.
Lyria: Yeep!
Mugen: ...!
Just as a cannonball comes sailing into Stardust Town, Mugen pinpoints its trajectory and leaps high into the air.
Mugen: Hngh!
Feower: What in the!
(Captain) and the others watch in awe as Mugen smacks the cannonball into an empty lot.
Tien: ...
Mugen: Smack!
Lyria: Wow! That was amazing, Mugen!
Mugen: Hehe...
Feower: ...
Looks like this is just a plain ol' cannonball. Nothing explosive.
Tien: Lucky for us. Now to go crush the cannon before they do any real harm.
Mugen: Tien! Feower! More coming!
Responding to the sound of successive cannon fire, Mugen gets ready to swing his massive arm some more.
Tweyen: ...!
Mugen: Eh?
Lyria: Ah! Isn't that...
Tweyen: Whew.
Tweyen not in crew

Tweyen shoots down every last cannonball with a torrent of magical arrows.
As the farsight archer of the Eternals, her arcane bow allows her to pierce through any obstacles.
Seofon: Sorry to keep you boys and girls waiting!
Feower: About damn time!
Seofon: Aw, cut us some slack. We got here as soon as we could.
Seofon not in crew

Seofon, leader of the Eternals, appears in all his glory, paying no heed to Feower's glare.
He crosses blades with sword masters all over and forges a copy of the opponent's weapon as a spirit sword upon victory, adding it to his collection.
Tien: Mm... If you're here, then...
Seofon: Yep, the others came with. I asked them to first take care of the obnoxious folks firing the cannons.
Tweyen: Whoever it was, they left the cannons behind and ran off. By the way, Anre's group should be coming soon.
Tien: I see... Thanks, Tweyen. You saved us.
Tweyen: Not a problem. But to be fair, I missed the first cannonball. Who ended up stopping it?
Mugen: Mugen smack ball!
Tweyen: You smacked it? You were able to track a cannonball? I hope your hand is okay!
Mugen: Mm-hm. Hand is fine.
Seofon: Whoa-ho, now that's impressive! Thanks for keeping the town safe, buddy.
Mugen: Ehehe...
Seofon: You too, (Captain). It's always nice to know you've got our back.
Seofon: But of course, it wouldn't be very nice of me to leave all the hard work to you. So why don't you let us take over from here!
The Eternals who've just arrived end up patrolling the streets in lieu of the crew for the remainder of the night.
(Captain) and company give the returning Eternals a brief rundown of the situation, then head indoors for some shut-eye.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 2: Regression - Episode 2

The next day, everyone works together to clean the streets of the rubble left from the attack. Feower and Tien are frustrated that the threat of a power vacuum prevents them from wiping out the Magasin family. When an explosion suddenly sounds from the storeroom, Feower goes to check on it.

Tweyen: Sigh... When I shot down the cannonballs hoping to keep the houses safe, I wasn't expecting this much damage to the streets.
Tweyen: No carriage will be able to get through like this. I'm so sorry—I should've blasted them farther away.
Mature Mia: Oh, it's okay! We'll just have to move them out of the way!
Mugen: Yes! Mugen move balls!
Mugen effortlessly lifts up the cannonballs lodged in the ground.
Threo: You are one tough cookie!
Threo not in crew

Threo, axe-battler of the Eternals who was raised by animals in the wilderness, watches the giant go about his task.
Survival of the fittest being Threo's creed, Mugen's enormous strength greatly piques her curiosity.
Threo: Mugen, wanna go a round with me?
Mugen: Round?
Threo: We duke it out to see which one of us is stronger.
Mugen: Stronger... Fight?
Threo: Yeah, I guess you could call it a fight... You up for it?
Mugen: Mugen hate fights...
Threo: Huh? But why?
Niyon: I'm not fond of pointless fighting either. You treat it as entertainment, but I'd rather not hear any more tumultuous melodies today.
Niyon not in crew

Niyon, musician of the Eternals who can seize the hearts of her listeners at the pluck of a string, frowns at Threo.
Perceiving all things in life as a melody, she detests needless commotion and thus berates her fellow Eternal for seeking it outright.
Mugen: Fight... destroy... friendship.
Friendship important.
Threo: Nah, us being on good terms is all the more reason to fight. It's different from crushing an enemy, you know.
Threo: Besides, going all out helps us understand each other better.
Threo: And it's a nice way of measuring your own strength.
Mugen: Mugen fight. Very much! Mugen no lose.
Threo: All right then, let's do this! You're on!
Mugen: Mugen hate fights...
Niyon: ...
While Threo continues chitchatting with Mugen, Niyon perks her ears toward the giant.
Niyon: (From his melody, I can tell he's definitely not the scheming type... It wouldn't even cross his mind...)
Niyon: (Simple and kindhearted, yet lonely and somewhat frightened...)
Niyon: (He's like a child who's just beginning to learn to socialize. I don't see Feower's fears coming true...)
Feower: ...
Tien: Feower? Did something happen outside?
Feower: No, it's nothing...
Tien and Feower are watching over a group of sickly, emaciated children who are bedridden.
Feower: Lethargy, hallucinations, bodily pain... It's gotten slightly better for now, but the symptoms come in waves.
Tien: Mm... The more debilitating their condition gets, the more their bodies crave those drugs for relief...
Tien: Problem is their bodies build a drug tolerance, and the symptoms get that much worse...
Feower: We've been doing our best to nurse them back to health, but nothing's working. We need the help of a medical professional.
Tien: It won't be easy to secure one as long as we're at odds with the Magasin family. Any doctors we ask for help would be pressured into staying away.
Tien: Once they start having family members taken hostage, they'd have very little incentive to be good samaritans.
Feower: How about we one-up the mafia and threaten the doctors ourselves?
Tien: I wish you wouldn't joke about that.
Feower: Right, right... Geez, what's it gonna take to get the Magasin family off this island.
Tien: That's going to be an uphill battle. This island is essentially the birthplace of their organization after all.
Feower: Heh, how did the story go... Shortly after the War ended, the black market and militia of the island eventually went on to form the Magasin criminal network, was it?
Tien: Mm. Even when the world was less technologically developed, the wind currents of the island allowed easy passage for airships.
Tien: The entire island became a warzone when all-out conflict broke out between the Magasin and rival organizations.
Feower: The island fell to ruin over time. The number of war orphans grew, and unwanted children from elsewhere would be discarded here.
Feower: There were also those who wanted to run away to this island. It eventually became a gathering place for children with nowhere else to go.
Tien: We took over the abandoned Magasin hideout of days past and rebuilt it into Stardust Town.
Tien: But when it comes down to it, this is still where the Magasin family started... And it doesn't seem like they'll ever give it up entirely.
Feower: How nice it'd be if wiping them off the face of the world would bring peace to the town.
Feower: Except with Magasin out of the way, other organizations looking to incorporate the island into their economic bloc would be quick to act.
Tien: There's no doubt that some other force would take the Magasin's place faster than we can establish Stardust Town as the de facto cornerstone of the island.
Feower: In other words, we're better off preserving the status quo with a known enemy, eh...
Tien sighs, wiping the sweat off the brow of a boy tossing and turning in his sleep.
Tien: Even with the title of Eternals, we've made little headway in this situation...
Feower: (Power doesn't solve everything, does it...)
Feower: (Why...)
Tien: What was that explosion?
Feower: It came from the food storeroom! I'll go take a look!
Feower slips through the window and hurries toward the smoke.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 2: Regression - Episode 3

Feower arrives at the scene of the explosion only to find monsters flooding in to the town. Mugen joins the Eternals in protecting the children but inadvertently hurts one of them. Lost in confusion and shock at his own actions, Mugen starts attacking the surrounding structures. Eahta and Niyon knock him back to his senses.

Feower: Tweyen! What happened here!
Tweyen: I'm not sure yet! There was a sudden explosion, and—
Tweyen: ...!
Monsters: Gwoaaarh!
Tweyen: Feower! Monsters are flooding the town in droves! We're practically surrounded!
Feower: Impossible!
Anre: Tweyen, can you take to the skies? Don't worry if you miss any—just focus on reducing their numbers.
Anre not in crew

Anre is the spear practitioner of the Eternals. He founded the group together with Seofon under the belief that absolute power can negate the need for any would-be conflict.
Anre issues orders to deal with the monster threat effectively.
Tweyen: Understood!
Threo: Anre! How 'bout me? Anything for me to do?
Anre: Threo. I'd like you to handle the stragglers.
Threo: Sure! I've got this!
Anre: Oh, and please try not to wreck any buildings while you're at it.
Threo: Rgh... I-I'll try...
Anre: I'll take care of the monsters toward the west side. Feower, I suggest gathering the children into a single building. What do you say?
Feower: Okay... I'll get my little brothers and sisters. You see that over there?
Anre: An assembly hall. If I run into any children, I'll guide them there.
Having decided on a plan of action, the Eternals move out.
Calm Jack: Mrgh...
Mugen: Hold on! Mugen help escape!
With the collapsed storeroom at the epicenter of the blast, Mugen rummages through the rubble to save the children caught in the mess.
Mugen: Not here... Mugen break building again... Maybe here?
Lively Jill: Eep!
Monster: Groaah!
Mugen: !
Mugen: No... Stoooop!
The sight of monsters attacking the child causes great power to surge within Mugen.
Monster: Gurgg...
Lively Jill: Ngh!
However, that power lacks restraint, knocking away not just monsters, but also the little girl and parts of buildings.
Mugen: Ah... Aaah!
Lively Jill: ...
Opening his eyes wide in shock at what he has just done, Mugen's back is exposed to monsters from behind.
Monsters: Gwooaarr!
Mugen: Ugh...
Mugen: Gwaaaargh!
Monster: Gwoo!
The aura overflowing from Mugen's body alone repels monsters and sways buildings as he goes on a rampage.
Mugen: Graaaagh!
After crushing every last monster in the immediate vicinity, he begins wreaking havoc on his surroundings as if thirsting for more.
Mugen: Graawrr!
Mugen: Ungh!
Eahta: A mighty beast deserves a mighty opponent.
Eahta not in crew

Eahta, the katana-wielding Eternal who's trained so hard to reach the pinnacle of strength that he's forgotten his own name. Even now, he strives to reach new heights.
One strike at Mugen is enough to direct the giant's attention toward him.
Mugen: Groaar!
Eahta: Haah!
Eahta: Power is meaningless without mastery!
Mugen: Rrgaaar!
Niyon: Eahta, hold him back. I'll try to calm his heart.
Eahta: Very well.
Mugen: Grwaaaah!
Niyon: ...
Niyon: Little by little... Gently, as if to guide him...
Niyon: I subdue his frenzied power and restore his simple, kindhearted melody!
Mugen: Ngh!
Niyon's tune gradually dulls Mugen's movements.
Mugen: Ah!
Mugen: Hm...
Niyon: Mugen, are you okay?
Mugen: Mugen... destroy... everything...
Mugen: Mugen... bad... very bad! Ugh... Grwaaaah!
Snapping back to his senses, Mugen falls to his knees, shedding rueful tears over his own actions.
Mugen: Sniff...
Feower: What is this... Was there another explosion?
Eahta: Nay, that man's brazenness was at work. Though he's calmed down somewhat now.
Feower: Mugen did this? I should've known you—
Mugen: No papa, no mama... So... Mugen come here...
Feower: Huh?
Mugen: Mugen... papa, mama... gone. Mugen heard... here is good...
Mugen: Mugen... bad... Very bad... Sorry...
Mugen: Sorry...
Feower: ...
Feower: Niyon, there might be more children under the rubble. Think you can you pinpoint their location?
Niyon: Yes. The sound waves also tell me which debris to clear first so that entire structures don't fall apart.
Feower: That's a relief. Can you gather my little brothers and sisters in the assembly hall?
Eahta: Certainly. I'll start with the child lying unconscious over there.
Feower: Mugen...
Mugen: Hm?
Feower: Stop wailing and give us a hand. We need to get the kids out of the rubble.
Feower: I'd like you to carry the larger pieces of debris. Can you handle that?
Mugen: ...!
Mugen: Yes! Mugen can do!
Feower: Good. Follow Niyon's instructions!
Mugen: Okay! Mugen listen to Niyon!
Anre and a few other Eternals bump into (Captain)'s group in another part of town.
Seofon: (Captain)! Nice work as always!
Vyrn: Heyo! We sent those baddies packing!
Seofon: Really appreciate it!
Anre: Looks like we've cleared out most of the monsters, but there could be more hiding about.
Anre: We'll have to keep our eyes peeled. Tweyen's watching from above, so we should cover her blind spots.
Seofon: I'm gonna take a wild guess here, Anre, but is that your way of asking me to summon my avatars?
Anre: The more hands we have, the better.
Seofon: Aw, but I'm still pretty pooped out from going toe-to-toe with Walfrid.
Seofon gives a faint shrug as (Captain) glares at him.
Seofon: I know, I know. Now's not the time to be taking a load off.
Seofon: Mind if I just have them keep watch over the assembly hall while the rest of you check for any blind spots?
Anre: That sounds fair. Having your avatars do anything more detail-oriented would take a lot out of you after all.
Anre: I hate to ask you for another favor after that battle, (Captain), but would you be able to assist in the patrol?
(Captain) readily nods, and they go about their way.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 2: Regression - Episode 4

The storeroom explosion was caused by explosives that the mafia snuck onto the island. Anre suggests to Tien and Feower the idea of obliterating the Magasin family and choosing a more righteous force to take its place. The twins are surprised to hear him recommend the Suo—another mafia family.

With the monster hordes driven off, the children are now gathered in the assembly hall in the center of town.
However, many injuries were sustained as a result of the storeroom explosion. Fif is now tending to their wounds.
Fif: Shoom!
There, all better!
Mature Mia: Wow, it doesn't hurt anymore... Thanks, Fif!
Fif: Happy to help!
Who's next!
Feower: The explosives were hidden in a crate of food jars that made its way to town only days ago.
Tien: Those jars? They're usually made a certain color to block sunlight, which also makes it a bit difficult to make out their contents...
Tien: A magical ignition device snuck into one of the jars wouldn't be immediately recognizable at a glance...
Anre: A few days ago? Perhaps right when the Crew of Enforcers made contact with us?
Anre: Given that the Enforcers aren't the type to conceal their movements, the Magasin family must have gleaned that Stardust Town would be unprotected for some time.
Feower: Tch...
Threo: Magasin? Are those the baddies that did this?
Threo: Let's go smash 'em to bits! Right now!
Tien: It's not that simple...
Eahta: Bringing down one great power paves the way for another. Is that right?
Tien: Yes, that's exactly it.
Seofon: This has always been the heart of the entire island. With how big it is, protecting the entire perimeter isn't easy.
Tweyen: Simply taking out intruders shouldn't be too difficult, but it would be disastrous if any children got caught in the cross fire.
Anre: We can't expect Tweyen and Niyon to keep up their vigil forever. A more permanent solution is necessary.
Anre: I propose we obliterate the Magasin family for good.
Feower: Anre? Were you even listening to what Tweyen said?
Anre: But of course. Another force could just as easily become the next Magasin family and put us back where we started.
Anre: Except I don't see any issues cropping up if you're the ones to choose the next in power.
Tien: I hadn't considered that... Is that even possible?
Anre: I've been evaluating possible candidates to take their place. It took time narrowing them down to one, but...
Anre: Have you heard of the Suo mafia family? I'm sure they'd be rather understanding of Stardust Town's plight.
Tien: ...!
Tien and Feower are taken aback by Anre's suggestion for how to achieve lasting peace.
Regardless of which option they end up choosing, the dark cloud hanging over the children of Stardust Town does not seem like it will be dissipating anytime soon.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 3: Exposed - Episode 1

Lecia updates Nehan, a survivor of the Karm Clan massacre, on the Enforcers' investigation into the incident. Meanwhile in Stardust Town, Seox suspects the Magasin family of using the conflict between Eternals and Enforcers as an opportunity to take over Stardust Town, and is keen on turning himself in to put an end to it all.

While the Eternals are debating how best to move forward in their situation with the Magasin family...
The Crew of Enforcers are also debating their next course of action.
Lecia: We've dispatched a survey team to the hamlet of Karm to verify the facts of your statement. And that is still ongoing.
Lecia: We've also expedited our efforts to secure the person of interest to help with the investigation. However...
???: You failed to negotiate his handover, and your show of strength did little to help matters...
Lecia: ...
???: How should I put this...
???: If I came to you with my word alone and nothing else to show for it, you wouldn't take my grievance seriously.
???: But I've already given you extremely valuable info. I like to think I've at least earned the right to check in on the investigation's progress.
Lecia: Our organization exists to uphold law and order, not to seek rewards of any sort.
Lecia: That said, we are grateful to you for disclosing a procedure that can stave off symptoms stemming from Serenity Heaven use.
Lecia: Our medical staff are testing the procedure's effectiveness as I speak.
???: Yes, and I could have, for instance, even asked for your protection in exchange for that info.
Lecia: Indeed, you asked only for an investigation into the Karm Clan massacre... I realize how important this case is to you.
???: I hope it's not too much to ask for, at the very least, a chance to speak to the person of interest.
Lecia: We'll put forth our best efforts, Nehan.
The masked man scratches his cheek in skepticism before turning around and leaving.
Lecia: Magasin Pharmaceutical Chief, Nehan.
Lecia: He claims to be a survivor of the Karm Clan massacre... But is that really the truth?
Walfrid: His unique hair color does suggest Karm heritage. As do his facial features.
Lecia: Fath—Captain. You know of the Karm Clan?
Walfrid: I once received aid from them in my travels with a friend.
Walfrid: That friend ended up taking care of their clan leader's son for a short while later when the boy needed it most—or so I heard.
Walfrid: Though I never imagined that boy to be our person of interest. Everything is connected in the strangest ways.
Lecia: Your friend?
Lecia: (Father must be talking about the captain of the crew he was once part of, who also happens to be (Captain)'s dad...)
Lecia: (Would a boy that a figure of such caliber once cared for really go on to commit such an awful act?)
Seox is a crew member

Lecia: (If I remember correctly, this Seox person is also a member of (Captain)'s crew.)
Seox not in crew

Lecia: (If I remember correctly, this Seox person has been spotted on (Captain)'s airship before.)
Lecia: (Maybe I can ask (Captain) to set up a meeting with him...)
Seox: Fif. Shouldn't you prioritize healing the injured children over me?
Fif: Oh, I went "shoom-shoom-shoom!" with my staff, and they felt better in no time at all.
Seox: Hm...
Seofon: Aaand if you're worried about more enemy attacks, (Captain)'s crew, my avatars, and the rest of the Eternals are doing a nifty job of patrolling the streets.
Seofon: We've got the town covered, so you just focus on nursing yourself back to health.
Seox: If not for our quarrel with the Crew of Enforcers, the Magasin family wouldn't have had the chance to strengthen their grip on Stardust Town.
Seofon: Maybe so.
Seox: I'm sure adding to Tien and Feower's burden isn't something you want, Seofon.
Seox: Wouldn't we all be better off if I just turned myself in to the Crew of Enforcers?
Seofon: You think so?
Seox: Yeah.
Seofon: I see.
Fif: Um, Seox. Are you really—
Fif: Mrgh!
Seofon: Fif, you must be sooo pooped from casting so many heals today. And we wouldn't want to disturb Seox's rest, so let's say bye for now!
Fif: Mmph!
Seofon: Nighty-night!
Seofon cuts the conversation short by covering Fif's mouth and carrying her out of the room.
Fif: Mmm!
Seofon: Yeow! You bite pretty hard!
Fif: Seofon, you big dum-dum! Why aren't you stopping Seox!
Seofon: He's not exactly a kid anymore, you know. He's free to make his own decisions.
Fif: I-I know Seox isn't a kid... But even grown-ups can make mistakes!
Fif: If he really goes to the Crew of Enforcers... and dies...
Fif: I'm never, ever going to forgive you, Seofon!
Seofon: That so?
Fif: Yeah! I'm going to be really, really, really mad!
Seofon: Haha, that's a scary thing to imagine.
Fif: Grr! Can't you take this more seriously? You really grind my gears sometimes!

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 3: Exposed - Episode 2

After a tense yet sentimental tete-a-tete between Feower and Tien, the brother finally agrees to ask the Suo mafia family for help. They head out with Anre to the Suo estate.

Tien: Feower.
Feower: ...
Tien: Feower. Will you at least look at me?
Feower: You're the one who needs to cool off, Sis! How could you even consider asking for help from the mafia!
Tien: Mafia's just a general term. The Magasin family's actions aren't representative of all mafia.
Tien: Especially since it's Anre who vetted this new group, I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure you can understand, Feower.
Feower: Like hell I do!
Tien: Feower...
Tien: If, say, a nation or a group of wealthy merchants were to back us, do you think Stardust Town would be able to stay the way it is?
Feower: That's...
Tien: They'll never recognize a township that exists specifically for children. Any nation that annexes us would just as soon tear the town down.
Tien: You have to realize the two of us alone are incapable of keeping the town safe at all times with things as they are.
Feower: If only we had more power...
Tien: Exactly. But will we ever attain such a level of power? And when would that be?
Feower: I'd even go as far to say it might never happen...
Feower: Then again, even I know that trying to solve everything with brute force alone doesn't bring happiness.
Feower: I look at Seox. I look at Anre. Tweyen, Niyon, and especially Seofon... They all paint a pretty clear picture to me...
Tien: Mm... You're a clever one, Feower. It's nice to know you understand everything I've been trying to say.
Feower: Honestly, I'd rather not... I really wish I didn't...
Feower: So many have given their lives to keep the younger children safe. At one point, I thought we might have to do the same.
Feower: Yet here we are alive and well, kicking around the idea of a partnership with the mafia... What have we become...
Tien: Feower...
Tien: I don't want our little brothers and sisters to die like many of the older ones have. I want them to fully experience the joys of childhood.
Tien: To thrive as adults and have children of their own. And to continue living on to a ripe old age.
Tien: There's been enough deaths to go around... But no more...
Feower: You're a coward, Sis. You're just afraid of taking responsibility when people start pointing fingers...
Feower: Tien, the rat who joined up with the mafia.
Tien: Mm...
Tien: That's why I'm asking you, Feower...
Feower: ...
Feower: Yeah, I know. I won't abandon you, Sis. If people are gonna point fingers, they can point them at both of us.
Tien: Thank you, Brother... And sorry.
Feower: It's not fair how you get to apologize all the time, Sis... Makes it that much harder for me to hold a grudge...
Anre: Oh? I'm glad you've finally come to a decision.
Tien: Mm...
Feower: Of course, we'll have to meet the Suo family for ourselves before things can go any further.
Anre: Certainly. It's only right to make sure everyone's on the same page before proceeding.
Anre: I may have pushed for this, but none of it matters if the both of you aren't in full agreement.
Tien: Mm. I hope it goes well, Anre.
Anre: Time is of the essence. Let us visit the estate of the Suo family boss.
Tweyen: We'll be around to watch over the children while you're away. Stay safe.
(Captain) gives a thumbs up while Mugen beats his own chest.
Mugen: Mugen help! Easy as pie!
Tien: Thanks, Tweyen, (Captain), Mugen. We'll be going now.
Anre guides the twin Eternals off the island on a skyskimmer.
Tweyen: Okay then, let's get to patrolling.
Vyrn: Let us know the moment you spot anything suspicious!
Tweyen: Will do. I'll be counting on your help if it comes to that, (Captain).
Lyria: Be careful up there, Tweyen!
(Captain) and company watch as the bow-wielding Eternal takes to the skies.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 3: Exposed - Episode 3

Lecia comes to Stardust Town alone asking to see (Captain). Seox sits in on their discussion, where it is revealed that (Captain)'s father spent some time with the Eternal after leaving Zinkenstill. (Captain) runs off in shock while the others give chase. Seox, lagging behind them, is suddenly approached by Nehan.

Enforcers' Runner: Monika! Sorry to intrude, but something's come up...
Monika: Hm? What is it?
Enforcers' Runner: There appears to be a discrepancy aboard Airship 6.
Enforcers' Runner: Reports indicated three remaining skyskimmers on it upon our return to Amalthea Island.
Enforcers' Runner: When I went to confirm this morning, there were only two skyskimmers in the hangar registered to Airship 6.
Monika: So we're missing one, I see...
Monika: Lecia left a while ago on a skyskimmer. Did you account for that?
Enforcers' Runner: Yes... Logs show she departed from a vessel docked at a different hangar.
Enforcers' Runner: Do you think it's simply a mistake in the paperwork?
Monika: I wouldn't be surprised, given all the confusion that's been going on in the administrative office after the scuffle with the Eternals.
Monika: But okay, I'll assign some personnel to do a double-check.
Enforcers' Runner: Thank you!
Monika: I really hope someone just got their numbers mixed up...
Tweyen: A skyskimmer?
Lecia: ...
Tweyen: You're one of the Crew of Enforcers' leaders. Turn back the way you came without saying a word, and I'll tell the others nothing happened.
Lecia: I'm not here to engage. If necessary, I'll gladly hand over my weapon.
Tweyen: What are you here for then?
Lecia: I'd like to speak to (Captain). Can you relay the message?
Tweyen: ...!
Lyria: Lecia?
Tweyen: Yes, she'd like a word with (Captain).
As (Captain) ponders over what to do about Lecia, Seofon chimes in.
Seofon: I take it Lecia is just as important to you as Seox. Am I right?
Seofon: This goes without saying, but it wouldn't be right to hear only our side of the story.
Seofon: So why don't you go listen to hers? See what she has to say.
Lyria: Let's go, (Captain). I'm worried if Lecia might be injured...
(Captain) concedes, and they make their way to the island's landing zone.
Seox: Hey, (Captain).
Lyria: Yikes! Seox! When did you...
Vyrn: You followed us? Shouldn't you be sleeping?
Seox: There's something I need to ask the Crew of Enforcers. Thanks for letting me tag along.
As Seox has already made up his mind, the group continues on together.
Lyria: Lecia! Thank goodness you're okay!
Lecia: Thank you for agreeing to see me, (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn...
Lecia: And Seox, the Eternal... I didn't think I'd be able to meet you directly.
Vyrn: Hey, you better not be thinking of taking him by force!
Vyrn: Seofon doesn't know that Seox came with us. He'd have stopped us if he knew.
Lecia: That couldn't be further from my intentions.
Lecia: In truth, I was hoping you'd consider coming with us of your own free will, Seox.
Seox: Well...
Lecia: If this friction between the Crew of Enforcers and the Eternals worsens, it is the many innocents dragged into the conflict who are hurt most.
Lecia: As one who swears to uphold peace in the skies, surely you don't find this to be an ideal situation...
Seox: You're right.
Lecia: I ask that you please make a decision that would not shame (Captain)'s father, the skyfarer who saved your life.
Seox: ...!
Seox: Wait, say that again...
Lecia: ...?
(Captain)'s father? The one you owe your life to.
Lecia: Ah... I'm so sorry... I thought you all knew this...
Seox: But... No, that can't be...
Vyrn: Wouldn't that mean your dad went to the hamlet of Karm after leaving Zinkenstill, (Captain)?
(Captain) can do little but stare blankly before running off in shock.
Lyria: Ah... (Captain), where are you going!
Vyrn: Wait up, (Captain)!
Lecia: I'm so sorry! I should have been more careful with what I said...
Seox follows the others in their pursuit of (Captain) at first before stopping to think.
Seox: That man... was (Captain)'s father?
Seox: (He left his home island, leaving his child behind all alone... They remain apart to this day...)
Seox: (I was being saved by (Captain)'s father while (Captain) was consigned to loneliness...)
Seox: (Captain)...
Seox: ...!
Seox looks up to find a different skyskimmer making landfall and eyes it warily.
Nehan: ...
Seox: Who are you!
Nehan: ...
The man who exits the skyskimmer mutters a name—a name that catches Seox off guard.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 3: Exposed - Episode 4

Nehan offers to rescind his claim against Seox if the Eternal is able to ingest Trancensia, a drug used in the Karm Clan's coming-of-age ritual, without going mad. (Captain), having had time to process and come to terms with the revelation from earlier, returns and finds a rampaging Seox. Seofon happens to swoop in at this time to help (Captain) pacify Seox.

Seox: What did you just say...
Nehan: That was your name in the Karm Clan. Although you may have since cast off that name.
Seox: The fact that you know of it can only mean...
Nehan: Yes, you guess right. I'd tell you my Karm name, but you probably never knew me anyway.
Nehan: You murdered my father, my mother, my sister... It was by your hands that I lost my entire family and clan.
Seox: ...
Seox: I...
Nehan: Do you happen to remember the Karm Clan's coming-of-age rite?
Seox: Coming-of-age rite?
Nehan: No? I suppose you never knew of its existence to begin with. Either way, it doesn't change what you've done.
Nehan produces a vial of liquid and presents it to Seox.
Seox: What the...
Nehan: It releases the limiters on your mind, thereby unleashing the full physical capabilities of the body... Trancensia.
Nehan: Let's say, for instance, you are able to ingest this drug without losing yourself...
Nehan: Then I'll ask the Crew of Enforcers to retract my claim against you.
Seox: ...!
Vyrn: Yoo-hoo! (Captain)!
Lyria: Huff... Huff... (Captain)!
Vyrn and Lyria find (Captain) seated on a log, knees clasped with both hands.
Lyria: (Captain)...
Vyrn: Whew, what a surprise! Who woulda guessed your old man was the skyfarer that helped out Seox.
Vyrn: What a coinkydink!
Vyrn: ...
Vyrn: Guess I'm thinkin' the same thing you are: why'd he leave you behind just to go take care of some other kid...
Vyrn: Musta figured he couldn't be a bad parent if he just stopped parenting!
Vyrn's attempt to cheer up (Captain) with a jest is met with some success, eliciting an awkward smile.
Lyria: Hm? It was your father's choice, so you don't blame Seox?
Lyria: And now you want to give your father a good talking-to... That's perfect actually!
Relieved to learn what's been nagging away at (Captain), Lyria holds the captain's hands while beaming a gentle smile.
Lyria: Seox can come with us to find him! What do you say, (Captain)?
Nodding to Lyria and Vyrn, who are now huddling against the captain, (Captain) gets up from the tree stump.
Lecia: Forgive me... Although I wasn't aware of the circumstances, I spoke out of turn...
Just as (Captain) tries to reassure the forlorn Lecia that everything is okay now, something moves in the distant brush.
Lyria: ...!
Is that a monster I'm sensing? Hm...
???: Gr...
Vyrn: Uh-oh! That didn't sound too friendly!
(Captain) and Lecia track the sound coming from the direction of her skyskimmer.
Niyon: What's this melody?
Seox: Rgh...
Vyrn: Seox! You feeling okay?
The crew returns to find Seox writhing in excruciating agony.
Lyria: Seox. Seox! Hang in there...
Lyria: Eek!
Seox violently shoves Lyria away when she puts an arm around his shoulder. (Captain) keeps her from falling.
Seox: ...!
The moment the Eternal spots (Captain), his pupils dilate and he takes a swing at the captain.
Lyria: Seox! Please calm down. It's us!
Vyrn: What's gotten into you, Masked Wonder!
Seox: Graaawh!
Lecia: Those are the eyes of a beast!
Seox: Shraaah!
Lyria: These swords... Seofon!
Seofon: Yep, yep! Big Brother Seofon's here to save the day!
Seofon: Well, Seox? Care to tell us what happened? Aaactually, you're not in the mood to talk, are you?
Seox: ...!
Seofon: Sigh... You up for a bit of action, (Captain)?
(Captain) asks Lyria and Vyrn to fall back before taking position beside Seofon.
Seofon: All righty... Let's get rough, but not too rough!
Seox: Aaaaaargh!

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 4: Ligature - Episode 1

After Seox is knocked unconscious, Lecia and Seofon realize that Nehan was the culprit behind Seox's sudden change in behavior. The Enforcer accepts responsibility for not noticing that Nehan had tailed her to the island, and agrees to house arrest. When Seox awakens, he decides that he should no longer cause trouble for others by depending on their kindness, and so announces to Seofon his decision to leave the Eternals.

(Captain) and Seofon team up to stop Seox's rampage.
While the battle rages on, Fif uses her magic to clear Seox's mind.
Fif: This should do it!
Seox: ...!
Seox: Ngh...
Seofon: Whoa! Too close.
The one-two punch of physical strain and the magical blast used to nullify Seox's trance-like state knocks him unconscious. Seofon catches him before his head hits the ground.
Lyria: Seox! Are you okay?
(Captain) runs over to check on him.
Seox: ...
Seox: (Captain)...
Seox: (Why...)
Seox: (Why am I always...)
Seox: (Getting others to save me...)
Seox: I...
Lyria: Seox! Please, hang in there!
The crew returns to Stardust Town and lays Seox down on a bed.
Lyria: Seox is looking really ill...
Vyrn: Man, I can't stand to see him in so much pain...
Fif: Walfrid's magic, my magic, and Seox's own power are all bumping against each other inside him...
Fif: It's why he's so tired. If I try healing him right now, I don't think it'd work too well...
Vyrn: So that's the deal, huh... I guess you can't heal every problem away...
Fif: Unnh...
Seofon: If Fif can't give him a full recovery, then no one can. You've done a fantastic job already, Fiffo dear.
Seofon: ...
Any idea how he ended up like this?
Fif: Buh... I don't think it's magical in nature. It must be some sort of medicine that didn't play nice with his powers.
Lecia: Medicine?
Lecia: (I can only think of one person who's knowledgeable about drugs and would want to cause Seox harm...)
Lecia: (Magasin Pharmaceutical Chief, survivor of the Karm Clan massacre and the one charging Seox...)
Lecia: (Nehan... It must be him...)
Seofon: I'll keep watch over Seox. The rest of you get some rest.
Fif: Eh... Are you sure about that, Seofon? Can you really, really take good care of him?
Seofon: Geez, have a little faith in me. Yeah, it'll be fine.
Vyrn: We'd better bring you some washcloths and stuff just in case.
Agreeing with Vyrn's idea, Fif and (Captain) eye Seofon with doubt as they leave the room.
Seofon: Well now... Lecia, was it? Acting captain of the Crew of Enforcers' Fourth Fleet?
Seofon: Given that you're also a good friend of (Captain)'s, I wouldn't dream of hurting you. There is one thing though...
Lecia: The reason for Seox's sudden bloodlust, I take it?
Seofon: Mm-hm. Without some external influence, there's no way Seox would have done what he did.
Seofon: Word is there was another Enforcer skyskimmer docked right beside your own.
Lecia: If I said it followed me here, would you believe me?
Seofon: To be fair, you don't strike me as the type to tell a fib. But of course, there's also our respective standings to take into account.
Lecia: True enough. I accept full responsibility for not noticing I was being tailed.
Seofon: Given the current state of affairs, it's no stretch to say that Nehan is the Crew of Enforcers' responsibility. And in a way, your lack of supervision has stirred up trouble...
Seofon: I'm sorry to say this, but we can't have you going back just yet. Hope you don't mind a brief period of house arrest.
Lecia: If that's all you're asking me to do, I'll gladly oblige... But shouldn't you be searching for Nehan?
Seofon: We might, but we certainly can't leave it to you, nor can we spare anyone at the moment.
Seofon: Just sit tight in your room for the time being, okay?
Lecia: Of course...
(Captain) and company accept Tweyen's invitation for a meal with the children of Stardust Town.
Tweyen: Mugen might feel too confined indoors, so I thought it'd be better to eat out here.
Tweyen: And since this spot is a ways from Seox's room, he'll be able to get all the quiet rest he needs.
Vyrn: Good thinking, Tweyen. You've got all our bases covered!
Tweyen: Does everyone have their food? I recommend drinking the soup while it's hot.
Mugen: Fresh bread... Here.
Lyria: Thank you, Tweyen, Mugen!
Threo: Yum, this is good eatin'! Aah...
Mature Mia: Wait, wait! We need to give thanks to nature before digging in!
Threo: Er... I can wait! So once everyone says thanks, I can get back to chomping, right?
Mature Mia: Uh-huh! Our food comes from nature's grace, so it's only right to give thanks.
Mugen: Yes. Thanks very important. Good manners.
Tweyen: Oh, you know that too? I'm impressed, Mugen.
Mugen: Ehehe... Teachings say... thanks important. Together... nice.
Lyria: Teehee, good food is all the better when you get to enjoy it with good company!
Mugen: Yes!
All present clasp their hands together as a gesture of gratitude before tucking into their meal.
Tweyen: (Giving thanks and proper dining etiquette aren't things you can pick up on your own...)
Tweyen: (Mugen has a good head about him, but he speaks in a childish, disjointed manner... This all tells me it was very recently that someone began teaching him things.)
Tweyen: (But who? And why isn't that person with him?)
Threo: Burp! Yum-yum-yum! Tweyen, I want seconds!
Tweyen: Wha? You finished your entire plate already?
Threo: Yep, it was just that good! That's why I've gotta have more!
Tweyen: Okay, let me fill up your plate. The rest of you don't hesitate for seconds either.
Vyrn: Ooh, I could go for more!
Mugen: Hehe...
Fif: Hm? Everything okay, (Captain)? Is that for Seox and Seofon? Oh, so it's your turn to go on patrol?
Fif: No problem! I'll bring them the food! Good luck with patrol duty, (Captain)!
Vyrn calls out to (Captain) for a little chat.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)? I was thinking if you'd brought the food to Seox, it could've been a chance to talk things out.
Vyrn: You could've asked about his time with your dad! Might as well, right...
Vyrn places a paw on his best buddy's shoulder upon seeing (Captain)'s slight headshake.
Vyrn: Oh, you'd rather save that for later? Yeah, I guess you could use more time to take it all in...
Vyrn: I don't exactly blame Seox, but I've also got mixed feelings about the whole situation...
Vyrn: Woulda been nice if your dad had dropped him off in Zinkenstill before continuing on his journey...
Vyrn: I bet we would've been fast friends with Seox... Don'tcha think so, (Captain)?
Fif: Seofon, open up! I brought you guys food!
Seox's Voice: I return the name of Seox to the Eternals. Thanks for—
Fif: Wha...
Seox: ...
Seofon: Well, look at that... The food's ready sooner than I thought it'd be.
Fif: What was that all about! Seox is going to quit the Eternals? Why!
Seox: I'm not going to sit by and watch it happen all over again.
Fif: Huh? Watch what happen?
Seox: Me relying—surviving... through the kindness of others.
Seox: I've done too much of that all my life.
Seox: First it was that man—(Captain)'s father. And then Seofon.
Seox: And now... (Captain).
Seox: Instead of paying for my sins, I continue to be saved again and again, only adding to my slate.
Fif: You don't have to—
Seox: This is a good time to end things.
Fif: ...!
Seox: Thanks for everything. I won't forget what you've done for me.
Fif: No...
Seofon: ...

Seeds of Redemption - Ligature

Tien and Feower visit Rei, the Suo family's boss, and ask for her help in keeping nefarious influences out of Stardust Town once the Magasin are removed from the equation. However, Rei suggests disbanding the town and having the children go off on their own. Unimpressed with the twins' reactions, she cuts the negotiations short and leaves the room.

Feower: So this is the Suo family's base of operations... What a quaint feel it gives.
Tien: Mm... I don't sense anyone around. It's as if they're not afraid of any potential threats.
Anre: There's not much reason for them to be on the lookout. Throughout its long history, the Suo family has earned the trust and respect of its many connections throughout the skies.
Anre: By the authority of their leader and their vast network, they're able to act as a mediator for all sorts of disputes.
Anre: No one in their right mind would think to trample over such a force unless they have a death wish.
Feower: Doesn't that also mean they're limited in what they can do? What makes you so sure they'd be willing to help us?
Anre: That depends on you two.
???: Anre. Mama is ready to see you. This way, please.
Anre: Thank you, Asha. Let us go, Tien, Feower.
Feower: ...
Anre: Greetings, Rei. It pleases me to see you in good health.
Rei: Good day, Anre. I see you're still sporting a mustache. A shame, as you'd look so much better without it.
Anre: Maintaining this mustache is one of the few hobbies I have. I make sure to trim it as necessary.
Anre: Besides, older Harvins have a tendency to be mistaken for young'uns. My mustache solves that problem for me.
Rei: The way I see it, you're still very much a little boy.
Rei: But perhaps you've matured enough to guide those even younger than you.
Rei, boss of the Suo family, opens up her eyes to glare at Tien and Feower.
Tien: ...!
Feower: (Grgh, what's with her! The authority in her stare is overpowering!)
Rei: Welcome, children. I am Rei. Tell me your names.
Feower: ...
Tien: I'm Tien. And this is Feower. We're the eldest of the Stardust Town children...
Rei: Tien and Feower. Asha, pour them some tea, won't you?
Asha: Yes, Mama.
Rei closes her eyes once again and prompts the three visitors to take their seats in front of her.
Rei: Stardust Town... A place where only children live. I hear the Magasin has been putting pressure on you.
Tien: Mm... They've been capitalizing on the conflict between the Eternals and the Crew of Enforcers, using the opportunity to launch attacks on the town.
Feower: We could take out the entire Magasin family ourselves. But whatever peace follows wouldn't last very long. That's why...
Rei: That's why you'd like to have the Suo family's assistance, so that the town may continue to operate as a safe haven for children.
Feower: So you know our story. Have you already made a decision as well?
Rei: What reason is there for leaving Stardust Town intact?
Tien: Huh?
Rei: I can only imagine how many sacrifices you've had to make to keep the town stable for all this time.
Rei: But aren't you clinging to those sacrifices a bit too strongly?
Feower: Why, you—
Tien: Even if all the children leave Stardust Town, the Magasin will give chase. Unless we can find some other place to call home, Stardust Town is it.
Rei: Yes. But let's not forget you'll be eradicating the Magasin family soon.
Rei: Which means there'd be no one left to give chase. The children would be free to pursue whatever hopes and dreams they have on their island of choice.
Rei: As you said, another force will likely extend its reach to Stardust Town. But when that time comes, what reason is there for you to remain on the island?
Rei: You're better off taking the children elsewhere to start new lives before being engulfed in conflict once more.
Tien: Well...
Rei: If you're willing to take that step, then I'd be more than glad to lend you our assistance.
Rei: Many of the children I've raised now run workshops of their own, and some have even gone on to be big-name merchants in their own way. I'm sure they'd be willing to take in a few kids for apprenticeship.
Rei: They'll be able to master a new trade and grow up to lead healthy, productive lives. Can you think of a better solution?
Feower: To hell with your solution! Do you have any idea how hard we've worked to—
Rei: You see? Your prior sacrifices continue to cloud your judgment. And being so easily worked up certainly doesn't help with sound decision-making.
Feower: Oh, don't give me that crap! Are you seriously taking the piss out of everything we've worked so hard to build up!
Rei: My, my... Listen to you barking at a scary grown-up. The false bravado you must adhere to for your vainglory...
Feower: Shut your mouth!
Rei: I will not.
Rei: As for you, your unbecoming choice of makeup suggests an inherent fear of adults, and perhaps is a means of warding off certain criticisms.
Tien: ...
Rei: But it cannot conceal your wavering heart.
Rei: Know that I am not so idle as to extend a hand to unsure children who are still weighing their options.
With that, Rei rises from her seat and exits the room.
Asha: You may take your leave this way.
Feower: ...
Tien: ...
Tien: (If there's a future elsewhere for the children of Stardust Town, leaving it behind may be the best option...)
Tien: (But...)

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 4: Ligature - Episode 3

Fif, having learned of Seox's decision, is greatly concerned about her friend but also does not wish to intrude. Eahta gives her a pep talk, urging the little sorceress to follow her heart. Elsewhere Seofon welcomes Feower and Tien on their return to town.

Fif: Sniff... At this rate, Seox's going to... Well, it was his decision after all...
Fif: But... But... If he... dies... Sniff...
Fif had burst out of Seox's room and is wandering the streets outside when someone grabs her by the collar and holds her up high.
Fif: Gyah!
Fif: Oh, Grampy. What is it?
Eahta: Is it not apparent what I've come to do? It is past your bedtime, child. Surely you foresaw me coming to find you.
Fif: But I'm not sleepy. I'm not going to bed yet.
Eahta: So you say. But I recall the snores you made as an infant when I rocked you about. My, how you've grown.
Fif: I'm not a baby anymore... If I were, my head wouldn't be hurting from all this worry...
Eahta: What an amusing thing to witness. What was once a newborn babe learns to speak, to walk, and to act in but the blink of an eye.
Eahta: Whereas yesterday you wailed to suckle at the teat, today you ponder the paths one can take in life. Most amusing indeed.
Fif: There's nothing amusing about it... This isn't funny at all.
Now seated on Eahta's shoulder, Fif goes on to pour her heart out.
Fif: I... I've been thinking really hard about it... And I think Seox and I are the same.
Eahta: Oh?
Fif: My mana overload always gave Mommy, Daddy, and everyone else in the village sooo much trouble...
Fif: But I was able to stay there for so long because you came and stayed with us, Grampy.
Fif: It's thanks to you that I wasn't torn apart from Mommy and Daddy, and eventually got better...
Fif: I'm just really lucky I met you!
Fif: If only Seox had someone like you around at a younger age...
Fif: His daddy and mommy and the Karm people would've been nice to him... And that accident wouldn't have happened...
Fif: Why didn't Seox have his own grampy to take care of him... Why couldn't I have been there to help him...
Fif: Sob...
Eahta: Fif.
Fif: Sniff... Mm-hm.
Eahta: One cannot change a fate that's already come to pass.
Eahta: The passage of time brings change. And not all of that change necessarily works to our favor.
Eahta: Regardless of what change brings, being blessed with time enough to accept it all is most fortunate indeed.
Fif: Mm...
Eahta: That is why one must constantly strive to strengthen their heart and mind to achieve whatever goals they've set out to accomplish.
Eahta: Never let yourself dull to a state in which you cannot make the vital decisions for yourself when they matter most.
Fif: Yeah!
Eahta: Very well. Seeing as your soul continues to stand strong in all its luster...
Eahta: Tell me, Fif! What is it you wish to accomplish!
Fif: You mean like... what I want to do? Well...
Her heart resolute, Fif jumps off Eahta's shoulder and makes her way to (Captain).
When Tien and Feower return, Seofon is waiting in front of their rooms to greet them.
Seofon: Welcome back, Tien, Feower.
Tien: Mm... Hey, Seofon.
Feower: ...
Feower: I'm off to bed. Good night, Sis.
Tien: Night, Feower...
Tien: Thanks for waiting, Seofon.
I'll be turning in early myself.
Seofon: Tien.
Tien: Mm...
Seofon: Is there anything you'd like to tell me?
Tien: No, not really. I think the resolution of today's events are better left to me and Feower.
Tien: I appreciate the concern nonetheless.
Seofon: I see.
Seofon: You two might see yourselves as adults now, but you'll always be my dear little brother and sister.
Seofon: And I mean it. In the same way you see Stardust Town's children as your little siblings.
Tien: Mm... Thank you, Seofon.
Feower: ...

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 4: Ligature - Episode 4

Fif and (Captain) show up at Seox's door to confront him about what he truly wishes to do with his life. A bit of soul-searching reveals his desire to continue traveling with (Captain) and crew. When Tien overhears this exchange from outside the room, she reexamines her own desires.

Fif: Okey doke, (Captain)... We do this together!
Grasping (Captain)'s hand tightly, Fif knocks on the door before them.
Fif: Seeoox! Can we talk?
Seox: What is it?
Fif: I told (Captain) about your plan to quit the Eternals!
Fif: And that you're probably surrendering to the Crew of Enforcers.
Seox averts the inquisitive gaze of the pair.
Seox: That's right. I...
Fif: Is that really what you want to do?
Seox: ...
Fif: Isn't there anything else you want to do in life?
Seox: I can't say there is...
Fif: Hey, no fudging or bushing around the beat, okay?
Fif: Listen!
(Captain) places a hand on each side of Seox's head and forces the Eternal to make eye contact.
Seox: ...!
Fif: Even if you want to be all alone by yourself from now on, me and (Captain) are going to follow you wherever you go!
Fif: Let's go say sorry to that Karm survivor together! I don't know if he's willing to forgive, but...
Fif: We won't know unless we try! And who knows—he just might!
Fif: So please, tell us what it is you really want to do! There has to be something!
Seox: I'm telling you, there's—
Seox is about to go quiet, but (Captain)'s penetrating gaze urges him to continue on.
Seox: Actually...
Seox: I...
Seox: Would like to continue traveling with you guys...
Seox: That said...
Seox: How do you expect me to come to terms with the fact that I might go berserk and hurt you again!
Seox: I...
  1. We'll stop you as many times as needed.
  2. You're overthinking it.

Choose: We'll stop you as many times as needed.
Fif: That's right. And I'll be here to heal anyone who gets hurt in the process!

Choose: You're overthinking it.
Fif: That's right! Even if that does happen, (Captain), Seofon, and Grampy are around to help.
Fif: If you think you've got what it takes to hurt us for real, then think again!
Continue 1
Seox: ...
Fif: (Captain) and me are tough as nails!
Fif: Right, (Captain)?
  1. So give it up already and stay put!

Choose: So give it up already and stay put!
Seox: ...
Seox: You fools... Why do you go... so far for me...
Fif: I'd rather be a fool than someone who abandons a friend.
Fif: You tell him too, (Captain)!
(Captain) responds to Fif's smile with an equally radiant one. Slowly but surely, Seox takes the captain's outstretched hand.
Fif couldn't be more relieved to see them all in agreement.
Tien: What I really want to do, huh...
Tien: Pushing forward with it might very well be my best option...
Tien has come by to bring Seox a glass of water and happens to overhear the conversation.
So little has gone right in their lives thus far, but they're willing to cling to that faint glimmer of hope to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 5: Watershed - Episode 1

(Captain) and company take Tien and Feower out for their second visit to the Suo family's estate, to resume negotiations. The Magasin family, seemingly having caught wind of this plan to bring the Suo into the fold, launches an attack on Stardust Town.

Tien and Feower had visited the Suo family to ask for their assistance in looking after a future Stardust Town where the Magasin are no more.
With Rei's agreement to help still in limbo, the twin Eternals ask their little brothers and sisters to make a big decision concerning their future.
Tien: Mm... So everyone's okay with the plan?
Lively Jill: You bet!
Feower: There's no turning back once we go through with this.
Calm Jack: It's okay—we understand what we're getting into. This is something that every one of us wants.
The firm conviction glittering in each of their eyes tells the twins everything they need to know.
Feower: It's decided, Sis...
Tien: Mm...
Now certain of where the children stand on the matter, the pair discuss their wishes with Anre next.
Anre: So I see. You will need to show Rei just how determined you are.
Tien: Mm... We'll take another trip to the Suo estate. Though it might be better if you stay here, Anre.
Tien: Because if we don't do this on our own, I strongly doubt Rei is going to be convinced.
Anre: A most commendable attitude.
Anre: Be careful on the way there. I'll take full responsibility for the town's safety in your absence.
Feower: Appreciate it. If you don't mind, (Captain)...
Lyria: Not at all! We'd be glad to take you to their estate!
(Captain) and company accept the transport of the twin Eternals as an independent assignment.
Tien: Thanks, (Captain). If Anre came with us again, it'd be seen as a request from the Eternals.
Feower: We need to make it clear that this will be a contract with Stardust Town and no one else.
Tien: So no matter what happens to us there, I ask that you please let us handle it.
Vyrn: S-sure...
(Captain) and company take off, leaving the town in the hands of the other Eternals.
The remaining Eternals split into two groups, one to guard the buildings housing the children and another to protect the town in its entirety.
Seofon: All right, you take care of the houses.
Anre: Will do. I suppose I'll also take care of any leftover monsters I happen to spot on the way there.
Niyon: Seofon. Seox hasn't fully recovered yet. I'm not sure we want him up and about.
Seofon: He tells me his wounds have closed up. Recovery from fatigue is all that's left.
Seofon: Besides, the man himself sees this as a chance to help make up for all the trouble he caused for the town.
Niyon: I see...
Seofon: It's mostly our group that'll be dealing with any threats. I'm sure it'll be fine. Right, Fif?
Fif: Hmph.
Tweyen: What's wrong, Fif? Why are your cheeks all puffed up... Did something happen, Eahta?
Eahta: I wonder...
Fif: Oh, it's nothing! It's not like I'm angry at Seofon or anything!
Tweyen: ...?
Tweyen: Seofon. If you upset Fif somehow, don't you think you should apologize?
Tweyen: Fif doesn't get like this often, but when she does, she stays pouty for a pretty long time.
Seofon: Ahaha, maybe later...
Tweyen: This isn't the time to be driving a wedge between ourselves. If the Crew of Enforcers were to attack us now, we could end up waging a battle on two fronts.
Seofon: Nah, that's not very likely.
Seofon: That scenario would make it seem like the Enforcers teamed up with the Magasin, and that's the last thing they'd want.
Tweyen: True enough...
Seofon: Anyhoo, the Crew of Enforcers took some major damage after our last bout, so chances are they can't make any big moves right now. Or at least I'd hope so.
Tweyen: As do I...
Niyon: ...!
I sense loud, violent melodies in sync... Hundreds of people are approaching the town.
Seofon: Ooh, someone wants to party. I wonder if they somehow caught wind of our talks with the Suo family.
Eahta: How senseless their minds must be to think a flock of geese can best a crash of rhinos.
Seofon: You think so? Then again, this is probably the Magasin family's only option.
Seofon: With how desperate they've been getting over the Serenity Heaven matter, they're really throwing in all the chips.
Seofon: Tweyen, Niyon, ready for some housecleaning? You too, Eahta!
Tweyen: Naturally.
Niyon: Understood.
Eahta: Very well.
Seofon: And you stay back a bit so you don't get hurt, Fif.
Fif: Bweh! Just make sure you tell me if they hurt you anywhere!
Seofon: Yep, that's the plan. All righty, let's try to finish this before they can even draw their weapons.
Magasin Brass: Who gives a fudge about the Eternals! We'll have won as soon as we've offed every last brat!
Magasin Brass: Set those fires and spread the poison! It's time to wipe Stardust Town off the face of the island! Go for it, boys!
Magasin Thugs: Raaaah!

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 5: Watershed - Episode 2

Anre, Threo, Seox, and Mugen guard the building housing the town's children. Mugen is worried that he may lose control again—a sentiment that Seox understands all too well. The Eternal then wonders why he failed his clan's coming-of-age ceremony when nearly everyone else passed it without a hitch.

Mugen: Mugen hear sound... Very big sound.
Anre: The Magasin family's sent their private army. They've really come to crush the town.
Threo: Hey, why don't you just send me out there!
Anre: Threo. You are a force to be reckoned with, but your power is too broad when we need precision.
Anre: I want to leave as much of the town intact as possible. I'd like you to wait until the time is right.
Threo: Wait? I'm not a waiter... But I'll wait... Gosh, I hate waiting...
Anre: As for our "guest," I ask that you please stay here and not interfere. We don't have enough people to keep someone posted on you.
Lecia: If it's manpower you need, I'll gladly lend my assistance as a member of (Captain)'s crew.
Lecia: In spite of our differences, I do not wish to see any children harmed.
Anre: I appreciate the sentiment. I have every confidence that you mean no harm, but we still have our respective positions to consider.
Mature Mia: Brother...
Calm Jack: Everything's going to be just fine. Very strong people are here to protect us.
Mature Mia: Okay...
Mugen: ...
Mature Mia: Mugen's with us too... I'm sure it'll be okay...
Mugen: Mugen...
Seox: ...?
What's the matter? Don't tell me a big guy like you is afraid of the Magasin too.
Mugen: No... Magasin not scary... Mugen scary...
Mugen: Mugen destroy all... Not protect... Mugen no hold power...
Seox: You mean you have trouble holding back?
Mugen: Mugen no control. Mugen not know why... Afraid...
Seox: You're afraid of yourself?
Mugen: Yes...
Seox: Sounds like me...
Mugen: Like me?
Seox: Mm-hm. There are times when I'm not able to control my power.
Seox: (Most participants in the clan's coming-of-age rite didn't lose themselves after taking a dose of Trancensia... )
Seox: (If they did, the Karm bloodline would have come to a close much, much earlier.)
Seox: (So why was I different? Surely that drug can't be the reason for my loss of control...)
Threo: Hm? Mugen, you feeling cold? You're shaking.
Mugen: Mugen afraid...
Threo: Afraid? You? Of what? How could you be afraid of—
Anre: Threo! The Magasin family has unleashed monsters on the town.
Anre: Can I ask you to handle them? I can't deny the possibility of it being a decoy, so I prefer to maintain our defenses here.
Threo: Gotcha!
Threo: I'll smash 'em to bits!
Anre: Really, now, I'd prefer you practice some moderation on this occasion.
Threo: Moderation? You mean, like, tying one hand behind my back?
Anre: On second thought... I want you to go all in. After all, a town in ruins can always be rebuilt, but a life lost will never come back.
Anre: In return, I ask that you not let a single monster past you. Show the enemy what it means to be the strongest in the skies.
Threo: Hahah! I've got this! This is totally my wheelhouse!
Seox: Makes me wonder what it feels like to wield your power to its fullest without any fear of repercussion.
Mugen: Mugen not know...

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 5: Watershed - Episode 3

Tien and Feower voice to Rei their willingness to suffer through any hardships if it means they'll be able to continue living together with the Stardust children as one big, happy family. In order to test their resolve, Rei takes over Feower's body with the power of her eyes, forcing him to attack Tien.

Vyrn: Hm... The mansion's huge, but I don't smell anything fishy about it.
Vyrn: Meh, I was hopin' to see something more like the grand castle of some evil overlord!
Feower: It's not like they have any reason to proclaim to the world that they're mafia.
Vyrn: You think so? I heard commanding respect and all was important to mafia folks.
Asha: Tien, Feower. Mama is ready to meet you. As for those skyfarers...
Rei's Voice: It's fine—let them in. We don't get to meet people like them often after all.
Asha: Very well. This way, please.
Tien: ...
Rei: Greetings, Tien, Feower. And... (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn.
Lyria: Huh... You know our names...
Asha: Word of your deeds has spread all across this skydom.
Rei: Haha... All children bear the weight of the future on their shoulders, but your group in particular is a very special one.
Rei: I would love to talk more on that, but the matter of Stardust Town must take priority.
Rei: So... Has anything changed since we last spoke?
Tien and Feower exchange glances before turning to Rei, whose eyes have slightly opened up.
Feower: Everyone in Stardust Town is family. And we're going to continue living as one—and that's non-negotiable.
Tien: In order for that to come true, we're ready for whatever hardships await. This is the decision that each and every one of us came to.
Rei: Mm-hm...
Rei: What a selfish proposition you make.
Tien: Perhaps so, but this is our collective wish—one that means absolutely everything to us.
Feower: We're all going to die one day. Is it so wrong to enjoy our lives with a bit of selfishness before that day comes?
Rei: Mm...
Feower: Well? Would you be willing to lend us your strength?
Rei: Hmm...
Lyria: ...!
This power...
Vyrn: Wha... It's hard to... breathe...
Feower: Ngh!
Rei's eyes now fully open, she gives her full attention to Feower, as if peering into his soul.
Rei: Ready for any hardships, your sister says... How do I know it's not just empty talk?
Rei: Even if you are serious, you'll reach a dead end soon enough—rendering this entire discussion moot.
Rei: At the very least, allow me to test your resolve...
Feower: Urgh!
Tien: Feower!
Feower: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa! Calm down, Stabby!
Feower: Rei... Damn you!
Rei: Come. Show me your determination to face adversity!

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 5: Watershed - Episode 4

When Rei sees that Tien is ready to give her life if it will lead to a brighter future for Stardust Town's children, the Harvin unleashes her hold on Feower and promises the Suo family's assistance. With their mission complete, the twins return to Stardust Town.

Tien: Rgh...
Feower: Sis!
Vyrn: Geez, Ms. Eyeballs! Why'd you make Feower attack Tien! Knock it off already!
Rei: ...
Tien: Vyrn... I'm fine...
Vyrn: You sure don't look it! Nor does Feower!
Tien: Really, it's okay... I was ready for this... Rei...
Tien: If I die here, will you help Stardust Town?
Rei: What if I said yes?
Tien: Then please, take my life. It's not worth much compared to the futures of my dear little brothers and sisters...
Tien: I only ask that you end me by your own hand. Please don't have Feower do it.
Feower: ...!
Tien: Feower, take care of everyone—for my sake too...
Feower: Sis!
Rei: I see... So that's the sort of child you are.
Feower: ...!
Free of Rei's hold over him, Feower rushes to his sister's side and checks for any life-threatening wounds.
Lyria: Tien, please tell me you're okay! We need to get you treated right away!
Rei: Asha, see that she's taken care of. I'll be retiring to my room.
Asha: Yes, Mama.
Feower: You're gonna walk away just like that? After what you had me do? This is bull!
Rei: I'm afraid I can't let you perish just yet. Not while your power holds so much meaning.
Feower: Huh?
Rei: I trust you now realize how terrifying it is to confront a power so great it defies resistance.
Rei: The foe you will be facing from this point forward will be an even greater one. Namely, the world itself.
Feower: What are you even saying...
Rei: The world is a sad place that continues to be ruled by violence.
Rei: I look forward to seeing how far you two can go in overcoming that.
Rei: Yawn... I'll leave the rest to you, Asha.
Asha: Understood, Mama. Have a good night.
The sleepy Rei leaves the reception room. (Captain) remains speechless, still trying to take in what has just transpired.
Feower: Tch... The hell is her problem!
Vyrn: Not a very nice lady, is she! What she did to you two was awful!
Asha: Mama's...
Tien: Mm?
Asha: Mama's greatly saddened by the state of our world, where an iron fist tends to rule all.
Asha: The power of words can help us all understand each other better. But in order for words to have effect, people must first be properly educated.
Asha: And education can prevail only if people have daily necessities like food, clothing, and shelter taken care of.
Tien: Mm... True enough. Focusing on your studies becomes the least of your worries when you're desperately scrounging for food.
Feower: Humph... If you ask me, that woman's living just fine with her high-and-mighty ways in our violent world, as you call it.
Asha: Mama has always used her powers to help everyone she can within her reach.
Asha: She's sworn to protect the world's children until the world is eventually purged of violence and conflict...
Lyria: A world without violence and conflict... Didn't Anre say something like that?
Asha: Anre spent some time in this mansion when he lost his parents. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the things he learned here stuck with him.
Feower: What arrogance...
Feower: I'm pissed at myself for having to even ask that woman for help. Ugh!
Asha: What a coincidence. I also hate bugging Mama for favors.
Tien shoots a wry smile their way before turning to (Captain).
Tien: Thank you, (Captain)... For seeing us through this ordeal.
Tien: I have no qualms about how to move forward now. The Magasin's time is over...
In spite of her injuries, Tien remains resolute. She and her brother's endeavor to gain the Suo family's support is a successful one.
The twin Eternals are ready for a battle that will allow them to truly claim Stardust Town as their home for good.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 6: Ruination - Episode 1

Reassured by the recently returned Tien, Feower, and (Captain) that the Suo family's assistance has been secured, all ten Eternals hold nothing back in annihilating the Magasin mafia.

With Tien and Feower having successfully completed the trial conducted by the Suo family's boss, Rei...
(Captain) and company are now hightailing it back to Stardust Town.
Feower: ...!
Where did those monsters come from!
Tien: The Magasin family's launched a full-scale assault... Looks like we made it back just in time.
Fif: Welcome back, everyo—Yowzers! What happened to Tien!
Fif: Really now, Feower! You should've been protecting her! But it's okay—I'll fix her right up!
Feower: ...
Tien: Fif, what of the children?
Fif: They're in the assembly hall!
Fif: I came over here because Tweyen spotted you! Seofon's group should be returning soon too!
Tien: I see... Thank you.
Vyrn: Let's dock the Grandcypher and make for the assembly hall, (Captain)!
Seofon: Hey, you guys are back. Tien, Feower, how'd things go?
Tien: Mm... It went well. The Suo family has agreed to help.
Anre: Then all that's left is putting an end to the Magasin.
Seofon: Ahaha, we came so close to wiping them out before hearing how your talks with the Suo turned out.
Seofon: This is the perfect chance after all, seeing as how they've thrown their entire force at us.
Threo: Why don't we just shut them down in one fell swoop!
Seofon: I'm cool with that. The town might look a bit messy afterward, but we can always fix that later. Sound good to you?
Feower: Just as long as you pick up the tab.
Seofon: Sure, not a problem. Big Brother Seofon's got you covered. As luck would have it, I've been filling up my piggy bank just for a day like this!
Anre: I will assist. My apologies, (Captain), but can we leave the assembly hall's protection to you?
After confirming that (Captain) is up to the task, Anre turns to Seofon.
Anre: Give the signal, Seofon. Like the leader you are.
Seofon: You got it!
As the Eternals, each a master of their chosen weapon, ready themselves for battle, Seofon draws his sword and proudly declares a call to arms.
Seofon: Eternals, assemble!

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 6: Ruination - Episode 2

(Captain) and company are left in charge of the assembly hall's protection. When they discover that the Magasin have poisoned a well, Lecia jumps in to remove the source of it herself. Mugen, wanting to be useful, goes searching for poison in the town's other wells. On the frontlines, the Eternals resume putting an end to the Magasin family once and for all.

Mugen: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn! Back home!
Lyria: Mm-hm, we're back, Mugen! I'm so glad everyone's okay!
Lively Jill: I'm... not sure that's going to continue being the case...
Lyria: Huh? Did something happen?
Lecia: The Magasin thugs threw something into the well...
Lecia: Considering the things they've done in the past, I wouldn't be surprised if it's some sort of poison that renders the water undrinkable.
Vyrn: You saying they poisoned the well? Holy Hector...
Lecia: I'm sorry... I should have kept a closer watch.
Lecia: As soon as I entered the room with the children, I heard a splash echo from the well. A Magasin lackey or trained monster must have made their way here somehow.
Lively Jill: I see something in the well. Maybe if we can just get it out...
Mugen: Mugen will go.
Mature Mia: Huh?
Mugen: Mugen strong. Poison easy. Mugen ready.
Mature Mia: W-wait! Are you just going to take it out with your bare hands? That's too dangerous!
Mugen: Mugen useful!
Lecia: Please... Leave this one to me.
Mugen: Hm?
Lecia: With your size, simply getting into the well would be a challenge in itself.
Lecia: I believe I'm better suited for the task. (Captain), can you hold on to my sword for the time being?
Lecia hands her sword over without waiting for a response and leaps straight into the well.
Lyria: Lecia!
Lecia: (It's dark in here... Ugh, this really stings my eyes... Looks like the poison's already seeped into the water.)
Lecia: (I'd better hurry.)
Lecia: (...!
This is it!)
With the poisonous object in her hands, Lecia climbs up a rope that (Captain) throws down for her.
Lecia: Cough! H-here...
Vyrn: Eww... What even is that!
Calm Jack: They must've soaked a towel in poison, then rolled it up into a ball.
Mugen: Lecia! Hands! Hands... weird!
Lecia: I... feel fine... Just got some... poison on me...
Lyria: You don't look fine at all! I mean, you just came out of a poison-filled well!
Lyria: (Captain), let's go get Fif! I'm sure she'll be able to do something!
(Captain) orders Mugen and the children to remain in the assembly hall before heading off in search of Fif.
Mugen: Poison... No more? Maybe other place...
Mugen: ...
Mugen quietly leaves the assembly hall to check the town's other wells while the children are busily tending to Lecia.
Tien: Mm!
Monster: Gwoo!
Feower: Next!
Seox: Got you!
Magasin Underling: Auuugh!
Feower: How 'bout you go find your own prey?
Seox: Sorry, didn't notice. I'll try to be more careful.
Eahta: What frivolous talk. This is hardly a caliber of "prey" worth competing for...
The Magasin family proves to be no match for what may very well be the strongest crew in the skies.
Magasin Brass: You freakish monsters!
Tweyen: Surely you've heard of our reputation. Yet you decided to go ahead and poke this monsters' nest anyway.
Niyon: These clamorous disturbances always tire me out. Your mere presence gives me a headache...
Magasin Brass: Damn you...
Seofon: Why don't we wrap this up and call it a day? Tien, Feower, you two ready?
Tien: Mm...
Feower: Oh, you don't know how long I've waited for this day...
Feower: For the brothers and sisters born before me... for the sake of all the children I've failed to protect...
Feower & Tien: This ends today!

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 6: Ruination - Episode 3

Though the Magasin threat is eliminated, Mugen is still searching for poison when he runs into Nehan. Seeing that the giant has found a place to call home, Nehan casts him aside, claiming to hate him. Tweyen spots Nehan and, assuming him to be an enemy, fires an arrow, but Mugen knocks it away. The shock of Nehan's hurtful words immediately followed up by Tweyen's attack causes the giant to lose control entirely.

Feower: ...
Tien: Nice work, Feower.
Feower: You too, Sis.
Tien: Mm...
Niyon: I can hardly hear the cacophonous buzz of the Magasin family anymore. Only a very distant droning remains.
Seofon: Well, that's to be expected. There's still the Magasin headquarters after all.
Anre: Let us proceed with an assault on their base of operations. We must be thorough if this is to work.
Tweyen: For Tien, Feower, and all the children of the town...
Vyrn: Yoo-hoo! Fif!
Fif: Buh, (Captain)? Shouldn't you be in town?
Lyria: Someone threw poison into the well, and—
Feower: Poison?
Lyria: Yeah! Lecia went in there and took out the source.
Lyria: But now she's covered in it... Can you take a look at her?
Fif: Yikes, that can't be good! I'll come with you right away!
Mugen: Well... Here?
Mugen: No poison... Where next...
Mugen darts back and forth across town looking for wells that might be contaminated.
Mugen: Ah! Well!
Nehan: Mugen.
Mugen: ...!
Ne... Nehan?
Nehan: Yes.
Mugen: Ooh! Nehan here!
Mugen: Children no have parent... here! Nehan live here?
Nehan: No, that's not it. I...
Mugen: Nehan... Here, nice. Yummy, warm, kind. Live together.
Mugen: E-ter-nals, nice people. Tien, Feower, Fif, Tweyen, Niyon... very nice.
Mugen: Seox too...
Nehan: To you, maybe. Sure.
Mugen: Nehan too.
Mugen: Enemy of Nehan... Mugen defeat. But... Eternals not enemy...
Nehan: ...
Nehan: Mugen...
Mugen: Yes!
Nehan: I hate you.
Mugen: Huh...
Nehan: You're no different from a stray dog, for instance, that follows anyone willing to feed it.
Mugen: Mugen not dog! Mugen follow Nehan!
Nehan: You were really getting on my nerves. I can't thank whoever it is enough for taking you off my hands.
Mugen: ...!
Mugen: Sniff...
Nehan: Goodbye, Mugen. Never show your face in front of me ever again.
Mugen: Urgh... Graaaagh!
Niyon: ...!
Tien: Mm... What is it, Niyon?
Niyon: Mugen's melody doesn't seem right. And I'm hearing it from someplace away from the assembly hall.
Tweyen: He left the hall? I'll go find him!
Tweyen: Mugen, where are you...
Tweyen: There! Wait, that's...
Nehan: An Eternal... Tweyen, eh?
Tweyen: ...!
Tweyen surmises that this man is the source of Mugen's agony, and lets loose an arrow.
Mugen: Ne... han!
Nehan: ...
Mugen manages to put his frenzy in check just enough to smack down the incoming arrow.
Tweyen: Huh?
Tweyen: Why did you protect him, Mugen? He's wearing a Magasin outfit...
Tweyen: Why, Mugen...
Tweyen is shocked stiff at what she's seeing. Mugen clutches his head, wailing.
Mugen: Twe... yen... Sniff...
Mugen: Gaaaaaah!
Tweyen: Gyaah!

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 6: Ruination - Episode 4

Nehan takes off, leaving behind a rampaging Mugen. (Captain) and all ten Eternals gather to stop the giant, for his sake as well as the island's.

Mugen: Raaah!
Mugen goes berserk from the mental anguish of Tweyen's attack. The giant topples one building after another in a mad rampage.
Nehan: Goodbye.
Mugen: Wraagh... Aah...
Seofon: Whoa... What did I just walk into?
Tweyen: I wish I could tell you! All I know is Mugen protected someone connected to the Magasin family...
Feower: Does he even know he protected someone from the Magasin? Maybe he moved out of reflex...
Niyon: I don't know, but...
Niyon: He's crying right now.
Threo: Crying? You call that crying?
Eahta: It is akin to a child throwing a tantrum over something they desire but cannot have.
Tien: I don't know what caused this, but we have to stop him. He'll end up wrecking the entire town otherwise.
Tien: It's also for his own sake that we have to bring Mugen back to his senses. The quicker we do, the less regret he'll feel.
Seofon: Okay... Let's knock the big guy out then—nice and easy.
Threo: I like the sound of that! I'm ready!
Seofon: Just one more push, guys. Let's go!
Mugen: Gwaaaargh!

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 7: Retribution - Episode 1

Rei shows up and, seeing the Eternals struggle against Mugen, puts the giant to sleep with the power of her eyes. Nehan is watching from afar when one of the Magasin brass approaches him, confronting him about his betrayal. The Karm survivor shrugs it off and continues on his way.

Mugen rages in fury after he protects a Magasin officer from Tweyen's attack.
(Captain) and the Eternals somehow hold back the uncontrollable Mugen without fatally injuring him.
Niyon: ...!
Mugen: Hnnnh... Hwaaagh!
Niyon: My melodies aren't reaching him! They're being drowned out by the tumult in his heart!
Seofon: Combine that with his beefy build, and we've got a natural disaster on our hands. Hm, what to do...
Asha: Right this way, Mama.
Rei: Thank you, Asha.
Rei: Greetings, Eternals. It seems the strongest crew in the skies has their work cut out for them.
Tien: Rei! What are you doing here?
Rei: Don't be silly. The Magasin have been driven out of Stardust Town, have they not? Now it's our turn to get to work.
Feower: Gee, it's so nice of you to drop by when we're already in the thick of it. In case you couldn't tell, we can't fetch you tea right now.
Mugen: Grrr...
Asha: I see. That giant ball of fury is a match even for the Eternals.
Rei: That boy throws an amazing tantrum.
Niyon: Wait! You can't go—
Rei: Fear not, young lady.
Rei: Hello, boy. Eyes on me.
Niyon's attempts at restraining Mugen are of no concern to Rei as she approaches Mugen. She opens her eyes and peers straight into his.
Mugen: Urrnh?
Rei: There, there... That's a good child. Close your eyes and go beddy-bye.
Mugen: ...
Mugen: Yawn...
Two powerful knees thud to the ground. Mugen's eyelids flutter, and soon he falls into a peaceful slumber.
Tweyen: Is he... asleep?
Rei: Yes.
Tweyen: Phew, thank goodness. If our fight had continued, neither he nor we Eternals would've come out unscathed.
Threo: That Mugen is crazy tough to deal with. I mean, power is power, but c'mon...
Feower: Maybe a little too powerful if you ask me.
Eahta: I have never seen that style of hand-to-hand fighting before. Yet his hair, eyes, horns, and physique remind me of a renowned bloodline...
Seox: ...
Anre: His strength is terrifying indeed, considering he alone was capable of withstanding a crew deemed the menace of the skies.
Anre: I dare say he may possess a power similar to yours, Seofon.
Vyrn: Huh? Seofon's power?
Seofon: Eh, that's all conjecture at this point.
Seofon: In the meantime I suggest we let the big lug sleep off his rage. We can ask what pissed him off when he wakes up.
Fif: Yeah! Now everybody line up so I can heal you!
Nehan: Mugen...
Nehan: ...!
Magasin Brass: Why'd you do it, Nehan!
Nehan: Oh, it's you. No worse for wear, I see.
Magasin Brass: Is... Is that all you have to say for yourself! Do you realize what you've done!
Nehan: Of course I do.
Nehan: You are talking about me pulling the trigger on the Magasin's untimely demise, correct?
Magasin Brass: I bought you... Owned and raised you! How dare you betray my kindness!
Nehan: Kindness?
Nehan: Yes, I suppose you could put it that way.
Nehan: Then allow me to repay your kindness here and now by letting you walk away with your life.
Magasin Brass: ...!
Nehan: Farewell. Thanks for taking care of me.
Magasin Brass: Damn you... Damn you! You won't get away with this! Gaargh!

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 7: Retribution - Episode 2

Rei projects (Captain) and a few Eternals into Mugen's psyche to understand why he had gone berserk. They find Mugen looking like a child, distressed by his fear of being rejected. With Tweyen and company's empathy, Mugen calm downs and begins to step out of his shell.

Rei: You may find it difficult to get answers out of Mugen when he wakes.
Fif: Huh? How come?
Feower: Sounds like someone knows more than she's letting on about why Mugen went berserk.
Rei: That is partially correct. I don't know the exact reason why, but it's plain to see that this child is distressed and frightened.
Rei: As long as his anguish remains, it's very likely he'll relapse into rage.
Seox: Anguish fuels his rage...
Eahta: It seems what he fears most is himself, but...
Rei: Are you worried?
Tien: Of course. It was heartbreaking to see him in that frenzied state.
Tweyen: If Mugen wants to open up to someone, then we should lend him our ears.
Rei: Good. Then why don't you go see him directly?
Fif: What does that mean?
Asha: Mama...
Rei: It's all right, Asha. It's what families do.
Rei: I will use my power to project your minds directly into Mugen's.
Niyon: You can do that?
Rei: Indeed I can. That will allow you to see what it is that he fears.
Rei: But be warned: extinction of the mind is extinction of the self. Take care not to die while you tread through his soul.
Feower: Yeah, that doesn't sound bonkers at all...
Fif: Me, me, me! Send me into Mugen's soul!
Feower: What! You actually believe her gobbledygook?
Fif: What else can we do, Feower? Mugen'll definitely go crazy again if we don't find out what's wrong with him!
Lyria: I agree. Maybe if we at least know what made Mugen tick, we can stop it from happening again!
Seox: Hm... I think it's worth a try.
Lyria: I'd like to step into Mugen's mind too. Is that okay with you, (Captain)?
(Captain), who is worried about Mugen, had already been considering going as well. Lyria's willingness seals the deal.
Tweyen: I will accompany you. I'd like to reassure him that no one's afraid of him—that no matter what happens, things will be all right.
Tweyen: And I still haven't... properly apologized for shooting first and asking questions later. It must've been painful...
Seofon: Um... The outpouring of support for Mugen is great and all, but it's a bit risky for all of us to go, you know.
Anre: Any Magasin stragglers could regroup and come knocking again.
Anre: And don't forget monsters also call this island home. We need some people to stay and stand guard.
Vyrn: Oh, you're right...
Niyon: We'll be stretched thin if something bad happens.
Feower: Fine, again from the top. Who's going in?
Seofon: Our best bet is to send in those who are already somewhat close with Mugen.
Seofon: So Tien, Tweyen, Fif, (Captain), and Lyria. How's that sound?
Lyria: Leave everything to us! We'll solve this together!
Seofon: You know what? Niyon should go too. Her ears will surely alert you guys to any danger before it hits.
Anre: In that case, I'm asking Seox to tag along with them.
Seox: Why me?
Anre: You've spoken to him about what it's like to lose control before. I believe you'll be able to understand where he's coming from.
Seox: I wouldn't put it that way...
Seox: But I have no reason to refuse. I'll be on escort duty.
Asha: Have you made your decision? Then come this way please.
The members venturing into Mugen's soul follow Asha's directions and stand next to Rei.
Rei: Match the rhythm of my breathing. Relax your eyes. Good. Don't fight it.
Rei: Have a good time.
Lyria: Where are we?
Tweyen: The inside of Mugen's soul, I guess. This looks like a village that's been abandoned for a long, long time.
Tien: It feels so lonely...
Fif: Waah! What was that!
Lyria: It sounded like a building falling apart...
Niyon: Someone is breaking things in their search for closure. I can hear the timbre of pain, sorrow, and misery.
Seox: That's got to be...
The members look at each other, and then rush toward the sound.
???: Sob... Sniff... Waaaah!
Tweyen: That's Mugen's voice!
Mugen: Uuuooo!
Tweyen: A-a child?
Niyon: But the voice and the melody flowing from the child's heart are—
The wailing figure is someone they should recognize, except this person now sounds decidedly younger.
Mugen: Stay away!
Lyria: Eeek!
The sudden burst of power released by the youth knocks Lyria off her feet. Luckily (Captain) is there to catch her.
Lyria: Thank you, (Captain)! I definitely recognize that power.
Tien: Ah, that's right. I guess you can look however you want inside your own mind.
Seox: So this kid we're looking at is actually Mugen. No wonder his face looks familiar.
Fif: Heeey! Mugen! We came to getcha! Let's go back to Stardust Town!
Mugen: No! Mugen not go! Mugen stay here forever!
Mugen: No want pain!
Tweyen: Mm, it did hurt, didn't it? I'm sorry about that.
Tweyen: I mistakenly thought the person you were with was an enemy... Erm, at any rate I want to say I'm really sorry.
Mugen: He not enemy!
Fif: Is he your friend?
Mugen: Not friend... No more friend...
Mugen: Everyone will leave Mugen... Everyone hate Mugen... Mugen is scary... Dangerous...
Tweyen: ...
Mugen: Everyone hate Mugen! Hate is pain!
Tweyen: ...!
Mugen: Go away!
Seox: Fall back!
Niyon: Tweyen!
Tweyen: Mugen.
Mugen: Stay away! Hate! Haaate!
Tweyen: I know. I know how much it hurts to be hated.
Mugen: Sob...
Tweyen: I know how lonely it feels to be feared.
Mugen: Sob...
Tweyen: We can't help what we're born with, and that's why we can't run from what we are. It's easy to convince ourselves there's no place we belong.
Tweyen: And that feeling festers into hatred.
Seox: ...
Mugen: Sniff...
Mugen: Mm-hm...
Mugen: Mugen... Hate Mugen...
Tweyen: Well, I like you, Mugen. Even though you're a little clumsy, I can tell how kind you are.
Mugen: ...
Tweyen: There you go, Mugen. You finally looked at me.
Mugen: Tweyen...
Tweyen: And I'm not the only one on your side, see? Look at all the people who have come to see you, and there are even more waiting for you elsewhere.
Mugen timidly follows Tweyen's gaze toward (Captain) and company.
Mugen: ...
Tweyen: Say, are you hungry?
Mugen: ...
Mugen: Mugen hungry...
Tweyen: Okay. Why don't we go back and have lunch with everyone?
Tweyen takes Mugen's hands, scarred by self-inflicted wounds, and urges him to follow.
Mugen: Yes... Mugen go back.
Tien: Mm-hm. I'm sure our brothers and sisters are getting hungry too.
Lyria: I'll help make lots of yummies for our tummies!
Fif: Hooray! Then let's hurry home! Follow me!
With (Captain) and company gently guiding him from behind, Mugen walks away from the figurative village of abandonment buried in his soul.
Seox: (The thing he feared was rejection...)
Seox: (At least that's what it seems like...)

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 7: Retribution - Episode 3

Nehan arrived on an island years earlier to study plants, but his plans were altered after meeting Mugen in an abandoned village. As the two gathered the bones of long-dead villagers to make a memorial, Nehan took the time to explain various concepts to Mugen in ways he could understand.

Mugen: What Nehan doing?
Nehan: I'm gathering the bones in these ruined buildings. These bones probably came from the people of your village.
Mugen: Bone... Oh! Bone!
Nehan: They must've died a long time ago judging by the weathering on their remains.
Nehan: Take this bone for instance. It matches that of a mature male Draph, even though it's somewhat deformed.
Mugen: For instance... mature... male?
Nehan: Um, how should I put this? Mature means like becoming an adult. And a male is... having the qualities of a man. That description matches you too.
Mugen: Mugen is mature male!
Nehan: Maybe you should go with "man" for now... Oh well, I guess it doesn't hurt to know more words.
Nehan: Aside from natural water erosion, these bones exhibit signs of abnormality.
Nehan: These deformities aren't due to the stresses endured by a Draph's large frame. No, this suggests disease or possibly poison in the food supply.
Mugen: Diz-zeez... Poy-zun... That why people not live?
Nehan: Yes, that's the reason why.
Nehan: (Does that mean Mugen was born with a resistance to illness or poison?)
Nehan: (I came to this island to study its flora, but I seem to have discovered something else entirely.)
Mugen: Ah.
Mugen: Nehan... Mugen break bone.
Nehan: I'd appreciate it if you didn't maul them with your paws. The remains of the deceased deserve to be mourned.
Mugen: Mourn?
Nehan: For instance, praying that the dead may rest in peace. Or at least by doing so, you can put your heart at ease—
Nehan: ...
Mugen: Nehan?
Nehan: Ahem, it's nothing. What I'm trying to say is, be considerate to—I mean, treat bones with care.
Mugen: Care...
Nehan: Pick up any bones you find, Mugen. We're going to make a memorial for them.
Mugen: Memorial... for mourn?
Nehan: That's right, for mourning. That's how we can help the dead.
Mugen: Okay! Mugen understand! Food!
Nehan: Food? What does that have to do with... Oh, I see. You mean the leftover bones from eating meat.
Nehan: Mugen, those bones are different. Er, well, technically a bone is still a bone, but...
Mugen: Huh? Bone is bone?
Nehan: No, hold on, that wasn't an explanation—
Nehan: ...
Nehan: What am I even doing right now?
Mugen: Nehan, think. So Mugen, am!
Nehan: Let me gather my thoughts.
Okay, so take for instance—

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 7: Retribution - Episode 4

Mugen awakens with regret over damaging Stardust Town, but he is relieved to learn that the children don't harbor ill will toward him. Seox speaks with Mugen about Nehan, surmising that the Karm Clan massacre prompted Nehan's actions. Nevertheless Seox is unwavering in his desire to live on with his friends.

Mugen: Nehan...
Lively Jill: Yay! Mugen's awake!
Calm Jack: Phew... Are you injured, Mugen?
Mugen: No...
Mature Mia: That's not what I think! I'll call Fif over to heal you!
Mugen: Mugen... not hurt...
Mature Mia: Really? Then why do you look sad? It's not good to hide your pain.
Mugen: ...
Mugen: Mugen break Stardust Town. Mugen sorry.
Lively Jill: Oh, so that's what this is about. Don't worry about it. Well, the town is kinda falling apart right now, but it's not your problem!
Calm Jack: This place has always been in bad shape ever since the fighting with the Magasin started. All we have to do is rebuild.
Mature Mia: Ahaha, have you seen all the holes Threo put in the walls? Everything needs a makeover!
Mugen: ...
Lively Jill: Let's get some food in you! Tweyen mentioned you were hungry.
Calm Jack: I'll go let Tien and Feower know you're up.
Mature Mia: Sit tight, Mugen. I'll come get you when the food's ready!
Mugen: Okay!
Mugen: They not hate Mugen?
Mugen: Hehehe...
Seox's Voice: I'm coming in, Mugen.
Mugen: Seox?
Seox: Hey. I wanted to ask you about that Magasin man that was with you.
Mugen: Nehan...
Seox: Is that his name? I see.
Seox: Do you know why he has a grudge against me?
Mugen: Yes. Nehan say he mourning.
Seox: Mourning, huh...
Seox: Nehan's family was part of the Karm Clan that I murdered. He's justified in feeling nothing but hate for me.
Mugen: Yes.
Seox: If you think killing me will make Nehan happy, then so be it.
Mugen: ...
Seox: But I'm warning you right now. I won't go down without a fight.
Seox: Because I... I want to keep living with the people that matter to me.
Mugen: Seox want live with others...
Mugen: Mugen understand. Mugen want live with Stardust Town people.
Mugen: Nehan...
Even as he fears further rejection, Mugen wonders where the man who scorned him could be.
No one can wipe clean the sins of the past; the future is as hazy as the vastness of the sky.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 8: Benediction - Episode 1

The Magasin brass returns to family headquarters only to witness the Crew of Enforcers arresting everyone, so he flees before he's spotted. In discussing the turn of events with Walfrid, Lecia learns the conflict between the Enforcers and the Eternals may have been a ruse to flush out the Magasin. This implication doesn't sit well with Lecia, but Walfrid wryly responds that certain actions are necessary for keeping order.

Magasin Brass: Huff... Huff...
The Magasin family bet everything on the destruction of Stardust Town in a bid to save face and prove they were still relevant.
Now remnants of the defeated crime syndicate limp back to their island stronghold, with disastrous consequences.
Magasin Brass: No! Nooo!
Walfrid: Round up all individuals inside the building and transport them to Amalthea.
Walfrid: I'm certain there are innocents mixed in with those Magasin members, but we have to detain them all before separating the wheat from the chaff.
Monika: Yes sir!
Lecia: Make sure no evidence is destroyed!
Enforcers' Runner: Roger!
Magasin Brass: Not the Crew of Enforcers!
Magasin Brass: Wait... Was it all a ruse?
Lecia's Voice: Lock down the airspace over the island! I don't want any suspects slipping through!
Magasin Brass: Damn it!
Lecia: We have finished apprehending everyone, and our units are moving in to search the underground facilities.
Walfrid: Good work. Remain vigilant as you continue with the operation.
Lecia: Understood!
Walfrid: You appear to be back to your old self, Lecia.
Lecia: Yes, I received excellent treatment for my poisoning, and I have made a full recovery.
Lecia: I wanted to thank you for coming to see me in Stardust Town.
Walfrid: Haha. Since when is it a big deal for a father to come see his daughter?
Lecia: That's... true. But Stardust Town paid a price for my ineptitude.
Lecia: If only I'd realized that Nehan was tailing my skyskimmer...
Walfrid: Your skyskimmer wasn't equipped with instruments that would have helped you detect him.
Walfrid: The ineptitude lies with the skyskimmer's inadequate maintenance.
Lecia: I guess...
Lecia: Um, Father?
Lecia: Did you know it would turn out this way?
Walfrid: Turn out what way?
Lecia: That the Magasin used our conflict with the Eternals as an opportunity to attack Stardust Town.
Lecia: Then once the treacherous mafia expended its strength, we Enforcers swooped in for the easy kill.
Walfrid: Hm... You should pick Seofon's brain about this matter when you get the chance.
Walfrid: And ask him how he knew there was a Karm Clan survivor working for the Magasin family while you're at it.
Lecia: ...!
Lecia: Was Nehan goaded into creating this situation—
Walfrid: The might of the Fourth Fleet is at an all-time low. Please continue to push our troops while they're in the hands of you and Monika.
Lecia: Yes... sir.
Walfrid: ...
Walfrid: Would you have disagreed, old friend? Perhaps. But for better or worse, this is for the sake of order.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 8: Benediction - Episode 2

Before the Enforcers arrest the Magasin, Feower, Tien, and Seox demand an explanation from Anre and Seofon. The twins are angered with Seofon for enacting a plan that put Seox in danger and tricking the rest of the Eternals. Anre softens Seofon's dejection by telling Seofon that he has the right qualities to be a leader.

The Magasin family has been rounded up by the Enforcers, but before that happened, Walfrid had arrived in Stardust Town to help Lecia.
After those two leave, Seofon and Anre are pressed for answers by Feower, Tien, and Seox regarding recent events.
Feower: Let me see if I got this straight. You and the Blue Knight made a secret deal in order to crush the Magasin?
Seofon: Weeell... Technically we didn't shake on it. More like an unspoken agreement of sorts?
Anre: There was no secret agreement. The Crew of Enforcers has long viewed the Magasin as a serious threat.
Anre: Not only for their involvement in the flow of Serenity Heaven, but for the havoc they wreak in the mafia world.
Seofon: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. How are the children of Stardust Town supposed to enjoy a day at the beach with the Magasin running around willy-nilly?
Seox: But you had to sell the animosity with the Enforcers, otherwise the Magasin wouldn't have made a move.
Seofon: Bingo.
Seox: Clever...
Tien: Seox could have died.
Seox: Tien?
Tien: ...
Tien: Don't you ever trick your comrades for the sake of achieving your goals again.
Seofon: Hey, Tien—
Feower: She only talks like that when she's really pissed.
Seofon: Yeah...
Feower: I'll speak for the both of us. We appreciate the fact you and Anre had Stardust Town's best interests in mind.
Feower: But do that again, and we'll change our tune. Remember that.
Seofon draws his shoulders back, watching as Feower and Seox leave the room.
Seofon: We ticked 'em off pretty bad, Anre.
Anre: Indeed. The approach we chose certainly would ruffle a few feathers.
Seofon: But see, I never would've gone through with the plan if Seox wasn't the guy he is now.
Seofon: Though the Seox of today is thanks to (Captain)'s influence, not mine.
Seofon: Sigh... This isn't how I, an ally of justice, should conduct myself...
Anre: Seofon.
Seofon: Yeah, Anre?
Anre: That's the part of you that proves to me you're right for the job.
Seofon: Ah... Thanks, Anre.
Seox: Tien. Feower.
Tien: Yes, Seox?
Seox: I agree with Seofon's judgment. Even if I—
Tien: Stop right there, Seox. That's not the problem.
Seox: ...?
Tien: One day Seofon's going to find himself standing alone if he keeps using those kinds of tactics.
Tien: I know he's not acting out of ill will. He's the type of guy who takes immediate action because it's what he thinks should be done.
Feower: But it's not like you always have to nod and go along with him. Sometimes he needs to be reminded of his bounds.
Feower: So despite his quirks, we still owe him a great deal. We just don't want to see him step over the line.
Seox: I see.
Tien: Of course the only reason we can worry about Seofon right now is because you made it home safely, otherwise...
Feower: What kind of idiotic crew did we join anyway? We shouldn't need to have this dumb conversation.
Seox: Mm... Sorry. I've caused you guys a lot of—
Tien: As Fif would say, "You never change."
Seox: Yeah...

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 8: Benediction - Episode 3

Rei and Asha come to see Stardust Town's reconstruction efforts, and everyone takes a break from their work except for Mugen, who feels he must work off his mistakes. Rei reassures Mugen that he needn't blame himself. Taking Rei's words to heart, Mugen joins the children for tea and snacks.

Threo: Great! Now carry this piece over there!
Mugen: Mugen can do! Hrngh...
Lyria: Threo and Mugen are so strong!
Vyrn: Woo-hoo! Everything'll be clean and tidy in no time flat!
(Captain) nods, looking up from a hand-drawn map depicting damaged buildings and rubble that needs clearing.
Tweyen: This building looks okay at first, but it's starting to slide off its foundation. Can you confirm its condition for me, Niyon?
Niyon: Sure.
I think the supports are going to give. It should be demolished before the roof collapses.
Tweyen: Just as I thought. Eahta, can you knock it down toward the eastern side?
Eahta: Will do.
Fif: Get back to a safe spot, everybody! Grampy's gonna slice the building!
Mugen: Mugen clean this one?
Vyrn: Yep! It's all yours, Mugen!
Mugen: Mugen clean!
Calm Jack: Wow, this went by fast. Never underestimate the power of Mugen, (Captain), and the Eternals.
Asha: The cleanup seems to be going well.
Calm Jack: Oh, hello, Asha. Hello, Rei.
Rei: Good day. Isn't it about time we brought in the new materials, Asha?
Asha: Yes, Mama. First we must locate a suitable storage site.
Lively Jill: Why don't you use that plaza over there? It's completely empty.
Asha: It seems we have a viable candidate. Will you show me the way?
Lively Jill: Yupperoni! Come on!
Rei watches the girl lead Asha away. (Captain) hands her the hand-drawn map.
Rei: My, there must be an artist among your group. I'll show this to my people.
Mugen: All done! Where next, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Since you did such a good job, I think you've earned a break!
Threo: Ooh! Did someone say break? Is it... cake time? Yesss, bring out the cake!
Fif: Okay! I'll go make some green tea for everybody!
Mugen: Hm...
Rei: It's teatime, my boy. Aren't you going to join them?
Mugen: Mugen not done. For instance... Mugen break, Mugen clean.
Rei: You mean you have to keep working because you broke a few things in town?
Mugen: Mm-hm.
Rei: What a serious child, you are. However—
Mature Mia: Mugen! The snacks are ready!
Rei: See, they're calling for you. Go have fun.
Rei: You might not have realized it, but after the ups and downs you've experienced together, you have become one of the brothers and sisters of this town.
Mugen: Brothers... Sisters...
Mugen: Mugen not have parent. Mugen live here with everyone.
Rei: That's right. Because that's the kind of place Stardust Town is.
Mugen: Mm...
Mature Mia: Come on, Mugen! What's the hold up!
Mugen: Mugen on way!

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 8: Benediction - Episode 4

Niyon overhears Mugen humming a song that to her sounds a bit lonely. When Mugen grumbles that his loneliness is due to Nehan's absence, Niyon encourages Mugen to tell Nehan how he feels the next time they meet.

Mugen: Hum-hm-hmm...
Lyria: Hum-hm-hmm...
Mugen: Lyria? (Captain)? Niyon? Not sleepy?
Lyria: Heehee, nope. I felt wide awake for some reason, so I'm taking a walk with (Captain) and Niyon.
Niyon: Good evening, Mugen. That song fits you nicely.
Mugen: Song fit Mugen?
Niyon: Yes. It's calm and gentle... And a little lonely.
Mugen: Lonely...
Lyria: Singing helps you get your spirits back, even when you feel like you're alone.
Mugen: Yeah...
Mugen: Stardust Town. Eternals. Crew. Mugen not alone. Not lonely if together.
Mugen: When Nehan alone, Mugen sad.
Niyon: Everyone has their own affairs to tend to, whether they be an Eternal or skyfarer. Sometimes our actions put us at odds with one another.
Niyon: But as long as we get the chance to meet face-to-face, even if we don't see eye to eye, we'll be able to convey our feelings. I know you can do it, Mugen.
Mugen: Nehan not want see Mugen.
Niyon: But you want to see Nehan, don't you?
Mugen: Yeah...
Niyon: Then you should tell him that, no matter how awkward it may be.
Niyon: Ask him why he left. Tell him how you feel. I think you two have a lot of catching up to do.
Mugen: Mm...
Mugen: Mugen find Nehan. Mugen want talk to Nehan.
This innocuous wish escapes into the night, wondering when it'll ever be fulfilled.
All the while the late-night moon shines down on a town of sleeping children.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 9: Egoism - Episode 1

Life returns to normal for the crew and Eternals after the Magasin's downfall, though Nehan has curiously gone missing from Enforcer custody. Then Seox receives an envelope containing an herbal leaf found in the hamlet of Karm, which he interprets as an invitation from Nehan.

Some time has passed since the Crew of Enforcers arrested the Magasin family.
Stardust Town's reconstruction is on track thanks to the Suo family's backing, and things seem to be returning to normal for the Eternals and the crew.
Novei is a crew member, Augusta is a crew member, Robertina is a crew member, Pamela is a crew member, Cecile is a crew member

(Captain) expresses a desire to attend another performance by the Sky Philharmonic Orchestra.
Niyon: I think they'd love to have you. I'm sure they'll send you guys an invitation.
Niyon: Anyway, it's time for me to leave.
Tien: Okay, I'll see you later. Thanks for all your help.
Feower: We'll get you something nice once this hubbub blows over.
Niyon: Oh yeah? I look forward it. Bye now.
(Captain) and the twins wave goodbye to Niyon, then return to Stardust Town.
Vyrn: Guess it's our turn to fly off into the sunset, huh, (Captain)?
Lyria: Yeah, we haven't been able to accept any new missions since this all started. We should go check in with Siero.
Lyria: She'll probably already know what's happened here since Anre went to give her an update...
Tien: We're sorry for taking up so much of your time, but we couldn't have resolved this mess without you.
Tien is a crew member

Lyria: Oh, please take as much time as you want in Stardust Town, Tien!
Lyria: I feel like you never got the chance to rest with everything that's been happening.
Tien: Mm, thank you, Lyria, (Captain). I just want to stay long enough to ensure the reconstruction goes smoothly.
Fif: Should I stay here a little longer too? What if some people get hurt during construction?
Tien: Hm... I don't know. The construction folks Rei called in seem like a reliable bunch. I think we should be fine.
Fif: Okay... Then maybe I'll go say hi to Mommy and Daddy.
Fif not in crew

Lyria: Fif, you often travel with Eahta, don't you?
Fif: Yep, yep! Daddy and Mommy always said the world was a biiig place! They said I should go see as much as I can!
Tweyen: I'm not quite ready to leave yet either. I hope that's okay.
Any version of Silva is a crew member

Feower: It'd be great to have an extra pair of eyes watching out for monsters, but I thought you had other appointments.
Tweyen: I promised Silva and her sisters I'd go eat with them, but I don't think they'd mind waiting for me.
Tweyen: Right now I'm worried about Mugen's depression.
Lyria: Me too. He hasn't been his usual self lately...
Seox: Is it the Nehan thing?
Vyrn: The Crew of Enforcers supposedly took him into protective custody, but word is he's gone missing.
Feower: Any escaped Magasin member could be plotting to put him in the ground.
Seox: Yeah...
Feower: Nehan's accusation against Seox kicked off the tiff between us and the Enforcers. The Magasin's destruction can be traced back to him.
Tien: Yes, thanks largely to the information he fed to the Enforcers about the Magasin.
Tien: With that family out of the way, we can focus on treating our brothers and sisters for their withdrawals.
Tweyen: Nehan held such a grudge that he willingly put himself in the line of fire.
Tien: Do his actions really come across that way? His behavior feels almost contrary to—
Seofon: Tien? Feower? We finished unloading the food crates.
Feower: Yeah. Cool. Thanks for the report.
Seofon: Brrr, that was so cold. (Captain), be a sport and give me something to smile about.
(Captain) looks at Seofon and is about to say something, but then the captain notices a letter in his hand.
Lyria: Who's that letter for, Seofon?
Seofon: Oh, good eye! This is addressed to you, Seox.
Seox: For me? Why would anyone...
Seox opens the envelope bearing his name and pulls out a single dry leaf.
Seox: Oh... I see.
Fif: No letter? Just a leaf?
Seox: Yeah... And that's more than enough.
Lyria: Huh?
Seox: This is an herb used in the hamlet of Karm.
Seox: Nehan's waiting for me there.
Tweyen: ...!

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 9: Egoism - Episode 2

Despite others' objections to his meeting Nehan alone, Seox won't change his mind, believing it is the only way for him to move forward. This decision to leave and his subsequent promise to return are made of his own accord.

Fif: I gotta go find Mugen and tell him about Nehan!
Lyria: Good idea! He should be outside—
Seox: No, wait.
Tweyen: Do you mind if I ask why?
Seox: Because this envelope was specifically addressed to me. Right, Seofon?
Seofon: Yep.
Seox: Which means Nehan's only asking for me.
Feower: So what? Since when do you have to follow his instructions to the letter? No pun intended.
Fif: Yeah, yeah! Didn't we say we'd go apologize together? Remember, (Captain)?
While Fif tugs at (Captain)'s clothes, the captain asks Seox what his intentions are.
Seox: If he wants me to come alone, then I'll honor his request.
Seox: Considering what I stole from him, I owe him at least that much.
Fif: B-but!
Seox: Please.
Seox: I'll never be able to move on if I give in to your kindness every single time.
Fif: Nrgh!
Seofon: Well, I figured this would happen.
Fif: What are you talking about, Seofon! You gotta talk Seox out of it!
Seofon: Fif.
Seofon: The heart wants what it wants, and I'm no match to stop it.
Seofon: Besides, things will have to come to a head eventually—for both of them.
Tweyen: Will at least one of them be left standing afterward?
Seofon: It's too early to tell.
Lyria: Seox...
Lyria: Do you promise to come back to us?
Seox squares his shoulders to (Captain) and Lyria. He brings his hand to his face and calmly removes his mask.
Seox: I promise I will come back. I'll crawl all the way home if I have to.
Looking at the solemn expression on Seox's exposed face, (Captain) accepts his decision.
Seofon: Just so you know, if you don't come back to the Eternals, Mugen gets to inherit the name "Seox."
Seox: Okay... If that's how it goes, then so be it.
Seofon: Wha?
Seox: That'll give me an excuse to travel as a full-time member of (Captain)'s crew.
Vyrn: Booyah! No complaints on our end, right, (Captain)?
Seofon: Wh-what? No, wait. Both of you are taking this seriously?
Seox: Guess we'll find out.
Seox: Before I make any decisions as a member of the Eternals or (Captain)'s crew...
Seox: I have to settle the score for myself.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 9: Egoism - Episode 3

The Eternals give Seox a new set of clothes while they hold onto his old ones. These new clothes represent Seox the individual, not Seox the Eternal. As Seox departs alone, Rei tries to comfort Mugen by telling him she's been left behind many times, but those words make him feel worried for her instead.

Mugen: Nehan...
Mugen has learned of Seox's departure, as well as Nehan's request to meet alone. The dejected Draph has since given up on going with Seox.
Mugen: Seox come back with Nehan?
Seox: I don't know. Sorry.
Mugen: ...
Anre: Seox, the skyskimmer's ready. It's a loaner, so don't forget to bring it back.
Seox: Got it.
Anre: Take this.
Seox: A change of clothes?
Tien: Sorry if the sizing is a bit off. I had to put it together in a hurry.
Tien: Anre provided the fabric, so the materials are of the highest quality at least.
Seox: Did you sew this yourself, Tien?
Tien: Mm. Seofon asked me to.
Feower: You got a problem with Sis's handiwork?
Seox: No, it wasn't my intention to offend. I was just trying to figure out why...
Seofon: Who's the one taking this trip? Is it Seox the Eternal? Nah, this is about you.
Seofon: So showing up in Eternals gear would be... unfashionable. We'll keep it clean for you until you get back.
Threo: Changin' room's this way! Move it!
Seox: St-stop pushing me!
Tien: It fits you perfectly. Fantastic.
Lyria: We helped Tien with the sewing too! So we'll be there with you in spirit.
Seox: I understand. You have my thanks.
Seox: Here. My Eternals gear, Seofon.
Seofon: It'll be waiting for you. Have a safe trip, Seox.
Seox: Thanks. See you soon.
One by one Seox addresses the Eternals and (Captain) before leaving for the hamlet of Karm.
Mugen: ...
Rei: I know how scary it must feel to be left behind, Mugen.
Mugen: Rei saw Mugen?
Rei: No, I didn't use my power this time. Call it insight from a lady who's been left behind many, many times.
Mugen: Many times?
Rei: Yes. Many.
Mugen: ...
Mature Mia: Mugen? Can you be a dear and help out with an errand?
Mugen: Okay! Mugen on way! Can Mugen go, Rei?
Rei: Mm-hm, run along now. I'll be watching over all of you. Forever and always.

Seeds of Redemption - Chapter 9: Egoism - Episode 4

In the hamlet of Karm, Nehan reveals that Seox was supposed to be the clan's salvation, but their refusal to renounce their assassinating ways probably sent them down the path of self-destruction. Nehan still blames Seox for taking everything from him though; to get his revenge, he ingests Trancensia and attacks.

Seox: ...
Seox: Nehan.
Nehan: There's something unsettling about a fellow clan member saying my name. Do you want me to welcome you home?
Seox: No. I have no reason to call this place home anymore. Maybe it never was.
Nehan: I suppose you're right. It was more like confinement in your case.
Nehan: You bore the clan's burdens without ever knowing about the clan's legacy.
Seox: Which was?
Nehan: The Karm Clan continued accepting assassination jobs even after the War ended.
Nehan: Their proudest asset was ensuring the total success of an assassination. That proved them reliable, but also led to ostracism from the world.
Seox: In other words, those who stain their hands with blood aren't welcome in civilized society.
Nehan: Exactly. It wasn't long before the Karm Clan was chased away. They settled here, living in seclusion.
Nehan: Your birth was a godsend for a clan that yearned to live free under the sun again.
Seox: What? How do you figure that?
Nehan: You were a prodigy who learned at blinding speed, possessing a body that could handle just about anything. You were meant to guide the clan to a miracle.
Nehan: But you were too strong. Too dangerous.
Nehan: In truth the clan was being incredibly shortsighted.
Seox: My own father took the concerns of the others to heart and locked me up.
Nehan: But at the same time, he had great expectations for you. Then came the fateful day.
Nehan: You took part in the coming-of-age ritual even though you weren't of age. He gave you Trancensia.
Seox: And that's when I...
Nehan: He was probably convinced that the rest of the clan would accept you if you could finish the ceremony at such a young age.
Seox: Well, I sure let him down then.
Nehan: There is, for instance, another possibility. Inducing you into a rage emphasizes the danger you pose, thus giving him an excuse to execute you.
Seox: Would he really need an excuse though? I figured the clan didn't need reasons to kill.
Nehan: That was the road the clan chose to walk, and it probably sealed their doom.
Seox: And that's why they sought justification for their actions?
Nehan: Whatever you want to call it, they were nothing more than people who spilled blood. They could have researched new medicines to promote better health.
Nehan: They could have, for instance, abandoned the Karm name, rejected killing, and reintegrated with society.
Nehan: But they couldn't bring themselves to discard the clan's name, choosing instead to confine and drug the child that could've opened new paths.
Nehan: The moment the people of Karm decided that was the only road they could walk was probably the moment the clan was doomed.
Nehan: You just happened to be the one to finish them off.
Seox: Nehan...
Nehan: But despite all that, my resentment toward you hasn't wavered!
Nehan: My hatred festered from seeing my family murdered! I was then sold off as a slave and had to eke out a living using my talents!
Nehan: My heart tells me revenge is meaningless. Exacting revenge won't bring anyone back!
Nehan: I know that, damn it. I know that! But I just can't—
Seox: I'm the one that did this to you. I'm the one preventing you from finding peace.
Nehan: Yes... You keep me going. You keep me alive in a twisted way.
Nehan: No matter how much I wanted to die, I kept on living because I knew you were still breathing.
Nehan: I live thanks to you—I live in spite of you...
Nehan: I... I...
Seox: Nehan, there's nothing I can say to make it up to you.
Seox: With that said...
Seox: I want to live!
Nehan: Maybe fate really is on your side, affording you all this privilege.
Nehan: That's why something always comes along to help you out. Well, let's put that theory to the test, shall we?
Nehan: ...!
Nehan pulls out a small vial and shakes it up.
Seox: Trancensia!
Nehan: ...!
Seox: I get it now.
Seox: This is the coming-of-age rite you never got to take. Fine. If that's what you want, then I'll be your opponent.
Nehan: Yes! That is your duty! To prove...
Nehan: That all of this...
Nehan: Was destiny!

Seeds of Redemption - Ending

Nehan, defeated, tells Seox the island he intends to go to. Seox relays this to Mugen and the crew, who go to the island, but someone gets to Nehan first and shoots him. Nehan's life is saved, but it seems he has no will to wake up, forcing the Enforcers to suspend the Karm Clan massacre investigation for now. Rei and Anre commend Seofon for his role in carrying out the plan and keeping the Eternals together.

Nehan: ...
Seox: Nehan...
Nehan: Heh... Haha... This is destiny...
Nehan: And nothing more.
Seox: I just want to know one thing.
Nehan: Go ahead.
Seox: Why did you make me take Trancensia? You could have easily killed me with a lethal poison.
Seox: At least that's what I would've done if I were you.
Nehan: I had to find out if you had a guardian angel. That's it.
Seox: A guardian angel...
Seox: There are people who have reached out to me. Given a choice, I want to continue living on with them.
Nehan: Go then. That's what you were destined for.
Seox: My destiny...
Seox: What about you? What will you do?
Nehan: I thought I only agreed to field one question. Oh well.
Nehan: I'll find something to do. Like working as a doctor in the boonies for instance.
Nehan: ...
Nehan: There's an island called Affeils. That's where I'm going.
Seox: I see.
Nehan: This is goodbye.
Nehan bids farewell using Seox's former name. The Eternal returns to Stardust Town.
Mugen: Nehan in Affeils?
Seox: Yeah, that's where he said he was heading. Since he told me, I'm guessing it's okay to tell you.
Mugen: ...!
Tien: If you want to go see him, then you should, Mugen.
Fif: Yeah! Grampy always says the best thing to do is what you want to do!
Mugen: Tien... Fif...
Feower: You mind taking him, (Captain)? We can't really leave town right now, so...
Vyrn: Sure, we can handle that! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) casually gives the greenlight, and the crew transports Mugen to Affeils Island.
During the course of their investigation, (Captain) and company learn that a merchant had seen someone that looks like Nehan in the market district.
Lyria: He's probably staying at a nearby inn!
Vyrn: Let's go to the lobby and see if they know anything, Mugen!
Mugen: Okay—
Vyrn: Whoa! Was that a gunshot?
Mugen: ...!
The gunshot draws a crowd of onlookers into the street. Mugen barrels through them, disappearing into an alley.
Mugen: ...!
Mugen shakes his head as he runs, as if trying to stop his imagination from going wild. He sees a door up ahead and smashes through it.
Mugen: Nehan!
Nehan: ...
Vyrn: Nehan! Where are—
Lyria: Aaaah! There's... There's blood... everywhere!
Mugen: Nehan! Nehaaan! Mugen here! Nehan!
(Captain) taps Mugen on the shoulder to remind him to watch his power, then hurries to stop Nehan's bleeding.
Nehan: ...
Vyrn: I'll go grab a doctor!
Lyria: I'll go with you. We can split up!
Mugen: Nehan... Nehan!
While the island's doctors attempt to stabilize Nehan, the crew rushes back to Stardust Town to get Fif.
Fif: ...!
Mugen: Fif?
Fif: Sigh... His wound is healed, so why won't he wake up...
Mugen: Nehan not wake up?
Rei: No, not for a while I'm afraid.
Fif: Huh? Do you know why he won't wake up, Rei?
Rei: It's not your fault—you've done all you can. Nehan is simply tired.
Mugen: Tired?
Rei: Yes. Tired of the world. He refuses to open his eyes to a world he's come to hate.
Rei: It is an understandable feeling to have.
Mugen: Nehan not have fun? So not wake up?
Mugen: When Mugen with Nehan, fun. World is fun.
Mugen: Fun...
Fif's magic and Mugen's care ensure Nehan will live, but whether he'll ever regain consciousness is another matter.
Lecia: Is Mugen doing okay?
Seox: I don't know. Tweyen is making sure he eats.
Lecia: I see...
Lecia: Seox, I'm here to inform you of your status as a suspect.
Lecia: The investigation into the Karm Clan massacre is hereby suspended until the accuser, Nehan, regains consciousness.
Seox: Very well.
Lecia: Crimes such as the one you have been accused of committing must be investigated, but there are innumerous incidents in the skies.
Lecia: The Crew of Enforcers lacks the resources and personnel to handle the backlog. Which is unfortunate.
Lecia: However...
Lecia: I am confident in the fact that you will continue to dedicate your life to protecting the people.
Seox: Because of my role as an Eternal?
Lecia: There is that, yes. But also because you are a friend of (Captain)'s.
Seox: (Captain)...
Lecia: I believe in (Captain)'s sense of justice. Therefore I will put my faith in you.
Lecia: It is my sincerest hope that you use your power to uphold peace in the Sky Realm. That is all.
Seox: ...
Seox: A friend, huh...
Seox: There you are, (Captain).
Seox: I apologize for getting you involved in a personal matter... Well, actually, it's not just because of Nehan...
Seox: I don't even know where to start saying I'm sorry. I mean, I stole time with your father away from—
Seox: H-hey!
Seox: Give it back! I'm being serious with you!
Seox: What?
Seox: You want me to tell you about your father?
Seox: I'm not sure—
Seox: No, never mind. You deserve to know.
History has its share of tragedies, invariably forcing some people to live with what can only be described as a curse.
But as they grope through the darkness, there are also shining beacons of hope. That is why people can live on.
These individuals choose to be strong, heads held high, gazing at the clear blue sky as they walk a path toward a better tomorrow.
Rei: I believe that's case closed.
Anre: So it would seem. Nicely done, Seofon.
Seofon: Right back at you, Anre. We're expecting good things from you, Rei.
Seofon: You're not going to bully my little brothers and sisters, are you?
Rei: Hm... Are we talking about you or me? I could've sworn you're the one with the mean streak.
Seofon: I'm not like that at all. Tien and Feower are like precious siblings to me.
Seofon: Same goes for Seox, Tweyen, Niyon, Threo, and Fif.
Rei: Oh? So that's how you treat the ones that are close to you.
Seofon: Why am I suddenly getting the third degree? Is there a problem?
Rei: Not really. I just think you're a funny fellow.
Rei: Sharp, yet blunt. That's why you're not the scheming type.
Rei: And despite no one understanding you, you can still protect the world.
Seofon: Hey, I thought I did a pretty good job this time around, if I do say so myself.
Rei: You didn't have to, but you went and said it anyway. Well, that's what makes you Seofon.
Anre: Not only did you stamp out the embers of conflict that could have set the Sky Realm ablaze...
Anre: When it comes to Tien, Feower, and Seox... well, you've done an admirable job keeping a volatile crew stable, Seofon.
Seofon: You know what, Anre? You always have the nicest things to say about people.
Anre: It's lonely being a hero, Seofon.
Anre: Sometimes making impartial decisions means losing the sympathy and understanding of others. But that's to be expected.
Seofon: Yep, that's me. Saving the world in ways that no one can understand.
Seofon: Someday the world might even come to hate me... But my job as the world's pillar will never change.
Seofon: That's my—no, the duty of the Eternals, right?
Anre: I couldn't have put it better myself. That's why you're the leader, Seofon.
Rei: I like children who are full of determination. You deserve a candy. Go on, take whatever you like.
Rei: Time to rest after all your hard work. May you sleep like a baby, Seofon.
The End

Seeds of Redemption - An Alternative Introduction - The Eternal's Lost Property

(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn search the Grandcypher's deck for the mantle lost by the Eternal who recently joined the crew. Once found, they go over Lyria's journal entries on all the Eternals before returning the mantle to its owner.

Lyria: Mantle! Oh, maaantle! Where aaare yooou?
(Captain) and the others are scattered across the Grandcypher's deck, peering into every nook and cranny.
They are hunting for something reported lost by a recent addition to the crew.
Lyria: Oh! It was over here drying! Today was laundry day, wasn't it?
Vyrn: Aw c'mon, an Eternal oughta know the difference between losing something and putting it in the laundry.
Vyrn: Isn't that cloak like an ID badge for them? You gotta keep better tabs on something that important!
Lyria: Ahaha... Well, it takes a little while to get used to a new ship and how we do things here.
Lyria: There are bound to be a few mistakes like that.
Vyrn: I guess even the greatest hotshots have their goofy moments.
Lyria: Hehe... That's actually kind of reassuring.
Vyrn: True... When you watch 'em fight, sometimes you hafta pinch yourself to make sure it's not some crazy dream.
Lyria: They're not known as the skies' strongest users of their weapons for nothing, that's for sure.
Lyria: When it comes to their specialties... Oh, actually, Seofon wrote down the answers to some of my questions in my journal. Do you want to see?
On the first page is information about the Eternals who specialize in the spear, bow, and axe.
  1. Anre, Eternal of the Spear
  2. Tweyen, Eternal of the Bow
  3. Threo, Eternal of the Axe
  4. Other Eternals

Choose: Anre, Eternal of the Spear
Lyria: It says... "Anre, the Eternals' spear-user, places a transient seal on creation, leaving foes to crash upon his icy bastion."
Vyrn: Uh, if I remember right, he specializes in blocking enemy attacks or dodging and countering them.
Lyria: And it says he can bop an angry monster on the noggin and quiet it right down!
Vyrn: I wonder how much spear training a little dude like him had to do to become so hard-core.
Lyria: I heard there was something in his past that drove him... That's why he created the Eternals too.
Vyrn: He looks like such a chill guy, but there's a lot goin' on under the surface, I bet.

Choose: Tweyen, Eternal of the Bow
Lyria: Tweyen, Eternal of the Bow, "pierces her targets with rays of light. Under her all-seeing eye, even the open plains become a maze of fiendish traps."
Vyrn: She specializes in inflicting paralysis and blindness, and all sortsa stuff that makes it hard for her targets to move. She's an expert hunter all right.
Lyria: Plus, it says here she can dodge attacks with ease, and use her magical bow and arrows to shoot multiple targets at once.
Vyrn: She's got those crazy eyes that let her see clean from one end of an island to the other, right?
Vyrn: And that cold look she gets on her face when she pulls back her bowstring... Gives me the shivers. She's nobody to mess with!
Lyria: But she does have a casual side too, like when she gets into pun-offs with Siero...

Choose: Threo, Eternal of the Axe
Lyria: Threo, Eternal of the Axe, "can reduce a mighty mountain to a hill of rubble with just one swing of her battle-axe."
Vyrn: That's nuts. I don't think her being able to blow a mountain to smithereens is an exaggeration either.
Lyria: She's already really strong, but when she gets serious, she can take it to a whole other level apparently. It also says she's so agile, she can easily dodge and counter.
Vyrn: What with bein' raised by animals in the forest, she has a kind of untamed quality, don'tcha think?
Lyria: When she's not fighting, she loves food and is just bursting with curiosity... It's really kind of adorable.
Continue 1
Vyrn: You wanna check up on any more of 'em? There's info on all ten in here.
  1. Yeah, let's look at another one.
  2. No, I'm good.
  3. Next Page

Choose: Other Eternals
Choose: Next Page
On the second page is information about the Eternals who specialize in the dagger, staff, and hand-to-hand combat.
  1. Feower, Eternal of the Dagger
  2. Fif, Eternal of the Staff
  3. Seox, Eternal of the Fist
  4. Other Eternals

Choose: Feower, Eternal of the Dagger
Lyria: It says, "His twin blades confound evildoers and strike without mercy."
Vyrn: His specialty is slowing his enemies down or stopping 'em all together. He's got all sortsa methods of tripping 'em up.
Lyria: Plus, he can extend the effects of his allies' protections—like ones that make weapons sharper or armor stronger.
Vyrn: Huh. You wouldn't guess it from all the trash he talks, but he's really keepin' an eye out for his buddies, isn't he?
Lyria: I think he cares a lot more about his friends than he wants to let on.

Choose: Fif, Eternal of the Staff
Lyria: Hmm... It says here, "in spite of her young age, the magic within her is unparalleled. Her benevolent light can heal any wound."
Vyrn: A healing magic specialist, huh? Looks like she can get her friends back on their feet when they're totally exhausted, or heal 'em up from some pretty major damage.
Lyria: You can tell what a nice kid she is as soon as you talk to her. You should get to know her, (Captain).
Vyrn: I forget why, but I think that big old Draph Eternal looks out for her, right?
Lyria: Yes, I wonder what the story behind that is... Anyway, she's pretty amazing to be the skies' greatest magic user at seven years old!

Choose: Seox, Eternal of the Fist
Lyria: It says that Seox is "a solitary assassin who dwells in the dusk of twilight and will stop at nothing to return alive from doing his master's deadly bidding."
Vyrn: He's quick on his feet all right. Seox is one tough target to hit.
Lyria: And apparently he's really good at fitting in multiple attacks where most people could only manage one.
Vyrn: He acts like it's no big deal... It's just business as usual as far as he's concerned.
Lyria: He seems a little scary, but Siero insists he isn't.
Vyrn: What'd she say again? "Even Seox has weaknesses. Unmask and you shall perceive. Tee hee hee."
Lyria: What do you think happens if you take off his mask? Ahhh, I'm really curious now!
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Vyrn: You wanna check up on any more of 'em? There's info on all ten in here.
  1. Yeah, let's look at another one.
  2. No, I'm good.
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Choose: Other Eternals
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On the third page is information about the Eternals who specialize in the sabre, katana, and harp.
  1. Seofon, Eternal of the Sabre
  2. Eahta, Eternal of the Katana
  3. Niyon, Eternal of the Harp
  4. Other Eternals

Choose: Seofon, Eternal of the Sabre
Lyria: Let's see here... "I call myself the Star Sword Sovereign, but in fact I'm just an easy, breezy, beautiful boy-about-town, you know?"
Vyrn: I'm sorry, what?
Lyria: Phooey! The only entry he didn't take seriously was the one about himself!
Vyrn: Is it really okay for the leader of the Eternals to be this chill?
To be fair, he does always seem to come through when the chips are down.
Lyria: Yes! He can really slice things up with those swords of his, plus, at a single order from Seofon, all his allies can ready their charge attacks at once!
Vyrn: I wonder how come he only really seems like a leader when he's in battle...

Choose: Eahta, Eternal of the Katana
Lyria: "Endless training has honed his blade till it can cleave rock so smoothly you can see your face in it" is what it says.
Vyrn: Thanks to all his training, that old geezer can fully control his own energy and concentration.
Lyria: It also says that he has "a technique for inflicting even deeper wounds, whose power can demoralize an entire army."
Vyrn: One look at him is probably enough to intimidate most people... I think if he gave me the stink eye, I'd leave the skydom.
Lyria: But Siero said Eahta was good friends with a little girl too.
Vyrn: So he's the nurturing type, huh? Goes to show you shouldn't judge a book by its big, scary cover, especially when that book says "Eternal" on the spine.

Choose: Niyon, Eternal of the Harp
Lyria: Niyon is "a sensitive and serious musician. Borne on a lively breeze, her melodies can lead an entire army astray."
Vyrn: From what I hear, she can play people's emotions like a song on that harp of hers.
Lyria: Not just scaring people or cheering them up, but actually manipulating them... What a mysterious ability.
Vyrn: So I guess if she's on your side, she can keep the wind at your back—and out of your opponents' sails.
Lyria: It says she can put people to sleep too.
Vyrn: She looks so timid but she's got some killer techniques up her sleeve.
Lyria: I'm sure we'd learn all sorts of surprising things about her if we got to know her better.
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Vyrn: You wanna check up on any more of 'em? There's info on all ten in here.
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Choose: Other Eternals
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On the last page is information about the Eternal who specializes in the gun.
  1. Tien, Eternal of the Gun
  2. Go back to the first page
  3. "No, I know them well enough."

Choose: Tien, Eternal of the Gun
Lyria: "A fire burns silently in Tien's heart and takes form in the hails of bullets she unleashes from both hands."
Vyrn: She doesn't have an itchy trigger finger or anythin', but once she cocks the hammer, she really unloads. It's like a storm of lead: kracka-boom!
Vyrn: She's a tough opponent who can launch surprise attacks on enemies she's knocked off balance, and she's got a keen eye for hidden treasures to boot.
Lyria: It says "she learned her skills growing up in the slums." It sounds like she's had it pretty tough ever since she was little.
Vyrn: I heard she looks out for all the kids in some town... I wonder if she does that 'cause of what she went through when she was younger.
Lyria: She protects them along with her little brother, right? And I think both siblings are Eternals...

Choose: "No, I know them well enough."
Lyria: Wow, (Captain)! You really do your homework!
Vyrn: Makes sense (Captain)'d be keepin' an eye on a crew who're supposed to be the strongest people in the skies.
Maybe 'cause you were planning to recruit one all along?

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Vyrn: You wanna check up on any more of 'em? There's info on all ten in here.
  1. Yeah, let's look at another one.
  2. No, I'm good.

Choose: No, I'm good.
Choose: No, I'm good.
Choose: No, I'm good.
Choose: No, I'm good.
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Lyria: Hehe, if my journal helped you get to know the Eternals better, I'm glad.
Vyrn: Whoa, hey. Land ho, you guys. Shouldn't we get this mantle back to its owner?
Lyria: Right! It's an Eternal's ID badge after all. Let's return it before we meet up with our next client.
(Captain) leads the way to restore the washed and dried mantle to its rightful owner.

Seeds of Redemption - Setting Sail for New Skies

While their new crew member prepares to meet their next client, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn reflect on the virtues of crew uniforms like the Eternals' matching mantles. They are bursting with excitement over their first mission with the newest addition to the crew.

Lyria: I'm glad we managed to return that mantle to its owner before we reached the island!
Vyrn: Speakin' of... Where is the owner?
Lyria: Heating up an iron to get the wrinkles out of the mantle before meeting our client.
Vyrn: We're not gonna get into a kerfuffle over scorch marks or wrinkles now, are we?
Vyrn: The whole reason we took this risky job was 'cause we figured it'd be a cakewalk with one of the big ten on our side.
Lyria: Ahaha... I'm sure it'll be fine. That mantle is a personal treasure after all.
Vyrn: Don't all ten Eternals wear the exact same one? They probably look pretty sharp when they all get together in uniform.
Lyria: Oh, yeah. They all wear the same one, don't they... Hmm...
Vyrn: That's what I heard. Why?
Lyria: Hehe. Coordinating outfits with all your friends sounds kind of fun.
  1. You two should dress up like me.
  2. Then I'll wear a dress like yours, Lyria.
  3. Let's all dress up like Vyrn then.

Choose: You two should dress up like me.
Vyrn: Really, (Captain)? You want Lyria to wear armor like yours?
Lyria: Ooh, what a great idea! Do you think it would make me look as strong as you?
(Captain) takes off a shoulder plate and hands it to Lyria.
Lyria: Meep!
The moment (Captain) lets go, Lyria falls to her knees.
Vyrn: Hey... Are you okay?
Lyria: Ahaha... I guess this is a little heavy for me.

Choose: Then I'll wear a dress like yours, Lyria.
Lyria: Really? Hehe, I like the sound of that!
Vyrn: I mean, I think you could pull it off, (Captain), but you wouldn't exactly be battle-ready, wouldja?
Lyria: Aw...
W-well, what about on holidays? If we're not working, then we can go out together wearing the same dress!

Choose: Let's all dress up like Vyrn then.
Vyrn: Like me? What would that even look like?
Lyria: Hmm... Maybe we could make sort of a... big plushie... and get inside?
(Captain): ...
Vyrn: What! I ain't no plushie!
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The island looms larger and larger over the Grandcypher's rail.
As the ship begins its descent toward the port, the three of them head to their new crew member's room.
Vyrn: This'll be our new member's first mission as part of the crew!
Lyria: We'll be unstoppable with one of the ten strongest weapon-users in the skies on our side!
Lyria: Oh, maybe all four of us should wear matching outfits to celebrate our first mission together!
Lyria: It'll help us become better friends! What do you think, (Captain)?
The Eternals are the ten greatest weapon-users in the skies. One of them has just joined the Grandcypher crew, marking a big leap forward for (Captain) and the others.
Given the Eternals' reputation, this new ally is sure to help them overcome whatever obstacles lie in their path.


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