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Official Profile[edit]


Journal Entries[edit]

Chika Takami
Chika Takami NPC.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game.
Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute.
Voice Actor Anju Inami
Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High!

ID 3991132000
Char ID
Voice ActorJP
Release Date 2018-08-10

A second-year student at Uranohoshi Girls' High School. Inspired by the school idol group μ's, she decided to start her own group, Aqours. With her larger-than-life personality and consideration for her fellow members, she acts as the group's leader and lyricist. In order to save a town suffering under the primal beast Nihilith's influence, she faced the primal head on with her positive attitude and unyielding ambition along with the other members of Aqours. Her favorite foods are mikan oranges.

Riko Sakurauchi
Riko Sakurauchi NPC.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game.
Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute.
Voice Actor Rikako Aida
Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High!

ID 3991133000
Char ID
Voice ActorJP
Release Date 2018-08-10

A second-year student at Uranohoshi Girls' High School. A talented pianist who moved from the big city into Chika Takami's neighborhood, she was soon fervently approached by Chika to become a school idol. As the composer for the group, she's been supporting Aqours from the very beginning. Although she may appear calm and mature, she has her goofy and animated moments as well. Her favorite foods are hard-boiled eggs and sandwiches.

You Watanabe
You Watanabe NPC.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game.
Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute.
Voice Actor Shuka Saito
Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High!

ID 3991136000
Char ID
Voice ActorJP
Release Date 2018-08-10

A second-year student at Uranohoshi Girls' High School. She is Chika Takami's childhood friend and classmate. Together they became fixated on the idea of doing something truly special and decided to start a school idol group. A girl of many talents, she supports Aqours with her artistic skills, outfit designs, dressmaking, and cooking. Her favorite foods are Salisbury steak and mikans.



  • Chika's favorite µ's member is Honoka Kosaka, who she shares an image color (orange) with and who is also her counterpart as leader.
  • Riko's previous school before Uranohoshi Girls' High School was Otonokizaka High in Tokyo – the home of µ's.
  • Riko is one-third of Guilty Kiss and Chika and You are two-thirds of CYaRon!.
  • In Aqours' Worldwide Poster Girl campaigns, Chika, Riko and You are the respective Aqours poster girls for Taiwan, Germany and China.
  • The Second Years won the Favorite Aqours Team Poll with a total of 194,318 votes. As a result, they will receive their 5★ uncap, illustration and Fate Episode.


  • The Second Years' Charge Attack, Daisuki Dattara Daijoubu!, is a reference to the Insert Song from Episode 3 of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime's 1st season.
  • Riko's skill, Ability Omoiyo Hitotsuninare.png 
    Omoiyo HitotsuninareAll allies gain
    Status DoubleUp.png35% DA UpDouble attack rate is boosted

    Strength: 35%
    Duration: 5 turns
    Status TripleUp.png5% TA UpTriple attack rate is boosted

    Strength: 5%
    Duration: 5 turns
    , is a reference to the Insert Song from Episode 11 of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime's 1st season. In the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime's 2nd season soundtrack, Journey to the Sunshine, Omoiyo Hitotsuninare (Riko's Piano Sonata) is a piano arrangement of the same song, which is played during Episode 12 of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime's 2nd season.
  • Chika's skill, Ability I Want to Shine!.png 
    I Want to Shine!Gain
    C.A. Instant StandbyInstantly sets Charge Bar to 100%

    Unaffected by Charge Bar Speed status effects.
    No effect when afflicted by Shorted debuffs.
    No effect when Charge Bar is above 100%.
    , is a reference to the title for Episode 1 of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime's 1st season.
  • You's skill, Ability Full Speed Ahead! Aye Aye!.png 
    Full Speed Ahead! Aye Aye!Remove 1 buff from a foe. Gain
    Status Dodge.pngDodge Rate BoostedImmune to DMG and debuffs for a fixed amount while in effect

    Duration: 3 turns
    (alternately, Zenzoku Zenshin Yousoro!), is a reference to her catchphrase.
    • Aye Aye is a phrase said by pirates, currently often said by sailors, for when they accept their orders from the captain.
  • Ability Kimetayo Hand in Hand.png 
    Kimetayo Hand in HandInflict
    Status Charm 3.pngCharmedAttacks are slightly limited

    Duration: 3 turns
    Local status effect
    on a foe.
    (All allies gain
    Status AttackUp.png20% ATK UpATK is boosted

    Strength: 20%
    Multiplier: Normal
    Duration: 3 turns
    Stacking: Single
    upon landing Charm effect.)
    is a reference to the Insert Song from Episode 1 of the Love Live! Sunshine!!'s 1st season.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

This character does not have special holiday cutscenes.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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A Seaside Encounter[edit]

Chika, You, and Riko agree to work at a beach snack bar to earn the materials for their new friends' concert outfits. The overseer of the supply ships asks them to tend to the ships' power, which turns out to be a pack of ferocious dogs. The trio manage to make friends with their brazen coworkers, but the dogs could prove to be more of a challenge.

Second-Years: Last time on Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High!
Chika: We—the nine members of Aqours—suddenly found ourselves lost in a world called the Sky Realm.
You: But (Captain) and the crew came to our rescue, and we ended up joining them on a grand adventure!
Riko: A town named Tenacie had fallen into despair due to the primal beast Nihilith, but we helped the school idols there rediscover their shine and decided to put on a concert together with them.
Chika: Our new friends agreed to sing with us, so we set out to buy materials for their costumes but ran into a problem...
Sierokarte: Hmm... This is going to be a bit pricey.
You: We didn't have nearly enough money.
Sierokarte: Hmm... Okay then. We'll just have to put you all to work!
Sierokarte: If you do a good job, I'll make sure you get those costume materials in addition to your reward.
Riko: The job Siero had in mind for us turned out to be...
Aqours: A beach snack bar?
Chika: And that's how the nine of us ended up accepting a mission at a beach snack bar at the Knickknack Shack's recommendation!
The members of Aqours have taken on Sierokarte's offer to work at a beach snack bar.
You: Heh heh... Leave the ships to me, Chika, and Riko!
Chika: Ahaha... You jumped at the job as soon as you heard the word "ship."
Riko: I don't know much about ships myself... Are you sure about this?
You: It'll be fine! There's tons of stuff we can do—like scrubbing the decks and cleaning the cabins.
Riko: I guess you're right... Let's do our best so we can give our friends some amazing costumes.
Chika: Yeah! I'm ready for anything! Bring it on!
You: All right! Full speed ahead! Aye aye!
The girls head off to meet with the woman in charge of the sailors working at the snack bar.
Woman: Hello there. So you're the young ladies Siero recommended?
Woman: Glad to have you with us. We didn't have enough workers to tend to the ships' power, so we were in a real bind.
Riko: Huh? Th-the ships' power?
Chika: Is that, like... the engine and stuff? Do you know how all that works, You?
You: Nope, that's a bit over my head...
Chika: Thought so... Just 'cause your dad's a ferry captain, I guess that doesn't mean you automatically know everything about ships.
Woman: Oh, don't fret. There's nothing to worry about. What do you say we continue our chat while I show you around?
Brushing aside the girls' concerns, the woman leads the trio to the sailors' quarters.
Woman: The people you'll be working with are waiting inside.
Gruff Voice 1: Huh? We're s'posed to trust somebody else with our ships?
Gruff Voice 2: That's what Sis said! We ain't got a choice!
Second-Years: ...!
The trio stop in their tracks upon hearing gruff voices echoing from inside the room.
Chika: I-I'm hearing some pretty crazy-sounding voices...
You: Y-yeah... You run into rough folks on ships sometimes...
Riko: Are you sure we're going to be okay?
Woman: Not to worry. They can be a bit loud sometimes, but they know better than to disrespect anyone Siero recommended.
Chika: Gulp...
Trembling with fear, the girls hesitantly set foot into the sailors' quarters.
Woman: Let me introduce you. These are your fellow workers.
Sailors: ...
Riko: (Eek!)
Chika: (Th-they're scary!)
You: (...!)
Woman: Now listen up! Don't just stand there with your mouths shut! I want to hear some proper introductions!
Sailor 1: Fer the record, we never agreed to this! We ain't about to turn our precious ships over to a pack o' pig's arses!
Sailor 2: Gyahaha! Pig's arses? Don'tcha mean "cow's arses," moron?
Riko: Actually, isn't it "horse's"?
Sailors: Huuuh?
Riko: N-never mind!
Riko: My name is Riko Sakurauchi! It's nice to meet you!
Chika: I'm Chika Takami! I-I'll do my best!
You: Mmh!
Woman: These three are friends of (Captain), so mind your manners!
Sailor 1: Huh? (Captain)?
Woman: That's right. If you scare them and make them cry, Siero will have your heads!
Sailor 1: G-got it...
Sailor 2: But that don't mean we gotta trust 'em with our ships!
Riko: You all know (Captain)?
Woman: Aye. They used to be ruffians who spent their days pillaging and running riot...
Riko: P-pillaging?
Woman: But they changed their tune after (Captain)'s crew taught them a stern lesson.
Chika: Huh, sounds like they used to be pretty wild...
You: Mmmmh!
Sailor 1: Hey, missy. Whaddya think yer lookin' at?
You: Cool!
Sailor 1: Huh?
You: I'm You Watanabe! Um, can I get a closer look at your outfits?
Chika: Wh-what are you doing, You?
Sailor 2: Our outfits? You off yer rocker, missy?
You: Umm... Well, they don't match exactly, but they still make you look like a group! They're so elaborate and cool!
You: And unless I'm mistaken, they're totally handmade! You even used real leather and iron—that's amazing!
Sailor 1: Hey, kid...
Sailors: This gal gets it!
Chika and Riko: Huh?
You: I make stage outfits myself, so your clothes caught my eye. They're really great!
Sailor 1: Hyahaha! Then whaddya say we teach ya how to make 'em?
Riko: You's incredible...
Chika: I can't believe she made friends with those scary people...
Woman: Honestly... You lot should've just been nice to the newbies to begin with!
Sailor 1: Gyahaha! Well, I never woulda dreamed we'd have anythin' in common with these little ladies!
You: D-does that mean you'll show us the ships?
Sailor 1: Aye. I s'pose that's all right...
Sailor 2: But it's up to you gals whether you can cut it or not.
Second-Years: We'll do our best!
Sailor 1: Then let's head to the ships. Take care o' yerselves, now. Wouldn't want our precious guests to get hurt.
Having earned the sailors' favor, the trio follows the woman out onto the shore.
Woman: Now if you'll just turn your eyes toward the sea, you'll see the ships we'll be using.
You: Oho, paddle wheelers... These have the paddle in the front... And the shape of the engine is pretty unique.
Woman: Yes. They're powered by dogs.
Second-Years: D-dogs?
According to the woman, by using dogs to propel the ships, they can reach much greater speeds than by rowing or using a sail.
Woman: These particular ships are incredibly fast, so they're used for a variety of purposes—from recreation to deliveries.
Chika: So by tending to the power...
Riko: You mean we'll be looking after the dogs...
You: We'll be taking care of a dog named Enoki in the kennel up ahead.
Chika: Enoki, huh... I bet she's a sweetie just like my Shiitake.
You: Seems like it based on the name... But if that's the case, I guess Riko better get ready to be chased around.
Riko: Ahaha...
The girls picture Chika's quiet, gentle dog in their minds as they open the door to the kennel.
Enoki: Awooo! Grrr! Ruff, ruff!
Second-Years: ...
But the dogs that await them turn out to be the complete opposite of quiet and gentle.

A Seaside Encounter: Scene 2[edit]

The girls are entrusted with looking after a dog named Enoki, but she is so fierce they are unable to even approach her. They try everything they can think of to get Enoki to like them, but to no avail. Refusing to give up, the girls fall asleep vowing to find a solution the next day.

Riko: I know we're supposed to be taking care of this dog, but... how exactly?
Enoki: Grrr! Awooo! Graaaaawr!
You: Urgh... We can't even get near her. She's got herself all worked up.
Riko: Suddenly I miss Shiitake...
Chika: Even though she chases you around all the time?
Riko: But at least Shiitake—
Enoki: Grrrrr!
Riko: Eek!
Riko: Sh-she was never this scary...
You: Enoki's really attached to the other workers, so there's gotta be a way for us to make friends with her too.
Riko: Hmm... Do you have any ideas, Chika?
Chika: If it was Shiitake... Hmm...
Chika: I know!
Enoki: Grrr...
Chika: Th-the fastest way to becoming friends... is by playing with a toy together...
Riko: That's great and all, but what's with the old deck brush?
You: It's the only thing we could find. They used to use it to scrub the deck and were planning to throw it out.
Preparing to dock... Aye aye...
The girls cautiously approach the dog with Chika in the lead wielding the deck brush.
Chika: Good doggie... Don't be scared... We won't hurt you...
Enoki: Graaawr!
You: That poor deck brush didn't stand a chance...
Chika: "She could take out ten or twenty o' them monsters over yonder! Gahaha!" That's what one of the sailors said...
Riko: That was terrifying...
You: Can you think of any other ways we can get on her good side?
Chika: What if we tried brushing her? When Shiitake gets brushed, she always rolls on her back and looks like she's having the time of her life.
Riko: Maybe if we use a brush Enoki's familiar with, she'll stop being so wary of us.
Chika: Oh, good idea!
Chika: Heh heh... If we use this brush that smells like her owner...
Enoki: ...!
Riko: She's really glaring at you, Chika! I don't think you should get any closer!
You: R-retreat!
Chika: W-we have some yummy food for you...
Enoki: Graaawr!
Second-Years: Aaahh!
Finally night falls.
Chika: We tried everything. At least she ate the food...
You: Everyone keeps telling us to give it time, but I'm not so sure...
Riko: If we can't look after her like we're supposed to, I doubt they'll want to pay us.
Chika: That's a good point...
Gran is the Main Character

Chika: But we're doing this for Lyria's and Io's costumes! We can't give up now!
Djeeta is the Main Character

Chika: But we're doing this for Lyria's, Io's, and (Captain)'s costumes! We can't give up now!
Riko: Hehe. You seem even more gung ho than usual, Chika.
You: It's been a while since you've scouted anyone, so you must be happy they're showing so much interest in school idols.
Chika: Yeah! I mean, they said they wanna work up the courage to sing on stage!
Chika: So we gotta make the concert a success!
You: It's been a long road, but we've made it this far, so I'm sure everything will turn out okay.
Riko: But first we need to get Enoki to like us.
Chika: I wonder what we can do...
The girls drift off to sleep, serenaded by the occasional sound of barking in the distance.

A Seaside Encounter: Scene 3[edit]

The following day the girls resume looking after Enoki, when suddenly a giant crab appears and starts attacking the ships. The frantic dog ends up dragging the girls out to one, and You begins steering it over to the imperiled sailors. However, Enoki gets too worked up, and the ship surges toward the crab at full speed.

The sun rises on another day of work.
Chika: Ships really are used all over the place, huh...
Chika gazes out at the ocean, having found a new sense of appreciation for ships and their versatility.
Screams: Aaaaah!
She can hear the sound of a young man and woman screaming from the coast.
The pair are fastened to boards being dragged behind the ships moving at breakneck speed.
Sailor 1: Hyahaha! That's it fer the ride!
Man: Hahaha! That was a blast!
The man and woman remove the ropes from their hands and depart from the shore, laughing all the way.
You: Apparently that's a popular attraction around here called extreme water-skiing.
Sailor 2: Hey, Sis! We brought the supplies!
Riko: So they use them for deliveries at the same time...
Chika: Now I get why the workers take such good care of those dogs.
You: Their entire livelihood depends on Enoki and the others.
Riko: It's a really important job, so I want to do it right, but...
Enoki: Ruff, ruff! Grrr!
Second-Years: Eek!
Chika: Looks like Enoki and the other dogs still hate us... Ahaha...
Chika smiles grimly as she records Enoki's condition in a notebook.
Chika: Okay, time to give Enoki her lunch.
Enoki: Ruff! Ruff! Grrr...
Enoki continues to growl even as she eats her food. She glances sideways at the girls as they start to clean the kennel.
Sailor's Voice: Hyahah!
The sound of the workers laughing can occasionally be heard in the distance.
You: Sounds like fun... I wonder if we'll ever get to ride the boards like that...
Riko: Hehe. I had a feeling you wanted to try it.
Chika: It's crazy—they move even faster than if they were jet-skiing! Must feel nice too...
Belly full, Enoki drifts off to sleep. The girls take that opportunity to clean the area around her.
Enoki: Zzz...
Chika: How can we get you to like us?
Enoki: ...!
Chika: Whoa! Sh-she woke up!
Enoki: ...!
Enoki raises her head and stares out at the ocean with her ears perked up, completely ignoring the girls.
Sailor's Voice: Craaab!
Second-Years: Crab?
Giant Crab: Kss, kss!
Chika: That is one big crab!
Riko: It's even bigger than a school bus!
You: Look! The ships!
Sailor 1: You spiny bastard!
The men desperately try to fend off the gigantic crab.
Giant Crab: Kss, kss!
But even their best efforts aren't enough, and they end up locked in a bitter struggle.
Sailor 2: Glug... Cough...
The men who were thrown off the boats from the crab's surprise attack fight to stay above water.
The sailors are unable to utilize the ships' famed mobility for fear of injuring their comrades who fell overboard.
Chika: I think this is serious, you guys!
Riko: W-we should call for help!
You: Wait... Everyone's out at sea!
Second-Years: ...!
The dogs and men are in grave danger from the crab's gigantic pincers, but the girls can do nothing but watch.
Enoki: Woof!
Second-Years: ...!
Enoki barks once and starts digging at the ground furiously.
Enoki: Ruff!
She succeeds in unearthing the stake holding her chain and takes off running.
Chika: W-wait!
Chika manages to grab Enoki's chain at the last second, but...
Chika: Whoa!
She loses her footing and ends up being dragged behind the dog.
You and Riko: Chika!
You and Riko: Whoa!
You and Riko reach out to help their friend, but they are overwhelmed by Enoki's surprising strength and instead join Chika in her fate.
Enoki: Grrr!
Chika: W-well, we made it to one of the boats... What now?
Riko: We need to help the workers who fell into the water!
You: Yeah! Easier said than done though...
Giant Crab: Kss, kss!
You: We can't drive that crab away, but we can still help everybody!
You takes ahold of the chain attached to the water wheel and begins steering the ship masterfully.
You: L-looks like Enoki's willing to obey me! This might just work!
Chika: That's our You!
She sets their course in the direction of the crab and has Enoki break into a run.
You then weaves the ship through their wounded crewmates in the water, deciding to prioritize the ones floating nearest to the crab.
Sailor 1: Ow...
Dog: Whimper...
Second-Years: ...!
Seeing their injured comrades, the girls resolve to save them no matter what it takes.
Enoki: ...!
And Enoki refuses to be left out.
Chika: Whoa! Y-You! Why'd you speed up all of a sudden?
You: Wh-what do I do now? Enoki's not listening to me anymore!
Riko: Wait! At this rate...
Giant Crab: ...!
Riko: We're going to crash into it!
Chika: G-
Chika: Guess we oughta make the most of it! Let's go, You!
You: R-roger! Full speed ahead!
Chika and You: Aye aye!
Riko: Eek!

A Seaside Encounter: Scene 4[edit]

The giant crab runs away after being struck by the ship, but the girls' relief is cut short as they are thrown overboard by a powerful wave. They are rescued by the dogs, having earned the beasts' favor by saving the sailors. The trio complete their mission successfully and present Lyria and company with their new costumes.

Giant Crab: Kss, kss!
Chika: You, look out for those pincers!
Riko: A-and make sure not to hit anyone!
You: Roger!
The ship continues to speed along toward the giant crab, dodging the sailors and dogs floating in the water.
Second-Years: Go, go, go!
Giant Crab: ...!
Chika: We did it! The crab ran away!
Riko: Now we can rescue everyone...
You: Sorry, guys. Looks like Enoki got too excited... She won't slow down...
Chika and Riko: Huh?
You pulls on the reins desperately, but the ship's speed only continues to increase.
Second-Years: Whoa!
The ship sails over a high wave and lurches violently, and the girls are thrown into the ocean.
Second-Years: Cough...
The trio struggle to break through the surface of the water, but their screams are drowned out as they begin to sink.
Second-Years: ...!
As the girls reach out desperately, someone grabs their outstretched hands and pulls them to the surface.
Chika: I thought I was gonna die...
Woman: Hey, are you okay?
You: Kind of...
Riko: Seems like the workers helped us out of the water...
Sailor 1: Nope, wasn't us.
Dogs: Grrr...
Second-Years: Eek!
Sailor 1: The pups pulled ya out!
Chika: They saved us? But they hate us... Why would they do that?
Sailor 1: You fought that crab to save us di'n't ya? Yer part o' the crew now!
You: G-glad to hear it... But...
Dogs: Grrr!
You: Now I feel like they're too close...
You glances around in fear at the dogs who have formed a circle around them.
Sailor 1: That's 'cause yer always actin' scared—they're tryin' to protect ya.
Riko: Ahaha... We're scared of them though...
Sailor 1: Looks like Enoki's worried 'bout the scaredest one o' yer bunch...
Riko: Huh?
Enoki: Woof!
Riko: H-hey, Enoki? Will you please... let go of my skirt?
Enoki: Grrr!
Riko: Eek!
Chika: Whoa! She's dragging Riko behind her!
Sailor 1: Gyahahaha! She's like a momma bird takin' her little 'uns back to the nest where it's safe!
Riko's Scream: N-nooo!
Chika and You: Rikooo!
At long last, the dogs have finally taken a liking to the trio.
However, the dogs are known to be able to take on twenty monsters apiece, so seeing them up close is rather intimidating to the girls.
Dogs: Grrr!
Riko: Th-they're surrounding us again...
Chika: Ahaha... It's sweet they want to protect us, but...
The girls load the cargo from the beach onto the ships, trying to ignore their fear of the dogs.
You: All right, mateys! We've finished loading the ships! It's about time to set sail!
Chika: You already got herself promoted to captain.
Riko: The workers saw her steering that ship earlier and said she has a real knack for it.
You: Chika, Riko, ready to go?
You: Full speed ahead! Aye aye!
Dogs: Woof!
Chika and Riko: Eek!
Chika and Riko cautiously continue their work, trembling.
Until, at long last, they manage to make it to the finish line.
Chika: Whew... We did it.
You: Man, that was rough. But it's kinda sad to think it's all over...
Riko: Ahaha... That makes one of us...
Riko: By the way... What are we supposed to do with these gifts we got from the other workers?
They smile grimly at the iron masks in their hands.
You: I have a feeling they made these iron masks for us because I said they looked cool.
Chika: Since they went to so much trouble, why don't we wear them at our next concert?
Chika: We can be ruffian school idols!
Chika: Or maybe not. Ahaha...
You: I'm not sure we'll be able to incorporate them into our costumes, but we'll make sure to take good care of them.
Riko: Now the only question is, where do we put them?
Second-Years: Ahaha...
Chika: Okay! We got paid, so now we just need to pick up the materials for the costumes!
Riko: Time to get ready for the concert.
You: Yeah! Full speed ahead! Aye aye!
Finally the time comes for the girls to see the results of all their hard work.
Aqours: Whoa!
Lyria: Hehe... Wh-what do you think?
Gran is the Main Character

Chika: You're both even cuter than I imagined!
You: The costumes themselves are rejoicing! I never dreamed they'd look that good! I'm stunned...
Djeeta is the Main Character

Chika: I feel like I'm about to cry...
Riko: Chika? What's wrong?
Chika: Just look at them! The world has been blessed with three super-cute idols all at once—it's a miracle!
Io: You know... I didn't really notice until I put it on, but these cutesy outfits are kind of embarrassing...
Chika: Oh... Sorry. Are you shy when it comes to this stuff, Io?
Io: I-I'm not shy!
Io: Just a little nervous...
Chika: Ahaha, okay. You know, we were really nervous at first too.
Riko: Yeah. But then everyone enjoyed our performance...
You: It made me so happy seeing everyone smiling and clapping for us.
Chika: I want you to know what it feels like to shine on stage like that.
Lyria: Hehe. Let's get out there and give it everything we've got, Io!
Io: O-okay!
Chika, Riko, and You exchange smiles as they see Io doing her best to muster up her courage. They vow to make the concert a success.
Chika: All right, here we go! Let's shine with everything we've got!
Having triumphed at procuring costumes for their friends, the girls begin practicing for their concert in Tenacie.


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