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Official Profile

Age 47 Height 210 cm Race Draph
Hobbies Pilgrimage
Likes 無為自然、梵我一如の演奏
Dislikes 天蓋を取られること
Character Release
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 47歳 Height 210cm Race ドラフ族
Hobbies 聖地巡礼
Likes 無為自然、梵我一如の演奏
Dislikes 天蓋を取られること
Character Release
Source [1]




  • Bakura's design and philosophy seem to be based on the real life komusō priests.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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(Captain), allow me to deliver a sermon to commemorate the day of your birth.
In my sect, we believe that birth is the beginning of all pain and suffering.
Although we do not celebrate the birth itself, new affinities created from the life brought into this world are truly a blessing.
That is the true meaning of birth to me.
(Captain), I am forever grateful for our paths crossing.
You have brought so much meaning into my life.


Hahaha! (Captain), what a felicitous day!
I wish to celebrate your birth from the bottom of my heart!
It is said that on this day it is customary to send one's thoughts, and I am without physical gifts.
But I have a flute with which I will help you celebrate this joyous occasion.
Let me play you a song...
Many happy returns!


We are all truly blessed to be gathered here to celebrate another of your birthdays, (Captain). When I checked, it seemed banquet preparations had already been made. Lavish feasts, taken to extremes, can open the door to Raga, the Klesha of insatiable desire. But... this is a glad occasion. Some amount of indulgence allows one to better enjoy a celebration and can lend added vigor to the morrow's training. Make merry, (Captain), and stoke the fires of your future endeavors.


(Captain), the day you were brought into this world was certainly a most glorious one.
It is said that one's day of birth is also the day their goal in life is decided.
If you don't mind sharing, I would love to hear what your goal in life is.
In return, I shall tell you what it is that I strive toward.
Though it is a path of solitude that I tread as a monk, having someone of like mind to help buoy the spirit in a reciprocal manner can be most uplifting.
Although I cannot say in full confidence that I'm qualified to fill the role, I would most certainly like to give it a try with you, (Captain).


What a blessing it is to be able to celebrate your birthday again, (Captain).
Though we've spent a good many years on this road together, there is still a long way to go. And it remains unclear where the end of the road lies...
Most astonishing of all is how your soul remains ever pure, without the slightest hint of taint. You have my utmost respect for that.
It gives me hope and courage, and has a positive effect on my own actions.
Hm? You see my existence as a great boon to you as well?
As your traveling companion, I am most honored to receive such high praise.
I vow to continue doing my very best in our journey ahead, so that I may prove your faith in me to be well-placed.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

The new year is upon us.
Happy New Year, (Captain). May our next year be as fruitful as the last.
My New Year's resolution is to gather all 108 forbidden requiems and save the lost souls wandering the skies.
And to accomplish that, I kindly pray for your assistance, (Captain). I promise to be forever grateful.


(Captain), happiest of new years to you. It is my honor to serve you on this hallowed beginning as well.
Hahaha. Why do I stand on ceremony?
That is because... That is because the new year must begin in a manner which is not brazen.
Does it not please you? Hmm... My way of speaking is much too formal for the occasion?
I believe I understand. I must also test the waters if I am to grow.
I shall try again... In a more common tongue...
Have a... super... fantastic... New Year... yo.
Sigh... Do you approve of my attempt to sound less formal?


Happiest of New Years to you, (Captain). You have my deepest gratitude and upmost appreciation.
Oh yes... Have a super fantastic New Year... yo.
Words that fall from my lips rarely are difficult to muster indeed.
Perhaps I should refrain from what does not come naturally to me and exist as I am.
Hahaha! Apologies for the uninformative banter.
Training for one such as myself does often include calming one's mind even in the most festive occasions.
And so, a New Year's greeting is all I require to mark the start of a new beginning.


Happy New Year. Once again, I pray from my heart of hearts that you will be of sound mind and body for the year to come.
I am on a pilgrimage across the entirety of the Grandcypher to offer my greetings to all in the crew.
Some may think it an unnecessarily formal gesture, but I find the New Year's greeting to be of grave importance.
Thus the reason for my peregrination on this day.
If I may be so bold, I would greatly appreciate your company if you'd join me on this pilgrimage, (Captain).
I am most certain that your very presence alone would inject life into my rather insipid greetings.
You'll accompany me? Splendid. Let us continue on then.


New Year's blessings upon you. It gladdens me to see you refreshed.
The majority of my New Year's greetings have been given. Yours is the last.
I appear even more refreshed than you? Perhaps you speak the truth.
The members of your crew are from different walks of life and seek their own paths, and yet each and every one is here celebrating with us.
Speaking with them has given me renewed drive to strengthen myself further.
But it goes without saying that you are the one who inspires me most.
Let this message serve both as a greeting and a pledge for this year.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Ah, (Captain)! You have prepared chocolates for even one such as myself?
Your generosity humbles me. I am most grateful.
As one who spends his days wandering the islands, it is rather easy to forget the traditions of the secular world.
But thanks to your didactic gifts, I manage to get by without shame.
(Captain), I hope to continue to learn from your magnanimity and wisdom.


Oh! Pardon me, my captain.
Yes, I am in the middle of my training.
I travel the world relying on the kindness of others. This day, I have come seeking no different.
Though there is an ache that forces me to partake.
Hahaha, forgive my atrocious poetry.
Last year you bestowed me with "chocolate" and the taste still haunts me.
My worldly desires still rule me. I am a weak man. Forgive me...


Why hello, (Captain).
You're giving me more chocolates this year as well?
Humblest thanks... Your charitable spirit is most becoming.
Oh... It is not just a charitable spirit, but also your feelings towards me that cause you to bestow chocolate upon someone like myself?
I am unacquainted with such situations and thus I can find no words...
(Captain), I am moved by your kindness greatly.


(Captain), thank you for the offering. I am truly blessed to receive these from you every year.
I humbly accept your goodwill.
Valentine's is indeed a most noble ritual, allowing us to convey our inner feelings for others.
Not just the chocolate, but even these divine flowers make for a fine offering to the deceased—
Hm? You believe there is a misunderstanding at play?
Ah, the traditions of the secular world can so often be such an intricate enigma.


I thank you for your offering of chocolate again this year, (Captain).
In order to gain a deeper understanding of Valentine's Day, I have dedicated my time to observing my fellow crew members.
From what I have gathered from the exchanges taking place on this airship, it seems there are a number of emotions involved in this special day.
Affection, fondness, love... As one so detached from the secular world, there is much I have not learned.
One in training should avoid any such violent fluctuations of emotions... but by no means do I believe this was a useless discovery.
Understanding the emotions of the living is indispensable when giving consideration to the regrets of the deceased.
I trust the feelings you have shown me will someday travel upon the sound of my flute and bring peace to the souls of the dead.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), I have prepared a gift as per your instructions. I hope it is to your liking.
Ah, to see you so pleased brings relief to my heart.
But (Captain), there is a possible misunderstanding that I must clear up.
This is no cookie. Rather it is a dry confection made by pressing starch and sugar together.
Perhaps I should have spoken earlier... But when thinking of sweets from my sect, this was the only thing that came to mind.
My condolences, (Captain).
I hope I have not disappointed you...


Hahaha... Happy White Day.
The year last you imparted upon me the knowledge of this tradition. Since that time, I have yearned to create my own gift.
That is correct. These are cookies.
I have had no practice before this. Know that my heart and soul have been imbued into these delicacies.
Please do not laugh at my lack of skill. If they do not suit your palate, you may return them.
Although they may be from an untrained hand, I ask that you judge them with leniency.


(Captain), happy White Day.
I've made much progress. Rest assured these cookies are better than the last.
I have gone to many lands and seen many places...
And experienced firsthand that there is still much for me to learn.
See how far I've come by having a taste of these.


(Captain), it would gladden my heart if you would be so gracious as to accept my White Day gift.
These miniature delights are commonly known as cookies. I mixed in some tea leaves to instill them with a pleasant fragrance.
Although doing so has resulted in a very savory taste, I must warn you that a tinge of bitterness remains. I only hope that they suit your palate...
Oh, you find it delectable? I am most honored to receive such high praise.
I spent an entire year training in the art of cookie-making to see that smile you now grace me with.
I'll pour us some tea. Please enjoy the treats to your heart's content.


Please accept this humble White Day offering. I believe you will find it suitable to your tastes, but what say you?
I see—it is wonderful to hear that. I am truly relieved that I was able to thank you properly for your Valentine's gift.
Hahaha. You think them delectable enough that I could sell them? I am undeserving of such praise.
And unlike the melody of my flute, these cookies are for you and you alone.
As long as I was able to bring warmth to your heart, that is more than enough for me.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons
2nd year:
Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Disaster befalls us, (Captain)!
My flute buzzes without pause!
Lost souls wander the streets, and the sounds from my flute will not bring them peace.
Have you any clue as to why this might be?
This is a celebration, you say? One that calls for costume play with lost souls?
Hahahaha, is that so?
The extraordinary customs of the secular world truly mystify me.


Grumble... Trick or treat.
I am at your service.
This is the eve of Halloween. I have heard that we must use our shape-shifting abilities to frighten those around us.
But as you may have noticed, I am lacking such ability or costume.
For I do not know what's best to wear. I am at an impasse.
Hm? You suggest I do what? Take off my...
What a p-preposterous proposal!
This may not be removed until I have attained enlightenment.
Even for a eve like this, I just can't have my face unveiled. I ask that you forgive my inability to acquiesce.


What! Am I to understand that you have prepared a Halloween costume for me, (Captain)?
Thank you... I am moved to tears by your generosity of spirit.
I wish to repay your kindness in some way, however slight.
Once I have donned this raiment, allow me to accompany you and be of what service I can.
After all, this is a time when spirits of the departed flock to the land of the living...
Should any malignant spirit seek to do you harm, my flute shall send it swiftly to rest.


(Captain). (Captain)? May I have a moment of your time.
I walked through town while donning your generous gift of raiment from the previous year.
When a band of children caught sight of me, they immediately ran in the opposite direction.
It is not my intent to instill fear in the young. What is it about me that frightens them so?
You believe that perhaps it is due to the lack of treats in my possession?
Hm, I had not considered the notion. Indeed, Halloween is a day of treat exchange.
You are truly a font of knowledge, (Captain).


(Captain). (Captain)? I spent some time earlier handing out treats to the children in town.
I was concerned that they might run in the opposite direction like the previous year, but I was able to carry out the deed with success.
Your advice to head in their direction while carrying bucketfuls of candy proved invaluable.
It felt like I was the one giving alms rather than receiving them. A most surreal experience it was.
And in exchange, I was blessed with their smiles.
Now that I've ascertained there is no greater reward for giving alms, I will follow that example when it is next my turn to receive.
Though I may have to practice to match the purity of the children's smiles.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), if I may ask a question...
Tonight is said to be the most wondrous of nights. Can you tell me why?
Oh, is that so! All gather together to celebrate the act of gift-giving?
Ah, to participate in such a selfless act surely emboldens the heart and spirit.
What a delightful tradition this is. I too hope to participate in that act this very night. Hahahaha...


(Captain), happy holidays.
This year I have resolved to make the acquaintance of the man named Saint Nicholas.
Captain, I must beg a request of you.
Would you do me the honor of being by my side even into the eve?
For this is the night I will speak with the deliverer of presents...


(Captain), what a wonderful evening.
I was yet again unable to see Santa Claus.
For what reason does the saint hide himself and yet bestow presents upon us?
I see. So it is his custom to hide.
Would it be the case that he is bound by some law and is unable to show himself?
Then I was attempting to violate his rules...
I have decided to give up my quest to see him.
A person who strictly abides by their own precepts... I aspire to such greatness.


(Captain), if I may ask a favor of you...
Although I do not usually partake in the tradition of this wondrous winter holiday, I must voice my admiration and respect for the old saint.
You see, I wish to be a recipient of his generous alms and study under him.
However, as he does not make his presence publicly known, I lack the means by which to make my request known.
A little bird told me that you are in good standing with the saint.
If you could pass the word on for me, I would be most grateful.


Wonderful is a ship filled with merry like yours, (Captain).
Mere moments ago, I aided the children with preparing treats for their favorite visitor clad in red.
Their desire to convey appreciation for Saint Nicholas's kind almsgiving was truly moving.
Hm? You claim there is something in my pocket?
I suppose it does weigh heavier than usual... Oh!
This is one of the treats the children made.
I believe I understand... They must have slipped it in when they heard that I volunteered to aid Saint Nicholas.
Truly, their compassion is a sight to behold... I have only praise in my heart for them.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Well-Traveled Monk

A bizarre supernatural incident occurs at the village. All of its residents turn out to be wandering spirits, and Bakura helps them attain peace.

???: Ooooooohh...
Some time after nightfall, an ominous voice sounds in a desolate village where usually only the sound of the wind passes through.
The one producing the noise stands before a civilian house, hoping to meet with its residents.
???: I am a wandering monk who travels the islands in search of forbidden requiems that lie in ancient ruins.
???: The winds take me where they will and serve as my shelter.
???: Alms provided by the charitable allow me to continue my journey to bring peace to lost souls. If I may ask for a pittance...
Village Elder: Agh! Go away! Shoo!
Village Elder: I've got nothing for you beggar types. Leave the village at once!
Village Elder: Fool! Put your palms down! I said I have nothing for you!
???: As you wish...
The man realizes there is nothing to be gained here and turns around.
He returns to the cover of night and resumes his strange chanting.
???: Ooooooohh...
Village Elder: Geez, what a weirdo that creep was. He might as well be from another world.
Days later (Captain) and company make a sudden stop in the village due to a malfunction in the Grandcypher.
Village Elder: Ah, thank the skies! What a blessing it is to have skyfarers visit our village!
Village Elder: Erm... We've been having problems lately with bandits breaking into our homes coercing us for rupies and items of value.
Village Elder: I think I have a lead. There's this shady monk who comes by here every night. I'm pretty sure it's all him.
(Captain) decides to take on the village elder's assignment as thanks for helping with the Grandcypher's repairs.
The crew stays at an empty shack in the village and waits for the shady monk to appear at nightfall.
???: Ooooooohh...
Lyria: Eep! What's that sound? It's scaring me! Quick, (Captain)!
(Captain) gets up swiftly with weapon in hand and carefully unlocks the door.
???: I apologize for intruding at night.
Vyrn: What's your problem, mad hatter? You're the one that's been robbing those houses?
???: Nay. As a wandering monk, it is within my nature to go door-to-door and solicit alms from the charitable so that I may continue my training.
Lyria: Umm, what do you mean by training? You must be...
Bakura: My apologies if I seemed a bit shady. I am Bakura, a wandering monk-in-training.
The relieved crew invites Bakura in and explains to him everything the village elder spoke of.
Bakura breathes a sympathetic sigh.
Bakura: I see... It is standard practice to refuse monks by telling them to put their palms down.
Bakura: Monks depart as soon as they are told so. The villagers are all aware of this.
Bakura: Something is amiss here. Barging into homes and demanding riches is against the code of my sect.
Bakura: If the ones causing trouble are indeed from my sect, I cannot let this go unpunished.
Bakura: Will you allow me to join you in your quest to quell these knaves?
(Captain) accepts Bakura's offer.
As there is no sign of bandits showing up anytime soon, the crew passes the time with merry conversation.
Any version of Jin (Event) is a crew member

Lyria: Huh? You and Jin know each other?
Jin: Hahaha. Bakura and I might be fifteen years apart, but that's right.
Jin: However Bakura left the village while I was still very young, so I remember very little.
Bakura: Your words pain me, Jin. Do you not remember all the pranks we played, or how we cleaned the sheets together after you wet the bed?
Jin: Agh! Stop it, Bakura! I'd rather not remember!
Lyria: Teehee. It's nice to know Jin used to be so playful.
Vyrn: Hey, hey, so Jin said you left the village? Was there any reason you left?
Bakura: Yes. The small village I hail from was truly wonderful, yet I decided to leave at the age of twenty.
Vyrn: But why would you even want to leave if the village was so wonderful?
Bakura: I was a feisty one in my youth. I had grand dreams for the future and would do anything to achieve them.
Bakura: I left home to enlist in the army. My first battle ended in catastrophe and I lost all hope.
Bakura: It was then that I met a monk on the battlefield. The mysterious sound of his flute drew me in. I came to an epiphany and decided that it was time to leave the secular world.
Lyria: Ah, I was wondering about that flute. What kind of sound does it make?
Although Lyria only asks out of curiosity, Bakura is slightly taken aback.
Bakura: Forgive me, but my flute is not meant for playing music. It blows of its own will when lost souls find peace.
Lyria: Umm... lost souls?
Bakura: Yes, souls so entrenched in sadness they can no longer find their way to the heavens.
Vyrn: Hey, look... Isn't that a ghost over there?
Lyria: Eep! A ghost? Erm... No need to play the flute!
Just as the conversation gets lively, the sound of someone knocking on the door fills the air.
???: Aah, please! I'm only here to ask for a pittance! Won't you kindly open the door for me?
???: What the heck is taking you so long! Open the blasted door before I tear it down!
The charlatan reveals himself. (Captain) and company ready their weapons against him.
The charlatan stands no chance, and the battle ends before it even starts.
As the crew ties up the defeated charlatan to hand over to the village elder, something strange happens.
Charlatan Monk: Tch, I messed up...
Vyrn: Holy moly! Did you see that? He just disappeared?
Lyria: This is scaring me... It feels like something bad is going to happen...
But from that night onward, peace is restored to the village as the charlatan monk never shows his face again.
With Bakura's name cleared, the village elder expresses his heartfelt thanks and apologizes.
Village Elder: I am truly sorry for suspecting you. We should have tried to talk to you in earnest before taking you for a criminal...
Bakura seems unconcerned and quickly accepts the apology. He then puts his mouth on the mysterious flute.
The sound from the flute is something out of this world—solemn yet peaceful; familiar yet foreign. Its sound is so pure it shakes the foundation of many a soul.
Lyria: Aah... I can sort of feel the sound inside me...
Vyrn: Uh oh, Lyria! This smells like trouble!
Lyria: Huh? What's wrong?
Lyria turns to look in Vyrn's direction.
Lyria: Wow, look at all those balls of light!
Glimmering balls of light ascend toward the skies from all over the village.
The last ball of light appears from the village elder right before the crew's very eyes.
Village Elder: Aah, it's all coming back now... We had already perished that day when...
Village Elder: Thank you, kind travelers. We can now rest in peace.
Lyria: Umm... Bakura, do you know what's happening here?
Bakura removes his lips from the flute. Placing a comforting hand on Lyria's shoulder, he gently begins to tell the story of the village.
Bakura: Once upon a time, there existed a village known among monks for its kindness.
Bakura: The people of the village gladly provided their own food and shelter to any traveler.
Bakura: Seeing the villagers' kindness, a group of bandits decided to take advantage of them.
Bakura: They came here posing as monks, plundered the riches, and killed off everyone in the village.
Bakura: I always felt sorry for these kind villagers, and so I came to bring peace to their wandering souls.
Lyria: Ah, it all makes sense now. But then that means...
Bakura: My master has taught me only one lesson: to use my flute to calm lost souls who have yet to move on.
Bakura: My master tells me that when I've played all 108 requiems scattered throughout the skies, I will at long last achieve enlightenment.
Bakura: But I lack the forbidden requiems required to save all the souls out there.
Bakura: If I may be so bold, I ask for permission to join you in your travels across the skies and search for the forbidden requiems.
  1. Your mission is truly marvelous. I can't refuse.
  2. If Lyria's okay with it...

Choose: Your mission is truly marvelous. I can't refuse.
Bakura: Your kindness humbles me. Thank you, Captain.

Choose: If Lyria's okay with it...
Lyria: Huh? Me? Umm, will you help me every time a ghost shows up?
Bakura: Hahahaha... It would be an honor, Lyria.
Continue 1
And thus the well-traveled monk Bakura joins the crew.

One with the Clouds

Vyrn and Lyria cook up a few plots to get Bakura to take off his strange hat, but to no avail.

(Captain) and company enjoy lunch in town after completing an assignment.
But for some reason, Vyrn and Lyria, who were so hungry only moments ago, remain motionless.
Their attention is fixed on a specific object.
Bakura: Hm? Is there a grain of rice stuck on my face?
Vyrn: Huh? How could we possibly know with that hat thingy covering your face?
Lyria: Yeah, we can't see your face at all! We're really curious to see what's inside the hat...
Bakura: I see. So my straw bascinet has caught your attention. As it is exclusive to my sect, I am not surprised that it stands out to you.
Vyrn: Oh, so you call that thing a straw bascinet.
Lyria: Erm... Don't you ever find it inconvenient to have that hat on all the time?
Bakura: Hahahaha... Your concern is appreciated, but I have long grown accustomed to it.
Bakura begins to feast on the bread and soup in front of him.
Curious as to how he eats with the straw bascinet on, the crew observes his every movement.
Bakura tilts the straw bascinet to create a small opening around his chin and effortlessly sips on the bowl of soup.
Bakura: Is something the matter? The food will grow cold if you do not eat soon.
Vyrn: Erm... So I guess you never take off that hat, huh.
Lyria: Now that you mention it, I've never seen Bakura take it off.
Any version of Jin (Event) is a crew member

Jin: There used to be talk of how Bakura was the most handsome-looking man in the village.
Jin: But as I was so young when Bakura left, I remember little of it.
Jin: Oh, and his facial features are supposedly closer to that of an Erune than a Draph. Young girls would cross the mountains just to get a peek at his good looks.
Vyrn: (Hey, hey, let's try to get him to take off his hat!)
Lyria: (But how would we even do that?)
Vyrn: (Heheh! Leave it to me!)
Vyrn calls a waiter over and whispers in his ear.
The waiter nods in response and returns to the kitchen.
Shortly after, the waiter comes back out and places a large bowl in front of Bakura.
Lyria: Ah, it's ramen! Surely he won't be able to hold the bowl and drink the ramen soup at the same time with his hat on!
Lyria: Great thinking, Vyrn! Now we get to see Bakura—
Bakura: Shluuurp...
The dynamic sound of Bakura's noodle-slurping reverberates across the restaurant. A surprised Lyria turns to look at Bakura, but it is too late—the bowl is empty.
Bakura: That was a wonderful meal.
Lyria: Huh? What just happened? The ramen's...
Vyrn: It's hopeless, Lyria. I think I saw the hat come off for a split second, but he finished that ramen so fast I couldn't see a thing.
Lyria: But how...
Vyrn: Darn it. Time for Plan B!
The waiter comes out with another dish for Bakura.
Lyria: Wow, look at how red it is!
Vyrn: Heheh! This is the restaurant's super ultra-spicy chili pepper dish!
Lyria: Great thinking again, Vyrn! He's going to want to take off his hat after all that spice!
Vyrn: Hehehe! There's no way he'll be able to finish something so spicy without—
Bakura: Guuulp...
Bakura once again finishes off the dish in a split second without breaking a single bead of sweat.
Bakura: Thank you. That was delicious.
Lyria: How... Bakura, wasn't that a bit spicy?
Vyrn: What's happening here? Maybe it only looked spicy?
Just then a couple seated behind them cries out.
Ruffian: Aaauugh! Hot, hot, hot! My tongue! My throat! My body! It's all... burning!
Ruffian's Girlfriend: I'm so sorry, honey! I only ordered it because the old man over there was enjoying it so much!
Ruffian's Girlfriend: Don't think you guys are getting away with letting my boyfriend eat magma!
Vyrn: Whoa, hold on now! You're the one that ordered the dish, not us! How is it our fault?

One with the Clouds: Scene 2

Bakura goes to a spring in the woods to bathe. Vyrn and Lyria follow him there in hopes of seeing his face, but he never removes his hat.

The next day Lyria is alone scrubbing the deck of the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Teehee, scrub, scrub! I'll make you as good as new!
Lyria: Ah, the bucket...
The towel in Lyria's hands gets caught on the bucket, tipping it over.
To make matters worse, Bakura is walking on the deck below her.
Bakura: ...
Lyria: Aah! I'm so sorry, Bakura! My hand slipped...
Bakura: Worry not, Lyria. A slip of the hand can happen to anyone.
Bakura picks up the bucket and wipes the water off the floor with a towel.
Lyria feels sorry that Bakura has to do this.
Lyria: Aw, it's my fault that Bakura's all wet now...
Vyrn: Yeah! Good going, Lyria! Now he has no choice but to take off his hat!
Lyria: Huh? But that's not what I—
Vyrn: Look, look! He put his hand on his hat!
To Vyrn's dismay, Bakura simply wipes his straw bascinet with a towel.
Vyrn: Geez, what's it gonna take for him to remove that thing?
Lyria: Hey, it looks like Bakura's going somewhere!
Vyrn: We're going after him, Lyria!
Vyrn and Lyria chase after Bakura, who's suddenly run off the ship.
Bakura proceeds along the forest path and quietly stops in front of a spring.
Vyrn and Lyria watch him from the shade of a nearby tree.
Vyrn: You see? It's just as I thought! He's gonna take a bath here!
Lyria: Huh? A bath? I'd better get back to the ship...
Vyrn: Wait, don't you want to see his face?
Lyria: I do, but I can't look while he's bathing... I'm heading back!
Vyrn: Wait, Lyria! Look, he's starting to move!
Vyrn: What? He's going in there without taking anything off!
Bakura jumps into the spring fully-clothed.
He plunges into the water from head to toe and proceeds to scrub the clothing on his body as if doing laundry.
Vyrn and Lyria sigh as they watch the very top of Bakura's straw bascinet float along the surface of the water.
Vyrn: Ugh... I don't think he's ever taking off that hat. Let's head back, Lyria.
Lyria: I agree.
Just as they turn around, Bakura's straw bascinet drops like a float.
Vyrn: Whoa now! Did he just go diving?
Lyria: No, Vyrn! Fish are mistaking him for bait and attacking him!
The two call out to (Captain) and rush to Bakura's rescue.

One with the Clouds: Scene 3

Bakura explains to Lyria and Vyrn that he cannot take off his hat until he gathers all forbidden requiems. A friendly exchange of apologies ensues.

Vyrn and Lyria enter Bakura's chambers to find him getting ready to sleep.
The two giggle at the fact that Bakura keeps his hat on even when asleep.
Lyria: Teehee, I guess we'll never get to see Bakura's face.
Vyrn: Hehe. Yeah, it's a lost cause. I guess a mad hatter's gonna be a mad hatter.
Bakura notices the two giggling away and decides to explain why he always keeps his straw bascinet on.
Bakura: The rules of my sect forbid me from removing this straw bascinet.
Bakura: Only after I have acquired all the forbidden requiems may I remove it.
Bakura: I apologize if it inconveniences you and beg for your forgiveness.
Lyria: Oh, so that's why? If only we knew...
Vyrn: You could've told us sooner, you know!
Lyria: Sorry, Bakura. We got a little carried away.
Bakura: Please do not let it trouble you. As for why I never mentioned it, I could not bring myself to do so after seeing you enjoy the mystery.
Bakura: Hahahaha... The smiles of children are truly a wonderful thing... They symbolize peace itself.
Though Vyrn and Lyria cannot see inside the straw bascinet, it is obvious enough what kind of face Bakura has on right now.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ふむ…良き風にて候 Favorable winds approach.
これこれ、天蓋に触るでない My straw bascinet is not meant for touching.
進めども進めども悟りの道は遠き哉 The path to enlightenment is an arduous one.
ぬぅ…是は奇っ怪な… Ah, what a marvel this is.
雲水の、無常なるを知りて行脚せん… Treasure every fleeting moment, for time is ephemeral.
精進、精進…日々是修行にて候 Progress is a daily endeavor.
今日は、良く…笛が鳴り申し候 Today is a fine day to play the flute.
はははは…一人旅より二人旅 Hahahaha... Solidarity transcends solitude.
(主人公)殿、御用心、御用心 Let us be vigilant, (Captain).
(主人公)殿に旅の加護あれ… May you prosper in your journey, (Captain).