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Official Profile

Age 18
Height 166 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Surfing, collecting pretty shells, making accessories out of collected shells
Likes Surfing, competition, free diving
Dislikes Losing, being restricted by rules

Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 18歳
Height 166cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies サーフィン、綺麗な貝殻集め、集めた貝殻でアクセサリーを作ること
Likes サーフィン、競争、素潜り
Dislikes 負けること、規則や言いつけに縛られること

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Today's a very special day.
That means we have to celebrate!
It's your birthday, (Captain)!
I've seen tons of islands ever since I joined you.
I can't thank you enough, (Captain). You've allowed me to visit beaches I never could have imagined!
That's why I got you... this!
It's a pendant I made out of seashells and pearls I've gathered from beaches across the skies!
Try it on. I bet it'll look great on you!


Happy birthday!
(Captain), check it out! The last time I went to Auguste, I got all of these pretty shells!
I arranged them in a cute pattern, and, uh, this is your birthday present, (Captain)!
All handmade presents should be more like this one—nice and simple.
Hehe. If you like this kind of stuff, I'll keep making it for you.
So keep taking me to different beaches, okay!


(Captain), Happy birthday! I'm really happy I get to spend time with you!
That a whole year has already gone by is crazy! Or maybe it just feels that way because I've joined you on your adventure.
Fun really makes time go at light speed, doesn't it!
(Captain), I really want to thank you. You've taught me that there's so much more to life than just surfing!
(Captain), we're in this together!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! It makes me so happy that we can celebrate your birthday together every year!
After all, we've journeyed together for so long and came all the way out here... We went through a ton of stuff, huh?
That's why I'm really glad we made it through another year and can celebrate your birthday like this again!
I guess that got kinda serious, huh?
It's a day for celebration, so let's forget about the sad stuff and enjoy today!
Really, happy birthday, (Captain)! I hope we can continue exploring different islands together from here on out!


Whew, finally here! What an amazing view of the Auguste seas, wouldn't you say?
This is my secret spot. I've wanted to bring you here for a while now!
I had trouble riding the waves when I first started surfing. It was then that I came across this cozy little spot.
Every time something big in my life happened, I'd come by to gaze at the sea.
It's so relaxing and gets me ready to face whatever the next day might bring.
I brought you here hoping to share some of my joy with you!
And that's that. Happy birthday, (Captain)!
May your waves be gentle and fortuitous in the following year!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Oh, you're coming too, (Captain)? I'm gonna celebrate by carving some new year waves as the sun rises!
That's the only way to really experience the new year, I say! Let's go!


Happy New Year! I just got back from my first ride of the year! It was the beeest!
Phew. I gotta say, though... I'm beat.
Yawn... I'm gettin' kinda sleepy, actually. Maybe I'll go straight to bed after this...
Say, (Captain), do you want to take a nap together? I get lonely sleeping alone...
Fwaaah... Okay! Then let's hit the hay!


(Captain), wanna go to a shrine for the first time this year?
Come on. I'll go with you!
Huh? Why am I wet?
Duh! Because I was out surfing for the first time this year!
Whew! This is the best way to start a new year!
Oh! Now I need to take the first shower of the new year too! I'll be right back!


This year's gonna be great if I'm already riding such killer waves... Mm... Zzz...
Huh? What! Where did the big wave go! And my ocean!
Oh, good morning, (Captain)! But wait! Wasn't I just surfing a second ago?
Huh? A dream? Really?
Hmph, so what if it was a dream! They say the first dream of the year always comes true, so that just means I get to look forward to the future!
Shoot! I almost forgot!
Happy New Year, (Captain)! We're gonna catch every single wave there is to ride this year!


(Captain)! Happy! New Year!
Hehe, lost my balance there... Was an awesome wave though!
Nothing beats surfing into the next year!
I'm gonna go back for more! You should join me once you're done with your break!
How long am I gonna keep surfing for?
Until we finish ringing in the first day of the year, of course!
We've got to savor every wave that flows by with the fresh tides!
Come on, we only get this chance once a year! You better stick with me until the end, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's!
Check it out, (Captain)! I got you a chocolate fountain!
Look, there's even a mini version of you riding the chocolate waves!
Don't worry about how I got one of these things! Just dig in!


Heya, (Captain)! Here's some Valentine's Day chocolates!
Truth be told, I wasn't really into this kind of stuff back at my hometown.
I was too busy catching waves, you know!
But ever since joining the crew, I've seen how into it everyone gets for these holidays and stuff.
Somehow, seeing that got me really pumped too!
So here you are! Valentine's Day chocolates from yours truly! Let me know how you like them.
Of course, you're only allowed to say that they're the best though! Hehe.


(Captain), happy Valentine's Day!
How did you like last year's chocolate?
Because this year I made them even better!
Ahah! I've still got plently of room for improvement.
When I was in Auguste I basically never did anything apart from surfing!
And you better not try to call me a land surfer! It's not like I had a choice, ya know! There's no water around these parts!
So basically, when I can't go the beach, I find myself addicted to cooking. I've come a long way, and I'm going to get better!


Here, take this. It's your Valentine's Day present!
A few things happened this year, so um... I'm sorry! This store-bought stuff is all I got!
What happened, you ask? Um... How should I put it? The more you get used to something, the more you let your guard down?
Yeah, so I got a little too excited, tried my hand at a hard recipe, and then failed super hard.
Oh, but don't worry! I'm going to eat everything I made! I'm not one to waste food!
Huh? You don't care if I failed? You still want it?
No way! You'll give yourself an upset stomach!
Geez, fine. Let's share them then!
But I'm gonna work hard, and next year I'll make sure to succeed and give you something really tasty!


Here, (Captain)—your Valentine's Day present! Handmade, of course!
I decided to bake a fancy cake to make up for last year. You can be sure it'll hold its own against the store-bought kind!
Go on, try a bite! So what do you think? It tasted fine when I tested it before, so I hope it's okay...
It's good?
Yay! That means I'm redeemed for last year!
Oh, if it's not too much to ask, I'd really like to try something handmade of yours for White Day.
I realized I've actually never eaten your cooking before!
Really? You'll do it? I can't wait, (Captain)!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Great waves today! Oh, hello, (Captain)! Didn't see you come in!
Sniff, sniff! Oh? I can smell something sweet on you, (Captain)!
Are these... fruit candies? They smell delicious!
These are for me? For White Day? Wow, thanks!


Ugh... Water... I need... The ocean... I'm totally gonna... shrivel up...
Hm? Oh... What's up, (Captain)?
A White Day present...
For me? Yay, thank you so much!
Ahh... You really are the ocean of my heart, (Captain)! I feel like I could drown in your kindness!
The ocean of your heart knows no bounds! I feel like I could swim in the skies right now! Thank you, (Captain).
Haha. But really though, we should swing by a beach every now and then.


Sigh... My body longs for the sea...
The winds are calling to me...
Wow, (Captain)! Is this a present for me?
Yay! Thank you! And what did you get me...
What... You're saying, because I can't go to Auguste sea, you've brought it to me?
Wow! You've made an ocean that exists on the outskirts of the Grandcypher with magic?
That's amazing! This is incredible!
(Captain), you mean the sea to me! I love you, (Captain)!
All right! Let's get surfin'!
Ahaha! Don't worry about it! I'll teach you everything you need to know!


Whoo, it feels amazing to ride the waves again after so long... Thanks, (Captain)!
Ahaha, it feels like you gift me the ocean every year, doesn't it?
You must've gone outta your way to bring me to Auguste. Geez, you're just the best! I love you!
Okay! Since we're here, we gotta make sure we go all out!
Come on, join me! Auguste's waves are easy, so even a beginner like you won't have any problems!
I was beached for so long, I thought I was gonna dry out! As thanks for saving me, I'll show you the best the ocean has to offer!


Wow, this is amazing! Did you make all these, (Captain)?
It's hard to decide which one to eat first... Hm, guess I'll start with the madeleine!
Mmm, it's delicious! Just the right amount of sweetness!
You're incredible, (Captain)! I can't believe you made this huge assortment by yourself.
Sure would be great if you could pack me a lunch the next time I go surfing! Hehe, just kidding.
Huh? Y-you'll do it? Really?
Yaaay! Then on my next day off, let's take those lunches and head to the beach! It's a date!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween!
Trick or treat!
Decorating for tonight's party? Sounds good! Let me help out!
By the way, (Captain), what are you dressing up as? Have you considered going as a sunburned surfer?
Grab a surfboard and get a swimsuit, and I bet you'll really stand out!


Happy Halloween!
Bummer! I'm all out of candy!
I thought it would be okay to get just enough for the youngest members of the crew, but even the adults wanted to join in on the fun.
Everyone was getting out of control, but then I thought, hey, it's a holiday, why not? So I ended up giving all my candy out.
So you should probably ask somebody else!
Eek! Hey now! Cut it out with the teasing!


Hey! (Captain), you came just in time!
I'm about to go to a halloween surfing event where surfers dress up.
It's not so much about people's ability to surf, but more about how good their costume looks! And of course newbies are welcome!
I still haven't picked out a costume yet. I'm not really good at stuff like that...
So I was hoping to get your opinion!
And with that, we're off to the costume shop!


Happy Halloween, (Captain)! Of course I'm gonna dress up and join the halloween surfing event again!
I feel like I didn't have enough punch last year... That's why I'm really gonna give it my all this year!
And that's where I need your help, (Captain)...
Can you join the halloween surfing event with me? Please!
The costumes this year are for pairs!
Huh? You'll come with me? Yaaay!
Thanks, (Captain)! You're too kind! I love you!
Well, I guess we should start getting ready right away! Let's go!


Wow! That's a lot of snacks in your basket, (Captain)! More than ever, it seems!
You packed extra just in case? Come to think of it, the kids always play tricks on you when you run out.
Oh, I just thought of something! (Captain), what springs to mind when you think of Halloween?
Now that's a hearty trick or treat!
You get this big pack of treats as a present!
They gave me way too much for winning the surfing tournament earlier, so I'm giving a bunch away!
Oh! I'd better get going if I'm gonna be on time to register for the next tournament!
See ya later, (Captain)! And happy Halloween!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
Look, it's snowing! I've never seen it snow before!
Back on Auguste it was sunny all year round, so I just kept riding the waves through the holidays!
The water gets pretty cold right about now.
I'd have the waves all to myself!


It's already time for the winter holidays, huh? You can feel it in the air... The town is just brimming with holiday spirit!
Just take a look around us—the night is brimming with excitement!
I used to spend my winter holidays at the beach, so I never had a chance to celebrate like this.
It's all thanks to you, (Captain)! Let's enjoy it together tonight!


Brr... It's cold...
It's freakin' freezing! It hurts! My bones are aching!
(Captain)! You came at just the right time! Could you help me?
Tonight I went to a surfer's event, but it was so cold that it was all I could think about.
Oh! (Captain), you're warm... Stay just like that...
This is great... You feel so good. This is where I should have been this whole time...


Whoa! Look, (Captain)! Everything's white, as far as the eye can see!
It snowed a lot yesterday, and the whole town got covered so fast.
Guess the surfing event this year is canceled though.
So how about this! Let's have a blast in town tonight and enjoy all the holiday festivities instead!
You're coming with me, right?
Come on then, let's go! There's only so much time before the fun's over!


Come on, hurry up! They're gonna close registrations soon!
There's no way we're missing out on those luxury prizes!
You get a bundle of Auguste seafood just for participating, and first prize is a free trip to a fancy resort!
Won't be easy to get that though... This season is when a lot of the skilled surfers are out and about.
But what's most important isn't that! As long as I get to ride some wicked waves, I'll be plenty happy!
Still, on the off chance I do win, let's have us an awesome holy night in that resort!
You're looking forward to it?
Then you better cheer me on so that I can surf my way to victory!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Time to Surf

To get ready for a surfing competition in Auguste, Cailana hits the waves. She is later joined by Tanya and Chloe whom she teaches how to swim. After having fun with her two friends, Cailana feels relaxed and ready to face the challenges that the competition will present.

Cailana not in crew

The crew first met the surfer Cailana on a mission.
She's a girl with a great love of the sea, surfing, and her hometown. She also has a huge dream.
That dream is to ride a wave in Auguste created by none other than the primal beast Leviathan.
Cailana: Today I'm going to ride this wave to the end. Come on, big guy!
The waves produced by the primal beast are unlike any other.
Every surfer worth their grit wants to dominate one, but so far none have managed to do so.
Many say the timing of these waves cannot be predicted...
But Cailana can sense minute changes in the wind and waves, and she's been right about the appearance of the legendary waves time and time again.
Though having the ability to predict when the waves will come is a useful skill, it still hasn't helped her ride with mastery yet.
Cailana: I've been thinking about it since yesterday. I may not win the competition, but I can still tag along with you, (Captain).
Cailana: If I want to get better, I have to see other oceans and experience other waves for myself!
And so Cailana left Auguste to set sail with the crew and grow as a surfer.
Cailana: ...
Cailana: The waves are receding...
Cailana: Ooh! This might be my chance.
It's early in the morning on Venera Beach, and Cailana is getting herself in position to catch some waves.
The waves are quite strong, reaching heights about as tall as she is.
Cailana: ...
Cailana: Now!
She catches a wave and listens to the sound of her board as it slices through the water.
While vacationing in Auguste, Cailana finds herself on its familiar waters surfing away her time.
Cailana: Whew...
After riding several waves, Cailana heads back to shore.
Cailana: Hmm...
The wind's direction has changed causing the waves to die down.
Cailana: Wanted to ride at least two more times... That might've been it for today though, huh...
Cailana quietly whispers this to herself as she takes her board and heads back into the water.
Tanya: Hm? Is that...
The crew is enjoying breakfast at the table in the mess hall.
Cailana: Guess who's ready to munch!
Chloe: Mornin'! Look at you, Caily!
Vyrn: Hey, Surfer Girl! Were you out hitting the waves again?
Cailana: Morning! Yup, sure was. The competition is coming up soon, so you know...
Cailana: I've gotta win if I want to be the best surfer in all the skies!
Chloe: Here's your breakfast, Caily! On the menu today is my special scallop risotto.
Cailana: Thanks! So today was your turn to cook?
Chloe: Umm, no. It was totally Loweeny's turn. I'm just, like, doing the waitressing.
Cailana: Oh, okay. Wow, this smells great!
Cailana: Ooh! Looks good too!
Vyrn: Haha! Surfer Girl, you really put your all into practicing every day, huh?
Cailana: You think? I dunno. I just need to be in the water to relax.
Cailana: I guess you could say it's, like, my way of de-stressing more than practicing.
Vyrn: De-stressing? Whatcha mean?
Cailana: I... I just, you know... worry sometimes.
Chloe: But, like, seriously! The amount of time you spend in the water is gonna net you the crown! There's just, like, no doubt about it.
Cailana: Ahaha. Thanks, Chloe.
Tanya: Um...
Cailana: Hm? Oh, hey, Tanya! Morning!
Chloe: Mornin'!
Tanya: I... Uh... Morning... Is it time for breakfast already?
Cailana: Yeah! I was out practicing earlier, so now I could eat a whole cow!
Cailana: Thanks for the grub and all that!
Saying this, Cailana shovels the first morsel into her mouth.
Cailana: This risotto is insane! It's so good! Just what the doctor ordered.
Tanya sits next to Cailana and looks as if she has something to say, but she can't quite muster the courage to speak up.
Chloe: Hey, Tanya. Do you wanna dig in too? Or did you already munch on something?
Tanya: Hm? I... I'm okay. I did have something earlier...
Chloe: Gotcha, girl! So... Wait... Are you here to talk to Caily then?
Tanya: I... Actually... yes, I am.
Cailana: Oh really? What's up?
Tanya: It's nothing... really... but...
Tanya: I... was watching you earlier... as I was running on the beach...
Cailana: Really? I didn't notice at all.
Tanya: I didn't think you would... You were in your own world...
Cailana: Oh my Astrals! I can't believe I was being watched and didn't even realize it! How embarrassing!
Tanya: I wouldn't say that... You were really cool.
Cailana: Cool?
Chloe: You said it! (*´ω`)σ
When she's on fire, there's, like, no better surfer than her.
Tanya: I agree... I could never do what you do... You have my deepest respect.
Cailana: Ahaha! Stop it. You're making me blush.
Cailana: But I bet you could surf too if you tried. How about we go for a spin now?
Tanya: What? But I... I've never done it before...
Cailana: Haha. Don't worry. I can teach you the ropes.
Cailana: How about you, Chloe? Want to join us? It feels really good.
Chloe: For reals? I'm totally in! You spin my head right round, girl!
Cailana: Ahah! It's settled!
Cailana: My tummy is full, and I'm ready to hit the waves!
Chloe: Yay!
Tanya: Sure...
And so Cailana decides to run her own surfer's camp on Venera Beach.
For now, the boards are on the beach while the team learns the basics in the water.
Cailana: So then the waves will come in like this.
Chloe: Right. Right.
Tanya: Okay.
Cailana: You have to match the waves and their speed to get a proper lift, and then you need to paddle for your life.
Cailana: Like this!
Cailana: Then once you've got a feeling for the timing, you just stand up!
Tanya: Sorry... Paddle for my life?
Cailana: When you stand, you need to focus all your energy in your stomach and make sure your whole body is in sync!
Cailana: That's all there is to standing on your board. Got it?
Chloe: Maybe I do! Let me at those waves!
Tanya: What? That's amazing, Chloe. I can't make heads or tails of this...
Chloe: Don't overthink it, girl! I'm just, like, going with the flow! Mind over matter, baby!
Tanya: Oh... So... I start paddling on my board and once I feel the speed is right, I stand...
Cailana: Right! That's all there is to it.
Cailana: You'll probably get a better feeling for what I'm talking about once you start trying it yourself.
Cailana: Okay... The waves aren't surging right now, so I think it's the perfect time to practice.
Cailana: Let's get this thing started!
Chloe: Yay!(*'ω'*)
Tanya: All right... H-here goes...
Cailana: Okay, you two. Get on your boards and stay put.
Cailana: When the waves come, I'll give the signal. Then you try paddling.
Cailana: Okay, Tanya! You first!
Tanya: Roger that!
Cailana: Here it comes!
Paddle, Tanya!
Tanya: Okay!
Tanya plants herself on the board and puts all her energy into paddling towards the shore.
Cailana: Now! Stand up!
Tanya: ...!
Tanya follows Cailana's instructions and tries to stand.
Tanya: Agh!
The wave's force overwhelms Tanya causing her to lose balance and fall into the water.
Cailana: That was close! Are you okay, Tanya?
Tanya: Huff, huff... This... is amazing.
Tanya: Huff, huff... The waves were much stronger than I had expected. I couldn't stand at all.
Cailana: But that was really good for starters! Baby steps!
Tanya: I see... I think I can do better next time.
Cailana: Yeah! That attitude's the fastest way to success!
Cailana: Okay. Up next is Chloe!
Chloe: Totally!
Chloe: Yay!
This is gonna be off the charts!
Cailana: Here it comes! Chloe, start paddling!
Chloe: This is totes a piece of cake.
Cailana gives Chloe the signal to start, and she heads in the direction of the shore. But the wave is slower than it looks...
Cailana: Oh, crap! She might be going too fast!
Chloe: Aaahhhh!
Chloe speeds right past the wave and face-plants into the water.
Cailana: Aaahhh! Chloe, are you okay?
Chloe: Pant, pant, pant... That was freakin' scary!
Chloe: I literally just, like, died... What the heck was that! Heads will roll!
Cailana: Sooorry! I gave the signal too soon!
Chloe: I know I, like, totally just died and all, but that was, wow, pretty amazing! Ahahaha!
Even though Chloe's first try didn't go as planned, she managed to make it through unscathed and seems quite happy about the experience.
Tanya: Huh? Chloe... Your top...
Chloe: Huh?
Chloe had been holding onto to the board until now and hadn't realized her top is nowhere to be found.
Chloe: OOOMMMMGGGG! Why, world, why! My top ran away!
Cailana: Ahahaha! That's what happens when you surf with a bikini!
Tanya: Is this something people usually laugh at?
Chloe: Hold up! Does that mean my falsies fell off too?
Chloe sinks the top half of her body well into the water and begins checking her eyelashes.
Chloe: Okay! Everything's fine! Totes false alarm!
Cailana: Hehe! Is that your only concern?
Chloe: I'd rather die than be caught dead without makeup! No way!
Tanya: What? This logic fails me...
Chloe: This is totes liberating to be surrounded by the ocean while I'm missing my top. I'm kinda lovin' it. lolz
Cailana: Ahaha. Only you would say that! You're a funny one, Chloe.
Tanya: Uh... She certainly has nerves of steel... Let's just look for the rest of her swimsuit.
Cailana: I think it probably came off over here... I got it!
Tanya: That's a relief...
Cailana: Ahaha! Put this back on, Chloe. Chop, chop!
Chloe: Why are you laughing so much? And who says chop, chop anymore? lol
Chloe: Why don't you take a page out of Tanya's book and be a little more caring.
Cailana: Sorry!
Chloe takes the bikini top from Cailana and puts it back on.
Just as everything is back to normal, another wave comes their way.
Cailana: Ooh! This one looks good! Whaddya say, Tanya? Wanna try?
Tanya: What? Now?
Cailana: Waves don't wait!
Tanya: Gulp... Okay!
After a number of unexpected events, Cailana's private surf class finally comes to an end at sundown.
Sitting on the beach, Cailana and Tanya watch as the sun sets.
Meanwhile Chloe has already returned to the Grandcypher to continue her waitressing duties.
Cailana: ...
Tanya: Thank you. Even though your competition is just around the corner, you made time just for us...
Cailana: No worries. I had a lot of fun. This was a good change of pace for me as well!
Tanya: When I saw you this morning trying so hard to achieve a goal and to follow a dream, I felt my green-eyed monster rear its ugly head...
Tanya: I was jealous...
Tanya: I want something that puts me in my own world. Just like you...
Cailana: Tanya...
Tanya: I'm glad I got to experience the sport that gives you purpose and helps you lose yourself.
Tanya: I... Thank you for today. I'm happy you invited me.
Tanya: I hope that didn't come out wrong...
Cailana: No, not at all! I'm glad you told me all that.
Cailana: I never woulda guessed that was how you felt. I'm kinda embarrassed.
Cailana: Since the competition is so close, that's all I've been able to think about. I've been so preoccupied...
Cailana: But today I left all my worries on the shore and had a blast with you.
Cailana: I really feel a lot better.
Tanya: Hehehe. I'm glad...
Tanya: We're all going to cheer you on and watch your amazing surfing skills.
Cailana: Ahah. You think I'm amazing?
Cailana: I guess I can't let you down then. I've gotta give it my all!
Surfing has allowed Cailana to develop deeper bonds with others and a new sense of calm.
Now the stage is set for Cailana to deliver her best performance yet.

This Is Madness

The Venera Pipeline Challenge in Auguste begins. Cailana soars through the preliminary round with a flawless show of talent. While the crew watches her supportively, another eyes her with malice.

Host: This is it, folks! The moment you've all been waiting for! This is the Venera Pipeline Challenge!
Host: One mistake could cost a contestant their lives. If they don't time every action perfectly, it's lights out!
Host: Who will tame the wild horses of the sea today?
Commentator: This competition will be using the two-wave system which has been approved by the skydom's surfing federation.
Commentator: Moves which use magic will also be allowed.
Commentator: So we will definitely be witness to new ways of riding the wave.
Vyrn: Hey! Surfer Girl is up pretty soon, right?
Joel: Correct. She should be the first contestant up for the preliminaries...
Chloe: Look! That's totes her! Over there in the water!
The crew looks in the direction Chloe points and sees someone getting into the water with their board.
Tanya: I think that's her...
Cailana: Here goes...
Host: Feast your eyes on Cailana, a native of Auguste.
Commentator: Cailana has previously won three surfing competitions and looks to be the one to beat.
Cailana: ...!
Host: And the fact that she's going first puts a lot of pressure on her shoulders. If she makes any mistakes, the top spot may just go to someone else.
Commentator: That's right. It's been a while since she's taken part in a tournament of this scale, so let's hope she's improved her technique.
Cailana: Phew...
Host: And she's off!
Host: As the wave breaks, she heads into a bottom turn.
Cailana: ...!
Commentator: It looks likes the other contenders have taken notice of her.
Cailana: Hfff...
Host: Hm. That was very clean ride. She'll definitely get points for stability.
Vyrn: Phew... Was that it for the prelims? Did she win?
Joel: That's right. She scored more than her opponents.
Joel: She's definitely qualified to go on to the next round.
Chloe: Yay! Go, Caily!
Tanya: Just like that!
Vyrn: Haha. The host did say that she's the one to beat. At this rate, she can't lose!
Joel: As long as she keeps this up, at least. But one mistake and it's over. Don't get ahead of yourself, Vyrn.
???: Well... Look at that...
???: She thinks she's already won... We'll see about that...

This Is Madness: Scene 2

Cailana makes it into the semi-finals without a hitch. However, an opponent uses magic to send her board into the water—and her with it. Despite almost losing her life, Cailana forgives her opponent and becomes even more determined to win in the finals.

Cailana continues her winning streak right into the semifinals.
She decides to scope out the competition while she waits for her next heat.
Fisherman: If Cailana wins the next one, she'll be sent to the finals.
Vyrn: What? Oh, hey! It's the fisherman who likes to tell corny jokes! I remember you.
Cailana's Friend: Hi. We came to cheer Cailana on!
Cailana's friend and her father, both fishers by occupation, join in the cheering fun.
Both have known Cailana from a young age.
Chloe: Why, hey there! Come sit down so we can root for our girl, Caily!
Cailana's Friend: Hehe. Nice to meet you!
Tanya: Hm? Everyone, the next match is starting.
Mahina: Huff...
Host: Things are really starting to heat up! Mahina seems poised to take a spot in the finals!
Mahina: Omph!
Commentator: You know, I really think Mahina's raw talent just puts her above so many other contenders.
Commentator: She makes use of everything she has at her disposal. Take her magic for example. That's not something all the others can do.
Mahina: Phew...
Commentator: Although that wasn't the biggest wave, she will be getting points for aesthetics.
Host: She's done it. Mahina is moving on to the finals.
Vyrn: Wow. She just breezed through that.
Joel: Mahina made it look easy. I promise you, it wasn't.
Tanya: I only just recently tried surfing for myself... and it's much more difficult than it seems.
Cailana: ...
???: ...
Host: One spot for the finals has been filled. Whoever wins in the next match will be up against Mahina.
Commentator: On the one hand, we have Rino who racks up tons of points using magic.
Commentator: On the other hand, we have Cailana whose technical skills are unparalleled. This is going to be a close one.
Host: Time to start!
Cailana and Rino fly into the water upon hearing the starting signal.
Cailana takes the lead and rides the first wave.
Host: Cailana is off!
Host: But wait! Was her timing wrong? It looks like she's trying to regain balance.
Cailana: Tch...
Host: That was a grave mistake! The waves are now in control of her! She's gonna have to fight hard to regain her position.
Host: While it looks like Rino is riding the wave flawlessly!
Rino: Hehe... Let me show you beauty!
Host: There it is! Her magical edge! She's painting the air with water flowers!
Commentator: She really knows how to capture everyone's hearts. She'll be getting a lot of points for that.
Rino: Hehe... And here's a gift for you, Cailana...
Host: Hm? Is Rino using a new magic technique? Wait, maybe I jumped the gun.
Rino: Ahhh!
Host: Oh, that is unfortunate! She wiped out at the last second after losing balance! There aren't any points awarded for that.
Host: All right. Now Cailana is up for her second try.
Cailana: Just breathe...
Cailana: Hfff...
Cailana sets her eyes on a strong wave. She begins paddling with all the strength in her body.
Cailana: This is it!
Host: She's off! That's what I call a great wave!
Commentator: She's really in the pipeline. This is surfing at its finest.
Host: The pipeline is closing in on her, but if she keeps her speed up, she should be able to get out alive.
Cailana: Phew! I made it!
Without missing a beat, Cailana leaves the pipeline unscathed.
But something else is waiting for her.
Cailana: What the...
Cailana's board flips, and she's taken by the waves.
Cailana: Aaah!
The collision causes her to disappear beneath the water's surface.
The audience is stunned into silence as they look on with fear and uncertainty.
Joel: Did... she just...
Cailana's Friend: No! Cailana!
Host: Wipeout! Cailana is down under, and now all we can ask ourselves is: "Will she emerge?" The rescue team needs to move quickly.
Chloe: What the actual duck! This is totes bad! Is Caily okay?
Joel: ...!
Once the waves settle, she should float to the top...
Vyrn: When's that gonna happen? Just look at the water... And over there the bubbles are popping up like crazy.
Joel: Could that be...
Rino: No...
Host: There's still no sign of Cailana.
Host: With wave after vicious wave, it seems she's having trouble getting to the surface.
The crowd and the crew hold their breath.
Joel: ...!
This is not looking good. I'm going to help her.
Cailana's Friend: Me too, Joel!
Fisherman: Wait. If you enter the water now, she'll be disqualified.
Fisherman: They've already sent in a team to see if she needs help. Just wait a little longer. Trust Cailana.
Fisherman: This means so much to her. She's worked so hard for all of this.
Joel: I understand that... But her life is not worth a title.
Joel: I'm worried that the rescue team hasn't found her yet...
Cailana's Friend: He's right, Dad! No matter how good Cailana is at swimming, this is too dange—
Vyrn: Hey! Look! Over there!
Joel: Hm?
Finally Cailana's orange hair emerges from the crashing waves.
Host: There she is, everyone! The rescue team is on their way to her now.
Tanya: Cailana!
With all of her strength stolen by the sea, Cailana is unable to get on her board by herself. The rescue team grabs her and takes her to shore.
Cailana collapses on the beach, breathing violently.
Chloe: Aah! Caily!
Cailana's Friend: Cailana, are you okay?
Cailana: Huff, huff, huff...
Host: Although the timing is rather terrible, Cailana's score is in.
Host: She has beaten Rino and is now qualified for the finals.
Host: But one must wonder if she is in any state to compete after what she just experienced. Let's wait and see.
Cailana is put on a stretcher and taken to a tent to be seen by medical professionals.
Doctor: Can you tell me your name?
Cailana: Wheeze... Cai... lana...
Doctor: How many fingers am I holding up?
Cailana: Two...
Cailana: Pant... I... I'm... okay!
Cailana: I... didn't... inhale... any water... Wheeze... I can keep... going...
Doctor: You seem to be completely conscious. I think you should be fine. As a safety precaution, we're going to keep you here until the next match.
After the doctor finishes looking at Cailana, she rests on a makeshift bed inside the tent.
Cailana: ...
Cailana calms herself and reflects on what went wrong during her ride.
Rino: ...
Cailana: Oh...
Rino: Are... you okay?
Cailana: Yeah. There weren't any rocks or anything where I fell.
Cailana: I did think I was going to die for lack of air though.
Rino: I'm sorry!
Cailana: That was current magic... I knew it was you.
Rino: I'm so sorry. I didn't think that would happen to you...
Cailana: ...
Cailana: All right.
Rino: Huh? A-all right?
Cailana: You regret what you did, right? That's how it looks to me.
Cailana: Then that's enough for me.
Rino: Huh?
Cailana: I accept your apology.
Cailana: But I'm sorry to say, I don't have any more time for this conversation.
Cailana: I have to focus on the finals. That's why I'm here after all.
Cailana: As a surfer you should understand exactly what I mean.
Rino: I... I'm really sorry.
Rino whispers her apology one last time and then leaves the tent.
Cailana: ...
Vyrn: Hey, Surfer Girl! You okay?
Cailana: Hm? Vyrn. Everybody...
Chloe: Sob... Caily! I'm so glad you're safe!
Tanya: How was it? How do you feel now?
Cailana: Sorry, everyone. I didn't mean to frighten you. It's been so long since a wave hit me like that.
Cailana: But I feel truly alive to see all of your friendly faces.
Vyrn: Only you could say something like that after what just happened.
Cailana's Friend: Cailana... Something was wrong with your second ride, wasn't there?
Cailana's Friend: Do... you know what happened? There's no way your board could have just turned on you like that.
Cailana: I was careless. I need to get my head in the game. Sorry for causing such a fuss.
Cailana: The next match won't be like that, I promise!
Joel: Is that a joke? Or are you serious?
Cailana: Dead serious!
Cailana: I'm going to show you all what I can do when I've got a clear head! You just watch me win this!
Chloe: We've got your back! Go get 'em, tiger!
Cailana: Thanks!
Cailana: (This championship is mine!)
Cailana's will to win burns brighter than ever.
To show everyone that she's the best surfer in the skies, she'll put everything on the line.

This Is Madness: Scene 3

In the final round, while the opponent chooses her wave without hesitation, Cailana appears stunned. Little does her fellow competitor know that Cailana is actually waiting to ride the biggest wave anyone has ever seen. After the competition, she resolves to conquer a wave created by Leviathan before becoming a professional surfer.

Host: The waves are getting stronger! Venera's ferocious waters are reaching their peak intensity!
Host: The stage is set for the ultimate surfer showdown!
Host: I didn't think Cailana would make it after that wipeout, but here she is in the finals.
Host: Will the fear of almost dying moments earlier hold her back?
Commentator: She's up against the behemoth, Mahina. A surfer who conquers any wave that comes her way.
Commentator: Her talent is the ability to maintain stability throughout. She gives the impression that she's someone you can really rely on.
Host: Cailana and Mahina enter the water in sync!
Cailana: Huff... Huff!
Mahina: ...!
Host: This is the battle for the waves. And emerging in the lead is Mahina.
Host: What powerful paddling! The waves are coming in strong and fast, but she's riding them hard!
Host: Mahina is off!
Mahina: Here goes...
Host: She is up at full speed. Full speed, people! Full speed!
Host: That position isn't bad either! I expect big points coming her way.
Host: That was a flawless ending for Mahina. Now she's going back to the designated area to wait for another wave.
Host: Next up is Cailana. She's getting ready for the next wave.
Cailana: ...
Host: This wave is coming quick! Can she catch it?
Cailana: (Not you...)
Commentator: She let it go. If the timing is wrong, it could spell another wipeout for her.
Host: Maybe that's what's stopping her. Maybe she's lost her nerve.
Mahina: So are you going to just sit there all day? Good waves like that don't come around often.
Cailana: If I have to. I'm waiting for a great wave.
Host: Cailana isn't moving. Could this be it for her?
Host: Or has she given up after seeing Mahina's brilliant display?
Host: Wait a sec, folks. We've just received new information.
Host: It appears that Rino is guilty of using magic to affect Cailana's performance in the semifinals!
Vyrn: What the!
Chloe: They for realzy?
Tanya: What!
Host: Apparently the magic techniques she used to wow us were also forms of current magic set to tamper with Cailana's board.
Host: Rino has come forward, and because tampering is against the rules, she is automatically disqualified.
Host: And not only from this competition, but from all competitions moving forward.
Cailana: ...
Mahina: Hurry up and show me what you're made of.
Cailana: Huh?
Mahina: How am I supposed to prove I'm the best if you won't ride a wave.
Mahina: This is going to be the competition where I show everyone how much better I am than you!
Host: Mahina takes off for her second ride. Those are strong paddling skills!
Host: Hold on! She rushed that one and has lost her balance.
Cailana: ...
Cailana: (There...)
Cailana: (One, two, three... In fifteen seconds...)
Cailana: ...!
Host: Now Cailana is on the move!
Host: Those are moves without distraction! That wave is...
Host: Gigantic! What is this monstrosity!
Host: Is that a triple overhead? No, it's taller than that! That has to be the biggest wave I've ever seen! Such speed! It's just too fast!
Host: Can Cailana command this wave? If she doesn't, this could be the end of the line for her!
Behind Cailana is a gargantuan wave—the biggest the day has seen.
Cailana: (Now!)
Cailana listens to every fiber in her body and takes off.
Cailana: Hfff...
The force of the water underneath Cailana's feet is gaining dangerous traction.
Cailana: (This is it! This is it!)
Cailana claims the wave for herself and heads deep into its pipeline threatening her very existence.
Cailana: I... can't lose!
Cailana nears the shoulder of the wave and chooses the correct direction to continue in.
Cailana: Haa!
Cailana moves into the perfect pipeline at top speed.
Host: What in Phantagrande! This is amazing! I'm witnessing a miracle before my very eyes!
Host: We all have just seen the impossible made possible!
Host: That vicious wave is coming for Cailana, and it's not taking names!
Host: Just look at her! She's moving hand-in-hand with it.
Host: This is unbelievable! She knows no fear! This is madness, I tell you!
Host: She is truly a daughter of the ocean!
Mahina: Tch... Well, she won...
Cailana: I did it!
Host: Madness, I tell you! Maaaadness!
Thus the vacation in Auguste comes to an end, and the Grandcypher is off to new lands somewhere in the vast blue sky.
Cailana: Whew... That was fun!
As Cailana stares at Venera Beach in the distance, she is firmly aware that she will always remember this sweet summer.
Vyrn: Surfer Girl! Whatcha doing?
Cailana: Hey, Vyrn! Just thinking about how awesome this summer was!
Vyrn: Haha. Well, you did win the surfing competition after all.
Cailana: Hehe!
Vyrn: But was it really okay to do that?
Cailana: Do what?
Vyrn: To say no to all those pro surfing teams who were trying to recruit you after your big victory.
Cailana: Oh, that?
Vyrn: I mean, I thought your dream was to be a pro surfer?
Cailana: It is! That's exactly what I'm aiming for!
Cailana: But if I do become a pro, then I can't be with all of you. I couldn't live with that.
Cailana: Don't you know? The only reason I took the championship was because of the crew!
Cailana: The first time I was truly afraid of the water, Ghanda was the one who saved me...
Cailana: And the time I spent with Tanya and Chloe surfing away made for some great memories...
Cailana: I owe all that to (Captain) and this crew.
Cailana: What I mean is, I want to travel the skies with you and (Captain)!
Vyrn: Really?
Cailana: Yeah!
Cailana: And I've made up my mind about something.
Vyrn: What's that?
Cailana: Before I become a pro, I'm going to ride one of Leviathan's waves without eating it!
Cailana: Until then I'm not ready to become a pro!
Vyrn: I see! So you've still got your heart set on that, huh!
Cailana: Yep!
Cailana: No one has ever successfully ridden a wave that Leviathan created!
Cailana: That's why I want to add that to my list of accomplishments!
Cailana: Ahah! You just wait, Leviathan!
While Cailana is in high spirits, Vyrn takes this opening to ask a question.
Vyrn: So... I've got something I wanna ask ya.
Cailana: Yeah?
Vyrn: When you had your accident, you knew who was behind it, didn't you? Why didn't you say anything?
Vyrn: Sigh... It coulda been way worse, ya know?
Cailana: Oh... that...
Cailana: I mean... all's well that ends well.
Vyrn: You're taking this pretty lightly. We wanted to see some justice for you...
Cailana: Thank you, Vyrn. I'm sorry for what I put you through.
Cailana: I don't mean to stand up for Rino or anything. It's just that, there was an upside to what happened.
Vyrn: Whaddya mean?
Cailana: I mean... I learned how to escape water as crazy as that, so that's something!
Cailana: And now I've got the confidence to tackle any wave that comes my way!
Cailana: Ahaha! I turned that misfortunate event into a learning opportunity.
Vyrn: Seriously! Things coulda been way worse, and you're over here being all positive about it...
Cailana: And maybe I can use current magic to perform some new moves!
Cailana: Oh wait, I don't know how to use magic... I'll have to start there first.
Vyrn: Whatever you say... You're too much for me...
Cailana: Hey! Don't say that! I need you by my side, Vyrn! And (Captain) too!
Vyrn: Geez... You're out there, Surfer Girl.
Cailana: Ahaha! (Captain), looks like we're stuck together!
Cailana's optimism turns more than a few heads in the crew—with some nodding in approval and others gazing in confusion.
This adventure has brought Cailana that much closer to being the number one surfer in all the skies.
The day when she masters one of Leviathan's almighty waves is sure to come soon.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
パドリングって、かなり筋力使うんだよー Paddling really puts my muscles to work.
ホタッテ食べたい…… Gimme some scallops...
サーファーって筋トレ必須なの Surfers need strength training.
ワキャメのスープが飲みたい~ Anybody got seaweed soup for me?
ああ~体が海を欲している~! Sigh... My body needs some sea time!
ボード新調したの!どう? カッコイイでしょ? You love my new board, right? I know you do!
風が私を呼んでいる~ The wind is calling to me!
(主人公)私も強くなったでしょ? (Captain), I'm stronger now, right?
うーんお日様のいい匂い! Ooh! The fresh scent of sunlight!
(主人公)このあと一緒に波乗りね♪ (Captain), ride a wave with me after this!