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Official Profile[edit]

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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
I've prepared a cake for you, Captain!
Oh no! You're completely covered in cake! I-I'm so sorry, Captain!


Happy birthday to you, (Captain)!
To make sure you have the best birthday possible, I'm going to escort you around for the day!
Of course, I've already gone and made dinner reservations. But wait...
I forgot to ask what your plans were!


(Captain)! Happy birthday.
Are you sure you don't want to do something special? Today only comes once a year, after all.
I know that last year I forgot to ask what your plans were.
And the year before that I accidentally dropped that cake on you...
But this year I'll do my best to... Huh?
All I need to do is promise to wish you happy birthday next year as well?
I promise! I won't let anything stop me!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Just like I promised you last year, I'm going to keep it simple this year!
So, about that. I know you said my birthday wishes were all you needed...
But I still wanted to throw you a party. It's nothing fancy!
Everyone helped me out, so this time nothing will go wrong!
Come, let me escort you to the party!


This way, (Captain). Allow me to escort you to the party venue for this year.
I've grown up a little, you see. I managed to successfully decorate the cake this year!
At this rate, I should be able to do something even better to make you happy next year too!
And someday, when I can prepare a wonderful celebration for you all on my own...
I hope you'll allot some time for just the two of us to celebrate together.
Heheh, just you watch. I'll manage it in no time!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
Did you know, (Captain), that certain lands welcome the New Year by watching high-speed miniature airships explode in the sky...
They call it "fireworks". Fascinating, isn't it?


Happy New Year!
(Captain), have you ever heard of divination through the first dream of the year?
In certain regions it's said that what we see in the dream determines our fate for the rest of the year.
I'll look into ways to ensure you'll have a favorable dream, (Captain).


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I'm so glad I can spend New Year's Day with you. I have a feeling this year is going to be a great one.
By the way, (Captain), do you know what a lion dance is?
In some lands it's a dance done to celebrate the new year and auspicious occasions.
I've never seen one up close before, but somehow I find lions dancing a somewhat frightful thought.
If we have a chance though, I'd love to watch one with you! It'd be a great experience to find out more about other cultures!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
I'm excited at the prospect of a fresh new year with you.
I hope we'll get to greet every new year together from now on.
By the way, (Captain), have you ever tried amazake?
Apparently drinking this beverage around the new year is considered good luck in some regions...
Oh, but although the name sounds a bit like sake, I hear it isn't an intoxicant.
What a mysterious beverage. I hope I'll have the chance to sample it one year.
If we find some, we'll have to drink a toast, (Captain)!


(Captain), happy New Year.
Erm... Have you got a bit of free time right now?
Actually, I heard that they're holding an exhibition in town, where you can see all kinds of local specialties from different islands.
It seems you can even try various New Year's fare... I thought it'd be nice if we could go together.
Really? Thank you!
Heh-heh. I've always told you about different New Year's traditions...
But, this year, it seems like we're off to discover new things together. I find that quite exciting.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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I made chocolates for the whole crew!
But I made these just for you, (Captain).
I'm so happy I can give you my chocolates!


Hm? You'd like me to make an appraisal?
Ooh, chocolate, is it? This won't be an easy one.
Mm... I sense deep emotions stirring from within.
I will need more time to do an in-depth appraisal.


Look, (Captain)!
Red and pink, hearts and ribbons.
The town looks gorgeous with Valentine's Day decorations. I'm blown away just looking at it.
Hehe. Of course, I could say the same for you.
Just looking at you, (Captain)... I...
It feels just like discovering an ancient relic in pristine condition!
Huh? What's wrong? Was it something I said?


Um, (Captain)?
I... I may have found something I can't appraise.
I was trying to appraise these chocolates you gave me...
There are so many unquantifiable elements involved. Happiness... The pounding of my heart as I hold the box in my hands... I just can't make an accurate valuation.
suppose that means your gift is so incredibly valuable to me that I can't put a price on it.
So... Maybe it's all right to have one or two things in life I can't appraise.


Ah, this must be... a gift for Valentine's Day.
Thank you. I was truly looking forward to this.
And it wasn't just me. The whole crew's simply exuberant today. I suppose it's because a chocolate from you is priceless, (Captain).
It's only because Valentine's comes once a year, you say? Well, it is true that scarcity drives up the value of goods.
But in this case, I believe it's simply because the present comes from you. You could give the chocolates out every day—they would be valued just as highly.
Heh. Sounds a bit like I'm asking for more treats, doesn't it?
Haha. But I jest. Once again, thank you for the chocolates.

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day.
Preparing chocolates for everyone on White Day is quite difficult, isn't it?
This is thanks for your unerring thoughtfulness, (Captain).


Cookies, candy, and marshmallows...
You know, in some regions return gifts on White Day are said to hold special meaning.
If you return a gift without knowing the local traditions, then you should expect the unexpected.
Just so we're on the same page, my return gifts are just a gesture of thanks!


(Captain), this is in return for Valentine's Day.
Don't these candies look just like gemstones?
When I bought them, it was because they reminded me of your eyes.
But looking at them now...
They really can't compare to the real thing.


(Captain), follow me! Ta-dah! Your White Day presents!
Look, every box is wrapped in a different color! Aren't they beautiful!
I could see it in my mind's eye: you surrounded by a mountain of candy...
And I guess I got carried away in the execution.
I didn't even think about whether you could possibly eat it all. I'm sorry.
But I was right... You do make a beautiful picture surrounded by all the gleaming paper and twinkling bows!
Like the brightest jewel in a glimmering trove of precious gems. I could look at you forever...
Hm? What's wrong?
I've done it again, haven't I? What did I say?


Here you are, (Captain). Yes, it's your White Day gift.
I actually tried these sweets the other day. They were delicious, so naturally I wanted you to taste them too.
Haha. I'm happy to see you so pleased.
It seems that, in return for the sweets, I've received one of your brilliant smiles.
Oh, but... In that case, it's no longer an equal exchange, is it? Well, I mean that the value of what I received is greater than the value of what I gave.
And even if I were to try to make up for the difference... Why, there's nothing in the world more precious than your smile.
Wh-whatever shall I do, (Captain)?

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Look at all this candy I've prepared for— No! Stop! Don't prank me!


Trick or tre—Ah! Wait a second!
Eek! Aah! Ahaha!
Ha... Ha... Playing tricks before I finish talking is against the rules!


Hmm... This should go here and under here... Hm? No, wait.
Ah! (Captain)! I picked up my costume and tried it on, but...
The cloth got caught on something and now it's all in a mess!
Would you mind helping me adjust this?
Thank you! Oh! And rest assured I've already gone ahead and ordered yours from Siero!
I got us matching costumes!


Wait... no...
Ow, ow, ow...
Oh, (Captain)...
Ah... Ahaha... Th-thank you for helping me up.
This year I was planning to play a Halloween trick on you, so I was lying in wait to scare you...
But I wasn't used to crouching like that and my legs cramped up... Then when I tried to jump out, I stepped on my coattails and...
Sigh... When I get nervous, everything goes haywire...
What? You'll let me prank you?
I'll hold you to that! Hehe, are you ready for the full force of my pranksmanship?
Ahh, no! Come on, Ceylan, don't tense up! Stay calm!


Happy Halloween, (Captain)! Before you play your trick, please have a treat.
They're pumpkin cookies. I made a lot, so feel free to have as many as you like.
Wait, why aren't you surprised?
I added a lot of salt to the cookies on purpose so that you'd be surprised when you ate them...
I should give them a try too? Okay, then I'll take a bite... Munch munch.
W-wow... These pumpkin cookies are delicious...
It appears I mistook sugar for salt and ended up making normal cookies. I've failed...
But since you enjoyed them so much, maybe things turned out all right after all.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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You mean you've actually met Santa Claus before? Are you kidding!
That's incredible! You have to tell me everything!


Happy holidays!
The strawberries on this cake are placed off-kilter.
Ah, (Captain), there's cream stuck on your lips.


Oh! (Captain)! Happy holidays!
Right now I'm helping Lyria and Vyrn put up the ornaments on the tree!
Would you like to join us?
Look, isn't this one beautiful?
I got this specially ordered from Siero!
Let's make this a winter we'll never forget!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Take a look at this cake I bought!
See this intricately-sculpted candy figure between the frosting roses?
In the light of the candelabra, it glitters like a jewel.
When I spotted it in the bakery, I knew I had to show you.
Ehehe... You really like it then? That makes me so happy.
Well, let's cut everyone a piece. Of course, you get the piece with the candy figure, (Captain).


Why hello, (Captain). Lovely evening, isn't it?
Won't you sit by me? I find the tree most beautiful from here—see how the baubles shine.
Sigh... The sights are breathtaking, aren't they? It's a shame it only lasts for a season.
I wish I could snip out this scene and encase it in amber.
Or... Perhaps this moment feels so beautiful because it's fleeting.
Let's keep today as a memory, shall we? Ahh... I hope the holidays next year will be even more wondrous.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Ceylan Charm[edit]

Ceylan is a highly skilled item appraiser, but customers aren't always satisfied with his work. Io tells him that his poor customer service is to blame, and (Captain) and the others try to help him learn to smile.

To earn money for repairs on the Grandcypher, Ceylan the appraiser accepts a job in a kingdom currently holding a festival.
But some customers are less than happy with his appraisals...
Vyrn: Whoa... That guy looked really ticked off!
Io: Yeah... It makes sense that people wouldn't be thrilled to hear that their precious items aren't actually worth anything...
Io: But still, your customer service could use some work, Ceylan.
Ceylan: Customer service? But all I did was tell him the truth. I can't falsify the results of my appraisals.
Io: I get that, but there's no point if they're not satisfied with the explanation.
Ceylan: I see. You have a point there, Io.
Ceylan: If I want to be a truly excellent appraiser, I need to consider my relationships with my customers as well!
Ceylan: I never imagined my customer service skills would be what held me back!
Ceylan: That said... What should I do exactly?
Io: That's easy! Just smile!
Ceylan: Smile?
Io: Yep! Great customer service starts with a smile! Siero told me that!
Lyria: I see! That must be why Siero is always smiling!
Io: Right? So, Ceylan, you just need to greet your customers with a smile!
Io: That should help win over your customers even when you have to give them bad news!
Ceylan: Smiling, huh? All right! I'll give it a try!
And so Ceylan begins his customer service apprenticeship under Io.
Ceylan: Good day! If you would be so kind as to... um... let me borrow your f-fine item for a moment...
Io: Hmm... I didn't even see a hint of a smile! I'd be reluctant to ask someone as glum as you for anything.
Ceylan: I'm sorry... It's just so difficult! I've never had any training in this field!
Io: A pro can't look like they don't believe in themselves! Smile, darn it, smile! Go on!
Lyria: You can do it, Ceylan!
Ceylan: Okay! Here goes...
Vyrn: There you go! Not bad at all! Right, (Captain)?
  1. Nice smile!
  2. You still look awkward!

Choose: Nice smile!
Io: Yes! Well done! Just a little bit wider now!

Choose: You still look awkward!
Io: Yeah... He still needs some work, but it's much better than before!
Continue 1
Lyria: Hee hee... You're a real charmer when you smile, Ceylan! Keep it up!
Ceylan: Okay! I'll try my best!
Io: There you go! That's a real smile! Do that! Ready... Go!
Ceylan: Huh? Oh... um... Good day! If you would be so kind as to let me b-borrow your fine item for a moment...
Lyria: Uh-oh... He flipped back into awkward mode.
Io: Ugh... And we were so close too! I thought we had it for sure!
Shady Merchant: Oy! Who's the scumbag tellin' people my goods are fakes?
Io: What's going on? Who do you think you are, barging in here like that?
Angry Customer: It was him! That's the appraiser who told me that the watch I bought from you was a fake!
Vyrn: Uh-oh... That's the guy who stormed outta here earlier.
Ceylan: Um... I am indeed the one who appraised the watch, but it was clearly a f-fake.
Shady Merchant: Hey... You would have seen the serial number right there if you had bothered to check!
Shady Merchant: Look at this guy! He barely looks like he believes in his appraisal himself! Whose word are you gonna take?
Ceylan: ...
Ceylan: Oh... This is exactly the sort of attitude that damages people's trust in me...
Ceylan: Don't fail me now, smile!
Ceylan: Ahem... If you look at the serial number, you can see that both the font and number of digits differ from those of the genuine article.
Shady Merchant: Excuse me? You're clearly not the sharpest sword in the armory.
Ceylan: Huh? Io, my smile isn't working! He's just getting angrier!
Io: Are you even paying attention? This loser is obviously just picking a fight with you!
Ceylan: But...
Io: Don't waste your time smiling at customers like him!
Shady Merchant: Guess you're gonna hafta learn the hard way not to bad-mouth a legitimate businessman. Let's do this!
Ceylan: Um... What should a customer service professional do at a time like this, Io?
Io: What? I... um... well...
Shady Merchant: Take this!
Ceylan: Oh my... I'm so sorry! When you lunged at me, I lashed out without thinking!
Vyrn: Whoa! Not too shabby, Lop Ear!
Io: Well done! I'd say that's just the right thing to do in situations like this. Probably.
Io: Hmm... You did say that you've been around the block once or twice, right?
Ceylan: Yes... But now that I think about it, I suppose I might have brought that situation on myself.
Ceylan: I need to polish my customer service skills to avoid any misunderstandings or bad blood between me and my customers!
Ceylan: But I wonder if I'm up to it...
Io: If you're that anxious, I guess I can keep training you until you actually get good at it.
Ceylan: That's very kind of you! But I really can't keep you all here any longer...
Lyria: In that case, why not join our crew and travel with us?
Vyrn: Hey! That's easy to say and all, but Lop Ear has his own job here, and—
Ceylan: Wow! Traveling with an airship crew?
Ceylan: If I come with you, I'll be able to see all kinds of fantastic treasures!
Ceylan: Besides... I'd be sad to say goodbye to all of you so soon...
Vyrn: Say no more! If that's how it is, then welcome to the crew, Lop Ear! Right, (Captain)?
Io: There we go then! But just so you know, I'm a very strict teacher!
Ceylan: I'm counting on it!
Lyria: Hee hee... Ceylan, that's your best smile yet!
Ceylan the appraiser joins the crew, and they head for the next island.
The appraiser's draconian customer service training under taskmaster Io has only just begun.

Different Values[edit]

A bickering married couple asks Ceylan to appraise their collection, but when the crew reaches their house, they run right into some burglars intent on stealing it!

Ceylan has just finished an appraisal and is on his way back to the airship with the crew.
Vyrn: That mansion was seriously amazing! It looked like a museum!
Lyria: And Ceylan was something else, appraising all those items so fast!
Vyrn: Yeah... But hold up. Where did Lop Ear go?
Lyria: Huh? He was here just a second ago...
Vyrn: Did he wander off when we weren't looking? Hey, Lop Ear! Where are you?
While looking for Ceylan, the crew comes across a furiously arguing couple.
Husband: Hey, appraiser! Prove to my blockheaded wife that I'm right about this!
Wife: Who are you calling a blockhead? Appraiser, show him that he's being an idiot!
Ceylan: Ah... um... well...
Vyrn: Hey, Lop Ear! What are you doing back here?
Ceylan: Vyrn! (Captain)! I... I'm not sure what happened...
Ceylan: This couple flagged me down, and at first we were just talking, but then they started arguing, and now here we are...
Vyrn: Uh-oh... So you got roped into a lover's quarrel?
Ceylan: It seems so...
As they stand there flummoxed by the incensed couple, the crew begins to tune in to the meat of the argument.
Vyrn: So if I've got this right, you like to buy up stuff you think could be valuable?
Husband: That's right! I've got an infallible eye for bargains! Should I just let them slip by?
Vyrn: But your wife is saying that it's all junk and that you should throw them all away, right?
Wife: Yes! No one wants that garbage, but he just won't listen!
Vyrn: So you want Lop Ear to appraise everything and find out who's right?
Ceylan: I see... So that's what the problem was.
Ceylan: Very well. If I can resolve this argument, then I'd love to help.
Vyrn: Sheesh... But you just finished a job!
Vyrn: You know, for a world-renowned appraiser, you're not real choosy about the jobs you take.
Ceylan: Well... To continue to improve my craft, I need as much practice as I can get.
Ceylan: And if I'm too picky about which jobs I take, I might miss the chance to see a valuable item!
Husband: All right! Then let's go and look at my collection! Right this way!
The crew follows the couple and soon reaches their house.
But it appears the couple has some uninvited guests...
???: ...
Ceylan: Are these gentlemen friends of yours?
Vyrn: What are you talking about? They're clearly cat burglars who target empty houses!
Husband: Oh no! My collection!
Ceylan: This will not do! (Captain), we have to put a stop to this thievery!

Different Values: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain) and company defeat the burglars, and Ceylan starts appraising the collection... but a monster suddenly springs from the man's prized antique vase and attacks!

Vyrn: Phew... At least those guys didn't cause any major damage.
Wife: Thank you so much! If you weren't here, they would have taken everything!
Ceylan: I'm glad your collection is safe too.
Husband: Heh heh... Looks like those thieves know quality when they see it! I told you my collection was valuable!
Wife: What? We were nearly burglarized and you're still on about your stupid antiques?
Ceylan: Sir, Madam, please don't fight...
Wife: Okay, appraiser! Tell this fool what a pile of trash he's been hanging onto!
Ceylan begins appraising the collection...
Ceylan: This book... It's quite old, but I'm afraid it's a reprint. You see a lot of these on the market.
Ceylan: As for this sculpture... Hmm... It's not in very good condition, so I imagine it'd be difficult to find a buyer.
Husband: What? The seller told me this was a surefire moneymaker when I bought it!
Wife: See? I told you this is all just worthless junk!
Husband: What about this vase? It's gotta be worth a ton! A real hidden treasure, right?
Ceylan: Let me see... Oh?
Ceylan: Oh my... This is...
Husband: That's more like it! This vase is special, right?
Ceylan: Quick! Let go of that vase and step back!
Husband: What are you talking about? This is a delicate treasure...
Monster: ...
Husband: Eek! A m-monster!
Ceylan: This type of monster likes to nest in empty containers.
Ceylan: It's not at all uncommon for them to emerge from long-untouched antiques such as this one.
Vyrn: Save the zoology lecture for later, Ceylan! Here it comes!
Ceylan: Of course! Sir, Madam, you two stand back!

Different Values: Scene 3[edit]

The appraisal is disappointing and only sparks more argument about what to do with the collection. However, Ceylan spots an ornament among the antiques which reminds the husband and wife of their love for each other.

Ceylan: Are you two all right? I'm sorry I didn't notice the monster in the vase earlier...
Wife: We're fine thanks to you guys! Thank you so much!
Husband: Phew... That was a close one! And thank goodness my collection is still in one piece!
Ceylan: Speaking of which... That appraisal you wanted...
Husband: Don't keep us in suspense! There must be something in here that's worth some money.
Ceylan: Well... A few of these paintings might have value to the right collector...
Ceylan: But I'm sorry to say that none of them would fetch the kind of price you were hoping for.
Husband: No! After all my work, are you saying that my collection is worthless?
Wife: There, now you've heard a professional opinion. Are you satisfied?
Wife: Clearing out those dusty antiques will free up so much space! Thank you, appraiser!
Husband: You can't just toss out the collection I spent so many years putting together!
Wife: You just don't know when to give up, do you?
Lyria: Oh no! They're at it again!
Ceylan: Um... Just one thing, before you get rid of it all...
Ceylan: I couldn't help but notice this particular objet.
Vyrn: What? That ornament? Is it actually valuable?
Wife: Why that's...
Husband: I think it's our...
Ceylan: I believe this little curio is of great importance to the two of you.
Husband: You're absolutely right. It's a souvenir we bought to commemorate our honeymoon.
Wife: I can't believe I was so ready to dismiss all of this as junk that I was about to throw out this precious keepsake.
Ceylan: An item's value is more than simply monetary.
Ceylan: I'm glad the two of you realize that.
Husband: Thanks to you, I remember how I felt when I first met my wife.
Wife: Darling...
Vyrn: But how did you ever realize that thing was a honeymoon souvenir?
Ceylan: It's a limited edition item sold at a particular tourist spot frequented by honeymooners.
Ceylan: Of course... the materials are common, and there are lots of these in circulation, so it isn't worth any money.
Ceylan: But to these two, it's a very valuable piece indeed.
Vyrn: That's right! It even got them to stop their bickering and patch things up!
And so Ceylan's expert eye restores harmony to the contentious couple.
The pair sees the crew on their way, hand in hand.

Pengy Thief[edit]

One day, in a unique series of events, Ceylan ends up trapped in Pengy's costume, and is taken back to the ship as the crew mistakes him for the real thing. Waiting at the airship is the real Pengy, who seems to think that the crew has stolen the costume. After calming her down, she helps Ceylan out of the penguin costume.

One day, as (Captain) and crew were continuing on their journey, they were tasked with taking Pengy to a kindergarten.
On their way to the island with the kindergarten, a strange event occurred.
Vyrn: Humph. We're almost there, so where did Pengy get to?
Ceylan: I think I saw her heading over that way!
Vyrn: What is she up to… She'd better not be secretly upgrading the ship again.
Ceylan: She didn't look like she was up to anything suspicious, but I suppose I'd better check it out.
Ceylan: Umm… I could have sworn I saw her go this way… Pengy!
Ceylan: Ah, Pengy! I knew I saw you come this way. (Captain)'s looking for you.
Ceylan: Huh? Maybe she didn't hear me. Hey, Peng?
Ceylan: Whoa!
Ceylan: Ouch…
Ceylan: Pengy, I'm sorry! I just tripped, I didn't mean to hit you like that…
Ceylan: Wait… Huh?
Vyrn: Hey, Pengy! There you are! We've been looking all over for you!
Ceylan: Squawk! (Vyrn!)
Ceylan: Sq-squawk? (Wh-what's going on?)
Vyrn: Floppy-ears went off looking for you earlier, you haven't seen him?
Ceylan: Sq-sq-squawk! (B-b-but I'm Ceylan!)
Ceylan: Squa-squawk, squaaawk… (I got knocked out, and came to in this stupid costume)
Vyrn: Hmm… Nope, didn't catch a word of that.
Ceylan: Squaw… Squawk squawk squawk… (Humph, what do I do now? It seems they can't understand what I'm saying…)
Vyrn: Anyway, let's get going! Everyone must be getting impatient to leave!
And so Ceylan, trapped in the Pengy costume by some unknown incident, was taken to the ship.
Ceylan: (This is bad. I need to get out of this thing…)
Ceylan: (But I have to say, it is pretty comfortable in here…)
Ceylan: (It's so easy to wear. Whichever way I move, it just seems to move with me…)
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, Pengy! What're you doing just staring off into space like that?
Ceylan: (Of course! If they all think that I'm actually Pengy, then this would be a great chance to…)
Ceylan: Squ-squaaawk! (I can't disappoint those kids!)
Vyrn: Heheh! Now that's the Pengy we know and love!
Child 1: Yay! It's Pengy! It's really Pengy!
Child 2: Hahaha! It's so cute!
Child 3: Hey, Pengy! Let's play!
The children started to crowd around, and Ceylan was soon completely surrounded.
Ceylan did his best to emulate the movements of the real Pengy and engage with the children.
Vyrn: Heheh, the kids seem to be having fun with Pengy. I'm glad we decided to take on this job.
(Captain), Ceylan and the crew had managed to complete the quest, or so it seemed.
When the crew returned to the Grandcypher, they had quite the surprise waiting for them.
Pengy: So there you are. I'd hoped that you'd come this way! Now give me back my Pengy costume, thieves!
Vyrn: Wait, what's going on here? If you're here, then who's in the costume?
Ceylan: Squawk! Squ-squawk! (Pengy! Tell me how to get out of this thing!)
Pengy: Now come on, hand it over! No one gets between me and my costume.
Pengy: I warned you! Pen…gy… Attack!
Ceylan: Unggh…
Ceylan: I… I’m free…
Vyrn: Wha! Ceylan, what were you doing in the Pengy costume?
Pengy: So this is what you were up to! Befriending me just to steal my costume?
Pengy: I can't believe it, that's squawkally unacceptable! Now you're really squawked, here I come!
Ceylan: Wh-what? No you got…
Ceylan: Hold on! Let me explain!
Vyrn: H-hey, Pengy! Let's just calm down and listen to what Ceylan has to say, OK?
Pengy: Squawk…
After a lengthy explanation, Ceylan made Pengy understand that he was not the one who stole her costume.
Pengy: Squawk!
Ceylan: Wait up, Pengy!
Ceylan: I've seen a lot of strange things in my time, but this…
Ceylan: I've never met anyone or anything quite like Pengy! What material is the costume made out of? How is it put together?
Ceylan: Pengy, please! Let me study it just a little longer!
Pengy: Squawk!
Ceylan: Pengy, wait!
Ceylan was left with more questions about Pengy than answers.
From that day forth the Grandcypher benefited from the martial prowess of both Pengy and Ceylan.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
おや、いいものを見つけましたね! This is quite the find!
鑑定方法はいろいろありますが… There's more than one way to appraise an item.
価値は人それぞれですからね Value is in the eye of the beholder.
大切な物なら管理にも気を付けてくださいね I advise caution in where you keep valuables.
ええと~…おや、これは! Hm... My goodness, what a lucky find!
うわっ…つい手が出ちゃいました Ahh, I want it so bad...
魔物に遭遇することも少なくありませんから We can bump into monsters anywhere.
ふぁ~…夜更かししちゃいました Whew, I pulled an all-nighter.
(主人公)さん…なんだか緊張します I can't believe I'm speaking to (Captain)!
(主人公)さんと旅ができてよかった I'm so glad to have come along, (Captain)!