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Official Profile

Age 17 Height 132 cm Race Draph
Hobbies Playing with dolls, making hand shadow puppets
Likes Hansel and Gretel, chocolate
Dislikes Baths, brushing her teeth

Final Uncap

Character Release
まずは「ダヌア」が、ハロウィンで仮装した姿となって登場です! 彼女の持つ人形「ヘンゼル」と「グレーテル」も、合わせてハロウィンらしい装いとなりました。 今回の属性は火属性となります!

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 17歳 Height 132cm Race ドラフ
Hobbies 人形遊び、手影絵遊び
Likes ヘンゼルとグレーテル、チョコレート
Dislikes お風呂、歯磨き

Final Uncap

Character Release
まずは「ダヌア」が、ハロウィンで仮装した姿となって登場です! 彼女の持つ人形「ヘンゼル」と「グレーテル」も、合わせてハロウィンらしい装いとなりました。 今回の属性は火属性となります!

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Danua: Happy...
Gretel: Hmm? What is it Danua? Ah! I think you need to say that yourself!
Danua: C-Captain... Ha... Happy... Birthday...
Hansel: Danua's made a cake for you too. Blow out the candles and make a wish!


Gretel: Hey (Captain)! Danua says she wants to throw a big birthday celebration for you!
Hansel: She went all out and baked you a cake, (Captain). It's pretty good!
Danua: (Captain)... Happy... birth... day...

(Captain) tries to pet Danua, but Hansel and Gretel block the attempt.

Gretel: Hold it! You misinterpreted her intent a little bit there!
Hansel: Yeah. She doesn't want you to pet her. She wants to pet you.
Gretel: Okay then! Let's get started!


Danua: Zzz... Zzz...
Hansel: Nnn... Nnn...
Gretel: Mhh... Mhh...
(Captain) opens the door and finds Danua, Gretel, and Hansel lying near the table.
Next to them is a cake. As they waited for (Captain) to return home, sleep got the better of all of them.
Danua: Hmm? Wel... come ba... ck.
Hap... py bi... rth... day...
Pet... me... Pet... me...
(Captain) gently caresses Danua's head with a kind stroke.
Danua: Zzz... Zzz...
(Captain) looks over at Danua's peaceful slumber and quietly partakes of the cake.


Danua: (Captain)... Hap...py... birth...
Hansel: Danua's got a present for you
Gretel: There's a whole pack of coupons: a shoulder rub coupon, a dishwashing coupon, a cheer-me-on coupon, and even a head pat coupon.
Danua: One...
Hansel: She's telling you go and use one now. What's it going to be, (Captain)?

After a few moments' thought, (Captain) hands Danua the coupon that says "Cheer Me On."

Danua: Cheer... On!
Hurray... hurray... (Captain)!
Hansel: The hug was a bonus. Now you'll be okay no matter what happens.
Gretel: No slacking after all this encouragement! Keep pushing on all year!


Danua: Cake...
Hansel: Danua's saying she baked birthday cake for you.
Gretel: Mm, does that look good! She really wanted to put a smile on your face, (Captain)!
Hansel: She's got another present for you.
Danua stands before (Captain), swinging her arms and hips rhythmically before leaping in joy.
Danua: Ha... ppy... birth... day!
Gretel: Hahaha! An original dance just for you!
Danua: (Captain)... You too...
Hansel: She wants you to try the dance yourself, since it's a present and all.
Gretel: Danua's not gonna go easy on you, (Captain)! You'd better give it your all!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Danua: Happy...
Gretel: Danua says happy New Year!
Danua: Sniff... Sniff... Achoo!
Hansel: Danua's not a fan of the cold. Warm her up so she doesn't catch a cold.


Danua: Snore... Snore...
Gretel: Hey, Danua! You're gonna catch a cold sleeping there!
Danua: Sleepy...
Hansel: Looks like she's all tuckered out trying to stay up past midnight.
Danua: (Captain)...
Gretel: Hahaha! Sounds like she's running into you in her dreams, (Captain)!
Hansel: Sorry, (Captain). Is it okay to let Danua continue resting her head on your lap?
Gretel: Sigh... I'll go get the blankets!


Gretel: Okay! Do you have a Queen? Yes?
Danua: Um... Here... Hehe...
Hansel: She seems happy to have given her Queen.
Gretel: Danua, it's your turn.
Danua: Two...
(Captain) hands over a Two of Hearts.
Danua: Gehehe... Two...
Hansel: She says now she has a pair.
Gretel: Hahaha! Danua seems to really like Go Fish!


Danua: Sleepy...
Gretel: Hey! It's morning already! Are you going to lay in bed forever?
Hansel: Perfect timing, (Captain). Danua's being a big sleepyhead who won't get up.
Gretel: She won't make it in time for the big New Year's meal. Hurry up and do something, Captain!
(Captain) quickly pulls the covers off Danua.
Danua: Heehee! (Captain)...
Hansel: Mhm... Yes, yes... Danua's happy that you woke her up.
Gretel: Was this her plan all along? Danua's always hungry for your attention!


Danua: Let's eat...
Hansel: That food looks so good. We dolls can't really eat, but it'll be fun just to watch.
Danua: This too...
Hansel: Danua's got more food for you, (Captain).
Gretel: Whoa! Dish out that much grub, and (Captain)'s gonna have a tough time finishing it all!
Danua: Together...
Danua takes the dish stacked high with food and puts it down as she takes a seat next to (Captain).
Hansel: I guess volume's not gonna be a problem if it's for the both of you.
Gretel: But Danua prepared this especially for you, (Captain). So make sure you eat plenty, okay?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Danua: Valen...
Hansel: Today's Valentine's Day, and Danua has something she wants to give to you, (Captain)!
Go on. Take it!
Danua: Choco...
Gretel: She gave it her all to make 'em! I helped out too! Go ahead. Eat up!


Hansel: Got a second to talk, (Captain)?
Gretel: Not that it really matters! Check it out!
Danua: I...
Hansel: Hm... Yes, yes... It sounds like Danua has something she wants to give you, (Captain).
Gretel: Not that it really needs to be said! It's a Valentine's present!
Danua: Aaaah...
Hansel: Say aaah, (Captain).
Gretel: Danua said she wanted to make them herself this time!
Hansel: Not that we really had room to offer opinions on the matter. We're puppets.
Gretel: No idea how they turned out, but I'm sure they were made with lots of love!
Danua: So...


Hansel: (Captain), do you have a second? Danua has something for you. Danua.
Danua: (Captain)...
Hansel: This is a homemade treat. Eat up.
Gretel: There's one more thing Danua would like to give you!
Danua: Hehe... (Captain)... Smooch...
Danua blows a kiss at (Captain).
Hansel: She says it's an air kiss. All that practice paid off.
Gretel: Hahaha! Today's your lucky day, (Captain)! Take it all in!


Danua: (Captain)... Valen...
Hansel: You said you'll hand those out alone this year. Do you think you can handle it, Danua?
Gretel: Shhh! If you keep poking your head in, (Captain) is going to see you!
Danua: Here... Choco...
Hansel: There, now you've given some to everyone.
Gretel: Phew... I was watching on the edge of my seat!
Danua: Snicker!
Hansel: Oh, you're pumping your fist and smiling. Good job, Danua!


Danua: Welcome b...
Gretel: Good work on the assignment, (Captain)! Danua's been waiting forever to see you back here!
Danua: (Captain)... Good (Captain)...
Hansel: She's ready to reward you, (Captain). Consider it a cue to open your mouth wide.
Danua: Teehee...
Gretel: Whoa, she's holding onto (Captain) real tight all of a sudden!
Hansel: She's been waiting like a good little girl all this time, so she wants some attention now. Hope you don't mind, (Captain).

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Danua: (Captain)...
Gretel: (Hey, (Captain)! Danua may be acting like nothing's going on, but she's super expectant right now!)
Hansel: (Yeah. She's been practicing for White Day since a couple days ago, so we're counting on you to make this a good one.)
Gretel: (She's squirming! Get over there and give her a present already!)
Danua: Me?

(Captain) hands over a present to Danua and says a few words of appreciation.
Like a flower greeting spring, a massive smile blossoms forth across Danua's face.

Danua: Th-thanks...
Hansel: Attaboy, (Captain)!
Gretel: Seconded! You really delivered!


Hansel: Hm? Did you bring something to repay Danua for Valentine's Day?
Danua: Hmm...
Gretel: Danua seems happy! Good job, (Captain)!
Danua: Hehe... (Captain), nom...
Hansel: Right, right... She seems to be saying, "nom," (Captain).
Gretel: Haha! Danua wants to eat with you! She wants to be fed!


Danua: Sweets... Thanks...
Hansel: She's happy to get chocolate from you. She's been waiting since last night and boy was it worth it.
Danua: Hehe... (Captain)... Sits...
Gretel: She wants to thank you. Sit on her bed. Come on! Hurry it up!
Danua: Squeeze...
Hansel: It's a hug of thanks. (Captain), can we hug you on both sides as well?
Gretel: She wants us to thank you all together! Ready, set, squeeze!


Hansel: Seems like (Captain) is going to give you a thank-you present for Valentine's Day.
Danua: Present... Heehee...
Gretel: You've been saying how excited you were since yesterday! It's great you got something this year too!
Danua: (Captain)... Thank... you...
Hansel: Looks like Danua wants you to feed her, (Captain)...
Gretel: She's waiting with her mouth open... Don't be shy—put it in her mouth!


Danua: (Captain)?
Gretel: You got a White Day gift from (Captain) this year too? Way to go, Danua!
Danua: Teehee... Ahaha!
With a skip in her step, Danua takes out the tea set she had prepared in advance and then seats (Captain) down.
Danua: Tea...
Gretel: She's gonna put on some tea, so the two of you get to drink up together!
Hansel: Looks like there's treats to go with that. Hope you can spare a bit of time, (Captain).
Danua: Please?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Danua: Hallow...
Trick or...
Hansel: Danua gets scared pretty easily. If you could skip the tricks and go straight to treats, that'd really help us out.
Danua: Treats... haha...
Gretel: Wow, look at all the candy you got, Danua! Not bad, huh?


Hansel: Hey, did you know today's Halloween?
Gretel: Ah, so it is! Say, (Captain), have you seen Danua?
Danua: Boo...
Gretel: Whoa! So that's where you were hidin'! You scared the stuffing outta me!
Danua: Scaredy...
Hansel: You sure are happy about tricking Gretel, Danua.
Danua: Heeheehee...
Gretel: Well, that was a good one Danua! You deserve a treat!
Danua: Thank...
For you...
Hansel: Mmhmm... Looks like she wants you to have it, (Captain). You should be happy.
Gretel: Hey, that wasn't meant for you, (Captain)!
Danua: Ahahah...


Danua: No... pa...
Hansel: No... No... You shall not pass!
Gretel: If you must get through, pay in candy!
(Captain) gives Danua a candy.
Danua: This... not...
Hansel: She's trying to eat our candy too!
Gretel: So that's how you want to play... (Captain), fall in line!
Danua: I'm... done...
Gretel: Danua! You can't have (Captain) all to yourself!


Danua: Like?
Hansel: Mm... Yes, yes... Danua's asking if you like her costume, (Captain).
Gretel: You know it's snazzy. Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Danua: Hee hee hee...
Gretel: Huh? You wanna know if that costume is the one she was sewing yesterday?
Hansel: Danua says she's going to make you wear it as a Halloween trick, (Captain).
Gretel: Hahaha! Danua's done listening. Like it or not, you're getting tricked!


Danua: Teehee... Heh heh heh!
Hansel: Danua's bursting with joy over how you're wearing the same costume she gave you last year.
Gretel: Goes to show that you've taken great care of it throughout the year! No wonder she's tickled pink.
Danua: (Captain)... Snicker...
Hansel: She's inviting you to head out together for some trick-or-treating action.
Gretel: Whoa, look at her grab (Captain)'s hand! Hope the captain's ready for a wild night!
Hansel: Now if you could just make sure she doesn't get too carried away. Let's get going, Captain!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Danua: Happy...
Hansel: Danua wants to wish you happy holidays!
Danua: Hee hee hee... Let's play...


Danua: Cake...
Hansel: Oho. It sounds like Danua wants to eat that cake over there, (Captain).
Gretel: Watch it, Danua! If you eat nothing but sweets, you're gonna start putting on weight!
Danua: No...
Hansel: Hmm... Danua insists she won't.
Gretel: Yes you will! Let's exercise first! Come on!
Danua: Don't wanna...
Gretel: Don't make that face at me! (Captain)! You shouldn't spoil Danua like this!
Danua: Captain...
Hansel: What do you want to do about this, (Captain)? The decision is yours.


Danua: Cookies...
Hansel: Hm... Hm... Danua's happy that the cookies are ready!
Gretel: These taste great! Thanks for helping me, (Captain)!
Danua: Take...
Hansel: Really now? Danua wants you to have one, (Captain).
Danua: Take...
Gretel: Stop that! If you give all your cookies away you won't have no more to decorate the tree.
Danua: No...
Hansel: Danua's saying she won't run out. (Captain) can decide how many Danua eats.


Danua: Orna...
Hansel: Mhm... Yes, yes... Danua's saying she wants you to look at her hand-made ornaments for the tree.
Gretel: She put together little dolls of me and Hansel. Aren't they cute!
Danua: (Captain)...
Gretel: Hm? Is this a doll of (Captain)? It's a spitting image of the captain!
Danua: Me...
Hansel: Danua made one of herself too so that we can all be together on the tree.
Gretel: Hey now, (Captain), no need to get so embarrassed. We all like being together, right?
Danua: Heehee!


Danua: Snow...
Hansel: Hm, hm... Danua said the snow's starting to fall.
Gretel: Whoo, what a lucky holiday season it's gonna be! I can already feel it!
Danua: Outside...
Hansel: Huh? Aah... (Captain), she's saying she wants to play outside with you in the snow.
Gretel: Danua's always loved making snowmen! And with this much snow, we can make a jumbo-sized one!
Hansel: But it's really chilly outside. Make sure you warm yourself up before heading out, Danua.
Danua: Sca...
Gretel: (Captain), Danua's got a scarf to help keep you warm. We can go out there as soon as you put it on!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Halloween Hijinx

After Danua saves Beatrix from some pesky children, Beatrix takes the puppeteer to a costume store. Danua finds the perfect Halloween getup and heads into town to

The sounds and smells of a joyous Halloween fill the street.
Danua is puttering around in a lonely alley off the main road, well away from the merrymaking.
Danua: Lost...
Hansel: Mm. Mhm-mhm... Danua says we're totally lost.
Gretel: Pfft, you don't have to spell it out to know that!
Danua: Come...
Gretel: Hey, hey! Somebody's coming this way!
Hansel: Hmm... We're cornered. Trapped like rats. No escape.
A panting woman appears before Danua, continuously looking behind herself.
Beatrix: Grr... What did I do to deserve this!
Beatrix: ...
Beatrix: Hey! Could you get out of my way, please!
Danua: Sorry...
Beatrix wedges past Danua and enters a very narrow passageway.
Beatrix: Gah! I can't move!
Beatrix: Dang it! My shirt got stuck on something!
Danua: What?
Hansel: What are you doing? Danua wants to know.
Beatrix: You can't tell by looking? I'm running!
Gretel: Running? D'you do something bad?
Beatrix: I didn't do anything! It was all them. They took my—
Just then a crowd of children come barreling down the street the same way Beatrix had arrived.
Li'l Devil 1: Huh? Where'd Candy Lady go?
Li'l Devil 2: Hey, you! Did you see a crazy candy lady run through here?
  1. Run?
  2. Lady?

Choose: Run?
Danua: Run?
Beatrix: (No, no, no! P-please... Don't tell them I'm here!)

Choose: Lady?
Danua: Lady?
Beatrix: (Come on, come on... Just pretend like you didn't see me!)
Continue 1
Stuck in the passageway, Beatrix is unable to move. She desperately but quietly continues to plead to Danua.
Danua: No...
Hansel: Hmm. Oh yes... Danua says that no lady like that came through here.
Gretel: Maybe she ran the other way?
Li'l Devil 1: Makes sense! Thanks! If you see her though, make sure you tell us!
Li'l Devil 2: Aaall right! Next we search over here!
The children head toward a different area in pursuit of the so-called candy lady.
Beatrix barely pokes her head out behind the wall. Seeing that the coast is clear, she calmly walks back into the alley and bows her head to Danua.
Beatrix: You've saved me. Thanks for not spilling the beans.
Beatrix: I'm Beatrix. And you are?
Danua: Danua...
Hansel: She says her name is Danua.
Gretel: And that's Hansel, and I'm Gretel!
Beatrix: Whoa... That's not ventriloquism. Are your puppets really talking?
Beatrix: Looks like you're something special! Pleasure to meetcha!
Danua: Pleasure...
Danua's eyes stay locked on Beatrix.
Danua: Pretty...
Beatrix: Why are you staring at me like that? Do I have something on my face?
Danua: Cute...
Hansel: Danua says your costume is cute.
Beatrix: ...!
Beatrix cracks a smile at the compliment.
Beatrix: Haha! I know, right? It's super cute!
Beatrix: Your costume's not too bad either, Danua! It's got that great, creepy vibe!
Gretel: Watch it! This isn't a costume!
Beatrix: Huh? You're not dressed up for Halloween?
Danua: Want...
Hansel: She says she's envious of how cute your getup is.
Beatrix: Oh? You want something cute too? Then I'll show you a great shop!
Gretel: Really? You're a nice one, huh!
Beatrix: Well it's the least I could do for the heroes that saved me from that sticky situation!
Beatrix: So let's get going! We'll search for a great costume together!
Danua: Thanks...
Although their plan was formed through somewhat unusual circumstances, the pair of girls are excited by the prospective shopping trip.
Not long after, everyone arrives at Beatrix's favorite shop.
Danua: Shiny...
Hansel: She's impressed by all of the elegant clothes.
Beatrix: Of course she is! This shop has all the most stylish stuff on the block!
Gretel: C'mon, pick us something out already!
Beatrix: You got it! Into the fray, everybody!
Beatrix begins picking up various eccentric items of clothing and holding them up to Danua's figure.
Beatrix: Oh! How's this one? What do you think of the feathers?
Danua: Feathers...
Hansel: She says feathers are adorable.
Gretel: Is it s'posed to be a fairy or something? Looks good to me!
Beatrix: Hmm...
Beatrix: You know, I get the feeling there's stuff here that would suit you better!
Beatrix: Liiike... this! What do you think?
Danua: Tail...
Hansel: She says she likes the fluffy tail.
Gretel: Looks like a little devil! This one looks good too!
Beatrix: And yet it's not enough... I bet something else would match her even more...
Beatrix continues sifting through the costume pieces, holding each one up to Danua and listening to the puppets' critiques.
After finding the perfect piece, Beatrix forces Danua into the fitting room.
Beatrix: How's it going in there? Finished changing?
Danua: Change...
Hansel: She says yes, she's finished.
Gretel: All right! Showtime!
Danua: Go!
Danua, decked out in a festive Halloween costume, emerges from the fitting room.
Danua: How?
Hansel: Danua says how is it? Does it suit her?
Gretel: Gotta say, we look pretty good too!
Beatrix: Yeah you do! You all look great!
Danua: Cute...
Hansel: She's so happy with how adorable it is, she could just die.
Gretel: This is the first time Danua's been this happy!
Beatrix: Haha! I told you guys we'd get her the best! I really outdo myself sometimes!
Beatrix: This costume is plenty cute, so lets head into town and show you off!
Danua: Loud...
Hansel: Danua says the street seems lively and fun.
Beatrix: Well this is the main street after all.
Beatrix: Oh, which reminds me... Do you know the incantation that goes like trick or treat?
Danua: Magic?
Beatrix: Yeah! If you say this spell, you'll get bucketfuls of candy!
Hearing Beatrix's advice, Danua timidly tries to mouth the words to some of the locals.
Danua: Trick...
Local 1: Huh? Sorry, miss. What was that you said?
But her tiny voice can't cut through the noise of the bustling street.
Danua: Sigh...
Beatrix: (Hansel, Gretel... Danua seems pretty shy, so let's give her some help.)
Hansel: (Of course.)
Gretel: (You got it!)
Hansel, Gretel, and Beatrix turn toward the heart of the crowd and begin to raise their voices.
Beatrix: Come one, come all! See it now or miss out forever!
Beatrix: It's the cutest Halloween costume!
Danua: Trick...
Hansel: Trick or treat. Smell our feet. Give Danua something good to eat.
Local 1: Oh! Well aren't your costumes just wonderful! Here's your candy!
Danua: Trick...
Gretel: Trick or treat! Here's a knife. Give me the good stuff if you value your life!
Local 2: Oh me, oh my! How scary! Here's some candy, so don't hurt me!
People continue to give Danua candy until she has a veritable mountain of sweets.
Beatrix: Haha! Just look at how much candy you got!
Danua: Bea...
Hansel: Danua says thank you, Beatrix.
Gretel: Thought you'd be one of those funny types in the beginning, but you're not half bad!
Beatrix: Haha! Course not! Who do you think I am?
Confidence beams from Beatrix's expression.
Li'l Devil 1: Everybody! There she is! Candy Lady!
Li'l Devil 2: She was hiding here the whole time! Wait for us, Candy Lady!
Beatrix: Damn! They found me already?
Beatrix: Welp, guess I'm outta here!
Danua: Bea...
Beatrix: Oops, almost forgot! Have a parting gift!
Beatrix pulls a piece of candy from her bag and hands it to Danua.
Danua: Thanks...
Beatrix: No problem! I had fun! Let's meet up again sometime!
As Beatrix dashes off, she leaves not only candy with Danua, but also the memory of an energetic smile.
Danua: Bye...
Hansel: Whew... She could be tough to handle, but she was pretty interesting all the same.
Gretel: Haha! If we ever see her in trouble, let's save her again!
Danua: Ah...
Danua holds the candy she received from Beatrix to her chest and promises to cherish it forever.

Funny Friends

After meeting up with Danua, (Captain) and the crew cut through a dark side street to head back to their inn. There they find a couple of rough men acting disrespectfully. A local boy and his band of monsters appear and escalate the situation.

After parting with Beatrix, Danua successfully meets back up with (Captain) and the crew.
They head away from the city center, still deep in festive Halloween celebration.
Costumed Ruffian 1: Gahaha! Down it, down it!
Costumed Ruffian 2: Gwahaha! More spirits for me spirit!
Danua: Scary...
Hansel: Hmm. Mhm-mhm... Danua says this place has a frightening air about it.
Gretel: Yeah, this place isn't like the city center at all! There's litter all over the place, and some of the people look a little rough!
Vyrn: But this was a shortcut back to the inn!
Lyria: This street really gives me the creeps, (Captain)...
Danua: Pop...
Hansel: Danua says things pop out at night on streets like this.
Gretel: Hahaha! Yeah, I bet we'll see a ghost before long!
Danua grips (Captain)'s hand as a trio of creatures dive out of the darkness and in front of the crew.
???: ...!
???: ...!
???: ...!
Danua: What!
A voice begins to reverberate around the crew.
???: Beee gooone from heeere!
Monsters: ...!
Danua: Surround!
Hansel: It looks like we're surrounded. Stay on guard.
Gretel: I bet these monsters bite! Everybody get ready!

Funny Friends: Scene 2

The boy explains that he and his monsters want to reclaim their turf from the rude men. Danua and (Captain) empathize with the lad's cause, so they put him and his monsters through special training.

Young Boy: Aww, man! It didn't work!
Young Boy: Slimer, Wisper, Punkin! Let's get outta here, guys!
Slimer: ...!
Wisper: ...!
Punkin: ...!
The mysterious assault group tries to scatter in every direction.
But the crew catches them before they can get away and begins questioning them.
Danua: Why?
Hansel: Danua is asking why would you do such a thing?
Young Boy: What do you mean why! You jerks took our spot, didn't ya! Well, didn't ya!
Behind the boy, the three monsters try to appear menacing, even as they tremble in apparent fear.
Gretel: What? Took your spot? Hah—you're confused, kid!
Lyria: We're just a crew of skyfarers passing by!
Young Boy: Huh? Sky... farers? You're not with those loud guys wearing costumes?
Vyrn: No! We're just regular ol' skyfarers in (Captain)'s crew!
Danua: Mistake...
Hansel: Yes. It seems there was a bit of a mix-up.
Young Boy: S-sorry!
Slimer: ...!
Wisper: ...!
Punkin: ...!
Young Boy: I... guess I thought you guys were friends with that bunch! I'm really sorry!
The boy and his monsters look regretful as the boy begins explaining.
Young Boy: Ever since a Halloween who-knows-how-long-ago, those costume-wearing jerks wearing costumes have come here every year acting like they own the place.
Young Boy: We wear costumes in this region to honor spirits and monsters that come from the afterlife.
Young Boy: But those guys just wear stupid costumes and make a racket!
Lyria: So that's what's going on...
Young Boy: Even when we try to get them to leave, normally they just make fun of us. They don't respect us at all.
Danua: Chase...
Hansel: Danua says then in that case, we'll chase them away.
Danua and (Captain) face the boy and his monsters and give them a confident thumbs up.
Young Boy: Really! You guys are strong enough! They'd have to—
The boy's expression goes from sunshine to shadows in a split second. He starts shaking his head.
Young Boy: No. Never mind... Even if you guys help out this time, another group of 'em might show up...
Young Boy: If we can't fix this problem ourselves, then there's no point!
Slimer: ...
Wisper: ...
Punkin: ...
Young Boy: Sniff... Sniff... Everybody...
Unable to control his own emotions, the boy bursts into tears.
Danua: Sweet...
Hansel: Danua says she feels like you're a true sweetheart.
Gretel: Heh! Just when I thought you were a buncha scaredy-cats, you go and impress me with that willpower!
Lyria: (Captain), is there some way we can help them?
Vyrn: How about we give 'em a crash course on fightin' and stuff!
(Captain) gives a strong nod to the rest of the crew.
Danua: Come!
Hansel: Danua says let's get to training—right here, right now.
Gretel: Yeah! Are you ready?
Young Boy: Yes!
Slimer: ...!
Wisper: ...!
Punkin: ...!
Vyrn: Okay! Let's whip 'em into shape, (Captain)!

Funny Friends: Scene 3

The boy and his monsters launch their assault against the rude men, but it ends in failure. Danua rethinks their strategy and takes everyone to the costume shop that Beatrix showed her earlier. Using her spectral threads, she helps the boy and his monsters operate a giant pumpkin costume to drive the men away.

Danua, (Captain), and the crew have put the boy and his monsters through a round of grueling training.
Inspired by newfound confidence, the boy decides to confront the ruffians and drive them out of his turf.
Vyrn: It's finally here, huh? The day we've been waitin' for...
Lyria: I hope it goes well...
Gretel: Hey, hey! Have a little faith in them!
Danua: But...
Hansel: But I'm still worried about them, says Danua. And to tell the truth, I'm a little worried myself.
Danua: See...
Hansel: Danua says we should go see how the boy and his monsters are getting on.
The crew decides to go and stealthily check out the situation.
After arriving at the spot, they watch what's happening from the shadows.
Young Boy: All right, everybody. Just remember the training we went through.
Young Boy: Everything's gonna go fine!
Young Boy: Are you guys ready?
Slimer: ...!
Wisper: ...!
Punkin: ...!
The ruffians approach the boy and the monsters as they break from their huddle.
Costumed Ruffian 1: Whoo-wee! Been a long night!
Costumed Ruffian 2: Wahaha!
Costumed Ruffian 2: Huh? What's this light?
Wisper: ...
Wisper floats in the air, softly casting his light in the direction of the ruffians, drawing them near.
Slimer: ...!
Costumed Ruffian 2: Gah!
Costumed Ruffian 1: Wh-what is this stuff!
Slimer has spread his liquid body across the ground, causing the men to come crashing down when they slip on the living puddle.
Punkin: ...!
Costumed Ruffian 1: Eep! What's next!
Costumed Ruffian 2: S-somethin's falling from above!
Punkin has come crashing from the sky, delivering the decisive blow to the ruffians.
Young Boy: (Yeah! Just like we planned! They'll leave for sure now!)
The boy approaches the bewildered men, hoping to give them a final scare.
Young Boy: Beee gooone from heeere!
Slimer: ...!
Young Boy: A-ah!
The boy accidentally steps on Slimer, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground.
Costumed Ruffian 1: Who... Who are you...
Costumed Ruffian 1: Argh! You're that meddling kid!
Costumed Ruffian 2: Dammit! He's been playing us for fools! We're gonna knock you into next year, kid!
Young Boy: Aaah! Somebody heeelp!
Danua: Danger!
Hansel: Danua says the boy's in trouble, so we're going to help.
Gretel: Got it! Let's get in there!
Vyrn: We won't just stand around either!
Lyria: Right! Come on, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the crew burst from the shadows to aid the boy and his monsters.
After saving the boy, the crew listens as he laments his failure.
Young Boy: Sniff... That was so dumb... I knew it. We're hopeless...
Young Boy: We should just quit while we're ahead. We'll leave this city... Right, everybody?
Slimer: ...
Wisper: ...
Punkin: ...
Young Boy: Thank you, guys. For all you did for us.
As the boy turns to leave, Danua grabs his shoulder.
Danua: Don't...
(Captain) steps forward beside Danua and puts a hand on the boy's other shoulder.
Hansel: Danua says—
Vyrn: I think we got it this time!
Lyria: Yeah! It's too soon to give up! Right?
Danua: Yes!
Young Boy: But... But...
Danua: I...
Hansel: She says she has a good idea.
Gretel: Just follow us!
The boy and his monsters follow Danua and the crew.
They soon arrive at the shop that Beatrix had previously introduced to Danua.
Danua: Trust...
Hansel: She says please trust her.
Gretel: What in the skies are we planning here?
Danua begins explaining her strategy to everyone else.
The ruffians come back, rougher than ever.
Costumed Ruffian 1: Seriously... Can you believe what that kid did to us?
Costumed Ruffian 2: Hehe. Here, mate, have some spirits to lift those spirits!
Costumed Ruffian 1: Don't mind if I do!
Costumed Ruffian 2: H-hey... Is that a giant floating pumpkin in front of us?
Costumed Ruffian 1: Huh? I think you should lay off the spirits if you're starting to see 'em!
Costumed Ruffian 2: Look out! It's coming toward us!
The pumpkin begins eerily bobbing toward the men.
Costumed Ruffian 1: If my eyes aren't playing tricks on me, that pumpkin's enormous!
Costumed Ruffian 2: Dammit, who's scared of an overgrown squash! C'mon! Let's turn it into pumpkin pie!
The ruffians puff out their chests and stand firm against the floating vegetable.
Pumpkin Beast: ...!
But they soon find that it's no ordinary pumpkin they're staring at.
Costumed Ruffian 2: Eeeek! Monster! A monster!
Pumpkin Beast: ...!
Costumed Ruffian 1: Its face is glowing! R-run for it!
Young Boy: Hah! How's that!
Slimer: ...!
Wisper: ...!
Punkin: ...!
Danua: Go!
The pumpkin beast lets out a ferocious roar in time with Danua's gestures.
The others work hard to give the beast a terrifying feel.
Punkin forms its head.
Behind him is Wisper, shining his spooky light.
Slimer has spread throughout the trunk of the monster, solidifying its posture.
And Danua and the boy stand behind them all, controlling the giant puppet from the background.
Costumed Ruffian 1: What's g-g-going on! Why's there a pumpkin monster here of all places!
Costumed Ruffian 2: Is this some kinda Halloween curse!
Danua: Now...
Hansel: This is our chance to make a final move, Danua says.
Gretel: Hah! Let the real fun begin!
Vyrn: All right! We got your back!
Lyria: Let's go, (Captain)!
Each member of the crew, dressed as ghouls and goblins and all sorts of Halloween creepies, runs full force at the pair of ruffians.

Funny Friends: Scene 4

Danua's strategy is a rousing success: the ruffians rethink their behavior and the boy and his monsters are able to protect their turf. The boy asks Danua to show him more about operating puppets, so Danua, Hansel, and Gretel spend a happy Halloween teaching the boy the finer arts of puppetry.

Danua's plan to form the pumpkin beast is a resounding success.
So much so, in fact, that the ruffians are seen cleaning the city streets in an attempt to appease the "Halloween spirits" they'd angered.
Young Boy: Everybody, thanks for your hard work!
Slimer: ...!
Wisper: ...!
Punkin: ...!
Young Boy: Thanks to you, we were able to reclaim our turf!
The boy and his monsters deeply thank Danua and (Captain) for their assistance.
Danua: Hehe...
Hansel: Danua is truly happy.
Gretel: And I'm glad it all worked out in the end!
Vyrn: No kiddin'! I was worried about it for a bit there, but Danua's idea really saved the day!
Lyria: Yes! It's amazing she could think of something like that!
(Captain) happily nods in agreement with everyone's compliments.
Young Boy: Actually... There's one other thing I'd like to ask...
Danua: What?
Young Boy: I want you to teach me how you worked that giant costume!
Pumpkin Beast: ...
Danua: Of...
Hansel: Of course. I'd be happy to, Danua says.
Gretel: Oh, you're up for another lesson, eh? Well, get ready, cause we're gonna teach you all you can handle!
Young Boy: Yeah! Sounds great!
Slimer: ...!
Wisper: ...!
Punkin: ...!
Danua begins instructing the boy in her craft.
Danua: This...
Young Boy: This? Oh, like that!
Pumpkin Beast: ...
Danua: No...
Hansel: Danua says you're doing it wrong.
Danua: This...
Pumpkin Beast: ...!
Young Boy: Ack! Sorry! Had to do it like that!
Gretel: Hehe! Yeah, just gotta use your whole body!
Young Boy: Got it! I'll get it next time!
Vyrn: Danua and her dolls look like they're having a ton of fun!
Lyria: I'm so happy she's made new friends! Aren't you, (Captain)?
(Captain) smiles and gives Lyria a nod.
Through some stroke of fortune, Halloween has brought Danua new friends. The crew look on at her as she continues to teach the boy and his monsters the art of puppeteering.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
べあぁ… Beatrix...
お菓子を寄越せあるだけ全部だ After we hand out all the candy, we'll be finished.
ダヌアはこの衣装をとても気に入っている Danua says she loves this costume.
おぁ… Oh...
大空あかりに衣装を見てもらいたいそうだ Danua says she wants you to look at her costume, (Captain).
とりぃ… Trick...
トリックオアトリート!悪戯ダ! Trick or trick!
オラオラ!ソコをどきナ! Hey! Don't move a muscle!
とりぃ…と… Treat...
大空あかり……?にあぅ……? (Captain)? Like?

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


SV Danua, Grim Puppetmaster.png SV Danua, Grim Puppetmaster E.png
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Clash: Deal 1 damage to the enemy follower.

"Danua wants to know who you are."
"We're not weirdos! Don't get the wrong idea!"


Evolve: Give all other allied followers Clash - Deal 1 damage to the enemy follower.
Clash: Deal 1 damage to the enemy follower.

"Hey! You better hand over the pats now, bub!"
"Captain, please reward her with the usual, ceremonial patting."

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Danua, Grim Puppetmaster
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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