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Official Profile

Age 17
Height 132 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Playing with dolls, making hand shadow puppets
Likes Hansel and Gretel, chocolate
Dislikes Baths, brushing her teeth

Final Uncap

Character Release
まずは「ダヌア」が、ハロウィンで仮装した姿となって登場です! 彼女の持つ人形「ヘンゼル」と「グレーテル」も、合わせてハロウィンらしい装いとなりました。 今回の属性は火属性となります!

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 17歳
Height 132cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 人形遊び、手影絵遊び
Likes ヘンゼルとグレーテル、チョコレート
Dislikes お風呂、歯磨き

Final Uncap

Character Release
まずは「ダヌア」が、ハロウィンで仮装した姿となって登場です! 彼女の持つ人形「ヘンゼル」と「グレーテル」も、合わせてハロウィンらしい装いとなりました。 今回の属性は火属性となります!

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Danua: Happy...
Gretel: Hmm? What is it Danua? Ah! I think you need to say that yourself!
Danua: C-Captain... Ha... Happy... Birthday...
Hansel: Danua's made a cake for you too. Blow out the candles and make a wish!


Gretel: Hey (Captain)! Danua says she wants to throw a big birthday celebration for you!
Hansel: She went all out and baked you a cake, (Captain). It's pretty good!
Danua: (Captain)... Happy... birth... day...

(Captain) tries to pet Danua, but Hansel and Gretel block the attempt.

Gretel: Hold it! You misinterpreted her intent a little bit there!
Hansel: Yeah. She doesn't want you to pet her. She wants to pet you.
Gretel: Okay then! Let's get started!


Danua: Zzz... Zzz...
Hansel: Nnn... Nnn...
Gretel: Mhh... Mhh...
(Captain) opens the door and finds Danua, Gretel, and Hansel lying near the table.
Next to them is a cake. As they waited for (Captain) to return home, sleep got the better of all of them.
Danua: Hmm? Wel... come ba... ck.
Hap... py bi... rth... day...
Pet... me... Pet... me...
(Captain) gently caresses Danua's head with a kind stroke.
Danua: Zzz... Zzz...
(Captain) looks over at Danua's peaceful slumber and quietly partakes of the cake.


Danua: (Captain)... Hap...py... birth...
Hansel: Danua's got a present for you
Gretel: There's a whole pack of coupons: a shoulder rub coupon, a dishwashing coupon, a cheer-me-on coupon, and even a head pat coupon.
Danua: One...
Hansel: She's telling you go and use one now. What's it going to be, (Captain)?

After a few moments' thought, (Captain) hands Danua the coupon that says "Cheer Me On."

Danua: Cheer... On!
Hurray... hurray... (Captain)!
Hansel: The hug was a bonus. Now you'll be okay no matter what happens.
Gretel: No slacking after all this encouragement! Keep pushing on all year!


Danua: Cake...
Hansel: Danua's saying she baked birthday cake for you.
Gretel: Mm, does that look good! She really wanted to put a smile on your face, (Captain)!
Hansel: She's got another present for you.
Danua stands before (Captain), swinging her arms and hips rhythmically before leaping in joy.
Danua: Ha... ppy... birth... day!
Gretel: Hahaha! An original dance just for you!
Danua: (Captain)... You too...
Hansel: She wants you to try the dance yourself, since it's a present and all.
Gretel: Danua's not gonna go easy on you, (Captain)! You'd better give it your all!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Danua: Happy...
Gretel: Danua says happy New Year!
Danua: Sniff... Sniff... Achoo!
Hansel: Danua's not a fan of the cold. Warm her up so she doesn't catch a cold.


Danua: Snore... Snore...
Gretel: Hey, Danua! You're gonna catch a cold sleeping there!
Danua: Sleepy...
Hansel: Looks like she's all tuckered out trying to stay up past midnight.
Danua: (Captain)...
Gretel: Hahaha! Sounds like she's running into you in her dreams, (Captain)!
Hansel: Sorry, (Captain). Is it okay to let Danua continue resting her head on your lap?
Gretel: Sigh... I'll go get the blankets!


Gretel: Okay! Do you have a Queen? Yes?
Danua: Um... Here... Hehe...
Hansel: She seems happy to have given her Queen.
Gretel: Danua, it's your turn.
Danua: Two...
(Captain) hands over a Two of Hearts.
Danua: Gehehe... Two...
Hansel: She says now she has a pair.
Gretel: Hahaha! Danua seems to really like Go Fish!


Danua: Sleepy...
Gretel: Hey! It's morning already! Are you going to lay in bed forever?
Hansel: Perfect timing, (Captain). Danua's being a big sleepyhead who won't get up.
Gretel: She won't make it in time for the big New Year's meal. Hurry up and do something, Captain!
(Captain) quickly pulls the covers off Danua.
Danua: Heehee! (Captain)...
Hansel: Mhm... Yes, yes... Danua's happy that you woke her up.
Gretel: Was this her plan all along? Danua's always hungry for your attention!


Danua: Let's eat...
Hansel: That food looks so good. We dolls can't really eat, but it'll be fun just to watch.
Danua: This too...
Hansel: Danua's got more food for you, (Captain).
Gretel: Whoa! Dish out that much grub, and (Captain)'s gonna have a tough time finishing it all!
Danua: Together...
Danua takes the dish stacked high with food and puts it down as she takes a seat next to (Captain).
Hansel: I guess volume's not gonna be a problem if it's for the both of you.
Gretel: But Danua prepared this especially for you, (Captain). So make sure you eat plenty, okay?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Danua: Valen...
Hansel: Today's Valentine's Day, and Danua has something she wants to give to you, (Captain)!
Go on. Take it!
Danua: Choco...
Gretel: She gave it her all to make 'em! I helped out too! Go ahead. Eat up!


Hansel: Got a second to talk, (Captain)?
Gretel: Not that it really matters! Check it out!
Danua: I...
Hansel: Hm... Yes, yes... It sounds like Danua has something she wants to give you, (Captain).
Gretel: Not that it really needs to be said! It's a Valentine's present!
Danua: Aaaah...
Hansel: Say aaah, (Captain).
Gretel: Danua said she wanted to make them herself this time!
Hansel: Not that we really had room to offer opinions on the matter. We're puppets.
Gretel: No idea how they turned out, but I'm sure they were made with lots of love!
Danua: So...


Hansel: (Captain), do you have a second? Danua has something for you. Danua.
Danua: (Captain)...
Hansel: This is a homemade treat. Eat up.
Gretel: There's one more thing Danua would like to give you!
Danua: Hehe... (Captain)... Smooch...
Danua blows a kiss at (Captain).
Hansel: She says it's an air kiss. All that practice paid off.
Gretel: Hahaha! Today's your lucky day, (Captain)! Take it all in!


Danua: (Captain)... Valen...
Hansel: You said you'll hand those out alone this year. Do you think you can handle it, Danua?
Gretel: Shhh! If you keep poking your head in, (Captain) is going to see you!
Danua: Here... Choco...
Hansel: There, now you've given some to everyone.
Gretel: Phew... I was watching on the edge of my seat!
Danua: Snicker!
Hansel: Oh, you're pumping your fist and smiling. Good job, Danua!


Danua: Welcome b...
Gretel: Good work on the assignment, (Captain)! Danua's been waiting forever to see you back here!
Danua: (Captain)... Good (Captain)...
Hansel: She's ready to reward you, (Captain). Consider it a cue to open your mouth wide.
Danua: Teehee...
Gretel: Whoa, she's holding onto (Captain) real tight all of a sudden!
Hansel: She's been waiting like a good little girl all this time, so she wants some attention now. Hope you don't mind, (Captain).

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Danua: (Captain)...
Gretel: (Hey, (Captain)! Danua may be acting like nothing's going on, but she's super expectant right now!)
Hansel: (Yeah. She's been practicing for White Day since a couple days ago, so we're counting on you to make this a good one.)
Gretel: (She's squirming! Get over there and give her a present already!)
Danua: Me?
(Captain) hands over a present to Danua and says a few words of appreciation.
Like a flower greeting spring, a massive smile blossoms forth across Danua's face.
Danua: Th-thanks...
Hansel: Attaboy, (Captain)!
Gretel: Seconded! You really delivered!


Hansel: Hm? Did you bring something to repay Danua for Valentine's Day?
Danua: Hmm...
Gretel: Danua seems happy! Good job, (Captain)!
Danua: Hehe... (Captain), nom...
Hansel: Right, right... She seems to be saying, "nom," (Captain).
Gretel: Haha! Danua wants to eat with you! She wants to be fed!


Danua: Sweets... Thanks...
Hansel: She's happy to get chocolate from you. She's been waiting since last night and boy was it worth it.
Danua: Hehe... (Captain)... Sits...
Gretel: She wants to thank you. Sit on her bed. Come on! Hurry it up!
Danua: Squeeze...
Hansel: It's a hug of thanks. (Captain), can we hug you on both sides as well?
Gretel: She wants us to thank you all together! Ready, set, squeeze!


Hansel: Seems like (Captain) is going to give you a thank-you present for Valentine's Day.
Danua: Present... Heehee...
Gretel: You've been saying how excited you were since yesterday! It's great you got something this year too!
Danua: (Captain)... Thank... you...
Hansel: Looks like Danua wants you to feed her, (Captain)...
Gretel: She's waiting with her mouth open... Don't be shy—put it in her mouth!


Danua: (Captain)?
Gretel: You got a White Day gift from (Captain) this year too? Way to go, Danua!
Danua: Teehee... Ahaha!
With a skip in her step, Danua takes out the tea set she had prepared in advance and then seats (Captain) down.
Danua: Tea...
Gretel: She's gonna put on some tea, so the two of you get to drink up together!
Hansel: Looks like there's treats to go with that. Hope you can spare a bit of time, (Captain).
Danua: Please?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Danua: Hallow...
Trick or...
Hansel: Danua gets scared pretty easily. If you could skip the tricks and go straight to treats, that'd really help us out.
Danua: Treats... haha...
Gretel: Wow, look at all the candy you got, Danua! Not bad, huh?


Hansel: Hey, did you know today's Halloween?
Gretel: Ah, so it is! Say, (Captain), have you seen Danua?
Danua: Boo...
Gretel: Whoa! So that's where you were hidin'! You scared the stuffing outta me!
Danua: Scaredy...
Hansel: You sure are happy about tricking Gretel, Danua.
Danua: Heeheehee...
Gretel: Well, that was a good one Danua! You deserve a treat!
Danua: Thank...
For you...
Hansel: Mmhmm... Looks like she wants you to have it, (Captain). You should be happy.
Gretel: Hey, that wasn't meant for you, (Captain)!
Danua: Ahahah...


Danua: No... pa...
Hansel: No... No... You shall not pass!
Gretel: If you must get through, pay in candy!
(Captain) gives Danua a candy.
Danua: This... not...
Hansel: She's trying to eat our candy too!
Gretel: So that's how you want to play... (Captain), fall in line!
Danua: I'm... done...
Gretel: Danua! You can't have (Captain) all to yourself!


Danua: Like?
Hansel: Mm... Yes, yes... Danua's asking if you like her costume, (Captain).
Gretel: You know it's snazzy. Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Danua: Hee hee hee...
Gretel: Huh? You wanna know if that costume is the one she was sewing yesterday?
Hansel: Danua says she's going to make you wear it as a Halloween trick, (Captain).
Gretel: Hahaha! Danua's done listening. Like it or not, you're getting tricked!


Danua: Teehee... Heh heh heh!
Hansel: Danua's bursting with joy over how you're wearing the same costume she gave you last year.
Gretel: Goes to show that you've taken great care of it throughout the year! No wonder she's tickled pink.
Danua: (Captain)... Snicker...
Hansel: She's inviting you to head out together for some trick-or-treating action.
Gretel: Whoa, look at her grab (Captain)'s hand! Hope the captain's ready for a wild night!
Hansel: Now if you could just make sure she doesn't get too carried away. Let's get going, Captain!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Danua: Happy...
Hansel: Danua wants to wish you happy holidays!
Danua: Hee hee hee... Let's play...


Danua: Cake...
Hansel: Oho. It sounds like Danua wants to eat that cake over there, (Captain).
Gretel: Watch it, Danua! If you eat nothing but sweets, you're gonna start putting on weight!
Danua: No...
Hansel: Hmm... Danua insists she won't.
Gretel: Yes you will! Let's exercise first! Come on!
Danua: Don't wanna...
Gretel: Don't make that face at me! (Captain)! You shouldn't spoil Danua like this!
Danua: Captain...
Hansel: What do you want to do about this, (Captain)? The decision is yours.


Danua: Cookies...
Hansel: Hm... Hm... Danua's happy that the cookies are ready!
Gretel: These taste great! Thanks for helping me, (Captain)!
Danua: Take...
Hansel: Really now? Danua wants you to have one, (Captain).
Danua: Take...
Gretel: Stop that! If you give all your cookies away you won't have no more to decorate the tree.
Danua: No...
Hansel: Danua's saying she won't run out. (Captain) can decide how many Danua eats.


Danua: Orna...
Hansel: Mhm... Yes, yes... Danua's saying she wants you to look at her hand-made ornaments for the tree.
Gretel: She put together little dolls of me and Hansel. Aren't they cute!
Danua: (Captain)...
Gretel: Hm? Is this a doll of (Captain)? It's a spitting image of the captain!
Danua: Me...
Hansel: Danua made one of herself too so that we can all be together on the tree.
Gretel: Hey now, (Captain), no need to get so embarrassed. We all like being together, right?
Danua: Heehee!


Danua: Snow...
Hansel: Hm, hm... Danua said the snow's starting to fall.
Gretel: Whoo, what a lucky holiday season it's gonna be! I can already feel it!
Danua: Outside...
Hansel: Huh? Aah... (Captain), she's saying she wants to play outside with you in the snow.
Gretel: Danua's always loved making snowmen! And with this much snow, we can make a jumbo-sized one!
Hansel: But it's really chilly outside. Make sure you warm yourself up before heading out, Danua.
Danua: Sca...
Gretel: (Captain), Danua's got a scarf to help keep you warm. We can go out there as soon as you put it on!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Jellyfish Ahoy!

The crew are visiting Sierokarte's Beach House. Hansel and Gretel try to persuade Danua to change into her swimsuit, but she objects. When (Captain) and the others give her a yellow rubber ring, she changes her mind and gets changed. Danua and the crew explore the sea shore. Danua discovers a jellyfish at the water's edge and, fascinated by this creature, is inspired by the jellyfish to float on the waves.

Danua not in crew

One day, the crew were asked by Sierokarte to catch the culprit behind a series of random attacks.
Continuing their investigations, the crew encountered an injured girl and a suspicious female Draph on the outskirts of the town.
Girl: I'm… fading…
Lyria: Are- are you all right? Over here!
Vyrn: Darn it? it's the attacker! How dare you go after a girl as small as this!
Danua: No…
Hansel: Mhm… Mhm…
Hansel: Danua says, "No! We're not behind these attacks! Gretel, we're not the attackers."
Gretel: Oh, that's right! We were brought here against our will… because of a misunderstanding.
The crew didn't trust Danua and her two dolls at first, but they eventually overcame their distrust and caught the attacker.
Following this encounter, the spirit medium Danua and her two dolls became friends with the Grandcypher crew.
It was now summer, and the crew were visiting Sierokarte's Beach House on Venera Beach on one of the Auguste Isles.
Vyrn: Hey! Miss Knickknack! Are you there?
Danua: Who…
Hansel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua says, "it looks like there's no-one in there."
Gretel: Hey! Is it OK if we let ourselves in?
Lyria: Yes! If you're staying here you can come and go as you please!
Danua was worried about her clothes getting wet in the ocean, so the crew were going to change into their swimsuits.
Danua: No…
Hansel: …What what what? Danua doesn't want to change into her swimsuit. What shall we do, Gretel?
Gretel: You say that, but you don't want your best clothes to get spoiled by the sea water!
Danua: No!
Hansel: …Hmm… Hmmmmm… She must be going through her rebellious phase, Gretel.
Gretel: Tell me about it! Stop moaning and change your clothes, chop chop!
Danua: Oh… no…
Danua stubbornly clutched the hem of the dress she always wore.
Lyria: Well, look. If Danua really doesn't want to get changed, she doesn't have to!
Vyrn: That's right! Why don't you just take it easy here in the Beach House?
Danua: Beach…
At that point, (Captain) took down the rubber ring hanging on the wall of the Beach House.
Danua: Yel… low…
Hansel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua asks, "what is this yellow ring?"
(Captain) passed the rubber ring to Danua.
Danua: Waist band…
Danua put her arm through the rubber ring and started spinning it round and round, seemingly enjoying herself.
Gretel: Hey Danua! This is how you use a rubber ring!
Said Gretel, placing the rubber ring over Danua's head and down around her torso.
Danua: Floaty…
Danua was exceedingly pleased with the yellow rubber ring.
Gretel: Heeheehee… if you want to play with that rubber ring you'll have to change into your swimsuit!
Danua: …Get changed!
In a complete about-face from before, Danua was now eager to change into her swimsuit of her own volition.
With the help of Sierokarte and the others, Danua put on the unfamiliar swimsuit.
Danua, who was now changed into her swimsuit, strolled with the crew down to the shore.
Danua: Bath…
Danua gazed curiously at the great ocean spread out before them.
Hansel: Hmm… Hmmmmm… This isn't a bathtub. The sea, that's what this is.
Danua: …Seeea?
Gretel: Danua, you mean you've never seen the sea before?
Danua gazed intently at the motion of the waves, breaking on the shore and then retreating.
Danua was carefully watching her step, but a relatively large wave swept her off her feet.
Danua: Waah!
Frightened, Danua clung on to (Captain)'s leg.
Gretel: Ha ha! I guess people who hate having baths aren't necessarily going to like the ocean!
Resigned to playing on the beach with Danua, the crew looked around for a piece of driftwood.
Danua: Squashy…
Hansel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua asks, "what is that squashy thing?"
Gretel: Oi! (Captain)! What is that thing!
With great enthusiasm, (Captain) explained to Danua that the thing floating at the water's edge was a jellyfish.
Danua: Jeeellyfish…
For some reason, Danua was rather taken with the jellyfish, and gazed at it with admiration.
Lyria: Danua! Look, there's a starfish over here!
Danua: Star…
Vyrn: Hey Danua! There's a crab over here too!
Danua: Crab…
Vyrn: Here we go! I'm gonna catch this crab, watch this, Danua!
With great enthusiasm, Vyrn dug up the hiding hole that the crab had disappeared into.
Vyrn: He's gone?! Where'd he get to?
Sure enough, the crab popped up and pinched one of Vyrn's fingers.
Danua: Ha- Ha ha ha!!
Hansel: Hmm… Hmmmmmm… When was the last time Danua laughed at something like this, Gretel?
Gretel: Let's see… I can't remember, Hansel.
A short while after, Vyrn and Lyria went into the ocean and started playing.
But Danua just gazed on enviously without joining the others.
Danua: Ocean…
Hansel: By the way, Gretel. Is the spirit-animating gossamer OK if seawater gets on it?
Gretel: Good point. But I don't think we'll get cut off by just a little saltwater!
Danua stared up at (Captain)'s face.
Danua: Floating…
Hansel: Yes… I see… Danua says, "I want to go into the ocean with (Captain)."
Gretel: How about it, (Captain)! Will you go into the sea with Danua?
  1. I said goodbye to the sea long ago.
  2. Before that, we should limber up!

Choose: I said goodbye to the sea long ago.
Gretel: HaHAH! Did it wave you off?!
Danua: Wave…
Danua listened to (Captain) and Gretel's words with a serious expression, nodding her head in acquiesence.

Choose: Before that, we should limber up!
Hansel: Yes… Hmmmm… Well they do say you should limber up before swimming.
Danua: Limber!
Danua carefully did her warming-up exercises with (Captain) .
Continue 1
Then, (Captain) took Danua's hand and waded into the sea.
Danua: Wooh!
Gretel: Oi Danua! You'll get hurt if you keep your eyes shut!
Danua: Waa!
Danua, gradually getting acclimatized to the water, was led out into the open sea by (Captain).
Although she hadn't been in the ocean before, Danua gradually loosened up and begun to enjoy being in the water with (Captain).
Danua: Jeeellyfish…
Hansel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua asks, "is this a jellyfish?"
(Captain) answered Danua with a smile.
Danua: Rolling…
Danua and (Captain) let their bodies pitch up and down on the rolling waves.
Danua: Heeheehee…
From this point on, this way of relaxing and bobbing up and down on the rolling waves was named "jeeellyfish," by Danua.
For the whole summer, (Captain) was pestered by her wanting to do the "jeeellyfish" at every turn.

Summer Adventures

(Captain) and Danua are enjoying themselves playing the "jeeellyfish" game. They are carried up and down the troughs between the ocean's waves, as dark storm clouds gather around them. Together with a family who are out swimming, the crew are heading back to the shore, when they are sucked towards a whirlpool created by a monster. In order to save the couple's child, who is about to be swallowed up in the whirlpool, Danua and (Captain) take on the monster.

Once again, (Captain) was being pestered by Danua to play the "jeeellyfish" wave-riding game.
(Captain) and Danua let themselves float on the rolling waves. It was a pleasant feeling.
Danua: Jeeellyfish…
Lyria: Heeheehee… Danua has really gotten into this "jeeellyfish" game!
Vyrn: Yeah! Even though she was so scared of the ocean at first!
Danua: Captain…
Hansel: Hmmm… It seems Danua is thanking you, (Captain).
Gretel: HaHa! Seeing Danua like this makes me think she could overcome some of her other troubles!
While the crew enjoyed a brief moment of respite, dark clouds were gathering overhead.
As the skies around them were on the verge of turning overcast, the crew were hailed by a couple travelling with their child.
Father: It looks like a storm is on its way. You should all get back to shore soon.
Lyria: Oh, I think you might be right. Thank you for your concern!
Mother: Around here, when the weather turns bad, the tidal currents can change suddenly. The other day when that happened, someone…
Girl: Mom! Hurry, let's go!
Mother: Yes yes, we're leaving now, sweetie!
The crew and the family began to swim back toward the beach.
Danua: Beach…
Hansel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua says, "we drifted away from the beach."
Gretel: Oh? If that's the case, we must have been drifting for some time!
Vyrn: Hey, hey look! What's that whirlpool!
Just as the crew noticed this strange phenomenon, the girl started to float toward the whirlpool.
Girl: Somebody! Help me!
Mother: Argh! My baby! 
Father: What the-! What is that thing?
Danua: Swim!
Hansel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua says, "I'm gonna swim over there with all my might."
With the spray from the storm beating against her, Danua swam as fast as she could.
Lyria: Da-Danua! Be careful!
Gretel: Danua! You can't swim that well! Someone will have to go after you!
The crew had no choice but to accompany Danua in chasing after the girl.
Girl: Wa-watch out…
The crew finally reached the girl's side just she was about to be swallowed up by the center of the whirlpool.
Father: Darn it! We were too late!
Lyria: Hold on! There's something in the center of the whirlpool!
Monster: Graaaargh!
Lyria: So a monster is causing the whirlpool!
Danua: Help…
Hansel: Urgh… urgh urgh… Danua says: help the girl!
Gretel: Yes… Yes-yes… Danua says, "help the girl"!
Father: I- I'll fight as well!
Vyrn: Just let us handle this! Ready your weapon, (Captain)!

Summer Adventures: Scene 2

The crew overcome the monster, but in doing so create an enormous whirlpool that sucks them in. When (Captain) comes to the surface, they are on an unknown beach, and Danua, her dolls, and the girl are nowhere to be seen. The crew are searching for them when, suddenly, they hear a piercing shriek.

Somehow the crew overcame the monster. In so doing however, an enormous whirlpool was created, which started to pull the crew in.
Girl: Aaaaaargh!
Danua: Watch…
Hansel: Hmmm…. Hmmm… Danua says, "WATCH OUT!"
Gretel: Well, duh! Stop stating the obvious and think of a way to help!
Just in the nick of time, Danua caught the girl in her arms.
Lyria: Danua!
Father: Curses! I can't reach her!
Vyrn: We can't all escape the whirlpool! You two, get out while you can!
The parents escaped the giant whirlpool's pull, but the crew, together with the couple's daughter, were helplessly sucked in.
Resisting the force of the whirlpool's current was futile. Gradually, the crew slipped out of consciousness.
The crew slowly lost all sensation in their bodies, and were eventually enveloped by complete stillness.
Floating around aimlessly in the darkness, several hours passed.
(Captain) heard a voice call out near their ear. Coming to, (Captain) could feel wet sand against their cheek.
Vyrn: Hey! Lyria! I think (Captain) is coming to!
Lyria: I'm glad everyone's all right!
The crew had washed up on the shore of an unknown island.
Their relief at surviving was short-lived: Danua and the others were missing, so the crew began to search the surrounding area.
Vyrn: I'm sure Danua and the others must have washed up somewhere around here.
Lyria: Yeah, I hope they're somewhere nearby.
Just as the crew began to look in the bushes at the beach's edge, a loud shriek suddenly pierced the air.
The crew rushed to where the noise had come from, and discovered Danua squaring off against some monsters.
Monster: Grooargh!
Danua: …Back!
Vyrn: Look! There's Danua and the others!
Danua: Huh? Vyrn!
Lyria: Oh-no! We must help Danua!

Summer Adventures: Scene 3

Having rescued Danua and her companions, (Captain) and the crew are resting their aching bodies in a nearby grotto. Suddenly, Hansel and Gretel become inert and unresponsive. Danua is about to burst into tears, but keeps them in check so that she can comfort the girl who is even younger than her. Danua and the girl fall asleep in each others' arms, and (Captain) leaves to scout the area outside the grotto. A short while later, Danua and the others are attacked by a monster that has returned to the cave. Responding to the crew's predicament, Hansel and Gretel come to life once more.

Having rescued Danua and her companions, the crew were resting their aching bodies in a nearby sea cave.
Danua: Hans…
Danua repeatedly called out to Hansel and Gretel, but for some reason the two dolls had suddenly become inanimate.
Danua: Oh… (sniff…)
Danua cried out, sounding like she was about to burst into tears at any moment.
Just then, the girl at Danua's side came to.
Girl: Wh… where… are we? Sis?
Who are you?
Danua: Ah! It's me…
Girl: (Sob… sob…)
Danua: There there…
Girl: Wa…
Danua: Ah… oh no…
Unable to take in her new surroundings, the girl began sobbing, and this sent Danua into a state of flustered panic.
Lyria: D- don't cry! Look! This here is Vyrn, the cuddly teddy bear!
Vyrn: Of all the… for the last time, I'm not a teddy bear!
Girl: (sob… sob…)
Lyria: Oh look! It looks like Vyrn has got her to stop crying!
Girl: B- but I'm scared of lizards…
Vyrn: Hell's bells. Now I want to cry.
The girl's crying was showing no signs of stopping, so the crew had given up trying to console her. Except for…
Danua: Dear… dear…
Danua softly stroked the girl's head.
Danua: There there…
Initially in a state of shock, the girl gradually quietened due to Danua's warm embrace and cooing sounds.
Danua: Hushabye…
there there…
Comforted by Danua's soothing voice, the girl fell asleep in no time at all.
Danua: There there…
Danua: Zzzz… zzz…
Tired out from cradling the girl, Danua also fell into a deep sleep.
Lyria: Pssst... (Danua's a natural!)
Vyrn: (Yes, she's perfect in the big sister role!)
Left to keep a look-out, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn were about to go and scout the area outside the grotto.
Lyria: Awwww… Looking at that their sleeping faces… somehow… it's making me… (yawn…) sleepy too…
And before she realized, Lyria had also dropped into a deep sleep.
Lyria was awoken from her slumber by a noise coming from the grotto entrance.
Lyria: Mmmm… Are Vyrn and the others back?
Lyria: Aaaaargh!
Lyria managed to parry the monster's surprise attack.
Danua and the girl were woken by Lyria's piercing scream.
Danua: Huh? Lyri!
Girl: Eeek!
Danua: Oh no!
To protect her friends Danua confronted the monster.
Danua: Hans! Gretty!
But Hansel and Gretel did not respond to Danua's pleas.
Girl: Danua!
Danua: Danger!
Danua shielded the girl from the monster's blow, and was slammed into the wall of the cave.
Danua: Ooomph!
Lyria: Danua… take the girl and run!
Closing in on the girl, the monster unleashed a deafening roar of victory, a brutal display of its power.
Danua: No, no…
The monster swooped down on the girl.
Danua: Haaaans! Greeetty!
As if in response to Danua's cry, two blades flashed in the darkness, cleaving through the monster.
Gretel: Why you… Methinks this stupid stinking heap of garbage is getting a little too cocky!
Hansel: Danua? You OK?
Danua: Haaaans! Greeetty!
Falling into a deranged rage, the monster charged toward Lyria.
Lyria: Argh...
Just then, with not a second to spare, (Captain) and Vyrn rushed to Lyria's aid.
Vyrn: Are you all right? Lyria!
Lyria: Never mind about me, we've got a monster to take care of…
Danua: Smash you…
Hansel: Hmmm… hmmm hmmm… Danua says,
"We're going to smash you to pieces!"
Gretel: You betcha last rupie we will! We're gonna knock the stuffing out of this puppet, right (Captain)?

Summer Adventures: Scene 4

The crew have defeated the monsters, thanks to Danua and the dolls. After that, they safely return to Venera Beach and reunite the young girl with her parents. The family profusely thank the crew and take their leave. After they've departed, Danua and (Captain) sit under the stars and listen to the sound of the waves breaking on the beach.

Thanks to Danua and the dolls, the crew had fought their way out of the predicament in the grotto.
Then, the crew made their escape on a fishing boat that happened to be drifting past at that moment.
They made landfall once again at Venera Beach, and the girl was reunited with her parents.
Girl: Waaaaagh! Mommyyyyyyyyyy! Daddyyyyyy!
Mother: Oh pumpkin… I'm so happy that you're safe… What a relief!
Father: All of you… my daughter… thank you, thank you so much! There are just no words that I can…
Vyrn: Hehe! You should thank Danua here!
Vyrn dragged Danua out from where she had been hiding behind (Captain).
Danua: Hi…
Lyria: It's thanks to Danua that we all got back here in one piece!
Girl: Yeah… 'Cos big sis Danua was there I wasn't scared at all!
Danua: Shucks…
Danua became flustered at the girl's profuse words of thanks.
Hansel: Huh? Danua's face has gone bright red. Is she coming down with a fever?
Gretel: Yeah, why has she turned red?
After thanking the crew over and over, the family took their leave of the crew, hand in hand.
Danua stood stock-still and stared at the receding figures of the family, until they had completely disappeared from view.
Danua: Oh Captain...
Danua seemed like she would stick by (Captain)'s side through thick and thin.
Gretel: Yeesh… and I thought she was getting into the big sister role…
Gretel: She's just going to relapse into being a spoilt child again!
Hansel: Yeah yeah… whatever you say Gretel.
Gretel: Sheesh! I don't need a commentary from a dumb puppet like you!
Gretel shrugged her shoulders with an air of exasperated resignation.
Gretel: Oi Lyria! Be a doll, and hose us down with some fresh water wouldya?
Lyria: Huh? Oh… yes! Sure!
Hansel: Typical… Guess I'll have to rely on this lizard then.
Vyrn: For the last time: I'm. Not. A. LIZARD! Just who do you think you are!
Gretel: Look here you stuffed animal! Stop dawdling and wash us out before we get salt-water damage!
On hearing that, Lyria and Vyrn roughly snatched up the insolent dolls and went in search of some fresh water to submerge them in.
As the stars came out, Danua and (Captain) were left alone on the beach
Danua: Mmm…
Danua gazed at (Captain)'s face, bathed in the soft light of the stars.
Without saying anything, Danua took (Captain)'s palm and gently placed it against her own face.
Danua: Pat?
(Captain) gently stroked Danua's head, just as she had done for the young girl.
Danua: Hmmm…
A look of calm appeared on Danua's face, as if she had found inner peace.
Perhaps it would be a slight exaggeration to say that Danua's soul was now healed.
(Captain) promised Danua that they could continue to voyage together as long as she wanted.
The soft sound of distant waves crashing against the shore reverberated around them.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
いくぉ! Go!
きゃふふふ! Hee hee hee.
ふむ…ダヌアにとって、いい思い出になった Looks like Danua had a great time at the beach.
接続が切れるとは…予想外だったナ Hm? Who'da thought a bit of seawater would sever our connection to Danua...
(主人公)……なでぇ? (Captain)... Head pat...
ゆらぁ…ゆらぁ…ね、ねむぅ… Rock-a-bye... baby... Zzz...
ぷかぁ…ぷかぁ…くらげぇ… Snorkle... Snorkle... Jellyfish...
オイ! ダヌア!魔物の前で気を抜くなヨ! Hey! Danua! Pay attention to the monster.
ダヌアも少しずつ成長しているようだ Seems like our little Danua is growing up.
(主人公)…ダヌアを頼んだぞ (Captain) is counting on you, Danua.

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


SV Danua, Grim Puppetmaster.png SV Danua, Grim Puppetmaster E.png
Click to reveal card data

Clash: Deal 1 damage to the enemy follower.

"Danua wants to know who you are."
"We're not weirdos! Don't get the wrong idea!"


Evolve: Give all other allied followers Clash - Deal 1 damage to the enemy follower.
Clash: Deal 1 damage to the enemy follower.

"Hey! You better hand over the pats now, bub!"
"Captain, please reward her with the usual, ceremonial patting."

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Danua, Grim Puppetmaster
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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