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Official Profile

Age 12 Height 82 cm Race Harvin
Hobbies Tea parties (with her dolls and Homlet)
Likes Valuable things like jewels and precious metals, studying (thinks that smart people should get more things)
Dislikes When her grandmother gets angry
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 12歳 Height 82cm Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies お茶会(お人形さんやオムレットと……)
Likes 宝石や貴金属といった綺麗な物、お勉強(頭が良い方が得だと思っている)
Dislikes 怒った時の大御婆様
Character Release
Source [1]




Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Is there anything in particular you might want?
What? A cake bigger than an airship?
Of course I can get that! Nothing's too difficult for me!
Wait right there! I'll be right back! I'll get huge candles and everything!
(I've never even seen such a big birthday cake!)
(The captain's counting on me to get that cake! Oh no, what do I do!)


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I will ask again this year too! What would you like as a present?
I will grant whatever your heart desires!
What? You just want a cake?
M-my great grandmother taught me how to make such a thing, s-so you shall have it!
(I've never made it all by myself though... What am I going to do...)
(It wasn't even a difficult request, but I have no idea where to start...)
Huh? Y-you'll help me make it? Really?
Y-you would make your own birthday cake? But if that's your wish...
I understand. Then let us make it together!
Thank you. Hehehe...


(Captain), a happy birthday to you!
I'll ask again this year too! What would you like?
Huh? You're pointing at me? What's that supposed to mean?
Are you asking... to marry me!
H-hold on! I'll be a woman soon enough, but... there's a way to go about these things!
But mostly... I'm not ready yet!
Huh? You only mean you want to spend the day together?
Oh, oh, I see! Well, that's simple enough. It would be my pleasure.
Hehe... Well, you can let me pamper you today!
(How do you pamper someone! Feed them cake? Pat their head?)
(Wh-what can I do to make (Captain) happy!)


(Captain), happy birthday!
Ta-da! Check out this shortcake I made all by myself!
You remember that time we baked cake together?
Teehee! I've been practicing non-stop since then!
There's so many things I've learned and done for the first time ever since coming aboard the Grandcypher.
It's all thanks to you, (Captain)! You don't know grateful I am!
Haha, I wanted to be sure I showed my appreciation...
Huh? Hey, what's the head pat for?


(Captain), happy birthday!
I have a special present for you! First, I'd like you to be seated facing the other direction!
Well, how is it? My grandmother used to love getting these massages from me!
For all the hard work you put in as our captain...
You deserve the best massage I can possibly give you!
I call it the Drusilla Special! You're going to feel so relaxed when I'm done with you!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Sigh... Oh, (Captain)!
Happy New Year!
Why the sigh? Well I... I was just thinking of home.
The store is always so busy around the end of the year. The first few days of the new year are really the only time I get to see Father...
D-don't get the wrong idea though! It's not like I want to meet my parents or anything!
It's true! Stop patting me on the head!


(Captain)... Has the first sun... dawned?
It's so dark and so cold. You know we don't have to be outside to see the first light... Yawn...
What? N-no! I am not a child! And I am certainly not slee— Yawn...
Huh? What is this? If I drink it, I won't be sleepy?
Oh! It's coffee! I know about this!
But it's so bitte— Nothing. I said nothing...<br /W-well, I'm not really sleepy... But I will have some nonetheless.
It's so bitte—
R... Rich... It has a rich quality to it. Yes, a very adult flavor.
(W-when is the sun going to rise! Make haste, Mr. Sun!)


Do I know what a kite is? O-of course I do!
(What is this black magic (Captain) speaks of! Perhaps...)
Oh, do you mean the bird? Are we going to eat it for the new year?
What is this red piece of paper? This is a kite? It flies?
(Could it be that something so frill can do that...)
(Perhaps the color is due to an infusion of blood from a bird which allows it to fly...)
I remember now! We must perform the sacred blood ritual for this to fly!
Why are you patting me on the head? I said hurry up and make preparation for the ritual!


New Year's rupies? Yes, of course I know of the tradition!
(Actually, I've never heard of it! I'm reminded of how I thought we were going to fry birds known as kites last year, but (Captain) was referring to something else entirely...)
(New... Year's... rupies... It's probably some sort of game where you take a whole bunch of rupies and try to guess which ones were freshly minted for the New Year!)
Come play New Year's rupies with me, (Captain)! I'm pretty good at it!
Hm? What's the envelope for?
(How many rupies can you even fit in here... Maybe we're supposed to tear it into pieces—each one representing a rupie!)
Haha, yeah, I know what New Year's rupies is all about! I'll start tearing now—
Huh? What are you patting me on the head for? Let's get the game going already!


Kakizome? Of course I know what that is!
It's a New Year's treat made of white and orange persimmons...
Or is that what you thought I'd say? I know it's the word for writing down your goals for the new year!
Hehehe... I am not the same person I was last year! You won't get the chance to ruffle my hair!
Because I had the ladies of the crew teach me all about the traditions from different islands!
A true lady never neglects her daily studies! That's what Grandmother always says.
Hey, why're you rubbing my head? I got the right answer this time!
Because I'm a good girl who deserves a pat for studying? You're just going to do it no matter what, aren't you!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
I've spent weeks choosing just the right chocolate for you!
You trust my judgment, don't you?
What are you waiting for! Dig in!
I... I know you've been looking out for me. I appreciate it.


(Captain), t-this is an invitation. Please take it.
W-what do you mean, "what is this?" It's a Valentine's Day tea party that I will be hosting!
I say party, but... It'll just be the two of us...
I-I just thought it would be so crude to only give you chocolate!
So, by necessity, I prepared a tea party.
You will attend, yes? There will be chocolate.
Phew... Thank goodness. I'm so glad you'll come.
All right... Until we meet again. Hehe...


(Captain)... M-may I... have your attention?
This year... I've made my own chocolate!
Hehe! This was my creation alone!
I suppose I did receive some help from the others... But I was the only one allowed to touch my ingredients!
It may not be as good as the world class chocolate I enjoyed at the manor...
But it took every ounce of strength I had to make this. Will you accept it?
Hehehe... Thank you!
This act of kindness will not happen often, so enjoy!


(Captain), happy Valentine's! I made these chocolates myself!
Hahah, I've really become accustomed to doing this! I didn't even have to ask any of the other ladies for help this year!
(Though it would have been nice to have them watch over me...)
And I even went the extra mile with this letter!
Consider it a token of my appreciation for being such a wonderful captain!
You know, this is actually the first time I've ever written such a letter... Um...
I hope you'll take its contents to heart!


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)! I've prepared another batch of homemade chocolate for you this year!
I made it all by myself, from start to finish. The other ladies didn't have to help me in the slightest!
(I did confirm the recipe with them beforehand, but that's all...)
Before leaving with you on this journey, I never could have pictured myself giving handmade sweets to anyone.
Actually... I never even dreamed I'd soar the skies on an airship like this in the first place.
You've opened my eyes to so many new things. I'm incredibly gra—
A-ahem... I've said too much. Now then, make sure you savor every bite!
After all, a true lady speaks few words. I've poured all my feelings into my chocolate!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Um, (Captain)? Is something the matter?
Is this for me? For White Day?
W-well! I expected as much from you, (Captain)!
I know you have to give this to everyone...
A-anyway, I'll take it! You have my thanks.


(Captain), something the matter? W-what? This is for me?
Oh! For White Day? This is all happening so fast!
T-thank you very much.
Huh? This doesn't have meaning beyond White Day?
You mean... It's just to say thanks for what I gave you on Valentine's day?
I-I knew that! That's just common sense! Even Homlet knows that!
(There was meaning in this exchange? I'll have to go research this!)


Hm? Is this for me? Thank you!
You thought I might like macarons?
This is wonderful! I love macarons! I will eat this alone in my room!
(Wait... Last year, I investigated the meaning of each gift given on White Day...)
D-do... Th-these macarons... mean...
(That (Captain) is in love with me?)
(Ugh... Or maybe (Captain) knew that I knew about the meaning of such a gift and is playing a trick!)


(Captain), about the White Day gift... Thank you so much for it!
Hm? What's this on the wrapping? It's... a letter!
Wow! Thank you so much for responding to my affections from last month!
I'm going to frame this letter and hang it on the wall!
Huh? You wrote on both sides? I guess a frame won't do then!
But I promise to treasure it forever and ever! Ehehe.


Oh? What could this letter on my desk be?
My goodness! It's an invitation to a tea party from (Captain)!
An event worthy of a true lady such as myself. (Captain) never fails to come up with the most magnificent gift ideas!
Now then, if I'm planning to attend, I must select an outfit befitting of a lady...
Hmm. This dress might be a bit too flashy...
But this one has a lot of frills, so it might come across as childish...
It's hard to decide, but that just makes it all the more fun.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat! Give me a treat or you're in for a nasty surprise!
What? Y-you don't have any candy left?
W-well then! I've no choice but to trick you then!
It'll take some time, so wash up and get ready! I'm serious!
(Oh no, oh no! What am I going to do! I don't have any tricks ready at all!)


Hey, (Captain), trick or treat!
Hmm. You don't seem to have any candy on you... Are you all out already?
(Hehehe... I've got a really nasty trick ready for you!)
(All right... Here goes nothing!)
Since you haven't got any candy, then a trick... W-what?
W-why do you have candy hidden up your sleeve?
Because last year you were short, so this year you prepared a large quantity?
I-I see. Then, as the laws of Halloween dictate, I will partake of your candy...
(I was completely ready to deliver my trick... I wanted the trick, not the treat!)


(Captain), trick or treat!
Heehee, you don't seem to have any treats...
How can I tell?
I watched you give them all away, and—
Ah, no! I mean... I knew none would be left since it's so late!
(Last year (Captain) stopped me with some candy hidden up a shirtsleeve.)
(Well, this year I've got something up my sleeve too!)
Get ready for the biggest—
Wha... you mean those decorations on your clothes... are really pumpkin cookies?
But... how could you be wearing cookies... Y-yes I'll have one.
Ah, (Captain), you're laughing so hard. Was this your plan all along?
Come on already! Next year you have to let me trick you!


(Captain), happy Halloween!
Huh? It's okay for me to play a trick on you?
Aw shucks! I don't have anything planned for today!
I mean, you've always found a way to stop my tricks every year, so I wasn't expecting this...
But thankfully, I have treats galore on hand!
That's right—I'm going to hold a Halloween tea party! We'll get to kick it back with treats of all kinds while sipping on tea!
A wonderful idea, don't you think? Of course, you're more than welcome to join in, (Captain).


Whew... Happy Halloween.
Hm? You'd like to play a trick on me? I appreciate you asking, but I'll have to pass.
Being pranked on every year has gotten me weary. I think I'll go back to my room and spend the rest of the day in peace.
Regretting playing all those pranks on Drusilla in previous years, (Captain) calls out to her.
I did it! I finally played a trick successfully!
I was pretending to be depressed! And you fell for it, (Captain)!
Oh my, did I just make you pout? I'm sorry if I've upset you.
Here, have some treats. As an apology, let's enjoy the Halloween party together!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Santa's coming tonight! Aren't you excited!
Huh? What was that, (Captain)? Yes, I told you—I'm a full grown woman now!
What? Santa doesn't come for grown-ups?
O-of course I know that! What do you take me for!
No! I wasn't expecting Santa to come! I'm all grown up after all!
(Sob, sob. My presents...)


Why hello, (Captain). Happy holidays!
This year we had a splendid feast. Though, it's not as fantastic as any party my house has ever held.
You want... to know more about my parties?
Haha... Alright, I'll tell you.
In halls as large as ships, we partook of an extraordinary meal and... We had the most famous guests we could find!
Then... In the evening, my great grandmother would tell us a story...
Those times were so wonderful...
Oh no... It's nothing. Please don't pat me.
Everyone here is oh so kind. I really am... grateful to you.
That is why this night will also be great!
Oh... Please stop coddling me!


What? You want to put decorations on the tree? Allow me to assist!
The party will be evermore the better with sparkly things hanging to and fro.
Hm? This stone is beautiful! What would this fetch? A pretty rupie, I suppose...
What! How can that be... Is it really worth so little?
Well... I already knew that!
I only meant that this silly rock would easily be mistaken for something of more value!
Enough prattle. Hurry up and decorate the tree!


Look, (Captain)! It's snowing! It's just what we need for a festive holiday!
You think I'm making way too big of a deal about it? Well, I just thought seeing snow would lift everyone's spirits!
The snow piles atop the holiday tree with the sparkle of the holiday lights, and the children merrily make their snowmen...
It's as if the town puts on its face to delight and please all who dwell within it... Ah, how picturesque, don't you think? I read the scene in a book!
I am a lady after all! So it shouldn't come as a surprise that I find such joy in simply taking in sights and sounds! Rather than sully myself in the snow, I—
Huh? You want to play with me in the snow, (Captain)? And you won't budge until I say "yes"?
Haha, very well then! I suppose I can accompany you for a bit!


(Captain)! You won't believe it!
There was a present next to me when I woke up this morning! Santa must've come last night!
Hehehe! Guess being a good girl has its merits! I even ate the veggies I hated...
A lady s-such as myself wasn't waiting for a gift or anything, but since he already left one, I may as well take it.
Huh? So why did I put a big sock next to my bed?
H-how did you know about that?
A-anyway, I just wanted one there! That's all!
Hey, why are you patting me on the head!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Runaway Princess

When her pet bird Homlet flies out the window, young Drusilla runs away from home in search of her beloved pet. She meets (Captain) and company and joins their crew in hopes of finding Homlet.

Drusilla: Skyfarer? Hah! I'm going to be much more than that!
Lyria: Wow! You're amazing Drusilla!
By chance, (Captain) and company meet a Harvin girl named Drusilla at Port Breeze.
But before we can understand how they met, let us see how it all began.
For young Drusilla, it started as a day just like any other...
Drusilla: Hello, my dearies! It's time for tea! I've got cakes and sweets and all your favorites!
Homlet: Tweet! Twee-tweet!
The one and only daughter of a wealthy Port Breeze merchant, Drusilla spends her days playing with her pet bird and dolls.
Drusilla: Sigh, it's the same routine every single day...
Drusilla: Just whiling away the time with my dolls and having tea...
Drusilla: Then there's lessons again... Oh, how I wish life wouldn't be so dull.
Homlet: Tweet?
Drusilla: Oh my, the wind! I'd better close the window.
Homlet: Tweet! Twee-tweet!
Drusilla: H-homlet! Where are you going! Come back!
Little Homlet swoops out the window in the blink of an eye. Panicking, Drusilla jumps out the window after it.
Drusilla: Homlet! Oh, Homlet! Where are you, Homlet!
Drusilla: Oh no, oh no. I've looked all over the garden now! Just where could Homlet be!
Drusilla: Unless... It couldn't be... He's flown away!
Drusilla: What if he gets caught by a cat, or worse, a m-m-monster! I have to find him!
Without a word to her family, Drusilla rushes out of the mansion in search of her beloved pet.
Drusilla: Oh, Homlet! Where are you...
Drusilla: The sun went down hours ago and there's still no sign of Homlet...
Drusilla: Oh what am I going to do? Grandmother is going to be cross with me!
Drusilla: But... I have to find Homlet, and soon! Just where could he have gone...
Drusilla: Why can't I find him anywhere... Unless... It couldn't be... He's gone off to another island!
Drusilla: Oh no! Oh dear! Oh me, oh my!
Poor Drusilla breaks down in tears. A group of strangers sees her and approaches her out of concern.
Lyria: Are you all right?
Drusilla: Eek! Wh-who are you! Name yourselves!
Lyria: I'm sorry, we didn't mean to scare you! We saw you all by yourself so late in the day and thought you might be lost or—
Drusilla: I'll not be treated like a child! Grandmother says I'm a full grown adult now! And my name's Drusilla!
Vyrn: Oh. Sorry. It's always hard to tell the age of a Harvin.
Lyria: So, Drusilla, is everything all right?
Drusilla: I'm trying to leave the island, but I don't know how...
Vyrn: Hmm, leave the island? You mean you wanna be a skyfarer?
Drusilla: Skyfarer? Hah! I'm going to be much more than that!
Drusilla: (After all, Father can hire any skyfarer he wants! I'll be just like him one day!)
Lyria: Wow! More than a skyfarer?
Drusilla: That's right! Everyone will know my name! I'll be the envy of all the sky!
Vyrn: Whoa! The whole sky? That's, like, an ultra-skyfarer!
Drusilla: (Huh? That's not what I meant! I think they're getting the wrong idea...)
Drusilla: (But getting on an airship sounds like the perfect way to find Homlet!)
Drusilla: (And maybe if I can find something to impress Grandmother, she might not be as cross with me!)
Drusilla: (Th-there's no choice! I'll have to join this crew!)
Drusilla: This must be fate. Let me join your crew!
Vyrn: Huh? You sure? Well, I guess we don't mind. Right, (Captain)?
Drusilla: I'm great with an abacus! I can do your accounting! What do you say?
  1. Well, hop on board then.
  2. Uh, what's that thing on your head?

Choose: Well, hop on board then.
Drusilla: Thank you so very much! You won't regret it!

Choose: Uh, what's that thing on your head?
Drusilla: Hm? You mean my hat? What's wrong with it?
Continue 1
Drusilla: Um, (Captain), could you please stop looking at me like that? Grandmother says it's not polite to stare!
Lyria: That's right, (Captain)! Is there something in her hair?
Drusilla: I'm sure it's nothing. Now, I'd like you to show me around your ship!
Vyrn: All right! C'mon, (Captain)! What're you starin' at! Let's go!
Thus, Drusilla joins (Captain)'s crew in search of Homlet.
Will she ever find her dear feathered friend? Only time will tell.

The Plant and I

When Drusilla unwittingly gives the impression that she can win the village's competitive exhibition, Vyrn and Lyria urge her to go to the mountains in search of a winning flower.

One day (Captain) and company stop by a village during their journey.
The crew hears that the village is holding some sort of competitive exhibition for plants.
Vyrn: Hmm, like a plant fair? How are they supposed to judge the plants?
Drusilla: Don't you know? Why, by how pretty they are of course!
Lyria: Wow! I never knew! You sure do know a lot, Drusilla!
Drusilla: Why of course! My family's taught me well!
Drusilla: I know exactly the sort of standards these village simpletons hold.
Vyrn: Whoa! Sounds like you know exactly what it takes to win!
Drusilla: But of course! It's my specialty!
Vyrn: Whoa, that's awesome! We need to get you into that competition right now!
Drusilla: Huh?
Lyria: That's a great idea, Vyrn! You can do it, Drusilla!
Drusilla: (Oh no! I didn't expect them to think so highly of me!)
Drusilla: (Father taught me how to judge flowers, but I'm not ready yet! I can't!)
Vyrn: All right, it's settled! Time to go flower huntin'!
Drusilla: (Oh no! There's no turning back now!)
Drusilla: (But if I do manage to win the fair...)
Drusilla: (Maybe Grandmother won't be as cross with me.)
Drusilla: Well then! Off to the mountains we go!
(Captain) and company follow Drusilla to the mountains in search of a prize-winning flower.

The Plant and I: Scene 2

Drusilla submits a beautiful flower, but learns that the competition is exclusive to pest-repelling plants. When one of the competitor's plants goes on a rampage, the crew races to save the villagers.

Drusilla: Hmm, I don't see any flowers good enough on this mountain...
Lyria: Aww, that's a shame.
Drusilla: We're running out of time. We'd better head back now if we want to at least watch the fair.
Lyria: Well, if it's all the same to you guys, maybe we should take the scenic route on the way back.
(Captain) and company decide to take a different path on their way back to the village.
Drusilla: Wait! I think I see something!
Drusilla: Over there, up on the edge of that cliff! What a pretty flower!
Lyria: You're right! It looks like it's... sparkling!
Drusilla: Vyrn! Would you be so kind as to get that flower for me?
Vyrn: I'm on it! I'll be right back!
The flower that Vyrn brings back has exquisite, translucent petals that glisten in the light.
Drusilla: What a beautiful flower! I've never seen anything like it!
Lyria: Wow! It sounds like a sure winner!
Vyrn: Quick! Let's get back to the fair before it starts!
Drusilla: Yes, right away!
(Captain) and company return to the village just in time and try to submit their flower. But...
Lyria: What! The fair is...
Drusilla: It's for... pest-repelling plants?
Villager Jane: Yep. Not just pests, but predators and monsters too. We get lots of those 'round these parts.
Drusilla: Oh no... But we found such a pretty flower...
Lyria: What a shame...
Villager Jane: Aww, sorry to let y'all down.
(Captain) accompanies a disheartened Drusilla and Lyria as they have a look around the fair.
Villager Joe: Aaaaah! Help! Somebody help me!
Drusilla: Wh-what was that!
Vyrn: Sounds serious! We better check it out!
Villager Joe: Sweet mother of goat cheese! My plant's attacking people!
Cactus: !
Drusilla: A plant from the fair is attacking innocent bystanders!
Drusilla: It's supposed to keep away pests, not people! We have to do something!
Vyrn: C'mon, (Captain)! Let's show this weed who's boss!

The Plant and I: Scene 3

The rampaging plant is put to rest and Drusilla receives a pest-repelling plant from the village as thanks. When the plant takes a bite at Drusilla's hair, she declares that she's absolutely had enough of plants.

Drusilla: Whew! Well, it seems like the plant's gotten the idea!
Villager Joe: I'm so sorry. This is all my fault... I didn't think it would go on a rampage like that.
Vyrn: Geez, you need to be more careful! No point protecting the farm if there aren't any farmers left!
Villager Jane: Thank you so much, skyfarers! Here, take this as a token of our gratitude.
Drusilla: Oh, you're too kind! Thank you so very—
Plant: Grawr!
Drusilla: Aaaah! Wh-what in the skies is this!
Villager Jane: Oh, this lil' fella's one of our famous anti-pest plants. We use 'em all the time.
Plant: Graawr!
Drusilla: Aaah! It's trying to eat my hair! Get it off me!
Drusilla: I've had enough of plants for one day!
Drusilla manages to pull her hair from the plant's jaws and runs to safety behind (Captain).
It looks like Drusilla has had her fair share of fairs for one lifetime.

Shop Till You Drop

Veight, who is studying mortal customs, doesn't seem to grasp the appeal behind bargain hunting. With Drusilla's help, the vampire eventually comes to understand the power of the shoppers who fight on the battlefield of sales.

Young Woman 1: Ahaha! Faster, faster!
Young Woman 2: Slow down! Wait for me!
A young vampire strolls through town to study the mortal way of life. The sight of excited women running by catches his eye.
Veight: What in the world are they raising a fuss about?
Veight scans ahead to where the women seem to be heading and sees a glitzy boutique.
Veight: Ah, it would appear they and others are heading for that shop.
Veight: Hmm... Even so there's no reason to stampede over in such a frantic manner. It's too crowded to set foot inside, let alone do anything.
The young vampire is confused by the behavior of the girls he just saw.
Veight: (I've come to understand mortal males easily enough, but the opposite sex still presents many mysteries.)
Veight: (How can they be so focused on purchasing goods? I wonder if the answer lies in a book somewhere...)
Veight stands motionless, brows furrowed in consternation.
It just so happens that Drusilla comes humming and skipping into view. She spies Veight, rigid like a statue in the middle of the street.
Drusilla: Good day to you. Why are you standing there staring off into the distance?
Veight: Not into the distance. Have a look at that boutique if you will.
Drusilla: Oh my! To think that it's already that full of people!
Drusilla: I must hurry over there as well!
Veight: Huh? Hey, wait a minute!
Drusilla is about to take off for the boutique, but Veight quickly grabs her by the arm to stop her.
Drusilla: Eeek! What is the meaning of this?
Veight: You... also intend to go into that shop?
Drusilla: Uh-huh. This area is famous for shops with lines that wind around the block.
Drusilla: And to make matters worse, they hold limited time sales without any warning at all. I can't let this one get away from me!
Veight: But, I dare say, to reach a fervor over a reason such as that is something I absolutely cannot wrap my head around.
Drusilla: Oh-ho-ho! Forget about reasons! Simply put, girls love fashion and shopping!
Veight: Is that so...
(This could be a good learning opportunity.)
Veight: Do you mind taking me with you?
Drusilla: Why, yes! I would be most grateful!
Veight: Hm? Grateful?
Drusilla: Oh-ho-ho! Excuse me, I must have misspoken. Let's be off!
And so Veight accompanies Drusilla into the boutique.
Young Woman 1: Ahaha! This blouse is sooo precious!
Young Woman 2: Ack! Stop pushing me!
Young Woman 3: Oopsies. Sorry, just trying squeeze through, but you were taking up a lot of space, so...
Young Woman 2: What're you trying to say?
Women occupy every aisle, their hands grabbing for goods while fending off other bargain hunters.
Veight: I thought shopping was supposed to be a pleasant experience. Why does this scene remind me more of an arena?
Drusilla: Oh, my poor, sweet Veight... You're still so innocent.
Veight: Grrr... Who are you calling innocent?
Drusilla: Please. This is a battlefield. You need sticky fingers to get your hands on the cutest styles!
Veight: What do you mean, sticky fingers?
Drusilla: Hehe... Watch me closely now, Veight.
Drusilla is gone in an instant, but she appears again just as quickly as she disappeared, this time clutching a
heavily-discounted designer dress.
Drusilla: That's what I mean, Veight.
Veight: ...!
(What astonishing speed... My eyes couldn't keep up with her!)
Drusilla: Something on your mind?
Veight: No... Nothing at all...
Drusilla: Oh-ho-ho! Then on to the next boutique!
They exit the boutique and head for another.
Drusilla: Goodness! That hat is simply lovely!
Drusilla: Stunning! Exquisite! Veight, please hold these for me.
Veight: You're asking me to do what? Is that why you brought me with you, to carry your bags? Hey!
Veight's objections go wanting. Drusilla has a grand old time flipping through racks and trying on outfits.
Drusilla: We're not done yet, Veight. There are more shops to visit!
Veight: Sigh... How much more can you buy?
The spending train shows no signs of slowing or stopping. Veight is dragged along from store to store at the mercy of the little whirlwind.
He can't fathom how this Harvin girl has so much energy and vitality.
Veight: Urgh... Why am I feeling fatigued, even though I'm a vampire?
Veight: How is she still going strong? Where is that little body drawing its power from?
Drusilla: Veight, darling... Don't tell me you're winded.
Veight: Huff... Huff... Don't be ridiculous. I'm a proud vampire.
Drusilla: Wow! How right you are! I guess we can tackle the main event!
Veight looks to where Drusilla is pointing to.
Veight: Wha?
A large sign bears words that fill his eyes with dread: All Items 90% Off.
Young Woman 1: Oh my gosh! This is the sale I've been waiting for!
Young Woman 2: Haha! You snooze, you lose!
Young Woman 3: I don't think so, sister!
Veight: That's... not normal...
Drusilla: We're charging in too. We can't be left behind in the dust!
Veight: Hey!
But Drusilla doesn't hear him. She sprints for the door like a Harvin possessed.
Watching the girl from behind, Veight suddenly looks to the sky.
Veight: ...
Monster: Groooar!
Drusilla spots the monsters and starts to tremble.
Drusilla: I'm not scared... I'm not scared...
Veight: Unbelievable... Drusilla, get behind me!
Veight: Haaah!
Monster: Gurrgh...
Veight: Humph. You're like a completely different person when confronted by monsters.
Veight can still hear the ferocity in the voices of the shoppers off in the distance, and he lets out a heavy sigh.
Veight: No, that's not quite it. Shopping is perhaps a different means to draw out a mortal's true potential...
Veight: Haha... The outside world is filled with enigmas, is it not, Feldrac?
Veight draws his own conclusion about shopping with mortal women.
Battling monsters doesn't even come close to the struggle that is shopping.
Drusilla: Veeeight! Get over here!
Veight: Heh... There's no turning back now. I'll see this through to the end.
With both his arms draped in bags, Veight wills his tired body onto its feet.
He calmly walks toward the so-called battlefield.

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