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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain). Here's to another year hunting you.
I've prepared the traditional New Year's spread for the occasion. Care to partake?
Of course it's homemade.
I saw this type of food while walking around a village with Athena a long time ago. But this year I thought I would try my hand at it.
Why did I make it, you ask?
Because I want you to be as happy and healthy as you possibly can be.
When I finally destroy you, it won't do if you're in anything but perfect shape.
Well, won't you dig in?
Hehe. Fine. We'll take some to the mess hall and share with Athena.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
My resolution for the year?
I suppose I want to better suppress my nature as a Primal Beast.
Enjoyment can be derived from misery and grief only when accompanied with feelings of great loss.
But alas, such a lofty goal is out of my reach for now.
So I will try and abstain this year.
It seems the time to hunt you is still a ways off.


Well if it isn't (Captain). To what do I owe the pleasure?
You've come to draw a fortune for the new year, you say?
I just happened to draw my New Year fortune with Athena earlier.
I drew a "great fortune." It even said my wishes will be fulfilled soon.
Hehe. I usually wouldn't pay such frivolous things any mind, but I thought I'd try and give it a go.
It's also precisely why you should give it your all this year, (Captain).
Give your all to making my dream of cutting you down a reality, hehe.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), may I borrow you for a bit?
Today is Valentine's Day. I'm told it's a day where we offer chocolates to those we hold dear.
When in the skies do as the skyfarers do, as they say, so I made some chocolates myself.
Would you accept them?
Hehe. After all, you are my most precious prey.
Who's more deserving of my chocolates than you?
Hah. These other chocolates? They're for Athena, naturally.
She's also my most precious prey. Hehehe.


Enyo: I've made you chocolate this year as well, (Captain). I hope you find them satisfactory.
The indisposed Kydoimos behind me? What about them?
No need for concern—they've simply had too much chocolate for a day.
I tried using a new type of chocolate this year, but I couldn't get it quite right the first few times.
I couldn't let the failures go to waste, so I fed them to the Kydoimos.
Chocolate is poisonous to dogs?
Not to worry. They aren't dogs, but familiars that I can endlessly summon.
As you can see, they're fine.
Kydoimos: ...
Enyo: Hehe... Keep looking at me like that and I'll just want to feed you even more.
Kydoimos: ...!
Enyo: Just kidding—I'll find another way to dispose of the failures next time, so don't look so frightened.


Enyo: Hello, (Captain). I've brought you chocolate again, so I hope you find it satisfactory.
Oh, don't mind the Kydoimos lying scattered around.
They've merely lost the ability to stay on their feet after eating too much chocolate.
What? The promise I made last year? Yes, I remember it.
I just made them eat it anyway.
Kydoimos: ...!
Enyo: Hehe, don't you know? In order to plunge someone into the deepest depths of despair, you want to let them have a bit of hope first...
The greater the disappointment, the greater the misery...
Thanks to that, I've already had an excellent Valentine's Day.
I had no idea that the Kydoimos would show me such wonderful despair.
Hehe, I think I might become addicted to this little trick.
Kydoimos: ...!
Enyo: Make sure that you savor those chocolates well, (Captain).
After all, they're the product of my Kydoimos's tears and despair.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
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What is this, (Captain)?
White Day? Ah, is it the opposite of Valentine's Day?
I see. In that case, I will gladly accept this offering.
You are just as eccentric as I.
Giving a gift to the very primal who hunts you... That can't be normal, can it?
All the same, I am grateful for the thought.
Hm? You find it strange that I'm grateful?
Is it truly so odd? I've always been—and I will always be—upfront with you.


I can't believe you've had me wait this long for something in return for Valentine's Day, (Captain), you little sadist.
Hehe, sorry. I didn't mean to offend. Thank you for the gift, Captain.
Are these... cookies?
Different sweets can have different meanings?
And cookies are supposed to represent everlasting friendship? I see.
Hehe... You really are quite twisted—no, foolish, really.
Very well. I'd be happy to be your friend... until your time has come.
By my hands, of course. Whenever that day may be.


You really are eccentric, you know... I really didn't expect you to bring me something in return for my Valentine's day gift again...
No, I'll be happy to accept it.
Oh? And these ones are for the Kydoimos, you say?
Ah, I see.
They did contribute to the creation of that chocolate, after all.
In that case, I'll gladly hold on to these too.
Hehe, this should give me an entertaining new way to play with my Kydoimos...
No, I didn't say anything. Hehe, I truly appreciate it...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat? This means, give me candy or I'll prank you?
Haha. What a fun custom.
So, (Captain), how far does one take these pranks?

  • Choose: It's just for laughs...
    Hm. Well, there is value in humor.
  • Choose: Nothing extreme!
    Very well, I'll settle for making you scream in terror.
    It won't be nearly entertaining enough, but one must obey the spirit of the season.

More importantly, do you currently have any candy on your person?
You guessed right. Here it comes: trick or treat.
Hehe, which will you choose?


What are you doing here, (Captain)?
You should be in town with Athena and the others.
Me? I'm keeping watch along with my Kydoimos.
It's best I stay here. You see, sometimes I go a little overboard with my tricks.
I'm sure you understand. But don't mind me.
Trick or treat?
Hehe... You're a funny one.
Here. I've been holding on to this cookie, but you may have it... as a treat.
It's a shame I didn't know you'd come back. I would've had a trick prepared for you.
I'll get another chance next year, I suppose. If you're still breathing, that is.


Well that didn't go very well...
Oh, I tried to play a trick on Athena, but she managed to slip right through my fingers.
I had been sure that she didn't have any treats, but...
Oh well, no point dwelling on it. I'll have another chance next year, if the time hasn't come by then.
By the way, you don't have any candy right now, do you (Captain)?
Why do I know that, you ask? Hehe, well, because I had my Kydoimos watching you of course.
And on that note... Trick or treat, (Captain).
Even if my trick is a little... excessive, you should be able to handle it, right (Captain)?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Ah, (Captain). To what do I owe the pleasure?
You came to see me? I've been enjoying this holiest of nights with Kydoimos.
Choose: You aren't going to the party?
No. If I attend the festivities, I would be putting everyone on edge.
Please return without me. I'll be fine.
Or would you prefer to stay with Kydoimos and I?
Hehe. Well, that doesn't sound too bad.
I would have you all to myself, until the first light of morning.
I imagine that would disturb the crew greatly if they found out...
So what will you do? Spend the night with me? I promise to make it worth your while.
We'll do things to make your crew members despair their lives away.


This "Santa Claus" character... He's supposed to be someone who brings presents to good children?
So you're saying if I were to trample him myself, the lamentations of children would be heard across the skies.
Hehe... Thank you for sharing this with me.
We ought to make haste, (Captain). If we don't find him by nightfall it'll be too late.
Heh. Imagine the grief on their faces after not getting anything from Santa Claus.
It's already put a smile on my face.
Do you get a present from Santa every year as well, (Captain)?
Is that so?
It seems then that I'll have to make a move soon.
I can't let this opportunity to see you suffer go to waste after all.


It seems everything's in order.
The reindeer... Well, I'm sure Kydoimos can take on the role well enough.
Oh, (Captain). What are you up to at this hour?
What am I up to? Hehe. I suppose you could say I'm making preparations to imitate Santa Claus.
Last year, I had an epiphany.
I realized that even if I were to imitate Santa Claus, I couldn't see the distraught expressions of children up close.
That's precisely why I must become the one, the only, the bonafide Santa Claus this year.
I'll become Santa Claus and give the ultimate present of despair.
That's right. The children will wait in anticipation only to be met with deceit. What sort of expressions of despair will they show me, I wonder?
Hehe. I can't help but smirk just imagining them.
Well then, if you'll excuse me I have—
Why are you pointing your weapon at me, (Captain)?
I see... You intend to impede me, huh.
If that's the case, I'll hand over your present first and foremost.
A present named "deceit."
Don't worry. This is just a taste of what's to come.
It's far too early to spoil the real deal.

Fate Episodes

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Best Not Left to Her Own Devices

While relaxing by the lake, the group suddenly hears people screaming. Rushing to the scene, they find that Enyo has set her Kydoimos on two men who had approached her. Athena, determining that Enyo is too dangerous to be left alone, decides to stay with her. After a while (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn return to find the two playing a board game. Seeing Athena frustrated by her unbroken losing streak to Enyo, they note that the two primal beasts are like mirror images of each other.

The Grandcypher arrives at an island, one famous for its beautiful lake and cozy hot spring, in order to deliver some packages.
After completing their task, (Captain) and company decide to unwind for a bit at the lake.
Though most of the crew members have wandered off to have fun in their own fashion, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn find Athena looking around with a concerned expression.
Athena: ...
Lyria: Athena? What's wrong? You look worried.
Vyrn: If something's happened, we can—
Athena: Oh, no, nothing's happened. It's just that I wanted to keep an eye on Enyo but can't seem to find—
Woman 1: Aaahh!
Man 1: Run! There's a pack of monsters!
Athena: Am I too late?
Suddenly, the sound of people screaming reaches the group's ears.
Before anyone else can react, Athena sprints off toward the source of the disturbance.
Lyria: Athena?
Vyrn: That guy said something about monsters! We'd better go too!
The trio dashes off in pursuit of Athena.
Athena: Enyo!
Enyo: Why hello, everyone. What has you all in such a rush?
Vyrn: Uh, I think we should be asking the questions... What the heck is goin' on here?
Man 2: Nghh...
Man 3: P-please, no more...
Upon reaching the source of the screams, (Captain) and the crew are greeted with the sight of several men being held to the ground by a pack of Kydoimos.
Enyo: As I was walking along the beach, these men came up to me and asked if I would like to have some fun with them.
Enyo: Having found myself without anything else to do, I decided to take them up on their offer.
Kydoimos: Grrr...
Man 2: E-eek! It's gonna eat me!
Man 3: P-please let us go... We promise we'll stop trying to pick up girls... Please...
Enyo: Oh? But did you not ask me to come and have some fun with you? I do believe you did.
Enyo: As per your request, I'm having fun with you. I would expect some gratitude.
Kydoimos: Grrr...
Man 2: Eeek! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Enyo: Heheh. Now, show me more... Let me see your terror, hear your anguish...
As if prompted by Enyo's sadistic grin, the Kydoimos all open their jaws.
Man 3: Eeeeek!
Enyo: ...
Would you mind not getting in the way, Athena? I was just getting to the best part.
Enyo: Oh, were you hoping to join them? In that case—
Athena: Don't be absurd. Anyway, let these men go, Enyo.
Enyo: But why? This is what they asked for, you know?
Vyrn: Nah, I don't think this is what they meant by "fun." Or "with."
Lyria: Y-yeah! And look, they're crying and apologizing. So please, let them go.
Enyo: Hmm...
Athena: Come now, Enyo. I understand you well enough to know that trampling those men isn't actually all that enjoyable to you.
Athena: Tell me, were you not just thinking the same thing?
Enyo: Hehe, you truly do understand me, Athena.
Enyo: Yes, it is as you say.
Enyo: The only thing these lowlifes could show me is more of the commonplace despair and anguish that I've grown quite bored of.
Athena: Then—
Enyo: However, even garden-variety misery is better than none for passing the time.
Athena: So... You won't let them go, then?
Enyo: Hehe, if you could provide me with a more entertaining plaything, I might consider it. For instance...
Enyo's gaze shifts to the crew, eyes agleam with sadistic expectation.
Athena: Enyo...
Enyo: Hehe, I'm only joking. The time for that has not yet come.
Enyo: I made you a promise, didn't I?
Enyo: Until the time is ripe, I won't harm you or (Captain)'s crew.
Enyo: And in the meantime, I will lend you my strength. So please, there's no need to be so on edge.
Vyrn: That doesn't exactly help melt the ice in my spine here...
Lyria: Ahaha... Mine either.
Athena: Enyo... Enough. If it's games you want to play...
Enyo: Sigh... Very well then. I'll release these men and apologize for teasing them.
Enyo: I would prefer not to have you and (Captain) too angry with me after all.
The Kydoimos release their prey and return to Enyo.
The freed men jump up and dash away as fast as their legs can take them.
Enyo: Well now, what am I to do now that I've lost my playthings...
As Enyo falls silent in thought, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn start whispering to each other.
Vyrn: Hey, I think it might be a bad idea to leave Enyo by herself.
Vyrn: Who knows what she'll do if someone doesn't keep an eye on her!
Lyria: Y-you might be right... In that case, we should probably stay with her.
(Captain) nods in agreement.
  1. Want to have some fun with us, Enyo?

Choose: Want to have some fun with us, Enyo?
Enyo: You're asking me that? Hm...
Enyo: No, I'll abstain.
Enyo smiles and reclines onto a Kydoimos's back.
Enyo: Don't mind me, I'll just be relaxing around here.
Vyrn: But, well...
Enyo: There's nothing to worry about. I'm sure nobody will approach me with my Kydoimos around.
As the concerned trio exchanges glances, unsure of what to do, Athena breaks the silence.
Athena: Feel free to go and have some fun, you three.
Athena: I'll stay to make sure that Enyo doesn't get up to any mischief.
Lyria: But...
Athena: You don't need to worry about me—this is nothing new. No one knows her better than I, so this is a role I'm most suited for.
Vyrn: Well, if you say so. But if anything happens, make sure to let us know right away, okay?
Athena: Understood.
Accepting Athena's proposal, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn hesitantly walk away.
A few hours later.
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn return to the spot where they left Enyo and Athena.
Lyria: U-um...
They're met by a rather confusing sight.
Before them is a bounty of fruit and cooked fish.
In the center of it all they see Enyo and Athena sitting atop a pair of Kydoimos—and focused intently on the board game laid out between them.
Enyo: Come now, Athena. Make your next move.
Athena: Ngh...
Athena: How about... this?
Enyo: Yes, of course you would do that. And then I, of course, respond with this.
Athena: ...!
Enyo: Well? Do we continue?
Athena: ...
No. The game is yours.
Enyo: Hehe, it seems I've won again.
Athena: Set your side of the board up again, Enyo! We're playing just one more match!
Enyo: Gladly. How could I pass up the opportunity to see you frustrated by defeat again?
Athena: Ngh, just you watch... This time, I swear I'll emerge the victor!
Enyo: Hehe, you really do know exactly what I like, don't you?
Enyo: That defiant determination is just the attitude I want to see, Athena... So I can crush it into a thousand pieces.
Enyo: Now, let me see you wallow in even deeper frustration!
Enyo: Ahh, I can't wait to see your face twisted with regret again!
Athena: Enyo! Does your malice know no bounds?
Lyria: U-um...
Enyo: Oh, you're back? I wish you had spoken up earlier.
Enyo: If Athena had known you were watching, I'm sure her expression would have been even more wonderful.
Lyria: Well, you both seemed so focused that we didn't want to interrupt you...
Vyrn: Anyway, it's not every day you see Athena losin' at a strategy board game like this.
Athena: I'm better than Enyo at defending, but whenever I need to go on the offensive...
Enyo: Hehe, I do have much more experience being aggressive than Athena does after all.
Enyo: Moreover, I have a good understanding of how she thinks, so I can generally predict what she's going to do.
Athena: Ngh...
Athena reacts to Enyo's statement with a sour expression.
Having never seen Athena make quite such a face before, the three crew members can't help but smile a bit.
Vyrn: Man, you two are really like mirror images of each other.
Enyo & Athena: I'm like Athena?
I'm like Enyo?
Athena and Enyo exchange surprised glances, but after a moment of thought they both break into wry smiles.
Enyo: Hehe, now that you mention it, you may be right.
Athena: Indeed. If you mean to say we're always perfectly in opposition, a mirror analogy does seem appropriate.
Enyo: Hehe...
Enyo: (Perhaps it's because she's my antithesis that I find Athena so entertaining.)
Athena: Enyo?
Enyo: Oh, it's nothing. I was just wondering what would happen if you, my perfect opposite, were ever to accept your nature like I did.
Enyo: The more I think about it, the more it piques my interest.
Enyo: You could very well end up the same as me...
Athena: ...
Enyo: Hehe. If that did happen, it might be fun to team up with you again.
Enyo leers at Athena with a devilish smile.
Seeing this, Athena's expression turns sour once more.

Something Scarier than Ghosts

The crew discovers that the hot spring is closed due to a problem at the source, but as that is located in a haunted forest, no one has been able to investigate. Enyo suggests to (Captain) that they take up the task—not because she enjoys a nice bath, though she does, but instead out of a curiosity toward ghosts. Though concerned by her enthusiasm, the crew decides to enter the forest.

The crew members have enjoyed the lake to their heart's content.
Hoping to check out the town's other claim to fame, they make their way to the hot spring.
Enyo: "Temporarily Closed," it says.
However, what awaits them is a sign that spells disappointment.
Staff Member: Excuse me, I take it you're vacationers?
Staff Member: I'm terribly sorry, but we're closed until further notice.
Vyrn: Why's that?
Staff Member: For some reason, the spring water isn't reaching us anymore.
Staff Member: And unfortunately we're unable to reach the source to identify the cause.
Staff Member: Which has left us with no choice but to shutter our doors for the time being. I'm truly very sorry to disappoint you.
Athena: Understood. You alluded to circumstances hindering your investigation—may I ask about those?
Staff Member: Well, you see... The source is located in a forest that's always had some problems.
Staff Member: People say that there are ghosts inside... and that those who enter will be cursed.
Staff Member: And indeed, while several people have gone to investigate, only the ones who turned back early have returned.
Staff Member: As a result, nobody is willing to try anymore.
Lyria: O-oh no... Ghosts...
Enyo: Hm, I see... Ghosts, you say...
Something about the man's explanation seems to catch Enyo's interest.
Athena: Enyo?
Enyo: (Captain), would you be interested in taking up this investigation?
Everyone is shocked at Enyo's suggestion.
Enyo: Knowing how softhearted you all are, I assume that you want to help these people, right?
Athena: I mean, yes, but...
Athena: What has you so interested? I can hardly believe those words came from your mouth.
Athena: I was under the impression that people's problems spark only joy in you.
Enyo: You're perfectly correct, of course. However, some things hold even greater allure for me.
Athena: You mean... the hot spring?
Athena: Come to think of it, you always did enjoy a trip to the baths.
Lyria: She did?
Athena: Yes. So much so that it was often a problem...
Athena: I can't count how many times she summoned her Kydoimos in the public baths and caused a panic.
Athena: Not to mention, she would often suddenly leave the battlefield and find a nearby river or lake to play in.
As Athena thinks back to the distant past, she looks at Enyo with an exasperated expression.
Enyo: Don't be misleading. I would only do that after I finished my share of the killing.
Enyo: Well, I will apologize for the Kydoimos incidents though.
Vyrn: Man, I never would have taken Enyo for such a big bath-lover.
Enyo: Hehe. As much as I love trampling my enemies, it does take a toll on my cleanliness.
Enyo: I'm always looking for an opportunity to wash away the dirt and blood.
Enyo: My Kydoimos are the same. Despite their appearance, they're quite the sticklers for hygiene.
Vyrn: Yeah, that doesn't make it okay to summon them in public baths though.
Vyrn: Anyone would be scared if they were scrubbin' themselves down and suddenly had one of those show up.
Enyo: In any case, that's not actually relevant right now.
Enyo: Though the hot spring does tickle my fancy, right now I'm more interested in the ghosts and curses.
Lyria: Th-the ghosts?
Enyo: Yes, in fact. Well, what do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Let's go check it out.

Choose: Let's go check it out.
Enyo: Hehe, I knew you'd be up for it.
Lyria: Augh... But the ghosts...
Athena: If that's settled, then the first thing to do is figure out what the safest route to the source is and how we're going to deal with the ghosts. After that—
Enyo: Why bother with all that? Let's just go in and eradicate any spirits that get in our way.
Athena: We still don't know exactly what kind of enemies we'll be facing. We should take every precaution and—
Enyo: Surely that's unnecessary when the two of us will be there. And (Captain) is no weakling either.
Enyo: Or are you telling me that you genuinely think there's something in that forest that can stand against us?
Athena: I suppose not...
Enyo: Then let's get going. What is there to worry about? There's only one thing lying in wait for those I've decided to destroy...
A lurid grin spreads across Enyo's face, causing the rest of the crew to become only more worried.

Something Scarier than Ghosts: Scene 2

On the way to the source, Enyo speaks of her interest in how ghosts are the result of bitterness and despair that even death could not erase. And, more to the point, how she wants to dominate and destroy them. The forest's haunters appear and interrupt her, but are promptly trampled into oblivion. The rest of the crew can't help but feel a little sorry for them.

At Enyo's suggestion, the crew has decided to find out what caused the spring to stop getting hot water.
After asking the townspeople for directions, they set off toward the hot spring's source.
Enyo: Hehe...
Lyria: Augh... There's no ghosts around, right?
Athena: Don't worry. No matter what happens, I'll protect you.
  1. I'm right here with you.

Choose: I'm right here with you.
(Captain) and Athena rush to help allay Lyria's fear of the spooky.
Amid the mild commotion, a smile creeps its way across Enyo's face.
Vyrn: What's got you so happy, Enyo? I see you over there grinnin' to yourself.
Vyrn: And while I'm askin', why'd you even want to come along? Are you really just that into ghosts?
Athena: And don't try to tell us that you're excited to be of help to people.
Enyo finds herself being regarded with suspicion and concern by the rest of the group.
Enyo: You see, long ago I heard something interesting from a mortal.
Enyo: Apparently, most ghosts are spawned of deep despair or animosity or the like.
Vyrn: Yeah, I'd say that's still the going theory.
Enyo: Hehe, just as I hoped.
With Vyrn's words, Enyo's grin widens.
Enyo: Can't you imagine why I would be interested?
Enyo: Souls trapped even in death by eternal hopelessness and resentment... Their expressions, their lamentations...
Enyo: Oh, how I long to witness them for myself... How will it be, I wonder?
Enyo: No different from what I've long grown tired of seeing? Or perhaps...
Enyo: Hehe, I just can't stop thinking about it.
Enyo: What's more, I'll then be able to trample and destroy them even further.
Enyo: All that passion, desire, and dignity that persevered even though death... broken and crushed into pieces...
Enyo: How very, very fun it will be! Oh, I simply can't wait to start!
Athena: Enyo... What am I to do with you?
Vyrn: Y'know, I think Enyo might be beating them ghosts in the scary department.
Lyria: Ahaha... Me too...
  1. Just don't overdo it.
  2. Just... do whatever you want.

Choose: Just don't overdo it.
Enyo: I won't make any promises, but I suppose I'll keep that in mind.
Athena: Don't worry, (Captain). If it comes to it, I'll stop her by my own hand.
Enyo: Hehe, that sounds tempting in and of itself.

Choose: Just... do whatever you want.
Enyo: Hehe, don't worry. I fully intend to.
Continue 1
Enyo: Well then, let's move on.
The crew makes its way deeper into the forest.
Lyria: Eep!
Enyo: Hehe, looks like it's time to get started.
The crew members begin hearing ominous voices coming from all around them.
Immediately afterward, ghosts and zombies begin pouring out from behind the trees and beneath the ground.
Ghost 1: It hurts... It burns... Save me...
Ghost 2: Why? Why? Why do I have to suffer like this..? You should have to suffer too!
Ghost 3: Die... Die... Die...
Ghost 4: Hey, you there... Come and join us... Come and join us!
Zombie: Aaahh... Ahhhgh...
Lyria: Y-y-yikes!
Finding herself suddenly surrounded by ghosts, the color drains from Lyria's face, and she collapses to the ground.
Vyrn: H-hey, Lyria, hold it together!
Athena: How can there be so many of them? I'll hold them off with my shield. Everyone, stay behind me.
Enyo: I'll leave their defense in your hands, Athena.
Enyo: I, meanwhile, will be doing what I came here for. Hehe...
Enyo leaps away from the rest of the group and toward the undead masses with a grin on her face.
Enyo: Ahh, there's nothing better than hearing the desperate, hateful lamentations of skydwellers. I truly can't get enough.
Enyo: But surely you can do better than this, can't you?
Enyo: Come now, entertain me. Let's see the hatred and despair that weathered even death!
Enyo: Hehe, and then I'll push you even deeper into the abyss...
Enyo: Ahh, I feel rapturous just thinking about it!
At Enyo's words, the ghosts begin to quiver in what one might interpret as fear.
Enyo: Aren't you excited? You're all going to get to experience despair even blacker than what you tasted in life!
Enyo: Now, come to me, Kydoimos.
Enyo: Let us begin our trampling.
With that, Enyo and her Kydoimos begin their rampage.
Enyo: That's right, cry out in despair! Treat me to the music of your pain!
Ghost 1: Eek! No... No... It hurts, it hurts, save—aaahh!
Kydoimos: Grrr!
Ghost 2: No more, no more! I've died enough already!
Ghost 3: Ah... Aaahh... Hurry up and finish me off... I can't take—ahhh!
Lyria: ...
Athena: ...
Vyrn: Should we, uh, stop her?
Lyria: I-I'm not sure.
Athena: That's a... difficult question.
Vyrn: Yeah. I mean, she is gettin' rid of evil spirits that hurt and curse people...
Lyria: But I kind of feel sorry for the poor things...
One by one, the ghosts and zombies are crushed underfoot by Enyo and her Kydoimos.
The rest of her companions can only watch the carnage with conflicted expressions.

Something Scarier than Ghosts: Scene 3

The crew destroys the boulder that was blocking the spring's source and finally get to enjoy a bath. Enyo asks (Captain) to accept any other ghost-busting jobs, hoping to use them as an outlet for her pent-up frustrations. Despite her enthusiasm for this self-proclaimed win-win solution—or perhaps because of it—the crew decides to steer clear of making any promises.

Enyo chases down and destroys every ghost and zombie in sight.
Having run out of enemies to trample, she returns to the group with a satisfied smile on her face.
Enyo: Hehe, that was wonderful. Skydwellers make for such excellent prey, even when they're already dead.
Enyo: Ahh, their resentful screams, their desperate faces... Just remembering them makes me want to laugh!
Enyo: They put on such a very good show for me.
Enyo: Well, my only complaint is that it didn't last long enough.
Enyo: It doesn't seem that there are any left to crush.
Enyo scans the surrounding forest, but finds nothing.
Vyrn: Hey, is it just me or has the air around here started to feel nicer?
Lyria: You're right, it feels a lot less gloomy now.
Athena: It looked to me like a few had escaped you, Enyo.
Enyo: Oh, don't worry about that. My Kydoimos took care of all those.
Athena: I see. Then... I suppose I have no complaints.
Vyrn: Why were there so many of them anyway? This just looks like a normal forest to me.
Athena: Perhaps this was the site of a great battle between different groups of skydwellers.
Athena: It could also be that there was once a town here, but something or someone attacked and razed it to the ground.
Vyrn: Hang on. If we're talking about someone attacking towns...
The other crew members glance uneasily at Enyo.
Enyo: It wasn't me.
Vyrn: Are you sure?
Enyo: Yes. The number of ghosts and zombies would suggest that this was a small town.
Enyo: Or a medium-sized one, at best.
Enyo: The prospect of decimating such an insignificant settlement wouldn't be exciting enough to hold my interest.
Enyo: Well, if it was home to someone particularly worth trampling, then that might make up for a lack of quantity.
Enyo: Yes, in those cases it's a different story entirely...
Enyo begins staring at her companions with a wicked smile.
Lyria: Augh...
Enyo: Well, anyway, this time I'm sure it wasn't my handiwork.
Enyo: The fact that there were undead here itself serves as proof.
Lyria: Um, why is that?
Enyo: The lamentations of souls trapped in death by unfading resentment and despair...
Enyo: Do you really think I would have left something so tantalizing behind without destroying it again immediately?
Athena: No, I don't imagine you would have.
Vyrn: Yeah. Watching you go to town on them earlier was enough to convince me of that.
Enyo: Hehe, I'm glad to have your understanding.
The primal beast's face splits into a wide grin.
Seeing this, the crew members once again weigh their fear of ghosts against their fear of Enyo.
After trekking a bit further into the forest, the group finds the source of the hot spring.
There, they discover an enormous boulder bottling up the spring water, which they destroy.
Afterward, the crew returns to town to visit the newly reopened hot spring.
Lyria: Ahh, this feels so good.
Vyrn: Yeah, this sure is a nice way to rest my wings.
Athena: I must say, I didn't expect we would be able to all bathe together.
Lyria: Me neither. I was a bit surprised when I learned that this place was entirely mixed bathing with swimsuits...
Lyria: But it's really new and exciting to be here with everyone!
While the crew members relax in the hot water, Enyo takes a seat next to (Captain), an ominous grin already forming on her face.
Enyo: Would you be willing to do a favor for me, (Captain)?
As soon as the words have left her mouth, the whole group starts looking at her with suspicion.
Enyo: There's no need to be so wary. It's a perfectly reputable request.
Vyrn: I mean, do you really expect us to believe that? I can't imagine any request from you being anything but bad news.
Enyo: This time it really is perfectly legitimate.
Enyo: In fact, it will actually be good for you too.
Athena: It's something good for them? What in the skies are you planning on asking for?
Enyo: I just want you to try to accept any jobs like the one we did today that you come across.
Lyria: Hm? Do you mean jobs related to ghosts?
Enyo: Yes.
(Captain) and company become visibly confused, not sure what to make of Enyo's request.
Vyrn: Why?
Enyo: Well, to serve as an outlet, I suppose.
Enyo: Traveling with you means that I can't lay waste to my enemies to the extent that I usually do, so I never feel satisfied.
Enyo: Of course, I could just turn on you and solve that problem right now, but the time for that hasn't come yet.
Enyo: But on the other hand, abstinence comes with its own set of problems...
Enyo: Therefore, I think it would be a good idea to use ghosts to release my pent up desires.
Vyrn: Whoa whoa, what did those ghosts ever do to you?
Lyria: Ughhh... I think I really am more scared of Enyo than ghosts.
Enyo: I don't see what the problem is. You get to help people who are in trouble.
Enyo: And I get to enjoy that sweet undying despair and hatred.
Enyo: As far as I can see, we both come out of this ahead.
Lyria: Augh... That's true, but...
Lyria looks at (Captain) with tears welling up in her eyes.
  1. If someone really needs help, I guess...

Choose: If someone really needs help, I guess...
Enyo: Hehe, of course. That sounds fine to me.
Enyo: Well, I'll be getting out now. Make sure you all enjoy yourselves.
Enyo flashes another wicked grin as she gets out of the water.
(Captain) and company watch her leave with troubled expressions before sharing a long, long sigh.
Lyria: Let's see, where is Enyo... Huh?
Lyria finds Enyo cooling off on the back of a Kydoimos.
Athena: What do you think you're doing, Enyo?
Enyo: What do you mean? I'm cooling myself off, obviously.
Athena: And why exactly do you have your Kydoimos summoned?
Enyo: I couldn't find a chair I liked, so I'm improvising.
Enyo: Would you all like to try sitting on one too?
Enyo: Despite appearances, their fur is actually quite fluffy and pleasant to touch.
Enyo smiles and pets her Kydoimos's back.
Kydoimos: ...
Vyrn: I don't know, that one looks like it's trying to stare a hole right through me.
Vyrn: Actually, more like it's sizing me up for dinner!
Enyo: Don't worry. They can't disobey me.
Enyo: So long as I don't let them attack you, there won't be a problem.
Athena: You use your Kydoimos too lightly, Enyo. As you always have.
Athena: You need to refrain from summoning them unnecessarily, or you'll cause a panic again.
Vyrn: Has she always been like this?
Athena: Yes. She would often use them as a bridge when crossing rivers, or a bed when making camp.
Kydoimos: ...
Vyrn: Whoa, that sounds messed up.
Enyo: It's my power. I'm free to use it however I please.
Enyo: You make use of Glafkos freely, don't you?
Athena: You won't catch me standing or sitting on Glafkos. I could never do such a terrible thing.
Kydoimos: ...!
Enyo: How rude. I'm only using my power effectively.
Athena: Why must you be like this...
Athena clutches her head in exasperation as she tries to chastise Enyo, who casually brushes her off.
Upon seeing the exchange, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn can't help but curl a bit of a smile.
Vyrn: Like I said before, you two really are polar opposites, aren't you?
Lyria: Ahaha, they really are.
Enyo: Indeed. That's why Athena...
Enyo: And you, (Captain), who think so much like her, are so entertaining to me.
Enyo: Hehe. And speaking of entertaining, I truly had fun on this little outing.
Enyo: As I've always thought, there's nobody more fun to trample over than skydwellers.
Athena: Enyo...
Enyo: Don't worry, Athena. I'll control myself so long as I'm cooperating with (Captain)'s crew.
Enyo: However, once the time comes... Once I feel that what has been sown is ready for me to reap... Hehe.
Enyo: (Captain)... Do hurry up and grow nice and strong, now.
Enyo beams at her companions, elation on her face.
But the madness in her eyes chills them deeper than a hot spring's warmth could ever hope to reach.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
蹂躙する相手はちゃんと選んでいますよ I won't trample over just anyone, you know?
キュドイモスがいれば泳ぐ必要はありませんので Why would I have need to swim? That's what my Kydoimos are for.
幽霊……ですか中々、興味深いですね Ghosts, you say... Now doesn't that sound interesting...
無抵抗の相手を蹂躙しても面白くありませんね There's no thrill in crushing someone who doesn't try to fight back.
人の慟哭や絶望は見ていてとても楽しいですね Listening to the lamentations of mortals is so fun.
やはり、アテナ以上の玩具はそうそうないですね Being around Athena is a constant reminder of what an exquisite plaything she is.
キュドイモスはベッドに丁度いいのですよ My Kydoimos make for an excellent bed.
蹂躙の楽しさを教えてあげましょうか? Would you like to learn what makes trampling people so enjoyable?
(主人公)達はちゃんと育ってきてますね…… (Captain)'s crew is coming along nicely...
(主人公)達の絶望の表情が早く見たいものです I can't wait to see (Captain)'s crew writhing in despair.