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Official Profile

Age 45
Height 208 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Crafts, knitting
Likes Handicrafts of all kinds
Dislikes People touching his horns

Granblue Fantasy Theater
A Draph warrior with a craftsman's touch, Galadar can handle anything from delicate handiwork to ship repairs, displaying an expert level of care and attention to detail that few would expect from such a hulking warrior. Galadar overwhelms his foes with swings from his mighty hammer, and the sound of his bellowing laughs lend courage to his allies, no matter how dire the situation.

Source [1] [2]

Age 45歳
Height 208cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 小物づくり、編み物
Likes 手芸全般
Dislikes 角を触られる事

Granblue Fantasy Theater

Source [1] [2]




Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ha ha ha ha ha! Happy birthday, we'an!
Aye, I got ye a wee present!
Ah, ye're at a good age. Just be sure to look after yeself while ye still have somethin' worth lookin' after.
Now, the present, ye get one of me weapons. Go on, take whichever one ye want!
Ha ha ha ha ha!


Gahahaha! Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Ye know, steel tends tae grow brittle and rust away ower time.
But when ye get a real craftsman usin' the best material there is, a weapon gets sharper every time it's used.
If ye ask me, we folk are no different.
Someone livin' wi' a strong will and true friends only gets stronger ower th' years.
That's how I imagine ye to be, (Captain)!
Bwahahaha, keep it up, Captain!


Dahahaha! Happy Steel Day, (Captain)!
Hm? Birthday? Ye sure it ain't Steel Day?
Meh, no point' sweatin' the small stuff.
Anyhoo, did ye know life's an allegory fer steel?
Everyone starts out weak and brittle, cryin' red when on a bad day.
But when ye temper to perfection, they're all ready to take on the world.
So like I said...
Happy Steel Day! Three cheers to this wonderfully steely day!
Happy Steel Day! Dahahaha!
And don't take this fer a mere jest either! It took me a while to come up wit' the idea!


Dahahaha! Happy birthday, (Captain)!
This year, ye get crude iron! That means it has nae been wrought or refined yet.
What? You cannae ken why I'd give ye such a gift?
At first I was plannin' tae give ye a finished weapon...
But I thought it'd be more festive if I guided ye through the process of forgin' yer own!
I want ye to mark every step the metal takes from crude iron to the gleamin' weapon that watches o'er ye in battle!
Well? Come along then! No time to dawdle!
Nothin' less than a legendary weapon will do for my captain's birthday!


Happy birthday! Hope it's a fair one for ye, (Captain)!
Here, a present! It's a bit o' new defensive gear I adjusted to match yer growth spurt.
How many times now have I given ye armor or iron on yer special day, I wonder...
Since hoppin' aboard your vessel, I've spent countless days on the anvil, workin' blades and forgin' mail.
And over that time, our bonds have become as strong as iron.
Let's keep temperin' it though, so next year they'll be as strong as steel! Dahahaha!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

I always see the new year as a fresh start, ye know?
No holdin' back now, we'an.
This fresh cake made wi' an iron fist is all yers!
Ye should know tho'-it's really just a steel brick! Bahahaha!
How's that fur a New Year's gift? Gahahaha!


Bwahaha! Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I'm bein' overly cheerful, ye say?
Mwahahaha! I spend mah days forgin' pipin' steel! That's bound tae make anyone happy!
Why don't ye try it too?
Klink, klank, klonk! Klink, klank, klonk! Och, I just love that sound!
Bwahahaha! Ye can expect another year o' th' best weapons from me, Captain!


Dahahaha! Happy New Iron, (Captain)!
Hm? I've got the holiday name wrong?
Ohoho, I wouldn't call it 'wrong' per se. 'Tis a new greeting I came up wit' just now!
What's that? Now ye want to know the best time to use it?
Ain't it obvious? Ye say it during the birth of shiny new iron!
Happy New Iron!
C'mon, say it wit' me, Cap'n! Happy New Iron!
Dahahaha! 'Tis always a resounding joy to see new iron come into the world!


Dahahaha! Another year's upon us, Cap'n! Happy New Iron!
Ah, what a glad occasion! We're gonnae have a fine year, I can feel it in me bones!
I know! How'd ye like a tour of me forge, eh? Ye can help me temper an' fold, an' we can ring this new iron in proper!
That's decided! So let's be off, an' not a moment tae waste!
Dahahaha! Happy New Iron!


Oi! (Captain), a happy New Year to ye!
Looks like y'er handlin' yer business early this year.
It's a good thing for a we'un to get a head start on their goals!
Hm? Me? I've been in me forge for a fortnight now.
Was so busy poundin' the iron, time slipped me mind, and suddenly it was the new year.
Guess that's what I'll be doin' with the upcomin' year too! Dahahaha!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's, ye say?
Gahahaha! Why, aren't ye a whimsy one?
Not that I mind though.
If ye ever need any weapons polished, ye just let ol' Galadar 'ere know!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Cheers for the chocolate, pal.


By my beard, is this really happenin'?
An old fart like me is undeserving of yer sweet gifts.
But, oh my, ye sure are a curious one, (Captain).
Huh? Ye think I'm upset?
Gah hah hah! On the contrary I couldn't be happier!
Cheers for keeping an ol' man like me in mind, (Captain)!


Dahahaha! Kept ye waitin', huh!
I bet that thing yer holdin' is...
It can be only be one thing...
You know what I'm talkin' about, right? That thing fair maidens pour all their heat and heart into to forge in the sacred kiln!
Steel! Yep, tell me I'm right! Bingo, ye say? Dahahaha! I didn't take ye for a jokester!
Aaanyway, be it steel or chocolate, (Captain), I'll gladly take anything from—
Dahahaha! Now yer just makin' me blush, (Captain)!


Well, if it isn't (Captain)! What brings ye by me forge?
What've ye got there? Somethin' fer me?
Och, aye. Today's Valentine's Day, isn't it?
Dahahaha! I'd clean forgotten. Didnae think it had aught t'dae with me.
Eh? Which would I prefer, chocolate or iron?
Hmm... That's a thorny one, we'an. From yer hands, either'd make me a happy man.
If it's steel, we can temper it together. If it's chocolate, we can share it.
What? Ye're givin' me both? Och, Cap'n, yer generosity knows no bounds! Dahahaha!


Oi, (Captain)! Seems like a roger of a morn! Ye here to take a load off?
Dahaha! I jest, I jest! Y'er here to deliver me Valentine's Day present, aren't ye?
I knew ye would. After all, ye bring one every year like clockwork.
It's become one of the few days I can remember.
Dahaha! Thank ye, (Captain)!
I'll remember this for White Day! Look forward to it, hear!

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

It was quite the challenge deciding what to give in return.
I picked out a few items, but nothin' quite fit the way I wanted...
Well? Does this strike yer fancy?
Ah, ye like it? Glad to hear it!
'Twas either this or a steel hammer! Seems I chose wisely!


Gah hah hah! Happy White Day, (Captain)!
I'm no good wit' these formalities. Sure took me a long time to figure out what to get ye.
So when I asked everybody on the crew, they suggested I make some cookies.
It was kinda lik' monkey-see, monkey-do for me, but I did it! I hope ye'll accept, (Captain).
Gah hah hah! Me efforts haven't been in vain!
Oh gosh! From the flour, to the sugar, to the nuts, to the eggs... Oh, and the butter...
Even wit' all that, I was afraid they'd taste too plain, so I added a wee helpin' of quality iron powder for that special flavor. And now this batch is as stiff 'n' heavy as me hammer!
Gah hah hah! I kid, (Captain).
Relax. I made sure they're edible!


Dahahaha! Looks like I made it right on time, (Captain)!
What's wit' my ragin' excitement, ye ask? Well, I made somethin' fer Wh-White... Day...
Dahahaha! There, I said it!
Hm? Yer bettin' it's just steel?
Och, c'mon now. Even I wouldn't stoop to that level... Or would I?
Dahahaha! By my bearded hammer, how did ye know? Steel it is!
I thought to bake ye some cake at first, but when I went to check the dough I stuffed in the hearth...
It came out as charcoa—I mean high-grade steely sand!
Hey, chin up! Come here—I've got somethin' for ye!
Here's a mighty fine steel gauntlet to make yer happy White Day!
Dahahaha! Steel makes the world go round!


Ahoy there, Cap'n! I got somethin' for ye!
Today's a day for returnin' kindnesses!
This Valentine's Day, ye gave me iron and chocolates.
I cannae let ye outdo me! Gottae return yer generosity wi' interest!
So hold out yer hand, (Captain)!
Whoa there! Careful!
Flex your core there, (Captain), or ye'll throw yer back out.
What d'ye mean, what is it? What a fool question!
Have ye nae eyes t'see? It's an alloy! Mixed by yers truly!
One metal for each of your gifts to me!
An alloy of two makes for a stronger weapon than one metal alone! Dahahaha!


(Captain)! Here's a gift to thank ye for Valentine's Day! Go on, don't be shy!
I remembered the date, so I was able to prepare a proper present for ye!
Behold! It's called the sword cookie!
It's flavor is as sharp as any blade—or so they said when they sold it to me.
Not sure what it means, but I liked it because it was named after a weapon.
Oh? Ye like it too? Course you do! It's brilliant!
Well, I'm glad that worked out! Dahaha!

Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits
3rd year:
Weapon s 1020600400.jpg Crusher Glove
4th year:
Galadar's Alloy Ingot square.jpg Galadar's Alloy Ingot
5th year:
Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hmm? You want some candy?
Ack, you should've asked earlier.
As you can see, I'm all out!
Chocolate? Hmm... How about a chakram instead?
Cookies? Hmm... I can give you a kukri blade, if you'd like.
Caramel corn? How about a caramel carbine? Might be a bit big for your bag, admittedly.
Candy apples? How about a candy claymore?
Bwahaha! Indeed it's weapons all the way down!


Bwahahaha! The witching hour has arrived once again, (Captain). All Hallows' Eve!
What's that? Ye want me to lend ye something fun to use as a costume?
As ye wish, (Captain). Ye can have as much as ye'd like from my personal stores!
Course, all I've got in there are weapons and armor.
Ye're always ready for a battle, so you're not exactly going to look much different from normal!


Trick or iron, (Captain)!
Dahahaha! Have at ye, Halloween!
Oi, what's wit' the outfit, (Captain)? Ye plan on playin' a trick on me in that?
Yer gonna have to try harder if ye wanna surprise me.
How 'bout I fashion ye a mighty big costume?
Come again? Ye prefer full-bodied armor? Maximillian style or with a tower shield?
Dahahaha! Iron or iron!
An easy choice, if ye ask me!


Dahahaha! Iron or Iron, Cap'n!
Hm? I went straight to the ironclad iron option this year?
Don't look so dour! Feast yer eyes on this mountain of metal!
This is a year's worth of weapons and armor!
Yer here looking for a costume again, aren't ye?
Well this time I'm prepared!
If ye're off to pillage candy, ye need the proper equipment!
Come now, pick whatever strikes yer fancy! Take it all, if ye want! Dahahaha!


(Captain), feast yer eyes upon this! I've forged a pile o' weapons n' armor for Halloween!
The centerpiece is my patented lightweight Halloween mail!
Look here, Halloween's normally a day for the we'ans, idnit?
Thought I'd make some armor the tikes could wear. They'd look a right mess trying to hoof around the adult kind.
(Captain), ye've friends all around, don't ye? Ye must flap about with tons o' types on Halloween night, eh?
If ye catch sight of any we'ans without proper armor, ye be sure to suit 'em up with my handiwork!
Iron or iron! Dahahaha!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Sorry I'm missin' the white hair.
But a red-haired Santa is just as good, right?


Bahahaha! Season's greetings, (Captain)!
Ye've been a good we'an this bygone year, so Galadar Santa here's gotten ye a gift!
Och, sae ye don't like bein' spoken to like a child?
Gahahaha! If ye ask me, ye're still just a fledgling!
But enough blatherin'! Here, have a taste of mah special steel candy canes!


Dahahaha! Pardon my steely stench, but Galadar Santa's here again!
Anyhoo, have ye been a good kid this year, (Captain)?
Oho, so ye have, eh? This calls fer a present from Galadar Santa!
What's that? Ye bet it's just a lump of cold steel?
Dahahaha! Right on! Nothin' but steel here!
But ye've got another thing comin' if ye think that's all I've got!
This is forged from the finest steel ye can find in my hearth.
With layers upon layers of steel coating serried upon it.
Dahahaha... A steel cake made by one of the steeliest men on this side of the skies!
No need to say another word! Go on and feast on my specially steely mille-feuille!


Dahahaha! Galadar Santa returns at last, tae answer the prayers of all the wee lads an' lasses!
I trust ye've been a good we'an this year as well, Cap'n?
Ohh! That's what I like to hear! Well then, ye've earned yer present!
What's that? You wannae know what manner of iron I have for ye this year?
Why... I do believe ye've come to look forward to my gifts!
Dahaha! Ye gladden me heart! An' I'll nae disappoint ye!
I tempered this especially for ye, (Captain)!
A dessert that one an' all can enjoy on this holiest of nights...
Galadar's Special Steely Puddin'!


Huh. Guess that's how it is.
Oh, (Captain)! Havin' a merry festival, I hope!
I plan on bein' Galadar Santa again this year, so I've made a grand present for all the we'uns on the ship!
It's a mammoth tree, forged tip to stump from the finest iron! Makes for a pretty solid holiday, eh?
What do ye think? The sparkle is perfect for the season, eh?
Normally people decorate the tree to add a little pizzazz, but when the tree itself is the star, well there's no beatin' that.
Everybody aboard the ship is gonna feel the holiday spirit when they get a load of this thing! Dahaha!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Galadar Crudes

Galadar receives a message from his disciples and that weapons from his vault have been stolen. After catching the thieves, Galadar offers to take them on as his pupils. His generosity and kindness impresses the crew.

Galadar not in crew

(Captain)'s crew is at the Knickknack Shack stocking up for their journey.
With new equipment in hand, the crew is about to leave when a voice from behind stops them.
???: Oi! Aye, you bairns with the lizard.
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard! You need something or what?
Galadar: Aye. The name's Galadar. Mind if I take a look at the axe you bought?
Galadar examines the axe carefully, taking in every minute detail.
Galadar: And I have something I wanna ask... Could you see yer way to partin' with this axe?
(Captain) and the crew are shocked at his request, but listen to Galadar's explanation.
It seems the axe is one Galadar made early in his smithing career. Ashamed of the low quality of his early work, he has been traveling around buying it back.
Lyria: But this axe... do you really need to take it?
Galadar: Not for nothin' of course! I'll whip up something better to replace it.
Lyria: It's not that... It's just that this axe doesn't seem so bad.
Galadar: Well, how about that!
I didn't think it to look at you, but you must know your way around the forge, eh?
Though not a blacksmith, Lyria appreciates the work that went into the weapon.
This tickles Galadar, who bursts into laughter.
Galadar: Bwahaha! And while we're talking about things useful in battle, what do you say to me joinin' your crew?
With a booming laugh shaking his great frame, the Draph craftsman joins (Captain)'s crew.
There are many weapons that the famous craftsman Galadar made when he was young which no longer meet his exacting standards.
They are referred to as Galadar Crudes, and are ironically quite sought after by collectors.
Vyrn: Whoa, what's that flying over this way?
Galadar: What's that? A pigeon?
Lyria: What a clever pigeon! He's got a letter!
Galadar: Oho, a carrier pigeon? Could be urgent!
Galadar: Bearded hammers! This be mighty important!
Galadar: (Captain)! Sorry, but there's somewhere I want'cha to take me.
Vyrn: Lyria, what did the letter say?
Lyria picks up the letter which Galadar had dropped and scans it quickly.
Lyria: Erm... It says "Boss—Urgent matter. Please return."
Lyria: Hmm, I wonder what's happened.
Vyrn: Whoa! Galadar! This is an amazing workshop!
Galadar: Well, it's a wee bit small, but I like it that way! Easier to keep hidden, y'know?
Senior Apprentice: Boss! Welcome back!
Junior Apprentice: Welcome back!
Lyria: Whoa, you surprised me!
Galadar, are all these people your apprentices?
Galadar: Bwahaha! Well, I've got more, but these are the best! I only let me most trusted apprentices in here!
Galadar: Oh! But we'd best get to business. What did ya call me all the way here for, laddies?
Senior Apprentice: Well, it's... We'll show you.
The apprentices lead the group to a terribly battered slab of metal that appears to have once been a very sturdy iron door.
Galadar turns pale.
Galadar: By my shield! They got into the vault?
Senior Apprentice: Thieves... They must've gotten a tip-off. They took everything they could carry and some things they couldn't.
Vyrn: What was in there?
Senior Apprentice: Huh? Isn't it obvious? The Galadar Crudes!
Vyrn: The what now?
Senior Apprentice: How can you not know about them? They're the unfinished weapons that Galadar made in the past!
Senior Apprentice: Being one-of-a-kind weapons from a famous craftsman, they command a high price. Naturally, thieves are often after them.
Vyrn: Ohh. So that's why you've got a secret workshop in such a remote place.
Senior Apprentice: But it's a good thing you got here so quickly, Boss. The thieves are still on the island!
Senior Apprentice: And they said they were gonna go get some money for the road by robbing the town!
Mine Foreman: Galadar! Yer finally here! We've been waiting for ya!
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Of course! The villagers always give us a fair deal, so it's only right that we pay back that debt!
Mine Foreman: Right! The lads are all here! What's the plan?
Galadar: Hold yer horses. First we need to know where the rats are hidin'.
Mine Foreman: Hiding? Oh, the thieves' hideout! I heard it's on the mountain, about halfway up. Why?
Galadar: Hmm, interesting. Around the mines?
Mine Foreman: Yeah! Right where we work!
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Well then, we don't even need to have a proper fight with 'em!
Mine Foreman: Huh? What do you mean, Galadar?
Galadar: Just you watch! I can crush 'em without causing any casualties! Bwahahaha! Ahahaha!
Vyrn: That's big talk coming from you. You sure you can pull it off?
Galadar continues guffawing, already assured of victory. The crew looks on, bemused.
Galadar: Hmm... Aye, this'll do nicely.
Vyrn: Hey, what're you doing down there on the ground?
Galadar is on his hands and knees, straining to hear something.
Galadar: Gahahaha! Sounds like I'm getting close! Aye... Should be around here.
Galadar pulls out his pride and joy, a colossal hammer, and raises it to strike.
Vyrn: Hey, hey, hey! What're you doing, Galadar!
Galadar: Hrraaagh!
Lyria: Aaah! Everything's still shaking...
Galadar: Whoops! Sorry there, lassie! Didn't mean to scare you. You all right?
Vyrn: What were you doing! You're supposed to whack the bad guys further up the mountain, not the ground down here!
Galadar: Shhh. Be quiet, ye daft lizard. It should've reached 'em by now.
Vyrn: I told you! I ain't no liz—huh? What's gonna reach who?
Lyria: I can hear something... like a cracking sound!
Lyria: Waaah!
A large fissure races through the ground. It runs straight up the mountain, spewing clouds of dust into the air.
Vyrn: Hey! Isn't that where they said the thieves' hideout was?
Mine Foreman: Galadar, did you just whack the fault line?
Katalina: Impossible... It takes scientists years to work out where those are.
Galadar: Well, I'm no scientist, but I could tell. Soil color, smell, sound, and moisture. That's what told me.
Vyrn: Really? That's super impressive, Galadar!
Vyrn: Hey, where are you going?
Galadar: Just have one more thing to do. Let's get digging!
Lyria: Digging? You're gathering smithing materials now?
Galadar: Bahahaha! I told you, didn't I? No casualties!
Lyria: Huh?
Bruised and battered thieves lie squirming on the ground, hands and legs tied. Galadar and his apprentices stand in front of them, arms crossed.
Thief: Ngh... Why... Why did you save us? You're going to kill us or hand us over to the army anyway!
Senior Apprentice: Hahaha! Boss, looks like that's the last of the dirt!
Galadar: Bwahahaha! At least they shower more than you lads do! I know just what to do next!
Galadar: (Captain), are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
  1. Yup, great idea!
  2. I have no idea.

Choose: Yup, great idea!
Galadar: Bwahahaha! You know me so well, (Captain)!

Choose: I have no idea.
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Don't play coy. I'll wager you thought of it before I did!
Continue 1
Galadar: Any craftsman faced with raw iron would feel the same urge to shape it. These thieves are no different!
Galadar: Even the crudest bit of scrap iron can make a decent sword. Ye just need to put in the time to polish it up good an' proper! Right?
The thieves look on in admiration, finally understanding what Galadar means.
The thieves give up their old ways and become apprentices in Galadar's workshop. There they learn more than mere smithing—they learn the secret to an honest life.

More Stubborn than Steel

Galadar explains why he collects the Galadar Crudes: some are made of forbidden materials, including those with the power to attract monsters. As if on cue, monsters attack.

A refreshing breeze blows across the ship as Galadar polishes his weapons in high spirits.
Lyria and Vyrn watch him with great interest.
Lyria: Wow. Mr. Galadar really loves his weapons, doesn't he?
Vyrn: Yeah. It's like he's taking care of a baby or something.
Galadar: A baby? Bwahahaha! I like that, laddie!
Galadar: The weapons I make are like children to me!
Galadar: And a father has certain responsibilities!
Lyria: Are you talking about those Galadar Crudes?
Galadar: Aye. I'm collecting them to preserve my pride as a craftsman.
Lyria: Hmm. Is that the only reason?
Galadar: Eh? What d'ye mean?
Lyria: Oh, I didn't mean anything specific. I just thought maybe your pride wasn't the main reason.
Galadar: Bwahahaha! There's no pullin' the wool over your eyes, lassie!
Galadar: Truth is, when I made the Galadar Crudes, I used materials that ye wouldn't normally use. As practice, y'know?
Vyrn: What kind of materials?
Galadar: Well... For example...
Galadar: Sinister blood crystals formed from the fossilized remains of monsters, or...
Galadar: Unknown ores mined from meteorites...
Galadar: Stuff that my mentor told me never to use, basically.
Vyrn: Whoa. That sounds kinda... dangerous, doesn't it?
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Well, not all of them, but aye, a few could cause catastrophe if nae handled proper!
Lyria: C-catastrophe? What kind of catastrophe?
Galadar: Oh, there are lots. But the most common effects are ones that attract monsters.
Vyrn: That's scary, dude.
Galadar: Aye. Which is why I'm goin' around finding them! I have a responsibility to collect 'em all!
Lyria: Huh? Wait a second. Didn't we recently buy an axe that was a Galadar Crude?
Monster: Graargh!
Vyrn: Eep! It really is attracting monsters!

More Stubborn than Steel: Scene 2

Galadar offers to fix the weapon that may be attracting monsters. The crew follows him to his apprentice's workshop, but they soon find that the forge isn’t working.

Monsters appear just as Galadar tells the crew about the potential dangers of the Galadar Crudes.
Lyria is perturbed by the monsters' impeccable timing.
Lyria: Th-that was just a coincidence, right? We've had this axe for ages, after all.
Vyrn: Actually, doesn't it seem like we've had more monster attacks since we brought it onboard?
Lyria: N-no... I-I don't think so...
Galadar: Bwahahaha! If it's causin' ye grief, shall I fix it for ye?
Lyria: Whoa, you can do that?
Galadar: We're in luck—I think of one of my apprentices has a workshop around these parts!
Galadar: He'll have everything I need. I'll have this problem solved in no time! Bwahahaha!
Apprentice: Boss! Long time no see!
Galadar: Bwahahaha! You're doing well, I see!
Galadar: Sorry to have to ask, but could I borrow yer forge for a wee bit?
Apprentice: My... forge?
Galadar: Well, what's wrong, lad? You don't seem your usual self!
Apprentice: Erm... Well, could you take a look at it, Boss?
The apprentice shows the crew to a beautiful forge at the back of the workshop.
Galadar: What's the fire doin' out?
Apprentice: Well, you see... I've been out of town collecting crafting materials and I just got back.
Galadar: That's no excuse. A forge's fire is the craftsman's lifeblood! Let's get it going.
Apprentice: W-wait, boss! Please don't touch that!
Monster: Graaargh!

More Stubborn than Steel: Scene 3

The crew takes a look within the cave connected to the forge. Galadar's head collides with the cave walls, causing the cave to collapse.

Galadar: Hmm, so those monsters made a nest in the forge while you were gone!
Apprentice: I'm so sorry, Boss... I can't believe I neglected my duties like that...
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Don't be down, lad! I told ye, didn't I? Yer liveliness is yer one redeeming feature!
Galadar: Don't fret. I'll get this mess sorted in no time!
Apprentice: Thank you so much, Boss. I'm so glad you're here!
Vyrn: Whoa! What's up with the inside of this forge?
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Well noticed. This forge is special!
Galadar: It's been dug directly into the mountain. And it just happens to connect to another cave.
Galadar: Of course! That's it!
Lyria: Huh? What did you realize, Galadar?
Galadar: The monsters didn't build a nest inside the forge! They just came out of the cave!
Vyrn: Hey, Galadar, are you okay? You keep bashing your head into the ceiling.
Galadar: Eh? Me head?
Vyrn: Yes, your head! The thing at the end of your neck!
Galadar: Bwahaha! I've got a head of steel, nothing to worry about!
Lyria: Erm... I feel like I've seen this before...
Lyria: Hey, didn't you say that small caves collapse if you knock your head on the ceiling too many times?
Vyrn: What? Collapse?
Lyria: I have a really bad feeling about this...
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Bwahahaha!
Vyrn: Hey, stop doing that, Galadar! Stop it!
Vyrn: Whoa! This is bad! let's get out of here!
Monster: Graaargh!
Vyrn: This is not a good time for monsters to show up!

More Stubborn than Steel: Scene 4

The cave-in has sealed the forge off from the monsters' nest, making the smithy operable once more. Galadar repairs the faulty weapon that had been attracting monsters, and the crew is once again impressed by the jolly blacksmith’s kindness.

Lyria: Pant... Pant... That was a close one.
Vyrn: Huff... Puff...
Galadar! I almost got turned into a pancake back there!
But Galadar has already moved onto his next order of business.
Vyrn: Huh? What's he doing now?
Galadar: I'm puttin' the firewood and coal into the furnace, of course!
Vyrn: Huh? Didn't you say you couldn't use the forge because of the monsters in it?
Galadar: Don't worry, we won't be hearin' any more from them.
Vyrn: Hm? Why not?
Galadar: Here, have a peek inside.
Vyrn peers into the forge. A look of surprise crosses his face.
Vyrn: Ohhh! The cave's collapsed and blocked the tunnel!
Galadar: Bwahaha! Now you'll be able to start smithin' again, laddie!
Apprentice: Thank you so much for helping me, Boss!
Katalina: So you knew exactly what you were doing in that cave, Galadar! Amazing!
Galadar: Bwahahaha! Not really! Caves sure are delicate these days!
Galadar: Bwahahaa! Bwahahahah!
The apprentice soon reopens his smithy, and Galadar repairs the axe so that Lyria can rest easy.
The longer they know Galadar, the more (Captain) and the crew are impressed by the blacksmith's endless cheer and generosity of spirit.

Harmonious Resonance

After taking a good long look at Laguna's Omar's Odyssey, Galadar prances off, fully inspired to forge a mighty new weapon. Laguna chases after him when the spear pleads to her for some more time with Galadar.

Laguna appears distressed as she looks at the souvenirs scattered across her room.
Laguna: Sigh...
Vyrn: Geez, keep this up and the new shelves we bought'll fill up in no time!
Laguna: Sorry, but I just can't get myself to throw any of them away...
Lyria: That just goes to show how important your souvenirs are to you. Come on, we'll help you get things in order!
Laguna tidies up her room with (Captain) and company's help.
Lyria: Yikes! What's happening... Eep!
Laguna: Lyria! Are you okay? Here, hold on to me!
The crew draw their weapons in preparation for battle.
Vyrn: There's only one person that can make the ground shake like this... It's gotta be him!
Lyria: Ah! I think you're right, Vyrn!
Galadar: It's just good ol' Galadar here! Ye in there, lassie?
Vyrn: Heheh, I knew it!
Laguna: Haha! You really had us spooked there! I'll open the door now.
Laguna: Hey, Galadar... Can you keep it down next time you knock?
Galadar: Rest yer fears, lassie! I put those hinges in, and I know best how sturdy they are! Gahaha!
Vyrn: You don't get the big picture, do you, big guy?
Galadar: Listen, lassie, I was hopin' ye could help me with a wee somethin'.
Laguna: Hm? And what might that be?
Galadar: Any chance I could sneak a peek at yer Omar's Odyssey?
Laguna: Uhm, I always make sure to take good care of him. I'm pretty sure he doesn't need any repairs...
Galadar: Gahaha! That's not why I'm askin'. All I'm sayin' is it'd be a real belter if I could take a good look at such a legendary weapon.
Lyria: Teehee, Galadar always gets so excited when it comes to weapons.
Vyrn: You know, Galadar just might be able to talk to him.
Laguna: (No way—I seriously doubt that...)
Galadar: Pretty please?
Laguna bursts into laughter at the sight of such a tame, puppy-eyed Galadar.
Laguna: Ahaha, sure thing. I just finished cleaning up my room after all.
Galadar enters the room at Laguna's invitation.
Galadar: By me bearded hammer! I could learn a thing or two from ye about keeping a room clean!
Laguna: A... Ahaha... I guess it just comes naturally to girls.
Vyrn: Hehe! We're the ones that helped tidy it up, you know?
Lyria: Teehee, it's a good thing we put in the time and effort to do it right. Don't you agree, Vyrn, (Captain)?
Laguna: Hmm?
Laguna shares a brief exchange with Omar's Odyssey, after which she lets out a chuckle.
Laguna: He says he can't wait to see what Galadar will do to him.
Galadar: Bwahaha! Omar's Odyssey is on pins and needles, ye say? Well, he and I are gonna have a blast together!
Galadar: Heh heh. To think that those rumors o' ye gabbin' with a legendary weapon were true!
Galadar takes Omar's Odyssey from Laguna and confirms its makeup, firmness, and shape.
Galadar: Oh, this is no ordinary steel, I tell ye. This luster, this texture... I've never seen anythin' like it!
Galadar: Mighty fine spear ye've got here! Light as a feather, and tough to boot!
Galadar: Great breaded Scott! Look at how the tip forms the shape o' a claw! And ye haven't got a single chip on it!
Lyria: Ehehe, I've never seen Galadar so happy.
Laguna: I've always believed that people who can get really engrossed in something tend to be masters of their craft.
Laguna: Anyhow, why we don't talk over some milk?
The crew looks on warmly as Galadar obsesses over Omar's Odyssey.
Galadar: Oh!
Still in a state of rapturous ecstasy, Galadar leans back and bumps into the shelves behind him.
Laguna's souvenirs come tumbling down, making a mess of the room.
Vyrn: Oh boy... Right after we cleaned up the room too!
Lyria: Ah...
Laguna, however, pays no heed to the mess and instead approaches Galadar.
Laguna: What's wrong, Galadar? Did something happen?
Galadar: Haha... It... I mean he just spoke to me!
Laguna: Truly? But how can that be possible?
Galadar: It's not in me blood to lie, lassie.
Galadar trembles with excitement at being able to communicate with Omar's Odyssey.
Laguna: (Heheh, and I thought I was the only one who could even hear him!)
Galadar: Tell me, laddie, what kind o' smith gave birth to ye?
Laguna cannot hide her surprise when Galadar gently pets Omar's Odyssey and resumes talking to it.
Galadar: Gahahahaha! He's quite a stubborn one, if ye ask me!
Laguna: Really? I always thought of him as such a fine gentleman...
Galadar: I tell him I'll turn him into the very definition o' perfection, and—
Vyrn: Wait, that would mean...
Galadar: Believe me when I say I know how good a weapon Omar's Odyssey is. I just thought he'd kick even more booty with some added weight.
Galadar: So I make him an offer, but the bloke actually refuses!
Galadar: Well, I guess that's that. After all I'm not one to force anythin' doon people's throats... or should I say hilts? Gahahaha!
Laguna: Ahaha, so that's what you two were talking about.
With a satisfied grin, Galadar hands Omar's Odyssey back to Laguna.
Galadar: Really appreciate it! Now I want to make a weapon like yers that can gab with its wielder!
Galadar: First step is decidin' the material to use! Oh boy, am I itchin for some forgin'!
Galadar happily prances out of the room with a spirited look on his face.
Vyrn: Well, I'm not really sure what to make of that just now... Galadar sure did look happy though!
Lyria: Yeah! And Omar's Odyssey stood up for himself when it mattered!
Vyrn: Hehe! This is Laguna's partner we're talking about here after all!
Laguna: Hm? What's that supposed to mean?
Lyria: Ahaha... A while back, part of Katalina's sword chipped off.
Lyria: And when she asked Galadar to take a look, it ended up becoming really heavy!
Vyrn: Hahah! I remember that too! Katalina could barely hold it up!
Vyrn: Thankfully though Galadar was able to restore the sword to its former weight, so that turned out okay.
Laguna: That actually happened? Phew, I'm so lucky he turned Galadar down for me.
Laguna: Hahah! You're right! That would have been bad for both of us!
After some pleasant discourse with her spear, Laguna lets out a big sigh.
Laguna: Well, I could really go for some milk right now.
Vyrn: Sounds great! But how about we tidy up the room again before that?
Laguna: Huh?


What? But how?
Laguna breaks into a panic when she realizes her souvenirs are strewn all over the floor.
Laguna: But we cleaned up the mess just before... How did this happen?
Vyrn: Wait, you mean you just noticed?
Laguna: Sigh...
Vyrn: I guess it takes a Laguna not to notice.
Lyria: Teehee. Laguna and Galadar really lose themselves when things get fun!
Laguna: Sorry...
Vyrn: Hey, no worries! We're here to help!
Just as they begin to clean up, Omar's Odyssey speaks to Laguna.
Laguna: I know, right? Ahahah! I'm so glad you're able to speak to someone other than me now! Hm? You want to speak to Galadar right this moment?
Laguna looks apologetically at (Captain) and company.
Laguna: I'd hate to just leave you guys here when you're going out of your way to help me, but...
Vyrn: It's cool, Laguna! We know what's up! Omar's Odyssey gets what Omar's Odyssey wants!
Lyria: Yeah, please don't worry about it! We can clean up some other time!
Laguna: Thanks, everyone...
Laguna's lips curl into a smile as she dashes toward Galadar's room with spear in hand.
(Captain) and company happily watch her scurry out of the souvenir-filled room.

Way of the Craftsman

Deliford receives a letter from his wife asking for money. However, every place he goes to find temporary work turns him down because of his age. Eventually, Galadar employs him as his blacksmithing assistant, with the ulterior motive of teaching him that increasing age does not mean decreasing capability.

One day Deliford receives a letter during his travels with (Captain) and the crew.
Seeing that it's from his wife, he hurriedly opens it and begins reading.
Letter: Your father's fallen down some stairs and hurt himself. He's in pain, but his life's not in danger.
Letter: However, he's staying in the hospital for now. I'm writing to see if you can send home some money to help out.
Deliford: Hmm... I have to do something...
Deliford sets out to find a temporary job that would allow him to send some extra rupies home.
However, his search gets off to a rocky start.
Deliford: Grr! Why... Why do all of these places discriminate based on age!
Deliford: Tch... They value youth. But is experience not at least equally precious!
Deliford continues futilely skimming through a variety of help wanted ads, but they all have an age limitation.
In a fit of frustration, the knight tosses his fists into the air and decides to head to the tavern to clear his thoughts.
Deliford: Sigh... What should I do...
I get it—these are hard economic times.
Deliford: Tch... But are there really no generous employers who would take a chance on a man from my generation?
Fist firmly clenched around his glass, Deliford grumbles to himself about the state of the world.
Spotting the dejected man from across the room, Galadar walks over and plops down on a neighboring stool.
Galadar: Gahaha! You've been sulking over here like a sad wee pup for hours now!
Deliford: Ah... Well if it isn't old Galadar...
Galadar: Come now, tell me. What's the matter? You've got such a sour look on your face.
Galadar: Mmm? Drinking's not gonna fix your problems. You've got to be in a good place before you take up the pint.
Deliford: Of course. I know that I shouldn't be here... But...
Galadar: Hmm... Not sure I'll be able to solve your problems, but if you want to talk about 'em, I'm all ears.
Deliford: In truth, Galadar, I...
Deliford explains his situation to Galadar and asks him for his advice.
Galadar throws his head back, his beard majestically swinging in the air, and lets out a boisterous laugh.
Galadar: Gahaha! You're worried about a tiny thing like that?
Deliford: What! Galadar, this is a serious matter to me! You shouldn't laugh!
Galadar: Aye, but it's not as serious as you think. Age limit, schmage limit. You should just go to one of these places and show them what you got.
Galadar: Heh-heh. Especially if it's mercenary work. Show 'em how strong you are, and they won't care that you're not some spring chicken!
Deliford: That's the problem. I'm an old rooster now. Not sure I have the strength of a younger man...
Galadar, seeing how dejected Deliford has become, furrows his eyebrows and begins to conjure up a plan.
Galadar: I've got it. Why don't you come work for me?
Deliford: ...!
Galadar: Gahaha! You don't have to look so surprised.
Galadar: Heh-heh. I've got a lot of weapon repair orders, but don't have the help I need to fulfill 'em all. That's where you'll come in.
Deliford: I don't know what to say... Thank you. Truly, from the bottom of my heart.
The following day Galadar and Deliford borrow the facilities of a local blacksmith.
Galadar lights a massive furnace, heats a steel ingot, and pounds it with his giant hammer.
Galadar: Hah! Hah! Gahahaha!
Deliford witnesses the master work, seeing not only the practiced strength of his arms, but the raw stamina and power inherent in his movements.
Deliford: Hmm. Galadar is certainly an artisan worthy of the name. What immense strength...
Deliford: (But only Galadar could do something like this. I could never hope to imitate him.)
Defeated by self-doubt, Deliford lets out a sigh.
Galadar: What's the matter? We haven't even started yet and you already look done.
Galadar: Here, you try swingin' the hammer for a bit.
Deliford: But... That hammer is colossal. I couldn't possibly wield it.
Galadar: Gahaha! Not to worry. You'll be using that little hammer over there.
Galadar points to a smaller hammer leaning against the wall. Deliford walks over and picks it up.
Deliford: (Hmm... I shouldn't have a problem with this weight. But I must seem pathetic...)
Deliford: (I shouldn't think things like that right now. I've been hired to do a job. So I have to do that job as well as I can!)
With Galadar guiding his actions, Deliford begins his tasks in earnest.
A few days pass.
Deliford is captivated by the sight of the repaired weapons, each tempered to the point of looking brand new.
Deliford: I can't believe it... All of these weapons were so shoddy before. This is definitely your work, Galadar!
Galadar: Gahaha! If you hadn't have been here to help, things wouldn't have gone this smoothly.
Galadar: Here, you've earned this.
Galadar hands Deliford his payment.
Feeling the weight of the rupies in his hand, Deliford bows deeply.
Deliford: I'm indebted to you... With this much, my family should be taken care of.
Galadar: Gahaha! Indebted? Not at all! You really helped me out!
Deliford: But all I did was watch you work and attempt to replicate your actions.
Deliford: I could never swing that massive hammer like you do.
Galadar: Gahaha! What are you talking about? The hammer you used was plenty heavy!
Deliford: The hammer I was using was heavy? Really?
Galadar: Gahaha! Guess you didn't notice after all.
Galadar picks up a smaller hammer from his tool box and hands it to Deliford.
Galadar: Here. This is the first hammer I ever used.
Deliford: Well, I suppose the hammer I was using wasn't as light as this one...
Galadar lines up a variety of hammers on his workbench with a cheeky grin.
Deliford: Incredible... You have so many of the same hammer...
Galadar: Heh-heh. Just try to lift them one by one.
Deliford steps up to the tools and begins picking them up individually.
He is surprised to find that a huge range of weights despite the similar appearance across the hammers.
Deliford: Wha... What is this!
Galadar: Notice that the last one is about ten times heavier than the spear you normally wield?
Deliford: It couldn't be!
Deliford rushes to the entrance of the workshop where he laid his spear. He reaches for it and is stunned to see that Galadar is correct.
Deliford: I can hardly believe it... Why does my spear feel this light?
Galadar: Gahaha! I was replacing your hammer with a heavier one whenever I had the chance.
Galadar: Heh-heh. I thought you'd figure it out, but you were so hard at work, you never picked up on my little scheme.
Deliford: So you were training me this whole time?
Deliford: It's unbelievable...
Galadar: Gahaha!
Galadar smiles broadly at Deliford before turning to leave the workshop.
As he walks away, Deliford bows deeply to the man in an act of deep respect and appreciation.
Deliford: Impressive... I was able to get this strong without realizing it thanks to Galadar.
Deliford: I can no longer use my age as an excuse—no way, no how am I losing to people half my age!
Deliford: Gaaargh! I've changed my attitude, so now it's time to change my life!
Deliford: Gaaaa—argh? I-I threw out my back...
Deliford now understands the importance of an adult being confident in his or her actions.
However, whatever he has learned from Galadar, it remains to be seen if he'll be able to translate that same confidence into action when push comes to shove.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
その性根叩き直してやる! I'll just have tae bash ye intae shape!
鉄の味はどうだ! Here's hopin' ye enjoy the taste o' steel!
だっはっはっは! Gahahaha!
ドデカイは正義だぁ! Supersized all the way!
叩けば叩くほど鉄は強くなるんだぜ! The more I strike, the stronger my steel becomes!
鉄は熱い内に打て! Strike while the iron is hot!
盾も鎧も関係ねぇ!もろともぶっ叩く! I'll smash through any armor or shield ye have!
どんどん行くぜぇ! On we go!
(主人公)、オレの出番だろ! (Captain), is it my turn yet?
(主人公)、オレに任せとけ! Leave it tae me, (Captain)!


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