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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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So, you're another year older.
I've scoured the skies, but I've never heard of a day quite like today.
And today's not just any birthday. It's your birthday. And that's important to me.
You've done so many nice things for me, (Captain). So today, I want to do something nice for you.
I hadn't really thought of a plan for the day, but why don't we start with a nice glass of milk?


This is just a pet theory of mine, but I think your closest friends are those you spend your birthday with.
I'm so happy I was able to become that sort of person to you, (Captain).
What do you say we spend the day exchanging stories . I have one saved up for a special occasion.
I promise I'll make it worth your while.
Well, how about I start? Hehe.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
When we first met, I'd been hoping to get out and travel. I want to thank you for inviting me aboard your ship without a second thought.
I'm lucky you gave me the chance to have many adventures on islands all over the skies.
Still... And this is just my take, mind you...
It's not the destination that I care the most about-- it's about the ones close to me.
It's about my friends... and you, (Captain). Thank you always.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm so happy I can celebrate this day with you.
Just my opinion, but it's more fun celebrating other people's birthdays than celebrating your own.
I never knew that holding someone close to your heart could feel this warm...
You're the one who taught me that, (Captain).
Anyway, I prepared some milk just for you, so drink up. Cheers!


Happy birthday, (Captain). It's been a while since we first started traveling together on this ship.
I've even gotten used to the festive atmosphere that comes around every year on this day.
Just my opinion, but the more days you celebrate, the more enjoyable life is.
I hope we can continue celebrating together for many days to come.
Now, cheers to another great year, and let's spend some time talking about our past adventures.
This, too, is just my opinion, but... reflecting on fond memories will definitely make this day even more special.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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And what a great new year it'll be!
I'm sure that if we keep traveling together, we'll see all sorts of new places and experience all kinds of great things!
After all, look at all the stuff we did last year! Let's make this year another year to remember.
I look forward to spending more time with you, (Captain).


You're yawning quite an awful lot, (Captain). Did you stay up late last night for the new year?
There's nothing wrong with taking some time off during the new year to renew your strength.
If you'd like, I can prepare some hot milk for you.
A new adventure awaits us tomorrow, so you'll need your energy. Of course, I'll rest up as well.


Happy New Year!
Thanks for having me in your crew. I never would've had the chance to visit and experience so many different locales.
Of course this trip isn't just one big vacation.
Nothing would make me happier than knowing I can help you on your journey, (Captain).
So here's to another fine year of skyfaring together.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Hmm? I look sleepy to you?
I guess there's no use trying to hide it... Yes, I accidentally stayed up last night, but I wasn't playing around.
The truth is I got caught up in reminiscing about our journey so far and thinking about what will happen in the future.
With last year coming to a close and a new one just on the horizon...
The feeling of excitement got to me, and it was midnight before I realized it. A bit childish of me maybe, but I couldn't help it.
I prefer to think of it as a natural part of closing the year, and I'd appreicate it if you would too.
But for now, I look forward to the new year with you, (Captain).


Hello, (Captain). You're up early today.
Could it be that you stayed up all night too? You're looking rather sleepy.
Yes, as you've guessed... I also stayed up all night.
As the years pass, memories from our journey together also increase. Naturally, that makes for a long night.
I don't look that sleepy? Hehe, that's because I tried mixing some herbs into my usual cup of milk. It helps with drowsiness.
The effect was instant. I was completely awake after drinking it.
Thanks to that, now I can offer my greetings for the new year, first thing in the morning.
Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm looking forward to spending another year with you.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day!
In the sky, there are all different kinds of chocolate. Chocolate ganache, chocolate bars, milk chocolate...
There's more than I could possibly count on two hands!
So, what kind of chocolate do you like? I'm just a little curious...
If you tell me, I might just make some for you, (Captain).


They say an occasional dose of sweet chocolate is good for the heart.
But this time, I thought I'd try a different approach for Valentine's Day chocolate.
I've used a special kind of dark chocolate this time for you.
I hear that it can ward off sickness and relieve stress, along with all kinds of benefits for your body.
Be careful though, it's quite bitter. In fact, so bitter, your face might scrunch up from the flavor! But I have a solution...
My specially prepared hot milk! Just drink this afterwards, and the bitterness will melt away.
Here, have a taste. I've really put my feelings into them!
You're always taking care of us, (Captain). It's the least I can do for you.


Good, it's chilly today. Just what I was hoping for...
Hm? Ah, well, it's Valentine's Day, right? So I whipped this up for you.
It's hot chocolate, made by melting chocolate in hot milk.
I wanted to give you a Valentine's gift that goes down smooth.
Here's my take: the sweetness will gently warm up your body. Let's drink it together, (Captain).


Today's Valentine's Day, but I'm sure you've already received a lot of chocolate already, right?
I originally planned on serving you some hot milk instead.
But I always do that. So this time, I added some spice to go with the sweetness.
How do you like it? It's a bit of a mature taste, but it certainly stands out after having so many sweet treats, doesn't it?
I personally feel that something with a bit of flair stands out among a pile of other gifts.
Hehe, so please take your time and drink in this unique taste.


Hello, (Captain). I see you've received a lot of chocolate again this year.
I actually decided to give you some too this time around. Here you are.
Hehe. It's not so bad going with the flow once in a while.
Things get difficult along the journey sometimes, don't they?
Chocolate's perfect when you're in need of a sugar boost, so you can't have too much on hand.
By the way, do you have plans after this?
It's nothing special, but I thought you might like some of my usual hot milk.
This is just a theory, but there's no use fixing something that isn't broken, right?

White Chocolate Cake
3rd year: Rich Hot Chocolate
4th year: Warm Milk
5th year: White Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day!
You're not actually teasing me this time, are you?
It's just my opinion, but... if someone gives you something on a special day, they deserve something special in return.
The trouble is, I just can't think of anything right now.
So, I guess I'd better think of something special and give it to you later, (Captain).
Thank you. You really made my day.


Giving gifts of thanks to those important to you...
I admire any tradition that creates bonds between people.
This may just be my opinion, but having such a tradition in this crew truly is a wonderful thing.
And surely, it's all because of your kindness, (Captain).
Thank you, (Captain). I'll always treasure the bond I have with you.


Th-thank you, (Captain).
Oh, right. It's White Day, isn't it?
Hm? You don't think it's much of a gift?
Haha. Here's my take: it's not the value of the gift that determines its worth.
The really important thing is... Well, I'm sure you already know what that is, don't you, (Captain)?
Thank you, (Captain). I'm all smiles.


(Captain), thank you for giving me a gift in return for Valentine's.
This might just be my own personal take on things, but I can really feel how much I'm appreciated through these types of gestures.
Not just from you, either. This crew of yours is overflowing with people who treat each other well.
So thank you, (Captain).
From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate not only this gift, but the gift of being in your crew as well.


What's that, (Captain)?
Oh, a gift in return for Valentine's Day? Thank you. I'll cherish it like I do every year.
You're courteous to a fault, aren't you? It's no wonder you're loved by everyone. I could stand to learn a lot from you.
You think I'm plenty courteous? I'm grateful you feel that way.
I just hope I can live up to the expectations of you and everyone else in the crew...
But hearing you put it into words, my heart can't help but leap.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
It's just my opinion, but... I think today is a very special day!
It's fun just to see everyone in costume and watch them get all that candy!
Heh heh. These skies sure have some interesting celebrations.
Come on, (Captain)! Let's go have some fun! I made some candy to give to the kids.
Well, I also want to make some trouble, (Captain). Anyways, let's go!


This may just be my opinion, but Halloween really is an incredible day!
Last year I gave out candy to kids, but I think I'll try getting some candy this year instead.
Some may say that you need a costume, but I say it's best to stay true to yourself without any disguises!
I'll start with you, (Captain)! Your candy is mine—I challenge you to a duel!
Are you ready? Here I come! Hee hee.


Here's my take: Halloween's awesome!
Getting candy, wearing costumes, playing tricks...
It's all so much fun!
Come on, (Captain)! Let's go grab more treats!
Then when we return to the airship, we can throw a candy party with everyone to share the spoils!


Hehe, it's that time of the year again! Halloween's the best!
Dressing up in costumes, saying "trick or treat" to each other... It's all so fun!
Not to mention playing tricks and getting treats! It's amazing!
Come on, (Captain)! Let's go and enjoy ourselves!
We'll go get plenty of treats, then bring them all back to the ship and raise our glasses to celebrate! Glasses of milk, of course!


Just my opinion, but I believe you need to be broad-minded to enjoy Halloween.
Whether you're pulling the pranks or getting pranked, with moderation and an open mind, it should be a fun day for everyone.
Anyway, do you want a cup of hot milk, (Captain)?
This is also just my opinion, but it's good to drink something warm to keep yourself calm.
Some nice, hot milk can warm you up so you're relaxed and ready to enjoy the Halloween festivities.
Are you ready, (Captain)? All right, then let's head out to town for another fun night!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays.
I've heard that milk and the holidays go hand in hand.
So I went and got you a bunch of this great milk.
I was thinking we could sit here, relax, and enjoy it. You know... together.
It's just my opinion, but... I think a day like this is better spent... together. Hehe.


The festive lights in town this time of year are amazing.
You can feel the holiday spirit everywhere. I'm starting to get into a merry mood myself.
How about you, (Captain)? Ah, you too?
Haha. In that case why don't we take a stroll through town together?


This is just my take, but it feels like everyone's tired from the goings-on in their lives.
Especially you, (Captain). You're always going out of your way to help someone...
So you should spend tonight recovering from the rigors of this journey. It's a holiday, ya know. Plus it's cold outside.
Here, have some hot milk. Bottoms up.
Isn't it nice to have a quiet moment, even on days as uplifting as this one?


With the town lit up so nicely, there's no doubt that tonight is the holiest night.
What do I want for a present? Haha, thank you, but just the sentiment is enough.
But if I had to pick something, well... How about we head back and enjoy a cup of hot milk together?
You can wait with me while I prepare it.
Hehe, spending that time with you is better than any other present in the world.


Happy holidays, (Captain). The town may be bright with lights, but it sure is cold outside.
A cup of hot milk's perfect for this season. Of course I've got some prepared. It's just in my room...
Oh, you're talking about presents? As I told you last year, just the sentiment's enough...
Hm... Well, maybe I will accept it this year.
Just my off-handed opinion, but both giving and receiving presents is an important custom for this special night.
So I'm looking forward to your present, (Captain).
But before that, let's make a toast with some hot milk.

Fate Episodes

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Rivalries All Around

(Captain) and the crew take up a job that brings them near the small country where Laguna serves as a member of the guard, and they decide to pay her a visit. As they stroll through the city, they experience a chance encounter with Laguna's sister, Nadia. She joins the crew on their way to meet her younger sister. The crew are shocked when Nadia suddenly attacks Laguna, and furthermore when their friend loses the bout, despite her skillful wielding of the ancient spear Omar's Odyssey.

After finishing with a cargo transport mission, (Captain) and the crew decide to visit a nearby small country.
Vyrn: Now that I think about it, it's been a hot minute since we've been around these parts, huh?
Lyria: Yeah, not since we first met Laguna! Some of the sights around here are certainly looking a bit familiar.
(Captain) nods at Lyria while thinking back on their meeting with Laguna.
Laguna possesses an extraordinary spear known as "Omar's Odyssey," a legendary weapon that belonged to a spearman of an age past, and contains memories from countless battles.
At the time that (Captain) and the crew met her, Laguna was serving as a guardian of the small island nation.
Laguna: I've got one rule and one rule only, and it's never been broken since I became a guardian here.
Laguna: Anyone that comes here has to face me. If it's a group, I want the strongest among them.
Laguna: Just my opinion, but... any adventurer worth anything has been to all kinds of places and seen all kinds of things.
Laguna: That goes for the two of you as well, doesn't it? I love stories about that kind of stuff so—
"You can learn a lot by crossing swords, too," Laguna proclaimed with a smile on her face.
Following the fight, the group made their way to a local bar for a toast.
After hearing the thrilling tales of their journey thus far, Laguna decided to take a break from her guard duties and join the crew.
Some time later, Laguna's sanctioned holiday period had ended, and she returned to her country to resume her guard duties.
Vyrn: She mentioned that she'd like to join us again once she could get more time off, yeah? I wonder how long we'll be waiting for her to earn that time though?
Lyria: Right, it could be a while. Still, I'm excited to see her again after so long! How about you, (Captain)?
???: ...
Vyrn: Well, well! Look who it is!
Vyrn: Heeey, Laguna!
Laguna?: Hm?
Lyria: A-are you not Laguna?
Lyria: Oh, sorry! We thought you were someone else!
Laguna?: Hehe, no worries! I've been mistaken for Laguna for as long as I can remember.
Vyrn: Oh, so you actually know who we're talking about?
Nadia: Yes, I'm her older sister. My name is Nadia.
Nadia: I take it that you all are friends of Laguna's?
Lyria: Yes! She was traveling together with our crew up until recently.
Nadia: I see. She told me about what she did with her vacation time. So it was with your crew...
Nadia: Thank you for letting her tag along. It seems that she greatly enjoyed her time with you all.
Nadia grips the spear on her back that eclipses her own height, and performs a graceful bow.
Lyria: Oh, of course! Having her aboard was so much fun!
Vyrn: Still, Laguna didn't mention anything about havin' an older sister!
Lyria: I can really see the resemblance. Even your spear reminds me a bit of Omar's Odyssey!
Nadia: Hehe, we're often mistaken for each other. And we both have a knack for fighting to boot.
Nadia: So, are you all on your way to meet with her?
Vyrn: Yep. You too?
Nadia: To tell ya the truth, I sure am. Must be fate that we met each other here. Shall we go together, then?
Lyria: Yes, let's!
Nadia, (Captain), and the crew make their way through the city streets until they find themselves approaching a magnificent gate. They see Laguna standing guard before it.
Lyria: Oh, Laguna! Hello!
Laguna: Why, if it isn't my favorite skyfaring crew! Long time no see!
Vyrn: Hey, Laguna! We were in the area for one of our latest jobs, so we thought we'd stop by. Doin' well?
Laguna: Yes indeed. Glad to see you all are in good spirits too.
Laguna: Looks like I'll be finishing up a bit earlier today. Why don't we hit the bar after this? I'd love to hear about some of your most recent adventures.
Lyria: The same place as before? We'd love to!
Lyria: Oh, also, we met someone you might know along the way here.
Laguna: Someone I might know? Who could that be?
Nadia: Hey, Laguna.
Laguna: Nadia? You're back?
Nadia: Yep. What has it been, two years now? You're looking the same as ever, sis.
Laguna: Oh yeah? Well there's somethin' a bit different going on with you...
Nadia: Maybe you're pickin' up on my increased prowess as a bounty hunter.
Lyria: Teehee, they both look tickled to be able to catch up after all that time.
Vyrn: Hey, why don't we ask Nadia here if she'd like to join as at the bar later? I'm sure she's got plenty of stories just waitin' to be told!
Laguna: Oh, I bet. Hey, Nadia, wanna join us after—
Nadia: Sorry, but I didn't come here today for a leisurely chat.
Nadia takes her enormous spear in hand and adopts a fighting stance.
Lyria: Huh? Wh-what's going on?
Vyrn: Wait, Nadia? When you said you were on your way to meet Laguna, it was for this?
Laguna: Worry not, both of you.
Lyria: Worry not?
Laguna: I was well aware that it would come to this. Just leave it to me!
Lyria: We can't just watch you both fight...
Laguna's expression turns serious as she looks to confront Nadia.
Nadia: So you're finally ready, I take it?
Laguna: I'm on duty now. Just my opinion, but I don't think we should be doing this in the middle of town...
Nadia: You can just draw on the memories of battles fought in a crowded area from that spear of yours, can't you? We shouldn't have to worry about any collateral damage that way.
Laguna: You've thought of everything, huh?
Nadia: Just speaking honestly here, but aren't you bored? Nothing ever happens in this sleepy old country of ours, let alone some kind of fight.
Nadia: If only something would happen though. Her and I would be able to take care of it in a heartbeat.
Laguna: Nadia, I've told you countless times that the use of force without thought is—
Nadia: Still with the platitudes? I thought that you would have changed after your little skyfaring journey.
Laguna: Tch...
Nadia: Show it to me, Laguna.
Nadia: Show me everything you experienced on that journey!
Eyes widened, Nadia lunges at Laguna's chest with her spear.
  1. Laguna!

Choose: Laguna!
Laguna: All right, now you've done it! Time to rope him into our little scuffle here.
Laguna grasps the spear on her back and begins to focus.
The moment she does so, the memories of countless battles stored within Omar's Odyssey are shared with Laguna.
Equipped with the memories, knowledge, and skills of a warrior who lived hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, Laguna makes her counterattack.
Laguna: Haaa!
Nadia: Yes... This is it!
By all accounts, Laguna should prove to be undefeatable in this battle.
However, Nadia is able to parry all of her sister's attacks with a smile on her face, as if she were a different person altogether.
Vyrn: What the! Laguna should be pretty much invincible with Omar's Odyssey!
Lyria: Nadia mentioned something about "her" a moment ago, didn't she? Does her weapon house some kind of secret power too?
Laguna: Come now, Omar's Odyssey!
Laguna: I'm ending this... Flow through me! Unrivaled power!
Vyrn: Hey, hey! Don't you think you guys are taking this sibling fight a bit too far?
Lyria: Please don't, Laguna! That's your very own sister!
Nadia: Shall we call it here?
Laguna: Hmph... Not even a scratch.
Vyrn: Huh? Even after that monster of an attack?
Nadia: Disappointing... Even after going on your own odyssey, it would appear that your abilities have yet to grow.
Nadia: It only ever feels like it's a fair fight when it's with you, Laguna. But now you only go on and on about "fairness" and "cheating"...
Laguna: I've told you time and time again, Nadia. Our powers are—
Nadia: Disappointing, Laguna. Just so disappointing.
Laguna: Gah!
As if to signal that any amusement from the encounter has dissipated, Nadia lets out a large sigh and knocks Omar's Odyssey from Laguna's hands.
Nadia: See ya, Laguna.
Fastening her own spear to her back once more, Nadia departs.
Lyria: Why'd it have to come to this? Don't you two get along?
Lyria shoots a troubled glance at (Captain), who can only ponder what had just happened.
Vyrn: Are you all right? That was quite the flashy battle.
Laguna: I'm fine, and so is he. That kind of fight is nothing to us.
Lyria: Um, did something happen between you and Nadia?
Laguna: It's a long story. One that should be told over a pint or two.
Laguna: Nadia... You haven't changed a bit after your own journey, either...
Laguna takes Omar's Odyssey back into her own hands, and stares off bitterly in the direction of Nadia's departure.

To Be Fair

(Captain) and the crew join Laguna at her favorite bar after the duel with her sister. She tells them of her childhood battles with Nadia, and about the mysterious spear that matches her own in power, Wismar's Summation. Due to differing viewpoints on the use of their spears' respective powers, the two sisters had ceased their usual sparring, and hadn't seen each other in years.

Laguna and Nadia—it has been years since these sisters have met each other in person, yet their reunion ends in battle, and defeat for Laguna.
Curious about what has happened to sour their relationship, (Captain) and the crew join Laguna at a nearby bar to hear her story.
Laguna: Sorry to worry you all with that display. If everyone's got their drinks, I'd be happy to tell ya all about the two of us.
Laguna: First things first—Nadia and I are on good terms, so I would ask you not to worry about that.
Lyria: Really? That didn't look like the product of a friendly sibling rivalry to me...
Laguna: We're always battling like that. After all, we both love a good fight.
Laguna: It was even how we'd play as kids. We were at each other's throats every day.
Lyria: Really? Weapons in hand and all?
Laguna: Yep. Felt good to be able to do it again, honestly.
Vyrn: You've had that Omar's Odyssey spear for a while now, yeah? Didn't you always have the upper hand, then?
Laguna: Nadia's spear is also a real special one—very similar to him. It's called "Wismar's Summation."
Laguna peers at her beloved spear.
Vyrn: "Wismar's Summation"? So does her spear have the memories of a buncha battles stored in it too?
Laguna: Not quite. As per its name, Wismar's Summation actually turns the battles it sees into a series of calculations.
Laguna: It receives battle information from the user's five senses as "input" and uses this data to derive the optimal path to victory.
Laguna: As long as the input is accurate, the wielder can defeat even the strongest of warriors.
Laguna: Now this is just my opinion, but I think that if anything were able to counter the power of Omar's Odyssey, its gotta be Wismar's Summation.
Vyrn: Wh-whoa... Where are all of these crazy weapons even coming from?
Laguna: Our mother is an archaeological researcher specializing in ancient magic tools. Omar's Odyssey and Wismar's Summation are weapons she obtained as such.
Laguna: Apparently they are special relics referred to as artifacts, and they can be used to create the most powerful weapon of all.
Lyria: The most powerful weapon?
Laguna: Akin to the golems of the Erste Empire, she says.
Laguna: The device was made in the shape of a spear in order to efficiently collect battle data, allowing it to adjust the parameters of its equations on the fly.
Laguna: It would appear that the warriors who wielded these artifacts at the height of their use were relying on the information from their weapons to fight, just like us.
Laguna: Such warriors rose above the rest, commanding a kind of unstoppable power. For that reason, the artifacts were sealed away.
Laguna: Or at least, that's what is said to have happened...
Vyrn: If that's true, then these weapons are downright terrifying.
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Laguna: There's a good chance that the weapon that Sophi uses, Crypton, is also one of the artifacts. Seems it was designed for analysis and verification...
Continue 1
Laguna: Nadia and I have been able to hear the artifacts' voices from birth.
Laguna: Because of that, we were entrusted with the spears and with the task of continuing our mother's research...
Laguna: On the condition that we adhered to a certain command.
Lyria: A command? What was it?
Laguna: That we shouldn't use the power of the artifacts irrationally, lest we become like the warriors of old.
Laguna: For that reason, we as wielders must practice restraint.
Vyrn: Makes sense. I'm sure you wouldn't want to upset your mother by gettin' all power-hungry like that.
Laguna: That's why both Nadia and I strive to be very careful how we use our "partners."
Laguna: However...
Laguna's expression grows stern as she takes a sip of her milk.
Lyria: Did something happen?
Laguna: Well, as a kid, sometimes I would challenge the other kids, and even some adults, to a fight.
Laguna: As long as I used his powers, no one stood a chance against me.
Vyrn: I bet. Not even poison could do you in if you received some kind of memory where a previous wielder overcame it.
Laguna: All of my fights began to strike me as unfair.
Laguna: I've come to believe that if you don't win purely on the merits of your own power, then you're cheating.
Laguna: And when I tried to discuss how I felt with Nadia...
Nadia: What are you saying? You know that it is only you and I who are able to hear their voices.
Nadia: We're no different from someone gifted in magic fully utilizing that gift to fight. It's our special ability!
Laguna: Right, but at least for me, I fight for the fun of it.
Laguna: This is just my opinion, but fighting is no fun at all if it's not conducted on a fair playing field.
Nadia: Just speaking honestly here, but fighting is inherently unfair.
Nadia: And now you're saying we shouldn't be using the one thing that gives us the edge?
Nadia: You're speakin' nonsense, Laguna! You're no longer the kind of partner I want to spar with.
Laguna: Ever since then, Nadia and I ceased our regular bouts, and she even up and left the country for two years.
Lyria: So there was a falling out after all...
Laguna: Mm, I guess you could call it that.
Laguna adds that her mother had advised the girls to pick their fights accordingly.
Laguna: Nadia's now a bounty hunter and sends part of her earnings back to our parents.
Laguna: When they write some correspondence to thank her, they always make sure to send a letter to me as well. That's how we've been able to stay current with each other.
Laguna: But after we stopped meeting for our usual fights, I guess I started to feel lonely, as if there were a gaping hole in my chest.
Laguna: And that was before she even left the country for all that time...
Lyria: Laguna...
With a forlorn look in her eyes, Laguna takes another sip of her milk.

To Be Fair: Scene 2

Possessing powers of communication, Laguna's spear, Omar's Odyssey, becomes crestfallen when he hears his wielder describe the use of his powers as unfair. With a little bit of convincing from (Captain) and Vyrn, Laguna assures her partner that she will come to rely on him in battle more often.

Vyrn: Okay, I think I get what's goin' on between you two, but if that's how it is, then why'd she suddenly return to challenge you to a fight?
Laguna: Just my opinion, but...
Laguna: Nadia was probably hoping that my values had changed after journeying together with you all.
Laguna: If I'd acknowledged her point that fighting is inherently unfair, then I'd be willing to fight her just as we did all those years ago.
Lyria: But your way of thinking hasn't really changed, has it?
Laguna: Not at all. I would even go as far to say that the journey, and all of the encounters I had, only served to strengthen my conviction.
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Laguna: I remember a mistake I made when I first met Sophi... I couldn't be honest with her. I couldn't speak my feelings plainly.
Laguna: I realized that if you want to be faithful as a friend to someone, the worst thing you can do is hold back on sharing your convictions.
Laguna: If you expect to be able to help each other in a time of need, a certain level of mutual understanding must be met.
Laguna: This is just my opinion, but I think the reason that Sophi and I were able to become such good friends is because we are fair with each other—we grew unreserved in our communication.
Laguna: Fighting's much the same. With each contest, you bare your heart and soul for your opponent to see.

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Laguna: I've crossed blades with a number of folks until now, and all of the strongest had one thing in common—they all strove tirelessly to get where they are now.
Laguna: I wouldn't have known the value in that if I hadn't worked hard myself.
Laguna: Knowing that I can rely on him to make me practically invincible, I've decided that I don't want to simply rest on my laurels.
Laguna: This is just my humble opinion, but the most enjoyable fights are those fought without one side employing some undefeatable power.
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Vyrn: I see what you mean. And it's definitely true that from the moment we met you, you had a keen sense of righteousness.
Laguna: I'm glad to hear you say that.
Laguna: And that's why the next time I face Nadia, I want to do so without the aid of—
Laguna: Wha!
Omar's Odyssey, which had been leaning against the table, suddenly falls onto (Captain).
Laguna: Hey, what's the big idea? Get away from (Captain)!
Laguna: Sorry, (Captain). Let me get him—
As Laguna attempts to lift the spear off of (Captain), she finds that he has made himself heavy, refusing to budge even a little.
Laguna: Why do ya want to give (Captain) a hard time? Come on, get off!
Laguna: Oh, what, don't want to fight with me now? Let's hear the reason. Out with it!
Vyrn: Um... Is she arguing with the spear?
Lyria: It looks like it...
Laguna: I'm sorry about this. He can get a bit cranky sometimes.
Laguna: He usually snaps out of it given enough time... Geez though, if you go making yourself that heavy you're gonna crush (Captain)!
As Laguna struggles to placate the spear, (Captain) and the others look at each other with wry smiles.
  1. I'm pretty sure I know why he's cranky.

Choose: I'm pretty sure I know why he's cranky.
Laguna: What? Really?
(Captain) nods and notes that it is likely because she referred to using the spear's power as a kind of cheating.
Laguna: I mean, his power really does defy all kinds of common sense. I'm not sure how it could be seen as anything but...
Vyrn: I get what you're saying, Laguna...
Vyrn: But isn't Omar's Odyssey your trusty partner, kinda like I am to (Captain)?
Vyrn: I mean, I don't have anywhere near the same level of awesome power... Heck, I can't even swing a sword around...
Vyrn: I never want to leave (Captain)'s side though. We fight together as partners!
Vyrn: Doesn't matter if one of the duo's really weak or really strong, partners got to stick together!
Vyrn: I think that's probably what Omar's Odyssey is feelin' right now.
Laguna: I see...
Laguna: You're probably right. On top of being partners, we're both really into the same thing at the end of the day.
Laguna: I live for the thrill of the fight, and he's probably chomping at the bit to see some more action for himself.
Laguna: It was mighty unfair of me to not even acknowledge that feeling... Of course he'd get pretty grumpy...
Laguna bows to the group while taking hold of Omar's Odyssey.
Laguna: I'm sorry. I know that you've always been telling me to take advantage of your powers more.
Laguna: I'll have to come up with more ways to let you savor the fight. At the very least, I'll stop saying that your powers are unfair.
Laguna: How's that sound? Will you continue to stand together with me in battle, partner?
His mood improved with this proposal, Omar's Odyssey returns to his original weight.
Laguna: Thank you.
Laguna: Let's find Nadia. I feel like I can give her a proper response now.
  1. I'm hoping you two can make up.

Choose: I'm hoping you two can make up.
Laguna: Yes. I never wished for any bad blood between us sisters.
The merriment at the bar continues late into the evening, with Laguna, (Captain) and the crew sharing all manner of stories.
As if to acknowledge her apology, Omar's Odyssey leans upon Laguna once more.

To Be Fair: Scene 3

The next day, Laguna summons Nadia for a rematch. Though Wismar's Summation is able to counter much of the onslaught from Omar's Odyssey, team Laguna earns an eventual victory thanks to their newfound cooperative method of combining their memories equally. Nadia is delighted to witness this moment of growth in her sister, and joins the crew at the bar to toast milk and ale.

The following day...
Nadia: I had a feeling I would find you here.
Laguna: I'm glad you came.
Nadia: I never thought you would resort to this method of summoning me after all this time.
Nadia presents two crossed branches tied with a thread.
The branches are meant to represent two spears crossed in battle. The sisters have used this secret symbol as a way to challenge each other.
Nadia: So, what are you getting at by calling me out here? I'd prefer not to have my time wasted with a dull fight like yesterday's.
Laguna: I've had time to think a few things over, so I decided to call you out for a rematch here.
Nadia: Oh?
Nadia slowly looks around the meadow where they stand.
Nadia: As children, we used to use this place as our own personal training ground.
Nadia: It feels like only yesterday—practicing with the spears from sunup to sundown...
Laguna: Indeed. It really takes me back.
Nadia: Perhaps we should cease with the mawkishness, though.
Nadia turns to directly face Laguna and readies Wismar's Summation.
Nadia: Shall we get started? Once again, just like old times.
Laguna: Yes.
Laguna takes Omar's Odyssey in hand and focuses a piercing gaze on her sister.
Laguna: Haaa!
Laguna: Hyah!
The memories of past battles pour into Laguna's consciousness as she launches a flurry of attacks, moving like a seasoned warrior.
Nadia: That won't work!
Nadia's spear is able to calculate every incoming strike, allowing her to deftly avoid each of her sister's blows.
Nadia: Good, I can tell that your meekness from yesterday has disappeared.
Laguna: I've decided to stop treating this guy's power as cheating.
Nadia: As you should. It isn't unfair in the slightest. He's a tool that you alone can take advantage of.
Nadia: Have you finally come to realize that fighting isn't a fair contest?
Laguna: No, and I stand by my principles of fighting fairly.
Nadia: Again with that drivel!
Laguna: Even I adhere to a set of unwavering principles, Nadia. Just like you.
Nadia: Then triumph over me! Prove that your principles are right and true!
Laguna: You asked for it!
The battle is fierce, with neither woman relenting for even a moment.
A mighty roar can be heard as spears clash, and both air and ground are torn asunder.
Though a single misstep would be fatal, the sisters wear only smiles on their faces.
Laguna: (This feeling... It's just like before. No matter what awesome power I may wield, I can't expect to win so easily against Nadia.)
Laguna: (It's thanks to her that I was even able to learn how to use him in the first place.)
Nadia: (Yes, now this is the Laguna I used to fight. It's as if I were facing one hundred foes with different combat styles all at once.)
Nadia: (But it's of little consequence—I've the experience of fighting countless opponents under my belt. And that has served to make her calculations all the more precise.)
Nadia: (It's not enough, Laguna... Did you gain nothing on your journey?)
Nadia: Haaa!
Laguna: Ugh!
Laguna is knocked to the ground by Nadia's counterattack.
Nadia: Is this is all you've got to show?
Laguna: Heh, not even.
Laguna: He and I have merely been utilizing this time to adjust. It's our first time doing this, after all.
Nadia: First time? What are you talking about?
Laguna: You'll see.
Laguna stands up and brandishes Omar's Odyssey once more.
Laguna: Just my opinion, but I don't think you can call yourself a real "partner" if all the shots being called are too one-sided.
Nadia: Wha!
Laguna's newly adopted fighting stance radiates a different energy from before.
Laguna: Together now, Omar's Odyssey!
Laguna: This time as true partners!
Nadia: (This strength... And those movements!)
Nadia: (I can't keep up with her... And my partner... She can't work out the best method to counter this...)
Laguna: Hyaaah!
Laguna: This ends here! Unparalleled power!
Nadia: Gah!
Laguna unleashes an invisible wave that spreads all around her. The force blasts Nadia high into the sky.
Upon falling back to the ground, Nadia loses her grip on Wismar's Summation.
Nadia: Urgh...
Nadia: ...!
Laguna stands between Nadia and her weapon. She points her Omar's Odyssey at her sister.
Laguna: Pant... pant...
I win.
Nadia: Heh, indeed you have. It is my loss.
Nadia: Heh... Hahaha!
Laguna: Nadia?
Nadia: Hahahahaha!
Laguna: Wha?
Nadia leaps to embrace her sister. They tumble down onto the grassy meadow.
Nadia: I knew you had it in ya, sis!
Laguna: N-Nadia! I don't mind the head pats, but you're putting a bit too much power into it...
Nadia: Ah, my bad. How's this?
After separating herself from Laguna, Nadia takes Wismar's Summation into her hands once more.
Nadia: You really surprised me back there. Where did you learn to move like that? Even my partner couldn't keep up.
Laguna: It's simple. I crossed his memories of battle with my own experience.
Laguna: Up until now, I was fighting only with the power of one. It was either the spear techniques I've acquired through my training, or with the memories he was showin' me, you know?
Laguna: By combining our strengths, we've come up with a new way to fight.
Nadia: I see. Your new tactics serve you well.
Laguna: It took me forever to devise a fair strategy...
Laguna: Until now, only one of us would exert control over the situation, but what we really needed to do was devise a way for us to work in tandem.
Laguna: I believe we've found a way to operate in a fair manner with each other.
Laguna: Makes it fair to you as well, Nadia.
Nadia: To me?
Laguna: You wanted to savor a battle with no holds barred, right?
Laguna: I couldn't give that to you as long as I believed the playing field was unfair.
Laguna: I hope I was able to give you what you wanted this time.
Nadia: Hehe, indeed you have. And the match is yours.
Nadia: Everyone possesses different ability. It would be rather difficult for two people to stand on truly even ground.
Nadia: And as we share in the will to fight, I believe that is perfectly acceptable.
Laguna: I can see that now.
Nadia: Still... What a display. I have much to consider about my tactics going forward.
Nadia lies down and raises Wismar's Summation above her, toward the sky.
Nadia: You know, Laguna, I really love to fight together with her.
Nadia: She usually tries to act cool and aloof after our battles, but I can tell by the tone of her voice that she was really happy to see something new this time.
Nadia: Is it the same between you and Omar's Odyssey?
Laguna: Yeah.
Laguna lies next to Nadia and hoists Omar's Odyssey above her.
Laguna: We've both always loved to experience new things, and with my recent journey, we were able to enjoy learning about new countries and cultures.
Nadia: I think I understand what you've gained from your journey.
Laguna: Mm-hm.
The sisters share a smile and clink the tips of their spears together.
After their battle, the pair make their way to the usual bar.
Nadia: Still drinking your milk, eh? No love gained for the suds?
Laguna: That's right. I'm afraid I'm unlikely to ever favor it as much as you, Nadia.
Nadia: I still remember your cute face after passing out the last time we came here.
Laguna: Please don't remind me. Even though it was my first time trying it, thinking about that day is still so embarrassing.
Nadia: All right, I'll stop. I've got plenty of stories to get to after all.
Laguna raises her mug of milk while Nadia hoists her glass of amber brew.
Nadia: Cheers to your victory today, Laguna!
Laguna: Cheers!
The sound of the toast echoes throughout the tavern as the sisters commence two years' worth of catching up.

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