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Official Profile

Age 23
Height 98 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies Taking care of her hair, peacefully walking through the forest
Likes Family, corn
Dislikes Scissors

Character Release

Character Release

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Age 23歳
Height 98cm
Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 髪の毛のお手入れ、森林浴
Likes 家族、とうもろこし

Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain).
Could you stick out your pinky? This might come as a bit of a shock, but...
I'm connecting your pinky to my hair's- W-wait! Don't wory!
Can you see the magic connecting us? My hair's just a vessel for it.
This magic will keep you from harm. A birthday present that I hope will keep you safe in the year to come.
I can't do everything... but I can do this much at least. Hehe... surprised?


Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm glad I can celebrate today with you again.
Did my good luck charm from last year help? I know you certainly thought tying my hair to your finger was strange at the time.
You're always putting yourself on the front lines, and I just wanted to do anything I could to help.
This year I'll give you twice the hair for twice the luck!
Thanks for everything, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Hehe, and you know what that means! Time to tie on another hair charm to your finger!
Can I see your hand?
Teehee... I'm really glad you put your trust in me.
When I'm alone on the battlefield, I can only wield my power for myself.
But it's when I use my hair to protect you that I really shine!
So I hope you'll keep letting me support you.
Keep fighting the good fight, (Captain). Let's have each other's backs.


It's always nice to see you grow another year more mature, (Captain).
Before meeting you, I made an effort to avoid people and hide my powers.
I know all too well that having close friends around, sharing good times together, and helping each other through difficult times isn't something to be taken for granted.
That's why it's such a lucky thing to be able to celebrate days like this.
Lately my body's been taking more and more nutrition from my body, and I seem to get hungry faster...
And controlling my hair now requires greater effort on my part.
It makes me wonder if the power of my hair, which was supposed to be mere legend, might be starting to take shape...
Even I get afraid sometimes of what my hair can do.
But because you, Vyrn, and Lyria are always around to support me...
I know I'm not alone... Having strong, dependable friends I can trust is so reassuring.
Meeting you has changed my life for the better in every way possible, (Captain)!
It won't be easy paying you back for everything you've done for me, but...
If there's ever anything I can do at all to make your life easier, please just say the word.
This was embarrasing to say, but I wanted let you know how I feel. Just know I'm here for you, (Captain).
And before I forget, happy birthday.


Happy birthday. Another year means you're due for another hair charm.
This one is special. I found it while combing my hair this morning.
Look! It's a richer gold color than the rest. Neat, don't you think?
I think maybe my desire to give you power was so strong, I ended up storing magic in this one strand.
This year is sure to be a lucky one. That's the feeling I got when I found this hair.
So make sure to try lots of things, have lots of new experiences, and become a fine grown-up, okay?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain). Anything on your mind as we enter the new year?
Me? I want to make greater strides than I did last year.
What will I lose? What will I gain? Should I fearlessly continue walking this path or pick another one?
Even if there's no obvious right answer, I want to make a choice myself and stick to it.
And if we can't create a future we can all be satisfied with... I at least want to believe in the path I've chosen for myself.
I'm facing up to things now. That's how it's been ever since I met you and joined the crew, (Captain).
And for that... I want to say thanks.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
I've noticed recently your hair's all dried out.
Here, I want you to take this. Think of it as a New Year's present from me.
Try using it sometime. It'll add luster and moisture to your hair all the way down to the roots.
To maintain healthy hair, you need to take good care of your roots and scalp.
Give your head a good massage with it the next time you take a bath.
A head of sleek, lustrous hair will do wonders for your overall appearance.
I was thinking of how I could help you out someway as thanks for all you do... I'm glad I was able to give you this.
Hehe. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Someone just showed me how to write my resolutions using fancy calligraphy.
But what I found out was my penmanship is much better when I use my hair instead of a brush!
That proves how much I've gotten better at controlling my hair, doesn't it?
And I still think there's room to improve this year!
Hehe! I'm going to train even harder than before!


(May my mom, dad, little brothers... and everyone else back home continue to be in good health...)
((Captain), may you find your father soon...)
(Lastly, may our crew enjoy another successful year...)
Hm? Oh, (Captain). Did you finish praying? I just got done myself.
What was I praying for?
That's a secret. Didn't you know that telling others could prevent the prayer from being answered?
Haha. Let's have another great year together, (Captain).


Hm? Is that (Captain) sleeping on the sofa?
Hehe. Looks like someone had too much fun at the New Year's feast.
But you're going to catch a cold like this.
Melissabelle takes a blanket off the back of a nearby chair and lays it over the captain.
Hehe. You look so sweet when you're sleeping. Reminds me of my baby brothers.
Yawn... Come to think of it, I also stayed up the whole night.
Well, looks like there's room for two.
Zz... Zzz...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's, (Captain).
I ground up some cornmeal and made you pancakes. They should go great with chocolate sauce.
Corn is a fantastic source of energy, so eat up and grow strong!
O-of course I didn't put any of my hair in there! Don't even joke about that.
Geez. Keep this up and I'm calling off Valentine's pancakes entirely...


Happy Valentine's, (Captain). I made you cornmeal pancakes again this year.
Corn really is magical... You can use it to make anything from cakes to chowder. It's tasty just on its own as well.
So eat up, (Captain), and you'll grow even stronger!
See, I wanted to make you something extra nice as thanks for everything you do...
I didn't want to risk messing it up on the big day though, and cornmeal pancakes are my specialty.
Oh, d-did you like it? I can tell by the look on your face. I'm so glad... Hehe.
Umm... Well, I made a whole bunch just in case. Do you want some more?
Hehe, of course you do. One plate alone isn't enough to fill you up!


Um, (Captain)?
This is a Valentine's Day gift for you!
It's the cornmeal pancakes you like, except this year I added a secret ingredient.
Here's a hint: it's something the eye can't see.
You get it, don't you?
And after you eat them, you'll power up to the max!
Yeah! So, um... Buh-bye!


Is it good?
Oh, it is. Great!
What a relief to hear that. I'm glad I put in the effort.
A compliment from you means so much to me.
Wait... There's chocolate on your mouth. Don't move.
There, I cleaned you up.
Haha. I hope you'll compliment me again next year when I bring you more tasty chocolates.


So? Is it good?
Hehe. You finally smiled.
It's just that, lately, you've seemed kind of stressed. I was worried about you.
You know you can come talk to me at any time, right? I am a big sister, after all.
I realize I come off as kind of dazed and distracted, but you'd be surprised at how much power I can summon up if it's for your sake.
All I ask in return... is one of your big, warm smiles.

Fluffy Pancakes square.jpg Fluffy Pancakes

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day... Oh? You got me something?
Oh, how wonderful!
Since it's from you, (Captain), I bet it'll recover my energy even more than corn!
Hehehe... Thanks!


Oof... Ooh...
(Captain)... I-is that you?
With corn already in hand, (Captain) delivers the usual remedy to Melissabelle, who has collapsed once again.
Om, nom... Nom...
Ahh... (Captain)! Oh, it looks like it happened again... I'm sorry. And thanks.
(Captain) continues feeding the corn to Melissabelle to nurse her back to health.
Hmm... Om, nom...
Wow... Simply delectable! It's so rich... and creamy.
Where did you find this corn? It was superb... Thank you. But what's the occasion?
What! Today's White Day? Oh, so that's why...
I'm sorry you have to see me like this on such a special day...
Sniff... Thanks so much, (Captain). It was delicious!


White Day's here... I wonder if (Captain) got me anything? Wouldn't that be so nice...
Hi, (Captain). What brings you here?
Huh? A gift for White Day?
Wow! Can I really have it?
Actually, I was just saying to myself how nice it'd be to get a return gift from you.
Whoo-hoo! This is great! Thank you very much, (Captain)!


Ah, (Captain), look. Mahira gave me white shortbread cookies.
They're her way of saying thanks for the Valentine's chocolates I gave her.
Haha, I can't believe she went as far as to invent a machine that can create shortbread cookies!
Huh? You have a White Day gift for me too, (Captain)?
Wow! Teehee, thanks! This makes me so happy.
This isn't the friendship kind? What do you mean...
E-eep! (Captain)!


(Captain), happy white corn...
No. I meant... happy White Day...
Oh... Not again... Thanks for catching me.
Ehehe... Um, so I overheard some crew members talking about how hunger is the most delicious spice
So I skipped a few meals, because I thought it'd help me really savor whatever you got me, but... looks like I overdid it...
Hm? To thank me for Valentine's?
Yay, food! Let's see here...
Nom nom...
It's amazing... I'm so glad I didn't eat until now.
(Captain), thank you.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

T-trick or treat, (Captain)...
Y-yeah, I'm starving, but today's Halloween...
And everyone keeps tricking me... instead of treating me...
Haha... I'm just about to hit empty... Give me some treats... please...


Trick or treat! I made sure to eat up so that I can enjoy Halloween.
Hm? You're on your way to get some pumpkin pie? That sounds tasty. I'll go with you.
Hm? W-well, I did eat a lot, but...
I-it's just a snack! There's always some room for pie!
Hehe. Pumpkin pie... I can't wait!


Say, (Captain), have you ever wondered why it's pumpkins that are used for Halloween?
I guess they do have a history rooted in harvest festivals and exorcisms, but...
It's mainly because the place where Halloween originates from has an abundance of pumpkins.
In my hometown, we use leftover corn silk in our decorations.
It's a way to pray for a bountiful harvest, and they act as wards against evil.
It's fun discovering how each region has their own traditional festivals.


Hehe, did I scare you?
Oh, it's ok—I don't need a treat.
Because I've decided to focus on the trick aspect of Halloween this year.
With this costume, I should look more than ghostly enough.
Teehee... Time for my next scare!


There seem to be a lot of people in pumpkin ghost costumes around here.
So I'm going to put on a big ear of corn and turn myself into a corn ghost.
I actually made a corn hood for you too, (Captain). If I dress up by myself, I'm afraid I'll stick out too much.
Will you wear it with me?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
It's really cold today... You look cold too. Which means there's only one thing to do.
I'll wrap you up in my hair! Well? Feeling warmer?
Gasp! The color's draining from your face!
I just wanted to warm you up, but I went too far. Hold on. I'm loosening my grip!
I'm... sorry.


Say, (Captain). What comes to your mind when you think of the holidays?
For me... all it reminds me of is the pain of watching the corn fields wither away.
Where I'm from, it's warm enough for the corn to grow all year round.
Just the thought that there's a time when it'd be too cold for corn to live... Brrr...
That fateful night... That's when I first experienced that kind of horror.
That winter night when Bianco and I retilled the soil of that withered corn patch.
It was so cold that night... So cold...


Happy holidays.
Isn't it around bedtime for good little girls and boys, (Captain)?
Soon Santa will be placing presents right by their pillows.
You should get to bed too if you don't want to miss out.
Feeling cold? Okay, I'll slip under the covers with you.
I'll wrap your body in my hair and spin you around to generate warmth.
I used to do that for my little brothers back home. Haha, good times...


You're not feeling all that warm even after I've wrapped you in my hair?
Hm... I guess my locks aren't exactly the most efficient in retaining heat.
There must be something else I can do to keep you warm...
Haha, is this any better?
When my kid brothers were still young, I would have a brother on each side as I held their hands for the long walks we took.
Ah, this brings back memories. Do you mind if we take a walk like this?


It's freezing tonight.
Where I grew up, it used to be warm even around the holiday season. So I guess I'm not used to this weather yet.
But I have something here that'll make us forget all about the cold.
Corn potage. My brothers used to love this. I brought enough for you too.
It's sweet and smooth, and it'll warm you from the inside out.
Oh, wait a second. It's pretty hot right now.
Phwoo, phwoo.
There, perfect. Go on, (Captain). Try it.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Questions in the Cornfield

The crew encounters a Harvin girl known as Melissabelle in the forest, who possesses the power to manipulate her golden locks at will. Seeking information on those who want the rumored power of her radiant hair for themselves, she joins (Captain)'s crew.

After finishing a request, the crew heads through a sun-dappled forest path.
???: Ughh... Huff...
Vyrn: Hm? Did anyone else hear something just now?
Lyria: There's something over there! Is that... a hammock?
Lyria points up. Suspended between the trees is something that resembles a hammock.
Vyrn: Is that where that voice came from? I'm going up there to take a look!
Vyrn: Hey! Is someone up here?
Vyrn: Whoa!
Vyrn peeks inside the hammock and finds a Harvin girl.
???: Rgh...
Vyrn: A-are you okay? What are you doin' up here?
???: I'm so...
Vyrn: What?
???: I'm so... hungry...
Vyrn: Hang in there! Uh, I mean... You're already in a hammock, but you know what I mean!
The girl collapses, and the hammock begins falling from the trees.
Lyria: Oh no! We have to catch her!
The girl plummets from the collapsing hammock, but (Captain) catches her at the last second.
Vyrn: Whew! Had me on pins and needles there!
Lyria: Huh? I thought that was a hammock up there, but...
When the crew takes a closer look at the hammock's fallen fiber strands, they realize they all flow out of the girl's head.
Lyria: Is this... hair?
Vyrn: Holy cow, it is! And it's super long!
???: Hrgh...
Vyrn: Are you okay? She said she was starvin', (Captain). Got anything for her to eat?
(Captain) gives a piece of fruit to the girl.
???: Hngh... H-huh?
Lyria: Are you all right?
???: Who are you? And... why are you holding me?
Vyrn: Looks like she's come to.
???: Um...
After scanning her surroundings, the girl makes an attempt to stand up.
???: Okay then... Huh?
???: Oof... I can't move...
Vyrn: Don't push yourself! You collapsed earlier after all.
???: Ugh... You're right... Who are you guys anyway?
Vyrn: We're skyfarers! We just happened to see you up in the trees on our way back to town.
???: T-then does that mean you... saved me?
Lyria: Yes! I'm so relieved to see you're okay after that fall. Does anything hurt?
???: ...
???: I'm fine, thanks... I've caused you a lot of trouble though.
Lyria: Not at all! We're just glad you're okay!
Vyrn: Where do you live? We can bring you back home while you're recovering!
???: Huh? W-well um...
???: I-if you insist...
Cradled in (Captain)'s arms, the girl humbly accepts the offer.
The crew delivers her to a cabin nestled deep within the mountains.
Her name is Melissabelle, she says, and she raises corn in the nearby fields.
Melissabelle: If you want corn, I've got plenty. Eat as much as you'd like!
Vyrn: Don't mind if I do!
The crew starts to eat from a towering pile of corn on the cob, and Melissabelle follows suit.
Melissabelle: Whew... I'm feeling like my old self again. Back to the land of the living...
After finishing an ear of corn, Melissabelle's hair begins to shimmer with an even greater intensity.
Lyria: Oh my gosh, your hair is so shiny! It's like some kind of sparkling golden treasure!
Vyrn: What's up with that, anyway? You were using it to hang from the trees earlier!
Melissabelle: Oh... Magical energies reside within my hair. I can use that magic to control it. To some degree, anyway.
Vyrn: Wow! That sounds like it could comb in handy!
Melissabelle: Heheh... I'm glad you were the ones that saved me.
Melissabelle: I was worried you might be after my hair, so I've been a little on edge.
Melissabelle: But I can see now that you're very kind and wonderful people. I'm sorry for doubting you.
Vyrn: No worries! Did something happen earlier? Why were you starvin' to the point of collapse?
Melissabelle: It seems I fell asleep during my trip to the forest...
Melissabelle: When I woke up, I was so hungry I could barely move. I really blew it this time...
Vyrn: You were just sleeping? Talk about weird.
Lyria: You mentioned people were after your hair. Are you being targeted?
Melissabelle: Well—
Monsters: Squeak!
Lyria: Oh no! Monsters are running amok in the cornfields!
Melissabelle: Aaah!
Lyria: It's too dangerous to fight them by yourself!
The crew chases after Melissabelle toward the cornfields.
Melissabelle: How dare you!
As if reflecting her rage, Melissabelle's hair forms into a scythe to strike back at the rampaging monsters.
Monsters: Squeak!
Melissabelle's fearsome hair follicles send the monsters flying in all directions.
Vyrn: Talk about hair-raising! That was incredible, Melissabelle! We didn't even need to raise a finger!
Melissabelle: Augh... I'm drained...
Lyria: What's wrong?
Melissabelle suddenly collapses, sending (Captain) and company into a panic.
Melissabelle: I'm starving...
Vyrn: Again?
The crew gives Melissabelle some of the leftover corn, and her energy soon returns.
Melissabelle: Huh? Oh... I did it again.
Vyrn: Where's your crazy appetite comin' from? Never seen anyone collapse over and over from hunger like that. Are you sick?
Melissabelle: Actually... this hair of mine sucks up all the nutrients from whatever food I eat, so I'm pretty much always hungry.
Melissabelle: And if I use my hair like I did before, it can drain me in an instant.
Lyria: Gasp! So that's what happened!
Vyrn: Sounds rough...
Melissabelle: I need all that corn to recover my stamina, but I got carried away trying to protect it... Now look at me.
Melissabelle: I still can't get over how kind you all are. You barely know me, but you've gone so far out of your way to help me.
Lyria: You're a person in need! Anyone would do the same!
Melissabelle: Plenty of people think they'd help someone like me, but not many act on it. You're amazing. All of you.
Melissabelle: Hey, you said you were skyfarers, right?
Vyrn: In the flesh!
Melissabelle: I have a request. Would it... be okay if I joined your crew?
Vyrn: Huh? Listen, we can tell you're strong after that little display earlier, but... why?
Melissabelle: I'm gathering information on a certain group of people, but I can't do much on my own.
Melissabelle: Having to stay out of sight makes it difficult to find what I'm looking for.
Melissabelle: If I join your crew, I'll be able to catch rumors and gather info from across the skies.
Vyrn: So that's what you're thinking. Sounds good to me! You're way tougher than you look! That's for sure!
Melissabelle: Thank you. I have a feeling that joining your crew will put my goal within reach.
Lyria: Your goal?
Melissabelle: Yeah. I'm going to find them... and shave their heads.
Vyrn: Shave their heads? This just got weird!
Melissabelle: I want to deliver payback to those who once forcefully took the hair from my head.
Vyrn: You mentioned some people who were after your hair. Are these the guys you were talkin' about?
Melissabelle: Yeah. My hair is said to have the power to bring happiness and heal incurable disease.
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: Seriously?
Melissabelle: To be perfectly honest, I'm not so sure how it works myself. But that's what the old stories say.
Melissabelle: They say that every once in a blue moon, a child with hair like mine is born into my clan. Apparently I have ancestors who had long hair just like me.
Melissabelle: But as for what the powers of my hair are, or why my hair keeps growing... I couldn't really tell you.
Melissabelle: Few records of my clan's ancient past exist at all, let alone anything confirming the details.
Lyria: After seeing your hair sparkle earlier, I'm definitely willing to believe it has special powers!
Melissabelle: Yeah. But one day some grown-ups I'd never seen before suddenly locked me up and cut my hair off.
Melissabelle: They blindfolded me and tied me up. The only thing I could hear was the sound of the clippers cutting away...
Lyria: That's horrible!
Melissabelle: My hair grows back fast, but... that didn't make the fear and shame I felt any less real...
Melissabelle: That's why I want to find them and make them feel the same way I did. I want them to experience the pain they've inflicted on others.
Vyrn: So that's the story. Guess that explains why you want to shave their heads...
  1. You better not do that to us!
  2. Can you grow hair too?

Choose: You better not do that to us!
Melissabelle: Of course! I wouldn't think of hurting others just for a prank.
Melissabelle: I would never do something so terrible to those who did nothing to deserve it.

Choose: Can you grow hair too?
Melissabelle: Yes, I can.
Vyrn: What kind of question is that?
Continue 1
Melissabelle: If you're ever worried about your hair, I can probably help you. We can talk about it if it comes up.
Djeeta is the Main Character

(Captain) has felt irritation in her scalp and decides to speak to Melissabelle about it later.
Gran is the Main Character

(Captain) decides that if he ever notices something strange with his hair, he'll be sure to talk to Melissabelle about it.
Melissabelle: I'll do my best to make sure my eating habits don't impact the rest of the crew. I'm looking forward to working with all of you!
Melissabelle shakes hands with the crew. Everyone is overjoyed to have her as a new crew member.

Secret of the Golden Locks

Vyrn and (Captain) are keeping watch on deck when a white owl appears to deliver a letter and corn on the cob from Melissabelle's parents. After fastening a letter of her own to the owl's leg, she works with (Captain) to ensure the bird has a safe return flight.

Silence falls over the ship as night draws near.
(Captain) and the others are keeping watch from the observation deck, when they spot a flying white object near the bow of the ship.
Vyrn: Hm? What's that?
The flying object enters the Grandcypher's flight path.
Vyrn: At this rate, we're gonna smash into it!
As the ship draws closer, it slowly becomes apparent what the object actually is.
Owl: Hoot, hoot!
Vyrn: It's an owl! Why's it heading toward us?
The owl swoops onto the deck of the ship.
Unfortunately for the owl, it botches the landing. The parcels attached to its feet are sent flying as it spins through the air.
Owl: Hoot, hoot!
Vyrn: That's one clumsy owl! What's in these parcels, anyway? Oh! There's corn in here!
Melissabelle: Ah! Bianco?
Vyrn: Hm? This owl's a friend of yours, Melissabelle?
Melissabelle: Yeah. He's my family's carrier owl. You really need to work on your landings though, Bianco.
Bianco: Hoot, hoot!
Vyrn: Wow. He's really attached to you! How'd he know you were here?
Melissabelle: I'm not sure myself. No matter where I go, he always manages to find me.
Melissabelle: He always brings me corn on the cob and letters from my family.
Vyrn: He might be clumsy, but that's one smart bird!
Bianco: Hoot, hoot!
Bianco proudly extends a foot toward Melissabelle.
Melissabelle: That's a good owl. I wrote this letter. Make sure it gets back home, okay?
Bianco: Hoot, hoot!
The owl begins to vanish into the inky blackness of the night to return Melissabelle's letter to her family.
Monster: Skrawwk!
Bianco: Hoot, hoot!
Bianco doesn't make it very far before a flying monster swoops in to attack.
Melissabelle: Watch out, Bianco! Head back to the ship!
Vyrn: This is bad! We've gotta save him!

Secret of the Golden Locks: Scene 2

The crew is taking a break from searching for information on Melissabelle's assailants. Suddenly a berserk woman appears and demands Melissabelle return her deceased daughter.

The crew visits an island to search for information on the people aiming to steal Melissabelle's hair.
Before heading to their next destination, (Captain) and company decide to relax at a nearby lake.
Melissabelle: Hey Lyria. Wanna help comb my hair?
Lyria: Of course!
Vyrn: Taking care of all that hair looks like a pain...
Melissabelle: It is. Just combing takes hours, so this is a really big help. Thanks so much!
Lyria: Sure thing! Just leave it to me!
Vyrn: And if you ever feel yourself getting hungry, just let us know!
Melissabelle: Haha, thanks. Mmm... I should be okay for now.
For a brief moment, the crew carefully tends to Melissabelle's flowing locks.
But this moment of tranquility soon comes to an end.
Vyrn: Who's there?
Crazed Woman: Give her back...
Melissabelle: Huh?
Crazed Woman: Give me back my daughter!
A group of ruffians suddenly appear. On the crazed woman's signal, they spring into action, ready to attack Melissabelle.
Vyrn: Whoa! This just got crazy in a hurry, (Captain)! We've gotta stop her!

Secret of the Golden Locks: Scene 3

The woman explains that she sought Melissabelle's hair in the hope of curing her sick daughter but failed when Melissabelle went missing. Wracked with remorse, Melissabelle apologizes to the woman after giving her a single strand of her hair.

The crew manages to stop the berserk woman, but the spiteful, bitter way she looks at Melissabelle has only grown more hateful.
Crazed Woman: O long-haired princess! Why didn't you save my daughter?
Vyrn: What's she talking about?
Crazed Woman: They said she was incurable. The doctors wrote her off as a lost cause. I had given up all hope. But then I started to hear the rumors...
Crazed Woman: Rumors of a long-haired princess! Oh, if I could just get my hands on those golden locks of hers, my daughter would be saved!
Vyrn: Wha...
Melissabelle: ...
Crazed Woman: I thought it was just a folktale, but then I heard that just such a princess had been born for the first time in centuries!
Crazed Woman: For you to be born at the moment my daughter and I needed you most? That's a miracle! A radiant, royal miracle!
Crazed Woman: Can you imagine our joy? Can you fathom our hope? That hair of yours was all that stood between my daughter and the clutches of the reaper!
Crazed Woman: Then we found out you had left your country. Where had you gone? Where?
Crazed Woman: I sank into the depths of despair. A few days later, my daughter passed.
Melissabelle: ...
Crazed Woman: Ohh... Sob... Why? Why didn't you save her?
Crazed Woman: Why... Why!
Crazed Woman: You just want to keep that power for yourself, don't you!
Crazed Woman: Sob... If only... If only you had been there!
Lyria: Oh my gosh...
Crazed Woman: Ohhh...
Melissabelle: ...
Vyrn: Hey, Melissabelle!
With an air of sadness, Melissabelle removes a single hair and places it in the woman's hand.
Melissabelle: I'm... I'm sorry...
Lyria: Melissabelle...
Vyrn: None of this is your fault.
Vyrn: She's just passed out. Let's head back before she wakes up.

Secret of the Golden Locks: Scene 4

Vyrn and Lyria offer words of encouragement to a distraught Melissabelle. Her owl returns with a letter from her parents, who are overjoyed that she's managed to find dependable friends.

Melissabelle: ...
Crazed Woman: Ohhh... Sob... Why? Why didn't you save her?
Crazed Woman: You just want to keep that power for yourself, don't you!
Crazed Woman: Sob... If only... If only you had been there!
Melissabelle: ...
Vyrn: So this is where you were.
Melissabelle: Lyria... Vyrn... (Captain)...
Lyria: It's already dark. You're going to catch a cold out here!
Melissabelle seems incapable of responding and continues staring out into the distance.
Melissabelle: Sorry for hiding the whole thing about me being a princess. There's just so much that's been happening lately...
Vyrn: Don't worry about it. Everyone has things they can't talk about.
Melissabelle: I was born into the royal family of a small kingdom. I've got two little brothers too.
Melissabelle: My kingdom is small, but long ago there was no divide between royalty and the common people.
Melissabelle: Everyone helped each other. They worked together. Wept together. Laughed together.
Melissabelle: But after I was born, that pleasant kingdom my parents knew slowly started to change.
Melissabelle: And it was all because I, the long-haired princess spoken of in legend, had been born.
Lyria: ...
Melissabelle: It wasn't just my kingdom. A lot of people in the surrounding lands also knew of the power my hair possessed.
Melissabelle: Then the hair hunters came, and with them people who wanted to protect me... or shun me.
Melissabelle: We were all supposed to live in peace and happiness. But those days were gone.
Melissabelle: Nothing was more painful than seeing how divided everyone was and knowing it was my fault.
Melissabelle: To end the conflict, I left my homeland and concealed my whereabouts.
Melissabelle: I live every day to ensure that no one knows where I am.
Lyria: Even your family?
Melissabelle: Yes. Bianco is the only connection I have left.
With her head hung low, Melissabelle continues.
Melissabelle: I don't know whether or not this hair of mine has the power the legends say it does.
Melissabelle: If someone's hurt or tired, I can heal them. That much is true.
Vyrn: Oh yeah?
Melissabelle: But I never even considered keeping my power to myself.
Melissabelle: I never wanted to keep this power from others. Never.
Melissabelle: If there's someone I can help, I want to help them. I want them to get the help they need.
Melissabelle: ...
Melissabelle: Hey, (Captain). Is what I'm doing... wrong?
Melissabelle: If I just gave all my hair away when those people attacked, do you think that woman's daughter would still be alive?
Melissabelle questions herself sincerely. Wracked with doubt, her eyes waver anxiously.
Vyrn: Nobody can know for sure, Melissabelle.
Vyrn: What I do know is hurtin' other people just to help yourself is no good!
Vyrn: That woman and those guys who attacked you back in your kingdom both did something they shouldn't have!
Vyrn: You haven't done anything wrong! So stop thinkin' you have!
Melissabelle: Vyrn...
Lyria: I... I was captured by people who wanted to use my power too.
Melissabelle: Really, Lyria?
Lyria: I thought about my powers a lot. Why I have them, what I was put here for...
Lyria: But then Katalina brought me into the outside world, and (Captain) showed me so many wonderful places.
Lyria: I realized my powers could help those important to me. I realized I wanted to use my powers to protect them.
Melissabelle: ...
Lyria: I don't know if what I'm doing is right or wrong.
Lyria: But I know this is what I want to do. Does that make it wrong? And does that make what you're doing wrong too, Melissabelle?
Melissabelle: Lyria...
  1. Lyria's right.
  2. Vyrn's right.

Choose: Lyria's right.
Melissabelle: Oh, (Captain)... I wonder if I'll ever think of it like that...

Choose: Vyrn's right.
Melissabelle: (Captain)... You're too nice.
Continue 1
From out of the darkness, a brilliant white bird draws close to the ship once again.
Melissabelle: Bianco!
Vyrn: He stuck the landing this time!
Bianco: Hoot, hoot!
Melissabelle: Nicely done, Bianco. You've been practicing, haven't you?
Melissabelle removes the letter from the owl's leg and calmly reads it.
Melissabelle: ...
The letter is full of happy congratulations from Melissabelle's parents, who are overjoyed to hear she's found steadfast friends.
Melissabelle: Mom... Dad...
Lyria: Hehe! You're surrounded by strong, dependable friends!
Melissabelle: They want me to stop worrying about the kingdom and do my best to stay out of danger...
Vyrn: Sounds like your mom and dad are some standup folks!
Melissabelle: (Captain). I've made those precious to me worry and caused trouble for everyone.
Melissabelle: But still...
Melissabelle: I want use the opportunity provided by this journey to figure out what it is I can do... and what I have to do.
Melissabelle continues to grapple with the meaning of her life.
Doubt still lingers within her eyes. But the determination demonstrated by her words is undeniably real.
Lyria: Okay! We'll figure it out together!
Vyrn: Yeah! We'll do everything we can to help!
Melissabelle searches for a path to follow on her journey with (Captain). But the kind of path that it will become, no one knows.

An Ominous Letter

Melissabelle senses something's wrong after receiving a short, cryptic letter, and quickly returns to her home, Goldmaize, with (Captain) and the crew. Melissabelle's mother, Elenaletta, tells her that her father and king of Goldmaize, Mallusbelle, is bedridden after being poisoned by bandits in a surprise attack. Melissabelle and the crew vow to capture them.

The sun has just moved past its peak on an ordinary, warm day.
Melissabelle naps next to a window, her signature locks taking the shape of a comfy hammock underneath her.
Melissabelle: Zzz... Zzz...
Bianco: Hoot... Hoot!
Melissabelle: Nghaa?
Bianco: Hoot!
Melissabelle: Bianco! Are you all right? Hold on, let me open the window!
The clumsy owl pulls himself off the glass and wobbles into the room.
Melissabelle: I don't know why you'd choose to fly through the window... You could've just come right in from the deck...
Bianco: Hoot, hoot!
Bianco hurriedly flaps over to Melissabelle and drops a letter in her hand.
Melissabelle: A letter? It's sealed with the royal stamp...
Melissabelle: This is for me?
Bianco gives her a tiny nod. His odd behavior and the letter's formal appearance make Melissabelle's heart skip a beat.
Melissabelle: I... I wonder if something's happened...
She fumbles nervously trying to open it, and as she reads what's written, her eyes widen...
Lyria: Ahh... The weather's great today.
Vyrn: Times like this, it feels extra nice to have no missions! We can just kick back and relax!
Milleore: If I was still a mercenary, I'd probably grumble about being too free and push myself to find some work.
Sahli Lao: Being able to enjoy downtime when you have it is just one of the great perks of belonging to a team, right, Milly?
Milleore: Yeah, you're right. It's nice out today, (Captain). You should relax too.
Lyria: We should all take a breather once in a while to make sure we're full of energy for the journey ahead!
Melissabelle: (Captain)! Please... I need... Pant... Pant...
Milleore: Melissa! What's wrong, did something happen?
Lyria: L-let's all just calm down first, okay? Take a deep breath...
Melissabelle: Fuuu... Haaa... Thank you, Lyria, Milly. I think I'm all right now...
Melissabelle: Um, I... B-Bianco just delivered this letter to me.
Melissabelle hands the parchment over to (Captain).
Vyrn: Let's have a look... "Father... Dan... ger... Come home now..."
Vyrn: Dan... ger... Wait, danger! Well, that doesn't sound good!
Melissabelle: Nothing's written but those words. No explanation, nothing. So I have no clue what's going on.
Melissabelle: Can you take me back to my home? To Goldmaize? If anything's happened to my father, I don't know what I'd do...
  1. Let's go now!

Choose: Let's go now!
Lyria: Right! I'll go ask Rackam to take us there!
Milleore: Looks like our little break is over. We should get ready too, Lao.
Sahli Lao: Yeah! Through thick and thin, we're here to help you no matter what, Melissa!
Melissabelle: Milly... Lao... Thank you so much.
The cryptic, ominous letter forces the crew to cut their peaceful day short, and they fly full-speed-ahead for Melissabelle's home, Goldmaize.
Hairrator: Goldmaize is a tiny island located in a remote region of the Phantagrande Skydom.
Hairrator: The island has been under the rule of a royal family for generations. Save for its famous corn, there is nothing particularly remarkable about Goldmaize...
Hairrator: That is, until a certain long-haired princess was born...
The crew arrive at Goldmaize, and while waiting for the ship to go through landing procedures, they recount what has happened thus far with Melissabelle.
Lyria: So things changed when people started to come after your powerful hair, huh...
Melissabelle: Correct. Though since I left, things seemed to have calmed down a bit.
Milleore: True... As far as I can see, the island looks as peaceful as can be.
Sahli Lao: But the letter... Didn't it say the king's in danger? The people sure aren't acting like he is...
Melissabelle: Hmm, that's just how they are... I think. Even during the whole debacle involving me, most of them kept calm and went on with their lives.
Vyrn: Yeah... I was watching Rackam as he was going through the port procedures, and they were pretty loose about checking the ship too.
Melissabelle: My father is well-liked by the people... They may be keeping things secret so as not to cause a commotion...
Melissabelle: In any case, now that the port business is finished, we should head to the castle. I'm sure we'll get a better understanding if we go there...
Vyrn: O-oh boy, look at those guys in armor, they're walking right toward us!
???: Melissa!
Melissabelle: Mama!
All: Mama?
???: I would like to thank you all once again for making the journey here.
Elenaletta: My name is Elenaletta, and I am the wife of King Mallusbelle.
Elenaletta: I have taken over the affairs of the kingdom in place of my husband for the time being.
Elenaletta: Well then, dear visitors, may I ask what brings you here to Goldmaize?
Melissabelle: You having to take over for Papa is exactly why we've come.
Melissabelle: Bianco brought me this letter.
Melissabelle hands the letter to her mother.
Elenaletta: Ah... I see.
Elenaletta: I suppose there's no use hiding things from you all, seeing as you're somewhat privy to the situation.
Elenaletta: About a month prior, Mallusbelle was attacked by bandits.
Melissabelle: He was attacked!
Elenaletta: He and his guards fought back gallantly, but in the midst of the struggle... one of the bandits let loose an arrow.
Elenaletta: Thankfully, it only just grazed him, leaving him with a minor wound. But...
Milleore: Don't tell me... It was laced with poison?
Elenaletta: Yes. The effects of it are what has him confined to his bed.
Elenaletta: His condition has improved in some ways, though not in others... There's not much else I can say about it at the present.
Melissabelle: Mama... Let me see him, please.
Elenaletta: I'm... I'm afraid I can't let you, darling. I can't let anyone see your father. By his own words, it brings him pain to see even my face.
Melissabelle: But he sent me this urgent letter!
Elenaletta: And I'll ask him about that later. For now, let him rest.
Elenaletta: Everything is fine. Things are not nearly as urgent as you may think they are.
Melissabelle: M-my hair... Maybe my hair can help him!
Elenaletta: Darling... I don't think your father sent that letter hoping for some assistance from your hair.
Elenaletta: Give him some time. That's all you... or I can do for him at the moment.
Everyone is frustrated by Elenaletta's explanation, which raises more questions than answers.
(Captain) and the rest of the crew try to think of something to say to the dismayed Melissabelle, but they come up with nothing.
Melissabelle herself is the first to break the prolonged, uncomfortable silence.
Melissabelle: Were they caught? The bandits?
Elenaletta: Not yet... We haven't had the time to pursue them.
Melissabelle: Then I'll do it. I'll get them. If we just let them roam free, they might come back and attack Papa again.
Milleore: She's right. I'm sure the bandits are already aware that the king's alive given how restful the people are.
Milleore: They wanted to kill him so badly, they coated an arrowhead in poison. I've no doubt they'll try again.
Sahli Lao: There's a possibility you could be in danger too, Madam Elenaletta. I agree that we should take care of the bandits.
Lyria: And if they've already left the island, we can chase after them on the Grandcypher!
  1. We won't let them get away with this.

Choose: We won't let them get away with this.
Melissabelle: Everyone...
Elenaletta: Well then... Can I trust you all to take care of them?
Vyrn: Leave 'em to us! C'mon, gang, our friend's dad is in pain! We gotta help her out!
Milleore: Besides, I'm willing to bet those bandits have some kind of antidote or serum for the poison they used.
Sahli Lao: And if we get our hands on that, we can help the king!
Melissabelle: Mama... Tell Papa to keep fighting for us... We'll be out there fighting for him.
Elenaletta: I will. I'm counting on you, Melissa.
Melissabelle: Don't worry, Mama. I am the daughter of this royal house, after all.
Melissabelle: But I'm not just that. I'm a skyfarer too. Danger is a good friend of mine.
Elenaletta: You've grown to be... so brave. Someone, please escort these valiant skyfarers to where the king was attacked!
At the behest of Elenaletta, guards guide the crew out of the throne room to take them to the scene of the attack.
Elenaletta watches them leave, her heart full of hope.

An Ominous Letter: Scene 2

The crew strikes the bandits at their cave base and comes face-to-face with their leader—the man who assaulted Melissabelle and stole her hair long ago. He reveals to them that he tried to sell the hair, but ultimately failed. As an act of revenge, he concocted a poison out of her locks and used it in his attack on Mallusbelle. He looses an arrow at Melissabelle in an attempt to poison her as well, but it's ineffective. The princess gets her own revenge and shaves the man bald.

The crew is led to where the king was attacked, and upon confirming the exact location, they begin their search for the bandits.
Not long after starting their hunt, Milleore and Sahli Lao come back with intel.
Milleore: Allow us to give you all a quick report on what we've found.
Milleore: First off, we've located what we believe is their hiding place.
Lyria: Already? Way to go, you two!
Sahli Lao: Well, they left plenty of evidence for us to work with. We discovered they'd visited the site numerous times since the attack.
Milleore: In doing so, they left a whole mess of tracks. Apparently, these bandits are a sloppy bunch.
Sahli Lao: By the look of their skill and numbers, we've determined they'll be easy to capture. And the two of us will be more than enough for the job.
Vyrn: Why would a bunch of goons try to go after a big shot like the king?
Melissabelle: Speaks to just how peaceful the island is, I suppose. The thought of someone being hostile doesn't seem to occur to any of our people.
Melissabelle: Back when I was attacked, I never saw it coming either.
Melissabelle: Of course, that was a while ago, so I imagine it's become even easier since then for bad actors to get around.
Melissabelle: They must have been preparing their attack for a long time. I don't understand... All anyone ever did on this island was live in peace...
Milleore: Melissa...
Melissabelle: Milly, Lao... Do you have some sort of plan?
Sahli Lao: To be honest, I'm not sure we'll need one to take on this bunch.
Sahli Lao: But we figured it'd be best to distract them before striking, in case they find out what we're really after—the antidote to their poison.
Milleore: We don't want any of it to spill onto the ground or for them to use it to negotiate with us.
Milleore: Also, don't worry about the distraction. We've already taken care of that.
Melissabelle: Good work, girls. (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn... I'm sorry for involving you all in this risky mission...
Vyrn: It's no biggie! Let's take care of these punks quick so we can help your dad!
  1. Let's get moving, team!

Choose: Let's get moving, team!
(Captain) issues the order, and the crew promptly sets off for the bandits' base, located in a cave on the outskirts of the island.
Bandit 1: Hey... You smell that? Smells like something's burning...
Bandit 2: Probably just a guy cooking corn...
Bandit 1: No, look over there! Our food and all of our supplies are on fire!
The bandits' store of supplies situated next to their base burns red hot. The distraction Milleore talked of earlier has gone off without a hitch.
Bandit 2: Aaagh! G-get everyone! We gotta put out this fire!
Having heard the commotion, bandits come pouring out of the cave carrying buckets of water.
While they're busy putting out the fire, a few diminutive shadows sneak past them, entering the cave unnoticed.
Sahli Lao: They're in!
Milleore: All right, let's take care of these guys quick and meet up with them.
Sahli Lao: Roger that!
(Captain) and crew venture further into the cave, unnerved by the dead silence.
Vyrn: Did everyone go outside?
Lyria: Well, there was quite a ruckus out by the entrance... I hope Milleore and Sahli Lao are okay...
Melissabelle: Milly said they could make quick work of mostly unarmed bandits. I'm sure they're just fine.
Melissabelle: We have to find some clues about the poison they used before things settle back down...
Lyria: I don't see a space where they could possibly work on poisons in here... Maybe it's that open area in the back?
Melissabelle: Maybe... Let's go check it out. Just don't go ahead of me, all right?
Melissabelle: As long as you stay behind me, I can protect you with my hair.
Melissabelle smiles softly at the crew, hoping to alleviate any anxiety they may have.
Suddenly, (Captain) moves to stand in front of her.
  1. Someone's gotta protect you too, right?

Choose: Someone's gotta protect you too, right?
Melissabelle: Oh come on, (Captain). But... I appreciate it.
With (Captain) at the front, the group move forward into a wide-open space within the cave where they're met with a surprise.
Bandit Boss: So you finally found us. Gotta say, not bad for a bunch of complacent sheep.
Bandit Boss: But too bad for you, huh! I ain't letting any of you out of here scot-free! I'll make you regret ever coming to look for us.
A lone man stands there, glaring in the crew's direction before dropping his scowl in shock.
Both: You!
Lyria: Um, Melissabelle? Do you know him?
Melissabelle: It's him... The man that attacked me long ago!
Bandit Boss: Well, if it ain't the long-haired princess! Ooh boy, is it my lucky day!
Melissabelle: ...
Bandit Boss: I was planning on offing that peace-loving idiot king to get my revenge... But I never expected the princess herself to show up right on my cave-step.
Bandit Boss: Let's settle things right here and now.
Melissabelle: What? Revenge? Settle things? What are you talking about?
Melissabelle: You were after my hair. You got what you wanted and left. What else to the story is there?
Bandit Boss: Hmph... As much as it pains me, I'll tell you exactly what happened—a parting gift for your trip to the Crimson Horizon...
Bandit Boss: After we cut your hair, I put it on the black market. Figured some locks from the long-haired princess of legend would fetch a nice sum.
Bandit Boss: Your hair was supposed to make me filthy rich... and yet!
Bandit Boss: Imagine my surprise when I found out it's only as powerful as a damn bottle of medicine! You made a fool out of me!
Vyrn: And why are we supposed to care about that! You attacked her dad just because she shamed you?
Lyria: Now that's shameful!
Bandit Boss: Oh yeah! What would a bunch of stupid twerps like you know, huh! I'll make you all suffer like I did that stupid king!
The man reaches behind himself to grab something.
Melissabelle: Lyria, (Captain)! Don't move!
He draws a crossbow, and the moment he pulls the trigger, a bundle of golden locks moves swiftly to meet the arrow that is loosed.
Split in two, the arrow falls to the ground.
Bandit Boss: What the!
Melissabelle: That was a close one... Lyria, are you all right?
Lyria: Y-yes... I'm fine. Thank you, Melissabelle.
Vyrn: That jerk! He was aiming right for Lyria!
Sword gripped tightly in hand, (Captain) takes a step toward the bandit, then stops when Melissabelle makes a sudden movement.
Melissabelle: ...!
Lyria: Melissabelle!
She nearly falls over, but Lyria quickly catches her.
Melissabelle: Agh... Ughh... My body... It's burning...
Bandit Boss: Hehehe... It really is my lucky day...
Bandit Boss: Who'd have thought the long-haired princess herself would be the victim of my last shot!
Vyrn: No... You poisoned her with the same concoction you used on her dad, didn't you!
Bandit Boss: Bingo! And while you're all here, I'll let you in on a little secret—I made this special poison with her very own hair!
Bandit Boss: Last guy I used it on lost every single strand of hair on his body, and hasn't showed his bald face in public since!
Lyria: M-Melissabelle...
Melissabelle: Ahh... Haah... Nghaa...
Bandit Boss: Hah hah hah! Now that I got her, nothing else matters!
Bandit Boss: The long-haired princess of legend! Hah, what a load of garbage! All you are is a weird kid with weird hair!
Vyrn: You goon!
Bandit Boss: Well, my job's done here. Do whatever you want with me. Look, I'm not even gonna fight back.
  1. Is there an antidote? Where is it!
  2. You'll pay for this...

Choose: Is there an antidote? Where is it!
Bandit Boss: There was. I used it to make the poison. It's all gone now.

Choose: You'll pay for this...
Bandit Boss: M-make all the faces you want, kid, you ain't scaring me...
Continue 1
Melissabelle: Don't get angry at him, (Captain). You're wasting your energy.
Melissabelle: Upsy-daisy... Huff... Haa...
Lyria: Melissabelle, take it easy!
Melissabelle: I'm fine, Lyria. I was just shocked is all. I'm all right now.
Bandit Boss: Huh? What's happening?
Melissabelle: You honestly think a poison made from my own hair would work on me? It's been a part of me my entire life.
Melissabelle: I might not be the long-haired princess of legend. I could just be a weird girl with weird hair, like you said.
Melissabelle: But... none of that matters. I can do things without having to be special.
Melissabelle: That's what I learned from my travels, from everything I've seen and experienced. That's why...
Melissabelle: Right here and now, I will finally fulfill the purpose of my journey.
Melissabelle: With some help from my weird hair...
Lyria: Her hair!
Vyrn: It's lookin' way crazier than normal!
Melissabelle: I will defeat you and your ilk... Once and for all!
Bandit Boss: A-aaaaargh!
Milleore: Are you all okay?
Sahli Lao: We heard a scream...
Melissabelle: We're fine, Milly, Lao. It's all over.
Next to Melissabelle, a bald man lies on the ground, his eyes rolled up into his head.
Milleore: So... You gonna tell us what's up with him?
Lyria: Um... Well, Melissabelle... She kind of went ahead and shaved this man bald...
Vyrn: It was the scariest thing... The guy lost consciousness and everything.
Melissabelle: Perhaps I terrorized him a bit too much. So, did you catch the others?
Sahli Lao: Yes, we managed to tie up every single one of them.
Melissabelle: Oh, good. Time to shave them bald too.
Milleore: Uh, umm... Melissa, I'm glad that you're feeling better and all but...
Sahli Lao: What about the poison?
Melissabelle: Don't worry, I have a lead on a solution. And I think we'll be able to save my father.
Melissabelle beams, speaking with a newfound sense of confidence.
And thus, the crew pick up the freshly shaven, fully bald band of bandits, and triumphantly make their way back to the castle.

An Ominous Letter: Scene 3

Elenaletta welcomes the crew back from a successful mission, and Melissabelle makes a plea to see her father. Her mother relents and takes her to see Mallusbelle. The king confesses that the shock of losing his hair from the bandits' poison is what has him bedridden, and apologizes to her for sending such an alarming letter. Melissabelle forgives him, and they all spend time together as a family for the first time in ages.

The crew return from their mission with the bald bandits in tow, setting the whole castle abuzz.
They report the entire outing to Elenaletta, who responds with an amazed gasp.
Elenaletta: I can't believe you actually apprehended them...
Melissabelle: I told you about my friends in my letters, didn't I? Our crew is remarkable, you must admit.
Elenaletta: That they are... (Captain), you and yours have my gratitude.
Elenaletta: My husband and I can rest easy now thanks to you.
Melissabelle: Mama... We found out what kind of poison they used on Papa.
Melissabelle: I think I can help. Please, let me see him.
Elenaletta: Very well... After all that's happened, he can't possibly deny a visit from his own daughter.
Elenaletta: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, please excuse us for a moment.
Elenaletta: I'll prepare a proper gesture of appreciation for you all later. Melissa, come with me.
Melissabelle: All right. I'll be back soon, everyone.
Melissabelle waves to her friends as she leaves to see her father. As she nears (Captain), she stops to say a few words.
Melissabelle: What you did back in the cave was very gallant, (Captain). Thank you for putting yourself out there for me.
She reaches for (Captain)'s hand and squeezes gently before letting go to catch up with her mother.
Elenaletta: Mallus, I'm coming in.
Mallusbelle: Ah, my dear... Is something wrong? It's a bit early for dinner, no?
Melissabelle: Papa... I'm home.
Mallusbelle: Th-that voice... Melissa! Elena, why would you—
Elenaletta: Our little Melissa and her friends have solved all of our problems.
Elenaletta: Given the circumstances, you can't very well lock yourself away in your room for all eternity now, can you, dear?
Mallusbelle: Ah, well... I suppose you're right.
Melissabelle: Papa... You're...
Elenaletta: Yes, darling. All that talk about danger was just a tall tale. In truth, he—
Mallusbelle: Whoa, wait, hold on. I can tell her what's happened.
Mallusbelle: Melissa... It's been a while, my child. And uh, well... I'm not so sure I'm taking to this new way of wearing my hair.
Mallusbelle reaches up toward his own smooth, shiny head and rubs it awkwardly.
Melissabelle: Oh, Papa... You were so proud of your golden hair.
Mallusbelle: Yes... Gold, lustrous locks is the signature of the royal family of Goldmaize, after all.
Elenaletta: He's been adamant that he doesn't want to see anyone while his head is like this.
Mallusbelle: The wound I got from that arrow was a pretty big deal too, I—
Elenaletta: Big deal? Dear, you had seconds at breakfast the next morning.
Elenaletta: Why you would send a letter to our skyfaring daughter to call her back home over such a trifling matter, I don't understand...
Mallusbelle: B-but I came down with a fever and my hair started falling out! Who wouldn't become distressed over that?
Mallusbelle: Yes, the fever went away almost immediately and I'm perfectly healthy despite the hair loss, but... Cut me some slack, dear...
Melissabelle: Well... I'm relieved. Though, I would've thought a poison made from your own daughter's hair would have no effect on you...
Melissabelle: Ah, right. Before I forget...
As soon as Melissabelle starts to whisper, a single strand of her hair reaches toward Mallusbelle's head.
Mallusbelle: Aaaah! What did you do, Melissa!
Melissabelle: If the power of my hair is what made you bald, then I figured I could use that same power to bring your hair back.
Melissabelle: I've just shared with you some of that power. The bandits used but one piece of it. I'm the source.
Melissabelle: I'll teach you some of my hair-growing techniques too. Don't give up just yet, Papa.
Mallusbelle: Ah... Thank you, Melissa. But... Y-you aren't mad at me?
Melissabelle: Well, you had me worried sick... But since you're fine, I suppose I can let it slide.
Melissabelle: But you better apologize to (Captain) and the rest of the crew. You put them through an awful lot of trouble.
Mallusbelle: Ah, of course. I must thank them for always taking care of you as well.
Mallusbelle: Melissa... If it's all right with you, perhaps you and your friends can stay a bit longer in Goldmaize?
Elenaletta: (Captain) seems like a busy person, so don't feel pressured to if you're unable.
Melissabelle: Why not. I bet the crew would be glad to stay awhile. I trust you'll treat them to plenty of that good Goldmaize hospitality.
Mallusbelle: Of course, just leave that to me! We must have a grand corn celebration for the saviors of Goldmaize!
Elenaletta: Well, aren't you suddenly chipper... But yes, that's a great idea. I would love to hear what kind of stories your friends have to tell.
Mallusbelle: Indeed! Reading your letters has been nice, but I had always dreamed of hearing about your adventures directly from the skyfarer herself.
Melissabelle: I hope you're not expecting anything too fantastic... But who knows when we'll get this opportunity again? I guess I can spill...
Melissabelle breaks into a smile.
For the first time in ages, the castle is once again home to a complete family.

Long-Haired Princess Saga

Some time after the events at Goldmaize, Melissabelle calls upon Lunalu for some advice. When Lunalu asks what for, Melissabelle reveals that she brought up CtK4Life while talking to her parents about her travels. Lunalu is utterly flabbergasted when Melissabelle mentions she also showed them their book about Popol Saga, but the latter attempts to bring their conversation back on track.

The commotion at Goldmaize has settled down and some time has passed since the crew departed the island.
Lunalu: Melissa? Anybody home?
Melissabelle: Yeah, I'm here. Sorry to take time out of your schedule, Lunalu.
Lunalu: Oh, it's no trouble! Besides, I have quite a bit of time until my next deadline...
Melissabelle: Hehe... Don't get too complacent, now. You don't want to pull another all-nighter, right?
Lunalu: Right... Of course not!
Lunalu: Hey, um... I... I heard you were going through some things a little while back. Is everything okay now?
Melissabelle: Yeah, everything's great. I've even been able to sleep better as of late.
Lunalu: That's good... So what was it you wanted to talk about?
Melissabelle: Oh, well... It's something I know I can only discuss with you.
Lunalu: O-only with me?
Lunalu: A-all right, let's talk. I know next to nothing about giving friends advice, but I'll try my best!
Melissabelle: Thank you, Lunalu. Okay, where should I start...
Hairrator: After cleaning things up back home, we decided to stay in Goldmaize for a bit.
Hairrator: While we were there, the whole kingdom came together to throw a grand party and entertain (Captain) and the crew.
Hairrator: Following the festivities, and at my parents' insistence, I sat down with them to talk about our journey.
Mallusbelle: Primals, eh... Only thing I know of them is the name. They sound extraordinary.
Mallusbelle: And you all fight them, you say? Being a skyfarer sounds awfully rough...
Elenaletta: Oh, but one of your crewmates, Rosetta, is a primal as well, yes? She was just delightful.
Elenaletta: So delightful in fact, I ended up giving her some of our precious corn oil.
Melissabelle: Ah, the oil that makes hair smooth and silky. Rosetta was so happy to have it. Thank you, Mama.
Elenaletta: Oh, no thanks needed. Truly, it's a pittance compared to the favor they do us of watching over you.
Elenaletta: I do hope the party we put together for (Captain) and the crew shows them just how thankful we are for their kindness...
Melissabelle: I'm sure their bellies got the idea. You served them a Goldmaize-style full course, after all.
Mallusbelle: That we did. It's been a long while since we've thrown such a grand party.
Mallusbelle: I'd say it was perhaps even more opulent than our yearly Harvest Festival!
Elenaletta: As much as I hate to put a damper on this momentous occasion, we may have to reduce your allowance a bit after this one, Mallus.
Elenaletta: You really let loose tonight... Hard to believe this is the same man who cried "danger" and begged his daughter to come home.
Mallusbelle: Forgive me... I've learned my lesson, I promise.
Melissabelle: We're departing tomorrow, so please go easy on him, Mama.
Melissabelle: Go easy on his allowance too, if you can. Growing hair is expensive.
Mallusbelle: Oh, Melissa! My sweet daughter, you are the only soul in this castle that would dare be so kind to me...
Mallusbelle: Are you... really going to leave?
Elenaletta: Mallus!
Mallusbelle: Wait, I just... After hearing the crew's stories about being skyfarers... It sounds like a tough life, that's all...
Mallusbelle: Would it be so bad if all of you stayed here and relaxed just a little while longer?
Melissabelle: You just don't want me to leave, do you?
Mallusbelle: Urp...
Melissabelle: I get that you're upset because your child is leaving...
Melissabelle: But I'm going back on my journey... And I will keep at it until we find (Captain)'s father.
Mallusbelle: I see... I-I suppose that's for the best.
Mallusbelle: I've no doubt (Captain)'s father is out there somewhere waiting to see his child again. Do all that you can to help, Melissa.
Mallusbelle: But if it ever gets too tough, know that you're welcome to come here. Goldmaize will always be here to welcome you all with open arms.
Elenaletta: That's right. And don't forget about that other job you have to take care of as well.
Melissabelle: Huh? What're you talking about?
Elenaletta: Oh, darling, don't be silly. Don't you remember telling us about Citizens of the Kotatsu for Life?
Lunalu: Hooold on a second!
Melissabelle: What's the matter, Lunalu?
Lunalu: Y-y-you t-told your p-parents!
Melissabelle: About CtK4Life? Of course, when I introduced them to Milly and Lao.
Melissabelle: My fondest memories after joining the crew are with our little group, so I figured I'd tell them about it. Hehe...
Lunalu: A-ah, okay... S-so, I'm really, really glad you like us enough to tell your parents, but, umm...
Lunalu: (Deep breaths, Lunalu, deep breaths... I'm sure all she talked about was the name of our group!)
Lunalu: By the way... How did you introduce us?
Melissabelle: Oh, umm... I said you were my creative friends who make art.
Lunalu: (Phew... Thank the skies. She just introduced us as comrades in art...)
Melissabelle: I showed them some of our work too, like the storybook on Popol Saga—
Lunalu: You showed them Popol!
Melissabelle: It's fine, Lunalu. My mother was actually intensely interested in our activities. She raved about Popol Saga.
Melissabelle: She was moved by the ending we came up with through imagination tuning, the one where Osanne lives.
Lunalu: Wh-what? O-oh, th-that's nice... S-sorry, I think I need a glass of water...
Lunalu: Sigh... Um, so is the thing you wanted to talk about related to CtK4Life?
Melissabelle: Well, yes and no. We're getting ahead of ourselves here. Let me tell you the rest of the story first...

Long-Haired Princess Saga: Scene 2

While he enjoyed listening to his daughter talk about her adventures, Mallusbelle couldn't hide the worry he felt upon hearing her resolve to continue on. To ease her father's anxieties, Melissabelle wants to create a book that will show him just how fun her journey is. After racking their brains together for ideas, Lunalu and Melissabelle decide to create a book based on Melissabelle's own life story.

Hairrator: After I had my parents read CtK4Life's book, we talked about it.
Mallusbelle: Well, I think it's great.
Elenaletta: I agree, it's wonderful. I could feel the passion of everyone who created it.
Elenaletta: Your father and I really should have gone to the Sphiria Book Fair too... Sigh...
Melissabelle: Wow, Mama, that you'd be interested in Popol Saga never even crossed my mind...
Mallusbelle: Books have always made you sleepy, haven't they, Melissa?
Mallusbelle: We'd read to you when you were a baby to put you to sleep, but you never showed an interest in books. We're surprised you even asked us to read this one.
Elenaletta: I suppose there wasn't much time for leisurely reading with three children around...
Elenaletta: Regardless, I never would have imagined our Melissa would write such a lovely book...
Melissabelle: Oh, no, I didn't write it. Lunalu did, one of my friends from CtK4Life, the group I told you about earlier...
Melissabelle: All I did was use my hair to clean up the pages.
Melissabelle: Ah, I helped act out the scenes with the other members and write some of the dialogue too.
Elenaletta: Our daughter's made terrific contributions to this book, wouldn't you agree, Mallus? This certainly brings back memories. Your father used to be crazy about writing.
Mallusbelle: I was. Though, it was less about writing, and more about asserting myself as a creative, if that makes sense.
Melissabelle: Papa... Did you dabble in being a creative too?
Mallusbelle: I would gather data on corn production and write all sorts of things about it. Looking back, I suppose you could say I was into writing essays...
Elenaletta: That were riddled with mistakes.
Mallusbelle: Hahaha... Back then, your mother was a colleague chastising me for my errors. That's how I met her.
Melissabelle: Mama's not from Goldmaize, so I had always wondered how you two met, Papa.
Elenaletta: Yes, at the time, we were writers contributing to the same magazine.
Elenaletta: Mallus would write his essays about corn... While I sent in stories I had penned.
Mallusbelle: And boy, those were fun reads. They were enjoyable even for a man like—
Elenaletta: Never mind what I wrote about.
Elenaletta: Creating is a wonderful thing. It brings people together, adding spice and happiness to everyone's lives...
Elenaletta: I'm absolutely thrilled that you've found an interest in it, Melissa.
Melissabelle: Mama...
Elenaletta: We wish you all the best on your journey with (Captain), but we would very much like it if you kept creating as well. Wouldn't we, Mallus?
Mallusbelle: We would...
Melissabelle: ...
Hairrator: That's the talk I had with my parents the night before we left.
Melissabelle: My father saw me off, but... I think he's still worried about me. I'm sure he'd want nothing more than for me to come back...
Lunalu: Yeah... From his point of view, the evil men that attacked you are gone. There's no threat to you anymore...
Lunalu: I could see why he'd want you to quit roaming the dangerous skies and stay home instead...
Melissabelle: Right... But I can't do that. I've made up my mind to keep journeying.
Melissabelle: I want him to truly support the decision I've made...
Melissabelle: And to get his endorsement, I need to show him that my life isn't all danger, that there's plenty of enjoyment in it as well.
Melissabelle: That's why I want to try my hand at writing.
Lunalu: So... You called me?
Melissabelle: I tried doing it by myself, but I couldn't come up with any ideas. I can't even bring myself to put pen to paper...
Melissabelle: Since I haven't decided what to write yet, I was wondering if you could help me think of something... You know, if it's not too much trouble...
Lunalu: It's no trouble at all! Wait here!
Lunalu gets up and dashes out of the room.
Lunalu: I'm back!
She returns in a flash carrying a sketchbook and a few writing instruments in her arms.
Lunalu: What you have is an idea block... Everyone gets those once in a while! You know what to do to solve it, right, Melissa?
Lunalu: The only way to get rid of a block... is to think, think, and think some more!
Lunalu: And thinking is way easier with two brains instead of one!
Lunalu: So until you come up with an idea, I'll be right here with you. Let's put our minds to work!
Melissabelle: Lunalu... Right, let's do it!
With pen in hand, Lunalu and Melissabelle face a blank page, ready to jot down whatever comes to mind.
Melissabelle: Well, I know I want the story to be fun.
Lunalu: Of course. We have to get your father to see this journey as a good thing.
Melissabelle: Maybe we should make it about a person?
Melissabelle: I'd like to try writing a big story like Popol Saga, but I think it might be a bit difficult for me.
Lunalu: Yeah, maybe a sweeping war epic isn't the greatest choice for your first outing. No point in setting yourself up for failure.
Melissabelle: Right... When I was home, I saw my younger brothers, who happen to be twins, for the first time in ages. I was reminded of Popol Saga.
Melissabelle: That's when I came up with the idea of creating a similar story.
Melissabelle: I thought basing the characters on people from my family or my friends would make writing easier... You know?
Lunalu: Twin princes! I know exactly what you mean!
Melissabelle: But then I realized how complicated that would be...
Lunalu: True. Using real people can be dangerous. It's hard to figure out where to draw the line.
Melissabelle: Ah, I knew that'd be a problem...
Melissabelle: I also thought I could make it about what happened at Auguste and the sauna, you know, something fun? Do you think that'd work?
Lunalu: Yeah, that could work. But if you decide to write a story based on real events, you'll have to do interviews and research...
Melissabelle: I see... If I write a story about a place or event I haven't experienced, I might depict it incorrectly, huh...
Lunalu: Exactly! And misconstruing things could land you in hot water...
Lunalu: But once you get used to writing, I think it'd be good to challenge yourself and try anyway!
Lunalu: Oh, by the way, I forgot to ask you an important question.
Lunalu: So when you say you're going to write... Do you mean like a novel?
Melissabelle: Ah, right. If I decide to make it an illustrated storybook, I'll need pictures.
Melissabelle: Only thing is I can't really draw...
Lunalu: You don't have to worry about that just yet! It's common for novels and their illustrations to be done separately!
Melissabelle: Could... you draw the pictures for me, Lunalu?
Lunalu: W-well... If it's a genre I know how to illustrate, then sure...
Melissabelle: All right then... Let's make an illustrated storybook. Or maybe a picture book.
Melissabelle: But only if that's fine with you, of course...
Lunalu: Why wouldn't it be! Just leave the drawing to me!
Lunalu: Okay, so we've decided to do an illustrated storybook or a picture book...
Melissabelle: Lunalu... Will the pictures you draw for my book be the same aesthetic as the ones we did for Popol Saga?
Lunalu: Wh-whoa, calm down! As much as your mother might like that, don't forget your father's going to be reading this too!
Lunalu: Besides, this will be your first story, right?
Lunalu: Don't worry about me. Try to focus on what you want to create instead.
Lunalu: But if you decide to write romantic scenes, then... I'll do my best to draw for them. Either way, I plan to give it my all.
Melissabelle: I'm not particularly bent on having those scenes in my work... I just remember how much fun we had working after drinking Handsome Gorilla.
Melissabelle: I want my story to convey all of the fun times I've had, like then, you know...
Melissabelle stares down at the sketchbook, the once blank page now full of ideas.
Melissabelle: Real people... Fun stuff... Illustrated storybook... Real experiences...
Melissabelle: Hey, Lunalu...
Lunalu: Oh, that face! You have an idea, don't you!
Melissabelle: What about a story... with me as the main character?
Lunalu: A story about you...
Melissabelle: If I write a story about myself, I bet I could avoid mix-ups and make it tons of fun.
Melissabelle: But what do you think? Maybe making the protagonist myself is weird...
Lunalu: No way! I think that's a great idea!
Melissabelle: You really think so! Can I still count on you for the illustrations?
Lunalu: O-of course you can! Just give me some time to practice...
Melissabelle: Thank you so much, Lunalu! I'll work hard to write something great!
Melissabelle and Lunalu exchange a firm handshake, solidifying their new partnership as author and illustrator.
And thus, with a bit of help from her talented friend, Melissabelle takes her first momentous step as a creator.

Long-Haired Princess Saga: Scene 3

Bianco delivers a picture book to Mallusbelle and Elenaletta in Goldmaize, and they promptly sit down to read it. The book tells the story of the Long-Haired Princess Melissabelle and her rough but riveting journey. After reading his daughter's book, Mallusbelle expresses his desire to read what comes next and decides to support her life in the skies. While penning a fan letter to Melissabelle, Mallusbelle discovers a few hairs growing on his head, and he beams with joy.

Some time has passed since the Grandcypher departed from Goldmaize.
Despite his newly bald head, Mallusbelle has returned to his duties as king, and ordinary days have come back to the kingdom.
Mallusbelle: Our corn harvest is looking good this year. Perhaps even better than good!
Mallusbelle: Let's send a shipment of this fine harvest to (Captain)'s crew! A large one with enough corn for everybody!
Elenaletta: Mallus, dear, you don't think that'll be too much? I fear a shipment of that size would be awfully bothersome for them...
Mallusbelle: Skyfarers make bedfellows with danger! I bet they'd welcome any and all supplies they can get.
Elenaletta: I'm sure you're right, but still...
Bird's Call: Hoot!
Mallusbelle: Oh, Bianco? Hold on, let me open the window...
Mallusbelle pushes open the window and Bianco hops on in.
In his talons, he carries a small book.
Elenaletta: What is this? A book?
Mallusbelle: Looks to me like a picture book. The Adventures of the Long-Haired Princess... Could it be from Melissa?
Elenaletta: Look, it has "written by Melissabelle" on it.
Mallusbelle: That it does. It has "illustrated by Lunalu" and "with cooperation from CtK4Life" printed on it as well.
Mallusbelle: Those are the creative friends Melissa told us about, aren't they.
Elenaletta: Hehe... Looks like she went straight to work and sent us a copy of her own creation.
Mallusbelle: How about we give it a read, shall we? Come, Bianco, you can read with us.
Bianco: Hoo-hoot!
With Bianco perched on his shoulder, Mallusbelle takes a seat on a sofa next to his wife before opening the picture book.
He begins by reading aloud the opening passage on the first page...
Mallusbelle: Once upon a time, there was a small, peaceful kingdom called Goldmaize...
Hairrator: There, a little girl was born.
Hairrator: She was the daughter of the royal family, and from her head flowed brilliant, golden locks. The entire kingdom celebrated her birth.
Hairrator: But what they did not know was that the little girl had a big secret.
Hairrator: Her locks were as odd and powerful as they were sunny and radiant. They grew to long lengths, moved as if they were alive, and even had the ability to heal.
Hairrator: The girl with peculiar hair was likened to a legend among the people. They called her the Long-Haired Princess.
Hairrator: Hearing of the power the fabled princess possessed, many in Goldmaize began to devise devious schemes to make her power their own.
Hairrator: The princess had been abducted by ruffians, the castle hoodwinked by crooked merchants, all in pursuit of the girl's power. The Kingdom of Goldmaize was in trouble.
Hairrator: Seeing her home put in danger, the princess thought to herself, "If I were to leave, I am certain peace will return to the kingdom..."
Hairrator: So one night, the long-haired princess stowed herself away on a cargo ship, and left her home, Goldmaize, behind.
Mallusbelle's hand stops on a page with an illustration of the long-haired princess balled up, hiding amongst large cargo.
Mallusbelle: Melissa...
Elenaletta: Dear, there's still plenty left to read...
Mallusbelle: Yes, there is...
He starts again and turns to the next page.
It's another illustration of the princess, this time standing in the middle of a town with a bewildered look in her eyes.
Hairrator: The princess had arrived on a foreign island. Now she was the one in trouble.
Hairrator: Away from her home, she had no friends. Her reasons for leaving alone, she could not tell a single soul.
Hairrator: Though sympathetic passersby extended their hands to the lonely princess, she would not accept their help.
Hairrator: Tired of having to distance herself from people, she chose to live in solitude—in a rural area deep in the mountains where she grew corn to get by.
Hairrator: Out of concern for the long-haired princess, the family's ever-loyal owl came looking for her. He was her escape from complete isolation, however small.
Hairrator: Over time, she grew accustomed to her life of seclusion. Then, one day, with pangs of hunger wracking her body, the princess fainted.
Hairrator: To her aid came a group of people she had never met before—a crew of skyfarers.
Hairrator: They were kind and gentle. So much so, the princess found herself wanting to go with them.
Hairrator: Perhaps with these skyfarers, she thought, she could strike back against the evil souls who pushed her into living a life of fear.
Hairrator: Thus the princess decided to join them, and took her first step on a new adventure.
Hairrator: The skyfarers had a myriad of fantastic comrades on their side, with whom the princess grew close.
Hairrator: Among them, a mighty knight who bent over backwards in an attempt to grow tall...
Hairrator: Two boys, one kind-hearted with a command over fire and lightning, the other wild and raucous with a love for sunbathing...
Hairrator: A couple of girls, one a passionate artist, the other a skillful engineer who built gizmos that flew into the cosmos...
Hairrator: A pair of strong, rugged mercenaries, and an eccentric shopkeeper who could procure just about anything.
Hairrator: She bonded with these last five girls over their shared love of the kotatsu, and later made a book with them. There was no shortage of fun and surprise on her journey.
Hairrator: Just as she grew to enjoy her time in the sky, she received an alarming letter—her father was in grave danger.
Hairrator: With great resolve, the long-haired princess returned home, defeated the evil-doers, and saved her father and the kingdom. Finally, she had avenged herself.
Hairrator: However, though she had accomplished the purpose of her journey, the princess chose to venture onward.
Hairrator: But instead of receiving help, she would be the one offering it—to the skyfarers and their friends.
Hairrator: To this day, somewhere in the sky, the princess continues her voyage, living this very tale.
Hairrator: With her fine friends, she forges ahead in search of places unseen, on a grand and fantastic adventure.
Mallusbelle: The end...
Accompanying those closing words on the last page is an illustration of the creators putting the book together.
Melissabelle and Lunalu are depicted as working frantically, their friends smiling as they do what they can to help.
Elenaletta: Mallus... I think it might be time for you to stop fretting over our daughter...
Mallusbelle: You know what... You're right. I know Melissa will be fine... She and her friends.
Mallusbelle: Besides... If there's more to this story, I'd like nothing more than to read it.
Elenaletta: Then why not try sending her a letter? This time as a fan. Hehe... At least now you have an excuse to pen one.
Mallusbelle: I should. Bianco, could you hold on for a second? I have to write a letter to our little authoress.
Bianco: Hoo-hoot!
Mallusbelle: Now, how should I start it...
Pen in hand, Mallusbelle mumbles to himself, ruminating before reaching up to scratch his head.
Mallusbelle: H-huh? What the...
Mallusbelle: E-Elena, dear! Come look! Look at my head!
Elenaletta: Why, is that peach fuzz? Your hair is growing back! How wonderful!
Though thin and wispy, a few strands of gold hair can be seen sprouting out of Mallusbelle's scalp.
Mallusbelle: And the doctor all but gave up on me! But not you, Melissa, my sweet angel! All right, now I know how I want to start this letter!
Mallusbelle puts pen to paper and starts to write with terrific speed.
Many nights pass after he sends his letter.
Then one day, at his feet arrives the sequel to the long-haired princess's adventures—a gripping tale detailing the secret behind her hair's power...
Hairrator: But that's a story for another time.

Wishing for Altitude

After saving Melissabelle from accidental starvation, Charlotta decides to shadow the (relatively) tall Harvin in a desperate attempt to increase her own height. Despite her sincere belief in the efficacy of her efforts, Charlotta simply ends up eating and sleeping too much and swiftly balloons in size.

???: Hrgh... Somebody...
Charlotta: Hm? That's the unmistakable sound of someone crying out for help!
Melissabelle: Hngh... Rgh...
Charlotta: If it isn't Melissabelle! Whatever happened? Did you come under attack?
Melissabelle: I'm so... hungry... Rgh...
Charlotta: Wha! Melissabelle!
Melissabelle: Charlotta... Thank you... for saving me...
Charlotta: Think nothing of it. My main concern is whether that apple I had will be enough to satiate you for the time being.
Melissabelle: Yes! It was delicious!
Charlotta: If I may offer a word of advice, you mustn't push yourself to the breaking point like this. It's exceedingly dangerous!
Melissabelle: I just... forgot to bring corn with me, and ended up falling asleep somewhere. I'm really sorry...
Melissabelle tells Charlotta she'd like to repay her, but the knee-high knight isn't quite ready to accept.
Charlotta: Think nothing of it! Saving you was simply the right thing to do!
Melissabelle: Huh? B-but... I have to—
Charlotta: No, no! For a knight who strives to follow a code of purity, fidelity, and nobility, demanding something in return would bring only shame!
Charlotta: Heheh... If you find me in a similar predicament and return the favor, that should be sufficient.
Melissabelle: Got it... If you end up in trouble, just let me know, Charlotta!
Charlotta: You have my word!
Charlotta: This may be changing the subject, but I simply can't get over how beautiful your hair is, Melissabelle!
Charlotta: Hrm... And on top of that, you seem fairly tall upon further inspection.
Charlotta: Would it... be acceptable if we measured our heights against each other? Stand shoulder to shoulder?
Melissabelle: Sure. That's fine.
Charlotta places the apple—or what remains of it—on her head and stands next to Melissabelle.
Charlotta: Egad! You're over an apple taller than me!
Melissabelle: Now that you mention it... I am the tallest person in my family.
Charlotta: Is that so! Absolutely incredible!
Charlotta: If I may... I believe I have a request for you after all, Melissabelle.
The conversation quickly shifts to an in-depth discussion of Charlotta's greatest concern: her lack of physical stature.
Charlotta: I beg of you! Tell me the secret to becoming taller!
Melissabelle: If you wanted me to make your hair longer, I'd know what to do...
Melissabelle: But... O-okay! We have to help each other out!
Charlotta: Truly? In that case... I'd like to spend a day closely observing you!
Melissabelle: Huh? A day... observing me?
Charlotta: Yes! I believe that may point me in the direction of tallness most exceptional!
Melissabelle willingly accepts Charlotta's earnest request.
Melissabelle: First... let's eat.
Charlotta: Astounding! Is this the corn you eat so much of, Melissabelle?
Charlotta: Personally I find corn to be quite sweet and delicious!
Melissabelle: These were grown and harvested in my homeland. They're super sweet and delicious.
Charlotta: Oh my! So this is the taste of your homeland? Eating this is sure to make me taller!
Charlotta: Whew! That ranks among some of the most delicious corn I've ever eaten!
Melissabelle: Hee hee... I'm glad you like it.
Charlotta: Well, how do I look? It feels like I'm a little taller already!
Melissabelle: Hm... You seem about the same... I think?
Charlotta: Is that so... Perhaps! But my quest for tallness is only beginning!
Melissabelle: Now that my energy has returned, I'm going to do a little training to improve control over my hair.
Charlotta: Hrm... Very much understood! May I join you? I can duel you with my sword!
Melissabelle: Please do! Now then... here I come!
Charlotta: En garde!
Melissabelle: Energy... max! Capillus Ataxia!
Charlotta: To fulfill this blade's oath... Noble Execution!
Melissabelle: Wow... That was incredible!
Melissabelle: I heard you were the captain of an order of knights, but... you're really super strong!
Melissabelle: I haven't gotten the chance to fight beside you until now, so getting to see you in action was really impressive!
Charlotta: You're going to make me blush!
Charlotta: Nonetheless! I was most impressed with the incredible show of force you put on with those golden locks of yours!
Melissabelle: They sometimes move on their own, so I have to be able to keep them under control...
Melissabelle: When bad people or monsters are close by, they can end up flying off before I want them to.
Charlotta: I-is that so!
Melissabelle: They only do that when I'm scared, though, so please don't be alarmed.
Melissabelle: Oogh... All that moving around really drained my energy... I'm starving again.
Charlotta: Huh? But you just ate!
Charlotta: However... eating mass quantities may just be the key to growing taller...
Charlotta: Understood! I'll prepare the meal this time!
Melissabelle: Wow... There's even a little flag on it!
Charlotta: It's a kid's meal! The flag is an indispensable ingredient that simply screams fun!
Charlotta: These meals are exceedingly delicious and a personal favorite of mine!
Melissabelle: I've never had one before, but it looks great! Time to dig in...
Charlotta: My word! This is your first kid's meal? Then you might grow even taller with this!
Charlotta: Whew... I completely overate...
Melissabelle: Are you okay? Do you need water?
Charlotta: No, that won't be necessary... Even when I'm less than famished, I find it difficult to resist when my favorite food is in front of me.
Melissabelle: Hee hee... I'm sure you'll get hungry again after a little exercise. Let's resume our training!
Several days pass.
???: Hrgh...
Vyrn: What the? Did you collapse from starvation again, Goldilocks?
Charlotta: Hrgh... Please... I simply can't eat any more...
Vyrn: Wait a sec! Charlotta? What happened to you? And why can't you eat?
Melissabelle: She's been living my lifestyle for the past few days. I think her stomach may be at its limit.
Vyrn: Say what?
Melissabelle explains the situation to a very confused Vyrn.
Vyrn: Huh... So you were copying Goldilocks here to see if you could make yourself grow a few inches?
Vyrn: Hmm... Just eat a bunch, sleep a bunch, and have lots of fun on the playground! I'm sure you'll get taller if you do that!
Charlotta: Playground? Do not treat me like a child! I am deadly serious about this!
Charlotta: More importantly! What you see before you is the result of my eating and sleeping far more than is healthy!
Vyrn: Haha! Now that you mention it, you have gotten a little wider!
Charlotta: ...!
Vyrn: I guess it's more like you got a little rounder, actually. Don'tcha think, (Captain)?
Charlotta: You too, (Captain)? Indeed... I have felt slightly heavier as of late...
Charlotta: But Melissabelle eats the same amount, and she loses weight instead of gaining it!
Melissabelle: Actually... I didn't want you to judge me, so I ate less than I usually do.
Charlotta: Surely you jest!
Vyrn: Well, Goldilocks here absorbs all her food into her hair. Regular folks are going to get fat in a hurry if they try copying her.
Melissabelle: Sorry I couldn't be any help, Charlotta...
Vyrn: Nothing you can do about it! Just gotta stay patient until we reach Estalucia!
Vyrn: And besides, you look better in sphere form anyway!
Charlotta: Is this the will of the world? The sacred heart of all things?
Charlotta: I wish not to be wide... but to be tall!
Charlotta's attempt at a makeover has ended in failure. Instead of the tallness she so desired, she receives unwanted wideness instead.
Will she one day find the grand and imposing stature she has always yearned for? Only time will tell.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
お腹すいた…… I'm so hungry...
ボブスタイルに憧れる You have no idea how much I want shorter hair.
とうもろこし食べたい I could go for some corn right about now.
君も髪の毛、大事にしてね Take care of your hair, okay?
ぐるぐる巻きにしちゃうよ I'm gonna get curls.
ツヤ、ハリ、コシ……全て揃ってこその美髪 Durability, flexibility, and moisture are the keys to beautiful hair.
ご飯なにかな…… What should I eat...
丸刈りにしてやる I'm gonna give you a buzz cut!
髪が長すぎるのもうっとうしいよ Having hair this long can be really annoying...
坊主にされたい? Want me to cut off your hair?