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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)! I know what a special day this is for you.
I'd like to celebrate with a little performance.
Phweet! Phweeet!
Uh-oh, my flute's not working right. Oh, no, no, no! Please! Not now!
Erm... Phoo, phoo! Phoo, phoo!
Phew, I managed somehow. Once again, happy birthday, (Captain)!


(Captain), I made you a birthday cake. Why don't you have some?
Is it good? I hope so—I put my all into making it.
Uh–oh. You got some cream on your cheek. No, um, up from there...
There. Yeah, you got it. You're all clean now.
I guess even you have moments like this, (Captain). I feel like I've seen something precious.
Hehe. How cute.


Happy birthday. This isn't much, but I have something for you.
It's a little birdie good luck charm I made myself!
Please grip onto it tightly whenever you're feeling uneasy. It'll make you feel better!
But not too tightly or the birdie might get uncomfortable. Please treat it with care.
I have one just like this but of a different color strapped to my pouch! I hope you like the gift!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain)! I look forward to spending more time with you.
By the way I left a greeting card in your room earlier. I hope you'll take a look later.
Hm? Why didn't I give it to you directly? Erm... that's a good point! Sorry, I'll go and get it right now!
Huh? I don't need to? But I, umm, err, well...
I'll be sure to personally deliver it next year!


Happy New Year! I made this card for you. Go ahead. Take it.
(Captain) opens the card to see a heartfelt message written in beautiful script.
Getting last year's card to you was kind of a mess, so I made sure to personally deliver this one.
Huh? You wrote me a card too? Thank you.
Wow... It's beautiful. You really have a way with words.
I love it. I can't wait to hang it up in my room.


Sigh... I checked my New Year's fortunes, and it's bad luck for me...
"Is something bad going to happen to me this year?" I can't help but keep asking myself...
Hm? You think that if things are bad now, then it can only get better?
Hm, yeah. I like that way of thinking!
My New Year's fortune stated that I should stay foolish and hungry for knowledge! So I'll try to keep my pride in check for everything I do!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Erm... (Captain)! Won't you have some of these chocolates? I made them myself.
I just wanted to show my gratitude for everything you've done for me. It's nothing more than that.
Of course, I know you belong to everyone in the crew, (Captain)!
Oh, why is this so embarrassing. I can almost feel my cheeks turning hot and the chocolate melting...


Um, (Captain). I made some chocolate. Take some!
I brought it back from an island where we performed. It's a bookmark with a cute little bell drawn on it. Here you go.
That bell is a famous thing on that island. It sits on a small hill, and they say that when lovers ring it, their bond becomes even tighter.
Ah... Ah! I don't mean anything weird by that! Honest!
I mean, when you like someone, you just like—No! I mean, I respect you as a person!
Ah! Forget what I just said! Forget it all!


Great job on finishing the mission. Would you like some chocolates to relax with?
Erm... Yeah. This is supposed to be my Valentine's gift to you, but I was just too embarrassed to come out and say it. Ehehe...
Oh, you'll eat them right here? S-sure, have at it. Snacks are good anywhere.
You think it's tasty? Aww, you're too nice, (Captain)...
Wha! Y-you're in love? You're talking about the chocolates, right?
Whew... What a surprise...
Well, I hope this has you pumped for your next mission! I'll be cheering for you!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? A present for White Day? Why, thank you.
Here's a batch of cookies in return— Hm? Now you have to give me another present? Then I'll have something ready too!
Teehee... This back-and-forth gifting is kind of fun!
Thank you so much, (Captain)!


Huh? This is to thank me for Valentine's Day? Hey, thanks!
How did you know I loved this? Did Tina tell you?
It must have taken you a while to get to my hometown to pick it up. I really wasn't expecting this.
Would you like a piece? It's really quite delicious, so you should try some too.


Ah, (Captain)... I'm practicing with my flute. Did you want to talk to me?
This is to pay me back for Valentine's? Wh-why, thank you! I'll be sure to enjoy it!
Um... If you have some time, can you stay with me for a bit?
I was feeling a bit down because I couldn't get the sound of my flute right...
A pleasant chat with you would make for a nice change of pace... that is, if you don't mind.
Ah, I know! Why don't we have the chocolates together? Yeah, just settle down and relax for a bit!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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It's so lively aboard the ship today!
Hm? What do we do on this day in the orchestra? Well, we usually dress up in costumes if we don't have a performance lined up.
But me? Not so much. I mean, when I first joined the orchestra, I really got into it, but...
I guess a flute's not something you're supposed to dress up as, huh. Oh, that was such a traumatic experience.
I still remember the embarrassment like yesterday...


I thought I would challenge myself to wear a better costume this year, so I bought a little witch outfit.
But I'm a little scared to wear it. I'm worried people might say it's a little weird...
Hm? I should try it on? You're right. If you tell me it looks all right, then there should be no problem, (Captain).
I'm going to change now. If it looks good on me, make sure to give me a Halloween treat!

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Hello, (Captain)! I heard that Santa's coming tonight. Do you have your stockings ready?
If they're peephole stockings, the presents will fall right out. I made that mistake once when I was a child...
Oh, by peephole stockings, I'm talking about stockings with a gaping hole where the big toe would be.
I sure hope Santa's bag of presents doesn't come with any peepholes!


Just before the orchestra's holiday performance, the dulcet tones of a flute echo throughout the halls.

Ah! (Captain)! You've come to see our performance?
To tell you the truth, I'm really nervous... It's always like this before I go on stage. If I don't practice, then I can't calm my nerves.
(Captain)? Why did you pull out your handkerchief so quickly?
What! How did you pull flowers out of it! That's amazing... Ah, I see what's going on.
Hehe. Thank you. I feel a little less nervous now.
I'll play my heart out during the performance! I hope you'll like it!


Happy holidays, (Captain). I just finished writing a greeting card for you. Here you go.
I drew a picture on it of you and Vyrn as Santa and his reindeer.
You think this Santa really looks like you? Good, I tried my best to think of your face when working on it!
Hm? You're going to hang this up in your room? Eep, th-thank you!
It's a bit embarrassing, but I'm glad you like it!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Flutist Pamela[edit]

After watching the Sky Philharmonic Orchestra rehearse at the concert hall, the crew goes off to listen to Pamela's private rehearsal. To everyone's surprise, Pamela may have to quit the orchestra soon.

The Sky Philharmonic Orchestra is the most influential of all the musical ensembles in the sky.
(Captain) and company are providing security for the orchestra during its 100th anniversary concert tour.
Narita: There are four entrances into the venue: the main and side entrance, and two more in the back.
The crew is being shown around by Narita. He's a disciple of the orchestra's music director and conductor emeritus, Nobiyo.
Vyrn: So we just need to man these four entrances!
Lyria: Hmm... I think we can pull this off if we all work together!
Narita: The back entrances are only for staff, but it wouldn't hurt to play it safe.
Narita: Ah, that reminds me! The rehearsal's about to begin. Would you like to have a look?
Vyrn: Sure, that sounds fun!
Lyria: Ooh, I want to see it too!
Narita: Great! Please follow me.
Narita leads them to the seats with the clearest view of the entire stage.
Orchestra members buzz around onstage prepping for rehearsal.
Vyrn: (Ooh, they're about to start!)
Lyria: (Wow, that's a lot of people!)
Narita: That's Novei. She leads the first violin section as the concertmaster.
Narita points to a girl giving instructions to the others onstage.
Novei: Is everyone ready?
Pamela: Y-yes!
Augusta: Haha, you won't last during the real performance if you're already nervous at rehearsal.
Pamela: Ah... Uh, okay!
Augusta: Well, that's not much different, is it? C'mon, relax, Pamela.
Cecile: I've been ready.
Robertina: How about a snack, then?
Cecile: Hm? Sure, I'll take it.
Novei: Ahem, one last thing before we start.
The others straighten their posture at her serious tone.
Novei: Our performance the other day went well. It was our first time performing under the new system, but we've been getting fantastic reviews thanks to everyone's best efforts.
Novei: The big 100th anniversary concert is next, so let's up the ante and give them a truly unforgettable experience!
Novei: Now, please begin tuning.
The sound of instruments tuning harmoniously fills the tranquil concert hall.
???: ...
Just then, an imposing figure appears before the performers.
Narita: That's Nobiyo, the conductor emeritus of our orchestra.
Vyrn: Hey, he seems like a really nice guy!
Lyria: I thought it would be someone really scary.
Nobiyo's ears perk up at the sounds of the orchestra warming up.
However, the tuning stops when the members notice Nobiyo.
Nobiyo: It's fine. Keep playing.
Novei: Um, well, I thought you would be leading...
Nobiyo: Oh? Is it my turn?
Novei: If you would do the honors.
Nobiyo clears his throat.
Nobiyo: Well, if you insist. Let me hear your melody.
Nobiyo flashes a smile at Novei.
Novei: Y-yes!
Nobiyo: All set?
Nobiyo gets into position on the podium and checks with Novei.
Novei lets out a deep breath and begins playing at the exact moment Nobiyo begins waving his baton.
The entire orchestra begins playing in perfect unison, enveloping (Captain) and company in a glorious homophony.
Nobiyo: ...
Novei: ...
The dynamic sounds from Novei's violin serve as a guidepost for the other members.
Nobiyo: ...
Augusta: ...
The gentle and warm accompaniment from Augusta's cello embraces Novei's melody.
Nobiyo: ...
Cecile: ...
Cecile holds a commanding presence with her piercing high notes.
Nobiyo: ...
Pamela: ...
Pamela, on the other hand, fills the concert hall with a soft, pleasant treble.
Nobiyo: ...
Robertina: ...
Robertina supports the others with a rich, deep bass that elevates the performance to heavenly heights.
Absorbed in the beautiful harmony, the rehearsal comes to a close all too soon.
(Captain) and company remain speechless for a few moments, astounded by the breathtaking performance.
Vyrn: Whoa! That was amazing... I don't know much about music, but you guys rock!
Lyria: Wow... Wasn't that incredible, (Captain)? I loved it, Narita!
Narita: Ah, why, thank you!
Nobiyo hasn't moved an inch from the podium.
Novei: Um, Nobiyo?
Nobiyo: Good work, everyone. That'll be it for today.
Novei: Thank you.
Nobiyo: Ah, right. Come see me later, Novei.
Novei: Okay.
Nobiyo walks off the stage with an upbeat smile.
Novei: Great job, everyone.
Novei: All section leaders meet up later backstage.
Cecile: Well, I'll see you guys soon.
Augusta: Today's rehearsal ended pretty fast.
Robertina: My shoulders are stiff.
Pamela: Will you be okay?
Robertina: Yeah, it always gets like this.
One by one, they clear the stage of their instruments and leave the premises.
Narita: Um, do you guys have some time after this?
Vyrn: Hm? Sure, but what for?
Narita: Well, I was thinking of introducing you all to the orchestra members.
Lyria: Yes, I'd love to talk to everyone!
Narita: Very well, I'll introduce you once they're done.
Narita gives the orchestra members some time to rest before bringing in (Captain) and company.
Meanwhile, the section leaders meet up backstage to reflect on the day's events.
Novei: Again, great job today.
Cecile: You too, Novei.
Robertina: I can have one of those snacks, right?
Augusta: Go for it! I'll grab one too!
Novei: So does anyone have anything to say about today's performance?
Pamela timidly speaks up.
Pamela: Um, not to be a wet blanket, but...
Pamela: Well, I was wondering if we'd really be okay going on like this...
Cecile: What do you mean by that? Our performance today was no different than usual.
Pamela: I don't know how to say this...
Novei: It's okay. Speak your mind.
Augusta: Pamela can be really perceptive.
Augusta: Did you notice something we didn't?
Robertina: You know, I'm not really in the mood for snacks after all...
Augusta: Yeah, you barely touched anything on your plate, Tina.
Cecile: Enough about the snacks.
Cecile: Pamela, tell us what you're thinking. Take all the time you need.
Pamela: Thank you, Cecile.
Pamela: We're rehearsing for a concert tour to celebrate the founding of this orchestra. That's a far cry from our usual performances.
Pamela: I'm really feeling the pressure, more so than ever.
Pamela: Also, it's going be the legendary Nobiyo who'll be conducting us, not Narita like we're used to.
Pamela: I'm kind of scared how this might go. Or maybe, I'm just feeling impatient.
Cecile: Well... The orchestra did feel a little different today.
Augusta: Now that you mention it, the cellos in my section did seem a bit stiff.
Robertina: Ah, no wonder there are so many snacks left over.
Novei is entrenched in deep thought.
Novei: Thank you, Pamela.
Pamela: Huh?
Novei: I know how you feel, Pamela. Touring the skies with Nobiyo has always been my dream.
Novei: We have to do absolutely everything we can to make it turn out well.
Novei: My heart's been racing, telling me we have to surpass our current selves—
Just then, they hear a knock on the door followed by Narita and the crew walking in.
Narita: Oh, sorry. Were you in the middle of a meeting?
Novei: No, it's all right.
Novei: Who are those people behind you?
Narita: (Captain) here leads a brilliant crew of skyfarers.
Narita: They've been assigned to protect us on our concert tour across the skies.
Narita proceeds with the introductions.
Lyria: We watched your rehearsal just now!
Lyria: And it was incredible!
Vyrn: It was so good it brought tears to my eyes!
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Novei: Haha, I'm glad to hear that. Thanks.
Novei: I'm Novei, concertmaster of this orchestra. It's nice to meet you.
Cecile: Greetings, Captain. I'm Cecile and I play the trumpet.
Augusta: Augusta here. I play the cello.
Augusta: It's impressive seeing so many youths as skyfarers!
Pamela: Um, I'm Pamela. I play the flute. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Robertina: My name's Robertina. I play the tuba and love snacks of all kind.
Lyria: Yay! I love snacks too!
Robertina: Really? Would you like one of these then?
Lyria: Hurray! Thank you so much!
Vyrn: Haha, looks like you have a new snacking buddy, Lyria!
Lyria: Yes! We'll do our best to support everyone and make the tour a success!
The crew and orchestra members finish exchanging greetings.
Novei: Do you girls have any plans after this?
Cecile: I'm going straight home. See you all tomorrow.
Robertina: I have something to take care of. Bye.
Augusta: Well, if everyone's leaving, I guess I'm leaving too.
Pamela: Um, I'm going to stay and practice.
Novei: All right, good night everyone. See you here tomorrow.
Narita: Thanks for visiting today, (Captain). Feel free to walk around the premises as you please.
Vyrn: Well, what should we do now, (Captain)?
The crew uses its free time to get to know the orchestra members better.
But before anyone notices, Lyria is no longer present at the scene.
Vyrn: Oh great, where'd Lyria run off to now?
Vyrn: Why don't we try looking over there? I sure hope she didn't get lost or anything...
Vyrn: Hey, do you guys hear that sound? I think it came from over there...
  1. Let's go take a look!
  2. Sounds like a flute.

Choose: Let's go take a look!
Vyrn: Yeah, let's!
Wasn't there a play happening in this room though?

Choose: Sounds like a flute.
Vyrn: I was just thinking the same. Which reminds me...
Continue 1
Pamela: Phew... Thank you for listening.
Lyria: Wow, wow, wow! That was amazing, Pamela!
Pamela: R-really? Thanks, Lyria.
Lyria: I really like the sound your plute makes... It's almost like a bird chirping!
Pamela: Teehee, that's a nice comparison. By the way, this instrument's usually called a—
Lyria: And the way your plute looks is just adorable!
Pamela: Thanks. This flu—um, yeah, it is kind of cute...
Pamela: It's so small and light. I used to sleep with it every day as a child.
Lyria: I bet! You and the plute are a perfect match, Pamela!
Pamela: Ahaha, glad to hear it! I think you and the... plute... would be a perfect match too, Lyria!
Vyrn: C'mon, Lyria, it's called a flute. And let us know if you're gonna run off like that next time.
Lyria: Oh, sorry! I saw Pamela over here and thought I might listen to her practice...
Lyria: Wait. Did you just say... flute?
Pamela: Aahahahah!
Vyrn: You sure do take things seriously, Pamela—still practicing on your own after that group rehearsal?
Pamela: Well, I'm not as talented as the others, so I try to practice as much as possible.
Pamela: I want this last performance to be a memorable one.
Lyria: Huh? L-last performance?
Pamela: Hrm? Oh, umm, well...
Vyrn: What's this all about? Novei and the others didn't mention anything about this being the last performance.
Pamela: Ah! Can you keep a secret?
Pamela: The truth is... I might have to quit the orchestra when our next concert tour's over...
Pamela: I don't want them to worry. No, I can't have them worrying! We have to be at our absolute best if we want to deliver the best performance possible!
Pamela: So please! You gotta keep it a secret!
Vyrn: Whoa, let's calm down, Pamela! (She turned so desperate all of a sudden. And she said something about quitting?)
Lyria: (Y-yes! She wants us to keep a secret!) G-got it! We won't tell anyone!
Vyrn: Your secret's safe with us, Pamela.
Pamela: Phew, thank you...
Vyrn: I can't help but wonder though... Why would you even want to quit the orchestra—especially considering how hard you've been practicing?
Pamela: Well, that's...
Narita: Hey, Pamela? Oh, you guys are here too.
Pamela: N-Narita? Um, how long were you...
Narita: Hm? Oh, I just got here. Do you have any idea where Nobiyo is?
Lyria: Nobiyo? We haven't seen him.
Narita: I had something to talk to him about, but I guess he's gone out for food.
Pamela: I'll help you look. I wanted to ask him about a few notes for these songs anyway.
Narita: Perfect. Sorry to interrupt your practice.
Pamela: No, not at all!
Well then, I'll be going, everyone!
Lyria: Thanks again for letting me listen to you practice!
The crew sees off Pamela and Narita.
Lyria: I wonder if Pamela will be okay...
Vyrn: That was some big news she just dropped on us back there...
Lyria: What should we do, (Captain)?
(Captain) suggests talking to Pamela again the day after.
Vyrn: Yeah, let's do that.
And I guess we should get going too.
And thus, the first day of rehearsal comes to a close.
(Captain) and company return to the Grandcypher, eager to hear the music awaiting them on the following day.

The Tone We Wish to Convey[edit]

Driven by Nobiyo to recall the emotions that led her onto the path of a musician, Pamela, who began playing the flute at the behest of her parents, returns to her hometown with the help of the crew.

(Captain) and company once again visit the concert hall to watch the orchestra rehearse.
The crew and Narita watch the proceedings from the auditorium seats.
Novei: All right, let's give it our all today, everyone.
Cecile: (Ugh, my head hurts. I should've gone to bed earlier...)
Augusta: (Haha, yesterday was a blast!)
Robertina: (Ouch, my muscles are still sore. I must've strained myself...)
Pamela: (All that practice came in handy and I'll show it today!)
Nobiyo appears before the orchestra members.
Novei: Good morning.
Nobiyo: Morning.
Novei: We've finished warming up. We can begin at any moment.
Nobiyo: Good, thanks.
Nobiyo stands on the podium, and after taking a long look at all the faces onstage, begins speaking.
Nobiyo: All of you seated here today possess extraordinary talent.
Nobiyo: You were chosen because you are the cream of the crop.
Nobiyo: But you know, music is a strange thing. Even if the performance is awful, it can still touch the hearts of the listeners.
Nobiyo: Why do you think that is?
Nobiyo gazes into the eyes of each member in the orchestra.
Nobiyo: It all comes down to emotion. There's emotion in every beat of music, and that is what touches us.
Nobiyo: I believe that when it all comes together as an unrelenting cascade of emotion...
Nobiyo: That, is when the most sublime of music is born.
Nobiyo: Which is why I'm going to ask you all to try to remember the emotions that led you on to the path of a musician.
Nobiyo: I want you all to seize the emotions that exist in each and every one of you, and create the most magnificent music you possibly can.
An ineffable silence fills the concert hall.
Nobiyo: I'm sorry to throw this on you so soon before the tour.
Nobiyo: But I get the feeling this is precisely what we're in need of right now.
Novei: ...
Augusta: ...
Robertina: ...
Pamela: ...
Cecile: ...
Nobiyo: Well, that's it for today's rehearsal.
Nobiyo: Narita, I'll leave the rest to you.
Narita: Of course!
Nobiyo bows to (Captain) and company on his way out.
Nobiyo: I'm sorry to drag you guys into this, but...
Nobiyo: If it's not too much to ask, will you support them in this endeavor?
(Captain) nods reassuringly.
Nobiyo: Thank you.
Nobiyo continues his way out of the concert hall.
The orchestra members are bewildered at the sudden development.
Novei: ...
Narita: I'll send everyone further details as we go on, but you're dismissed for now.
Narita: And I need the section leaders to gather backstage.
Novei: Okay, let's clear the stage!
A weighty atmosphere fills the room backstage as the section leaders enter.
Novei: The emotions we felt when we first decided to pursue this path?
Cecile: So basically, we just have to remember and seize whatever that was?
Cecile: Seems like a hassle, but we'll just have to step it up.
Augusta: I'll have to visit my parents at their shop.
Pamela: I want to see what my parents think too...
Cecile: So you two are going to see your parents. Come to think of it, I got into music through my family too...
Robertina: Then I'm going to go meet the gods.
Cecile: The gods? What's that supposed to mean?
Robertina: Heehee, I just need to meet the tuba god.
Robertina speaks with a fearless smile.
Cecile: Heh, I dunno about that. It sounds like something you'd say though.
Cecile: As for me, I suppose I'll be taking a trip back to the countryside.
Cecile: I'm sure you've got a plan, Novei.
Novei: Yes, there's a place I'll have to visit too. Thank you, Cecile.
Cecile: Nah, I didn't do anything special.
Cecile: It's just that I'd hate it if I wasn't able to help any of you succeed.
Cecile: Here's the deal: failure is not an option. Always get back up if you fall. That's what I believe.
Cecile: It's all-or-nothing, girls.
The others smile at Cecile's little motivational speech.
Meanwhile, an apologetic Narita appears before the crew.
Narita: I hate to ask for so many favors, but I have to stay here to handle preparations for the concert tour.
Narita: (Captain), would it be possible for you to help the girls on their journey?
Vyrn: You bet! We travel everywhere and we'll have no trouble getting them around!
Novei: Thank you so much, (Captain).
Lyria: Let's go then, (Captain)!
The crew accompanies the girls on their journey.
Pamela: The reason I first decided to pursue music...
Lyria: Is everything okay, Pamela? You look like something's bothering you.
Pamela: I... I do? Well, actually...
Pamela: ...
Pamela: I started playing the flute only because my parents suggested it.
Pamela: And the only reason I've gotten this good is because my parents had a famous teacher tutor me privately.
Pamela: In other words... I'm a musician only because my parents wanted me to be one.
Pamela: And that got me wondering if I have any special feelings for music that are mine and mine alone.
Lyria: I'm sure you do, Pamela!
Pamela: Ahaha... Thanks, Lyria. I'm going to ask my parents and see what they think.
Pamela: I think it's time to revisit my musical first steps...
Vyrn: Check it out, guys! Pamela's hometown is coming into view!
Pamela: Ah, I see it! We should start getting ready!

The Tone We Wish to Convey: Scene 2[edit]

The crew visits Pamela's home to learn that she is of noble lineage and that her parents are proceeding with marriage talks. When Pamela plays her parents a tune to show her determination to continue on in the orchestra, they call off the marriage and offer their full support in whatever she chooses to do.

Pamela and the crew arrive at Pamela's hometown and make their way to her house atop a hill.
Pamela: I-is anyone home?
Lyria: Wow... What a big house!
Vyrn: Whoa, look at all these fancy paintings! I don't even want to imagine the price tag on them. Your family must be loaded, Pamela!
Pamela's Father: Pamela! You're back! And you've brought guests! What's the occasion?
Pamela: Well, um, there's an anniversary concert tour coming up, and...
Pamela's Mother: Aah, Pamela! Finally ready to discuss your marriage plans?
Lyria: M-marriage plans?
Pamela: E-erm, that's not—
Pamela's Father: So you have! Let's contact those suitors we have lined up for her, dear!
Pamela's Mother: There's nothing to worry about, Pamela! We'll find you the handsomest gentleman in the skies!
Vyrn: Huh? What's going on, Pamela?
Pamela: Sigh...
Pamela's parents go off to pick out potential partners for her.
The crew stays in Pamela's room, trying to make sense of what just happened.
Vyrn: So you've gotta get an arranged marriage just because it's a tradition among the nobility?
Pamela: That's right... I've been putting it off this whole time.
Lyria: Is that the reason you're quitting the orchestra?
Pamela: Yes. If I get married, I won't be able to travel the skies with the orchestra anymore.
Vyrn: So that's how it is... Geez, it ain't easy being rich.
Lyria: Are you sure you're okay with this?
Pamela: ...
Pamela: I've been able to come this far only because of my parents.
Pamela: The chance to start playing music, private lessons from a renowned teacher, a top-of-the-line instrument...
Pamela: After all they've done for me, it'd be selfish of me to refuse them.
Pamela: Besides... I've always been prepared for this. Having been born in this house, I knew this day would eventually come.
Lyria: But shouldn't you at least let your parents know how you feel?
Pamela: Lyria...
Vyrn: I'm with Lyria on this. If you just follow along without saying a word, you're gonna regret it later on.
Pamela: I guess so... But how would I—
Pamela's Father: Pamelaaa! I wrote this letter to send off to your husband-to-be's family! Why don't you take a look?
Pamela's Mother: Teehee! See how thrilled your father is?
Pamela: R-right...
Lyria: Pamela...
Vyrn: You can do it, Pamela!
Pamela: ...
Pamela desperately tries to muster up the courage to speak, but the feelings of appreciation and guilt seem too much for her conscience to bear.
Yet (Captain) never looks away from Pamela's flute. Pamela notices this, finally makes up her mind, and takes a deep breath.
Pamela: Mom, Dad...
I'm going to play a little tune for you.
Shyly but surely, Pamela begins an impromptu performance for her parents.
Pamela puts her heart and soul into the song, combining gentle breaths and precise finger movements.
Pamela's Father: Aah, I know this one...
Pamela's Mother: Pamela, you...
Pamela: (Yes, I remember it now... This is exactly how I felt when I played the flute for the first time as a child.)
Pamela: (I was so shy, but everyone could see how happy I was...)
Pamela: (I want to share this feeling with everyone... With Mom and Dad... With all the fans waiting for the concert tour!)
Pamela: (I want them to know!)
Lyria: Sniff... That was incredible...
Vyrn: Whoa, that really blew me away...
Pamela: Phew, thanks for listening!
Pamela's Father: ...
Pamela's Mother: ...
Pamela: Mom, Dad... I'm so sorry. I—
Pamela's Father: Keep going, Pamela... The Sky Philharmonic, the flute—I don't want to see you quit either of them.
Pamela: Huh?
Pamela's Mother: I'm so sorry, Pamela. We never realized this is what you truly wanted.
Pamela's Mother: You were so meek, but we still stuck a teacher on you and made you audition for the orchestra.
Pamela's Mother: The marriage proposals were supposed to make up for that. But it looks like we only made things harder for you.
Pamela: It's okay... You don't have to apologize.
Pamela: But... is it really okay for me to...
Pamela's Father: Of course it is! Screw our old traditions! You're our baby and your happiness comes first!
Pamela's Mother: Whatever you want to do, Pamela, we're with you 100 percent of the way!
Lyria: Oh... how wonderful!
Vyrn: Way to go, Pamela! You can keep playing in the orchestra!
Pamela: Th-thank you so much, everyone!
All the talk about marriage proposals turns out to be a boon, helping Pamela recall the emotions she first felt when deciding to tread the path of a musician.
Pamela thanks her parents for everything they've done for her and promises to continue doing her best in the orchestra.

The Tone We Wish to Convey: Scene 3[edit]

All members of the Sky Philharmonic Orchestra return from their mini-adventures just in time for opening day of the 100th anniversary concert tour. They each perform with renewed passion, signifying a rebirth of the orchestra.

It's a full house on the opening day of the Sky Philharmonic Orchestra's 100th anniversary concert tour.
Narita: We're about to start and our section leaders have not returned. This is unprecedented!
Nobiyo: Oh relax. It'll be fine, since it's those kids.
Narita: How can you say it's fine! There's only ten minutes left!
Nobiyo: If worst comes to worst, we'll just have to step in and keep the crowd entertained.
Narita: What? But we've never prepared for anything like that!
Nobiyo: Well, I did kind of lord it over them.
Nobiyo: It's only fair that I take some responsibility, you know?
Narita: Sigh, I just hope this doesn't backfire.
Nobiyo: Well then, shall we get in there and warm up the crowd with an impromptu act?
Narita: We have our hands full with conducting; how are we going to pull off an impromptu act!
Just as Nobiyo tries to drag Narita onstage, a clamor suddenly arises from the crowd.
The two look out into the audience to see the orchestra section leaders and the crew, out of breath, cutting across the auditorium seats.
Novei: Sorry, passing through!
Augusta: Hey, hey! Make way, please!
Robertina: Phew, I'm tired from running.
Augusta: How about I carry you there, Tina?
Robertina: No thanks. I'm not a kid, you know.
Pamela: Ah! Tina, you dropped your snacks!
Pamela: Eek!
Cecile: Pamela! Are you okay?
Cecile immediately lifts Pamela up in her arms.
Pamela: Thanks, Cecile...
Vyrn: Go, go, go, the stage is right there! We can do this!
Lyria: I wonder if it was okay for us to come along like this, (Captain).
(Captain) grabs her arm and leaps on to the stage.
Nobiyo: Hahaha, this is too good!
Nobiyo: It's as if we've already reached the crescendo!
Narita: Whew, talk about a close one! I guess I was worried for nothing.
The section leaders find their seats.
(Captain) and company spot Nobiyo and Narita on the stage wing and rush over to them.
Narita: (Captain)! How is everyone?
Lyria: They're ready to go!
Nobiyo: Haha, I could already tell from your faces!
Vyrn: They did their best out there! You'll hear it in their performances!
The crew has felt for themselves the emotions that led the section leaders down the path of music.
They wish for the audience to experience those very same emotions.
Nobiyo: Well, it looks like they've finished tuning. I'd better get up there.
Narita: We've kept the fans waiting long enough!
Narita: Go get 'em, Nobiyo!
Nobiyo: Well, let's get this show on the road!
A thunderous applause shakes the concert hall the moment Nobiyo appears onstage.
Narita looks on with admiration at the world-renowned Nobiyo.
Vyrn: Hey, Narita. Why did you decide to study under Nobiyo?
Narita: Hmm, well...
Narita chooses his words carefully.
Narita: I guess it's because Nobiyo is someone who truly believes music can change the world for the better.
Lyria: Hm, change the world with music...?
Narita: Yes. Anyone who's ever attended a performance conducted by Nobiyo would say the same thing.
Narita: Music transports us to another world—it takes us on an unforgettable journey that stays with us.
Narita: Even when we return to our normal lives, we find ourselves more optimistic than before.
Narita: It's almost like a magic spell that never wears off.
Lyria: How fantastic! He's like a wizard of music!
On stage, Nobiyo makes eye contact with each member of the orchestra.
Nobiyo: (Well then, are we ready to play the most incredible music the audience has ever heard?)
Novei: (Absolutely! Let's do this, everyone!)
Pamela: (I'm ready to go!)
Augusta: (100th anniversaries don't come all that often. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts!)
Robertina: (I'm gonna party all night with snacks when this is over.)
Cecile: (I was born ready! Let's totally knock their socks off!)
Nobiyo gets into position on the podium and checks with Novei.
Novei lets out a deep breath and begins playing at the exact moment Nobiyo begins waving his baton.
The entire orchestra begins playing in perfect unison, enveloping the audience in a glorious homophony.
The indescribably transcendent music stirs emotions deep within the audience.
Individual undertones from each member begin to stand out, filling the concert hall with a dreamlike quality.
On this day, the Sky Philharmonic Orchestra is reborn upon the stage.