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Official Profile

Age Unknown Height 86 cm Race Harvin
Hobbies Answering riddles, asking other people riddles
Likes Flying, people's puzzled faces, butterflies, sweets
Dislikes People who won't talk to her, food modeled after butterflies

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Age 不詳 Height 86cm Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 謎に答える事、人に謎を問いかける事
Likes 飛ぶこと、困っている人の顔、蝶々、甘い物
Dislikes 相手をしてくれない人、蝶々を象った食べ物

Character Release



Source [1] [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
I'm so glad to have met you, and that's not just philosophically speaking. Have a great day today!


(Captain), everyday with you is so much fun, it leaves my head spinning!
I learn so many new things just being with you... I can feel my perspectives expanding with new thought.
I hope you'll always stay by my side, (Captain). Happy birthday!


You've always walked forward down your path, no matter what obstacles you faced.
So I'm sure you'll keep going... No matter what.
You have amazing strength, you know. That's why I care about you so much.
I can't wait to see the many faces of you, (Captain). Especially your blushing faces!
Happy birthday!


Maybe it was a coincidence that you and I crossed paths on the deck that day, that moment.
But I have to think the time we spent here together is an inevitability.
My choices and your choices combined to create the bond between us.
I'm grateful for our chance meeting and essential bond.
You're blushing, aren't you? Well, hehe, at any rate I'm happy we met.
Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm never going to stop bothering you, hehe!


Hehehe. How many birthday blessings does this make?
Strange. It could be the tenth time or the hundredth time, but celebrating your birthday never gets old.
In fact the more the years go by, the more I feel like being here to wish you joy.
Is this feeling coming from our friendship? Or is it from—
Aha-ha. In any case, happy birthday, my precious (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
I hope I get to debate more with you this year. You could even wax philosophical every now and then...


I'd sure like to debate with you again this year...
Heheh... But not just about philosophy. We could talk about anything!
Ha-ha! Let's make another great year together, (Captain)!


The new year is here, so I was thinking that it's the perfect time to talk about what philosophy is exactly.
Ha-ha... If you already know that much, then this should make for an interesting discussion...
To put it simply... Philosophy is to ponder the fundamental truth of things and ideas all around us.
Some say philosophy is the pastime of intellectuals and thinkers...
(Captain). Were you snoring just now? Are you sure? Really?
Humph! Don't tease me like that... Or else I'll have to tease you back!
Ha-ha! I'm looking forward to an all new year of your curious expressions!


If you eat just one piece of mochi from the New Year's zoni soup... Munch munch... It's still zoni, right?
And if you eat another... Nom nom... It's still zoni, isn't it?
But if you keep on eating even more...
A-ha! It's no longer zoni but rather an empty bowl.
What is the essential form of zoni anyway? What do you think?
Hm? There's enough for seconds and thirds?
Teehee... Well, that's certainly convenient. We'll have to test this out one more time.


"By far the best proof is experience."
A philosopher once spoke those words. It means you shouldn't pass off something as fact until you've experienced it firsthand.
I want to see, hear, and do many different things to give my brain new ideas to ponder.
As each year flows by, let's seek more adventures and pursue further knowledge together.
Happy New Year, (Captain).

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

People think more quickly when they've had sugar, you know. So here you go! I made this for you!
Why don't we eat it together? And then we can talk about taking flight...
Hm? My face is turning red? It's not like... I mean...
Come on now! Hurry and take a bite before it melts!


What do I do? I made some chocolate for (Captain), but I ate it all...
I was so busy thinking of how to give it to (Captain) and before I knew it, it was all gone...
What do I do? Oh! Ah! You're here, (Captain)! I, um...
Well, I d-don't have any chocolate to give... But if I could, I'd give you my heart and... Wait! What am I saying!
Um, well... Let's see now... Uh... How about we make some chocolate together?


(Captain), I m-made you some... chocolate again this year.
Huh? What feelings did I put into making the chocolate, you ask? W-well... I, um...
Hmmm... I wish you wouldn't stare at me so hard... I don't want you to see me blushing like this...
After all, I'm supposed to be the one making you blush... Oh, (Captain), you're a real tease!


Hey, (Captain)...
Would you be happy if I were to make some chocolates for you?
And if those chocolates were heart-shaped, would your chest fill with joy?
The shape of a heart is no more than two ellipses combined, and chocolates are nothing more than mere sweets.
Aha, but you seem intrigued. I just happen to have some heart-shaped chocolates right here, so let's try a little experiment.
What do you say?
A-aren't you getting carried a way a bit?
If you get that excited, then I won't be able to turn my face to you... for reasons.


Hehe, this year's Valentine's chocolates are different in more ways than one.
Laguna and I made them together. We added a splash of milk for that hint of silkiness.
You think another ingredient was added in? Um, like what?
Wha? L-love? Er, um...
Yes, that's in there too...
Ack! Don't look at my face! Turn away!
Oh, look what you made me say. That was a mean trick, (Captain). Hehe...

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

This is for me? Oh, thank you!
I wonder why people give gifts... And what feelings are bound up in them? Friendship? Charity? Or perhaps... love?
No deep meaning in my question! I just wanted to tease you a little.
Thank you so much!


I wonder where feelings exist... Are they filled up inside these candies? Or are they filled up inside your heart?
If it's the latter... then I'd be very happy!
Thank you, (Captain). Let's have a debate together today!


He-ha... I'm so happy I can get some sweets from you again this year, (Captain)...
Ah... Let's see...
W-well, I thought I'd pose to you a philosophical question of some sort, but I'm just so happy... My brain just can't think of anything...
I'll just hurry and think of something... But, heh-heh... I got a gift from you...
I'm so happy!


Ah, (Captain)... Are you giving me a treat this year as well?
Ehehe, this is so delightful.
U-um... I, uh...
My head's a blank—pure white. And I had something clever to say to you too.
Is this the meaning of the white in White Day?
Anyway, I'm so happy I'm speechless.
Thank you, (Captain)!


Heehee... Thank you, (Captain).
I admit I was a bit anxious about today.
Every year on this day, my mind goes blank when you show me your appreciation.
For all thought to come to a halt is a great lapse for any philosopher.
And it's your fault, you know. You have to take responsibility for this.
Aha-ha. Just kidding.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today's the day when those who lost their lives come back to visit the world of the living... or so they say.
When people die, does the soul survive?
Do we even truly have a soul in the first place?
Captain, do you believe you have a soul?
Just kidding! Hahaha! The look on your face is so cute!


Munch, Munch...
Everyone's giving me candy as if I'm just some kid...
You too, (Captain)? I'll take it, but...
Oh, I hope I'm not giving the wrong impression here... I do like sweets.
And these come from you after all, so...
Thank you, (Captain).


Oh, dear... There's so much candy to eat...
This can only mean one thing: everyone thinks I'm a kid!
This year is the year I'm gonna change their perceptions! I'm a philosopher, you know!
I'll pose a tough brain-teasing question to them that'll make them feel silly!
Uh, but... I'll wait until after I've finished all this candy... Yum!
Mm! Heh-heh! It's so delicious!


(Captain), trick or treat!
Oh, you're fresh out of treats... I see...
I guess that just leaves the tricks.
(N-now what! I haven't thought of any Halloween pranks!)
Um... uh...
What? Is that candy? You had some all along...
You tricked me with your treats, didn't you?
Bothering you is supposed to be my job! Next year I'll have some tricks up my sleeves!


Okay, time to put it to good use.
Use what, you ask? Well, my appearance. Haven't you noticed how everyone treats me like a child?
If I told people my age, they'd be in for a shock. Which is fine, but I might want to let them keep thinking I'm a kid.
My patented puppy-dog eyes will have my bag overflowing with sweet, sweet treats.
Now to test my theory!
So, (Captain), you wouldn't mind me pestering you for candy, right?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

So if I hang a stocking up, some crazy guy in red will come and bring me presents?
It's strange that some people believe in him and some people don't. I wonder why...
Me? Well, I... think it'd be nice if it were true.
Huh? These stockings I hung? Well... I mean... who doesn't want a present?


Say, (Captain), it's snowing outside.
Snow is cold... But if this reality is only a temporary space...
Then this chill... And even your warmth... I suppose none of it is actually real.
Ha-ha! Oh, it's nothing. Are you free today? I'd love it if we could spend a little more time together!


What exactly are you supposed to do for the holidays? I think the original purpose is different from its purpose nowadays.
I wonder when it changed... Say, what do you think, (Captain)?
As long as you can enjoy spending time with friends, that's good enough for you, huh?
Ha-ha... Figured you'd say that! Well then, shall we go and help set up for all the fun planned for tonight? Heh-heh!


How did this custom of exchanging presents in the dead of winter come to be? What do you think, (Captain)?
Would you say it's a tradition from somewhere specific? Did someone intentionally spread it? Or is it something entirely different?
It's hard to guess what would make an appropriate present without knowing the holiday's origin.
Huh? You want to know if I'm having trouble deciding on a present?
Why is that your assumption? I mean, you're just...
Well... You're actually not far off the mark.
Um... (Captain), please put your head together with me if you would.


(Captain)! Here's a present for you!
Ah, but don't open it yet! Hehehe...
First a question for you. Is there actually anything inside that box?
Maybe there is, and maybe there isn't. See, what you have in your hands is—
Hey, hey, hey! I told you not to open it yet! I'm not done talking!
See? It's empty.
The gift is my feelings...
Happy holidays, (Captain).

Fate Episodes

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The Philosophia Dialectic

Philosophia and Laguna first met a few days earlier, and they quickly bonded over the fact that they both possess mysterious relics. They are now enjoying a conversation in the mess hall, until Philosophia makes a comment implying their relics don't have a will of their own. Laguna takes this as a slight against her Omar's Odyssey, and she leaves in a huff.

Philosophia not in crew

???: Aha-ha.
One day a young woman startles the crew by suddenly landing on the Grandcypher while riding a spinning top.
She asks the crew a thought-provoking question, one which they can't definitively answer.
???: Tee-hee! Did I startle you? Hey, do you mind if I ask you a question?
???: Would you say that you're flying through the air right now?
The girl smiles with delight upon seeing the crew members lost in thought.
???: Aha-ha... You guys are so cute. The faces you pull when you're confused... They're so... so...
She manages to settle down and politely bows to the crew.
Philosophia: My name is Philosophia. Some call me a sage, and others call me a philosopher.
Philosophia: But I am merely a fool who delights in challenging people's preconceptions—who spins wild theories for the simple pleasure of knocking them down...
As soon as Philosophia is done introducing herself, she poses (Captain) with yet another question.
(Captain)'s answer catches the girl off guard, which instantly rouses her interest in the captain.
Philosophia: Okay... I've decided. I'm coming with you.
Philosophia: Of course I'm not expecting a free ride. I'll help out in any way that I can!
And that is how the top-riding philosopher known as Philosophia came to be a part of the crew.
One day as (Captain) and a few others are about to go shopping, they hear friendly chatter coming from the ship's mess.
Two women are seated at a table, enjoying an assortment of cookies and cakes. They raise their glasses of milk and clink them together.
Philosophia: Okay, okay, here's a question for you. How would you define bravery?
Laguna is a crew member

Laguna: In my humble opinion, it means never showing your back to the enemy.
Laguna not in crew

???: In my humble opinion, it means never showing your back to the enemy.
The young Draph woman barely hesitates, pausing just long enough for a sip of milk before answering. Her name is Laguna.
She's a soldier from a small kingdom, and she wields a spear named Omar's Odyssey, a weapon that stores experience from every battle it's ever seen.
It was Laguna's hobby to ask travelers for their stories, and the visiting (Captain) and company were no exception.
The crew's tales of adventure convinced Laguna to ask her superiors for a brief leave, and now she is temporarily traveling with the crew.
Philosophia: All right, then here's a follow-up. What if you knew for a fact you couldn't defeat that enemy and losing would cost you something?
Philosophia: Like, say... Omar's Odyssey.
Laguna: Hm, that's a tough one. In that case I don't think you could call that bravery. But on the other hand...
Philosophia: Aha-ha. There's the cute, confounded face of Laguna.
Laguna: P-please don't tease me like that. It's embarrassing, Sophi.
Lyria: Um, is that Philosophia with Laguna?
Vyrn: Huh. Now there's a duo you don't see every day.
Vyrn: Hey, Ms. Necktie, you must be on pretty good terms with Philosophia to be speaking so casually with her.
Vyrn: When did you girls become such good buddies? Have you two always known each other?
Philosophia: Hahaha. Perish the thought. We actually met by chance not too long ago.
Lyria: Oh, really? How did you hit it off so quickly?
Philosophia: Well, you see...
Philosophia: Ah, but first I'll take this macaron. Om-nom...
Mm, scrumptious.
Quietly munching the dessert, Philosophia recounts the story of how she and Laguna met and bonded.
Philosophia: I believed it happened a few days ago. I was floating above the deck, letting my thoughts roam free.
Philosophia: Then I heard someone's voice coming from below. It sounded like trouble.
Philosophia: Hm, I wonder if it's a fight. But wait a minute. I only see a woman by herself. Isn't her name Laguna?
Laguna: Sigh... How many times do I have to tell you that goes against my rule?
Laguna: Ungh... So heavy... You increased your weight on purpose, didn't you? Are you sulking?
Laguna: Agh, fine, fine! Stop being so grumpy! You're my comrade in arms. Of course you're important to me!
Laguna: The next time I run into a sword-wielding maniac I can't handle, I promise I'll let you do the fighting. Sigh, no I'm not lying.
Philosophia: I was certain Laguna was alone, but clearly she was bickering with someone.
Philosophia: I was so intrigued by this paradox that, before I knew it, I was standing right beside her.
Laguna: Wha? Um, can I help you?
Philosophia: Do you mind if I ask who you were speaking to? Could it have been this weapon?
Laguna: Ah, you seem to have picked up on that. My weapon and I were having a minor... tiff.
Laguna: It probably sounds far-fetched, but I can hear his voice. Sometimes tempers flare—
Philosophia: Wow!
Philosophia: You too? I've finally found another person who can hear the voices of objects when no one else can!
Laguna: Come again? Do you have these conversations like I do?
Philosophia: Yep! In my case it's with my spinning top, Crypton. It supplies me with a steady stream of riddles.
Laguna: That's very interesting. My spear is named Omar's Odyssey. He tends to act out a lot.
Philosophia: It was my first time meeting someone else who could converse with a supposedly inanimate object.
Philosophia: Needless to say I was very excited. Laguna and I started chatting up a storm.
Philosophia: About the mysterious possessions in our care. About the things we've experienced.
Philosophia: We learned that her Omar's Odyssey and my Crypton were both found in old ruins.
Philosophia: Whenever I'd ask Laguna something, she'd get an introspective look on her face. I could tell the cogs in her head were spinning.
Philosophia: Aha-ha. The normally unflappable Laguna puts on the cutest face when she's thinking, just like (Captain).
Philosophia: And so on and so forth. We chatted like old friends.
Vyrn: I see, I see. In other words you two hit it off right from the start.
Philosophia: Haha, I suppose. Not to mention we share a penchant for this lovely beverage.
Lyria: Is that milk?
Laguna: This is just my opinion, but I don't think anyone who shares the same taste in food can be a bad person.
Philosophia: Hehe, milk pairs perfectly with sweets any day of the week.
Philosophia: Munch...
Glug, gulp...
Aah... Yummy.
Vyrn: Uh-huh. I can see how you two are like peas in a pod.
Vyrn: Say, Ms. Necktie, don't you find Philosophia's way of speaking kinda... I don't know, tiring?
Laguna: Not at all. Sophi's words are insightful.
Laguna: Listening to her has allowed me to arrive at many different conclusions I otherwise would've never considered.
Philosophia: Hehehe, and I get my fill of seeing Laguna's pondering expressions. They're captivatingly cute.
Laguna: The one hitch being how she teases me so.
Lyria: Hahaha, you two go well together.
Vyrn: All righty then. We'd better go get our shopping done.
Philosophia: Oh, since you're heading out anyway, can I add a few things to your shopping list?
Lyria: Haha, milk and snacks, right? We've got you covered!
Philosophia: Thanks a bunch. See you soon!
Philosophia waves goodbye to (Captain) and the others. Then the casual get-together picks up where it left off.
Philosophia: So where were we, Laguna?
Laguna: You sure don't waste much time. What would you like to talk about next?
Philosophia: How about the concept of will?
Laguna: Will, huh... That sounds like a doozy.
Philosophia: Now then, a question, if I may. What does will mean to you?
Laguna: In my humble opinion, it's the ability to voluntarily express one's thoughts. Like engaging in a conversation for example.
Philosophia: So you're saying that both of us are exercising our will right now as we speak?
Laguna: Hm. Yes, naturally.
Philosophia: Okay, then here's the follow-up. What about Crypton and Omar's Odyssey?
Philosophia: Do they have will?
Laguna: Yes, without a doubt. Haven't we spoken with them on multiple occasions before?
Laguna: My talking to Omar was the entire reason you and I met.
Philosophia: Hehe, so it was. But what if our possessions don't actually have will?
Laguna: What?
Philosophia: Isn't it possible that all of their responses are predefined statements, merely following a script based on what we say?
Laguna: That's impossible. Do you know how many times Omar has saved me without me saying anything?
Laguna: He... Omar has a soul.
Philosophia: Are you positive that you haven't simply convinced yourself that he does? Actions predicated on preset instructions; can that really be considered will?
Laguna: That's... Well... He's...
Philosophia: (Heehee... She's such a cutie when she gets befuddled.)
Philosophia is ecstatic to have found a friend possessed of communicative ability much like Philosophia's own.
Perhaps that is why she doesn't sense that a feeling of resentment is building in Laguna.
Philosophia: Aha-ha. So it would appear our possessions don't have their own will after all, wouldn't it?
Laguna: No, Omar does. In fact he... My comrade feels slighted that you would reject his existence.
Philosophia: Huh?
Laguna: I'm sorry. This conversation is beginning to bother me.
Philosophia: Wha?
Laguna: Sophi... I didn't want you to reject Omar for who he is.
Philosophia: Er... Wait... Th-that's not what I—
Laguna: This is just my opinion, but I believe you should take a few moments to consider the feelings of others. That is if you have the will. And a soul.
Philosophia: L-Laguna...
Lyria: We're back! We bought milk and treats like you asked...
Vyrn: Hm? What's with Ms. Necktie?
Philosophia: (Captain)... Sniff... What am I going to do? Laguna hates me...
(Captain) and company try to calm the sobbing girl.
They can't understand how a rift has opened between two good pals within such a short time.

What is Will?

A few days have passed since Philosophia and Laguna had a falling out, and Philosophia can't stop thinking about how she hurt Laguna's feelings. Philosophia's top, Crypton, suddenly stops spinning; to make matters worse, Philosophia can no longer hear its voice.

It's been a few days since Laguna and Philosophia had a falling-out. The Harvin is floating high in the air, plagued by intrusive thoughts.
She can't shake the words Laguna left her with.
Laguna: This is just my opinion, but I believe you should take a few moments to consider the feelings of others. That is if you have the will. And a soul.
Philosophia: If I have the will or a soul?
Philosophia: Sniff... If only I'd paid more attention to Laguna's feelings.
Philosophia: I finally made a friend, and I was mean to her. She hates me now... But...
Philosophia: I was only asking questions like I normally do. I was curious about whether Crypton and Omar possess their own will.
Philosophia: Sob...
As the insecure thoughts roil inside her, she is beset by more misfortune.
Crypton, which she's been riding, stops spinning for no discernible reason.
Philosophia: Huh? What's wrong, Crypton?
Philosophia: Wh-wh-whoa!
No longer sustaining any momentum, Crypton falls to the deck of the Grandcypher with Philosophia following close behind.
Philosophia: Waaaah!
Lyria: Oh no! Philosophia's falling, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hehe, so what else is new? I bet she'll conjure up some magic to land safely like she always does.
  1. Something's not right this time.
  2. There's nothing to worry about.

Choose: Something's not right this time.
Vyrn: What do you mean?
Lyria: Look! She's not riding Crypton anymore! And it's like she's flailing around in a panic!
Lyria: We have to do something, (Captain)!

Choose: There's nothing to worry about.
Vyrn: Yep. The Harvin that cried wolf. She's probably trying to prank us again—
Philosophia: Aaaiee!
Vyrn: Uh, do you think she's taking this act a bit far? No, wait, something's not right here!
Continue 1
(Captain) nods and dashes toward Philosophia's expanding shadow.
The captain makes the saving catch.
Philosophia: Huff... Puff... Th-thanks, (Captain).
Vyrn: What was that all about? Were you testing out a theory or something?
Philosophia: I was really flying, wasn't I?
Philosophia: Ack, no! That's not it!
Philosophia: I fell because Crypton suddenly stopped moving.
Lyria: Huh? It stopped? How come?
Philosophia: I don't know. As long as thoughts are spinning in my head, Crypton should keep spinning too. This has never happened before.
Vyrn: Hm, so you couldn't cast your magic circle to catch yourself because of all that confusion.
Philosophia staggers to her feet and wobbles over to touch the motionless Crypton.
It doesn't budge, but that's only the half of it.
Philosophia: No! What is the meaning of this?
Vyrn: Uh-oh, that doesn't sound good!
Philosophia: I can't hear Crypton's voice anymore!
The quiver in her voice is all that's needed to convey the severity of the situation.

What is Will?: Scene 2

Vyrn suggests asking Laguna for help in regards to Crypton, but Philosophia feels too much guilt to face her. Instead, she requests to go back to the ruins where she found Crypton to look for clues. Unfortunately the only thing they find at the ruins is monsters—Laguna arrives unexpectedly to help fight off the creatures.

Philosophia: Get up, get up!
Philosophia: Ooh... Crypton...
No matter how many times Philosophia gets on Crypton, no matter how often she begs it, the top won't move.
None of the crew members have ever been able to hear Crypton's voice.
So they have no idea what could be causing Crypton's condition.
But one thing is certain.
Philosophia: What happened to you, Crypton?
They've never seen the young woman in such a distressed state.
Suddenly an idea pops into Vyrn's head.
Vyrn: Hey, do you think Laguna might know something about this?
Lyria: Oh, maybe she does. Laguna's weapon is kind of similar to Crypton after all!
Philosophia: ...
Philosophia: No, I can't ask her for assistance. Because I... I hurt her feelings.
Philosophia: How can I expect her to help me after what I did.
Vyrn: Well, do you have a better idea?
Philosophia: Ah, that's it! There's probably a clue in the ruins where I found Crypton!
Lyria: The ruins?
(Captain) and the others remember their previous visit to the ruins Philosophia is referring to.
(Captain) reminds her that there wasn't anything of value left behind.
Philosophia: Y-yeah, I know we didn't find anything that time, but this is all I've got right now! I have to go back there!
Philosophia: Please, (Captain)? Won't you take me to the ruins?
Attempting to calm Philosophia down, (Captain) turns the airship for the ruins.
Laguna: ...
Laguna observes this exchange without being seen.
Before long the crew lands in the ruins.
As expected there's nothing there. Philosophia's panic begins to surface again.
Philosophia: N-now what? We came all this way, and nothing's happening.
Philosophia: Why? Why won't you speak to me, Crypton?
Vyrn: Uh-oh. I think we oughta get going...
Philosophia: Huh?
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Sigh... Looks like the monsters made themselves at home since no one else bothered to.
Monster: Grooar!
Lyria: Yikes! Let's leave, Philosophia!
Philosophia: B-but what about Crypton!
Vyrn: It sucks, but we should head back for now—
Vyrn: Whoa! Behind you!
Philosophia: Huh?
Philosophia, in her frantic state of mind, fails to notice a monster silently creeping up from behind.
(Captain) sprints over to save her, but the monster is quicker on the draw.
Philosophia: Eeek!
Lyria: Philosophia!
Monster: Guurgh...
Philosophia: I'm still alive?
Instead of tearing off flesh, the monster gets a mouthful of a spear's handle.
Vyrn: Hey, it's—
Philosophia: Laguna! What are you—
Laguna: Question. What is will?
Philosophia: Um, well... It's being able to speak your mind. Like having a conversation, or...
Philosophia: Oh!
Laguna: Do you get it now, Sophi? You have will. Why didn't you come talk to me?
Laguna: You should have asked for my help.
Philosophia: I couldn't face you after hurting you!
Laguna: I see. We'll talk after we take care of these monsters!

What is Will?: Scene 3

Once the monsters are defeated, Laguna and Philosophia apologize to each other and reconcile. Laguna says that Crypton is sulking because Philosophia said it didn't have a will, so Philosophia makes another apology, and the placated Crypton starts spinning again. Everyone returns to the Grandcypher, where Philosophia and Laguna's friendship picks up where it left off.

(Captain) and company successfully ward off the monsters.
Silence returns to the ruins. Laguna awkwardly scratches her cheek.
Laguna: If having will means choosing to speak up, then I probably have some work to do too.
Philosophia: Huh?
Laguna: What I said to you... I didn't realize how much it bothered you. Sorry. I was being overly critical.
Philosophia: No, it's not like that! I was completely in the wrong.
Philosophia: I got so caught up in the excitement of making a friend.
Philosophia: At the time, it didn't occur to me that I said things I shouldn't have said.
Philosophia: I'm sorry, Laguna.
Laguna: It's okay, Sophi. I know you aren't the mean-spirited type.
Laguna: But there's someone else you should apologize to.
Philosophia is confused, so Laguna points her spear at Crypton.
Philosophia: You don't mean...
Laguna: Yes, I do.
Philosophia: You're right. Crypton, up until recently you've always entertained me with queries.
Philosophia: You kept me company when things got lonely. You most certainly have a will.
Philosophia: Yet I had the nerve to claim you didn't.
Philosophia: I'm sorry, Crypton.
Philosophia droops her head in apology. Lo and behold, Crypton starts to spin again.
Philosophia: Crypton! You forgave me... Thank you!
The grinning woman eagerly hops onto Crypton, and they both take to the air.
This development leaves the crew scratching their heads.
Vyrn: Um, what exactly just happened?
Laguna: Occasionally Omar will decide to fluctuate his weight without warning, making him impossible to use.
Laguna: It usually happens when I don't take his opinions seriously enough.
Laguna: Hehe. Crypton was acting out in the same way.
Vyrn: Um... So you're saying...
Lyria: Ahaha. Crypton was just pouting?
Laguna: Yeah, that's it.
Vyrn: Sigh... Give me a break.
Philosophia: Hahaha. I didn't realize it at all either.
With a sheepish smile, Philosophia thanks the crew for bearing with her.
A few days later.
Philosophia: Okay, here's a question for you. What makes a doughnut, a doughnut? Is it the hole, or is it the actual doughy part?
Laguna: Um... It would be the doughy part, right?
Philosophia: But isn't the hole a doughnut's defining feature?
Laguna: Er, then I guess the hole is the doughnut?
Lyria: Hehe, it looks like those two patched things up.
Vyrn: Yep. If anything I think they're even better friends now than before.
Laguna: Wait, wait. How can a doughnut even exist if it's just an empty hole?
Philosophia: Aha-ha. I can't get enough of the cute expression you make when your brain works overtime.
Laguna: Would you stop teasing—oh.
Laguna: Haha. Okay, Sophi. I might not know the answer to your question, but I do know one thing to be true.
Philosophia: Aha-ha. And what is that?
Laguna: Milk goes with doughnuts like jam and bread.
Philosophia: Huh?
Laguna: Bon appetit. Om.
Philosophia: Nooo! That was the last one! Lagunaaa!
Vyrn: So much for patching things up, eh?
Lyria: Hehehe, it's okay. They're just having some fun.
Philosophia and Laguna's laughter brings a smile to the watching crew members' faces.
They decide to join the party, and a grand old time is had by all.

Spinning Thoughts

Spinnah and Philosophia dive into a dizzying dialogue on the beauty of rotation. Spinnah closes out the chat by asking Philosophia to help him popularize spin blades, and the lofty Harvin is hard put to hide her interest.

Spinnah: Hm? What's that?
Spinnah strolls along the deck of the Grandcypher on a quiet afternoon. That's when he notices a strange top floating in the air above.
Philosophia: Hmm... Saying that an island floats is perfectly reasonable, but no one would say that an island flies.
Philosophia: Conversely, when someone spots a bird, they would say it's flying not floating.
Philosophia: Therefore floating and flying are different actions. One cannot fly while floating, and vice versa.
Philosophia rides on her top, its spin matching the flow of her thoughts.
Spinnah: Sorry for interrupting you, but what are you riding on? It's got such a beautiful spin!
Philosophia: This here's Crypton. It's a top that spins in conjunction with my thoughts and feelings.
Spinnah: How about that? A top that spins the more you think. That's not something you see every day!
Philosophia: Yes, it's quite the curio. Watch.
Should floating be considered a type of flying, or is it the other way around?
Spinnah: (Amazing. Its revolutions accelerate the moment her thoughts pick up!)
Spinnah's eyes are alight with wonder as Crypton goes round and round.
Philosophia: Eureka. Flying is...
Spinnah: ...
Philosophia: No, that's not right. Because floating is...
Spinnah: ...!
Philosophia: In order to understand flight, one must also understand buoyancy. However...
Spinnah: (How captivating. Despite how fast the top's going, the spindle remains stable, and the whir it makes is crystal clear!)
Spinnah: (Heh, my eyes implore me not to waste this moment—I hardly dare blink. I want to hear nothing but its hum—so much so that I resent even the pounding of my heart!)
Spinnah: Hahaha! Man, what an amazing spinsthetic! I've fallen under its hypnotic spell!
Philosophia: Huh? Spinsthetic?
Spinnah: That's right! Crypton's spinning motion is stunning! A level of perfection that is so rarely achieved!
Philosophia: Haha, I never expected to hear such compliments about the way Crypton spins. You're a funny fellow.
Spinnah's enthusiasm has piqued Philosophia's interest, and she slowly descends to the deck.
Philosophia: Allow me to ask you a question then. What is it that you find beautiful: Crypton or the motion of the spin?
Spinnah: I'm talking about the motion of course. Why do you think I used the word spinsthetic?
Philosophia: Ah, you sound confident about your answer.
Philosophia: But here's the thing. That beautiful spin was produced by Crypton; therefore isn't it Crypton that you find beautiful?
Spinnah: Sure, I never said Crypton wasn't beautiful! Nice colors, solid construction, good utility... Everything's great in and of itself.
Spinnah: But it's the spinning motion that ties together these disparate elements into one complete package.
Spinnah: Spinning has the power to refine fragments of beauty and make them, you know, perfect. Therefore spinning must be beauty itself!
Philosophia: Hmm... Then as a follow-up, why do you find things that spin beautiful?
Spinnah: Good question. Sure, as a humble artist I could tell you why I find it beautiful.
Spinnah: But all the words in the world couldn't explain the full breadth of beauty. That's what art's all about.
Philosophia: Um... Then what is your definition of beauty?
Spinnah: Beauty can be found in symmetry; it can also be found in irregularity. It has no singular shape; therefore it also has no precise definition.
Spinnah: But beauty clearly exists. Because when you feel your very soul being consumed by passion—that's when you know you're in the presence of beauty.
Philosophia: Huh. You don't seem fazed about anything I ask.
Realizing that Spinnah won't waver no matter what thought-provoking questions are thrown at him, Philosophia seems to lose interest and turns away.
Spinnah: Heh, your questions dig deep, don't they?
Spinnah: Seems like you really want to delve into the beauty of the spin. So I think I'll give you a present.
Spinnah slips a spin blade into Philosophia's hands.
Philosophia: What's this?
Spinnah: It's called a spin blade! As an artist, my aspiration is to spread their appeal to every island.
Spinnah: I'm hoping for the spin blade craze to catch fire and sweep across all corners of the sky.
Philosophia: Do you really think people are going to be enthralled by these little toys?
Spinnah: Hah, I'm pretty sure you're answering your own question right now.
Spinnah points to Philosophia's hand. Her fingers are eagerly manipulating the spin blade.
Philosophia: Huh? What am I doing? I didn't even notice my fingers were moving on their own...
Spinnah: Hahaha! How's that for enthrallment? It's like an uncontrollable impulse, am I right?
Philosophia: Erm, I wouldn't say that exactly. I just don't know how or when to stop, so I keep going and going...
Her words say no, but her fingers say yes, aching for one more flick of the spin blade.
The Harvin is disturbed by how quickly she's given in to the spin blade's temptations.
Philosophia: Ngh... Spin, spin, spin... Am I making it spin, or is its spin making me spin it?
Spinnah: That's pretty philosophical... I'd like to know the answer myself. Let's put our heads together for this one.
Spinnah takes out his own spin blade and gives it a whirl.
Only a duet of whooshes can be heard as the two stare at their hands in silent thought.
Philosophia: Mm... So to spin is to be caught in a loop of sorts. After one revolution, the spinner returns to its starting point, then that ending becomes a new beginning.
Spinnah: But, you know, spinning's also one of the easiest ways to accumulate energy. It's how you get storms and rotors—it's how we fly.
Philosophia: I see. So when one rotation ends, a new one begins. But this new rotation is more powerful than the last. Then is it safe to say that to spin is to evolve?
Spinnah: Hm. If that's true, you could claim that spinning represents the life cycle itself. You know, that may be why we instinctively get drawn in.
And so philosopher and artist muse over the magnificence of spinning. It may be a bit hard, however, for the average person to understand their enthusiasm.
Philosophia: Aha... What is spinning anyway?
Spinnah: Who knows exactly? The more I think about it, the more in awe I am of its depth.
Spinnah: (Wow, I've never met anyone who had such interesting things to say about the beauty of the spin.)
Spinnah: (She might be the one to help me achieve my aspirations...)
Spinnah stares at Philosophia, who continues to float in the air atop Crypton. Then, all at once, he comes to a conclusion.
Spinnah: So you remember what I was saying about my aspirations?
Philosophia: Huh? You mean how you want spin blades to become popular all across the skies?
Spinnah: Right. I'm just throwing this out there, but would you mind helping me make that dream come true?
Spinnah: You possess the very essence of spin. With the way you think and the way you ask pointed questions, you're a pro at opening people up to new perspectives.
Spinnah: If you could help me get the word out about how beautiful spinning is and how limitless its possibilities are... There's no doubt we'll brew up a storm!
Spinnah: Then once spin blades become the talk of the town, I'll show you how intense Spin Cup battles can be!
Philosophia: Hm... A spin blade craze, huh?
Philosophia: Hehe. Well, I suppose it'll bring people together and encourage discussion. Some interesting opinions about spinning are bound to arise, I'm sure.
Spinnah: Hehe. I know, right? So teaming up is the right move! What do you say?
Philosophia: Hm, hm... A craze that spins out of control... Getting bigger and more popular...
Philosophia turns her back on the starry-eyed Spinnah. Then she resumes her thinking ways.
Once again Crypton picks up speed, but if it's a spinning match it wants, then the spin blade whirling in Philosophia's hand is not to be underestimated.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
回れ回れ~♪ Spin, spin, spiiin!
クリュプトン… 暇そうだね…? Crypton has it easy...
ドーナツは穴が本体?それとも身が本体? What defines a doughnut: the hole or the dough?
真理に辿り着くのは… 退屈極まりないよ There's nothing more tedious than an obvious answer.
ラグナとお話したいな~ I want to chat with Laguna some more.
さてさて… 何について考えようかな Hm... What shall I ponder next?
実は私、あんまり子供じゃないんだよ~ Despite appearances, I'm not a child, you know.
空飛んでみようかな? What would happen if I leapt into the sky?
(主人公)さん問答していい? Can I ask you something, (Captain)?
(主人公)さんお菓子が食べたいな~♪ I need sweets for my sweet tooth, (Captain)!


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