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Official Profile

Npc f 3020018000 01.jpg Rosamia
Age 19 years old
Height 167 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Paper collages
Likes Narrow spaces
Dislikes Crowds
After swearing allegiance to the empire, Rosamia was chosen to become a test subject for the high-tech mask that now covers her face. When she learns of the empire's true intentions behind the project, she flees, taking with her several crucial documents. When Rosamia first encounters you, she gives the impression of being cool and collected due to her inability to express herself openly. However, she often gives in to her negative impulses, surprising those around her with shockingly rash statements.
Source [1] [2]

Npc f 3020018000 01.jpg Rosamia
Age 19歳
Height 167cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies ちぎり絵
Likes 狭い所
Dislikes 人ごみ
Source [1] [2]

Npc f 3040087000 01.jpg Rosamia (SSR)
Age 19 years old
Height 167 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Paper collages
Likes Narrow spaces
Dislikes Crowds
Source [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040087000 01.jpg Rosamia (SSR)
Age 19歳
Height 167cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies ちぎり絵
Likes 狭い所
Dislikes 人ごみ
Source [3]




Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday.
How can you be so happy, I haven't even gotten you a present. You're so easy to please.
You know, it's been so long since I last wished someone happy birthday. This brings back memories...


It's your birthday!
I didn't want to just say happy birthday like everyone else, so I got you a present too.
Hehe, you don't have to act so happy, you know. Geez.


So today's your birthday, huh? Congrats.
It's too bad I couldn't get you a present though.
Come now, don't look so down.
Only kidding. Here you go.
That exaggerated smile I see on your face this day each year is so infectious.
Heh, how silly...


Happy birthday.
Your birthday party seems very lively. Everyone's having a great time.
With this many people celebrating your big day, you hardly need a present from me, do you?
I'll have to refuse the festivities, but, well, I got you a present anyway.
This happens every year... Why does it make you so happy?
Haha... Well, I guess you'll always be a dummy.
I'm fond of your silliness, though, so I'll be sure to give you a present again next year, even if it's just to see your reaction.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I have something to tell you. Is now okay?
Thank you for everything. You're always helping me in some way or another, and I can't say I've minded my time aboard this ship.
I feel like meeting you all was a major turning point in my life.
There you have it. It's okay to be upfront like this once in a while, right?
The real celebration is still to come, so I just wanted to say my piece before then. Now let's get to the party.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Looks like we've entered the new year. Though I hate making a big fuss about it—I prefer to celebrate quietly.
As for my New Year's resolution, I'll be more than content if we can settle the score with the Empire once and for all.


You're up early. Can't wait to start the new year, right?
I made breakfast. Doesn't it look good? Go on, try a bite, (Captain).
(You've always taken care of me. This is the best I can do to show my gratitude.)
Not like it matters. It's just leftovers anyway.
Um, ignore that. I got my thoughts mixed up, that's all.


Fortune cookies...
Humph, how absurd it all is.
Look at them crowding about the storefronts... (Captain), what's with the smirk?
You bought a few in advance? Not like I really care, but I'll have one.
Bad luck, it reads!
Humph, thank you for the cookie nonetheless, (Captain).


You're going out shopping to start the new year? I see...
(Well, there's nothing I want right now, so I'll refrain from joining.)
I would go with you, but I bet it will be crowded, and I was thinking of taking a nap in my room.
Oh you don't have to look so upset that I can't accompany you.
Sigh... Fine, fine. I'll go with you.
But in exchange you have to promise that you won't horse around too much. I would hate if people started to stare.
Ugh, and right as I say it, there you go. I know you're happy right now, but please calm yourself!


Happy New Year. I don't really understand what's so happy about starting another year though.
My New Year's resolution? I don't even need time to think about it. This is the year...
(I will settle things with this mask! And I won't confuse my thoughts and words anymore!)
Act like you didn't hear anything.
Anyway, there you have it. I hope you have a good year. See you later.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Lyria told me it's a Valentine's tradition to eat chocolate, so here I am making some.
Would you like some? Or would you rather have Katalina's chocolate instead?
You know, I used to make Valentine's chocolate for my family as a child...


I made chocolates again this year.
Lyria seemed to like them last time, so I used the same recipe. How about a taste?
(Well, I tried, anyway. I'm a little worried about how they turned out.)
Hah! You ate one. Now you're duty-bound to return the favor!


This here's for you, (Captain).
(Leftovers from what I gave Lyria. Made 'em in a rush.)
Whew, I tried too hard this year... I can't believe I spent all night making them... Huh?
Oh, I don't mean anything by this; I just wanted to thank you for the things you do for us...
(And that's the truth. You are doing so much for me after all.)
Rgh! How unbecoming of me to say something so mellow! I didn't mean to...
Never mind me—I'm just feeling a bit stressed out. Back to my room it is.


Without saying a word, Rosamia holds out a small package.
Why didn't I say anything, you ask?
(Does it matter? You should know what I want to express without my having to say it.)
And there I went, staying up all night to make this for you so I wouldn't blurt out anything strange like last year, and—oh!
Cough, cough... Sorry. Something was caught in my throat.
Mm... Yawn...
Aaaah—cough, cough... Maybe I stayed up too late. I'm going to return to my room now and catch some sleep. See you later.


Yes, just leave it there. Thanks. That's the last box.
I appreciate you helping me carry them. They're filled with books I need to research this mask. I didn't expect them to be so heavy all together.
Here, take this as a token of my thanks. It's chocolate. I didn't intend to give it to you, but today is Valentine's Day, after all.
(Please accept it in place of payment.) Okay, that was casual enough. It was worth the effort preparing all those boxes...
...! Of all the times!
It's not like that's the only reason I ordered all these books, just so you know.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

This is in return for Valentine's?
I see. Allow me to give some words of gratitude, then.


I didn't think you'd actually return the favor. You have my thanks.
Wait, you don't honestly expect me to eat all this, do you?
You didn't know what I liked so you bought everything in the store? Are you some kind of fool?
Heh... I guess I have no choice but to stuff it all in my face. This is going to be fun. Thank you.


A present for me? Repayment, you say?
For everything I do to help you? I don't exactly recall doing much though...
Oh, just one today? It was neat getting a whole box last year...
Ahah, so you've nailed down my tastes. Mm, you seem very sure of it.
I look forward to seeing the contents within.


This is for me? I must say, you never miss a year.
Oh, you say it's because I've never missed giving you Valentine's chocolate?
Ah, maybe we've been indulging in this practice too much. How about we switch to exchanging gifts only once every two or three years?
Please don't look so disappointed.
It was just a joke. I promise I'll make you chocolates next year too.


Another thank-you gift for Valentine's? You're considerate to a fault.
I can't say I mind though. But I'd like to make something clear.
I don't give you chocolate on Valentine's Day because I'm expecting anything in return.
And just so you know, that wasn't me getting my words and thoughts mixed up. We've been together so long I've become rather attached to you.
Anyway, see you later.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat.
If you'd rather not bear witness to my magic, kindly hand over the candy.


Ngh! I'm... losing control!
Get away!
Just kidding. It's just a paper cutout.
How about giving me some candy since I tricked you? Yeah, I should probably rethink that trick, huh...


Trick or treat...
Oh, you'll give me candy just like that?
(Pumpkin-flavored chocolate? How gracious of (Captain)...)
Oh, you didn't have to. I was going to play a trick on you with my magic either way.
It's too late to go back now! Get ready for my trick!


Phew... That was terrible. Out in the street, there were all these children.
They thought I was wearing this mask as some kind of costume. I tried to explain myself, but they wouldn't listen.
Then they took me to a park, where they involved me in their bizarre candy celebration.
It was truly a disaster.
Choose: But did you have fun?
(Didn't I just say it was a disaster?)
Well, I have to say I was very lucky for getting free candy... Huh?
Did you make me do that on purpose? I'll pay you back, you know.


Where are you going dressed like that?
Oh, it's Halloween? I forgot that was today.
So you'll be using that costume to scare the townspeople, threaten them with tricks, and cheat them out of treats in exchange.
(Well, I hope you enjoy yourself.)
Not that anyone invited me though.
You want me to come? I wasn't planning to participate, but I see no reason to decline free candy. I suppose I can help you out.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Everyone in town is really busy, so you know it must be time for the holidays. A greeting card? You want me to make one because everyone else is? Hmm, should I make a collage?


A holiday party? I'm sorry, but I'm not fond of noisy gatherings. I'll just bring some food and cake to my room and eat it alone. N-no, you don't have to keep me company. Don't say such useless things. Well, if you sit quietly, then I guess I don't mind...


And today marks the start of such festivities...
(Everyone's getting carried away in the foolishness of it all...)
I have many fond memories of holiday get-togethers with my family.
Hm? You suggest we all have cake together?
Well, if it's just eating cake, I'll oblige.


Ah yes... I've still yet to decide what to bring to the gift swap.
(Of course, I'm not sure I'm cut out for partying with everyone. Maybe I'll take a pass this time.)
Then again, I've already made this picture with the season's festivities in mind. I wonder if anyone would actually appreciate it.
Sigh... Never mind...

Choose: That sounds like a great present.
Does it?
Well, here. You sign it with your name, and then I'll feel better about giving it away. Good. Glad that's settled.


Heading to bed already, (Captain)? Did all the fun at the holiday party wear you out?
(I see. Then you ought to get some sleep.)
That works out perfectly. I'll sneak this collage into the room once (Captain)'s asleep...
P-pretend you didn't hear that...
A gift for you? I have no such thing. Don't get your hopes up.
Now, good night. And... keep the door unlocked, okay?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Recollection and Conquest

Rosamia begins to succumb to the mask after a battle with monsters. In a dream-like state, she remembers an army officer's advice; take the mask's power for yourself. Will the curse be broken or will she conquer the mask? Only time will tell.

Rosamia was a test subject for a mask developed by the Erste Empire's military.
She gains abnormal fighting ability at the expense of losing herself to the mask. Even so, she is welcomed into the crew.
Rosamia fights alongside (Captain) using the power of the mask but the fear of losing control is always present.
Rosamia: Haaa!
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Rosamia: Looks like everything's in order... Ngh... Ugh...
Katalina: What's wrong?
Rosamia: It's no good... The mask... Get away!
Katalina: Oh no! The mask is starting to go berserk! Get ready, (Captain)!
Rosamia: Get back... Ngh... Aaaaaaahh!
Rosamia: (The mask controls me. It takes my will, my fatigue, and even my pain. All I can do is keep fighting.)
Rosamia: (It's meaningless to resist the mask. I must cut down those fools who once called me their friend.)
Rosamia: (...)
Rosamia: (Resist... That word brings back memories.)
Stranger: It's not going well, is it. It seems she was involved in another scuffle.
Rosamia: (Who was that? Must've been a squad leader.)
Rosamia, long ago: You're Lieutenant Galston? You're not in charge of my squad. Why did you—
2nd Lt. Galston: Hah! Such fights are unpardonable.
2nd Lt. Galston: It's only natural that they'd push back when being pushed. After all, they've been recklessly given power as well.
Rosamia: (That's right. I had just become a test subject for the mask.)
Rosamia: (I never got along with the others. Then one day, someone from another squad gave me some advice.)
2nd Lt. Galston: Instead of resisting them, work together with them, slowly. If you do that, they will eventually be of use to you.
Rosamia, long ago: But for them to cooperate with me... What should I do?
Rosamia: (Even then I didn't know the best course of action.)
2nd Lt. Galston: Idiot! Don't let my expectations of you go to waste! Believe in your strength!
Rosamia: (I remember it all. He was definitely not the clever type. His truthfulness always brought him trouble.)
Rosamia: (He said don't resist.)
Rosamia: (Up until now, all I had thought about was repressing my rampages.)
Rosamia: (Believe in your strength, was it?)
Rosamia regains her composure, but her vision is still a sea of white.
She thrusts the sword she had been brandishing at (Captain) into the ground and calmly closes her eyes.
Rosamia: I shouldn't repress the power of the mask. I should accept it, and make it my own.
Her eyes remain closed, trembling fingers still grasping the hilt.
She stops fighting the mask and slowly withdraws her hand from the sword.
Rosamia: It stopped...
Vyrn: Hey... Are you all right?
Rosamia: I said get back. You're too naive. I'm surprised a bunch of softies like you are still in one piece.
Vyrn: There you go thinking aloud again. We were worried about you.
Katalina: We didn't want anything to go wrong.
Rosamia: You were worried?
Vyrn: Of course! We've been together all this time, after all!
Rosamia: So what?
Rosamia: I don't recall ever asking you for help. We should go our separate ways. I'll only end up hurting you.
  1. We’ll help you when you’re in danger.
  2. Idiots!

Choose: We’ll help you when you’re in danger.
Rosamia: Even if it puts you in danger? Are you saying you'd sacrifice yourself for another?

Choose: Idiots!
Rosamia: !
Vyrn: Aw, there's no need to yell, (Captain).
Rosamia: You'll only tire yourself out by raising your voice.
Continue 1
Rosamia: (So they really were worried about me.)
Rosamia: (Perhaps spending time with such naively honest people has been good for me.)
Rosamia: (They take things at face value. Have I finally accepted the advice that I've been rejecting since those vile days in the army because of them?)
Vyrn: So, what's the problem? Still worried about the rampages?
Katalina: You showed us you can keep it in check. Surely you can do it again.
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia: (Fools. All of them. Why expose yourself to so much danger for my sake? Do people like that really exist?)
Rosamia: Thank you. I'm happy to hear that. It's so hard to put these feelings into words.
Rosamia: Gasp!
Vyrn: Was that sincerity I heard in your voice?
Rosamia: Let's move. We'll have to deal with monsters again if we stick around here.
Rosamia: (Strange. I was able to express gratitude. The old me would've never thought to do that.)
Vyrn: Hold up! Hey! Rosamia!
Traveling with the crew has given Rosamia the means to resist the power of the mask.
Will the curse be broken or will she make it her own? The fated conclusion has yet to be reached.

A Familiar Voice

A researcher involved with the mask has been captured by the imperial army. The crew head toward the prison to stage a rescue but are blocked by a remnant of Rosamia's past; an imperial officer with a familiar voice.

According to wild rumors, someone with ties to the mask has been captured by the Erste Empire.
Fearing that it may be one of Rosamia's family members, the crew heads to the military prison.
Rosamia: The person on this wanted poster... It can't be!
Katalina: Is it really your family member?
Rosamia: No. This is an imperial researcher.
Rosamia: He helped me escape the research facility.
Vyrn: But look, the picture is crossed out. That means he got caught, right? What's gonna happen to him?
Rosamia: The price for allowing a secret of the imperial army to escape is death.
Vyrn: Say what? That's awful!
Rosamia: (We should leave him. There's nothing to be gained from helping him.)
Rosamia: I can't abandon my liberator. Even if I have to do it alone.
Vyrn: Hah! We'd lose face as a crew if we didn't help our friends!
Rosamia: Ugh! (It's that voice again!)
Rosamia: (He may have helped me escape but he was still a mask researcher. Why save him?)
Rosamia: (Did (Captain)'s compassion rub off on me, too?)
Vyrn: Hehe! We've already come this far! Let's go! (Captain)!
Captain: Well, well. Looks like we've got visitors.
Vyrn: Ack! We've been spotted!
Rosamia: That armor... He's not a normal soldier. A lieutenant, perhaps? Why is he here?
Captain: You're that test subject if I'm not mistaken. Did you come to turn yourself in?
Rosamia: There's no mistaking that voice.
Captain: Draw your swords!
Soldiers: Yes sir!
Vyrn: Here they come! Get ready, (Captain)!
Captain: Attack!
Soldiers: Sir! Yes Sir!

A Familiar Voice: Scene 2

The crew finds a small opening in the army's formation and rescues the researcher. They attempt to escape but once again the imposing imperial officer stands before them. Rosamia faces off against him once more.

The imperials drop their guard for just an instant and the crew makes a break for it.
They find the researcher and prepare to make their escape.
Researcher: I was a goner. I never thought you'd come to save me.
Rosamia: What a nuisance. You should be more considerate to those that clean up your mess.
Researcher: Wahahaha! Harsh, as always!
Rosamia: No time for chit-chat. They've found us.
Captain: Humph. There you are! You can forget about escaping!
Vyrn: Argh, can't you take the hint? We'll just keep kicking your butts!
Captain: Listen men! They won't be able to keep fighting for long! Eventually she'll lose control!
Rosamia: Sorry to burst your bubble but I won't lose control to this mask ever again.
Captain: Well, isn't that interesting.
Rosamia: I've learned how to keep the mask under control.
Rosamia: It's all thanks to you, even though you're my enemy.
Captain: Hahaha! Well, you're welcome, but I have no idea what you're thanking me for!
Captain: Control? How about you show me this control of yours? Get them!
Soldiers: Sir! Yes sir!

A Familiar Voice: Scene 3

The imperials are driven back and given the command to retreat. Before they leave, the commander lets slip that Rosamia's family is still safe. Later, new modifications to the mask are made by the researcher. No longer resigned to a fate dictated by the mask, she walks the path of war until the day the empire falls and her family is safe.

Rosamia: You don't stand a chance against me with the mask under my control. As an officer of the army, you understand, don't you?
Captain: Very well! You leave me no choice!
Captain: All members! Retreat!
Soldiers: Yes sir!
Soldiers: ...
Soldiers: Huh?
Rosamia: A wise decision. It'd be shameful to harm those running away with their tails between their legs.
Captain: Tch!
Soldier: Commander! We can still fight! There's no way we'd run with the enemy in front of us!
Captain: Idiot! Can't you see the difference in power? I won't waste lives on futile efforts!
Captain: I will take full responsibility! Now all of you, fall back!
Soldiers: Yes sir!
Captain: Rosamia, was it? I'll let you go this time but I will hunt you down. Your family as well. Don't forget that.
Rosamia: So they haven't been caught yet.
Rosamia: I don't know if you told me out of kindness or let it slip like a fool, but thanks for telling me.
Captain: Curses!
Captain: Move out!
Soldiers: Sir! Yes sir!
(Captain) and company successfully escape the imperial prison.
Researcher: Whew... That should do it. You should be able to use the modified mask's powers even more efficiently now.
Vyrn: Can't you just turn it off or something instead of modifying it?
Rosamia: Impossible. Like I said, it's not that simple.
Researcher: I'm sorry. This is all I can do at the moment.
Rosamia: That's fine. Besides, I still need this power.
Rosamia: I will crush the Empire's schemes and return to my family.
Branded as the Masked Traitor, Rosamia's struggle is not over yet.
No longer resigned to a fate dictated by the mask, she vows to change it by using her own strength.
She walks the path of war until the day the empire falls and her family is safe.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
雑魚の相手はしていられないわ… Enough time wasted on small fry...
私の家族は無事かしら… I hope my family is well...
…本当にバカねバカばっかり Fools abound...
あのバカな隊長はよく道に迷っていたわ That captain's a fool to get lost so easily.
仮面の力をもっと上手く使わないと… I have to make better use of my mask...
もう、仮面に暴走なんてさせない I'll make sure the mask doesn't go out of hand again...
帝国の企みを叩き潰すまで… I'll crush the empire's ambitions someday...
私が心配?バカね… Worried about me? How foolish.
(主人公)の甘さが移ったとでもいうの? Don't tell me (Captain)'s softness rubbed off on me...
(主人公)、あなた本当にお人よしね You're too kind, (Captain)...


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