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Official Profile[edit]

Age 17
Height 95 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies Running riot, making a racket
Likes The stink of gunpowder, dogs, freedom
Dislikes Irritating people, things he doesn't understand, discomfort
A member of the rowdy "Odajumoki Gangsters", he is making his entrance as the main character of the story event "Gripping Freedom". While his personality can kind of be summed up with raucous laughter, and there are stupid parts of him, he also has a cool side, and he's a really good character. None of the Harvins up until this point have the same feeling. After clearing the second chapter, he joins as a loyalty character, so please take him on battles to raise his loyalty points.
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
All right then, let's go!
Where to? North Vast, of course!
We'll head over there and tame some wild North Huskies!
Then you'll take the reins on a dogsled! We'll ride, just you and me!
Zooming around the island like that is gonna be awesome!
Whaddya say? Best birthday ever, right? Total freedom, right?
Then let's get up and go, (Captain)!


Your present!
Is riiight here!
Heh heh heh! Here's your present, (Captain)!
What? It's just an empty box? Well, duh!
That's cuz I still don't know what I'm gonna give ya!
Come on, let's head out! I'll go find you something good to fill that box! Heh heh!


And this year's present iiiiis—drumroll, please!
Me! Hah! Look at how happy you are!
For today and today only, we're going to hang out until you can't hang out anymore! Best present ever, right?
So what should we do? Hurry up and decide! Heh-heh-heh...


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Woohoo!
It doesn't matter how many times you celebrate b-days. They never get boring!
No, like, the more parties you throw, the more you look forward to the one that comes after.
Sooo, (Captain), what do you want me to do for your next special day?
Oh, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. First is this year—that's right, this year!
All right! Let's have a big cake fight and then start scarfing down.
Let's whoop it up, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Another new year! Another totally awesome year is just gettin' started!
What? You don't know if it's gonna be a good one yet? Don't go talkin' like that!
I'm here, aren't I? As long as I'm around, it's gonna be the bestest most free-est year ever!
Come on (Captain), let's make it a good one! Yeehaw!


Another year passes. And I'm definitely gettin' bigger.
This new year is just startin', and I can really feel it.
But this isn't enough! I've gotta get bigger! I'm gonna be totally huge and free!
Heh heh! Better keep an eye out for me, (Captain)!


Congrats! It's the new year! Woohoo!
Check this out, (Captain)! I brought something to celebrate the occasion!
See! Um... They're called fire... Um, fire walks? Hah! Forgot what they're called!
Anyway, they fly really high in the air and then explode in a glittery shower.
Well, let's get this party started! Just gotta light the wick here...
Wait! This isn't a—it's a bomb!


We got through the yeeear! Happy, happy! We did it!
And you know what New Year's means—fireworks!
Hehe, I studied all about them. Don't you think I'm great for being able to learn like this!
Last year I brought a bomb, but this year I've got the real deal!
But I don't have a fuse... How should I light these things up? Well, whatever will work...
Huh? I need some sort of cylinder? You mean I can't just light the insides...
You gotta tell me sooner! I already set 'em on fire!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

You're gonna give me chocolate, right?
You can't fool me! I know you're gonna give me some! Come on already!
Wow, you really are givin' me chocolate! I guess I dragged it out of ya!
Darnit, I'm gonna start blushin'! This is pretty great, though!
Hyaahaa! Thanks, (Captain)!
Heh heh heh.


Yahaaa! You're givin' me more chocolate this year? Now I'm totally pumped!
I'm gonna go totally crazy and run around in circles! Gotta make some noise!
Yeah, and no matter how loud and crazy I get, it's never gonna help me calm down!
But who cares? Just gotta get crazy! Hyaaahaaa!


Chocolate! Chocolaaaate! Yaaahooo!
Nothing gets me more hyped! How much chocolate have I got so far?
Let's see... I think... three boxes? Ten? No, was it one hundred?
Who cares? I got a ton! Haha!
What's this? One more? Today is the best day ever...
Ah, I'll definitely get you something in return! I'm gonna make you the happiest captain in the world, (Captain)! Get ready!


Heheheh, these chocolates really warm your heart...
They've got a way of hookin' ya! It's like they make you feel warmer and fuzzier every year.
Sigh... I hope next year comes soon.
You're gonna give me chocolates then, aren't you, (Captain)?
The flavor's gonna make me feel super warm and fuzzy, more than ever before!
Heh heh heh... Thanks a bunch, (Captain)!

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Captaaain! Look, I got you candy!
I don't know what's in it, but it looks pretty good, don'tcha think?
And if it looks good, it must taste good too! Heheh, so eat up!


I had no idea what I was doin', but I made this anyway!
Remember that candy I made ya last year? This time I actually looked at a recipe!
Didn't actually help though! It still turned out the same!
But I really made somethin'! Somethin' craaazy! Heh heh heh!
You reeeally gotta try it! Don't worry, it's not gonna kill ya!


Yo, I just noticed something craaazy.
What's so white about White Day!
There's, like, no snow or nothing...
Eh, who cares! I got you white chocolate to celebrate!
Check it out!
I melted it till it got goopy, so I could spread it around the ship and make this a real white day!
Huh? It's hard now... Maaan, this stuff changes back way too quick.
But I won't give up! I'm gonna go melt it again! Just wait here!


White Daaay! Today's super White Daaaay!
C'mon, (Captain)! Grab those cookies, and let's head to Nordvjast!
Whadda I wanna do? What else? Gotta say thanks to the dogs!
Hehehe, the super-duper cookies I gave you taste great to dogs and people too!
We gotta pet, pet, pet those dogs and enjoy this super fun, ultra White Day from the bottom of our hearts!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies
3rd year:
Chocolates square.jpg Chocolates
4th year:
Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloweeeen!
Hey, isn't today supposed get crazy?
We'll all be running around, right? How am I supposed to just sit and wait for that!
Whaaa? You're gonna give me candy to distract me?
Ahh! That ain't gonna work! I'm gonna go crazy!
Yahooooo! Wahoooo!
I will take some of that candy, though!
Yahooooo! Wahoooo!


Get pranked!
(Captain)! It's time to get tricked to the maaax! Tricks that are gonna blow your mind like... Ka-boom!
What kind of tricks? You serious? Tricks are like life! You don't pick them. They just happen!
But if you're tricking with me, (Captain), we're gonna blow some serious minds, man!
Hahaha! Let's go craaazy!


Hello there, (Captain).
What's the matter? It's me, Skull. Your forever serious friend, Skull.
Hehe, (Captain), I've changed my ways. I've decided to be a lot calmer.
Heh... hehe...
Haha! You can tell I'm lying through my teeth, huh? Hahaha! Did I get you? I got you, huh?
Haha... hah... wooo... Just saying that made me feel queasy. Won't do that again.

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

What are you waitin' for? Time to start eatin', (Captain)!
Let's make lots of noise! Bring out the presents!
This is gonna be the best holiday ever! Hyaaa haaa!


Snowball fiiight! (Captain), prepare yourself for a snow-thrashin'!
I'm packin'! Packin' snow, that is! And when I was in the Odajumoki Gang, I never once lost a fight!
Heh heh heh! I'm gonna give ya a totally wicked crazy snowball! It's my gift to you!


Cough, cough!
Gah! Thought I was going to die!
Eek! Ah, (Captain)! You're just in time!
I'm using all my brains to make a snow house! If it goes well, I'll give you a tour.
But they're super difficult to make!
No matter what kind of bomb I use, the snow just goes everywhere!
I got a little too close to the last explosion. That was a close call.
All right! Let's give it another go! Yaaah!

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

What Is Freedom?[edit]

Led by Skull, (Captain) and the crew are headed for the Odajumoki’s hideout. However, Skull proposes the idea of going fishing, or swimming in the icy water, and explains his idea of freedom. While Eustace seems to be at odds with Skull, there’s something about Skull’s desire to be free that reminds of himself, and in truth he isn’t as dissatisfied with him as he would have others believe. Skull is outraged at Eustace’s attitude toward him, and chases after him, cursing as he goes.

(Captain) and the crew are being guided to the Odajumoki's hideout by Skull.
En route, as though bored of showing them the way, Skull strikes up a conversation with the crew.
Skull: Hey, aren't you guys tired from all this walking? Let's go fishing in the sea!
Vyrn: Oh, quit complaining.
Vyrn: Wait! There's a sea out here in Nordvjast?
Skull: Yeah, an enormous one! There are these little fish there that are a synch to catch, but taste delicious!
Skull: If you fry them till they're really crispy they taste amazing!
Lyria: Ooh, really? I wanna eat one now to see what it's like.
Eustace: Not a chance. Keep moving.
Lyria: Ahaha… I guess there's no time to slow down…
Skull: Pfft, what a cold guy. The fish are super easy to catch…
Skull: …I've got it! How about we go winter swimming? Let's go to the sea and take a dip in the icy water!
Skull: Nothing beats the excitement of diving into the sea!
Lyria: What? Swimming on a cold island like this? Would we really be OK doing something like that?
Skull: It's fine, it's fine! In fact, it's 'cause we've all grown up doing it that our bodies are so tough!
Skull: I haven't been sick a day in my life! Impressive, right!
Eustace: Really. They say fools never get sick. I see a connection.
Skull: H-hey now! You tryin' to say that I'm a fool?
Skull: If you've got somethin' to say then just spit it out! Why you always getting' up in my grill?
Skull: Stop treating me like a fool, cos I ain't one! I…
Skull: I don't limit myself 'cause it's too cold, or I might get sick. I'm a free spirit! So stop making a fool outta me!
Vyrn: But, is that really what it means to be free?
Skull: Now who's the fool! Of course that's what it means to be free! 'Cause freedom is…
Skull: …Freedom is…
…I've no idea.
Vyrn: Hey! Even you don't get it!
Eustace: What a fool.
Skull: Enough! What did you just say to me?
Skull: Freedom can't be captured with words! It's something you feel in your heart! …Probably!
Skull: So you got somethin' to say, or you just tryin' to make a fool of me?
Eustace: Who knows.
Skull: Arrgh, you make my blood boil!
Vyrn: Hey, hey, hey, calm down everyone! Skull, wasn't you dad on about freedom or something?
Skull: …The freedom of being able to be wild and run rampant? Hmmm…
Vyrn: What's wrong? Why have you gone quiet all of a sudden?
Skull: Hmmm, it's just, I was thinking… Is something like that really freedom?
Skull: The freedom my old man gives me, there's something about it…
Skull: …Well, who cares.
Vyrn: Hey! Are you really OK leaving it at just that?
Skull: It's fine! I'm a genius, after all! I've have it figured about before you can say Odajumoki backward ten times fast.
Skull: But more importantly! Eustace! Stop making a fool outta me for every little thing!
Skull: When I become a hotshot who's more free than anyone, which I definitely will, who'll be laughing then?
Skull: When that time comes, I'll wipe that smug look off your face for ya!
Eustace: …Humph. That would be worth seeing.
Skull: Don't "humph" me! Why you walking on ahead? You'll get lost without me leading the way!
Skull: Wait up, already! I said wait!
An angry Skull chases after Eustace, who has walked on ahead.
Watching Skull's figure running off ahead, the crew get a sense of the burning ambition to be free he desires so much.

What Is Freedom, Really?[edit]

Skull and the crew are sprawled on the deck on the Grandcypher, enjoying their freedom. But then, Skull suddenly declares that this is not true freedom, and makes Vyrn and Lyria get up. Nobody knows exactly what’s going on in Skull’s head, but he makes them steer the ship toward a nearby island on his mission to grasp true freedom.

One day aboard the skyfarers' airship, Skull is laying down on the deck.
Skull: Aaah, this is the life… So peaceful…
Skull: Yeah, this is what real freedom feels like…
(Captain) notices Skull laying on the deck comfortably.
(Captain) decides to join skull in the same position, and they bask in the sun together.
Skull: Oh, (Captain). You wanna spend some time being free too? It feels good, right?
Lyria: Teehee. Idling away time on the deck like this feels good every once in a while.
Vyrn: Aaaah, so comfy… Makes me all sleepy… (Mumble, mumble)
Skull: Go ahead and sleep! That's freedom after all…
Skull: …No!
Skull: No, no, no! This isn't freedom at all!
Vyrn: Whoa! Why are you yelling all of a sudden?
Skull: We're just foolin' ourselves! This ain't freedom at all!
Skull: Hey, guys, how long are you gonna just lie there? Get up already!
Skull: We're off to grasp true freedom! Right this very minute!
Vyrn: Huh? That's a bit sudden… Ah well, I guess we haven't anything better to do with our time. Let's go with Crossbones here.
Lyria: B-but, were do you go to… "grasp true freedom"?
Skull: Huh? Well, it's simple! We circle the skies, traverse the lands, and before we know it we'll have it!
Skull seems confident in saying this. Without much choice in the matter, (Captain)changes course of the ship.
And so, Skull and the crew embark on a journey to grasp true freedom.

What Is Freedom, Really?: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain) and the crew are resting at a town, when they hear news of a newly formed circus troupe. Lyria is interested to go and see them, but the circus is closed when they get there. When they ask the ringmaster the reason, he explains that the animals have stopped listening to what they’re told to do. Thinking he has what it takes to solve the problem, Skull gets the ringmaster to show him to the animals’ cages, where he suddenly whips out his gun and fires a blast at the locks.

The crew search the skies high and low in their quest to find true freedom, but in the end they are unsuccessful.
Feeling drained from all the journeying, the crew visit a nearby town to take a break.
At the town, the crew catches wind of a newly formed circus troupe.
Lyria: Really? A circus? (Captain), I wanna see what it's like! Let's go!
Skull: A circus, huh? Well, we still haven't grasped true freedom, so we ain't got time to be distracted.
Vyrn: Aww, don't say that. Come on guys, let's go check it out.
Vyrn: And if we go back to the ship now, we'll have wasted the whole day travelling around the sky and islands with nothing achieved.
Skull: That's… That's not freedom…
Skull: Well cya, I'm off then! Catch you later, brats!
Vyrn: Hehe, whatever you say! It's no skin off my nose! C'mon guys, let's go!
The crew head to the square where the circus is supposed to be, but when they arrive it's closed.
Then, an apologetic looking man approaches the bewildered crew.
Circus Ringmaster: Good gracious, I'm sorry. For the time being, the circus will remain closed…
Lyria: Eh? "For the time being"? Did something happen?
In response to Lyria's question, the man reveals himself to be the circus's ringleader, and begins to explain the circumstances.
According to his story, the circus animals have entirely stopped listening to what they say.
Skull: Hmmmm… I see. So, where are their cages?
Circus Ringmaster: Huh? It's over there, but what are you thinking of doing?
Skull: Being the genius that I am, I figured I should go work out what's wrong with the animals for you! Over there, right?
Vyrn: Hang on, Crossbones! Don't just go running off by yourself!
As skull nears the animals' cages, he lets off a dramatic gasp.
Skull: This ain't good at all. You can't do this to 'em.
Circus Ringmaster: Eh? What are you saying? Whatever do you mean?
Without answering, Skull nimbly unholsters his gun and fires a blast at the cages.
Circus Ringmaster: Whoa! Wh-what are you doing!
Skull: That's my line! What do you think you're fooling around at here, you doofus!
Skull: Throwing them into dark cells like this! You're stealing their freedom!
Skull: It only took one look to figure out what was wrong with 'em. They're stressin' out from their lack of freedom!
Vyrn: Oh, I get it. So that's why the animals wouldn't listen to what you told them.
Skull: It's cruel to not have freedom like that.
Skull: Hey, you lot!
As Skull says this, he turns to the animals, when…
Circus Animal: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Skull: Yikes!
The animals become aggressive, and strike out at Skull.
Vyrn: Hey, Crossbones! Are you OK there?
Skull: Yeowch! What did you do that for? I shoulda known the dog's the only one I could predict!
Skull: Anyway, you made a big mistake laying your paws on a genius like me! I'm gonna have to show you a taste of your own medicine!

What Is Freedom, Really?: Scene 3[edit]

Skull realizes that the reason the circus animals wouldn’t obey orders is because they were stressed from being locked up against their will, and takes in upon himself to train and tame them. He teaches them the freedom that comes with running wild, which in turn becomes a spectacle that reinvigorates the circus.

Circus Animal: Grrrrrr…
Vyrn: Phew, seems they're finally calming down.
Circus Ringmaster: Oh no, it's over! It's all over!
Circus Ringmaster: Arrgh, if the animals are attacking people, then the circus is finished… Our business is doomed…
Skull: Hey, hang on a minute! You're jumping the gun a little there!
Skull: From the fight just now, I able to get what they were wanting to say! Just leave it to me!
Circus Ringmaster: Aaah, I don't care anymore… Just do as you like.
Skull: OK then, it'd decided! Seems I've got free reign to sort this out!
Vyrn: Hey, you sure you know what you're doing here? Like, really sure?
Skull: Of course I am! I'm a genius, after all! Hehehehe!
Skull: So, (Captain)! I'm gonna stay here for a bit and play with these critters some more.
The way Skull is smiling makes him seem rash, but his eyes are serious.
(Captain) believes in Skull, and decides to leave him there and returns to the airship for the time being.
A few days later…
The crew return to find the circus is thriving.
Lyria: Wow! So many people! Old people, young people, everyone's here!
Vyrn: Eh? So did Crossbones… actually do it?
The crew get a sense of Skull's success, and head into the building where the circus is being held.
Circus Animal 1: Grawrawrawraw!
Circus Animal 2: Harurururu!
Vyrn: Whoa! Wh-what's going on?
The circus animals are running riot on the stage.
Lyria: Th-this is? What's happening here?
The crew are bewildered by the strange scenario. Then, a familiar voice calls out to them from up on the stage.
Skull: Hey hey, (Captain)!
Skull: Check it out! The circus is a real success, and it's all thanks to little old me here!
Vyrn: Whoa, so it's all down to you! But, y'know, this isn't really a circus!
Vyrn: Like those monsters running the place. They look more like they're fighting than performing!
Skull: They're just playing, lizard! Quit your worrying about nothin?
Circus Animal 1: Graw raw raw!
Skull: Argh! Th-this is… This is their way of playing! Really… Yeowch!
While the animals are playing with Skull, the circus ringmaster approaches the perplexed crew.
Circus Ringmaster: Oh, if it isn't the skyfarers! Our circus has been saved. It's all thanks to Skull.
Vyrn: You should probably save Skull from those animals before you start thanking us…
Circus Ringmaster: Oh, he's fine. They really are just playing with him.
Circus Ringmaster: Hahaha. Skull has quite a way with the animals.
Circus Ringmaster: Before long, it was like the animals had opened up to him, and we decided to release them into the wild.
Lyria: Eh? Was that an OK thing to do?
Circus Ringmaster: Oh, yes! By being able to run riot freely, it would seem the animals were able to release their stress.
Circus Ringmaster: And what's more, throngs of people started coming to see the animals, drawn to the intensity of their fighting and playing.
Vyrn: Right, so thanks to that you've been having all this success…
Circus Ringmaster: But, alas, as a circus we're pretty much finished.
Lyria: Tee hee, yeah, the way the animals are playing, you can hardly call it a performance.
Lyria: But… Isn't it dangerous at all? What if they attacked someone?
Circus Ringmaster: Well, just look at your friend over there.
(Captain) looks over at the animals playing with Skull.
Oddly enough, the animals only play with each other and Skull, and disregard the spectators outside of the stage.
Skull: Ehehehe… I bet you wanna know my secret.
Skull: The thing about these critters is, they're actually quite timid by nature. The only things they really play with are?
Circus Animal 2: Grawrawraw!
Skull: Yikes!
Skull: Huff… Huff… The only things they really play with are people they trust, and creatures of the same race… Yikes!
Circus Animal 1: Harurururu!
Skull: Oi! Will you lot calm down already!
Vyrn: Hmmm… So, basically they won't attack people…
Lyria: Tee hee hee, it looks that way. Even still…
Skull: Bring it on, you critters! Haha! Try this on for size!
Circus Animal 2: Grawrawraw!
Skull: Ouch-ouch-ouch! You better watch yourselves when you're dealing with a genius like me, you little critters!
Lyria: Tee hee, looks like Skull is having fun… I think…
Vyrn: He he! They're certainly lively with him!
Vyrn: But, anyway, do you think we should save him from them soon?
(Captain) nods and forces a smile as he heads over to save Skull.
While (Captain) is saving him, Skull somehow feels like has already grasped the freedom he sought out.


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