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Official Profile

Age About 70 Height 178 cm Race Human
Hobbies Training, reading adult magazines
Likes Women
Dislikes Talentless men
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Once the owner of a weapons shop that served mercenaries and other wagers of war, Soriz is currently on a journey to transform himself into the ultimate weapon. Wherever he goes, he makes sure to demand the younger generation get into weight training. He never shirks his training, treating the art of combat with stoic firmness, even going so far as to develop his own fighting style out of the various martial arts he has studied over the years.Soriz won countless martial arts tournaments when he was younger, but he now seeks to achieve even greater heights and surpass his physical limits through constant training, day in and day out.
Source [1] [2]

Age 70歳ぐらい Height 178cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 鍛錬、読書(エロ本)
Likes オネエチャン
Dislikes むさい男
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Source [1] [2]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday.
That's one more step down life's long and winding road!
You have to experience all you can while you're young, and maybe... if you're lucky... you'll turn out to be one tough customer like me!


Happy birthday! One step closer to adulthood, eh?
It'd take a hundred of my old man days to equal just one of your youngster days!
So make sure to try lots of things while you're young, and live your life to the fullest!
You're gonna be a beast when you grow up! I guarantee it! Bet that puts your mind at ease, eh?


When you're a gray old man like me, you really start to feel how fast time flies.
They say that ten years can bring a lot of changes, but ten years starts to feel like just yesterday.
And days... they become like seconds. So, um...
I'll tell you something you've heard a thousand times—live each day to the fullest. You'll never get those days back!
Heheh. But happy birthday nonetheless! Thought I needed to end on a positive note.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
How long has it been since I met you again?
You were pretty wet behind the ears at first, but you've grown to be quite a fine captain!
Yes indeed... You've really done me proud! I've been watching over you all this time after all... Just kidding!
I've only been able to do a handful of things for you, Captain.
I guess it's not easy to actually be useful to someone.
But you know... I'm a hopeless old man, though I've enjoyed my life. When you think about that, doesn't it take a load off your mind?
I was lucky enough to meet you, so I know life can be surprisingly full of good fortune.
So don't be afraid to keep charging forward! Young people are allowed to be rash and reckless after all!


Today's your birthday, right, (Captain)? Congrats!
You might not realize it yourself, but the light in your eyes has changed a lot since we first met!
You've gotten really reliable, and you're becoming more and more of an adult! Take it from me.
But I guess growth isn't something you can see without looking back at where you came from.
And you young people don't have time for that. But that's the way it should be!
You can wait until you're an old fart to realize how far you've come and indulge in your emotions.
So enjoy yourself, (Captain)! You're only young once. It'd be a shame to waste your youth by rushing through it.
Take all the time you need to grow up. There's no need to rush!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
Make sure you train as hard as you can! If you want iron muscles, you can't skimp a single day!


Yawn... Now that was a New Year's dream worth flexing to!
A gaggle of gorgeous gals were all vying for the chance to ring in the new year with some fireworks...
Wait. What if that wasn't a dream, but a vision of things to come?
All right, (Captain)! I'm gonna go grab some New Year's fireworks. Time to see if I can make this dream a reality!


Hey! Happy New Year! Who knew the first morning of the year could feel this good?
Training in this air gets me revved up!
You too, right? Yeah, thought so!
All right, then let's get to it! Drop and give me fifty! Go on! Drop!


Whew! Training's all done!
How was it, (Captain)? Isn't training while breathing in the clean air of the new year an amazing feeling?
Good health is an important asset to any skyfarer!
Whoa, what was that sound? Oh, was that your stomach growling?
After a good workout, your body craves food. That's proof that you're good and healthy.
All right, let's race to our rooms! If you win, I'll buy you any snack you want!
Hey! Get back here, (Captain)! You can't get a head start while I'm still in the middle of talking!
You'll be eating my dust in no time! Just you watch!


This is a great time of year, don't you think, (Captain)? It's New Year's, after all!
There's nothing better than the new year! It's chock-full of exciting thrills!
Huh? Eating rice cakes, flying kites, and visiting the shrine?
W-well... Sure, those things aren't bad.
But what really gets my clock tickin' are all the pretty ladies dressed to the nines!
I love sneakin' peeks at those low necklines! Really gets the blood pumping, eh?
C-come on, quit looking at me like that!
Okay, okay! My bad! I'll treat you to something sweet for a New Year's gift, so let me off the hook! Pretty please?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ah, today's Valentine's, is it?
Oh? You got something for me too?
Don't want to inspire jealousy among the crew. But I have to keep it together.
I'm used to it. Gotten plenty of chocolates ever since I was young!


Oh? You're giving this to me?
These wouldn't happen to be chocolates for Valentine's Day, would they?
Gotcha... Honestly, I should be giving chocolates to you.
I'm perfectly aware of the names people call me, after all.
So thank you... Thank you so much! I'll think of you while I eat them!


Sigh... I'm a nervous wreck... Wonder if anybody'll give me chocolate this year...
Oh, ho! Cap'n! Did you need someone punched?
That's chocoate... For me?
Gulp... Whimper...
Ooh, sorry... It's just... I feel so glad I got some chocolate.
I'll get you a present back, so don't you worry! And it'll be a good one!


(All right. It's that time of year again...)
(Will I be okay? Can I do this?)
(Will I... get chocolate again this year?)
(Captain) finds Soriz in his room, deep in thought. The captain calls out to him from behind.
You scared me to death! Don't sneak up on me like that, (Captain).
Y-yeah. I was just doing a bit of thinking. Did you need something from me?
(Captain) nods and hands Soriz some chocolate.
Thank you... Thank you so much! You made all my worries disappear!
Even if it's burned or has chili powder in the middle, I'll eat every last bite!
All right, I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to tease you! It was just an example! An example! Okay?


O-oh! Hey, (Captain)! What's up? Need something?
Wh-what's that? A mission? Tomorrow? Sure, you can count on me.
Er... Say, is that all you needed from me? Wasn't there... anything else?
Actually, never mind! If that's all you wanted to say, then okay! Sorry, my mistake!
Is this... chocolate? For me?
Were you pulling a prank on me? Damn, I got all nervous and played right into your hands!
Haha! But since you gave me chocolate, I'll forgive your little practical joke.
Pranks and chocolate are both proof that we're close, after all! Thanks, (Captain)!

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy White Day!
Hey! Here's a little thank-you gift from me. I hope you'll accept it!
I wasn't sure what to get you, but...
Huh? Instead of a present, you'd rather I stopped meddling in everyone's business?


Oh ho! There you are, (Captain)! This is for you!
Only fair to return the favor for Valentine's day!
Nothing strange. No tricks. Just some candy I thought you'd like.
Go on! Smile! You always look your best when you smile.


(Captain), take this! It's my way of saying thanks for the Valentine's Day chocolate!
That really meant a lot!
Next year too? I would love to get more, but that's not why I'm giving you these at all!
It's just you decided to give me a present out of the goodness of your own heart. And that lifts the spirits of an old man like me.
If I stop chasing girls then you'll give me chocolate every year? Gahaha! Great joke, Cap'n!


Hey, Captain! I was looking for you.
Today's White Day, don't you know? Heheh. I need to thank you for Valentine's Day.
So here, these are for you! I checked out the reviews beforehand and picked out some really delicious sweets.
Judging by the smell, I think they used a bit of alcohol in the manufacturing process.
Haha! Don't worry—it was all burned out. But you can still pretend and feel all grown up for a bit!
But if you're going to act like a grown up, make sure to eat them after a proper meal and brush your teeth afterward!


Hey, (Captain)! This is for you. It's a little thank-you for Valentine's Day!
Thanks for always taking the time to give this old man chocolate. Heh... It makes my day.
Huh? Would I prefer liquor? Don't be ridiculous! I know kids can't buy that stuff!
And besides, I'm looking forward to getting drinks with you once you're old enough. So I'd like to save all that for later.
Anyway, I'm happy with trading sweets right now. I kinda like how it makes me feel young again!
Hey, why are you laughing! I was young once too, you know! Don't let my seasoned good looks fool you!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
I've been waiting for this my whole darn life!
Nothing better than getting up to mischief at a Halloween party! Let's do this thing!


I'm formulating a battle plan right now. I can't afford to break concentration.
After all today's the day to play tricks on people and get away with it!
Huh? You're telling me to hand out candy instead?
You're just trying to take all the fun for yourself, aren't you, (Captain)? But I won't give in!
Why don't you join the strategy meeting? It'll be a Halloween to remember for the ages!


Oh, what're you doing there, Captain? You're not out getting Halloween candy?
Huh! The girls came by to tell you to watch me so I don't get up to anything naughty this year?
The sheer cruelty... I've been waiting for Halloween for too long to just sit around.
Hmm... Then how about this: you escort me while you're out to get candy.
Okay, okay! I won't do nothin' bad! I'll only look at women if they walk in front me! Deal?


Munch... Oh, (Captain).
Give me just a moment. Munch... Gulp.
Mm, delicious!
Hm? I helped the people in the kitchen carry a few things, and they gave me some sweets as thanks.
I don't buy sweets for myself, but I enjoy eating them from time to time.
I never would have imagined pumpkin and butter could taste so fluffy...
Haha! You look like you're about to start drooling, Captain.
Don't worry, I'll help you out!
Let's go to the kitchen together and tell the people who made these the magic words.
You know the ones... Trick or treat!


Hey, (Captain)! Enjoying your Halloween?
Me? I just got back from buying loads of candy in town.
I have a feeling I'll be hearing "trick or treat" a ton today!
I don't want to turn into some old fart who doesn't pass out treats to the young'uns, so I made sure to replenish my stock!
Here, you can have the first one, (Captain)! Go ahead, say the magic words. Trick or treat!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
Huh? You want a present? Let me tell you about this one spot that'll give you the perfect view of paradise, then.
You know, I'm not much of a Santa fan myself, but I do fancy that fluffy red outfit...


Hm? You're looking forward to seeing Santa Claus, eh? Haha! You're still but a child, I see.
At cold times like these, I want nothing more than to get a hard drink and hop in the hot springs.
Even better if there's a nice view to look at too, of course!
Sheesh. You're having that much trouble understanding my manly ideals?
Got it! Let me treat you to a holiday cake, then!


That old man Saint Nick is a pretty sweet guy. Always thinking about how to make others happy. I admire that.
Huh? I could learn a thing or two from him? You don't hold back, do ya, Cap'n?
Huh... So, uh... How about I buy you a cake! I'll even let you pick it out.
Let's get a huge one, so that way everybody on the ship'll get a slice!


I'm back.
Oh, if it isn't (Captain). Couldn't wait to see me, eh?
I just popped into town to pick up some liquor.
The holidays are all about good food. The guys in the kitchen have that part taken care of, but a good meal just isn't complete without a good drink, am I right?
Wait, you can't even drink yet, can you, (Captain)? This is all over your head.
Haha! Come now, there's no reason to pout when you have cake to look forward to! Kids like that stuff, right?
I look forward to the day when we can share a drink together.
Make sure to grow up big and healthy, all right? Hahaha!


Hey, (Captain)! I just got back!
I was out in the shopping district, and it was packed to the brim with people doing their holiday shopping!
I gotta say, I felt a little out of place since I was only there for liquor.
So here! This is for you, (Captain).
Heh. I thought it might be nice to let myself get swept up by the mood! In other words, I decided to buy a gift of my own.
Huh? What's with those wide eyes? Are you really that surprised? It's just a plain ol' assortment of snacks, you know.
But either way, I'm glad you're happy!
Heh... I think I sort of understand how Santa Claus feels now.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Man's Dream

The crew runs into Rockfisted Soriz, a winner of many tournaments, in the mountains. He's training there in pursuit of his ideals, but one look at Rosetta convinces him to join (Captain) and company.

(Captain) and company visit an island where an ominous rumor is making everyone uneasy.
It seems people have been hearing frightening noises in the nearby mountains, whose hot springs have become quite popular.
At the townspeople's request, (Captain) and company head out to investigate the mountains.
Vyrn: Whoa! What was that!
Lyria: Eek! That made me jump.
Lyria: Maybe this is what the rumor's about. You know, the one the people in town were talking about.
Katalina: It would seem so. I wonder if monsters are to blame. Or even a primal beast.
Katalina: All right! Let's just proceed with caution so nobody gets hurt. We should hurry, (Captain).
Vyrn: Whoa! Seems like we're getting really close.
Katalina: Yes... Stay on your toes, (Captain)!
Soriz: Whew...
Huh? Who're you people?
Lyria: Aahh! An old man just popped out of that rock!
Vyrn: No he didn't! He punched right through it!
Vyrn: Hey, you with the beard! How in the sky are you able to crush boulders like that?
Soriz: Whoa there! Stay back! It's not safe!
Soriz: This is really no place for a bunch of kids. Plus you're gettin' in the way of my training, so get lost.
Vyrn: Wha? Don't treat us like kids, dude! We're perfectly competent skyfarers!
Vyrn: The people in town are scared of the noises coming from these mountains.
Vyrn: We thought there might be monsters up here, so we came to investigate!
Soriz: I see. So my training is frightenin' the townspeople. I sure didn't intend that.
Katalina: Still, if you can crush rocks like these with a single punch, surely your technique is close to perfect.
Soriz: Hmm... I guess it's nothin' to sniff at. But something's still missing...
Katalina: Missing, you say?
Soriz: Oh, it's nothing. I'm Soriz by the way. And I'm sorry for causin' trouble.
Katalina: Hang on... I feel like I've heard that name somewhere before...
Katalina: Oh, I remember! Are you perhaps Rockfisted Soriz, the winner of all those fighting competitions?
Soriz: Haha! That brings back memories. But I've put my past behind me.
Soriz: Now I'm just an old man who's tryin' to push the limits of his own body through vigorous training. The body is the ultimate weapon, you see!
Vyrn: Awesome! It's so cool to meet such a famous old dude! Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hey! So is all this rubble just the remains of rocks you obliterated?
Soriz: Whoa! Wait! Don't take a single step further!
Vyrn: Geez! What's got your boxers in a bunch?
Katalina: Don't tell me! Are there monsters lurking up ahead?
Soriz: You got it. You kids wouldn't stand a chance against them. So get outta he—
Vyrn: Hey now, looks can be deceiving! We can totally handle a little monster hunting!
Vyrn: (Captain), let's show this guy what we're made of!
Soriz: Hey! I said wait!
Vyrn: Wha?
Katalina: What in the world...
Soriz: Heheh. Oh well. I guess the cat's out of the bag. What do you think, lizard? Nice view, eh?
The rock wall collapses thanks to the enthusiasm of (Captain) and company. Something most unexpected awaits beyond.
It's the mountain's famous women-only outdoor hot spring.
Soriz says that only the hot spring can relieve the fatigue of his training, but he doesn't specify exactly what he means by that.
Vyrn: Man... Here I was thinking we'd met someone cool, but you're just a big ol' peeping Tom!
Soriz: What's the big deal? I guess a lizard like you wouldn't understand the true essence of manliness.
Katalina: Ugh... You have such talent, but you're completely lacking in moral fiber. What a waste.
Soriz: Heh! A waste, huh? That's rich coming from a beautiful woman who happens to be a total stick-in-the-mud!
Soriz: All your looks will go to waste if you insist on boring everyone to death!
Katalina: Eek! Get your hands off me this instant!
Soriz: Yep! You definitely need to learn to live a little! Haha!
Katalina: How dare you! You insolent cur! I'll beat some common decency into you!
Vyrn: Sigh... We always seem to find the weirdos, don't we?
Rosetta: Captain!
Vyrn: Hey, Rosetta. Aren't you supposed to be watching the ship?
Rosetta: Hee hee. You guys were taking an awfully long time, so I got worried and decided to come find you.
Rosetta: Hey, Captain. This place is famous for its hot springs, right? Aren't you a little curious?
Soriz: Well, well! What do we have here?
Soriz: Yo, lizard! Is this fine lady a friend of yours?
Vyrn: Why do you care all of a sudden? But yeah, she's a member of our crew!
Soriz: Oho... You should have told me you had such an exquisite flower in your group!
Rosetta: Oh my, Captain. Is this bearded gentleman a new friend of yours?
Soriz: If the stunning lady so wishes, I would gladly join your little crew!
  1. Teach me your secrets, manly one!
  2. Teach me some fighting techniques!

Choose: Teach me your secrets, manly one!
Katalina: Oh no you don't! You don't need to learn what he's teaching, (Captain)!

Choose: Teach me some fighting techniques!
Vyrn: Yeah! You'd definitely be able to pull your weight! Even if you are a peeping Tom.
Continue 1
Soriz: Then it's decided.
Soriz: I'm at your service, Ms. Stick-in-the-Mud! And doubly at yours, Ms. Radiant Flower!
Soriz: Now let's see... Since I know all the hot springs in the area, why don't I show you ladies around?
Rosetta: Hee hee! I look forward to it! Come on, Captain. It's good to take a nice, hot bath and relax from time to time!
Thus (Captain) and company befriend Soriz, a mighty warrior with some questionable habits, and resume their journey.

Passionate Gaze

The crew reaches a small island, but Soriz forces everyone to train before they can even take in the scenery. He tries to force a member of the local militia to join in, but the young man escapes when some monsters show up.

The Grandcypher, with Soriz aboard, docks at a small, verdant island.
The crew intends to enjoy the island's beautiful seashore, but Soriz insists that training must come first.
Soriz: Put some heart into it! If you can't even complete this training, you'll never attain true manliness!
Rackam: Wheeze... Wheeze... I thought he was just some peeping Tom, but he's ruthless.
Vyrn: Huff... Huff... I don't even care about true manliness.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)! Don't just stand there and laugh. Help us!
Soriz: It takes more than a day to learn the secrets of true manliness! You gotta strengthen your mind before enjoyin' its pleasures!
Vyrn: How many times do I gotta tell you I don't care about that stuff!
Soriz: No way! How could a strapping young lad like you not care about it?
Soriz: Hm?
Soriz: Hey, you! Young man over there! Don't just stand by and watch! Get over here and train with us!
Man: ...!
Vyrn: Looks like we gotta call it a day! Got some tough-lookin' monsters to take care of!
Soriz: Humph... Young man! You look like you're with the local militia. Help us out here!
Man: To... to hell with the militia.
Vyrn: H-hey... He's gone... But we still have monsters to deal with! Let's go, (Captain)!

Passionate Gaze: Scene 2

The young man plans to quit the militia due to how thankless the work is. Soriz tries to impart a lesson in manly philosophy, but he's interrupted by the sound of monsters and a woman's scream.

Vyrn: Nice going, Soriz and (Captain)! You made that look easy!
Rackam: Man, he's got some serious moves for an old-timer.
Soriz: Hey, kid. Why'd you run away earlier?
Soriz: I thought you were part of the militia that protects this town. You look the part, but is it all for show?
Man: I'm gonna quit that worthless militia.
Man: It's brutally hard work, but no one so much as thanks me! Who in their right mind would keep doing that?
Soriz: Are you seriously tellin' me you signed on to protect the town just because you wanted to be thanked?
Soriz: If that's the kind of man you are, then I agree with you. You should quit, and be quick about it.
Vyrn: Hey, no need to kick the poor guy while he's down.
Soriz: Don't be stupid. He can't protect squat with an attitude like that.
Soriz: But you know, words aren't the only way to thank someone.
Soriz: Still, not much point explainin' that to some punk who can't see what's really important.
Girl: Aahh! Somebody help!
Vyrn: Oh no! Someone's screaming over there!
Soriz: Yeah, we'll talk later! Hop to it, (Captain)!

Passionate Gaze: Scene 3

(Captain) and company save the woman from the monsters. In an attempt to explain the value of protecting the island, Soriz brings the young man to the beach. The sight of women playing in the water reminds the young man of what needs protecting, instilling in him a newfound resolve.

Erune Girl: Thanks! You skyfarers sure came through for us! Unlike the militia here...
Man: ...!
Vyrn: Um... I think the militia works pretty hard too...
Soriz: Still, this is a really nice place, huh? I'm glad we had the chance to protect it.
Soriz: So, kid, you sayin' you don't know in your heart what really needs to be protected?
Man: Strong people like you could never understand how I feel.
Man: I mean, you heard her. After all my harsh training and monster fighting, she said she couldn't count on us.
Soriz: It's not a question of strength or weakness. Open your eyes and look!
Erune Girl: Haha!
Draph Girl: Hee hee.
Soriz: The only reason those lovely women can play on the beach like that is because you protect this island!
Soriz: You really wanna just throw that away?
Man: ...!
Man: You're right!
Man: I finally remember thanks to you. I want to protect this town, this forest, and...
Man: I want to protect the ladies!
Soriz: Well said! Now you sound like a man!
Soriz: You got potential, kid.
Soriz: I know! I'll train you so hard no one will ever call you unreliable again!
Man: Yes, sir! Thank you!
Soriz: Ha-ha! Good answer! You two can learn a thing or two from this one, Rackam and Vyrn!
Rackam: Ugh... Gimme a break...
Soriz: Sheesh! What a sad sight you are!
Soriz: You know, kid, I think you've got what it takes to attain true manliness!
Man: I'll try not to disappoint you!
Man: And I'll definitely protect the ladies!
Soriz: Yeah, you better! I wanna see women playin' on the beach the next time I stop by!
Vyrn: Hey! You talk a big game, but it sounds like seeing women is all you really care about!
Soriz stares right past the young man, his passionate gaze fixed on the beautiful women playing on the beach.

Unforgettable Spot

(Captain) and company visit some hot springs in the craggy mountains where Soriz used to train. As Katalina and Soriz argue over his interest in spying on the women's baths, the crew is accosted by thugs.

(Captain)'s crew has been working way too hard lately and is more than a little tired.
Soriz suggests that they visit a hot spring in the mountains where he used to train, so they head there.
Katalina: Hey, are you even listening to me, Soriz? Pay attention!
Soriz: Oh, I hear you loud and clear. You don't want me spying on you while you bathe, right?
Rosetta: My, my... Are you going to give up that easily?
Soriz: Huh? Who said anything about giving up?
Katalina: What in the... Have you not listened to a word I said?
Soriz: Oh, such a terrifying expression... Way too scary for such a beautiful face!
Katalina: Sigh... I wouldn't have to make this face if you behaved like a gentleman for a change.
Soriz: Sorry Katalina, but even for you, I can't change who I am.
Soriz: The quest for true manliness is every boy's destiny, from the day of his birth!
Soriz: Why, you ask? Because the key to true manliness lies in ceaseless striving!
Io: Sigh... Looks like a nice, relaxing dip in a hot spring is out of the question.
Soriz: Don't you worry your head, little lady. Even I have standards.
Io: Hey! What the heck is that supposed to—
Soriz: Quiet for a sec. (Captain), you wouldn't happen to feel a set of prying eyes, would you?
  1. You mean another peeping Tom?
  2. Indeed I do...

Choose: You mean another peeping Tom?
Soriz: No, these definitely aren't the eyes of a gentleman overwhelmed by manly urges...
Soriz: This is something more disturbing and unrefined...
Vyrn: Um... I think spying on people to begin with is pretty unrefined.

Choose: Indeed I do...
Soriz: Yeah, no doubt about it. There's bloodthirsty intent behind those eyes, but who do they belong to?
Continue 1
Thug: Hey! This spring's for members only. Now get lost.
Soriz: Huh? What's this now? I never needed a membership before.
Thug: You got a problem? We don't need to explain ourselves to you.
Soriz: Oh, that just won't do. I like this place way too much just to hand it over.
Soriz: I train every day until I sweat blood, and fine ladies provide my only relief.
Soriz: I push myself to the brink time and time again, and only the sight of those ladies keeps me from goin' right over it.
Soriz: The awe-inspiring sight of them is the forge in which I've tempered my fists, and I'm not about to give that up!
Vyrn: Hey, Soriz... What you're saying sounds pretty cool, but... um...
Rosetta: Hee hee... We shouldn't judge people based on what motivates them.
Thug: Damn it! I gave you your chance. Don't say I didn't warn you!
Soriz: What's this? You lookin' for a fight?
Soriz: Then you got it! I'll give you a taste of what a beautiful view can do for you!

Unforgettable Spot: Scene 2

(Captain) and company reach the hot springs, but the employees there are upset because their greedy new landlord is trying to evict them. Soriz engages the skyfarers hired by the landlord, aiming to teach them the true meaning of manliness.

(Captain) and company chase off the thugs and finally reach the hot springs lodge.
Lyria: Wow! Look at the size of that bath!
Katalina: Haha... Looks like this spring's reputation is well-deserved. You have a wonderful place here.
Staff: Sigh... Thank you for your kind words.
Soriz: Huh? Not exactly the cheerful type, are you?
Io: Hey, we ran into some thugs on the way here. Is something going on?
Staff: Ah... Well—
Soriz: ...!
A gunshot! It came from out front!
Skyfarer: Hey! We told you, didn't we? Get on outta here!
Clerk: But we can't just leave. And that contract...
Soriz: Hey, what's your problem, buddy? Tell me exactly what's going on.
Skyfarer: Huh? Who are you guys?
Soriz: I guess you could call me a passerby on a quest for true manliness.
Soriz: But more importantly, what're you doin' waving guns around like that? Someone's gonna get hurt.
Skyfarer: Sigh... What else can I do? They're the ones who won't leave.
It turns out the skyfarers have been hired to evict the lodge staff.
Their employer apparently bought the property and wants to use the spring water for an industrial venture.
Clerk: No, you've got it wrong. That man tricked me, and then he started in with the threats.
Soriz: Sounds like your boss got the title to this land through less than legal means.
Soriz: Hey, tough guy. Why don't you listen to their side of the story?
Skyfarer: Nah, I'll pass. A job's a job.
Skyfarer: And if everyone doesn't clear outta here, we'll just make 'em go!
Soriz: Tch... A real man would appreciate the importance of these springs.
Soriz: I pity you. Isn't there any manliness in your heart? Where is your passion, man?
Soriz: Looks like you need a lesson. I'll show you the meaning of manliness with my fists!

Unforgettable Spot: Scene 3

Soriz protects the women working at the hot springs from the skyfarers and gives the villains a piece of his mind. The skyfarers learn the true meaning of manliness, but Katalina is less than pleased.

Skyfarer 1: Damn it! This old guy's got lead in his fists!
Soriz: What is it with youngsters these days?
Soriz: Your attacks don't have a shred of manliness to them! Not one!
Soriz: Don't you get it? When a man stands up in the name of true manliness, nothing can stop him!
Skyfarer 2: Hey! Why don't you try talking a little sense?
Skyfarer 2: Yeah! You keep this up and we'll destroy this whole place!
Staff: Eek!
Soriz: You stonehearted fools!
Katalina: Unbelievable... He stood right in the path of that shell to protect this woman and the hot spring?
Vyrn: H-hey! You okay, Soriz?
Soriz: You little punks disgust me.
Skyfarer 2: Why would you—
Soriz: You there! You dare to call yourself a man? You just earned yourself two strikes!
Soriz: The first strike was leveling a gun at the lady, and the second was underestimating the power of true manliness!
Soriz: I'm just gonna have to beat some manliness into you! Time to show you the ways of the old school!
Skyfarer 2: Gah!
A few hours pass.
Skyfarer 1: Thank you! We've seen the light and it's all thanks to you!
Skyfarer 2: To think we almost missed out on all the pleasures of manliness!
Soriz: As long as you get it now, we're good!
Vyrn: Uh-oh... Looks like he has more converts.
Rosetta: Hee hee... Where's the harm? He saved the hot spring, didn't he?
Io: Hmm... So it's over then. Right?
Katalina: Sigh... I hope we don't have to worry about even more peeping Toms from now on.
Despite a few reservations, (Captain) and company successfully defend the hot spring.
And then they enjoy a nice, hot soak, washing away all the hardships of their journey.

Guardian of Dreams

As Katalina, Io, and Rosetta enjoy their bath, (Captain) and the others stop Soriz from peeking, but monsters suddenly show up.

Rosetta: Whew... There really is nothing better than a good, long soak. You can just feel the tension melt away.
Io: Hmm... Don't you think this water is a little hot?
Rosetta: Maybe, but I hear it does wonders for your skin.
Io: Grrr... Looks like I have to get in now.
Rosetta: Hee hee... Make sure the water covers you all the way to your shoulders, and then count to one hundred, young lady.
Io: Hey! Don't treat me like some kid!
Katalina: ...
Rosetta: Oh? What's the matter? I thought a hot spring would be enough to wipe that scowl off your face.
Katalina: Maybe it's nothing, but do you remember the way Soriz was smiling when we left?
Katalina: I'm finding it hard to believe he'd just leave us alone.
Rosetta: Hee hee... You worry too much.
Katalina: Huh? But what if he's lurking out there somewhere?
Hey! No splashing!
Rosetta: Hee hee... You need to learn to let your guard down once in a while.
Rosetta: It'll be all right. Those three will keep him in line.
Soriz: Dum-de-dum...
Vyrn: Hmm... So far the only thing he's guilty of is being in an annoyingly good mood.
Lyria: Yeah! But we still need to keep an eye on him to make sure he stays out of trouble!
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria stick to the cheerful Soriz like glue, making sure he stays away from the bathing women.
Soriz: Ah, the very heavens shine down upon us. My manly spirit cries out for action!
Vyrn: Hey, where are we going anyway, Soriz?
Soriz: Huh? Well, we're headin' straight for—
Monster: Groar!
Soriz: We'll have to talk about it after we deal with our new friends here.
Soriz: This'll be a nice warm-up before the main event! Show 'em what you got, (Captain)!

Guardian of Dreams: Scene 2

In the name of manliness, Soriz heads back to the hot springs despite the efforts of (Captain) and the others to stop him. They end up running into some imperial soldiers planning to attack the women as they bathe.

(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria pass through a cave with Soriz and find themselves on a mountain trail.
Vyrn: Phew... We've come quite a long way, huh?
Lyria: Um... So are we heading anywhere in particular?
Soriz: Lyria... I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Every man is in constant pursuit of his manly ideal.
Soriz: Pursuing manliness is nothing less than my way of life! This is how men are supposed to live!
Vyrn: Hey! You're taking us back to the hot springs so you can spy on them, aren't you?
Lyria: You can't! It's wrong to spy on people like that!
Soriz: Gah! No need to be such a stick-in-the-mud, Lyria!
Gran is the Main Character

Soriz: It's not like taking a little peek will hurt them! Am I right?
  1. Yep!
  2. No, you aren't.

Choose: Yep!
Soriz: Oho, so you finally understand what it means to seek true manliness, huh, (Captain)?

Choose: No, you aren't.
Soriz: Cripes! Is that any way for a young man to act?
Soriz: I know there's more manliness than that hidden inside of you! Let your flag fly! Don't be ashamed!

Djeeta is the Main Character

Soriz: It's not like taking a little peek will hurt them! Am I right?
  1. Well, I am a little curious...
  2. Try to imagine what it's like to be peeked at.

Choose: Well, I am a little curious...
Soriz: Haha! I see that even you're interested in the fine art of manliness, (Captain)!
Soriz: But I suppose the sense of adventure that drives the pursuit of manliness isn't bound by gender.
Soriz: Maybe it's because I happen to be a man, but I seem to have forgotten the bigger picture.

Choose: Try to imagine what it's like to be peeked at.
Soriz: Haha! Are you kiddin'? I love bein' peeked at! Let them come! I welcome any and all advances!
Soriz: As a matter of fact, if you'd like a little peek, I'd be happy to oblige right here and now! Just a sec—
Continue 1
Lyria: A-anyway! Spying on people is wrong!
Vyrn: That's right! And just imagine what Katalina would do if she caught you...
Soriz: Wait! Over there, (Captain). Do you see that?
Imperial Soldier 1: Hmm... That's the one, alright. You see her?
Imperial Soldier 2: Indeed... Our wanted woman is soaking in a hot spring. We couldn't ask for a better opportunity.
Imperial Soldier 1: Former Lieutenant Katalina. I can almost smell the promotion...
Soriz: Hold it! How dare you even think about disturbing this heavenly scene!
Imperial Soldier 2: Huh? Who the hell are you? And what are you doing here?
Soriz: Okay, dig the wax out of your ears and listen up.
Soriz: Hot springs are for ladies to wash away their troubles—and for them to wash away mine.
Soriz: Hot springs are a paradise and a symbol of the pursuit of manliness.
Soriz: I'll give no quarter to those who seek to disturb such a sacred place!
Imperial Soldier 2: Hey! You're the skyfarers the deserter was with!
Soriz: Indeed we are! But right now I'm just another man on a quest for manliness!
Soriz: There's only one language aspiring thieves of tranquility would understand: that of the fist!

Guardian of Dreams: Scene 3

As Katalina and the others emerge from the hot springs, Vyrn tries to tell them about defeating the soldiers, but Soriz stops him so as not to cause them undue stress. The guys head into the hot springs next, and Katalina shrieks when she sees Soriz in nothing but a loincloth.

Having driven away the soldiers, (Captain) and the others return to the hot springs.
Vyrn: Oh? Looks like they just finished their bath!
Katalina: Lyria, Vyrn, and you, (Captain). I know it must've been a pain keeping an eye on him.
Katalina: We'll take the next Soriz watch. You guys get in there and enjoy a nice bath.
Lyria: Yeah! Let's go, (Captain)! Vyrn!
Katalina: Oh, one more thing. Soriz never managed to peek at us, did he?
Vyrn: No way! We made sure he never got the chance!
Vyrn: And there were some soldiers after you, but we—
Vyrn: Youch!
Soriz: I'll have to stop you right there.
Soriz: How do you think she'd feel if she knew those imperial dogs were watching her?
Soriz: And we chased them off, didn't we?
Soriz: So let's just keep what happened here between us men.
Vyrn: Hmm... I guess you do have a point.
Katalina: What's going on? Vyrn looked like he was about to say something.
Soriz: Oh, it's nothing! Nothing at all! Right, you guys?
Soriz: Yep. Did you ladies enjoy your bath? Feeling rejuvenated?
Katalina: Huh? Well, I'm not sure if I'd call it rejuvenated, but I do feel lighter somehow.
Soriz: Heheh... That works too. And your forehead's a bit less creased now!
Katalina: Wha?
Soriz: Anyway... I'd better pop in there and wash off all this sweat!
Soriz: You too, lizard! I'll treat you to a very special Soriz-style back scrubbing!
Katalina: Wah! Wh-why do you have to get undressed right here?
Soriz: What do you mean? Muscles are meant to be seen!
Soriz: These pythons simply cannot be tamed! Terrifyin', right? Feel free to give 'em a squeeze!
Katalina: H-hey! You stay right where you are!
Soriz: Don't be shy! You don't see spectacular pecs like these every day! Look at 'em pop!
Katalina: Eek!
(Captain) has learned something of Soriz's true gentlemanly nature today.
But Soriz will never show it. As far as everyone else is concerned, he's a man endlessly chasing his idea of manliness.

The Truth Behind the Truth

While (Captain) and company relax near some hot springs, they hear Soriz has been arrested for peeping. It turns out that the other large man in their party, Hazen, had unknowingly startled some bathers while trying to save some baby birds, framing Soriz for a crime he did not commit.

(Captain) and company take some time off in a hot-spring town famous for its open-air baths.
But one afternoon it seems that trouble has bubbled up from the murky waters.
Vyrn: What! Soriz has been arrested?
Lyria: Oh dear... And they said he made quite a scene as they took him away.
Vyrn: Unbelievable. He wasn't caught peeping or something, was he?
Hazen: Hmm... In any case we would do well to speak with the local officials about it.
So (Captain) and the crew go off to the security post where Soriz is being held.
Soriz: Hold on, now! How many times have I gotta tell ya? You've got it all wrong!
The moment the crew arrives they can already hear Soriz's shouts filling the air.
Officer 1: How much longer are you gonna go runnin' your mouth? You think we're just gonna believe you or somethin'?
Officer 2: Hmm. If we're not going to take him for his word, then we should just leave him here to rot.
Soriz: You scumbags. What's it gonna take for you to get it? Oh good, the reinforcements have arrived!
Soriz: I'm in serious hot water here. These guys think I've been gawking at people while they're bathin'!
Vyrn: That's rough. But... you didn't do it, right?
Soriz: Lizard... If I said I did something, then I did it. But if I said I didn't do it, then I didn't do it!
Soriz: Heh! I'm an honest man. And you darn well know it!
Vyrn: Yeah... I guess you're right! You're not one to go makin' up stories!
Soriz: Heheh! It's like I've been tellin' ya, officers!
Officer 1: Look here, lizard. We can't exactly take your word for it. You weren't even there.
Vyrn: What'd you call me? I ain't no lizard!
Lyria: Oh no... Now what do we do?
With the conversation at a standstill, Hazen decides to step forward and try his hand at speaking with the officers.
Hazen: I believe Soriz's account to be true. He's a man of good nature and would never attempt to deceive anyone.
Hazen: In other words if he's saying he didn't do it, then that is surely the truth.
Hazen: I can vouch for the innocence of this man.
Soriz: Thanks, Hazen. I'm lucky to have such good friends!
Officer 2: But I'm afraid not even the word of a priest is enough to set this man free.
Soriz: Why, you! You just don't get it, do ya? And now you're not even gonna believe a priest?
Vyrn: Hey, Soriz, Hazen's puttin' himself on the line here. So just try to stay calm...
Hazen: Hmm. Where does that leave us now? I suppose that means we'll have to capture the real culprit ourselves.
Officer 1: What? What are you talkin' about? The culprit is right here!
Hazen: No. From what we've just heard, it seems you didn't even catch Soriz in the act.
Officer 2: Yes, that much is true. We received word of questionable activity in the area. When we arrived at the scene, this man was standing around suspiciously.
Officer 2: And that is why we brought him here.
Soriz: Tch! You arrested me just cuz you heard some big guy was standing around looking fishy? And you call yourselves officers...
Officer 1: You got some nerve, pal! Then why were you standing around like that?
Soriz: What? That's every man's dream, ain't it?
Vyrn: Quit it, you two! You're givin' me a headache!
Hazen: Very well, then. I hereby vow in the name of the gods that we will find the real culprit.
Officer 2: I see. In that case I suppose we could give you a chance.
Officer 1: B-but boss! That's a little too generous, don'tcha think?
Officer 2: Though I do think this man is guilty, if a priest is willing to go so far as to vow by the gods, I'd say we can at least give them a shot.
Hazen: We are in your debt.
Soriz: Now it's time to find the real bad guy! I'll go show them how to get to the bath, so you two sit and wait right here!
With that the crew heads out to the rocky-mountain hot spring to find the true culprit.
As they walk through the mountain pass, Soriz enthusiastically slaps Hazen on the back.
Soriz: Hah hah hah! You really saved my skin back there, Hazen! I owe ya one!
Hazen: Soriz... You're always doing such strange things, it's easy for people to misinterpret them.
Hazen: I will help you to change your old ways.
Lyria: Wow... You're really putting your heart into this!
Vyrn: I'm sure you can do it, Hazen!
Soriz: Heh heh. If you think you can change my passion for women, go ahead and try!
Vyrn: Hey! Don't act so proud of that!
Soriz: Hah hah hah! If I see somethin' good, I've just gotta check it out! I'm just livin' the dream!
Vyrn: I guess some things might never change... Haha...
But just then Hazen stops dead in his tracks, putting everyone on alert.
Lyria: Huh? Hazen, what's wrong?
Vyrn: Are there monsters?
Hazen: Hmm... Soriz, is the open-air bath you were talking about near here?
Soriz: Yeah. There are some stairs that head into the cliffside. The bath is just down below there, hehe.
Vyrn: You seem awfully relaxed about this whole thing...
Soriz: Gehehe. Just lean over the edge a little and you can get a nice look...
Soriz: Haha! Whaddya think? Isn't that the greatest?
Seeing the bliss in Soriz's face, Hazen turns ghastly pale.
Hazen: Oh...
Vyrn: What's wrong? Why're you goin' all quiet on us?
Hazen: Vyrn, just... trust me for a second.
Vyrn: Huh? Whaddya mean?
Hazen: Soriz, when exactly did those men catch you?
Soriz: Uh... Right before the sun went down! If you're gonna look, that's the best time after all!
Hazen: Ack.... Err... (What have I done?)
Lyria: What's the matter? If you're not feeling well, we can go back to the ship!
Hazen clutches his head tightly, unable to hear Lyria's kind words.
Hazen: (Aaahhh! Why me?)
That same sunny afternoon, Hazen had gone for a walk through the mountainside. However in the middle of his stroll he heard something unexpected.
It was the sound of crying baby birds.
Hazen: Hmm? What's going on?
Hazen lifted up his head to get a better listen. He realized the sound was coming from a spot by the cliffside.
Following the sound of the birds, Hazen soon spotted their nest.
Hazen: Hah hah hah. What manner of bird would nest in a place like this?
It was then that Hazen noticed the cracked rock face where the nest was resting. The massive fracture in the rock could send the nest tumbling down the cliffside at any time.
Hazen: Not to fear, my little friends. I'll move you to a safer location.
With a gentle voice and a steady grasp, Hazen reached out and carefully moved the nest.
Little did he realize that in doing so he had startled the women bathing in the hot spring below. He was so focused on his task that he hadn't heard a thing.
Soriz: Hah hah hah! I get it now... So when they said they spotted a large man, they were really talkin' about you, Hazen!
Hazen: What! I wasn't peeping! I was merely helping those poor little birds!
Soriz: Hah. There's nothin' to worry about! You should've just told us the truth from the beginning! You're a sly one, Hazen.
Hazen: Hold on now! I'm not that kind of person!
Soriz: Priest or not, a man's still a man! And every man just wants to enjoy his life!
Soriz: Hah hah hah! You're a stray little sheep, aren'tcha! To think it was you this whole time!
Hazen: Lyria, Vyrn. This is all just a big mix-up! You understand, don't you?
Lyria: Uh... Yeah!
Hazen: Oh no. You didn't sound too sure of that...
Vyrn: She's just tellin' ya to relax. We know what really happened. And while we're at it, we'd better go apologize.
Soriz: You're right. We found the real troublemaker. And that means I'm getting off scot-free!
Hazen: Hey! I said I didn't do anything! It's just a big misunderstanding!
Hazen's flustered outcry echoes across the mountainside. Soriz gives him a big smile and a pat on the back as they return to town together.
After arriving back at the security post, Soriz explains everything. Hanging his head in shame, Hazen apologizes for all the confusion and trouble he had inadvertently caused.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
男のロマンは一日にしてならず! A man's dreams don't come true in a day!
ふンっ!肩慣らしにもならンな Humph, not even good for a warm-up.
この肉体が自慢の武器だ! My rock-solid body makes for the best weapon!
男のロマンを教えてやらぁ! I'll show you the meaning of true manliness!
おらおら!どンどンいくぞ! C'mon c'mon, let's go!
己の肉体の限界を超えろ! True strength comes when you overcome your limits!
男のロマンは甘くねぇンだよ! True manliness is nothing so soft!
強靭な肉体は無敵だ! My rock-hard body is invincible!
(主人公)も俺が鍛えてやろうか? Want me to train you, (Captain)?
(主人公)も筋トレするか? ん? Want to lift weights together, (Captain)?


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