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Official Profile

Age 17 (Estimated) Height 171 cm Race Erune
Hobbies Collecting curios, looking back through his notebook
Likes Showing people their dreams, warm gloves
Dislikes Mornings, cold places (because he's sensitive to cold)
One day, the crew makes a pit stop on a nearby island due to engine trouble.
It was a place where "phantomblooms", flowers which have poison that makes people hallucinate, grow in clusters.
Troue appears just in time to aid the captain after the latter had been affected by the poison.
Troue—who is unaffected by the phantombloom's poison—can not only read the memories of anything he touches, but also has the ability to show people illusions. However, there is seemingly more to Troue than meets the eye—
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 17歳(推定) Height 171 cm Race エルーン
Hobbies 骨董品集め、手帳を読み返すこと
Likes 夢を視せること、温かい手袋
Dislikes 朝、寒い場所(冷え性のため)
Source [1]




  • Troue wields Weapon s 1040000100.jpg Durandal from the Vintage Weapon series.
  • In the English version of Troue's skill Fate Episode, there seems to be an error where they placed the dialogue translation in Roland's name box instead of the dialogue box.


  • "Conte de la Memoire" is French for "tale of memory".
  • "Souvenance" is French for "recollection".
  • "Roncevaux" is a reference to the historical Battle of Roncevaux Pass, during which Roland, wielder of Durandal, was killed.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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H-hap... Happy b-day!
Today marks the anniversary...
Er, I mean, today's your big day, huh? Congrats! I hope you have a great one!
It seems like I'm pushing myself? Ah... You'll have to forgive my ineptitude.
You see, I wanted to express my congratulations, so I tried to speak from the heart. But it seems I just made things awkward instead...
Er... Well, since it's your birthday, I brought you a gift. I came across it at an antique shop.
It's a music box filled with the memories of a musician and his beloved who lived long ago.
The memories were so beautiful that I wanted to share them with you. Would you mind viewing them with me?
Thank you. Then here, take my hand.
Pleasant dreams.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain).
I apologize for keeping you waiting so long. My morning routine takes a good bit of time, you see.
We're heading to a shrine in order to make our wish for the new year now, correct?
As far as I can tell, this is actually my first time going. I'm really looking forward to it!
But to think this wish counts for an entire year... That's a long time.
Envisioning the future is quite a challenge for me. It would be nice if I could remember my wish, at the very least.
Huh? You'll remember it for me? I'd very much appreciate that!
But it's a little embarrassing to share something so personal, so let's keep it a secret between the two of us.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Hm? What's this package for?
They're chocolates for Valentine's Day? I never knew such an event existed. In that case, don't mind if I do...
Huh? Oh... What!
F-forgive me. I thought eating with my gloves would be difficult, so I decided to remove them...
I didn't realize Valentine's Day gifts had such a personal meaning attached to them.
(Wh-what do I do now? Pretty sure I saw something I shouldn't have...)
I-I'm so sorry! Don't worry, tomorrow I'll have forgotten all about it!
You'd rather I didn't forget? That might be a bit difficult for me, all things considered...
But I'm delighted to have a friend who would go so far for my sake, so I'll do my utmost to remember.

White Day Cutscenes
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Today's when people give gifts in return for Valentine's Day, correct? I made sure to prepare something for you.
I asked Rackam for advice so I wouldn't accidentally pick something strange. I hope you like it.
Oh, I also took the liberty of writing you a thank-you letter. Allow me to read it now.
"Thanks for always looking out for me. You're a real pal to come wake me up every morning. Hope we can make lots more memories together."
Wait, why is it written so casually? It's usually the other way around, right? What in the skies was I thinking yesterday?
Th-that didn't count! I'll rephrase it to be a proper letter, so please forget what you just heard! I'm begging you!
Please stop laughing! You have to forget -- at least tell me you will, even if it's a lie!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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(Captain) is strolling down the street on Halloween, when suddenly...
[Zombie?] Graaaaah!
Hehe, that was a little trick from me to you. From the looks of it, it was a huge success!
Wait, why do you look so frightened? It was so lifelike, you thought you were truly in danger?
I see... I used Durandal's memories to create it, so I can see why it might have been indistinguishable from a real monster...
My apologies. In that case, how about a trick like this?
(As Troue takes (Captain)'s hand once more, the air around them changes.)
There, that's better.
Now then, let's enjoy this snowy Halloween together for a while. Don't let go of my hand, all right?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays. Thank you for inviting me to the celebration this evening.
Parties are rather incredible, aren't they? The entire room's sparkling, and there are so many people...
Oh! Don't mind me. I'm perfectly content being a wallflower.
Besides, the food is so delicious, I've been focused on eating anyway!
Actually... I suppose there's no use hiding it from you.
I'd certainly like to relax and enjoy myself, but it's difficult striking up a conversation when I know I'll forget everything tomorrow...
What? A present for me? Is this... a Santa hat?
I see. By wearing this, I'll be able to remember tonight even after morning comes around.
Thank you, (Captain). I'll make sure to enjoy myself to the fullest so I'll have plenty of wonderful memories to look back on!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Joining Hands for Dreams

The crew meets Troue and Celine, the knight and princess of a kingdom that has fallen from the effects of a poisonous flower known as phantombloom. While possessed of the Gift of Visions, Troue also suffers from a type of amnesia that wipes his memory every night. (Captain) invites Troue into the crew by Celine's suggestion, who passes away from sickness shortly after.

In a far-off corner of the vast skydom floats a small, solitary island covered in a blanket of whimsical flowers.
This remote realm is inhabited by the princess of a fallen kingdom, as well as a knight who possesses a mysterious power.
Hidden in a crumbling castle deep within a dense forest, they spend their time speaking of "dreams" from days long gone by.
One day, the crew makes a pit stop on a nearby island due to engine trouble.
Fortunately the issue turns out to be minor, so (Captain) and company decide to explore until the repairs are complete.
Lyria: This forest is fascinating, isn't it? I've never seen flowers like these before. It's like we walked right into a picture book!
Admiring the white balls of fluff resembling fallen snow blooming from the roots of the trees, (Captain) plucks one out of curiosity.
Lyria: Wow, it's so fluffy. Just like a little baby chick!
  1. It smells really sweet too!

Choose: It smells really sweet too!
Lyria: Ooh, really? Let me take a whiff!
(Captain) nods and holds the fuzzy flower out toward Lyria, when suddenly a voice echoes through the trees.
Erune Youth: You there! Don't move!
From seemingly out of nowhere, a young man grabs (Captain)'s hand and snatches the flower away before Lyria can sniff it.
Lyria: Eep! Wh-who are you?
Erune Youth: I apologize for startling you. But you see, this bloom is poisonous. I'd think twice before smelling it if I were you.
Lyria: Did you say poisonous?
Erune Youth: That's right. But it won't make itself known right away. Poison is a tricky business.
Lyria: I guess so...
Are you feeling okay?
Erune Youth: Hmm... You seem steady enough on your feet. If you're still feeling normal by tomorrow, I'd say there's likely no need for concern.
Erune Youth: But if your head feels the least bit foggy, make sure to lie down and rest. And keep someone close by at all times as an added precaution.
Lyria: Okay. Thank you very much for telling us!
Erune Youth: Of course. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must be going. I'm afraid our island isn't anything to write home about, but please enjoy your stay.
The young man takes a graceful bow and heads back toward the road.
Erune Youth: (That blue-haired girl should be fine at least...)
Removing one of his gloves, he strokes the cottony bloom with his fingertips.
Erune Youth: ...
Erune Youth: (But her friend breathed in the scent pretty deeply. We might have a problem on our hands...)
Erune Youth: (Considering the time, any symptoms would probably appear at night. Looks like they'll be here until their ship's repairs are finished, so I'll pop by later just in case.)
Blowing away the white puff in his hand, the young man carefully puts his glove back on.
That night...
(Captain) awakens with a sense of uneasiness and slips out of bed onto the deck of the ship.
Peering into the darkness, the captain notices someone on the deck staring back.
Though not a member of the crew, (Captain) intuitively recognizes who the hazy silhouette belongs to.
  1. Dad!

Choose: Dad!
Seemingly startled by the sudden sound, the figure jumps off the deck onto the island and runs off, with (Captain) in close pursuit.
???: Hey... There... Please!
Desperately reaching out toward the elusive shadow, (Captain)'s vision is suddenly blocked by someone's hand.
Erune Youth: Don't be deceived! It's not real!
Erune Youth: What you saw wasn't... Er, let's see... Right! That wasn't your father!
Erune Youth: Take a good look around. There's no one in the forest but the two of us.
As the young man removes his hand, the captain looks in the direction of the shadowy figure to see nothing but darkness.
Skeptical, (Captain) squints into the night, only to be shocked by the sight of a gaping pit stretching out before them.
Erune Youth: Don't worry—just take a deep breath. Follow my lead, and we'll step backward together.
(Captain) nods and retreats to safety, holding the young man's hand for stability.
Erune Youth: Phew. That was far too close for comfort, (Captain). You're so quick on your feet, I was afraid I wouldn't make it in time.
  1. How do you know my name?

Choose: How do you know my name?
Erune Youth: Huh? Ah... My apologies. I can see why that would surprise you.
Troue: Er... First of all, my name is Troue. I possess the "Gift of Visions," allowing me to read memories that reside in people and objects.
Troue: I can view them by simply touching someone or something with my bare hand. That's how I knew your name, as well as what you saw.
Troue: You'll have to forgive me for looking without your permission. It was an emergency, you see...
Troue: Normally, I don't think it's right to meddle in other people's affairs. That's why I usually wear gloves—so I won't see anything accidentally.
Contrary to his words, the grip of Troue's bare hand on (Captain)'s remains firm.
  1. Then why aren't you letting go?

Choose: Then why aren't you letting go?
Troue: Oh. Well, you see...
Troue: I can do more than just read memories. By touching someone directly, I can show them illusions too.
  1. So this is an illusion?

Choose: So this is an illusion?
Troue: Er... Well, it's a bit complicated. But I suppose you could call it that...
Sensing something strange as Troue calmly describes his power, (Captain) instinctively shakes off his hand.
Troue: Wait! Don't let go!
Monster: Graaaaah!
Troue: P-please, stay your weapon! It's me, Troue! There are no monsters here—you have my word!
Troue: T-try to calm down, all right? Now, I'm going to take your hand again. Are you ready?
Troue: Ah, thank goodness. Forgive me, I should have led with the most crucial piece of information.
Troue: See, you're currently feeling the poisonous effects of the phantombloom—the plant you encountered earlier today.
Troue plucks a white ball of fuzz sprouting nearby.
Troue: Its spores cause people to see illusions. Visions of things that don't exist, vivid enough to make you mistake even a loved one for a monster.
Troue: By touching you like this, I can show you what I'm seeing instead.
Troue: For some reason, phantomblooms don't seem to have an effect on me. I never experience hallucinations.
Troue: So that's why I'm able to use my power to put a stop to your visions. Does that make sense?
Finally grasping the situation at hand, (Captain) apologizes to Troue for doubting his intentions.
Troue: I'm sorry too. I believe this is the first time I've told anyone about my power, so I wasn't sure how to go about explaining it.
Troue: But we can't exactly hold hands like this forever, can we? I'll supply you with the antidote so that you won't have to worry about letting go.
The captain nods, and they make their way deeper into the forest, hands joined.
Entering an ivy-draped castle, Troue leads (Captain) to a room where a young woman lies in bed.
Troue: I've returned, Your Highness.
???: Welcome back. Judging from your hands, I assume it was just as you'd feared.
Troue: Unfortunately, yes. I need to mix the antidote, so could I ask you to look after (Captain) in the meantime?
???: Of course.
With a bow, Troue hurries out of the room to prepare the antidote.
???: I can't apologize enough for this terrible misfortune. Troue will be back soon, so please make yourself comfortable on the sofa until then.
Princess Celine: Welcome to our humble kingdom. I am Celine, princess of this realm.
Princess Celine: That being said, Troue and I are the only ones on this island.
According to Celine, the phantombloom was discovered deep underground ten years prior.
Celine's father, the former king, had sought to enrich the kingdom by selling it to other islands, proudly calling it the "dreambloom."
However, they spread across the island like wildfire, inducing hallucinations until everyone had died apart from the princess, who had barricaded herself in the castle.
Princess Celine: Cough, cough...
I'm sorry for the long-winded story.
Princess Celine: All this tragedy was invited by none other than the royal family. We caused the citizens to destroy themselves, and placed you in harm's way as well.
Princess Celine: And the fact Troue ended up like that... I don't know how I can even begin to make amends.
Troue: Apologies for the wait. I know it's a bit bitter, but could I ask you to drink this medicinal tea for me?
Upon drinking the tea, (Captain) is instantly overcome by a sense of warmth, as well as a slight drowsiness.
Troue: It will take some time before the poison is fully neutralized. Please feel free to relax in the castle until morning. I'll prepare a room—
Princess Celine: Troue. Don't tell me you intend to ask our guest to stand in that condition.
Troue: Huh? But...
Princess Celine: Not to worry, (Captain). You're welcome to continue resting right there on the sofa.
As if on cue, (Captain)'s body immediately relaxes, sinking deeper into the soft cushions.
Princess Celine: Cough, cough... The detoxification process is quite hard on the body, I'm afraid.
Troue, help our guest get ready for bed.
Troue: Very well.
Pardon me, (Captain). May I help you remove your sword and armor?
Feeling tired and sluggish, the captain is all too eager to consent.
Troue: Then let's start with the sword. I'll leave it propped by your feet, so—
Troue: ...!
Troue: Whoa!
Princess Celine: Troue! What are you doing! How could you drop our guest's precious belongings?
Troue: F-forgive me! It's just... I was wearing gloves, but I still had a vision!
Princess Celine: Even though you didn't touch it bare-handed?
Troue: Yes. I saw memories of fierce battles residing in this sword... Clashes with beings far more powerful than ordinary monsters. What were they?
  1. You mean the primal beasts?

Choose: You mean the primal beasts?
Princess Celine: Oh my! Primal beasts?
Troue: You've heard of them?
Princess Celine: They're beings that appear in legends and fairy tales. To think you've actually encountered them in real life... Just who are you?
(Captain) briefly explains about the crew and their journey together.
Princess Celine: You're the captain of a crew? And you're heading to the Island of the Astrals of all places?
Princess Celine: That's it... That's it!
Troue: Your Highness?
  1. Want to know more about primals?

Choose: Want to know more about primals?
Princess Celine: What? W-well... I'd love to hear tales of your journey and the primal beasts you've happened upon, but at the same time...
Despite wanting to indulge Celine with stories of the crew's travels, the captain is far too groggy from the medicine to do so.
Troue: Your Highness, it's already quite late. Perhaps this could wait until tomorrow...
Princess Celine: Tomorrow? No... No, it can't. (Captain) may not be able to tell me, but you can, Troue.
Princess Celine: You always show me "dreams" that reside in antiques around the castle, don't you? Try to do the same with (Captain)'s sword.
Troue: Th-there's really no need for such drastic measures, is there? It's not my place to meddle...
  1. Look all you want.
  2. I'm embarrassed what you might see...

Choose: Look all you want.
Troue: Th-thank you. I appreciate you being willing to oblige Her Highness.

Choose: I'm embarrassed what you might see...
Princess Celine: Oh, don't be silly! I'm taking this very seriously, I'll have you know. And besides, didn't Troue just save your life?
Troue: That may be the case, but isn't it a bit cruel to hang that over (Captain)'s head?
Princess Celine: Oh, please! What's the harm? It's the truth, isn't it?
Troue: B-but this isn't like you. You're the one who instructed me not to interfere in the affairs of others in the first place.
Princess Celine: This is completely different... It's a matter of the utmost importance...
Troue: ...?
Princess Celine: Please, (Captain). I'd give anything to hear about your travels.
Sensing urgency in the princess's voice, the captain agrees to let them view the sword's memories.
Troue: I'm incredibly sorry about this. But don't worry—I won't divulge anything private, and I'll forget everything as soon as I've seen it. Trust me.
Continue 1
Troue removes his gloves and picks up the sword, then sits on Celine's bed and takes her hand in his.
Troue: By the way, those... "primal beasts," was it? They're quite overwhelming. Are you sure you want to see them?
Princess Celine: Why, I wouldn't hope for anything less.
Troue: All right, Your Highness. Pleasant dreams.
Troue: The first primal beast they encountered was Bahamut—a great black dragon that breathes flames of darkness.
Princess Celine: ...!
What a magnificent being!
Troue: Answering the girl's call, Bahamut soared through the sky, its mighty roar seeming to shake the entire world down to its foundation.
Celine listens on in fascination as Troue speaks, his voice soothing like a lullaby.
Unable to sleep due to the effects of the antidote, (Captain) joins the princess in listening to his story, mind hazy.
The moon is already sinking in the sky when Troue wraps up his tale and wobbles out of the room, and (Captain) finally drifts off to sleep.
Soon the sky begins to glow with the light of dawn.
(Captain): ...
Princess Celine: ...
Celine lies in bed wide awake, occasionally glancing over at the captain's sleeping face on the sofa.
Princess Celine: (We can't be far apart in age... But even so, (Captain)'s embarked on a grand journey and made countless friends along the way.)
Princess Celine: (Maybe, just maybe... Troue could too. This is probably his last chance.)
Princess Celine: (I... don't have much time left...)
Princess Celine: ...!
Princess Celine: Cough! Cough, cough!
Princess Celine: (Troue... Hurry!)
Princess Celine: (What time is it? How much longer until Troue... finishes his morning routine?)
Alarmed by the unprecedented pain in her chest, she searches frantically through the pockets of her nightgown and the bedside table.
Princess Celine: (Where could my pocket watch be? Did I drop it somewhere?)
Princess Celine: Huff, huff... Cough, gasp!
Cough... Cough, cough, cough!
  1. Are you okay?

Choose: Are you okay?
Princess Celine: Oh, (Captain)... I'm so sorry for waking you...
  1. I'll go get Troue!

Choose: I'll go get Troue!
Princess Celine: W-wait! He's still...
Troue: ...
  1. Troue! Hurry, it's an emergency!

Choose: Troue! Hurry, it's an emergency!
Troue: Huh? Oh, you must be... Right.
Troue: As I recall, the first thing I do is prepare breakfast, correct? I'll have it ready momentarily, so please wait in your room, Your Highness.
  1. What are you talking about?

Choose: What are you talking about?
Troue: Oh... I must have the wrong person. In that case, who are you? Why did you come to wake me up?
Princess Celine: T... Troue...
Troue: Oh no! Madam, are you all right?
Troue promptly rushes over, and Celine grasps his hand in hers as tightly as she can.
Troue: Oh...
Princess Celine: Huff, huff...
Do you know... who I am now? Then head to the kitchen... You'll remember what to do there!
Troue: Y-yes, Your Highness...

Joining Hands for Dreams: Scene 2

The crew meets Troue and Celine, the knight and princess of a kingdom that has fallen from the effects of a poisonous flower known as phantombloom. While possessed of the Gift of Visions, Troue also suffers from a type of amnesia that wipes his memory every night. (Captain) invites Troue into the crew by Celine's suggestion, who passes away from sickness shortly after.

Troue dashes out of the room and returns a few moments later with a cup of medicinal tea, which he hands to the princess.
After a while, Celine's attack subsides, and (Captain) helps her lie back down in bed.
Princess Celine: I'll be fine now that I've taken my medicine. I'm sorry you had to witness such an unsightly display.
  1. Where's Troue?

Choose: Where's Troue?
Princess Celine: Out for his morning walk. A quick tour of the castle will remind him of everything he needs to know.
Princess Celine: As you may have already guessed, Troue loses all his memories when he awakens in the morning.
Princess Celine: Two years ago, he fell into a pit filled with phantomblooms and lost consciousness. He inhaled their poison the entire time until he was found.
Princess Celine: He managed to escape with his life, but the aftereffects cause him to lose most of his memories overnight.
Princess Celine: Every morning, he has to use his Gift of Visions to recover them one by one.
Princess Celine: He awakens not knowing who or where he is. That's how Troue is forced to begin each and every day.
(Captain) thinks back on Troue's behavior that morning. Although he had appeared to be acting calmly, his eyes were incredibly anxious.
Troue: I'm back. And back to normal too, Your Highness.
Princess Celine: Glad to hear it. Now, could you check on (Captain)'s condition for me?
  1. I'm feeling better thanks to you!

Choose: I'm feeling better thanks to you!
Troue: Why, you look right as rain! I must say, I'm relieved. If you'd like to return to your ship now, I'll show you the way.
Princess Celine: ...
Princess Celine: Say, Troue. Since you're escorting (Captain) anyway, why don't you climb aboard the ship too?
Troue: Huh? Oh, you want to see the crew's airship? In that case, I'll use my Gift of Visions to show you when I return—
Princess Celine: No, that's not what I mean. I'm saying you should join them on their journey.
Troue: What! Me? Go on a journey?
Princess Celine: Last night when you were describing (Captain)'s travels, your eyes sparkled every time you mentioned the skies.
Troue: Urgh... I suppose I'll have to take your word for it. But even so, who would look after you while I was gone?
Princess Celine: Don't treat me like a child! I'm already fifteen years old, you know. I can take care of myself just fine, thank you.
Troue: But we haven't even confirmed if it's okay with (Captain) yet...
Princess Celine: Please, (Captain)! Troue's an incredibly hard worker, so I'm sure he'll be a great help on your journey.
Princess Celine: The whole amnesia thing might cause a bit of trouble at first, but I know you'll get used to it. Please!
  1. Sure... but what about you?
  2. Are you feeling okay now?

Choose: Sure... but what about you?
Choose: Are you feeling okay now?
Princess Celine: If this is about my attack this morning, there's nothing to worry about. The... The mushrooms I ate last night were probably poisonous, that's all.
Troue: What? Poison? In the food I prepared?
Princess Celine: Well, it's not like you'd remember what you used for the ingredients, right? Your mind's not exactly a steel trap.
Troue: ...
Troue: I apologize for making you suffer. And it's true you're already a fine adult. You don't need me around to help you any longer.
Troue: In that case, I think I will join them on their journey. If it's all right with (Captain), of course...
  1. You're more than welcome.

Choose: You're more than welcome.
Troue: Thank you for having me. I look forward to our travels together.
And so, after packing his bags, Troue leaves the castle with (Captain).
Princess Celine: (Thank the skies... Now Troue will be all right...)
Princess Celine: Cough! Cough, cough, cough!
Princess Celine: (The medicine's not working anymore. I'm on my last legs...)
Princess Celine: (It's my fate to die alone... in this desolate kingdom...)
Princess Celine: Troue...
Troue: You called, Your Highness?
Princess Celine: Wait... Why are you here?
Troue: Don't worry, I haven't abandoned my journey already. I merely asked for some extra time so I wouldn't have any regrets.
Troue: Your Highness... I may be forgetful, but I'm not a fool. I know you were lying about the poisonous mushrooms.
Princess Celine: What?
Troue holds out his right hand to reveal Celine's lost pocket watch.
Troue: I found it in the courtyard during my walk. It appeared to be a precious keepsake, so I looked at the memories to find out who it belonged to.
Troue: What I saw was an image of you, holding it every morning and making a single wish...
Troue: "Even after I'm gone from this world, let Troue not be alone."
Troue: Then why did you lie? You could have simply ordered me to go.
Princess Celine: Because...
Troue: I won't let you die alone. I may forget things quickly, but I won't let that turn me into some kind of heartless monster!
Troue places the pocket watch in Celine's hands and wraps her hands in his.
Troue: This way I can always remember everything that happened today!
Troue: Now, Your Highness, what would you like your final dream to be about? Your favorite hero, Roland? Or perhaps you'd like to see the memories of some other antique!
Princess Celine: ...
Princess Celine: (He's so kind... How many times has he put up with my selfish requests just like this? Even I can't remember.)
Princess Celine: (That's why I wanted you to forget everything and be free, Troue. I didn't want to tie you down anymore.)
Princess Celine: (Hehe. But of course I had to drop my watch yesterday of all days. If it had been the day before, or even tomorrow, you would have forgotten all about me.)
Troue: Your Highness?
Princess Celine: Well, since you offered... I suppose I'll let you show me one more dream.
Princess Celine: But I've had enough of talking about the past. I want to see your future.
Princess Celine: Show me the Grandcypher... The ship that will allow you to make so many memories from here on out.
Troue: Very well.
Troue shows her an image of a majestic blue-winged ship docked at the island's pier.
He goes on to imagine the ship taking flight into the wide-open sky, piercing the clouds as it soars toward the horizon.
Troue: How was that? If there's anything else you'd like to see, I'd be happy to show you.
Princess Celine: ...
Troue: Your Highness? Highness!
The next thing Troue knows, Celine's hands have gone limp, and their warmth has begun to fade.
Troue: No, it can't be...
Urgh... Sob...
Troue: I'm going to make more memories than ever before. And someday, when we're reunited at the bottom of the skies, I'll let you dream again, Your Highness.
Wiping the tears from his eyes, Troue departs from the castle one last time with his beloved princess cradled gently in his arms.
After erecting a small gravestone on a hill with a clear view of the sky above, he heads for the ship where his new friends await.

Proof of Friendship

Troue wakes up and—remembering nothing recent— follows instructions left by himself in a personal notebook, going around the ship while using his Gift of Visions to remember the recent past. Being fond of antiques, he looks forward to accompanying the crew to a flea market.

Troue: Mmh...
Troue: (Hm? Where... am I?)
Troue: (What happened to me yesterday? Hmm...)
Troue: ...
Troue: (Huh? I can't remember a thing. What's going on?)
Troue awakens on the Grandcypher and looks around, trying to make sense of his surroundings.
Troue: (Is this someone else's room? I wonder if any of my things are in here... They might help jog my memory.)
Scanning the room, he notices a worn notebook on the bedside table.
Troue: (What's that? For some reason, it seems kind of familiar... or maybe not.)
Inexplicably drawn to the notebook, Troue reaches out to touch it. At that moment...
Troue: Whoa!
Troue: (I-I saw something just now. I was sitting right here reading this same notebook... Urgh, it's just one mystery after another.)
Though puzzled, he opens the book to find a long note in his own handwriting.
Morning, sunshine! Bet you're feeling pretty confused without your memories right about now. But don't worry—I'll explain everything.
First things first—your name is Troue. And I'm you from the past. Though you probably don't remember writing this, huh?
Troue: What the... Did I really write this?
You're suffering from the aftereffects of a fungus called the phantombloom, causing you to forget everything overnight. Crazy, right?
Troue: Huh? Everything... in a single night? Is that even possible?
But don't let it get you down!
Everything's okay. You've got trusty friends by your side, and there's even a way to regain your memories, though it's far from perfect.
See, you have the Gift of Visions, allowing you to read the residual thoughts of things you touch directly. Go ahead—try touching something around you.
Spotting a calendar beside the bed with a series of dates crossed out, Troue touches it.
Troue: It's true... I really saw them. This is my room.
That's your Gift of Visions. The longer you touch something, the more memories you'll see. But you'll forget them all tomorrow, so go easy, okay?
Also, you usually wear gloves to keep yourself from seeing someone's memories accidentally. After all, it's not right to meddle in other people's affairs.
I've jotted down how to use your power, as well as some other things you ought to know. Make sure to read them sometime this morning.
Now, there's no time to waste—the day'll be over before you know it. So check the next page, and get out there on your morning walk! Go, go, go!
Troue: ...
Troue: (Guess amnesia's a real thing after all...)
Troue: Whoa!
Yes? Who is it?
  1. It's me. Can I come in?

Choose: It's me. Can I come in?
Troue: ...?
O-of course. Be my guest.
(Captain) opens the door and walks over to Troue, who remains seated on his bed, unsure how to react.
Troue: (This person probably knows who I am... But that doesn't help me! What should I say?)
  1. Use your Gift of Visions on me.
  2. Take my hand.

Choose: Use your Gift of Visions on me.
Making sure to mention Troue's ability by name in order to provide a sense of reassurance, (Captain) extends a hand.
Troue: Th-thank you. It's kind of you to offer...

Choose: Take my hand.
Troue: What! Y-your... Your hand? Do you and I have that sort of relationship?
Troue: Oh... You mean I can use my Gift of Visions to see your memories? That would be an enormous help...
Troue: (Ugh, the day's only just begun, and I've already humiliated myself! Forgetting this memory can't come soon enough!)
Continue 1
Troue swallows nervously and gently places his fingertips on (Captain)'s hand.
Troue: ...
Troue: (So this is (Captain), captain of the crew. And I'm one of the members traveling with them.)
Troue: (Oh, and (Captain) woke me up yesterday too, so I wouldn't be lost without my memories. What a kind person...)
Troue: Thanks to you, I've recovered some of my memories. I really appreciate it.
  1. Time for your morning walk.

Choose: Time for your morning walk.
Troue: Right. I suppose I'll be on my way...
Troue touches objects here and there as he wanders the ship, using his Gift of Visions to recover memories of his daily life aboard the Grandcypher.
Following the route laid out in his notebook, he eventually reaches the bridge.
Troue: (So this is the bridge... It's pretty high up.)
Troue: Wow, look at that big, blue sky! It's beautiful!
Rackam: Heh. Perks you right up when there's not a cloud in the sky, doesn't it? And good news—it's supposed to be clear all day long.
Troue: Let's see. You're... Rackam, right? Yes, it really lifts my spirits.
Rackam: Oh, remembered me already, huh? That morning routine of yours is gettin' more efficient every day.
Troue: I made detailed notes in my notebook about where to look, so that helped.
Troue: Plus, your memories are all over the ship, so it's easy for me to remember you especially.
Rackam: Me and the Grandcypher have been together for ages, after all. But I gotta admit, it's a little embarrassing havin' someone else see my memories...
Troue: Oh... Yes, that makes sense. Forgive me, I didn't even consider that...
Rackam: Well, as long as it helps you remember, I don't mind. And I know you're not the type to go around blabberin' about what you saw anyway.
Troue: That's true...
Troue: Er... Is it all right if I stay here and look at the sky a little longer?
Rackam: Sure, knock yourself out.
Troue heads to the front of the bridge and gazes out the window.
Troue: This is incredible. It's blue as far as the eye can see.
Rackam: The view from the deck is nice and all, but there's just something special about seein' the sky from here, don't you think?
Troue: There really is.
Troue: It's blue as far as the eye can see. I've never seen anything like it...
Rackam: From here, it's like we're lookin' down at the sky from on high. It's a fresh change from the deck, don't you think?
Having touched the window subconsciously, Troue lowers his hand and turns to face Rackam.
Troue: Did I... say the same thing yesterday?
Rackam: Oh, you remembered, did you? But it's all good.
Rackam: I may not lose my memories like you do, but I still find myself lookin' out at the sky every day with a sense of wonder.
Rackam: That rousing sensation hits you in the here and now, right? Memories have nothin' to do with it.
Troue: ...
Troue: (I'm really blessed to have such great friends, like (Captain) and Rackam...)
Rackam: That reminds me, we're gonna be stoppin' by a flea market later on a request.
Rackam: I heard you like antiques, so would you be interested in taggin' along?
Troue: I like antiques?
Rackam: Er... Well, you see...
Rackam: The day you joined the crew, I was in the middle of fixin' some old tools, and you came up to me with the biggest smile on your face.
Rackam: You said you like things that have been in people's hands for a long time, because they hold lots of memories.
Rackam: You also mentioned that back at the castle, you used to show your princess memories from the king's collection of antiques.
Troue: (Castle? Princess?)
Troue: (Sounds like there's still a lot I still need to remember. I hope it's all written in my notebook...)
Troue: I see. Now that you mention it, I do get the feeling I'm a fan of antiques.
Troue: But... is it really all right for me to come? Are you sure I won't get in the way?
Rackam: I don't see the harm. Just take care not to get mixed up with any roughnecks you might come across.
Troue: Understood.
Troue: (This sounds like a great chance to collect new memories.)
Troue's heart races with excitement as he gazes at the outline of an island in the distance.

Proof of Friendship: Scene 2

At the flea shop, Troue picks up a doll and his ability allows him to see the memory of its owner's recent kidnapping. Troue rescues a little girl from the perp and returns her doll.

Having come to the flea market with (Captain) and the crew, Troue eagerly winds through the stalls, viewing the memories inhabiting various antiques.
Troue: (Ooh, this vase was on display in the entryway of a merchant's villa. The servants polished it every day without fail.)
Troue: (And this silver tableware... A priest donated it to buy food for the children. Everyone looks so happy.)
Rackam: Sheesh, he's totally hooked.
Rackam: Troue, we're headin' over to meet with the client now. Would you rather stay here and look around some more?
Troue: What? No, I couldn't do that. I'll come along and help.
Rackam: No worries, we can always call you if we need an extra hand. You can wait here.
Troue: All right. Thank you, Rackam.
Rackam: Sure thing... Haha. Also, I get that you're excited and all, but those things are for sale, so make sure not to cover 'em in fingerprints.
Troue: Oh, that's a good point! I'll be careful.
(Captain) and company wave goodbye and make their way out of the market.
Troue: (Boy, they really have an amazing selection. It's thrilling to think just how many memories are here in this one place.)
Troue: (Oh, this pot was crafted by the student of a famous ceramic artist.)
Troue: (I can see him presenting the jar to his teacher as thanks for everything he's done for him...)
Troue: (Ah, their relationship makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. They were so close and respectful of each other, just like a real father and son.)
Troue: (Hmm, maybe I should buy this. Wonder how much it costs?)
Troue: (Oh, this must be the price tag. Let's see... One, two, three, four...)
Troue: (Whoa, that's a lot of zeros! I never knew antiques were so expensive!)
Troue reflexively places the vase carefully back where it came from.
Troue: (Oh well. Guess I won't be buying it after all...)
Troue: (Huh? Did something fall?)
Looking down, Troue notices a ragged-looking doll lying in the street.
Assuming it must have fallen from a shelf somewhere, he picks it up to put it back in its place.
Troue: ...!
Young Girl: Nooo! Let go! Let gooo!
Ruffian: Can it, brat!
Young Girl: Eep!
Troue: What was that?
Troue grips the doll tightly in both hands and focuses his attention.
Troue: (It's a lost girl. She's desperately searching for her mother while clinging to the doll...)
Troue: (There's a man in a bandana lurking in the shadows—someone the girl doesn't know. He's reaching out and stuffing her into a large sack...)
Troue: (That's where the memory ends. The girl must have dropped the doll then.)
Troue: (I just witnessed a kidnapping, didn't I? When was this memory from? What did the area look like?)
He focuses further, carefully inspecting the surrounding antiques in the memory, all the way down to their shadows.
Troue: (This happened just moments ago! I might still be able to catch the culprit!)
Troue: (I have to save that little girl!)
Determined, Troue places one hand on the ground to find out which way the man fled.
Troue: (Urgh, there are so many people's memories all mixed together... I'll have to search for the kidnapper's. Let's see...)
Troue: That way!
Kidnapper: Kehehe, I had no clue she was the baron's daughter. Guess I can expect a nice, fat ransom!
Baron's Daughter: U-ungh...
Monster: Hissss!
Baron's Daughter: Eek! N-no! Don't eat me!
Kidnapper: Tch, awake already? I'm busy writin' a friendly note to your old man right now, so put a sock in it, will ya?
Baron's Daughter: No... Let me... go!
Realizing her arms and legs are tied tightly to the chair, the girl's face goes pale.
Kidnapper: Better pipe down if you know what's good for you. Got it?
Baron's Daughter: Eep!
Feeling a cold blade pressed against her neck, she begins to tremble.
Troue's Voice: Hey, are you in there? Answer me, please!
Kidnapper: What the! Who the hell are you?
Troue's Voice: You're the one who kidnapped that poor little girl, aren't you? Is she in there with you? Release her immediately!
Kidnapper: Tch! It ain't polite to spy, y'know!
Kidnapper: Heh! If you want her, you'd better cough up the dough—ten million rupies, to be exact! Otherwise I can't guarantee she'll stay in one piece—
Troue's Voice: Hyah!
Troue: Sorry, I must have left my wallet in my other pants. But I won't be paying you a single rupie regardless—that girl is not your merchandise to sell!
Kidnapper: What! Did this guy seriously just cut through a steel door?
Troue steps over the two halves of the door and approaches the kidnapper.
Kidnapper: Don't think you've got the upper hand here!
All right, you creepers! Get 'im!
Shouting orders, the man opens the door to a cage containing a pack of monsters.
Monsters: Graaaaah!
Troue: Sacred blade Durandal, bestow upon me Roland's memories... and grant me the power to fight!
As if in response to Troue's voice, the sword in his bare hand emits a faint light.
Troue: Hup!
Kidnapper: No way! He took 'em all out in an instant!
Troue: Haaaaah!
Baron's Daughter: Eep!
Troue: ...!
Troue: (I've got to keep the bloodshed to a minimum. Unlike me, that little girl won't forget all this in the morning.)
Troue: Change of plans!
Troue grabs this kidnapper's wrist with his empty hand and grips it tightly.
Troue: Pleasant dreams!
Kidnapper: What're you doin'!
Giant Monster: Grrr...
Suddenly, an enormous shadow appears behind Troue, and the kidnapper finds himself face-to-face with a monster the size of a fortress.
A violent snort brushes the man's cheek, and warm saliva dribbles down his face from between the creature's bared fangs.
Kidnapper: Wh-where the hell did that thing come from! G-get... Get away from me!
Giant Monster: Groooooar!
Kidnapper: Gyaaah!
Baron's Daughter: Huh?
The kidnapper's body goes rigid as he lets out a shriek and passes out from fear.
Troue: Phew.
Troue pulls his gloves out of his pocket and puts them back on.
Troue: Don't worry, everything's all right now. Here, let me untie you.
Baron's Daughter: Why'd that mean man fall asleep?
Troue: Who knows? Maybe he had a scary dream.
Troue: There, you're free. Can you walk?
Baron's Daughter: Yeah...
Troue extends a gloved hand to the girl and gently helps her to her feet.
Troue: You must have been really scared. But you're safe now. Oh, and here—I believe this is yours.
Baron's Daughter: Hey! My dolly!
Troue: She's the one who told me you were in danger.
Baron's Daughter: She talked to you?
Troue: Er... Yes! She said, "My precious friend is in danger!" That she did.
Baron's Daughter: Wow!
Baron's Daughter: My mommy gave me this dolly! She goes on trips with me, sleeps with me... We're always together!
Troue: She's a very lucky doll to have such a caring owner. I hope you'll make many more happy memories together.
Baron's Daughter: We will! And we won't forget you either, mister! We'll remember you forever and ever!
Baron's Daughter: Thanks for saving me! You were super strong—and super cool too!
Troue: W-well... I'm just glad you're safe. And I'm honored you'll remember me. Now then, let's get you home.
Holding hands so as not to get separated, Troue and the little girl head out of the room.

Proof of Friendship: Scene 3

Troue receives an antique pot from the girl's mother as a reward for the rescue. Later, he explains to (Captain) that peering into the memories of the holy blade Durandal allows to him to fight. He promises to use less formal language in the future in hopes of appearing more friendly.

Rackam: That pot you bought looks pretty pricey. Didn't know you had that kinda money on ya.
Troue: Oh, well... It's a rather long story. You see, while I was waiting for you all...
Troue explains that his Gift of Visions helped him uncover a kidnapping, and he ended up defeating the culprit and saving the child.
Rackam: And here I thought you were just lookin' at antiques! I'm impressed you made it out in one piece.
Troue: It's all thanks to this sword. Even a ruffian commanding a throng of monsters didn't stand a chance against it.
Rackam: Huh. I did hear you used to be a knight...
Troue: Afterward, the little girl's mother asked if there was anything I wanted.
Troue: So I mentioned offhand that I was interested in this pot, but I never dreamed she'd purchase it to thank me. I feel rather guilty...
Rackam: Hahaha. In that case, you oughta just accept it. You did more than enough to deserve it, in my book.
Troue: Perhaps...
Troue: I truly am thankful for her generosity. I'm sure this will help me remember everything that transpired today.
Filled with gratitude, Troue hugs the pot full of memories close.
After dinner, Troue returns to his room and displays his new pot on an otherwise bare shelf.
Troue: (The shelf's still mostly empty, but I hope someday it'll be filled with memorabilia.)
Troue: Yes? Come in.
The door swings opens to reveal (Captain).
  1. Rackam told me everything.

Choose: Rackam told me everything.
Troue: Er... About the kidnapper, you mean? Did you need to follow up with me on something?
(Captain) tells Troue that it was surprising to learn he was so adept at fighting.
Troue: Is it really that strange? Rackam reacted the same way too, in fact.
  1. Because of the amnesia thing.
  2. You don't forget how to fight?

Choose: Because of the amnesia thing.
Choose: You don't forget how to fight?
Troue: Oh... Have I never told you about Durandal?
Troue: In that case, allow me to let you in on the secret behind my fighting ability. Would you mind taking a seat?
As (Captain) sits down, Troue removes his gloves and picks up his sword.
Troue: This is the sacred blade Durandal, once wielded by a hero named Roland.
Troue places his empty hand on (Captain)'s.
Troue: Now then, pleasant dreams.
Troue: On a faraway island lived Roland, a knight in service to a beautiful kingdom. He was hailed as the most valiant fighter in the realm.
Troue: In the defense of his kingdom, he faced advancing armies of ten thousand men, as well as monsters that ravaged the land.
"Press forward, men! Victory is within our grasp! The time has come to annihilate the enemy!": 「皆の者、臆せず進め!


Troue: When Roland raises his voice, it invokes a curious surge of strength. No matter how dire the situation, hope is always on the horizon.
Troue: "Our hero, Roland! Bring victory to the kingdom!" The people cheer at the top of their lungs as the knight lifts his blade high.
Troue: Well, that should give you an idea. Alas, there isn't enough time in the world to view all the memories inhabiting this sword.
  1. Was that one of your dreams?
  2. Why did you show me this?

Choose: Was that one of your dreams?
Troue: That's right. It felt quite real, much like when you're actually dreaming, correct?

Choose: Why did you show me this?
Troue: Er... That's a good question. Habit, I suppose?
Continue 1
Troue: Durandal was one of the antiques that belonged to the father of the princess I served.
Troue: Her Highness gifted it to me, saying that a sword containing memories of a hero could prove useful.
Troue: I trained myself by imitating the memories residing in Durandal, and eventually managed to become recognized as a knight myself.
Troue: Objects remember things on my behalf, so even if I forget, I can still manage somehow. They're truly invaluable to me.
As Troue smiles, (Captain) points out something from the dream.
  1. Roland looks a lot like you.

Choose: Roland looks a lot like you.
Troue: Huh? Do you really think so?
Troue: That's odd. I had heard Durandal originated in a foreign land, so I don't see how that could be possible. Unless...
Troue: What if I wasn't originally a citizen of Her Highness's kingdom?
Troue: I wonder... If I traveled to the kingdom Roland hails from, would I be able to learn something about my past?
  1. Let's search for it together!

Choose: Let's search for it together!
Troue: Are you sure you don't mind? I'd really appreciate that!
Troue: It seems my journey finally has a purpose. I'd better write it down so I don't forget.
Troue opens his notebook and writes "Goal: Locate the island of the hero Roland."
Troue: I'm trying to keep my notebook updated with everything I need to remember, but it sounds like I'll be doing a lot more writing in the future.
Troue: Remembering isn't exactly easy, but the joy it gives me wins out. After all, I want to make as many memories as I can.
Troue: I'm glad I left on this journey. I'm blessed to have you and the rest of the crew by my side.
Troue: Haha. Forgive me for springing that on you. I wasn't sure I'd be able to tell you tomorrow, so I wanted to express myself while I had the chance.
Troue: (Oh yeah... Tomorrow my head will be empty again, just like it was this morning. And this warmth in my chest will be gone too.)
Troue: (I'll have to start all over from square one. I'm sure this happy feeling will come back to me again, but still...)
Baron's Daughter: My mommy gave me this dolly! She goes on trips with me, sleeps with me... We're always together!
Baron's Daughter: And we won't forget you either, mister! We'll remember you forever and ever!
Troue: (I don't really have a sense of what "always" truly means. And I can't even promise to remember someone.)
Troue: (I wonder if it makes (Captain) sad, being forgotten day after day...)
Princess Celine: Enough, you worrywart! When you talk like that, it makes you sound so distant and unfriendly!
Troue: Huh?
Princess Celine: If you want proof that we're always together, then you'd better do something about the way you speak!
Princess Celine: But I'm a princess and you're a knight? That doesn't matter! We're the only ones left in this whole kingdom anyway!
Princess Celine: Hand over that notebook! I'll write it down for you! And I expect you to read it every day so you can fix that habit of yours!
Troue: What was that?
Troue looks down at the page in the notebook he had unconsciously touched.
There in Celine's handwriting are the words "No more formal speech! Stop acting distant!"
Troue: (Now that I think of it, I guess I do speak formally to everyone. Maybe it makes me seem like I'm keeping them at arm's length...)
  1. What's wrong?

Choose: What's wrong?
Troue: Well... I have a question for you, and I'd like you to answer honestly.
Troue: Do you think the way I speak makes me seem distant?
  1. Not at all.
  2. Maybe a little.

Choose: Not at all.
Troue: Really? Are you sure you're not just being nice?
Troue: No, you must be trying to spare my feelings. You're about the same age as Her Highness, after all...

Choose: Maybe a little.
Troue: I-I see... So you agree. I suppose I do have an air of aloofness, don't I?
Continue 2
Saying this, Troue begins pacing the room restlessly.
Troue: Her Highness was above me in status, so it was impossible for me to stop being formal to her.
Troue: But it's not like (Captain) and I are all that different rank-wise... Actually, wait. We are captain and crewmate—does that count?
Troue: Still, the other crew members all speak pretty casually to the captain, so maybe not doing so is more rude...
  1. You can talk however you want.

Choose: You can talk however you want.
Troue: No, this is important! We're fellow crewmates who are going to be traveling together for a long time!
Troue: I've made up my mind! I'm going to stop speaking so formally! I've had enough of being distant and unfriendly!
Troue draws a circle around Celine's words and writes "Stop speaking formally to (Captain)!" in big, bold letters.
Troue: Mm... Haah...
Troue: Er, so... (Captain), if I may—
No! (Captain), I've got something to say!
Troue: I-I hope the two of us can be even closer b-buddies someday!
Due to his forgetfulness, Troue is intent on cherishing the connections and memories he has.
Just what sort of memories will result from his slightly misguided efforts? Only time will tell.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
この程度、余裕です This is no trouble at all.
(明日になったらこれも忘れてしまうのかな……) (I wonder if I'll forget this when morning comes...)
いい思い出が沢山集められました! I made a lot of wonderful memories!
(これは視ちゃいけない奴だったんじゃ……!) (I definitely shouldn't have seen that just now!)
僕から手を放しちゃダメですからね Don't let go of my hand, all right?
温かい手袋って落ち着くんですよね Nothing calms me down like a cozy pair of gloves.
英雄ロランのようになりたいなぁ Hope I can be like the hero Roland someday.
(主人公)さんと旅が出来て嬉しいです I'm glad I was able to join you on your journey, (Captain).
どんな夢が視たいですか? What kind of dream would you like to see?
(主人公)……!い、いい天気だね! (Captain)! N-nice weather today, huh?