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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3030243000 01.jpg Vanzza (SR)
Age 26 years old
Height 220 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Relaxing in quiet places
Likes Battle (mainly one-to-one fights), sweets things (mainly cakes)
Dislikes Sweating the details
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030243000 01.jpg Vanzza (SR)
Age 26歳
Height 220 cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 静かな所での休息
Likes 戦い(主に一騎打ち)、甘味類(主にケーキ)
Dislikes 小難しいこと

Source [1]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Birthdays mean only one thing, and that's cake. Here, I made one for you.
Happy birthday! Hurry and get yourself a plate. I'll cut a slice for you.


Here's a cake for ya.
That's right. Another cake. It's your birthday after all.
But this cake's a little different from the others. Hehehe...
Just have a bite and find out for yourself. You'll be surprised. Happy birthday, (Captain).


Now then, today's your birthday. It might sound funny to ask, but how do you feel?
Feeling a little more focused, eh? Humph. I see... Sounds like you're really growing up.
That's the unabashed steeliness fitting of a skyfaring crew captain. I truly respect that.
But you're still a kid. So you should act as carefree as you wish for today.
What? You think I should let you do whatever you want no matter what? Heh-heh, well I suppose that's all right.
For one day only, I'll let you get away with whatever you like. Happy birthday, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, (Captain). I consider myself blessed to be able to celebrate your birthday time and time again. I don't make promises easily. But I've been around you long enough that I wouldn't mind making one with you. Know that I'll always be your ally. You can count on me to support you anytime. Grow strong and healthy, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain).
When we first met, I thought you were nothing but a child. It's hard to believe just how wrong I was.
Even so, you've still got a long road ahead of you in this life.
When we celebrate this day next year, you'll have grown in strength of body and character.
But you're still a child, as far as I'm concerned, so don't try to take everything on by yourself. Sometimes you should let your elders spoil you. Times like today, for example.
Oho, so you want a lavish birthday cake? Heh. You just leave it to me. I'll bake you a cake that'll knock your socks off.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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The new year is here. What a wonderful day... Better go and make the first cake of the year.
Ha-ha. Why don't you come and help?


The new year is here. But I... I still...
I still haven't found anything to aid my search!
I'm sorry... You don't want me to apologize? Because I've helped the crew?
It's enough to make you cry...
No, it's nothing. You're too nice for your own good, as usual.
The old me used to fear your kindness. But after traveling with you, I realized it's saved me countless times.
Thank you, (Captain). Let's have a great year.


Heh-heh! The crew members are having a ball with the celebration. Did you need something, (Captain)?
You want me to help you make some mochi snacks, huh? Hm, then hand me that mallet and let's get to mashing! Oh yeah!
Ready? Here we go!
Say, what's this goo turning into? It sure looks moist and chewy... Huh? So that's why they call it mochi...
Heh-heh! Ha-ha-ha!


Happy New Year. It's always a delight to welcome in another year.
Come to think of it, (Captain), we've known each other for quite some time now.
I never thought I'd come to trust anyone other than Acorazada.
But I have you to count on now, (Captain).
Let us fight together this year as well. You have my trust.


Happy New Year, (Captain). We've made it safely through another year.
I think we can both chalk it up to having reliable companions to watch our backs.
You just keep getting stronger. I don't plan to be left behind, so I'll be training twice as hard.
Besides, how else am I going to save Carolla and Acorazada?
I say it every year, (Captain), but I'm glad I've got you looking out for me. Let's make this year another good one.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, it's you. You want to know what I'm up to?
I was just thinking about the chocolate cake Carolla used to make. It was delicious...
Hm? Is this for me? Heheh, you're too nice for your own good. Thank you.


Oh! You've got chocolate for me? Heh-heh, I'm much obliged. You're very kind indeed.
I'll bake you a cake as thanks. A chocolate cake rich with sweetness and flavor...
Heh-heh... You'd better look forward to it!


It's a token of your gratitude for me, you say? Good grief... It's just like you to do this...
You're so kind. Too kind for your own good... So kind that it could be your weakness...
But after journeying with you, I see now that kindness is your weapon.
Don't you ever forget to be kind. Someday, somewhere... it will surely help you.
Well, it seems that turned into a lecture somehow.
But I'm grateful for this gift. And I gladly accept it, (Captain).


Happy Valentine's. I gladly accept your gift.
A token of friendship, you say. Haha. I'd love to show this to Carolla.
It's nice to have a dependable comrade who provides yearly goodies to boot.
I'm sure Carolla would be fond of you as well.
Thanks for being a pal, (Captain). You don't know how thankful I am.


Thank you again, (Captain).
You're a pretty accomplished chocolatier, and every year you seem to outdo yourself.
It inspires me to keep improving my baking skills.
Well, it's time to roll up my sleeves and start working on my White Day surprise. I won't let you down.
In thanks for this delicious chocolate, you can expect one spectacular cake.

White Day Cutscenes
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I made a few too many macarons, (Captain).
I'll never be able to eat them all, so have a few!
What's that? I gave you too many for one person to eat? Humph! I'm a big eater, you know.
Enough questions now, and eat up! If you don't I'll have to do it myself... Haha!


You knew what I was bringing as soon as you saw me, didn't you?
But... these are cookies!
You're looking a bit puzzled now... Aren't you sick of me giving you cake every time?
So I thought I'd make some cookies this time. I used Carolla's own recipe too. They're sure to be good so have a bite.
You're always there to help me. And I thank you for it, (Captain)


Hm... Here's a thank-you gift for the Valentine's gift, (Captain). What's wrong? Don't be shy.
I'm sorry for lecturing you this past Valentine's Day.
From now on, when we have holidays like that, I'll express my thanks straightforward.
That's something the crew has taught me. When Carolla wakes up and hears that, she might laugh.
Heh-heh, I think I've loosened up quite a bit!


Here, take it.
I tried to give the chocolates a different spin this year.
They should more closely resemble the kind that Carolla would make.
I doubt they match hers in flavor, but I hope you find them palatable.
Hm? Carolla's culinary skills? I'd say she's unmatched in all the skies.
Okay—I guess I'm just playing favorites, but I can tell you her sweets are really something else.
I can't wait for the day I get to treat you to a few of them.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
A trick or a treat, huh? I guess I'll go for the treat.
And see! I baked a cake! This is the day for getting treats, but don't overdo it.


It's great to see everyone letting loose and enjoying themselves.
But that's when we need to be most careful. You never know what might happen.
But, hey, I'm not trying to be a wet blanket here. So let's have some of my homemade cupcakes here and party on!
As for me I'll be taking it in stride. Haha...


Oh! You're in costume too, (Captain)! I almost didn't recognize you.
Here, have some candy. Go on and take what you want. Don't be shy.
You want all of it? Can you carry it all? If that's how much you want, then I'll give you a hand.
Don't worry about taking this much. I can whip up some more candies for the other kids in town.
But... that reminds me. If it's all right with you, could you help me pass them out later?


What a shock...
Ah, (Captain). Good timing.
I considered making my own original cake to give out to the kids. Figured store-bought cake would be a nice reference.
I found a plastic figurine placed right in the center. Apparently it's a common thing with king cakes.
I'd never have come up with the idea myself. Patissiers are really something else.
Anyhow, I'm thinking of trying my hand at king cake. Think you can help out, (Captain)?
Let's make it so good that the kids will be jumping for joy with each bite!


Oh, (Captain)! Headed into town?
Can you take these cupcakes with you?
Every year I seem to end up making more sweets than the last.
I made so many this year, I don't think I can give them all out myself. If you were hoping to play tricks when I didn't give you treats, I'll have to disappoint you.
Your share, you ask? I've got it ready, of course.
A king cake to delight your taste buds.
Better sit down to eat it, because you're likely to swoon. Haha, just kidding.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays.
Carolla and I used to bake holiday cookies this time of year...
I think I'll make a batch today! You're gonna have some, right?


This season is both happy and bittersweet to me.
Listen, (Captain), let me have a day off today.
I made cookies... for Carolla.
So I'm thinking of taking some to her... What's that? You want to come along? Heh...
I don't mind. Thank you, (Captain).


You want to bake a cake with me? I don't mind lending you a hand...
I see... It's a cake for Carolla. Thanks, (Captain). You really have a big heart.
And not just you... Everyone in our crew is too nice for their own good... You think I am too, eh?
Heh-heh! I dunno about that... I can get pretty stern when I'm baking a cake, you know!
How about we get started then? Let's whip up a shortcake with strawberries on top!


Truth is I'd never given Carolla a holiday gift...
I once asked if she wanted anything, but she always seemed more than content with my presence alone.
Acorazada would always tell me to give her something anyway...
I'd be all wishy-washy about it and end up doing nothing.
But after spending the holidays with you over so many years, I've come to realize how important gifts can be.
When she awakens, I plan on giving her a whole plethora of gifts to make up for every year I never got the chance to.
I hope you will help me pick out a few, (Captain).


Thank you for helping me choose another gift for Carolla.
I feel like you make much better selections than I do.
I'm sure Carolla will be surprised when she wakes up.
She's sure to wonder how in the skies I picked so well.
By the time I get her back, hopefully your good taste will have rubbed off on me, (Captain).

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Tears of the Horned[edit]

There the party watched a street fight match. A youth approached Vanzza, the victor of the match, with a request to go monster hunting, but he declined. When the party undertook the mission in his place and found itself struggling, Vanzza showed up to help out. Upon hearing the reason for Vanzza’s travels, the party felt that he might be helpful and proposed that they travel together.

Our heroes visited a town to go shopping.
Street fights with prize money at stake were held in the town square.
Lyria: Wow...! What an amazing throng!
Vyrn: Yeah! Let’s go take a look! (Captain)!
As soon as the party began watching the match, the judge announced that the match had begun.
???: If you are not ready to risk your life, you should not fight. Are you ready?
Match Opponent: Of course. If I weren’t ready like that, I wouldn’t be fighting in this match.
???: Oh... It was a silly question. All right, I’m going!
The man gripping the tonfas kicked the ground, and with frightful speed overwhelmed his opponent.
Match Opponent: Wha?! Hyaaah...
???: Aaaaaaaghh!!
It was like the roar of a beast, and reverberated through the atmosphere, and at the same time a ferocious striking sound could be heard.
Match Opponent: ...
Unable to take it any longer, the opponent in the match rolled his eyes, lost consciousness, and crumpled to his knees.
The large man wielding the tonfas caught the falling man before he could hit the ground, and gently laid him on the floor.
???: With respect.
Judge: Gasp! And the winner is... Vanzza!
Vyrn: Amazing! That tonfa boy! You leveled him with one blow!
The party was astonished by Vanzza's fighting style. A youth came flying in from the spectators.
Young Man: Hey, Mr. Vanzza! I would definitely like to send you on this mission!
Young Man: A lot of monsters have suddenly appeared near my village... It’s only a matter of time before the village is attacked!
Young Man: Can I hire you as a guard to protect the village?! Surely strength like yours will be sufficient!
Vanzza: I refuse. I have other things to do.
Vanzza: I do not make promises or contracts lightly. And I am in the middle of a journey. I cannot get sidetracked.
Young Man: But I promised everyone in the village! I would definitely bring back a strong man!
Young Man: Save us! Please and thanks! I can’t face my family like this...
Vanzza: Find someone else.
Vanzza gently pulled off a lad that was clinging to him, turned his back, and began to walk away.
Vanzza: It’s enough to make you cry.
Vyrn: What’s up with your attitude?! You should have helped them, you heartless jerk!
Lyria: Um... That guy before looks like he was about to cry...
Vyrn: You can’t act like that... Why so cold!?
Lyria: Hmph... I wonder why. Though it may have been a misunderstanding...
Young Man: Damn it, now what should I do... I can’t just...
Lyria: Why don’t we undertake the mission in his place, (Captain)?
(Captain) nodded in assent, undertook the guard mission, and headed for the village where the youth lived.
That evening, a gaggle of monsters bore down on the village.
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
The party struggled to find more monsters than they had expected, and ended up being surrounded by said monsters.
Vyrn: Well... this hasn’t gone very well, has it?
As soon as the party thought it was done for, a roar like that of a beast could be heard.
Vanzza: Aaaaaaaghh!!
Monster: Gyanh!
Lyria: ?! That’s...! Mr. Vanzza...?!
Vyrn: Anyway! (Captain)! There is a break in the monsters! Let’s rush through it and pull ourselves back together!
(Captain) regrouped in a break in the monsters. Vanzza walked up to him.
Vyrn: What’s up? Didn’t you say you didn’t get sidetracked?
Vanzza: They happened to be in my path. They got in my way, so I knocked them down.
Vanzza: At any rate, this is when children are usually asleep. Tell me the location of your house, and I will go with you.
(Captain) shook his head no, stating that he could not run away and abandon the village to its fate.
Vanzza: You seem to be serious. You have good insight for your age.
After saying this, Vanzza looked over the surrounding monsters.
Vanzza: ...And besides... If they are still all around like this they will get in the way of my walking.
Vanzza: So if we do not neatly dispose of them, I won’t be able to make progress on my journey. Do you think?
(Captain) nodded in ascent, and teamed up with Vanzza to fight the monsters.
As a result, the monsters were successfully defeated, and the party returned to the village where the young man resided.
Young Man: Thank you. You’ve been a big help!
Young Man: So you managed to get Mr. Vanzza to come along... Thank you!
Vanzza: If you must thank someone, think these guys. I was just picking up the trash. I had to. They were in the way of my walking.
Vyrn: Haha... Aren’t we frank! You really intended to help us all along, didn’t you?
Vanzza: Don’t joke around. I have no goodwill. I took them out because they were getting in the way of my journey. That’s it.
Vyrn: Hm... Your journey...
Lyria: Why are you traveling, Mr. Vanzza?
Vanzza: For Carolla... No, it’s so that I can find a man and make him take responsibility for what he has done.
Vyrn: Mmm? Carolla?
Vanzza: That is the name of the woman I love.
Vyrn: Haha! The very idea of you having a lover, Vanzza!
Vanzza: Don’t joke around.
Lyria: Do you have any clues as to the whereabouts of that man you’re looking for?
Vanzza: None at all. Why do you care? Why are you asking me about such a thing?
Lyria: Maybe we could help you, Mr. Vanzza.
At Lyria’s words, (Captain) nodded in assent.
Vanzza: What are you talking about?
The party was a bit suspicious of Vanzza. They disclosed to him that they were Skyfarers, and provided a simple explanation of their journey thus far.
Vanzza: I see... You are going after your father...
Vanzza: You are heading for Estalucia for the sake of that girl Lyria...
Vanzza: It’s enough to make you cry.
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong? Tonfa boy.
Vanzza: Nothing at all. It would certainly be easier for me to gather information together with you Skyfarers that I am now.
Vanzza: But why do you want to cooperate with me? I don't get it.
(Captain) said that he wanted to express gratitude for having been helped out before.
Lyria: Yes! We want to thank you like we should!
Vanzza: Thanks? Yeah... That’s right...
Vanzza: I can certainly go from island to island faster if you help me.
Vanzza: Fine... I got it. I will go with you.
Lyria: Truly?! Yay!
Vanzza: However... This doesn’t mean I am your friend.
Vyrn: Wait, what do you mean?
Vanzza: I do not make promises or form contracts lightly. That is because I do no trust others lightly.
Vanzza: People you can’t trust aren’t your friends, right?
Vyrn: I guess you’re right, but...
Vanzza: Our interests are aligned. So there is no reason to assist me with my own goals.
Vanzza: Let me on your ship, and in exchange for boarding fare I will help you with what I can actually help you with.
Vanzza: Also... You guys are too nice. If you’re going to spread kindness around that much, you should only have allies that you can trust.
Vanzza: There are limits to kindness... Not even a day has passed since you met me.
  1. Am I already a friend you can trust?
  2. Your kindness is the real deal!

Choose: Am I already a friend you can trust?
Vanzza: What would you have done if I turned out to be a bad guy?
Lyria: You're fine! You’re a good guy, Vanzza!
Vanzza: Not necessarily. I am telling you, it’s possible, so be careful.
Vanzza: Anyway, thank you. Got all that?

Choose: Your kindness is the real deal!
Vanzza: Hey hey... Are you going to be exposed as a fraud?
Vyrn: Whahaha! For certain, Lyria and (Captain) truly are kind!
Vanzza: Anyway, thank you. Got all that?
Continue 1
Lyria: Uh... Yeah...
Lyria and (Captain) looked depressed as they nodded in agreement.
Upon seeing this, Vanzza looks concerned as he scratched his cheeks with his fingertips, and let out a big sigh.
Vanzza: That’s right... Hey if you want to show gratitude... How about letting me eat a big cake?
Lyria: Wha?! Cake?
Vanzza: What the?Is that weird? Cake is my favorite.
Vyrn: Um... That kind of came out of nowhere...
Vyrn: Hahaha, we had better go shopping tomorrow morning!
Vanzza: Don't forget the strawberries. Cake with strawberries on top is my favorite.
Lyria: Hahaha... Got it!
Upon learning this unexpected aspect of Vanzza's character, the party relaxed and began having a fun discussion of what kind of cake they should make.
Vanzza: Carolla, it looks like I met some guys I just can’t leave alone...
Seeing this, Vanzza let out a sigh, and began talking to himself in a manner that looked as if he were conversing with a lover.
However, his expression was very calm, and like the rest of the party he smiled with apparent enjoyment.

Faith is Bittersweet[edit]

(Captain)’s party received a quest from a village. The village wanted the skyfarers to investigate what was causing the rare animals of the forest to disappear. After some searching, they locate some suspicious men. Vanzza explains that they are the members of the gang that was lead by Vanzza’s rival. Vyrn accidentally raises his voice in surprise and the gang members find them.

(Captain)’s party received a quest from a village.
The villagers explained that they started seeing suspicious men at around the same time their rare species started to disappear from the forest.
They believe these suspicious men are poaching the rare species and decide to head into the forest to investigate the truth.
Lyria: I’m sorry, Vanzza. I know we haven’t been able to find you any clues about the person you’re trying to find, and yet we’re asking you for your help with this quest.
Vanzza: I don’t mind. Plus, it’s as I’ve been telling you... I will find him myself. There’s no need for you to go out of your way to help me.
Lyria: B-but... I really want to help you!
Lyria: So... What’s this person like? The one you’re trying to find.
Vanzza: Sigh...
Vanzza: He’s the man I place the most trust in. We used to hone our combative skills together. I guess you could call him my rival in that sense.
Vyrn: Ah... Rivals, huh. Did you guys like, fight to see who’s stronger?
Vanzza: ... That sounds about right.
Vanzza: ...
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Lyria: Uh... um! When we’re done with this quest, why don’t we go have some pie?
Vyrn: Uh... Yeah! Apple pie sounds really good to me!
(Captain) nods to Lyria and Vyrn’s suggestion.
Vanzza: You’re all very sweet kids.
Lyria: Hehe...
Vanzza: As I’ve said before, I don’t make promises all the time...
Vanzza: But, I’ll make this promise. We’ll go have some pie.
Lyria: Yay! It’s a promise!
With their promise made, the party goes back to searching through the forest.
After a while, they discover several suspicious looking men.
Vanzza: ...?!
Lyria: W-what’s wrong? Vanzza?
Vanzza: Those guys are Acorazada’s... The rival I just told you about. They’re members of his gang.
Vyrn: Say what?! Why are they here?!
Lyria: Shh! Vyrn, you’re being too loud!
Gang Member: Hm? Who’s there?! Come out! I know you’re there!
Vyrn: Damnit... Sorry... That was my fault.
Vanzza: It’s fine. It would have come to this sooner or later.
Vanzza: (Captain). Ready your weapon. Prepare for battle!

Faith is Bittersweet: Scene 2[edit]

During the battle with (Captain)’s party, one of the gang members recognizes Vanzza. In order to buy time, the gang member starts to talk about Vanzza’s past in an attempt to stir up his anger. However, Vanzza is unmoved and corners him into defeat. The desperate gang member calls for his underlings who were hiding behind him and they launch their attack all at once.

Gang Member: *Panting*... Not bad, I must admit...
Vanzza: Give it up. You know you can’t do anything alone.
Gang Member: Damnit... Hm?
Gang Member: No way...! The broken horn, the tonfa... I know you... You’re Vanzza!
Vanzza: ... Yeah. Where’s your boss... Acorazada. Is he here?
Gang Member: Hah! You looking for him? Well too bad. He’s not here.
Vanzza: All right... Then tell me where he is.
Gang Member: Tch...! No idea. The boss doesn’t show himself to us low ranking members.
Gang Member: Hey, why are you still fighting with those tonfas anyway?
Gang Member: I’ve heard about it, you know? You lost to the boss because of those, didn’t you?
Lyria: Wait... What does he mean?
Vanzza: The tonfa is my weakest weapon of choice.
Vyrn: Say what?!
Gang Member: Heh, you really are dumb. If you hadn’t used the tonfa, you might’ve not lost to the boss...
Gang Member: Heh heh... And your precious lover wouldn’t have had to get caught up in all that trouble!
Vyrn: Huh? What’s he mean?
Gang Member: Here, I’ll tell you a little story. That guy there, he lost a fight against our boss, you see. So he was supposed to die.
Gang Member: But our boss is a really nice guy, you know? Heh heh. So he let him live.
Gang Member: Hahaha! But in exchange...! He poisoned his girlfriend and now she’s in a coma!
Lyria: Oh no...! That’s just terrible...
Vanzza: ...
Gang Member: Heh. But rumor has it that you still trust the boss. Are you serious? You were betrayed. You know that right?
Vanzza: ...
Gang Member: Hey! Say something, will you?! What?!
Vanzza: I just didn’t have anything to respond with. I lost because I was using tonfa. That’s a fact and I can’t change it.
Vanzza: I have my own reasons for fighting with the tonfa.
Gang Member: What’s that?
Vanzza: Carolla was always against the thought of me fighting. She always said how it was savage and dangerous.
Vanzza: But the one thing she acknowledged was my use of the tonfas. I guess she liked the way I swung them around.
Vanzza: You asked if I still trust Acorazada? Of course I do...!
Vanzza: Even if he betrayed me! I will continue to trust him! I don’t care if people think I’m a fool for it. That’s what it means to trust!
Vanzza: And that’s why I will put an end to it all. With my own hands, with these tonfa...
The moment he finishes speaking, Vanzza throws his tonfa with full force.
Underlings: Eeek!!!
The tonfa stabs into the ground right in front of the men. The men stop dead in their tracks while trying to carry away the cage.
Vanzza: You thought I wouldn’t notice that you were just trying to buy time?
Gang Member: Damnit! Forget it! Whatever!
Gang Member: Oi! You guys! Lynch them!!!

Faith is Bittersweet: Scene 3[edit]

The party is successful in defeating all of the gang members. However, while their guard was down, (Captain) is poisoned by one of the gang members. Vanzza takes the antidote from the gang. He struggles for a moment, debating whether to save (Captain) or his lover who was in a coma because of the same poison, but he chooses to save (Captain). After recovering, (Captain) wants to cooperate with Vanzza and he happily accepts (Captain)’s help.

After a fierce battle, the party defeats all the gang members.
However, the gang member who was taunting Vanzza earlier, staggers over and collapses onto (Captain).
Vanzza: !!! (Captain)! Get away from him!
Not being able to react to Vanzza’s warning in time, the gang member collapses onto (Captain).
That moment, (Captain) feels a sharp pain right below the neck and then falls to the ground.
Lyria: What?! (Captain)?! W-what's wrong?!
(Captain) tries to stand up but can’t seem to move. Quickly, (Captain)’s conscious begins to cloud and slips away.
Vanzza: No! You didn’t dare...!
Gang Member: Urg... Heh... Heh heh... Just as you guessed. It’s the same poison... Here, I’ve got your antidote. But there’s only one...
The gang member takes out the antidote and throws it to them as he laughs.
Lyria rushes to pick it up but Vanzza gets to it first.
Lyria: Huh? Huh?! Vanzza...?
Vanzza: ...
Gang Member: Heh heh... It’s useless, little girl. He’s not gonna let go of it. Like I told you earlier...
Gang Member: His lover’s been suffering from the same poison as that kid lying there.
Gang Member: Heh... That’s right... Suffer... well...
With those last words, the gang member loses consciousness.
Vanzza: ...
Vyrn: H-hey, Vanzza...?
Vanzza: Hey... (Captain). We’re gonna go eat pie when this is all over, right?
Vanzza: Then... You better wake up...
(Captain) faints as Vanzza finishes talking.
Lyria: Oh! (Captain)! You’re awake...!
(Captain) wakes up in an inn. They are back at the village where they had received the quest.
Several hours must have passed. Lyria had tears in her eyes as she sat next to the bed where (Captain) lay.
Lyria: *Sniffle*... I’m so glad... So so glad...
Lyria: Huh? You want to talk to Vanzza?
Lyria: Actually, right after we carried you here, he said he wanted to be alone and...
Lyria: Hey! (Captain)?!
(Captain) jumps up and rushes out of the inn.
After searching through town, (Captain) finds Vanzza crying under the shade of a tree.
Vanzza: I’m sorry... I’m so sorry... Carolla... I... I...
Vanzza: It was my chance to save you, and I...!
Vanzza: ...?! Oh, (Captain)... Were you listening?
Vanzza: What’s with the face? You shouldn’t be the one feeling guilty...
Vanzza: Plus, even if I had left you and saved Carolla instead...
Vanzza: Carolla wouldn’t be happy. She’d probably actually leave me...
Vanzza: ...
Vanzza: Hey, (Captain)... Thanks for coming to find me but... Do you think you can leave me alone for a bit?
  1. I want to help you.
  2. ...

Choose: I want to help you.
Vanzza: You really are something...
Vanzza smiles gently and puts his hand on (Captain)’s head.
Vanzza: You’re a kind soul... Maybe even too kind...

Choose: ...
(Captain) refuses and sits down next to Vanzza.
Vanzza: You really are too nice...
Vanzza: Really... The nicest and the best...
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(Captain) looks into Vanzza eyes and tells him that they will all be there to help him.
Vanzza: When I first met you, I thought you were just a helpless kid.
Vanzza: But I wonder how it’s come to be...? You’re looking quite dependable.
Vanzza: So let me say, thank you. I gladly accept your help.
Vanzza reaches out his hand.
(Captain) responds with a strong handshake.
Vanzza: We should probably go back. I’m sure Lyria and Vyrn are worried.
Vanzza: And as we all promised, we need to go eat some pie together.
(Captain) smiles at Vanzza.
Vanzza smiles back. Together, they go back to the inn where Lyria and Vyrn were waiting.

Healer of the Horned[edit]

(Captain)'s party takes on a request to apprehend a group of thieves. When Vanzza appears to lose control of himself while fighting a thief who has a concealed weapon, Jasmine appears concerned for him. After learning his girlfriend is in an eternal sleep as a result of a mysterious poison, she asks for information on the poison's symptoms, and begins research to create an antidote.

Vanzza: HAAA!
Thief: Ugh!
Vanzza: Humph. Is that the last of them?
Vyrn: Yeah, looks that way. Sorry to ask for your help again, Vanzza!
Vanzza: I'm looking for information on that person. This just happens to overlap with my objective.
After a tip-off about an arrest bounty, the party has raided the lair of a group of thieves who have been menacing a certain town…
Reeling from the attack, the thieves are soon tied and bound, and the bounty seems to be all but in hand, but…
Vyrn: (Sigh)… Sorry, Vanzza. I thought these guys might be connected to the rival you were searching for, but looks like they're not…
Vanzza: Humph… as I keep telling you, I can search by myself. You guys don't have to help me.
Jasmine: Hee hee… all right! I've finished dealing with the thieves!
Vyrn: Hey… there's no need to look after those guys. Just leave 'em…
Jasmine: But… when I see someone hurt, I just have to apply medicine…
The group bring the tied up thieves with them along the mountain trail. Suddenly, one of the thieves lets out a shady laugh.
Thief: Geh heh heh…
Suddenly, having loosened the rope around themself, the thief breaks free suddenly, assaulting Jasmine.
Thief: Hya ha! I'm taking you down with me, you naive fool!
Jasmine: Huh?
Vanzza: Watch out! Jasmine!
Taking out a weapon he had concealed, the thief holds it against her neck.
Vanzza: !
Seeing this, something snaps in Vanzza's head…
Thief: Eek!
With a cry like a wild beast, he unhesitatingly charges the thief, knocking him down with a single blow of his tonfa.
Vanzza: Huff… Huff… It's just a small blade. Looks like… there was no poison.
Jasmine: Thank you, Vanzza.
After they hand the thieves over to government officials, Vanzza holes himself up in his room with a gloomy expression.
Jasmine: Um, I wonder why Vanzza's shut himself up like that? He's been acting strange since I was attacked that time…
Vyrn: Yeah, there was something like that before, too. (Captain) was struck by a poison dart and collapsed…
Vyrn: Vanzza was there at the time, so I guess he must have been thinking about that time before.
Vyrn: And it looks like a lot of stuff happened before he met us, as well. He must have a lot on his mind.
Jasmine: Hmm… poison, you say? Was it a strong poison?
Vyrn: It sure was. (Captain) went down seconds after getting hit. And antidotes are hard to come by.
Jasmine: That's awful! Vyrn, please tell me about that poison!
Vyrn: Huh? Um, what are you gonna do if I tell you?
Jasmine: Well, I was thinking I'd make an antidote myself. As an herbalist, I can't ignore the existence of such a toxic substance!
Vyrn: Hey, wait a sec… You mean can do that even without having the actual poison to hand?
Jasmine: Not exactly… but from understanding how the poison and antidote were used, I should be able to narrow down the type.
Jasmine: Then, if anyone is afflicted by this poison again, I could make a prototype antidote which will slow the effects of the poison.
Vyrn: Hmm… you wanna know how the poison worked, huh? It all happened so fast, it's kinda hard to remember…
Vyrn: Erm… I think it was a poison dart, covered in the stuff…
Jasmine: I see… And which part of the body did the dart strike?
Vyrn: Um, I think it was around the neck… but, I can't say exactly…
Pressed by Jasmine, Vyrn tries hard to recall the incident.
Drawn to the pair's conversation, Vanzza comes up.
Vanzza: It was the back of the neck… near a bone…
Jasmine: Huh? Vanzza? You know how the poison was used?
Vanzza: I've seen it… many times.
Vyrn: That's right… it was your girlfriend that got poisoned the same way before, wasn't it…
Jasmine: My, that's terrible… As an herbalist, I'll do everything in my power to help!
Vanzza: Humph… leave it. You shouldn't make that kind of promise…
Vanzza: Listen, this antidote… can you make it? The only person who currently has it is Acorazada, the one I'm searching for…
Jasmine: Yes. I'm sure I can make it. Identifying the ingredients is the job of the herbalist.
Jasmine: Um, Vanzza… this may be painful for you to recall, but… please tell me everything you know!
Jasmine: Would it be possible for this poison to be naturally present in regular food?
Vanzza: I think so… probably. It was the same with (Captain) and Carolla.
Jasmine: Hmm, I see… In other words, it won't take effect if administered orally…
Vanzza: I know because I was fine after I tried to suck the poison out of the wound.
Vanzza listens carefully to Jasmine's prompts, earnestly telling her everything he can remember.
Commanding her medicinal knowledge, Jasmine works out several potential candidates for the poison mixture, writing them down.
Jasmine: Hmm… I can't guarantee that the poison that afflicted Carola is among these…
Jasmine: But, even without Acorazada's antidote, I will save Carolla in time!
Vanzza appears to force himself to remain silent, restraining himself from voicing his usual hatred of promises.
Possibly, his thoughts are clinging fervently to the newfound possibility of a link to the antidote.
Vanzza: Hey… Jasmine. Why? Why go this far?
Jasmine: I… Even if it's just one person, I'd like for someone suffering under illness or poison to be saved… to feel well again…
Jasmine: That's… that's all.
Vanzza: ..guh…
Vanzza: Don't make me cry like that…
Jasmine: Eek! Oh no! Vanzza, are you hurt somewhere?
Vanzza: Ha ha… no, no. I'm fine, I'm fine.
Vanzza: Thanks, Jasmine. I must repay you sometime for this.
Vanzza: Hmm… that's it, I'll introduce you to this cake shop. Carolla and I used to go there all the time.
Vanzza: Heh heh… Carolla said the cakes were a little too sweet, actually. It's an important place for the two of us, that shop…
Jasmine: You don't have to… I mean, I haven't done anything for you yet.
Jasmine: Hee hee… but why not? If we ever go to that cake shop, I want to have some acorn cake!
Vanzza: A-acorn cake? I've never seen that before…
Vanzza: Huh… guess I'll try and order it next time, though. Might be fun to see what I get.
Jasmine: Hee hee! I'm looking forward to it. Vanzza, I'll do my best!
And so, Jasmine begins her research in order to save Vanzza's girlfriend, Carolla.
And thus, a ray of hope brightened the darkness Vanzza had come to be enveloped with.