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Official Profile[edit]

Age 18
Height 160 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Inscribing runes
Likes Vegetables
Dislikes Meat
An arcane duelist with sealed magical powers, Zehek was tainted by an ancient sickness from a primal beast during his youth. The sickness has rendered him incapable of controlling the magical energies flowing within him, instead barely taming his power by covering himself in countless sheets of inlaid rune cloths. While he is capable of overwhelming foes with his latent powers, the sickness continues to consume his body, forcing you to save him from collapse on more than one occasion. He continues to search for the means to overcome his sickness.
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  • Zehek's master is Mishra. He respects and admires his master, but also displays great fear even at the thought of facing her.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
Nothing matters more than staying healthy. You would do well to remember that.
Take it easy when you can.


Happy birthday. It's always a pleasure to spend time with you.
I appreciate how you always help me forget about my illness.
With all that you've done for me, I think it's time I did something in return. I've prepared a song for you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear—
Cough! Cough! Urk! C-cough! Huff... Wheeze... Phew... It hurts...
Sigh... Oh, sorry about that. That was just a little cough, not my magic overflowing.
Sorry to kill the mood... Let me give it another shot!


I noticed others congratulating you earlier today. You're probably tired of hearing it by now, but...
Happy birthday, (Captain). You've got another year of experience under your belt.
Hm? You're happy to hear happy birthday even if it's the umpteenth time?
You know, my master used to tell me that our lives hold meaning even if we do nothing but exist.
No matter how tough the going gets, our continued existence is always a miracle and brings happiness to those around us.
Ever since meeting you, I feel like I've come to understand my master's words, (Captain). Because I can't help but want to tell you...
Happy, happy, happy birthday!
I can feel the joy pulsating from the bottom of my heart. It would be no exaggeration to say I've lived my life to see this very day.
Perhaps that, in itself, is an exaggeration, but I ask that you trust in the sincerity of my words.
I pray that we will both continue to live on for many more decades to come, and that you'll let me celebrate your birthday on every occasion.


Ah... Happy birthday, (Captain). The fates have been merciful to let me celebrate with you once more.
But (Captain)... Your face doesn't look so good. Did you catch a cold or something by chance?
No matter how trifling the symptoms may seem, you must take care of yourself when indisposed. Let's get you to bed.
I've brought you some medicine. I'll leave it right here, okay?
Don't worry about me. I'm actually feeling quite well today for a change, so let me take care of you for once.
When you're under the weather, even the most trivial tasks can become quite arduous.
You must think it strange to hear this from me, but a healthy body is key to everything. I just don't want you pushing yourself too hard.
For a cold, Master's signature medicated porridge should do the trick. Hold on, I'll fix you a bowl myself.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year. This is surely the year I cure myself of this sickness.
Cough... Ungh... Haa... Haa... You'd best make sure you don't catch a cold either.


Urgh... C-cough! Agh... Huff... Happy... New... Hack!
Urghh! Ugh! Cough! Wheeze... Cough... Huff...
Haah... Sorry about that... My magi—Uurgh... I... won't let it take over! Huff... Wheeze...
Wheeze... Whew... Hahaha... Umm... I... Sorry you have to see me like this...
Sigh... What a way to start the year, huh?


(Captain)... Urgh, ack... Huff... Hufff... Happy... Ngh... New Year...
Rgh... Aaarrggghhh! Sorry... My magic... Yaaargh... Pant... Wheeze...
Okay, I've calmed down a bit... How odd that I didn't feel anything at all this morning.
Huh? Oh, I got this little slip of paper detailing my fortune at the shrine.
It says that my ailment will be cured eventua—Rgh... Maybe just not so soon...
I don't truly believe a slip of paper to have any magical power, but I do find comfort in the message.
But enough of that... Huh? You want me to read more of the message, (Captain)?
"Save others to save yourself." Hm, I see...
Rgh... Aack... Graagh! Huff... Puff... So that's what I must do, eh?
Ungh! Yaargh! Huff, huff... I'll see to it...


Happy New Year, (Captain).
It's important that I start the year off with a proper New Year's greeting—which starts wich proper sitting posture.
Anyhow, my body feels quite sound today... Perhaps an omen that this year will be the year I overcome this curse?
Heh... I don't know how this year's gonna turn out for me, but let's make it a good one, (Captain).
I thought I might go to a shrine later today and...
Ngh... Guh, graaaurgh!
Sorry... My legs went numb after sitting like this for so long. Could... could you wait until I can move again?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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So today's Valentine's Day, huh?
You know, my master would give me chocolate on this day every year.
There'd always be weird medicinal herbs mixed in.
Sigh... How nice it would be to get normal chocolate for once.


What's this? Y-you... You're giving this to me?
Ngh... Ungaaargh! Cough, hack...
Huff... Puff... Sorry about that. My excitement must've aggravated the magic within me...
I didn't think I'd be getting something from you for Valentine's...
A bother? No, no, of course not! I swear it! I couldn't be more happy!


What's that? You have chocolate for me this year as well?
Your boundless kindness saves me every time. Thank you, (Captain).
Hm? Where do you see half-eaten chocolate? Oh, no, no, this is actually medicine!
The excitement of it all last year led to a panic attack. To avoid repeating that same mistake, I asked my master for candies filled with medicine.
And she went all-out to make me something of exceptional flavor—Actually, no, never mind I said any of that!
But here I am accepting your gift with such calmness... The remedy seems effective enough.
Wh-what? You want to hand-feed me to reward my efforts?
Urgh... Grraagh!
Huff... Wheeze... Sorry... That was... quite the shocker for me.
Ah, I certainly did not find it loathsome! I was merely... blushing at your smile, (Captain).


Oh... Chocolates... Thank you for... remembering...
Rgh... Gyaaahhh!
S-sorry, I—ugh! Gyurgh...
Don't worry, I can... hold it baggghhh! Gyaaahhh!
Huff... Huff...
It's been especially bad today. Hnggh... I'm going to go sleep it off...
Sorry, (Captain). You didn't have to see me back to my quarters... I'm feeling a lot better...
Thank you for the chocolates, (Captain). I wish I could have accepted them more gracefully.
Ugh... I don't think I'm feeling strong enough to eat them myself. Perhaps you could help me?
No, never mind. Perhaps I'd better leave them for later.
Please don't take it the wrong way—I'm extremely happy about your gift. I'd be dancing for joy if I were able.
But eating them in my current condition would only cause a nuisance for you.
So I'll say "ahh" when circumstances are a bit more favorable. Will you wait for me?

White Day Cutscenes
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Oh yeah, today's White Day, huh?
Hmm? You want to know if I'll give my Master something back for White Day?
But of course. To be fair though, what she gave me wasn't exactly chocolate... Still, I make sure to repay all my debts.


(Captain), this is for you.
I realize my illness is quite the burden on the crew.
But I refuse to just blame everything on this condition and give up everything.
I've always found you to be a whimsical one, giving quarter to someone like me.
But after seeing you share our pain whenever you can, I see how truly kind you are.
Someone as kind as you is rare.
I hope our relationship lasts for a long time to come.
Our journey's going to continue for a while. Here's a little something to show you my gratitude for everything you do for us.


(Captain)... Cough, cough... Sorry for making you worry. My fits have calmed down a bit lately.
You brought me some medicine? Oh, you're too kind. Can you put them on the table?
I'm grateful for this, (Captain). It was tough yesterday with no one around.
Hey, can you grab me the box from inside that top drawer?
Y-yes... That's it. Rgh... I'm okay. I can at least get up by myself.
Sorry that I have to do it from this position, but this is in return for the Valentine's chocolates. Won't you have them?
It's a good thing I bought them in advance. I can't imagine how ashamed I'd be if I didn't have them ready for today.
You stuck with me all throughout yesterday when the fever consumed me. I was barely conscious, but I remember much of it.
To hear you tell me that everything would be okay was a tremendous relief. While I'm used to the fits, I can always do with less pain.
Thank you, (Captain)... And sorry for causing you trouble all the time... I hope to repay you for this all one day...


Uh, (Captain)... Here. This candy is for you.
Even in my illness, you didn't abandon me. Every day I'm grateful for your kindness.
I tried to express my feelings through this gift. Here, you deserve it.
I didn't feel like simply handing it over was sufficient, so...
If you feel like it... Maybe I could feed it to you...
Grgh... Gyaaahhh! Cough... Hack... Agh! Hngh! Gyah!
I'm not ready for anyone to "say ahh"! Just imagining it sent me into a fit...
Uh, I mean... Nothing! Just pretend you didn't hear anything...
Wait! Stop! Don't open your mouth like that!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
I’ve always gotten a lot of candy on Halloween…
What? No, these bandages are not part of a costume!


Costumes are getting fancy these days. It's hard to tell some of them apart from the real thing.
One day I'd like to try on a costume like that...
Hm? What do you mean I already fit in with the trick-or-treaters!
Sorry, but these bandages are clothing, not a disguise! Master gave them to me! They're embroidered with runes!


Oddly-dressed children cheered and clapped at me on the streets earlier.
The adults accompanying them complimented me on my attire... even went as far as to give me candy.
But all I'm doing is living my life and minding my own business as usual.
(Captain), what's with that getup anyway?
What! Today's Halloween?
Oh, I get it now... The townspeople must take my bandages to be part of some Halloween costume!
But this is no costume, I tell you! These rune-embedded bandages keep my magic, and therefore my life, in check.
Tell me, (Captain), do I truly blend into the Halloween atmosphere that well?


Happy Halloween... Have you noticed all the people in costume lately?
Actually, the kids in town wouldn't stop pestering me about my bandages earlier.
They... They thought I was in costume this year again...
Anyhow, they invited me to their band of bandaged trick-or-treaters. I must admit... I did enjoy collecting candy from the grown-ups with them.
To think these cursed bandages would actually bring me an auspicious opportunity...
Huh? You wish to try some on too? Heh... You are quite the peculiar one, (Captain).
Very well... Once we get you properly garbed, I'll introduce you to the rest of the gang too!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays. I tend to fall ill a lot during this season.
You know those people who get sick on important days? That's me.
But Santa comes to see me anyway...


What a beautiful night it is, (Captain). Thankfully, I'm not feeling so bad today.
In fact I'm feeling really good for once. The magic within my body is rarely this calm.
I guess miracles really do happen. I couldn't have asked for a better gift.
I rarely get the chance to move freely, so let me take this opportunity to do something for you.
Tell me what I can do for you, (Captain). I want you to feel the miracle too.


The holidays are here, (Captain).
I know I've fallen sick and caused you trouble numerous times, but I'm feeling exceptionally well today.
Call it a holiday miracle. How nice it'd be if the miracle would persist long term.
I prefer to be of aid to others when I'm feeling up to it—especially for special occasions like this.
That's why I went ahead and decorated this tree. What do you think?
Too many accessories, huh? I guess trying too hard can have the opposite effect.
I'm never good with these things, (Captain). Can you offer me some advice?
I see... Thank you. I'm so glad to be able to just blend in together with everyone.


H... H-happy holidays, (Captain)...
Heh... Ahaha... Sorry, I'm a little more under the weather than usual, actually...
I stayed up all night hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa... So I've been wandering around all morning in a stupor.
Ah, this has nothing to do with my magical blight. Sorry... I didn't mean to worry you like that.
Did I meet Santa? Well about that, actually...
I must have dozed off at some point, because when I came to, a present was waiting right before my eyes.
Ngh... I was so close to seeing him for myself, too!
Next year I'll definitely stay awake and thank him properly! Say, (Captain)... Will you be there to make sure I don't fall asleep?

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Degenerate Body and Mind[edit]

One day, Zehek suddenly became a shut-in. This is because he was worried that rampant use of magical powers may have hurt our heroes. Once he learned that (Captain) and friends were concerned about him, he realized that friends were there to support each other.

One day, Zehek suddenly became a shut-in.
The party was worried about Zehek’s well-being. They held an emergency meeting to ascertain the cause of his troubles.
Vyrn: So what’s going on? Have you seen Zehek recently, Lyria?
Lyria: Seems like he wants to avoid me for some reason...
Lyria: It’s weird... It even seems like you were even having your meals in your room, and never left it at all.
Vyrn: Yeah... Not just me and (Captain), but also Lyria...
Vyrn: For now, Zehek is going to have to try to find out what was the cause of all this...
Lyria: Yes... Yesterday when I passed in front of your room, Zehek, there was something...
Vyrn: Hm? What’s wrong...?
Lyria: We heard a voice that sounded terribly angry coming from your room.
Vyrn: Hey hey... We better hurry up...
Lyria: I’m worried... Let’s go visit Zehek and see how he’s doing.
The party gathered in front of Zehek’s room. They began to call out to him.
Vyrn: Zehek! Why don’t you come out of your room for a little bit? There is a nice breeze today!
Lyria: Zehek! Why don’t we have a snack together?
Vyrn: Whaaaaa! Look... Zehek... These snacks look crazy delicious!
Lyria: Hahaha... Zehek... I want to give you some special snacks that I set aside just for you!
They all tried telling him how they felt, but no response was forthcoming from his room.
Vyrn: Hey hey... He has to be in there...
Lyria: Maybe we should be more stern with him?
Vyrn: Nah, with someone like this isn’t it best to be more lighthearted than expected?
Vyrn: Hey! Zehek! What are you doing in there? Please answer us!
Zehek’s Voice: Nothing at all! Just leave me alone!
Vyrn: Oh? It seems like Zehek is in there!
Lyria: Um... Zehek? Are you avoiding us? Just show us your face, at least...
Zehek’s Voice: *Cough* *Cough* I’m fine... Stay away from me!
Vyrn: Hey... Are you sick or something?
Lyria: What’s wrong?! Zehek? Can I come in?
Zehek’s Voice: Ugh... Cough... Knock it off! Get away from me!
Lyria: This is bad! (Captain)! Something is wrong with Zehek in there...
Vyrn: What’s going on?! I’m going in there!
Our heroes forced their way into Zehek’s room.
Zehek: Ugh... Ugh... Don’t come any closer!
Zehek was squatting in his room, trying to resist an out-of-control magical power.
Lyria: Aaah! Zehek’ magic powers...
Vyrn: H-hey! You okay?! Zehek!
Zehek: No-Nooo! Ugh... Ugh...
Zehek passed out into (Captain)’s arms.
The party nursed Zehek and he regained consciousness in his bed.
Zehek: Ugghhhh...
Lyria: Oh good... He woke up...
Zehek: Didn’t I tell you all to stay away?
Vyrn: What? What else can we do? We heard you moaning in your room, so...
Lyria: Oh good... Zehek is okay...
Lyria: But why did you try to avoid us by staying cooped up in your room?
Zehek: Ah...
The ashamed Zehek finally began speaking with resolve.
Zehek: I was afraid that I might hurt you all with this magical power...
Zehek: So I stayed cooped up in my room. But I cannot trouble you anymore with this...
Zehek: I want to get off this ship and go off on my journey alone again...
  1. So don’t try and stop me!
  2. Jackasses!

Choose: So don’t try and stop me!
Zehek: (Captain)... You...
Vyrn: Hey now! Why so stuck up? I thought we were all friends?
Zehek: Friends, eh? You think it’s okay to trouble friends like this?
Vyrn: Ah! If your magic powers were out of control you should have just said that! Got it?
Lyria: Exactly! You were trying to avoid us...
Lyria: Because of that, I was worried that you are angry about something, Zehek!

Choose: Jackasses!
Zehek: ...?! (Captain)...
Vyrn: Wha?! (Captain)! What's wrong?!
Lyria: I think that (Captain) is angry because you didn’t rely on us.
Zehek: Angry because I didn’t rely on you?
Lyria: Yes... Even though you are our friend, you tried to handle the matter all by your own, Zehek...
Lyria: Therefore I think that (Captain) was sad because you did not have faith in us.
Continue 1
Zehek: You were that concerned about me...
Zehek: (Captain)... I’m sorry to make you worried. Can I rely on you in the future, then?
Thus Zehek’s ties with the party were made stronger than ever.
The following day, the party set out for a nearby town to purchase an herb that could be used to help Zehek.

Ill Fighter, Small Hero[edit]

Still not able to fully control his magic, Zehek made every effort to avoid the public eye. On their way to the village, they happen to come across someone being attacked by a monster.

The party searches for a nearby village where they can take a rest from their journey.
Still not able to fully control his magic, Zehek avoided being seen by anyone other than the party.
Zehek: Hey... (Captain). On second thought, why don't we go back to the airship and rest?
Vyrn: Well... I understand how you feel, but we can't go back now...
Lyria: I'm sorry, Zehek... Would you mind if we rest at a nearby village today?
Zehek: Aw... I guess not. I'll be hiding behind you guys, so I'll leave the rest to you, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Man... Zehek's worrying too much.
Lyria: Now now, Vyrn. We should be considerate of Zehek's feelings.
Vyrn: Well... Yeah, but...
Suddenly, the party hears the sound of a monster's roar and someone's scream.
Zehek: Ugh... (Captain)! Someone's being attacked by monsters! Let's go help!

Ill Fighter, Small Hero: Scene 2[edit]

The boy tells them that he was ostracized by the other children for being in poor health. Feeling sympathy for the boy who struggled with his ailment, he joins the boy to retrieve the dragon scale so he can prove his strength. The party arrives at the cave and find the dragon scale, but the dragon awakens and they are forced to fight.

The party saves a boy that was being attacked by a monster.
Zehek hides behind (Captain) so the boy can't see him.
Boy: Mister! Cough... Cough... Thank you for helping me!
Zehek: Come on (Captain), he's saying thanks to you.
Boy: Actually, I'm saying it to the bandaged guy hiding in the back!
Zehek: Wha?! Bandaged guy...? M-Me...?
Boy: Yeah! You were so cool when you took down that monster!
Zehek: Ha, hahaha... I see, I was cool huh?
After receiving unexpected praise, Zehek asks the young boy why he was walking in the forest alone.
Boy: Well, I... Cough... Cough... I've been sort of frail since birth...
Zehek: I see... You're suffering from an ailment too...
Boy: Yeah... but my friends at the village told me they can't play with someone that's weak like me...
Lyria: Aww... That's awful.
Boy: So I asked them... what I need to do for them to play with me. Then they told me to bring back a scale from the dragon that lives inside the cave in the forest.
Vyrn: I see... So you came here by yourself to find that dragon scale?
Boy: Yeah, I thought everyone would accept me if I came back with the dragon scale.
Zehek, who was listening silently until now, speaks up.
Zehek: Hey... How about we help you find that dragon scale?
Boy: Thank you! It would be a big help if you guys came with me!
Zehek: Y-Yeah... but we haven't gotten it just yet. Now come, lead us to the dragon.
Led by the boy, the party steps into the cave of the dragon.
The party finds the dragon scale at the end of the dark cave.
Boy: Yay! Now nobody will make fun of me for being weak!
Lyria: Wow...! It's so shiny and pretty.
Zehek: ...?! I told you guys to keep your voices down...!
Boy: Eek... The dragon...!
Lyria: I'm sorry, Zehek!
Zehek: Tch... Leave this to me! (Captain), lend me a hand!
Vyrn: Yeah! (Captain)! Let's help Zehek!

Ill Fighter, Small Hero: Scene 3[edit]

As they arrive at the village, they find the concerned villages waiting for the boy's return. The boy reconciles with the other children, and introduces Zehek as a man of bravery. Afterwards, (Captain) and company leave the village. Zehek remembers his days of solitude, and reconfirms the importance of having great friends.

The party escapes the dragon's cave and the boy leads them back to his village.
Worried villagers are gathered at the entrance of the village and awaited the boy's return.
Boy: Oh! What are you all doing gathered here?
The boy's parents and villagers embrace and cry in joy as they see the boy is unharmed.
Gradually realizing the gravity of the situation, the boy breaks down in tears.
Boy: Sob... Ugh... Waaaaaah! I-I'm sorry...
Mother: Thank you... I don't know how I could ever thank you...
Zehek: Uh... I-It was... nothing...
Zehek: H-Hey, (Captain)! Help me out here...
With that, Zehek tries to hide behind (Captain).
Vyrn: Hm? We haven't done anything. Right Lyria?
Lyria: Yeah! Zehek deserves all the credit today! Right, (Captain)?
Zehek: Y-You guys...
Then, a child that was watching them from nearby appears.
Boy's Friend: I'm sorry for calling you weak... I was wrong... You're amazing for bringing back the dragon scale!
Boy: T-Thanks, but... The bravest person here is that guy in the bandages!
Zehek: Huh... M-Me?
Boy: Yeah! He just used this amazing magic! It was soooo cool!
With the boy's introduction, Zehek becomes the object of envy for the children.
Afterwards, the children throughout the village fight over who gets to play with Zehek.
The next day. After enjoying the village's hospitality, the party says their farewells and leaves the village behind.
Lyria: Hehe... You were so popular with the kids, Zehek!
Vyrn: Yeah! Must be because he's at the same level as those kids!
Zehek: W-What?! Me, at the same level as those kids?
Lyria: Now that you mention it... Zehek does talk to kids like he does with anyone else... He doesn't really treat them like children!
Vyrn: Yeah! Maybe they're happy that he treats them like he treats us!
Zehek: Ha, haha...
Zehek suddenly laughs as he listens to the conversation.
Vyrn: What's wrong? Did we say something funny?
Zehek: No... It's just that when I'm with you guys, sometimes I completely forget about my ailment.
Lyria: Really? We should be happy about that, right?
Zehek: Yeah...
Zehek: (I wish I could tell myself back then that one day I'll have great friends like this... )
Vyrn: Mmm? Did you say something?
Zehek: No, nothing... Come on, let's get back to the airship!
Due to the suffering brought on by his peculiar ailment, Zehek tends to isolate himself from others.
However, gradually he begins to change through his journey with the party.

Other Appearances[edit]


SV Zehek, the Cursebranded.png SV Zehek, the Cursebranded E.png
Click to reveal card data

An ancient curse afflicts me... It causes magic to pour ceaselessly from my body. Monsters are attracted to this residual power—that's why I can't risk traveling with others.

Evolve: Deal 1 damage to an enemy follower if Vengeance is not active for you. Deal 1 damage to all enemies if Vengeance is active for you.

Guh... Gaargh!
The power's running wild... I can't control it! If you don't want to get caught in the blast, get away from me! Now!
Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Zehek, the Cursebranded
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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