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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Doing one good deed each day
Likes Helping the weak and crushing the strong
Dislikes All kinds of immoral acts

Character Release


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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不明
Height 不明
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies 一日一善
Likes 弱きを助け強きを挫く
Dislikes 不道徳な行いすべて

Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4]





  • Based on the naming conventions commonly used for angels, Alexiel’s name may come from from the Hebrew word Alexis, meaning "to help/defend", and the suffix "-el", meaning “of god”.
  • Alexiel's Japanese name is Brodia. The change in the English version carried over from Rage of Bahamut's English localization.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I was wondering why the ship seemed so busy today. Until I found out it was your birthday, that is.
Everyone is preparing to show their captain a day to remember.
Hm. I'm not sure what to say, but...
Ahem... Singularity... No. (Captain). Happy birthday.
I never thought the day would come when I would say those words to a mortal.
Let us grow together. I remain under your care and tutelage.


This is your second birthday since I've accompanied you on this journey, Singularity. Time can be truly fleeting.
You've grown so much more mature since then.
Hahah, I assure you I am not trying to curry favor—it would not be in my nature to do so. I merely speak the truth.
Anyhow, is there anything I can get you, Singularity?
Today is a momentous occasion. I'd like to commemorate it with a gift for you.
Especially since we are among friends now, please don't hesitate to speak your wishes. I promise to do my utmost to meet them!


Happy birthday, Singularity.
Despite your young age, you prove to be a spectacular captain.
I feel as if I can depend on you for anything without needing to worry. I suppose that is what they call trust.
No matter what trials may stand in the way of our journey, know that I will continue to accompany you, Singularity.
After all, Estalucia is no longer only your destination—it is the destination for all of us!


Looking back, our days have been filled with trial after trial.
But they proved to be trials that pushed you to ever further heights.
Haha, perhaps I'm stating the obvious.
However, it is important to take into account the many view points that may differ from your own.
It's a vital part of maturing and broadening your horizons.
I'll be here, watching over your progress.
Singularity, I wish you a happy birthday.


Today marks the day of your birth. In other words... Happy birthday, Singularity!
Compared to when we first met, you have grown so much. One could almost mistake you for another person, given the resolute and dependable captain you are now.
Perhaps it's only natural to mature with time. Still, your progress should be celebrated!
Haha, there's no need to be so humble. Or do you not realize it yourself? Regardless, I speak the truth.
The journey ahead will no doubt be perilous, but I swear I shall serve you and the crew with all I have.
May we fight together for many more years to come, Singularity!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Singularity. This is no time to be sleeping in.
We know not when a new threat to the world may arise. We must remain ever vigilant.
Now, let us watch the sun rise against the unending blue of the sky!
Is it not wonderful? This too is the doing of the primarchs. Since time immemorial the balance of the world has been—
Haha. Dozing off again now, are you? Oh, Singularity. Well, I suppose if you weren't this serene, you wouldn't be the captain we know and love.


Singularity, happy New Year. May the coming year be just as delightful.
So... Have you already decided, Singularity?
Haha, must you ask what?
I've heard that mortals welcome in a new year by choosing a resolution to follow through with.
Yet you've come up with nothing? How will you overcome the many trials and tribulations that await—
Or, perhaps, your willingness to stay true to yourself instead of trying to conform to any archetype may be your greatest strength, Singularity.
Hm, it seems I still have much to learn.


You mean this object called a fortune informs you of your luck for the year... Very well, then I shall draw a fortune for myself.
Let's take a look... Hm. Singularity, what does this fortune mean?
Haha. Are you telling me I have the worst luck for this year? I see...
What are you so surprised about, Singularity? It is not the fortune itself that I destroyed!
It is the weakness within my heart that caused me to think I could entrust my luck to a simple piece of paper.
No. I shall overcome the trials of this year with my own power!


So the first calligraphy of the year is reserved for writing your resolution and goals.
Interesting. Your strokes are large and bold. How very much like you.
Why are you shaking your head? It was a compliment. Your personality shines through the characters.
"To Estalucia"... Your goals are the crew's goals. We shall see you there, this I swear.
Now that that's out of the way, we should make preparations to depart. It won't do to laze the new year away!
Hm? I see. You wish to eat mochi soup before we go.
Haha, fair enough. You can't fight on an empty stomach.


Singularity! Happy New Year! May this year bless you with fortune and favor.
Speaking of which, hold out your hand. Go on.
What? Why are you looking at me so warily?
You... believe I am challenging you to a competition?
Considering the occasion, even I know enough to read the mood and refrain from such behavior...
Although if your caution is anything to judge by, perhaps my usual behavior has given you the opposite impression.
I must reconsider my day-to-day demeanor. Thank you for pointing it out. I shall work on this over the course of the year.
In any case, I asked for your hand only so you could receive your New Year's gift.
Please, take it.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Why is everyone acting so strangely today?
I see... A day to make your feelings known. That sounds good.
Though two people may trust each other, at times it is important to put that trust into words.
Haha. Your kind is fascinating indeed.
I have gained yet another valuable perspective to ponder. I thank you.


My apologies, Singularity, but if you can spare a moment of your time...
Last year, I learned for myself what sort of day Valentine's truly is.
I thought I'd try to participate in the occasion myself this year.
Without further ado, Singularity, I present to you my very own hand-made chocolate!
Hm? Why the sour face? I'm certain I applied sugar...
Huh? Too stiff, you say?
I'll make chocolate so soft that it melts in your mouth the next chance I get! Just you wait, Singularity!


Singularity. The long-awaited day is finally upon us—happy Valentine's Day!
Haha. Do not gird yourself so. I shall never make tooth-crushing chocolate ever again.
This time I have prepared supple chocolate, just the way you like it.
Here, please accept it.
What is the matter? You bear such a sad expression...
Hm. It seems the chocolate was too supple, having become mere chocolate sauce.
Ah, Singularity. I feel so ashamed.


Singularity, surely there's no need to look so concerned.
True, I failed last year, and the year before that...
But you have nothing to fear this time around. I have faced reality and come to terms with my complete lack of cooking talent.
This is a Valentine's treat from a renowned patissier in town!
Doesn't it look marvelous? I had my own sample, and I must say, it tastes as good as it looks.
What's wrong? You have an odd frown on your face...
What? Instead of a purchased high-quality good, you would rather have an inedible piece of homemade chocolate?
I am simultaneously pleased and troubled by this revelation... I can feel my own lips forming an odd frown too.


Hail, Singularity. I bring you homemade chocolates.
Go on. I promise there's no need to make such a worried expression. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call my work this time a masterpiece.
I went through many trials and tribulations to master the art of making sweets.
If you don't believe me, all you must do is try a bite.
Haha, the sparkle in your eyes speaks volumes. I trust you are satisfied.
What a joyous occasion this has proved to be. Not only did I master a skill, but I was also able to see your smile.
I'm also satisfied. None of this would have been possible without you, Singularity. For your desire for chocolate, I am thankful.

Chocolate Fondue square.jpg Chocolate Fondue

White Day Cutscenes
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Singularity, what's that pile of boxes you have in your hands?
Oh? This is in return for Valentine's Day?
Well, for you to be so popular among your crewmates is no surprise. I'd expect no less from the Singularity.
Haha! No need to be so modest. You should be proud.
I too must grow as you do. I'll be sure to participate in next year's events.


A gift for me?
Haha. So on White Day, the roles are reversed from Valentine's Day, I see.
It gladdens my heart to be able to partake in such an occasion.
Ah, what is this ticklish sensation that fills me?
I've never felt anything like it.
Thank you for allowing me join you on your journey, Singularity.
I hope you'll continue to teach me things that broaden my horizon.


I am pleased to receive another gift from the Singularity. Thank you.
And yet, my own gift of chocolate to you this year was a failure. I still feel the shame.
Even if you can pardon my mistake, I cannot.
Mark my words, next year I shall make you the perfect chocolate!
Haha. New resolutions invigorate us, pushing us forward.
I believe this yearly event will allow me to overcome yet one more wall.
Singularity. Thank you for dignifying me with this challenge.


Every year, I find myself at a loss to your generosity.
It is amazing how the captain of such a bustling ship can find the time and effort to give everyone a gift...
You are truly kind. More of us could learn from your example...
Including myself.
I do need to show Master Uriel my own growth too, after all.


I offer my sincerest appreciation for your gift. That you thought of me at all is the greatest honor.
However... Why did you bring me two?
What? One is from Master Uriel?
Haha, to think the day would come that he'd give me a present... I'm shocked, to say the least.
The other day, I reported to him about all that I had learned from you.
Perhaps that is why he became interested in this gift-giving tradition.
Hearing about your continued kindness must have inspired him as well.
Though I have said it before, allow me to say it again: being able to journey with you has been a gift of its own. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

I heard that Halloween is the day we play with Lost Jack, but...
I did not know such a day of mischief existed.
Trick or treat?
One must trick another if a treat is not given? Hmm.
Haha. Fascinating.
Oh? Singularity, are you trying to play a trick on me?
A futile gesture. Can you not see my mirror-blade barrier?
Haha. If you wish to challenge me, fight me in true battle, not with trickery.


Rgh, I've been bested... Your remarkable powers of mischief are far too great for me to handle, Singularity...
But the true battle begins now.
Haha, trick or treat!
I will not simply flee from your tricks this year.
In fact, I shall assume the role of mighty trickster myself!
I pray for your sake, Singularity, that you have your treats ready.
For I have more than a few earthen tricks up my sleeve!
Mirror-Blade Eruption!


Tell me, Singularity. Should I be lenient on the children who come to me with their pranks?
Or I should I take this Halloween occasion to teach them the unforgiving nature of this world?
I have been pondering this matter since last night, but have yet to reach an answer to my question.
What are your thoughts on this, Singularity?
Hm. As long as everyone is having a good time, you say? Exceedingly simple, and yet... you are correct.
In that case... I shall take this time to enjoy myself as well!


How peculiar... You seem to be out of sorts. Is something the matter?
I see. So the red dragon and your other friends are conspiring to play a trick on you.
Haha! To think the mighty perpetrator of pranks is now the prey being hunted.
Wh-what are you doing! It is not your place to bow to a crew member when you are the captain!
Raise your head, Singularity! Tch... I wanted to compete in this contest, but it seems my plans have changed.
A knight would never ignore a plea for help, after all!
Join with me, and we shall mount the ultimate counteroffensive! Mirror-Blade Eruption!


So the next challenger is you, Singularity.
Mirror-Blade Eruption!
You claim to be my ally? I'm afraid I won't fall for your trickery.
Many have already tried to fool me today. I'm sure they must have been conspiring together.
Which leads me to believe that I am the main target this year.
Judging by the sharp look in your eyes, I'm sure I won't be able to pry an answer out of you.
However, I prepared for such an outcome—I brought Halloween sweets with me.
Now you are forced to give up your tricks, correct?
Why do you hesitate? These sweets are delicious! Now open up! I shall feed them to you!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Singularity, what do you intend to do with all those spheres of snow?
Haha. I know what you're thinking.
Very well. I accept your challenge!
Hm? What's wrong? You seem displeased.
Though it may be a mere game, one must give one's very best in all things!
What? You understand what Master Uriel meant when he said what he did?
Singularity. You must tell me the meaning of this.


Singularity, have you noticed how everyone in the crew seems awfully fidgety today?
Huh? You mean...
Haha! Ah, yes, I remember now! Tonight is the night of the holy eve!
What an embarrassing faux pas it is that I'd forget. But I shall make things right.
I'll make certain that I'm on time for the gift exchange later today.
I'll prepare gifts that send hearts aflutter!


Hm... Singularity, I have a question for you.
I am noticing an increase in the number of people walking closely together in town as of late. Why is that?
The holy night, you say?
I don't understand. Is it necessary to flaunt so explicitly to others on such an occasion?
Hm? Singularity... Why do you laugh?
Hmph, don't be mistaken. This is not the jealousy you presume it to be. I was simply asking a question.


Is that you, Singularity? You appear before me with blessed timing. I have a request—would you join me on a trip through town?
The truth of the matter is... I am responsible for the shopping today, but I do not wish to go alone.
You seem confused. I shall explain. Tonight is the holy night, which means the town will be filled with couples.
If I go into town alone, I will attract every manner of pitiable stare!
Perhaps I am overthinking the matter, as you say. However!
The more time I spend with you mortals, the more I realize how much importance you place on this holiday!
Pray cease your questioning, and accompany me through the illuminated town.


Singularity, you're acquainted with Santa Claus, correct?
Would you mind introducing us to one another?
Haha, you need not fret. I have no intention of begging for gifts.
In truth, it is the opposite. The more I learn of the holy night, the more I'm interested in gift-giving.
Children are the pillars of our future. Is there naught more noble than showering them with presents?
I desire to know more of the person who would dedicate their life to doing so. That is my goal tonight while helping Santa Claus with his task.
Hm? You wish to help as well?
Excellent. This holy night might prove to be our most exciting yet.
Now let us be off. To Santa Claus!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

An Earnest Disciple

The primarch Uriel asks (Captain) to let his disciple Alexiel join the crew. Though amused by how this master and disciple are polar opposites in so many ways, the crew gladly accepts.

The stars twinkle bright, and the crew of the Grandcypher has hunkered down for another peaceful night of rest.
Or so they thought.
When the ship shakes with the sound of thunder, (Captain) jumps out of bed.
???: Hahaha! Singularity. Are you awake?
(Captain)'s eyes open wide at the sight of the bulky man leaning against the wall.
  1. Uriel?

Choose: Uriel?
Uriel: Haha. I'd like to thank you again for your help from before.
Uriel: Never dreamed I'd be saved by the likes of a mortal.
(Captain) blinks and stares at the figure, then goes back to sleep—must be another dream.
Uriel: Hey! Don't ignore me!
  1. This isn't a dream?
  2. Y-you're real?

Choose: This isn't a dream?
Uriel: Hahaha! Do you like my trial that much?

Choose: Y-you're real?
Uriel: Of course! Or would you like a battle to prove it? That ought to wake you up.
Continue 1
(Captain) realizes this is not dream, but reality.
At the same time, (Captain) fears that the primarch's visit could only mean a new calamity threatens the skies.
Uriel: Don't worry. I'm not here with ill tidings or whatnot.
Uriel: The supreme primarch says we need to learn more of your ways.
Uriel: By working with your allies and strengthening your bonds, you gained power unobtainable on your own.
Uriel: So today I've come with a request.
  1. Do you want to join our crew?

Choose: Do you want to join our crew?
Uriel: Hahaha! Not a bad idea.
Uriel: But I've got my own duties to attend to. So in my stead—
The ship rocks with another thunderous sound. Uriel winces at (Captain) apologetically.
Uriel: Sigh...
Uriel: I'm sorry. Could we step out for a minute?
Uriel leads (Captain) outside, where a large cloud of dust greets them.
Uriel: Get out here already. And lose the dust!
The dust cloud settles, and from it emerges the figure of a familiar young woman.
  1. Alexiel!

Choose: Alexiel!
Alexiel: Singularity. It's been a while.
Uriel: Hey, I told you I'll do the talking.
Alexiel: But, Master Uriel, you needn't have deigned yourself to come here. I could have—
Uriel: It's better if I'm the one who asks for this sorta thing.
Just then, a flustered Lyria and Vyrn come out to see what's happened.
Vyrn: The heck's goin' on here?
Lyria: (Captain), are you all right?
Lyria: Wha! It's Uriel!
Vyrn: Hm? Who's the other one?
Amused by the confusion on their faces, Uriel lets out a chortle.
Uriel: Hahaha! Look! You woke them up!
Alexiel: The blue-haired girl and the red dragon...
Uriel: C'mon and join us. I'll explain.
Uriel beckons the two over and begins to speak.
Uriel: I came today to ask if you would let this one join you on your travels.
Alexiel: I am called Alexiel, disciple of the benevolent primarch Uriel.
Lyria: Disciple?
Uriel: Basically she follows me around and tries to be like me.
Vyrn: Didn't know you primarchs took disciples.
Uriel: Well, it all began on my search for a countermeasure in case of a new threat.
Uriel: I scoured the world for one who could be worthy of the role.
Uriel: It was no easy task. Far and wide I searched, but there were none fit for the task.
Uriel: That is... until I found her. A resilient primal whose powers perfectly compliment mine.
Uriel: Heh heh. Her body's bursting with the power of earth.
Alexiel: When we chanced upon each other, I was made known of the existence of the primarchs.
Alexiel: Finally the connection between the primarchs, primals, and our Astral creators became clear to me.
Alexiel: And I was fool enough to wonder if my power could rival that of theirs.
Alexiel: However...
Alexiel: I was no match for Master Uriel.
Lyria: Oh my...
Uriel: After that, she bent the knee and asked to be my disciple.
Alexiel: One must be strong to protect the weak.
Alexiel: And I believed more than anything that Master Uriel could guide me to the realization of that ambition.
Vyrn: Whoa... Primarchs sure are something.
Uriel: And how could I refuse?
Uriel: After all, I found what I was looking for, and what was the harm?
Uriel: So ever since, I've been training and preparing her in case another threat to the world comes along.
Vyrn: Hm, but if that's the case...
Vyrn: Wouldn't it be better if she stayed with you, not us?
Uriel: Well, I've gotten a little more busy lately.
Uriel: So I'll have to leave her under your care, if only for a while.
Alexiel: Master Uriel has spoken of your great deeds during the last calamity.
Vyrn: A real nail-biter, that one was...
Alexiel: Please, I wish to grow under your guidance that I may be of greater use to Master Uriel.
Alexiel: What do you say? Will you grant our request?
  1. Of course!

Choose: Of course!
Alexiel: You have my utmost gratitude.
Uriel: That's the singularity for you. Quick on the uptake.
Uriel: She can be a little... stiff sometimes... but she's got a good heart, just like you guys.
Uriel: Hope she might get a little more flexible after spending some time with you though.
Alexiel: ...
Uriel: But I'd best not get my hopes up.
Uriel: Well, good luck! I'm off!
A gust of wind blows and Uriel disappears in a cloud of dust.
With Uriel gone, Alexia turns to face the crew with a smile.
Alexiel: Companions, as I have been entrusted by Master Uriel, I hereby swear to safeguard you through all manner of trial and tribulation.
Vyrn: Pfft! Ahahaha!
Lyria: Vyrn?
Alexiel: Red dragon. Why do you laugh?
Vyrn: Sorry! Just that he really wasn't kidding about you being all stiff!
Vyrn: I mean, for a disciple of Uriel, you sure sound nothing like him.
Lyria: Hehe. I see your point.
Alexiel: Master Uriel is great in battle and fervent in loyalty, so it is only natural that his actions are at times guided by emotion.
Alexiel: So I wish to support him—compliment his disposition—by always remaining composed and reserved.
Vyrn: Ooh. You're really taking this disciple thing to a whole new level.
Lyria: You and Uriel are like elements balancing each other out! You compliment each other perfectly!
Alexiel: Haha. I wonder how true that is.
Alexiel: At any rate I am in your care.
Lyria: Welcome aboard!
And so the crew gains a new member, Alexiel.
The crew is in a jubilant mood as the seeds of chaos are silently sown.

Time to Go Legit

When explosives planted in cargo on the Grandcypher go off, the airship crash-lands on a small island. Faint rumbling of the earth warns Alexiel of impending danger, made evident by the machina soldiers that show up soon after.

The crew have undertaken a transportation assignment and are currently en route to their destination.
When they come across a certain mountainous archipelago, however, the unthinkable happens.
Their cargo explodes. This damages the ship's wings and sends them spiraling into the island below.
Lyria: Oh no!
Rackam: Tsk. Not how I imagined today going!
Rackam: Hang on tight, guys! This is gonna get bumpy!
Rackam: Raaaaagh!
With his piloting expertise, Rackam eases the ship onto the face of a mountain and slides it down the rocky slope until they come to a stop at the mountain's foot.
Vyrn: Whew. Thought we were goners for a second there.
Rackam: Everyone! You okay?
Rackam: Sigh. And why the heck do we have cargo exploding?
The crew goes to the cargo bay to investigate what happened.
Bits of food lie scattered on the ground, along with the smell of gunpowder and what looks like a metal device used to track time.
Lyria: We... We were carrying bombs?
Alexiel: Not only that. I believe this was no mistake. Whoever did this, did so with murderous intent.
Lyria: That's awful... Who would do such a thing?
The crew wonders. They'd never seen the client who hired them before; what could he possibly have against them?
The sound of thunder in the distance reaches Alexiel's ears. She looks to the encompassing mountains and furrows her brows.
Alexiel: The elements of earth here are becoming roused...
Vyrn: Huh? Don't tell me the island's gonna fall like with the last calamity?
Alexiel: No, no. There's no need to worry about that. Right now the tetra-elements are still in balance.
Alexiel: However... Singularity, this island is dangerous. We must leave posthaste.
Rackam: Sorry, I'd love to get outta here myself, but I'm gonna need some time to fix the wings.
Rackam: Luckily we've got the materials and the hands needed. I'll try to get her up and flying as fast as I can.
The crew rushes to repair the ship.
However, machina soldiers appear from out of nowhere and surround them.
Rackam: What the! When did these guys get here?
Alexiel: You take care of the repairs. Leave them to us.
Rackam: All right. We're counting on you!
Alexiel: Singularity. Stay sharp.
Together, (Captain) and Alexiel battle the machina soldiers.

Time to Go Legit: Scene 2

When the machina soldiers are defeated, a group of arms dealers explain that they seek revenge against the crew—as (Captain) and company's peacekeeping efforts have been bad for business. (Captain) and Alexiel chase after the men when they suddenly run off.

Machina Soldier: ...
The crew fends off the machina soldiers but stays alert for any more attacks.
Alexiel: No more hiding! Show yourself!
Rough-Hewn Voice: Humph. Expected as much from the guys who quelled the calamity.
A rough-hewn man hollers from the shadows, and as if on cue, lackeys step out from behind the scraggly trees.
They look at the relatively undamaged ship and give a sour expression.
Rackam: ...
Wouldn't happen to know 'bout what happened to us, would you?
Rackam: See... There was some scrap metal scattered around the explosion that took out our ship...
Rackam: Metal that looks an awful lot like the kind those machina soldiers were made of.
Heavyset Man: Heh heh. Not a clue, bud.
Rackam: ...
Oh? That so?
From the way the men laugh, it's obvious to the crew that they've found the culprits.
Rackam: Heh. So that means the client was in on it too. We've been had.
Lyria: No... But he seemed like such a nice person...
Alexiel: Why did you conspire to bring us here? Talk.
Heavyset Man: You guys are just the best, ain't ya. Saving the world, ending wars, real heroes... Man, you make me sick.
Heavyset Man: How about you mind your own business and stop ruining ours!
Vyrn: Ruining their business? What're they talking about?
Rackam: Hmm...
Alexiel: You know something of this?
Rackam: Think so... Siero might've mentioned them before.
Rackam: There's a group of traders who sell machina soldiers and weapons to islands across the sky.
Sierokarte: That's right! They've got very good technology, but they never seem to use it for the right reasons.
Sierokarte: They're always spreading rumors about kings and the wars they're planning, regardless of how true those rumors are.
Rackam: So they tell people that rival kingdoms are preparing for war just to get them to buy weapons.
Sierokarte: That's right! But I simply can't approve of methods like that myself.
Rackam tells the crew what he knows of the arms dealers, information that leaves a very bad taste in the group's mouths.
Alexiel: I understand that trading can at times be competitive.
Alexiel: But to cause wars between nations while you sit idly by and enjoy the horrors you have wrought...
Alexiel: It would be another story if you did what you did to protect others, but it is plain to see you have strayed from the path of righteousness.
Rackam: Yeah. What she said.
Lyria: Selling weapons for war...
Lyria: How could you do something so awful!
Heavyset Man: Hah! Hey, people want something and we happen to sell it! That's just business, kids!
With the sound of thunder, smoke rises from a mountain in the distance.
Vyrn: Wh-whoa. This doesn't look good.
Alexiel: Ngh... No doubt that volcano is soon to erupt.
Men: Heh heh heh.
Vyrn: What the? Do these guys think lava's a joke?
Lyria: It does seem very strange... If the volcano erupts, they're in as much trouble as we are.
Heavyset Man: Hahaha! We brought you all the way out to this island. Didn't think the soldiers were all we had planned, did ya?
Heavyset Man: You ain't seen nothing yet!
With those ominous words, the man retreats into the woods.
Vyrn: What? I thought he was gonna do something, not run away.
Lyria: (Captain), I've got a bad feeling about this...
  1. After them!

Choose: After them!
Alexiel: Wait, Singularity. Right now we're fighting against time, not them.
Alexiel: As captain of this crew, your priority is to get the ship off this island.
But (Captain) remains adamant.
Adamant that the fiends need to be brought to justice.
(Captain) gives the order for all members to return to the ship and aid in its repair, while the captain goes after the men alone.
Alexiel: Haha... Your sheer pluck reminds me of Master Uriel.
Alexiel: If you're going after those evildoers, then I'm coming with you.
And so as Rackam and the crew repair the ship, (Captain) and Alexiel go after the men.

Time to Go Legit: Scene 3

The knaves about-face and use a mechanical monstrosity to blast (Captain) away. Alexiel saves the captain in the nick of time. And after confirming that the Grandcypher is fully repaired and in the air, she shows the men the full force of her mirror-blades.

(Captain) and Alexiel have decided to split up in search of the men.
And (Captain) is the one to find them.
Heavyset Man: Oh, just you, eh? I'm guessing everyone else is busy repairing the ship.
Heavyset Man: Perfect! We just have to take the captain out and the whole crew falls apart!
Heavyset Man: Behold! My ultimate creation!
???: ...
Trees collapse to make way for a giant mechanical monstrosity. (Captain) stands at the ready, sword in hand.
But just before (Captain) takes the first strike, the man interjects.
Heavyset Man: Oho! Not so fast there, Captain! I'll have you know this baby's core is chock-full of explosives.
Heavyset Man: And the ground we're standing on is right above a lava vein!
Heavyset Man: You know what that means, don'tcha? Hahaha!
The men laugh as if they've won.
But (Captain) refuses to be provoked. The captain gives a sigh and lets the sword fall to the ground.
But (Captain) has not given up. In those eyes, the flames of justice still burn bright.
Heavyset Man: Hahaha! I'm glad we're on the same page! Let's see how much pounding you can take!
Heavyset Man: Get 'em!
???: ...
Meanwhile Rackam and the crew race to fix the ship.
Rackam: All right, keep the wing steady. Reattaching now!
Vyrn: Say, Lyria. Is it just me, or is that volcano getting even smokier?
Lyria: Oh no! What're we going to do!
Rackam: No use thinking about it. We just gotta do what we can, as fast as we can.
Rackam: We gotta get this ship fixed and get to (Captain)!
Lyria: Right!
Lyria: (Please be all right, (Captain)...)
But (Captain) is far from all right.
The captain has been able to fend off the machine's attacks for a time, but fatigue soon sets in, and (Captain) starts to succumb to the enemy's blows.
???: ...
Heavyset Man: Aww, where's your ship? Still ain't up and flying?
Heavyset Man: Too bad, looks like your death will be in vain.
Heavyset Man: Whoops... Guess it's almost time.
Heavyset Man: All right, guys! Let's get outta here!
  1. You're not getting away that easy!

Choose: You're not getting away that easy!
Heavyset Man: Speak for yourself, kid.
???: ...
(Captain) takes a direct hit from the giant machine and is thrown into the air from the impact.
Heavyset Man: Don't let that brat get in your way.
???: ...
Heavyset Man: You've done good up till now.
Heavyset Man: But this is goodbye.
Men: Gahaha!
The men leave with the sound of their vile laughter hanging in the air.
???: ...
The giant machine grabs (Captain), preventing any movement.
And begins to count down to its explosion.
???: ...
  1. I can't give up now!

Choose: I can't give up now!
???: ...
And right when all seems lost...
Alexiel: Mirror-blades!
Alexiel: Hrraaagh!
???: ...
Alexiel: Goodbye.
???: ...!
Alexiel appears with the swiftness of a flash of light, unleashing her mirror-blades.
The barrier they create is able to contain the explosion around the machine alone, saving (Captain).
Alexiel: Singularity, are you all right?
  1. Heh. What took you so long?

Choose: Heh. What took you so long?
Alexiel: Haha. My apologies.
The Grandcypher then appears above them.
Alexiel: Excellent, there's no need to worry about the crew anymore.
Alexiel: Now come, let's get those men.
Together they give chase.
Underling: B-Boss! They're on our tail!
Heavyset Man: What? How're they still alive!
Alexiel: Don't think you can get away from us.
Alexiel: Mirror-blade Eruption!

Time to Go Legit: Scene 4

(Captain) convinces Alexiel to spare the lives of the crooked arms dealers on the condition that they turn over a new leaf. This whole incident has no doubt allowed the primal beast to strengthen her bonds with the captain.

Heavyset Man: Graaagh!
Having captured the men, (Captain) and Alexiel smile at each other as they watch the Grandcypher draw closer.
Alexiel: Working with your allies, strengthening your bonds, gaining power unobtainable on your own... I think I'm starting to see what Master Uriel sees in you.
Alexiel: Now, back to the matter at hand...
Heavyset Man: W-wait!
Heavyset Man: P-please. Spare us!
Alexiel: ...
Heavyset Man: We won't make any more weapons! Or sell them!
Heavyset Man: We know what we did was wrong! We'll turn from our ways! Promise! Just please...
Alexiel: Oh? So you admit your deeds were evil.
Alexiel: Then you understand you must be punished.
Alexiel: Face your judgment. Face my mirror-blades.
Men: Nooo!
With a look of indifference, Alexiel raises her giant sword.
  1. Spare them.

Choose: Spare them.
Alexiel: The benevolence of my captain demands your lives be spared.
Men: Y-yes...
Alexiel: And so I must.
Slowly, Alexiel lowers her sword. She faces the men with a severe gaze.
Alexiel: Waste not the lives you've been given. From henceforth, you shall walk the path of righteousness.
Alexiel: Or else...
Men: W-we'll walk the path of righteousness!
Alexiel: Humph. I look forward to it.
Alexiel: Quickly now, Singularity. There's no more time.
Alexiel: You lot as well. Hurry! We need to go!
Heavyset Man: Yes, ma'am!
They meet up with Rackam and the crew and leave the island as fast as they can.
From behind the Grandcypher, the volcano erupts and consumes the island.
Vyrn: Whew... Made it out just in the nick of time.
Lyria: I don't want to think about what would have happened if we didn't fix the ship fast enough...
Lyria: Alexiel! Thank you so much!
Alexiel: No thanks is needed. This was only possible because we all worked together.
Alexiel: Isn't that right, Singularity... No, (Captain).
The airship carries them into the horizon.
Whatever the future may hold, they will face it together—as one.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
使命を果たさん My duty compels me.
特異点よ、期待しているぞ Singularity, I have high hopes for you.
弱きを助け、強きを挫くのだ Defend the oppressed, crush the oppressors.
我は更なる力を求めん I seek ever greater strength.
正々堂々と戦うべきだろう? One should fight with courage and honor.
仲間、か…… Allies...
ふふっ、汝が赤き竜とはな…… Humph. To think that you are the red dragon.
不道徳な行いはするでない No evil shall escape my sight.
蒼の少女は、育ち盛りなのだな The blue-haired one is blossoming.
善なる心を育てよ May we cultivate hearts of righteousness.

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


SV Godsworn Alexiel.png SV Godsworn Alexiel E.png
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Fanfare: Give your leader the following effect - If an allied amulet is in play, your leader can't take more than 4 damage at a time. (This effect is not stackable and lasts for the rest of the match.)

Your shield is here. With my barrier, with my mirror-blades, I'll protect everything you are.



The mirror-blades shine on enmity and dispel malice with their light. So long as I'm here, you will not be harmed. Here I go! Deploy, mirror-blades!

Class Havencraft
Card Pack Dawnbreak, Nightedge
SV Portal Godsworn Alexiel
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other
SV Godsworn Alexiel 2.png SV Godsworn Alexiel 2 E.png
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Fanfare: Give your leader the following effect - If an allied amulet is in play, your leader can't take more than 4 damage at a time. (This effect is not stackable and lasts for the rest of the match.)



Your shield is here. With my barrier, with my mirror-blades, I'll protect everything you are.

The mirror-blades shine on enmity and dispel malice with their light. So long as I'm here, you will not be harmed. Here I go! Deploy, mirror-blades!

Class Havencraft
Card Pack Dawnbreak, Nightedge
SV Portal Godsworn Alexiel
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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