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  • Her charge attack, "Eterno Tesoro", is both Italian and Spanish for "eternal treasure".

Special Cutscenes

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Fate Episodes

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Sham Sweethearts

One day just before the holidays, Anthuria runs into a fellow dancer named Felt. Finding herself the target of her friend's teasing, Anthuria ends up snapping and saying that she and (Captain) are dating. When Felt hands her an invitation to a holiday party, she asks (Captain) if they can attend as a couple.

One day just before the holidays, Anthuria is in town on a shopping trip.
She wanders the streets alone in search of the perfect gift for (Captain).
Anthuria: (Sigh... I should have known there'd be couples everywhere. It is that time of year...)
Finding herself surrounded by lovebirds, Anthuria smiles grimly, a hint of jealousy in her eyes.
Anthuria: What I wouldn't give to walk around with (Captain) like that someday—
Anthuria: ...
Anthuria: (No... I shouldn't think like that.)
Anthuria: (With the holidays coming up, I ought to take this chance to tell (Captain) how I feel again.)
Anthuria: (Last time I got caught up in the moment and confessed on the spot...)
Anthuria: B-because... I love you with all my heart.
Anthuria: (Captain), I just want you to know that what I said in front of those men was all true.
Anthuria: Every word of it.
Anthuria: I'd give you all of me, if that's what you wanted.
Anthuria: Please don't forget that.
Anthuria: (So this time I'm going to tell (Captain) how I feel of my own accord.)
Anthuria: (A-and if all goes well, maybe we can be a couple and spend a very merry eve together...)
Anthuria: (Hngh... My body's burning up just thinking about it.)
Anthuria: (B-but I really do love (Captain)...)
Anthuria: (So it's okay for me to want that... right?)
Anthuria: But first things first. I need to pick out a present that will set the mood—
Man 1: H-hey, is that who I think it is?
Woman 1: Anthuria? No way! What's she doing here?
Man 2: Let's go say hi! Who knows—maybe she'll want to get to know us better!
Man 1: Aah!
One by one, the townspeople begin to recognize Anthuria, and soon she finds herself surrounded by a crowd of fans.
Anthuria sighs, her expression weary.
Anthuria: Sigh... Here we go again. Why is it always like this?
???: This way, Anthuria. You know, this wouldn't happen if you had a little more self-awareness.
Hearing a voice call out to her from behind, Anthuria turns to see a young woman.
Anthuria: Huh? Why are you here—
???: Save the questions for later. Right now we need to focus on getting out of here.
So saying, the woman takes Anthuria's hand and drags her off, leaving the throng of people behind.
Meanwhile, (Captain) and the crew are munching on snacks in a nearby restaurant, enjoying a well-deserved break.
Vyrn: Back already, Fire Girl? That was fast.
Lyria: And you brought... company?
Seemingly unaware that she's being spoken to, Anthuria silently approaches (Captain).
She then grabs the captain's arm and wraps her own tightly around it.
Anthuria: Let me introduce you, Felt. Th-this is my one-and-only sweetheart!
Lyria: What!
Vyrn: Huh?
???: Oh, so this is the one I've heard so much about. You certainly like them young and cute, don't you, Anthuria?
Anthuria: Ngh. Is there something wrong with that?
???: Not at all. It's just a little unexpected.
Felt smiles and pats Anthuria's head gently.
Anthuria: Grr. Don't treat me like a child!
Vyrn: Uh... So you're a friend of Fire Girl here?
???: Yes, that's right.
Oh, forgive me. I haven't introduced myself yet, have I?
Felt: My name is Felt. Anthuria and I studied dance under the same instructor.
Felt: It's nice to meet you, (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn.
Vyrn: Huh? You know who we are?
Felt: Yes. Anthuria's told me all about you.
Felt: But I have to say...
Felt puts a hand to (Captain)'s cheek and stares appraisingly.
Felt: Hehe. You sure are cute.
Felt: Those beautiful eyes... so straightforward... like they're focused on a dream in the distance...
Felt: And you care deeply about the people around you... That's what your eyes tell me.
Felt: I can see why Anthuria is infatuated with you.
Anthuria: Hey, what do you think you're doing!
Anthuria: (Captain)'s my s-sweetheart!
Felt: Please, I'm just window shopping. You know how much I adore cute things.
Anthuria: No! (Captain) is off-limits!
Felt: Hehe. My, are we jealous? You must be quite taken with this one, Anthuria.
Anthuria: Haugh...
Anthuria: A-at any rate, you're done here, right? In that case—
Felt: Oh, right. I almost forgot to give you this.
Removing her hand from (Captain)'s cheek, Felt pulls a sheet of paper out of her pocket and gives it to Anthuria.
Felt: It's an invitation to a holiday party. Our instructor asked me to give it to you.
Felt: And she had a message for you as well—although the final choice is obviously up to you, she'd like you to attend if possible.
Anthuria: Urgh...
Felt: (Captain), you and your crew are welcome to come along.
Vyrn: Wait, us too? You sure?
Felt: Of course. The invitation extends to family members and other close personal contacts.
Felt: And considering (Captain) and Anthuria are dating, you're basically family anyway, right?
Felt: I'd say that more than qualifies you.
Felt: Well, I'd better be off. I hope to see you all at the party.
With a nod to the crew, Felt takes her leave.
Following Felt's departure, an awkward silence hangs in the air.
Lyria turns toward Anthuria, a hint of annoyance on her face.
Lyria: So Anthuria... What did you mean when you said (Captain) was your sweetheart?
Anthuria: Well, you see... Felt and I were having tea, and she kept teasing me about my fans and various rumors floating around...
Anthuria: And I ended up snapping and telling her that the rumors were true—that I was seeing someone.
Vyrn: In other words, you blurted out a lie in the heat of the moment, huh.
Lyria: So you two aren't really dating then... right?
Anthuria: R-right, we're just friends. Sorry, I didn't mean to give you the wrong idea.
Anthuria: That must have really weirded you out, (Captain)...
The captain flashes a slightly pained smile, but denies her words nonetheless.
Anthuria: U-um... (Captain)? If it's not too much trouble, could I maybe ask you... a favor?
Anthuria: I'm thinking about going to that party Felt mentioned.
Anthuria: It's been ages since I've seen my instructor and the other students.
Anthuria: But I'm worried people are going to get suspicious if I show up alone.
Anthuria: I-I mean, I already told Felt we're dating and everything...
Anthuria: So, um... It would obviously just be for the party, but...
Anthuria: Would you be my special someone, (Captain)?
  1. Sure, I don't mind.
  2. Just for the party?

Choose: Sure, I don't mind.
Anthuria: Thank you! I'm sorry to make you do something so strange...
(Captain)'s head shakes back and forth in response.

Choose: Just for the party?
Anthuria: Wait, huh? Um... What does that mean?
Anthuria: Aah... A-are you trying to say you want us to really—
Lyria: U-um... I think (Captain)'s wondering what happens the next time you see Felt.
Lyria: I mean... Are you never going to tell her the truth?
Anthuria: G-good point...
Anthuria: W-well, for now... let's just get through the party.
Anthuria: I'll figure out the rest afterward.
(Captain) nods, understanding.
Continue 1
Anthuria: Oh, but you know... If you'd rather, we can make our relationship the real thing.
Anthuria: I-I said it before, remember? That I was willing to give you all of me...
Anthuria: I really mean it... S-so think it over, okay?
Anthuria: Hauuuugh...
W-well, I'm going to go get ready for the party now!
Anthuria hurries from the room, hiding her now beet red face.
After returning to her room, Anthuria looks over her outfit for the party.
Anthuria: Thank goodness I had a new dress on hand...
Anthuria: I won't have to feel embarrassed standing next to (Captain) in this... right?
Anthuria: E-even if it's all a farce, (Captain) and I are going to be a couple tonight.
Anthuria: I'm not going to miss this chance.
Anthuria: I'll use my charm and this dress to win (Captain) over... for real.
Anthuria: A-and then we'll spend this festive eve together... Hngh...
Though her cheeks burn with shame, her eyes are alight with determination.

Overflowing Emotions

(Captain) and the crew end up attending the party, where a number of guests are intent on wooing Anthuria. Felt hopes they'll give up if they see her together with the captain, so she, Lyria, and Vyrn leave the pair alone to pretend to be a couple.

(Captain) and the crew have decided to attend the party with Anthuria.
They now wait at the venue as indicated on the invitation.
Vyrn: Fire Girl sure is takin' her sweet time...
Nodding, the captain thinks back to their earlier conversation with Anthuria and Felt.
Anthuria: Okay, I'm going to go change into my dress now.
Felt: Why didn't you wear it here? That would have been much easier, wouldn't it?
Anthuria: If I had, my dress would have been filthy and wrinkled before the party even started.
Lyria: Ahaha... We were close to being surrounded by her fans more than once on the way here.
Vyrn: Yeah. We had to run all over the place to shake 'em.
Felt: Oh, I see. So that's why your clothes and hair are such a mess.
Felt: Here, I'll help you get dressed. I'm sure you could use another pair of hands.
Anthuria: Thanks, Felt.
A very grateful Anthuria follows Felt toward the changing room.
Lyria: You don't think something happened, do you? Like, what if they ran into more rowdy fans...
Vyrn: According to Felt, everybody here should be family or close friends of the guests.
Vyrn: So there's nothin' to worry about, right?
Felt: I wouldn't say that...
Lyria: Felt?
Felt: Sorry to keep you waiting so long.
Lyria: Huh? Where's Anthuria?
Felt: She'll be a bit longer. She needs time to steel herself for what's to come.
Lyria: ...?
Vyrn: No problem. But what did you mean by what you said earlier?
Felt: There are those among the invitees who are doing their utmost to woo Anthuria.
Felt: And all of them are quite rich and powerful, so let's just say they aren't the most pleasant company.
Felt looks around at the guests and breathes a deep sigh.
Vyrn: Fire Girl never gets a break, does she?
Felt: You can say that again. But I'm sure all that will change after today.
Vyrn: Huh? Why's that?
Felt: Because Anthuria is here with her special someone, (Captain).
Felt: She's already taken, meaning she's not going to be interested in anyone else.
Felt: If you knew that, wouldn't you back off?
Felt: No matter how much they want Anthuria for themselves, as long as (Captain)'s around, all their efforts will end in vain.
Vyrn: Hey, doesn't that just mean (Captain)'ll be the target now?
Vyrn: Won't some of 'em think they can get in good with Fire Girl if (Captain)'s outta the picture?
Felt: Not to worry. Just about everyone here wants to see Anthuria happy.
Felt: And there are a number of aristocrats and nobles present as well.
Felt: If any of those undesirables were to lay a hand on (Captain)...
Felt: For attempting to interfere with Anthuria's happiness, they'd likely face severe punishment.
Felt: Everyone here understands that.
Felt: So they won't even consider doing something so foolish.
Felt's words successfully quell the crew's concerns.
Anthuria: Sorry for the wait. I just couldn't seem to get my hair right...
Anthuria: Er, what's going on? Why are you all looking at me like that?
Vyrn: Well, we were just thinkin' you've sure got a lot of influence, Fire Girl.
Anthuria: ...?
Felt: Hehe. Don't worry your little head about it. Anyway, you look lovely in that dress.
Anthuria: Th-thanks, Felt.
Anthuria: Um... What do you think, (Captain)? Does it look... weird?
  1. I could fall for you in a heartbeat.
  2. You look absolutely beautiful.

Choose: I could fall for you in a heartbeat.
Anthuria: ...!
Is... Is that so?
Anthuria: Haugh... One look... and (Captain) could already fall for me...
Anthuria: Oogh... It's like a dream. I'm so glad I chose this dress...
Anthuria: Th-this means I actually have a chance... right?

Choose: You look absolutely beautiful.
Anthuria: Hehe, thank you. I'm so happy to hear you say that.
Anthuria: B-by the way, (Captain)... You can give in to your instincts a little more, you know.
Anthuria: A-after all, we are dating now...
Continue 1
Felt: Hehe. Spoken like a true girl in love.
Anthuria: L-love! Felt, please!
Felt: It's the truth, isn't it?
Anthuria: Haugh...
Felt: Hehe. Don't be so bashful.
Felt: Now then, Lyria, Vyrn. Let's leave these two lovebirds alone.
Felt: As inferior of a substitute as I may be, I'll do my best to escort you.
Lyria: Oh! N-no, not at all. We appreciate it.
Vyrn: Guess we gotta go with the flow.
Anthuria: Wait—Felt!
Felt: I just don't want to be a third wheel. Unless... there's some reason you don't want to be alone together?
Anthuria: Well...
Felt: If you'd rather I stick around, maybe I'll have a little fun with (Captain) myself.
Anthuria: N-no, you can't do that! (Captain) is my s-sweetheart!
Felt: I see. That's too bad.
Anthuria: You know, I've been wondering this since you two met, but... you have a thing for (Captain), don't you?
Felt: Well, yes. After all, (Captain) is the one who stole the heart of the famous Anthuria.
Felt: It's only natural that I'd be interested, isn't it?
Felt stares at the captain, a mysterious glint in her eyes.
Anthuria: I-I'm not letting you have (Captain)!
Felt: Then I suggest you hold on to what you've got. Otherwise I might just take it for myself.
Felt: So what's your plan? Are you two coming with us?
Anthuria: (Captain) and I will enjoy the party by ourselves!
Felt: All right. Then let's be on our way, Lyria, Vyrn.
Lyria and Vyrn nod and leave for the party with Felt.
Anthuria: Sigh... That Felt...
Anthuria: Um... I'm sorry about all that. Felt just doesn't know when to stop.
  1. No worries. Let's have fun.

Choose: No worries. Let's have fun.
Anthuria: Y-you're right. This is a party, after all. We ought to enjoy ourselves.
(Captain) nods, taking Anthuria's hand and gripping it tightly.
Anthuria: Huh? What? Wh-why are you...
  1. We need to look like a couple.

Choose: We need to look like a couple.
Anthuria: Haugh...
Anthuria: (It's like I'm actually (Captain)'s girlfriend...)
Anthuria: (I can't believe this is happening...)
Anthuria's face turns beet red.
But on her face is a bright smile that she simply can't hide.

Overflowing Emotions: Scene 2

(Captain) and Anthuria enjoy the party while acting like a couple. Having realized they weren't actually dating, Felt had set Anthuria up with a chance to turn the faux relationship into the real deal. But upon seeing that Anthuria is too naive to make any progress herself, Felt decides to take matters into her own hands.

(Captain) and Anthuria are enjoying the party together.
The other guests are stunned upon seeing the happy couple.
Attendee 1: H-hey, who's that person with Anthuria? They're holding hands and everything!
Partygoer 1: And that's not all... Look how close they're standing. It's almost like...
Partygoer 2: That must be the one she's dating. Hehe, Anthuria looks so happy.
Partygoer 3: They're acting all lovey-dovey. Just seeing them is making me blush.
Attendee 2: I-I'm definitely a better match for her than somebody like that!
Attendee 3: Haha. I'll have to congratulate those two lovebirds later.
Anthuria and (Captain) find themselves the subject of many curious and jealous glances.
Even the captain can't help but feel overwhelmed.
Anthuria: Um... I'm sorry. This is all because I asked you to pretend we were dating.
  1. Don't worry about it.
  2. Are you okay?

Choose: Don't worry about it.
(Captain) smiles gently at Anthuria as though trying to console her.
Anthuria: Okay... But be sure to tell me if it gets to be too much.
Anthuria: We can always take a break somewhere where we won't be on display.

Choose: Are you okay?
Anthuria: Yes, I'm fine. I'm used to being the subject of curious gazes.
Anthuria: But that doesn't go for you, does it?
(Captain) flashes a grim smile in response.
Anthuria: Be sure to tell me if it gets to be too much. We can always take a break somewhere where we won't be on display.
Continue 1
Anthuria: (I feel bad for (Captain), but the way everyone's looking at us makes me kind of happy...)
Anthuria: (Because if they're jealous, it means we look like a real couple.)
Anthuria: (Hehe. At least for this moment, (Captain) and I are a couple.)
Anthuria: (S-so, well... It's okay to be a little daring... right?)
Anthuria: (A-and if we act all flirty, I bet I won't have as many annoying suitors approaching me.)
Anthuria: (Besides, I might never have this kind of opportunity again...)
Having made up her mind, Anthuria slowly lets go of (Captain)'s hand.
The next moment, she embraces the captain's arm and laces their fingers together.
Anthuria: Um... We're a couple... aren't we? S-so it's okay for me to do this... right?
Anthuria: (Haugh... I did it. I really did it...)
Anthuria: (A-and on top of giving (Captain) a hug, I even intertwined our fingers...)
Anthuria: (This sure is nice...)
Anthuria: (Holding hands normally is wonderful and all, but I can really feel (Captain)'s warmth this way...)
Anthuria: (Wait, my hand isn't sweaty, is it? I'm not making (Captain)'s hand all gross, am I?)
  1. You okay? You look flushed.

Choose: You okay? You look flushed.
Anthuria: Y-yes, I'm fine. Say... how does it feel with me touching you like this?
Anthuria: Do I have you charmed? Enough to want me?
Anthuria: J-just so you know... if you really want me, I'm... all yours.
Anthuria: I'm willing to give you this hand and this body... no—every bit of me.
Anthuria: What do you say?
Partygoer 2: Wow, Anthuria's really bold to talk like that in front of so many people.
Attendee 3: Haha. Ah, to be young again.
Partygoer 1: Nooo, my Anthuria...
The pair can hear heartbroken and inquisitive voices all around them.
Suddenly remembering that they're at a party, Anthuria's face turns an even deeper shade of scarlet.
Anthuria: Aah... A-anyway, (Captain)... I'm hungry, so let's go grab some food over there.
A flustered Anthuria hurries from the area, pulling (Captain) along by the hand.
Afterward (Captain) and Anthuria take a break to enjoy some party food in a corner of the hall.
Anthuria: Um... Sorry about earlier. I got a little carried away. I'll be more mindful of where we are from now on.
Smiling weakly, (Captain) nods.
Anthuria: (W-wait. Since we're a couple, that means it's okay for me to do... that, right?)
Anthuria: (I mean... I've always wanted to try it...)
Anthuria: (Captain). S-say "ah"...
Anthuria picks up a bite of cake with her fork and brings it close to (Captain)'s mouth.
Anthuria: Th-this is... standard fare for a couple... right? So here...
  1. Aahh...

Choose: Aahh...
Cheeks flushed, (Captain) opens wide and accepts the bite.
Anthuria: (Oogh... This is more embarrassing than I expected. My face is definitely red right now.)
Anthuria: (But I'm so happy... And if we were actually dating, not just pretending, we could do even more...)
Anthuria: (No, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have to make the most of it...)
Anthuria: O-okay, (Captain). Now it's your turn.
Anthuria: Feed me some of your cake...
The captain nods, scoops up a bite of cake, and offers it to Anthuria.
  1. Say "ah"...

Choose: Say "ah"...
Anthuria: Aahh...
Anthuria opens her mouth and closes it over the end of the fork.
Anthuria: Ngh... Being on the receiving end is just as embarrassing...
Anthuria: Hold on, (Captain). You have a little whipped cream on your face.
Anthuria reaches out and scoops up the dab of whipped cream lingering at the corner of (Captain)'s mouth.
Then she brings it to her own mouth.
Anthuria: Mm... The cream on this cake really is... delicious...
Anthuria: (Wait... I just ate the cream that was on (Captain)'s mouth...)
Anthuria: (And that fork I took a bite from was the same one (Captain) had been using... right?)
Anthuria: (In other words, we indirectly k—)
Anthuria: ...!
Anthuria: U-um, I-I didn't do that on purpose!
Anthuria: It's just... this whipped cream is really good... so I didn't want to waste it...
Anthuria: I-I wasn't trying to kiss you indirectly or anything!
Anthuria: If I was going to kiss you... it would be on the lips...
Anthuria: No, that's not what I meant! I'm not saying I want you to kiss me or anything!
Anthuria: S-so um... Uh...
Anthuria turns bright red and collapses onto the sofa.
(Captain) tends to her in a panic.
Felt: Sigh... Still as naive as ever. She'll never win over (Captain) like that.
Felt: I should have taught her the art of love instead of just how to dance...
Felt lets out a deep sigh as she watches Anthuria blushing profusely and making a scene.
Vyrn: Win over? Does that mean you figured it out? That those two aren't datin', I mean.
Felt: Of course I did. This is my cute little Anthuria we're talking about here. How could I not?
Vyrn: Then why'd you pretend not to know?
Felt: I wanted to make her love come true, that's all.
Felt: All it took was one look to know her feelings for (Captain) were the real thing.
Felt: But I also knew that if left alone, their relationship would never progress.
Felt: Knowing Anthuria, I'm sure she's trying her very best to win (Captain)'s affection...
Felt: But she's too pure and innocent at heart. I imagine she always ends up turning red, collapsing, or running away?
Lyria: Ahaha... You hit the nail on the head.
Felt: Sigh... I thought as much.
Felt: That's why I made various arrangements to help their relationship progress as much as possible.
Vyrn: You sure care a lot about Fire Girl, huh?
Felt: I told you—she's my cute little Anthuria. I want her to be happy.
Felt: But I didn't expect such a perfect setup to fail.
Felt: Sigh... Oh well. I suppose I'll just have to apply a little more force on my end.
Felt grins devilishly as she continues to watch over Anthuria from afar.

Overflowing Emotions: Scene 3

Felt acts as (Captain)'s date when Anthuria gets called away, but Anthuria gets jealous of her friend's assertive behavior and steals the captain back. Having had too much to drink, she takes (Captain) to the room Felt had prepared and confesses her feelings. The pair spend the evening together, and the next morning Anthuria panics over her bold actions.

Anthuria has collapsed from embarrassment due to her indirect kisses with (Captain).
As a result, (Captain) is kindly looking after her.
Anthuria: Urgh... I-I didn't do it on purpose... I swear...
Felt: Sigh... You really are a beginner at all this, aren't you?
Anthuria: Felt?
Anthuria turns to see an exasperated Felt, joined by Lyria wearing a sullen expression.
Behind them is Vyrn, looking exhausted.
Felt: Here, I brought you some water. Drink it and calm down.
Anthuria: Urgh... Thanks.
Felt: I'm sorry about her, (Captain). She must have caused you nothing but trouble.
The captain's head shakes back and forth.
Felt: I have to say, I never dreamed she'd turn so red over a simple indirect kiss...
Anthuria: Y-you were watching that?
Felt: Of course I was. I saw everything, from the finger lacing to the cake feeding.
Anthuria: Oogh...
Felt: Hehe. There's no need to be embarrassed. A couple is supposed to do things like that.
Felt: Ah, but you coming on to (Captain) was a bit much. Save that kind of thing for when you two are alone.
Anthuria: Okay...
Felt: Oh, and I'm sorry to interrupt your fun, but I have a message for you. Our instructor wants you to at least come say hello.
Anthuria: I was going to do that later... but all right.
Anthuria: Sorry, (Captain), you'll have to excuse me for a moment. But once I'm done making the rounds, let's spend some more time toge—
Felt: In the meantime, I'll escort (Captain).
Felt links arms with the captain in one swift, natural motion.
Anthuria: Hey—Felt!
Felt: Hehe. Well then, let's go.
Ignoring Anthuria's protests, Felt leads (Captain) off elsewhere.
Felt: Here, (Captain). Say "ah."
Lyria: Ooh, me too!
Open wide and say "ah," (Captain).
Grimacing slightly, (Captain) nevertheless eats both bites of cake.
Lyria: Hehe. This is a little embarrassing, but it makes me feel all warm inside.
Felt: All right, (Captain). Will you feed us next?
Lyria: Yes please!
The captain nods, smiling weakly.
Vyrn: Hey, Fire Girl's been starin' daggers at us for a while. Are we just gonna ignore her?
Felt: Yes, not to worry. It's all part of the plan.
Felt turns to aim a pointed glance in Anthuria's direction.
Anthuria: ...
Partygoer 2: Hey, what's with the scary face, Anthuria?
Wait, isn't that alcohol?
Partygoer 2: You've always been a lightweight, haven't you?
Anthuria: I'm sure I'll be fine. Besides, I'm in the mood to drink.
Anthuria grabs a nearby glass of liquor and downs it with gusto.
Out on the dance floor, (Captain) and Felt sway in time to the music.
But due to the unfamiliar steps, the captain gets tripped up and almost falls.
Felt reaches out and gently embraces (Captain).
Felt: My, are you all right? I must have been going a little too fast.
Felt: You know... This is a perfect opportunity for me to teach you how to dance.
Saying this, Felt slides her arms around (Captain)'s waist.
Felt: (Now we just need Anthuria to take the bait...)
Anthuria: Felt's so mean... I've never even danced with (Captain) before...
Anthuria: Wait—hey! Why is she hugging (Captain) like that!
Anthuria: Oogh... No fair... I want to do it too...
Partygoer 3: Uh, Anthuria? I think you've had too much to drink.
Anthuria: I'm fine... Hic.
Partygoer 3: Um... You should probably call it quits.
Anthuria: I said I'm fine. Besides, now I'm really in the mood to drink!
Felt: Hehe. I haven't had this much fun in a long time.
Felt: Say, (Captain). What are your plans after this?
Felt: If you're free, what do you say we spend tonight together, just the two of us?
Felt: It would be a shame to part ways so soon on such a special evening. Come on, please—
Anthuria: You can't do that!
Anthuria sprints over to (Captain) in a manner most unbefitting of her appearance.
She then flings her arms around the captain and glares at Felt through tear-filled eyes.
Anthuria: Hands off! (Captain) is the person I love!
Anthuria: A-and tonight I'm going to...
Felt: Hehe.
Felt approaches Anthuria, smiling gently.
She then whispers something into her friend's ear before slipping a key into her hand.
Anthuria: Huh? Felt, what is this?
Felt: This is as far as my arrangements go. The rest is up to you.
Felt: There's absolutely nothing for you to fret about.
Felt: And don't worry about Vyrn and Lyria either.
Felt: I'll make up some excuse and have them head back to the inn first.
Anthuria nods and takes off, dragging (Captain) behind her.
Anthuria leads (Captain) to a separate room.
As soon as they're inside, she locks the door and pushes (Captain) down on the bed.
Anthuria: Hey, (Captain)... Did you have more fun at the party with Felt than with me?
Anthuria: Would you rather be with her?
  1. What's this all about?

Choose: What's this all about?
Anthuria: I like you... a lot. No, I love you.
Anthuria: Not as a friend, but as a person.
Anthuria: So please... Look at me. Fall in love with me.
Anthuria: I'm all yours if you want me.
Her expression serious, Anthuria gazes into (Captain)'s eyes, revealing all her innermost thoughts.
  1. I can't answer you yet.

Choose: I can't answer you yet.
Anthuria: ...
Anthuria: I see. But one day you'll give me a proper reply, right?
The captain nods sincerely.
Anthuria: It's a shame I have to wait... but that's okay.
Anthuria: Somewhere in my heart I knew this would happen.
Anthuria: And the truth is, I'm a bit relieved...
Anthuria stares at (Captain), her expression a combination of relief and sadness.
  1. Um... Can I get up now?

Choose: Um... Can I get up now?
Anthuria: ...
Anthuria considers the captain's question before seemingly making up her mind.
Anthuria: Hey, (Captain). We're a couple... right?
Anthuria: So let's spend tonight alone, just like a couple would.
Anthuria: Um... I won't move until you say yes.
  1. Okay.
  2. Fine, but reign it in some.

Choose: Okay.
Anthuria: Thank you, (Captain). You know... I've always dreamed of this.
Anthuria: Spending this special night together with the person I love—you.
Anthuria: Hehe. I never thought my dream would come true so soon.
Anthuria smiles happily and moves out of the way to let (Captain) up.

Choose: Fine, but reign it in some.
Anthuria: Okay, I will. But, well... you'll have to forgive me if I can't control my feelings.
Anthuria: It's just... I've always dreamed of this.
Anthuria: Spending this special night together being all lovey-dovey with my beloved (Captain).
Anthuria: S-so, um... If it looks like I'm about to do something weird, make sure to stop me.
Anthuria: Because I'm not sure I'm capable of stopping myself.
Anthuria: Oh, but if you don't mind it... if you'll accept me as I am... then just let it happen... okay?
Anthuria smiles bewitchingly and moves out of the way to let (Captain) up.
Continue 1
Anthuria: Hehe. All right, (Captain). Let's make the most of our night together.
(Captain) wakes up to light coming in through the window.
Sensing someone nearby, the captain turns to see Anthuria sleeping with a happy expression on her face.
Anthuria: Mnh... So bright... Is it morning already?
Anthuria: Wait... (Captain)?
Anthuria: ...
Anthuria: ...!
The moment Anthuria sees (Captain), her face instantly turns scarlet.
Anthuria: L-listen, (Captain)... I'm so sorry about last night!
Anthuria: I was jealous of Felt and had too much to drink, so I ended up spilling my guts to you.
Anthuria: And I was so out of it, I even asked you to spend the evening alone with me...
Smiling wearily, (Captain)'s head moves back and forth.
Anthuria: At any rate, it's already morning, isn't it? I wonder when I fell asleep...
Anthuria: I guess this means we're no longer a couple, huh?
Anthuria: After all, it was only supposed to be for the party.
Anthuria forces a smile, but her expression remains somewhat sad.
Anthuria: Thank you, (Captain). For being my special someone, even if it was only for a little while...
Anthuria: I know we're not a couple anymore... but let me say one last thing.
Anthuria: I love you, (Captain). So much.
Anthuria: I hope you'll give me that answer someday. I'll be waiting for as long as it takes.
  1. Okay, I promise.

Choose: Okay, I promise.
Anthuria: I'll hold you to that. Well, I still need to change, so I'd better head out first.
Bidding the captain farewell, Anthuria exits the room.
Immediately upon leaving, Anthuria's cheeks turn bright red, and she slumps to the floor.
Anthuria: (Aah... H-how could I have done something like that?)
Anthuria: (I know I'd had a lot to drink, but I still can't believe I pushed (Captain) down and confessed my feelings...)
Anthuria: (And on top of that, I made such a brazen request...)
Anthuria: (Th-that was probably... too forward of me. But I'll never win over (Captain) without doing things like that...)
Anthuria: (Oogh... This is all Felt's—)
Felt: Why, good morning, Anthuria. You look like you had a good night.
Anthuria: Felt!
Felt: Hehe. I suppose that's mission accomplished.
Felt smiles cheerfully at Anthuria.
Anthuria immediately marches over to her, prepared to give her an earful.
And so Anthuria has successfully confessed her feelings to (Captain).
What sort of relationship will the pair end up having?
Only time will tell.

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