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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain).
By the way, do you know how to play cards? Or mahjong—that's fine too. Or shogi, or go.
I tried a bunch of different games, hoping to find something we could play together on your special day.
I tried about ten different ones...
Oh no... Was that overwhelming?
I see... It's all right, I was getting ahead of myself again.
Huh? You'd be happy just spending time with me?
Y-you sure say some weird things sometimes...
But if that's what you want, then I'll stay. Hehe...


Good morning, (Captain). And happy birthday.
You said you would be happy simply spending time with me last year, remember?
So here I am. Bright and early, to maximize our time together.
I have no intention of leaving your side—at least for today.
And of course, I've found several new hobbies I thought we could enjoy throughout the day, including morning, daytime, and nighttime activities.
I'll do everything I can to make this the best birthday ever for you, Captain.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain).
Have you heard of something called a ceremonial arrow?
It's a special decorative arrow for New Year's that wards off misfortune and brings happiness.
I'm thinking of going to the shrine with Teacher Gamshira to receive an arrow.
I'd like to get one so that I can wish for peace for you and our crew.
If you're free, would you like to come with me to find Teacher Gamshira?
Of course, I'll invite Narmaya too. We can all pray for happiness together.
Hehe. I look forward to spending another year with you, (Captain).


That should do it.
Ah, were you watching, (Captain)? My apologies, I didn't mean to ignore you.
Oh, this? I heard we only had one kadomatsu prepared, so I decided to cobble another one together.
Kadomatsu should be set up in pairs. Fortunately with my bonsai experience, carving out another one was no effort at all.
This should serve us well for another year.
Happy New Year, (Captain). I'll be in your care again.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's, (Captain).
I heard that today's a day to give out gifts to those you appreciate.
So I learned how to make chocolates from Laruna and Narmaya, and tried making some myself.
If it's not too much trouble, I'd like you to have these.
Hehe... This is extremely embarrassing.
Speaking of which, I was thinking of making some for Teacher Gamshira too...
But Laruna didn't seem too happy about that idea, so I gave up on it. What was that all about, I wonder...


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain). I've made you another chocolate this year.
The art of creating chocolate is surprisingly deep.
Last year I did it by the numbers, thanks to Laruna and Narmaya's help. But I purchased a book and learned how to make my own this year.
I learned that chocolate is more varied and diverse than one might initially expect—it would be ignorant to think they're all the same.
Not only in regards to taste and appearance, but even the most minute of changes can completely change the finished product.
My initial plan was to find how to make the most delicious chocolate possible to give to you, but...
It seems that the answer is more nuanced than I anticipated.
Perhaps it lies in the heart of battle.
Ah, there I go again. Anyway, please share your honest opinion with me once you've finished.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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What's this, (Captain)?
A gift in return for Valentine's? That's so nice of you.
I didn't give you a gift on Valentine's expecting something in return...
Ah, so this is part of the tradition? Then I gladly accept.
But this means I'll have to give you another gift, in return for the gift you're giving me in return... But then you'll give me another gift in return for that...
Oh no, I'm getting all confused.


I appreciate you taking the time to remember me this year as well, (Captain).
However, I must apologize. I still haven't given you a truly worthy chocolate yet.
It doesn't matter, you say? I... see. That's actually a relief to hear.
Regardless, I will continue to pursue the path of chocolate.
As a matter of fact, I would like for you to try one I made recently. Think of it as a token of appreciation for your token of appreciation.
I would be grateful if you did. It still feels strange for me to receive something without giving you anything in return.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Ugh... Augh... (Captain)...
My eyes... They're bleeding... This must be the price for wielding the enchanted blade...
Hehe, I'm just playing around. The curse is quite faint now, so I haven't been shedding any tears of—
Are you... angry? It was just a little joke...
I was doing it so I could get a treat. I didn't mean to...
I'm sorry. I won't do that again.
I didn't know you were that worried about me...
It's kind of nice... to have someone care so much about me.


Ah, (Captain). Happy Halloween. Will you be heading into town this year as well?
Me? I was, well... thinking of what kind of trick I could play, perhaps...
I may have gone too far last year...
Apparently, Narmaya saw what happened, and then Teacher Gamshara and Laruna even found out about the whole thing...
I've since reflected on my behavior, so don't expect me to make the same mistake this year.
Honestly, coming up with something is harder than I had anticipated.
Oh, right. I have plenty of candy to spare, so please play as many tricks as you please.
It may spark some inspiration for a trick of my own... I'll take all the help I can get right now!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays, (Captain).
You came at just the right time. I was about to light this up.
Apparently, this holiday candle is called an aroma candle.
It seems a lot of people practice aromatherapy as a hobby. This candle gives off a relaxing fragrance...
Hm... This would be perfect for enhancing meditation.
Oh, wait... I did it again, didn't I? I started thinking about how something could help my training again...
Say, (Captain). Would you like to stay here with me for a while?
Having you here would really help. I shouldn't waste such a nice candle by thinking about how I could use it for training.
You'll stay? Hehe, thanks. Let's enjoy this aroma candle together.


Oh. Didn't expect to run into you here, (Captain).
Actually, here. This present is for you.
What was I doing? Choosing what gifts to get everyone else in the crew.
Everyone has their own pursuits and pastimes, so I thought this could've been a pathway into finding a new hobby.
But somehow, each and every one of them led me back to martial arts—I spent so much time shopping too...
You'll help me look? Much obliged. With the two of us, hopefully I won't waste as much time wavering.
And if I could discover a new hobby in the process, that would be the cherry on top.

Fate Episodes

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The Delusional Warrior's Curse

Azusa was once a lonely child, saved by her encounter with Narmaya. However, Azusa begins to fear that she is being regarded as worthless by Narmaya, eventually falling victim to her delusions and an enchanted blade. After Narmaya frees Azusa from the curse of her blade, Azusa stays with Narmaya's parents, Gamshira and Laruna, at their dojo to recover. Although she is thankful toward Narmaya's parents, one day she decides to leave the dojo without notice.

I sink into the deep, dark waters.
I reach out my hand toward the surface, but it only taunts me as I am pulled farther and farther away from it.
Ah, so this is it...
This is where I die.
I've been alone for as long as I can remember.
The only thing I had was my name—Azusa. Nothing else.
Nothing dared to come close to me.
Or should I say, nothing but...
Monster: Groooar!
Man: C'mere, kid. You look like you'd fetch a bit o' coin...
Starving monsters. But that's only to be expected—after all, birds of a feather flock together.
Monster: Graaah!
Man: Aaaugh!
I devoured all who got close to me. I stole and killed, letting my hunger carry me.
To live and die as a beast. That is what I'd accepted my fate to be.
But one day... she appeared in front of me.
Narmaya: Hey, are you all right?
Narmaya: Oh no, you're injured!
Azusa: Ugh...
Narmaya: You can come to my house! I'll get my mom to take a look at you! Can you stand up? How about walking?
Azusa: Ah...
Narmaya saved me.
She took me to her house, and that's how I met Teacher Gamshira and Laruna. Everything changed after that.
Laruna taught me how to read and write. I pored over Teacher Gamshira's books, learning words and speech.
Narmaya often spent her time playing with me, and I learned to have my own thoughts and feelings. From a beast, I grew into a person.
Then, one day.
Gamshira: Azusa, it appears you have a gift for the martial arts. How would you like to try learning them?
Azusa: Martial arts... You mean how to wield a weapon like you?
Gamshira: Yes. You may choose whichever weapon you'd like to practice—I'm fairly well-rehearsed in all of them.
Gamshira: All that I know, I can teach you.
Azusa: If that is what you wish for me, then I will try.
It's true that I was gifted. I didn't lose to any of my peers, and I never once doubted my own talent.
But I soon realized that there was someone who had the same amount of talent as myself.
It was Narmaya.
I was enchanted by her gift. I wanted to walk the same path as her.
Narmaya: So you've chosen the katana too, Azusa! Hehe. I won't lose to you.
Azusa: Hehe. And I'll endeavor to surpass you someday.
Narmaya: Let's both do our best!
That's what we promised each other. And that's why I continued to swing my sword, day after day.
But at one point, Narmaya was overcome with madness. She grew incredibly strong all of a sudden.
She easily defeated all the other pupils and everyone else at the dojo.
And finally, she spoke those words with the coldest eyes.
Narmaya: Farewell, worthless creature.
I couldn't help but think how pitiful all of the people around us were. Nobody was able to satisfy Narmaya's hunger.
But me... I could satisfy her. That's what I truly believed.
And I couldn't have been more wrong.
Azusa: Gwah!
Narmaya: Azusa!
I lost terribly to Narmaya one day during practice.
Narmaya: Azusa! I'm so sorry! I hit too hard...
Azusa: Pant, pant... Narmaya...
Narmaya: Azusa?
Azusa: Stop it...
Narmaya: Huh?
Azusa: Those eyes... Don't look at me... Don't look at me like that!
I was terrified at the time.
I never thought that Narmaya would ever look at me in that way.
To Narmaya, I was a worthless creature. That thought terrified me to no end.
Azusa: N-Narmaya... Narmaya...
Laruna: Narmaya! Azusa! What happened?
Narmaya: Mom! It's Azusa!
Laruna: Azusa? Are you all right?
Azusa: Ah... Aah...
That was the limit of my power... I couldn't believe all my efforts had amounted to being something utterly "worthless."
After that, I continued blindly swinging my blade in order to cast away my utter worthlessness.
But Narmaya grew further and further away from me.
I couldn't bear it. I couldn't let it happen.
Then, one day, I overheard a conversation between Teacher Gamshira and another pupil.
Pupil: Teacher Gamshira! Can you let me see that weapon one more time?
Gamshira: Hm? You mean the enchanted blade?
Azusa: (Enchanted... blade?)
Pupil: Yes! It was so beautiful... I just can't stop thinking about it!
Gamshira: No. The enchanted blade is something capable of robbing one's soul...
Gamshira: In exchange for tremendous power.
Azusa: (Tremendous power!)
Gamshira: Besides, you stole into my collection room without my permission. Have you no shame?
Pupil: Oh, right... I'm sorry...
Gamshira: Azusa?
Gamshira: Azusa, where are you going? Azusa!
Gamshira: Azusa!
But I could no longer hear Teacher Gamshira's voice.
I ran, desperately seeking an enchanted blade. I wandered aimlessly for a long time.
At first, I thought of sneaking into Teacher Gamshira's collection room and taking his, but I knew I'd just get caught immediately.
That's why I decided to go look for my own enchanted blade. I went anywhere and everywhere, pouncing at any bit of information.
I would sneak onto airships for passage across the skies, and even break into nests of monsters on my own.
Finally, I came across what I was looking for, in a village that had been abandoned for decades and teeming with monsters.
Among the skulls littered on the ground, I saw a skeleton holding a strange, glowing blade.
Azusa: Ah, yes... I can tell right away. This isn't something of this world.
Azusa: So this... is an enchanted blade.
Azusa: Haha! Hahaha! Yes, I've found it! With this, I'll never be a worthless creature again!
Thinking that, I reached out for the glowing blade.
But the moment my fingers touched the blade, the skeleton moved and grabbed my arm.
Azusa: A-an evil spirit!
Skeleton: No, I am a fragment of the soul attached to this cursed blade.
Skeleton: This is no ordinary blade. It is one that has been put under an ageless curse upon devouring the power of Astrals. The curse is then laid on whoever wields the blade.
Skeleton: Cast it away. You are still young. Cast it away now.
Azusa: I refuse.
Azusa: I've come all this way for this very blade.
Azusa: I'd rather be cursed than stay as something worthless.
I ignored the skeleton's warning and took the blade away from it.
And in that moment, I was overcome by an indescribable sensation.
Azusa: Hahaha... Hahahaha! So this is how it feels... to have tremendous power!
Azusa: Hahaha! Wait for me, Narmaya... With this, I can finally face you!
Azusa: I am not useless... I won't let you say that I'm a worthless creature ever again!
In my elation, I ran off once more, back to Teacher Gamshira's dojo.
There, I faced Narmaya once more.
Narmaya: Dragonsbane.
Azusa: Gaaah!
Narmaya: Dragonsbane... I was so convinced it was no match for Zanba that I sealed it away in my memories.
Azusa: I only saw it a few times as a kid. No, I didn't just see it, I—
Narmaya: I used it against you back then too, didn't I? Right where we stand now, as I recall.
Narmaya: In fact, that's what started it all.
Azusa: ...
Narmaya: I remember now, Azusa. I remember you and this technique.
Narmaya: You were always at my side, and we'd practice together. You never turned down the chance to spar with me.
Azusa: Yeah...
Narmaya: I'm so sorry for forgetting about you after everything you had done for me.
Narmaya: I was so focused on chasing after Zanba that I severed an irreplaceable connection.
Azusa: ...
Narmaya: You're not worthless in the slightest. When your blade cut me, that was your true strength, not the enchanted blade.
Azusa: ...!
Azusa: I only got a shallow cut in. I'm still an amateur.
Narmaya: That's not true. The moment I felt your ferocity, I understood one thing.
Narmaya: You're strong, Azusa.
Azusa: Sob...
Azusa: I became twisted. I lost sight of everything.
Azusa: My wish was for you to look at me. To notice me. I began to wonder what I could I do.
Azusa: Before I knew it, this strange weapon had taken ahold of my heart, and... that was it. That was how my wish could come true.
Narmaya: Ah, I see. No wonder you weren't acting like yourself. But it's okay now.
Azusa: Yeah, now that I think about it, I never actually heard you call me worthless.
Azusa: It's just that your eyes were terrifying... They were carved into my psyche, and I couldn't get away from them.
Azusa: So I must've imagined in my head that you felt that way about me... I drove myself crazy over nothing...
Azusa: Sob... So I'm not worthless to you, am I?
Narmaya: Of course not. I'm sorry I made you feel that way, Azusa.
Narmaya: Let me say this.
Narmaya: If we could start over, I'd like you to be my friend again.
Narmaya: Let's make up for lost time, and I guarantee you, it'll be worthwhile.
Azusa: Waaah!
And that is how I died.
The me that was disillusioned, obsessed with power and the enchanted blade—that part of me finally died.
Thanks to my beloved friend, Narmaya.
Azusa: Mngh...
Laruna: Azusa! Oh, thank goodness you're awake!
Azusa: Laruna? And...
Gamshira: What a relief...
Azusa: Teacher Gamshira?
Laruna: You were mumbling in your sleep! Did you have an unpleasant dream?
Azusa: A dream... Hm.
Azusa: Yeah... I died in my dream.
Laruna: Oh my, that must have been terrifying! Let me give you a big hug! There, there...
Azusa: I... I can't breathe, Laruna...
Gamshira: A dream in which you died... How do you feel?
Laruna: Why would you even ask that? She must be feeling awful!
Azusa: Oh, actually... I feel rather refreshed.
Laruna: Huh!
Gamshira: I see. That's good.
Gamshira: The sun isn't up yet, so there's plenty more time for you to rest.
Laruna: Do you want me to sing you a lullaby? Or how about I sleep next to you? What about a cold compress to cool you down, or a nice, fluffy blanket?
Azusa: I really appreciate the concern, Laruna. But I'm all right for now.
Laruna: Are you sure? Well... if you need anything, just let me know, okay? I'll come running at a moment's notice!
Azusa: Hehe. Okay.
Gamshira: You can tell us more about your dream at breakfast.
Azusa: Yes, Teacher Gamshira.
Azusa: Whew...
After my fight with Narmaya, my body continued to deteriorate from the influence of the enchanted blade.
Luckily, since Narmaya broke the blade, the symptoms haven't grown any worse.
But sometimes, my vision gets hazy and I can't see anything.
Worried, Teacher Gamshira and Laruna agreed to look after me while I recover. I'm now staying with them at the dojo.
The two of them are so kind. I ran away once, but they welcomed me back with open arms.
I'm very grateful toward them... Still.
Azusa: Sigh...
I can't let things stay this way, Teacher Gamshira. Laruna.
And with that, Azusa leaves the place without a sound.
Gamshira and Laruna have not seen her since.

Do You Have Any Hobbies?

At Narmaya's request, (Captain) and the crew go to investigate Azusa's recent strange behavior. However, upon arriving at Narmaya's parents' house, they are met with news of Azusa's sudden disappearance. Shortly after, the crew finds the recovering swordswoman in town. Azusa tells them that because Gamshira and Laruna have not allowed her to participate in any martial arts during her recovery, she wants to find a new hobby to devote herself to. The crew decides to help her in her quest.

One day, (Captain) receives an unexpected request.
The content of the request is nothing out of the ordinary—rather, it is the client that surprises the captain.
Narmaya: (Captain)! (Captain)! Can I ask you to do something for me?
No version of Narmaya in crew

The woman's name is Narmaya, a skilled swordswoman from a line of martial artists well-versed in every sort of fighting skill.
(Captain) and Narmaya met during a certain incident and have been traveling together ever since.
Vyrn: A request from Butterfly Girl herself? That's surprising!
Lyria: Is something wrong?
Narmaya: Well, actually, it's about Azusa...
Vyrn: Oh, your friend, right?
Narmaya: Yes... But the thing is, lately she's been feeling distant.
Narmaya: Quite a lot's happened between Azusa and me, but I was under the impression we'd already made up after that.
Vyrn: Are things awkward between you two?
Narmaya: She's been busy so we haven't been seeing each other much. When we do see each other, the conversation never lasts, and she's been saying no every time I ask if she wants to go somewhere together...
Narmaya: Maybe... she doesn't like me anymore...
Lyria: I'm sure that's not true! Maybe Azusa has something she's trying to figure out right now.
Vyrn: Yeah! Don't worry, Butterfly Girl. We'll find out what she's been up to!
  1. Leave it to us.

Choose: Leave it to us.
Narmaya: Really?
Narmaya: Thank you, (Captain)!
The captain responds to Narmaya's call for help without delay.
First, the crew decides to head for the dojo where Narmaya's parents are.
Lyria: Huh? Azusa's gone?
Laruna: Yes... She was right here with us last night, but she suddenly disappeared without notice...
Laruna: She hasn't fully recovered yet, so I'm worried. What if something's happened to her?
Lyria: Oh no... Azusa...
Gamshira: We're doing our best to find her right now. If it's not too much trouble, could we ask you for your help as well, (Captain)?
Vyrn: You got it! We've got some things we wanna talk to Azusa about too, so looks like we came at the right time!
Gamshira: Your support is much appreciated! We'll continue our search throughout the grounds. Can I leave the town area to you?
Lyria: Of course!
(Captain) is surprised by how quickly the situation has escalated.
Despite the lack of clues, the crew leave for town to begin their search.
Azusa: ...
It doesn't take long for the crew to find Azusa, prowling suspiciously between shops.
(Captain) and company quickly run toward her.
Azusa: (Captain)? Why are you here?
Vyrn: That's what we wanna ask you! What the heck do you think you're doin'?
Lyria: Laruna said you haven't fully recovered yet!
Azusa: Right, about that... Sorry.
Azusa: Gasp!
Azusa catches something out of the corner of her eye and hurriedly pushes the crew into a nearby cafe.
Vyrn: Gwah!
Lyria: Eep!
Vyrn: What was that for!
Azusa: Shh!
Lyria: Huh?
Laruna: Azusaaa! Azusa, where are yooou?
Azusa: Phew...
Lyria: That was Laruna, wasn't it?
Vyrn: Are you avoiding her? Does this have somethin' to do with why you ran away?
Azusa: Indeed.
Azusa: But the reason's a little embarrassing, so I'm not sure how to tell you...
Vyrn: Just explain it like it is. It's okay if it's a long story—we're here to listen. We can't help ya if you don't tell us what's goin' on.
Azusa: Very well...
Azusa: Teacher Gamshira and Laruna, they're... too hospitable, to the point of being overbearing.
Vyrn: Wha?
Azusa: They told me I shouldn't push myself when I'm still recovering. I wasn't allowed to train or touch any weapons—not even meditate. They kept me away from any martial art.
Azusa: I know they did that so that my body can heal itself.
Azusa: But I don't know anything other than sword fighting... Just how am I supposed to be spending my time away from martial arts?
Azusa: Teacher Gamshira has his collection of weapons, and Laruna is creative with her cooking.
Azusa: I want to find a hobby for myself too, just like them. Something that's not related to martial arts.
Vyrn: Wait a second... You mean you came out to town... to look for a hobby?
Azusa: Y-yes...
Lyria: So that's how it is...
Azusa: I was hoping to find something new I could bring back and do while resting in my room...
Azusa: But... I haven't been able to find anything yet...
Azusa: I was planning on finding something quickly and going back after that. I didn't mean to make them worry. Who would've thought that they'd realize I was gone so fast...
Vyrn: Can't you just talk to Butterfly Girl's parents and get them to help you find somethin'?
Lyria: Yeah! I'm sure they'd be happy to help!
Azusa: I can't do that.
Vyrn: Why not?
Azusa: They're already providing me with the proper treatment, food, and a place to stay... I couldn't possibly cause any more trouble. I can't depend on them for everything.
Vyrn: Okay... But you're really making 'em anxious by disappearing like this, ya know.
Azusa: I... have no excuse for that.
Azusa: But before I go back, I want to find at least one thing I can start as a hobby.
  1. That's surprisingly relatable.
  2. We'll help you look for a hobby.

Choose: That's surprisingly relatable.
Azusa: Huh? What do you mean?
Vyrn: (Captain)'s right. Guess it makes sense in your situation, but we didn't expect you to just be out lookin' for a hobby.
Azusa: O-oh...
Vyrn: All right, we'll help you out! Let's go find you a hobby!
Azusa: Really? I'd really appreciate it!

Choose: We'll help you look for a hobby.
Azusa: Ooh, really? I would really appreciate that!
Continue 1
Vyrn: But before we start, there's somethin' we wanna talk about first.
Azusa: What is it?
Lyria: Actually, we were asked by Narmaya to find you.
Azusa: N-Narmaya...
Vyrn: Have you been avoidin' her or something?
Vyrn: Are you tryin' not to cause trouble for Butterfly Girl, just like with her parents?
Azusa: That's not it...
Lyria: Um, then... is it because you don't like her anymore—
Azusa: That definitely isn't the case!
Vyrn & Lyria: ...
Azusa: ...
Vyrn: Okay, well... you don't hafta tell us right now if you don't wanna. We're here whenever you're ready.
Azusa: Thank you...
Lyria: All right, let's get going then, shall we? On our hunt for Azusa's new hobby!
Vyrn: Yeah!
The crew begin their next task—searching for something Azusa can try as a hobby.
However, Azusa's thoughts regarding Narmaya remain a mystery.

Do You Have Any Hobbies?: Scene 2

Azusa and the crew walk around town and discover many activities, from bonsai to flower arrangement—all of which Azusa proves her skill in. However, feeling no passion toward any of these, she can't help but connect everything back to sword fighting. (Captain) and company decide to take a break at a tavern, where they are soon found by Gamshira and Laruna.

(Captain) and company agree to help Azusa find a new hobby.
The crew asks Azusa what she wants to do, hoping to find something to work off of.
Azusa: What I want to do?
Azusa: Training... Sparring...
Vyrn: All right! Why don't we start from square one? I'm sure there's plenty of options out there!
Lyria: Ahaha... Yeah...
Azusa: Sorry...
Lyria: Let's try looking for some things Azusa can enjoy quietly at home!
The crew begin their new mission.
The first thing (Captain) finds is something rather tasteful.
Elderly Man: Ah, might you be interested in bonsai?
Azusa: I don't know anything about bonsai. Could you tell me a little about it?
Elderly Man: Certainly. First, you'll need to start with the proper preparations.
Azusa: Preparations...
Elderly Man: This includes pruning the excess branches, trimming the roots, and using wire to bend the branches in a certain way.
Elderly Man: Here. Why don't you try it out on one of the bonsai? This one hasn't been touched yet.
Azusa: Hm... This needs quite the precision and skill.
Elderly Man: Indeed, indeed. It's difficult in the beginning, but—
Elderly Man: Huh!
Azusa: Wh-what is it? Did I do something wrong?
Elderly Man: Are you sure this is your first time, miss? This is... perfect! The b-b-bonsai is practically glowing!
Vyrn: It does look really refined. You did this all just now?
Elderly Man: Amazing... You would do splendidly in the art of bonsai! You have the talent to create even more beautiful things!
Azusa: A-all right... I'll think about it. To be honest, I'm still in the middle of discovering what I want to do, so I'd like to take a look around first.
Elderly Man: I see... Well, you're welcome to come back anytime!
Azusa: Thank you.
The next place the crew visits is a flower arranging class.
Azusa: Excuse me.
Elderly Lady: Oh! Could it be that you're interested in one of our classes? Please, do come in.
Azusa: What do you do here?
Elderly Lady: Flower arrangement, hehe. This is a place where we learn how to assemble nature's gifts in delightful ways.
Elderly Lady: In flower arranging, we carefully observe the petals and stems and find how to present them in the best way possible.
Elderly Lady: After finding the best positions for the flowers, we add the leaves and arrange everything into something beautiful.
Azusa: Hm, I see... Like this?
Elderly Lady: Yes, yes...
Elderly Lady: Oh my! What... What is this?
Azusa: I-I'm sorry. Did I do something I shouldn't have?
Elderly Lady: Not at all! The art of subtraction in your arrangement is perfect... Not to mention the subtle positioning of this branch!
Lyria: Wow... It really is beautiful... Azusa, you're amazing!
Elderly Lady: You are a genius! You would absolutely flourish in the art of flower arrangement! You must come practice under me.
Azusa: O-oh, um... I'm still searching for what I want to do, you see, so I'd like to continue looking around for now.
Elderly Lady: Is that so... That's too bad. But you'll always be welcome here! I'll be waiting!
Azusa: Thanks.
After that, Azusa tries her hand at a variety of things, from poetry and calligraphy to shogi and go—all of which she excels at.
(Captain) can't help but be impressed by how skilled Azusa is at everything.
However, nothing seems to appeal to Azusa in particular. The crew decides to take a break at a nearby tavern in the meantime.
Vyrn: Boy, you're really talented at everything, Azusa... I couldn't believe my eyes.
Lyria: Yeah! You even won against a master in the game of go just now!
Vyrn: Right, that was awkward...
Azusa: Sorry.
Vyrn: So, did any of that strike a chord in ya?
Azusa: Yeah. All of them were worthwhile.
Azusa: They all connect to the art of sword fighting.
Vyrn: Wha?
Azusa: The precision needed for bonsai and flower arranging is the same as when you swing a blade.
Azusa: The concentration and imagination needed for both calligraphy and poetry are crucial in drawing one's sword and the timing in one's movement.
Azusa: The ability to predict the other person's moves in go and shogi is important for winning battles.
Azusa: All of these connect to sword fighting.
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa. Hang on a second! That's not the point!
Azusa: Hm?
Lyria: Weren't you trying to find something new that's not related to martial arts?
Azusa: Oh!
Azusa: R-right, sorry... I've only ever cared about fighting with my blade, so...
Vyrn: That's okay. I'm sure we'll eventually stumble on somethin' if we keep looking!
Lyria: Let's keep searching!
Azusa: Okay... Thanks.
Laruna's Voice: There you are!
Azusa: Oh no, this voice...
Laruna: Do you have any idea how worried we were, Azusa?
Gamshira: I see you're here too, (Captain).
Azusa, would you care to explain?
Azusa: Laruna... Teacher Gamshira...

Do You Have Any Hobbies?: Scene 3

After hearing Azusa's side of the story, Narmaya's parents apologize for having been too overbearing. They tell Azusa that they see her as their own daughter and want her to depend on them more. Azusa is happy that she is considered a part of Narmaya's family. When Gamshira hears that Azusa has not yet found a hobby, he suggests she travel with (Captain)'s crew.

Upon being found by Gamshira and Laruna, the crew is led back to the dojo.
The tension in the air grows.
Lyria: U-um, Azusa didn't mean to cause any trouble!
Azusa: Lyria...
Vyrn: Yeah. She was plannin' on going home as soon as she could... but things just ended up takin' longer than expected...
Gamshira: Things?
Azusa: I'm very sorry. I went into town with the intention of finding a new hobby I could spend my time doing while recovering...
Laruna: A... hobby?
Azusa: My blade is all that I know. So if I can't train, spar, polish my weapon, or even meditate... I just don't know what to do with myself.
Gamshira: I see... Then it is us who should be apologizing.
Gamshira: I'm sorry, Azusa.
Laruna: I'm really sorry too...
Azusa: Wha! Please, raise your heads! Why are the both of you apologizing?
Gamshira: We were being overprotective.
Gamshira: Because we couldn't save you from walking down the wrong path before, we thought we could make up for it by protecting you from here on out and keeping a close watch on you.
Laruna: But now I see that what we did made things difficult for you. I'm sorry, Azusa.
Azusa: N-not at all! The two of you have taken very good care of me—it's more than I could ever ask for.
Azusa: All of this happened because I went off by myself without saying anything! It's my fault. I'm very, very sorry!
Laruna: That's all right. You're back now, and that's all that matters.
Gamshira: Yes. As long as you're safe.
Azusa: Teacher... Laruna...
Gamshira: But there is one thing I have to reprimand you for.
Vyrn: Wha! Here I was thinkin' you were gonna forgive her...
Gamshira: It's a different matter. Azusa, why didn't you put your trust in us?
Azusa: Um, well...
Laruna: Knowing you, Azusa... You must've not wanted to cause any more trouble for us. Isn't that right?
Azusa: Ugh...
Laruna: How could you be so distant? We're family.
Azusa: Wha... F-family?
Gamshira: It was embarrassing to say out loud so we never did, but Laruna and I consider you to be our own daughter.
Azusa: I had no idea... A-are you sure?
Laruna: Of course! So don't act so distant anymore, okay?
Laruna: You should talk to your family about things like this!
Azusa: I see... So Laruna, Teacher, Narmaya... and I.... are family.
Azusa: So that's how it is...
Laruna: Hehe.
Gamshira: So, did you manage to find a new hobby?
Vyrn: Not yet. Azusa keeps connecting everythin' back to martial arts.
Lyria: She has a talent for practically everything, but she always ends up thinking back to her sword.
Azusa: It's terribly embarrassing...
Gamshira: Hm... Then how about you take this opportunity to join (Captain) and the crew on their journey?

Do You Have Any Hobbies?: Scene 4

Everyone agrees that Azusa joining the crew's journey is the perfect idea for finding a new hobby while recovering. A while later, Azusa decides to finally approach Narmaya, whom she had been avoiding, and starts a conversation by asking what Narmaya's hobbies are. Narmaya is glad to be able to talk to her friend again, and the ice is quickly broken.

Azusa: Join (Captain) and the others... on their journey?
Lyria: What about Azusa's rehabilitation?
Gamshira: You see, most likely, the price for using the enchanted blade... was rapid aging.
Gamshira: Azusa's tears of blood were caused by the accelerated deterioration of her eyeballs. Her eyes couldn't keep up with the sudden change, and the bleeding was a result of that.
Gamshira: But ever since Narmaya destroyed the blade, the power of the curse has weakened, and Azusa hasn't shed any tears of blood after that.
Gamshira: Her body has been restoring itself since, so it's possible that Azusa can someday make a full recovery.
Lyria: If Azusa's already recovering, why did you have her undergo treatment?
Laruna: As a precaution. We want her to be ready for anything that might happen.
Laruna: Still, it seems what we did caused quite the opposite effect...
Laruna: How are your eyes, Azusa?
Azusa: Sometimes my vision gets blurry, but most of the time, I can see perfectly fine.
Laruna: Then you should be all right. Just don't push yourself, okay? Pushing yourself too far never does any good.
Azusa: I understand. I won't do anything that might worry you again, Laruna.
Gamshira: With that sorted out, I think it would be a good chance for you to join (Captain) and see the world for yourself.
Gamshira: I'm sure you'll find something new to enjoy somewhere out there.
No version of Narmaya in crew

Azusa: B-but... I'm not sure (Captain) would be all right with having me on board...
  1. Narmaya visits us often. Would that be okay?

Any version of Narmaya is a crew member

Azusa: B-but... I'm not sure (Captain) would be all right with having me on board...
  1. Narmaya's with us too. Would that be okay?

Choose: Narmaya visits us often. Would that be okay?
Choose: Narmaya's with us too. Would that be okay?
Azusa: ...
Vyrn: We'd be glad to have ya with us! But I know things are kinda tense between you and Narmaya...
Azusa: Well, I wouldn't say they're tense...
Lyria: Then... why have you been avoiding Narmaya?
Azusa: I-I don't know!
Lyria: Huh?
Azusa: I don't know how to face her after all the awful things I did...
Azusa: I'm not sure how I'm supposed to talk to her as... a friend...
Vyrn: Ohh, is that what you were worried about?
Lyria: Don't worry, Azusa. You can slowly close the distance at your own pace! I'm sure Narmaya will understand!
Azusa: Really?
Lyria: Yeah!
Gamshira: Besides, now you have something to talk with Narmaya about.
Azusa: I do?
Azusa: Oh!
Thanks to Gamshira's prompt, Azusa finds the courage to follow (Captain) to the Grandcypher.
Azusa wanders around the ship aimlessly until she finally bumps into Narmaya.
Narmaya: Oh! Azusa...
Azusa: N-Narmaya...
Narmaya: Why're you here? Is your recovery going well?
Azusa: Yeah...
Narmaya: That's good...
Narmaya & Azusa: ...
Azusa: Y-you know!
Narmaya: Huh! K-know what?
Azusa: Well, um...
Azusa: Hobbies...
Azusa: Do you have any hobbies?
Narmaya: H-hobbies?
Narmaya: Hehe. Hehehe!
Any version of Narmaya is a crew member

Narmaya: Of course. Come on, I'll tell you all about them in my room!
No version of Narmaya in crew

Narmaya: Of course. Come on, I'll tell you all about them over some tea! Let's go find a nice place in town to sit and chat!
Azusa: O-okay!
Azusa runs after Narmaya, bubbling with excitement.
Surely, the bond between the two will only grow stronger as their journey continues from here.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
邪魔だ Begone.
I'm surprisingly relatable? Y-You think?
趣味、趣味か…… A hobby... Hobby...
……まだ妖刀は生きている気がするのだ It feels as if the enchanted blade is still alive...
ぐ……目が霞む Ugh... My vision's getting hazy.
ナルメアはどこだ?少し顔が見たくてな Where's Narmaya? I kind of want to see her.
もう道を踏み外したりはせん I won't go down the wrong path again.
(主人公)の趣味はなんだ? What're your hobbies, (Captain)?
刀以外に没頭できる道……ふむ…… Something I can do that's not related to swords... Hmm.
(主人公)と此方は仲良くなれるか? I wonder if (Captain) and I will grow closer from here on out.