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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3020049000 01.jpg Flesselles
Age 15 years old
Height 165 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Listening to tales (especially when they're told by elderly people reminiscing on days past)
Likes His partner, Camaro
Dislikes Loneliness, girls
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3020049000 01.jpg Flesselles
Age 15歳
Height 165 cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies お話すること(特に老人の昔話が大好き)
Likes 相棒の猟犬カマロ
Dislikes 孤独、女の子

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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
Father once told me that with age comes experience.
And he recognized my experience by giving me this bow.
If you keep it up, you'll be recognized by someone great one day and get something incredible in return.
I know it may be hard to see. Like climbing a mountain...
But this is an important day and a step towards that goal. That's what I believe!


Flesselles: Birthdays always make me think of meat!
Father would go out and hunt rare game. Mother would cook something delicious with it when he returned.
That's how we celebrated!
All right! Leave it to me! I'll go hunting and make you something great to eat.
Camaro: Bow wow!
Flesselles: Hehehe! Camaro's excited to help just for you!


Flesselles: Heh-heh... Happy birthday, (Captain).
Birthdays are really special to us mountain folk.
You coop yourself up in a cabin all alone until you receive blessings from the mountain goddess.
I was pretty scared and nervous... So I snuck Camaro inside with me.
But that made the goddess super angry. The winds were howling outside all night.
When I got back home the next morning, my mom and dad were furious...
Eep... That was a terrible birthday.
But the story doesn't end there! After all that my dad brought in some rare meat, and mom cooked up a special feast.
We had so much fun eating together
and—wait, what was I talking about?
Camaro: Bowwow!
Flesselles: Heh-heh! You said it Camaro. This year we'll feast with (Captain)!


(Captain), happy birthday! Have you gone to the kitchen?
I got a big cake just for you!
Us mountain folk don't usually have a custom to eat cake on birthdays.
Because we live in the mountains and all, the main dish is usually meat.
But birthday cakes are really nice too! I just love the candle on top!
Whenever I see someone blowing that out, my heart just soars...
Now that I mention it... I wanna see it happen already!
(Captain), let's go join the others, and you can make your wish!


You know, I really love going to your birthday parties, (Captain).
That's because a lot of people gather to celebrate your birthday.
Then when you're feeling down, you can always think back to your birthday party and not feel so lonely anymore!
Of course, I don't plan on letting you feel lonely even once as long as I'm around.
Camaro and I plan to make every day fun for you, (Captain), so you have nothing to worry about.
Happy birthday. We'll stick together, no matter what happens!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
There's something you can only see on the mountain once a year. Can you guess?
That's right! It's the first dawn of the new year! Seeing it from the mountaintop is an amazing sight.
I was thinking you and I could go have a look together.
All right, let's go! I packed everything we need, so no worries!


Hey, do you remember? We went up the mountain together last year!
Huh? You forgot? No way... It was the first sunrise! And we saw it together...
Humph... I can't believe you, (Captain). How could you forget...
Huh? You're just joking? You mean, you really remember? The sunrise and everything?
Ah, that's a relief. You're a real prankster, (Captain)... You had me going.
You'll have to go up the mountain again with me this year to make up for that. Promise me, (Captain)!


(Captain)! The sun is so sparkly and beautiful!
I sure am happy that I got to see it again with you this year...
Truth is, I made some mountain-climbing boots out of leather just for you this year!
What! You don't wanna go?
But why? Why, oh, why?
You've gotta be kidding me... Awww... (Captain), tell me why... Why won't you go this year?
Huh? Mochi? You mean that white and chewy snack?
Yep, I love those things! We didn't have neat treats like that on the mountain, but I really love 'em!
Hm? You wanna make mochi? And you want me to help?
I'll do it! I wanna make some!
Heh-heh... I can't wait! New Year's mochi-makin' with (Captain)!


(Captain), thanks for watching the first sunrise with me.
It was so beautiful...
I wish my father and mother could have been here to see it too...
Huh? (Captain)? What am I supposed to do with this paper and pen?
I should draw a picture and send it to them?
Like a New Year's present? That's a great idea!
I hope I get all the angles and colors just right... Oh! I know. Will you help me, (Captain)?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Is this what I think it is? Chocolates?
I've heard of these, you know! They're for Valentine's Day!
Wow! Thanks a bunch! We never had anything like this back on the mountain...
Heheheh... This is great! I can't wait to tell Camaro what I got!


Hand it over, (Captain)! Show me the chocolate! Gimme chocolate!
Yay! Thank you! I loved eating the chocolate I got from you last year.
But it's kind of strange... I've gotten chocolate from others before, but it just wasn't as good.
Wait, do you know why, (Captain)? Why is it? Tell me! Aw, don't tease me like that. Just answer me!


(Captain)! Hey, (Captain)! Happy Valentine's Day!
Today is the day we can get chocolate! Chocolate, (Captain)!
Truth is, I've been looking forward to this. I was all excited, wishing that time would hurry up so we could get to this day...
Huh? You think I'm acting like Camaro when he's being extra good and sitting still for food?
Aw, that's pretty mean, (Captain)! If you figured that much, then hurry and hand it over already!
Heh-heh! All right!
Thanks for the chocolate!
I'm so happy I got chocolate from you again this year...
I'm super happy! You're super happy! And that makes for a happy Valentine's Day!


(Captain), happy Valentine's Day! Gimme chocolate this year too!
Hehehe! Thank you! This is always the year's highlight.
Huh? If I like it so much, you'll give it to me on others day too?
Hm... I mean I do like getting chocolate from you...
But it's special because it's Valentine's Day! That's what makes me so happy.
Because getting chocolate on Valentine's Day means you really care about me!


(Captain)! Happy Valentine's! I came to get my chocolates!
Whoah, thanks! I wonder what kinda chocolates you got me this year.
Huh? I didn't need to run all the way here? Yeah, I knew that...
But you're gonna be handing out and getting chocolates all day, aren't you?
So I kinda wanted to make sure I got my chocolates before everyone else.
Don't really know why though... Doesn't really matter when I get them, chocolates are chocolates, right?

White Day Cutscenes
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Here. This is in return for your gift.
I don't know much about the world outside the mountains I lived in, so this is all I could come up with...
It's a beautiful mountain stone I found. The way it sparkles sure is pretty, right?
What? You're joking!
It's that valuable?
Heheheh! In that case I should've collected more of 'em!
That way... I'd have been able to see even more of that smiling face of yours!


I asked around, you know. Everyone says that you should give girls chocolate as a gift.
So Camaro and I went and searched through a mountain!
Nope! It's not about a rock this time! It's about a mushroom!
It's a valuable mushroom called a whatchamacallit. And it's shaped just like a delicious chocolate!
I wanted to make something perfect, so Camaro and I went up that mountain over and over!

Flesselles hands (Captain) a chocolate that looks just like that rare mushroom.

Go on and take a look! Didn't it come out great?


Flesselles: Heh-heh... I know what today is, (Captain). Today is the day you give a thank you gift for Valentine's, right?
Yep, and I asked around about a gift. You're supposed to give something sweet in return for chocolate.
There aren't many sweet things to eat on the mountain, but you can find fruit and nuts pretty easily.
But look... Ta-da! Feast your eyes on this!
So? Don't they look like icicles?
See, this special mountain maple tree oozes a sweet sap.
In the winter if you take a knife and make a few holes on the bottom-side of a branch, then the sap leaks out and makes sweet icicles!
I thought you'd like it, so Camaro and I got up early to go looking on the mountain for sap icicles.
Camaro: Bow wow!
Flesselles: Camaro looks happy too! I'm glad you like them so much!


(Captain), today is White Day.
Before joining the crew, I never really made any kind of candy.
But I did remember one recipe that my mother taught me.
Look, look! These are ground acorn cookies.
Camaro and I went into the mountains to find these.
They're so good! They're my absolute favorite...
(Captain), I hope you find them just as tasty as I do.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons
4th year:
Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
Let's see... You pick to get a trick or give a treat, right?
Hmmm... You've sure got some curious customs. Heh heh, first time I heard of them.
So what'll you pick? A trick? A treat?
You know me! My pick's the same as yours!


Um, let's see... Trick or treat, was it?
You know, (Captain), I'm not very good at this...
I never even knew about this costume stuff to begin with.
When I was living in the mountains, I'd camouflage myself with leaves and bark, but I've never worn such weird costumes before.
Huh? It's okay just to wear my camouflage?
Great! If it makes you happy, (Captain), then I'll gladly show it to you.
This disguising technique is a family secret that was passed down to me from my father. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!


Flesselles: Heh-heh... Happy Halloween!
Let's see... If you don't give me some candy, then I'll have to trick you!
Say, (Captain). Am I doing it right? I'm still not good at this...
I mean, why do we have to threaten someone who didn't do anything wrong?
I feel sorry for them...
Huh? It's not that big a deal? Then what are we supposed to do exactly?
Camaro: Bowwow!
Flesselles: Wh-whoa! You scared me, Camaro! Don't go barking all of a sudden!
Oh! I get it! Playing a trick is as easy as that! Thanks, Camaro!
Camaro: Bowwow!


Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
I'll give you a candy if you give me one in return!
Huh? What about a trick?
Uh... I'm not really into tricking people or scaring them.
So I thought it'd be really fun if we all just traded candy...
Wouldn't it be nice if we could just give each other treats?
The stuff you have looks really good! Trade with me!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Season's greetings!
That reminds me... This is the time of year for exchanging presents, right?
I'm sorry, but I don't know much about giving gifts...
I know! I'll tell you all about the mountains instead!
Whether it's about the animals or the plant life, just ask me anything!


Huh? I look sleepy? Well, yeah... You got me.
Last year was so much fun... And I was so looking forward to the party this year that I couldn't sleep.
After all, I love celebrating with you, (Captain)!
But don't worry! I got you a great gift this year!
All right, (Captain)! I'll see you later at the party!


Say, (Captain)! I heard that tonight is supposed to be the most stunning night of the year. Is that true? Huh? Not the most stunning but the stillest? Stillest... The stillest night... What's that mean exactly? Ohhh, I see... Because the children go to sleep, so the world grows quiet and mystical? In an innocent way? Hm... I think I know what you're saying. When I was a kid, my mom and pop would tell me stories about the mountain goddess that sounded a lot like that. I didn't really believe them at first, but when I finally met the goddess while standing on the mountain... Heh-heh! I'll tell you all about it later on tonight! Hey, that's a promise, (Captain)! So don't you go to bed yet!


(Captain), I have something I wanna ask you about.
You know the man who's supposed to come at night... Santa?
Is he really a he? Or a woman?
A man? Okay...
It's nothing... I was just worried because I heard that Santa delivers presents...
If Santa were a woman...
I'd be afraid to incur the jealousy of the goddess...
But if he's a man, then that's not a problem!
Phew... I'm so relieved. Now I'll sleep like a baby.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Attention Lover[edit]

(Captain) and the crew hear a warning from an old man in the village that they shouldn't go into the mountains, but hasten to do so anyway. There, they fall prey to a bizarre phenomenon, and notice that Vyrn and Lyria are nowhere to be seen. Vyrn and Lyria, who have got lost, run into a mysterious young boy called Flesselles, and safely regroup with the others. Flesselles rushes back to the crew when the party call out to stop him leaving, and with eyes glistening with tears tells the party the story of his circumstances and loneliness.

(Captain) and the crew have stopped at a small village while dealing with a request.
To finish the request quickly, they promptly turn to take their leave, but then…
Village Chief: Wait, you can't go into the mountains…
Vyrn: What?
Lyria: Erm… Why shouldn't we go into the mountains, chief?
Village Chief: Why shouldn't you… why shouldn't you, hmmm… The mountain gods are unbound! So you cant go, you cant go…
Katalina: I'm sorry, chief. Thankyou for your advice, but we must get back to our airship as soon as possible.
Saying this, (Captain) and the crew bid the chief a light nod of recognition, and take the shortest route into the mountains.
With the meaningful words of the village chief weighing on their minds, the crew hurry back to the road.
However, while they are walking, Rackam is the first to notice something seems strange.
Rackam: Hey, isn't this strange. This place looks just like the place we were a second ago… It's like we're going round in circles.
Eugen: I was thinking the same… Katarina, are we lost perchance?
Katalina: I don't think so… This is the same road we followed to get here, and we didn't get lost then.
Rackam: Hehe, but, what about the mountain gods' curse that old geezer in the village mentioned?
Katalina: Hmm, it's pathetic. Nothing but superstition.
Katalina: You think so too, don't you, Lyria? … Lyria? Where are Lyria and Vyrn!
Vyrn and Lyria who have lost sight of (Captain) and the crew, are wandering helplessly around the mountains.
Lyria: Oooo, oh-nooo… Vyrn, what should we do?
Vyrn: Stop your worrying… hey now… what do you think the animal bones driven into this tree mean?
Lyria: Eek, it means it's scary! It's definitely a curse, a black magic curse!
Vyrn: Hey now… what's this big pile of pebbles?
Lyria: Eeeeek, it's scary! It's definitely a grave, they're everywhere!
Vyrn: Hey now, Lyria… what do you think that creepy howl we heard a while ago came from?
Lyria: Eeeeeeeeek! Ghosts! The ghosts of the mountain gods!
Vyrn: Lyria, take this seriously! It is no time for jokes! You always?
Suddenly, mid-sentence, a large shadow swooped down on Vyrn from a nearby thicket.
Vyrn: Ahhh!
Lyria: Eeeeek!
Lyria: EEEYAAAA! It's a ghost!!! Are you a ghost?
???: Arrrrh! A girl! Are you really a girl?
Lyria: Huh?
???: Huh?
Lyria: Maybe, you're… not a ghost?
Flesselles: No, no I'm not! I am Flesselles! I'm a roaming hunter that wanders the mountains.
Camaro: Bow-wow!
Vyrn: Heeheehee, quit it! Quit licking me… Hey, not the tail!
Camaro: Bow-wow! (Slobber slobber slobber)
Hearing the hound's bark, (Captain) and the crew finally rejoin with Lyria and the others.
They boy the crew met identifies himself as Flesselles, and begins vibrantly talking to the crew, eyes shining with enthusiasm.
Flesselles: Hehehe, I'm a ghost? You do think some really funny things, Lyria.
Lyria: I'm sorry… There were trees with bones in them everywhere, it seemed like a scary curse.
Flesselles: Hehehe, that's no curse. Right now it's hunting season in the mountains, the bones are kind of a marker for danger.
Lyria: I-I see… And what about the pebble graves?
Flesselles: Hehehe, they're not graves. They're a sign that tells my buddies that this is my hunting area.
Lyria: A-and… Erm, what about the ghostly wails?
Flesselles: Hahaha! They're nothing bad. Just my partner, Camaro!
Camaro: Bow-wow! (Slobber slobber slobber)
Vyrn: Eheeheehee, hey! Heeey! Quit it with the licking! That tickles!
Flesselles: Hehehe, it's always good to make new friends! Camaro seems to have taken a liking to Vyrn too!
Katalina: Errm, so what you're saying is the mountain gods?
Flesselles: Are me.
Flesselles: We mountain Erune have been known to the villagers as "mountain hunters" since forever, but…
Flesselles: … it has been mispronounced and corrupted of late and become "mountain gods."
Katalina: Hmmm, if that's the case… that old chief is going to be a hard guy to convince…
Eugen: Haha, he's probably fine as he is. And now that we know the truth, we can hurry up and get the hell over these mountains.
As if in response to Eugen's shout, (Captain) and the crew rise, and begin o climb the mountain once more.
Lyria: Right, let's get going!
Flesselles, Camaro, bye byeee!
Flesselles: Haha! See ya!
Camaro: Bow-wow! (Slobber slobber slobber)
Vyrn: Eheehee, hey I got an idea. Why don't you two come with us!
Flesselles: Huh, why are you asking me that? I'm not lonely or anything. But I guess if you want to, let's talk some more!
Vyrn: What the… When did that guy suddenly become Mr. Lonely?
Lyria: Heehee, what's up? Are you a wheedling kid, Flesselles?
Hearing Lyria's innocent tease, Flesselles looks into the distance, and with eyes filled with tears begins to tell a story.
Flesselles: We're from an archer tribe, you see. There, when you become an adult, you leave your family and live alone in the mountains.
Flesselles: But I get lonely easily, so that lifestyle is no good for me. All I think about is my family…
Flesselles: And then, you guys came along, chatting and laughing… it reminded me of my parents…
Flesselles: (Sob sob sob) I'm so lonely… Father… Mother… (Sob sob sob sob)
Vyrn: Welp, I guess there's only one thing to do. Let's help him, (Captain)… Can he come along with us?
Lyria: Huh, Vyrn? Are you feeling OK? You just asked somebody politely for a favor…
Vyrn: Yeah, after seeing this guy, I cant just leave him here…
Camaro: Bow-wow! (Slobber slobber slobber)
Vyrn: Ehehehee, I wasn't talking about you! Heeheheheheee, q-quit it!
  1. I do want to hear more of your stories.
  2. Vyrn doesn't often have this good of a choice in friends.

Choose: I do want to hear more of your stories.
Flesselles: Huh, it's OK? I know all sorts of stuff about the mountains! I can tell you everything you want to know!
Vyrn: Hehheh, we'll look forward to that wont we, (Captain)?

Choose: Vyrn doesn't often have this good of a choice in friends.
Flesselles: Oh thank you Camarooooo! It's all thanks to you that we get to go with everybody!
Camaro: Bow-wow!
Continue 1
Lyria: Hehe, yay! You wont be lonely any more!
Despite coming from a hunting tribe that lives in the mountains, Flesselles doesn't cope well with solitude.
He seems helpless, but, he isn't actually just a lonely kid.
But as to what scrapes this mysterious archer helps the crew out of… That's a story for another time.

Attention Demander[edit]

(Captain) and the crew have arrived at an island on which they had to make an emergency stop due to the bad condition of the Grandcypher. But, unfortunately their landing spot is on the side of a mountain, and the town where they can obtain repair materials is very very far away. Flesselles says it isn't a good idea to enter the mountains right now, but the crew decides to cut through the range as it is quicker. With Flesselles' help, the crew progresses through the mountains, but eventually the god of the mountain's anger explodes.

The Grandcypher is cruising pleasantly through the transparent blue above a sea of cloud, when…
…suddenly they are met by engine trouble, and have to make an emergency landing on a small nearby island.
Unluckily they seem to have landed half way up a mountain, and the nearest town is quite a distance away.
The crew discusses the situation and decides to walk to the nearby town to secure the necessary parts for repair.
Eugen: Right, now that's decided, let's get a move on. We'll get to the town fastest if we cut through the mountains.
Rackam: Yep, that route is sound. The faster we set off, the fast we can fix the ship and get out of here.
The crew is just about to enter the mountains when Flesselles chimes in…
Flesselles: That way is certainly the shortest route, but I wouldn't go in the mountains if I were you…
Lyria: Huh, why not?
Flesselles: This is the time when she comes, so it is better if girls don't go into the mountains. Especially not ones like you, Lyria…
Lyria: W-what do you mean girls like me?
Flesselles: Yes, well, if cute girls like you go into the mountains, she might get jealous…
Lyria: I… Don't understand… Who is this "she"?
Flesselles: The god of the mountains.
Vyrn: What! You said the mountain gods were you hunters before!
Flesselles: That was the mountain gods, this is the god of the mountains.
Katalina: Well, as inconclusive as that statement is, now is regrettably not the time to figure it out.
Katalina: Well, what I mean is… We really need to pass through these mountains, but for some reason Flesselles doesn't want us to.
Flesselles: I get it, leave it to me! I'll protect you instead, you have my word.
Flesselles, the crew's guide, quickly performs an unfamiliar ritual in front of the crew.
He chants incantations in an old language, and dances to ask forgiveness for entering the mountains, giving each person a cloth.
Vyrn: Hmm, what's this? It looks just like a hand towel…
Lyria: Ah, is this part of the protection ritual?
Flesselles: Not, exactly… But, I think it will definitely help all of you, Lyria.
Lyria: Hmmm, it will help us? OK, I think I understand… I'll keep it with me.
Exiting a thick and verdant forest, the crew cross a large steppe and push on forward.
After walking a veritable distance, Vyrn and Lyria sink to the floor.
Vyrn: (Puff puff) Hey, let's take a little break…
Lyria: (Pant pant) My throat is all dry…
Katalina: Lyria, I'm sorry to tell you this, but, seeing as we left in such a hurry, I forgot to fill our water bottles.
Vyrn: Ohhhh, Katariiiinaaaa. What do we do? There's no water here…
Katalina: I'm sorry, I really am, Vyrn.
An unhappy atmosphere starts to descend, when a boy's idyllic laugh drowns out their grumpy conversation in the blink of an eye.
Flesselles: Hehehe, it's all right… I'm glad the towel will come in useful.
Lyria: Huh, the towel? What do you mean?
Flesselles: Before you set off, I gave you all a towel. I had you all tie them around your legs, but I think I'll take them back for a while.
As he says this, Flesselles starts to collect up the towels.
Flesselles takes out a pan and squeezes the towels into it.
A large amount of water comes out of the towels and fills up the pan.
Lyria: Wow, it's full of water!
Flesselles: My father taught me about this… If you tie a cloth around yourself and walk through the bushes, morning dew is easily collected.
Vyrn: Not bad! Hey, hurry up and give it here so I can drink it!
Flesselles: No, you cant have it yet, Vyrn. This water isn't boiled. You'll have to wait a little longer.
Flesselles deftly lights a fire and puts the pan on top, he then takes some bamboo leaves out from his bag.
He quickly toasts both sides of the leaves on the fire and a pleasant fragrance rises from them. He then throws them in the pan.
Lyria: Oooooo, something smells nice… What is it?
Flesselles: My father's secret recipe bamboo tea.
Flesselles: If you put bamboo leaves in, even if the water is a little dirty, it wont make you sick.
Vyrn: Hmm, are you sure that it's OK? I have never seen such leaves where we grew up…
Katalina: No, he is not mistaken. Because bamboo leaves don't rot easily, they also help you recover from exhaustion.
Flesselles: Hehehe, looks like you know your grasses, Katalina.
Katalina: Heh, I leaned a lot in my old days in the imperial army.
Flesselles: Right, it's ready. Here you go…
As he says this, Flesselles pours the liquid into cups and passes them to the crew.
The moment the tea touches their lips, everybody unwinds and smiles bloom on their lips.
Katalina: This is…
Vyrn: Ahhhh! This. Is. Delicious!
Lyria: Ooooo, it's warm… and sweet… I've never tasted anything like it!
Lyria: Heehee, Flesselles, you must be a really cool guy to know how to do this sort of stuff.
Lyria: It's hopeless to be in the scary mountains all alone, but if we're with you, Flesselles, I think even I will be OK!
Flesselles: I'm sorry, Lyria. But, can you be silent.
Lyria: Wha?
Flesselles: She will be deeply jealous… If she sees her husband being friendly with somebody who is not his wife…
Lyria: Hold on a sec! You're married, Flesselles?
Flesselles: No, that's not it. But… Ah, hmmm. Well how do I explain…
Suddenly they sense something strange, and Flesselles' expression changes.
With the discernment of a hunter born and raised in the unfeeling mountains, Flesselles glared as if to penetrate the darkness.
Flesselles: …She has set a monster on us. Lyria, get back, you have seriously angered her…

Attention Demander: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain) and the crew are told about the goddess of the mountains by Flesselles. In the tribe Flesselles comes from, there is a tradition that once a man reaches adulthood, there is a ceremony where he is married to the goddess of the mountains. It is an important ritual where the mountain's blessings of safe hunting are bestowed upon them. Flesselles hastens to speak as to not anger the goddess any further. However, as Lyria and the crew have grown close to Flesselles, the goddess's anger explodes once more.

The crew drive away the monster, and Flesselles slowly explains about her true identity.
Flesselles: When we in the archer tribe become adults and become solitary hunters, we are all married to the god of the mountains.
Flesselles: My father told me that us hunters become her husbands, and receive her divine protection when hunting in the mountains.
Lyria: Heehee, I see… So you're married to a goddess, what a lovely fable.
So, Flesselles warns the crew, and as to not offend her any further, and they hurriedly press on with their journey.
Vyrn: (Puff puff) Hey, let's take a little break…
Lyria: (Pant pant) Oooo, my tummy's all rumbly.
Katalina: …Lyria, I'm sorry. Because we were in such a rush to leave, it seems I didn't pack any food…
Vyrn: Awe man, not again.. What are we supposed to do now?
Katalina: I'm sorry. I really am, Vyrn…
A heavy air starts to form between the crew, but before it can stick, Flesselles' laugh is heard once more.
Flesselles: Hehehe, it's all right. Look, Lyria, look at your feet.
Lyria: Errrm, my feet? Do you mean, perhaps those acorns?
Flesselles: Hehehe, don't eat all of them. Just have a few and leave the rest.
Flesselles: If you don't, the monsters and beasts that eat nuts and seeds wont have any food, and will attack the village.
As he is saying this, Flesselles again takes out his pan and puts it on the fire.
He pours in the remaining bamboo tea, takes some rock salt and dried meat from his pack, and slowly stews them.
When the soup tastes as it should, he takes it off the fire, he then scatters some raw acorns on top and passes it to the crew.
Flesselles: Everybody who lives in the mountains knows that the best thing to treat somebody to is a salty soup.
Flesselles: As it warms not only your body but also your heart…
Lyria: Oooo yeah I feel it. So warm in my chest, ahhh, I feel sooo relaxed.
Vyrn: Heehee, Katalina, I'm sorry for get all hangry before.
Katalina: Vyrn, I… Don't worry about it.
Lyria: This is soooo great, Flesselles! You know all sorts of stuff about the mountains. I'm in awe of your knowledge of the wild!
Flesselles: Lyria! No! You can't get close to me! I said before it's a bad idea!
Lyria: Huh?
Lyria: Eeeek, what was that!
Eugen: Argh, here we go again… You've gone and angered the goddess again.
Rackam: Ergh, what a pain… This could be bad…
While everybody else starts to flapping around in a panic, Katarina alone remains calm.
Katalina: Everybody calm down. Where even is this goddess you speak of? I don't see?
Monster: Glorrrrrrrp!
Katarina is cut off by a rustling coming from behind a thick thicket. A giant bumbles out and starts to approach the crew.
Flesselles' eyes change, he no longer resembles the childish boy from before. He calls out into the mountains in a pure voice.
Flesselles: Oh goddess, please forgive me, for I have risked my life. Let me show you proof of my undying devotion to you, my love.
Flesselles: Oh, my love, my wife. Oh goddess of the mountains. Hear my voice, as true as the flight of my arrow, and smite this evil beast.

Attention Demander: Scene 3[edit]

(Captain) and the crew repulse various monsters and exit the mountains safely. Flesselles hold the descending ceremony of respect dedicated to the goddess of the mountains. After, Flesselles gets the girls of the group stand and swear an oath to the goddess that they will not stand between her and her husband, in order to subdue her jealousy.

It was hard to believe that the calm and lustrous shine of the morning could follow the battle of the night before.
The crew finally exits the forest and returns to the mountain road. They hold Flesselles' descending ritual with solemn expressions.
The ceremony goes off without a hitch, and when finally the chanting comes to an end, Flesselles' looks back, smiling.
Flesselles: …And that's about it. I have one thing to ask you, however.
Lyria: Errrm, like a request?
Katalina: That's fine, if it is within my powers, I will try to accommodate anything you ask.
Flesselles: Oh, great! I had been thinking of what to do if you were to refuse…
Flesselles: Right, OK, can you guys come here a sec…
Flesselles whispers something to Lyria and Katalina.
Lyria's face remains blank, her nods giving nothing away… she stands in front of the mountain shrine…
Lyria: Errrm… Goddess, oh, goddess. Please do not worry, I do not intend to take your husband.
Katarina too, approaches the mountain shrine.
Katalina: Erm, so… Right… Oh goddess of the mountains, I… do not wish to take this gentleman away from you, and stuff…
Katalina: Argh, Flesselles… I'm not saying I don't believe you.. But, is this all this really necessary?
Flesselles: K-Katalina! No! You can't say that in the middle of your chant of appeasement!
Lyria: EEEEEK!
Rackam: Ahh, Katalina… You've gone and angered the goddess again!
After that, Katalina managed to take the oath seriously, a thing that (Captain) and the crew thought would never happen.
Perhaps they will be avoiding the mountain path on the way back however…