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Official Profile

Age 25 Height 180 cm Race Erune
Hobbies Making models
Likes The smell of glue
Dislikes Being tied down

Granblue Fantasy Theater
A wandering Erune arcane duelist, Helnar's magically-infused swordplay bewitches foes in the heat of battle. It is said to be so beautiful that it has even been used as part of the dancer Gayne's performances. Helnar himself is an unrepentant ladies' man who says whatever he wants, causing his on-again/off-again companion Gayne to frequently accuse him of letting things go to his head. His affable personality has nonetheless made him plenty of friends, male and female alike. When engrossed in building models, he often get tunnel vision, and will quickly lash out at anyone or anything that dares to interrupt him.
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
Final Uncap

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Age 25歳 Height 180cm Race エルーン
Hobbies 模型作り
Likes 接着剤のにおい
Dislikes 束縛されること

Granblue Fantasy Theater


Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
Final Uncap

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey! I wanna show you a bit of my sword dance. What do you say?
Haha, you won't see another dance like it. This'll be a dance just for you. So be sure to watch closely right until the end!


With your natural leadership qualities, it's no wonder you've been able to attract all these fantastic crew members.
I thank the heavens that I was able to have met you, and it makes me happy to spend this momentous day by your side.
I'm still rough around the edges, but if anything should happen, you can count on me. I'll do whatever I can to help.
Cool. So, let's go to a fancy restaurant! My treat!
I was out for a stroll, and this bunny girl was holding a sign for a party. I thought you'd be interested... Or not.
Ahem. Nevermind.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Just for today, I'll show you a special technique.
Say it isn't so—you forgot my real job? You don't have to look so surprised.
Remember when I danced for you two years ago?
Then I expect you will enjoy this performance just as much.
Watch as I translate the magnificence of your life into the art of a sword dance.
(Captain), no peeking away now. You have to watch until the very end.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
You're the guest of honor at today's party, (Captain), so what are you doing here?
I couldn't wait for you to show up, so I had to come get you.
We can't waste a second of this day. After all, you've just taken your latest step toward adulthood.
The whole crew's ready to party into the night, so prepare yourself.
Hehe, the fun is only starting!


How'd you like my dance, (Captain)? I hope you enjoyed it.
Yeah? Hehe, glad to hear it.
That's not the only present I have for you today though. I'll be leaving a spot open in my schedule every day from now on just for you, (Captain).
Well, you look awfully surprised. In a way, I'm always here for you.
You could even say I'm your birthday present!
I'll do anything you want. If it's an order from you, I get the feeling I'll be able to tackle anything.
So? What's the first thing you'd like me to do? C'mon, out with it.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
I'm glad we've been able to spend this New Year's Eve together.
Heh heh. It's getting late, but I hope you have some great dreams tonight. Well then, good night.


Happy New Year! And what a year it's been!
I'm grateful to be able to travel with you guys. Every day's been an adventure!
I still remember the day I left the island to seek a name for myself like it was yesterday.
I've got to keep honing my skills if I don't want the dream my partner and I share to come to an end.
Yes. To hear the cries of joy coming from the adoring ladies, I won't hesitate to make any sacrifices!
Here's to another wonderful year!


Happy New Year!
I'm glad you came to wish me a happy new year so soon.
My first dream of the year was of you. So I wanted to see you too.
Hmm? What kind of dream was it? Haha. I can't tell you that.
But... if you really insist...
Spend some time with me tonight, and you might get me to spill it.


Happy New Year!
Before I started traveling with you all, every day was filled with practice of my technique.
I wasn't too mindful of time or the passing seasons.
But celebrating the beginning of a new year really makes you feel fresh and new.
This year I'll keep practicing... and put aside time to spend with you all too, naturally.
Heh-heh, have a wonderful year!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Welcoming in the new year is always such a joyous occasion, but it's so much more to me than that.
Just being able to spend time with you guys is the best part.
Are you free after this by any chance, (Captain)?
I wouldn't mind enjoying a quiet celebration with just the two of us. Those are my favorite kind.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

What? Chocolates for me? You shouldn't have!
Mmm... They're good! These are definitely the best chocolates I've ever had!


Make way, here comes ladies' man Helnar! Hahaha, hey, I'm just repeating what others are saying.
I know how much you've been looking forward to see me... So, you have something for me?
Oooh! Homemade chocolates from the captain? I'm touched!
I was sweating over whether you'd forgotten about me, but that was all part of your plan, wasn't it?
You're evil... but that's what makes you so cute!
Oh yeah, you know how I said I was a ladies' man?
Well, that's not what I meant to say. Actually, I'm (Captain)'s man, Helnar.
I'm going to take my time and really savor these chocolates.
Ah, there we go. That cold look you're giving me will make these extra sweet!


(Captain), that thing you have in your hand. Is that chocolate pour moi?
Haha. I knew it! Half of me was expecting it, but I'm still excited!
Who wouldn't be happy after getting a present? All the more since it's from you, (Captain).
When I eat this chocolate, I'll be sure to think of you with every bite.


It's Helnar, the sweetheart of you and you alone.
(Captain), aren't you feeling like it's about time we made things more serious?
As soon as you give me the signal, I'm ready to open my arms and take you in.
Haha, you don't need to say another word, little kitten. I know exactly what you're after.
What do you say we spend some more time together that's as rich and sweet as chocolate?
Step this way.


(Captain), thanks for the chocolate. I'll be sure to savor it.
Now for the important question...
You don't even need to "answer" actually. Just nod, and I'll know...
Tell me... Is this chocolate a symbol of your affection for me?
Go on... I'm waiting...

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, I prepared something as thanks for Valentine's Day. I hope you'll accept it.
Oh... Oh dear... I seem to have left it in my cabin. I don't suppose you'd be willing to come with me to get it, would you?


I know it's not much, but will you accept this from me, Captain?
Wait, sorry. It's rude to say it's not much and then give it to you.
This is a gift from my heart. I wanted to return the favor for the Valentine's chocolate, but that's not all.
This gives us an excuse to be alone together.
I know the reaches of your heart are beautiful beyond compare.
When will you let me see them up close?


(Captain), got a sec?
Thanks! I just had to talk to you when I saw you walking by.
Recently I've seen you kind of down in the dumps, so I've been worried.
But it looks like you're in good spirits now. You feeling better?
I'm glad. A smile looks good on you, you know. If something comes along to make you frown, I'll get rid of it for you.
So tell me when times get tough, okay? I want you to rely on me more.
Hah. You will? That's what I like about you, (Captain).
Oh, before I forget, I've got something I want to give you.
Here! Happy White Day!
I put a spell on it, so you'll always feel like smiling. Go ahead and take it.
Don't forget our agreement now. I'll always be by your side.


Today's a lovely day, isn't it, (Captain)? I've actually got a little present for you here.
It's my way of saying thanks for Valentine's Day. Well, more than that, I wanted to show you my gratitude.
Will you accept my feelings?
Thank you. Haha, today is a good day.
Why? Well, because I've been able to have that cute little smile of yours all to myself.
You've made this a terrific holiday!


You have a sec, (Captain)? I've got something for you.
Yeah, it's to say thanks for Valentine's. Today's White Day after all.
Hehe. Don't tell me you forgot, (Captain)?
Or are you just pretending you forgot?
Aw, no need to be bashful. Yeah, of course I can tell.
I absolutely adore how you try to hide it though, so much so that I could almost take a bite out of you.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween.
It's a bit exciting getting all dressed up, don't you think?
Hey, haven't you ever thought about acting like someone else? Give it a try sometime!


Woo! I'm feeling pumped! What do you mean why? It's Halloween!
Everyone's normally uptight, but today's the day we can take on entirely new personas.
Ghosts, goblins, and then of course there's the bunny girl costumes!
Oh man, Captain, it's gonna be awesome on the airship tonight.
I can't wait to give out candy and play tricks on people!
And then I'll—huh? Where'd you go? Wait, wait, let me rephrase what I just said!


Trick or treat!
(Captain), that's a great costume you have there. Seeing it really gets me in the mood for Halloween mischief.
What kind of mischief? Why, the options are endless!
It'll be great, (Captain). Watching you get up to trickery in that adorable—
Huh? That's not supposed to be an adorable mage costume?
Ah, you're getting back from an assignment? Now that you mention it, I guess that does look like the outfit you wear when you use magic.
You really do make that wizard's hat look good though.
Well, it's almost time for the Halloween festivities to start! Let's get out there and blow off some steam!


Happy Halloween, (Captain).
That outfit looks wonderful on you.
But I wouldn't recommend trying to startle the others when you're wearing it.
Why? Because people are going to want to play pranks on any monster as cute as you.
Anyway, trick or treat, (Captain).
Don't get me wrong, though, I don't need any treats...


Hold it, (Captain)! Don't come a step closer!
Huh, today's Halloween? I forgot all about it... Your costume does remind me of something though.
Oh man... Please just don't say "trick or treat"...
With an outfit as adorable as what you're wearing, I might just subject myself to whatever trick you have in mind!
Oh, you're gonna say it, aren't you? I mean, today's Halloween—you're bound to say it!
Go on then. I'm ready for it! Well?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

I always used to spend the holidays with my family.
But sometimes it's fun to just go partying with some friends! Now, I wonder if there are any beautiful ladies out there...


Did you know that different regions have their own ways of celebrating tonight?
I've come across quite a few customs as I hopped from city to city.
There's a place where it's a day for lovers to reaffirm their affections for each other.
Romantic, isn't it?
Celebrating with your one true love...
That's the best thing in the world.
I hope I can find someone to share my heart with someday.
There's a party going on in the city right now. If I go, do you think I'll run into the one, (Captain)?


It's a beautiful night, isn't it, (Captain)? A romantic moon like that—really makes you want to snuggle up to somebody special.
I bet that's why you've come to see me.
Hehe. It's okay to assume something vain like that, right?
After all, you're the one who came to me.
Want to go outside for a bit?
I want to show you just how beautiful the night sky is. Well, shall we?


Mm, aah... Oh, it's you, (Captain). What's happening?
Hm? The party's already started? That's right, it's the eve of the big holiday, isn't it?
I'm sorry... I was totally absorbed in making models. Thank you for coming to let me know.
Let me lead you to the venue.
You don't mind if I have you all to myself on the way, do you?


Whew... Sure is cold tonight.
Heya, (Captain). I'm back. Really chilly out there, huh?
Everyone out in town was having a jolly ol' time—just what I like to see for the holidays.
I'm nearly chilled to the bone after walking all the way back here. But no frostbite thankfully.
It's such a relief that it's always warm and cozy inside the ship.
I bet the secret to it is you, (Captain).
Any chance you can let me in on how you do it?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Legendary Libertine

The crew runs into a wounded man named Helnar who is polite, but has a penchant for flirting. He joins the crew on their search for primal beasts in hopes of someday reuniting with his dance partner.

The search for information about the primals leads the crew to a lush and verdant island.
Our heroes find themselves at the far end of a peaceful, winding country road.
Vyrn: Phew... I think we're safe from monsters and Imperials here.
Lyria: You said it! We get to have a nice, fun stroll!
???: Unh...
Lyria: Hm? Did you hear something?
???: Oooh...
Lyria: Oh no! Someone's collapsed over there!
Strange Man: Well, isn't this embarrassing? What a disgrace to appear before a lady in such a pitiful state.
Strange Man: But then I never would've beheld a beauty such as yours, Lyria. The heavens must be smiling upon me.
Vyrn: Uh, I hate to spoil the moment, but why were you lying on the side of the road?
Vyrn: That's a nasty bump you got there. Were you attacked by monsters?
Helnar: Ah, where are my manners? Call me Helnar. I'm but a humble traveling performer.
Helnar: I'd been traveling with my dancing partner, but...
Helnar wistfully recounts his tale from the beginning. He and his partner had left home long ago.
They had dreamed of becoming known far and wide, and hopped from island to island chasing that dream.
Finally Helnar reaches the point in the story about how he received the lump on his head.
The crew waits in suspense, but the truth is far less exciting.
Vyrn: Let me get this straight. You spent all the money you guys earned chatting up girls.
Vyrn: Then your partner got angry and clocked you in the head. Is that right?
Helnar: Yeah, she knocked my lights out. But then I was rescued by an angel going by the name of Lyria.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: Well, where did that dancer go? You should hurry and go apologize.
Helnar: Who knows?
Vyrn: What kinda attitude is that? It's your partner. Go say you're sorry and square it away.
Helnar: This isn't the first time she's lost her temper. I just have to give her some space.
Helnar: Or so I thought. I think I might have really done it this time.
Vyrn: What happened?
Helnar: She told me she was done with this island.
Helnar: Back when we first left home, we made a promise to always leave together, no matter where we were.
Helnar: But that promise is over. And with it, perhaps our journey as well.
Vyrn: Well, you reap what you sow.
Lyria: How sad. Are you really going to give up now?
Helnar: What else can I do? If she doesn't want to be with me, I'm not going to chase her...
Lyria: You're going about this the wrong way! It's not about her. What do you want to do, Helnar?
Vyrn: Lyria...
Lyria: What if something happens? What if you never get to see her again?
Lyria: Helnar... if you want to be with her, then find her and apologize.
Helnar: ...!
Helnar: I... I do want to journey on with her. Once more, together...
Lyria: Then why don't you go say you're sorry?
Helnar: The thing is she didn't exactly leave me a map on how to find her...
Lyria: Leave it to us! We've got a plan! Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: You should join our crew! That way you might be able to find some clues while we travel through the sky!
Helnar: Really? You'd be doing me a huge favor! And how could I say no to a lady?
Helnar: Oops, there goes my bad habit again.
Helnar: Ahem. (Captain), do you mind if I go with you?
  1. As if you had to ask.
  2. Are you ready to pitch in?

Choose: As if you had to ask.
Helnar: Thank you. Haha, don't know why I feel embarrassed all of a sudden.

Choose: Are you ready to pitch in?
Helnar: Yeah, you got it. Haha, don't know why I feel embarrassed all of a sudden.
Continue 1
Lyria: Heehee, our crew has grown even bigger! This is fun, (Captain)!
Lyria: We should hurry. That dancer could be closer than we think!
Helnar: ...
Helnar: Hey, your name's Vyrn, right? There's something important I wanted to ask you...
Vyrn: What, what? What's up? And why are you whispering?
Helnar: How many women are on your ship?
Vyrn: ...
(Captain)'s crew once again takes to the sky with Helnar, a wandering swordsman, in their care.
As to whether the lover boy will ever see his partner again, that is a tale for another day...

An Eternal Temptation

Helnar is unable to refuse a request from a woman, and so the crew is on a mission to hunt monsters in a forest. Helnar senses a beautiful woman and runs off while the crew desperately chases after him.

The crew arrives at a dark forest far from civilization.
They've taken a request from a village to dispatch monsters in the forest.
Vyrn: Phew... I think that's the last of 'em. They put up a tough fight.
Rackam: Geez. When you take up all these requests left and right, you set yourself up as an easy mark.
Helnar: You just don't get it, Rackam. When a woman is down on her luck, you mustn't cast her aside.
Katalina: Just let him be. Well, we haven't located their nesting grounds, but defeating this many monsters should be enough.
Helnar: ...!
Vyrn: Hm? What's up?
Helnar: Shh! I sense something...
Katalina: Hm... Perhaps it's the monsters' den?
Helnar: No... I know this feeling all too well. It's a beautiful woman!
Vyrn: You dummy... Huh? Hey! Wait!
Katalina: Goodness, he'll never break out of his habit, will he? We'd better go after him, (Captain).
Rackam: Hmm... We're pretty deep into the forest now. Where's this beautiful woman?
Rackam: Sheesh. Well, I see Helnar. Hey! Let's turn back—
Katalina: A monster? Looks like we missed a few!
Rackam: Come on, (Captain), we'll take care of this!

An Eternal Temptation: Scene 2

(Captain) and company find Helnar standing in front of an Erune grave. He tells the crew about Erune history, but monsters interrupt the conversation.

Rackam: So? Did you get to meet this beautiful woman of yours?
Helnar: ...
Rackam: What's the matter? Never seen you so focused on something before. Hmm, what's this?
Katalina: It's a tombstone... Why is it all the way out here?
Helnar: It's an Erune graveyard.
Lyria: An Erune like you?
Helnar: Yeah. Way back in the day, Erunes hated interacting with other skydwellers and isolated themselves deep in the forest.
Helnar: This graveyard must have been abandoned when they moved the village.
Vyrn: Hmm... But when I look at you, it's hard to imagine Erunes not liking other people.
Helnar: You think so? Well, a little unpredictability goes a long way with the charm factor.
Katalina: It's not safe for small talk yet! We've got monster incoming!

An Eternal Temptation: Scene 3

An old, abandoned Erune village has been overrun with monsters. The crew prepares to deal with the most powerful monster yet.

Katalina: The monster den must be close. Let's keep searching.
Helnar: Nope, already found it. Right here.
Katalina: Hm? That's...
Helnar: The ruins of an old Erune village. The monsters have claimed it as their own.
Vyrn: No wonder we had trouble finding it. Erunes really hid their villages away from prying eyes.
Rackam: Oho! Looks like the boss has come to welcome us! This village could use a makeover!

An Eternal Temptation: Scene 4

The party clears the village of monsters, allowing Helnar to reflect on his Erune heritage. After turning in the mission to the beautiful requester, Helnar returns to his usual, charming self.

Lyria: Watch out! Helnar, behind you!
Helnar: ...!
Monster: Graaah!
Lyria: (Captain)!
Helnar: Whew. Thanks, (Captain). I owe you one.
Rackam: All right, Helnar, what were you going on about earlier? Where's the woman?
Helnar: Beats me. Maybe I was being called by the final wish of an Erune whose slumber was disturbed.
Helnar: Erunes only started mingling with others after a long period of warfare.
Helnar: I'm glad I was born when I was. Otherwise I'd have never met my special dance partner, nor would I have been able to travel with you guys.
Lyria: Helnar...
Helnar: Okay! Now that we're finished here, we'd better report this to the beautiful woman at the village!
Katalina: I think I understand now. His gung-ho personality is most likely his way of making up for years of Erune isolation.
Vyrn: Nice! He's doing it for his ancestors. Maybe I was being too harsh on him before...
Village Girl: You're amazing, Helnar! You took out the boss all by yourself?
Village Girl: My hero! But wasn't it strong? You're not hurt, are you?
Helnar: Hahaha, don't worry about me! Cuties like you are the source of my strength!
Vyrn: Sigh... Can I take back what I said earlier?
Lyria: Wow, Helnar, you're so popular!
Katalina: Haha! That's Helnar for you—is what I'd say...
Rackam: Oh, brother... I think he'd be like that no matter what time period he was born in.
The Erune swordsman Helnar continues his flirting ways.
Perhaps a day will arrive in which all Erunes shed their solitary past and become more open like Helnar.

Musings of a Young Man

Helnar spends the early afternoon in his room finishing repairs to a mechanical bird. After the repairs are completed, he invites Vyrn to go with him into town where he intends to participate in a fighting competition.

There's not a cloud in the pure blue skies on this gorgeous, sunny day.
Helnar is cooped up in his room with the smell of glue wafting in the air.
Helnar: The inside's probably okay. Looks like I just need to swap out this part.
It may seem like an ordinary mechanical bird to others, but to Helnar it's an indispensable companion.
Helnar: Don't worry. This won't hurt at all. Everyone needs a tune-up every once in awhile. Now, lie still for me.
Mechanical Bird: Creak, creak.
The bird obeys Helnar's command as if it has a will of its own.
With the bird lying gently on its side, Helnar suddenly stops and glances at his calendar.
Helnar: Oh yeah... Today is...
It's been some time since Helnar lost contact with his partner—the one he left his hometown with.
His bonds with the crew, however, grow deeper as they continue to travel together.
Helnar: ...
Mechanical Bird: Creak, creak.
Helnar: Whoops, sorry. How rude of me to keep a lady waiting. Let's get started.
Helnar deftly dismantles and reassembles the bird with surgical precision. The maintenance is over in a flash.
Helnar: Perfect. Who's a cute little birdie? Take care until next time.
Helnar smiles as he speaks to the bird in a gentle voice.
Helnar sets his sights on something and leaves the room.
Vyrn: Oh, are you heading out, Helnar?
Helnar: Yeah, I heard there's a festival going on right now. I thought I'd go check it out.
Vyrn: Hahaha. What else are you going to be checking out, hmm?
Helnar: Come on, Vyrn, don't say it like that. Anyway, wanna tag along?
Vyrn: Well... I'm curious to see where you're going, so, yeah, I'll tag along!
Vyrn: Whoa! This place is buzzing! It looks like a fight contest, but why did you want to come here in the first place?
Steely Fighter 1: What the? Look at this chump. How you gonna swing that sword with them skinny little arms? Someone get this guy a twig instead!
Steely Fighter 2: Bwahaha! That's a good one! Hey, skinny-bones! You ready to dance?
Helnar: Sigh. What a total lack of refinement and class. I think this calls for a smackdown.
Vyrn: You sure you want to enter? Those guys look pretty tough.
Helnar: You think I can't handle them? Don't worry. I'll pull out before I get hurt.

Musings of a Young Man: Scene 2

Helnar's brilliant swordplay makes short work of his opponents, but instead of soaking in the adulation of the crowd, he and Vyrn run off to a bar. He tries to hide his identity from the other patrons, but an old woman with knowledge of his past compels him to tell the story of his adolescence.

Helnar: Whew, I've gotten a bit rusty. I bet no one noticed though.
Onlooker 1: What just happened? I saw some quick flashes, and then it was over!
Onlooker 2: How breathtaking! Oh, Mr. Swordsman, please, please look my way!
The crowd cheers at Helnar's brilliant swordsmanship, but he remains stoic despite his victory.
Vyrn: That was awesome, Helnar! You should wave back to everyone... Hey! Where are you going?
Helnar: I'd love to have a chat with my adoring lady fans, but let's get out of here for now.
Vyrn: But why? Hey, wait up!
Onlooker 2: Huh? Mr. Swordsman? Where are you going?
Vyrn: Hey, you won the fight and everything, so why did we have to run away?
Helnar: Eh, it's fine. Forget about that. What do you want to drink? Oh look, they've got apple juice here.
Vyrn: Really? Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Gimme a glass of apple juice, mister!
Bartender: Comin' right up. Say, aren't you the swordsman chap that showed up at the fighting thing just now?
Helnar: Hahaha. Sorry, you've got me confused for someone else.
Bartender: Huh. Izzat right? You looked so alike I musta gotten you two mixed up. Sorry 'bout that.
Helnar: Nah, it happens. No biggie.
Vyrn: Um, that chap was you, wasn't it? Why are you trying to hide it?
Helnar: I don't believe I've ever called myself a swordsman. I'm just a traveling performer, so it's not like I lied or anything.
Woman 1: It's you, isn't it! The swordsman from before!
Woman 2: You're the one they're calling the Handsome Phantom Fencer that's become the talk of the town. So the rumors were true—you are cute.
Vyrn: Ah, sorry, but you've got it all wrong. This guy—
Helnar: Yo, nice to meet you ladies. The name's Helnar the Traveling Performer, but please just call me Helnar.
Woman 1: So you're not the swordsman? But you look exactly like him... On the bright side, we've still got a nice catch!
Woman 2: Whaddaya say? Wanna come join us? We've got a spare glass for you.
Helnar: Let's drop the act, shall we? Bartender! Can you bring that table the finest drinks you've got?
Woman 1: Oooh, wonderful! Come sit next to me, Helnar!
Woman 2: Huh? No way! Sit next to me, okay?
Helnar: Haha. Hey, there's plenty of me to go around.
Vyrn: Oy, this had nothing to do with the festival after all.
Vyrn: Sheesh. Now I gotta put up with all that gross perfume!
Helnar: Lighten up, Vyrn. It's good to get some male bonding in every once in a while, yeah?
Vyrn: Says the guy who's surrounded by girls.
Old Woman: You there. Young 'un. You're that swordsman, ain'tcha? You don't fool me.
Helnar: Whoa. There's no denying it if you put it that way.
Vyrn: Were you watching the competition, granny?
Old Woman: Yes. The way you handled your sword reminded me of a blademaster who passed on years ago.
Helnar: ...
Old Woman: Mmm... To think that I'd one day bear witness to such swordsmanship again. I'm glad to have lived this long. Hehe...
Vyrn: Hm? What're you guys talking about?
Helnar: Heh.
Helnar: Can you keep it at that, miss? There are some things I'd prefer to tell my friends myself.
Old Woman: Oh dear, oh dear. That was quite rude of me. Well then, I'm sure we'll meet again...
Vyrn: Hey, hey, was that granny a friend of yours? What were you two talkin' about? It was totally over my head.
Helnar: I suppose it would be. Shall we go somewhere else? Bartender, check please.
Vyrn: So? What's the deal with that old lady?
Helnar: Remember how she mentioned a blademaster that passed on? A blademaster that I resemble so much? That was my father.
Vyrn: She was talking about your father, eh? Um, so he's...
Helnar: Yeah, he's no longer around. It's been a while since then, I guess.
Helnar: Actually, today's a special day. Shall I tell you a story from my past? I don't think it's all that interesting, so don't read too much into it.
Helnar pauses briefly before quietly recounting his tale.

Musings of a Young Man: Scene 3

Young Helnar hones his swordsmanship under the tutelage of his strict father while practicing sword dancing with a young dancer. He realizes that he's only using the sword dancing sessions as a means of escape from his father's shadow, which leads him to abandon his home, the sword, and the dancer.

Helnar's father had devoted his life to the way of the sword and was peerless in ability. Truly, he made all fellow Erunes proud.
It's rare to see an Erune face opponents with such quiet, focused ferocity. His prowess was admired by many far and wide.
Helnar: To me, my father was a frightening figure. He was a man of few words, and I never knew what he was thinking.
Helnar: On those rare occasions he did talk to me, it was always, Don't do this and don't do that.
Vyrn: Yikes. Your dad was really strict.
Helnar: Yeah. But the fact that no one could measure up to him just made me admire him even more.
Helnar: When I was young, I dreamed of one day standing on equal footing with my father. I trained everyday as if my life depended on it.
Helnar: I'd participate in all kinds of fighting competitions and crush the opposition.
Vyrn: Ooh! Just like how you wiped the floor with those guys earlier!
Helnar: Heh. I figured if I won all these competitions, my father would be proud of me.
Vyrn: Yeah! Your dad must've been thrilled!
Helnar: Nope. He never once complimented me.
Vyrn: Seriously? Why not?
Helnar: Other adults would praise me, calling me the great son who'd inherited his father's gifts.
Helnar: But the only one who never acknowledged me was Father. That's what I was afraid of most.
Vyrn: Yeah. He sounds scarier the more I hear about him.
Helnar: Actually, he probably just wasn't good at expressing his feelings...
Helnar: Oh yeah, that's around the time I met my dancing partner.
Vyrn: I had no idea you guys went that far back.
Helnar: I guess. We've been through a lot together, she and I.
Vyrn: You were aiming to be a blademaster like your dad, so what happened to that? Why did you become a traveling performer instead?
Vyrn: You told everyone at the bar that you're not a swordsman.
Helnar: Haha. Chill out and listen, Vyrn.
Helnar: After I met that dancer, I began to spend more and more time with her because we complemented each other's skills.
Helnar: I was captivated by her graceful dancing, and she was taken with how I handled the sword.
Helnar: And that is when I first learned the art of sword dancing.
Helnar: I'd sneak away after practice and relish the fun we spent training together.
Helnar: At the same time, I still felt the need to become a famous swordsman, and desperately sought my father's approval.
Helnar: At one point, my father was chosen as the judge for an upcoming sword fighting tournament.
Helnar: Finally, I thought, this was my big chance. If I won, he'd surely give me the approval I'd been seeking.
Helnar: I trained my butt off for that day. I was gonna take the floor and show him everything I had.
With trophy in hand, Helnar walks over to his father.
Helnar's Father: Are you satisfied with this?
Young Helnar: W-what do you mean?
Helnar's Father: You heard me.
Young Helnar: Yes, I'm satisfied... You were judging the competition.
Young Helnar: I trained hard every day in order to win and I did. That means you've acknowledged my abilities, right?
His voice quivers with uncertainty, traces of desperation lingering in each word that comes out.
Helnar's Father: And you're satisfied by that? Useless. Fine, get back to your room.
Young Helnar: !
His father's flippant remark triggers years of frustration to boil over, and Helnar erupts in fury.
Young Helnar: Why won't you acknowledge me! Tell me what I'm doing wrong! I work hard each day so that I can be like you—
Helnar's Father: Is that what you think I want?
Young Helnar: !
Vyrn: Did your dad really say that?
Helnar: Yeah, it hit me right in the gut. Makes you wanna cry, doesn't it?
Helnar: After I heard him say that, I had no idea what to do with myself. What was I working so hard for after all these years?
Helnar: I started skipping practice and staying out late.
Helnar: But it was more like I knew my father would be pissed off that I was playing hooky, so I didn't want to go home.
Helnar: There was one thing I couldn't let go though. Sword dancing with her was the only thing that kept me going during those rough days.
Young Dancer: Isn't it time for you to choose your own path, Helnar?
Young Helnar: What do you mean, my own path?
Young Dancer: Oh, come now. I'm saying that we should continue down the path of sword dancing.
Young Dancer: Surely, you want the same thing.
Young Helnar: ...
Helnar comes to realize that he's been running away from his desire to get stronger, using their training sessions as a means of escaping from reality.
But for the boy whose only wish had been to stand at the same level as his father, he couldn't think of any other goal to pursue.
Young Helnar: Look, I honestly don't know what I should do. So why can't I keep doing this until I figure it out?
However, that's not what the young lady wants to hear.
Young Dancer: No matter how many times I've had to pick up after you, or how many times I've had to put up with your bad habits, I've always respected how much faith you put in the sword.
Young Dancer: As your partner, I thought I could turn a blind eye to your self-serving actions.
Young Dancer: But I've had it! A man who's nothing more than a withered shell of his former self could never be my partner!
Young Dancer: You can go and act like a sullen child all you want! See if I care!
Helnar: And that's how I lost both my way of the sword and my partner.
Vyrn: Ouch. That's rough, pal.
Helnar: Yeah. I left after that without a trace. I tried looking for a place where no one knew who I was.
Helnar: Sigh, I was such a brat back then, wasn't I? It wasn't long after I'd left that I found out Father had passed away.
The clock rewinds to when Helnar first receives news of his father's passing.

Helnar Gets His Groove Back

The young dancer tells him that his father was unable to express his true intentions properly and that he regrets his harsh words toward Helnar. After much introspection, Helnar reconciles with the dancer after making a public apology.

News of the legendary blademaster's death travels quickly, but in one remote mountaintop village, Helnar is left in the dark.
Tourist: Hm, you kinda look like the Erune blademaster that died last month. Are you a local?
Helnar: Wait, what did you say?
Helnar hurries back to his hometown and finds it exactly as he'd left it.
The village is calm and quiet with no signs of his father's departure, save for one spotless gravestone in the cemetery.
Helnar: ...
Dancer: Well, well. Look who's back.
Helnar: You...
Dancer: It's been exactly one month since Mr. Heuster passed away.
Helnar: ...
Dancer: It's all right. I won't ask you where you've been or what you've been doing.
Dancer: Moving on, let me tell you Mr. Heuster's last words.
Dancer: After all, it could be a while before I see you again.
Helnar simply stares at the gravestone in dumbfounded silence.
Dancer: Mr. Heuster thought the world of his son.
Dancer: Anyone could achieve what Mr. Heuster did through hard work, but you possess an even greater talent to go beyond that. He personally feared he was a limitation.
Dancer: He didn't want you to chase after him, but to come out from his shadow and follow your own convictions.
Helnar: W-what are you saying?
Dancer: I told you already. I'm only relaying what Mr. Heuster said to me.
Dancer: Sigh. Whether you choose to believe it or not is up to you. Anyway, there's more.
Dancer: It was only natural for you to perceive his comments as scorn.
Dancer: The truth is, he knew he wasn't good at expressing his thoughts. I watched him say all this with a pained look on his face.
Helnar: When did he—
Dancer: Just before you went missing. He thought he'd spoken too harshly to you.
Dancer: He wanted me to know how his bluntness probably crushed your hopes and dreams.
Helnar: ...
Dancer: Your father also seemed to know about our practice sessions.
Dancer: He said to me, I've never seen him swinging his sword so enthusiastically before. Do you know why? It's because he likes magic more than the sword.
Dancer: It was as if he'd been watching us.
Helnar: !
Dancer: After you disappeared, Mr. Heuster was overcome with regret.
Dancer: I told him it wasn't his fault—that you wouldn't get so bent out of shape over a simple argument.
Helnar: Gayne...
Dancer: Well, I guess I was wrong about that.
Helnar: ...
Dancer: You're the son of a legendary blademaster, but what do you have to say for yourself?
Dancer: Well, that no longer concerns me.
Dancer: That's all I have to say to you. Good day.
Helnar lets the words sink in as he watches her leave.
He stands in front of his father's grave in helpless solitude while his heart tears at itself within his chest.
Helnar: Haha... Give me a break...
Helnar: ...
Helnar: It doesn't matter where you go; you're as strict as ever. Isn't that right, Father?
A few days later...
A solo dancer enters the spotlight at a local fighting tournament.
Steely Fighter: Oo-hoo-hoo. My opponent is this cutie? How about we ditch the fight and go have some fun?
Dancer: What are you looking at! That's absolutely vulgar! Show some respect to your opponent before a fight!
???: Is there any man alive who isn't bewitched by your beauty?
Dancer: You!
Sensing the woman's impending danger before a formidable opponent, another figure emerges from the shadows.
Helnar: My lovely Gayne. Are you unharmed?
Dancer: What are you doing here? You pop out of nowhere and start spouting this nonsense?
Helnar: If meeting you was fate, then sword dancing with you must also be fate.
Helnar: With your exquisite footwork and my consummate swordplay...
Helnar: Let me be the yin to your yang.
Helnar: What do you say, Gayne? Shall we dance together, side by side?
Dancer: Huh? Don't go deciding things on your own!
Helnar: Sorry, Gayne. It's just that I want to follow this path in life—with you.
Dancer: Sniff... Just don't fall behind, okay?

Helnar Gets His Groove Back: Scene 2

Vyrn listens intently as Helnar finishes his tale of how the deep bond between him and his dancing partner came to be. Feeling energized by the story, Vyrn can't wait to return to the Grandcypher to see (Captain).

The dancing duo's coordinated movements elicit thunderous applause from the crowd, and they make a vow to travel the world together.
Vyrn: Wow. To think you had such a past...
Helnar: The me who desperately tried to be like Father ceased to exist that day. I became free to live my own life.
Helnar: Yeah. She saved me from myself. She's not just my partner—she's my guardian angel.
Vyrn: It's a good thing you met her! Makes me want to go see (Captain) now!
Helnar: Hahaha. You said it. We've been talking for quite a while. We should head back soon.
Vyrn: Yeah! It's gotten dark outside, so watch out for monsters!

Helnar Gets His Groove Back: Scene 3

Back at the airship, Helnar's dancing partner, Gayne, surprises him by showing up unexpectedly and suggests that they separate for good after misinterpreting Helnar's reason for joining the fighting competition. He makes a heartfelt plea to let him dance with her once more, which she accepts, but their road ahead continues to be long and complicated.

Lyria: Vyrn! Helnar! You two finally made it back. I've been waiting for you!
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria! Were you waiting for us so we could all eat dinner together?
Lyria: Um, no, it's not that...
???: Oh, you're finally back, huh? Seriously, how long were you going to make me wait? You haven't changed a bit!
Helnar: Gasp... Gayne?
Vyrn: Say what! That girl with frills is the dancer you've been looking for?
Lyria: She came here in the afternoon asking for you, Helnar. She's been like this the whole time!
Gayne: Is this your answer?
Helnar: What are you talking about?
Gayne: Humph. The Phantom Fencer. Thanks for showing me you that haven't lost your touch.
Gayne: You know the significance of this day. If that's your answer, then I have nothing more to say to you.
Gayne: It's time to decide. Can I assume we'll be going our own separate ways?
Helnar: Gayne. Hear me out.
Gayne: Humph. Why should I listen to you?
Helnar: Sigh. I'm not a swordsman. I'm your one and only partner, Helnar. Did you forget that?
Gayne: Stop it. I'm fed up with being your partner!
Helnar: Please don't say that, Gayne. I've never once forgotten the vow we made when we left town together.
Helnar: Even my father confided in you.
Helnar: Won't you give me another chance to be your partner?
Gayne: How many times have I done that, only for you to turn your back on me?
Gayne: You made a vow to only yourself.
Helnar: Yeah, I know. I... The path I selfishly chose was for my own sake.
Helnar: But I've realized that I'll never be able to achieve my dreams without you.
Helnar: My feelings have never changed since the day your dancing captivated me. Gayne... I'm sorry.
Helnar: Please, I'm begging you. Won't you let me be your partner again?
Gayne: Helnar...
Gayne's normally snappy comebacks fall silent at Helnar's sincere plea.
She meets his piercing gaze and catches a glimpse of his firm resolve.
After some time passes...
Gayne: If you've truly reflected on your heart, then I accept your apology.
Gayne: The fact that you're still the best partner I've ever had hasn't changed.
Helnar: Thank you, Gayne. Our performances will definitely make them shout our names throughout the skydoms!
The two hold each other's hands and vow to start anew.
Vyrn: Phew, so are we finally back to normal?
Lyria: I'm so glad those two made up!
Old Woman: Ah, seems like you've got your father's way with words as well.
Lyria: Wah! Who are you?
Vyrn: Hey, you're that granny from the bar! What are you doing here?
Old Woman: How is everyone? I was just worried about this young man, is all.
Helnar: Forgive me, but have we met before?
Old Woman: Mmm. The more I look at ya, the more ya resemble him. Those eyes, those ears, and those mannerisms... Reminds me of young Heuster.
Lyria: Who is she talking about, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Oh, that's Helnar's dad. He was a famous Erune blademaster.
Helnar: You mentioned something about my father earlier as well. Did you know him?
Old Woman: Oh my, my, my... Why, he was the star of my generation.
Old Woman: All the girls were in love with him.
Old Woman: I met him as the president of the Heuster Fan Club.
Helnar: What?
Old Woman: Coincidentally, he also fought in the competition you won earlier.
Old Woman: When he strode out into that spotlight, oh dearie me, the shrieks from the girls were deafening. You've still got a ways to go, boyo.
Old Woman: You're not ready to take center stage just yet. Keep growing, young'un, and give this old hag one final show.
Helnar: Ngh...
Helnar is having a crisis.
The thought of his uptight father having a fan club, with such zealous fans at that, is too much for him to handle.
Helnar: He... He got more girls than me?
Vyrn: Well, I'm sure it's more complicated than that.
Helnar: I won't lose!
Vyrn: Ack!
Helnar: I don't care if his swordsmanship is better than mine, but I can't—no, I won't—let him beat me when it comes to the ladies!
Vyrn: Uh... What?
Lyria: Um, Helnar? Let's try to calm down, okay?
Helnar: Oops! Shoot, I just acted like an idiot in front of the girls.
Helnar: Ahem. So, uh, Lyria.
Helnar: Given a grey-haired, middle-aged chap or a Helnar in his prime...
Helnar: In the eyes of those poor fan girls, who would you say is more desirable?
Lyria: Huh? Um, um, I don't really know about that kind of stuff...
Helnar: There's no need to be shy. Just let your true feelings escape from those pretty lips of yours.
Helnar: Mwah.
Gayne: Cut that out this instant! Sheesh. After all that's happened, this doofus still hasn't learned a single thing!
Lyria: Aah! Are you okay, Helnar!
Vyrn: Oy, I don't think you've learned anything either!
Helnar has re-established the strong bonds he shares with his long-time partner, Gayne.
Or so it seems, but there are still many things that need to be ironed out.
Gayne: Now you just stay there and think about what you said!
Helnar: Ngh...
Vyrn: These two are unbelievable...
Although there are bound to be hiccups along the way, they will surely be able to reach the end of the long road ahead. Well, that's what Vyrn thinks anyway.
Helnar Gets His Groove Back.

The End.

So Close, Yet So Far

Helnar and Gayne's reunion does not go according to plan, and Gayne is on the point of leaving when monsters appear. The pair perform a dazzling sword dance to defeat the monsters, kindling a light of hope for their partnership.

During their journey, the crew crosses paths with Gayne, a dancer, and Helnar, an itinerant entertainer.
They hope to reunite these former partners, thinking perhaps they'll share another blade dance. At the crucial moment, however, a key ingredient is missing: Helnar himself.
Vyrn: Huh? Where'd that dude get off to? Have you seen him, Katalina?
Katalina: Hmm? Helnar, eh? I know he said something about a harvest festival they were holding in town...
Gayne: Unbelievable. Standing me up to traipse off to a festival? He clearly isn't the least bit sorry for his actions!
Lyria: Well, wait. I mean, Helnar had no idea you'd be here.
Gayne: Hmph! Well, let's go find that chump!
Lyria: Hehe. I just know he'll be surprised to see her.
The crew heads into town to find a harvest festival in full swing, complete with dances to celebrate this year's bounty.
The people clustered around to watch one particular performance seem even livelier than the rest. (Captain) and the others drift over to check it out.
Dancer 1: Wow! Check out those two! Just look at those moves! They're in perfect sync!
Dancer 2: My, my, my... You're quite the agile dancer.
Helnar: Haha, right back at you, gorgeous. I've never had such a perfect partner in my life.
Gayne: Ugh... men. He leaves me alone to go galumphing around with some other woman...
Dancer 1: I. Can't. Even! Dance with me, Helnar!
Dancer 3: You were so dashing! Me next! Pick me!
Helnar: Hehe. Aren't you a sweet bunch of kittens. There's more than enough Helnar to go around, so let's form a nice, orderly line!
Gayne: Goodness... Everyone appears to be enjoying themselves so much! Would the gentleman perhaps condescend to dance with me?
Helnar: Oh, but of course! If you'd kindly just step to the back of the line...
Helnar: Wait, what? G-Gayne?! What in two hills are you doing here?
Vyrn: Yeesh. Helnar has the worst timing.
Gayne: Tee hee. How have you been, Helnar?
Gayne: You've helped me realize something, you know. I realized that I wouldn't want to dance with a hardheaded dandy like you if you were the last man on earth!
Helnar: Wait, wait! This isn't what it looks like! Gayne!
Gayne: We're done here, (Captain)! I should've known better than to think he could change!
Monster: Grrroaaar!
Dancer 1: Aaahhh! M-m-monsters! Monsters in the town!
Gayne: What a ruckus! Well, perfect timing, because I've got some frustrations to work out!
Lyria: Th-this is bad! First they're fighting, and now monsters! We need to do something, (Captain)!
  1. Gayne's going to need some help!
  2. We can't let Helnar get away!

Choose: Gayne's going to need some help!
Helnar: Wait, (Captain)!
Helnar: Could you let me take care of this? I'm begging you...

Choose: We can't let Helnar get away!
Helnar: And sorry, (Captain)... Didn't mean for you to worry about me.
Helnar: It's decision time. Gotta show her how I feel.
Continue 1
Helnar: I'll apologize for what happened. And I'm gonna say it straight out! I wanna travel with her again!
Lyria: Good luck, Helnar!
Vyrn: Attaboy, Helnar! Show her how much you've grown up!
Monster: Grrrr...
Gayne: Psh. You call that dancing? That takes care of the monsters, at least...
Spectator: Aaahh! There were more monsters hiding over there!
Monster: Grrroaaar!
Gayne: Eek!
Monster: Grrrr...
Helnar: My lovely, lovely Gayne. I do hope you aren't hurt?
Gayne: Helnar... What are you doing here?
Helnar: Haha... Who saves a princess in a pinch but her dear prince?
Gayne: Just stop talking, already. Quit being a clown for once in your life.
Helnar: Haha! Still the same Gayne. May I have this dance? Pretty please?
Gayne: Hmph... fine. But this is the last time! You'd better savor it! Helnar
In an instant, the two stood back to back and launched into a blade dance for the ages. Their steps were perfectly timed.
None could look away from their enchanting, liquid grace, and in that instant the monsters ravaging the festival were gone.
Vyrn: Lord have mercy...
Lyria: It's so... so beautiful...
For a single moment, all was silence.
The crowd quickly regained their composure, breaking out in ear-splitting cheers.
Gayne: Well color me impressed! Who knows when you'll hear applause like THAT again...
Helnar: Haha! Aw, shucks! You hear that? I think they're asking us for an encore? How about it?
Gayne: Don't get the wrong idea, mister. Your name is still mud...
Gayne: But you know, when we dance together... There's really no place I'd rather be. So sure. Just this once...
Helnar: Hold it! I'll let you finish, but there's something I need to tell you...
Helnar: I, er... I realize how much I let you down now... You're my partner, Gayne... my only partner. So, uh...
Helnar: Please... could you give me one more chance? We promised each other when we were kids that we'd be world famous. I want to see that happen!
Gayne: Oh, Helnar... me, too...
Mr. Oblivious: Hey! Mr. Helnar! You wanted to party with those dancers, right? Everything's up and running!
Helnar: What?
Helnar: That's strange. I don't believe I've ever seen you before in my life. Sure you don't have the wrong guy?
Mr. Oblivious: What? Surely you're joking? You are Mr. Helnar, aren’t you? The same Mr. Helnar who told me to gather, and I quote, “the finest jewels among dancers”?
Helnar: Okay, okay! Just. Stop. Talking! I’m begging you!
Gayne: ...
Helnar: Gayne... it's not what it sounds like, I swear! I did it before I knew you were here, okay? You gotta believe me... don't you?!
Helnar: Wha?!
Gayne: I think I've heard enough. All right, everyone! Let’s get back to the ship and leave this... man... to his precious jewels.
Vyrn: So much for making up... You all right, Helnar?
Helnar: Urk...
Lyria: H-hey! You alright?! Helnar! (Captain)! Do you think you can carry Helnar? I don't think Gayne is going to wait for us!
Just as it seemed Gayne and Helnar had finally patched things up, a man with an exceptionally poor sense of timing brought it all crashing back down.
But still the journey went on. Perhaps time would heal all wounds. Of course, that's a big perhaps.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
むむっ!美女の気配だ…! I sense some lovely ladies nearby!
むむっ!美女の気配だ…!Yes, the same text does appear twice. I sense some lovely ladies nearby!Yes, the same text does appear twice.
ふっ…俺に惚れると火傷するよ? Heh, you'll just get hurt if you fall for me.
こういう火遊びも悪くないな…! Things are gonna get hot, and in more ways than one!
このスリル…これも旅の醍醐味だね The thrill is all part of the fun!
うーん…華々しさが足りないね Hmm, could use a bit more spark.
時に繊細に…時に大胆に…!! Sensitive, yet bold... I'm your man!
如何なるときも優雅に美しく…ね One must be elegant, both in wake and in sleep.
(主人公)君は逸材のようだね… (Captain), you're quite the talented one, aren't you?
(主人公)さぁ、先へ進もうか! Let's go, (Captain)!


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