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Official Profile

Age 36 Height 170 cm Race Human
Hobbies Ramen
Likes Ramen
Dislikes Bad ramen

Character Release


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Age 36歳 Height 170cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies ラーメン
Likes ラーメン
Dislikes マズいラーメン

Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
Tonight everyone's getting ready for the surprise party and... Cough! Cough!
Never mind. How 'bout you and I head out and get ourselves a bowl of ramen!


A very Happy Birthday to you, Captain!
You know, if you have 60 years left to live and eat three times a day, that makes...
Only 65,700 more chances to eat ramen!
So, always remember to treasure each day and every bowl.
You only live once, after all!
Too preachy? Haha! Well, what are birthdays for!
You didn't think I'd give you an earful and forget about your present did you? Here you go!


Ramen's best when it's hot out of the pot, you know!
Half-cooked noodles are no good, and over-cooked noodles won't do either.
Boiling noodles, like most things in life, counts on timing to get it right.
So don't try to rush things. Or take too much time either...
Ha-ha, (Captain)! You always seem to be rushin' around over this and that.
That's why I saved this tidbit of advice for your birthday!


Happy birthday!
Ramen truly is fascinating cuisine, don't you think?
Even from the most minute of circumstances, the flavors change and transform—you could say that no two bowls are exactly the same.
Each and every bowl of ramen is a culinary piece of art—a marriage of noodles and broth.
That's why I have to make sure I'm truly ready before facing a bowl of ramen.
And just like ramen, there are no two hearts in the sky that are exactly the same.
Regardless of who you meet or what you encounter along the way, (Captain)...
You're always true to your heart, facing it all head on, just like a ramen bowl.
I hope that you'll continue to stay true to your heart during our travels together.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
We sure ate a lot of ramen together this year, didn't we?
Each and every bowl was unforgettable in its own way. They're all precious memories.
Happy occasions, fun activities, and delicious ramen are all the same—
Without a healthy mind and body, you can't fully appreciate any of them.
So in order to enjoy your ramen, and your life, to the fullest...
Make sure to take care of yourself every day, and don't push yourself too hard.
And join me for some ramen again too!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year! Now just how many bowls of ramen will I get to eat this year...
The anticipation's killing me!


Happy New Year, Captain! Listed out your new year resolutions yet?
Me? Of course! I have but one! Taste all the ramen I can find!
Ah yes, and exercise it all off.
Ramen always tastes better when you're in tip-top shape!


Happy New Year! Let's make this year a good one!
I tell you, there sure are a lot of good cooks in this crew!
And the stuff they serve up for New Year's celebrations is really scrumptious!
But, you know... Pampering your taste buds like that refines the tongue.
That means I'd better choose carefully which type of ramen to start off the new year with.
Oh, what a luxurious dilemma!


Happy New Year! Here's to another year of travels together.
By the way, (Captain). Are you a fan of mochi?
Did you know that mochi actually goes quite well on ramen?
I thought we'd have some ramen with mochi to ring in the new year.
So what do you say, (Captain)? Let's share our first bowls of the year together.


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Boy, I sure encountered a lot of outstanding ramen last year.
When I think of all the new encounters to come in the next year, I get so excited it feels like my heart's about to burst.
What's that? My stomach should be the one bursting?
Ahaha! That's a good point, (Captain)!
Eating so much delicious ramen that your stomach bursts sounds like living the dream...
But if I screw up my health, I won't be able to eat ramen anymore.
I'm going to eat in moderation and keep an eye on my condition so I can enjoy ramen forever!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's, Captain! Oh! Chocolates? For me?
Well, I'm absolutely flattered! I'll be sure to take care of them... What? Eat them now?


You called, Captain?
What! Why, this map here leads to a ramen restaurant on a nearby island!
You got this just for me?
Oh, thank you! Bless your little heart! Let's go right now!
Please come along! It'll be my treat!
And here, take this. We'll save it for dessert!


Well, well! It's this year's map of ramen shops!
Huh? All the shops are listed but their ratings are blank...
I see! We go around together and rate them ourselves!
All right, let's go then! I'm ready when you are!
And why don't we share this chocolate on the way to the first shop? Okay?


Happy Valentine's Day!
I see you've prepared another ramen map and chocolates this year for Valentine's Day... Thank you kindly, (Captain).
So! Will we be touring more ramen shops together this year as well?
Wait... This one right here—could it be? Aha, I knew it!
I heard the ramen from this shop here on the map actually goes well with chocolate!
Since it's Valentine's Day, what do you say we go order a bowl and dip these chocolates in brothy goodness?


Huh? What's the apology for, (Captain)?
You weren't able to prepare a ramen map this year?
No big deal! I know you're busy, so don't worry about it in the slightest!
Just the fact that you gave me these chocolates makes me incredibly happy.
And besides! While it's fun visiting shops we've researched and building up our expectations...
It's exciting trying shops we know nothing about too. That's nice in its own way.
And when you have someone to share the excitement with, that makes it even better!
So let's have ramen together again sometime, (Captain)!

White Day Cutscenes
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Wanna go get some ramen? There's a really good place nearby!
Delicious! The flavor explodes in your mouth! I hoped this would make a perfect thank you for all the things you do.
And it's White Day, so this one's on me! Go ahead and dig in!


Ta-da! Sweets for my sweet (Captain)!
Bet you were expecting ramen again, weren't you?
Well, I never tire of ramen myself of course. But I've the sense to know that not everyone feels the same.
Yes, I can be quite the gentleman sometimes!
What? This would be great after a bowl of ramen?
Oh, you don't know how happy I am to hear that! Let's go! I know an excellent place around here!


Heh-heh-heh... This year's plan is perfect!
All right, (Captain), let's go to my favorite ramen shops!
I even found a place that serves sweets right at your table!
Have all the bowls of ramen or plates of sweets that you want!
After all, it's White Day!


Happy White Day!
Heh-heh... I found quite the peculiar ramen shop this year.
They call it "confection ramen."
Confection ramen has a sweet broth base and fruits for toppings on the noodles.
I thought it'd be my own unique way of getting you something in return for Valentine's Day.
I guarantee that you'll love it. Let's go!
Nothing quite as thrilling as the discovery of new ramen, right?


You're not too cold, are you, (Captain)?
You know, I heard this shop was getting pretty popular recently...
But I never expected the line to be this long. Sorry for making you tag along.
Since it's White Day and all, I just wanted to take you to a first-class shop.
Oh, that's true! A nice conversation will help pass the time in an instant.
I've got a cold body, an empty stomach, and (Captain) by my side!
The ramen today is sure to taste amazing!
I hope you feel the same way, (Captain)!

Ippatsu's Choice square.jpg Ippatsu's Choice

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
I want to give trick-or-treaters ramen as a treat...
But the ramen shops in these parts are so good I can't pick a flavor, you see!
There's salt, soy sauce, and miso broth... But don't forget chicken, sardine, and pork... Oh, how to choose!
Mmm-mmm... Ah! Why don't we eat first, then decide?


Ah, Captain! Perfect timing!
I'm bringing these little trick-or-treaters out for some ramen.
You know what they say: all sweets and no ramen makes Jimmy a very dull boy!
I might have paraphrased... But the point is that it'll be my treat!
How about you, Captain? Care to join us?
Is there a catch, you say? Haha! I'll treat you if you don't trick me! How's that?


It's a real shame... I wanted to treat the kiddies to some ramen, see...
But wouldn't you know it! The line of ramen shops on the island next door are closed today!
Ahhh... It's times like these when I wish bowls of ramen were easy to carry around...
Not enough magic in the world to make something like that... Ramen for the road...


Happy Halloween!
Say, (Captain)... Would you be interested in a ramen shop that appears only on Halloween?
I hear they only offer two toppings. You can choose "trick" or "treat."
I don't know exactly what each choice entails, but I've heard they're quite good!
Let's invite some of the children and go have a taste for ourselves, shall we?


Hmm... I wanted to give out ramen to the kids as treats...
But then they'd have to walk around with a hot bowl, and it'd be terrible if any broth spilled on them.
I thought about leaving out the broth, but the bowl would still be a pain to carry.
Portable ramen... Hmm... I wonder what the best method is...
Actually, this isn't the sort of problem that can be solved right away!
For today, I'll treat you to some ramen at a shop nearby!
Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. I haven't heard you say the magic words yet!
Go ahead and say it—don't be shy! Trick or treat!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! Santa must get mighty cold traveling alone in winter.
But it's nothing a warm bowl of ramen couldn't fix!


Jolly holly holidays, Captain!
Care for a little stroll before ol' Santa drops by?
A piping-hot bowl of ramen should be a fine, festive delight on a cold winter day!
My treat of course! Take it as my holiday gift to you!


I'm telling you, ramen tastes great when the season turns chilly!
The longest winter night is the best time to sit down with a few bowls of ramen!
So how about it, (Captain)? Let's grab a bite while we wait for Santa!
Ha-ha! If he shows up while we're eating...
I'll treat him to a bowl of ramen too!


'Tis the season!
Brr... It sure is cold though. Looks like it'll snow tonight.
There's a ramen cart around here that I've been meaning to try. How about we check it out?
They say this one only shows up on the most holy and silent of nights.
Oho! So you're interested? All right. I'll lead the way.
There's something magical about ramen on a snowy night, don't you think?


I'll be making ramen for this year's holiday dinner!
My piping hot ramen is sure to warm you up and give you the strength to make it through the winter!
That being said, if you eat a big bowl of ramen, you won't have room for anything else.
And that'd be a waste, considering the huge spread of delicious food at the feast.
So I did a little brainstorming, and I came up with this!
I call it... cup ramen!
This way, light eaters can have one cup, and heavy eaters can have refills!
I hope you'll eat to your stomach's content too, (Captain)!

Fate Episodes

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Ippatsu Indignation

Disappointed with the perception of ramen as junk food at a particular ramen chain, Ippatsu has a squabble with the shopkeep. He then decides to create the ideal bowl of ramen himself to spread the true greatness of ramen.

No version of Ippatsu in crew

The noodle-loving man Ippatsu would do anything for a bowl of ramen—the local cuisine of a remote island.
He searches far and wide in the Phantagrande Skydom to collect ingredients for the ramen master.
However, Ippatsu has no means of reaching the ramen master, who has since set up shop in another skydom.
Fortunately he was able to cross paths with (Captain) and company, who were trying to cross the Grim Basin.
Ippatsu: I mean, I've collected some ingredients, but I have no airship capable of getting me to the ramen master's skydom.
Ippatsu: And the Seven Luminary Knights are too busy for me to get in touch with.
Ippatsu: But if I go with you, I might be able to go and see the master personally!
(Captain) gladly welcomed Ippatsu aboard the Grandcypher.

Any version of Ippatsu is a crew member

Ippatsu, lover of all things ramen.
Continue 1
Some time after his admission into the crew...
(Captain) and company widen their eyes at the row of signs planted along the road on a certain island.
Ippatsu: Could this be...
Lyria: Erm... I see "ramen" plastered all over.
Ippatsu: Ahh, do you see it too? What a blessing it is to know mine eyes do not deceive me!
Ippatsu: Ramen awaits us just past these signs!
Ippatsu: It calls out to me like a siren to a scoundrel! Just a little farther now!
Vyrn: Hey, wait for us!
Lyria: A-ahaha... Ippatsu's passion for ramen is really something.
Amused by the absurdity of it all, the crew chases after the exuberant Ippatsu.
They follow the signs to find a ritzy ramen shop on the main road.
Ippatsu: ...!
Lyria: Wow, this place is really big!
Vyrn: Yeah, just look at all those customers inside! I can already tell you're gonna love this place, Ippatsu!
Ippatsu: ...
Vyrn: Hey, what's wrong? You'd usually be more—
Ippatsu: Aaaauggh!
Ippatsu: My heart pounds with excitement to no end!
Vyrn: Whoa!
Lyria: Um... Your heart is... pounding?
Ippatsu: Yaaas!
Ippatsu: Ramen was originally born as the traditional cuisine of one particular island.
Ippatsu: So it behooves me to say... that ramen is not particularly well-known across the skies!
Ippatsu: But still I must ask you to feast your eyes on the magnificent ramen shop before you!
Ippatsu: Located right in the middle of this busy road! How splendid it looks!
Ippatsu: Not to mention the mass legions who dine within its walls!
Ippatsu: They indulge in the wondrous delight that is ramen as if it were an everyday commodity!
Ippatsu: To not be moved would be a paradox of the greatest magnitude!
Lyria: I see... Come to think of it, I don't see ramen shops all that often.
Ippatsu: Precisely! Ahh, the excitement within my breast soars!
Ippatsu: But enough talk! Come—let us discover the remarkable taste for ourselves!
Rushed in by Ippatsu, the crew take their seats and do not wait long for their ramen.
Ippatsu: Aaagh! That heavenly scent alone is worth the price!
Ippatsu: Chicken broth, is it? No! To make such false accusations before even taking a sip would be outrageous!
Lyria: Hehe, it'd be a shame if it gets cold... Let's eat up right away!
Ippatsu: Truer words have never been spoken! Now then...
Ippatsu: Without further ado!
Ippatsu: Slurp... Chew...
Ippatsu: Oh my...
Ippatsu: This tingling sensation as the rich aroma of the soy sauce pervades my senses and passes into my throat!
Ippatsu: But no!
Ippatsu: While I do like the mixture of condiments used, they fail to do justice to the broth!
Ippatsu: It differs little from a woodpecker knackered from pecking too much wood!
Ippatsu: I imagine a faulty draining process to be the culprit.
Ippatsu: And the noodles are just as lackluster!
Ippatsu: It is as if they've strained their backs from busting a move too many in the soup!
Ippatsu: If only they'd been given just an itty-bitty bit more time to simmer!
Vyrn: Nom... Nom... Well, I can't speak on the details, but it's kinda meh.
Ippatsu: So you see it too!
Ippatsu: With just a little more effort, this could have been such marvelous ramen!
Ippatsu: Hey, mister! Tell me—what is the meaning of this imperfection!
Menacing Shopkeep: Argh, shut your yappin' for goodness sake!
Ippatsu: You will tell me why this bowl of ramen did not receive your utmost love and care!
Menacing Shopkeep: Youse got a problem with my ramen?
Ippatsu: That's right! What a damned crying shame your ramen is!
Ippatsu: Do you not hear the muffled cries of the delicate noodles?
Menacing Shopkeep: The heck is wrong with youse! Cheap and fast is the way I like to do things! Nuthin' wrong with that!
Menacing Shopkeep: Tch... Worryin' about every stinkin' little detail costs money, you know!
Menacing Shopkeep: At the end of the day, I need to turn a profit, ya noodle-noggin!
Ippatsu: But that's—
Menacing Shopkeep: Can it already! If youse just gonna grumble and moan, then get the hell out! The other customers don't need to hear this crap!
The shopkeep grabs Ippatsu by the neck and tosses him out the door.
Not wishing to exacerbate things, (Captain) and the others follow Ippatsu outside.
Ippatsu: Sigh...
Vyrn: Erm... I know how ya feel, Ippatsu, but laying it on so thick in there probably wasn't the best way to go about it.
Vyrn: But, yeah, I'll take yummy ramen over meh ramen any day!
Ippatsu: Vyrn...
Ippatsu: You should know the unexceptional flavor alone isn't quite what disheartens me...
Ippatsu: Consider the fact that the shop is smack dab in the middle of this busy street...
Ippatsu: When the people of this town hear "ramen," that place is the first thing they think of.
Ippatsu: Meaning ramen is nothing out of the ordinary for them.
Ippatsu: Oh, the anguish that tears at my heart...
Ippatsu: Sigh...
The others in the crew exchange looks while trying to console Ippatsu.
(Captain) asks Lyria to stay with Ippatsu before going back into town to verify something.
Ippatsu: I suppose being down in the dumps all day won't change much of anything...
Vyrn: Ippatsu! Boy, have we got news for you!
Vyrn: Heheh, there's a ramen shop in the neighboring town too! Whaddya say we go try cleansing our palates there?
Lyria: Yeah! Things didn't turn out too well here, but I'm sure the next place will be better!
Ippatsu: You guys...
Vyrn: Let's get a move on! I didn't eat much back there, so I'm starvin' now!
Ippatsu: Yes, of course! Let us make tracks!
The crew sets out for the ramen shop in the neighboring town.
Ippatsu: Wha...
Ippatsu: The signs are identical...
Lyria: Come to think of it, the shape of the building looks just like the last one...
Having overheard their conversation, the owner of this shop comes out to greet the crew.
Branch Shopkeep: You folks talking about the ramen place in the town over? We're all part of the same chain, so you can expect us to deliver the same tasty flavor!
Ippatsu: Urgh!
Ippatsu: A branch... serving the same ramen...
Branch Shopkeep: Huh? Um... Ramen's pretty much the same everywhere you go on this island.
Ippatsu: Ngh!
Ippatsu: By Jove, tell me it's not true!
Lyria: Eep! I-Ippatsu?
The crew goes into a panic as Ippatsu drops to his knees at the revelation.
Ippatsu clenches his fists and slams them on the ground as he lets out a strained voice.
Ippatsu: My poor, poor ramen... You deserve so much better!
Branch Shopkeep: Um... What's that supposed to mean?
Ippatsu: I can respect the effort to serve ramen at a very affordable price.
Ippatsu: It's cheap. It's fast. You can eat it anytime! Nothing wrong with that.
Ippatsu: That's probably the impression everyone in town has of ramen.
Ippatsu: They must all think, "Yeah, I know ramen's not exactly tasty..."
Ippatsu: But ramen has so much more potential...
Ippatsu: That is what stings like daggers to my heart!
Ippatsu: Sob... Uwaaah...
Vyrn: I feel ya...
Lyria looks on with concern when an idea hits her.
Lyria: Um... Ippatsu! Why not take it upon yourself to show the people of this island how delicious ramen can be?
Ippatsu: Me? Show them delicious ramen?
Lyria: Yes! You can make the best there is and show them firsthand the joy that is ramen!
Ippatsu: The joy... that is ramen...
Ippatsu: No... My specialty is in its consumption.
Ippatsu: For me to produce ramen truly worthy of its greatness is an exercise in futili—
Branch Shopkeep: Hey, I think you should give it a shot! I'm kind of a newbie to this sorta thing.
Branch Shopkeep: If it's too much for you to handle alone, I'd be more than glad to lend a hand!
Ippatsu: Shopkeep...
Vyrn: Hahah! It doesn't get much better than this, Ippatsu! Go for it!
  1. You the man! The Ramen Man!

Choose: You the man! The Ramen Man!
Ippatsu: (Captain)...
Ippatsu: Thank you for believing in me!
Ippatsu: It must have been the hand of fate that guided me here!
Ippatsu: Consider this challenge accepted! Brace yourselves, everyone! Greatness is coming!
A bold resolve takes hold within Ippatsu's heart.
And thus begins his quest to prove to the townspeople just how euphoric a bowl of noodles can be.

Ramen Perfected

Ippatsu considers using chicken broth at first before settling for exquisite gara-gara broth—but they must hunt the wild bird themselves.

The time has come to show the people of this island the amazing heights that ramen can reach.
And Ippatsu is ready to go all in to do just that.
Vyrn: So what kinda ramen are you gonna make, Ippatsu?
Ippatsu: I'm thinking chicken broth ramen.
Branch Shopkeep: Chicken broth? That doesn't sound much different from what we already use...
Ippatsu: Yes. I figure that'd be more palatable for the people here.
Branch Shopkeep: True, true. Perhaps the enhanced flavor of the ramen will stand out that much more if we stick with the same type of broth!
Ippatsu: Yes. The impact will be that much greater indeed. You know, I did consider pork broth as well.
Ippatsu: However, the smell might be a bit much for some. Nothing wrong with playing it safe, I say!
Vyrn: All righty then! Let's go find ourselves some chicken breasts from the local market!
Branch Shopkeep: Just to be clear, we actually only need the bones.
Lyria: Oh? What do you mean?
Ippatsu: We don't need any of the actual meat. We only need to let the chicken bones simmer in the soup.
Lyria: Ah, I see! So the bones are good for adding flavor even if we can't eat them.
Vyrn: Okay, chicken bones coming right up!
Ippatsu: Wait!
Ippatsu: I was hesitant to go this route because of the time it might take...
Ippatsu: But let us go with gara-gara bones!
Branch Shopkeep: Are you serious? Using... gara-gara?
Vyrn: Gara-gara? You trying to tickle our funny bones?
Ippatsu: The exquisite taste of gara-gara broth must be experienced firsthand to know its superiority...
Ippatsu: But they are such turbulent birds that breeding them is nary an impossibility.
Ippatsu: Meaning we'll have to capture them from the wilderness.
Ippatsu: I know full well that it's not something they serve regularly in the shop...
Ippatsu: But I want everyone to taste it for themselves!
Ippatsu: I shall be back soon enough with gara-gara fresher than fresh!
Vyrn: Whoa, slow down there! (Captain), I think we'd come in handy here!
Vyrn: Heh-heh, we ought to tag along to any islands populated with gara-gara!
(Captain) nods in agreement and sets out for the Grandcypher.
Ippatsu: Sorry for all the trouble, Captain. Really appreciate it though.
Ippatsu: I'll pay it forward by making sure this island gets a taste of the best ramen it's ever had!
The crew departs on a hunt for the elusive gara-gara.

Ramen Perfected: Scene 2

With gara-gara in hand, Ippatsu sets to making various flavors of ramen. Lilele joins in on the taste-testing fun. While the crew is very much pleased, Ippatsu feels that something is missing.

The crew returns to the island with a gara-gara in hand.
Ippatsu: We've got one fine gara-gara here to turn into broth!
Branch Shopkeep: I'm all ready!
(Captain) and the others see Ippatsu and the shopkeep to the kitchen.
Lilele not in crew

???: Hello! Is Ippatsu here by any chance?
Lyria: Yes! Oh, but he's got his hands tied in the kitchen right now...
???: Oh, really? So Ippatsu's taken on the challenge of ramen preparation himself!
Vyrn: Huh? So you already knew about that?
???: Of course! He asked me to be his taste tester!
Lyria: Ah, that explains it!
Lilele: Teehee, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm Lilele.
Vyrn: Nice to meetcha! Hang with us a for a bit—shouldn't be too long till the ramen's ready.

Lilele is a crew member

Lilele: Hm... Is this the shop Ippatsu mentioned? Oh! (Captain)!
Vyrn: Huh? Whatcha doin' here, Lilele?
Lilele: Ippatsu called me out here to try his ramen.
Vyrn: Yeah? Hang with us for a bit—shouldn't be too long till the ramen's ready!
Continue 1
(Captain), Vyrn, Lyria, and Lilele take it easy while waiting for Ippatsu and the shopkeep to come out of the kitchen.
Vyrn: Sigh... It's taking 'em forever to get the broth ready.
Lilele: I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!
Ippatsu: My apologies for the delay, everyone!
Lyria: Yay! So the ramen's ready?
Ippatsu: Well, not quite...
Ippatsu: But the broth most certainly is! Here, I'd like you all to take a sip!
Vyrn: Slurp... Wow, I didn't think soup by itself could be this good!
Lilele: My turn... Sip... Ah, this is incredible! There's no odor at all coming from the broth either!
Lyria: Hm... I'm not sure if sweet is the best way to describe this... Smooth maybe?
Each in the crew praise the savory goodness being served to them.
Ippatsu: Whew, what a relief to know I've got the soup right!
Ippatsu: Now to figure out which seasoning works best with it...
Ippatsu: What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Roll in the salt.
  2. Good ol' soy sauce all the way.
  3. I'm craving the richness of miso.

Choose: Roll in the salt.
Lyria: Salty ramen is the way to go if you want to emphasize the taste of the broth!
Ippatsu: A generous helping of salt coming right up!
Ippatsu goes away briefly, only to return shortly after with a bowl in hand.
Ippatsu: I present to you ultra-deluxe salty ramen!
Ippatsu: This is no plain old salt either—it's grade A stuff gathered from the salt farms in Auguste!
Ippatsu: Relish in the all-natural goodness as it plunges down your larynx!
Lyria: Wow! I love salt as much as anyone else! Slurp... The broth is so much better with it!
Lilele: Aah! The saltacular sensation as it caresses my tongue is so refreshing! I could go for infinite refills!
Lyria: This is amazing! No, you're amazing, Ippatsu—for being able to make this on your first try!

Choose: Good ol' soy sauce all the way.
Vyrn: I'm with ya, (Captain)! Ramen and soy sauce go together like two peas in a pod!
Ippatsu: Indeed! Let us proceed with the tried-and-true then!
Ippatsu: I'll be back in a jiffy!
Ippatsu goes away briefly, only to return shortly after with a bowl in hand.
Ippatsu: I present to you ultra-deluxe soy sauce ramen!
Vyrn: Mm! You've got my mouth watering from the sweet scent of the soy sauce alone!
Lilele: Slurp, chew... Mm, the flavor is so much richer this way!
Ippatsu: Adding dried mushrooms into the mix brought the ramen into a whole nother dimension!
Ippatsu: Ah, the holy matrimony between the gara-gara and the mushrooms that dwell within the same region—truly a match made in heaven!
Vyrn: Erm... I dunno about this marriage stuff, but yeah, it's pretty good! Color me impressed, Ippatsu!

Choose: I'm craving the richness of miso.
Lilele: The broth itself is already very thick, so something equally thick like miso would complement it well.
Ippatsu: Gulp... You speak of the forbidden pairing... Will our palates be able to withstand the big bang of flavors?
Ippatsu: But enough talk! We shall let our taste buds do the testing!
Ippatsu goes away briefly, only to return shortly after with a bowl in hand.
Ippatsu: I present to you ultra-deluxe miso ramen!
Lilele: Nom, nom... Is this... butter and corn? Your idea of toppings is most refined!
Vyrn: Chomp... Nice! The tender crispiness of the corn is the best part about it!
Lyria: Wow, the flavors of the broth and the miso blend together surprisingly well... It's delicious!
Ippatsu: I've brought upon the full force of chopped onions to awaken the miso's inherent properties.
Lilele: What a wonderful smorgasbord of flavors! The broth, miso, and onions all complement each other really well.
Lilele: Bravo, Ippatsu! That was delicious!
Continue 2
Ippatsu: I won't rest easy yet! This was only a trial.
Ippatsu: Ramen has so much more potential just waiting to be unlocked!
Branch Shopkeep: All right! Let's try and see how we can bring this ramen to the next level!
Ippatsu: Challenge accepted!
The two return to the kitchen and promptly begin cooking their next batch of ramen.
Ippatsu's endeavor continues for days on end, with (Captain) and company present to taste-test.
Ippatsu: Hold it right there!
Vyrn: Whoa! What's up with this ramen? This mountain of veggies and meats are practically burying the noodles!
Lilele: The pork-flavored seasoning matches the vegetables to a tee!
Lyria: Teehee, I like the overwhelming presence of these chunks of meat. Wonder if I can finish it all...
Ippatsu: Feast your eyes on my latest creation!
Lyria: Huh? The soup is all white!
Lilele: Hm, there must be milk in here! Is this some kind of stew?
Vyrn: This is pretty neat! The saltiness just kinda mellows out with the milk!
Ippatsu: Brace for the impact of this next one! Here's a few glasses of water too!
Vyrn: Whoa... This thing looks like a mini-volcano...
Lyria: Yikes! I think I'll be breathing fire after just one sip!
Lilele: Hm... I think I could get used to this! The explosion of spicy and umami on my taste buds feels really nice!
Ippatsu goes on to test out different types of ramen. But he is not fully satisfied with any single one.
Ippatsu: I need something impactful that also conveys profound tranquility—the type perfect for daily consumption!
Ippatsu: I am most certain the possibility exists for ramen! And I am going to discover it!
Ippatsu: Oh, my precious ramen! I'm going to dedicate everything I have to you!
Ippatsu: Please watch over me, Ramen Master... I can do this... I will do it!

Ramen Perfected: Scene 3

Sierokarte points out how the myriad of rare ingredients in the experimental ramen makes it unsuitable for mass production. Disappointed, Ippatsu walks out in a daze and happens upon a smaller ramen shop. Impressed with the taste, he introduces the shopkeep into the ramen chain from earlier. Magic happens and the joy of ramen spreads through the island.

Ippatsu continues his research to produce the ideal bowl of ramen.
To gather a greater range of opinions, he consults Sierokarte.
Sierokarte: Wow! This ramen is really something, Ippatsu!
Ippatsu: Aah! Your praise is music to my ears!
Sierokarte: Though I'm not too sure about serving these as regular menu items for the shop.
Ippatsu: Ngh! Why do you wound me so?
Sierokarte: Well, a quick look at the ingredient list you showed me earlier revealed a few not-so-easy-to-obtain items...
Sierokarte: Consistency in taste is key to any successful restaurant—something you'll be hard-pressed to keep up without easy access to key ingredients.
Ippatsu: You make a fine argument!
Ippatsu: In Auguste, we generally only use stockfish in small portions...
Ippatsu: But when we run out, there's no telling when the next shipment might arrive...
Ippatsu: How daft of me! I was too caught up in the creation process!
Ippatsu: Ramen you cannot have when you crave it most is akin to chopsticks in the sky!
Ippatsu: I claim to draw out the infinite possibilities lying dormant within ramen, but look at what it has come to!
Ippatsu: My shortsightedness in this grave matter is most criminal!
Ippatsu: Much obliged for pointing out the fact, Siero...
Sierokarte: Oh, not at all. Just know that I always have been and always will be a fan of your ramen. Consider the tip a friendly gesture.
Ippatsu: You humble me...
Ippatsu eases up and thanks Sierokarte one last time before returning to the Grandcypher.
Ippatsu: Sigh... This is what happens when I get carried away...
Ippatsu: Perhaps I should give it a shot with more easily obtainable fish...
Ippatsu: Or should I go back to pork broth? Mixing it with vegetable soup should suppress the odor a bit...
Ippatsu, his mind abuzz with ramen recipes, stops in his tracks when a voice calls out.
Vyrn: Boy, I'm starving. What are we having?
Lyria: Well, Ippatsu should be coming back from Siero's Knickknack Shack any time now, so let's hold off until then.
Vyrn: I guess it's ramen again, huh? 'Cept I'm really craving some bread right now...
Vyrn: Hey, I'm not saying Ippatsu's ramen sucks or anything, just that it's been so long since I've had some freshly baked bread...
Ippatsu: ...!
Ippatsu: Oh, no, no...
Ippatsu: (Ippatsu, you callous berk!)
Ippatsu: (They've gone out of their way to help me concoct the perfect bowl of ramen, yet...)
Ippatsu: (I've destroyed their livelihoods with the endless cycle of broth and noodle—day in, day out...)
Ippatsu: (It's no wonder they tire of it! They're not me!)
Ippatsu: (At this rate, it won't be long before they come to see ramen as the most infernal of rancid dregs...)
Ippatsu: How did it come to this...
Ippatsu dejectedly staggers out of the airship.
Ippatsu: Sigh...
Ippatsu wanders aimlessly for some time, coming to a full stop when a voice calls out.
Old Man: Hey there, you're lookin' a lil' tipsy. Had a few too many drinks?
Ippatsu: Yes... You could say I've become intoxicated with ramen broth... Intoxicated with my dream...
Old Man: You look like you could use some R and R. Why not come inside my shop for a spell?
Though the old man was just about ready to close shop, he lets Ippatsu in.
Ippatsu: Sigh...
Ippatsu: I'm a flop... An utter washout...
Old Man: I don't know what troubles you're facin', buddy, but why don't you put some food in yourself? Can't do much if your stomach's growlin'.
The old man goes off to prepare some food and returns with a bowl he sets in front of Ippatsu.
Ippatsu: Could this be...
Ippatsu: Ramen!
Old Man: Mm-hm. I've been makin' ramen here long before it became so well-known.
Ippatsu: Is that so...
Old Man: Meh, don't worry about it. You might wanna eat up before it gets soggy.
Ippatsu: ...
Ippatsu: This looks good!
Ippatsu: Slurp, slurp...
Oh my...
Ippatsu: The astringent properties of the chicken broth are effectively mellowed out by the gentle embrace of the vegetable broth!
Ippatsu: Much like the futon I lie on every night, the kindness and tranquility wash over me like a waterfall!
Ippatsu: I've never had anything like this, yet it feels so... nostalgic!
Old Man: Hahaha, you're quite the poet, aren't ya. It's all good with me as long you're enjoying the ramen.
Ippatsu: Slurp, slurp...
Ippatsu: This is it! This is the very taste I've toiled day and night to discover!
Ippatsu: So good, yet so dear—precisely the type of ramen you'd want to eat every day!
Ippatsu: Mister!
Old Man: Yeah? I'm listenin'.
Ippatsu: I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds by asking for this favor on top of kindness already received, but...
Ippatsu: Please! Lend me your help!
The old man stares dumbfounded at the overzealous Ippatsu.
Shortly after...
Menacing Shopkeep: Tch, youse better have a good reason for bringing me out here.
Branch Shopkeep: Aw, c'mon! You're off for the day anyway!
Ippatsu invited the two to the old man's place.
Ippatsu: I appreciate you coming all the way here!
Menacing Shopkeep: It'd better be good if youse don't want a face full o' ramen!
Ippatsu: What say we have a bite first before jumping to conclusions?
Ippatsu: One bowl of ramen for everyone here, mister!
The old man comes out ready to serve.
Menacing Shopkeep: Tsk... And I thought my chain was the only one to serve up the stuff...
Ippatsu: Actions, not words, please! The ramen awaits you!
Menacing Shopkeep: Heh... If youse say so... Chomp... This is...
Menacing Shopkeep: Damned good! Look—I can't take my hand off the chopsticks! It's that good!
Branch Shopkeep: Mm! The meat and the egg nearly melt in my mouth... But they don't! Ah, their overwhelming presence cannot be understated!
Ippatsu: Now you're talking my language!
Menacing Shopkeep: Humph... I'll admit youse done some good work here... I bet your secret's in the ingredients.
Old Man: Not really. I use the run-of-the-mill stuff you can buy anywhere. It's all in the cook's skill if you ask me!
Menacing Shopkeep: Youse tryin' to mock me? No way in hell can—
Old Man: Hehehe... I'll admit there are little things to watch out for here and there. Just small stuff really.
Ippatsu: Shopkeep...
Ippatsu: I sincerely apologize for my most discourteous language the other day.
Ippatsu: There is certainly nothing wrong with serving food cheap and fast.
Ippatsu: But would it not be so much better to have the customers genuinely enjoy what they're eating?
Menacing Shopkeep: Heh... Youse soundin' as snooty as ever. It's not like I go out my way to serve lousy ramen, you know?
Menacing Shopkeep: 'Sides, if the rupies ain't flowin', then my staff ain't gonna be workin'.
Menacing Shopkeep: But you know... I'm thinkin' a change of course might be in order... Heck, this bowl of ramen sure did a number on me.
Ippatsu: Then that means...
Menacing Shopkeep: How'd you like to be an advisor at my place, mister? Cheap and fast, but delicious—with your help!
Old Man: Oho, sounds like fun! Count me in.
Ippatsu: ...!
Ippatsu: I look forward to whatever ramen you come up with!
Menacing Shopkeep: Hah! Your stomach's gonna be growlin' non-stop when you get a whiff!
As Ippatsu will learn soon enough, bringing these individuals together was the key to birthing new ramen on this island.
Lilele: Hi, hi! Affordable yet tasty ramen for all! One sip and you'll be singing its praises for days on end!
Lilele helps in her own way by spreading word of the ramen across town.
The public perception of ramen takes a drastic turn. No longer just cheap and fast—it is also delicious.
Boy: Heheh, Mommy! Let's go for ramen!
Mother: But I thought you hated ramen? You must've really taken a liking to the new kind.
Boy: Uh-huh! It's so much better! So can we have ramen, Mommy?
Mother: Sure. Might as well since we're already out here.
Boy: Yay!
Ippatsu: Hehe...
Vyrn: Haha, the ramen lover count goes up by the day!
Ippatsu: I couldn't have done it without their help.
Ippatsu: I must say... This whole incident really drove home my suspicion that I'm better at eating ramen than preparing it!
Lyria: You think so? I really liked the different types of ramen you made though.
Ippatsu: Thing is, I lose sight of everything around me when it comes to ramen.
Ippatsu: But that is no way to prepare it well!
Ippatsu: I've learned so much these past few days!
Vyrn: Mm-hmm, glad to hear it.
Vyrn: You know, all this ramen talk has gotten me kinda ramen crazy.
Lyria: Teehee, ramen for dinner tonight!
Ippatsu: Truly? Are you two sure about that?
Vyrn: Hm? What's the matter, Ippatsu? Lemme guess: you're sick and tired of ramen?
Ippatsu: Poppycock to the nth degree!
Ippatsu: It's just that after having you all taste-test my ramen this whole time...
Ippatsu: I thought you might be the ones sick and tired of ramen.
Vyrn: Haha, there's no way I'd be able to stomach it for every meal like you though!
Vyrn: I do like ramen though!
Lyria: Me too!
Ippatsu is most elated to see their cheerful grins as they wax lyrical about ramen.
Ippatsu: ...!
Ippatsu: Sniff... I have no words for your kindness!
Vyrn: Hahah! You're bein' over the top as usual! Let's go ramen-ing already!
Ippatsu: Ramen-ing? Ah, yes. Let's!
Ippatsu: To fill our palates with pure joy!
Ippatsu excitedly leads the others to the nearest ramen shop and triumphantly passes through the curtains at the entrance.
Although Ippatsu may not have been able to create truly satisfying ramen by his own hand...
His inordinate passion for the treat brought rise to a new type of ramen on the island.
And that passion is what drives Ippatsu to continue to get his fill in the days to come.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ラーメンってのは奥深い料理なんです Ramen is quite the exquisite cuisine.
味噌、醤油、塩…皆違って皆いい… Miso, soy sauce, salt... I love them all equally...
ラーメンの底力を皆さんに見せたい! It is my calling to show everyone the greatness that is ramen!
うーん、トッピングもバランスが大事ですね Good balance is essential when it comes to toppings.
(主人公)さん、味見お願いします! Have a taste, (Captain)!
鳥、豚骨、魚介…ダシも千差万別です Chicken, pork, fish... Ah, the possibilities for broth are endless!
太麺細麺ちぢれ麺!ああどれも捨て難い! Thick, thin, crispy! I'll take my noodles any way I can!
ああ、大将のラーメン食べたいなぁ… Ah, the ramen master's noodles await me!
茹で加減と湯切りは職人芸ってやつです! Draining noodles and boiling them just right is an art!
(主人公)さん、ラーメンいかがです? Would you care for a bowl of ramen, (Captain)?


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