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Official Profile

Age 21
Height 162 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Making money
Likes Low-risk, high-yield investments
Dislikes People in need (she's too soft-hearted for her own good)
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 21歳
Height 162cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 金儲け
Likes 少ない元手ででっかく儲けること
Dislikes 困っているひと(がめつく見えて人情派)
Source [1]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
I got ya this just for today. Go ahead and dig in!
What're ya waiting for? It's homemade!
Hold on a sec... Why aren't ya eating? Don't ya like it?
You sayin' there's no such thing as a free lunch?
Well there is for today! So enjoy it while you can!


Heh-heh! Happy birthday to ya, (Captain)!
Here ya go! Everyone pitched in to get you these gifts!
Now hold your horses! It was all from a bargain sale, so don't you fret about the price.
Huh? These things are too nice to be so cheap, ya say?
They were the last in stock, ya see! Barely spent any rupies after I haggled 'em down!
I'm not foolin' ya! Now hurry up and take it before I take it back!


Heh-heh! Happy birthday to ya, (Captain)!
I owe you my thanks for lookin' out for me all the time. So I'm takin' care of the party food today. You can have whatever ya like!
Whether it's some fancy graviar and foie gran! Or some sweetcap mushrooms and albacore!
No need to worry about the cost. Just tell me what ya wanna have!
Huh? You don't want any of that?
What do ya mean! A fancy feast like this doesn't come along that often, ya know!
Huh? I've got it wrong? What do ya mean I got it wrong?
You wanna eat somethin' though, don't ya? What do you wanna eat then?
Huh? You want somethin' I cooked instead of the expensive stuff?
Wh-what are you sayin'! Even if you ask me for that, it'll cost ya later!
Ahhh... I got no choice. I guess I'll cook for ya.
But don't go gettin' yer hopes up! I don't cook much for other folks, you know...
Now that I think about it, it'd be better to cook for ya when it's just the two of us and not for some party with everyone around...
Yikes! Look what you've got me sayin', ya goof!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Feast your eyes on your cake! An' I expect ya to clean your plate!
Hey! Why're you givin' me the side-eye?
Oh, I get it! You're worried 'cause I'm givin' it to ya for free!
Trust me, trust me! There's no hidden costs, no fine print here! Just a token of my friendship!
This merchant is strictly aboveboard! Would I lie to you?
Geez, (Captain). You gotta have a little more faith!
Well. If I've laid your suspicions to rest, go on an' dig in!
Or are ya tryin' to get me to spoonfeed ya? Hehehe! You thought I'd really do it for a second there, didn'tcha!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I may not look it, but I'm pretty grateful that I was able to meet ya, (Captain)!
That's 'cause there're a lotta people on this ship... which means a constant stream of customers fer me
Business usually goes up and down, so having steady sales makes restocking so much easier.
My funds fer opening up shop are growing, so soon it might be time to say goodbye to the crew 'ere...
I'm just kidding. Journeying with ya is real relaxing, and I really enjoy it.
Besides, you're here, (Captain). It'll be hard to say goodbye...
Oh, never mind! End of conversation! It's time to close shop!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
What's that? My New Year's resolution?
Well, you've really put me on the spot, huh?
Ah... There's so many things I could think of, it's hard to pick just one.
Well, maybe I should make you answer instead then.
(Captain), tell me your New Year's resolution!


Heh-heh! Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Now that that's out of the way...
Have a look at this account ledger!
Uh-oh! This doesn't look good, (Captain)...
You've certainly saved up a lot, but you've got quite a lot to go, see...
But this year feels like a good one! You could pay it all back and be free!
If anything, I could help ya out. Get you closer to your goal...
All right! I'm on it! No need to worry because I'll set the interest rates low for ya! Just leave the arrangements to me...
Heh-heh... But I see your debt growin' every day!


Happy New Year! Don't spend all your New Year's allowance in one day!
What? You didn't spend a single rupie? Well, I said don't spend all of it, not don't spend any of it.
Here, here. Have a look at this.
Looks good, huh? They call it "mochi" in the eastern islands.
I took on the task of refining this fine product and making my very own brand of top quality mochi.
I call it... Drum Mochi!
That's right! Named it after this big ol' drum I got on my back.
Eat this and it's prosperity for you! Good business, happy family, great love life, kids do well, all that good stuff! Guaranteed! Oh! I should add on health to the list too.
Heh-heh! Best mochi you'll ever eat! Gives you all sorts of happiness.
So? Think it'll sell good? Might even open a specialty shop for this.
I'll build it on a nice island somewhere. Even if it's small, I could have just a nice little shop. Settle down here... Just... you and me...
Gack! The heck're you makin' me say! Dummy pants! Never mind! Forget everything!


Hehehe... Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Remember that Drum Mochi I sold last year?
They went like hotcakes, just like I figured! Ah, it makes me feel all warm an' fuzzy inside.
And so, back by popular demand, I bring you... Drum Mochi II!
This version is called Lantern Mochi!
One bite will bring you fame, fortune, and professional advancement beyond your wildest dreams!
Hm. You're already top dog on this crew, so I guess it wouldn't do you much good, huh?
Oh, I know! You can be my spokesperson!
If you go around telling folks Lantern Mochi can make you captain of your own crew of skyfarers, you'll sell a million!
Hehehe... C'mon, (Captain)! Time to make some rupies!


Happy New Year, (Captain). Gosh darn—that is one bright sunrise.
What's that? I'm lookin' kinda blue?
Sigh... Hey, ya remember those Lantern Mochis I was selling last year?
Yeah, well, they ain't selling all that hot...
I'm drowning in red ink here, and my wallet's thinner than a flea's hide stretched over a fifty gallon drum.
Sure be nice if you had one of those little envelopes of money for me. Ya know, that some people pass out for New Year's?
With a wry smile, (Captain) hands over just that.
Wait! What, really? Ya aren't tryin' to bribe me or anything, are ya?
Hoo boy! Yer a real winner—ya know that, (Captain)? Think I'm aboutta fall head over heels for ya!
Right! Well, I'm gonna invest this here cash and send that red ink packin'. I'm new, I'm improved, and the me from last year can kiss my butt!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Oh for goodness' sake already...
Valentine's Day is a scam created by merchants to peddle their chocolate.
But if you knew that, of course it wouldn't be special to ya...
Hey, what are you doing! Don't just open my bag without asking!
Aww... It's too late.
All right then, here's your present.
Huh? You're surprised I got you something for a fake holiday? Don't you worry about that! I'm not above pretendin'!
Hee-hee! Happy Valentine's!


(Captain)! Want some chocolate?
Don't want any? Only want a little? Because if ya do...
The plain chocolate is three hundred rupies. The good stuff is three thousand!
Huh? Surprised I'm chargin' for it? Well, of course I am!
Now, (Captain)... Don't tell me you thought you could get somethin' for free!
Heh-heh... I'll warn ya! Nothin' good comes from free deals with a merchant!


Cap'n, want some chocolate?
Oh, don't get your boots in a bunch, I ain't chargin' you for it.
Cards on the table though, this is left over stock. Couldn't sell 'em. If I can't get rid of 'em today, they're worthless anyway.
So I thought we might as well eat 'em all together.
Us merchants call this cuttin' our losses.
So don't you worry. Go ahead and dig in. Go on, eat up.
Hm? Somethin' else bothering you? You remember that thing I said about nothin' good coming from free deals with a merchant?
Heh-heh-heh. Who ever said it was free? I'm lookin' forward to White Day!
What? You won't get me anything? Whatever, just eat up already. C'mon, say aaah...


Happy Valentine's Day to ya, (Captain)!
How about a drink to get your affections piping hot?
It's hot chocolate! Whaddya think? Tasty, right?
What? You think I'm gonna charge ya? Nah, you're good.
I just made it from some chocolate I couldn't sell.
Oh, it wasn't past its sell-by date or anythin'.
Just bits of chocolate bars that broke in transit an' stuff like that. Can't put that out for the customers!
But it seemed like a waste to throw it out, so I gathered up all the little pieces an' melted 'em down!
It's still in the focus testing phase right now. If people like it, I'll think about selling it next year.
Oh, did you think this was a Valentine's Day present? Well, why don't we say it is?
Do you accept my feelings, (Captain)?
Hehehe, just kiddin'.


Oh, (Captain)... You getting the ol' butterflies in yer stomach?
Here ya go! A variety pack of chocolates! Feels like yer getting a real deal, am I right?
Well, sorry to burst yer bubble, but all I did was take a bunch of leftovers from my shop and stuff 'em into a box.
Hehehehe. Ya look about as disappointed as kid who found turd in the punch bowl. Come on, it's free! What's not to like?
And you best be lookin' forward to next year, (Captain).
(Actually, I snuck one of my handmade chocolates—chock fulla love—in there. Wonder if (Captain)'ll notice.)

White Chocolate Cake
4th year: Sweetheart Hot Chocolate
White Day Cutscenes
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What is it? What is it?
You were lookin' for me?
Do I know what day it is? Well, of course I do! Heheheh...
So c'mon and cough it up! I've been waitin' for this!
Huh? Don't I care about surprises, you ask?
Don't be stupid! I care about what's inside!
And this one's just packed to bursting, see? With your true feelings...
Thank you. And Happy White Day...


Heheh! Happy White Day, (Captain)!
Huh? What's that ya say? You couldn't get me anything too expensive?
Don't be foolish! Sure, there are gals who want ridiculous White Day gifts three times the value of what they gave ya.
But chargin' 200 percent interest in less than a month on a gift is just unheard of!
Listen, when you convert that to yearly interest, it's 2607 percent! It's not breakin' any real laws, but it's practically highway robbery!
Huh? You wanna know if I care how much your gift is worth? I see... So I look like a selfish gal to ya...
Well, I don't... for today at least.
Why can't a merchant get a special day when they want somethin' more dear to them than money?
Oh! You fool! What have you got me sayin'?


Heh-heh... Oh, (Captain)! Happy White Day!
By the way, I tried selling some magic cookies that make you wanna fight when you eat 'em. Didn't sell too well for some reason.
Say, (Captain), would you help a poor merchant girl out and buy a few? I'll even give you a special discount!
Really? Thanks!
Here. Might not be the best of ideas to eat 'em yourself, but they sure are good for pranks and party games!
What! What're you givin' em to me for?
Huh? You trying to pick a fight with me, you little—
Flipping feisty little treats on poor unsuspecting shopkeepers. Bad capitalist, bad!
Fine, I'll take 'em.
But we gotta make a deal. On the count of three, we both eat 'em. One... Two...
Wh-why didn't you eat it! I thought we had a deal!
We... We were supposed to eat them together...
Just in case? 'Cause I tricked you last year?
You gosh darned tricksy pants! How could you... How could you make me feel like this all by myself!
Pant... Pant... I... I can't do this anymore...
I'm going back to my room to rest now. You take care of things here, (Captain)...


Happy White Day, (Captain)!
Wanna buy some cookies?
An' not just any ol' cookies. They're like chewy little love potions!
You're about the age where ya start havin' crushes, aren'tcha? If ya buy nooow I'll give ya a diiiscooount.
Oh, good decision! Thanks for your business!
So who's the lucky recipient? I promise I'll keep it a secret, so dish!
Huh? They're for me?
Wh-wh-whaddya tryin' to pull! Your tricks won't work on me!
I know how this one goes! You're gonna say it's just to thank me for all my help! You gotta get up pretty early in the mornin' to fool me...
So don't even try...


(Captain), happy White Day!
What? Is that candy? You givin' it to me?
H-hey, tell me if I'm all wrong, but... You noticed it, didn't ya?
Wh-what do you mean you don't know what I'm talking about? I'm talking about the thing! You know! The thing! With the chocolate! Don't make me spell it out for ya!
Agh! Yer dumber than a box of rocks! Yer probably only givin' me this candy 'cause I gave you Valentine's chocolates! Yeah, you don't even need to say anything!
Wh-whatcha smirkin' for? You think it's funny, huh? Gettin' me all twisted up like this!
Come on, (Captain)... Don't do me like this...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Hey! Trick or treat!
Heh‐heh! Gimme some coins, or I'll play a prank on ya!
Huh? Candy won't cut it. I'm not a kid, ya know.
So no candy, all right?
By golly, what's this! A candy ring? And look! Here's a chocolate coin!
These are great! They look so good and delicious. Wonder if I can get more...
Hey! I told ya I'm not a kid! Not the least bit excited. See!


Heh-heh! Trick or treat!
Don't worry, I ain't gonna pull a fast one on ya!
Really, really! Who do ya think I am!
Hrm? You'll pay? Well now we're talkin'! I've got a special trick just for you!
Back when I was a wee lil' squit, I was the best trickster in town!
Heh-heh! Halloween's my cuppa tea!


Heh-heh! (Captain)! Trick or treat!
Sorry to bring this up out of the blue, but I got a favor to ask ya.
I'm about to go and demonstrate these prank items, see?
That's right! That's right! Sort of a discount sale!
Since I've gotta show off the goods to sell 'em, could ya help me out with the pranks?
Aw, come on... I'll give ya a load of rupies for the job! A load, I tell ya!
No deal? I got ya... Hm...
Ah! Maybe ya wanna be the one playing the prank instead of getting pranked, eh?
If that's the case, then how about you prank me?
Heh-heh! Look at you gettin' into it now! I'm just kiddin' ya! Just kiddin'!


Hehehehe... Caaaptaaain... Trick or treeeaaat!
Remember last year, when we sold those seasonal prankster goods together?
They were a hit! I only have one regret about that venture.
We shoulda sold candy along with 'em. "If you don't wanna get tricked, better buy some treats!" Couldn't fail, right?
With those two product lines side by side, we'll make a mint! How's that for entrepreneurial brilliance, eh?
I'm a little short-staffed at the moment though. Could you help me out?
I'll make it worth your while! You can sample my full line of Halloween pranks! Taste the prankster's wrath!
Hehehe, just kiddin'. I've got some candy I set aside special for ya, (Captain).
I made it myself. Are ya droolin' just thinkin' about it?
Hehehe, is that a blush I see? Aw, (Captain), you're just too much fun to tease.


(Captain), trick or treat! Don't move!
Karteira takes a party cracker and, aiming it toward the ceiling, pulls on the string. A short popping noise sounds.
Heh-heh, did that surprise ya? Looks like my trick's a success!
But it's just a party cracker, ya know?
Take a look at yer feet. A lotta candy scattered there, huh?
Actually, I stuffed the cracker with candy so it'd all come flying out when I popped it! Two birds with one stone!
Pretty good idea, right? Man, my talent fer business knows no boundaries...
I can hear the ka-ching ka-ching already! I'm gonna be rich! Heh-heh!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, please...
Holiday gift-giving is a scam created by merchants to peddle their wares.
But if you knew that, of course it wouldn't be any fun...
Hey, what are you doing! Don't just open my bag without asking!
Ah, too late. All right then, here's your present.
Thanks for always bein' there. Just take your present and go. Happy holidays!


Are you joking? You wanna invite me to a party at this time of year?
Listen here! The holiday season is a busy time for us merchants. We're makin' last minute deals and closin' the books!
Good golly! Don't make that face at me!
Aw, when you're pleadin' with those eyes, I just can't...
Ah, fine. You win... You're makin' me feel guilty when I haven't done anything...


Heh-heh! Happy holidays, (Captain)!
I'm lookin' chipper, y'say?
Well, can't say that I ain't! People're buyin' all sorts of things for gift givin'.
Heh-heh! Made a pretty profit this season!
By the way... I uhh... I might be free tomorrow night...
So what? So what?! I'll tell ya what! You know how busy merchants are 'round this time!
But this year I tried as hard as a horse to keep tomorrow night free...
And why d'you reckon I did that? Go ahead. Guess.
Humph. Forget it. Cap'n numbskull...


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Hey, dontcha think Santa Claus is awesome?
He gives out all those presents to kids, and he does it for free. Free! How's he bankroll that kinda venture?
He must be rollin' in rupies. Man... I wanna be that rich someday.
Oh! Light bulb!
If I can get him to take me on as an apprentice, I can learn all his entrepreneurial tricks!
Hehehe... How's that for a killer business plan!
No time to waste! Gotta go find this fella if I'm gonna strike a deal!


Hey. How much d'ya think Santa's sleigh costs?
If I could get my hands on one of those, I'd be able to go anywhere in a jiffy. That sleigh's a real gem—the stuff merchants drool over!
Ya know what? I've got it! Lemme see if I can't get Santa to barter it to me.
Heheheh... Lemme show ya just how good of a merchant I am.
Hey! If all goes well, I wouldn't mind takin' you out for a spin, (Captain). So you just sit tight and wait, ya hear?

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Cast a Line, Not a Net

Karteira meets a young shopkeeper who explains that the local merchants have been put out of business by her former mentor's monopoly. However, in a display of unrivaled mercantile prowess, Karteira turns the tables on the crooked merchant and returns the market to its former glory.

(Captain) and the crew have come to a small city to stock up on some supplies.
But they're left speechless as they walk through the lifeless husk of what should be a bustling market street.
Karteira: Well catfish and corn balls, what is goin' on around here? Did all the stores get up and move on their own?
Young Boy: Oh, did you come to buy stuff? You must be a collector or something to come all the way out here.
The young boy proudly stands in front of a crude stall which is almost completely devoid of products.
Karteira: You the only one sellin' stuff here?
The boy doesn't answer. Instead he signals upwards with his eyes.
Towering above everyone is a giant brick building.
Karteira: Huh? What's that s'posed to be?
Young Boy: Ever since they built that—in the fancy part of town, mind you—we lost us all our customers.
Karteira: I can't believe it... Don't tell me this pest of a superstore is...
Karteira: The Lowcust Corp!
Lowcust President: Ah-hah-hah! Well if it isn't Karteira!
Young Boy: Whoa, lady, you know the guy who manages that store?
Karteira: Well, uh, I s'pose you might say he did me a favor once.
Lowcust President: That's not even the half of it—I was your business mentor! And after all that time I spent showing you the ropes...
Young Boy: Huh, the ropes?
Karteira: Back in the old days, when Siero and I were just wee merchant babes, this swindler tricked us into buyin' defective merchandise.
Karteira: And because of that, our wagon slid halfway down a mountain and a buncha bandits attacked us!
Lowcust President: Oh, come now. Swindler's such a strong word. After all, I was only trying to teach you the golden rule of commerce: the trick of the trade is to never be tricked.
Karteira: Grr, as I remember it, that little course o' yours cost an arm, a leg—and a whole darn kidney as interest!
Lowcust President: Oh, for someone so riled up, seems like you haven't learned your lesson. Guess that means class isn't over yet; I better start calculating how much tuition you owe me.
Without giving time for Karteira to respond, the president continues on his way, sneering as he goes.
Karteira: Hey, you. You know about that golden rule?
Young Boy: Um, that guy just said it, right? The trick of the trade is to never be tricked.
Karteira: Nope. It's really cast a line, not a net.
Young Boy: Huh? Cast a line, not a net?
Karteira: Think about fishin'. If you capture all our scaley friends in one go, there won't be any delicious fishies the next year.
Karteira: It's the same with a market. Try to take everythin' from your customer, and you'll lose their trust faster than a chicken loses its feathers come dinner time.
Karteira: I gotta say that store really fits its name. Just like a real swarm o' hoppers, they'll swoop into any small town and eat it away till there's not grass nor grain left.
Young Boy: You're right. That's exactly what they're doing here.
Young Boy: Not to change the subject, but I gotta say, you sure sound like you have a lot of business smarts...
Young Boy: I mean... I want you to help me be a good businessman! Please show me the ropes!
Karteira: Geez, I, uh...
Well, you never know what'll pay off in the end, so why not?
Karteira: But why're you so eager?
Young Boy: Um... Isn't it obvious why?
Karteira: Look, kid, cuttin' yer losses and gettin' outta dodge is a fine strategy.
Karteira: Just take a glance around. All the other merchants've long moved on to greener pastures, right?
Karteira: So why haven't you?
Young Boy: Because I won't! I can't!
Karteira: Huh?
Young Boy: No matter how rundown my shop looks, Granny left it to me.
Young Boy: I'm doing my darndest to sell stuff. But it's just not working out...
Young Boy: A-and... Sniff...
Karteira: All right, I can see you got the guts, kiddo! I'll turn you into a top-class capitalist in no time!
Young Boy: Really? Thank you!
Karteira: Hehe. Another customer satisfied—all cuz o' big sis Karteira!
Young Boy: Okay, lesson one: sissify customers. Got it, Karteira!
Karteira: Gah, you dummy! Satisfy customers! And show your teacher more respect!
Young Boy: Hmm. Okay! Teachify customers! Got it!
Karteira: Oh boy... We're closer, but we still got a long way to go.
Karteira: Let's start with the basics: gettin' stock.
Young Boy: Hold on a minute. Even if you wanna get stock, the Lowcust Corp has a monopoly on the wholesale market in this town.
Karteira: If we take a wagon into the next town, we can make it in time before the wholesale shops close up. So get yer stuff! We're headin' out!
Karteira: I heard some people talkin' about some kinda sweet fruit. It's apparently gettin' real popular on this island.
Young Boy: Yeah, that'd be the cantaloop. They're giving out free samples over there. Wanna try some?
Karteira: I sure do!
Ma'am, can I get one o' them?
Karteira: Munch...
Karteira: Blessed bananas and miracle melons, what is this flavor! It melts in yer cheeks like a snowman who took a trip to the tropics and had too much fruit punch!
Young Boy: Hehe. That's this island's specialty, and you've come during its harvest season. It's kind of a pickle to farm though, so it's a rare item with a high price tag.
Karteira: Ah-hah! Then that's it! This beaut's gonna be our prize product!
Young Boy: What! But it's super expensive!
Karteira: Well how 'spensive is it? What would one cost ya?
Young Boy: Hmm... I'd say they've always cost about 5000 rupies.
Karteira: Always? How far back we talkin' here?
Young Boy: Let's see... Since before I was born, I guess?
Karteira: Gah, you dummy! Market prices are livin', breathin' things! If you wanna be a merchant, you gotta at least keep up with how much stuff costs!
Young Boy: Yeah, but that's easier said than done...
Karteira: Prosperin' primals, you got me worried, kid... Well. Go on. Pick a couple of 'em out.
Young Boy: Let's see... Um... We'll take this one and this one and this one.
Karteira: Gah, you dummy! You just picked the worst of the bunch!
Young Boy: Yeah, but they all look the same...
Karteira: That one's too ripe! This one's too bruised!
Karteira: And that one's just out of the question! It's actually leakin'! What if it rots before you can sell it?
Young Boy: I see your point. I guess I've never given it much thought before.
Karteira: Sigh... You gotta get a grip, kid. This stuff is just the basics of sellin' produce...
Karteira: But it's fine, I'll take care of it for now! Watch n' learn!
Karteira selects the best fruits from the pile and begins negotiating a price with the vendor.
She throws in a skillful compliment with a giggle, remarks that the vendor's cart seems overstocked, and finally makes a bulk purchase at a much lower price.
The young boy can only look on as Karteira works her magic.
Karteira returns to the deserted market street and carefully displays the cantaloops.
But despite her efforts, there's still no sign of any customers in the area.
Just as she begins wondering why that could be, she hears the young boy call to her in the distance.
Young Boy: Karteira! We got a big problem! The Lowcust Corp is selling cantaloops at half our price!
Karteira: Wh-what! That explains why we ain't got no customers!
Young Boy: Sob... Even though we found our product... We're gonna go in the red for sure. Guess we have to slash our prices...
Karteira: Gah, you dummy! They're just fleas tryin' to bite us outta the market. You play by their game and o' course you'll lose.
Young Boy: Then what should we do? Everything we don't sell will go bad!
Karteira: You said these here cantaloops are rare, yeah?
Young Boy: Yeah. I think we bought out the last vendor, so we won't be able to restock any more this season.
Karteira: Hmm... Well, guess we've got no choice. Listen here...
Karteira: Psst... Psst-psst...
Young Boy: No! Can we really do that?
Karteira: Hehe, yep. It's the best way to get back at idiots who only know how to lower prices.
The pair make their way to the Lowcust Corp and launch an immediate economic assault.
Lowcust President: Wh-what! You're telling me we're sold out of all our merchandise? Everything?
Store Clerk: Yes, everything's gone. But the one who bought it...
Karteira: Yer darn-tootin' it was me!
Lowcust President: How does that make sense? You would know better than to help your direct competitor.
Karteira: Yer right. I know a lot better than that. If you're a merchant worth his salt, surely you know about harvest strategies?
Lowcust President: Don't insult me! Of course I do! Buy out your competitor's products until the supply's completely gone. Then meet the surging demand by reselling that merchandise at a stable—
Lowcust President: N-no... You couldn't have...
Karteira: Yer luck ran out when you decided to try to price us outta the market.
Karteira: Hehe. Thanks to you, we'll be swimmin' in rupies like a pig in mud!
Lowcust President: Tch...
I guess we priced ourselves out of the market. Everyone, pack everything. And make it snappy.
Store Clerk: Huh? But Mr. President...
Lowcust President: Hehe. A true merchant accepts a loss honorably and uses the experience to reflect on their mistakes. But be assured—this won't happen again.
Young Boy: ...
Karteira: Why the weird face? You gotta go whiz or somethin'?
Young Boy: I, uh, was just thinking about how glad I am that you teachified me.
Karteira: Huh?
Young Boy: Up until now it's like I've just been keeping Granny's store 'cause I thought I had to...
Young Boy: Hehe, but after seeing you, now I get it. Capitalism's fun.
Karteira: Gah, you dummy! You can't say that
yet—you gotta count all yer money first!
Young Boy: Haha, I guess you're right!
Karteira: I get the feelin' you're startin' to understand though! Well, that money's not gonna count itself. Shall we make like a couple o' bankers and vault? Hehe.
Young Boy: Let's. Hehe.
Thanks to Karteira's skillful market manipulation, the once prosperous street begins to hustle and bustle once more.
The young boy attends his stall with aplomb, intent on hawking wares until he reaches the same mercantile genius as his beloved mentor.

Dandelion on the Wind

Karteira comes across a young man who is trying to join the chamber of commerce. When he fails, a realtor offers to show him property to help him out, but where she takes him is little more than a monster-infested hut.

(Captain) and the crew have come to an island on an assignment.
Although it's a small island, it's a bustling hub for skyfarers on their way to larger islands.
As they walk through the streets, they happen upon the local chamber of commerce.
Karteira: (Captain), can I make a pit stop here?
Karteira: Feel like I should give my greetin' to the business community here.
Karteira swings the door open, revealing a young man bickering with a council member.
Ever the curious merchant, Karteira smirks and leaps toward the commotion.
Karteira: Is there some kinda problem here?
Young Man: Indeed there is, kind stranger.
Young Man: You see, I was brought up by a merchant family on a neighboring island. They taught me the ABCs of business.
Young Man: And now it's about time I opened up my own store—I've even collected the capital.
Young Man: But opening a branch of my family's store and selling the same products is so boring. The world changes and so should the things we sell.
Young Man: It's with that purpose that I've come to join this chamber of commerce!
Karteira: Yep, I see yer point. This island's a great spot fer a shop. And when business is good, the people can have cake n' eat it too.
Karteira: And what's more, yer not in an urban center or anything, so yer lookin' at cheaper real estate. Just right for an up n' comin' shopkeeper!
Karteira: You got eyes like a hawk with magic vision to find this place!
Young Man: Thanks!
Young Man: But for some reason, the members of this chamber of commerce won't approve my application.
???: Hehehe...
Karteira: What's up with you? You got some screws loose up there?
???: Ahem. You must not be aware... In this town you have to have a store before you file to join the chamber.
Young Man: What! Is that true?
Karteira: Gah, you dummy! Don't get tricked so easy! You just got yerself a swindler here. That's all.
Realtor: Ahaha, you do say such presumptuous things. However I am not a scammer. I'm a realtor affiliated with a branch of the chamber of commerce.
Karteira: With the chamber of commerce? You serious? Somethin' smells real fishy, and I don't see any sushi.
Realtor: Well, whether you believe me or not is up to you.
Young Man: Um, Karteira, I would like to see what she knows...
Karteira: Huh! You serious?
Young Man: Yeah, um... It seems like you need a store no matter what, so it just feels like my only way out is to trust her. Eh-heh-heh...
Karteira: Sigh... Well, I'd suggest not relyin' on her, but hey, since this ship's already set sail, I guess I'll ride it till you find treasure.
Young Man: Ah! Really? I appreciate it!
Realtor: How... charitable. But don't cry to me when we get out there and you find you don't know as much as you think you do.
Karteira: Oh, I'll show you how much I know!
(Captain) and the crew accompany the young man as he follows the realtor to search for potential storefronts.
During their jaunt, Karteira begins enthusiastically questioning the young man on the type of shop he wants to open.
Karteira: So, buddy, while you were a wee merchant pup, what kinda merchandise did they have ya sellin'?
Young Man: Oh, we were exclusively in the food service industry.
Young Man: During the afternoons, we would open for lunch, so I learned how to cook. And at night our establishment was more of a dining bar, so I learned how to take care of customers.
Karteira: So yer thinkin' of tryin' out another restaurant then?
Young Man: Yes. That's the plan at least.
Karteira: Well then yer gonna need a way to ensure yer water quality. And it'll need to be close to a source o' firewood.
Karteira: Oh, one more thing—can't skimp out on sanitation. Pickin' a clean building is obvious, but you also gotta check the garbage and drainage situations.
Realtor: Hehehe...
Karteira: Do I got somethin' in my teeth? Or did I say somethin' funny?
Realtor: No, no. You are absolutely correct.
Realtor: To talk about the very basics in such a proud voice, it's just too funny—hahaha. Forgive me.
Karteira: Y-you got some nerve!
Realtor: Anyway, we're currently headed to a property that was originally built to house a cafeteria.
Karteira: Not sure if I'm buyin' what yer sellin'. It all seems too good to be true.
Realtor: Aaand, here we are! You can find both water and kindling in abundance in this fabulously valuable property—ideal to start any culinary establishment!
Young Man: Um... B-but this is...
Karteira: Seriously, lady! Yer right never worryin' about any water and firewood.
They've come to a grove in the middle of a forest, where a crude hut stands alone under the shade of the canopy.
Karteira: Gah, you dummy! What about this place says ideal? How're you s'posed to lure customers out here? Smoke signal?
Realtor: Oh, I wouldn't worry about a lack of customers.
Karteira: Huh?
Monsters: Groooar!
Realtor: Hehehe. Look, business is already booming. You better serve these fine customers.
Karteira: Grr, this is what I get fer pokin' my nose in other people's business!
Young Man: Aaah! Hurry! You should get out of here!
Karteira: Then what're you waitin' around fer? Can you actually put up a fight?
Young Man: No, I'm afraid not. But how could I call myself a shopkeeper if I run away now. I must defend a potential—
Karteira: Whew, buddy, you gotta save your breath. We won't let you lose here.
Karteira: C'mon! Let's rumble!

Dandelion on the Wind: Scene 2

The realtor takes the young man to a great property located downtown, but Karteira has her doubts when she realizes the shop next door might be less than wholesome. Some ruffians appear and attack the realtor; Karteira assists her at the behest of the young man.

After (Captain) and the others take care of the monsters, they head for the next property.
It's not long before Karteira raises her voice against the shady realtor.
Karteira: Well I have never seen a business practice so brazen in all my days!
Karteira: If yer a real merchant, you'd know better 'n to treat yer clientele like half-baked ham!
Realtor: You're certainly a rude one. I assure you I have his interests at heart.
Realtor: I only showcase properties that I have the utmost pride in. Even the last property was well received by a number of my other clients.
Karteira: Sure, sure. Let's get on to the next one.
Realtor: Of course.
Earlier you mentioned needing a way to attract customers, correct?
Karteira: Uh, yeah. It's only one of the most important things for a merchant to have.
Realtor: Then you're in luck. Our next building is known to lure quite a lot.
Karteira: Why do I get the feelin' you're talkin' about more animals or monsters, or things with teeth larger 'n my head...
Karteira: You best not pull the same stunt on us.
Realtor: I promise you the customers this place attracts are people—in the flesh.
Karteira: Well, we can trust you 'bout as far as we can throw you, but I guess we'll see.
Realtor: And we're here! This fantastic location will help you gather customers like moths to a flame!
Young Man: Whoa! Karteira, she's right! Just look at all the customers that are already lined up!
Zombies: Urgh... Grrr...
Karteira: Yer kiddin'! This is exactly the same as before!
Realtor: What in the skies are you referring to?
Karteira: Don't play dumb with me, missy! Those buncha walkin' sacks of flesh are about as human as a bag of undercooked bacon!
Young Man: Eek! Karteira, we have a problem! Behind this building, there's a cemetery! That might make the customers feel a little uncomfortable.
Young Man: All right. This is my chance to show my stuff as a future shop owner. I'll handle this line!
Karteira: Gah, you dummy! Those aren't
patrons—they're zombies!
Young Man: Eek! Z-zombies? But what kind of merchant would I be if I couldn't sell something to zombies?
Karteira: Gah, you dummy! You try to sell stuff to people beyond the grave, and they'll kill yer business... Literally! Now shut it n' run!
Karteira: Pant, pant...
Karteira: You danged realtor, you got us into this mess!
Realtor: I do apologize. I had no idea that this would happen. Hehehe.
Karteira: You lie about as good as you show off buildings! We were wrong to trust you. That's fer sure!
Realtor: Well, you don't have to get so upset. I do care about my customers' satisfaction, so I'll show you my very best property. I'll even throw in a discount.
Karteira: This time yer not lyin', right? Right? Cross yer heart and hope to die? Stick a needle in yer eye?
Realtor: I'm not, no. My customer here, he's a young merchant who would like to keep his startup costs low, correct?
Karteira: Yep. That's about the look of it all right. How's a fresh spring chicken s'posed to get money to build a coop unless an older hen cuts 'im a break?
Karteira: Gotta speak to the guild on his behalf, give 'im a deal on the accoutrements of the trade, make sure he's got good staff...
Karteira: Then once all that's taken care of—as cheaply as possible—gotta help 'im stock up, get his service chain in line, and start focusin' on advertisement.
Realtor: Yes, that is certainly the truth!
The next location, as it just so happens, was originally the property of a prolific restaurateur!
Young Man: That sounds perfect! Is it true?
Realtor: Yes, indeed. All of the equipment and appliances are still there, and it won't cost you a thing for interior design.
Karteira: Whoowee! We found a good 'un this time!
Realtor: Indeed! And just look at this ideal locale! You won't find another place like this!
Karteira: I hear ya, sister! This place is right on the city's main street!
Young Man: Could it be... Karteira, do you see that?
Karteira: Huh? See what?
People are comin' out of the store next door!
Karteira: C'mon! This is no time to sit around twiddlin' our thumbs—we gotta go greet 'em!
Karteira: Hello there, gentlemen! We're gonna be openin' up a shop here soon, so be sure to swing by for a special discount!
Flustered Gentleman: Humph. What poor decorum... If this behavior could even be called decorum.
Annoyed Gentleman: Indeed. Inexcusable... Absoluuutely inexcusable!
Without answering, the gentlemen lower their quickly flushing faces and make a hasty retreat.
Karteira: Well, that's a pickle. What kinda store did they come from anyhoot?
Karteira enters the neighboring store's door.
She soon comes flying back out, her face as red as a beet.
Karteira: Jumpin' junipers, not good! This is not good at all!
Intrigued by both the depth of Karteira's blushing and the irregularity of her breathing, the young man peers at the mysterious store. Karteira tries to avert his gaze.
Karteira: N-no! Stop it! Yer not allowed to look!
Karteira: Hey, missy! What were you doin' showin' us a spot like this?
Realtor: Oh my. Is something to your dissatisfaction?
Karteira: Gah, you dummy! I'm nothin' but dissatisfied! We can't set up shop next a store like that!
Realtor: Hehe. What are you suggesting? You're not exactly so innocent yourself, but you're grimacing like a silly monkey.
Karteira: What do you mean... not innocent!
Realtor: Well, look at that. Even an illustrious businesswoman such as yourself is capable of an adorable reaction.
Realtor: Perhaps I was wrong. Maybe it is a little too soon for you after all.
Karteira: You better stop yankin' my chain!
Karteira: I... I've seen a lot since leavin' home! And stuff like this, well, I can handle it...
Realtor: Hehe.
As the two go back and forth, a couple of rough-looking men approach the realtor.
Realtor: Ah, ahem... What do you want?
Rough Ruffian: Well if it isn't our old friend the
Brusque Brute: Looks like we found her all right! She's the one showing everyone mountain huts, graveyards, and all kinds of strange places!
Realtor: No, wait! What are you doing! Unhand me!
Karteira: Haha. Now that's more like it. Nothin' like a little comeuppance, am I right?
Young Man: No, I don't believe so.
Knees shaking with every step, the young man moves in between the realtor and the rough-looking men.
His voice matches the quiver of his legs as he asks them to let her go.
Karteira: What're you doin'? This lady played you fer a pig and took you from sty to sty. You gonna forgive her fer wastin' yer time?
Young Man: That's all fine. I'm determined to be a successful merchant in this town.
Young Man: And if I can't fix a small problem like this, then how could I own my own store?
Realtor: (Wow...)
Karteira: Yep. You got the guts for commerce. That's fer sure. Hehe. S'like I've found a diamond in the rough...
Karteira: Hehe. But enough about that. We got some varmints to bust! Hold on—we're comin'!

Dandelion on the Wind: Scene 3

Karteira realizes the real reason for the realtor's strange behavior—she's an agent working for the chamber of commerce, sent to test the merchant's resolve. The realtor offers Karteira a large storefront on the island, but Karteira refuses so she can continue to adventure with (Captain) and the crew.

After all he's been through, the young man decides to purchase the last property he was shown.
(Captain) and the crew are perplexed by his decision, but he is excited to start his new venture.
Young Man: This is it! This location is perfect for the type of establishment I have in mind!
As the man speaks, he fondly remembers his days training with a merchant family and working in their bar.
Since then his dream has been to establish a pub that would rival the Jewel Resort Casino in both its culinary and entertainment selections.
Karteira: Well, well. Gotta say I'm impressed. You really earned my respect.
Realtor: Hehe. I told you, didn't I? I always have my customer's interests at heart.
Karteira: Yep, you really put yer nose to the grindstone. But I can't wrap my head around this island's chamber o' commerce bein' so strict.
Realtor: ...
Karteira: You don't believe I was fooled too, do you?
Realtor: What in the skies are you referring to? I don't understand what you're—
Karteira: Leadin' that poor boy to all those ramshackle huts... You were testin' him to see his potential as a merchant.
Realtor: ...
Karteira: You can play dumb all you want, but I could tell you were appraisin' him from the start.
Karteira: Mayhaps yer real client is the chamber o' commerce? Can't have just any ol' shopkeeper joinin' the guild without a proper investigation.
Karteira: Wouldn't expect nothin' less from an official rep from the chamber.
Realtor: Hehe. Precisely. And we wouldn't expect anything less from the wind-reading trader herself.
Karteira: Geez. Guess my reputation proceeds me, huh?
Realtor: Indeed. A single woman once took on the mercantile force of an entire country by herself and succeeded. There are few merchants that can boast of that.
Realtor: Of course we've heard those rumors on this island as well. And you do seem to fit the description of that woman.
Realtor: If you'd like to open up shop here, don't hesitate to ask. I could turn you into the tycoon of a major enterprise.
Karteira: You make a temptin' offer. But I gotta be free like the wind.
Karteira: The wind don't stop in any one place. It flies from island to island, spreadin' beautiful dreams like dandelion fluff.
Karteira: Bein' a tycoon or whatever sounds great, but I'd prefer to keep on deliverin' happiness wherever I drift.
Realtor: Haha. Dandelion fluff and happiness on the wind, is it? Well, so be it. There's room for that style of business as well.
The realtor turns and leaves with a satisfied smile.
As she walks away, Karteira gives a content grin herself.
Lyria: Are you sure this is how you want it? It sounds like a nice opportunity...
Vyrn: Yeah, aren't you always goin' on about how you want to be a hotshot merchant with a huge store like Siero?
Karteira: I got all I need right here, right now.
Lyria: Huh? Karteira, you look kind of... happy? Hehe.
Karteira: Like dolphin-ridin' donkeys I do!
Karteira: I'm serious! I'm not happy about this at all!
Karteira: Just because I've got more adventures to have with you n' (Captain) don't mean nothin'! I still want a store! Was just confused for a minute, is all!
Despite her genius-level social and commercial skills, Karteira finds herself tripping over her words.
Her out-of-character fumbling is met with good-natured laughter.
Regaining her composure, Karteira hides her embarrassment with a friendly giggle of her own.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
にしししし…ゼニの匂いがするで Hehe... I smell rupies!
ソロソロバンバンじゃーらじゃら♪ Gonna gonna make that cha-ching!
女だてらに~♪浪花節ぃぃぃぃ~♪ Lady traders are the best traders!
どひゃー!?えらいとこ来てもうた Eep! What kinda place did we come to?
(主人公)はん~何か入り用でっか~ (Captain), this might get costly.
太鼓を担いで太鼓持ちぃ~ Merch to the beat of a different drum.
あほたれ!どこ見とんねん! Gah, you dummy! Watch where yer goin'!
もー、しゃーないなぁウチがやったるわ Guess I'll hafta take care of things from here.
アンタ、誰やねん!びっくりするやんか! What're you s'posed to be! You shocked me half to death!
(主人公)はん~現金特価掛け値なしや (Captain), this deal's just for you. But cash only.